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THURSDAY, JULY" 27th, 1876.
Local Ne -vsr s
Pleasant weather for the hist three days.
Mr. A. S. Clil-imnau, of Bolton, is in
Concert by the Blind Family at the thea
tre to-night.
A regular “land soaking” rain fell here
Saturday evening.
A, C. McNair amt W. II. Hartley have
formed a co-partnership in the law business.
Wanted, a powerful magnifying glass to
discover the scattered parts of Col. Denson.
Rev. H. F. John-on. Miss Sallie John
son and Miss Julia Wallace have returned
front the Centennial.
Rev. J. Wood bridge left for the Centen
nial last week. lie will he absent about
one montit.
By special request, Rev. J. J. Clarke wilt
preach at the Presbyterian Church next
Circuit Court convened Monday evening.
Up to this time but few eases have been
disposed of. We will mention the cases
fried in next issue.
II. II. Thompson. Hsq., ns will he seen in
to-day’s paper, anuouneasi that there will be
a re-organir.ition of the Democratic-Con
servative Club here next Saturday night.
The thieves were on the war-path again
last week and several depredations were
i ... 1. n 1. ,!
with buckshot, near your lictul, ami give j
the thieves a warm welcome.
Rvery one we m *■'*. i-lou 1 in praise of j
u. ; ma^terlv speceh made here by Major j
Barksdale Monday night. This people j
will never be satisfied till the M »jor comes
down and stir*. them up again.
While attending the re:1 sin re camp
meeting our Methovlist minister,Rev. J. T.
Heard,was robbed of fifty dollars in money
and an excursion ticket? Any one that
would rob a preacher is past redemption.
Col. Denson is one of the most accommo
dating gentlemen we ever knew. When ii
whs known that n<> Radical speaker would
be here Monday night to join Maj. Barks
dale in a joint discussion, the Colonel came
forward and ollered up himself a willing:
sacrifice— a martyr lor the cause of Repub
licanism. But the Colonel says he dou\
know that he will make any more Repub
lican speeches. Of course not—a man can
only be a martyr once.
Our ft h'tid Mr. 8. Kohlman, of the bouse
of A. Pfeifer, has, we are pleased to an
nounce, leased the fine brick store formerly
• •ecupied by Messn*. J. W. Martin, Jr., A
Co., where lie will, on or nb »ut September
1st, celebrate this glorious Centennial with :
a grand opening of a new and select stock
of goods to suit all tastes and purses. Mr.
ICohlman is deservedly popular, and we
predict ft r him a huge trade. He is a
lirst-class gentleman, thoroughly conscien
tious, with large expm iorce, thorough-”*!- j
ing and energetic, and naught stands, be
tween him and success We shall take,
occasion to refer to him again.
1 iv white men and ton negroes hold a ;
meeting here last Saturday fur the purpose j
« f appointing delegates t<» tin* Cnijgrep-ion- j
;»l dominating (.'onvmiiion, to bo held in j
this place next Monday. Owing to iTb
small number present they decided to ad- j
j .urn to next .Saturday. Some one sug- j
■i-nted that a notice be pul.dished in The j
calling the clans together, hut j
several said “no.” Tin: Ledger was too |
ftot — too Democratic—too much opposed1
to tln-m. T! ev concluded to request
the negro preachers to announce that the
witellers would meet next Saturday. Pro
rhiim it aloud that the buys will meet next
Saturday. Attend the show; admission
Major J. V. Sessions,
It affords us very great pleasure to say
that M;ij r J. V. Sessions publicly states he
v. ill support Tilden and Hendrieks this
till, i'hisnews will be received by his
many friends with applause. While the
Major will vote for the Democratic nomi
nees. he says he will take no active part in
politics. Two years ago Major Sessions
ran for the Senate on the Republican tick
el, was warmly supported by many Dem
ocrats. and was elected. While in the
Senate he refused to be driven by tbe par
tv, and voted for measures that lie„believed
to be for the best interest of his people
That rendered him unpopular with the
wreckers, and since that time they have
attached hut little claim to.him. In com
mon with the numerous friends of Major
.Sessions, we welcome him back to the
1 kwocralic party.
(,'rop Prospects.
The condition of the crops in this
count v may be summed up as follows:
The prospect is not as good ns it was
las: year. The corn is at least one-fourth
short, anil the early coin was damaged
considerably by drouth.
Colton is two or three weeks later than
at the same season of last year.
Peas and potatoes arc very promising
just now, and if r.odisaster happens there
will be a fair crop.
A Query.
Can any of your readers tell me where
the headquarters of the Good Templars
are? We want to get up such a society at
Wesson. II. W. H.mrv.
Wesson, Miss., July 26, 1876.
We would advise our friend to confer
with Rev. J. K. Parish, Hazlehurst, who
is, we believe, State Lecturer for the United
priends of Temperance._
Printing Office for Sale.
A well-established newspaper (Demo
cratic) with a. bona-fide and permanent cir
culation of over twelve hundred, in a
thriving and enterprising town, in Missis
sip.pi, is offered for sale. The only reason
for selling is that the proprietor desires to
change his occupation. Paper doing a
good and paying business, with first-rate
prospects ahead. Pull information may
be bad by addressing Ibis office.
The above papier is not the Brookhaven
Ledger. ^ J'dy 20-4t.
The justly celebrated “Mineral Water
preparation of the Virginia ‘ Seven
Springs,” has already become widely and
popularly known throughout the South as
a medicine of more than ordinary merit
and efficacy. Call at the drug store of P.
M. Martin A Co., or Daughtry & Smylie
Brookhaven, Miss., and get a bottle, as it
is highly recommended.
If you want to buy machinery of any
kinclj such as engines, mills or cotton
presses, don’t fail to send your orders
to II. Dudley Coleman <fcBro., Netv Or
. ms. They keep a large stock. M23-3m
Work for the Campapaign.
