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TUPPED, Editors.
.AOUNO 13.
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NEWS. - r j Catalo. Shame to the Spanish gcner
P r,iitpness oi our tos , iy1 - '
lithe P01; re enabled to for having allowed
-rt additional 'infor-J Don Sebastian t
t',i!irreaQ.fls , . tPV:n(T! f..r. ; However.
i. L Lli-J 7 r-i l .
"tf01. ?L,f mtellitrcnce is where, treachery
' ,; creased uueiesu
riih crett: r.. nm'
ijt;uy.-T-'.'iia following w . au ex-:Usot our Vun eminent, refused to v'h-t-enton may save in - the next Congress. ;
Nothias can excuse them! tract from Dr. Howe's address before municate : with them but in writing;! Hives may higgle, and the. name'es
5 th.
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llcT fKisrnnntrvare
f 1. mMTS 111 L 1IJVVV"" J
Don Carlos and: the Boston Phrenological society, and : and then at Ist tho (ovcrumentsrelu-t.akuovn great then of the party in the n
I . i . r 1 t . .. 1 .J - .... .... . . .1 . a.i - 'It...! . -1 ti i-t iT : i ....,,..;. A
rrtri..aoi , c.-. . contains a oeaiunui wea, on a, ueauu-iseu every one o i ncir rexuesis; i ue , t.artv in i ie iittuscoi uerrescnvuives, oi uit niiiuomr,
Knt..n.t t- v.a fut siibieet. beautifullvesDressed; ,. inercnants caue home m despair: thcininv ilevise wavs ntrt nu-iiiis but 'as whenever a
:.,.., -Af Most hearti v do l asree. wua tue urrcat cuv.oi icw Yort was in . oes- v tstor. i avand Uamoun; win on:v tnc vuiace,
snrrn who s:iiii vit 1 :i styn v. e i. ntii- nair. A was disastrous irom Jjurono.i sifnmnt ' nnri :isk t iftmiVftrmneni vwnv as an evn s pint,
'I'tib - n - " - - j it .i - i i - . f j - ' - .
, and plain men and every door of hope was closed' mi have' vmt brouitht us hcrcJ? tue vorv vengeance . on tne untortunate - youth
.will una iu. way ashington. the. inercnants ,ti-amj first response, win t io "neii uiu-i)! - in.; aucir.pung waicocr u i:av.n ,
V, And it should . assembled "m New-York.'. ; Their tame, j Tlic adnVinitVaVio'nJ.V ignorant, imtu' :. We-shafl now .'return to where o
Creator wiscjv, spiritVesa proceedi!!i at the time',eouici!e r.nd incompetent." and cannot Ufa i.inw r!i versin'"'t!i sides of the
hn sole'attributes that mide their
duett - : U: - r V: ;rv ilosophcrs ;may argue
After all, I should hot be surprised ,ay t, but beauty
tp Don Cmlns nri thf thrmm of Afa-i to the human heart.',
drid, not that I think he has the" slight-;bc fo, tor so hath the
From that fatid iUy an attempt h u
er been made to approach the hut
Init lv mvsclt, &n
lterwards he aopoarcd in
, the inhabitants v ie wed bin
who had wrecked b3
v ., r.L r nfo.nninm,, tUr. finic and . KmUiv XHUamea n. lie -nam
mail Ol Vilv tllil v I cot umu " ivuiuuui, i.ni, ini.u.w , . f - i r i i
Ulrtu , , - . ,- ; vAiihnlf.1 t.i m-.n t hn F:iri! tv n nor.
tntne renuuueans ior ir. not me con- ,v"-"-'uvu.' v "r -v r-
0 CM
to p
a la:
t to
of the
si." '
JUless than seyen mil.
sterling. I he, same
liifcr to swindle,, cheat,
rftrVfit i: more, sas the
.thslaNVSofthe United
lor tne purpose vi
tl,,'ii s imagined.
