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Canton herald. (Canton, Miss.) 1837-1839, December 26, 1838, Image 1

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,,rm. mrrirn hi inej
.it! if f r r -1 i . i (trft line.
t!i4 first inertion,niidf7y
,rt fur r rt' It f it 1 1 n ' i Hire.
rmpnt whi-It nrc fut limit
innii''ri'f as to the hunt
item, will I'" rontinunl nfi
tut and churned necon!
len of a personal nature,
Vlmitted, will be rlnrgpd
lis 2 for every ten line, for
i n I'olilicnl circulars or
cps, for the benefit of in-
Hons or rom pin ics, yill te
lulvci tiscments, and at the
DvrnttsiNiJ. For forty lines
Kablo at pleasure, oni K A
dollar. Nopontraft in either
t fur lo than one year, mid
Jf yearly.
I , ' . ..? I t .! ! -
fviieffe Ol mutual nnvr rimi rs is
their own immediate business;
Aft I (,vr riMi M j w (
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p' j I-' h ue kept i
lifmrii fed i.e., i,,l , ,i .
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ii.'H'iiioriy oser n
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nopniH', f.ir thn -t tin.f in tl.p
try i.f trtth-iM, all l,,ivp lm totally
iHitrmmiiellr.l, and i.h;nniilv fn-p.
The iliTj.pvt irpffMMi.f tl,P "mI,p r-
hp-ji Ikup i(.pn pciiPtiMtrdi let.
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VcnflllTS pImPwIiitp. Iiiiinrr.,n i-.m..
iminities havn pruiiL,' up alri-ady un
rivalled in prosperity, ft iipral intelli
Spncp, iiijernai trnrnpnlity, and the
wisdom of their political institution.!.
Illlflrnnl .... . .1 r .
r.i, in. ii iiiijumriiit'ilT, uiP I til 1 1 ol in
inp nip nt pencp, nn I mh
vwurli Ihf I nitel S iff arp !ir.i ,.
o in in 1 1 in iiu? thp inot ti ifihll y rp-
I iPirrrt ilepplv, liinipvpr,
ird t't iiifotm vnu thilt thi
hi not I'pen t!ip p,im. Inforn- ition
I, in I ecu yiieti to hip, denvpil fnn,,
oihril! and ot!,Pr snurcp-c. th:it ir,:mv
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purl, l ,1 fiti.i w,t I,, ,v f ir r.-ri
tl'iltl (ft, MVHtty ..t i' (' ... ...
;i!,iiip to il'f.p. It m, l.y tic' I ,
iilirady in idp ft 1'iiifn) t imr i iii,'. -?n
t riiilnriMM r nmi- ij. up i:,Mt ,n.
i'n, .y tifi uit'ioi ird ii.iIiI h v ij.?'r v
ti-Mi n tlieir if t. ( ,!i -Pii oi t' i
( Ii I'.'iricr, in folditi n t.i t!n ir ni'n
nnh'y ai i i. ).it i ti of tlip v. ,
our eountry, h no ii direct t'Mi h ih'V
to d:,iw din upon our own nti,"Mi
at l.ir;p tlii? nvi!ti.lip. pv:U of , In-.
ei'ti ar,nnd tsfi ,i injniioin i;n
putatiotn the po f;i ; i an. I nnor of
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..i i. , , . i iipciiion. I cannot ho iiiin ik
Ifftiwinpnts for tho lenplit of i dividual entprprijp, fostered by t h o i ' S i "
Wsentiu by them, must be protection of the statrn, has nddtd 'i n '
t tlm snufirp. nou lint.,,.. .1... r i . , "lias
'I.- " 11111
lostile in-; !, .,( .i'..,. n :i. .r.... i.
,., I , . l ,. I 1 , " . I "' v .'-it'll, I l,.l'lll"l I'I- HUM IMMI, 1 I'll!
