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Jeffersonian Republican. (Stroudsburg, Pa.) 1840-1853, July 01, 1852, Image 2

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1 Heatli of Henry Clay, p The somiom is ma aieia. ffwiiis victory i ariv Orleans. &cu. bcotiN streuStii. i A New Stage Route
v We stop the press to announce the dc- j 0 nonce at amon the speakers at Xhe . . Jiigyiave carried the Urescent as some or tne small try or the Loco-1 The facilities for travel between Eaaton
oMAf'M1iu.rr5v ,f pa... llie w!li8 tifioi MeeliBg at Pitts- city -by the unprecedented" majority of(foco. party have been very earnest inland the neighboring towns and cities will
ca& 01 agciaa j a , uie reai coin- - mj., i ,i x"i M . ii.-r ir 7 i. ;.i ii..L!snfn U nB nnmlt0 na fUon r '..m
it- ., ,1 r. , f.,, tt , ,i .i..x " uurir.on :uonaayevetlin20riasiweeK,iiiur .unncuu uuuuuu vomsj xue xee must iuu euuus to juv-uitatu iuua cuubj- u u vumxuvw uu .UUi.c ui iiDy ot
f mouer, the menu or the Union and devot- fc' j h , i., ilnpnllftr in tlm TT-,:0fi cUoo nr 7
P ' ? 1 il xl ril.- l. ! 'nl,vn lin vnanU. Q44- a lin i-nol-no rinnrl i,1 n VOLa"ty 1" tUG United CJtateS. Vf L..
cd servant of his country. . lie died at," vo . .v. . ... R . . . . . R already between fiftnnn nnd t.wpnfv
J I 1 i 1 T 1 il. . 1 vi A ' I 1 i r T IV -r-r-r 1 -rjmjin - ffl il. . ' I.- I ,1 flnlrt r. s nunf a . ... v a 11IIM AT
HUULU-gf Tvbir.li lnorro liofo fn- oil -.i -
t o wv- - pa rig ot
j5 il ?il II 1 il ,1 2" A 'Pitt "llT.-,-,--, TrTnmnn
W.,lnn,rtnn nl,nnf. 1 0 nVWk ni, TliPsdav111 tIlc var "I"! iUSXlCO Uliuer uiuuuiuiauuu j.Auu n m .m,
last, Timedocsnotnenuitustocivcex-r.01 ucn- anu two
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nerctoiore oeen i;eiuocni
-A rainyf that Whigs could select, we
Jclfcvaontau cpubiican.in'cssiou 10 "f which sfinstwith tint
Tlim xiay, July 1, 152.
For President,
For Vice-President,
For Judge of Supreme Court,
For Canal Commissioner,
E. Brown, James Tollock.
Samuel A. Purviance.
ui tviiuiu huvi; ""jj auoiiiivu ui an. luiunoi; jiuunviai cvwi- n um tuu i . j-. v t; n i a uju. uv- ui, country, and on the first of Juj
ts, and acted fluent, and a thin vote, characterized yes-the most influential organs ot the Dem-9will have llail-Road communication with
worn finite fArrlnvc nlp.ntlOTl tor lllP.lllhftrs OI the nnn-1rnprnrv in flio Mnrtli tllP fnllnmnfr G.afi.leW-XOrK. UU that day, tOO. a now V,n
A ' I I.
g spon aneously in every Amenean heart 2 li,ao i'ai,,-' r - y - 1 , , . , ------ Q toberjuton therod h J
g 4l J . 1,1 Charles avlor and llobert Porter, and ' vent on. As the contest was for honorSmatc of the veteran General's popular! - , DePut?n ttie road between
on the announcement ot this melancholy. VJ,,auLi5 -iIJlul M j a 1 r SEaston and PortxTervis passing thronrri,
Ibut not unlocked for event. The man! - Crawford. Capt. Naylor said that, and responsibility, and not for profit, andstrength. The Post says: Illichmond, Centreville, StroudsW and
e who lived for his country and for her a-s,1110 e uo IO"OWLU uuu ""hihiui; ui iub liuusajueuuv uu uiuubj naopv-uu,! n icgmuunu usuiuumuauicauiagu-jiuuioru. xms win De one or the most
iionn ;B oi.rrnri t lie f..fi.n,.a o,. l ' "American Army abroad, would follow himTnor extraordinary inducements olfered tolnist- Jlio glory which invests his name j desirable additions that could be made to
lonc, gatheied to Ins fathers, and f .vithf bring up the unterrified, the attendance! a. m ero will go far to mitigatejour already numerous lines. The coun?