v,: m v;i w- .. r
entile Coinhw" ,a
ytcreoftucmseves flfthe ereat laws o.,i-
-Ithat they have attemp-
nnd sknatly tailed, isua-i
?trae but that ti.ey en-1
itdasigu of cheating the
il manufactqrera ot Eng
ietr ju3t.duc'ff,'is malieious
: .t.. r :,.-,pnnnl m:il editor
H he peaaeu tne tunous
wWch we have given ex
it him look at home! Have
.slsh .merchant, utmost - a
ifdjo tenor bills drawn pa
this" country, 'predicted on
nsaU of produce-rcceiv-
Ve-t-sH it -and 'applied
o received to the payment
Ll 'And was not this done
hiowlettee or , permission
ml .What is all this but
ifiktion of all commercial
let the English merchant
nout of his own eye, and
of our imperfections; ;Vc
lii'ife ' ndw;: pay ingr tlm
r debt to thenv at a tnosj
Ic'e. Because Enghmd s
;ier,' aid that too' inost
orna! is I s arc. t ry in'g to
fese on us. '.i?hamo, gen-
have oyer traacd," o.y cr-
cnlone things, as well
''Reap the better fruits
A bitter cup it yi'.l be,
just" fiaii,!icd our harvest.
says that "certain dircc-
rUf England held paper
krm .houses," which they
mtil the paper was paid,
k soon 'as they Were free
they voted against any ad-
the concerns which they
v izored and propped!
iiaterestcd" conduct ! Yet
f preachers of commercial
stitutional army and the queens gov-;
ernment. f; :", ' , j
; Liverpool, Saturday, June 17. Cot-'
ton,' our cotton market , has been very
steadysto-day, and in so i ,e instances
higher prices have been obtained. The
sales amount to 4000 bags, of. which a
bout 1000 American and 200 Surats,
were taken for export. There has
been little inquiry for speculation. '
Metanchaly.A. .melancholy a-Oair
ceivmg beauty. ... lie hath made tne
perception a source of delight to him,
ald he hath filled the earth, the sea,
and the skii-k, with bright and beauti
ful objects whicli he may contemplate
und admire. Else, why is the earth,
demncd; and their address .was one ofi vera thci country if Yv'hig Stutesnien
the most objectionable documents ve will bht .wait.for the'ip! Q helpr'
ever knew go forth from so ihteUigent
an nssembly ia Now'-'orlt.
The Government never d
vyhat was to
intelligent man. must .bave
winild h
amcd ol
hunpen of what every
. i i
A T MS, IVV X OK l 0 H f ACT.
mountain towards . In hovel. lhu
shades of evening had by this time cn-
I'Veloped the summit cf ifce .'mountain
iui ihirkness, when tliesound ofahcrs
i.es' hoofs arresied the attention of the
ior can scarce
apnenwhen Ucsnajr smed a - ,,)f4 ;c,1Wf
and evey umg upon it, so variea oi great conunuuuy ukc .i, , ..ana wueuj bp g0ne, hor the JAutunin to
0 HUi oi ueauiy oi ouuine i v ny anngui was oegiunrig 10 ei- w.uci i , t. :.. , t,!lt ,. () urtrvf't nas-
ot the day. ve hinted m our journal , wa3JiXeil ,v;,;. ?;nff hU dev uus
It cute of these bicaj;, chilly eve- jKecluse; llo-"pauseil, astonished at
iingsi in. the latter part of SeptemberJ such an umisuul tread, us he had nev
er seen any nmmni larger ujantsiiecp'
t are nat'tuo
all square J .
tlui, rocks, the trees,
to u;e jLTOvcrnm.out,
that the suspen-
Why runneth not the riv-
cr. canal liKc .tne ocean ny is not
fh- jt:iss black I. Vvliv, cometh the
took place at Paris on the 15th ti!t.,,e!1 buJ, the white blossom, the gol
About. 11. o'clock inthe.evcningjwlieniden fruit; mid t!ie yellow leaf? AYhy
200,000 speculators were retiring from ; ;s not the firmamciltofa leaden change-,
the fetes on the Champ d-3 Mars, one j less huoi' i Why hang n,ot the clouds
of the passages into town became a . jj;e' sjjnngcs in the "sky? Why the
perfect km.; At this moment a wO'jhrjjrht tints of mo'rriinjr, the splendour
man fell, or. was pushed down by. the (,f uc'Un, the .irorceous hues of sunset? night to record t!ie ularmin; conchi
crowd, and became an obstacle over j Why, in a word, does the great firma- sion, w hich, if the, baqkers'did r.ot ";U't
W.'iich others were prostrated, who inlnient, liko an ever turning caleido- rive that ni'iht,a terrified people, would
their turn oecame an oosiacie 10 uu:. j,COpC, at every re voiving hour present
crs."'! The 'ncke was dreadful, and theto man a new and beautiful picture in
results melancholy in the extreme. 'kjes?.. I care not that I shall be
Twenty-four persons were killed, the j answered tj-at these and all other beau
greater part of them xvonicn, and more j ties, w hether of sight or sound, are the
than thirty were wounded. In comse- vesulfcs of arrangements for other em's.
