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Canton herald. (Canton, Miss.) 1837-1839, December 26, 1838, Image 2

Image and text provided by Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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torn that tmfl nnd if 1 1 n m i f
ill Intther ili ii)iiiilin'i t 'mm r m.
priclv, I IVil it my doty, .i!i re p"ct
lul d( IVi ( r"i tn tii' ("lili'Miti;1; vn'u
tf titho r'-, niniii to i 1 1 . your nU ti
tion tn them.
Will, the exception fil limited sum
deposited in the lew bnnU, ftfl cm
J'loyed under the ict of in?,.), th u
mount leeeiveil J.r ilnties mul vsiih
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'ery mrnnnidiTtililo f M'l'ptiu'i, t!u
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tho f!Ciior jtijwj'Ptidi'in f
tnrnts by the Joj'ofito bm!;,. be. mi j,,,, t (,,,r(.s,
iinu (iM)u-Mfi.i i.iy i:ii U'( ;i;ni-.M', imtjit u v.wh
wnucr im ;nii't.i it;.-r,t power!-'. uu-lt.v
jcct to the ftitM'nn!Pii(U-nfo l iln
Socrctnry of ihe Treasury. The
propriety ol" (lefiain mure bpocifical
jy nnd l rogtil.itin; ly I nv, the exfr
ise of this wide scopr ot' Kxtculivc
liscreimn, ha.j htea ulreudy sub. nit
tfd ty Congrffs,
A chrinp in she im'TIop of cnUeclur
;nt no of our prirn ipal ports, li-iss
brought to light n drtuh-atinn of tin-irnvcut-
character, tli jiartinilars of
l"ich will ho laid before you in a spt-
.il report from the Secretary ol the
.'rensury. Dy his report and th"ac
. nnpanyin, document, it will he
rfii that the weekly returns of this
' faulting ortirjer apparently exhibited
' Auirh'ut, a !aitl,ful'iiihiiinitra:i"ii
ie miairs intrutea u i.is m ,n-
rli! ;v i'
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. 1, 1 1, r.i' 1 1..;
ell fil', ' r
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; ;:r.!i lii H", ' ,
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"ii i'. ' Mi "' "i
', in t'ii' I'irfii. 'in I
h'ii"!-;, i j i 1 1 1 .in j
Is' I'llYl'l I, in I
n -iuiii c jir' 'i'ii.
il tn thi'i r or ii i urn
isf ;ir'u i!r'' ., an I
. ii-i. ;i; liy ;ip'r"
r:ir t!.' comiiin
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I Is
'III! II , i .i l i ,
' o I i y ,-t' V, i r ,
i' rutin' n t'i" ' i
'ii" : i i r:d tmii.i'
s !( cuiitiin' I tn -jii ii,:, 'h ui
tli.l! nii'l' IT.
Tli'" lw in'Ti'l i'ii'JJ mil oi'ivoii i 'i:.'
thi' inilila.iv ('''I'l'i-i'iM' tit i X ili' I'ii'iH I
St;i'i' Irn ln"ii B.';o y riri'ifl iu'n m-
1'':''', imvI tii iin.iv Im: Ii' "ii n-.':s (
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a r s t c-1
y hp ii ii'ii
i v, i j i. a no.
a. a
t.'t. with a low ii n p:viii!'t i e'no n!
Ir to o.'li's'e iiiili's-; ih.. liri'ii'ilt uas i a'-i-l;ietiiril
v accmin'e l In:'; n renoit
nt 'In- rci'iHK nee.
wsiui), ilie 1 1 Mill, oi
jiir.-ii i i h . 1 1 . 1 n i i ' ' 1 1 :i .111.1 ill' I'liiiiii,
jit (loci appear to in' t'.;:t. wii.Ii a suli-
) c l 1 ri oi i.m j c :i"i i i pi.ii.u: iiiucern
to the jzenei,".! rnpervi-inn of t' c ex
ecutive, hi ei:iii;natiu;is bv a Com-
' l :r 1 1 M ' - ' - i t
Hi !"'', lll'flt. 1
i IV !".".!M -1 II
in. I'. 'nil nn
' s it ss i ,lir, in
! t-''rri'' of r i -i
1 1 ;i . i ' 1 1 1 s i ' !' i ; ' ; , i
' iniiierly m iin;'
I li'i'i'-j's i f ( -f"V,
. tin 1 1 lier int
i To thi rciier:.!
