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ron ancl'lBrass Foundry.
he subscriber takes this method of
rmiug the public generally, and mil
mid farmers especially, that havinc
chased of Mr. Samuel II ay den, late
prictor of the Stroudsburg Foundry,
his Patterns and Fixtures, he has re-
ved the same to his Foundry in Tan
sville, Monroe co., Pa., and having in
ased the machincrv of the establish-
nt, he is prepared to execute all or
rs in his line of business, in the best
uner and with despatch, and therefore
pectfully solicit the patronage of the
blic. He will manufacture cast and
fought iron work of all descriptions, in-
mill SJcai'iiSg'i
flour and other mills, mill screws,
k and corn mills, together with cast-
i of every description turned and nt
un in the best possible manner. As
rticular care will be taken to employ
nc but the best workmen, and no pains
.1 be spared, he teels coundent or DC-
able to give general satislactiou. Ai-
3! A S3E M2S?T
de to order.
ch as spindle steps, shaft and gudgeon
xcs, &c, will be made to order.. ' Old
pper and Erass taken in exchange at
highest price. Patterns maue to or
Threshing machines and Horse Eotvcrs
of the most approved construction, will
be furnished to order at the shortest no
tice. of all kinds, for coal or wood, cook stoves
&c, on hand or made to order, for sale
wholesale or retail.
of the most approved plan will be kept on
hand, and every variety of plow castings
on hand and for sale.
Uj3 Wrought iron mill work will be
done on the most reasonable terms. The
best kind of sled shoes and polished wa-
gon boxes and hollow ware will always
be kept on band.
January 1, 1 852.-1 y
Wliaksalc and Retail Boot and Shoe Store.
rTHE Subscriber takes ibis method to m
JL form the public that he has just re
reived at his Store, opposite Messrs. Miller
& Brother and neaily opposite T. & P. Mix
sell's store, in Hamilton street, a large as
sortment of
decidedly the largest, cheapest and best, now
in Easton, which he is selling for cash, and
is determined not to be undersold by any oth
er establishment, according to the article:
His assortment consists of Congress Gai
ters, Women's Gaiters, Half Gaiters, Jenny
Linds, Slippers, Buskins, and a large assort
ment of children's gaiters, &c. &c
Ai,.9n fipntlemen's and voutbs' Boots,
and Shoes of every variety, -all made of the
best materials, and experienced workmen
(under his own superintendence.)
Oiders for work to be made by measure,
and repairing of all kinds, promptly attended
to as heretofore. A continuance of the fa
vors of a libreal community respectfully so
g Easton, May 7, 1651.
Cure of Consumption.
Lxver Complaint, Colds, Coughs, Asthma,
Bronchitis, and all Throat and Lung Com
plaints. 1 have published a brief work on Consum
ption, tvhich contains an invaluable recipe
; lor the cure ot these prevalent diseases, even
! in their worst stages, when friends and phy
lairians have eiven un all hone. The Luns
. - - r- a w
; balsam prescribed in this work Cures without
i the exoensive aid of nhvsicians or injurious
use of patent medicines. In adopting this Sys-
icm nf Cure ih nalipnt knmns what he is Us
ing knows that he is not shortenning his
days by the use of anodynes or mercurials,
which may seem to Relieve but never Cure,
lie knows when using this Life-saving Bal
sam, that he is taking mild, pleasant, effica
cious remedies, such as Nature prescribes
for the ills her children suffer. The ingredi
ents composing this Lung Balsam are obtain
able (cheaply too.) wherever consumption
M exists, proving that Every ilUias its antidote.
r Consumptive patients may liciyon itiis receipt
(all Lung Complaints are removed by its
use) I would not attach my name to it, had
1 doubt of its efficacy. The directions for
preparing and using the Balsam are perfectly
plain. 1 prefer selling the Recipe to making
the Balsam, as it enables people to Make
their own Medicine at a Trifling Cost. I wil
imparl the secret of making the Balsam, and
the Family right to use it, for Si, but in uo
case will I sell it for speculating purposes.
Proof of its Goodness.
Jackson, Mich. March 21, 1851.
