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Jcffcrsonicm Republican,
Thursday, .Tunc 17, 1S52.
Jacob Hoffman, of Berks county.
A. E. Brown, James rollock.
Samuel A. Turviancc.
William F. Hughes,
Jainns Traquair,
John XV. Slokcs,
Jolm P. Vcrrec,
Spencer Mcllvainc,
James XV. Fuller,
James Penrose,
John Shacflcr,
Jacob Mart-hall,
Charles P. Waller,
Davis Alton,
M. C. Mcrcur.
1:1 NVr Miil(lle5nrth.
14. James II. Campbell,
15. James I). Paxton,
10. James K. Davidson,
17. Dr. John McCullock,
IS. Ralph Drake,
19. Sohn Linton,
20. Archibald Robertson,
21. Thomas J. Higham,
22. Lewis L. Lord
23. Christian Meyers,
21. Dorman Phelps,
Whig State Convention.
At a meeting of the Whig State Central
committee, held at Harrisburg on Tuesday,
the 4th inst, it was resolved that the Dele
gates to the late Whig State Convention bo
requested to assemble in Philadelphia on the
o'clock, A. M. for the purpose of nominating
a candidate for Judge of the Supreme Court,
to fill the vacaucy occasioned by the death
of the Hon. Richard Coulter.
J. TAGGART, Chairman.
C. Thompson Jones, Secretary.
The Wilis: Convention
Yesterday the Whig National Conven
tion met in the city of Baltimore, to nom
inate a candidate for President, and also
a candidate for "Sice President. What its
action may be we cannot pretend to fore
toll with any certainty. If the wishes of
the majority of the Whigs of the Union
could prevail, Gen. Scott would receive
the nomination, by a decisive vote ; hut
from the influences that have been at
work for some time, we feel no very strong
confidence in such a result.
The Washington correspondent of the
North American, estimates that Gen.
Scott can be nominated on the first ballot
if it be considered necessary. He makes
the following calculation, omitting South
Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, as 'they
are not entitled to representation in the
Convention, inasmuch as the professed
Whigs in the two last States voluntarily
surrendered their former limited organi
zation, and the first has hardly ever had
even the name, much less the oaganization
of a Whig party."
Arrreijate votes from Pree States, 176
" Slave "
First Gun of (lie Campaign.
A special election for member of Con
gress in the 4th District, of Maine, to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of
Charles Andrews, took place on the 7th
inst, and Isaac Peed, the Whig who was
beaten by Andrews two years ago, is now
elected by some 500 majority.
This election took place in the midst of
the Locofoco rejoicings, cannonades, &c,
over the harmonious issue of their Balti
more Convention, and may be taken as
the first substantial response from Ncio
England to the nomination of Pierce and
King. N. B. The Whigs of that Dis
trict go the entire for Winheld Scott
for President.
Foreign News.
The arrival of the Baltic at New York, on
Sunday last, furnishes ua with four days later
advices from Europe. The nays however is
not of important character. Cbtton and corn
continue unchanged. In Fraice more refu
sals to take the oaths of allegiance to Louis
Napoldon arc announced, the refusals are
principally from members of the General
Council, no fewer than twenty-two or more
of whom have ressigned their officers rather
than take the oath of allegiance. Wc have
nothing importaut from the balance of Eu
rope, or from the East.
The House of Representatives of
the United States have fixed upon the
lGth of August nest for the adjournment
of Congress.
Extensive Mail Robbery.
Pittsburg, June 12. The agents of
the Post Office Department have been
actively engaged for several days in en
deavoring to ferret out the perpetrators of
the recent mail robberies, and yesterday
succeeded in arresting Joseph Campbell,
a barkeman on the Pennsylvania railroad,
and his two brothers, and bringing them
to this city. The mails robbed were those
despatched from this city to the East, on
the 0th and 7th inst., and it is supposed
that upwards of 800,000 in checks and
drafts were stolen. A number ot these
checks and drafts were found in posses
sion of the accused.
Necessary to a choice in full Conven
tion, 143
For Gen. Scott Delaware 3; Maine S; i
New Hampshire 4; Ycrmont 4 ; Rhode
Island 3; -Connecticut 4; New York 30;!
New Jersey 7; Pennsylvania 26; Ohio 23; ;
Indiana 3; Illinois 11; Iowa 2; Wisconsin !