g mourning nation stands around his bicr.-x" uo,,,l"i J" , , . . tl . , . gtlie hostility which his political associa-?try over which it will pass, is as nict.ir
I One very paire of his nation's history fori himontbe ficld would llot turn thoirat the polls comprised pretty much thetions arc calculatcd to awaken? and hisfesque and magnificent as any in the U
I the last forty years his name is recorded f,backs to his shludard 5 1)Ut wouI(I rally Iptable and staid citizens of New Orleans.Scomparative separation from the strife andnion. Passengers will have an oDnortnn
5? arouuu ine same eagie in uie coming eaiu-ai.a ;i in;iiiui ui uouisu, uuuui uiuau wi-whm,i mw. tJj u.maa puii- iuiait,y or uenoiamg xiiu grana display of na
il . t . .... -I i w. -i ii.. i i -xxr iibenn distracted, will win for lnm thn fnll9o. na nJ;Mtn in fl, T1. -itt ,
VI TUn ci (a i r.v. o paiccn. uant. x orter expresseu ine mgu-iicuinsiaucut, me uiiiy nas rauu .viiiu u,ii-v - , . . aiuic ao C4uiUi-u m uUC iwanani aier
g I he first to repel aggression from a-S I o l . ., p . .. g ' ,N . .land cordial support of all its various fac-ltt nnd nil tlm snWl id 5,nf ti.
t r r uvm'. u fi;Litiiv h nw i ;i v i i;iiiiu:i a lw . . m l j m. j - wuu
ty yei
Bin characters of undvincr liirht.
KJl CJv 1 n . Til l-
The first to rnnl ncrrrrossion from a-5 l)aiSn- apt. x orter cxpresseu me m
Liroad. the first to soothe and allay arita-Se3t slslIl('t10" at nomination.
Vi.: i :... i 1 1 i, k,! ii,x Crawford said he was a private soldieradected. There is only ono out of the
i.iiru itnii t.xi.i 11111111. hi. nniiit-:. in. iiiuu uxi ar - ml i
, - -
zealous guardian of his
He lived the eloquent
. ii r i.i.rv-i
iinsuruuous ine iaiiuiui
ponstitiitioml rights of all Kanu "au nfc 'ie present nonnnatioii beengwhig Senatorial ticket goes in by an o
tlOUS. E v.all rv nf f.Ti fif. river, nn tn wliprr. f no cfn.
"Vc are aware that threats against the0f Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New
country s honor. " U1U uut ioiuuuiftin-ui.j-iuui nuu uu iuc gmwuiBminui munwiiu in vuiiuua 4U111 iuii,g 0rK, intersect each other. To persons
advocate of all hers a) luS a woru 011 mis occasion, rie uaa grout, uut tne present aspect or tne returns aiu"iUti" 4 . "" tJ1LL"1 uinjiuiuiBUi,5gomg est, tnis win De a most uesirable
i$ i i . t i i .mi Hi i .-r. . i i mi .Ifwliieh a nortion of the Winy nartv hasamnfn Jn,n-,r i, T-t- T.:
. n . , m niivnvj mnn n f mt nnrnr nnii wns nnn km : iinro v histitips siimi n pnnpininn i mv x or j -v n- iim ibuuu xuiv uti ua. nn
watchman or thes J J - -
sustained in the
uuuuiuuiub in tuu
,1. .! . ..Bl- .
deteat ot their lavonteithe Erie Ifailroad, an hour or more, before
Lonvennon ; uut it isithe eveninsc tram passes there, and the
1. William F. Hughes,
2 J,iini-f Traqutur,
3. J Jin W- Stokes,
4 loli'i P. Venec,
5. Sjiencer Me.Uvaine,
C. Jumes W. Fuller,
7 J.imes Penrose,
S. J iii Shadier,
U, J.icob Marshall,
llf. Ch;irics P. Waller,
ill. D.ivis Alton,
hi. M. C. Mcrcur,
13. Nor Middlcswartli.
14. James H. Campbell,
15. James 1). I'axton.
16. James K. Davidson.
17. Dr. John MeCuilock,
IS. Ralph Drake,
19. Sohn Linton,
20. Archibald Robrrlson,
21. Thomas J. Illgliain,
22. Lewis L. Lord
23. Chiislian Mcveis,
24. Dortnan Phelps,
J rv" iTii nln 1 rv iiah lit li o t t i t, -y.- n r linii uf tw rl linllrl I.V t -v t Ln luinrv f I 4-Irt K ntWACnutnf iTn IL 11.11 1 1 r
I The great Pacificator has departed,but!4 1IIUUi;' uu wulvt iU" o"uu u'lll"i"u u"uuCi 8 U,A" WA luu Flce,'ullMuittie to iook upon those threats as omens orgnext morning be several hundred miles
irhis last clance fell upon a united country? for Fiorce- But Iie couid nofc forSet thcgdelegates, the Whigs have chosen allgof permanent dissension or weakness farther on their journey. To individuals
fwhose bnds of love he had given the lastbravc and commander he followed(eleven) in the First district, all ( Win h taJe a Pleasat
efforts of his noble mind io nrevent froml50 lonS: and he should use all his influ-ithc Second, and four out of the five in thcsuPP he Wiig Candidate, commencrngjaunt this line holds out strong induce
ettorta ot his noDle mind to pieent tioma o gAVith the administration journals at Wash-gments; They may leave that city, after
ibeing dissevered. The voice of unitedence for thc cloctlon 01 Gen- scott' E lhird' llus 18 al)0ut as clean a swecP of Kington; the President has already avowcdlbusiness hours, one afternoon, come to
aimed love t At tllc meeting in New xorK, jJieut.gJ-'00iouuil3lu Ilb u "cmiu 10 huiku. n egms satistaction with the nomination, iur.jajsaston by the Central R. Road and re-
nnd iiiiinn
were rinjrinjr in his cars
- " - -"V ITT . t i Iji
jjKev. N. Ji. wood requests us to 53 yc arc
. . : i?