Doct. S. TO USE Y Sir: You wished me
to let you know what effect your preparation
of Medicine for Consumption and other dis
eases had in my family. After the first ten
days my wife gained in weight 3 lbs, relieved
her cough, changed her countenance, and all
appearances were better. My family would
not be willing to do without it. It is a med
icine much needed in Jackson there is many
cases simular to my wife's. The Rev Mr.
Blanchard will write you for a recipe. Res
pectfully yours. 0. F. POOL.
Address, post paid, (enclosing $1.) Dr. S.
TOUSEY, 106 Nassau street, New York.
The work goes by mail under seal.
October 7, l851-6m
Country Produce.
Butter, eggs, &c. taken in exchange for
anv ffoods in my line of business.
A fresh siiddIv of the above atricle, just
received, and for sale at this Office, by j
Stroudsburg, June 17, 152. j
Pictorial Life and Adventures
Chief of the Gunpowder Treason.,
Author of "Pictorial Life- and Adven
tures of Jack Sheppard," "The Tower of
Loudon," "Life of Dick Turpin," "Old
St. Pauls," itc. &c, complete in one large
octavo volume of 212 pages. Price fifty
cents. Embellished with lwenty-lour
full page, spirited illustrations. Designed
and engraved in the finest style of Art,by
George Cruikshauk, Esq., of London.
The edition of this work contains every
word of the complete English edition, un
abridged, and all the illustrations entire,
of the same size and fac similio with the
London Illustrated Edition, published
in Loudon, in three large, octavo volumes
and which sells in Europe at Five dollars
a copy. It is the only complete and un
abridged edition of the Life and Adven
tures of Guy Fawkes ever published in the
United States. It has been got up by
the publisher at an inynensc cost The
engravings alone cost several hundred
dollars. It is one of the most interesting
and absorbing works ever written, and it
lays bare in bold relief one of the worst
conspiracies ever planned and concocted
in the known world. It will be read and
re-read with satisfaction by every one,and
our advice is to all, if you want to get
the worth of j'our money, to send and get
this work. It is Ains-worth's best book,
and no one -will ever regret buying it.
Copies of the above valuable and inter
esting work will be sent to any one on re
ceipt of remittances, addressed to the pub
lisher. Published and for sale by.
No. 28 Chesnut st., Philadelphia,
To whom all orders must be addressed.
Editors of Newspapers throughout the
country, copying the above two or more
times, including this notice and sending a
copy of their paper marked to the Pub
lisher, shall have two copies of the above
work sent to them by return of mail.
May 27, 1S52.
jhibicin (Queen fjotel,
Elizabeth st., Stuoudsburg, Pa.
The undersigned respectfully in
forms his friends and the public gener
ally, that he has taken the above Hotel,
known to the travelling community as'Shive
ly's Old Stand," and recently kept by Geo.
The house is large, with ever convenience
for travellers and boarders.
The yards and stabling are extensive, and
every thing in the very best order for the ac
comodation of travellers and others.
The proprietor will use every effort to have
his table, chambers, bar. and every depart
ment of his house conducted in such a man
ner as to secure the approbation of his custo
mers. The Stage office for the Easton, M. Chunk,
Wilkes- Barre, White Haven and Providence
stages will hereafter be at the above Hotel.
Persons wishing to go or send with the a
bove stages, will please leave their orders
at the Indian Queen Hotel.
These lines leave this Hotel every Mon-
day, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7
April 4, 1850. Proprietor.
Philadelphia Type Foundry,
No. 8, Pear street, Near the Exchange,
THE Subscriber having made great im
provements in his method of casting type and
mixing of metals, and had a thorough revision
of his matrices, the faces of which are not ex
celled, in beauty and regularly of cut, by any
in the country; flatters himself that by a strict
personal attention lo business, and employing
none but the most skilful workmen, he is en
abled to offer
A Superior Article, at greatly reduced Prices
He is constantly adding to his stock all that
is new from the best workmen of this and oth
er countries, and having lately procured from
Europe, a great variety of NEW FACES
and ORNAMENTS, solicits the attention of
Printers thereto.