I care uot, foi it is. enough for tne that
ilotel .di .Ville was postponed till the Ja benevolent God hath so constituted
19th. -, ; ;, ' v - " jus, as to $naule us to derive picasme
': Amonn-' the victims are a young col! and beneiit from themf and, by so do-
legian and the wife of a riclrmereliantj inrr, he hath .tna'do St incumbcy.dent ujv
recently retired from buainosa'hr.iftoA us to drawo'ibunilaht a course."
of the deceased belonged to one lanit-j
sehsrer was feeeu winding hi devious
way aloug the rugged side of-a steep
sion, ot specie pay menu n'ulJH!m onlitain, iiv' the WJsterCctmn of
place; an-J our -auJacity.' the State ot Maryland.:; ! The si'ni-
wickcdne' the Cdobe couul not find s cnvcllaj,eif in a largo cloak,
words tmkhng criougn to sound.-- i he m Vie mnple f.lJs of which his figure
dread! tu alternative came ni iasi.
While the bankers of New-York were
deliberating in tne State Bank in Wall
street, we waited in our olhco till mu
1 v ... i! : i ... i.: .
was screeneuirom un uun.i vkui,iu?
Slouched hat 6oncciiled the Upper part
of his face, and effectually batlled the
ciuiuiring eye "of curiosity. I lo staick
oil' from the main road w hich rah di
rectly over the summit of tlvo"niounj
taia,iud entered a nnrroAvpath which
wound round its sides. ; This path
was so narrow and so uncertain, and
in itscourse daqgefous, that never did
man traverse it, cxi'opt now and then
sonic .bold adventurous vouth Irom the
bring about the very next d iy. Now
of this the ''Great I mancicrs" in W a
shington never dreamed! Blind to
history and the ; times, , they actually
believed that, in raising a storm to pros
trate the merchants qf the seaboard,) reimborin?, vaiac, WOutd fearlessly
ui.-v vuuiu, luctuimuYH mi,i the summit, and.: then return in
whirl wind they let loose- triumph, to boast that ho had "went
Where ate they now this Govcrn-1 .... 'i ,.tf.nn .,tu
. . . ... , tlllHI.IH lllO Silt'. 1 IIUVK
1 ..st Inl. J,..'. ftVAPA I1L11 lllV HIV . ' . ' -..
so, proud .Baaicruptlroni -cw ur
The following is from the N. York
Express, inspirited an spicy,.,tiioug:
1 I.' 1:1. - 1 U.. rrlftn
sinirular. .
:: Of the wounded 14 had since, died,
(up to the 16-.) midcjng the. whole num
ber of lives lost by fins' extraordinary,
accident 3fRome others were; in a
dangerevs ccfnditiori. ' ; :"
: The ' Madrid Gazette' ; "(sermafh
the cngagerneni J
It is liKc' BagoK?,lt3 giltcd
I of fa
tllC p
one, Jr.
OiaVouiclal report :ofj inght to b j we arc "done calling the
Vc before Bavbastrc," u4,f elty ty rants', of chancc-ercated 7 inn-
whipli the Gavhsts Ust inore JhaniiUes ,jn the-. Dtats,; weu: hW
mSn. and flieir "cavllry in particular j well as bad, wo might mingle a res
suffered severely. -The loss- of the poet of their wisdom with the horror
nreen's troops is stated at 76 killed avid of their wickedness but ignorance is
oneen s troou
G09 wounded. - Among tne kuiod wair
Col. Conrad, commander of tlio for
orm loVfinn. nnd-Catot. ITarra, uid-de
camp of Gen. Griuu--
ofbomaiercc. '
N. Y. Joanuti
their characteristic as well na crime.