..t.i, iiiim i,. ,ii, i ,iii i ,(i it-1 iiMnrrPCi o i 1 r. i ... : . . .i i
thpre. i violation f the ..Mixtion, , ', , ' " l,"m""'' "
amllnw, of .1,. ' , U1,1 J'r,,,Mal ronn.rriM.ro of our 1,1-
.. ' ' v ' ' "'alt """! ,1V IMf 111 lllltl ctnl niitnt. II
I iii ojH u uii r.irti im wirir own ilu
ties as nttens. I us
in oart continiH
iv I 1 1,:
if I I i ll o, io; tff tit I'rrti. ii I '
'. S!"d l In f ii 1 1 y ii. ''..t -
'! ; t our o", n ir.U in si . . M,
"iiii"il l i!ii fi.il of I'lLrt h I'H'liH
I'.verv ih iotiti,,!,, l,,.urwr u Ir..
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iif.l to rtil on ll... put of tie ,, n-aW - n l.t, h.'n H. ,,,,.ir4
I Mlo 1 ( Mil l i irm nt, t- relld.r tl i mi I u. 1H- -n'. 'hln Ktff t,,
Ii:0f ft H tt!p Ohl'l i") ! ( i ic;i'ti. . j ! Ml !' U tl il i,,.tMr, ll.i!,f.,
I If to tl,' i M r 1 1 i ( Lie e.u t hi , ! W I ' ii " fill 1 1 run I li re- rnt m
tin I'nitPil State, i.ti to (I.i.np of oic'i rti l arta !,, n nn lucrj
1 1 t ii, i r i"if v p., ' 1 f'l' i', of r,,r ii,.
ll'" ' I ,,'.... v i I I ! ,. tl t.tf
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f.'iti ;i coiirnriv; .
ed t!', it en ci' I v m t:
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;,d H ii to I
' in. nt of i!,r i!it'
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;. : 'mi. i .'.ipm.-ii.
w i! noon ie-e-.l,ilii t'..,. !., . ,, , . ,. .
rel itioiM fouae.ly siiliwM.n. Ictun n
, , i i v m nine i f I,
)-).,! I v tti ' mi Ofi'-n'cii w llilrittt'itl of
i It r,.riMji.i 'i',;1l. nn I tl" ;.-
t"i'i"ii ol lli!' ,j,Miu ' revrniip namiuthn '
...... .... i i ..." . r
"o,- n'M'.iiiif. uv i "iirc: in,i i-t.n.
r the square
kiosAL Advf.utisrmf.nts. Ten
Bj, not alterable, 3 months, 10
do. do. 6 do. 20
do. do. 12 do. 30
cine candidates for office will
5a rs each.
jrcf work must b paid for on
on letters must be paiJ, or
not be attended to.
States, mid i, . . ; ,i inn, im n-atn open t to tut ts oi " " 1 "? 1 "f"" arLivn.
r.r oMi -' . CTZ Vl "I" s;,,l,,c,!, , ' l"'t Kpu!,l,, to I, . ItJi ! ! "7 by
inform ,, n T"1'' ,lC lr,Pclm,,!U!"n 1 frifn.il v tVit.o. "',,:"Vnl 01 '"l; l,ytl. mil;.,,
intorm.. .on have felt it my duty to iw, n here' . ? ' , " V . , , J ry pforutioMM,, n.,ri,u, nnj nnilWMml
'J;1'. :'-iHi ei'iimumioafed. 1 cannot h, I ,f ",v' " "n ' m-.rl.in-r thnl pa, ;f,r llmHtin,!v ,arRepprp?rliriJ
!u.,e ,,-v.r",;iH.pe that the .",,1 sense nn I pa.iiot-j :( " "'"n" "'r '",0l ! Mm',,ftt Um inV , f
smconjuuP-' is; lhf , ilf the i)n(ir n'ni r ' 1 IT V U" ':'U r,r ' f
others, and ,..,. fte ,),., i u f Xten,! Iron, tup montliol thei.-liikiiiif evt.lenre in
i. ft.i, 'p . , ,. ! mmiiirv opera
........... ,.t . ,u,i ii i , i in: 1 1 - ,f r 1 1 o j . . i, i , ' . I" " " ii'i'ai in
" ' ' V , I .... I , ..,1 t ,', III
n ... II
j .,... - ri . i i.'',i"ii tU 111,111V III
i" mu in ' rra ii . Iin.l r .1 t- . ... .
