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The Farmington times. [volume] (Farmington, Mo.) 1874-1902, March 15, 1900, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Hun (hr l.rriui It ttivlarrl n.l Ika
MMM 1 BtareaU.
It would sfin thu'. artiilf mi i I twvel
Irnrii la aw Mfl fill- 1 M ft I Mm ,n"
lnu Kpttiiil -f flint Mm i -nl-tuic,
MUpMd througBjottl iiifTeirin sec
tions nf ill.' country hun Iwi-n tuned
by pkyaWam atal swsttUMM in tunny
Inatuiico ilir-.tly 10 tin- niol'l t mill
roltinp layer of tnwr mill uil
which cover tin' wull. nt ui-iny liuuaca.
The mm Ifcn o( laying lajrvf after
Inter Ol iHr on it mill, mllj coiu
iiioii (lour pt, U tiff tolly cnlcu
luleti to erettte I mini s Mr ili'-ac
frerraa. IVojile couM not fto awMw to
effect iiuch u rraiill if tlicj trliil. '1 ho
rotting vegct 1 1 .le MtMf nfforil run
frtiin which Bra r .i'l to Hurt forth
the infrctii ii gl Wttfy oiijKjriiiniiy.
Then- In no MOOM mV MM prt ti"e.
ii iviill nm I edllafjl rati lar routed
with a MM. 1 iilv Mm! MWHtHf ma
terial ilk- i tine for iubM t
no greater expenM. AM 'inc It a
lor:, t. .i-i -.-in ii t . Ii i Pi ii .iioriiti"
Itself with the xx ii I or n I'.'ng. It if
easily niiiilicil. conies rc.-elv to mix
with wlil wat r. h i il no washing
or MnplM before n Matting or re
tinting, la Iwontiful. h'lig-lnatlng and
Tor illi th.it linn- iMi-n infcctctl
nothing i .:ii! t" Aliiuaitiin o a
disinfectant M render tlMM pure ii nil
lean unit the room oncv more hsb
'nil Hcinni kitttlc.
"Moat rVtunrlHola MM 1 MM"
knew," mid tin- .ilirlciil iilim
"I never iioi t any Mum Unary
"Von t!on't hn-nx bin M w"ll na I
do. 1 IMM tohl Um fr.i) ontly of raci i
IMMM thiit MM ! lony,' oiidn, anil I .
hit oiui In-iinl him Mj mmt 'll "
MM that In. no- WW truing to win. and
Would have bet IH him of MalUa ,
l.ciln't hnpieii.il Ii dtMMCl nil aMM)
tion.'- tYanbltigton star.
itiHi.Oiia a w rMf.
Smith (aMjrtt). I iMdorMMal you
aai. to v lace would atop Bfl autoino.
.lonre. I certnuily in v. r miiiI any
kktag of Um kimi
Smith. Thru 1 niuai liaxi lieen mia-
.Ion. Ik..' whnt you have, ln
alend of Ktopplii): at eitfhl of your faci
ally nmMom Mtotnobila would in
MjM itk apoad. CMMfv e-w.
Il.-uil MMf tr Hit.
'Tan Hint priim doi,n;i n .n Ii u hiifh
noteVn-kd thr mail who dnln't know
much nl'. hi mnalc.
"A hitili Rote
lliMMallc naattaj
a Mod rd -dot la
Waaliii plon S
.clatMe l ihr en
I nhoiihl ny mi
i MM f"r fMr.'
Meat I iii h ui Mia.
"iH-nr." anid Mri. N ouiiyw ife. "thiwe
tnble cator Miimk leinhly. I wlah
when you OOMi home to-night you
arotafai liriii" nt MM! oN for them."
"What kind'.'"
'AVI.v. r.i.Htor oil. of courae'" X. Y.
lrrh. '
Spring J
; Medicine;
MolelM Mao moch RMMMlMni
Sprtnjr. ntnl t It r- i im mMwUc&M
Hprinif a IImI s i:i)mr(ll.
In fn'-V Sirinjr M-i. no is un
oth-r MMM f r Boot S.umimi
rttte. I- -t .l. Uiy taUinj: It.
Di't put it nfT till yottf lit alth
ion1 ' - loo low to bt Uflod.
Hood's t
Will tin ;i -1. BMMtHo S
i .i. . i.i i "
ptintv aiKi i t-i . -i i . 1 1 r i ,. A
Wjhiuhi thai tr.. . n-v jrivo f
you MOOtol and i : r ntUt-at rvnyth T
m iload ticrtrw He rare to f
aak for IHm.Iis. m ! Im- snrr that
you jr t Road'v. tna bt t dMflt M J
mnorv ran buy. f-t a nittlr i
TO-DAY. AUdrvffrlato. MoafL X
Little Liver Pills.
Mutt Bear Signature or
Saa Fac-Stmllr Aranp" 'Wknr.
I Tear aaaall mm mm aaay
ta take a emw.
MA lane worm .-ie.iu. eei In. I ImmW M
lawtrimei'D the aoane after utv takitta two
CAS AKI. rs. Thli I am lure hai euaet mf
bad kealih fur tka tut three lean I aai ui;
aklng paaaarita, laa sail rauartte worth! at
I ny irmliiw teo.ie
uai n iii'WLwa, cairo, maa
1.l..,IHI n, geeteel. HI
a TU aiaw) amaaaaaaaiaaiii nae aneme
ww- w ana etna u i rk
'nana a ui
! POTATOES. 'aii
TO wWwrwfp, tm A irwrt 4
r wravea Fm-eir4k h! naHw mmi T
I m- i atis
'Twas nultt rltsrly I remember.
On a SunJay In aVultmlMr.
stun nlfhi.
And In church aire together,
Hht a night of aumnvtr weethtr-
Iirrasetl In whll
1 : t .'... I.y fame onittsl n.
And tin- race ef aur division
1.. cr (rear:
Leeaar gnw ilnca shs perceiving
V ighl. half hen would Its nutting
NMMI drew.
Thru If flngen ilnyed together
lluund ih oft nnirocoo leather
In thai aeni;
If In iinalna 1 leant nearer
Tu her rheeB. to read the clearer.
Wai It wrongr
it wrong Theeheettwaalluihtnt
ftast 'o mine, and mine to Ituihing
N'ell her atf-ha
If I Ihrtltew wai It amatlng
At Um aaaHI ra:imc
Ot her eyci?
A: ill i'wiy ihill remember
T 4 morning In Ieeember.
Froaiy. bright:
That In rhureh again logether,
Hhe oaa rlghtly-'aplte the weather
Dreaecd In nhlll!
ird Merrick. In llar'.em Ufa
By CttAfJtCV C rKJTCrlklM
(Cot I right. MR. by D Apiletoe A ta All
rkthu reiereed ;
rn rrrn xm oTTi?t r?
