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Canton herald. (Canton, Miss.) 1837-1839, July 28, 1837, Image 3

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rndcnvor to tnnkp our vupcr ro!ila- j lit n l-n m, llwin-'Suni'icI
hlr ftritl mtcrcstin;; tnottr patrtms ly I' 1 c!m Nrttl.'ini"l II, Kir-m-v Mim J,
tlir (lic.usiicn ond cluci.lalion of (Ikhc ! Pln-n :i"y ,i;titi'l M, I'otil I), I'oftcf I,oti-
mfjjfCts, wliirh will l,f mot 'mtor'?-! is.i U, IWny A 0, Kri.rll H H.
tii rV fuul useful ty tl rm. Tlio.-to m'" ( ''iry Vesf, (Jurrctt llf-nry A, (til-
jirts we Mijiposri to e tlntse rc'ntip,'1,1'ist Jly Cootlwin John T 'i, (Infi'm
lathe proat ricultum! iatcrc.-t c.V j Mr (Atw,ey at law.)
the country.-Tl.c saun.l moral j.rin-1 t lnmi i, llan. ton John, Lal-
cinle of the c.nmunity.-1n start, I ", r7 ,U,n n r "7 ""'SZ !"
.,..,,,,. ' . ., ' soph 2. Ihnli'nmn D, Ilanlcmnn John L,
the intellectual improvement ot the ,t. ..,;. .. ,rt, h;..l.-,.
- - . . . i iiiiit .nii;i.k7tuii i. nil ni iit m, I i k i v n i ."'n
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fin. I !i'i:a ifidolifd to snid rtl.ntc art'
rcntir.trtltorii'ikp inimotiiitcpaynictit.
I A I .ATI! A M,
April 7. lM7-l-r,w.
Thk SrAft' or MisiOiJiTi
f "lailorr " countv,
I if" i f r-nntv, l!,t. nU', rwm,.v: 10 7"'""N
.M'ut.bv of M;irrl., in ti,r oA:in mhhI t!-cstar i-f John
year Y ..:( I,.r,l one thou-i ',,iU,, c l.; lrHiv r,c imtu- ft
:r,.i. i J,.,,,t.,,iiV-tu:!S1 P"'?h Iio!din'r.!aiir.3 gainst sat.)
oiui.ir:Ja'e '' at we i ill meet at 12o'cloi'k,
'.17, ny tfiii'i! SaturJay in rvorv inon'tt
,i ' for six tr.cn ihs fit U.-Oiiilin- ksq.- t-
iinil f tritl liuiiiiiTil ami tltirt v
rinrn.aiul ral if saiJ ro
the .11.-1 ihtv of Marrh IR
lM'.Ti',lt HAnSP.Vl.i:,. Aclm'r.
March .11, 1S37 :0-Cw. ,
AS conimitt'-il to th jail of MnM
isort county, by T..S. Salmon a
iustii'.o of the l'sc'. a noro boy who
I: Jin Natchez to If. A: H,l rcat bo.ly ol the people opii all sui-! charlc-'Jlill ILK W & Co, Hoy P II,
kf0, tho are duly author iscl ject3 effecting their happiness find ; JI()ni p At 1!oriu,r nckinh, Hope John
Uitimsamc. prosperity. Our political pnnciplcsli.wjIoUl.wwfih JT.IIutchena JWD.
.'UrM of the oj'l establish
wedfor the purpose ofli
Uly, iy Henry L. IJentiett, New
'ud ITm. FcrritJay, Natchez, or
iarisH attorneys.
U flrtcr A! rms of
k't, 4- CV. nni Ship, Ftr-
JrlMS, July 3d, 1837. " -iin3s
hitherto carried on by the
'ill be continued by the subscri-
2tis city, tinder the firm ef fki-
Wys, 4c co., find in Natchez,
(l) FimriAV. X'. rfi' wVifl hi VP
Fto partnership for that purpose.
HENRY 1 iilSiMNiaiT,
Orleans, July 3d 183. "
.-Aaffl: touner.j
IVohaf Court, March Term, 1C3T.
I ilUhU nani iXEI.SOX. and F3S
ho belongs to Thomas Oa! of Yawn
rnuntv: the said ov H ahout IC or
URSt?ANT t mi order of the t j? years old, of dark compaction, a
Probate cc.:rt of the county nfore-l bout 5 feet .high, had on when com
mitted white cotton pantaloons, a blue
Janes roundabout, stout built. The
ow ner of the above described boy is
are those entertained by Washington
and Jcflcrsonv-in favor of a strict
and just construction of the Constitu
tion. We believe that al! powers not
"ranted to thc.Fedcral Government,
ilciirv John J.
