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The Farmington times. [volume] (Farmington, Mo.) 1874-1902, December 21, 1899, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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"You see. madam, Ivory Soap is really the most
economical. The cake is so large that it easily divides
into two cakes of the ordinary size. There is twice as
much soap as you get in the usual cake of toilet soap.
Then it is very economical in use, for although it lathers
quickly, it is always firm and hard, even in hot water.
As it floats, you can not lose it or leave it to waste in the
bowl. We sell it to all of our best trade for general use."
Farrninflten WrneslSS
Ut Aran tor J CLT
B lltSt! J I. I
Win;; JstUe i musty cannf K. . ttsrisB
aju June instrvt " ""irn
Hassat. JsstosferofKimstrlct J. A irix
Jul. or Irobat
..... J. . uaj ,
i itrult riant
j c.
3fc.il county i .wirt
.Thou II. -'
En I) Tt ai av
I .
SkertiT . .
Ifon-. uiln; Attorney
Jaunty aarvsyo
j. B. MIM
...A. It. .laaa
Sen .
raanaai-v. a T. m-rraaa. I.P. .
twUi.-raaehiiiii-Hinil ue.rniiiit aii-t ear
wing, Sunday arhnol al w a a. a . tan. at.
Uuua, aupanntendeut . rra)r mealing
Wrtlntwdaj evenlne.
atsruooiar Ki'iM oriL, sm rn-l" a. .
Ka . . faator - rraarhlng vry uma
aurnina a an avanlac; "owlaji at
a. ui . or. J. L. Haw, up'i. liajn nwi
Wacaaaataa .. nin
tliTBDOlur Kri'orL Hr J.J. Mnrtln.
raator, praarMni IT aonuar taraaaaj
anil I'Trntng. hiihUi) .'horil at .. ni ,
1". W. uTt.ai. Bwpti llwjrr ettaJ ever
tVnliMMla Truing.
UiTiT v. M. M. an '. ataaMri
pro litug ftrtt unit ihlnl Kumlar '''
jgjgjggg. Buumtna uad rvrulng. ITajrr
mavting rrrrj M'aonrxta) i-vrnlng "un
der wkiolt:ata ai . 1st- MaaaaM, miwrln
Oaaiarux - KM . M. HaaL. in
praai-hlug Uatrn ami lourtn auiular ol
writ muuiti. uioraln aaU rrrning. aua
ar eisot jo a.m. . IT. Hciuing. lajaajf
lntnUwt. V. P. . K. evr aun.laj
evouingat (u'r'.jek.
Unuaaaa Brv. A. I.. lloMLrKu. paator
Pnni'.iing everj iwiniiar aanrnUig ar4 tne
loarlb; calrnim after ehun-li.
t'triiouc kv lailwr I'H.ntr aajjfjjjBJM
prtmt; Mai vel iwinla exrrpt rtrtt at lu
o'cloek; nteehtam aa ilar at .
inaci'i, Oojar-J 0. r . Judga-Kwnil
cajra In Mar anil November.
ajgaj (!.k Br-I'iral atomlaja Inffiiiwa.
uar. auui ami Xowmutr
'Koatvg Coitbt Naronr ilomlari In Jan
r , April, Jut ann lactobar.
Merry Chri.tiua to all.
Colo Telle) "lor CtoiatniM ptccul.
Thia i the ahortent day iu the year.
Santa CUuk thia week ul the QM1
Turkey can be loand at Dark k
(Spruit 'a.
Extra Select Oyrter al Moore &
lullier Tucajiey went to St. Lout
tin- week.
Apple, peach ami plum butter at
KM A Bro'a.
kins HwbOB la rolling Irieodt in St.
(hi week
Freak Fth at Schck a City Market
Bargain in Clothing and Overcoat
t (,':ind leader
41N! KM Uood Miaed Candy lor J6e
at Davla at NprotC.
An elegant Chrintma prnacnt one
tt Urand Leader Jacket.
Klein 4 Oro. bare jnm recelted a
(apply ol treli cranberrie.
Born, lleeember 14, 1899, to the
wile of Hubert Lloyd, a n.
Mr. W. II. Itottgcr I vMtiag bar
mother. Mia. 8. 0. Vaueickle.
All the Sunday acbool will hare
their uattal Chriatma exerciae.
For Kaitlna, Fig, Nuta. Candle
ftael Fruit goto OoU V Hprott'.
A large aaawrtwrnt of CkrUiaiiucaii
diu uat received at A. 1. Orten'.
Born, Ibjccwbor 8, 18, to the
wit el M. P. Gregory, a daughter
A good New Year resolution That
yon trill m do without Tur Timm.