Pursuant to a call of the Chairman, the
Democratic-Conservative Executive Com
mittee met in Brookhaven July 24th, 1870.
The Chairman explained the object of the
On motion a Finance Committee of ten,
two from each Supervisor'll district, was
appointed. The following are the names
of said committee:
Brat No. 1—A. J. Martin, A. C. Mc
Bent No. 2—M. J. Ferguson, J. W.
Beat No. 8—O. W, Huffman, B. J. Bea
Beat No. 4—S. J. Hodges, Allen Smith.
Beat No. 5—S. P. McRee, J. E. Byrd.
On motion J. M. Grafton was elected
Treasurer of the Finance Committee.
The following appointments were made
to organize clubs in the di lib rent Super
visor’s districts.
Beat No. 1—R II. Thompson, T. J.
Gill, \V. M. Crawford.
Beat No. 2—M. J. Ferguson, Win. B.
Beat No. 3—Daniel Hail.
Beat No. -1—J. E. Carruth, K. P. Clark.
Beat No. f>—R. R. Applewhite, John
The following resolution was passed:
Resolved, Thai the different clubs be
urgently requested to report to the (Jhair
m-noftlie County Executive Committee
the date and strength of their organiza
tions; and also from time to time their in
crease in numerical strength.
Oo motion the Committee adjourned to
meet at the call of the Chairman.
H. P. Atkins, Chairman.
J. M. Grafton, Secretary.
Why should a very tall man become i
gica ? He is a “Longfellow.”
Lnlies arc like sailors when they “round |
a cape.”
The cabbage is considered excellent brain .
food; because, most probably, it :s nearly
a 1 i “hea l.”
Wmov sad folks ought to go—Maryland, i
“Ibke” Too: Le!n;:*:r nn i The Lrooek ■
will tnkeyou—on the car of triumphant j
Rem »craey next fill.
Do iliey take “spirit photographs” by j
“'pint” lamp-light, or by a drunkard's
“burning” face?
A home ?«>r babies—“Lapland.”
Persons are like melons when they “can’t
.Said Ellie to Julia, Jo. fixed lip her hair
in a manner so horrid that crows it would
“As I sec* such a glossy and corpulent ‘rat’
['ray pardon me, ilea rest, for calling the !
Directly Miss Julia stid: “Just as you will’ j
But 1 am endeavoring to keep very still: j
So R>ver, our hunter, may come where wc j
And cat up vour beautiful, just purchased, i
‘hare.’ ”
T!i y .vJi > have a “damning ’influence—
I> mb I) iv “M iniy” shim. Your wife
will mike the .1 f >r you in a “moody ’ wav.
Her “mood” vAH be “indniiRve” of a
tendomestic science.
Utawdonta ( lull.
The Mac,-tome, i Mmocr.ltic-Cons *rvative 1
Club in -t on the 221 inst., r> >rg.i iiz d and I
adopt d the following lesoliMion*::
Rs-'R d, Tliid thi« Clnh rat it i .*s rml en
dorses t •:;ie! i > . o! :i.- NAiion-ai D-en-i'i iu •
.irvei;ti*»*i at St. Louis; and it : member
di d .e iheir united and undivided iff »ris
to secure the election of the nominees ol
-add >: 1 v.• 111i• ■:; in No winter n. \f.
Ji s .-v. d, That this Club ratifi 1 ami <*n
dor.- ibv Vi->n of our C«‘u:.:r • - • »:ial i*A
tre*i Convention ad Magnolia, in the nomi
nal i jm of ;’ 1 - Ron. Charles E. I! »ok:*r for
Lt in * L H
uta A ;ti eir.l Logic hitnre, which ho nor
title with s i much honor to himself and
<1\ .’.i1 to the stale.
R -.'iv- 1, That the platform of priuei
pl Rid down by our State Convention
nu J that adopted by the National Demo
cratic * inveirtion, meets our hearty approv
al; ai d standing by the principles they
enunciate. \v»* invite, all our fellow citizens,
without regard to race, color, or past party
all'll in. :• * ' . to unite with us ill our (dibi ts to
secure tlndr triumph in the coming election
Adjourned to meet the 1st Saturday in
New Advertisements.
AVe cal! the attention of the public to
an advertisement of the M. C. F. Institute
which appears in another column. This
is a must excellent female school, situated
at Jackson, Tenn., and we would ask pa
rents to give its advantages due considera
tion before sending their daughters else
Those inquiring for a fir-t-elass male
school we refer to Roanoke College, .Salem,
A'a. It is well known throughout the
South and merits a liberal patronage. See
card in to-day’s paper.
AVe take pleasure in calling the attention
of our readers to the advertisement of
Central Female Institute which may be
-eon in another column. This old and de
serving Institution will begin its Twentv
(ourth Collegiate Year, September 26th,
under the most favorable auspices, and we
are acquainted with no other like institu
tion of learning that we would sooner rec
The Mississippi College, at Clinton,Miss.,
,is still in a prosperous condition and offers
every advantage for the cheap and thor
ough education of young men. Read its
advertisement in to-day’s paper and enra
i pare its inducements with those of other
An attractive advertisement of the fa
mous I’ratt Cotton Gin appears in another
column to which we call public attention.
This Gin is widely known throughout the
South, and with its recent improvements
it claims to be unequalled. Maj. R. AA'.
Millsaps is local agent.
Nollee, Democrats and Conservatives ’
Having been appointed by the County
Democratic Executive Committee to or
ganize clubs in the First Beat, I he'ehy re
quest all members, and those who may
wish to become members, of the Brook
haven Democratic-Conservative Club, to
meet at the Court-house next Saturday
night for the purpose of re-organizing.
Come out, everybody who is for Til den
Hendricks, and Reform.
Respectfully, R. H. Thompson.