Specimens will be sent to those wishing to
Presses, Chases, Cases, Ink, Stands, Gal
leys, Brass Rule, and every other article nee
ded to furnish a complete Printing Office,
supplied at the shortest notice.
Of the newest style and of all sizes, carefully
put up in fonts of correct proportion.
January 0, 85. y.
Stroudsburg and ITIaucIi ChEtiik
Mail Line of Stages.
This line leaves J. J. Postens' Hotel, (In
dian Queen,) in Stroudsburg, every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock a. m.
via Fennersville, Shafers P. 0. Kresgeville,
Weissport, and Lehighton to Mauch Chunk,
where it arrives at 4 o'clock p. si., and con
nects with lines from Poltsville, Berwick and
other nlnces. Returning, leave C. Connor's
hotel, in Mauch Chunk, every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. ana ar
rive in Stroudsburg at 4 P. M.
This line connects with the Wilkesbarre
and White Haven stages at Shafers P. 0.
Monroe county, and with the New York,
Easton, Milford and Honesdale stages at
From Stroudsburg lo Mauch Chunk $2 00
" " White Haven 2 00
" " Wilkesbarre 2 50
Fobruary 6. 85. Proprietors.
Zcad and Iron Pipe.
A general supply of Lead and Iron Pipe of
all sizes, on hand at all limes, and for sale
Easton, July 17, 1851. ly.
Neatly executed at this Office.
For bal at 4hs Office.
Raising Illood
And Consumption , pain in the side and
nightsiccats, Asthma, Whooping Congh,
palpitation of the heart, Liver complaint,
Bronchitis, and all diseases of the
throat, lungs and liver cured by Sher
man's AU-HcalingEalsam.
Mr. Mine, Euider, in ErooMyn, was
attached with raising Wood, foowed by
a cough, pain in the side, and all the u
suaZ symptoms of consumption. lie em
poyed two of the best physicians; they
did him no good, and tod him he couM
not live.
Hearing of the wonderful cures per
formed by Sherman's Balsam, he sent at
10 o'clock at night to Mrs. Hayes, 136
Fulton street, and got a bottle; it operated
like a charm, stopped the bleeding and
cough ! Before he had taken one bottle
he was able to be about his work. It had
saved his life. His daughter, residing at
127 Myrtle Avenue, can attest it.
Miss Ann Maston, of Williamsburg,
living in Tenth, near South Fourth st.,
says That she had been troubled with a
hacking cough, and pain in the chest, for
a long time, which at last become so bad
that she was obliged to give up her school
for more than a year, bhe then com
menced taking the All-Healing Balsam
which soon alleviated her symptoms.
She is now fast recovering, and has re
sumed her laborious occupation as a teach
er. 14 years Mr. John O'Neil, 10th ave
nue and 21st street, suffered with a cough,
raising of phlegm, and pain in his side,
ne could get no relief til he tried the
All-Healing Balsam, which drove the pain
from his side, allayed the cough, and
brought the disease upon the surface; and
before he had laA-en three bottles, was
entirely cured.
Mrs. Baggas, a lady apwards of 70, re
siding 88 Sheriff street, has for j-carsbeen
subject to attacks of Pleurisy, liaising
of Blood, severe Cough, Shortness of
Breath, Fain in her Head and various
parts of her body. Her friends believed
past recovery. The All-Healing Balsam
relieved her at once of all her alarming
symptoms, and now she is able to attend
to her work.
Mrs. Lucretia "Wells, 95 Christie St.;
L. S. Beals, 19 Delancy street ; -W. H.
Youngs, 75 "Walnut st.; know the value of
this great remedy.
Ask for Sherman's All-Healing Bal
sam, and see that his written signature is
on-each bottle.
Price 25 cents and SI per bcttle.
Dr. Sherman's "Worm and Cough Lozen
ges for sale at this office.
May 8, 1351.
Sastosi & Sliiibrd Mail Mzie,
Passengers in this ine will cave Jo
seph Hagcnbuch's Inn, sign of the
" Black Horse," Easton, every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, passing through
the foowing paces, viz: Richmond,
Centrevie, Viiamsburg, Dis' Ferry,
Delaware Water G ap, Dutotsburg,Strouds
burg, Bushhill, and Dingman's Ferr-, and
arrive in Miftbrd the same day: Distance
60 mies. llcturning, eave Samuel Dim
mice's Hotel, Milford, every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, and arrive in
Easton the same day.