In ClirUtmaa eandlea yon will Dad
the Mtrgeat aaaonuieut at Klein Ura'e-
Baiyabu lb Queen of Modixt Woott-
.... u.nl. I
men w you w-ij -
For beat drew. eMtt and underwear
to F. Giewe, the mieeiiant tailor.
flaavjetbing new Uruee eaart-baek
mnJetftuti v at Trappt Mndlo.
Mr. J. M. Karech be bought ibe A.
H. Xutiey pruperty ndjuiuiof hi reai-
CetWidfaTatioa 9400,
1 rutlmm tuXst mnI xger eandiee
eil t Ike Cmaij hltch-
i.-4i WaSake, alia Hot Tateel.
Sit. tm , uat ajr df
I afuW uuWajT
Won't let (be old year go out wild
ntr your subt:rittion lo Till
Mr. G. R. Williams and lira. Q. M.
MUM ot Klal Uiver wcro In town
Tuesday .
Ml Suan V. lieeann o( St. Louis
will be down triday to pend Christ
ma v itb relative.
Tbeodore l. Kisber. Jr., ia borne
from tbc
Kanaa f lit Western Ilcntnl
College to apead Ihc holiday.
no ii mi' uoosa .,va. v,,u ,,. ,,,c mrd.llion photo
Jin i. lln. in . , ... ...-
w LaMMMtl' frapp gallery? Inr ol I bem Iree
Ku ntix.Toa . with cvrry doaen cabinet photo dutlng
.. .. a. U Aaiat lrcember.
Mr. and Mr. IVter Sehroilt. Jr.,
Mr A. C. Ilojil mi Mi - Kd Schmidt
leturned home Moml iy Ironi a vkdl In
relative iti St. I.ouia.
Mr. McCallum Kredriicktowo
iiteil her aiater, Mr 0. K. Conrad,
laat week. Mi- Conrad accompanied
her home Saturday.
Mr. M A. Jackaon, Intherol Mr. A
I. Urteu ol lln- place, one of tlir oldent
litiaci.a ul liviletiekliin ii, died on l lie
loth, aged HI year.
I'iiui It Along. Mr. Kiher ba
abrn.1 tillren package ol miijriiaine lot
distribution, mid they are In-c to any-oiii-
uho deire lli-m.
'I'lie "Sweet Lilac" i a delicinu
10c cigar. H i a delight lo niuokc
iliem. ! i lei - ahould onlrr them from
W. L. Sackmann, Karmington, Mo.
Canilie. 6 lo SOc f pound; Mixed
Xut, 10c M-r pound : tirnnge, IS lo
ji'i per doxen : Cranlierriea, U r)iiail
lor V.'h-. al M..:i at Ovnull.'.
Go to Mr. S. lVliy'a, in old PhI
(lllli-e building, for Hue tati mery
she lo carrle a fine line of booka lor
OMaaaMaV late aubuciiption lur all
ol your paper iml magaaiiie.
I Novelties for
1 Christmas.
All New (tood.
All New Pn !
Select aaeorliuenl ol Fine
McCormick I
Drug Co.
The Kolcrpean Orchcatra will give a
Parlor t ouoert at the home of Mra.
Merrill llpkln Friday evening. Decern
bcr S9lb. Proceed to be given to the
pour. AdniuMton It emit.
For pure Maple Syrup go lo Klein
4 llro 'a.
What ia better for a Chrtaitu pres
ent tban a uioo watch, clock, chain.
ring, charm, or any ot ihe many thing
to be found at Tetley' Jewelry .tore?
Ui aaaorlmtnt w never more allract-
Froduee ol all kind wanted by la
via Sprot.
Found, December 10th, on road be
tweett Central Mine and Loughboro,
aoeae money, which owner ran get by
catlingou Frank Ner, on Irondale road,
9 mile aouth of Central, and dcwiib
ing the money, etc.
Threaded coduah, white Gsh and aalt
berriug at Klein 4 Bro.'.
A uraal. J. Klrberg't piece I the
tint one visited by Santa Claua, and be
dumped out hi overload of the prettiest
and bandeomeat present, writable for
boy and girl, men and women, lhin'i
fall to go and look them over while
Mock I full.
L'p-tivdai ere ibe ult put op at
gte. Genevieve ha a new paper, the
News, puh'Mred by 6. M. Wood, the
Q rat number o( which baa reached u.
