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!). Bl'KKF, - * Associate Fililor.
THURSDAY. MAY 10th. 1877.
p <—w—
Local KTo ws.
('hnrcli Rtm-torv.
Mc?h« dUt Church— Regular service*
f ** <- r > Sabbath by Kev. ,1. i. Heard. Sun
d;-A School at n ue o'clock every Sal*
lu»th Dioruing, Braver meeting every
Mcdnenday night ut linll pm»t s**\*o
Baptist Church—Services held first
Sabbath in vver> month bv Rc-v. l>. 1
Beret* r. Sunday School at OoYlock.
Breabyierlan Church.—Services held
second, third ami fourth Sabbaths I"
Bov \V. Bnrgf«. Sunday .School hull
1-Kft nil.* cYi.ck. Braver meeting ev
ery Friday night.
Cm hoi. • Church.— S*rv!c*'« held firSs
nud lourih Sabbat ha bv .*• aiber Hutto.
What ha* btcom'’, of thcaociJ club?
The street tax had been reduced to three
Sixteen co1'red persons were baptized
lcrt Sunday.
We rciinrn that.Hs to -it*. 3 L Jac.*ton
f. r a fine nu •-* of I«i-h potatoes.
Mr. John Road roe ha* opened a tin
phop next door to Mr M. l.eweinh.il.
City warrmts are now worth ninety
emits on the do ’ ir. Tni* show* a healthy
elate of affair.*.
Street Co i.miadoner J enuingHhash force
ju'.w at wor't on the sir * is h:jJ id h&v.r.g
them put it. good condition.
The pupils r.f Whitworth C dlege were
to have their pic nic at ‘b id Brook” l.tat
Friday, but the cnul rain prevented them
from enjoying that pleasure.
Tie yoi’igmc.Va Hebrew Social Ciuh
is '.il give a picnic at Oid Brook next S ni
dav. Thanks to thecommittee of arrange
ment* for an ins i a turn to attend.
Sin o the ’v ’nr.in,; >,{ th« first sum me?
month the weather has been rather chaug •
able, hast s iav was a. warm day. Mcm
d iv was ui usually cool 1 r t.iis fohfou ol
the year.
Delinquent Hx payers on property with
in th* corpora!' limits'o? Broo.chn ?tn will
i ... >i _ i .i .. . a
Build . i Mayor : n.l Aldermen in regard
to redemption .
The Blue C .»i and Exoehdor croquet
e!ul a will pirv a champion game bi.
long. We do not .known at what time ton
corneal wiii taka place, but we will bet a
ui k!e i :t the ‘ Blue Olaas.1’
Mr. U. B. Wilh-fs and Mr. J.M.U Ma
tin had «n sltrcatbn Inst Tuesday after
noon. A i'"({uiaition was made upon then
for ft »’• 'ght donation to the city fund. We
are g’H.i to airumi.ee that neither of the
gentlemen were hurt.
Mr. Tes-e Waireti, Circuit C erk of this
conn y, has lO.-eivcd twenty-nine copies of
the pan.phleta Acts of the Legislature of
1877, tor distribution among the county
officer! The bo that tire en i: led to the
same, and u :.ih to be “lenri.td in the law."
can call upon the revommuduting Clerk
and rrcMpt for the s m.-.
1 . of the ap roselling sl« ti
stt :;rt ;;m: tho Pros'd -tit of Lie Bn -k- t
liavrii He :■ - i ,'c Centre! Club cal:
r --etinsr or i rj inui:-;.:. atin.: n 1
n;'sn.».tio jvcuie a thvr.u.h Demo
cratic orj niration in Line. In conn y.
t".me niay tii'nkihes g.estiiu premature, ,
but we know in t it n : liic-i s nne time to ;
crgn.i/e and w e.-unut bijin too S inn. j
\V# suggest 1: i the Sun. riiit.'.idents o ,
the different ty.niuy Schools ui lira -khit
v- n Coii-n t v. tii each other upon
p opi i-.y of having :t union ple-nic. The.' ;
can agree among themselves upon thetiuie |
and place, and c mmiunicate the result of;
their conference to their respect: veschools
If a satismetory arrangement can be cm
sum mated, the annauncetnent will be re- !
ceived with inexpressible delight bv the
Mr. \. L*roy will give a public reading
an J lecture at the Court-house on Friday j
nigh1 n-xt. "I le Saul; or, What indu-j
once the act of the fall of man had upon!
Philo-cp: v, so-called," is a pot-m of ! 1
own oviposit w, which tie will re i i
recite), .tad 1 dure upon the various parti
of it. We are confident that the person? j
who attend will • e both pleas d and in
strutted. Aim's*! n. twenty-fife cents;;
child :en ten ceil s.
"You better not write ary local items
about me," said a young lady a few days 1
ago. \ve were a little surprised at inn j
threat, but wa were compelled to iufo*m |
her that if an opportunity presented it-el: 1
in the way of a good joke, worthy of a In- :
cal item, we should r- ,ze upon it with d*» :
lightful pleasure, ami briti£ into requisi i
tion our be t efforts to regale our reader* !
with the facts in the case. S » tl»e afore-!
said young lady h id better look out, for •
there's tnw-.ie in tin* air.
Field Marshal Alena has been to Haile
hurst. He h.is been on an inspection tour, j
anti reports that l.e had a good time in our
sitter city. He promoted Col. Fultr to
rank of a full General, with Capt. Harris j
as his Adjutant, with the rank of a Brit-a- j
dier; but he persists in Raying he cannot I
grant furloughs to any of his officers to g > '
to Europe and witness the progress of the
Eastern war. He says his officers are so 1
fond of Turkey that he is fearful, if he;
weie toailow any of them to go,they would
Dot return. Hence no furloughs will be ;
granted and officers need not apply.
The St. Francis Benevolent Society will
give a pic nic at “old Brook” on the 21e;
inst. The occasion will be calcinated as
the golden jubilee of the Pope of Rome, it j
being the 50th anniversary of his Episco- .
pate. In connection with this, peihapR it j
will not be out of pldce to sav that the1
present occupant of the See of Rome has ;
Been a Pope ever since 1846, and he is the j
only one in all the two hundred and sixty- \
two who has reigned over a quarter of a i
century. From what we can learn the |
picnic will be a grand ftflair, coupled a« it
Is with tiie anniversary of the Pope's Epic- j
copate. We hope our friends will have ■
fine weather and a pleasant time.
Wo lenrn that the St. Francis Be j
ncvoleut Society will have a discussion :
next Sunday afternoon, and the qttes- j
tion for their consideration will be:;
"Which is the most detestable a liar ora j
hypocrite.” One of the young gentlemen ;
who will participate in the argument,
said that, in the conclusion of his re !
marks on the subject, he intended to
introduce n motion to the effect that,
hereafter when any of the members of
the society were canght in a lie, orj,
found acting the hypocrite,that they be j
expelled. We informed t e young man !'
that if that motion was adopted his J
connection with tho society would be of
eery abort duration. I ■
Tliorc He Ik.
| Not long ego a number of voting Indio:
! were promenading on Jacks', n street, am
ljust its they approached the crossing ot
| Cherokee a young gentleman rode ttp, am
| as be did not wish to appear impolite, i t
i came to a hall to allow the promeuader
! to pass, and not wishing to break thei
j ranks, he remained there until they dit
I pass. He was a nice looking little fellow
j and while the young laiita were passin;
| he scarce-y knew what to do or where ti
j took. He knew be waa in a conspicuou
I place, and this knowledge, coupled will
it he vet that so tuauy bright eves weregaz
! ing on hitu, rendered bis position a vert
embarrassing one. Those that were passim
| were not slow to discover this; they saw
j that he was restless, anil exhibited grea
j anxiety about something. One of them
I however, to relieve the monotony, or. per
, haps, to have a little innocent fun, slight
j iy p dnted and said:
j “There he is!''
