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Canton herald. (Canton, Miss.) 1837-1839, August 11, 1837, Image 1

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T. C TUrPER, Editors.
not disclose;
50 langUng there,
li""1 " '
..Sir thirty years,
who understood most thorough! v and
economically the manrgcnicnt of do
mestic matters, was not afraid to rut
ner nana into a wash tu! lor Jearof
spoiling the elasticity and diminishincr
tneir snowy wmtcness, was sought by
the young men of those days' as Jit
companions . lor Lie but ncw-a-davs
From the Mississippian. "
Fkllow-Citizkns: -During the can
vass w hich is just over, a preconcer
ted eflort was made to misrepresent me
on the currency question. A thousand
rumors were set eftaat Vith the view
Carol na, and charge me" with, mcon-
sistency. ;
The letter was one of several, on
private business, wiitten to a friend,
in which 1 incidentally adverted to im
titical matters. It was not intruded
for publication, end w.ltlcu with' ao
view; el Uliectmg the then approaeii-
! I I
f'p 'J
"'':B"7''. '; '7r, --:----rs, v hen
our paper circulation at a tiow,;tiu, j t(,,tt
substitute nolhiug but luliion inly
place. This is nil electioneering sl ip j,
employed to traduce a great man, v
to embarrass the administration.- f
Kenton is engaged U ii great l elm
The' reform cp EANkiria AKUsrs ;USlllP
the history of his life proves that
' ... . 1 I . ,
. !ii!Jn nl h"? ri'tirt I!tniu" oi" ?id rrii--
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;h m ;n: l tli(Hr' losdvov (.hm' ifa:iv vou
P cit ' j ! li ne wbv :u ut sh-ml I nut llvti fr-
llHMUIi , .... ,,,,,..,.,.,.,.. flr,
'estatw-.Rl of ,li'h W. C.iitip,'l,'j"ap;,5'1,
st 11 all, or to iit ii 'r, f (he j'rsovml prop
erty yf nyl ti'i cawl, as may be snlli 'i'-rii
to pay ft.?.kUs.
Witt's, 'ri llrriotalj'e Th nas
Shicktl(orl, J'ldgo of Probata erf
ta leaxnuie mysteries ol Vieojusc- ;.r -7 .i ing ciectroi-,' Tlat tnctidIiua repea- win carry out msimgniy woih m y cf.s-
hold, TTO-obimake our (air ones faint n-uVVT? ra.e v ,l'0,ll . ;if f' Ia tcdly t.rped me, iivtifo' fTrcsettl awful pite 6f. detraction and ridicule. Ibv niU,
way, and labor comes not in the coda lt.c1 1 r'' Sfatef national distress, t.V'advocatc great prindpl.es. k to AmhUh the 4 O'lho "
of modern peutility. l"' u V , - . i " rv.NK,ior the sah ofth cdvrJrti. Tolr,aiicmw tfc .v-.v curuWt x.(.
. . , ...... .i - - - , uts p)yeriJi appear, I onpo&ea my lie wouui i)ica.v up h.- n-um hjm.. wiio
From the VkMvrr lcst. r. Tkc afven on yested nglUs ar.rL a i;t.ti,i0iu capiud wl-Jfiie
TI? ' pppVTTq. P PP-PTW atI r,' ) " yfRftoithcriny principles or leiungs, prevails mlbe,S,ttt tlir'CMtUtnrtV:
Mil. 1 KLiN 1 lb I,bO .11 ION A l bus, with the view oi drawing rh irom i . sn,4La..j n.iv,' ,-.. - " nnv nimmiv
PORTLAND. o y Vnf C oscd ;o be Uahe .u-ndtiion of a P
nf..'....r ,n U U I IMI MR lL, ,-1 I 1'. tA m O- IlltO "Old and MiMl . ' llr
said cOiiWy, wl ttifl -M McMidnv fcf$ii
of May, in !U" year iff our li'l, : 7 ! , 'j'
one thousand euihl Inifj,,riJ " i il l .1 1 '
...!.. ; 1 . I t . . A .... .. 1 1 ' . 11 4 . .