fro.l. r ...l., . . - 7PUSOI HIP I IlltPil 0 1.1 IPS
b JZ, Z rSitio" -itl, Canadians
I 1 ... 1 iUM'O lin.imPll lV :i lAITl 1 tinrrt rt r .11 ' t I VM TO I KPiI iii'm- i fij rAho .1- c!ui.i 4 . . . i "1
., Ull,.i.iv wi' ,,H ,A 'ItlB It ,10 1 t..i, 1. ..... w ' t n .3 Ml" "'uv Vf'll lin.-llll-l'. OI 1 MM Iktaiii.lnixk
citizens, and anlSPiv,t (M1.1,...i r,,,. "niis.ne.i at tins n?y on the ;.,th n-ourpe cf th., country to fulfil nil it.
the prosppn-l ,-,. nil.i,i. i... ,.( i. . ., ! t Apnllasf. hhas since hern rati-! olih'-a'toa. Nor it it leu Pralifvinff in
. " ui. uihiiih; i,irill Ol (If I IOC V IIII..II 1 I .. I .1 . . i I .1 .... .1 . . . n J .I
""in oi'M'iiiiiinii'.; anil sea
iiiPasnres will he taken to
into effect on the part of the
inr ornr - lot-u ini'ii 1 . .
"'"Vi.tii.n M.t .... . f m .-..:.-. ' ' ' ' I, A.I I...
luxation and nuhlici ,". I ' "' . r- .,r ,auu ,s the mas, of onr people have heen so " " 7
lebt, theburdens which bear so heavi-L T. auUiu,U,es an'J -)C0-le 01 long and so justly distimM.ished, will! ,
1 IJll .1 - .1 . I , , i ' -i I I II
ly HHin all other countries, 1 ave
pressed with comparative lightness
upon us. Without one pntant'lin
alliance, our friendship is prized by
every nation; and the rights of our
citizens are every where respected,
Jicimbkr 4, 1833.
liens of the Senate.
Jdwjp of Ilprcsentativs:
htulate you on the favora
Jistances in the condition of
V, under which you reas-
tlie performance of your
.lesi. lnoupn tne anttcipa-
jan abundant iiarvest have
where been realized, vet
if, the labors of th.chus.band-!
rwarded with a bountiful!
istrv prospem in its va-i
pels of business and enter-1
!. . . . . ., '""I'lUH'.MS. IUI 11. Ml ,1
ral health ngam preva.lslout excili a irU ,
vast diversity of cl.mate;; lion, should serre to i.
icaiens, irorn auroau, me
c of external peace; nor
Ing at home impaired the
t those Iraternal and do-
which constitute the only
o the success and pernia-
our happy union, and
Died in the hour of peril,
to been honorably sustain
The results of these criminal as
saults upon the peace and order of a
neighboring country have been, as
was to be expectcl, fatally destruc
tive to the misguided or deluded per
deter the comparatively few who are! r:," i , "
cngatrej in the.n from a further pros-1 1 " l .
because they are known to be ouard-i snns "naSpJ in ,liem' arul "'?')' --
ii . . i- n .1 : ...i.. r .1
pi uy a united, sensitive and watch
ful people.
To this practical operation of our
iiismunuu.1, so eviaent ana success-
owe that increased attachment! Pt4 '""yt'iiicnta anions citizens,
jurioui to those, in whose behalf thov
are professed to have been underta-
ecution o ; such desperitte enterprises.
In the mean tiinc, the existing laws'
have been, and will continue to be,
faithfully executed; and every effort
will be made to carry them' out in
their full extent. Whether they are
sufficient or not, to me t tho t'p.tua!
The application of that Heiiublie
lor admission into the I'ni n, made
in August, 18:17, and which was de
clined for reasons already made
known to you, has been formally
w ithdrawn, as will appear from the
accompanying ropv ol r.oto of the
ken. The authorities in Canada, from state of things on tho Canadian froi)- Mims,!r 1 lp'pMt''ntiary ol Texas,
tnteliigence received of such intend-! tier, it is fur Congress to decide. which was presented to the Secrcta-
iv oi ri;ue on me occasion ol in
1. . I r I .