He heard it, and it came upon him like
j a clap of thunder; but fina'ly he looked
: sage !v to see if he could recognize the
| .irte who referred ti him tuns, but before
j he ontrd cio so at o'hr-r one said:
“I believe it is him!”
This mode the man on horseback more
; uneasy, and he waa app trendy wondering
jwhat could be the meaning of all this
! when his eari wete greeted with a more
; n iscive assurance that—
“’Tie him, sure!"
This made him appear so diminutive
that h ■ could have crawl-d into an auger
' hole He looked holly, and we telt sorry
f t him, but under the circumstances wo
! co'tld not tender him any assistance. Tlu
j loung ladies continued to pass slowly, and
i;hey were smiling an 1 he waa blusuing at
nnlv a bashful young man can blush. Fi
nallv his face brightened up and assumed
t it pleasant-lo k whi h i man does some
times when he imagines he is free front
further torture anti trouble; lm: alas! In
•cm doomed to bitter disappointment, fot
you fat: im g:ne b:s great surptisc when
the att-irk was renewed by the sound of a
ect voice saying:
“He is so much hko hits daddy, win £
hi 7"
Tit's ma ic him grin one oi those ghast
ly grins that indicated how badlv he felt.
The rod blush mounted to his check, tied
■ I-' ►!« L.t*r<- ■ - ur 'l .1 a ’ mi
l}i»* would make a hmgbing man mad, tv,
■v =ehi:n to linsh for pity’s fake. Any
filling man would have lied pity on him,
! • ;• ,li ! nut excite he sympathy of
young • ' ! 'r onx ol them g«iv’r
him n.i.-thur thrui*. in thisw.sv:
“It doe- look like him, fim! ’
When the equest'im heard this hf
•ot.fccd like a man v.bo was c nt^r.ip’ating
-t:1 -.I’f-tr’ictio’i. He looked wild mu!
frantic. He was »ne of Tie n ost miser
nble.uneasv,re-th*ss, wreicho 1-looking men
that has jouud exist nee on this earth since
the kill of our an vs.'v AJ.im. He look d
like he wou’d hive been willing to ex
change his interest in ail the contemplated
glory of thi- world, it he ccu'd only have
lu-cnr iiti f the p-e ence of. those young
Indira. The fellow was growing b a: i
fin v less—-in fi t, ho l»>k*d 'ike he was
sinking down in !us hi M •?, an i ripi
hi-iny a • g. Aid ' v;n in L is T h
tii eoiuta the bn;g .*►rs f o d .d »th r Ji>V6
had !i i mere-’, for ju.it as toe k* t «» wa
iis-ing she !•■• : - 1 up a bewitching runn
u- : an ! cons ling’v « tid:
‘ I hf ’ieve ii i= hi* daddy.”
T - 1 w s a Sumner. lie pu’U-d 1 i- ha:
down ever his f«ce. j ut .-purs to h s hi r**-,
and rapidiv lengthen’d the ibfctan^f he
t .v on him arid the < of hi.- - • • -
-►‘ration, feeding onnvjmvd that < i- ance
i»a-vo enchantment to th. scent* he had just
u itnewed.
—-~-- > •- ---
AV’.v Advertiaenient s.
If you wish to preserve copies of your
letters see card headed “Copy Your Ik't
Read the CT-d of Semple it Birge Man
ufucturing Co, St. Louis. X hey deal ex
tensively i:i machinery.
Sells & Co., commission merchant*, St.
Louis, ure perfectly relit t'c and g'vi
prompt atte i.ion to all busine s r./ui-g f !
'« them. Sec card.
Ma nati, is a > . 1
an.i civ ap place at which to stop Xh.
p*' . etcr’give* goods meals and u - i:y
!, -.Is :::i 1 make the traveler comfortulde
Price's renowned baking powder*, Ca
vori: g extracts, t:c., are too «’e',i known l.>
require recommendation. They are ac
KIKJW eugvu iO Oi SUIO I'viJi HI ^
Dr. W. II. Tint, the well known med
icine man, has a conspicuous advert:*?'
merit in another columu. He is among
the fow patent medicine men tv ho are
honest. Liver pills are his specialty.
The St. Louis Law School is one cf the
xst school.* in the country, havin ', n< it
able lawyer# to give instructions ’and
lecture# oo the various kinds of law.
Young men contemplating roing to a law
school could not at eml a better than the
ibove named. For particular?, eee caul.
Newton Academy, Newton, M.’.v., has
in advertisement in to-day’s paper. The
principal is a young man and a graduate
)f Hampden Sidney College. Parties de
siring to #end ihoir children to a good
•school, situated in a pleasant village,
would do well to correspond with the trus
tees of Newton Academy.
Brady’s Family Bitters are advertised
elsewhere. They have been awarded the
highest premiums at several State Fai s, j
which is undoubtedly a good recommenda
tion for them, and physicians commend
them as a cure for consumption, coughs,
dyspepsia, etc. The bitters are said to be
a sure preventive against chilis and fever
and a strengthener and blood purifier.
They are manufactured hy 8. S. Ci&rke,
Louisville, Ky.
The Kentucky Cash Distribution Co.,
having been re-organized and its privi
leges, franchises, etc., transferred to an en
tire new company, will giye their grand
drawing at Louisville, Ky , Saturday, June
30ih, 1877, on which occasion they will
distribute to fortunate ticket .holders the
-utn of $310,030, currency in prizes rang
ing: from t)ie magnificent gifts of $60.0j0,
<2 i,000, $15,000 down to $10. The Farm
ers’ and Drovers’Bank will act as Treas
urer. and all moneys arising from tlie sale
itf tickets will be placed there as a guaran
tee and trust fund for the safe and prompt
payment of g;:ta. This Distribution otTcrs
better advantage* to the public than any
ret presented, viz: on.y Gi'00 tickets and
more tli n one half the gross receipts dis
tributed. The drawing w ill pronipi:ly < c
;ur on the day advertised, June 80th. The
.fficeis of the company are in the Courier
lournul building- Ateniimi is cal.ed lo
heir displayed advertisement in another
Numerous other uew cauls are insert
,(]i but we haven't space to notice them.
&ad them any how.
Mr. A. E. Moretou, of onr tmvu, has
been award d the contract for building
! the Meadv.lle jail, m l-'riuklin county.
Mr. N. W. Karasev has lesumed the
■ | agency for the Singer Sewing Machine.
J Mr. C. N. Jones, who has been rsso
i dated with the C'l'iict, took leave ol
his friends yesterday uud went to Jack
son. Ho has Our best wishes for hi*
I prosperity.
Mr. A. H. Longin.i.the handsome Chan
cery and Circuit Clerk of Lawrence
county, was in onr city yesterday.
Mr. Louis Wiltman, who lias been em
ployed for some time in Mr. L. Lewen
j thal's store, departed last wetk for Texas.
We wish liiin success.
Mr. W. D. Smith left here a few days
j ago without saying ‘good-bye” to any body.
—-- -* <SS** ♦
Rail Storm.
j We learn that a bail storm visited a por
tion of the country near Union Church
| last Saturday night. The area up >11 which
j the hail fell was about had a nnlo wale,
■ and la7 in a direction from west to east.