ta h? cclrb-:-:::,;, 1UJ l'-l ! ::Z -.I ".V ... "V . ' . , between Mr. Pcnton and otr
townsman S.S. Prentiss Esq. bcin; ob:itrver
1 1 i
?e ii tuc
i;d and ur f.en
dish fO
liars, '.
vt II .
ize udtisui
.Rid &Si
. .... Ii n
worVd hvjs
licial OrfimJ
;, Kid ud
es, . '
present. Col. Kinsman who va,s caltc.l crous rt . The o!cct was to Ml
un for a sentiment., rose and remarkco: im ntf ui:! ard, or force, from mo d eir
'Among the many gratifying circtmi-i C:A. whic'.i would have bepn pcrver-
and Kitido.,
' Morot
and Rounds
ocs and Tail
I Morocco-
)rcss CletU
ere and C
I and Irish l
,...inv Leaui-
iJctSuMht, girls re
,ftvinz their nan- sw ugut
f;uir beads that it en-
,ted them irom shnttmg
mouths, even u uwy
Uo to do. 'inc coubc-
.u ri.fir lovers were
.Wiethe string before
. tl.oin '
nfB uir.. mtormea iasi
LiU'tlpli that some of
that citv wtvc in me uuj
t Aeiif frocks so tight be-
i were obliged wioofteu
Lv'Vvmld sneezo.or run
Lalingoffloisof hooks
stances t
onnecled with tb.is lorit.'Ua; ,ni.?rop!Tsented,n-igniricd, or
When'distmguishra inctuMoi im: immmni.mu.r.i.
n.'- ir the time m unni viu mhi i.aui-
tnry change is proposed to be new: of pub-
celebration, it is not atnerg tna if i-, preyed, as circumtnrtct s nugm w.u:i
pleasant, tnat I see in oiir ' midst, one1(int. :noi.i.r well, that m the bricl
whom 1 have not seen for many year, jritM' vut between" the is.-.umg of the
nnc who WT.-3 the friend of my youth.; sv i i t and the holding of t'ic election,!
the companion of mv earlier d:;.ys, e- .,h0uld-hav? n. time to vindicate my-
ven in those times, rtcuro tie una ;im-Mi, i preton-cu k oc;u up jh""v;"
vsd at hi present mattyity of mind,: canvas ::gainst tbe conflicting rcjorts.
!,,-nC 1r,Lrd ilium bv nil 'who kucv. , 'pi,. o.er.tioa is over, but my eno i ies
him' with pride and exultation, as oi.e,,are still active aiv.i ov,s . j mo vui.,v
who bid lair to ue ino pnuc o! ma ui-l!10 v. un m n '? v ' " ;. ; ' .
tiveplace, the ornament ot New lin- on the bank question, u im .1 u
land. Years since he left us for thejscnse of the responsibility incurred.
ihon. and mm m the pmsiuu "m Y.. "p.. ,vt,;.-h this siut r,:ini.
.k. i 'ner... H omlu-u appeared, lion, ism iau ... - ;v
v.iu n i iv. i v"v i ,
. I . .'. 1 MO
. r .. V,'..,l, .. r
or. cf riiei, ironi wiim
. - 1
Tort Clibson Lorrerpomt
vvun vM RILKV. Chrk
J.uw 2d. 1C37 .
fVV) all wbora it may concern, i m-i
H .. 1..... , 1,, Hi lm-
U notlUOIl me prvua v-.
den at the court hciisoin Cantor., on thn
UbMoudnv in A?ust nest, 111 ucitMi-
..,1 f.tv nfTuiV dower
p.dy St-10-lt.
.pears in feet this amelioration in flic fr(nn
. r. 1 mm, I :i rate: 1 Klteved ttill . ......
Vr Cib'-nm Lorrerpotiaoiu. n , , i iioiom
wlioaopuit 'w.m .:.,..,iM fntT.,0. io h'ht be necessary lor a l ....