, ir it'll nm.nn. . i . , .,. , .
to them which is anions the most lmve -oil themjelves obliged to take . 11 "l''1. , " uini- exenange oi me raiilicaions of tlie
cheerim' exhibitions of popular sen-' V"M"tionarv measures against them;!;l(',1C0 ''"'t'witli submitted that the convention above mentioned.
timent,0and will prove their best se- liau' acUnli' "nb-died the militia,! 'vcrnmer,t of Kussia declines a re- (; ies nf t!)C convt.nlion Milh
curitv, in time to come a.ninst for- nndnssttmcd an attitude to repel thejncwal J'.1 ,lie. f."llr.t.(l ''e Texas, of a commercial trr.it v con-
eign or domestic nU7t? dfc!"n8t fr inva-i-in to ubid, they believed th. c-nvent.on (if April, 821, bptween c,(),,,(1 Ns ilh tIlfl King of Ci-ppcp, nn.l
Tm review of the results of our Colonies were exposed from the Uni-;1'0. States and 1 , Imperial a simiJir treaty with the IVru-Iluli-
,n.,it(. ri u I S... ..r.f ! ted States. A state of feelin.r on i Majesty, by the third art.clo ol which vi;m f federation. ,,. r.nil,;,,,,.
i umin, w "i-i. I ,i. ...'i ' it is fi'Tced that 'hereafter there shall Lr ..i i i : J.......
nt vim mil In ui'ui aiui-s ji uif 1 1 oinif i nai tuui off n , . . , , , . . . . '' wiin.ii 11.1, ' off ll I ee nil ll v e l liani:
serre to impress .too, j u, produced, which called for prompt' ' '! cj hy tl.e citizens of he ri! ,f
nciple frX rLvinJ vigoroiw interference. If an L L" cJ h or U",ier U,'n,Vl u,,)'l inf..
inc.pies iom wl. itli the) t. ... iu, ,ol the said States, any establishment u,,:.
g; constant and direct! : , ." v-. ....., nftrtu .VA nf A...;. '.
dispositions oi the United. " . , . ' ' " i loimd necessnrv or exped
ards Great Hritain, as well , c:,nor m nn-' 0 1C '"nds adjacent, lilU, n o citicr'f t!)(.l(1.
duty to themselves, would, ,,c 'M "I north hit.- To watch 0V(,r am, f(
the great princi
have sprun
supervision by the people over every
public measure; strict forbearance
on the part of the Government from
exercising any doubtful or disputed
powers; and a cautious abstinence
from all interference with concerns
which properly belong, and nr' best
States tow;
as their duty
lead them to maintain a strict neu-
tra itv. and to restrain t iMr cimersi
accompany this message for the
otniation of Congress, and for such
gislat.ve enactments as may be
lient, iu re-
tude; and that 'in the
l.itl that tho t'l-neral hmnii nf ih
eoiimiunity, deeply nflecteJ a, itlmsbecn,
ii icviving with iifJi'ional vigor, rhav
tfiii'tl by thp h'Hion, of tho pust, and ani
mated by thi! Iiojiei of tlm fiiturp. Hy
tho eiirtiiilniciit of pper iues; by cur
bing ill's sanguine mid advpnturous iirii
of sjieeniailiMi; nml by tho lumoraU
application ,,f nil nvui!uble mean to thn
fulfilment of obligations, confnlenee HnS
ben restore I both at home and ahrond,
and ease nn, fm ility secured to ull thn
'operatioii. of trade,
The nency of the Gotcrnment in
producing these lesults, has been ol
efficient at u poerand means per
milted. Jly withholding from tlm
States the deposit ol the fourth in
stalment, and leaving several millions
at long credits wiihthe banks, princi
pally in one section of the country,
andmoi e immediately beneficial to it;
and, at the same lime, aiding tho
banks and commercial communities
in othor sections, by postponing the
payment of bonds for duties to the iv
mount ol between four and five mil
ions of dollars; by an nue af Trea
sury notes as means to eiubte thA
Government to meet the Cortneqtien-
red, or are r.l such importance as to;
I require particular attention. re;
i i
continue to be exhibited by all the' . '.
rfoi:. . .;,i. ...i ,t, . citizens
ii.iiiuii.i viiin nuoni ii itr v,o v u i imif 11 1
and citizens of the United States
have an habitual intercourse.
i i..... ,t,....r .....