The members of the Democratic-Conserv
ative Committee of the Fifth Congression
al District, who were appointed by the
recent Convention at Magnolia, aro re
quested to meet at Brookhaven on Satur
day, the 12-h day of August, for the pur
pose of permanent organization.
D. AV. HunsT,
Temporary Chairman.
Wlmt un Kniliimiiislic Hourilcr
Think* of Tlieiu.
I'enpias, EiilliitriK frosiuel ;>nJ
t'iiie Mocictr anil u PiciiKUit. Sn
villng Kotreat.
Brown's Vfi.i i s, Miss., July £4, ’70,
i'Jiloi* Itrookk&ve* hedger:—
For two weeks I have been rusticating
at this health giving au.l most delightful
resort, Brown’s Wells, Copiah county,
Miss. The. waters are as good as any in
the world; not even excepting the famous
springs of Virginia or those of Saratoga.
These Wells are situated in a beautiful
oak grove about two hundred yards from
the cottages, i’he plctaant littie walk
gives all a r-didi for a cool drink from ei
ther iron or sulphur water.
There are at present about thirty persons
here. Among the number 1 call
to mind G. Vincentau 1 lady, Xew Orleans;
Mrs. [sadore Berksoa ami three children,
Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Spencer, Miss Go.sic
Frink, Crystal Springs: L. G':on and lady,
Louisiana; Mr*. Dr. Purnell, Miss Lizzie
Purnell, Mrs. S. T. Rogers and two chil
dren, Mrs. J. A. Horne, B. F. Wilson, lady
and two children, llazlehurst; A. W . Little
and lady, Jackson; M. Smith, Terry; W.
M. Smith and lady, Brandon, II A Earns
and son, Wesson; Mrs. R. II. Henry and
son. Brookbaven, and several new arrivals,
whose names 1 have not learned.
AH are much ple.is-d with the present
prospects of getting healthy. The gentle
man, more especially, are rest in ; b >th mind
and body, ga ting ready for the lull cam
paign, you underatan 1,
There is no chance f >r one to get lonely
We have amusements of various kind.
Eir.st, every morning all tho ladies ami
gent leni cn are (.ITfor the tenpin alley; then
the billiard room is always open tor tlii.e
who wish to try their luck at that most
scientific game. Croquet is very po,m
1 ir, us arc also cards.
\ t ni.*ht all adjourn to the sitting room
Then comes the foist of the day—a feast
of music. T >siy ih the mud; we have
v.Brown's W-lls is go ■ > 1, is a tame word
I can u it express myself in words strong
enough to convey to you a i idea ot what
we enjoy in toe way of m i-ic, both vocal
an 1 instrument'd, a.T-d and comic. First,
Mrs. j. A. M >rne, one of our sweetest
songsters, melts tile heart to tears with the
beautiful and touching song “Under the
I buses,” an i o’.hersequally as sweet. Then
our riiglitengaic, Mrs. G, Vincent, from
New Orleans, carries ns away in the sunny
glades of lovelv France, singing “(Jui Sola
Virgin !{ iso," with marvellous executio n
1 have 'heard many fine singeis, bn,
1 have never heard any thing equal to Mrs
V. ’s voice. It is graod; it is sublime. For
sacred music, Miss G. Frink carries off the
palm. She is also a fine vocalist. Mr.
W. M. Smith of Brandon, Mr. and Mrs.
L. Ohm, of 1, misiana also add very much
to our musical soiree.
As fer the table that Is set for the hoard
ers at Brown’s Wells, it is laden with all
the good things that cun be bought and
grown, and all that the hand of our most
efficient h istes- can prepa: it is sua.pt
uously and apprtiziugly set. 1 can tel!
vou it is not throw'u away, for we all have
fine appetites.
N Pure lvis richly end i! the place,
and Mr. '.V, B. Deaton, present manager,
has determined, to see what man can do
He in:cn Is improving it, s.> in a few year
Mississinpi will be proud to point to
Brown’s Wells as one of the fines! and best
wi'ering placet in “the world. Mr D-i
tonkuows h i v to con lust a place like 'Ins,
nr! is kindly attentive to every guest alike.
\ 11 their wants are sali-fied as far as it is
in Ids power. He has a jsve! of a wife,
motherly, amiable, who has a kind and
pleasant word for all. Of Mrs, Katie Dea
ton. the proprietor’s Wife, what shall 1 say?
Words are inadequate to express what 1.
as well as all the boarders here, think of
‘Mis:.” Ivatie. Kvery one loves her; she is
so intelligent, so fascinating and so lovely
that her bright, beautiful face cheers all
the desponding hearts. Mr. T. Deaton,
clerk of the house, is also pleasant and at
tentive to all; married ladies as well as
young ladies.
In conclusion, I will say, all who wish
._ii_i_: ™ i:r.. ..l.i.l ■...
the Wells. There are health, strength and
good spirits to he derived from drinking
this excellent water. More anon.
I. J. H.
--— -—
A Candid Physician.
It ianot often that we find amongst the
medical faculty sufficient candor to record
any merit whatever to proprietary medi
cines, as it conflicts with their intet«*t to do
so. But below we give an exception :
Boston, January 11, 1 >74.
This certifies that I have recommended
the use of Ur. Tim’s Expectorant for dis
ease of the lungs for the past two years,
and to nit knowledge many bottles have
been used by my patients with beneficial
results, in two cases where it was thought
confirmed consumption hud taken place
the Expectorant effected a cure.
It, II. Sprigdk, M. I).
---• -4 4C»»- •
Yon have iio Excuse.
Have you any excuse for suffering with
Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint? Is there
| anv reason why you should go on from
1 (1 t*v to day complaining with Sour Stom
ach, Sick Headache, Habitual Costiveness,
palpitation of the heart, heart burn, water -
brash, gnawing and burning pains at the
pit of the stomach, yellow skin, coated
tongue, and disagreeable taste in the
mouth, corning up of food after eating, low
spirits, etc.? No! It is positively your
own fault if you do. Go to F. M. Martin
Co.’s and get a bottle of “Green’s Au
gust Flower” for seventy-five cents and
vour cure is certain, but if you doubt this,
get a sample bottle for ten cents and try it.