, ,t fc, , g-eoiuaa quarto, IJemo-
cric in politic, acai in toil of local
cw, In aJjort, tt it a good, tlve-
i P"""
Greed U
Umps lor Sanle Clan t
Gierse, the mereliaut teller, m l-
wsf lookinK out for eoravelhtag u
please Mb ecuieer, and io hi tall
good. wbtoA have eniveat, he be
MM et the meat &tirc:iv piece
meal ever bfwoght to Fsuwiegtoe.
lit lavitev ft eeH end ate tbeet,
mp B1 be wewinf fell ex
;.. tu Moore Overall'! Hot (itn
eery Store lor Irreaeed Tarkey, Fresh
a - uw ssas wt "'w!
leans, Lettoee, New Tornetoe. rpio- ;
oh, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, itadianr, i
rarsnlps. Sweet and Sour Piukle. Hot ;
SiuB.Orangiw, Banana. Lemma, Cbb-
(lira, Urocrrie and Provision.
New sorghum inoUssea at Klein A
Oranges, Caudles and Null at Grand ,
Mr. J. tl. lerkir Uat week )..n rt.t
3U ac-e atljniulut; r'urmington on Ibe
northeast ot air. Peter Auburn, llioi
WllnlM beiug $:i pet acre. air. ,
1'rrkia intend to put up a barn at
once, and in the epilog will build him i
a residence tliire. lie expatut lo en- ,
jjtge in Ibo truck, poultry and bog
Smoke I'rleduian'e Columbia Dome
cigars. Tbry are delioiou.
(Irneeilc and tnuily
menl at i. ii ml leader.
apply depart-
The Christian KnJeavor Hocielies of
the Presbyterian and Chrialiaa Churches
mil llie Kpwotlh League Soclelic ol
the Mclhudlat Churches held a union
en Ice t the I'reabrterian church lat
Sunday eveuing. It waa decided to
I.. .1.1 - " - u.vtnMd ,.f t Ii... ,M.iel If-M '
ono i a uinnih. the preeideut ol the o
tietle and paatot ol the everl
Chuieke to meet ami arrange pro
gram lor aame.
llu your Carlatmaa Candle of la
via Spruit.
Ovcnihoea, Rubber and
Hoot at (irand leader.
Mr. Harry llorton of St. I.oul- and
acreral Iricnd will be down next week
and give an entertainment at tbc Opera
House, Wednesday en ning, December
9Ttb. Among iboae who will take
part arc Mr. rtodney Saylor, ptaniat.
.irganiat of St. Jobu'a Matbodtal
Church-, Mr. Harry K MeClaia, elo
cutionist ; Mr. Harry llorton, ban olo
lti Sbarre Kmulh Temple, all of St.
Louia; and Mw Mayme Sytlnor, ao
prano, teacher of muaic at the llaptial
College Admlsaion 3a and eeot.
Don't miu thi concert.
IS. On will buy a 6-drawer aewing
machine, lully warranted, at Tetley'.
Oxlnrtl ami Vale Mnfficr lor X-ma
precnu at Crand Leader.
Mr. W H llryan ol Deakfi wa
found dead by bis wile last Sunday af
ternoon about four o'clock in a eloael
ol the family room on hrr return home
lioiu church. He bad attended relig
ious urice with bi ianiily in the
lu'irniog, but renialneJ home In the
alteruoun. Dr. Kngliah, Counlv Cor
oner, wcut to Dedngc Monday and held
an inpiet. There waa no evidence ol
violence ni foul play, and the verdict
ol the Coroncr'a Jury waa lbl he came
to hi-i deilh from apoplexy. Mr. llry
an i about VI year ol age, con
ducted n general ttorc at Iiadville.and
enjoteil the conliikncc and reaped ol
all ho kuen bnu.
Full line ol Orange, Canlie and
Nuta can be lound al Davia 4 Sptutt'a.
Have yon onlered your 111 ult yet?
See Gierse, the merchant taller.
Wutche. new
pticca, al Telle) '
lock and lowet
At about i o'olock p. m Monday
evening Mra Pantaleon Siebert us
taiued a paralytic stroke, which ren
dered her helpless. Medical aid wa
al once summoned and It wa expected
ihut the patient would recover, l-nter
Mr. Siebert died 1 bmdy at 6 p. an ,
and will be buried litis morning al 1(1
o'clock, after requiem high maaa.
She waa 63 year and 4 day old. May
-he real iu peace. Sto. Gencrieve
Mr Siebert i the mother ol our
townsman. Mr. George Herxog. Mr.
Ilerxog, who haa been quite aick lor n
couple ol week, was not able lo at
tend hi mother' luneral.
Dinner et for Christina presents
at the Urand Leader.
Picket relUh, mixed i
at Klein 4 llro a
nd plain pickle
1 ld week Holiday Good at Grand
Loader arc out ot sight.
The aouveoir album ol Farmingloo
and St. I rancul county, gotten up by
Mr. F A. Hernetein, 1 out, and i a
handaniue little pamphlet, containing
photographic t lens ol reatdeuer. pub
lic, educational find buainca building.