Fare from Easton to Stroudsburg, SI 2a
" MiZford, 2 87
N. B. All baggage at the risk of the
Stroudsburg, May 8 1851.
A Litclary Paper for the People.
A Monthly Record of New Publications and
Literary Advertiser,
At 25 Cents per Annum in Advance.
. WILSON, Publisher, 49 Ann St., JV. Y.
The Second Volume of this Journal com
menced in August, l85l. Back numbers
can be supplied to a limited extent,
Each number consists of from twelve lo
sixteen large quarto pages, printed on new
type and excellent paper; forming in a year
a volume of from lo0 to 200 pages.
Its contents are: A list of all works pub
lished in the U. States in each month; Liter
ary Intelligence ; Reviews of New Books,
&c &c, occupying about one half the sheet4
the remaining half is devoted to selections
from the best literature of the day, and to a
very interesting miscellany.
It is the object of the publisher to render
the 'Book Trade' agreeable to the taste of
the general reader, while it conveys intelli- j
gence of what is going forward in the world
of Literature; a species of information, which
it is presumed, is worth more than the sub-,
scription to every intelligent person.
All communications by mail, must pre-paid
A great variety of Toys on hand and
for sale cheap at the variety store
Stroudsburg, G, May 1852.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between the undersigned
in the Foundry business has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. All persons
indebted to said firm are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
or demands will please present them to Chas.
S. Palmer, who is duly authorized to settle
the same .
Stroudsburg, December 23, 1851.
The subscriber, thankful for past favors,
respectfully announces to the public that he
has been at considerable expense in procur
ing additional machinery, and is now pre
pared to execute orders of all descriptions,
and will continue the business at the old
stand. The mechanical operations will re
main under the superintendence of John G.
Tolmie, who will be aided by experienced
Januaiy I, 185.
c. r. andrt:
At ILow Prices.
STROUD & ANDRE having taken that
hirge and commodious Brick Store House,
formerly occupied by Dr. Stokes, call the
attention of their friends and the public in
general to their large stock of
Coffee, tea, sugars, molasses, mackerel,
smoked and pickled meat, coarse and fine
salt, rice, etc.
CEDAR WARE Tubs, Churns, Pails,
wooden Bowls, half bushel measures, &c.
Locks, screws, butt hinges, grain and grass
scythes, straw knives, door latches, bolts
knives and forks, hoes, rakes, forks, shovels,
spades, planes, plane bits, cast steel saws,
chisels, hatchets; augers, trying and beve,
squares and coffee mills.
CROCK E R Y A splenofid assortment of
Teas, plates, &c. New style Jenny Lind, in
sets of 46 pieces. FANCY CHINA Mar
ble, neatest and latest style extant.
BOOTS AND SHOES. Mens' boots and
shoes, boys' do. cheap. Ladies' silk lasting
gaiters, kid slippers, patent Jenny Linds.slip
pers, misses' slippers, and childrens' shoes.
DRY GOO 13 8,
of every style and color. Black, blue and
brown cloths. Fancy cassimeres; black doe
skin do. summer wear of all kinds. Fancy
prints, alpacas, linen, linen lustres, French
and domestic ginghams, barege, barege de
laine, black and fancy lawns, paper muslin,
common and Russia diaper, tweeds, new
style of poplins for Ladies' dresses, silks, la
ces, ribbons, sattin vestings, cambrics, bleach
ed and unbleached muslins, and a full assort
ment of trimmings.
Parasols ami Umbrellas,
Together with a complete assortment o(
goods generally, all of which they offer at ve
ry low rates.
Grain, Lumber and all kinds of Country
produce taken in exchange, and cash never
The lale Law having made the ready pay
system obligatory upon all, we therefore have
adopted it, and intend to sell for small profits
and make quick returns; which will be a sav
ing of 20 per ct. to the buyer. Call and ex
amine beloro purchasing elsewhere. We
know we can offer goods at such prices as
will induce you to buy, for
Our Goods are cheaper and as good
As any sold since Noah's ilood,
To buy of us it will be your gain,
And we'll take our pay in Cask or Grain.