Two doses will relieve vou. eow-tl
A Flower that Changes its Color.
Botany is a division of natura! seicuce which
treats of plants, and a study Vegetable Phislology
must be thofomidation of botanical knowledge—
a study only possible by the improvements in the
microscope and In organic chemistry. As plants
are not scattered haphazard over the earth, bo
tanical geography must be studied and, with
this plant-history. It is of Medical Botany we
would speak, or of the HEPATINE PLAN L dis
covered in Southern Nubia, the Flower of winch
changes its color with every change or tne at
mosphere. The remarkable chauges of this Plant
aud Flower have been for years oui special study,
resulting in the discovery of its possession of
wonderful medical properties, the existence auu
value of which have heretofore been entirely
unknown to medical science. After much labor
and scientific investigation, we have succeeded
in extracting its peculiar medicinal pn«cjple*»
which is a specific and cure for all diseases of the
Liver, Stomach and Bowels; a permanent cure
for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Spleen, constipation,
Jaundice, and all Bilious Complaints. V\ e can
not send a living Flower of this Plant to all who
read of llepatiue: but to all who will send
their address to Mbbkbll St cocoon, I hiladel
pbia, Pa., with a th.ee-cent stamp for return
postage, we will send Free a fac-simtle of the
Flower, that will change its color just the same
as the*real Ilepatine Flower. A .
The Medicine, MERRELL’S DEPATINTS, for
Isale by DaUGHTRY & SMYLiB.
Brookhaven, Miss. junc 8-3m.
List of Letters Uncalled For.
The following list of letters tiro now
lying in the Brooklmvcn postoffice:
Aley Adams, W Abies, Wm Amos,
Mrs E S Adams, Miss Sarah Alien.
Mollio Bailey, P Bafoot., M Bunk,
•Tno Boon, W li Brewer, H Breant, Mrs
M J Bardwell, E 11 Bowman, James
Berncn, J S Burns, David W Brown,
Stephen Blue.
E Chambers. A Carlilo, L E Coffey,
Mrs Nellie Carr, Miss Bobio Chapman,
Dymon C) Cox, Willie Carson, Perry
Cotton, Miss Lulu Cook, Miss Caroline
Oholid, Tlios. Campbell.
Mius Mattio Davis, B Del Slighter,
Win Dunn, Mrs Jno Dunn, N Dolangh
Andrew Edwards, Mary Elexnnder,
Annie Esgar, Jno Ellis, Ecly Edwards.
Miss Jennie Farmer, A B Feet.
T M Giranlt. Katie Gordon. Mnthel
da Graham, W N Guess, Lidv Gill,
Moses Goodwin, Samuel Goodwin,
Nannie Grice, W Y Guess.
Obe Harris, Harriet Harr 1st on, Tveziah
TTanors. T B Hawornett. W C Harrel,
Wm Hnrson, Bev Bobt Havers.
Tom Jones. E. Johnson, Mary Jack
son, A Jones, E. Jennings, James John
son, W T Jordan.
George King.
W. D. Larkin. A Lamp, B Lams
bright, Cam Loving.
M L Moore, Wm L Martin, Lveur
sos Matbews, .Tamos Martin, Annie
Martin, fool ) L 0 Mathews, T C Mil
j ter. E .T Magee, AAr J Melton, S Afarsey,
H Morris, Tlios Madison, Isaac Met-ch.
L:za Nctsnn. Beni Newman, Elcr No
ble, Ben Nelson.
Martin O'Poa.
Lnty Purpin.
.Tno Eharwelll. C C Billev, Ben Bob
son. J B Eeed, 1, V Tticbardson. George
Bilev. Murv Roberts. Jnlia Riohnrdsou.
' TT Robinson. W J Bobbins Cornelia
' Robertson, A' B Ridebff, D B Boston,
r»r»ivo EovnoMs, E Eobprson, Willis
i a
F M Smith, M V Rubric. Green
| Swiney, T A Smith, J A Schultz".
Samuel Sami ford, W R Smith, M E
i Smith Elldn SeibJes, X Sherwood,
| Harriet Smith. »
A TC '.turner. T E Thigpen. Mary To
; nr. Olarmad Turner, L S Turner, Geo
M A Vaughn, E Vaughn, C W Yar
Xaoev Wamright, S S Wellborn, M
T Wen.b >rne, VV T Wallace, Jno Wyler
: 0 Washington. X Walker, J Williams,
L Woodward, Jackson Wheema, W M
j Wright.
TT Young. Emily Young.
Anv one ealiing for above letters will
please say advertis^l.
H. Blackman. F. M.
Per Jo. Annams.
■ ■ —■■■ -*<9- ‘ •
SI aye*' Sirpj’ertro.
Let U3 see who will support the Re
publican nominee for President:
Grant is for Hayes; for Hayes Boss
Shepard is.
Landnuiet Williams goes for Ilayes.
All the corruptionists in Federal of
fices .and all the defrauders of the Fed
eral revenue to for Hayes.
Belknap, the bribe taker, now under
going trial, goes for Hayes.
Credit Mobiler Colfax goes for Hayes.
McKee. Avery, McGuire, Joyce, and
all ihe other whisky thieves now in
State prisons and penitentiaries, are for
Robert C. Schenck, the professor of
draw poker and disgraced minister to
Euglaud, is for Hayes.
Simon Cameron, who was east out of
Lincoln’s first cabinet in disgrace for
corruption, and publicly bianded by
resolution by a Republican House of
Representatives, now fills one of the
highest seats on the Republican side of
the Senate, and goes for Hayes.
Babco-’k, the bribe taker, now goes
for Haves.