Interior of many of the buainea bosses,
etc, of FarTttington; Ibe lead work
ol ihe aevrrat lead companies ol tbc
ensunty, handsome residence of Ikee
loge, Roane Terre, Doe Hon, Flat
Kiver and other place, and is ulte
getber a handsome little anuveuir to
aend to your Irrei.da. Moat ol the
co pie have been diapoaed ol to regular
aubeoilbers, but there are a few re
maining, and can be bed at Petty 'a
News Stand.
II you are in doubt about what lo
give yoor it lend lor CbrUtma pres
ent, gn lo Tetley', and yeaa will be
urn to find tbe very thing you want.
Toy! toy! Tbe lergMt and beat
assortment ever displayed here at A.
L. Orten'.
ijK ne Oftuu vTea aswsa
Something: Useful
M a
Christmas Present
What U nicer fur mot tier or daaeti
ler titan a lianuaoiiH- lireaa I'atlern?
Oar atoek t tall of nawuiltul rtealtm .
Or a nice Jacket, or Ulnr Yon
aboufcl not tall to oar iiiaplrle
line In !- and oi Imt ttf M arUela.
What la nicer lor fa trier or on or
brother than soanv of our beautiful
Xckrar, a avt of fin Uaen ttillani
mti-uTat Our line t rtt4l apioaat.
Or one ol oar rlegant iivereoat or
Hobbf aulta.or llora' acbool cult"
win Ami our aloea all that can ti it
vln-t a u iwfure bajtna
nut raa't heta to mention eve-S
rrtlilnx It wimlil take a whotniage. 5
mot are u. and wr win take
tliowtng yoa hun1reil of g
Bsn ami uaatu! artlebn In a'.-ry da S
part menl. -
We i-arr; it most emnntat and S
bett Mlactad nnrk of oanaral M-r fi
chandlaai in Karinlnetoa. aad our Hfl n
re an-rt gin. H
We lead is atylea and price lo la
die' and mlwc' Jacket
Gkaxk I.i Airn.
An elegant line ol new GIam and
gueenaware Juat reoeived by Klein 4
Bro. See It belorc boyiug.
Celebrated Hi Eightieth Slrthday.
(Hirold (i lend. Suirr llabb, ul Jonca,
Sle. Gcuevieve county, celebrated the
rluth aunlrcraary of hi birthday re
cently, Ihe following account ol which
we clip from Ibo Sic. Geucvleve Fair
Play :
I deaire to ay to hi many Iriend
that our venerable ciiisen, A. U. llabb.
celebrated hi HOlh birthday on the 12th
inat , and that be ia hale and hearty,
apparently in a good health a he ha
been for the laat ten year. The fact
that Mr. llabb ha been totally blind
for the laat fifteen year would, aeein.io
one unacquainted with bin, to make
the old gentleman despair and become
tired ol life ; but not ao. He I a
Jovial aa any man of hi age, notwltn
atandtng hi affliction, and avail hini
sell ol every opportunity to engage in
n diaeoMion ol Ihc ipietion thai are
agitating Ibe mind ol the teoplc to
day, and particularly delight in a po
litical conlroveny.
For two or three day previous, hi
aged ile buficd berncll making pre-
parntlou to make hi birthday uue ol
the pleaaante! day ol Ibe old man'
life, and lo uy the least lor herahedid
herel! proud had a dinner eomiioaed
otalmoat evervtblng calculated lo tempt
one appetite, and all thoae whose
good loniioe il waa In be preeent and
pal ake ol hi bounlilul leat. I am
eoutident, wcut wuy leeling much
Now, In him whoac long atuy among
u brought about the occasion lor thi
enjoyable leant, we y in ono accord I
May the Lord tpare lliec, Mr. llnbb, tu
live to enjoy at lemt one more birthday.
Onk or THK Gt'MTS.
Shoe lor men, noiueu and ehiMrcn,
and Te lead the prooeawion in low
pilce. Guxi ImtUn,
Tbc nicest silver mid pluted ware ej
1 1 iHnj a, Jut tbc tl.l.ig lor a Chtiat-
maa pteteut.
For Christmas
Toys of all Kinds
Candies, etc.
-) TO
Sect Selected Stock in Farminglou
l'rraon wanting X-ma Trees
and Ornaments wil tiud a hue a
! aeorlmeut al tliteu'.
Fancy Kress (iood and Lining;
thai week prices will Mirprire you nl
Urand leader.
Queen of Modern Woodmr.i" ir
the name of the beat 5c cigar on the
marbct. t all for tt
Km levateiMc irseseetcfll.