j 1 "at 1 li"i i i.'e I e i in'M civ
nil I usefully em
'.'I :II.
i I wnl.l n train
'l" "'I d'lrin; tlie ', t
cull tn ''ir nnlice tli"
tiH'in iiro'f mpiI in tic
; i,iiiifi'ri',il hv lit v. ii is . I
l'r I liirir Utility SS "II
,1. In iii'D'ni.'ir, " Hi" in IMliini s-rrc u!i:iii'!r,l to
t!i'uiii-li lim rliiin- s 'qi,,' '"'t 'iii ! wer" ?i"t -.-1
ci ill 'H i li 'l S I'll I rl"
!"f''lli''5 f ih" eo n:' i". .
Mliirli werei iitin.i,?(!. to urn nt t hu 1M
'' .n,V:
! i 1,'iV !:r-it
teiili'"i to ill'
fur 'dhill't ( 'liiClM'S.
al to iv t.ie iiiioi l inre
c't"1;, I m'ViI yn'ir .-,?-iv
stem ol ern'Miimin nts
l- s .. .
1 lor nNi" l!r aujr.,!
I .'elm 'I'. lb'!iian:.;r,';,;
' iltld i'"!l, (Mm'.
i UrWe :ire wlntW:
; T. S. S,i!i',nn Ci!'(n.
.fur nii'l ei'lli'ctiir.
Hr.NMiir 1 1 a Mr. y, acmi
mi' :i n 1 1 cii'lcetiir.
Wo are Giuli.irw!
eeliMv, Uee)-; yM. VAi;i:M,aa
ol tlie establish-
of tin: f 0111111111 it v . 11
osenitiieit tli"T i,
mo-1 l ; ii : f t -'t ij
ai "ta'c.
tnittee ol C'oii;,ot;v
II III' tlil'll
Ili.il'W i'lti i t') '
INhumtll. as (or frli
at. pen
ino Hero --s:i i v i'iiniii'1'lioii ss iili its Ir'n
ticii oi' its ii.iiniuist.'-it'''o!i. I,
i .. ... . .r 1 1. , .
ins i ii,r i " ' 1 " "ii ui"
I... I lll'IMI
or v
X the!
111 i
oi t MM'
s tlie iiiitu'i,'.'
in 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 ui
r t
1 : .-ii! v
"ut of t'.i i suteai, in tJiii- Sl.ile. 1
.e;x lea;' to adiliin i ur attention
i'M'ticu!.'ii'!y to ti,r . ibii'ct. It is the
? V ! Ml. ilia o:!!"..m
nil 1 collect'H.
iX'rWe lire aullior?!
Wr. C.('i"i, a canfe
anil eiiilfcior.
nave no provmm I r,,,.,;,.,;,,,,,,,.,, l!l(.y ,nv
M CMluiri nnd pmi-ioi- not in eon.-luetiii'' the uilai'rs
I i Inn
tn it h be! "c e
,elT"'"Viu! vsilunt
HIV oi' f'(M'' i;m ,
ol trust, t'.e s'll'e keep'n ; of t!'c psb
i;c niontys, iin ier me .syso in projio
sod, nii'jht Iih placed on a surer loun
dal.ii.n liort it Ini e er occupied since
the. establishment of the govern
ment. The. Secretary nf tin T e;ii'ry will
lay Lu'foro you ivlir.tioi.nl infurinntiou
eon dining new dcinilri on iliis iniere.--tin
suhjeet Tu'lifel yir.ir early
n'tcn'ion. Thnt it .-lioul'l luise fosen
n ciinnot
1 1 io eu'liT
tiou iiinl eiisto.lv ef i ho euh'ic inonev i
1 1. . i i . ... i
i ii it ih'ci or .no i i'iv v ' s rn ii" f .
lo K".!..,i i i : .i. . .
i . i wnii, nun iiiiui" ni 1 1 1 1. 1 iH i y in. wis u i-
ngrcss.vely increasing the amount, vnill. ,,,,.;,.,.:.,'.. ,,.,,
to tic? sinipic ami self-iltaiyitifr ori'iinimees
of tho constitution could not hut lie ditTi
cult, l.ut time iiu l Ireo discussion eii-
; v.sed
of tlie
.T',-iM!liMll IH i'' l'OMCV HIM
in'i-n st- of ilie eii'.cn nmt seem to re
epiire. T'm only sa;'e or proper priin-i j f "' 'h'-' eir
!'!' immi Iii.-li tlirir in'r. riHiiV" with : l!ta'e. Til
i i - - ..... .....
in-.i'iii,ii'i.t run l.o rmr ,1. Ullm'i'il'y and fllil '."I ,S I M- Ilif.illlUi'lo
. Ci.::u
i -,
; "U
out v.
i: -h a.i !
