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Jcffcrscmicux Ucpublican.
Thursday, June 24, 1852.
For President,
For Vice-President,
For Judge of Supreme Court,
For Canal Commissioner ,
A. E. Brown, James Pollock.
Samuel A. Purviance.
1. William F. Hughes,
2. James Traquair,
3. John V. Stokes,
4. John P. Verrec,
5. Spencer Mclhaine,
6. James W. Fuller,
7. James Penrose,
S. John Shaefler,
9. Jacob Marshall,
10. Charles P. Waller,
11. Davis Alton,
12. M. C. Morcur,
J IS.NcrMMdlcswarth.
14. James II. Campbell,
15. James D. Paxton,
1G. James K. Davidson,
17. Dr. John McCullock,
18. Ralph Drake,
19. Solin Linton,
20. Archibald Robertson,
21. Thomas J. Bigham,
22. Lewis L. Lord
23. Christian Meycts,
24. Dorman Phelps,
Our Candidates.
We this day present, at our mast-head,
the names of our candidates for President ister and preserver of Peace. The de
and Vice President. In doing so we feel ; Parable Removal of the wronged and cut
it j i r i- i Hi raged Cherokces was conducted bv him
the proudest satisfaction m beins; able to ., , . -, ., A. , J .
1 with a kindness, consideration, humanity
say that they meet with our entire appro- j and patience which prevented the efFusion
bation, and as far as we have been able of blood, which else was inevitable, and
to hear, with the entire approbation of . which would have deepened and darkened j faithfully have they wreaked their ven
the great Whig part-. I tlie stain of Perfidy which that enforced J gcance ! Buchanan has fallen ! He lies
Stroudsburs Academy.
We are requested to state that the scc-
ond Quarter of the Snminpr sftssimi nfi
this Institute will commence, Thursday,
T . , , . . . ' . , ",
omj xu xruriug uie last quarter it nas
been very respectablj- patronized, and we
believe Mr. Tail has given general satis
faction. We are confident that the Acad
emy will ailord good advantaces under
his tutorship, and will be every way wor
thy of the patronage of our citizens.
There is not a citizen in this place who
is not interested in the prosperity of a
good school in our midst, and we hope to
see the Academy liberally supported.
ffcThe 'Massachusetts Teacher,
for June, shows us that this Magazine has
not degenerated from the high ground it
has occupied. Education is one of the
absorbing topics of our day, and every one
should consider it his duty as well as priv
ilege to be well informed about it. And
in no way can this be better acomplished
than by reading educational journals.
The Ohio Journal of Education,
Published monthly under the auspices j
of the "Ohio State Teachers Association."
This is the title of a Magazine, the June
number of which we have received. It
is an excellent work, devoted to a noble
cause, much talked of butlittleunderstood,
and we wish it success. Terms one dollar
a year. Address Lorin Andtews, Colum
bus, Ohio.
Godey's Lady's Book, for Jul', is a
beautiful double numb er, with four full
. I , i
pages of engravings, and a number of,
nandsome illustrations, by Hinckley, and
otuers. xt is a nuincer wmcn wm ne par
ticularly interesting to our readers.
Wilis State Convention. jhis
PhUadelnhia. June 19. 1852. '
This body met in Philadelphia on Sat-! ?nSe' Lis Protection of the conquered peo
, J . . 1 pie, and his constant anxiety tor peace.
-uaj , uuuuu.ii u ouuuiu ioi uuuge if Mexico were now a part of the Union,
of the Supreme Court, in place of Rich- ' her conquerer as he was, he would receive
wd Coidlcr, deceased, and organized by : tne vote of all her States. Could any
appointing Dai'irf Leech, of Armstrong th 5 nS more thoroughly attest his wisdom
pPflC;jn-f t jtt Tr.. " r i c i as a ruler or his worth as a man ?
J resident J . V. Ktuingcr. oi Lebanon, w a n. r 1 ,
B . . ri , ' . , , ' i William A. Graham was first known
becretary. After two unsuccessful bal-to the Nation in 1841, when he was cho
lots, the convention adjourned until Mon-.sen to fill a vacancy in the U. S. Senate,
day at twelve o'clock. and served through the memorable twen-
Monday. June 12, 1652. ' ty-seventh Congress. He was notre-elec-
Ti ii j i. j ,tedi because the Licislature of 1842-3
lhe convention rc-asscmbled to-day at' r'jeo,,... fc T .
