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gvooHUavfu gcdflftTj
Editor and Proprietor.
Offiob—Chinan Fnikliag. 22 Cherokee 8t.
TilERGDAY. MAY 10rn, 1377.
1 “*■* JIU,a V; iJmvur -
Rv-ji- t3oTcrnoi%
or s'.vkjv oorsTY.
Canpidatk, ’» H»*e coming to tho front
in Copiah county,
7dn. A T. (icsKiKO.n prominent mer- ;
chant of N a tab cz, iw dead.
. Tht. last Ci rend Jury at Holly Spr.ng*
found cue hundred and forty-three true
Ox the 1st nisi.., Montgomery. A:a , |
circled a full Democratic city adminis
7ifn. n F. 77nn,, one of Fie editors of
the Winona Free Press, died on tho
27th nit.
0c5. F''SU.av'a says ho cannot ho a
•candid-to for any office before the State
Ccxonzo people in Somh Car-nina
arc naming their babies after W udt
Teh I’n'lcdelpliin Time* wen's to
snow what excuse the Republican party
has for living.
pHticrr MoDosai. of Harrison coun
ty, fins been sentenced to the peniten
tiary for seven years.
M?.. Evat;T3 continues !c practice law
in certain cs-scs, Hnd it is the occasion
of considerable criticism.
L . U. UUAI*. u un'oiiuouiii/Aur
oerat, lnts bcm appointed postmaster at
Tupelo, in this State.
Father Rian, the priest, poet. nnci
patriot, will deliver a memorial address
in Columbus. Mis3., to day.
Our, exchanges from the northern
part of this State, eoutniu encouraging
reports in regard to the wheat crops.
A bare trio—Gens. George, Walthall
and Furlong. Each declines to be a
candidate before the State Convention.
E~-President Grant actually re
fused the nseof a government vessel to
transport h::n and family to Philadel
The Oxford Falcon says that J. F.
TIopgood, a Democrat, has been ap
pointed p istmasUr at Sardis, in tiiis
Hcn John Forstth, editor of the
Mobile Itepister, died on the 3d inst.
lie was a great man, and a powerful
Ash ± Robbins, so-called druggists,
of Brooklyn, N. Y., are frauds, and the
publisher that inserts their advertise
meats will be swindled.
The editors of the Fayette ChronicU
and Standard are growling and want
to scratch out each other’s eyes. Breth
ren, that’s wrong.
Ta Clov Buioits. of Arkansas, d el
at. his rcsidcncs in Little Rock, April
30th. His remains were taken to St.
libels fi r Interment.
Crazi Ji.iHSE has surrendered 3,COO
hostile Indians at Camp Robinson;
many of them have never befoio been
on the reservations.
Is obedience to a proclamation of
Gov. M icbolle, to-day has been set
apart in I ouisiana as a day of thanks -
giving and prayer.
Capt. J. S. Hoskins has withdrawn
from the Lexington Advertiser, lenv
iiig the paper under the entiro control
of his son W. W. Hoskins.
Wf. were mistaken last week when we
stated that the next meeting of Presby
tery would be held in Haz’ehurst. We
ahonld have said Crystal Springs.
Gen. E G. Humphreys has consent
ed to become a candidate for Governor
There is no mao in the State that
,1 ... «l.l_ Cl! TVonntlv-o
Ir is said the nffiuity between the
Northern and Southern Democrat is
about the same as that between the
Northern Republican and the carpet
TnE Senate of South Carolina which
is Republican refuses to go into the
election of Chief Justice until all the
members of the Mackey House are ad
A Senator is to be elected this fall
from tbe counties of Copinii and Clai
borne. Col. Hen. King was suggested
for the position last year. How would
he do now?
The Quitman ruteiliqcncer has hus
* ended. The starvation season for
newspapers is upon ns. and before the
summer passes the demise of many oth
ers will be noted.
Amite and Wilkinson counties are to
elect a Senator this year. The T: eral'i
thinks Amite is entitled to bring for
ward the candidate, and numes for the j
office Col. Moses Jackson.
It is asserted very confidently that
the President will in his message to
Congress at the extra session recom
irend the Texas Pacific subsidy—that
he will do this as a part of his South
ern policy.
The Philadelphia Times assumes
that when the Republican members
went into the Nieholla Legislature they
virtually admitted every previous state
ment made concerning tie campaign to i
be .a lie.
The Seventh Annual Conclave of tbe ;
Grand Commandery of Knights Tem-!
plar, will be held in the Asylum of Ilos j
■ Kitie Commandery, No. 5, in the city of j
Natchez, commencing on Thursday, the j
10 h of May.
Ws learn that the Nelson Honse, of
Jackson, has reduced its fare to one
dollar per day during the session of the
United States Court, and especially for
thoac who have been compelled to at
tend that tribunal.
Gov. Hampton has am-prised many of
Lis fviend9, and canaed considerable
comment, by his effort to hnve Judge;
Willard, a Radical member of the Su !
preroe Court, elected Chief Justice byl
the General Assembly of South Caro-1
iifin. .
Baric itgnin.
Tho oditor returned Monday, but is
too bndly ’‘shook up” to write anything
of length for this week's paper. Ho is
pleased to say that his trip was a profit
able one, anil bis aesoeir.tiou while ab
sent was of the most agreeable nature.
Tho Northern people with whom he
conversed express- 1 a great desire to be
friendly with the South, and were anx
ious to know all about this country and
its people. The war seems at last to
have ended, and tho bitterness that baa
so long existed betweeu the North and
South in passing away. If the petwde
of each section knew ono another bet
ter they would like oue another better.
Hives' Southern policy Is almost
unanimously endorsed. The better and j
more liberal of the Republicans main- j
tain that ho has done just what he j
ought to have done, and sn.v that the;
State g lvcrament that was dop-ndeM J
upon the support of a dozen bayonets;
for its existence was not worthy of rec
ognition or support. A few extreme
Republicans abuse Hayes for his liberal
Southern policy, bat they have no fol
io w-'ng.
pie- gn’-h Co Vi’i‘1 Beliitrr I.Xlli.
The President has issued a proclama
tion convening Congress October 15th.