5; Michigan 5; California 2 Total 150.
For Mr. Fillmore Vermont 1; New
York 3; Pennsylvania (Hazelhurst,) 1;
Iowa 2; Michigan 1 ; Maryland 8; Vir
ginia 15; North Carolina 10; Florida 3;
Kentucky 12; Wi SQonsin 9; Louisiana G;
Tennessee 12; Mississippi 7; Arkansas 4;
Texas 4 Total 93.
For Mr. Webster Rhode Island 1 ;
Connecticut 2; New York 2; California 2;
New Hampshire 1; Massachusetts 13
Total 21.
Should any considerations induce Gen.
Scott's friends to yield a part of this ori
ginal force on the first ballot, and a sec
ond ballot be bad he would secure the
following additional votes:
Massachusetts 8; California 2; Rhode
Island 1; New Hampshire 1; New Yorkl;
Connecticut 2; Vermont 1; Pennsylvania
1; Iowa 2; Michigan 1; Maryland2; Vir
ginia 5 ; Kentucky 13; Loisiana 1 To
tal 182 being 34 more than arc neces
sary to a choice.
E2TThe Houesdalc Democrat, of the
9th inst., Says: The Delaware and Hud
son Canal Company has just declared a
semi-annual dividend of 3 per cent, which
is less than was anticipated by the share
holders generally. The Company has
negotiated a loan of 8300,000, on favor-
7G able terms, and has with-drawnits entire
117 stock of coal from the market for the
present, in the expectation of realizing
higher prices before the close of the season.
TT T -r- - l .i- I
JgsarilO, J AMES JL OLLUUK laiu ;i mem
ber of Conirress, is recommended in sev
eral quarters as the next Whig candidate
for Governor in this commonwealth. A
better selection could scarcely be desired.
He lias capacity, popularity, and elo
quence in his favor, to a degree surpas
sing almost any other gentleman in the
Rev. Hosca Ballou, the most distin
guished minister of the Universalist de
nomination in the United States, died at
Boston, on the 7th inst., aged 81 years.
Durins; the last month there arrived at
the port of New York 33,858 foreign pas
sengers. It is worth while to know what
the respective countries are that have giv
en us that great increase. The following
is the true account, according to the books
of the Custom-house:
There arrived from Ireland 12,875,
Germany 13,939, England 2,805,Scotland
718, Wales 450, France 1,472, Spain 33,
Switzerland 027, Holland 317; Norway
1, Sweden 9, Denmark 37, Italy 01,
Portugal 5. Belgium 10, West Indies 55,
Nova Scotia 2, Sardinia 23, South Ame
rica 15, Canada 4, China 1, Sicily 4,
Mexico 9, Russia 2, East Indies 5, Greece
1, Poland 1. Total aliens 33,372.
A large bald male Eagle, which with
its inate had inhabited 'Dole's Woods,'at
Strodwater, Maine,and reared young year
after year, for forty or fifty years past at
least, was shot a few days ago by a per
son living in the vicinity. It had latterly
got to be very ferocious, and had carried
off two lambs, and turkeys, geese, and
chickens without stint, and fearing that
some child might be attacked and carried
off by it, one of the owners of the woods
reluctantly consented to have it shot. On
Sunday last the female, after being absent
for a while, came back with two others,
determined apparently to keep possession
of her old domain. So says the Portland
The most painful and heart-rending
affair that we have heard of in a long
time, took place in Tioga, Pa., a few days
since. A woman, whose name we have
not learned, being crazy, deliberatly chop
ped of the head of her child.
The American Miners in California,
arc estimated at eighty or ninety thousand
in number. Among these, it is said, there
is a strong disposition to excel the Chi
nese irold dinners.
jy- We learn from the Warren Jour
nal that a person named Isaac Decker,
committed suicide by hanging himself, on
the 4th inst., near Decker's Ferry, in
Warren county, N. J. His body was not
found until the next day. It was stated
by some that an uneasy conscience was
supposed to have driven him to the deed,
while some believe it to have been caused
by jealousy.
The Trustees of the Bank of the Uni
ted States, under the assignment to se
cure the notes and deposits of the Bank,
give notice that they are prepared to pay
a dividend on the claims established a
gainst their trust, in pursuance of a final
decree of the Court of Common Pleas of
Philadelphia county, on presentation of
the proper vouchers.