""ne rnl ' '''ili'ir annv, sn
! e ;
or a jjen i ni sw i
ion irr.
incisure is lieomed
tliV i' uill fir
r fiiii" in ;ii-.l ol'
iiviV 1 1 o:u lli tn ;;s
w 1 .1 1. . 1 iii iiii , .. 1 1 in -'rc -. i s' 1 : e
ri'iliiia of td" I'liMrd ; iio.i ii he es
ion of nnaii'ina! fnuu-1 tins sta'e c.ir.iiol
lllitia ;
l est.
in !,e-
lurgf! of
:-,ust be
ae in tae
t tiyctetn !
'1 the oh-1
whieli i so essentia!,'
oliW'l 1
tliore cm
i.'iiion or di-tipli
e-iits.;::eii'lr, thr
! ot
vs hii h
an 1 1 pri'S:Vil wih thf
u orcoiiise with ! '" for making -im!l ni'im, tin: lu'ter lo, m.; n wo';! irainei
l ...... 1 i i l .
tin? pns n'e ritiz'-n. : he eoniornn of inn- s''''l r.t o-'.i point west oi m :!it;a', 1
timl licnelits. It lien the. governiiient oi";i,rn!iy iiioun mis an appear o aj oi
run aconMilisli a financial one-ration l(t-1 sullicien, iintioriunee to he ''iin urg-A
i if
a? too oCMitv i:i-
l l'M'Oi tance oi' hav
i'.ii l well oriramzi'd
"nent. It however, now atipcars r' r ?''eat diversity of opiui
.1 he commenced abstracting the P,.rt n ",,T,"t "r- , AlVr tl
'.!C monevs shon.lv alter los ap
pointment, nnd continued to d
i i i
r ilie t'Ttn ot more than seven
' ' ars, embracing a portion of the
: eriod, diiring vvliie.li the public mo
rrv!i were deposited in the Hauls of
'er Li ti the nid of the lianks than wii'i- ! ui"'' utieiri in.
i ... .. 1 mi i
oi. t, it siioui j !,o at liber y 'o M-cKthati i.ie p1
id, a- it would the services of a prisa'i? of ar !'
hardier or oilier ca pi a lists or ngen!s,iv.! of ih? I'toi.' I
ii)" thr? iM'efiM'eiieo to those who will i wcll caleiilaK
1 1
'ir very c x:
ihev value
i!s to it: it ti
CO depends
re 1 Mil t'l 'V
v v;;!ti3 p 'ol-
si'i'se it on thrt l?n term-i Xor can econouiv in the fiscal
here ever exist an interest in the rifiWr j the service, to preserv
ed bv th ,S"r"ti:i'y
'he diss I'i'ii.iM in of ih' dree
I Ista-tn in li-n of pc:i"-, -j
to pi'onio o icfoilanty a id
niM'itv 1oev s,.i',;l,l regard ii-, it
( '.' .f;' it
f ncoui-i'ire
.'. ... ,i;
a in
1 i T.
mi Irati'jn
of the ""iiein! govornnie.it, as such, in j the troop un 1 to rend-r tlieoi
d'tcui t ho. n to einharnis or annov the lor tno maiiitein nee of t!
ui .eijiiin
'Ail'li,! C:Ci:
tlm s',"u'd
'iMiiiiii;' -mi ; iMso.jiiMHii r ot toe .i it i
tia. And what even mv bo said to-
ilia pea'
ae e.'titi-a
i i ; . i . I ; i i ' 1
' ' t I I .'.It
rin.i'.vi cor, in l.ts late me.suiii? to tne i,e
th" arming.
Dn.ynr.ii K.