MMi (.!;.. .' rne towirtl the oiening. inJ
I ..u. re. tht. .ugh, feeling eoli. 1 lioarili un
aat Be) feet, mil Wing greeted hr MM
i.irij null .it oM hay that I might hue
lieen in the heurl of an ineient Ma M
I hi! proved to lie the MMi for I aoon heard
the ator)' of thit hole of refuge. It hid been
mole iawda Ihe Um and beneath the mow,
. ii .w M-intllr eoeerrd niththelil
lie hat the llriluh hid habit of bating
farmera to taki the rarer (r .m their whole
ilr n.l.bi ry. Thera wgi no entrance to lh
r..nealel den iare the toMMtd wMPfli and
II rraeii and opening! tieing miffed with
ir.apt, from the MM thu nrt of the
I. milling aeenied MMMM from filllneae
Tivj thi Ineat Mwaing .f a retreat lint
.-ii d be iraagnird, and lien one might lie
ad eaeape lunging lit he venture.! tint
ibtnad) though there waald le alareation
to gtapple with, and M 'inall danger of
. ii iluruig. fur the hell ai lie, the nr
h. if, and twM wan no mean of MM
My naMMeaa faHavad me into I hie in
, ui. kly renljuiting taa luiard. ind,
Ihowfh familiar with tlie plare. itriieV hw
ateel god got a light in pietwgd tin lantern,
! Ii he let "ti ilieeml i f in upturned I. ig
. nrMJ -it a table, on the top of whu'h Ii) a
eerjp of iter.
Thi. h. lagd. m4 liemling low t.. the
itlitiiturr. rc.i'1 the eontenti while I t.ik in
lit. ilvtalii ..I tin iUrer aartmalit The
raagll baardi of the room were liAiren i-f
. v. i . 'Iiiiii; i... rifle h.tntiing .'ii .i mil,
.ind IM Mai of hay thai Bawet rated eteh
real H from tM mow without A heap of
..ii ill gMM Lit ui onerorrii t . in aii'.ther nai
i -'ii i.i.ii baaR with Mra w at the fiit ..f
aaiea aai a ewaalr iir.ii'"d I'tuulle tilbd.
ii gftwrward faaiitl, aitlt prMiaiyM i" la
Bead in tin- ggwawit ol kwtag dnvi n to thu
rtfMl far a peotracied ata) It waa a hidhia
plire pare and muple, and nnt one to be da
ft fi.l. il nave by eireey, for n brand ton. Ind
l tin irt f tin tru lute would IOMM 'I
tu iiFie in ItM tli-'in an hour,
"'In all riant!" Mill Ame. ruling hu
head I Aaiebed no brief BaTMjr. "We
BM not haaad 10 thu hole yet We nut gu
to tin- aMM nd ''! like wadcM i hru
ttaM fm nam morrit lent, t oajw!
wltingiii.liing the light, he looaened the
I lard, and w e pawed nut. the night air eotu
iii t.. the limgi like a gMwMJ balwl ilier
tin- lout ind 'liwrnrw of the iiuitriiied
linre ii little danger for Ihe MfM few
kottra," he vhii rr I a we Btwde a itr.oght
I n. lur lli" BMM. Ihe MMMfM er. here
Up. i. mm nod aMTMal the plae, but my
thi bar wn then in the barn. Thet will
hanby tfr here again until they have heatrn
up other quartera. 'Tu a aorry outlook,
1 horndyke! Hare you not in your head s
wir off thu lalandf Think bird, man' We
BMBl botn think hard, and thrn take
chant'ei, however driperate Vou are will
ing tlut we pull together?" he ronrludnl in
lli hu earueitneaa be dropped huae.unted
nunnrr of ipeet h, imi there rn an apieal
in hu roiaa that made me think it wai not
lor litnui'if he wn mint anitouv llnnrver,
I aMM g.ve him no romfort. only iiying
tl it I had mull Mad for thought until I
.itiid clear my braini with aleep, but that if
Ukaa. though it were barren of gain, 1
would lend aolue 01 the enemy ahead of ui
to ar.nounee our coming Then I laid my
h, tn! in hie and iwore I would itand by
hirn, and hia brother, too, if need lie i though
mii 1 1 .wearing leemed uieleaa in the far ol
aattafa), telling him 1 would le but an tin
gratein! brute to dewrt hun after he had
i. Mt hi rhanee for help at the tavern bv
giving hu hand in my behalf.
V had. hailed on our way. ind in the
larkuew we eame to the agreement MM to
aland by the other m long a n MMI to
help remained. Twai a eoniiart hurriedly
thought of and hurriedly made, but there,
under the atari dimly iboniii ovriheid.
waa completed a bnnl that failed nnt.
"I'wn mailt through neeeaaity and liecawit
etrengthenetl by love. Sot roneeiaed in an
tievia of happineaa nor lurked by the
t lulieranee or ftctiin.iii generoiity of itrnng
drink, not even eapeeted to extend beyond
the prraent eriod of danger, it held through
Ida like an invmblr chain.
There wai no delay in getting into the
houae Though every window I roub) iee
waa eloaed by aolid wooden ahultera, the
back door atoexl wide for entry, an.l I aoon
found myielf in what tail probably the
kiteben. It waa aMM black within, but
Ann knew bia w hereabout!, and I, with
my- hand on hu ihouliler. followed him
through tbta room into a hall and up
light of ataira At the top a maa a voice
broke out with
"Who'a there?"
"Haven!" i(oke Amea in re I urn.
"Five!" waa the amwee,
"Well enough! And I have a friend."
eaid my companion. And without more
parley aa went ahead and up more ataira,
opening a trap or hatch, and landing in the
garret at laat, where he atruck a light
The room wai undivided, and took in the
entire ground plan of the bnuae- Bo large
wai it that lb ungle rimlle failed to cleat
the gloom from the corn era. and made the
great rafter! ipanning the ipace overhead
deeply mvitcrioua Two itnmenae ehim
aeyi pierced the floor ind went out at the
roof, but beyond tbeee tht iweap of level
waa unbroken aave by a Urge bad with cur
lama a table, and aeearal chain. A half
moon window at either gable end wai let
high into the wall. A long ladder leading lo
oaa of them eh. .wed it had bean owed a n
loat of otiarrration. bat now both were care
fully covered to prevent any interior light
ruaehmg abroad.