Give your children education, and no
tyrant will trample on your liberties.
EriTArn. The Pittsburg Dispatch
proposes the following epitaph, be placed t
over the political graves of the renowned :
fogies Cass and Buchanan, the principal
victims of the Baltimore Butcher shop:
Here lie old Cass and Jimmy Buck,
By foes to earth untimely struck;
Deserted by their former toadies
They sleep in death alas the fogies!
A Good Story.
The New York Tribune, relates the fol
lowing story of the Hon. JohnMeKcon.
It says : Our friend John McKeon was
down at Baltimore last week, 'going it,' i
after his impulsive and whole-souled
fashion, for Cass and nothing short, when
a by-stander remarked, OIcKcon, you :
hand better take things more quictlv :
you may get into trouble if you talk so
freely.' John scanned the large crowd ,
of New-Yorkers present with the practic
ed eye of an ex-Discrict Attorney, and re
plied, 'No, Sir, I think I 'know where I
am, and who are about me. There, 'for
example, is J. S., whom I once convicted
of 'aggravated assault and battery, resul
ting in homicide; there is M. M whom
I tried for a felony; 'there Is I. R., whom
I tried for conspiracy and convicted of
riot ; there is J. A., whom 1 tried 'for
murder and so on for a score or two.
I don't believe there is anothor man pres
ent who has so many tried friends about
him as I have, and I shall say just what
I please.'
In Savannah, a merchant commencing
busincs has to deposit with the authorit
ies of the city the sum of 8500. Shbuld
he fail in his merchandise he forfeits, the
When you go out to drown yourself, al-
wa xull of your clothes they may fit
your wirtcoudJiUsljand
UCalifomia continues to sustain her
character as the land of wonders. .The
Evening Picayune mentions an astonish
ing product of her prolific soil, in the
shape of an enormuos cauliflower. It
weighed eighteen pounds, and was three
feet four inches in circumference. What
was peculiarly remarkable aside from its
enormous dimensions was the fact that
it was the growth of but six weeks from
the time the seed was deposited in the soil.
It was raised at the Mission Dolorc3.
During the month of April, 7,555 pas
sengers arrived at San Francisco, Califor
nia, of which 422 were females 199
were children. Nearly one-half were
Chinese. During the same time 1,915
passengers departed from the same place,
35 of which were females.
Latest from California.
500 Passengers and 81,600,000 in
The steamship Illinois arrived at New
York on Saturday morning, with over
81.800,000 in gold dust on freight and in
the hands of passengers. She brings the
mails, and San Francisco dates of ilfay
18th a fortnight later.
The Legislature adjourned on the oth
ult., after a session or four months. Some
70 bills were passed, among which were
bills for the funding of 8000,000 of the
State Civill Fund, the War Fund, and the
floating debt of tho country. Also, auth
orizing the receiveing of the unfunded
State Warrants for the payment of the
Shool Fund.
The northern part of the State had
been tho scene of more Indian difficulties.
Gov. Bigler was ill of billious fever, but
not considered dangerous, at the last ac
counts. It is said that there arc about 12,000
Chinese in California, only 7 of whom are
women, and large numbers are expected.
A company in Downievillo is taking
out one thousand dollars per day, and
seem to think it only tolerably good work.
Big Fish. A sturgeon was caught in
the Sacramento river near the city,which
weighed one hundred and thirty pounds.
ilfr. Alexander Bell, of New Jersey,
had been robbed at Panama of 83000
JGSTAt New Orleans they have ripe
peaches,and at Cicinnati ripe watermelons
the latter brought from New Orleans.
E. Z. C. Judson, better known as Ned
Buntlinc, who served out a year in the
Blackweli's Island Penitentiary, for his
participation in the Astor Place Riot,has
been indicted at St. Louis for inciting the
late election riots there.
'Well, you may say what you please
about-Captain Speckle's meanness theres
one thing I know, and that is, he saved
my life three times at the battle of Cha
pultcpeke.' 'How so?'
'Why every time he ran away I follow
ed him,'
Gun. Scott's Religiota.