J . was adverse ot nolities. In thn vfihnmonf.
9 aoon, and nominated Hon. JOSEPH
IFFINGTON, of Armstrong, for Judge ; Whigs to breast the shock of Texas issue
f the Supreme Court. Mr. B. is one of as tlieir candidate for Governor, and car
tke ablest lawyers in Western Ponnsyl- ried State over an able and popular
vtnJn tt i opponent by 3,153 majority on a lamer
Tma. He is also a very populal-man vote than was ever befoJre poilcd. He a8
and received a tie vote with Judge Jes- re-elected in 1846 by 7,859 majority, and
SuPj for a similar nomination, in the con- declined a third term, retiring to private
mention held at Lancaster, last year. In 1850, on the accession of Mr.
L Fillmore, he was called into the Cabinet.
A run was made on the Farmers' Bank to
r. . 1
f Schuylkill Haven,
Pa on Sat d ,wmcu "e stul "Oas. Jie naa already
a I been indicated by the entire Whig party
ot a report of itsi0f xrortll narolina. through almost or
eek, in consequence
Mure, but it
promptly met all demands. !
ti -n o v ' as their emphatic choice for Vice Presi-
ite lrcc Sod domination. The An-'dent, to which place the National Conn-Slavery
Central Committee, of Massa-! vention has just called him.
Gussets, have put forth the following Whigs 1 this ticket can be .elected, and
ames for candidates of the Free-Soil par S" be ! See to it all of you !
h Whose Convfinf.i nn trill Vn 11,5 ..i. nil. - rt -., n -r.
Cle l a n !
7eland; ollio, on the fourth of August was
W ir r J1!"esidout' John P- Me, of was
Hampshire, for Vice-President. (W Wr
fy. ; w""
-r t, v I VII" 111' TT
From the N. Y. Tribune.
Scoll is Nominated!
With no ordinary satisfaction do we
this morning give to the braeze the Whig
banner inscribed with the names of WIN
FIELD SCOTT for President and WIL
LIAM A. GRAHAM for vice-President
of the United States. They are both men
whose capacity has been proved,whosc in
tegrity is undoubted, and will bring to the
stations whereto the People are about to
call them the dignity which reposes in
transcendent Virtue and Patriotism.
Windfield Scott has been for more
than forty years devoted to the service of
his country. Born in Vinrinia. June 13.
17SG, he was educated for the law, admit
ted to the bar in 1806, and the next sum
mer volunteered in a troop of horse raised
in Petersburg, on a call of President Jef
ferson, toprotcct the coast of the Chesa
peake after the shameful affair of the Leop
ard. The next Ma', 1808, the Army be
ing enlarged, he was appointed a Captain
of Light Artillery, and has ever since
served his country as a soldier with ever
increasing renown, until his fame is now
commensurate with the civilized world.
Xo fields were more warnily cotested, no
laurels more proudly won, than those
wherewith the name of Winfield Scott
is indisolubly blended. They need not
be named the Country knows them by
But Winfield Scott is not merely nor
mainlv distinguished as a warrior. He
has served with equal emience as a mm-
f T-Sr-T V i !
In the winter of lS.J2-a, he commanded
the LT. S. forces in Charleston Harbor
during the crisis of Nullification, when i
one rasl irritating word from him, would
Probly hare deluged South Carolina in
blood, and might have led to the dissolu-
tion of the Union. His calmness, firmness
and discretion elicited universal approba-.
tion. inuring tne Patriot' troubles on the
Canadian frontier, and arain when the
Tj,n.:i. (ilw ,i 4. .i
i i i C "V" j , ... '
r. t
r gicutcM xrue auons mio intermina-
Die Dutcnerj', &cott was placed in imme- :
,i ennnn,u,i : i.
miuiv vumiuumij uuucutwuuuu iu JIUJVKIIL-
ing bloodshed and restoring tranquility
and harmony. His bearing, his efforts
and his success on these occasions elicited :
the following emphatic eulogium from the !