.i I'jii'ction is li-r::'
take pl.-ice in t!,-
Mondav tlie 2jlh da-,-182J,
lor 1 UryiJi-rC
second lir'usde, tliil'
. . : ,..:.. . . r:
Mssipj'i i'liioei, id i
occasioned hv the H
li.ii-i-li'.'f General I
tie? inspect-u's in i.U "
cincts, will ive tlx
T . ' . i
i .t it ue ' c-moiiiiiereM
overnor ol
is a:u I nnl, any more han to incur the iriiivpniity ol sh.j eounirv. Wi'li ti)i'g:--.'0'o.) "in at goo-.t or inn. ignon-nt.
hosiilitv of Mtiy other elan of state insti-1 view, likewise", 1 reooniMV'ti I the a io I or intrlle'ent, spirited or without, sni-
citin" the sen'iinents of the ueoi le and
'is United . Mites, tin- wliolo ol that, aided by that coneilaiory spirit which
' f tho state bank deposito system, j In ever charnctci u'cd their course on
' end concluding only on his retirement ! finergenoies, were relied upon f.n
I'rotn o,1icp:iltcr that system had sutiu 'itisf u-tory settlement of th'tfpiestion
tantialiv failed, in consequer.ee of tlie AlreaJy ha- tlusj cntiepatson on on- on- J
finspnsio i of rpt oie pavment?. I"'la,,t lM,,lit at h-ast 'he impropriety j
, The Way in wlircli this defalcation 'hserung p!hc .. to pr.vaie j
ivas so long concealed, and the steps I W-l- ' f"hy rea!rc,l. 1 here w i
. . , , -r p . , o ' ; ihi reason to rait'i-'e that, h'-rw ai. on upon
taken to indemi.ifv tne bnited btates,1,. ,., , . . ,. . . .. i . . ...a i 1 1.
tum LMi.UI. ll 'i int; Miuri r.u'i n; it:
u-iens or of pria?e cnizens. It is no't i tfon of the plan presen'ed by iha oiTi- ei'j nt, as vour vvio or carriers lejHa-l
lo'ti'iei'. iou ui iv e feet them, tne Miltti.i art
i,v law, an i ia
din' to la..', in ui
a suecdy return t!i.
lio'iinei Jojejih 11.'
II v order of Mr-
W. Dunlm ofihcJJ
sissippi Militia.'
WllddAN F. F
Colonel of the 2:
The following is
in !ie nature o thinju. i hat hos'i itv to lor the (li-tiaieo ol th;? Wevctn
noe instumion-! en a spruif from this i . preservation or ilia Irnvj mil prop-Ltill vour nulv mo.un of protecliou. ! . ," ,' fc.
'ini-re, or aay oppixitoion to (heir course jerty of our telluw cili en's who are set. ! M ;,c, to f0l-ce, wltich'i'verv U,n fitc
a Liisinos, c.Ncent w hou thev tnenise ves , ne.i unoii unit Imri er eonntrv. usud m ..... . . . . . .u i. ei s.
' . . i . '. . . . I JUMU! ll" 11 I I'F ll f I'll ! ( ! (!
I'liimiat ion, i ; , . I i. !.i l.n i . ..
t . . . . ' III'. I'll Iliiltllt.t 1 1 1' in L IT: I ii hi I r( I il;
iii'i atlemiit to usuro movers not con or-; wlncii ini'Mit Iv? Icuiute hv onr w-int ol i 1 ., ' . .. rers iniovf
led ..-oil I he.,,. o.Wn ,u ,Jr,v,m':,ii,i .,..',!: ,u,' .!.: ' meet, tl.ey a re yotii omy nr-nnvnt. , v ,,vl ,lf
fep.art frorn the ohjivis of tie ir creation the existence of the Indian
which lui'Mit Iv? tcuiute I h
ij'oa inoiii, or to suDsert ll!'. ;;tan-' pi eparanun to nun on i n-i , o'A n n: ruo-1
i" I i ... i i : . - ...ii . i
oi a.ue estnuii.-iluvt ly i lie constj- non. an i auaeK ilie vilnto si'tii.aiH-nis.!