Call and see no charge for showing Goods.
Soldiers' ILas&d Warrants.
By a recent Act of Congress it is enacted,
That each of the surviving, or the widow or
minor children of deceased commissioned and
noncommissioned officers, musicians, or pri
vates, whether of regulars, volunteers, rang
ers or militia, who performed military ser
vices in any regiment, company or detach
ment in the service of the United Slates, in
the war with Great Britian, declared by the
United Slates on the eighteenth day of June,
1812, or in any of the Indian wars since 1790,
and each of the commissioned officers who
was engaged in the military service of the
United Stales in the late war with Mexico,
and shall be entitled to lands as follows :
Those who engaged to serve twelve
months or during the war, and actnally.
served nine months, shall receive one hun
dred and sixty acres: and those who engaged
to serve six months and actually served four
months, shall receive eighty acres; and
those who engaged to serve for any or an
indefinite period, and actually served one
month, shall receive forty acres. Provided,
that wherever any officer or soldier was
honorably discharged in consequence of dis
ability in the service, he shall receive the a-
mount to which he would have been entitled
if he had served the full period for which he
puqengaged to serve.
Under the above act, and the acts of Con
gress generally, the subscriber offers his ser
vices as agent to procure Land Warrants for
those entitled to receive them, as above spe
cified. He may be found at his office in
Stroudsburg. S. C. BURNETT.
October 27, 1850.
3 mmfMm. . '
The testimony in its favor is over
whelming. The proprietors are daily in
receipt of letters and certifiicatcs, going
to prove its remarkable eihciency to all
cases of worms, both in children and a
du'ts. The relief given, and the immedi
ate improvement of health which follows
its use, has called the attention of physi
cians to this article, and they freely re
commend & prescribe it in their practice.
The retail price is 25 cents per vial which
brings it within the means of all.
Brooklyn, L.I. January 1G, 1847.
I do certify that I gave one bottle of
B. A.Fahncstock's Alrmifugc to my child,
and in seAen hours it passed 23 large
worms. Any person doubting this may
apply for further information at my resi
dence corner of York and Jackson st's.
james McCaffrey.
Boughlccepsie, N. Y. March 2, 1844.
I certify, that I took two vials of B. A.
Fahnestock's Virmifuge, which I found
to be the greatest cure for worms I have
ever used. I have been troubled with
tape worms for a number of years, and I
have never found so good a medicino as
B. A. Fanestoek's Virmifuge. I there
fore recommend it.
The public is cautioned against coun
terfeits and spurious articles, and to pu?
no confidence in statements that Kolni
stock's,' and 'S. Fahnestock's Virmifuge,
are the same or as good as the only gen
uine article, which is B- A. FahnestocJc's
For sale in Stroudsburg, bj T. hihvh,
ry Goods & Grocery Store,
(at burke's old stand,)
In North Hamilton St., Easton-ncarly op
posite the White Horse Tavern.
nrraoMAs t. & depue s. miller
-aL would respectfully announce to then
old friends in Monroe county and the pub
lic generally, that they have taken the
above establishment, and offer for sale a
large and well selected stock of Hard
ware, Dry Goods and Groceries, compris-
ing tiie ioiiowmg
50 doz Him Locks, with white, brown
and brass Knobs.
2000 gross Screws, assorted.
200 doz Butts, assorted.
50 " Pulleys, Blakes & Westville's
60 doz Till Locks.
500 planes assorted; the celebrated M.
Copcland's make of Planes are amongst
this assortment.
20 doz Saws, Spear & Jackson's, and
also the celebrated London spring Saw,
manufactured by H. Disston. Also, Dis
ston's Mill Saws for sawing white pine;
circular and cross-cut do.; Broadaxes,
hand and cooper axes; hatchets; compas
ses; Steel & trying squares; Stock Howls
and cooper cross. Also, a lot of Macke
rel & Rickardson's celebrated window
fastenings; Flush Bolts, shutter Bolts ;
plastering and mason's trowels; hammer
ed pans; brass and iron Kettles; shovels
and forks, &c, with a great variety of
hardware, too numerous to mention.