Allen Spesrs
U C Moore iV
ii fa on bond
to Oct term 1837.
- Miulison circuit
W A Hobinson court.
JolmSGooch 1 same com t
vs ?
SoClth.wherc be more than fulfilled our pronounce the charge false, and throw
fondest hopes and most ar.ieiu e.pm;- lt m ine ieeui oi au iu.u.
t itions. Were he not present I would j it. My views on the bank question,
and could say more, but as it is, allow a(j UvlM. causes ot me cni wi.v
i.icoi y . .... 4 ,
same term
me Mr. President, to propose as a sen
timent, for our W hig iriends.
Our Guest from Mississippi A na
tive of Maine, a son of Portland In
whose talents and acquirements we
thft viuor ol the North uni-
.,,,1 i' i,rt forrdftv nnd luxuriance cf
LULl mv ......j
ways been open end undisguised, i
t XJlu ;, , . !"' to-0.e party t. for
ministration against u c c "" v - . NvilrllKTnesg 0f ,,'iany de 4lU of September next, a
ing slang of the day; his rebuke of Mr cdw al U mcthiv,f tWm bav- J rarcol U in tl
Ibddle and bis mercenary press; bu, ocra !Uion a li nnder- M; aisonville, known and
appeal to Congress bank, to bring.f MadiM M U n0 70, fronting 50 fe
the same
llenjamin lrown
E P. lb'tex ,V V
M C Mfre. I
Y virtue of the above stated writ
dirceb'dto the Shcritf of Madison
cmmtv,l will expose to public sal
for cash,' at the court bouse door, m
o, i.m-n of Canton, on monday tlie
4th of September next, a ceuam ioi
et on Pearl
ave expressed than yc'rbally where
ver 1 went, and by letter to friends
in many
Ciliatory a out a resumntiCn of ?rccie paymet.837, on Llrecl, aml , hundred on mam street
that unless mis umn.t, r,or.r. , . . ri.,nm.omi..l . , cc. n, ,.. . . hi erected a snug ouiv
. . . I .... .,y.,.n.tlT"ir ril. I i ill I U . ......
.. . f . i.. AI IT II INI. I IHI 111 I i . rf W -- I . 111. L.
ill! UMC-ll, "-- I, ,
nn, i",mu whenever desiree
counties in the bimte, during the Hlc
rvas. 1 only visited tv o com .;.i."..
What mv course wus, may do seci.
.. i V ii :.;.-i ...,11 'M t.-lnrh v;i:
T)..,..lo,l H-ulv trom tncioiiowiii- umui.., -
and bloodshed!
tho South.
.The editor ol he roruan. i uun - Gibs01 on lho (l;iys
Advertiser remark ns follows: ILX.'.mr
Mr." Prentiss answered totne ca.l. cl4.VIrQlvN"E AGAINST A UA
a modest, "eloquent and classica ' TIONAL HANK.
'. 11 ll -IMTfl . . ... ... If ".1 -
..l 'Boston rapcr men-
Wnce of a dandy there
jhi3 pantaloons down o
:ftr1(thtthat when be rai-
io step, be apulJr?t get it
.931 WW ot;ij"" ..
h (another) goose until
ki!ikll off.
liinn with this last men-
,'.nf tightness, and tnai ,i
IV vw " O . .' ! ll"
CCUiilft't get HIS liuei mony
o .n,it:i final . uwi ii
u i."!'""' ' , f .i
r,,.n himself, one ol til
brotiHit ruin upon , the country, an.
demand, as the atonement, the vnron
. . . , fil. . 1.1, I 'tiitrt,
""ncclby .l".-.-11' w ,' , . . J "ic. -The nice ,rr-
davVhis word word have stoo ' ag- c v w never bc pai 1 for their summYt
the worlV the charge of treache y now cy v dl ne; It J
,i.au oyitie i r 4J ,-'....'., r rHor..i. ' Their .ViV w-
j t . - M . h. 1,1.' il U ll' . ..tn llMniffin . - - -
speech, unsurpassed by any thing ol
..' , . i. w , ,. i, .-I 1 -".".-
lve been carefully reported at dig
L A ., 1(11' 1(1
but, as that was not ooau . . v
.nt h, done, andnswp-couldnotoo-
iOcKsov, i; .Julv,-;.