We have received some half dozen let
ters inquiring whether Gen. Scott is or is
not a Roman Catholic, and intimating
that the answer will materially affect his
vote, should he be nominated at Balti
more, says the New York Tribune t and
to which it replies in the following excel
lent spirit : We beg leave to answer all
at once that we don t know to what reli
gious denomination Gen. Scott is attached;
and if we did know wc should not say in
reply to any such applications as we have
received. That Gen. Scott is an honest, con
scientous, God-fearing, law-abiding man,
is abundantly known ; further than this,
we hold that no man has a right to in
quire, with a view to the vote he is to cast
for President. We know and detested
men who electioneered against John Quin
cy Adams because he was a Unitarian ;
we knowthat the Chief Justice of the U
nited States is a zealous Roman Catholic,
but wc never heard anybody intimate that
his integrity or fitness for his high station
was at all affected by that circumstance.
Gen. Scott, we have understood, is an
Episcopalian; but wc never inquired what
church he attended, and never shall in
quire. It will be a sad day for our coun
try when any considerable number of
votes for President-can be influenced, one
way or another, by the religious profes
sions of the rival candidates.
From the Daily News.
" No man, except he who is grossly
ignorant, need ask "who is Franklin
Pierce." Pennsylvania of Monday.
"He has been Governor of New Hamp
shire." Fennlvanian of Monday.
Ih never was Governor of New Hamp
shire. Who, then, is amongst the
Grossly Ignorant.
June 10th.
From the National Intelligencer.
Highly Interesting Statistics.
Wc arc indebted to the Superintendent
of the Census for the opportunity of plac
ing our readers in possession of the follow
ing table, exhibiting, in a luminous ar
rangement, facts of great interest, and in
many instances really surprising, and a
rapidity of increase of population the like
of which was probably never before seen
upon earth.
population of the principal Cities and
Towns in the United States, with their
decennial increase per cent from 1840
to 1850.
Cities and Towns. 9P
9 a
JJjIn Missouri, Col. Benton in a speech
opening the Congressional canvass, declar
ed himself in favor of protecting iron bp
specific duties; said that the Polk, Dallas,
and Walker Tariff of 1 340 was a humbu".
and to persist in it would ruin the coun
try; that 1000 tons of Welsh Railroad
iron was arriving at St. Louis, which
ought to have been made at home out of
the nearly pure iron ore in that state; that
in Venango and Mercer counties, Pa.,
there were thirty two blast furnaces, now
but one in operation ; that in Clarion Co.,
Pa., the Sheriff had a number of Furnaces
under execution ; and that throughout
that State three fourths of the iron es
tablishments were closed up since the pas
sage of the tariff law of '46."
Com. Stockton has avowed similar sen
timents in the Senate, whilst other mem
bers of the same party have proclaimed
doctrine essentially and precisely the op
posite ! Yet all are Locofocos, working
for the part', not indeed bound by a com
mon principle, but a common passion the
love of the "spoils of victory the "cohe
sive power of public plunder."
Terrible Fatality.
On Thursday afternoon last two sons of
Mr. Thomas Finney of Halifax township in
this county were instantly killed by light
ning ; and two others were seriously in
jured, one so severely that his recovery
is despaired of. There were four broth
ers setting under an apple tree, in the lot
in which they were at work, where they
had taken shelter from the storm. The
bolt of electricity did not injure the tree
in any way, but killed two of the four
brothers, and dreadfully burning another,
who was lying in a very precarious con
dition. The fourth, a lad about eight
years old, was sitting in the lap of the el
dest brother, at the time. The elder
brother was killed instantly, and the young
est escaped with being only stunned. A
Dog lying by them was also killed. Tho
age of the two brothers killed was 18 and
11. The one so seriously injured is aged
14. This awful dispensation is most dis
tressing to the parents and family of the
deceased. Ilarrisburg TelegrajM, 9th
Bangor, Me
Manchester, N.H. 3,235
Boston, Mass., 9d,dSi
New Bedford, 12,087
Cambridge, 8,409
Lynn, 9,367
Springfield, 10,985
Taunton, 7,645
Providence, R.I.23,171
New Haven, Ct.,12,961
Norwich, 7,239
Hartford, 9,468
N York City, 312,710
Brooklyn, N.Y. 36,233
Newark, N. J. 17,290
Patterson, 7,59G
New Brunswick, S,663
Philad'a. city, 93,605
exclusive of" 164,372
, Alleghany,
Wilmington, Del. 8,367
Baltimore, Md. 102,31 3
Richmond, Va., 20,153
Norfolk, 10,920
Petersburg, 11,136
Wheeling, 7,885
Charleston, S. C.29,261
Savanna, Ga., 11,214
Mobile, Ala., 12,672
N.Orleans, La. 105,193
Lafayette, 3,207
Memphis, Tcnn., 2,026
Nashville, 6,929
Louisville, Ky., 21,211
Madison, la.,
Chicago, 111.,
Detroit, Mich., 9,102
St. Louis, Mo., 16,469
Milwaukie, Wis.,1,712
Oyster Shells for Trees. An observer
writes as follows : " One of the best ap
plications I have ever made to fruit trees,
in an old and barren condition, is a com
post in which finely broken oyster shells
were the principal ingredient. The shell
has generally a large per ccntage of saline
matter attaching to it, in a fresh state,
with some animal matter, and much lime.