I,. Lewexthal has iust received a large
lot of hand-made -lines which lie guaran
tees to wear well. ITe also keeps a full
line of family groceries and domestic dry
goods. Bargains for all at his store.
July ld-4t.
At her old homestead, near B-Uhel, Co
piah countv, at-2 o’clock a. m., Thursday,
day, July tith, 1 S7<’>, Mrs. Elizabeth Ram
sey, aged eightv-six years and twenty-seven
ufnuei ±~reuis iui/>r<tvcu
“Revolvng Ho:id"
ootto:m oust.
Price Reduced to $4.50 Per Saw.
This Gin n is in use for ih- past 3
reasons, and several r cent impr .vements
have been added. It obviates ail Iricte n a
the ends of the cotton box. prevents the
mil irom breaking, and gives a Larger Yield
of Lint from the same Amount ot heed than
ai y other Gin in m e. The Devolving Head
li lite rs the draft and oauses the Gin to run
fsst#r.vith less driving power, tons doing
a great deal more work within the same
tiui , while economizing steam or animal
power than any other Gin. Tile seed being
ginned very close, the length ot the staple
is increased, producing cotton on this ac
count ot a greater market value. This im
proved value, given by length of staple,
with extra production of lint, added to in
creased amount of work done, more than
covers the cost of the Gin in every 100 bales
ginned. Testimonials sent by mail on ap
JOS. It. B'OliFE & t'O .
(jton’l Agents,
59Carondelet St., N. O
E. W. MILLSAPS, Agent, Brookhaven,
Miss. July 27-6m.
Clinton, Hinds Co., Miss.
The Twenty-Fourth Collegiate Year
will begin Thursday, the 2(jtli day of Sep
tember, 1376. For Catalogues, address the
President of the Faculty, Key. Walter
Hillman, LL. D.
Possessed of the abundant facilities
which it has acquired during its long and
prosperous existence, the Central Fefnale
Institute offers, at a moderate expense, edu
cational advantages equaled by few and not
excelled by any similar Institution of
Learning. Robt. Kells, Prest. B. T.
E. W. Cabaniss, Sec’y- July 27-3m.
Clnton, Hindu Co., Miss.,
Will opon its 26th Annual Session, Sep
tember 27. 1870, and close June 26, 1877.
A full Faculty; rigid discipline; thorough
instruction and low terras.
Board in College Ilall, $10 50 per month .
Send ho Itisv. W. S. Wybb, President of
the College, for Catalogue.
W. T Katiuiy.
President Board Trustees.
Cli'Jtou, Miss., July 27-3m.
M. cVfViNS T 3 T V T E,
•Im ltsiin, 'BYiiit.,
Has a most fuvoratdo location and fur
nishes the best advantages ol female ed
Fall session begins the First Monday
in September; Spring session, the
Fourth Monday iu January. Hates low.
For speeial information apply to the I
president, A. W. JUNES. ]
July 20-2in.
| It o a n o k e Coll e j7 e , j
Next session begins Sept. 6th. Collegiate and
preparatory courses lTus urpassed location,
healthy mountain climate, moral community,
moderate expenses. From JIG * to for ten
months (including’ hoard, tuition, etc., <•*<•.) Col
lage quite prosperous. Students from i*. 1 .‘■ections
ol the country. IT from Mississippi. for < -
lognes, etc.., address Secretary of Ftfouliv, Roa
noke College, Salem, \Ta. * July ‘io-lm
Notice hi Chancery.
Kate Duly et nl. i Fending in
vs. V Lincoln Co.
J, W. Fen nett, Ad'r &c.) Chan. Court.
To all persons olr.iming to be ueirs at
law of .John Daly deceased, late ol
Lincoln county. Mtemesippi:
You are hereby notified that Kate On
ly el ftls.. claiming to be heirs at law of
John Daly, deceased, have made appli
cation to the Chancery Court of Lincoln
county for distribution of money belong
ing to the eatate of said decedent., and
von are cited to appear before '.he Cl«*rU
of said court at Rules, to be held in hi*
oflicc in Frookhaven. .Miss., on the first j
Monday in September. F<7«\ and contest i
said application if you desire to do so.
Attest: J AS. M. BITCH LEY,
jy20-5t Chancery Clerk, j
Comnlisaioner’s Sale.
j Wiley Burgess, ]
Supt. Education, j
vs. (
i -Funnel C.Buil'doe et al. I
-Midgraent tor .1. !5. Reason....tin
Judgment for Complainants.. .. 565 00 I
Ilv virtue ol authority given me by llie I
Chancery Court of Lincoln county, in
above entitled cause, I will, on
The 12th. Day of August, 187G, j
.it tlit* Cnur;-house door, in Brookhaven,
-ell at public* ouri rw, to the highest bidder
for <*a<*h, the following clo^’ribed lands, or
.) aitieh thereof as shall he necessary to
satisfy the judgment of said » ourt. to-wit:
Northwest qr and north hi of southwest
qr and west hf of southeast qr and west ! f
of multicast qr and southeast qr of north
east * r and east hf of southeast qr of sec
tion 14, township 7, range S ca«t.
j y 13-51 Commissioner.
Commissioner's Sate.
Nancy J. Rhymes et al. i Decree
vs. - for
Patrick Criily. \ 0159 50.
In accordance with a decree of the
Chancery Court of Lincoln county in above
cause, I will, on .
Tho 12th Day of August, 1876,
at the Omrt-house door, in Brookhaven.
sell at public outcry, to the highest bidder
forcaph, the following lands, to-wit: North
east qr of northeast qr section 12, town
ship 7. range 7 east, in Lincoln county, for
payment of above staled decree and a!’
jyl3-5fc Commissioner.
( omm issioner s Safe.
Jus. A. Hoskins et al. ^ Decree
ve. • - for
Jumps Swan et nl. \ §393 75.