" ",Xnrt! jr Claiborne, county.
uv.. nn. ii -a are. oentlemei', nuu vioue
Mr. (Maiborne.onc oi the apdidatesj ti,r as 1 rtn
a'trainst him me iavidions n,tfeputa
;&Ww'ttdvc3 eud mercenary o
Nm;ili4bne--.a;ico,,HTnd h,n. o.
the mass of the poop,e as a l.he i a.1, p
ani; cnhghlcr.eusiao u . ;?
tto if nor oi ma
iLttd-the picture of cx
' , A 1 1 A.
be completer yj a
joftlie pencil.
i .. .. . -
Ii said that the times are
jred and certain it is that
It -n thought honora-
'! ho' rrtvitnil tlv ensrdced
l e and useful avocation
tars it is thought honora
There is much "com
::i?h ice of every nccc's-
m existence and with
Buhl the amount ot uue
calculated with mathe
r . . r.ino ue, on. .-r . ..... i , ,,vf. nun
. 1 - 1 .-rtii a. - 1 ...1 . 1 onl 'l' V 11 ILJ
from the cetitleman mmv u , . . ,.,.rrf.fS1 ,s extensively r. ter, i tm..u, .i.A ;,iww he
hie. wo hope our readers W;, -nvlVor f chartering a bauk byUptnt, but cannot a. o .
.Hed with the concurrent tesii-i,; 0f re-cdiartering tbpres- U.ggests-t he rec ; . .
.r ,.u ,vbr. bftard it, thtit it was - - n , . , s, . 3 latins States H;uiK. l"'TJ."
Cures will search into ? xP; - r ,v , . -( y; Thu;J
tho heartier anl fraudulent pro b o tl.o i
iagsof those corporations, eh t j lo vou, fro.. Ihe injustice of my
f0?thebenentoftheconumn,i , I ! , , ,cvC, Uen mad. in
have been mcnopoh.ed by N ) 1 ,V .r,l!lt , been true to you,
cP,,b1torsandeciui.iis.uoiiin. i..h.u. ,.,am ,f.-.irf.vif democra
tic (ngn and "noriUajiold to
I . .i it... .. 111. Kn i.iiirnV1.f,iiti i, itfi
I admire the mag- meyciuu-gi . ".v. , . . . x
l"v"" i .i i,fu l.rniMTiil nun imon.tne couuu .. - - J -"
ily0 the man i co - o oncmcnt lhn wnr,: an ovcrwhelmmgvo e, ( appeal to you
.tencd anu I' . . -r ,.. -nf the late United
for iuatice. I ha.c heed misreprescn-
ted every where by those, wh
knew I had n.Umv i- rom the com
nieneemeiit of my career, I have en
countered the most vindictive opposi-,
I ion, oven in' the place of my birth, be-
caiis-i I ir.vc 'iiri""j . -
Vjts, s ;
and Prab Bt
rov Brim)
Blk, do,
it of School Bo
5t Novels.-.
are. Glass am!
Steel, r'f
:lf is fresh and
de of Goods,
it it will be
d purchase to c;
w it.t.1 4M B.M1 incv. throughout our cx
f AWES tl. NAilLlio,alIoving the drones
f services L.ey mign.trr
fliers aro
U an uns
the who
RJicns ani
to hear f,:i
pee of provisions, ' while
VnU:- .1..'.4U ,"ilV
i,:.c.ir. one. of the most gilt-
;uu iiiiiu iim.-'v",
d among the great body
fV.whmders who have go
of New
one to me
. .: K'.j nn ities. miu
Vl-W Ol J . . .1
I , vol n noose 1 o oiv
... . ii
. . ,..t;.
. a,- rni'Ul'l1 I IV
..ii -nv.-.r. t:ikQ ill v n"-"-
t. .... . .