any, iuao in luhoi;iuv.ih,u v 1" jpj aCKSOIl ga'i
the! Brown York Volunteers) said, holljavc
hears of united millions will fall upon hislsPke of Gen. Scott as one who had fol-They
no wish to exterminate our enmies.-l Webster doubtless thinks, and perhapsjmain here over night. The next day
r fi"ht so well that it is a pleasure toma3' sav of ifc as of General Taylor's, thatfalong the Delaware and enjoy its fim
fine air
lowed him on the field of battle, and helmcet and overthrow them. If we had no ifc was fn.ot ffc to b made' b.ufc h,e wlllJand t1 cenerJ aud get ba to
luuLu niiij uu uu. uliu ui uhluc, ituu ucp non(J tjJC esg achvc n(JW tlian he wasNew-York thc same night by the Erie R.
told that his physician, Dv. looked upon him as the chief who was togfocs to conquer we might take to quarrel-gtlieDj in pl.omotiug tic succcs 0f
vc it as his opinion that tholcad tnem t0 a greater victory. It' was ling among ourselves. Franklin Pieacej didate. Without the press, or a
is now languishing for the want of means
to carry it on. The Hoard of Managers
beg leave
Tragedy at Dunkirk.
the can-3Road. These are only a few of the ad-
iny puu-3 vantages to be derived from this new en-
are the pro
nouncement of their
f the best
-. , , b ailU Jltl3 IJUUll lUUlRUUU 1U1 Ulnars UUUtUll' i ,i . , r- 1 l ,! , B. . .
ey liad been bap-
V fi'nrl in LIa.tiI onrl ni'Avrninn ivniilrl lioitn!
fr - ' - fiE2nMi llistnnt. in nominatfl a eandldnf.n tnr A Vo ir?im rmr Tlomnwnfif frinnrla thnrn. 7?nm il.n V.iJJi r.,7- ,i. 007 1,7
! died to serve him. One of his first acts 7. 7 7 , .. ' 1 A 17 r ' T i . 7: 7 "77 w ' J " ' 7"
(iovernor, in opposition to the re-election '"re, how iuai mey win nave to euiucnu j ra-ne last annual report ot the (Jen-
tne unaiviaea rorces or tne vnigtral llailroad Uompany, ot jNew derseyr
i l. ...111 I. UU l U,..I - . .... . l.l l a IT. ..illT ..K. .1 l.V.li;:hnino t in .lm-ocn ill iVniv I v flnnu mirlm.-s nnr! T1IS111 rn Rnnnmn.nnPP rilPlI" rPHI .ffnrni-icn 11 nferc I'nfnr;' onH
en ja2CcmeiiL, iiu wui uuuuiu tu n"" labors of lienrv (Jlav in heh-ilr or ilie LUl- iiu iu &ii v tuut i iuuuiu ouuiis'jj"" uni G , - h,ij;iwv,. i'"'") luu uuu
ili.rolebrationtobeheldatFennersvillefn i.fwas unnomilar in the armv. A manUdccidedly melancholy auspices. gsancy, the malcontents wil speedily makeand Ostrander and Postens,
7 7 ;T 7 gvU.upuulua,ui)uauJUUuu1,uUls, , 4, , 7 .... , 9 - K terms with the party, and before the elec-sprietors, and the an
on tne oi oid my. r life ten years. Who would not wish so to v.oum nave ueen rorn ro pieces ir sucn a p0LITICA1 MoyEMENT IX MAISE.Ation day arrives it will be as difficult tonames is sufficient to satisfy the
ra, ,T , K have lived, who would not be willing sol s"glua Ium ocen uuerea among me ianf . a - nn ,,. . fni. , ,1)115, nnm,mi f imd any Whig who was not a "Scott manUliatthe arrangements w 1 be o
F Hie Reverend Clorsy. a- ' i?Ti i n i .1 ii i t 1 t t eall lias been published 101 amass conven-f ,. , ,0,, , ,g, . , T. . Tm-
. - n.lin TZ,tnu Tin,,' He told his men that they had been bap-I? . 7 . I Irom thestart," as to find a do"- withoutjkind. Boston Was.