' it damaged young cot; u to a great extent,
i and Hottie of it h is been totally destroyed,
j it stripped the blades from the young corn,
; and some of the stones were seen r.s late
! Sunday afternosn. A Colored mat) by the
I name of M Donald, to 1 onr informant tha:
the hail stones filled fourteen el.sens lor
! i:in so far as was then heard lrot.i. lire
storm visited lh 1 Henry Irvin [date and
passed near C'a-cyvi !•-.
City Council.
At a called meeting of tho Board of
Mayor ai d Aldermen In I 1 at the Mayor's
• liicc M.i> ±!i, 1S7V, all wito p o fill fx
1 cent JuC*ob iTO.
•Al*iis11v-h oi ibe last uuet;n" lead and
The (blowing tu'Ut!'*..i’i relation lo
unvurreni funds w.<8 adopted:
WticpNi*. Tin r * in now it mai.iinic in
I rrv.’.snrv , ! the city o. iho-'kha ven -
i m ltnviii rent inmls toun1-)' jniper) aoil
the Ti eaMiier ol id ti y is unaile to dia
j hui>e (he • ri se hy ieart« n of ;l* being u;»*
!current and below piu; ihtoefore
l; • it ordain d, J hat tne Treasurer of
j .aid city i a- ai.d he i> i.eivhy authorized t *
si,id t il'Ih lor the price lie mil
! j»r< *• 1 C- h :i i.<i i •' ;il ;.»• jj:ir< un i *
| warrants am! cunt. wana.it- of i v.7 is
i -ne with the proce:. i.s llicreui on ill- b'.
1 lernis lie can m tl re.urn the same to the
I ,-itv T.easuiy; the city '.v.man - to be Call
I c. i- ill' the l>oal\t . i Mil; or ami A'd-.r
: men ami eo inlv w.wranls of Hie i-sue ol
1-.7 m> purchased, lo be d.-hur-e 1 by sai-1
I | re;;si.rei in t king ur pauper war. an is,
,-su.-.i to c.ty i ■ upers.
Va ordinance in relation to lots ami
i lands heloi giug to the crp .r.tiou was
mh pt. d as iol.ows:
here -a, On the fir-t M .nrlaV in May'
i l m I il -1 s fo.leaitig, ce t..in lu.s m*
1 lands tying in the cup-mate limits oi
! iirookhaveo were -oh. (.o' delinquent laxe.
' Jue tii- reoii to .aid ei. ■ lor tile li cal year
I „s;i, and purchased by the Mayor ami
A.dtri.nn oi -aid tiiy; aiirl whereas, the
1 lin e i r i red-.-uipiion ot -aid lot-ami
, inds will exp le on II e li st M uday oi
Vlav, 1-77; and wueieus, The charier ot
said .it. ivi.ies that altei Ine exj iration
f the time oi ledcinp ion of said lorn and
| lands i t.t e shadiest wr.h said Maymi
a: d Aldermen; and wt.weas, Said lot-and
1 oii.ds w i.l he an encumber.il.i e to U.e C.Iy
' in t.,e ha: d- of the eity auiliorilies, 'S I lie
; Sia'e ami cm; ty taxes will have lo he pai l
. unit V, It:, 'dore
Jte il md.nned, 1st. That the Mayor of
said city he and he i- hereby amhorixed
I . :i i empowered to rau-.e tile il.irsti.il -
| J.. ds t. i and ; .mis . > r e ■; - .
u Cb It’s i.tjice Ij.ii n county '
i . ci.at: .y alter tile firm .Monday in »d .y
' it-;7,
j fid It sliall he tlie dtltvof the said a. a;
I nr m.ii cdia>:y niter the ti:-. ..leu'biy in
I Mae, 1?77, e.t . .. lit i 'll '• •rid
| .or ale at the i-.lotl11 b u-e door '. i. uco n
i .oil..'y. on the 2d Mel: lay injure it. 7.
. ia - ino new■ paper puo i-hed in -aid c..y
I three weeks, that on the second
M.lay of June a lores ml llm sad Mayo.
i .-had p.-ceed to sell sol fins am! lands
. that w h i : i-mt aii t.d ii. ea a n el -e pa
. L. . 1 : : I ... ,. 1
' . i ' - ■■ ■ b _
h’i.i i exec . e ce (Is i;i the name <»t the
i Mavor ami Aldermen to the purchasers
! thereof.
8:1. I: shall ha the duty of said Mayer
| imuieliitely after said sate is completed,
j to"] ay the proceeds thereof into the i'rea -
nrv of said ci.v and repo t to 11.e Mayor
on! Aldermen a full and complete account
of sa.d salts.
Tim following accounts were allowed:
■ tt, salary ; >r April.i oo
..i tv for April.... so *o
.‘ M vu tra, Sec’y, Sima v fa. A ri ... ... la o
.7 K . ■„:;y fcr list ,,i * ;3 fieyl fa. u.xsi. i in)
On motion the i oo .,o: .,.1.
V.’. ?. I A(}..ii-.rr, Mayor.
F. M Martin, S-cretary.
At a regular rmeiit g of th« iimrd of
Mu nr ami A l..c;:nen ai ti'.c May ■ • odme
oot- 7:n, IS, , t ioiv were p.-'-vtit lfm
[1 io:, VV. Bsgg Mayor, 17. ,1. Schal
er, .1. B. Daughtr.i, E. l’.eit r, and F. M.
Minutes of ihe last meeting re id an 1 ap
Be it or.ln: e 1 That the gw -ct tax fur the
vear 1S77 he fixed a" three d oar-, and all
those wi o are liable to road tin y it fi sing
to pay the seme shall be mjiiirvtl to mnk
hive dftvs cn the streets in l.etl thereof.
Pe it uideied, That the following pi ices
f„r lab-tiers, utules, etc., io work on the
s:i-.s lie -il ipted for the year lt>77:
I atiorer* per das ..fl eo j
,;ea ai il aor.-ies per day firat .-lass. 1 oo
.. *• second '• . 75
Car*, mule and driver per riav first . lass_ 2 5o
Tw o' ynUe oxen anti ttriver first class. 3 oo
-• ” •• “ second " .... 2 5o
T.he Commissioner of the Poor recom
mended an allowance often dollars pu
mould for he support of Mrs Lessi: g,
which was adopted, and the Secretary in
sit mol'd to -sene warn nt fur the same.
Th-folio.ving accounts were examined
and allow'd.
U.utaen A B o„ pr. visions and cl.Uhing
Harman A Bm , provisions tor Mrs Aker
m Aon! . 4 oo
•I A HdakcM. line her for .streets—. A8 So
i r i J Howeit, artenticn to prisoners in
calaboose. 2 on
Or .1 Howeii, afti nPon to panpers. 4 Ou
Caroline Harrison, wa hing, coi king and ;
unrslng Leroy Scott m A pi :1 .. A oo
lie it ordered,That the M.tyut be uutlior
izeil to receive liie redemption money, e e.,
on all the lo s and land advertised to be
sold oil the second Monday in June next
untii ill it time and execute deeds to the
said lots and lauds.
On motion the Board adj mmed.
W. !’. BAGGETT, Mayor.
F. M. Martin, Secretary.
You say consumption cannot be
cured. It can, b.v this new principle,
new way, Dr. J. 11. McLean’s Cough
anil Lung Healing Globules. The heal
ing gas generated when sucking them
being inhaled, stop tuhcrctila irritation
and cure Coughs. Cold, Hoarseness,
Consumption or any diseases Throat or
Lung. Trial Boxes hy mail, 23cts. Dr.
.1. 1J. McLean’s office, 314 Chestnut, St.,
Louis. Mo. r
Ip you are suffering from Dyspepsia.