At nil Miliary tlR
..!,.- the r.3
fur as pruciwable, ajjamst los, vs ill VuAiUn 1y n ,.
o-ion. Vhi!.,-ppo.si!uMi to th.ur rcpu-'all seem to require that .his ...;c?tsho..lii !,eU(,f ,,:T"11,'l' ) m . . Lt-rn-ain-j;.,
ar operation-! cunuot exist in this epiar ' he neied upon wi'hoat delay an I he Tar!,"!, l,iaa na' taJf 111 ihfi tnion.
vr, iv.-.i Cauee to bhv atlcmn to liintte Deiiartai 'iit a uhoi !,.! t.i n1v i,.,.iThi.t has been f:!cti-d lv tlie en- . '
. - I -
l.i.llt.S M ..l.HW., ,1" . tl.il, I 'IS I ,
'...ioi-i.;.J to place that j
Micrenee oi oiiiiuiai
.' government d 'pendcat upon them lor' coau'ry in a state of eo'tip qio defeu. ! ca:itp?ri"n:. svste m. It I
n!0 be presented ti VOU. Tlie case ior ,-a; t0 vf. ,K, roidial support ,f a' "eeessfal huiu'stra'ijii of public J)g liust any assaali from the nauierou j
is one which imperatively claims the !hu-r,. niaioiitv of our coristitnen's Tlw i;,!!;irs, is a mrur of dtnv, m I trust it toid warlike tribes which are coa? (-' i-
attention ol Loiurcss, :.nd lurntshes couneciimi in: h lorn:'', v existed be-i""' KA'-'r w 01 neiinaiioii, no matter , n uiai uonier.
the Strongest laotivc for the es.nblish- tween the Governnieni an "l hanks was in
t ....... i .
meni oi ti more severe ami ficcure ss-! rea uv inini-iom to ion. as veu as to
tern for
lioiu what consideration or motive tho ) 'It afford une sincere pleasure to lp a
attempt may ongina'e
as been four
years since the system was establish
ed there, and I learn that there are
a irrcat many Ueimints in that Statu
tuat would coininre with a reirnuent
hie to apprise you of th removal of the: in the United States Army- It
if be uisvn t-'th"
r..d with tlie '5!
.i . . j i.i ,vn
o.-ilei I. it", nr.. "
.,.'i f . 'CM
hi . ... . 'i ,i' . -roim.lv.
where such c:
I IIV. I - - -
tice. shal'i witli'iii
tice thereof in vvrp
is r .i..j ,'n
. ...... .)' Ill I.M UW-
1 the sale keetiti:: and disburse--the maieial interesisid tliceoinnit.nt'y at 1: H 110 'ir.ro ihaa justic? to tao banks i t.ieroKee nation ol Indians to their n-sv 1 said that it is rave to meet with an'1. r ft ..,,,
of the public, moneys than any ihir'.e. It aggravated the disasters of , - !, that m iho late emergency, mostj ho'- west of the Mississippi. The olfieer frorn ti? highest to tlie lowest - i . , w nit
has heretofore existed. fade and the den.ngcir.onts ol eomr.icr- strongly resisted tho strongest measures authorize Iby Congress at its: in ,.omni nd, who is not well .unified ' V.lie 'l
t. .,u , ,i,n, eta intercourse, and administered new ompia.ion'J to extend their paper issues, I iast- session wuri a view to t in ImiL' slan-l ,ni,i M,l,1r,- .i,,;,,,, P ,, , ,1,:, u.strK.i.
It seems ptoper, at all events, t at. I t0 wild -hen apparently sustained in a suspen- ing controversy lietweeit themT have! Utf It ! n S " The i
an early enactment, similar to.thut ! ., , , , .11)X,u!a!ion. lll0 .jisaneolnt. " of specie payments bv publico , in- had tho happiest cluets. I5V an airco Ii pieent Covernor ol ?o- , M anJ conJi,ct
OU1C1 tuuilllll's lilt: li ' ilicaiiu. I IM ..,, , , ., l,;,,i. .!,,... ,. ion. cvh'1 t hmor', .1 enmn -.,n. ,;.! hihiI r ..w ... ... I Ml, K .U ""-.n 17 iuu.,ui",i aim ihiii mii.ii, ,ii ,
public money by an officer 'of fov
.eminent to private oes, should be
mado a felony, and visit, d with se
vere and ignominious iiunihment.