""".U V Ul "'"our.oji-;
l,no.(. n,i :n..i t nrr 1 v
j-xvj, in iiis )iuim;u 10 ins ueciure on
War, delivered in the year 1838:
Ttfuci aiSOj js due to the
beneficent influence of Gen. Scott. To this
distinguished man belongs the rare honor of ,
uniting- with military energy and daring, the '
spirit of a philanthropist. His exploits Tn the ;
field, which placed him in the first rank of
soldiers, have been obscured bv the purer and
r - 1 r in . -
ujuiu mcuu-j yiury 01 a pacincaior, anu a
friend of mankind. In the whole historv of
the intercourse of civilised communities, we
doubt whether a brighter page can be found
than that which records his asrencv in the
removal of the Cherokees. As far as the
wrongs done to this race can be atoned for.
Gen. Scott has made the expiation. In his
recent mission to the disturbed borders of
our country, he has succeeded, not so much
by policy as by the nobleness and generosity j
of his character, by moral influence, by the
earnest conviction with which he has en-
' forced on all, with whom he had to do, the
obligations ot patriotism, justice, humanity
and religion. It would not be easy to find
among us a man who has won a purer fame:
and I would do something, no matter how lit
tle, to hasten the time when the spirit of
Chnstain humanity shall be accounted an es-
sential attribute and the brightest ornament
j a public man."
So in the War with Mexico
-he did
not merely conquer those he was sent to .
hght he won their esteem and admira
tion. While this countrv resoundnd with
victories, Mexico thought only of his
1 r. , .. 1
,01'ies. Mexico thought, nnlv nf I.i'q
humanity, his stern repression of armed li
stm.! f traa i. i i
fil1 tlie Post of Secretary of the Navy,
1 1 I , , ,1, Tl 1.1 1 -1
otatcsman sars, jcn. nerce
a soldiW in tl.n xvn rnflfll 2. A la
then button years old, an old volun-
C11n.fc i, . i.,T, t
OC uunu nj muoii uuyc muuii ui-
tached to the iufant-vy,
J8&We copy the following from Thomp
son's Bank Note Pteporter post it up.
'Three's, centre vignette, two men cra
dling, with the figure 3 in a round die on
the left of them on the left end is the
figure of Jove in the act of casting a thun
derbolt, with a figure 3 below on the
right end a portrait of Washington, the
word Three on the upper
figure 3 below a small
corner, and a
on the
globe, between the signatures.'
Refuse all notes answering to the above
description, no matter on what bank, or
of what denomination they may appear
They have already been altered to a num
ber of banks.
More Counterfeit Money. On Fri
day the 11th inst., two men were arrest
ed and brought into our borough upon
charges of passing counterfiet bills of the
Commerical Bank of Philadelphia. They
gave respectively the names of Gorge
Wagner and John Hamliton. The first
named was discharged from custody on
Saturday moving in cansequence of a
want of sufficient evidence to hold him for
trial, with the wise saying of 'Go and sin
no more' ringing in his ears. The main
i circumstance against him was his intiina-
cy with the other man, who is lying in
J ail awaiting trial.-
Carbon Co., Gazette.
The defeat of Mr. Buchanan is a great
triumph to his enemies in Pennsylvania.
The threat made in the State Convention
at Harrisburg, was not without meaning.
His enemies declared that they would pur
sue him to the National Convention and
Pwstrate at the foot of his adversaries, a
. , . . , '
;t?, t tl. ;;i ? r 1,
i v
.un... w iuv uumuuiu nanus ui jtuimSYl-
. r ,)
vania Demcrats !
A letter from a distinguished Free Soil
er, at Washington, says : "Mr. Chase
aml in'Selt AVl11 PP0S0 Plcrce ancl KinS
1U v-'mu auu u uave no qoudi lie will
lose that State."
If VOU wish to re-fn stnn f.l Innoo lio
dies of knives and fork,. mnl- mr M J
. . . . . t . ner, he trusts, that will give the most entire
ment ot common bncii-dust and rns n.!i;,,; i.. , iru ,.:
melted together. Seal engravers under-!
this receipt,
Potatoes. The Boston Horn Id snr-s ti,n
. .
planting season i
is over, and n. vn?t. QtnMr I
m '
ftf r1,1 tntonc ; j m, . !
o i.uum uu uauu. xxioy
may be bought now, in that city, at from !
thirty-five to forty cents a bushel.
Fourth of July Celebration.
There will be a celebration at Fenners
ville onthe 3d of July, (should the weath
er prove unfavorable on the 5th,) bv the
Sabbath School of Fennersville, to com-
nience at 9 o'clock, A, M., The invitation
is extended to the Stroudsburg schools,
and all who mav feel diannsnd tn nnrtin?-
The procession will be formed at 9 o'
clock, under the direction of the Marshal
,of e da'' CaPf" Geo- B- Keller assisted ,
UJ A ullJ1 arsu, anu Lorenzo llolteditz,
ant Prceed to the grove, where the ex-
ercises will commence as follows.