-3 Quite a tragedy has been enacted in after conquering the Mexican cities, was n ' , . oOT;5t
.1 it - ,o,t .1 i tullKirN as we learn irom the iutiaio pa-, to establish public schools. Ihe demo-ra ' party, they can hope for nothing trom itsgives a very favorable exhibit to the
pers. On the evenm'r of the 14th ult. cratic part ot the armv declared, when! .c . J ... .dissensions. We warn them also thatgtraffie operations o
.j i j :n rn w a s.f . r r..: 1 ...i. u ..
: i :j j ...:n rn
""""""'"J U1 UU1 irt"f some two thousand of the inhabitants rose" Frniiklin Plm-r-r, wns iioii.inMfnd t.hnt tl,Pv
on Sunday, they shall each and all take i .. , , ,1 i e tt & 111 i- . i i ii i 75 cause he signed the liquor law
-' en masse, and attacked the house of lien-; would lo:tvp. Ins banner and an to that, of! 1
- --tn
frnffin nnnr.itinns nf tlip. rn.irl fnr tlir war
of his former friends, who oppose him be- " they have an antagonist who is not des-f endin" April 1. 1852. The comnanv has
pised. We deem it our duty not to dis-ibeen in existence five years. The capital
guise our impressions upon this point. 30f the company is $1,200 000 divided into
u unu U11 '"'en masse, and attacked the house of Hen- would leave his banner and rro
i n rJ ' Art! AiP Z 4lv r.lltl f C Ti" T T K
ur -uiUU3 iu wt. -M xVi M T.,e for(jman Qf the N(JW York & Er;e . Wiufickl 3cotfc Lct hilu be borQC intQ
J J ,1 !. I - 1.
fe c ' 7 7 railroad machine shop, and having captur-r the Presidential-chair over the waves ofextensive business in Concord, (Mass.) .idea, that a candidate who has 20,000 re-to 2,000,000. Of this, 8954,000 has
The Democratic State Convention "ed hiui lynched him, and burnt his houseman overwhelming majority. A correspondent of the Post says a doc-cruiti"S rgeants in thc field, and an ar-Jbeen re-assigned or forfeited to the com
. . -li. .i tt. ... .i. to the rrrom.d. Tilns had endfiavorfid t.v3 ...... .,... i ... n i. my of 100,000 persons scattered over thefpany. Interest at the rate of seven per
win rc-assemuie at iiarnsuuri ou nu;.-- o -a , ,, esror mirouuceu it mio mat town, tuiouu TT:f,i ciff- ,,.1, i,,.- k to r i -u -j i
t i a . r .i extort monev from a man named Isuael General Scolt. U ,. . r , . -r, 4 c c , mted State w ho arc or have been un-cent. per annum has been paid on the
2oth of August for the purpose of nomi-exiorc money irom .i man namcu rsa.u .. , $a medium he found in Boston. Several der his command, and who is surmortedSstnlr in cnl-tl, wnnlo nf tl,A Mr;n
- C 1. T. 1- IV '.1 1I lvy Di .Nz-nr i nn o trio ln trvl . I
natiivr a candidate for Jud.-e of thc Su-3.mitu, uy cnargmg mm witu a cnminara - " - g
of patronage
mament ot the country, can be rcad-miles, and the purchase of engines and
sreome. even bv the Democratic Dar-stanr. Tim hnln
ithout any of these material advan-bonds,&c.notcovered by earnings, amount,
at present, to S' 1,114 0. 1 he capital
and liabilities of the company amount to
i . . f, .i i oiienco ana on the tale oatli or riles 'aiunu s uueuuuuiu ui tue iiuuiiut uiu suiuiui;, , . tit i i nna
preme Court to fill the vacancy occasioned aim ou iul i.iul oaiu oi xutb s o c by the delusion. One mad believes he is lions
T ii j .i e t j n u t i 'wife Smith was arretted tried and ac- which was recently communicated to thea . i i , ,, x, r-rcal ar
by the death of Judae Coulter. Judfre5"ut-j OUJlul JUUlLUi aim ac j gsoou to be endowed with the power of .'
. . w1.,:,! cm:ii. 4i -j. i, i i. gf or i for nf f hat nnnftr hv a soldier who ser- EJ ... . . ... srllVOVi
Woodward is likely to be thc nominee. - '"iF 7 , 77 t J performining miracles, such as healing! .