Here, then, were comfortable quartern al
laat It Wit none too cool, but there waa
plenty of air, and could I but gat - bite and
a few boara' eleap I felt roaMlhiag might
nail of It, gagiariwlly aa there waa a eafe
hiding place near at hand which rewbl be
uaed at a pioeb, and web a ponible rrfage
woald prove a mighty facte ta prweenting
I wm looking at tka trapped bote In the
floor through which we had come when I
heard a faotatep on the ail tea and a mac if
prared fruer below. He raw into eight u
though there wai no and to htatt, aw tall and
gaant wai ke. and aa ka came to the light I
an that M ogMMMd M M eve- and that
get in face which had Ike length and at
arvwiion of that Of a korw. Witk barely a
glance at me, be tre k my companion aeide,
where they keld i whtiprred conference
Hoddeuly turning, hr held out lo me an am
like a, flail end grncd ) hand. Then with
a mule which durtoaed a magnificent eat of
leelb. and like magic tranafigured the et
preaaion of hii fare, kw aaid in the parcet I
MM ind w.th a oie of woailarfal
"Donald Tkorndy ke, you are heartily web
come lo the poor biwae of Peter Hurt. I
truat it will bold you in aafely anld a way
of ewcape u made clear. Vonr daaal li
known to me 1 Ik r oi, for y..ur gen
aroaity. bravery, ind Mtriotumi Pardon
me," hr laterruptr I ai I waa about lo
epcak. ' I know your prrirnt nee.li, and will
mpply them al once; then we will talk."
And with ihia he abruptly lurnrd and went
Mr had barely diiappearnl when a etrangr
thing hippeued I wai fai ing the lard when
I heard an flclamation MMI from behind
the curtaini, which were drawn clow, and at
the aamr time Ihey parted, durnvern.g a
y out b clad in a long uaker rloak w hub dr
cended halfway down hu ihapely caliea.
For the moment 1 waa itartled, but at once
annum'.! t hat he waa the dumb brother of
my companion. Ante ipnng forward to
meet him, Ihr boy greeting him with a imiTr
and a hind I MM hut, puihing put my
guide, he advanced In where 1 Hood hy the
table, and with a rippling laugh which there
waa no ntutiking aitunuhed me by laying'
"Donald Thorndyke here' Haa ke, too,
reraped? Heaven ia indeed good! I have no
need of counterfeiting dunilmeaa with him
Heverly, by what fortune"
The flow of wordi waa cut abort here, for
Atnea lei out a cry juit ai 1 cleared my mud
dled benn im! rccognued the girl, Oertrude
King, diagiiued aa a Quaker. With the
cloak gathered al t bar ai though lo con
real ber altered apparel, ani dighlly bent ai
in ihrinkiDg luodraty, ihe itood with eyei
and lipi ipart, while my lata guide grsiprd
my band and aaid
"Hi tl.' laud' but I atruck better than I
knew. Whv. nun. 'I waa you who gave me
the tint hand in hrlp, and tkat at the lire,
but I have mver Been yoor face clinch till
now. 1 knew you at the aarior of my inter,
bat had no gueea 1 waa in your debt for my
elf "
"We're iuit e. n you md, but tu a email
debt. She u your mater, then!" I ct
ilaimad, in my bewililermeht referring to
the mailer which had been bothering ait
"How- u it I am ihui hoodwinked? Have
we not juit worn - "
"Nay, friend," be broke ia enlrealingly.
"I but gucmed at yon at flrat Thu dumb
lieu hia Iwra a Biaak from the atari. Twai
that and your pan which got (lertrude
throogb the lower Mate). I but continued ::
v ih raa. fearing m would ibirk the riak
ol having a girl ihare what adventure we
might have in btogl Vou gave me to aa
dertiinl that muih lb' not offended."
"Siy . Itevrrlv, I o uld bare told y ou iiet
ter'" md the girl "('apt Thorndyke, you
niuat pardon tin aiiiiearance, aor think I am
unaeveil mwardli a- vuiwirdly wken I any
thai 1 know you will not refuae your help i
to me; for. a! you once naked your life for
mine, vou will gat leave ua ami lull it I-
yond my aawgf to do mi hare in nuking
gooil the igM. I Ii' aame feeling which bade
you dcf fTlalaa will itirelv oot allow you
10 leAve me while I am etill unfortunate'
And I taa l If I will not faint nor loae my
heid and cry out if danger cornea I nn
hoot; ay, and will, if need lie!"
She w-ia a atr.ling object aa ahc etood
there in the l.iilil ol the ungle candle Aa
ahc ipokc ihe itcpiird forward, the rlolk
lipping Irom her hiiida and falling about
bat lo graceful ful. la Not a whit leal of a
kt tttt wai ihe for all that her hair waa
kaCB for more tkal kail iti length and
taine-l almoil black, for in ber male at
tire Ihere wai no nuataking the grai-e of her
BM, w hich inli. i tatunted In her prea
lit rut alle laggMd leal tall thin in her
arnaai raattMa, bal 'I gave freedom to her
m.oi i.i.-iita. ii I thi c w te caie ind MMM
in, in urn the .rn ill gi attire of eilending
ber ant- tun Bid me ai if lo ailil nright 1"
hi i ..r.. Kio'n lop to lor there waa
witchery abaat kar, and 1 little wondered
11 ainim II a intaluitton How on eirth
ill" had paaaed ihe IMM w-ithollt having
lieen MgMgwd ! a plirrle. unlell, indeed,
ihe Ma, like km luother, wai akilled in act
mg I part.
"Mi.treai liertrud" " f rep!ie.l, bending
mi Ili ad, tvhereal .lie attempted a coorteay ,
Mlatreas Gertrude King.
which, t aay the lent, waa i rueful deepite
the lack of iwcepnig drapery, "you need
not think me gencioua when I tell you t hat
the oath which hunli rue to help your broth-
I hindi mr lo help you tl.,. ind to the
laat eitreunly Tagaj may be 1ml empty
tvorda; danger lira la evert oiurter, nor
cm I prtila way through Madim, do not
r mint on the MMM of my beit effort!, but
for the take of all know them to lie my beat
And n.'tt for your itory, hut, tint, kow it it
that brother ami inter Mat different
name ?"
Wr are bnt ball km! bet and iiitet," aaid
Amea "Jfa'er mind getiril.tgt , let 'a get be
low and eat, ibrn ho aleep. then for whit
(od willa. It M bode no evil lo ua Ibat
we three a.- thai met. hot what a find for
Clinton .t- i ke but riot i ua'"
thk i)i-xii:.vi: ui- i-.VKKTa
W hether our meeting tv. old prove for
good ur evil tortuoc the fulare alone wonhl
It II, but certain it wag there wai nothing
renvarkalda. in the f.v-t oi our coining to
.ether Twai lait miural that the girl had
Howe alraig : from (lininn to where ihe
might eipect In tad her brother, and, aa the
report of bli ncapc had been true, ihi then
lound him Her fieedom from arreet had
lieen due to the aime rauie or cauiee that
had allowed me ta retain my own liberty on
that memorable tuhlaith; namely, the lack
of military precaution at headquarter! on
that day and the luddenncaa and unlocked
(or nature of the rptiode Once under the
roof of a Quaker relatit e. ahc and her krotk
rr bad been quickly diqpuacd anil pnwed
through the bnei father and eon, hnding
refuge in the houa.. on the ah'irei of Turtle
bay, and they hid thui far eluded capture
by retreating by day to the concealed quar
trra before deacrilied.