Tli.-v all know nothing but what is bad,
and never stumble into ihc, right . by
leans to Mainc--with infinite respon
sibilities upon it, and yet with utter in
ability to comply wdth the lawsthcy
have made, or to meet iheiir own en
gagements with any ono of their cred
itors. Technically speaking they have
not a single sixpence on ' earth l iThe.
iii.ia gingrlar failure of the most ingu
Ur house in Kejv: Oceans o?;.N.. -Vo?k,
is but a petty uau.viupicy woru j,uui
pared with the. gigantia,lailuro'iCif".thfl
gov c r nttient.; 1 1 ,o wes ts,. ;:n rjuy.'P.C b
fica holder, aiidUhas noting but ra$
to pay. Anon it will owe pongies,
it will have nothiag but rsgs "to pay.
I lie humbug Bentounmst take his pay
Iu rags! The President hru .75,000
salary in r?gs. , Of "the consti'Mioaal
skip' Europe, of the 1 6 th
this city on the tOth,
arge remittances . from
: American marchants.
'The Female. The following .natu
ral and true description of the paren
tal comfort derived from female chil
dren is from a speech of Burrows, an
Irish lawyer: 'The love of oa'spr'mg,
the most forcible of all our instincts, is
even stronger towards the Icmale than
rnnln r-ii'ihh Tt is wise that it should
be so; it is more requited. 1 here is
no pillow, on which' the head- cf the
parent, anguished -.by sickness or by
scri'ow, can so sweeny repose, o
,the bosom "of an aOectionate daughter.
'llfr attentions arc unceasing. She is
rhiume. This is severe language, nicurrencg (un-a uUla
we cannot maintain its justice, and if and this Government, which as Lcn
! ' it - i bat- facts1 Hear' then ton has told us its framers intended for
. .-."j -. Ur, mnnsv K;iv(rnmeat. is noi a
what we have to prove. - ' l' " . ' '
i .." i 1 i ii u i ii' i'.i : i il l i: alii- " ------ . i t j
on that part uf the mountain.; In a
momenta horse ana riaer appeared,
and the animal not less than the rider,
seemed unconscious of the danger of ;
their situation -his nostrils were dis-
tended, mid his head erected; while
each step he look scemee io threaten
instant dostructiou. V
' llold!" cried the Ueclust, -'what
seek herei " , The horseman reined in
his steed, and answered--"! am a be-.
nighted trave!ler,havo wandered from
the road thro' the darkness of the
nigh t, antt would hold myself obliged
to you, if you "extricate me from this
hazardous'situation."; "You may save ;
yourscli'by retracing your steps," 'saU '
the Ucc'.usa "but your horso must bo , .
lost, as it is impossible for him to pro
cecn. . is , nam i snouia . lose su
valuable", a:i nnimal,", hiutterfd 'K the ;
stranger, as ha cautiously difmounled
and advancing to tiio Becluse, said,
"as you seem to be acquainted with
this place, sir, -1 should bo Ui&nkful if
you would "Conduct -me to the main
road."' Cn his voice sounding more
distinctly and catching a nearer view
of his person the Uecluso started as if.
surprised bv the sudden recognition
of the traveller,' and nattily demanded
ifyour r.)amc,sirr' ;j.,wr1r,rr:T,
AVilkinsoir-'-God I thank th-ej ox--
dainied the reel tut; nd throwing off.-
his cloak and pioucneu nRi,auuiu
A large sircani 'of water, .which nt
this season was hutch swollen, rusluc
over a rocky prcch ice, and lell with
a.tiAhendons joar uto .the . foaming
bed beneath, 'and leaving 'the side of.
the mountain, rolled aw ay, till it vio
lence was lost in the more powerful !
current of the Potomac, from the
apex of the mountain could be seen n
rniserable hut, i,aniill jr, surrouiidi-U cy
stunted.phiot"ec,ithm;rttuy win-
l mi .fi'ifi.ntlu without even a
W r v ".;, ;, "! i: I i. "fi. U XtMtinn.thftnoW
dom-, Wluciu logctlier.w.iuv-ute macu- tcttie guuisn ui.iv .,,4......v", ..---
- : u.A,irt :i: ,...-;:.i fn tn. . r,f hia lormei lrieinli
BCrS Ol ItS SlUlttUUll, uhuui wjivj uwiwu U,VUivy-i .
ana in an aoiy "'v- .
ny i lea but that of bring mhabilcd by
a human' being. ,,' '' ' .