I Ingram N D. , .
J Junios John R Jamison Thomas,
Jonos Janrt", Joncn Janira Cm, Jones J J,
Jones Jxa K, Josirft JumCsS, Jones Wni II,
il.n .nr tn' thft ' John.son Tito's C & Co, Johnston J, JoicB
people ; and t!iat all violations of the 1 Copton tr, Jordan Llyah, Jordan, ilur-
reserved rights of the States,' a vio ris.S? . , e n v . ,
lation of &c Constitution and a dan. ii.KmgJaJvennedy San, 1 P, Lent
said, Notice i hrreby given, to allj
persons interested in tlic lamU tene
ments and hereditaments of Elam II.
Davis and Mary J. Davis (Minors un
der the age of twenty one years, and
heirs of Elam H. Davis, deceased) to
be and personally appear at the next
May .Term, 1837, of said 'Probate
inurt. and then and there to shew
cau.ieiNny they can, why an : order
shall not be granted, for the sale oi the
Real estate of said Minors, to wit: Ly.
JnfT nnd hftinc situated in the county
ofMadison and state aio.esaid, and
cerous usurpation on the part of the
Federal Government. The present
situation of our country .affords a
XOTICE. , -fhomit
may cencem, I shall
t:on tlie probate court to bo hol-
Vcourt house in Canton, on the
w m August next, to have coin.
Vtippcinted to lay off my dower
iisot Ilezekiah Kibble dee'd.
i Hii!.
L Lanibort James, I.amlert L, Ligon
William 2, Lincoln Jnsss, I,ong John,
Lonrr Roliert. iicGrnnd Jno N. Lewis lv
rnelancholly example of the consc- Van,'Lvoit William D, - " 5,
quences of the Executive '"throwi I M McCaa John i, lJcAnlhony Mi
aside the Constitution an d disregar- chr.aUJIv'l'arty David F, McManus Al!,
ding all the checks and restraints; MeUnn Alexander H"rJaal?y Martha
which that Constitution had lmposedj F, MeCauley Hamilton, MeElroy Aquil-
on him, and acting with no other lar, McLean and Ross, McBrido Esq.
: mi , -.i xi..ij:ii i u rt .... it Mo.
rcstratnt man nis own wiii;ancuviina!"u'j" i"" johu ii, w...
tin Jamej, .Varshatl Jolin 1 , lUitctteii i,
iiDrnmitted to the jail of Mtuff-
county, by T. S. Salmon, a
ttie Peace, a nerro man who
Km ANDREW, and says he
rhomasGalc of Yazoo countv:
pju about six lect hlffh. stout
f complexion, had on when com
m Janes coat and pantaloons, a
w. i tie owner of the above
negro will please come forward
and take him out of jail or
uu as uQ airects.
H. JAYMAN, jailor. '
Wholdersof the r.it!7rni tihnli
K'wi county, will meet at theif
Ne in the town of Canton, on
,0gust next, for the rurflosp. of
tors for said bank) according
vt oi me charter.
S. T. Feamsteu, . J
f. W. Uesderso.v, !
Jmw Stone, Jr. :
; John T. Cameron'; ' 1
- Connitlec
;1rsigned administrators o
Abram Penquite dc
Jthc next August term
Jte court of Madilon doun
( Jejr account for final set-
u allowance where those
attend if they think
?n' "VLTONvdih'x;.
wreckless (lefermination to eflect his
own favorite schemes, though millions
should sink lrom affluence to poverty
in the general crush. In that portion
of our paper devoted to politics,' w e
have no preference for men, we go
for principles not men. We go fob
Libert t AS'n tnfi Constitution. '
TERMS 1 The Pearl Rivku Ban
ner will be published on a large Super-Royal
sheet and sent to subscri
bers" at five dollars in advance or six
dollars at the expiration of the year.
The first number will be issued about
the first of September next.
Monticcllo Ju.lt st 1837.
Mitchell, Stuart & Co, Morse Daniel,
Morse, Dear & Co, Morrison Jno.
N Napier James C. Newsom U C.
O ..Oakley F.
' F Parish Zedoch, Pogram ."VViiliam
A, Powoll Elizabeth, Powell John A, Pow
ell W H, Pugh William T , Pumcll
William T.
requested to comply w ith the law and
take him ouiot jau. ;
II. IIAYM AN, jailor. ,
junc 1-7-tf ' : '
IStatk of. Mississippi,) By thu Probata
Madison County. court of said co.,
To all person interested Grriins:
OU aro hereby cited to appear be
fore the Probato court ot saw
county, at a regular term thcreOl, to be
holdon at the court House of said eouti-
, on the 4th Monday of August, next,
i:. r.rit l,..li'rtf tlio wt Jin.lt I 1j
V r r ; r A then and there to shew cause if any you
of the northeast quarter of section no. cmn smM not Uwn or.