From there Amea had proceeded to
rUrykrr (another link in the chain ofmrret
patriot!), hoycug Ihniugh him to find Ihe
meam of getting to the Jerwey abort or
above the Tinea at Kuigabridae; Imt rtly
through the fact tkal all paiata of poaainle
ewcape ware dtnibly guarded, and partly
through the adventure carnwal by my going
to the Dove, he could obtam no help from
the innkeeper- However, aa ha had failaal
protected bis mater by- etarting Lowuey'i
oiiupauion, the trooper, on a falee acent to
Ike northward, and had ended tka daya of
the lory blackleg hitntelf. bia errand ennld
hardly be conarderad fruillaai.
The only rami liable point in the at
qui nce of eveala that bad brought ua all to
getiwr waa that i mould kaea met "Rag"
in tka nick of twin tod bad ntm roade known
It- me.
There Waa nothing in his preacnt appear
enrc by which I could have connected him j
with tka scorched youth I had encountered
tithe fln. (to to aw tiaa tkarai, taal,
I '
with Ike grime of amoli waahed frntr. kla
lace, ku unged hair replaced k a whiU
trig, and hu entire change of coatunte, bt
waa aa aged Quaker n one peered not toa
cloach at the linca which had bean laid upon
km feoturta-
Tka delaili of tkeir earapa and a recital of
my own advealum were given aa wa re
galed ourielvet with a haaly meal in a room
beneath the attic. Though solid abut ten
were over Ihe windows, they were further
proleeled from any gleam of light straying
oatwartl hy a banging of ibeeta nailed to
tka cuing. Thu doeenaaa made tin beat
rtifling, but phyura! ducomiort waa a small
mailer, and waa almoat forgotten aa I
IMwatd la tuni to the newt from the city
aa it - oi- by out boat
Like a band of plotting freebooters in
masquerade we must hair apjatared aa wa
at at the null table with lU single caudle,
talking in whuptrs, the girl and ber broth
er in tbeir mcongruout Intact ere awaking
the itiorqt ioinla of the picture, while the
tall, long ttalured man, whose mettncholy
call wn inttsntly corrected by a smile, aai
ipiioaite me. more than luflicirnt foil to
nr. ptoiortiont.
My boil never laughed, but hu anulr waa
a paaaport to favor, making lot natural M
atMgsM tour by contrast or at though he
was ailing a put when bit face was in re
pute, iff the little band of those who re
mained in New York, and were under
handed though active in their devotion ta
the tauae, I taw not one but who was aa
adept in bit ability tu mimic or portray a
cbarartrr totally at variance with the one
Qai had given bin. I'etcr Burt wai not
the lean of tin - for, though be looked like
a graveyard, he waa the reverse by nature
I in. worthy was a typesetter in the office
of the notorious Rivington. Ihe oflitiil print
er tn the hum. and waa the right hand man
lo that Mttant tory Hia position and bia
undoubted education made hu real senti
litem . unimpeded, and, while bv day he
dumned tin- rrbrlt and teenicd lo lick com
nton companion for those who hy chance
fell pritonert or were even Miipected of
treason, by mghl ha wai doing all in hu
power to get information tit Waihington or
giving a helping hand lo rrfugtct or those
in diitrrn Late in life I heird that Kiving
Ion himiu'lf waa in full accord with Burl,
ind uied hu iHwl to the condition of tht
king a inter eat. but I know nnugbl of tke
truth of it
The mailer that routed my grestesl inter
til w.ta the new i lor lack of it I of Scemmelt.
At a gamer of information Hurt wai in Ike
thick ol it, sod I was mightily mystified
sflwa told that Scaiumell had recovered tuf
fluently lo move irom hit quarters at the
Kirvg'a Armt and I tad disappeared, leaving
no trace lafbind, though the seirch msde for
him in but a trifle lest keen than tkal
made for ua.
"Hai he alarted hia lure for me?" 1
asked sBjMsf, but dropped the lubyect aai
MMMl lo the explanation of hu mote
"It comei about through a remark made
by Miitrewt (lertrude, ' said Burt, unheal
ing the young lad v . wko laughed light!; at
the start ahc had undoubtedly already
heard "It ia ponible you may recollect her
twitting (linton with a refcreme to tome
officer who had informed her ihout her
brother Well. I Union look ihia to mean
ScaragBai'i and Scaiumell hearing ol il. paa
aibly in a girblcd recital, Bad tcanng ae
tmm liaa g-ven clor lo the matter by put
ting bimaelf Iteyond the reach of iuvesiga'
t.on. He u a aharp fellow, nr. and knows
hi i broken held will rxcuae bun when the
trouble blowa over. Sir Henry it not fond
ol m .king eneniie. among the line and file
of hia army, though be caret btlle for the
staff. At for you. t apt Thorndyke, it were
well if you quickly deviled tome meant of
putting yourself into a poaition of greater
eeiirity than I can offer you There ia t
laige reward for you. and if you were taken
your trial would lie a mockery, thir friend
Amea bai but little ltettrr chance should ht
le gggsjhl snd aa for hu inter, though her
llle iniulit not Ite aacnfli-ed. ihe ould lie un
d ine Mia lladely would are In that Fail
tire to li ii I jagg thui far meant redoubled ef
fartt o- Ih future. Thet knos tou must be
'. II on Manhattan What M M done?"
"Nothing tonight." t replied, the hlk
Bast of .mr proeiiecl. opening like an abym
Befare sta. "11 mr tleep; in my present
conditoin I am utelest."
"Ilii-lit''' he rlclsiureit "Vou sre aife
for I., night I will not leave here nil pail
daylight, mid will return at duak. New,
MM King, up I" your quarteri (entleenen,
i u ii.ll rt.t her.- If I give Ihr alarm, gel
to lb" l-arn IHtk to yoiirselvei bv day
ntnl be Wat, for were you diaenvrred here
li. .1- did Striker, my days of uaeftilneta
i .t':-. u..- g mild lie over."
Si tilting, lie blrw Olll the light SP.d
i I the ttiiuiowa, while I threw myself,
ilri.- .l ..a I waa, onto the bed. and, draw
tug in i:i-.it brettlit of the damp night air
... in mi al aa only aleep Ih- tiretl snd
I lit like one ibid until well into Ihe
morning, tiakiug aa bblhesomely a a child,
only to be allocked ai I cinie to a realizing
aenae of the toila that beset me I'hynrally
1 waa i ncit mm. and the feeling of anlago
aMa and detiaiu-e with which 1 met the out
look proved that my spirit wai yet un
But not a hole could I discover througf.
ike network of circumstances that bad madi
me a vu-iim. Tealing the nutter from all
. ata, the temli wai the tame It wn fight
and ale, though I wai careful not to I rtray
laid 1'UBrlawlaa to either Ames or hu luster
I kneit Ifeal the youth wsa equally al ses
but the gut was cheerful and icted ai
tkoayjk In i troubles would be of abort dura
I on, ti l ling doubtless, as her ici u prom
in do. thai n ill. sito protectors thingt would
go not far wrong.