The assortment will compare with with
any in this place in quantity, style and
Cloths. French blue black, blue, brown,
cadet style, mixed, Beaver, Tweed, Cro
ton; Satinets; a full assortment of Cas
simeres. A large assortment Ladies'
Dress Goods; black silk, black silk warp
lustre, bareges, delaine, lawns plain and
fancy linen, gingham, calicoes, &c. Bed
ticking, bleached and brown muslin; lin
en plaid; coatings; checks; flannel; hoes ;
buttons; thread and silk. A full assort
ment of
10 hhds Molasses.
20 bbls N. O. and Trinidad Molasses.
5 hhds Sugar.
30 bbls do. white and brown.
15 " sperm, whale and lard Oil.
25 boxes soap.
20 do. candles.
3000 lbs Bacon.
25 bbls mess pork.
25 do Flour.
10 chests Imperial and Youns;
rr m r-rtnT'i
i-t irsnn I one i-fr -"lt:.
Bice, starch, chocolate, Indi
f?o. Madder, allum. &c.
Dried apples, peaches, white beans, &c.
100 sacks of Salt.
50 kegs white Lead; window glass and
100 kegs nails.
100 bbls, and half and qr. bbls Mack
All persons visiting Easton, will find
it greatly to their advantage to call ana
make their purchases of Miller & Broth
er's larcre and well selected stock of
Goods. Sold wholesale and retail, at
Jiurke s old stand, by
Easton, April 24, 1851.
SETS chisels Butcher's, Beat
ty's and Allen's, with a lot of F.
II. "Withcrby's extra new style to throw
chips. The undersigned takes pleasure
in calling the attention of Mechanics to
these chisels, which save time and labor
For sale by
Easton, April 24, 1851.
Horse Owner's Secret,
Ileing a new and certain remedy for the speedy
Care oiMIeaves,
By Sir James Lyndonton,
Principal Farrier to his Royal Highness
Prince Albert.
THE great discovery contained in this lit
tie work procured Sir James his liaron
etcy. It is really worth its weight in gold to
allwhoownor useJIorses. Itprecnbesa Ler
tainand positive cure furl hclleaves which any
person can prepare. The remedy is belter
and cheaper than any advertised Heave Pow
der, and is perfectly safe, as any one can
know who tries it. Horse owners know that
many a valuable Horse loses half its price
by this prevalent disease. The remedy pre
scribed in this work will cure him and in
crease his market value, besides relieving
the poor beast of a horrible complaint, simi
lar to the Asthma in a man. The public can
depend on this work; it is no catchpenny
humbug. The articles prescribed by Sir
James are all cheap and can be had at any
store. To prevent imposition the work will
be sent in sealed envelopes. English price
four shillings and three pence sterling.
American price, $1 per copy. Persons or
dering Sir James' Work, are expected to con
fine his instructions to their own animals.
It will be sent to none others.
An American Horse Doctor approoves of
the above System! Read what he says:
Api'Leton, Ohio, July 21, 1851
Mr Dunuekton, I have tried yourSecret
for the cure of Heaves, and approve oi it
very much. Yours, truly,
Witness, G. Long. S. Lake, Horse Dr.
To procure this valuable little work. Ad
dress, post paid,
English Horse Doctor,
American Agent for James Lyndenton's
Horse Owner's Secret,
New York Post Office.
The Secret is septby mailat letter postage.
October 23, 1851-8m
OAPS. fine scented Soaps for wash-inn-
and shaving also the cicebrated
o -
shaving cream, for sa'e by
200,000 BRKIC,
Just burnt and for sale by the subscriber.
These brick are of a large size and of a su
perior quality, and will be sold as low and
lower, according to quality, than any other
brick in the County. A portion of them are
pressed or front, and cornice Brick of differ
ent kinds. Said Brick are composed of ma
terial that will stand the fire with impunity,
thus answering for the purpose of building
bake-ovens, &c, all of which will be retailed
at the following rate3:
Pressed or front brick at Si 50 per hundred
Best common hard brick DO do do
Best salmon ao 5 do do
Best soft do 50 do do
Filling-in-brick 25 do do
N. B All kinds of grain, at the highest
market price, taken in exchange for Brick,
and Cash not refused.