Mr. 1. L. Hbort ol Virginia, who
ha been in r'aruilngton for a couple
ol week, exhibit one ol the moat re
mathable piece ol reechnnumi ever
seen in St. FraneoU county. It I no
invaluable implement around tbe hop
and on tbe larm. It consist ol a
monkey wrench, brace nnd bit, screw
dttver, wagon or buggy wrench, gim
let maker, rivet maker, vice and
plumber' wrench.
It I unique ia every particular aud
iu work give Mtsalaetion in every re
spect. Mr. Sheet alto present e eon
venieat patent jack lor oiling boggle
end wagon, which i of inter et to
every lareser.
These indtapeuaable tool are lo be
bad al uch remarkably low price that
anybody ean afford to buy them irom
f J 00 t'e ft 80.
Mr. Short la selling county right,
and Ihe mac bine which be offer for
ale cannot tail to attract the attention
of any person who want to give to
tbe public (ouictntng that ia worth
baring at ten time tbe price asked.
Call at tbe St. franco Hotoi lo see
him, and be will give you ell detail
BMardine that wonderful piece el
Bay a camera tor a Christina pres
ent. 1 have a dark room In my store
which you may use to load your earn
era sod develop your plates.
Jacob Hbuuek.
Ia order to irstroduce lue WW easel
tee raedattioa Bbtrtea, Tressae srU
preaevtl one tree with every donee cab
inet Mstsve ettaetiMB to isooaunber.
Mr, Owrfe J, linerta of BiaaiaWtt
1 sT tVal HtKaMv
Ml ep SeUk's if Meet Market,
6J, aa) avave yosrr sneaU steUvareaJ
Toilet and mnnienrc net, alliums,
etc., at all price at 'letter' jewelry
M you want hore ahoeing done right,
cell et U. P. Gregory'! blaekiniHh
hop, next door lo Klrctrio Light Plant.
i During December, crayon portrait,
life ie. fx.OO. and a free letting to
j Iboae who bare no photo, at Tiappe'a
I gallery.
Do you want lo make your friend a
'Cbrialma gilt that will tie appreciated
and lent him all the year? Send bim
Tux Tin. Ouly 91.00.
Two old cittarii of Wayne connly
died 11 week. Simeon Fraaer died
on the Dili, aged 75 year, and D. C.
Hugg died on the 101b, aged Til year.
A fresh lineol prune, raiaiu. aeeded
r.iUina, apricot, pear, peaches, figs,
date, citron, orange aud lemon peel
at Klein 4 Uro.'a.
Mr. Wollc ol U yue oouniy itepped
on n ttiaiy mil a couple of week ago,
but felt no inconvenience Irom it until
ame day alter, when lockjaw devel
oped, and he died in convulsion
Toya! Toy! and more Toys! and
no end lo everything elae nice, suitable
for Chriatma present Come aud
ace aud get our price before you pur
i ll .- Jacob III.) Ufctt.
II you think ol buying a ucw suit for
winter, go to Cole & Nivm', by all
means. They have the largeat stock
and best goods lor le niuney than
anv other houan in town.
HUmarok hsa leicplione conneolioaa
with all oDieea on llie St. Franco! Tel
ephone Company liuee or other line
via F;ivina; also tranaiuit without de
lay all message to and from Western
I niiiu Telegraph Co., Imm 7 a. m. lo
9 p.m. J. J. KonwiM. Maaager.
Miu Clara Kyder, Miaao Alma and
Clara Albert. Ml Coiisttnee 1'eier
man, and a doxeu or more of Cape
Girardeau' nociety y oung ladle will
be in Farmiogtoa and ghe an entur
lainmenr al llie Open House uu Fri
day evening, Deci uiIht '.'Otb, under
ihe directhin ol All l.ouic Fox ol
Fredericktown, when Ihe melo-dranin
"Uebecca'a Triumph" will be pre
seuted. We hope our people will give
the youug ladle glad welcome.
T he Basear ol the Jjidie.' Aid Soci
ety ol the Cbrtlio Chureh i now open
in Ihu front room ul the Herald ofllce.
Iton't tail to vlait it before buying your
I'hhslmaa preaeot. You will find
there doll of al! kind aud don't fail
to er the "bride and groom" In toll
dreaa; fancy linen ol (II kind, sofa
pillowa, plain and fancy nprnna, pin
cushions, nnd lot ol other article that
wili servo a acceptable ( liristnia
For Salt or Excbaage.
120 acre farm land in Stoddard
county. Mo. Will make a Hue tocr.
farm Will sell for cash or exchange
lor tlcirablc resilience property In
I irr.diigton. Mo. For lull inlormaliou
address Hit A. W li.it auimix,
Fiak, Mo.
Can .lee.