And. Isvarot, we needed tke lilbp of goo.
.pirita tfMM aome source, and hen aided
my philoaiphy to the extent of rauiing M
to think it were al well lo amile at approach
mg death ai to tit and quake over He car
All that day we fed well, thuonrc milder
of faihtoo prciming our food, while hy thi
aid of Ihe ladder in the allic Amct and my
self kepi tratch ley turns through one of thi
half BeanO windows which commanded thi
high tool a mile or so away Bui we wen
midiilurltrd, though we aaw nuineroui
trnopa going north, snd once feared a squsc
BJM about lo tum Inward ui, but they went
. ii. only halting a moment where the roadi
p ined.
t tun.ii Burnt returned, bringing th
newt that a double cordon of I be enemy had
l.ecn drawn across the itland nest the Dorr
uhi.'b ho ly wn to divide and heal up tb
country both north snd south, acnunni
every bouae. tree, ind nook and cranny frrtn.
i rte end of Manhattan tn the other. Thu
accounted for the unuaual number of troopa
Wt Ma! MM tawai iij, sm to thu extent I..-.'
my act alined tn its center the British
army. It almoat enalded one to count tht
hours of i- m uring freedom, sad I figured
that by noon on the day following the forces
vouhl have drawn their line close to tbr
porhrui of the city snd csugbt us ss s fish
u i light in a nirrowing net
The thought fsirly drove me wild, snd in
my very deeps ir I rose troni the tsble al
which we I tad teen silting snd went tn thi
v.indon for air. Ibat I might he rid of Ihr
oppression which like a weight ley upon my
chest Waa tin- fear? Hardly; for. had the
home been aaiaulted at that moment, the
load would have fallen away fell tM bur
t!tn from the luck of f hrulun Nay, it wat
uncertainty snd inaction still playing on tke
harp atrutgi of my nerrea. bat it wsa aa
unbearable feeling.
Ito aa ooirriinrKD )
Ttte Oetewtiae Uses.
"A friend of tnlnr." mii Canon line
Coil, "once shared Ihe box srul with the
driver of a stagr coach In Vorkablre,
and lielng a burr of horses be talked
with ibe t-oaebmnn about lib, team, ad
miring one horse In particular. 'Ah.'
aaid the eoacbniaii, 'bat that ' . ain't
as food aa he looks; k-e'l a scientific
'oaa.' 'A scientific horse,' txclslmcil mf
friend, 'what on earth do cm mean by
Ikatr 'I meant.' repJled Jehu "a 'oaa
aa tblnka he know a great deal more
nor ke does." "London Spectator.
la Pfr Ttteesst.
Catlomcr-Ara Ibeac rggm strictly
Grucer'B C lerk Vea, air. ran haven't
fonnd anything wrong; with the rmT
you've been (ret tint; Iter for tba laat
month, have yon?
Costomer- No.
,v,"r -"ct'i.. iivese are p-ev
,bt iot-Chioago Irlbuaa.
. . k sTr
It Keens Ibe Awltwsli t'teaw. aaeea
reed and MM Be Balll U, .Km,
leu-Ills. t.i
I had found sonir diflirulty lu tnakin
a cow ntoll thut would Mt) aatisfnctlou
in kcepiiif; the cow clean ami save the
feed. 1 had four kinds and I did not
like any of them. 1 tan a description
of tbr Ilnardrtiw null I concluded that
1 would chaiig-c all my rns stalls anil
mukr Ihciii afler that plan. At tlrst I
MMst twg for trial, but I found they did
ni'l (five latlifui'tlon. I he rack. If made
Inryri enoii;b Is loo high for pultinK In
fceil. The cow would alep fnrwarrl
nlxiut ItM fed from her position et the
rock to rat out of the feed box, which
b case of one milking nt lbs tune
would not work well, mid ll ttimbl be
difficult to place it icantling mi that
part of Ihr dropping!- tvould nut lie in
the bedding.
I have now made nil my atalls by a
rlliTerrnt model, not altogether unlike
the Hoard itall. but which 1 consider
quite an improvement mi ll.ilcicrllit.il
s follows: First ilitldr the i Mir,
space for stalls into itart-a of two
stalls each I'ut up studding for atr
titions Ii feet long. Tartly itonrd up
each partition. Across these unfin
ished (MrlitionB place a 2g piece (F)
not nearer the floor than 21 Inches,
With edge on it oil side i feet from feed
nay. (Wl. Finish the pnrtitions lo a
beight of about I fret iuchea. Across)
the top place a 1'xt ph-er (II). so that
the alats (Ft nailed to It and the latt
piece will lie x-r nilieular. Tbr front
tide of the rack ft)) Is hoarded up at an
angle; making It lower than the other
aide, so thnt Ihe bottom ran be reached
In cleaning out.
Next make a Msg with uiriition for
two aawB! each side should lar flared
al tin- side where feed ia put nlwuit alt
Inches, the other eidc two or three
incbea. I'liu-e the Itox In lanwitinu un
der the rack which is made for two
cows; rnise four inches front Ihe floor
by pulling short piece! of two by four
(K) ondrriirul b. The ruck is much bel
ter for feeding whole corn fodder if the
pace for two cot a is tnnde tn one rack.
The two stall pit-eea may now be di
vided by slior partition, not running
through the feed rack. The scant line
to prctciit ihe cow from stepping hock
to He down. Is placed aiv feet from the
ruck, or same us In iln- llourd atull
just In rear ol tht- t-ovt'a hind feet aa
tht- itatiila nt Ihe rin k. In the diagriim.
A Is the rack; It is the feed box, and C
I. i he senntliiig fn prevent the row
from stepping lin k to lie down I),
dltafkl W ftedvtny. Win. F. ft ei man
in I ibio Farmer
It Ii Ihe ItlBl Mogl Tiisanl Vrrsrlit
aw abaolulel) I n cow la m l mm leg
MM sanply.
To aecun the milk vtithotit coiiiunii-
aaikaa It afobiaM whktk is prnctieai
ly solved In ttnsbiiig the row ' udder
lerfore milking them. If cbuu. pun
awect dairy products arc ch-aired BaV
of Msg first mid most MMswtMMa
eralloua in the process is to get lfa
Inllk tvllliotti contamination.