Liver nr itiilfiev disease, do not tail to
lake Brady's Family Bitters. It is a
great siruiighlbotier anjJ- blood purifier,
•old hy all Drugcisls and dealers
throughout the land.
-—-^ »
“Wkitb me as one who loves his fel
jowiiiei!.'’ 8;imI AImiu Hon Ad belli. The
invertor of IYim's >a.i«yi»e Soap is»
ticbliiii'd to receive tins tiibute tr 111
eoumh-ss thousands.
Thk combination ol more than one ac
tion m a SH.- mg muchi n. or agricultur
al implement increases its value, and
we do n t wo a d t : • ihe enlarging de
maud Tor Home Stomach Bitters, with
its Hplumdid combinations of mediciuai
If you except to get married and waut
to please ibe sweet one /ou take for a
partner, just order a nice set of lurni
iure from tbe cite up house of J. B. Hub
bard, New Oi leans.
Wo wish to cn t-ion users of Dr
Price's Dream Itakinir Powder sirainsi
i.u> nig it in bulk. 1;upi hudpled deal
eiM ate mixing Hour and other
stan es w it h it, and Helling it as Dr
| pi ice’s, Huv it only In cans and .1 w 1 i
1 in ke 1 i' ht>M;, sweet r and nealthler b.s
; ci its, cakes, etc.,than any oilier in t.u
j m 11 kct.
! One of our sewing machine agents wad
I »ppro:iched the oilier d.y by a person v.ho
l was soliciting mibsoi iplions foilin' pur
! pose of buying rii organ for a oc Uin
j church. Ho politely told the solicitor thal
| they had belt .r purchase an Improved
Singer, that would make music tor tin
- -
i Mr Henry Lewenthal has sold out hii
; stock of goods, and fti e present has sus
I pended business. He can be found at hi*
JbrotbeiV—Mr. Lewis Lewenthal.
JnM as Represented,
Siecle A- Price put KJ.ivorit; • Extract*
ill t lie mark t jusl as r«-p rose t : ed; then
: ottles tire full t
! mure, Ml I arc times no- Mrouj.h
j iho8<3 oulinariiy sold. Ask tor Dr.
! i i tec’s Pla' orieg Extra. w. A
i : •-•* ! ..> . i tor i 1 ■■
i K. me c f tli • pr erty that \
I for sale by the ciiv '] ax-co iect •■)»* In-1 Mor
day, for taxes, went to the co:potation
without a bidder.
THE Duck.■)•<» V • vc ‘ % nic: nil at
Ohio, have just i-su-’d the,: uec. il us
! trated catalogue of n«»vtjliio*. m-* ■on-*,
i chivmoH etc. Kv rv mmli ft :• t.t
[machine ngenl should scud tor o:• • •.
j This you*c puts up fhe b*st stationery
| package mi America, uud is a i sp* Usi
t»I«* company. ‘it.
_ • -* w • --
ItID you iso. f of the chills, fever and
congested live* by scmP.n: $1 to -7. I*.
! Mayes. ‘21 Danal MnP, N w Orica*.
! . m* 1 dozen malarial antidote and chdls
and fever cure, or ^1 *>) far a u a Mu hot
I lie. Mr. Ha\ "s is a reliable gen Men tu.
i iir. deaIs in nil drug store goods, [ad tin
—«*»-<»-• y*
Dr. rrit'i ’.i Pet *io>w
Is charming--Mm fragrance »>f sweet
I.I.'S'i'tus. ii»•. Pi ice's \ »• ;l P> "U.nc
Ms delicately delight; a i. the odor d
daiu v I'lids. Ill - lie s » x.iuis.te p*T
,:i. M for tin* ha ad k*.-n bict. J pr m-b
by uli den >• rs in chub* t* lc irli
- ---O* —
TruxiNG in-m the in *' lu hi of rn* d.
a\' t igo.i v, let us follow the true ami nev
er fabing gu do, tli.it will d'-.iver us in
K.tOtJ. 1, ‘ill l.il* •> *“' '
p r.cilce, and its deceptive temd.ey a (l
iw. .id urt wills new f ain I p.i .0 pic-' \t:.»eri
exist iii Dr. Harters L 1: 4 1-alin, mu!
w hich lias div.ved ihon-an !.; ol th< 2 i:i
;irm :i«-s, :iis«i rostoied to soiled l ed it
many thou-amU of ca*» s tint have b • 11
j r mail, a d incur.}» ■ *. A' a remedy lor
• MHMii! ion, C'ollgh*, ( i'i'MlC : . 11S4
and ail l'hroat and Lung di.-oase'*, ii lias
ill • cqi.\L mo--t
Forty Years Ago.
Ti c never failing sucre— attending Dr.
Q. Simm-'iid Vcg table Liver Med cin
n r,, in j •pillar n-e for m arly 10 years, lor
•li«* cine «*t all di.-caM - 01 i_in *ti 'g I" m a
di-Oider*.(l iiyn. >«i lit to be a slitlieiei.t
guaranty of i atflicaev. Lot to remove a 1
po-sib e (1 ul»;s, tin* pmpiu tins pntc.-e a
free test < f its \ irtue.s, and for ti.i-* pnrp se
liave sent Daughtiy A Smylie a quantity
• )f -an pie packages to i egiven away 1 •. •• y
. n:* apply mg f-r :;■( in. Il * a pa • ’% v<-g
• tab n • • as y on
< r c i: e I' *• sis v* u 1 • : ' ;
:• 01 v sr»a c ' *i* 1 ti • mam's •. 1 *.»•*? ....** 11 .1 c
, • h b ; ■ * • ■ r • - ’ • y
y, \ i tii.'Oiy ’ i a t.o. Pi p*..
j .n l dill. 1 il ' •• 4 ■ -i; - 1 '-‘un.
! .riiti-s Pei vi«»!e t* L , 1 '.
T.c* ft .•*•'! se t oe w l a t •-:*>. -»)*.e o.
;!,c ; 1<« j*.' :«* an! d • eg : *.»:»*» crim*.s of
ilet.v e ad;»; c<! m- m-pr *.• in 1

'!Ae j»;1i r[i ,i i-.;n pr- te.t 1 •;*‘.:i>;-: * r ■= to- o. .
n a. i> , -i plan - u* r it n. v ** *'**
riK•(«!»* t. that I** n- f s.-:tu*d \yith our p v.ue iw
e v?. i s’,»1:1 f>. did «! tCSif*' • a' jo J1 ' 1 • < ,\ •••> Hit t
t'r-'.g j on our lab -is and wi'vrifrs • -re <1: —
Jipp. :•tmeut, dancer, ami ; - .!• u,«'s .!«:;*tIi, :rryv
■.-in man a neglect of Una precaution. ii •
rare you ta n the genuine Sunuu ih’ iaverlteg
uut'ir, as p. < pared uy J. ii. Z'rA.n <* Co.
The > in; ncati People.
N ) p- op'e m the world suffer as much w ,l>
iiv- |i ;ih \:n'iv: s Aituout? 1 ye irs of ex
perience !u me Urine ha 1 tailed to accomplish a
e«’•tans and sure ieineily for this Uise.-se and us
.•»!>; ts, sv a as emr stomach, lieart-bu.-;:, w t°
oras:,, .s.,-I, hea l ache, cost:v-ness, p ipef itio i of
the he irf. liver coin hunt, coming up ■<*: fo
low Hpirif.s, general «l ‘bi;itv, etc., yet ss'e-e
iiiiroducfiOM of Orel's l A'ir r v •* believe
■ i ■ . 1 • ii • - ' • • • • t be
mr i:..t ‘iv re., v •■! >z »-•. t hud v ..