Ilvware of cheap eoal oil. Rum
only the beat, lluy buploti, the Iani
ily aaleiy oil. No bail odor, bo smoky
chimneys, no charred wick. Kupion
is the best coal oil made, and is sold
by ihu following denier om.v in Farm-
iugtuti: Klein llrut.. Cole & Nixon,
A. L. Orten and llai A Sprott.
Have Von Paid Veer City Taxes?
II BOl, do so bclotc the 1st of Janu
ary, ami save tbe ienalty pun hied lor
by the city ordinance. Section SIB
(6) ol the revrtiuc ordinances read:
"II any taxpayer aball tail or neglect
lo pay uoh collector hi Uixes, then it
shall be the duly of the collector, alter
the first dny of January then next en
suing, to collect aud uocounl lor aa
other taxes, an additional tax as penal
ty, ol one per ceut per month, " etc
The collector ha no option in tbe mat-
lev, o. idease call and nay your tnxrs
and save the penalty.
W. L Sir!:, Collccior.
Naner Mlrrlansillcnoll.th subject nfthls
keteb, was born In Maaoneouiitr. viralni.
October . ISSt. and dleil at her boat at
Kaat Uonnc Terre .oramtierxi. lxi, of heart
Iroutile, aaednxt rears, t montliand I dar.
SB wan a daughter of the late Her. Joeph
and warah A. Vaaalekle. v. it r slmni ahe
BBovsd to atlaaourt when the ara but ears
ot mar. wberc a he haa resided sver aUK.
Rtsa ara married lo Isaac Baker Mitchell lw
camber. ISSt. To this union titer were
horn eleven children, seven of whom ur
vlve bar. lib profeMad a hop In ttbrlat
and united with the Baptist Church at Bast
nans Terr In lb rror IM. and remnlned
a true, consistent ('brtltlan until lb Beat
summon came, which fotind her perfect 1
reeoaclbtd and witling to o. "he colled bar
children about bar bedside, laltlna them not
towawp. savusa, "It la all well with ass."
aba had often In lit axpiaaasd a rtestre that
bar last words might bo a tiraj-er to 0od.
Tluasa present had evarjr avioeoce that uar
wish was (ranted. The last wonts that alia
was ever based to spaak ware Praise the
fjord." Insletnase. tbeee waa none more
read? and wlUtiujt tban tirandma Htlehall.
aa abc was stTes-tlonatelr called, to v.-and
administer to their want, asauiuac lo think
It on of bar e spatial dalle.
nr kindly face and bospttallty will lie
aiaaVtlJ nibnafl by her ininaUtate nelahbrtra .
who ware la Has habit of coiuins In of even
Ins, knlttlsur, vwtna. nnd conversing wrth
lir , and while It I sad to lose bar tr 141 our
mtrhtt . we tee 1 that we most bow la humble
nhsntaskin lo lb will of the all-arts Or
ator. Uar rnasral an praacfc) at Utile
VlBSebareb by Hev N vi. neaslBs;. tu a
lsr eoneoarsa of orroe-tna friend and
rltlv. wko war peasant tn pay tbe last
tribute of respect to on whom they bad
loved and rtsuw! In life, after which all
that ava mortal of thia Rood aroma n wa 111
lo rest Is ibe church cemetery, by the side
ofherhusound. who praresSad bar a year
Uud tra bar cukte. bar IMbt. bar an,
rile bid bar dark fotsbvclMaa asms.
lad turoassi tba storm and tteBr' ttnati
ttahsd bar to tba post os Pisaa.
i. at.
Carl B cole, ymtnfwa sea or James aad
Haass t sal of lKs. wa born Aufust n,
ST, and ua Parasaaui t. mm, aaae I
saonths and a days. Ttw futrarai stea -
dact ad ky the writer at Ike ops" axava Sal
tkel.o.o r . esaastsry at Do 1
SvskkM tba prsclotu Itttl body korsst
tjaavamly rather ha oaly takea tatt
I aatiir little baa reoas parent tttnsl sd tras
it to btoooi la
kasvestsss... wiia ta ntira areaa of n
4? I Matt aftVv STst'aT'
rkodlad IMw Sa, y!.i t ysars aral
VsSVtaea. WMiJBjrM. TbeOT.fktts1arsxy
ar sswfea trinas tta taat at eaatsaa. "imaa.
faryms." TkssksMsey.
I" atcsaa WMi Ossrettt
as aJi b rassaa Bjr
Santa Cbina' hdio.tr1er aie al JaJ
cob liclbot'a.
For a deliclou moko try "Swee:
Lilac" brand. You won't be dip-pointed.