Of course many will question tb
sanity of n fanner ilniry mnii who is
seen with buckets of water and MMM
rnry cloths clctiuing the mlilcrt of In.
cows. This is to 1st exjtrcted. Hut laf
It be reported, if anyone finds pleasure
in circulating tbr rumor, that the ud
der-waahlng; farmer is slightly "off
and haa "cranky ideas." Just keep at
e.rc on blm and it will be learned thai
his butler and cream arc brit.ging
fancy prices um! go into the kitcbcna
of the well-to-do tOWTJ m,i city arople
Moreover, If investigation Is made il
will be discovered Ihat Ibe excellence
of bit dairy products is due larfrely tc
If rleanllnesa Ii practlrnl while milk
Ing. the udtlcrs of the i-umi washed be
forehand, il is very jiriibnhlc lhal If
will be observed in the MMMMMfgl
baudling of tke milk. Jt ia right al
ways to begin at the beginning-, and to
wash the udders Is tor first step to
ward securing unrontaniiiiutrd milk.
This ia done with tnllk-wnrm water,
aud the udders are dried with ubaorp
lion towels or cloths. The milk drawn
tlrst ahould lie rejected as it contain!
bacteria which l.nvc developed In tht
atilk at the orifice of the Irat aiure
the last milking. This la "extra work,"
but it pays. -Farmers' Voice.
Vou can have your milk and butler
like Caesar's wtfe-"atrove suspicion,"
Wit. Molt
Mr. Doe-Do ton (-iwe ihat count wbe
tmirrird your daughter a rrgulsr al
lowance? Mr. Boxe-Ok, yea. Vou lee wt
fcoupbl him on the Installment plan.
N. Y. Journal.
One aa 81. lasata.
Tear!-Thai SI. Louis girl wrlvet thai
she Is in the upper tec. Wonder what
she meant?
Hub; She probably tneani that the
Is In her No. 10 uppers.-Chlcag-o Daily
Prrvlnaslr alaaWataeA.
"Ann. yen have broken the noaa ol
Ihia beautiful Venus "
"Yeaaum - bat you neeiln't think T'rn
goln' t' pay fer tier; ber arms wm
chopped of when 1 coma." Del roll
Free Prats
Bwmelklaa trier Dealt.
Mrs. Crlmeoiiliesk - llo yon belleet
that death eadt nil. Jofaaf
Mr. f rlmsoiilieak-- Well, no; ihere'i
the fight cvrr the will, you know.
Tonker Stateiniaa.
e at I e I iron rre.ee
Cnttotner- Ilsve ron a copy of "Flf
Man leclive Bnttkar
Bookieller No; but I can give yog
a eopy of "How to llo Happy Thong
MerrtiM "-"Mc-sieo rml- "tea
Thai Wasn't Meh.
"Taa yon ware in the Isle warf ke
luened of the nun who bad kaea telling
sbog' tke In t tie of Santiago
"t'ertiinly," waa the tVjr.
"And you marched and auflered and
fought and a. a hero:"
"No nr. nothing of the kind I aimpli
linded n Santiago; decimated the rank.
Ibe enemv. forcej him to sarrender, snd
thrn hrouglit slwul the end ol the war."
"fk. thai wig all, eh' Heg n ui ptrdon
for the unriTupiMn."--M uhiogum Pom
Mat All Ta.
'Vma you tell me who Ananist wtr
akrd the old man of Ihe proprietor of the
book ttore
"Of roarse I iso," Wat the reply "He
was rhsmpioii liar ol Ihe world at one lime
Ind anyone rail you Ananui?"
" Tax, nr. Yet, called nie Ananiat tad
durn my bultoni. if 1 ihda'l tlnak he was
giyiB mea buahel of .rai.e' Neil maa who
ralli me Aiianui won't nrvtr know what
fell on him"- Chicago Evemr.g News,
awri of trhori Derb."
The htm dynamiter, of Japan are Fgk
Ki ank Pik C'l.ung Vung and Fak Yaag
flvo. and Ihev . L..I ...-I, . .taWUT
- - ., , . . aaaai saasas -oaiw-
w. i iiiiua.
THfc MAUKtrs.
New York. March a
Native Bteera . M 5 ii
Jfi.iiiina ttaqV tt
IN liner Wheal. .-v ,j
No : Red cisti
Ctrl TOla'
l-l.l ll ll
Wlf KAT-
tltaa New
m uNfirn
'oil UN - iliil.liiiig
IlLia-N fch le. r-
Cows ami llrtiers.
CALVKJ4 UM'i pao . . .
ItOOffr- Ksir lo i hwii "
Mil l r rair tu n
I'LOtlt-l'a'eula Wl
Other Uracils
WHEAT- N : It-.1 liner
co His No :
lltJ--No. J
lliUAl.VOL.uga ; hi
Leaf Hurley ta
H.vY-Clesi Tiuioiii) no . t
Ill TTBR t'hc4t.-e Ualry .. la
UAt ON-i oar Itll.
till. 8 Krein
riiKK-HlsnilarUMciiitneW) ..
I -till' I'rilne Hi . in
fATTLi: Native H leers .
HltOaV-lalr lo Chutes
rim.l.l'-rslr to CI
ILOL'lt- W later ratenit.
billing I'ulentl .Jt,.
WIIBAT-No I Hpilng
Mo. I Had tsuta
roiiN- No :
t)ATHNo I a-ttt
1't.lllK tltt.
CAITLK-Nsllve Hl.crs... IS I
lltniti Kali io r nolce i 4; e
s 11 KAT No 2 Red
oath No : :i5
CORN -No. 1 f
NEW fill. KAN
ri.OUIl-ll.tli Urad t tu fa
COHN-No. 1 If
OATaWesiern v
IIAV-Cltotca 17 yi v
I '1 ill K Mamla rd Mess 11 in v
HACl'N Hhoil lllb Blilia ;,
itiTTtiN Middling J
WIIKAT No t Red 7mB
.'iiHN-No. I gut
tlATB-No : Mined SatW
pi iik New Meas It at fi
BAfDN Mh-ri Itllta .. in
The aliove iliiiatration aliowa one of the
mammoth bui.'ditiga occupied by the greet
Mill (irder Houae of the .lohn M Smyth
tollliUIlt Ol I till 11
tin ait"
For one third of a
i'io. 1 1.1 - f - riif 1 n 1
hat lieen 111 hunre..
lb-ginning in s tmsil
wsv lh.-v t'jnn.o-il their neightiora in the
tear bv tonm. each tear w idrmng their
field. They in now icliing merchmdisc di
ncl to thi conaumcr at tt-holesale pncei
through ui tbr I lilted Stltra.