By breaking them and mixing them with
wood ashes, and spreading it thickly a
round old trees, an almost immediate and
a decided improvement will take place."
The Isthmus of Panama is now crossed
in half a day instead of 5 or 6 days as
formerly. During the present summer
men will witness the locomotive puffing
on the Atlantic border, and within two
hours will hear it snort on the Pacific side.
The two great oceans will then be connec
ted, and doubling the " Cape" will be all
but suppressed. The whole Indian, Chi
nese, and Japan trades will then be hur
ried across this famous pathway
. 11,391
o o
J 5
61. S7
Where do all the Eggs come fro3i?
There are daily some one or two hun
dred barrels of eggs received in New
York by the Erie Railroad, and porba
bly as many more by the various other
roads and Hudson river. One hundred
barrels of eggs were received in the
steamer Empire City, which arrived last
week from New Orleans. This is a curi
ous fact in the history of the egg trade.
Cincinnati eggs traveling to New Orleans
a distance of fifteen hundred miles over
the Gulf of Mexico, and up the Atlantic
to the city, fifteen hundred miles more,
constitutes one of the wonders of modern
commerce. Such a voyage was hardly
contemplated by the Ohio hens when
they cackled so proudly over their pro
ductions New York Express.
Cuba ag ain threatened. A Havana
correspondent of the Tribune writes,under
date of May 30th:
'The excitement arising from a report
to the effect that preparations were being
made in the United States for the purpose
of invading this Island, was considerably
increased by the Isabel, from Charleston,
bringing, it is said, dispatches to the Gov
ernment, with information that the invad
ers were about to embark or had done so.
This news, which was soon whispered a
bout, with the active preparations of army
and navy, the consultation of the author
ities, the sailing of men-of-war, &c, and
other things done to meet the danger,
have added much to the anxiety felt by
all parties. When I speak of excitement,
I do not mean to say that which a stranger
could see, but such as a person mixing and
conversing with the community in general
can observe when such exists. I mako
this remark that mistakes and contradic
tions may be avoided.
'The merchants and the Spaniards
curse the fillibusters, but the Creole pop
ulation, at least in the cities, wish their
arrival. It has been rumored that there
has been a rising in some part of the Island
but as some five or six days have passed
since the report was first circulated, it is
more than probable that it is false; par
ticularly as the place is not mentioned,
nor has the mail, which has brought
news from all parts of the Island, brought
I any information of consequence"
Gen. Pierce in Congress.
We find in the Washington Repuhr
the following record of the Congrcssio'0
al doings of the Democratic candidate t
the Presidency : r
In his second Congressional term l
distinguished himself by his hostility f
harbor and river improvements. In j
1830, he voted against the bill maki
additional appropriations for the Dei
ware breakwater, and for certain harbo
and removing obstructions in and at th'
mouths of certain rivers, and for oth
purposes, tor the year 1830." a r
days subsequently General Jackson signal
At the same session Mr. Pierce Yotc(T
against the bill "making approimntw
! for the improvement of certain harbors
therein mentioned," which was aho if
1 .1 .l 1... 1-1 r . "l
, icrwarua appiuv uu uy uen. j ackson. Ky
the same session he voted against 11 the
bill to continue the Cumberland road in
the States of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois"
This was on the 29th of June, and on tho
2nd of July Gen. Jackson siznad tint
i very Cumberland Road Bill. There i-
no "noiso or confusion" to prevent us
from arriving at Mr. Pierce's opinions
on the question of improvements. He
is against all improvements of roads
rivers and harbors by the Federal gov'
ernment, and committed against them on
the journals of the House positively and
repeatedly. If, in the event of his elec
tion, should he ever be called unon to sin
an improvement bill of any name or na
ture, our western friends may look out
for a veto. How will it read in Iowa,
Illinois, along the Mississippi and the
great lakes, " Franklin Pierce, and down
with internal improvements !" But this
is merely en passant.