1S77. This is done for the purpose of
'Raking appropriations for the army
•sud navy. The last Congress was de
termined to put a stop to Federal inter
i’oraneo in the South, and took tho po
sition that if troops were to bo employ
ed to prop up the rotten Radical gov
i ruments of romo of the Southern
States that they must do the w r't with
out pay. and adjourned without making
any appropriation. This may have bad
something to do with tho withdrawal of
tho troops from South Carolina end
Louisiana. In fret, Hon. Proctor
Knott, of Kentucky, says it is the solu
turn to tho question. He maintains
that Hayes was forced to remove the
troops by the action cf the Lower
House of Congress, which was largely
At all events, the troops have been
removed. Congress has been called to
meet in extra session, and tlrn people of
the South have many reasons to be
thankful for their deliverance from
Radical thraldom.
-- A tfw.. -
Ttic Racrt.
The races of the Louisville Jockey
Club will commence nt Louisville, Ky.,
on the 22J inst., anil they will be con
tinued for six days. These races prom
mo to be the finest in the country, and
gome handsome and costly premiums
have been Offered. Horses will be en
tered from all sections. Parties desir
ing information regarding the races,
etc., should correspond with Mr. Win.
Murphy, Secretary.
Tlie Galt House, the finest and best
hotel in Louisville, is the headquarters
for the Club. In this connection we
would recommend the Galt House to
the public. It is under the manage
Gi'iit of Col. J. P. Johnson, who has
successfully catered to the taste and
appetite cf the public for many years,
9av<'K|ign<i«n l»y tlie (iaiwiir.
Immediately aft.a- tin* killing in Kem
per county Gov. Stone visited that sec
tion. Tho Jackson 7 imes has inter
viewed the Governor since his return
and says that he “is determined to tn*c
all the power of his position as Chief
Executive of tho State, for the pujp so
of bringing guilty J arties to justice, no
matter who may be affected by his nc
tion, to the end that human life may be
rendered as seen re in this, as in any
other State of the Union. With tins
object in view, lie visited Judge Hammj
at Columbus, and urged upon him the
necessity of convening tho Circuit
Court in special session at an early day
for the purpose of making a thorough
judicial investigation of the whole mat
Tlie Ji« :««*.in (>limor.
Since the killing of Gilm. r in Kem
per county the Vicksburg f/ernhl pub
lishes a short sketch of him. It says
Gilmer was the party that shot Crosby.
Crosby felt and said so when he thought
I his death was certain, but on finding
out that ho would recover, he let tin
charge against Gilmer drop, as he was
[ informed that if he persisted in it that
I his life would be the forfeit.
It will be remrmbeied that Gilmer
shot, and killed Hal Dawson at Scooba
some year ago. .He was a heartless ns
sassin, and the section that he has long
cursed will rejoice that he can no long
er nffiici it.
Btors ii !S!ean tVa s-V
A Washington telegram to the New
Orleans Democrat says the “State De
partment has received from our Minis
ter to Mexico official information of
the release of the American Consul at
Acapulco, who was recently imprisoned
there by the loenl outhoritiTs without
cause. Secretary Evarfs has instructed
our Minister to enter a formal protest
against this imprisonment and demand
from the government of Mexico an
apology an 1 full reparation for the out
rage. This may lead to important
changes in the relations between the
Uuiied States and Mexico.”
-- ... -■ ■ • -e<Z»e- ♦
IV<-!!-!!,■«»ovreil C«nipiiiarn».
In epeaking of Gen. Lowry in con
nection with the offi’0 of Governor, the
Kosciusko Star pays that gentl-'mnn
tlie distinguished honor to say that “the
Democratic party of Mississippi, no
matter how poverty-stricken in pros
pects, never drew a draft on him that
went to protest. He honored every one,
of them, and, no matter in what part
of the State his services were asked,
no matter what his private business,
liis habit, has been to drop it all nnd
take the first train for a tdt with the
Radical tnagnates. ”
-r —m »-«-♦■»—
Stole Haaril of Rej;!str:tlion.
The State Board of Registration give
notice that that body will meet in Jack
son on tho 1st day of June, 1877, for
the purpose of appointing three Regis
trars for each county in the State, said
Registrars to hold their office for the pe
riod of one year from the said first day
of June. Applications nnd recommend
ations for the appointment of county
Registrars should be addressed to the
“State Board of Registration, Jaeksou,
Miss.,” and should be forwarded by tho
2'th day of May.
'I'he Rimlri-n War. •
A few small engagements have taken
place between the Russians ana Turks
since oar last issue, with the victories
about evenly divided. Tho indications
now are that England will ho forced in
to tho fight. If so she will espouse the
cause of Turkey, not for any fri-mily
feeling to the Ottoman empire, but to
protect her own interests against Rus
sia. *
J.ord Derby, of England, has address
ee a caustic letter to Russia, iu which
he says:
It is impossible to foresee the con
sequences of such an net. Her
majesty's government would willingly
refrain from any observations in regard
to it, but as Prince GortshukofV seems
to assume, in his declaration addressed
to all the governments of Europe, that
Russia is acting in the interests of
Great Britian and other powers, they
feel bound to say, in u manner equally
formal and public, that the decision of
the Russian government, is not one
which cm have thc.r concurrence or
Thus. Carlisle, the great English mi
Ihor, has published a letter counselling
England s uentrality.
It is thought by a .great many per
sons. who are in high position, thut be
fore the war is over, England, Austria
and France, supported possibly by
Spain and Italy, will be found allied
against Russia and Germany.
The PeftooEHAYF.N' JLudgek says,- in
its “Alendville Items,” that the water
ha3 been all over creation. That’s a
•net. A Brook haven man's shoe came
floating into our town, and our inhabi
tants took it for a United Stales ship of
w ;r. — Franklin Banner.
If it bad the appenrance’of that char
acter, the good and loyal people of
Ueadvillo should have turned out in
flying colors and gave it a warm recep
tion, si mil a- to the one tile y.t-opin of
Vicksburg extended to tin- good United
States M iti-of-Var Plymouth. Now
if a big shoe looks like a Mar.-of
War, may have been a big shoo at
Vicksburg; and it may liayo been ?.fa
n.„ r> .. n,.o ,ti„—, 1 „
off on the citizens of the “Hill City.’
Shoe fly, “Jim,”
IT\t?tt:h's Weekly ears: “Thus far.
unquestionably, the administration of
President Hayes has the cordial sym
pathy and support of the most in
telligent. humane and patriotic senti
ment of the country. And that is the
surest and most lasting foundation.”