■x : ■>:,(■ c iae of failing r* i •*.t d. . t •
5on. .! F. 4 •
,v. ; relive. il *:; ir - /.- c : . -o-a;u
A r, rtitin ile.td.M in- Cure,
If von Re.iT'-r irom si* k or nervous h - ■. Uche
i so.'i.i .g N-ckcess O' neurcig a. k-> t ■ vo.k tfug
c:st ;«Mi sr« t a tiT.-ee*,t t: ,, j'a of D . !ie;-J
V *er Headache I •.v ieia. or #. He. i -y a
Co , Salem, >. J., will mail them p-o.-t,»a:d. A
single wd'* actually -ur m til-.*.aost <*• dr -s,~ .
isr-s :.i tell minutes. It i* pure;> ve rei.ii.ie, en
tirely Harmless, a physician’s dis> >v‘*ry a<; ' we
•/•!..;-.i*ifec it ; ) do ail we eiann. Veil e m g-t the
O i l- f -ks the 10 ecuL trial **./ • »»L F M.
T.»i:::i ,v <' >, or Lkuig ;trv A- smvlic, m Is.cok
n.iveu, and at ail other drsf-ciass d. ug;.srs every
where Couvince yourself. Jan. 4 ly.
To all who aro suffering from the errors
and indiscretion of youth, nervous weak
ness, early dt cay, loss of manlio-'d, Ac, I
wi I send a receipt ihat will cure yon,
FKKH OF C ii \LGE. Tbisgreat remedy
was discovkred by u missionary in South
America. Send a self address envelope
:o I lie liEV. j ' -srpn i . I NMAX, *(cl:crt I).
Bibie liouxe, Sew Vo* ’ N n v. 9-Gm,
^’KWS'O.'S', MISS.
T»*i« echqpl, for m iles and females, com -1
rnenced i:s liisl seH>inn on Thuixlny, the j
*22d of September, 1876, and i* under the ;
immediate supervision ot h Board of j
Trustee*. The services of Mr. T, II. j
(,'anipbeli li.ive l»-en secured for tlie next |
ten months as Principal, a Virginia gen-,
tleman, and a graduate of Hampden Sid- J
nt*v College, Va., ene of the oldest and !
most leliable institutions in the United j
It is the intention to render this a per
manent school, established on a fair .and
sound basis, \Ve a sure tlie public that no .
eflort slnll be spared to make the school
one, in every tespect, well deserving its
patronage and confidence, and it shall he
ihe aim and strenuous endeavor, both of
Principal and Trustees, to give to the
school a high moral tone and impress.
In view, of the stra ghteind circum
stances of the people, the tuition has been
put down at the lowest possible figure, and
therefore it is necessary tnat it be paid
promptly. The -teims are, for ordinary
English branches, §2 60 per month; the
classics and higher mathcm *t cs, §4 00.
Those wishing to pursue the scientific stud
ies. §3 00 will be chaiged. (.food bo h i d
can be obtained in private families for
§10 00 per month.
For further particulars address Mr. 1.
II. Uampbkll, or any member of the
Board, ai Newton, Miss.
1>R. M. H. Watkins, Prcs’M
Du. J.r. .McKwioy, tec*y. |
Tuos. II. Thompson, j. Trtis.
Ma~*r ’N P. Williams,
.1 A II K LI) \V ATI’S, J
Marvati fl. Watkins, Marine Wukinrti
and M. R Wat!,in.-, will boa id and pav
tuition, lor English branches, tor ten oi
lars per mouth, and tor ciasisic.il, twelve
dollars per month. My 3.
A. T It L it DINE,
la prepared to make all kiuils of uew wo k,
and to do all kinds of reparing oa reasonable
terms. One door belovr Hartman & Bro. [<ii9-3oi
it you teei min
drowsy, debilitated
liHve frequent head
nr lie, ui oil til tuHt.e
bad|y, 5 i.or appetite
ord t ugue eo.-ited
.Tin mo PtiflVrlnj
notn totpid liver; «
nothing will cure y« i
mi p| e*-* lily u; d per
M'".'"d V rtS !O 'ftio
Fiiui.r-iih’ Liver Reg
A. k the recovered dyspep* i s, Hillloua puffer
. era, victim* of fc-te: and ague, thv me-cum*
| diMe.tsed patient, how they recover he.illri
! eheerful spu ,f' . ml g-i.od I*. • t.iiey w,d ir
1 vou by taking Shumiens* Liver Regulator.
r BAS) breath:
1 > •t.liiv*a Is so unnbeiaant, nothing so eoLiinoi
■ a - l ad br» h»1j and it: nearly ey.« v ra-e il come
'r• ij: toe *-t. uute!.. ami • «n be s > easily c«:rr*‘t-to.
j il yn u take Hinmions’ Liver Regulator. L’o n<>
’ neglect so hu e » remedy f r this repulsive dis
| order. It will nlv’o Improve your appetite, rot;1,
piexiou, and gennal health/
^ flow many puller torrure «1ay alter day. nuU
; in# life a burden and robbing existent of ri
| pleasure, owing m the mmM nttflVr w r* on
all' s. V' i : ■ .. f u«»v lo ihe ha ul ol iduo.s
I any one w!.o\v:ii u-t* .wniafu: ih tin* renie
J fiv'tba! Ii:.s pc; . i •.» 0 eared I ‘-1; ■
d . -i, , violent* purge, but a geiitl*: assistant t*
Iiutm e.
x ir v vrjmn) a m? / n\j <
L. LJ U .S il 7 U *
1-Mk* • ••■i'" ' • v de
li and 1 :W‘M • ■ • 1 ; 9 •}{
I t ;■> !• ’V. st.d any dev.atsoa
fr an tins demand • hi" way
oren to : • •: a ; d a ; I*- is
quid* a., ri* - • s."-aiy :•» • . »v » ;u>
Si V- o c <•; * ; ue t ‘• r, . V
• •Is as :i lv I Vill. i ■ .■.•• -.an :: *1 U »
he-.’* i • n I - e\j‘- i • I win 'j a
p.istive ha •*(. of b. t_. prevails.
a ■» n a S jt 3
'bick He ad.tic ho 2
Tl-i-t cii t “ssd.g aft] *!.n uiesr fre
queniiv. '[■’•.•-i:- a <a. • •• f the slnniae'i, .» a
■; f: . n toy luv »• f■ ;.* d >. •m.*: t o' .1* •,
!>•••< •• s--vt rut,u ;;i the h*•.cl, ac'-i. a, !•. n*.i
w tb •• • 1 d tvs e . . f
w bit is pi>, Vur': km v 1. as '• . I* ic.. •.
j. il /r.; ..I\ a co.,
i Foie poj p. Fa.imon.s* LiTtfr Legilator. V ‘ i
j del phi*. o v. 2-I3 r.
Sorghum Machinery.
«aao 5IU13,
E7APGRATr:a nais,
; ■ ■ _:77a __
V JO'Tllfl rhnl)t.:-,c p-nol
.• % y,f ; • d the' • ’,• j e.rnb >1
jr !-• j in .-l .j h.-i u..'.i wn *1**4*
810&812Wai : Et. I ais, J£o<
Aoui xn rut . ;n Liiiu paper.
"'*5% r""> n 3 °Ep °2*
Lv L n o2p V. * 5b V
n-iVirv »•••* *•* * * ■'•"•"• !':. u a ’• '•• r>?<
ri’,-. . t'.. . • < nil bo « . - I > i •*., N vn; !.;
It tt'-r a u-i.n ' t* i > J | : *y, cu a.. c.«;u.i J
<•: tli- CVi. oi , "iu M • r?i :v Or.~r.cs
# '

SS viAAT.:-.'