Heading of the Declaration of Indepen
dence, by Mr. Charles Dietrich.
"My Country lis ofthec.
Oration by Col. Charlton Burnett.
"God Bless our Native IxliuV
Address to the childrenby Bev.Thomas
Address to the teachers, hv TW. W T?
Address to the aged, by Eev. Geo
Heilig. Rev. Mr. Watson will be present
and make a tew practical remarks, &c.
Hon. Abraham Levering will be pre
sent with a Melodeon which will afford
some delightful music, accompanied by
the choir of the Hamilton Church.
By order of the committee of Arrange
ments. Jacob Williams, Wm. S. Dietrich, Sam
uel Harmon, Leauder Griffin, John
Strepy, Wm. Floray, Jeremian Frantz,
Valentine Houser, Jacob Klinker, Lin
ford Bush, George Bittenbender, Henery
A Werkhiser.
Tanncrsville Brass Band will be in at
tendence. Committee on Invitation.
Wm.S.Dietrick, J.Strery, Jacob Klinker.
Hamilton township, June 14, 1852.
100 TO 8200 PER MONTH!!
Oy any industrious Man, of respectable address who
possesses good butsiness qualities, and who can
command a small capital (to begin with,) of
From 25 io 50 Dollars,
IEFNo others need apply. rn
Whose Publications are very Saleable,
0?Funds can be forwarded at our risk, if
mailed in presence of the Post MnBter and
numbers and dates of the same retained.
No books kept or sold by us of an immoral
A Vliolesalc Price List, with full direc
tions, for operations, will be forwarded on ap
plication, post paid, to
Buffalo, N. Y. Hook Publishers.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the partner
ship heretofore existing between the un
dersigned in the Mercantile business, has
this day been dissolved by mutual con
sent. All pessons indebted to said firm
are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims or demands
will please present them to Jacob Stouf
fer who is duly authorized to settle the
same. All accounts remaining unpaid
on the first of July next, will bo placed
in the hands of a Justice of the Peace
for collection.
Tanncrsville, May 11, 1852.
The subscriber., thankful for past favors,
respectfully announces to the public that!
--uumiiuv; tuu uusmess at the old
stand, and respectfully solicits a continu-
ance or tne puuue patronage
50,000 SHINCLES and a larg,
i w v stock of various kinds o
.Lumber on hand and for sale low.
May 27, 1852.-6t.
Three Cents Reward.
Ranaway from the subscri
ber on the 14th inst. an inden
tured girl named Alec Fish,
m the 14th year of her age:
about 4 feet 0 inches in height
and daric complexion. Had on when she
left a light calico dress and sun-bonnet
The public are hereby cautioned not to
harbor or trust her on my account, as I
am determined to pay no debts of her con
tr acting. The above reward, but no char
ges, will be paid on her delivery to me a
the residence of William S. Wintemute, in
il l 1 n . i '
uie Dorounii ot btroudsburg.
Stroudsburg, May 20, 1852.
The subscriber has opener
his new Hotel and is ready to
i i iiik-irr- -
i jmg; accommodate all who may fa
i ., ,i
, vor him with thmr rms
vor him with their custom.
Stroudsburg, May 27, 1852.-Gm.
ssa'OMttswm'g- 0c?veli'y Store.
i he subscriber hav
ing purchased the entire
slock of Clocks, Watch
cs, Jeioetnj, c. of John
II. Melick, intends car
rying on the Watch Ma
king and Jewelry busi-
in all its var
tious forms, and in a man-
'""oiai.uuu, uwi uiiij iu luillacii uui It) lllOSe
Ousting the above mentioned articles with
wiiii iu va repaircu. lie nas renevvea nis
stock by recent purchases in the city of New
, . I : I i I I i
York, which, together with his former stock.
makes his assortment at this time one of the
I I r IT" 1 - 4 .
amenuiu ever oeiore onereu in oirouos-
, , t i , r . i. .
UUIi dl"g wniwi may oe iouna an tne la-
tesl fashions in the structure and embellish
ment of dress Jewelry, viz: Breast Pins, Ear
,ss; At lngf. vlnSs' .old pockets, bnaps,
Knives, and Brittania Ware, together with a
large assortment of Gold and Silver Watch
s, Clocks, Perfumery, cj-c, together with
all the articles that can be found iu any es;
tablishrnent of the kind.