Well, we are at a loss to imagine v. hat
will happen next. If our eyes do not
deceive ns. Harper's Weekly, the most
ultra Republican journal in the United
States, and the most bitter assailant of
the South, has condescended to admit
for once that the conciliation of the
South “has the cordial sympathy and
support of the most intelligent, humane
and patriotic sentiment of the country."
Wc are willing to give that journal one
white mark.
We learn from a special dispatch to
ti e Vicksburg Commercial that the
■Tupreme Court has affirmed the
decision of the lower court in the
case of the State vs, Jeff. I). Roll,
p.’I shot and killed M. C. Heavy, a
printer, at Jackson, about a year nin,
was arrested and at the last October
term of the court in Madison county,
was tried sod e eivicte-1 and sentenced
to the penitentiary for life.
It is rumored to-night that a politi
cal combination lias been effected,
which will secure the election of (Jen
era I Ranks ns Speaker ol the next
House of Representatives—Dispatch.
As Mr. Banks is a Republican it is
hardly probable that the rumor is eor
rect, Tho Democrats have a majority
in the House, and it is safe to uny will
elect the Speaker.
We learn-that on Wednesday morn
ing Judge Calhoon instructed Sheriff
Cook to arrest and imprison every man
caught with weapons about his person.
—(to pi a ha >i.
If all the men that carry weapons in
thin section were arrested, it would be
necessary to import foreigners to guar
A proclamation has been issued by
the Queen.stating she iH determined to
maintain str’et impartial neutrality in
the war between Russia and Turkey
and commanding her subjects to ab
stain from violating the laws relating
We learn from the Ripley Advertiser
that Rev. L. R. Weir 1ms just returned
t orn Johnson county, Texas, nnd re,
i i:r ft i ur-Min ij: j t VT v «i • i::. —
crons an cl destructive. Ho said lr»
walked out into a wheat field, and
thinks he saw one thousand on one
foot square of ground.
Geo. M. Pin'ney has surrendered
himself to the authorities of Sun Fran
cisco, and was held in $*20,000 bail to
answer the charge of forgery of gov
eminent certificates of indebtedness.
Tin's is the former clerk of Naval In
spector Span'diu". Scandalous devel
opments are expect* .!.
A. Democratic exchange is nimble to
see what use this country has for
foreign ministers, and some other peo
pie are in the same fix — fCx.
Why, they want them to convert the
heathens, of course.
If the United States was to become
involved in ';be Eastern war, it would
be impossible for Mis-issippians to par
ticipate until after the 15th of Septem
ber, ns the game law prohibits the kill
ing of Turkeys before that time.
It is stated that the pension agencies
in the States of South Carolina, Geor
gia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,
Louisiana and Texas will be consolidat
ed into one, with an agent at New Or
The rumor that Fewell would attend
the Tress Convention, wnR, vve suppose,
a joke. Fewell might feel bad if he
should attend. There is no necessity
to heap Fewell on burning coals.
In one single county iu Ohio, last
year, according to official statistics,
there w ere over $130,000 worth of eggs
and chickens sold in market.
Gen. E. O. Walthal has declined to
become a candidate for Gbvornor. This
leaves the field almost entirely free to
Gen. Lowry.
Maj. Van. F. Sneabinoton, of Amito
county, is desd.
A Reception to be Extended the
President by Now York City.
Randall Ahead in the r.aco for the
'J'See S3<r.-!IS<. MlM'.uid S'lKist 8
I tie lU-inoviif of ilto 'aV««8>*
BScforc Altowi/ig Jtssy Aj>
Washtn’OTON, May 5, 1877.
Th« President has agr: ed to visit
New York before the meeting of Con
gress in extra session, and it is believed
preparations will be in- do for sneli a re
ception as bos hardly ever been accord
ed to anv man. The partisans of the
President have a great battle to fight
whenever the policy of the Administra
tion comes before the people at the
polls, or is di Missed in Congre s, and
they will naturally attempt to show in
advance wliat the chief city of the
country oan do nt a reception.
Nothing has occurred to indicate the
loss bv Randall of bis lead in th -
3ppnkor*hip contest. While h:s fri. i ds
do not claim absolute o< Dainty, they
feel that it is impossible to ui.de n>
many votes in caucus cn i ny .tint lean
as on him. Among I’epubi. v..-. ■ spccu
lation as to a candidate lies almost
ceased. There is no doubt Caili id or
Ba ks will lvave the comfort < . ’ .-i...
defeated by the Democratic c.-iudidftte
The complete r< moval of Mm array
from South Carolina and Louisian.;
ought to he insisted upon before the
Rouse votes m doll: r of army appro;-ri
stion. The Pi--aidant may la dot. r
mhied not to use troops in the r ditieu1
affairs of tin se States, but all d in,r< r f
bis or his possible suecc sor doing s..
tnnv be removed by sending the tr ops
e'sewbore. The l.ke dang’ r do's not
exist, in any other State. A consider
able reduction of the f ree has also
many a Ivneat.s, including the Presi
dent, and of course many administra
tion m m. B-sides the danger of im
proper use, the expense of the pr. sen
organization is a strong argument for
Tt is probable that on Hie first day of
the extra session, or as soon as the
President’s message is re:t 1 and ie
ferred, a t.-1 question will h- sotbnvtfod
so as to decide whether any business
but the array appropriate n bid shall b
con u'dt-red. Tf the Administration is
eonfi lent of its strength it will insist o»
It is trrulifvim: to be abb* to Ray that
I’ri'siil*nt Hayes pro'-nists to appoint:
onr own eitizena t > rfti * '. I nlike any I
fuller eoTtimTinitv in the country, w»*
are deprived of the ryeht to vote, ami;
it is not unreasonable to ask that «-11 v
officers, if we cannot » bet them, plmi
be of onr own people. Grant's plan
was to make the District a hospital for
decayed politicians.. Hernando.
—.-* *-.—
tnli'-lb-llaiii TSsail Gonlcsictors.
Washington, May I. -A circular is
issued from tho Postotfiee Department
wh oh directs that in claims for aute
l> 11am mail contracts application must
be mftde to the Second Ass -tail!
Post hi aster General by tho con
tractor or his osi-on'ors, as th • money
cannot bo paid to assigne- s. fi lie r.p
plication must show the character and
exton' oi the soi vice, tho length of the
route, how much in each tilate if it. ex
tends over mo*-.' tl.au one, and Ho
oeriods for which tho claim is o. , : .