Stroudsburg, November 30, 1852.
Has removed his office to his dwelling
house, first door below the office of the
"Monroe Democrat," and directly oppo
site S. J. Hollinshead's hotel, Elizabeth
Stroudsburg, Dec. 19, 1850.
Mutual Fire Insurance Comp'y.
The rate of Insurance is one dollar on
the thousand doars insured, after
which payment no subsequent tax wi
be evied, except to cover actuaZ loss or
damage by fire, that may fall upon mem
bers of the company.
The nett profits arising from interest
or otherwise, mil be ascertained ycary,
for which each member in proportion to
his, her, or their deposit, mil have a
credit in the company. Each insurer in
or with the said company mil be a mem
ber thereof during the term of his or her
poicy. The principe of Mutua Insur
ance has been thoroughy tested has
been tried by the unerring test of experi
ence, and has proved successful and be
come very popuar. It affords the great
est security against loss or damage by
fire, on the most advantageous and rea
sonable terms.
Applications for Insurance to be made
in person, or by letters addressed to
Jacob Goetz Michael H. Dreher
John Edingcr Jacob Frederick
James II. "Walton George B. Keller
Edward Poston Peter Shaw
Robert Boys John Miller
Richard S. Staples Jacob Shoemaker.
Balsar retherman.
JACOB GOETZ, President.
JAMES H. WALTON, Treasurer.
Stroudsburg, Janury 31, 1850.
ripHE Election returns being now all in;
JL the people are beginning to tuin their
attention to oilier mailers, and to supply one
of their most important wants, we have just
received and offer for sale at our store in
Stroudsburg. a very large assortment oi
Including Overcoats, common and fine at al
prices, from $5 to S15; fine dress and frccK
coats, business coats, &c.;a large assortment
of pantaloons, cloth, cassimerea, sattinett,
corduroy, and of all varieties; a good assort
ment of vests, of a great variety of patterns;
cotton shirts and woollen under-shirts and
drawers, &c, neckcloths, djfC.
TAILORING A large assortment of ex
cellent broad cloth and other stuffs, on hand,
which will be made up accoiding to order, at
short notice, and in the best style.
DRY GOODS. Also an excellent assoit
ment of dry goods of various patterns, and
domestic goods. Woolen Lawn Shawls.
Calicoes, Merinoes, &c. Stockings an
stocking yarn. Trunks, valises, carpet bags,
1EFAU kinds of produce and lumber taken
in exchange for goods, and goods or cash
paid for all kinds of furs, sheep skins, ana
calf skins. HI RSCHK1 ND & ADLER.
Stroudsburg, Oct. 23, 1851.
Attorney at Law,
Office on Elizabeth street, formerly oc
cupied by "Wm. Davis, Esq.
May 8, 1851.
Hover's Ink Iriaimlaclory,
No. 144 Race Street,
(Between Fourth and Fifth, opposite Crown St.)
WHERE the Proprietor is enabled, by
irnnfl facilities, to sunolv the
llllbuJv- I 1 i J
omnnd for HOVER'S INK. which
its wide spread reputation has created.
v.c ink is now so well established in the
lljfo .-
good opinion and confidence of the American
Public, that it is scarcely necessary io
nn,MiincT in its favor, and the manufactUiO
takes this opportunity to say that the contir
.i i I
lence thus secured snau not De aousuu.
In addition to the various kinds of Writing
Tl. I. n nlnn minnfqntlirjii! .1 tf n ill n 1 f 11 P L t
ment for mending Glass and China, as well
as a superior tlair if ye; a trial oniy ij
sary to insure its iuture use, ana u
Wax, well adapted for Druggists and Botlers
t a very low price, in large or ""' ii"
ties. nrp
Orders addressed to JOStfi'll Jii. u",JJ"
No. 144 Race Street
Between 4th & 5th, opposite Crown bt.
For t,ale at this Office

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