K t l f ! 'rllLt : oil (lie iiiriuuci iiicifin, in hi
11... V till flctt'ltuui IlilllbllUlAr i L lliC i ... . .
date of my last annual message, Mex- der 0 eflcct ? chan8c P""
ico was the onlv n.ntinn v,uCh muA "nt, or under any pretext uhatev
.a. . . i ... I.
ociv it;iSMUiur in um , . i tn Sti .....,.. J :,. i:....l
iV nt, , . ..... .v. ,.mn, numuuiij turn lUUHIli
iiaii. jiirsu on rMiit, ,
hce the care and benefi-
rovidence, cull for our de-
rvent gratitude.
not less reason to be grate-
ier bounties, bestowed by
punificent hand, and more
pur own.
sent year closes the first
of our federal institu-
pur system differing from
n the acknowledged, prac-
Junlimited operation which
long a period given to the
ef the people has now
ested by experience.
stitution devised bv our
ns the framework and
t system, then untried, has
Mtlcdform of government;
reserving and protecting
principles unon which it
fVbu't w'bnderfjllv promo-
lal happiness and private
Though subject to change
Revocation, whenever
iderjuate 1o all these pur
such is the wisdom ol its
fb and so staple has been
renument that it remains
peept in matters ol detail,
y unimnortant. It has
I)' sulficicnt for the vari-
icies incident to our con
ation. A formidable for-
c'Uating'collisions between
jrin some respects, rival
JfS! temnf nlinn a .- inter.
mfestine commotions of
countries: the danzer-
ps thai arise in periods ol
Asperity; and the nnti
tsndencies ol associated
f e, with other trials not
have all been encoun-
thus far successfully re-
i , , f : . ' .' jinny tempt to distant dimes, and nt
(luring a term often years, counting ,.,. ' .,,;.., . ' .
li' .1 . . , 111 V "Hill V HUM 1" ' It HI I Ull. I i",1!; ill ill
stfr the in-
samc manner :rtr-lM ? n j,,,,).,, : ,
there shall ho none formed bv Khsm ti ; i .t,. . i 'Vr kr of 'their mtlnlcencies !ut nlibrd
...,. ... .v.-...,.,. .,,, ,.'",' j ,. . I . . ni'Hfl r.U' 11.11 ll 1. 1 Ml Hut I .1' : O ' LlOa 1(1 . . ''"
I- ii i i. .i . . . . Si:i n Sliliiftef s. or linilpr 1 nf. run uii 1 1 1- . . - . . . . 1 r inc. 'if tlm I'lii,,, hum l-ici , im (,! r.
I irom an violations of the laws w hich l . ' r , ' ' " : 7 ! the r-ghtsol American citizens, w hom
have been passed for its enforcement.! M. 'VUSM;1' , u V"- business or pleasure, or other motive
. . I tfi 1 M II, ll' I til lillll' I nt'lian l( oil ' '
Itut this lioTernT.ent rrco.-nizes a
.... : iliinntr n t n i'ni i
.. eti nit ipr ii , li'iltlnn t.i r, rocj , ""' t-v-i... v
U.ll rlllrl pi ISC. "f ' ,l ""if .,:,.!
Full informahen of ibest.To nf nn,- attemptson the part of its citirens to ' " r 1 r i inputs id mutual respect and good
foreign allairs having been recently,! V "imtry "lj 'Xt U"
ontwodiilerent occasions, submifed j r;lcr prfvail, or has been rr-estab-j rch . v recbror'tl- .ea,'!,i' tf iv,Uom I intercourse,
to Confess, I deem it necessary noJ'- ? V.redal.ons by our aiizens . " -J'8 ' . 2 1'!' ' fiovernment ol the I'mted States
to brill" to vnur notice onlv sncb upon nations at peace with the t in-; - , ' ' ,r ' has deemed it eipedient, lrom tune to ,
uinip uj uui iioui.e omy fuui i , .. . . wnatever, the interior seas, trulls, . . . .. i r t . Mar;;
PPni na tinvo cm iniirnt l' -.r.,-.nr. tin J.t"it v.-,.,i" ii"ii l"i t.",.,-
--..v.. j .iw.v .-. I1VI I v.v.tn-j
ing, at the same tune laciiiiiei lor re
mittance Mid exchange; end by stea
dily declining to employ as general
depositories of the public revenue, or
receive the notes of all banks who re
fused ta redeem them with specie; by
those tnea'irpi aided by the favora
ble action of some of tie bants, and
by the support and co-operation of a
Port inn ol the community, we
served for the American
ltest the advantages of a
t dependent on the con
ol the popular will:
?rience has shown it is as
yn practice as it is just in
,ch successive change
local institutions has eon-
pStcnd Uie right of aui-
rlir. infln.