! B that he committed siiieide on tl.fi 1 3th ved in the Honda war: g. ., , t. x, , .l.l. '
a W i i t i Stllu fcluil- UJ LUU iouuj lvu., ituu uuu ituujr taCS. '
Sdr James Cavanaugh, of Ramstown,ult..Srst sUooting hhnself nnd then cut. The troops had made a weary march g professor) says he shall soon bcS
S-haylkill county, who destroyed, in at;nrli3 throaf T:le3 wife thereunonf.ough the day, and selected a place for rn,. Our
It is said the sjririt-rappcrs are doing an jAVc beg no one to delude himself with theshares of 850 each with liberty to increase
a medium he found in Boston. Several der his command, and who is supportedfstock, in stock the whole of the earning
people have had their minu uisoruered t by an Aamimstration having nrty mil-got the 47 miles in operation being applied
invested in the politi-Uo the construction of the remaining 28
wo.-t shocking and brutal manner, his child, confessed he
njd about five years, on the 10th of Feb
ruury last, by burning him to cinders o-xiies ;5 ja cu5tody, and serious dis-Sa tomporary shelter for the Commander-
ver a larjsie stove, intensely heated, andgturiarepS nr nrmrr.lifindr.fi t;in-chief. who had not vet reach-id the
and at thc same time stabbed his wife
t.io or three times, was tried at-thc Schuyl
kill county Court last week, and acquitted,
on the ground of insanitv. The prisoner
was ordered to the State Lunatic Asylum,
political opponents arc sadly casts2,273,394 30. The company will
Sconfessed her penury. On the facts ret-tlieir bivouac during the night. A partyg , , , ... . nn down. The nomination of Pierce wasf have an equipment of nine first class
Sting wind, the inhabitants rose as above.gas detailed to clear the ground and erect g; iv".i. A,7rt.rthrr ra damPer to thelu 5 but tlic nomination ofigincs, three old do., 20 passenger and bag-
. 7. . . . 11.,, . t gatei. leVMl n. JULIO llSCl . Ey- r, . fl u.il. ;n J.H.r fi.,n r.nrC nnrl 15fl frnirrLf. onrs Tliic it
" " " 5U 1 rv nliirT' nAriPAn rlir rl AiAvnri Atr -vf .'if cntMrArl Tfill fM o fnnn CliTnninnf
SSKLhe Japanese tea is highly praisedf . . . , , i, , ., g. J , i nf tnf? Th n T(4.
Shortly after the work had corn-gout their mode of drinking rt rs peculrar.Whig3 to tateup a stronger man. Theyccipts for the year, ending on the 3 1st of
d, he arrived, and ridding up to theThe leaves are reduced to a very fine 'hold the success of the Whierpartv very nearMarch last, were S153.853 anainst SSI -
who sail out of Liverpol, now-a days, as-gworjtj,1 party , inquired what they wercJpowder, which is put into a box. The?, to their hearts, and are now well nighol5 of expeneses, giving 73,327 ofnett
Remedy for Cholera.
Ue was informed bv the lcader.feonns nf tha enmnanv. whfin thfi bfi.vfirarrfil.lieart-broken because the Whigs have notfearnings. The line of this road is by
j. .i i-i p. : , , 11 ..ii. 7 f nominated their strongest candidate ! ,
?crrf tL if f!i or nfiTfi t r innrn tVm A ciiti S3 ,
Kis to be served, are fillet! with hot water. & . ... 7. 5
:ness of the stomach. They have a reme-H Wcli cease work, and return to your iThe box is then offerrcd to the nuests Tr. JZZJ Z ;k
E( v win Ii thfiv nrnnnniipn inrnlilr nnrl ni3 x .1 IS , . 1 . 1 -n f . . .
ii ; J " -gcompany. x can participate in tne pri-swuo taice out as much as win lie on tne r stick. '-"c uazette
)Jj The Ciucinnatti .S?m says that onWaccessible as to relieve all apprehcnsionsPvatjons 0f
my men. I will not have appoint of a pretty large knife,stir it up tilli
Governor of Utah.
ii.. i iii. ..n :r.. j r T:i. k! . c ., 1 1, n in 1 i .
tuu uiu, aiiiuiuiiatcu ciuu ui xiiu-goi xaiar remits. n e snail probably teiiweary soldiur pePform a moment's un-Sit foams,and drink it hot
men wrc uoami me jau in me mue urongmany or our readers nothing new when wefnccessarj labor for my convenience
ui raimuum, iui bJ uiui 1 tu ivujjaie me prenpuou. common salt, one ;t am a Democrat,' said our informant.
El t t i.i mi t m . 1 1 1. t 1 IS '
I nverJ ana mwaerea tuc jauor. ne iven-tabie-spoontui; red pepper, one tea-.poon-fibut 1 wanfc to vote for Geueral gcotfc for
tuciauns in tue neignuoruoou assembiea,giui : in a hair-pint ot hot water. TIiegpL;,i,,.f )
with guns, and dispersed the mob by fir-MNew lork Times has heard innumerable
ing into it, killing and wounding seven oflinstances of its use, and not one of its fail-
Ithose enaaned. It appears an Iri?hmanure. Sun.
ferry from New York to ElizabethporLon
mourning about?Staten Island Sound, twelve miles, where
as long as a yard-athe requisite grounds for depots, shops,
coal-yards, &c, have been procured, at
KT The ibove description of the de-Ircasonable rates. From this point the
nressed condition of the Trenton Looofo-5road passes, with a few deviatiuns from a
I cos applies just as well to thc LocofocosstraiSJlt line, through the thriving towns
fin this quarter. Ever since Pierce hasfof Elizabethtown, Westfield, Plainfield,
Ejhad been incarcerated for some offence
B .hence the mob. Great excitement, it is!
f said, prevailed among the Kentuckians,
Kl(aad the Irish inhabitants were compelled
kto evacuate the town .