In accordance with a decree of the
Chaneerv Court of Lincoln county, in
above stated cause, I will, oil
Tiie 12th Day of August, 1873,
at the Court-house door, in Brookhaven,
sell at public outcry, to the highest bidder
for cash, the following property, ts-wi::
Commencing at a stake twenty feet north
ward of the southeast corner of lot No. 3,
Block B, in Brookhaven, on the front line
of said It on Railroad Avenue, thence
north along said Railroad Avenue twenty
one and a half feet,thence westward at rigid
angles one hundred feet, thence southward
at right angles twenty-one and one-half
feet, thenec eastward to point of beginning
and the building situated thereon, except
the room up-stairs in the southeast corner
of said building.
jyl3-5t Commissioner.
('am m ission er's Sale.
Andrew J. Lusk et ul.i Decree
vs. > for
John D. Newell ttx al. > §429 60.
In accordance with a decree of the
< nance ry « ourt of Lincoln county m
above stated cause, I will, on
The 12th jjay of August, 1873,
at tlie Lourt-house door, in Brookhaven,
*ell at public outcry, to the highest bidder
for cash, the following lands or so much
thereof as may be necessary to pay the
above stated decree and costs of suit, to
wif: Southwest qr of northwest qr and
northeast qr of southwest qr of section 5,
township 8, range 7, situated in Lincoln
and the southwest qr of southwest qr sec
tion 22, township i>, range 7, situated in
Copiah county.
I j/13-5t Cotoraissioiiar.

Fine Dressed anti
Seasoned Flooring,
Oeiling-, Weather
boards, Shelving
and Finished
The Best is Cheapest.
Having a first-class Saw Mill with ai
abundance of the
That the Yellow Pine Bopinr. affords, .
conveniently situated for shipping on the
N. O., St. L & C. It. 4L. we are prepared to
furnish the best quality of Lumber in a n
quantity, length ur size on
Short Notice.
Dressed Seasoned Flooring ami Ceiling
always on hand, and special attention paid
to orders for this kind of Lumber.
J3S-A11 ord.-rs promptly filled.
Charges Reasonable.
Address KELLEY AfO,,
June 8-ly Brookhavcn, Miss.
ii mil >i in mill i wnumi-i—t
Registration Notice,
Bkookhavdn, Miss., July 3d, 1870.
Pursuant to tho provisions ot an Act of
tho Legislature to “provide for the registra
tion of voters, amending and repealing the
laws relating thereto and for other purposes,
approved April 7tb, 1870,” the undersigned
Hoard of Registrar,, lor the county of Lin
coln met, and after taking (be oath pro
■ cribed. organized by the appointment ot
James M. Grafton as President ot said
The Hom'd then pr weeded, in accordance
with the provisions of ihe above-mentioned
Act, to divide the Supervisors' districts ot
said county into “election districts," ns fol
lows, viz.:
wi'Et.y;sor'« pisinictr no. 1.
All the territory in the e{ ot t 8. r 7 east:
also wi of t 8 r 8 cast, shall constitute tlio
“Montgomery District,” and tho elector,
tin rein will vote at the store now occupied
by E. Short. AH the territory in eji t 7 r 7;
aiso that part ot t 7 r H west railroad, also
ncj t <5 r 7 shall constitute the “Court-house
District,"and the i lector.; shall vote at the
Gourt-liouso. All the territory in w£ t 7r8
east railroad, and nwj t If r 8 shall coristi-1
lute the ‘ Warren Disir.et,” and the elec-j
tors will vote at the >Kl Store-house owned I
by Warren & Co. All the territory in i,"4 j
t t', r 7.and kw\ t G v 8;»lso ' 1 t 5 r 7;al.sow$ [
I 5 r 8, shall constitute tho “Boguechit o j
District,’ aud tho electors will vote at
supervisor's district no. 2.
All the territory in t 8 r 9; aiso c hf t 8 r
8 Khali constitute the “Little Bahala Dis
trict,” and the electors will vote at Little
Bahala Church. All the territory in t 7 r
9; a!so e hf t 7 r 8 shall constitute “Fair
Stiver District,” and electors will vote at
Fair River Store.
supervisor's district no. 3.
All the territory in t ti r 9; also c hf t (i
r 8; also w hf t 5 r 8; also all t 5 r 9 shall
constitute “Hall’s District,” and electors
wilt vote at IHtn Hail’s old place, on
vrtiich J. J. MeDavid now resides.
supervisor's district no. 4.
Ail the territory in t 5 r ti and w hf t 5
r 7; shall constitute the “Adams Camp
Ground District.” and the electors will
vote at the School-home near the old ,
Camp Ground. All the territory in t ti r
t>; also w lift ti r 7 shall constitute the |
“Lard’s Mill District,” and electors will 1
vote at Lard’s Mill.
supervisor's district no 5,
All the territory embraced in t 7 r ti, I
and w iti t / r /; also w hi i o r /; him) e ni
18 r 6 shall constitute the “Macedonia
District,” and the electors shall vote at
Macedonia Church. All thewhfoftSr
6; also t S r 5 and soivh tin roof t<> county
line shall constitute the “Caseyville Dis
trict,” and the electors shall vote at the
School-house now owned by McKee & Son.
The hooks will be opened by ihe Presi- i
dent of this Board for the Registration of
the electors at the following times and 1
places, viz.:
Caseyvilie, Aug. 11th, loth and 16th.
Macedonia, Aug. 17th, 18th and 19th. J
Adam’s Carap Ground, Aug. 21 si, 22d, j
and 23d.
Lard’s Mill, Aug. 24tl», 25th and 20th.
Little Bahai a, Aug. 2Slh, 29th and 50th. j
Fair River Store, A tig. 31st, Sept. 1st
and 2d.
Dan Hall’s, Sept. -Uh, 5th and 6th.
Bogiuchitto Sept. 7th. 8th, and 9th.
Montgomery, Sept, ilth, 12th and 13th.