Jnass of th community,
.:5 "ttdom 10 indmdual
i i . " iinii iw r,uiiiii Mi 'ivilliiliw i ilinu.'l i . , I r
itingthem, lave at all times been: ,,ri! ":,s' '1 cs " .. ,l,c lions with ilidercnt States, bv thf "a. wnnesmtan eany resump ion o.
P., , . .. , n'.rrMonril in l ie nreoci in r .irlu-h.1 . ." sureie navmont in our rwat rnm.
irded o v the American l.overn-i.. , .. !. . ,.' " ' appoialmenl ol rpprc-pntatives to re-i , ,.
, inr t in inii'nn.'A lit f i , t n , r fi r,a t r-.l , n ,r .' .' ... I uinr't'i i.,ti,''i ni-, ni'ila' 1,, nu itt in
and people with the crest ah- " : , 1 r P T h.Ic within their respective terr to-i , 1 ' 1 ' "'i-v
rence. Military incursion bvourj"' inc nauves uu , riea. I am gratified to be. enabled to' 'm,- 1 ,V it
.1 l 1 moi'.i 1 1 i unwii 1 1 ! w v ui i r
e uie raise .
countries o situatei
to you that, sim
and the
v .i. . . e .i : i .
f . . ir i v nil; laiiviiuni ui lius iiiiir.i-.' , ..
commission oi acts oi vio-i . . - ', . . ,'T;oi your last session, tiirsc relations;
. are oi leu v, urn. ine ortiv use mane:.' i . ., i . i
I'laut. , !, ,,,..,,.. i , ... i ',. i .: ,
, . r.l , . im' i ''nil t',. ,i I'fi'i i 1 1 ir i ,,, , ' jii-
Ly our citi.cns o the privilege it se-i , , , . . .-,i , i .i !
, , , ' . . t e t auspices with Austria and thej
cures to them, has been to supiilv the T... e-'-i- . . . . !
ltn irm tl,i nnlt. nnl!nn ...l.l U ,.,,!.-l lllCIl I, OT UIlllCl illlV MlClCJl HlllllH- .. f ' ' 1 w O Die. 1 1 ICS J Hill IICW noilll aiOHS,
ICO Was the On V nation W hich r.OUln i . ' - Indiana u i i niritnrni limi,,ri: fun.1. . ' . . .
. . . . Af liofrt tfrittt tl, .rimmnn m n I r,t i 'I I Ili'ii-n t...r.n i.I'IiIa i ,i r . .-r-, ,
r l,H't.t-, it, 'ii. uiv vutuiijvtivtinvui ,, if ... . .. nu... ,'itt, 1,1 in.- ii - ,u-i H-
n Vet. ' ' . ... 'iniinitinn n,l l.rn nrnij. ,n ,,c r,, J - ..
. l ll .. ""..."""'ft .. ," V lifii,.', .'I'.t. ,1,1.
our Viovcrruneni, ueeu neiu euuaiiv r . . , , , ,
criminal on the part of those engaged . ,1R ha,s 'fen eluded from he Juis
in them, and as much deserving0 of! sn" tT'' 'd h the s,,rphv fur
i ,...,ii i i . i. ,. i nisbcd Irom the united States are in
punishment as xvoukl be the distur- . . . .mi
I ,i i . , ,i , ijurious to the Kiissiun establi-bmciits
bance of the punlic peace bv the per-!J 4. , , , ,
. ' ..-'i on the northwest coast, and cn en a-
J ' t V I U V I J I VI 1 1 1 J 1 1 IA I U V I l Vtlttllil VUI
not be included in so gratifying
erencc to our foreign relations.
- 1 am happy to be now able to in
form vou that an advance has been
made towards ihc adjustment of our
difficulties with that Republic, and the
restoration ot" the customary good
feeling between the two nations.