Thi U already in ell'ect, the law in !of t!io
cotivulsioiis of panic, and all bat prod an
ed Muicuce an 1 bloodshed. Tin impru
dent expansion oi hank credits, which
was the
military man. Durin? his term of
, respect to the mint, and has I cen pro
due live of the most salutary results.
uauinii result t tne coniouuvi
'venues of ih ? Suite, lurrishe-l
odice he has devoted much time to
I liii' improvement of tho Militia. lie
Whatever sys'.om h nd,.pted, such an jJastry from its rcuhr an I salu'ary oe-
omctmcnt would hi wise as an mde-f;y '' )' ",' an.. nuance vvr-n-pendent
measure, since much of the luhor, an 1 ierm.ged the wiul state
nnfalic m-mev mut, in their co!ec-l'' !(,'vl ' trades a:, lrotessions m-
tiou and ultimate ill.'-.hursetiv'nt. pass
by legislative eaa -.tnietrs. To this lion- j mauding general in that country, who
orahl-j course, nided by tho resistance of has poilbruied the duties assi"tied to him
the I'enfiral ''overnnient, nctiivi in olwdi-ion the occasion with eotnmendabln oner.
ciu-o to the Coastittifton and laws of tho gy and humanity, their removal haisPS!ls o theenc impinnl system, in
United Status, to tins in'roduction of an been p'incin'illv under tho conduct of. 'he following hinuaa in Ids 1 1 1 mes-
t-.o resources for un!)0;idod l;-ons in i irre leeni.i'ile paper medium, nny-bu at-! their own chiefs, and thav have eniira- sn.2e to the heHslatifre: "The system
every species f H-lvnture, redaee, ia-l liiJuteJ, in a great degree, tho .speedy ted without any apparent reluctance. of encampments has wrotf'ht the
re ...iiaMori o our currcnev to a ko hl 1 ho success a aeeomnli Jiment rr tl.lv.' Unct i!i.. Ii.
' . ,.r . j i, , tlLVj I il I i O R llLt, s oil I I ilO l v. - 11
tvviC-5 t.u'or,;:h tlie hands oi p.tb u oi
' Hcers, in whatever. r.iutiner they arc
intermediately kept. The govern
inint, ;t must be admitted, has been,
from its commencement, comparative-
. Jy fortunate in this res.ect. Lint 'he
appointing power cann . alvays he
well advised in its selections and the
. experience of almost every coup try
has shown that pu! lie office s are not
tt all times proof agnint temptation.
It isa doty, there!.. -e, which the p.
...vernnifnt owes, us well to the inter
' csts committed to its enre, us to the
officers themselves, to provide even
. guard against t regressions id tld
character, lint is consistent with rea
son and httmnntty." Congress cetinot
" . . .i - v . .. .
i Le too lea.otn tn t ie conduct o rios
whnffre rntruted with the ptiblir
V money, and ! shall at all timrs be tli"
nmi'il In iinronrrfi a wa'i-'ifol ilis-
charge of this doty. If a more di
. rcct cooperation on ib part of Cn
v v ftrest, in the supervision cfllie n n
'wvv.(Hltf U i fniiwW 'Ai'.ls te
vm - : - -
to Me? Mirte.v oi si-,c;'U a'ioas on remote
in.? sa ii sviie su.aai.n-,; inuaence
ir peded u'-'-o tlvi resources -of the Cov- to dn ivs from it all tho
erauicu, curtadel in useful operations : benefit which it b-s'ows
I ... I . . i'.ir.i i i: 1 ....... 1,1 !. I, ... ...
C't'ions, end seriujilv
sae,iuii tie? business or tho coun'ry to .important ohioct: tho removal, also, of' siic.hth.nl (Ha mpons-onw.nen., cull m-i.
us Honied proeiry. the entiro Creek nation, with the c.xcep.,in;, 't.on1 the defccl3 in ourexpen.
Iho bancs have hut to continue m the tion of a sma.l nmnber ol fic.tives; mlt. ,m.llrnt;i c.,.j. nn.