WaiTtn 60,000 urat-claaa white
ak ties, delivered on tbc fight ul way
ol tho M. U. 4 II. T. K y. Furvueci-
licatinns aud luril.i i oariiculata luiiuire
ol C. II. FAhF. Kuginee. Mainlcnauco
L. "
of Way, Ilonnc letrr. Mo.
- .. . . 11 . .1
Takr Uaxatlve llnnaw uulotne Tutilet All
drugglvta refund tnagannej lilt fatutocurr.
ac K. W. Orova'artenature laonsarh bo .
city lirua aiore, aarmtngion. No.
Produce Market.
riuoi m ....
I TO. It ! t II.
ate m
wl w
Ms H
Ilnv e ton
I nab Potato
swit I'aietose
Onion ..
ApplM buanvi .
Orleil Appln .
ChicXens em
rrlag Cblrksna
' m- uos
battel e
tit-ana r nuabal ....
Bacon re
lannw re.
aorgbitwi Mulaaaa .
Halt e Obi
. e e
i ei
For Sole By
Fanning ton. Mo.
Lance . . .
is the name ot a new
and interesting Serial
Story, by CHAUNOY
will begin in The Par
mington Times with
the first week in Jan
uary. It in one that
will afiord our readers
wholesome ontertaiu
ment us well as his
torical interest from
its pot trayal of imag
ary scenes from our
Revolutionary War
It is l ull of exciting
adventure and deli
cats Romance. Sub
scribe NOW. and get
the whole story.
Only $1.00 a year.
Pirate Court Gockrf for Jan. 8, ISO!.
tatale of John I. i.tdoai Jatsmf tilileon,
adnilnlstralnr. annual aattlasnant
Katate of Jessie K. uldron, John I tllde-m,
(uantian. annual aattlamant.
Katate ol Kim I.. 1 Alt man, hum 'I I.. Craw
Icj . auardbtn. annual s.ttlement
btnte ot .Inmr Ulahley, J. W lllihlay.
Riinilnlstralor, annual settlement
state of rtdella tt'ood. Jobs Wood, ad
nilnlatralor, aaaaal tsWcmant
Kslats of ivtar H. Pratt. Merrill ItpkUi.
rurauir. annual aattleuient .
estate of Kd In i. rant. N.J. Oatlrnut, ffuar-
dlan, annual aetttemcni.
Katate ol llaemra Piatt el al. . J. 11 M il"
Iran, anarninti, annual acitletnent.
Kstaterf Marta KcA farter. U. U. lithvi-
tar, adm'r, annual aattleuient
skttale of Holier! vr. Ilavia. J. I. ISyce.
adm'r ile ininl mm. annual euicniem
Kita'.e of Lewla W rrattat al.K-D. Turlcy,
smnrdiaii, annus) ettlemeni.
stale of John Wilier at al. Koslly tvtlley,
suardlan, annual soiltaasen.
Katate of I'nlty K. ilrakam rt St.. J. I). Tur
nar, ciuator, annual aett lament
rotate of IMnie! nr. Wriod. Joshua ..!.
adm'r, annhal aetiieaient
Kstste rater Herbal, Insane, Adam Jchmttt .
auanltau, atinoal aettlament.
Katate r Jamas T. tteseoat, II. B. Iclhei
tar, adm'r, annual wtileansnl.
kstate of liao. T. aha nar. A. It. , Bar-
dMan. annual settlement
Mel of Then, ranter, Jennie T. Forxter,
Kuardlnn, annual aettlament
Zstateof William Masnn. Milton Hawkins.
atianlbsn. annual settlement
Katate of lutnal White et ?,,,'. W.WIUl..
ftsardMn. annuel ttt mailt.
aw Frotat fsrt convene Jan. s, ta.
tkiut a. coeeoM. Judf.
Final Settlement.
Not tea is hereby given tn all creditors sad
other ItttarMtvd In the aviate of
A, W. KUTU, lec'd,
that the uoosrlnd. Kxecutors of all
estate. r)U make flnal sattlemant thereof
ai the next term of the Protasta Ctnirl of
751. Kraceot county, Mo., to be begun and
let-id at the 1 1 1 11 rt House in rarantnaion in
said county, oat the secmd Moavdsy in Jan
. . UHM V. . ... 1 1.1". r.l.u
usi; , lea. "sn , nn, ., . i -
II, !
Adtninistxator's Notice.
Notice is baratry at van that ltierof t- I
mlKlstisthm ware arantau to th under i
-1 v I.-, i by that erssbate muirt of M . rrtineot '
count r. No. . OB tba kith day of Jaovambei .
IW, on tna eswie w
JOHN R. liUtlVKti. Isse'd.
Alt psrsoaa bav'n claims autausat a lit as-
Mt MSI lalBejiea to exhibit then tu tie Ait
iter tot allowance uiiiup one year
teovaaia iaiiers. tn may miy
at freaa aar baawSt of Mid mlatla .