This important change has been effec
ted by conciliatory negotiations, that
have resulted in the conclusion of a
treaty between the two Governments,
which, when ratified, w ill refer to the
arbitrament of a friendly power oil
the subjects of controversy between
U3 growing out of injuries to individ
uals. There is, at present, also, rea
son to believe that nn equitaM set
tlement of all disputed points w ill be
attained without lutther dilnculty or
unnecessary delay, and thus author
ize the tree resumption ol diplomatic
intercourse with our sister liepub ic
own territory.
Hy no country or person, bsve
these invaluable principles of inter
national law principles, the strict
o servance of which is so indispensa
ble to the preservation of social or
der in the world been more earnest
ly cherished or sacredly respected
than by those great and good men
w ho fu st declared, and finally estab
liehcd, the independence of our own
country. They promulgated and
maintained them at an early and
critical period in our history; they
were subsequently embodied in legis
lative enactments of a highly penal
missions ot hus-aa, loazil, lJclgium.
and Sweden and Norway, in this
country; and tuat a Minister Mxtra-
ordinary lias been received, accredit-:
ted to produce complaints between;
.i . ..... V. ii: . :. i '
ine two uovernuicnis. m. nu pcria
ed to this Government from the Ar
gentinc Confederation.
An exposition of the fiscal ahaus!
salutary to the true interests of agri
culture, commerce and manufactures;
to public mora's, respect for the laws,
and tht confidence between man and
man, w hich is s essential in all our
social relations.
The contrast between the suspen
sion of 1814 and that nf 1817, is
mint striking. Th short deration
io the irer. tne prompt resin aimn
of business: the evident benefits re-
ailting from an adherence by th
.,11-nrnmnt 1,1 the roimtitlition.il
Majesty thinks it for tl.e interest "of! "f t!'e 'verr.frient. and their cot,dh sUnii.m, (!f vai,1(, stead of sane
both countries not to accede to the) tlon f"r t'.,c Pf-4t 'car m ! rV,r tbming the suspenM.m bv tho receipt
proposition made by the American ' ',nl h' 'e Scscietary ol the J reas-i , iri-t.,P.m;li,rt pap.-rj'and the ad-
vantages derived Irom th l.argn a-
mount of sjitcie iutn:.
into the
ponntrv previous t.i 1 8:57, aflord" a vbU
uaole lilustrate.,! ol the true policy
of the gov'.-jumeutin sucli a crisii.
N'r r..n the comparison fail to re-
Vp the i:ni)resii,.n that a national
. in
With respect to the northeastern character, the faithful enforcement of
I ...... , U . l.n. I.,ll,.rln I.Atn ,m,l U'l 1
boundary of the United States, no
official correspondence between this
government and that of Great Urit
am has nassed since that communica
ted to Congress tow ards the close of
their last session I lie oiier 10 nego
tiate a convention, for the appoint
ment of a ioint commission of sur
vey and exploration, I am, however,
assured will be met by her majesty's
irovernment in a conciliatory ana
frien lly spirit, and instructions ti en
able the Uritish minister here to con
clude such an arrangement will be
transmitted to him without nuiess
delay. It is hoped and expected that
then instructions will Lc of a liberal
character, and that his negotiation, if
mjccesifuw will yroe to t 'PJgTgH
which has hitherto been, and will, I
trust, always continue to be, regard
ed as a duty inseparably associited
with the maintenance of our nation
al honor. That the people of the Uni
ted States should feel an interest in
the spread of political institutions as
Government for the renewal ol thciur.v'
article last referred to. j '1 e available bal.inco in tho Treai-
'urv, on the last d January next, is
The correspondence herewith com-! estimated at $2.705,.M2. The receipts
municaied will show the grounds upon i 0f ti, year.' lor customs and lands,
which we contend that the citizens of, wj!l probably .".mount to .,2r),r,.593.