On the 21sfc of February, 1837, Mr.
Hubbard presented in the Senate the cre
dentials of Mr. Pierce, elected a Senator
from the State of New Hampshire, to
serve for six years from the 4th of March,
then following. During the session of
1837 38, he recorded himself against 3
harbor bill that was voted for by Mr. Bu
chanan and by Mr. Wright; for Mr.
Pierce went with the extremes. At the
same session he voted against a bill for
the benefit of the Alabama, Florida, ami
Georgia Railroad company, which was a
measure of such a character that cvcii
Mr. Calhoun and Mr. Grundy voted for
it, and Mr. Pierce found himself in a mi
nority of six in opposition. But it was
enough that the bill contemplated "inter
nal improvement." At the same sessioa
moreover, Mr. Pierce gave a vote which
we desire to submit to the particular at
tention of those of our western friends,
who are soliciting aid from the General
Government for building their railroads.
They should know that the Democratic
nominee set his face as a flint against all
those projects. A bill was before the
Senate for the " benefit of the Mt. Gar
mel and New Albany Railroad Company,
in the State of Indiana" providing for a
grant of alternate sections along the road,
the Company contracting to carry tlu
?nails for twenty years without charge to
the Government ; which would pay the
Government at the rate of one dollar and
six cents for each acre granted. Mr Clay
and Mr. Webster voted for this bill . Mr.
Pierce, in entire consistency with his
whole course on this cognate subjects, vo
ted against it! We should like to know if
our friends, Messrs. Henn and Clarke, of
Iowa propose to go into the next canvass
before their people as the advocotes of a
candidate who is not only pledged against
the improvement of rivers and harbors,
but against granting any Federal aid by
the appropriations to railroads even on
the condition of their carrying the United
States mails twenty years for nothing.
We do not propose, just at present, to
follow Mr. Pierce through his Senatorial
career. It is enough for our purpose to
show that, as far as their especial inter
ests arc concerned, our western friends
would have found them much better cared
for by Mr. Douglass or Gen. Cass than
by Mr. Pierce. It seems to us that they
have been a little overreached in the idea
that Mr. Pierce's Legislative career was a
mere "blank sheet of paper." It is writ
ten over with some awkward committals.
His most elaborate speech in the Senate
was against the bill for the relief of Mrs.
Harrison, the widow of the lamented Gen
eral. Important Arrests. Charge of Coun
terfeiting. On Tuesday, officer Reed, of
the Chief's Office, received a telegraphic
dispatch from the authorities of Philadel
phia, stating that one Gus. Smith, said to
be a notorious counterfeiter, had taken
the morning train for this City; and re
questing that he might be arrested, as he
was wanted in Philadelphia to answer a
charge of passing counterfeit money. Mr.
Reed, accompanied by officers Radford
and Allison, accordingly repaired to tho
depot to await the arrival of the boat, and
from the description of Smith, which was
1 contained in the dispatch, they soon re
' cognised him. On finding himself caught,
heattempted to throw away a roll of coun
1 terfeit bank bills, but was detected in the
: attempt, and the bills were taken from
him, which proved to be counterfeits on
the Commercial Bank of Philadelphia,
of the denomination of 85 amounted to
840. Two other individuals were found
1 to be with Smith, whose names are John
Young and Valentine G. Crosby. These
men the officers also arrested on suspi-
cion, and on searching them, found in
' possession of Crosby S265 in counterfeit
I 85 bills on the same bank. The trio were
committed to prison until yesterday, when
they were sent to Philadelphia in charge
of two police officers from that city. Tho
counterfeit is a new one, and is so admi
rably executed that the best judges aro
liable to be deceived by it. It is supposed
that a large gang of rascals are engaged,
in circulating these bills. Tribune lltft

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