f But'not'cvcnvits roniaiitic and al
mny.t 1 inaccessibl 0 tfituatiou' c'oul4 se-
enm it 'from the insaliubk; .curiosity nu. to maducis, now i:eetan
of the inhabitan ts of the village. Phc husband4 vengeance
u M,A villi. .1'? "Ahvi lian'.uostinou
who hast seduced my wife, and driven
tct'iu before .the packet of utterly incapable, ot inactive. .yw
nCTrsofoGr bank suspen- boy may afford occasional comlortand
Mt'rrpntA'iii'nlnrm'. n nri.ift to hiiS fainilv: they may eaten
36 gil
scried 5
. .. n'.T
h are WS
as to the I
5 ccntBWl
l,nce see ih this movement glory, from his ceicbrity, and d?i i ve
cie from this country, support , from his acquisition hut he
wl 'mail of the 6th reports never communicates the solid and mi-
an snip, with aniack ball, ceasing coim i oo, ...v... .v
P.M. on tho; fith. .-iTIiis rived from the care and tender sohci-
.the Europe.- i:' : ? : i. ;i: tude of the female child. She seems
;Ktie Ehghsh journalists destined oy rrovmencc w utw r
hear of our bank's us- petii'al solace and happiness of her pa
Ve shall Wt. hv nn.i w. n .rants:- Even after her marriage, her
f Wacter among our trans filial attentions are unimpaired. . She
'weiu-rK Y. Herald.-r may give her hand ana tier , neari 10
1 Co'nn i. ' ' 1 t " ; .u' her husband, oui siy f
JunS ,7th- her cares and her attentions with her
dat ' i r ; " Ti parents, w tnoui apun ui. jv.Vu.v,v.
,PC' Lrusl! for; him.. He only looks on
-For ft1.'
d adverts
r the
. them, ':
. 3nu,nt!li'
14 -id'
for e1
lhe 'Sales ; D1,mriJpilw.a nf hrr it
5ipSt. Jnmev (':it. Kn. SPPJ disposition . : f ,
1 11 '1 nLrimt - " i
expired about twenty ved Michigan - Rose was sent to her
! ee VdbJKJ min- from the banks of the Ohio, accoinna
SSS&nrbrv nicd by n request that she won d plant
ST"0 several mem-
In 1820-30, the v began an experi
ment upon the currency, promising us
abetter one, when we had the best in
the wror Id.. Forewarned of the riot-
mic'triiimnh which U'suur was to abate
foretold of the muUinlicity of banks
to be created with wisdom upon the
lips of the eloquent Whig statesmen ol
lhe day,, predicting every thing that
history now converts into fact, they
went cn, and on running , iue mu-:
chants at first, vet mocking at their ca
lamityhaughtily and triumphant m
their own strength, yet prostrate .at
leastthcmselvcs bankrupt the pity
and scorn of even, the. beggars m tne
streets. : .- , .
Tn M.ir'ch". va told the Globe there
was a pressure in this city. The Globe
,nwppp(l there was none, and if there
-rii nnv. it was not.such as any l)on-
t man should rcci'ct." It added then,
if there were any starving, it was only
sorb as "deserved to starve. ". : The ma-
llfmnnt. oro-fin of the covernment actu
ally seemed 'to chuckle over the ruins
of credit. The Tiipes ,hcris said, it
was all cof un for efiect, the election
was comming on, and when luis was
over Biddle, the monster would loose
his sere ws.- t'Gooa .; fi ews". was . mc
head which the New Hampshire organ
of the government, the Patnoti para
ded when it announced the crash of the
mercantile credit in New .York.. - 11
will bcwoRsu, said the Globe, in ano
ther chuckle, in July ana vcwiki.
The government is goingtosetto work
the three branch mints! Gold will
I tiimil. ' ' T..... 1 i i .
, u ".uii. y . i ii neaiaie
1 1 c 1C iirc1' uisnop oi
r'.1 Windsor castle for
ir a19-.Th( nro.
I jKsk exchange contin
C if mteres nd the
!y,vary 'Consols left
& .ne(luer bills and In
- - premmm.
it on the grav e of Mrs. Hemans.
Boston Transcript. ' .. .