... In " ■.. . • ■ .
i.l- 0 w 1 ill- l' '• . - •• ore,
iu cl:. »• -•• : Ti» atti ?. M r>« o 1 -hnI u? . '•»!«.
UlL. LI i. I'i>( Xu, in X. »tli strict, >t i.oui.. Mo,
S?h i'ifj 's Sale.
Six 'h \ S <ri > .1 j 1 t:i ‘nt n .1 it-* Vs Cm Mt,
* • • -vs > i liirol'i-o m y f r$!?.u or 1
W. IF ! ••v. i..--n*' i t • ■*.
M„ !. mv* ct.ial ) Uf-t III -I !Rt '-'s «’•> \*f
1 K'.tz—vb > i..*i • >11 U'Ui-Y for
A'. U. .t’A’i.M**! ) *.i I i'Mi*
My vi tue < f 1. .;v .,* vunlitn iii ex; » as ;n me*
il.rt {•■-! t:o!u the • 1 1 ’-'t i c-v,-,.
I t.V, Mis • 1 . 1 V ii <1 j
tH *77, ‘ - • : . ’ ' t
j J-io< iih vcm, wit!’, n the n-u..l ': >m h of said.
! promo.! to v-'i t 1 t i» Ir.ifht*'! l.Viie .lore,-'. i.;p.
following fiv-t j -:i.mI la:. I ;o-wit: S. -»i .- v •. 1 :.I
v, \ swy. of vi*'.. anit Avr .tv acres in :r-v- of swe
‘ outli of M >i. 1 . ' i 10 !•1 'i, in **t ti li !3, low 1 .-.p
■ ii, re Ti*> f; 9 <*. « <• .1 .i.u t o le !•■:• tic.I ,sn 1
twi p.;y acriMi more or : •J. Icvcni -m as the
pro. .-irv- i ... F. •• . ..xI• i. »•: * w'!i :>•» so <1
in s t! >»y the *:ts m st***.\ • staien . .* • •?
■ amti.'u.-1 a •• s A. 0. CuX, Art. :.r.
; Aiiiy 1,
2. ‘-I'Kr. I’t'M MALI):. f-SS, Hei.t O 1 oz.
v i tv 1 v. iJ; «1 • .*.. »;• tie. ? 2 • s ‘ti e tv
• t ' wo a.', i a ha:f nton!" •*. *f rrep‘*-iy i':*,-!'!.
ft*, me. f:..-t:ii»ou.-.!s . 1 hr. uhir- t. ■ ’>r.
t. A V, l.'oti- * lart, J . ni 1. tf» i n.
(.? rs i A&omrs
. .. uvr-*. 'sr^'-v
JU> X si:,
( r :. r* 's *!:. » (*re s tl-e • •ifest .ir. 1 he.-*.; i*
M ' - .iii' • >4 t'.e .!i- >4t 11 tt.M'.i
' . . . • ... i. m * ' * - *.* - - .
!v\'i:• • • • *. •*w> ■*. ,0,1*11* ! T-.ol.h
f.*r i,uUy or c»cl.»’*:,:*i. X . »* :
.r. < Sis* r 1
, r >unx. ! :.oj,
! il.iu 4
Si £ £ £ £ £ Za O S' *% .
Ih conveniently located to the business pnrt
•<f town ami mcommodate* tie traveltu*:
public with i'rini:> t ib.e room? and the b*-s:
tue matkel a bud* H»i;d by tin* d-jy,
week or month. ( ha-ip’? reaHonabie.
IVed s ab'*1 attached. 1 lie patronage oi
| the pub ic is solicited.
i \ p! f)-!v. Piopiietre**.
ITine J?re^*sed ami
Nf nsoiH'd I^loorinj?,
Ot'iling1, Weather
boards. t*41ielvinj*'
and l^inifslied
l climber.
-o- V
The Best is Cheapest.
Having a first-class Saw Mill with an
uudance of the
That the Yellow 1‘ine Region affords,
and eonvenieiiMy situated for shipping
o>' tlie S. O . Sr. I Jb (', ll. K., we are
prepared to furnish the best ({Utility ot
Lumber in any quantity, length or size
Short Notice.
Dressed Seasoned Flooring and Ceil
ing always on hand, and special atten
tion paid to orders for this kind of Lum
r-3-AH oi de-s promptly filled.
Ch a ryes Reasonable.
Address KKM.M’ A <«>.,
iunt's.iy • Brookhaven. Miss.
Bools. Binder
Blank Bock Manufacturer
Jacktaii.. - - Uissi.siiijti.
Special attention given to the manu
fact'.re ot all kinds of County Book,
and Binding of every description.
Binierv on Capitol street, opposite
tile Clarion office. mnylS tt
o, •fk.rkEasilJ made. Address, with
TW .3 O'ty^L/oUiap. Improved Plating t'o.,
CUnton/lil. A pi IS 8m.
Garble H o is s e
In tli«» ^outh !
! Send for Price Lis? beforo Purc?ias
ing from Agsr.*3.
EJstli:*?? 5>pjiol.
, Water stM fronting the river to Levee st.
i b* t’n Washington Avenue and Sixth ft.
Warernouas and Office,
*«?>, IG’i, E<5*. mid l">«.
Poydraa street, New Oil.aiih, Louisiana.
Also Proprietor of the
Mill City P.larbio Works.
V ior.sbu rg, Miss.
J Having ft fayge stock o‘ the most ao
| ; proved b r.?. U < / the haii. n Marble <*:' my
j own di-erl importation se!ect*-d exprc-My
, tor ti:t* Webern 2nd Southern markets—
tr»* ifr:.tion of .. (* hade i* re.- pectf ;:.y
; ;i■•■!i.au-'i. f.ia'i'S of all thickness. Spite?
| d nioninof-lital svek constantly on
; h"i d v to size, according To order. Ton ’■
I ami !rr-ad Stones rubbed and fiui h
t ed ready ft>r !* 11 ring.
; f -i vi.ug a lull corps of skilled ami
| ;ti.-.b;e a - istance, I a;n at nil time.-? pre*
t d T . e. i • ' Ir r-< for every va.I.fy
t f 0 ind iu
and outside bui ding work. A large
.id sti*ek of Iia.fi.-n and va Lm
colored maibies, Mar'-eiizcd Iron and
Shite Mantles of the latest m*d most ri id
em designs .••onsttmhy on hand or u.l .e to
H'-: males r:..J- and contract* taken for
i *.i <• ‘ (oi-.t? uciiou oi Gianhe and all kind o!
| su.ne wo k,
I Add;css JAMES Ilf YNOI.DS.
I Get. . d lyr. New O. eans.
THE t • ;Y < V Nl) yOVTifS
OE 'I HE • OU i II.
L* ... *jsMi's ©i 9 -
to *' y ■- y i , * •
i " ? •• „ ,\/i r- \ { ;! •. • \ - •- ^
V ‘-i . Vjuu A ill . ‘ .4 i
T. 1 ••_! f ,r it,
3 vy:o, Dur a b * • i 1 y Cl:; v pnss 3
■ a * v.*'* ' <0 !' 1 ina-lc * liiiir?. onr
■ . ■ . 1 ■
s. ■ a : t» pc 1.
i : • .<• \. -.-f.t F.Ft r:, ‘ -1« : .''.• • <'■-:
? .■-'••• .1- c '.ns ».i 1 Ja. yiin- : • %e ;.re e ---
1:w sty 1
IN C I'M fOM-M A!>K ( I.< >T?51 F >It MJiN'.