Watch Repairiinj?
Being an important as well as a skillful part
j of his business, he flatters himself he can
give as general satisfaction to his customers
and the public as can be done by any one,
as he intends to keep none but the best work
men in his employ; and feeling confident
that all shall have entire satisfaction done
them, heinteuds todevote his whole time and
attention to that important branch of his
Anything in his line that he may not have
on hand, will be promptly procured from the
city, by calling on the subscriber at his shop,
on Elizabeth street, two doors west of J. If.
lMelick's old stand.
N U. J- IL Melick will open his new
house, the "Union Hotel" on the 24th of May,
when he will be preparad to accommodate
all who may favor him with their custom.
Stroudsburg, May (1, 1852.
Valuable Property
in Stroiidslmrs at Private Snfe.
WENDELL J. BRE1MER hereby offers
ui private sale, a house 33 feet front
(adapted for two families) upon a lot
170 feet deen. It is on the corner of
George and Sarah street, in Stroudsburg.
Any person wishing to purchase the above
pioperty, can do so by calling upon
Stroudsburg, Jan. 8, 1852.-3m.
The subscribers are going to peel from
800 to 1000 cords of Bark along the foot of
the Blue Mountain, near the Delaware Wa
ter Gap, and will gire it out in contracts of
50 to 100 cords, if desired, or all together;
to be peeled and stacked on the ground, or
delivered at their Tannery in Stroudsburg,
for which a fair price in Cash will be paid.
I hose wishing iohs had best mil snnn n it
will be let to the first applicants.
. ., . J R. & G. HULL.
April 8, 1852. 8i
Six cents Reward
Rauaway from the residence of tho suh-
scriber, on the 2d inst.. a hnv inflnnfnrnrl
to the farniinr business. His name is
Harrison Frankcnfieltl. and is 11 vears
old. The public arc hereby cautioned not1
VA llU4 Kjvt. auu Uiiuui L11U UUlJUlbV
ot the JLaw. I he above reward will be
paid for his delivery to me, but no char
ges. GEOllGE M. SIIAFEli.
btroud township, June 10, 1852.
A fresh supply of the above airicle. just '
received, and for sale at this Office, by
: i... :
Stroudsburg, June 17, 1852.
Neatly executed at this Office
For sale at this Office.
No. 71 Northampton Street, Opposite the
Easton Bank.
THE subscribers having entered into a
partnership for the purpose of continu-
iu& me uiugunu rami liusiness at j7
the old stand of the laic Mr. John
Dickson, would otter their stock
of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Glass, &c. &c. to old customers of
the stand and Physicians and dealers in
general. . Please call and trv us.
1 rading under the firm of Dickson cj- Sample
bole Agents for Wetherill's Pure Ground
White Lead.
Easton, July 17, 1851. ly
TO DRUG G i 3 TS .
Apothecaries, Fcrfumcrs, Confectioners
i'atjst jijsuicime factors
And Dealers in Toilet and Fancy Articles
The PraclicaS Adviser,
For the use of Druggists, Apothecaries, Per
fumers, Confectioners, Patent Medicine Fac
tors and Dealers in Toilet and Fancy Arti
cles. Edited by Horace Everett, Gradu
ate and Member of the College of Pharmacy
in the City of New York. Also The celo
brated Recipe of Professor Willard, for ma
king good soap at one cent per pound, that
will wash belter and quicker without labor
than any other -Soap ever manufactured.
This alone is worth fifty times the price of
the book to any family. Exclusive whole
sale agent for the United States and Canada,
109 Nassau street, N. Y.
Price 50 cents. Post Ofiice Stamps en
closed to that amount will pay for one copy,
which will be sent free to anv part of the U.
Slates. Stationers, Booksellers, Newspaper
Agents, &c. enclosing a cash remittance will
receive the work at a large discount off.
.g Soak &T Magazisie Agency.
J. W.GILLAM would respectfully inform
the citizens of Stroudsburg and vicinity, that
he has opened a general Book, Magazine,
and Newspaper Agency, in Northampton St.,
Easton, Pa.