Warren’s Old Store, Sept, 1-ltn, 15tii and
Court-house, Sept. 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st
and 22d.
Tlie full Board will also meet at tlie
Court-house, in Brookhavcn, <n Oct 31st,
and continue in sessson for live consecu
tive days for the purpose of enrolling
any who may have omitted to register,
from any part of the county, of hearing
complaints, correcting triors, etc., in th*.
registration when any or all interested
therein mav attend.
N. B.—We invite special attention to the
following provision* of the Registration
Law: 1st.'The county being divided into
“election districts,” each elector or voter
must register and vote alone in ■ his own
“election district” and precinct designated
therein. 2d. Each applicant for registration
is reqnir d to state upon oath the part of j
tlie ‘election distri-t” in which he reside.-.
jvl3-3t Registrars.
Notice to Holders of
Supervisors Court, July Term, 1876.
Ordered, by the Board. That all person?
holding outstanding, unpaid warrants on
the,countv of Lincoln, on the 2-jd day of
May, 1870, bring the same forward to be j
registered by the Clerk of the Board ot
Supervisors, in a book to be provided by
the Board for that purpose, to be entered
and registered in accordance with an act «>f
the Legislative, approved March 23d,
1876, entitled “an act to authorize the
Board of Supervisors to ascertain the out
standing indebtedness of the several coun
ties in this State and for other purposes.”
And the registration of warrants, as re
quired by this order, shall be made within
six months from this date.
Order of the Board, Julv 6th, 1S7G.
jly 13-3t Clerk Board Supervisors.
The public arc hereby informed that I
have opened the photographic gallery next
to the Maxwell House and I am ready
to take in the latest and most improved
Gens, Caries tie Visite, Victorias,
'mperais, Fteir.brar.is, Etc.
I have special instruments to take family
groups at their residences and copy large
p ■■tures from small ones.
Io order to show what l can do I propose
to make a life size portrait finished in India
ink. Pastel. Aquarell, or Oil colors tor one
half its real value.
I do not pretend to be the best artist in
the world, I only ask a fair trial, then judge
or yourself.
I will leave Brookliaveu,-Jniy 20th.
juuo 29 -lm A. PASQUET.
jFor Sale.
The west half of block V, comprising 8
lots in the city ol Brookbaven. These are
the lot- on a hich the late residence of Mrs. j
Strickland was situated. It has on it aj
flonrbhing young orchard of well selected
fruit trees, and is situated in the very bent
part of the oil v. Apply for terms io
jly 13-2m ' J. W. BENNETT.
w. ii. Hartley,
Boguechilto, Miss.
He will practice in the Courts of Lincoln
and adjoining counties. iny4-ly
Vtmderburg, Wells & Co
"Eagle-” ‘'California.1' anti other Im
proved Cabinet,3.
Italian Marble Imposing Stones,'
'imposing .Sticks and Rules, Chases Etc.,
Corner Fulton N. Y.
j ..yG-Gm
The Medical Department
Affords unsurpassed Hospital advan
tages for the studv ol Medicine and Sur
gery, and practical Anatomy.
The Regular Session will begin Nov.
I3th, 1876. Send for Circulars to
jly G-lm .
{‘has. MSenck,
lias in store a most complete stock of
Staple Dry Goods
Also a largo stock of
All of which he will sell at bottom fig
iiris for cash or country produce. [Oo-Hl
tJtlux'iceil ftinwe,
H, J. Tibbs, - ----- Proprietor.
This first-class hotel lins been refitted
for the accommodation of the public,
uid no efforts will he spared to make
guests comfortable. Commercial trav
filers will lind it to their interest to
stop at tills house. Terms low. [Xvll tl
£9cf(’t' fjUcirSi'ti
Experienced Cooks and Polite
Waiters Always in Attendance.
rse3h Fish, Oysters, Con
fectioners, Fruit, Etc,
Fine Y/ines, Liquors, Cigars, Etc
Ladles and Gentlemen will find my
Restaurant neatly fitted up. A snare o'
tbeir patronage is solicited. Sept. fiS-tt
E. MlIAI.tLr.lt,
G- U KT S I X? I I
Model Maker,
Is now supplied with new tools and
iiist-dass maierial, and prepared to do
all work in his line lie also
Makes Rings, Repairs Jsv;e!ry
arse! Sewing Machines.
Fancy turning nf all kinds promptly
done. (inns, pistols stud aui unit ion kept
on sale. Dec. 2-Iy.
A. rr 'I1 O R IV E Y
ilranslniyrii, ... Miss.
Phoenix Livery Stable,
(Hooker’s old Bland,)
Blrooklinren. - - IKIisk.
Horses, Buggies, and Hacks always in
readiness to accommodate the traveling
public. Passengers will be carried to any
part of the country: Oct.28-tf.
O oTinaoIlora
Will ]>ra< lice in the Courts of Lincoln
imi adjoinin'? counties; also the Su
l>reme ami Federal Courts at Jackson.
All luisim-ss entrusted to tt.om wiil re
ceive prompt atteution. Xovl8-!y
Physician end Surgeon,
lilice at Daughtry ASmylic’s Drug Store. |
The undersigned has resumed the
nitchering business, and would call the
ittention of ilie public to the fact. 1
will keep constantly on hand the best
neats the market can afford, and will
tell it only at living prices. Beef, Mot
ion. Pork and Sausage in season. Come
itid see mo. “Competition is the life of
trade.” Sly market will be open every
norningand evening, except Sunday
Sept. 3-tt. LEM LEWIS.
Announces to the public that he has just
ipened a shop m the Daly building, ami is
prepared to make to order any and all kinds
if goods. Prices reasonable, and work
guaranteed. je!5-tf
- FOB—
Before sending your job work elsewhere.