V IT-. S’ • . • B< Y - - £ \ It,
A strie* r«i!e of Pi? •».>? *< to r.’wirj ire n|
y pud for m
n:; l a. ■ rcr** of ••!o:h!o? cH'i suit !
vtsU ir a:i i pay :•.*-■* im m y ,tt
ci f> o v.t’l' r.i iT'il T I! o £
9 Canal Stv <n. Nc w 0r>.i:i3,
-- * I
$65-) to J12
■ , i
French e !nu**i sn !*, f.oai tnmito l
1>. e-u •!; Mi-'-*, fr . :• M -".to 2t **•• I
w"-: . • .t .--•!< <: - it m from 3 ‘ • ! * # • ■
I n • • \1‘ '-r. t: fit« -i-;, f. cm s ; . lo :.
a: ' -!* ,..v: t o..l 2 t..» . : • ’
-• r-i t. -.1 Mir-j. t oui 3 r,- to :
1 o - 1 ' I'm from .. . to 6 so j
• ' ' ' • *■- puits f-»:n i .v to •' .o i
Mb A J e.i' VMi. Ir'iLi I r,. to as |
; nn*! ■ :v: -. tr • u l - • to 12 liu !
AI '.ire c f It'ocr-ed t'l ths. Cus.-i-j
: u-f. .s. Ding,-! .. ; r. ck :-r< t ;3th* for)
• * • • •" • > m • :*• e ,:<•; ; .,ntr in he t
' . li •' 1 -‘ '<*V a|‘:. •» J
. • ; -
; HK'imat St.-e* l, l*r. A nv-r, i
N’^'.v flrl^ans. j
'• I 1 oV*;. \ }). Ci. on S’? T. <! a s. i.'.ti lj 1 y j
Antidote & CitiU.d'
J\eer Cure.
I'mivipc 1. b'oni on accurate npci cio-o i
- uK-siva i ‘it in il.o r.ar-.b «»: F e Great j
; Charily H • : i! •-1, c• f the tulmarv efll-eta o*
sjinchonic’sa SaSic?n9
jforihe abortion at. i cure < f Chill- and
; »‘Yver, (Vnc-tive, R< rnircnt :■-ml Ri! :ou
j Remittent Fevers, I feel confident in a
j i: "timing to those who are exposed to the
; M i!:tri.il influence and to those who are
already suflerirg from the drstruefiv.
t fleets of this ruitysteiioasand subtile poi
son. that this has been the most Miocesstti:
•k>u/ employed in the treatment of. those
diseases by the I’iiysiciaiiH ot the Charity
I iospital.
During the last few years M&laiia! Fe
ver has prevailed with an alarming pre
valency, especially last fall when over
! Five Hundred Persons were Treated-1
| atfonw.j am; i- en*)ortiin;iy of ohservmc the !
• - . ■; • * if* .*is of this exrraori-nary Comaonn.t. j
Inal ••...» v.-;crp t-- meda -mt vr.* ; :«•!.,nnistcr- *1 j
’ •: •. . r.t v ib u t- 't• t* f-*v v a:* ! : tine re !. .i. ;
; ‘.i ;• •>' s-*0!t t to eotn recover..
I 1 -i rM -im 1 <\ir 0- o • <cs ;t wi.1'lL. f.-ard equatiy
; ■•:’ * -f us in N:.! t • y 'i;j He Musri’nrbtam an 1
ouijc iti.* ,*•* i from th« t 1 •
r! ,-f; 'i«3 .er.iato f: «*.u profess;-»na! Interfer
; < •. ••.- ,r, nr,' nn .nie l i piov.tn-? such service.*.
| .v,i; jiirt'en' 'Tlv ary-lv.
I wr*'!i ne a on achoig in ■•••.wain or attack ic
, -;t. !.y ■ 1 '.ir it.r. l r \ me nine-1 tori
; n n -• e i■ :* iviv *1 tsPS ol t'V’ i\f* I'ciJl'3: w 11
i1. I \t‘ y a-rest the .i scaa;- t . i to i-»JLiie p-t c-rit
i uj. to present a -us *ey»j '.Fry if rec t relic?.
[ < 'M honuiia Sal cin seems : > cxc i an evtra
I ord:na y mrlueii -e i:. rein wm; ci ug ".! d Ever
| -.ii 1 *i»l*~-eis. a ■'*. rt tonr.g me .tut bio d ;o -
j juiscles. Incase where lh« systcin h is become
, iiuu M .1egradncl from coni in.< d . :u ks, the
{ '••.'mSiinatidn >■( al» *»ir l'i t-* !■. dro s 1 .n'*ru.e
j Ir a thrice d i.y before meals, w ;i re-nrre with
nut; vci ■ •. rt jCTjt
*-d n t It A V E*-’ tdtUG STOltt, *1 Canii Stree-f
near tlie Levee, New Oriean.*. A,>.11 l2-4:u.
.fWtss £j. *71. DtippHen,
No. 2i)2 Canui Street, .Nvit Celt'litis. |
Straw (la s Bleached and Pressed, 60 cfe.
Trmnnmg. *25 to * > c’s. Orders fr un Vie cou tn
promptly utter Jut to. For p i«e :;nd st.v’e i
German Millet.
Th'8 is the i ost variety of seed g own in the
South at this se.ison f >r buy. It will yield more
jit* ;t e iu less tune thau any other va-iuty. It
should iie .-own i:i A;>.il, May or June. From
1 two to three t >n< of goo i h;»v is the usual yield
,i ]• doT, ten weeks from time of planting. Three
packs of seed are required f r an a -re <d ground.
!•••: safe i; iid: :es :•) . ... i». S. F. VJKGIN’S
SEE:» s J OKE, 9S Gravier St ee t, New Orleaba.
A pi 72-lm.
Great Reduction in Prices.'
Cable Screw .’ire shoe-at ?l: Sewed Gaiters
at |0. I also keep constantly < T: ii.md t\ la*ge as- i
sort me .t of men’s, lilies’ and childreu’s weir
which 1 offer at the lowest figures. Men’s !
Riiriielor Sr ir Brogans at Si fto. All c mntry or- j
decs wjlJ receive prompt attention. Oivr me a i
trial. I guaraitee'Pat.ihfaction. J. I'OKORN V, I
103 St. Charles Street, New Orleans, i
Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest !\
Elegant gilt and velvet l.ames, for card size
photographs, only 25c, worth 75.
Handsome oval imitation walnnt fr*mes, 8x10,
complete, only 6jc. wo th SI 50.
Ilatidsoine oil chrouio , neatly framed, only
BOo, worth Si.
24 sheets Hue pa er. with 24 euvelops to match,
in rif- jt boxes 2»<s, worth 4uc.
In short, you can get any thing and every
thing in the stationery line at
No. 1W Cana! Street, N’mt Orlrans.
Orders will be tilled by mail or eXjjress.iirnmpt- ■
1 iy. up! 19-3UI. |
Fred s R daarant •& Lodg
ing House,
Fred. Heiliners & \Vm. Troegrl, Props.,
106 fit. Charles Stieel, New Orleans.
This House is Open Day & Night.!
Lodging 50. Single room 75c or $1. [Apl5-tt.
Wanted, 500Agents
to know where to buy 9x11 Chromes at
83 09 per 100. The best siationery pack
age in America (Buckeye), the best notion
cisket out, perfumed shells, new household
tool, feather dusters, patent rubber cap,
mueiilage, uotione, cheap jewelry, machine
needles, etc., etc Send stamp for cata
Mr. 22-8m. Cincinnati, Ohio
Kentucky Cash Distribution Co.,
PUBLIC; LIBRARY H ALL, Louisvll!o,Ky., Juno 30/77.