Any of the following works will be sup
plied by him, by the year or single number:
Graham's Magazine, Sartain's Magazine,
Godey's Lady's Book, Harper's Magazine,
International Magazine, Ladies' Wreath,
London Lancet, Blackwood's Magazine, all
the Quarterly Reviews, and all others pub
lished. Persona wishing books in anv Department
of reading, can have them promptly forwar
ded without extra charge, by leaving their
orders at the office of the "Monroe Democrat.''
Jan. 22, 1852-
n fjcmii,
100 kegs 25 lbs. each, Wetherill's white lead,
ou uo ou do do do do
20 do 100 po do do do
100 boxes 8 by .10 Glass
o do 10 by 12 do
50 do 10 bv M do
superior quality.
10 bbls. of Alum
10 bbl3. Copperas
10 bbls. Rosin
1000 lbs. Potash
GOO Gallons Linseed Oil
40 bbls. spirits Turpentine
2000 lbs. Potters Red Lead
Dye Woods, Madder, Logwood. Fustic.
Kedwood, bochineal and Indigo
JLJb&U superior 1 urniture, Coach. Black
and Japan Varnishes, by the barrel or gallon
ior sale oy JJlUJiSUJ cV SAMPLE
kaston, July 17, 1851. ly
No. 44, Courtlandt si New York,
The Crotoii iUunsifactiiriaiir Go.
- a -
Organized under the General Manufac
turing Law of the Stale of N. York)
Offers at wholesale, in quantities to suit pur
chasers, at Manufacturers' lowest prices, for
cash or approved credit,
Paper Hangings of every variety of style
and price
Borders to match.
Fire board prints in great variety.
Transparent window shades,
Oil painted window shades,
Wide window curtain papers, and
Window shade fixtures,
Of the latest style and superior finish, all of
their own manufacture and importation. As
their stock is large and entirely new. thev
invite Merchants, Booksellers, & Dealers in
these articles, to call & examine .their styles
and prices whenever they visit the city.
Country Merchants can examine this stock
rom 0 o'clock in the morning 'till 10 o'clock
n the evening.
144 Broadway, one door south of Liberty et.,
Have now on hand, and will be receiving
doily through the season, New Goods, direct
rom the European manufacturers, and cash
Auctions, rich, fashionable, fancy Silk Mil
linery Goods. Our stock of Rich Ribbons,
comprises every variety of the latest and I
moat beautiful designs imported.
Many of our goods are manufactured ex-
uessly to our order, from our own designs
and patterns, and stand unrivalled. We of
fer our goods for nett Cash, at lower prices
than any credit House in America can afford.
All purchasers will find it greatly to their
interest to reserve a portion of their money
and make selections from our great variety
of rich cheap goods.
Ribbons rich for bonnets, caps, sashes and
Bonnet silks, satins, crapes, lisses, and
Embroideries, collars, chemiaetis, capes,
Habits, sleeves, cuffs, edgings, and inser
Embroidered reviere, lace, and hemslit.ch
cambric handkerchiefs.
Blonds, illusions, and embioidered laces
for caps.
Embroidered laces for shawls, mantillas,
ami veils.
fll" on' ec" vaiencienes, & JJrus-
English and wove thread, Smyrna, Lisle
I thread, and cotton laces.
Kid, Lisle thread, silk, and sewing silk,
gloves, and mits.
French and American artificial flowers.
French lace, Engliah, American, and Ilal-
' Straw bonnets and trimmings,
March 25, 1852.
. U. CTai'nicK-, 1
RESPECTFULLY announces to the c'1
zens of Stroudsburg and the surroun"
ing country, that he still continues the abo
business, and may be found at his establish
ment on Elizabeth street. All orders for P
per Hanging will be punctually attended t
and executed in the beat style, upon the mo
reasonable terms
N. B. WINDOW SASH, nainted an
8lazed of all sizes, constantly on hand an
- A
for sale at the abote establishment.
btroudsburg, April 15, 1852. ly
FOR THE YEAR 1852. ;
ScasV New & Popular Pictoria
WcrJis. ;
Containing more than Four Thousand En
gravings, designed and executed by th1'
most eminent Artist of England and Ameri
ca, i
The extraordinary popularity of thesi'
volumes iu every section of the Union, ren.
ders an Agency desirabla in each one of ou,
principle towns and villages. ,
A new, revised, and elegant edition o
our Pictorial Description of the Uni
ted States, for the year 1852. carefullv cor-1
rected by the late Census, with full descrip
tions and correct illustrations of the Gold
Regions. The title of this new and elegant octavo
of 700 pages, (cloth, gilt,) is as Tallows:
A PICTORIAL description of the
United States :
Embracing the History, Geomranhical Po
sition, Agricultural and Mineral Ufisnnrrp 1
Population, Commerce, & Sketches of Cities;!