T!.» dvidoii-o, in writing or print,
which claimant ill iv o ivo must aecoui
pa..v the Hahn, and the fact must he
Tcritiol 1'V tl.e testimony' »>t' iso -a
nesses who were post-mas!'■•rs oil the
route, or it" this is imposs.blc, tlu.t of
t»<» other d;-iriti re- ted persons w.
received thriv mail at either of the t-r
rainnl points on said route. The a; -plica
tion aud statements must he made nu
iler oath, and the credibility of ilie | r
sons making the. oath must bt
certified iiy the person before whom
the oath is made. Where tie
oath is made before a Justice of tin
Peace, his official eharactt r and signa
ture must be certified to by the Clerk
of a court of record iu the comity when
the oath is made.
Go!, A. Y. IlaiiHT.
A correspondent of the Enterprise
Cuni icr says: “Among the names men
tinned for Attorney-General at the
coming State election, there is non.
more worthy than that which head
this article. That he is a man of snf
ficient legal learning aud ability to till
the office with credit to himself and ti
the country, no man will deny, who
knows him and is c .pa’ole of judging
iris moral character is without a litem
inti, ami politically he is as sound as
it is possible for a man to be in tin
faith of pure Democratic government,
as established and administered by
the Fathers.
During all the d irk days that, follow
ed the downfall of the Confederacy, and
when men of supposed integrity, an-,
whose fidelity to principle hail tievi r
been suspected, were wavering and of
fering to bow at, the shrine of policy,
and become time scrvi rs and trimmers.
A. Harper was as tru.- to the faith
. A!. .. . St- A . a!..),, 1 —.-II- AUIa.
to itf-k that tlie people of the east may
canvass tlie matter, and sec to it that
the officer of Attorn y General shall bt
properly and worthily be -towed.”
YVl.J 3C«-::i::in Katal.
The Jackson Viuritni has the follow
ing convincing reasons to prove dial
the South will remain solid: “And
the South will remain ‘solid’ The Re
publican leaders, by their desperate
.scheming to arrav the North against
her: commenced the gam >, and taught
her people the necessity of combina
tion. Ail that they have gained since
the war in re-establishing their rights
under tlie common Government, was
by standing together. If the bayonet
is to be removed, it is because the
South contributed her part, to tliepopu
!ur majority of three hundred thousand
voters who made the demand through
flic ballot-box. There ,s power in the
voice of a people united. The spirit
of hate and persecution, more deaf than
wind and waves to the appea s of jus
tice and Immunity, quails before it.
The natural instinct of self-preserva
tion points to but on* course. It is for
tt^> South to stand firmly by the Na
tionul Democracy, which in the dark
days, and through good and evil ro
port, demanded equality of privilege
for her in the Union.”
S ire ^011 • I:.
The New York Day Book says of the
new ord*=r of things:
Tlie South is free and disenthralled
forever from seotlbual despotism, and
for a hundred years to come, as for sev
ty years past, it will rule the North, not
bv brute force or to plunder it, but by
the moral forces of Democracy, and
that enlightened r.tatemauship which,
in sixty years, built tip the most maje-'
tic and beneficent power ever witnessed
in the world s history, and which wm:
turned over to Abe Lincoln and bis
merry men without ev,-r shedding one
drop of fraternal blood or contracting
a dollar of public debt.
A Salt Lake dispatch says the Mor
mon authorities are determined to re
sist any attempt to molest Brigham
Young for complicity in the Mountain
Meadow massacre, and for this purpose
are secretely arming.
The Jieiujwr tSimnciie.
A correspondent of tlio Mobile Jteg
.inter, writing to that paper from l)e^
Kalb on the 8t)tb nit., gives a full no
count of the late Kemper county mas
sacro, as follows:
On the evening of Ibe2f>lh inst. Mr.
John W. Gully was assassinated on tlu*
road near home. Mr. (J. h id been in
town and w.«» returning horn- ■ bunt
twilight; wlien within half nr' f his
house, wan shot by an nHiinsaii: til*
roadside; the shot took eil'. 11. the
neck, killing him. instantly. re
port of the gun was heard at iso,
and he not coming immediiit, sed
his son aud a friend who happm. d to
he at the house, to walk up the road in
the direction of town, when they found
thttjbody of Mr 0. lifeless in the road.
Tint assassin hud taken his (Mr. G.’s)
lint, boots, and pocket-book; no cine
could be had as to his or their Where
shoots. Mr. (i’s body was on Satur
dav, the 2Hth, buried a- the family
burying ground near New Hope church.
Great feeling and excitement wan man
host, at the burying.
On Sunday morning a warrant was
issued for the arrest of several parlies
,-,isoeeted of co:n:ihci*y in the murder
The .Sheriff arrest -d V,. \V. f hiaolni,
IT. A. ITopper and N. \V. Hopper, and
(hem iiii'b r gnanl, A's-ut 11
o'clock a large nn idler of excited and
■ rurinb'd e tizi iis .a. m'oUd in town
The pris tiers waver. . veye.t to I'm ja -
: tv. Chisolm's fam'ly would
ritfi him t jail in spite of the re
uv tistrarices of the ofd •era and others
'bon' 2 o'clock p. in. I. F’. Gilmer ai !
(I. Koseuli'um. for whom tile inherit!
h< Id a " irraiit. w re n port i i. ,u ‘he
town, mol rea lv to eurreinh r to the
; m .. V4. The Sheriff despatched some
nrndent good'citizens to bring them to
the -fail, which was being done, und
when about seventy IT .*e yard - from the
ind. aud on the way thereto, ,T. P. Gib
m’r was fir°d upon aud ki led—three
stiot a «•;re fired The excitement was
intense, and there was in controlling il
nt ill. Soon after this, Mr. A. Me
Ti' l’aiuT. who had made'some very in
discreet remarks, came out. of t!i“ jail,
when he was tire.d upon e.nd also killed
The exc'tem nt, if possible, intensified
wt e:i a report was circulated that a:i
CIV rvt < 11 11'l i V r, L .• i ‘ •'' • - • ‘
cnc fldsolm A rush was made for
t! Slu • • who had stoo I m in
fullv n-> *,> this tone between the crowd
and the prisoners, was ever powered
nod the posae forc".l away and an eu
trance undo inio the irr -nn. when a
number of shots were fired—the num
ber and exact euect cannot lie told.