Fatal Accident.
We learn from Allcntown that an Om-
jjnilus running from that place to Wormansj
JSprings, fiUed with passengers was by thedence for the wife
Important Deeiioii.
Among the decisions by the Supreme
Court of Pcnns3'lvania, sitting at Harris
burg, is the following reported in the Tel
On the damp sod of the everglade, un
der the open sky, the gallant old chief
slept with his faithful soldiers, and their
warm hearted gratitude is the rich reward
feof his kind consideration.
I BrMiam Youne, the Governor of Utah,been saddled upon them, they have becnBound brook, Somerville Clinton, xNew
i, , f rA " , i iA g-in favor of the Whigs nominating citherSUampton, Asbury and Bloomsbury to
has about fifty wrves and among them1?illniore m. Wcbgtc ftnd philiaburg opposite Easton, at the junc-
gtwo sisters. Herbcr 0. Kemble and AV ll-nnar to be vcrv much mortified becauseltion of the Lehigh river with the Delaware.
ft near to be vcrv
liam Richards also have harems of wo- their " disinterested" advice has been set'jThe length of the road is 63 miles, mak-
men from ten to thirty. In fact, all thc&at naught. Truly, their condition is de-ng the distance from New York to Eas
leading men in the Mormon Church havcf P 5 i lped. Theyltoii To miles. Here the charter terminates;
- f . . fpi Binust grin and bear it. Gen. Scott isbut that of thc Delware, Lehigh, Schuyl
lrom two to ten. lucre are several m-s-i -f , . xl r -r. tt bi.;u onri
m uouuu lu uu uie next x rebiuentor ine o-E""1 JlA-vl"w""" ""v"v"iJl"J
gstances where men have married widowsnited States: and a party Pierced and JuV? "-the brid
Called. a who have daughters, and now have thc I; ridden as they are has not the power toand the
rfirn o nil J?m ri lirr nnrl rlmnrlifnrc linfli ns Trivoc 1 prevent it. Sussex Rcsistcr. gdirect li
iWUl u.liua-v...v. ...... 0... v.i j. x
Another Xational Convention
A circular dated at Washing
signed by Samuel Lewis, Chairman, fjJIeber C. Kemble has a mother and a
rrinrr nf thfi Dfilawam at this Tioinf.
o-"o x '
construction of a railroad in a
no up the Lehigh Vally, 40 miles,
f to Parryville, where a connection will be
fli flin lnoTTrtr TSTonrlnw 7?iilrnnfl
r, ii tt, i n t W J 7 'r4 M Ti n .1,1.. KinaQC witn tne weaver meauow xvanroau
Gramble vs. Gamble Black, C. J. lb as been issued, calling " a National Con-gdaughter: A. M. Turpin has a mother and It currently reported that when a), 7 , leau:nrr to the Lehirrh coal
The declaration of an insnlvpnr. lnml,.inrlli : fni...(.. t7 S a .i n to i?n m.S'. committee of Democrats at Washington!,. , rP. i- 77r t.ai.:i, 1
lt.uuuu UA jyii;"ULv;s ui LUU i'iUU JLliUJUi;- uiu"utui. J. xj. xiuiwu uao ik mumitia 1 r cit 1 . 1 1 1 guoius. xiic v
cannot, under any circumstances, be evi-gracy, at the city of Pittsburg, on Wed-land a daughter; also John Taylor. IngJ0 "ddrcss the l
dencefor the wife as to the ownership ofJnncrioT- i,n nti, rim. n? A.i..cf Wfn n fi.n i,r.orl mnn lmTrn mum m- ln :..x f n. n:--. i.7.. .lSyear, and conr
ibackmg of the horses, precipitated down! xn,n , t . . .. c . . '. , . ., 11 luauu 11 u A LiI"tl' u,u HiThe distance to these mines is 128 miles
ka deep gully, while ascending a Steep hill,- marr:fifl woma. sl,n I11Sf siinw w ovi.L.. -mA t- aV- ti-.-j.x5i.... ,.. x r.l?askwi to sneak in sunnort of surd, a nianl
fields. The directors of thc Lehigh road
e it under contract within a
completed within 18 months.
ncc to these mines is 128 miles.