Yellow Fc.vtr.-h prevailing in Ila
An. nnd some of the New Orleans
prints say it is raging in that citv-d
i,o P.v.mo denies iU-G'rvnm Gulf
m- v.' j ---- -
Advertiser. ..
tv-, : "v-"" united tnrougu unu v ,, j" iVVho's
gftotes are 93 to 94. midnight, a patrolo called out, V ,bo s
C.ani 13thW. ici7 .i,rt' whis I, patrole;dont be a-
the three
o.v liP.in pverv mans po
wi.it. rripd the Globe ngain, the Aris
tocratic merchants of New York dic
tate to the Government? It it were
t for their audacity, tliey migni na c
pity, broken down as they are:
4.c. c with the nke in ever) nay,.,
GlohC. :'-.'".. r
The merchants cl this city, iar-see-in"
men, did assemble in Masonic Hall,
ami appointed a. committee to visit
Washington. They requested I he re
nt! of the Treasury Circular, the as-
.' a.u,.rr nf f'nnfrrss.and relief as to
swim-"'.. a, ;-- ' rr., f.
.,w.nt. unon bonds. ih8 uovern
The. Government, thus prostrated
by the storm of its own creation, at
tempted to setup a two-penny bank or
two in the District ol Columbia to
brave it. - At a pulf blow them over,
and the Government, which boasted
of what the "Bank of the Metropolis"
was going. to do; but shows its igno
rance again. The Government, thus
tra led thus fiat upon its back, to
use an expressive if not an elegant
phrase, at last h willing to grant the
rnuest of themerchantsof New York !
W hpti bankruntediiscn, unas uuuan
for others. All which the merchants
of New York first requested, and .the
roiusal ot which threw tms . cny mio
Jncnnlr. was Conceded at once Con-
(Ti-pss assembled and bonds are exten
ded. The Treasury Circular that they
repealed in the State Bank parlor the
other nignu . ..
Now tell us, yo -who can, what o
foresight or of wisdom, this ignorant
and blundering Adminstration has ex
i,:i.;n,l In nnv thin.T it has done! Its
better currency is a.l rags.! Its bet
tor times are universal bankruptcy
Ave, more, it has thrown itself into a
ditch, from which a NationsBank a-
lone can rescue it! ,. J here, u we nave,
ought of influence in the country,' U
shall stay. A national Bank we will
not ask for. A National Bank we
hdpe.no Whig statesman will attempt
to create.
Without the concurrence ot the par
ty in power, a National Bank cannot
only tenant oPthb cabin lunl first ap
peared in t!io villngo about hvc years
before lhe date of my story. f e then
visited it'mevj?ly to buy provioio;s,anu
was not seen more than once a m-mth.
lach vhit he made, the wonder in
creased as to who ho was; and at
length'rose to such a bight, that a par
ty was made up of men and boys, to
follow 'the mtfterious stranger and
discover his residence.
!: 'According to arrangement, the par;
tyheld themselves in readiness to set
6ut at a moment s warning, wnen me
wwerful tr.an should next appear m
the town. Various were the opinions
. I' ' . 41.
ronr-prninT ram: vanoua in
fears that he might be a supcrr.aturai
snint. mid at once this apprehension
became so predominant, mai uhjua
npr'iiion was nearly abandoned; but
one or I more courageous than the
rest, ridiculed the idea, and re-assur
edthe confiidcKce of the party.
The stranger at length appealed
and his entry was hailed by the throw
ins up of sashes, and the intense gaze
ofmen. women and children. Hav
ing supplied himself with his accus
tomed fetock of provisions he departed
towirdslns home. The junto follow
ed at a short distance; the stranger
disregarding them, pursued hisway
Vilh speed, y aiieinnii uuufuuu .m..
the narrow path which I have attemp
ted to describe. The party were some
what intimidated, but each was asha
med to be first to stop. They cntcr
cilthe path confusion as to prece
dtfir.e ensued a young man wishing
to show a bold example by taking the
4oad, endeavored to 4o so by passing
The last of these words were scarce-
Iy uttered, wheu tlio -frantis Jleiville '
!tprun"at tiio throat of his adversary,
md bold him with the iron grasp oi a
maniac, j no imuuu am"
coiuinue long. A few struggles, and
joth l.recipitated from their gmoy
icight mto the yrwning ciiawuuv'
Tim bodicH dashed from rock to J
rook in their descent, ana pmnjjru in
to the foitnicg flood, never w riae
.I il. . I.... .."iiwr1 atl.lll fflll
moit, until uib u-i- i "!' "
ttieui from their dreadiul emoru vo
that dread bar, where awnu en
ceancc shall be dealt on the seducer. -
,J ' l .i o U'l.i.r nftPino iorre-! t!if man who
be creaieu, . i - , .
ate one will he in vain,nd worse thnnj path was not wt
v:iia. Let Mr.