One man in the crowd, Dr. D. W.
Rosser, was hilled and a son of Ch;s
o’m. a b-.v about thirteen years of age
trilled_Johnnie C’h solm. Chisolm s
daughter, 'J -a Cornelia, also received a
severe wound in the wrist, and probj
V.’v soni ' other slight wounds. About
this time. If A. Hopper and N. \V.
TT.nuv r were brought out of j -il and
carried awav unhurt, as it is said the
narHcs were satisfied of their inm cenet*
si'd also of that of C. Rost nbanm.
\ttpv n verv short time the firing was
again renewed, when W. W . Ch solm
was shot a nnmber of times; his body
whs taken bv some of the eit;z;,tis and
carr’ed to bis home, v,i'el’.“ lie has h*a n
under the care of plivsiceirts since lit*
is reported to be in a diiug condition
and no hope is entertained f;T bis re
covery At this writing he is sinking
fast. ’ VI row is apparently quiet.
Tito excited and infuriated people
seemed determined to avenge the ranr
■ i rt'f Mr John \V. Guliv.who was one
f ike leading cd'z.ois of til* eoll' iy,
n man of great influence, nnd whose
r i i(ion was v rv rt”U'i :t. V !• re t
ntiv)1'1 -\n aft* not. v. is oil tlw
ih‘h tDecember last, 1876, to b»#5
s: ate ldm on tlic roa.l-'-n’,:-’, v»h 1 ',1 fro
cl; he then received a severe woueti.
()i»e ropnit s*dd M'ss Chisolm killed
Dr. Rosser, but th” latest int-ThijeiJc'f
is that Chisolm killed h'.u.
-„ .- — - me -*w
Tun Louisville Con >''c - vi'll
■' s th< pr ■ t i nr will ■ one oi
unu- lal prosperity. t ins idea :- bas, r
upon the probability of a g.n-iai sue
lasting war in Europe, and winch this
jour Mil thinks will bring America up
again. Says the ('oiitiet'-’Ioirrnor.
“ fhe war is likely to be great and last
ing. It wili hrisg America up again,
it. will nt dee money, good money,
‘cheap and plenty,’ pay your debts,
public and private. The present year
will lee one of general prosperity in this
conn try. We may look for the most
active summer since the war. Trade
w'l! revive, product ion will be well
paid, and specie payment will ‘come of
their own hook.’ Ti en remains to be
done soni' thing by this part of the
country if she would profit by the
European difficulties. We must raise
more bread and 1 aeon, 'lies fact
would seem to have impressed itself or,
the planters of the South without the
necessity for the drumming of it. into
their ears constantly by the editor--, hut
we are afraid it has not done They
are wedded to their fi-eeyDdol. end
even now, while w.rr’s trumpet bias:*
are blowing ami the eft ct on cotton
i id producers is certainly known, we
find the area in cotton about as largess
hist, rear, wit!; perhaps no increase in
the amount, of grain planted. This
will not. do, if we would share the bene
fits of the general prosperity in store
for this American country.”
Chile!* <'a-!iing ok War.
The New Orleans Times says;
diplomat, Caleb Cushing, Min-stm* t*>
Spain, now on leave of shsenceaf Wash
i/u'i, expresses the opinion that^ the
war in Europe will be general soil
i hat this country ought,ns a cons* qui nce
togatherthe English commercial marine
under iis (lag. lie thinks also that the
present, advance on fl >”r is speculative
and that even if the firht should b(
confined to Russia and Turkey the de
mand for our breads!nfi’s will be heavy,
as the Russians will not allow their ce
reals to be exported while at wsr and
their producing classes will have to
join the army.
Crop Report.
The following is the report of the
condition of tl o crops in this State up
to the 8th inat.:
“With the exception of plantations
along the river, and a few sections in
the northern part of the State, planting
has nearly been completed two weeks in
advance. Compared with last year, and
for many sections, good stands are re
ported. Heavy rain anil severe hail
storms are reported to have visited the
northern and north western sections cf
the State from the 22d to the 27th of
April, and it ia feared that some re
plantiug will have to be made.”
Among the callers at the White
Honse recently was Mrs. Sarah Davis,
who has shaken bauds with every Pres
id< nt from Washington down. She is
ninety years of age,and resides near the
Xavv yard in Washington. She was
accompanied by Dr. Isaac Cole, of
Maryland, and sent her card up to
President Hayes, who shortly after
wards came into the East Room and re
ceived her. Siie told the President
that when slm was a little girl she saw
Washington lay the corner stone of the
Capitol. The President expressed him
self gratified at meeting her, nnd hop
ed she would live to shake hands with
otiier Presidents to come.—Ex.
Caff. S. Gwin. of Monticf.llo, has
been mentioned as a candidate, for Au
ditor of Public Accounts. No truer
man could b» found than Capt. Gwin
and his elect! m would insure a faithful
discharge of the duties pertaining tc
the Auditor’s office.— ITcstvitlt .Vein*.
Tho Sultan of Turkey Kas Proclaim
ed a TToly War.
intelligence from tho Eastern Wa\
Reason Foe B’ostpotiiog; sfse V slJ
«‘U o5*
London, May 8th. 1877.
Monktar Pasha tolegrap i- d the in rtc
that he occupies a strong position be
tween Kars ami Erzcroain, and is con
tldeut of his ability to stop the Russian
Tho Stiiniliirti'n Vienna telegram
isuys: The Sultan lias resolved to pro
! claim a holy war.
Austria lias notified Russia and the
j porte that the interruption of free nav
j igation of the ldatiubee can only be
| temporary; navigation must, after th.
! war, be ri stored to its full f..rc«. in ao
j cord nme with the treaty of Paris.
| 11 run; .a, May S — I’lio Pol Ta i fJ -
| ;e//r believes Russia will not reply to
Derby’s note, bee ins- th - only p i sib!
I'cply would tie a declaration of war.
London-, May 8. — It is confirmed
that Rossi;, d r-j not tateii.l to reply to
England’s ncie.
In their modified form, Mr Glad
i stone’s resolutions dt-co.re, in elT et,
j that Tiirk-y has no claim to the m .ral
lor material support of Great Britain.