-The extension of the Lehigh road
u, uvcu kuiiv, iui u.iiiii; u iiui,s i. -x ,.i ..: . .. .. . . 5. . ... ar-i. . . , r--i. r.,..-i p -,.i. -
P.. . -n pi t i3 -inu vwmaxi, auu uiuftL snuu uj uvi-gthc oihce ot 1'resident and V ice-rresident but one wire, than to see one wrth lrom""" w ai- ua
bnstantly killing Dewellyn Schantt and Jdonce doC nQt admifc a reasonabloof gtate m of tQ ten Yefc thcir eacher oycr thcas Prerce-a man whom he had scarcely VQl2QJxu(lion of the Catawissa Rail-
nenryHeft .. Alad, son of xMr.Remsmithdoubtj cithc &lQ ifc afc tbeb . . , theleountrv. deny it in the most positive terms.fe S from this point to Catawissa, 42
Sstad both ot hrs legs broken one brokenSx:, AftL ..:,i : v &x . . . . ' 7.7S.-. 7.,. . ... , iluaiw Ul "4" KUm;u. thn luiildinrr of the rema nder of
'I , nr. c , , . J"""' u aaiiia, ui aupntu n aLui-vvjnemonvDie Convention ot August, l4b,J.'o look at Mormonism as it is, one would? tained a set principles every ouc of whichVi f e " A .n . W,.ii--T
m two places. Oliver Snyder s son hadS,--.-.,- t n TrS ... . . 7 ' 'si.... .... n..J cx.fi.x J i . f the road, from Catawissa to llliamsport
his W broken. Eli Steekd. Ewi:.Sl:ir" "lm rC'1UeStCU t0.M1",..'Ue,!8 lo-tla. tuat tacro Was systemm tll?gmos -S5 milcs ilm, tho building of the Sunbury
I. . . . ' c?asLuc uuouaiiu uuuiu uicuitj litit; lu personal linnHoTi with tliis fi.all. it, is Kt.ntr.rl th;.f.w dn word that, has liee.n
ifand several others, were more or less in
gotten up andj J i BUUUluia nd Erie Railroad,
urkee, representative froms propagated by the devil, it is thatofthop. rVw ' "fErie, 240 miles
lluhe - Sams Mr- tSciproperty in the wife by merely saying it1Ion. Mr. Durkee, representative fromf
ana several oriier.s. Averc more or less in-ac- i ... t?i... n i r.- . - - as- - - .
ib uers, no creuuor woum ue saie lor a Wisconsin, is determined to oppose the e- people called Latter Day Saints.
u, i6xiv.x wmu-u iui uu-ajjeinocratic members ot Uonrrrcss, it is SI n ., . , Z ., T. . TT , B States this year, it is estimated will exceedSiino iiin in n rlimpf. rmirsp.
flirt nvnwo nr tiirt ivmrfovn nf iini. . ua u v v. -
The Ball in Motion. From all di
rections we have reports of ratification
salutes and meetings, the Whig nomina
tions finding enthusiastic reception every
where, from Maine to Louisiana. We
jneed not give the story of these manifes
tations in detail. Suffice it to say that
they are so numerous as to excite confi
deuce in thc wisdom of the Convention's
choice and hope for a triumphant result
of the campaign.
'could be offered. The relation of husband r
the whole of which en
terprises will give an additional length of
road of 347 milcs, and a line will then ex-
i ,1 TnmY.i.l- rt Tili-in nn T.nl-O Tilrifi.
fsaid, will do the same; and amongst these jf .f f ,
To Tl- Tmrvcrvn nf HLirr ,,rl TTn C &"llX WG ll!lV
"tjr that of 1851 about 15 per cent. In Ohioi
. x i T.i.i. il . iri.i ft". . i
and wife is so intimate, and the identity? rP Tnvrxwvn of Ohio -d TTnn s 1UIX' we navc IJlvclP001 uaiehl le A"ig alone. clip will be about 14,000,0001 Present to an Editor. The editor
!of thcir interests so absolute that even thel-o n. cI- a..- ni.:7?; nst tll0USh nothing of much importanceA'of pounds. Australlia has heretofore beenfof the New York "Journal of Commerce
oath of either is not and ought not to befHS -Cotton rcm 1?
taken in favor of the other. And much
hnore the naked declaration should be re-
,ur shipments have been made annually tofmosquitoes in a glass receiver or jar ,mark
ad$! Great Britain. This year the receipts ofed 'Preserved mosquitoes from Florida.'
rm..- -o. ennnimfins of the mosnuitocs
I A Ueorgia negro was i riding a mule a- ho wa8 takeu in CUBtody and I ly to be much smaller than usual, in con-which, according to a statement in the
-Jetting wilii a irfulc.
: breadstuff's had declined slightly since our
fe previous news. Feargus O Connor had
The Providence Mirror says that!
v 4T. v uvn 11 itiuiii ywu cu vrju'ss-. v--.iv jtj f .