; R tm ; siiio curse, an I be content in their I amongst ,tha Sen. inules in Floi'ida: the 1 . . ' 3 . ' .. I
appropriate sphere, ,o avoid ail inlerfer- I'rcss already made towards a scdv! ) lU 10 V ? T
1 .. .. ' . ' ... - . i . i . . . .. . ' . . oi too itt 'an a tn ohvi-ito t ion. ' In
once iioiu ilia ticneral (it
vern:neat, aiirtj'i'piutionm removal ot the Chicka-1 ., , ,
proteciion nnd -StbChoeiaws. the Pottawatanves.l tm T'"1 1 S ave recommend
ou o; her State dio Oitawas, nnd the Chlppewas, with 1 1? yotn;con,idoi -ation, T- irst, the pur-
. 11 " - - L 1 I' '.11 1 I i
people ol tbc j e exiensivc purchases ol Indian Ian Isi " -i " i in.e .u aoe i;: ouu i um
interfered with '. S.uies, and on ibo States themselves, hi i during Iho present vear, hav rendered i Pnc'1 rc?1:ll'nt i !econ I, the issue o
I.r'o up- this, their trail poution, they cannot but I the 'peedv ami successful result of the! r -tions to the ofl'icers attending en-
ill?' execution of tlu: laws
propria'ion and oppressive taxes arts ihooeare tlv conii.ljneo and good will of j lng estahlislicj policy of tho govrrn
n-itnnil conseouenecs of such a coin ie-Mhe people and tho Government, which nient upon the suhee.t of Indiaa affairs
entirely certain. The occasion is there
fore deemed a proper one to place his
ion. finco they inerc.no the nioiits of ' they can only loso when, leariins from
tlioso who nr allowed to use 1 public their legistii.mte. sphere, they attempt lo
finds, mil make it their interest that 'control tlm legislation of the country,
money slmulJ be nectuualBte I and expeu- un-.l pervert the operations of the Cot
litu res multiplied. It is thus that a con-, enunent to their own purposes. .
cent rated -money power is tciepte.I to j Oar experience under the act passed at
beconi'! nn n.iivo ,i:.mk in political a I- iho last session, to grant preemption
airs, mil all past experieu'c has .-ho vu rights to settlers on tin public lands, Iihs
ui w deli sills- ihnt iuihieiice will b? ar- as yet liec n too limited to enabio us to
raved. W e doceivo ur!s if c sup- - p;(ui'Jiineo with safely up m tlu efficacy
poe tl.at it vs ill ever ho found assorting ( of its orovisiom lo carry out tho wido
m l supporting the riehts of the eomuni- and liberal policy of tho Government in
arv at larjje, in oppi- ition to the claims that re-pct. 'I hero is, however, the
tho I' w. , j he;it vviisvH to anticipate favorable results
Ina Govcrnmen; hoe ilistingnish-1 from its operation. The recommenda
har:i"'pi i-tic shoild U u diifasion ttons formerly fubmittel to jou, in re
.,.,.( r,.,...,iiTr.: f,p . ; t ,i o,: ; aiJ ? i. - ( r;iC'.-'. to a graduation of dio prim of the
lens the n Jvuntago of in.iivi luals will I puhlic lanJs, remain to bo finally actoJ
b .'g'viil l k mpr" f th I I'V'"' Hviug fuid i imni to'hnngo
policy in such a point of view as wid ex
onerate thn government of tho United
S a'cs from tho undeserved reproach
which has been cast upon it through fcv
era! successive administrations. That a
mixed occupancy of the mo territory
by the whito and red man, is incompatible-
with the safety or bappinossofeiiher,
is a position in respect to which there
has long fiin erased to bo room fjr n
difference opinion. Reason and ex
perience ..ivoaliko demonstrated its im
pracli -a oity.
: (Conclude! nrxt week.
The navigation of the Ohio River
j i tlmirst entirely suspended
campmentii. The first ol these prop
ositions, though apparently of little
importance, will bo of essential ad
vantage in eHect. At present, the
Ctiti cnience or caprice ol individuals
may at. any moment, defeat the orders
of the Conim inder-in-Chief, nnd frus
trate the intent ioes of the law. The
adoption of this measure, will nls"
give an air of permit. r-noe to the sys
tern. Th-; issuo of rations will re
iieveconsideiablv the burthen of pri
vato expenses, in attending the en
campments, nnd will initiate the sol
lir into a department uf military af
airs vv. ich it is important lio shoti'd
...... s'trer2j''
I l-j -n ,
. i ..... ft
and snail
thereof, to the V-
cliargcd with taef
UMi.'i n-'l""- f
am nfthe er'v
0nicers and S'")
wntte man' ,
r.. nspinbtr ,r' ut
' ' ...1 ..I l.i V''
i. .. in: r
,v iaw '"-.,..
rers in the MW "
si I is w" ',
IJ.verly "ic!:s:)n'
A. D. Uirlow &
Lewis Fi!e)'
to mc
virtue oH
' ....I from !'
t neci ' , s1,
understand. It will n's. tend Mthi
better ordering of the Camps-, nn'
will facilitate the enforcing of disci
..... . . .
ipiine." I urn convinced that ymir
I shall evr ,fV!,
turns- ii;f 5i
Two i.in;V
cil e. fcn"
aborc t'K tft
" f"l l''i"
1 1JJ

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