Sinn- raan aeo thet l-.'san aunDlvinu
their u. . mi 1 - c il, .in iilawtMlM cats-
loguc At lag Miaatt igptadid taw
were oougcu 10 men a-.' inc ai 01 una
rota ogne. Bnlil today ll exceeds l,M illatv
trated gr.. qunling ihr owcat wholctalt
pru-r tn en ryltiii a ' I'm, Wfeirarid I
liv .1 niMrr-r pr'( i a- ui ur iiliut'.irrji.hv
Ihry illuitnitr tnatiT vf Urt gondttti natural
colon, bnt tu f uut (if ri h iotor value of
rurtamt. carirt. ilrJi'Ti.-v Mt.d thr lateet
detiflii in wall f-pfn. etc . thu- rnthttnK
the ruatumrr huiuin U M mim diitant to
e!rrt goodi at hia tm n hrntilr. kr.owinn Uy
Ih ' i -!inn, i!lutra'.hin and prirt the
elaa of ff'jnda hr ma flpf-rti
Thi fraturr of thnr I'UAiiifai ia becomintt
Borr knd morr j uiar rach vtar. for it not
only aavta
logue nf erred to is a JOth nnlury dictionary '
of ecunomi
The illustration above alien the recent
building addnl to t h ia gntt rnlerprise.
The tucceaa of thia ( oniiant t rim la- ;
credible, conndrnng ibe fart lhal they hive
advertised to little. Their ipiri' of fair I
neaa and induilry u the secnt nf tbta won
derful sweceat. The quantity of gca.da they I
reijuire in aome hues enables them to handle
train loads of merchandise secured at the
lowest postiblc cent and fnighl rale.
When gooda in thr rough ar - ming Irom
tke Mills and factories in Ibr East, the Iske
tteimera sn in mi if into ervice at a fmght
expente wkicn it hut little in adrann of tke
iron on rates
Tbeir nfrnnces an: Any hank or ei
preea comnant . or any man. woman or child
ia Chwago
Factor, to USER.
I.'.',' o'llg I". ,v
K 1
fl tireiomr
yjk railroad
Bni i
S(SkSS axwi 'r lobbing
VmHLMmwPSmrfml Wm h0". 'I"
mVr5tmVKmm WmzLwM '- a 1 t .
HPfgaafTaarMfPCassBr! the rien
HQfJHQIalgVnfIslIg mrrciaP
mPziwf" fC.Tai trJ " ' " ' ' ' 1
iHftMME'1 i tc tMC genre' j
IjBpSfl g sgrnt,
vSSmmwmm It" r
SvV jt! a ' from oae
a '
JH rJuay it-'
flHUehr''' t"-
gaol.-- JmVIL' '
BwgSjE t""ri.J; wholetale
ss ore
BrMBJs-1 nBaaaaaasH-gC brought 10 '
iiinS -aaa3wsa The mam
i risrassstswVM : LsaMuaBi
MgjfMg. MtttnjatijTjra
It Loabeg Baaaeallve at a Vt egdlsug
at tt ae talengeg tar a Ull
ferral lnrioa
Aa Kait end tar wai loaded down with
shoppers, amatl- somen, far it was in the
middle of Ihe Iters oon. CoBvertatioti waa
proceeding at a gnat ratr. ll was like a
pink lea or a MMM ol ihe aewtng circle,
llui all al onet a huih fell over ibe fair chat
terers. A negro Ud entered, bearing in hu
arena an immense cake, three or four decks
high, and frosted over from pit lo dome, si
they aay of a theater There was profusion
of flowers by way jf dccoralioa.snddehrstr
tricene of gsugy lace completed Ihe en.
beliishmaala. The cake a .at M large lhal
the negro could tctrcely carry it.
The rake told the whale tlory of the wed
ding, th- bndeamaida, the orange flowers, the
flower girlt and tke banquet aftarrward.
Ktcty lemiBine heart to tkal ttreel car wit
a flutter aa its owner gare.i apecchlesaly
ui tht evnleact of s wedding to be.
Finally, when the car slopped lo let oa
another passenger and every in 11 tl wat vary
till, one lady look courage to sak tke negro
w here the wedding wsa going to bt.
"Whnt weddla'r'tskrd the aggro, hisryvt
"The wedding that cake it for "
"Dit ain't no weddin' cake."
' No?"
A - in Dit yens er take walk cake."
Then waa t smile that niched from one
end of the ear to the other, aad very soon
conversation wai returned at before - Mem
phis rVimiUr.
190 Reward aino.
The nailers of that paper w ill be pleated
to learn lhal then is si least one dresJrd
diacaie tint science bst beau able to tare ID
all it ilagea, sad that k Catarrh llall't
Catarrh f un u the only poiitive can
known to Ibe medical frsirraity. Caiirrh
being a confutations! dittiw. reqwrn s
coiitlitntioiul treaiment. llall't Catarrh
Cur.- ta liken interns!!)-, acting directly
upon the blood and tnucout turtaces of the
yttem, tbrnhy dealroying the foundation
of the diaeiae, and giving the patient
tnngth by bunding up the lontlitutton and
twilling niiurt in doing Ua work Ibe
propnrten hive at much faith in iti mra
live powen that they offer One Hundred
Dollan for any rase that it IsiU to ran.
bend for lul of tetlimonialt.
Addnta V .1 Cheney i Co, Toledo. 0.
Sold bt Druggllla, Tfr-
Hall'i Tami y I'dL are tbr best.
"rw Teaaslailoa of H. g. . r.
A clergyman entering upon the charge o!
a new living not tar from Ixindon molved lo
invite all hu luiriakoarn lo an "al home" in
aider to make Iheir ctuintncc. and ac
oordingly acnt at ctrdt lo that egtct. A
dntrirt ttBlat mum it one ol the houtet
waa at once aecotied in thu way "l)h. mitt,
I kave been warning gg mui h lo tee you, foe
my neighbor and I havr got an utTttatsta
c-snu, nui we are to mm ed alwut the four
big letten in the corner. She ssys Ihey
mean: 'Heplv soon, victuals ptvtijed.' hot
now yoa will be able to tell us.' -Cuicig..
MAKt'll AMU Ml-n
are lbs VI".- IMaafceeMtile woullit at
Ihe Year In Ihe af,,B
In tka South, thev anihep!eaatitc-t and
most agreeafde The tree- snd ahruh. put
forth tkeir hud ami flower.-, earlv teg
etalthm aad fruit, arc res. it (01 eating, and
in fact all nature seema to have awnkeued
from Its winter aleep The la.oi.t ille A' Naah
ville Itadroad ioniasiiv rasw-he the tisnlen
Hstts of the fiaiuth. ami w 111 on the I est and
third Tuesday, of March nnd April tall
round-trip tickata to nil glai laal towga tu
1 ggggtMM Alslauua fleorgis ami H eat Flnr
Ida at abiumt half rates Write for portion
lam of sxruralona to I' Hid Jonea. H I" A .
int-Uargeof Immigration. Himunghstii.AIn
or utai r rlorner 1 V A , Si Ian
He Knew.
boya," laid the Sunday scbiai'
our lessou to div tci.hr. ui Ihn
II we in g"-l whne hen on eirih, when
we die we will go lo a plan of lliiawliag
bliss. Hill. auiite we tre bad. then trhg'
becomes nf ggf "We'll go to a plan of
everaaitne o ..'.r repnr.1 1 ,1111'; 1..0 i-
the fool of the
1 mikera Statraman
The lleil eeierlallon foe I 1,111.