?SOme three VCarS sinfifi. a nnor f:lfitnrv?f nnrl witli thnt. ct.vnr.lr lin mulfinvrn- tnn n.iraSs10r tUU PIubl-l'ULlU11
! i ! ....... . .1. i." ....i i.:- i j . n.i.. jriiccdcd. A
i sequence of tho excitement caused by the? Journal of Commerce, thrust their bills
production ot gold dust, anil the scarcity? through an old Doner, in wnicn an unnap-
laborers m agricultural pursuits. Thisipy Yankee had tahen retugo to avoia tno
Gen. Scott ia New Jersey
Vilrt i.illiiniiiT nn-lAnnrmnn: mrnfiiiiffifia nf thfi fivfircladCS
., ,. . ... ,,, ,!! 11 l i l J , 1 1 1 IICUUUU. x hoy liuu ui Dicnuiaui ua uu-K4""J i iu v luvuiiiuiu muuuuw (i-cuui""''' ... . B
gin, worKuig in one or the villages on thcSpvmcu uauu mm uou ms ubuu uuumy. p. T. ,inA fttllf . sftn Ti,n nrinna nf wnni , tLia nnnnfrir I Thfi storv rroes that the Yankee, on
K ilf , l 1 -1 . o) 1il Lit J 11 JLJi f WJ WUUl UUU -.X 14. V- 1J. -tV -hi UUVUI. WM v 1 -VWU VA U UUl ill bl-ltu UVUUUl T BP - i q
-b . v a. - l v-v - it n I- t . T r ' r ll l r-a Tlll -m rl a h m " f . w n
JJlackstone river, m Rhode Island, was Ul UUJ" artl4u7r u7JIbe established. $
One hundred guns were fired on Mon-given a sealed letter by a maiden aunt,!
day cvemng at Newark, under the dircc-gfo a solemn injunction
tion Ol .ue ivmg uuai vuuiunt.cu, unti she was 18 ears oW.
C4i .c -nnoivnrl An nrvnnrrnmnnf Cnrf then 15. On the 2od of last
a ratification meeting of the most enthu-Sing her birthday, she opened thc letterJa(i
iocf.n l-Jnrl will finnn hft mndfi. Tn Trnri-?o'nr? fntmil tflirnnf.inns fnr Iior fn -.lifoin
KliJUV -xtiiv - -w a J.-V4. ivuu v- vtvw-iw ivi vw vrvtuiii
" .1 T
ton great enthusiasm was manmested. J-nfortuue of 8000, willed to her by the
Elizabethtown tue resic enceoi vxeu. ooolj-. h fc . d- d Qn TL d
!w,4 4-Virt nnnnln WfiVA Tlllfiri With """'J
U 1U.1111 mat , r , ; it. t ., li.S..-
thusiasra. The church bells were rung,jaJ3t) lue ioiluh &u wuuuw n uvgluri
id there was a general burst of rejoicing, f amount in cash. , the
n . A nnnt.ltrA.l 4-rt r4- 4 1 . C C3 4-11 1 1 Vl ft tl T,,,lrt rk
U1JU UU UUUblltCU W tl UUO OlllWUUlll 1UU1U If
finding how matters stood in the morning
DSflt appears from the official abstractlweut to work and clenched all the bills
. n . -i -r . . -- . "i. it . T ;i 1. xT ...!laaa
i Fl
nror ttifi hrwlrrp T won njif. niiarr.fir mu'-l -r. , i -, .. i . i . t. .1 .5i -
nnr tn nnnn if T , . 7 V V m 7i -n vt8 " siiouiu ue meutioiieu to ins creurt that ot the returns ot tho uanlis ot uaine,insiue mo uouur, wueu uiu ubi uusw.
uuu tu upuu it i,0w saia jack. 'Uut how will you get-!..., i;,. -f 4l,'?S.J il. Ti i AT.. 4l.n4 -nlmlnf iol-inr lin 1nrm mco Tif n t no nnilfir. and
the girl was your money." said a man who had been tmanlrn(,sa nnfi tilfi frawRS to vindinafnf nnmhnr nf TJnnks an with an ftffireiratef flew off at a thunderinrr rate in the direc-
month, be-gclose by, unperceived. lo-morrow, saidf.., crftTT frftm ti, ..ST)0PS:on nf i.:s p-,.!--,,:,,! nf S.T ()o:i nnn Tl, amount of! tion of tho Okeefenokeo SAramp. Noth-
'massa gib me a dollar to get cornclnie nd tQ conf(JSS that afchougll he bills in circulation at the above date wasting is now wanted to substantiate the
giui uu mujc, ,.uu taiv.0 u g formeriy entertained strong prejudices a-S S-3,254,882 : deposits, 1,463,383 speoiestory but the boiler, and that last nn - iu
g gaiit ins aibiinguiaiieu uommanuer, yet in the banking nouses, su-., xuuusme cnaiu 01 eviuuuuu mi xJ4UUW,"J
tkzsj xuuieis.i lauv living m jl.ii i tiiut, uaviiigouuu uuu iviiu vYuiiiiu, uu ion, tnu r uuiuuiib ui rusuui uua -1,1 v, mou ouu-jiui miiuuuug.
hiiro-. Bivfv-niiifi.xrnnrs.nf ncrp. who has hiiMifiSt admiration of his filmrfifitfir nnrl V .1nn11.1l divirlnmls nf 15 Banks. 5 lier cent:!
ee new teeth rowinf' Jn her mouth at? was not ashamed to express it publicly I 17 do. 4 or 4, and the rest 3 or 3 perl gr Curiosit---a colt, raised from tho
present lime. . s T1 , .- P and privately. i?ct. Times.
(iGiitj average a fraction over 4 per cent.i" night mnrc."
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