T.J n.,,li. A rrv of horror induced the
stood before him the
e- enough for both
li I .,,. flu, w.nl ,li 111)1 Lr. illl'l ia
UIUU i.lul irl j. ...
. '. . 1' i l . .,..!ll.rt
. i . ,i. . . i . r Men j hi i i d va in: uii w
ivirtv then oiuu er in iae mica n-:n '"- i--- .
party im ' ,,,,,,.,. t o:it h. A crv of horror induce
thrv have ti u i ) it"' .uiiiHwim ' . . ,, ,.
the iidAe t rrrhisc to h.ok around. He chsenv-
getoutoi n:svusr:r - -r; . ,m!mmv , 0f mortality.
GovcrniMcni T- P" " : ' I , l,i, hodv' -nhm-i.-into the
-i o.,...ir in ,.-,lor in indncp it! foaming r.urce. He c
a iNauon.u im - - - , ,
.i . ...;n,.u nfirnsMM' to rp-1 arms, irazt'd on u.c
to inaKC im' sa,-"4"-,"""'wv' i i i
-,.,v,.f!. nnd i!ifi-p i in i inont. then iuvsued
nnss he contortions it makes when at! was calluu to the f-elm of human
nesstne com , , . . ln!sfort, mil
i ; , .n." r. ll vv iu i i;mic n o nnu i , - n .
.. t l i l.nl is ' .
K,w EnnUmd girls and young men.
Ono of the most interesting pmccs m
v,.w Tm'dand lor tho beauty ol us
scenerv, "the extent of manufacto-
. . . .r: . !.,l.nl. t ini.
ricBiind the industry i us muu.w
is the town of Haverhill, Mans. At
Haverhill more shoc3 arc made, Lynn
excepted, than at any other place m
lhe country. Ninetenths of the me
fhiinir's. not Ion 2 since, in conse-
quenee of the hard time, were thrown
out of employ. They assembled to
gether, laughed at their misfortunes,
marched through the street, played
ball for a day, and as soon alter as pos
sible exchanged the shoe-shop foi the
farmhouse, and the lapsione ana im m
imr for the hoe and plough. The Ha
verhill girls have taken into consider
ation the good examples of their hus
bands' brothers and beaus' and, have,
as we learn, found peace and content
ment in playing upon anew kind oi
.I... t.ui ;.Ymrv.vn their usefu-
then good
says the Ha
:hn!v folded his
, :-s' for a mo
Irs course m :
I ho ignorant the j had bii'-uthho look upon death
payment upon bonds., the uovern-, government must come to thi. an inferior ev
Innts official orgautrented them wit h im . cede homp s,,nf ,
scorn and contempt.-Thc I resident,; at lt. .,, u Iimv .....pi wi,
with a new nir, unknown to the gem.' emn truuN j
The party returned
n I nivScu'dy, (iopply
,i the t!.oi,"f r ot curio.d-
mu.sic,that will improve
ness, beauty and insure
Uf.ltU. "A vour adv. sn
OV-U'Wi, - - J ,
verhill Gazette, "of high accompiwv
ments(and no pride,) in absence ol
the servant, stejmcd to the door on the
door on the ringing of the hd1. which
announced a visit from one of her ad
mirers. On entering, the beau, glan
cing at tho harp and piano, whicli
thp nriartmcnt. exclaimed, '
iKn,lf.l! 1 hoard music on which in-
strinncnt were you performin",missr
On t!te qri irf.ff,sir, with the occyn
pnnimentol the fningpan? replied
she;' my mother is without A,atid
she says that I must learn to finger
thn.se int.uments sooner or later, anu
I have this day commenced tatni i
course of lemons."
C Us trunsfep-cd toSfraid."
Vvw vt iU Cl ICS", '
BUM rl'ttiiv.7;.

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