5, township C, Range 4 easl, tho south dc that'the cxccutor8 of the last will and
half of the north cast quarter of sec tCf,tamciU 0f jwc?x w. Camp, deceased,
tion no. 5, Townshii) C, Range east- scjan orso mucu the personal prop-
1'k'p in t!io towr. of Mcdiscnville, wl vn
and where th. v are requested t at
13-5-f.m ;
rBini". copartnership heretofore c
i.st'mg between the subscribers at
Camtkn. Madison county ;i. was dis
solved on the first day of June by mu
tual consent. Those" indebted to ih
will settle with M Vandcrhurst, who
is authorised lo use the name of ih
firm in liquidation.
Canton, June 5, 1337, " ;
frCrM. Vandcrhurst will contin".
the business ia his own name at Cmn
den and solicits a continuanc of pub
lie patronage, ; -
4 bi&tt'S
.'fa tZ.Wil"l'0'Whc'
" - - Madls-oti Courtly.
Jt the Probate Court of said Count;,
To all persons interested in the lends, tene
ments and hcredUorninlt of Simon Bowdcn
ScnV. dec'd-GREETlNG:
"OU arc hereby cited to appeal be
fore the Probate Court ol said i
county at a regular term thereof to bo
holden at the Court House ol said coun
ty, on tho 4th Monday of September next,
then and there to shew cause if any you
have, why said Court should not then or
der and decree that the lands, and jtcne
ments of said deceased be sold to pay the
debts. : 1 :
; SlIACKl EFOHD, Judge of Pro-
hate of said county the 4th Mon-
'day of Juno in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred
and thirty-seven, and seal of said
'- Court.'": . ' ' ;; ' ; ,
- Issued,' tho GthdaV of July" 1837.
July 7,l0-6w. v-"-"'- v-'..''V"-.:" "
riMlL undersigned, commissioners
appointed by the Probate Court
of Madison County Mi, Will. meet at
Beatie's Bluff, in said county, on the
second Saturday in ' each and every
month from this date, for the ensuing
six months, for the purpose of. exam
ining, auditing and allowing claims a
gainst the estate, of Jesse Low, de
ceased, reported insolvent;, when and
where tnosc interested can attend. ;
, - Wm. JONES, Jr.
v'';' . JAMES LEE, ,
July 14, 1C37 10-3W. .- .
ll Rainoy J G, Rend William, Ross
James 2, Ross Litttlcton M,' Rorix E It,
Rogers Geo F & Co, Richardson John E,
Rickets R B 2, Rian Levy, Rivers Wm M
2, Russom F'rancfcs E, Russell James 13.
S Sanders Titos Coh Sabutt A C,
Sheriff of Madison County, Sewer Ca
vin, Seward Edward S, Smith Duncan C,
Smith John, Smith Geo W 2, Smith W,
Smith W F 2, Smith Francis, Smith Lud
well W, Staples John, 2 Stewart Serena,
.Stewart Isliam, Slaughter L O Doct, Scott
Robert h. Snorts Jacob, Stuart & Mitch
ell, Stokes Peter J, Stout Delany, Small
Tho's P. ' "
T Temple Rob't H, Tenniil Alex, Ter
ry Vincent S, Thomas James N,Thoma:t
5c Buck land, Thompson, Miller & Co,
Thompson M II, Towns J M & Co, Thorn,
hill Ann. "
V Velincs Nathaniel, Vcrrion J J.
. W Wall David, Walton Killis, Halsh
Mary Ann 4, Wttlkcf. W F, Walker Pene
lope, Watson & Gibson, Weils John M,
Wells John J. .Williams Wilson, Will
iams Warner W, Wilson" C W Rev'd 2,
Wilson Charles, Wheeler Untdn G 2
W hilo Peter G, V eeks John, oodhani
Harriet. Wolfson Jacob, V,:ithait Raldy.
Or Persons calling for any of the a
bove letters will say advertised.
July jst 1G37 10-3w.
ETTERS of administration having
been granted to the undersigned by
the Probate Court of Madison county, at
tho Juno term 1C37, on tho estate of Si
mon Bowdori, Sen. dee'd,, Notice is here
by given to all persons having claims a
gainst said estate to present' them duly
authenticated within the time proscribed
bylaw, or they will b-f forever barred;
nnd all persons indebted to said estate
are reqiiested.to make immediate payment.
and the east half of the . north cast,
quarter of section no-. 5, range 4 cast,
containing about Two Hundred ii.
cres, more or less,
Witness the IIon.Thos.