- - ^, »
rOSITIVEXiT rco postpohtemeut.
$310,000 CASH IN GIFTS.
:;:w r3»s«ati43,sew sss icemeht, hew scnem:.
Farmers' and Drovers' E3r.k, Louisviiie, Ky., Depository,
rs:,»s» 's'asa: 1.1*4’of «ir i«:
1 drnn.l Oi* b Oilt.J ecoo 4# Ca«h $S09 e»cb.. ?v<*>
i - *• .. . *2'. JMl' IOC " “ 2*:0 each. 5-i.u-M
l -- '. )r..ini) a o 11 “ MO tm li.— a .(„.<)
| “ . lil.ooo Sr,-0 “ " W e*-'h . VS.OM*
3 “ “ “ j-, o'm Pii' ’i . 15.' m toooa “ " 1 n earn. <u,ww
C'*sh |l,0S«8.i!*i.r. .. **jiKH> MHCMl Oil'll Mnounllftg to..|S1(1,'.0»
Whole Tickets 1 ! . , :i»di, '• . •• * *00; M( rieketa $vv.
Drawing Positively Juno 30tii. 10/7,and Every 3 Months Thereafter.
1 ?w Kftut.':-'! ■ c.sP \ a f .•.••:*-*nv i. iving '■» • .11 n*-or:*n«l its» fn: and
it is the of 1 f ■ 1 ' Mf® set to
j con • a f.vj • -ni .1 *»•• *» - . i, . .-t I .ukI li - .wi./dc plan—to ^ee tuat all p.!/.♦• tick*
' • '••' ->:* *i MMi t .. c -a, ..,:u i,.n .r * a, p y ‘ answered—*r:d t » rondu* ♦. e l
i ; ■ iinrc;»*.«: . i* ii ,v. , ■ • u .... . • r rj 1 ns; - lli.e WHY. A fl *0£\ ill , v r ^
I ■ i v,t*.;i . ; ■ / a i*-v :i iv • •. */■* v *i .ti trro.a and -• •: •' :
. ** 1 ’> • 1 *o v ' . n f u j,*.-. 'Hi. 7 *1:1 • ** mo.ig »t proper to remove tnc ut ti 1 *>;*• :
1' ■'■ r ■ > ! "'i • m r ;r:c . ,*. • ■ mUT . afi ! ..IT >: •! -•» »^ri • • •
1 - -*•-•» m8 1 . d. 1 - ; , •; ..*» (■;i- f -,p • na o •' 11 r • laced to |310,r/.», w . : 10
! Mid: :f •-* G * j: • • u ‘u.l i.uv. ti the nut- <■'•« y:<. .ted.
• k cx^tt'h, '.i. u ,j. irito;;i e or* ter or legi/.ered letter, c-:* a
paj ti G. \V. t .1. w if'.
« * C w.ii.u; . * • • *. fc!» In ! ■ * t: : .v:»d appl; * it 0:1 f j; ag?n v.m, 8*10 lid b? a1 IreJM I *>
^.#V# . A V 'L:.'.; t* *^. {'O., t»>*m S Cuuripi***B'>iit'nnS
. I
“•/» * S 1 ^ * A
mmm *
mm i
mm m m
|l|Sfs||5¥2i gis^o
I* §??«»» is ;i! %n**>
»?» A *
ti^-n cJ?ife»w
if Eli71 3
^4l ojtsGw
is.SY #1
?J\ll alls” a
SI 5*', Siaags
r-3 v> ?*i?r;a3
afg i-if?7fl ol iHi
r-' H* %-~--~‘-.i K?»a rl
V HIM li iplg
?5 ’’Mi0 ■ I:?£t3
12 niiifii. si;w
Via beg to tiiivijo tnul we ure receiving this season importations <>i
•^-<1, G-£, G-<S: ■W'icitlas!
F:c»3 Medium and Low Priced Qualities. For Sale by
V ? IN< ’ E xrr & cc>.,
Api 39 Sin. Nos. 62 and 64 Customhouse St., New Orleans.
B B O O Iv XX /A AX .is jjQ*
Foundry and Machine Shop,
•7. .-A. i I< >c*IvI ’N"«>2. I,j,opi,ietor.
^4 Slachinery made
£*?>*— and Repaired.
•;■ a . ' <?+,-«%, TtoffiVts <hmmU
" Etc., Built to Order.
: ••. ,• ■ .X'' -
aAI5 Kind of Casting of
^-yV A n ' Brass or Iron.
Work o| every «l«~-*ri,-fion donn in good sf'le and a- low 13 any foundry. All
"’•(li'/H will bo promptly filled. S.*u l for price*. Having a vi»v mill, planing And
lathing machines, I am prepared in turoisli rough and sawed lumber, lato*. cto.
Will hjh<» grind corn at my town milk «£. A. IlC.S2il.li9.
Ukookiiavkn\ Miss.. Match 29-1 vr.
JtcatL. vcwtiy-h: — —■ "r m - - m i .an .i ■■■■ i n ■
it iJi«„ -A *»•-’< i - »
Tlimltf i for the favors extended ns last year, and wishing a continuance of
IT,.nit-patronage, we respectful)v , ffer the
Largest and Be^t Stock of Plows,
S'-ovcIs, Sweeps, Sccotaps, BuUongs, Harrows. Planters, Etc.,
•»vpr ofprcvl by n**y Mrhprn M ;inuf icforv. Our Plow, wlrh t-ho Combination of
Steal Point auvt Steel bi-rn^per makes Ra.ljt. * Soul hern planter needs. VV a have
‘‘ttfeesa Combination 'Steel Plow,”
•vlth at) the atta vie-.its for cul’lvating an entire crop, which we place before thj
,,,i.,1 i• - on it* cu rits.
We are also prepared to furnish at some notice, the bos’ and most approved
UtTLs: eelal attention .riven to Repairing nit Kinds of Machinery or making
tv tv. All orders !>v mail or othc- wise, for Work. Agricultur.il Implements, or
Miv-btiiery she.!, ti ivc ur bestattention and we endeavor in all cases, to glv«
■nt is.act ion as to Pi ves, nh ir-t -mr of tVovk an.l Quality ot Material. S.nd for
Price List. Address all eouimuulcations to
Mr. 8-lyr. Jackson, MIni.
h.mTtay lor, —
Carpenter and B is i Id e r,
I? prepared to do work in his line with neatness and dispatch.
TLMXING of all ki d- done at short nolice. Also on hand and for sale MOULD
on baud that will be sold cheap.
XT r-TX> 3-i,XX IXL XKTC3-.
( a I and examine before purchasing elsewhere.
(Washes in cold or hot, hard or soft water)
Kieer Bluff, foot of Adams Street,
NrinpiiiS) • • • 'I'esn.
tatting’s Refined Oil Soap,
“ Cerman “
" Laundry “
and Dixie
in 60, 84 or 100 BARS to the Box, 60
pound* each.
For sale by Merchants of BROOKHA
Mr. 22-lyr.
.-*> gr Elegant card*. 21 aiyles, with name, 10c,
post-paid, (ico L Reed t CO.,yBMa;i,H.Y.
Peter IJucicii’ft
Confecti onerv.
Experienced Cooks and Polite
Waiters Always in Attendance.
Fresh Fish, Oysters, Con
fectioners, Fruit, Etc,
Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Eto
Ladles and Gentlemen will ind my
Kesiaui aat neatly fitted up. A share ol
their patronage is solicited. Jan.t-ly.
a. c.
Will practice in theCiroutt and Chan
cery Courts of Lineoiu, Copiah, Pike
and Lawrence counties. Prompt atten
tion giveu to collections. scpi-ly

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