. 1 . . I. ... . .ri-ir
"' "J -C . T . .IV, II'
rirc.i 111 I"u "
so the
Iltll'l i -' CJ t
"T: nn,l South West, t lie
SUcs'of empires to muhip y
md scatter the seed oi genu, , ,;;
I ,',! Initeil jVjifl i?lff'fl 1 1 V a"'
in Xrt. a oowcrfol and altogether su-
pcrior totne speecn v
; i , ciien occllshjii'
tomeu io lieu . ,-- , r ,
Mr. Prentiss coiiciuaeti uu u.v
lowing sentiment':'
ti, Wiri of '37 Contending on
the same principles, may they move
cfidasthe whiRsof '76, whose
ctuwv - . i x
triumph we una uay H'' , . .
After Mr. Prentiss nau wpyy y
aid . i
wi ll. now'vn .1.. .... i ,, .nn rurrencv. "" i "
... ,'., ifoundx-ard i". the pros- something ,v".'" r -,v.n Ull the talents, ana tm -
sW;' J "Wi, try-sonfe financial systen. w"fv VoSlcarA that the moral energies
M ( vson ftsmVandma-dopted.lant hec to confess, as Iccim
ter, a nl S. ..1. t' . , thatlhc present system of lci :u''V,0K.rS:butinlhatcrcatimss
'm l"Y'" ' . .......1 i,1(.(lt
, ..'ni.vr.-i anti jwct ieffuT, . KI ,.,a.w , -- ,,.,,,,,, 0I who oerne i"-,
v r.r" . .1 ; 4 .a nrin l ll- nwnur 10 l iC Iiniio.xi...
y'u,f:i5',''L" . :J till a nosifm.thepublicmoney
.rS f( ?'"' """: ' U . ? ..' ux,.".,i
-ns elfectedia' the constitu- owing
ose to coniesu tiu
-ni:Tf U-HS e iairu i -s I 4t. Hon rvirt UUIi '. iL ,d t ...if n
mmw - , . ....n . . apis nnil HHUU v" I " il . I . .i.,.n UP M1 in1 " ' 1 c - . . t
on." It is notmv purpose to coawmic ., - lnuliS. Those are raptuiy or - ,l0oftlie. expansions ot m
.'Jnp, in i.h a communication, of many of tnc otatc la nk . power. The working-man, t e. i business has b
seribcrs areno
pnlics of Sum
LAnff of 1M
'nv Shoes, lb
rl.-rtrines in this communu
uui as vou-," ? ci
is expected to adopt important meas
ures in regard to the currency ot the
i. u is ri-ht that in selecting be-
presciiaiives, we should not he mis
taken in their v-ews.
l?.cnertfu V. lC
. AMES ll. MAUUY."
, Till V
This statement represent on.
kind. The peo
. ' : mn. fostered and strength- ownpu- . ; ..l(lu.
iiimiluiiuu 7 .... f,ij. nrc small larmci ; on, i.
nnd bv the use oi .uuii ' , ,. ilis nrotr statio-i m
vi. .v.. v - - i nun .mv ,m'"...0 - i. ,
stimulated ,
i in ! determine.
Vei v respectfully,
Your fellow citizen,
101 IN F. II- CI.A1U0NKL.
MadisonviHe,July 27,
From, the A. Y. Herat L
..real many young person! ar.
.nrlingHiidmarryingonntc sW
nauKs. nit,
ti j
lawy ers business uas o. i
since the revulsion in . o...... ... . -
are actually gettrngricn. n-uB
u ,-v , ' .i :i.'i,-VhM been hereto- n.any areacumuy g - -
r tP become the m.rc ciety, iron v , - liinP ladies now arc adv.sea o ,
n.UU inuto ' f . ... .i (nrn r:r. UUCU aim . 0,.w
Inruments of speculators, or mo u.
inatrumcnis i . J,- u rcn(lcr-
r . mlr(l.