-.i i:.. ..r ,. i,,,, ,., e:-.. r.....
fniLLToiu It a simplvln iiun.lnulalaelo
Blusiciuss lorm Nocuro-miuiy. 1'nctvaX;
j N't mit-r liat jnfc it
1 afttiirtif-d) who want. it.
DH-Mi rt.
t hrr M ilirri
W ai-iltfll'if! I U
! To t are a I aM In One uat
I Take laaaative fliimn fjtlalni TtkltU
1 It uggiala rcluiid money il it laill locure lit
, ,,a 1 . ihsM im.s
.ition - l iiicago llitiuttrli.
. r
I n-
1 anuot apeak lo kttykl) i ' .' I ure
i inaumrttion Mr Kranh MoUm, ul
724 Ht V'w ..tk. OtH KM
A hil-or mia pohry u-ual!y ku
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aa ifw atnk
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St Jacobs Oil i
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Curw Croup and Wrcooplng-Coiij
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Eacursioe Rates to Western Canada
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ta a Patriae. Drtta-vinu and Htvalorar.
Nat!' reaola Caaaai Beta
coffer st Bight. It tpotls their sleep. Yssj
can drink Umn l when yoa please aad ior
like a top For drain O doe not rtirowlaic;
it nourishes, i liter a snd feeds. Yet it hxdta
and tutes like the best coffee For nrrvowa
pcnoni. young -opV and children (lrin
d Ike iwrfea l drink Mule from iin graiaa.
flet a package from your gr srr to-day. Try
it in place of coffee 1.1 and Be.
l-'ai I in Pliyaiologt "Tkey agy a maa
who turn, pale when he gelt nutd is Ihe mosl
daagerout. "I guest thai ts so. A mast
who u . and nearly out of km boot will
Ml Bp n awful tight." hidiatupolu Jour
nal. taa ( as ttet Mill ranac ...... rttrC
WliP- l"4am lo A. -11 M Ulu.aUxl, lairuf,
M. Y , for a nthK aauiiac of Allen's Foot
Eaa.'. a iiwtler to flume 11, 10 your sbcass. It
evxres clillblalni, gWMllgg. damp swollao.
arhlug feet K main New or light iboaa
oaay. A ftaln .tint for l onit aud Hub.
lows All drugguta aad shoe stoma sail ll aa,
l.ti'k 10 Ilia ( Mask
Plumber- -80 long; I'm off ta lay a pipe.
Pott--Well, go,l by; In off to pipe
I'lTXAM FAIlKLh-s HVKS do not
tpol. ttrtak or gite your g....dt sn une tools'
dyed sppewnnce bold by all druggni.
No pbxee u so north'eti Ibat it hat not
aome loaftn Waaliingtoii la.) Oeaucrtt.
Weak Woweta Made Happr hy Lydia R.
I'lukl.aan'. Vegelat.l. I ..niimwad -MMM
'' Two Who New Usee
" Drtii Mnt. PrntatakW' f was my
ardent dc ire to have a child. I bad
been uiurrb-d tbrvc yoara uud waa
cbildlc.at. so wrote to vou to find out
the 1 ... --n After fob
lowing your kind ad
vice and taking I.ydla
K. I'lukhain'a v cgr-
tublt' Cumitotind. 1 rav
-ame the mother of
t beautiful baby
(boy. the Jov f oor
home. llo la a
fnt. healthy baby.
lbi.nU- to vou r modi
inc." Mas. M11DA
blMtll, i ,
N. Y.
From Grateful
Mra. Lata
" Dr.aa Ma.
i'-M.n to : t
wrote you a lot1
ter some lima
ago, stating my caie M you
"I had palna through my twtvola,
henilaebe. nnd baeknehc, felt tiretl
and sleepy all the tunc, iru troubled
with tlic" whites. I followed your
advice, took jinir Vegetable Com
pound, and it did M bda of yrnod. I
now hate 0 buy (W. 1 certainly bo
lievc 1 would have mlM-arri d had II
not Is en for l.ydia K I'liikham's ego
tnbto Coniwiund. 1 bail a very easy
tline ; was sick only a short time. I
1 1, 11k your MMMMa is a yfndsetid to
:;! ill the condition in which I
waa. I n tcimmcnd it to all as the larafi
ruedicinc for women.' Mils. Matt
I. ask. t'oytce. Tcnn
j3&-3-50 SHgES M
iWorth $4 to SO enmparrd
mmm wmm inancn.
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itgi I-1 hi. t'l i. J I 'nfaMl Swcfaff I
Mia cnurrly rv
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rat (.'atftittf.tairinf ail al tral
tat ici t miuttj Mian foTate
Hvnre 'intofiUtallr m I r .
tinM VT( tita "wtlr-d. mm
luu a a fodl oases iry Htlfrr'l
irrd i ' vii. far jo anihovt.
I t i l.-t' li'..' ... r-fff. 1
nuia aa-t rv . i . . ni, ria.
Full instrucllona ao
LomuaMf aacn iron
C Porfct tafaty
Guaranteed or Money Refundaaa.
fii iMMBMtf a -wf mpwmn
AwrlfttH laEt-MMMBf llMntV.t
lantala. M.i lh-Enril.lliil.M.BO-
TaiUa'a 'l.tavar ffft OO. I'twt. M
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UK AT. orlrtf toi 'r-taa. n atcrrhavlJ 1
ar uetxi 1im- TrOiUm' "))
tar Frl. Ofiltrt- fcr all MiMWn,
tu t Oajh awitrfwai-iii moli 'taa.
Addroaa, uwauy
T.ilal Oaarat liatssgri
aaciiii ity auiiding, Bt. Loula, Mo.
All pertowt CsUrTtBi sg fitfOKaED
or PARWYZf P. should mvtatrgttt thai
HCCnaUITICC lie Mat., Mauri feat
utrunssi i iuj(, p,ai,,i. nr Mttaaii
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fsetaf sag avcara tuiiitsa-
mU ?
X.a " "
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Mi ml t aialsat am nuiirni
JT iT. Miltsaaal
wHaWSa belrar I UIVSil as.
atitstg U tka ran sag earnettaa s gtsaaastttaaal
mt w4ffnaat'
nrw iiivinmt, ciraa
Mica rttlfanf at "ttreti a-i iM
f li.ue .... . - i.t 11 a.il He
or h u tiiUaKita M3a. n t Aii..ia.
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