If not aaktbatott for allowance within
tarn ratar freaa Us itutaof tain irttem.tkey
1. 0. WtLUJJU. Adm'r
Administrate r Notice.
Hies U hereby given that letter of ad
atara sVeskad fen the aasktr
. yr.au imrt nl et
r raneots
. BMriBf ejaxasN
Nov Mb.
to Ua
tar at
ants of t
be forevay purred .
4r?T sii t(t
bowkt r MtTcueix,
M. R. SMI r-.
JF" rtlKgf o.
X v TK'tT in M the rmurt of atoatheaat
Mlaeenii, Its at. Irla Cwrt or Arpcaliand
Pa mi j i to.-1 Ysart .
orfleo in at. Franenta On, Hank buiMllnv
"nrmtosoxt, IWXo,
i,''u "tal or.ton with tb
;latU and mast iippror.! appilan. ami
aawilusi. 'i ort irauraMsed to gtv aai
Mtii-n in e- ogles at raieauta .
I.si iilxgrCJJi. Mo,
gBJI Ki I M. attention given to all dlsaausa of
tn t.tr Vlait the iitBe-ot wrtia.
Bank Bullrllnc.
jtlornc and Counselor at Law
!: Ui K, St Fua?-ii Co Mo
le-uiigraj.ht-r. .Vt-eottntiinl and Notary in
VnrmlxiBluii. Mo.,
triu. vmctiei-In -ii- i mi ' - 'ttieaat
Mlaaoort anil the MBfetBt PaaVt.
ufnev tu i ourt 11 suav.
I X3S1I.I. praettce In all thet oui iaol anulli
j aavst Ml ourt ajsd Use eaurents Court .
CoLLl.lTIOXs llllil IHta
UfBee In hi . rreaeiila t o nana nuliillni:
0. H1LL1KER,
l Ain'IXCi I'tIN, MI.HSOl'RI.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
Charge reasonable.
OaxialtAA Stock., IBD.OOO.
laws a General Uankina Hualnraa. Interest raid on tint- deposits. Insured
axninat Iturglarr m lbs Klilellij anl t noinltr ('ii.nl New ork.
W. K. HARLAN. President.
K. KI.1.IX. Mrs r. I"
II Mil ts
till. III. I.i .
OianttaU flltoolt, BIO COOPslrl TJx-
W. R. TAYLOR. Pietid't. R. Tt
Does a General Banking Business, nterest Paid on Time
Deposits. Yout butineaa tespecllul.y solicited. : :
The Miners &
o rtiAT xurvisrx. mo.
Iriiuacts a (encral Hunkinc, iluaineu Inti rcst l'uid 011 June Deposit,
haskim; iiouks.
lusurcd Against ilurirlary In tbe Fidelity and I'aaitali;, ( o. ol New York.
J II e w liitisRa. T. t lln. 111 1 1
2 J. It . Kll.vao. It U. l"loi.
Merchant Tailor,
has as ayifflfrT lise of
lie in- iles yoa Iu eall and examine them, aim that you will be pleased;
and in work, style and fit be gnat :mt -a perfect satisfaction.
Hi price trill be found most reaonable.
West Side PtiMk Square, Farmintcton. Ho.
Oarriefi a fine line of Piece Goods nnd Large
Aeaortment of Bamplea for Suitings and
Overcoats from which to order.
Work and Style Guaranteed First Class. Prices Satislaxtory.
Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done.
Farmington Electric Light
and ice Company.
Silver m Plated Ware
OrgAtta, imuaxxaTMBi.
Sewing Machines and Mlachisetits
BTax-xn tajiixtoax. Mo.
yAtcitx atip cuMm . . .
. . . i i.i am:u axu BLraiio o
H. B. Ledbe tter,
rtiATK aX.Aa
Best Compaaies
Olfiic m McCermick Butidmg, over
English & Co.'t Drue Store.
MAXt ri Tt ur it or -e
eai ut.Ai.Kn i
Farm Machinery,
Lumber, &c.
a ist woe aan Mn sxn nnMef e.'.Tit-
aiAl. lit AltATI I II
M kinds of lilack-xmithing
P. CAYCE. Caahler.
W ft . I. Wii.
TLY. V P. JOHN S. T0WL. Cashiet.
J. M. K.HM4n. K. y. . hWIM
lr. J. W. IlkAIIAM
Vice I'mnlcnt
cor MM,
Merchants Bank
b a. m to 4 m.
K. K. Mill,
I. II. Wthltaaa.
(.so. 1 . 'letraa
aeoB Irara jour or
see. . -.

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