G. Mclnlyrc Judge of
Probate, this fourth Mon
day of March, A. D. 1 f37,
and sixty-first year ot A
merican Independence.
J. WETHER VI.L, Clerk.
. Issued the 10th April 1837 ,1-6 w.
A LL persons are cautioned ngainst
trading for two notes of hand giv
en to Lewis Gurley, dated about the
first of may list, one for .$256, the oth
er for Si 50: also, one note given to
the same, and made payable to vv m,
Sadler for ,9100 same date. 1 he con
sideration forwichh said notes were
civen, having failed I am determined
not to pay the siad notes unless com
pelled by law. A. Y L,mi.
may 26-G-3t
erty of said deceased, as may be sufficient
to pay tho debts.
Witness, tho Honorable Thomas
f ' Shackelford, Judge of Probate of
, gjid county, on the 4th Monday
of Ma'. i the year of our IiOrd,
one thousanu oight hundred and
' thirty seven, and seal of sai'J
Issued the 1st day of June, 1C37.
June 2d, 1037 7-Cw.
FETTERS of administration having
A beencranted to tho undcrsicned by
the Probate court of Madison county, at
theMarch term, 1G3G, on the estate of
James Saunders, deceased, Notieo is
hereby civen toallpc sons havingclaims
against said estate to present them duly
authenticated within the time prescribed
by taw, or they will be forever barred;
and those indebted to 5nid estate aro re
quested to make immediate payment:
April 7, 1837 fij-Gw.
July 7, 1837 10-6 w.
T ETTERS ol administration liav-
-J ins been crantcd to the under
signed, by the probate court of Madi
son county, at the May. term iiJ7, on
the estate ot Seymour K l'owcll, dec.
Notice is hereby given tc all persons
having claims against said estate to
present them duly authenticated wun
in the time prescribed by law, or they
will be forever barred; and ailpcesons
indebted to the said estate are reques
ted to make immediate payment ,
D. M, FULTON, adm'r.
may 25-G-Gt
T ETTERSofa4ministrationhaving
been granted to the undersigned
by the probate court of Madison coun
ty, at the May term 1837, on the es
tate of James' R. Jones dee'd. Notice
is hereby given to all persons having
claims against said estate to present
them dulv authenticated within tne
time prescribed by law, or they wil
be forever barred; and all persons in
debtcd to the said estate are reques
ted to make immediate pavirient.
may ?G-G-Gw
T ETTERS of administration having
- been granted to the undersigned
by the probate court of Madison coun
tv. at the Mav term 1337. on the es
tate of Johti F. Montgomery, dcc'd.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
having claims against said estate to
present them duly authenticated with1
in the lime prescribed by law, or they
will be forever barred; and all persons
ndebtcd to ths said estate arc rcques.
tctl to make immediate payment.
may 25-6-Gt -
Madison County, J
f )ust received
374o.f KG &Co
in ml-
ETTERS of administration having
. ri
i.hcen granted to the unuerstgneti
V,. iV. Prnnti, Pnurf nf M:ifllson CountV.
ni tliK June term 1837. on the estate ofi
Ahner Lambert, deceased,. Notice is
hereby given to alt persons having claims
against said cstato to present tnem a.uj
A LLpcrpohs arc hereby cautioned a
gainst trading for a note given by
the undersigned fbr 81623, dared Septem'
bor 183G, and due January 1st 1838, pay
able to LittletoTj S'aaders or order. As
the consideration fo"r which the above des
cribed, note, was given, has failed wo are
determined not to pay it unless compelled
jun-3 23-10-It
7 liTTERSof administration having
'been granted to the undersigned by
the probate court of Madison county
at the Ma v term 1337, on the estate of
James J. Folks, deceased. Notice is!
hereby piven to all persons having!
claims against said estate to present j
them duly authenticated within the
time prescribed by law, or thry will bej
forever barred; and all pcrsonsindebt-j
cd to the said estate are requested to
make immediate payment.
THOS. "SPELL, adm'r. j
mav 25--6-Gt . '
ihj tne l rouaic vourt ut saw r ,,.
1 o all persons inter csteil in, Van lands,
tenements and heredile wnts of Jas.
J. Folkcs deceased (UlKirr'lNG.
70U are hereby cited to appear
before the Pvobatc court of said
county at a regular term thereof to
beholden at, the Court House of said
county, o-.i the fourth Monday of Au
gust next, then and there to shew
cause it any you have, w hy said court
shoula not then order and decree that
the lands, tenements and hcrodita-
I p icnts of said deceased to bo sold to
pay the debts.