LtVK’ifooi,, At ay 8.—The p!)8t suvr:
.1. r o .j tv s .> ir s! ip Achilles, tying
j; i the Mfisy, ive.-ived instructions ves
i ter.lav to proceed to Plymouth ou Fri
We are inform’d that the govern*
ment has already 35.000 troops and 11.
000 liorst'3 ready to embank at any rr.z
m. nt.
WAsmAtOTix. May 8 —Applicants for
office are much disappointed, as tin
policy of postponement is to be applied
j to them na well as to Congress.
'I he best theory is that the admitiis
! r r <tl.>n is ambitions of organizing'the
l House in th*- interest of the Hayes wing
I of the Republican party; this brine
i found impossible as early as the 4-!» of
j -hine, the prnr> 1 ivuo was postponed
j until the middle of O. tob r, an 1 that
no artime every appointment will be
I made with a view t > that result. The
I slate has been m il tied >n the interest
|of this peliome, n"d parties who leu
I days ago thought they were secure, 8 id
| the doors of the White House opened
tardily when they approach.
— - — • *• «*<» *- • - ---- ■
Tire Mercury s-ijs a few days ago a
Mr. Fowe, a oncsarined man, had Rome
dealings with Messrs. Turner k Taylor,
merchants, at Waynesboro, and a quar
i *v urn .1 iu ii- ii nil'll-, i 11: i -
i ingin a personal u'ffl "’.lty, in which
| Powe was star.bed liy Taylor and shot
| by Turner receiving serious, but hop
led, not fatal wounds.
Monday morning last, tdie packet
v’aioon a .s blown up below \ »w r
leans, and several persons were uro.wu-.
“livery Body Takes It.”
! B V I!
t:S'r;'>V,!? ke \ ~C': V 6- ITTfwr
dllliM I W ? ■•->..1,5 ‘■•‘,51 H~.i W
. 5# A i>
; !i!*uefi f pBP! ssysya
. ■„ ■» . , i ■: ar hj1 L‘ ii a K Lo . .x a a> b •> 2
* Hf*ii :‘»v,
; Indiana,
Alabama, Etc.
ic.-ymmendsd by the
i I h.ve.ii-i.'tri's
Gravel, Oonsmcptiott, Coughs/ Chol
era Morbus, I)/spep-da, l>'S"ti.
tery, Ft male Weakness, and
Is a Great Strengthener & EloodFariSer,
0- xxxjXjJS
If used regularly when the chill sea
son is coming on.
No Family Should be Without It'
Manufactured by
8. S. 4 2. It: Sir.
•10 West Main St., Louisville,Ky.
Sold bv Pruggisls Everywhere.
May 10-ly.
Sheriff's Sale.
R. V/. Minsajw. ) la tfc<s r.r.- ait Court <,;
vs [No 272*». > Pi::* county.
W.H.Garland, >•. J ,ju. vunr-nt A coafH $1210.?}.
By virtu* « i « wr.t • cxc- o to me, dir* f
pd from tl e Oi.cu't reuit *f P:k# r. u.-.tv, ' is
/■ *s«: 1 v.;:J, o o Mondav * : sin «1h> of June,
1- 77. a t< o.ir:-house ^oor, in : *.nvr <>i
Br tok' nv' n, pru.c *«i to »•»"., t<* :e 'n^’i y *
tier f«T citsli, t; r follow.i* s. .. t- ••• r -.
to-wit: ,
ot n<'4 of .-ec. 26. and Rff1; nf'1 i ;u. an rj
tfvvnslnj* 5 of . u: ire 7, east, ;rtu £ -j-o a.
more or less, l<*vi< d on its ■ p < • : i .• • roe >!■
Immanrs, and wiil i e * 1«to * d miv tne j
and costs in the ah .vo sr.il* J oas \
This rue fitli day ol May, a. I), if77.
May BMt. A. <>. ('('X, Sheriff.
Main St., near Public Landing, Cincinnati
Terms S2 Per Day.
May 10-1 yr.
t f.fpdfa .tp ;•. -ove or below k ■ > eon < Mtr.
bVeCrSieiVM Transportation and Or dor obtained Free.
and Morphine habit ebeotntelr n^d
tU?g n I Hm apwdily cumLPainleMs uopub.ic-.y.
I 9 II IBS S*ml f-iurtp for part ‘cu!»r«. 1?-. I r.<
cj ion* lW V. oauiiig;uut w,Cmcagw. Id.
A MONTH—Apents waited every
where. ltustot ss honorable and first
class, Particulars sent free. AddreM
J. WORTH A CO., St. U>uis,Mo.
I WATCHES. Cheaper! In the known
j world Snmy./i- iralrh ami outfit fre* ta Afjcnu,
| <3 l-'or tenus address COULTER A CO.Chfcago
D/lTTolTTATin 7-shr.t $2.53,73 kinds. Curs A Rifles C3
IlHVnilf PrV^SSOO- Monster Ji».C :t.for3-cf.stamp
j LLU » uii Ui Ij Western Gun Works, Cmcogo, Id.
Commissioner’s Sale.
Bentonville Taylor.)
vs. v Decree June 29, 1876, for
J. B. Reason et el.) $193 4-f.
By virtue of a decree of the Chancery Court
or Lincoln county, I will on Monday, y ay 14, *78,
at the Court-house door in Brooknaven, sell nt
public auction for cash to the highest bidder,
the following property, for'payment of said <K
c e*; and costs of said*suit, to-wit: L«'ts9, 10, 11
an i 12, in square or biock Q, in the town of
Brook haven. J. M. BUCKLED,
Apl. 19—4t. < oumiissioner.
We will send, post-paid, 30 brailtifuI
visiting cards (no two alike) with your
name in
Cold, Silver cr Biack,
lettering for 1 ■) cte. Name with address
; ‘2i cts. Agents H’anted. Send tor eiicit
iars. Ueluble PiClSrtNG VO.,
Mr. Mu. Northford, Conn.
; A distinguished physician of XGw York
It is astonishing how imirpraal'y Dr.
Ttilths rills arc ujci. In my daiiy round?,
I bear of them ro t only among tho po-T,
but their virtue; are hern.dud from tho man
piona of tho wealthy and refined. Know
ing tiro inventor from his long connection
with tho tn' dica profession, I lmvo great
confidence in their m im* and of Into Iibv-j
often presefi be ( t re
full? in cases where 1 cH- * ad to iuhUu a do
tided impression on toe liver.”