IUIU CM.li'1 . . , .
our professional orders, aim ......
en rave:
- ... . rmnl,.,i c:i . 'T1!,!.. c ut ement rcpresni I15 1"-
Krteit. N. rreniiss. in..-".- - "., . . o.nt nu- naiu
I t" ,! 1 r i I'll! i I. I I lllb 1 ' .'.I ..A.,M1A ' T II C 111
now pa a wi ,. j,ftr nr thodav. 1 sucn u represent , , ,..,raPtor ot tncmca..u.v
... h r ' . . ii r iiiiT uiuivi . ' . . - t .i i i; c i'iHiii'M,j ... i i . i ii itr l i
ale calculation v vftW F.ucrlang is w mMtt t:u ' m,v. -f ; V,)U rocommei.H o, v.-p- :
hiamount ,mw Wc.tan'Lli they will be ccunvo ,
1 marketing in - , . .,. maV goon set up led m every ...i y u - - s.1'llUirv, there can uc n.
his notalittlc V" r - - lj!mk,r theU. Mates, io u -n;irtnif; a statesman oi M
. 11,11 111.. ,11... 11 Vl . . . . . ... r. ,ltl. (.f.l.l.llll,i.lll. VV . . - .. .l.'t III'. VVVII
r.-Mifa vj lo.nr; a- ' " . n. ..nh .-hi nnou - " . ' . i . r.whflns vc u;.-
. . .I ril l l M il I uiijtiv...',
mi iN i iivihhw- - .
... - i . i . i , rorv i 'oi' rz , o-iii l 'i' i
the I'rntcd oi.u.: .u.o iVot.mate era. ' it nas ...... -.? ,
1 nn, nr n IP TO on ui'.
eier,nor can . - - . ,
. ....... Li I II 1 W
M-ucy, my lovely daughter, dont
7 .? . bo is in
encourage tnai ) ou.ig . .an
business. l.awjti3 ...
are making all tne
ibovt by the siu-cnd ol i
v.fiv. cipje
, . . .
spirit r.f bee ...q.i.ry, and the
sUoflhnse that have b.rlilied
, the
lave no
:c with any
mi - l ,.!',.!,, nnner UUt s m
AC ion. a..- innnop(
.... ,,r, doubts H expend money. . .. tibssspeecn, . tiva if0p-Hjl)ligeil ted. mm i i
... 1 l. w MOUUlim-" " fci- . ,A lAin ft UI V '
"w grta coramciv"" V" . . fp, bmwr inau u. r :..,..wfnnre. or lor
auk imcier any. -nv , f
i. . ct,l,rhment.r,la national I a.. oi
' ;i Imnossible. 'Neitner iu.. Y ; , r,,,-r the present cuistiru-
unu w ..--i . -ttnn ivc a nv h'o'., '..-
Prentiss nmseinioi .u.-- .
Ii - , r.inrv thou-m accustomed to
ofbisaud.toiv, .'helanjIu;(ge
reporting amio .v - ,. -
of public men m eu ,
' I V. "j .1 .1.
mmlitv anQ I i a eenueman woi m
i LmlwchaveH Ithree niillions of dollars.
3 shall I aWetofl v, daughters, and he rc
. JOHN M. ftJ Idternatel tQ go into the
.iT. July 20, 181 kpcrmtcnd domestic con-
i - r4-.-TK r 411(1 happiness, he said
ANTON m Uoted-besideshe could
I . . ' 1 1 1 .'--.,
()litsStockbvfore.gners,ana . wi
winch it was. cor.uuc cl:l!4se ol the eoini.:u.,.v
fifty attheeM 1
saro ra.,
Wishers, - if J
.writing - .
. 1 .,1lC.
, six nw' ,
l .-'..boiter on an extensive
iXnl is assure as sensibly as
;aie, ; . ...
mi'io v . .. -ii
AV.H,i"i, r.'.t il tne nanKs wm .
Iv in.'.reas iheir dicmmts, that Will
I. -'...1, irnSn ' '
.i .. .. ,. un ssun !,"". . .
'.I. l...f.,llili:iS(l UK' ii. ii"1"' ...... .. ,-.... ,. nh!
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