Mississippi Mach inert/
PLANTERS IN WANT of the latest
anjl best
SitcU as Gray’s Light Running, One or
Two Ilorse Railway tread) powei
Threshers, Separators'and Cleaners, at
the very low price of#930 for one horse
mid S'itli for two Ilorse Machines, and
freight from Factory, arc Invited to send
in their orders at once. The one Ilorse
Thresher will thresh and clean 75 to 125
bushels of wheat in a day; the two horse
machine from 200 to 250 bushels per day,
uni double that quantity of oats. Also
the celebrated
Vibrator, Thresher and Separator,
with horse power lor 0, 0 or 10 horses,
:ir for steam threshing engines. Also,
[teapers and Mowers, Hay Rakes, Cotton
[fins, Cotton Presses,' Wheat Fans,
Steam Engines of all the best makes, in
cluding the .1. C. litiadley and Skinner’s
1,(lands horse power. Small Ergines
with horizontal boilers for plantation
jarwrite for prices and terms. Goods
shipped direetto buyer from the Factory.
Address C>. ■>. Blustniucnte.
june 22-2m Jackson, Miss.
For AM Complaints of
tho Liver.
No medicine is equal to these Pills.
The simple combination ol vegetable
principles in this J’i'l prodncca tho
an in e i native adieu upon the Liver that
calomel does, without (he risk of inju
rious consequences, and will more sure
ly correct all deraiigen.ent.s of that or
gan. While at. the same time they ex
ert a tonic and alterative effect, which
is the secret, of their great superiority,
they act thoroughly, cleansing the stom
ach and bowels, causing uo debility and
leaving tho system in a tit condition for
a free play of the vital functions. A safe
and valuable family medicine. They
may be administered to old or young,
in nil climates, with perfect safety, al
ways doing good and never doing harm.
Price. 25 cents a box. Principal Office,
18Murray street. New York.
iwroof! Proof! Proof!
Dr.Tttt: Dear Sir:—Vu winh to in
form you thatyour Hair Dyp excels all
others. For its natural coloring it can
not t>e equalled. Our customer* will
use no other. It is a great rri 11 m|/ii.
CI1AS. 11 Oil N.
octl4-lv Barbers, New Orleans.
On yew Orleans, St. Louis & Chicago Railroad,
128 Miles from New Orleans,
Number of Teachers.
Number Pupils last Term.20*
Number of Music Pupils..Ifl'*
Ch irises, low. Iiresac* required to be plain.
English Text-books, Cnpv-bool<B and Slates, also
Medicines and Medical attention furnished with
out extra charge. Maps, (’harts. Apparatus—all
the appliances of a flrsi-elsss College—are in con
stant use. No college furnishes better advanta
ges. For Catalogue, address
H. V. JOHNSON, President.
Citation in Chancery.
To the creditors of the estate of Anthony
Joseph St rake, deceased:
You are hereby notified that at tiie next
term of the Chancery Court of Lincoln
county, Mississippi, to be held in l!r>>ok
baven, on the fourth Monday in December,
1870, the claims registered against the estate
of sail] decedent will lie presented for exam
ination and allowance, and all creditors of
said estate are notified to attend said Court
at said term and contest unlawful claims.
Bv order of the Conrt Juno term. 1870.
jv20-ft Chancery Clerk.
sa. eueajjJL,
Boot £vnc3. Slioo
Srookhaven — — — — Miss.,
Announces to the public ho is prepared to
do all kinds of work in his line, on the short
est notice, and in a sty le to snit his custo
mers. Making shoes for ladies a specialty.
His place of business- C. Ilencs’s frame
building, on Cherokee street june S-tf.
Latest Spring Fashions I
Hats, Bonr.etts,Glcv2S, etc.
Invites the attention of th ladies of Brook
haven and vicinity’ to her new’ Spring stock
Ladies’ Underware, Rowers, Cuffs.
Cutting, fitting and dress-making done
to order. Orders from a distance will re
ceive prompt attention. April 27-tim.
S3. SSaort,
Montgomery, - - 311t«.
Begs leave to call the attention of thepuh
lie to his stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions,
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Drugs
and all articles usually kept in a retail
store. My stock is well selected, and
bought at bottom prices, Highest market
price paid for cotton and country produce.
I hope by honest and fair dealing to merit
and receive a continuation of th« liberal
patronage I have heretofore received.
Oct 21-1 v
.1. Richardson JS“ Co.,
Having leased the Schw em Savvand firist
Mill, arc now prepared to till orders for
— AND—
They will sell lumber on the most
reasonable Terms.
All orders entrusted to them will re
ceive prompt attention.
Their rocks are in thorough order, and
s!l corn received will be well ground.
They grind for the public every Satur
day,' and solicit a share of public pat
Cheap Cash Store.
In Drv (roods. Fancy Groceries, Shoes,
Tin aud Hard ware, China and Crockery
Corner Cherokee and Jackson Sts..
1 itroekhsireii, ... .VI iwM,
june 8-tiin
(. /'. T.II'Mi: a tut CO..
Vicksburg Marble Work:
Grove St., between Adams and Cherry,
Monuments, Tombs, Head & Toot Stones
Mantles, Vases,
Of the beat Italian and American Marble
at prices tlmt defy competition.
Keystone Printing Ink Co.
Printing Inls.s,
(Book and Hews Black a Specialty,!
17 North Fifth Street,
rniL.vDZLPHiA, r*
Our Inks are of a superior quality, heiug made
from the hest ingredieuts and under the personal
supervision of a practical printers and pressman,
therefore we will guarantee every pound of ink
sold to be of a superior Jet black, quick drying,
and entirely free (roin aetting-off.
Our prices are from thirty to flfty per cent,
lower than any other Inks manufactured in the
United states.
A trial of a sample keg will convince any prin
ter that he has been paying nearly double what
he should for hla Inks in times past. Put np '.a
kegs and barrels to sntt purchasers. Address.
it North Fifth Street.
Jnlyso-lm. Philadelphia, P-,i.

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