'c:n SVSwf fa Ifr, Tutt tv-s en
UJ1 rtb-d V. ■ ! in t: c loac.ae Of
ocia 8Tt:K HSiD- 1.14-ji-i I -ti. :• years.and
AOUK. ; . -m* ^timcwnvdeniou*
.. .. - v.ntarnt itcstomv in the
rUTT’3 PILLS ^•;^.te^a'nrK
^ ~ n .ocjit.fic principle*,
! OT i JS Pill* ;s£&rr$.,r*< ,rorau11
CUH2 CONSTIPATION ‘ lie 1 ■..* in
roi.hininif in i!*rm the
cn^jut-ns. ; ;iXT:^"ia,ur
~ T *r t.riwt f*rp**rent cf*
CU11B I FVTTR AiT 13 o properly :t • s i nlute,
AQDF.. Y , ib the synteta i* no’tr*
•*-*•*+■**— ished, . nd by t c r »onic
Off £51 BCLfOUS wua
. Va-2 rS hazx
Turns piCuspv-^^r.v-.v^.T^
Tims PILLSj;,:!!i‘,.?' :•.
cuaii iORFID LIVKS.. j ,,f .. c j.vrr, *iiU
■mcaertu 3 <* h TOr! 0 C-'DH p-littJJ .
KZ.7Z ^rTti^tv^Th ;"3.
Him Fills i
GI72 APPETIT3. t Dn. Turr :-Dc. r Sir;
r” -XI" . I'cr len vcr.rs l h::ve l>cc:i
TUI fS2 P;LLS1 ''r‘3-!rprji«>-.en:i
CUBS rOTTI, 3EEATH. ) s,-:P*”n:’> K!,d pocs. crj
well nigh cxh.listed
Turns Pills
1,'EVEB G^IPB. when, by :uxi lent, yorj
- »-««• p
T»'TT5'* pil ; 0 notice. I In-gan their e,
I J I I v) i j the Hr-r i e imvc ii’fl
GIVE SOTICD 3EMP. “• h relief tYit 1 continued
--r_ to tithe Ihr :n. Ir.ro row »
‘rttree rtf a t. © w:ima >.uv. ko--i ?•>.
i i .cs have niW'nfPTfd,
•film PILLS ;dV;t,iVi.sK
CUBE rLfeTTTLENOEi. Rsv. R. L. $l»'rSO.v.
ctra* boils. Harmless, can be tnk
- en by young or old
TiiTTI? Pit ■ ? without re.mint of
I U t s c- 11 LUO diet or occupation.
OIVU CLEAR SiLIir. i’ilIt'tt Zj UEirX3.
a^ORYTHmiHs £AVEP>::
In quantity by their perfect purity and great]
strength; the only kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific i
care to insure uniformity, healthfulncss. deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ces. They are Ctr superior to the common
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Oh
Aerve Our Trade Mirks ss above, “Cream"
Hiking Powder, “Hand and Cornucopia.”
I5..v the Bait ing Powder only in cans **< urely
labelled. Many have been deceiv'd in icose
,ir bulk Powder so! 1 as Dr. Price’s.
Manufactured onlv i v
Ciiiaum, St. Loait and Cincinnati
Law Depar’.ment cf Washington
St. E.onis, ... Pfo.
F \< III Y:
Rev William ti Elliot I. 1> D. President
and Chancellor of the University.
Professors axo Lecturers:
Henry Hitchcock 1,1, >>, Prof of I! ml
prop 1,'nv, and Provogt • f tbo Law !'>■
part men t.
Albert Todd. A >! Lecturer on Un
Law of Real Properly as applied to Con- J
Alexander Marlin, A M, Professor «l
! ! n lern ati'inal Ad mi rail y. Me line lnsur
! ale e nmi M a l it imo I.a vv .
Sun’nd it'her. A M. i’l'iiT of the lliste.
. y and Science of Law, Cons Law. Ports,
| 11(| llilv ;• 'i .1 succ. - .in 'IS.
| John M ivi um. A M. Lecturer on Crini
: Inal la w.
i ('-eni'u.. A Madill, V M, Professor ol
| Real Proper! v law,
i Chester li Kruni, A It, Professor of the
Law ol Pleading, P ae. and Evi., Corps.,
ai d Domestic Relations.
George M. Stewart, A M, Piofessor of
the Law of Contracts, Sale*, Kills and
Not. s and E.aiiitcuts, and Dean of Law
Regular annual cession will open Octo
ber 10th, 1377.
Tuition fee is ?50 per terra, payable in
evei v care in advance.
Tnere are six free scholarships in this
school, three for junior and three lor senior
class. There arc no extra charges.
Students arc admitted loeither c'a-s, on
examination, until the Christmas recess.
For parliculais, addle s
Dean of Law Faculty,
20,3 7J. Thiid sireet, St. Louis,'Mo.
t'KB Q
Excelsior Copying Book.
l Made of Chemical paper. Quickly cop
ies asv writing without water, press or
! brush, used at home, library or office
| For ladles wishing to retail copies ot
letters, every business man. clergymen,
correspondents, travelers, it is invalu
able mid sells at sight. Send ?! and we
will send a turn page l ook, b ttVr sizo. by
mail paid to any address. We refer to
nilv Commercial Agcncv. Send stamp
lor agents’ circular. Excelsior Mnfg.
Co.. I1U Deal'll irn St., Chicago, Ills.
3009 Agents Wanted. My 3-4in
Commision Merchants,
Corner Pine and c ommercial his.,
jST'pecial attention given to the pur
chase andsalo of all kinds ot Western
1‘ioduoe ana Cotton. My‘3-ly.
Used in Health Prevents
Terry’s Salicylic Soap;
(Patent applied for)
A Perfect Anli-Septi© end
Disinfectant Bath and Tci!etSo?p.
Takes the Place cf -.11 other 3oapa for
Baitj u wt; <0 *AC *'»!**.1J*.
Mar: f 'ctnrfd from He Per*** Vegetable
with Hie Addition of that Hr * ttwt known
Auii-tieptlc and Disinfectant
VuVuir the woft hesitMal. tbs most perfect,
und :!:»• most co-mom’cui b*t*I and ToiLfir *->•*. p
ever -tTerc 2 to th-; puMic.