Towns Public Buildings, &e., of each State
anu ierntory of the Union, interspersed with
Revolutionary and other interesting incidents,
connected with the early settlement of the
country. Illustrated with numerous engra
vings. Retail price $2.50.
The Remarkable adventures of
Celebrated Persons.
- Embracing the Romantic Incidents ancl
Adventures jn the Lives of Sovereigns,
Statesmen, Generals, Princes, Warriors,
Travelers, Adventures, Voyagers, &c, emi
nent in the History of Europe and America.
Including sketches of over Fifty Celebrated
Heroic Characters. Beautifully Illustrated
with Numerous Engravings One vol. 400
pages, Royal 12 mo. cloth, gilt. Price 81.25.
New and Complete History of the ifible.
New Pictorial History of China and India,
Thrilling Incidents of the Wars of the Uni
ted States, New Pictorial Description of the
the United States, Treasury of Knowledge,
and Cyclopaedia of Science and Art. Scene
and Sketces of Continetal Europe, Pictorial
Description of Great Britian and Ireland,
Pictorial JL'amily Annual 212 Engravings,
The History of Palestine, View of New York
This Engraving is on a sheet 47 by I
inches, and ought to sell rapidly. Informa
tion for the People, New Pictorial Family
Instructor, Pictorial History of the American
Revolution, Pictorial Sunday Book. Bible
uiography, i he Wonders of the World
Second Series, Dick's Complete Works
Eleven volumes in two new edition, 8vo.
The Christain Liturgy Elegantly bound in
embossed morocco, gilt edges, and the picto-
Jial Family Bible. Each volume is illustra
ted with Jrom one to two hundred Engravings.
Post-Masters can procure subsctribers to,
and sell 'Sears' Pictorial Works,' make a
handsome profit, and sustain no loss.
KP Any person wishing to embark in the
enterprise, will risk little by sending to the
publisher $25, for which he will receive sam
ple copies of the various works (at whole-
sale prices,) catefully boxed, insured, and
directed, affording a very liberal per centage
to the Agent for his trouble. With these he
will soon be able to ascertain the most sale
bie, and order accordingly.
flCTo young men of enterprise and tact,
this business offers an opportunity for profit
able employment seldom to be met with.
There is not a ton in the Union where a,
right honest and well disposed person can
fail of selling from 50 to 200 volumes, ac
cording to the population.
(LPersons wishing to engage in the sale
of our Works, will receive promptly by mail
a circular containing full desoiiptions, with
the terms on Which they will be furnished.
by addrhssing the publisher, post-poid.
181 William street, New-York.
KT Newspapers copying this advertise
ment, as above, including this notice) and
giving it two insertions, shall receive a copy
of any one of our $2.50 or 3,00 works, (sub
ject to their order.) Publishers will please
direct their papers to 'Sears' Family Visi
tor,' New-York.
Was stolen from the subscriber about the
17th of -4pril 185?, Notes against the follow
ing named persons, to wit :
One Note given by Ab'm Leveling for $35.
do do do Henry Heller u 75.
do do do Houck & Yetler " 10.
do do do Jos. Heckman " 13.
do do do Trios. Fran it-
Two Notes given by .4dam Shafer, one for
$S0 92 and the other for $10-
There was also stolen, sometime during
the past week, a lot of papers and Five DoU
lars in Gold.
The above reward will be paid for the re
covery of the Notes and Money.
Poco, ilpril 22, 1852.
2CI)c Ii Bavlci) Styccif,
Mm M. WATSON is happy to inform
his old friends and customers thafc
he is prepared to receive as many
of them as may favor him with their cus
tom, at the new Hotel erected on the site
of the Old Barley Sheaf, (which was de
stroyed by fire in July last.)
The House is much increased in sizo
and convenience, and possesses every ac
commodation which oan contribute to the
comfort of the traveler.
t The TABLE and the BAR will be fur
nished in such a manner as cannot fail to
JBSF A large yard, with stabling for
one hundred horse3.
M. WATSON, Proprietor,
No. 193 North Second st., Phil'a.
March 27 lnl

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