WITNESS, the Hon. Thorn-
as Shackleford JiuIlic of Pro
bate of tho said county the
fourth Men day of May, "in the
yen rot our Lord on thousand
tight hundred and thirty-scv-pn
and seal of said court.
tssunr.', the iind tlav ff Mav 1 337.
May 22, lf!3;--fi-6w.
rEiIIE firm ..r Tirrnnxr. iiuv.
,. . v n of Ice.
T HEREBY for warn all persons fi cm
. trading for three ditk-rent notes
executed by mc to Ian inter Well.t,
dated the 2Gth day of October 18SG,
and James IL Mc'Gaughas security.
Said Notes was fraudulently bbtainctl,
therefore 1 am determed not to pay
them unless compelled by Ijw. , They
are the only claims said Wells holds
on mc.
(I. Vv McGAt'GHY.
Haysviilc, may 25-9-3t
fTIO tho jail of Madison county, hy T.
.j S. .Salmon a justice of tho Peace, h
hegro man who calls mi name TOM
COLEMAN, 4nd says he lelogs to John
Iawkins living near Baton Rouge, Loti-
isiana; the said boy u about 35 ot3G
years old, of dark complcctiort, 5 feet 7
or 8 inches high, rtout built, a scar on
the right arm, had on when cornmitlci
white cotton ptmtaioonu end roundabout
The owner ol tho above described negro
wilfcomc forward prove property and
take him out of jail, or ho will be dealt
with as tho law directs.
II. llAYMAN.jailor.
may 23-7-tf
State of ..Mississippi, By the Probate
Madison bounty. J court otuaidc y
To all persons interested Greet
ItfOV arc hereby cited to be and ap
- pear lcforo the Probate Court of
said County, at a regular term thcreot
to be holden at the Court hous2 of said
county on, the 4th Afondayin Aay
next, anc. shew cause tt any you can,
why s? id court should not then or
der J.nd decree that the executors of
the last will and testament of Joseph
W. Camp deceased, do make a good
title in lee simple, to Petet Perkins
lor the lollowing land sold to said Per
kins, by said deceased in his lifetime!
to-wit. 1 he cast half of the north
cast quarter of tcction seventeen,
township seven; tnd the north half
"of th? west half of the south west
quarter of section seven, township
seven all in range three west, lying
in Hinds county, nnd Daniel P. Per
kins for the following land, viz. The
West half of the north car;t quarter
The east half of the north west quar
ter, and the west half of the sou'h
east quarter of section eiht, also the
north we quarter and the east half
of south east quarter ot' section seven
end the south half of the east half of
the south west quarter nnd the,. south
half of the west half of the south
east quarter of section six, of tow n
ship seven of range three west.
WITNESS the Honorable
Thomas Shaekleford, Judg"
nf Probate of said rountv,
the 4th Monday cf March,
A. I)- 1837, and seal of said
I'sucd llh doif nf April 1 837.
April 7, 1817 ."il-Cm.
authenticated within the time prescribes! f-pnn subscriber has for sale 125 bar
by law,r.r they will he forever barwl;, j re!s pork lU bis sUrc irl Vernon,
and all persons indebted to the said estate j .; S.V.MITCHELL,
are requested to makeimmadiate payment: ;,u)e 23- I03f ' ..
: CATHARINE LAMBERT, Adi'x i , J : :
SON Sc O. is lius il.iv dis-solved
m consequence ,l my having purcln-
'.i.i. . .... .. ..
lrain.'.mi!i.erilr offers f.r khIp. the loti :. p,l ine ''' m'.c re.M ot tf. , Pi.ote
! 3 nn which he reshle niintin" of A ' ,rl ,hP S?ore. in Midt'-onv i
iTHE anni vcrary f( St. John the Ba
J ti.M will be celebrated on the 24th
inst. hy lh" Madison lalzv No. f 5, at
!c the hiM- .i v-.t.-,.r. . r .ri
ii. . . 11 I l i.i U ' l ttlL' II 7 rTL U I I
;crs) and will f.it on ucrmmodc'ing rrsfi 'Vl! I'Jturr W n.lu--M in my! r,,,,., , n.(n,f),
IterriK. ;Own name. T. ;t. i al-r.on, W. Mon'-omerv, m l
; my DANIEL c. trnxf'KR-nx. . TI nr.-r..irtso. k.w. B;,U.r
'. July 7, 1837 K-Gw.
fop s u,k .vri in orncc.
ir?.--tl Vl.V'irojr. i;i. , .'':'...! j f.
in i't f '

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