In io «e.» »jv t.heruvdic.i1 professionand ktn*-t
ed by th ’Usaudf
In a!! > rtf r.r o oo-l poi3or-:ng who* ter ar-aing
moil »•-..ar-. t’<-r i». a^i’ntx * X'. Latum*. defeo
; ,r»-i‘-• .re, i any f t. *-r ■ . i
ihv ,.!yv”".Vi inn ' » :* -u Mnj* of
. • 7S'- d-i, ,«U'i i.; :r.a
.m lal a y*;t - . -<• .1 : ', .iu./, . d ne nr»«»!
. ^ • i reviil m I? '«*
t!r ir. e.ttv'.-’ kn j*'n pr vy.,t r. > t.mt d.«ra-;u.
It ■ . *• v- e . t. (.nr# .if a.: a
d.r-.eastji; a ■ ::a* provi ,-i .t, and sta use n
('nit’ ','m: Ui» a *udtl Ouc-i to **:;.v> i
• a ertii’M' a e tar. Hr expo-* <». li \c
nos! h. •ilthjv.l bath snap fur infants, a it i !'f» 'f- MV t
iu y. ; 2 >.<."»•: .. ;» ih . 5 m .re ex . n7e
' t I • t« It
► oes :> »>•; «:•>! :«i grout super***, ry :n mgmg
■ ’ u:..vei a .*• . It Jus no disAgio-: t . j
0J0. an 2 • •; P*i. **.
1 * Jt tfiVe.» lined I u hoijntalfl and s:ck renna
* ,1 01 -.;f ■ 1 ■* i a.
»‘/.r t* t by • -'legists a~d rrrac‘-s.
Rumple ' X 1. .* f.n»4< 3 caL. a • . I
) r (-*•-, t ol In cent*. in •••*i t -r ■: > t .<
trade. iiDbi.VEta.Yc ..
Eo.e Agvi u Iu;- ;*.e Trade.
Awl j.J. Cii.uag'j, It.K.
The Old Reliable
7">\ s'-.T • A »p A p Tf ITT
LKii LSIVI Pi ; rietor.
gvMtV on 1..V-! !.- c t'- atR|iM*P
mmr- the uia.i-vt —
iy- vj4-? Call nllurd, I>^ f, lnMloH,
f u: r aj -.l H.maage in ?4^Hfiori. A continna
ion cf the jiitironkc'c heretofore exioMcied
.-r re*pv’Cilully toltciteu. tSali^faction t*i
a;l. A pi 5-ti\
IS. Bj.
JJff c* «.*•<* s*# - 35i*MlNffipp7,
lias Wugetw. Buggies Ligiit Carriuge
House Furniture, Hnr
Ml .'ililOi V, Hi.* A ft,
Swei jH, Hum ami
Ijvr ^pL *•. LcaiiiM Belting.
« /• *• £/ 6il m o r t,
(of Aberdeen,'M »*.,)
UI '« li UMft '.'U I Ul.£ ; ,
Schmid'app & Co.. Props.
/:. .7. SC!I iLLER.
O u HT £3 IVI X *3? XX
".A ode! Maker,
BROOK U A VENT. - - - M168.
Is n -jiif ; i* «l with m-\/ tool* ami
lit I*' - N *;> t'o*i »l, Jii, i prepared to 4»>
;cl *v* iii his He uls■>
’Via't s Flings, Repairs Jewelry
one! Dewing Machines.
K hi. v ».ir■.>!:»sr i f ai! kind? •*i *>nii»? • \
; l. ’ . «t :. : nt'd* Hl.'i JilllUl. L1 k>U k-*pL
i. l-Vc. 2-!y,
I'uii mid IVilifer
M 1 T T , I >7 K K A'
VI*S !> I!.
.o Vi if ■ rr a a .ng
•id bi;m»i5**r Mii. n*?},
•* V *1 *• Ui:J I ’ ■* BuJVick
ho ! K.-’-*, .* •
i«. n«. **v. ! r1 .Cx’ nil i>r
n •- i . a • v. i . j.
L” r ; si .It -s-..: . g
d > !•* toUi.lcr. t**»y*ls *■.» 1
JU \>vir «• -j:h p . w--.
> ;v.* .. t-» f in*
l»d V'S of b. »’ % iV.’U X i 1
Vicinity reHnei'tililliV fO
iinte.li Call .xii'l ex.musi«
Sum Mtkeb’N xrock hwf*»re
sending jour orders oS.
BrrosTfAYXN, November si'Cti, i87<Mf
<cyceRsor to Isaac Stranb)
Ko:ith eti*t *-or. Whm»; and
Kim, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Fend for c .cuiar. F. o. Address, Box 1063.
Nov. 9 Ij.
Mrs. C. Maxwell, - - Proprietress.
This tirst-ela*** hotel has been refitted
for the »cf‘*ir.B:f'(!ati«*n of the public,
and no * fforts \x i11 be spared to make
guests emntoi table. Commercial 11 *v
• i'ers »vili find it to their interest to
stop at this house. Terms low. [Nvll tl
Sam lAghtfool,
Has opened a shop near the Court
n-'uso, n here ho is prepared to do «!l
work in his lino. His prices for Shuviu-j,
uniting Hair and Shampooing are rt
tnarkstbh low. He solicits th« patron
!Action to all'patrons. Sept.iM>r. •
■r* s x mix*- o CART'S, witt^name, (or loc lJ
a 'i Pmhimp. Oj.' i ack X* ' nfyiea) Acquaintance
Curtis, tor. Samples I^r 3c atamp. M J
Notice to Farmers
1 have Cheatham’* Champion Prolific
Cotton Seen to hell, apply a: Storm <t Son.
J. \V. Martin.
i iitvm.vss iiO\si»i.YG
.luckhon, • •* Miiwiwilpp»»
The faille is at all times supplied with
tne best toe marKet attbrds. Term
Corser Rithi :i»4l I’ir.**! Nlrec(a«
$4 00 AND S3 00 PER DAY,
According to location of rooms.
t\ JOHXSOX, Manager.
Drop in at
iKE COPE, Proprietor,
lie Keeps all Kinds of
Call and see him. ocUW-tf
Manufactures those celebrated Bell* for
Churches, Academies, etc. Price List,
and Circulars sent free.
JV l-ly B ill illMM't#, Jill.

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