the United States have, independent; These usual poiutc.s of revenue have
m me piuvi.-Muin 'i on.- i;-'iniiiu"ii . been increase.! uv ati issue oi irea---of
1(12-1, a riglit to trade with thena-l, v notes: of which l,.ss ibrm e'- .i.,
,- . . I ... t . ., '-"l C'f S. ,ot OlIIV wnc ii't.-iv
lives upon the coast in question, at) Inmlmn, ot ib-lhirs, includ.r- Tllore,t - rt..,mu.,( uhout maid, but
unoccupied places, liable, however, it and principal, will bo ov',t.1(1,n , l,..,.v.rt li:m. n!,0 been more rap
adm.tied, to be at any time ex ,hc. end ol the year. ,,,, , tlC .le . , pv 'fluted than when it existed?
t.nguishpd by the cre.it.on ol hussian 0f (n, v t , 10. ; i k , th,t nvat, c,ritrd,
estabhsh.nentsat such points. 1 Ins th United f-..B r..,. co .irti.i . !. L nn.i Z,KnL are fullv ad-
rig it s denied by the Russian Gov- The a-" . V V , ,Tns ; ' . . ' i n-i -i'l t ifse
s . . . . . 1 "x' uk ..rciti. i.f iai-miw I mm !rips-. ...... ,irt tn flip... lids, i'l a.l lose
.c.tT sources with the lial .nee otu . lim!, f xpc in'nce seeius to uavr
the f"st of Januarv bit, :i ,.n(,, tlC views heretofore su'MliltteJ
ernment, xvliich asserts that, by the 'end o
operation of the treaty of 1CJ-1, eachihr
' ,,-;.., .(. t- jii
i.t t, i , ,i . ' been applied io the pavim-nt m i,( i ,,n -.t..s. . .
hfi tZ, 1 C" .propnatL, bv CngrU. The ulclel We have been saved the .norti.v
then re:iccv.,e sides o IV." a 1 1 . . . .t. o .;-,,., . f .i . a: nf th
"" I ... , ! - . ,W ULLIIV
i .'a a fi a t i1 7 rPfTnrii i uj r riwn in i n. . i ,ii rPTurrfii iik nn . ..i
,,v .. ...v ...'I- ; -vv ' , T ' ' accepted., count, including
is natural; nor can a sincero solir;.
tude lor the success of all ,pse who
are, at any time, in j,00j fa;t, gtrug
gling for the acquisition, be imputed
to our citijtens as a crime. With 'he
entire freedom of opinion, and an
undisguised expression thereof, on
their part, the tjovernnvnt ha nei
ther the right, nor, I trust, the disjv,i
. .i'. j.... .a r ' .1.- ,i.:.i time set2PJ
i i.ir 1 1-i.i-iiH-in'ii cc'tiifnuniiv ior v.'.c ...'
Pk'Psl more than tight millions ol treasury
in lieu thereof, the m;.,tual privilege
ment.onea mine rjUrtj, article. Theinotes, nstit-i?" nn ng;rrcgate ol
rapital and to(in;,e employed by our! alk.ut fortv millions of ibdhrs, and
citizep.s in '.neir trade w ilh the north-
will Mill li vp in the Treasury the
wes; cost of Amerit-a, will, perhaps.! balance before stated.
ra adverting to the official statements! ,pflry eight millions of dollars ol
of the commerce and navigation of Trcn-:ry n'"f, are to bp pit I (hiring
the United States for th last few',.' . om'mt year, in mlditiofl ti the
i ii i -
years, le deemed wconsi'ieraiio
on to fasten upon the unuy
dant'eroiis an institution; nl we
iiUtj ?.. trial mo dum'"--.;
.1;. l.ln,!. vt.l! Imreafler relieve.i
,- .i. -ir-,.f 4 of a eontin
I It'll! llll? li.Jt.i .,- - - . t
tie.1 aLMtti'.n of (hat I'isfurm..
ject. The bnii-cd ir.'J.J"" er a m
tmnal bank in averl.n- derangemenl
in theei -brn'r, of li e ruuntry, or
in i-...-., n ,,i.i l-iiinn l-r tlif kiww
ll if I 1 1 lit I V H ' 'MHM'Mi. I ir, " - , , V
tton to interfere. Hut whether the t amount to attract much attentitm; yet' lv,r, f "Government. I'or both these in compelliag th resumption ot p' ;
iaiereat or the honor of the Unitcd'the uhct may, in other rfpficlj, ' hmoi, i'o thw tf t'i Ireis. c.e rarrrrnH, o-t now lBT
: i

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