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The Farmington times. [volume] (Farmington, Mo.) 1874-1902, August 16, 1900, Image 4

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Ni.rr !( K.uurii In f lncae
Pterial Tr.un, rr uight cut l. Denver,
C'ulorsdo Bartngj ami INtrblu ia lactirrat
Rock Itlanil BnBtr, will leave ' litrago Ai.--
21. Its 4 It I, al t .' m l)n
tbe. datca rreri I .-acta Item If, ears
anil ll.aseurt lltvrr 'n ila tn Datavtff, I ul
ora'lo Soring, I'ui 1.:.,. tilm..-. spring.
Ka!t Ijkc I l nr.: ('v't'ti. ( lab, will lie mid
l fair of on regwlir Itr i us for
round Inp. retain 'in.it Oct .11, laWi Tick
et aim good aa rtaPaltf trait. Tor full in
farMatioa, ler 1 1 rrvenrelsoai and beauti
ful Inmk "Coloradti let BtnHmt" aenl
free, addrraa .1 ! i. s ! ultiaB, U. IV A., Chi
cago it Tin in. iia,
Qiiinn Rh I ' bet hand la tin audi-
ann mil; can- iBtli twi riii-uah in go
lie Koate- 4lh, )e; elagr kirs in flrm
Ible Kttn ll4i, ii II, l,..uac thinks I hat
thai MM at. a Wat lot hlM I iii.agi. I. n u
ll . MN
The nmifi at blaa
attend1 i,.' t V- a JfJMIlk problem.
an get
hex i i
I ai ui ii in i hi rata wajr
1. 1 .1 onif MrajHti Ml
ihmk that lint have
in i ha ir hand in ac.rrttng
tb: row
an H'll i MM
a 1" a-. I '
hi nil I In 1 will .. rtainlr
(ii .il'i.ut i ii tli- hi :.. ii unlet, thrj in-
afiari tl,. r. i tniing atasBtlY aa t
line "f Ike II, ragi M a mitre fl Pan!
Itaiii v it Mit i 1 1 mil, VVmnnur,
wh'ii tl- erofjpari nfifci i-ct. work .Iritiv,
fin. Hurl' ft a, i v. ii: r.irnate, purr, anft
water; land mM rhi if, and on long time
Waff rn faffei wkn ri D i an liuv one fof
'iiii, i.i. ...i . i rent Addtfftt t' K.
Ral aa I.Mf. Air- : I' U s; M.,(be
ca". 111.
I Vt,.rse.
VajtM V hat d I i. t. about the
PMTon af wal I
BroMOl I know a I '
"TM don't know a thtagi you alaid at
bi ii 1 1
"I know I did: but I had la read th
nlluw j'lUiuala rvtrv dav." 1). mil Ire
The rnrri-a tl the pii parati"iia of the .1.
at i Mam lai. Mri i' m I nm im, of Nt
Ixiiiia, Mo., ari' ahevi a!! qur-ii.in Tha
puhiicwdl be iBtrreated n In t u . that thia
iirrn Ma aa .. ir. furrn.l r la Army
and Navi I t ii. '.r,l in lull the) have
at' i grown ii i ii'T with tin- public, not
Bating 'i.' ilert la report in fif i nia
year' lln t It-rr.. Pant, t'uniliirango,
rP . have aavawM i liawatMol W"fd Thejr
art aow aaM ki i iliaaiaia Aak far boaw
let fir. aii I t i' u Mrrr gel lliarrhra. IK
aratar) f'r II -ri MamNak i v. Iterna
Plant f tr., Inr) arm audi b) tha
Maguire MrdtrlM onipaii) la Kuaianlerd
to do what a iaimrd for it.
III. Pwlal nl Vlrn.
FjiMi. i... Mi.... i.t What i!-. v-ll think
al v. ,,iio ii ..I pi, , - , it
Old Da 1 1 1 I tkiak ihe are ai tight.
Wax, wi I.t i tv... ihniN ot cur mioma
lliilli aoonl. Ii" I.v.lul; Nrwa.
Mall'a I marih I air
latarwatji pn. eTJc.
1 lak.
Man'a econom) t. in lilon' hi. wife how
to aavr aioiov Atkaiieaw Tboniaa Oil,
Tin- irippiug f. ft tlif sptirklino;
JMJ -tin- kt.u dill m.)vetnont lio
lotu: not ii' Hi' i iili' l'ipiilinirm.tidcn.
flhlM (traces tin- the rii'ht-nye
ttutv of twery wmomk until the hair
whitens tad r'.-g il dignity replaces
The mother wlm pit mis her
ntn tiKth has so much more hrj de
vote In the care Mad edt iti'iti of
her ilt-.tr Haa She riMMtld 1)0 a
comfort a cheer alw.iy ..
Yet how many firl that they
have the afeMMB to ptUUeti haVw
Me the home f The World is list
bfjaV we.try and morlii I In hlrnxi
move-; llllfjflllhr)' and i-. full of im
purities. It t ice Is a Uwiatag, iti
vi;oratiii(; tonic to set it afire it
Mwdl Pe ru na,
in the world which women may
Tclv upon positively. IV ru-na is
Rood for everyone, but particularly
for women The various weak
nesses which afflict their delicate or
ganism spritu; from inflammation or
catarrh of thi; murnuslimriK.an.l Pe-ru-na
Is a apcclf tc f ir ratarrh in any organ ol
Iheliraly Any conjf oat i. .n of n murnita
membrane aimply means catarrh of the
orxan affected Thia i why Pi-ru na
cur's all M.tta of troubles where other
remedies fall. If there ia a catarrhal
atf.s tion the matter with you anywhere
tVru-na will cure you.
IMBMMBI -1 a l. ,-..nawe.
aauima aaaaaa caa anriat aaa awao
etiiittta cor rag ahd ti co.
73 Franaitn i.u at. touia, me
mkhh or this ravraa
iMMiiuso to iter aJrrnBlM
avptmirtaci' in its ctN.-ftaM
enoi-U) imuar frua ha sum
wimt euar MS. row. iirewa
aU auaamviaaa UK latTATMaW
1 ' ' jJJpBaaaaSS'a I
gHI'il Men' S3 alulfll
a.; K, ;...-. in tio'tll
Baa Hft world. Va aellM
98 Hiti.'t'i tXW anilSR
f! BH any other twoH
If amaR .uanufaclurer iiiftj;
J aVaVg I hemiarm woreSl
f -VKM'.L.I.'niglaat.lUaMl
v Rfaud t-iiO ahoaa an-T '
AfVa.ld than any otl.e,
mpf "i" ll.eyareV
JV ilm boat la tha world-
mf A $4.00 Khar far $3.Hi.
ffrx i Nhw fi imTI
U Hang ha.g l. N.,.llt- wllk tha
raam lor 1 aaMlrva HoalMt
tlaa . . t ttlmale ro
W'aariinirt.iii. Aiig-. I- lmlicolloua
of the ilrairv- itt t'hlua for acrful
a. ttliiM lit of hrr irrarnt dlBlciiltiaa
liaii- lam molllpljhig for arvrral
aajro, Kii.b ' that ilralir wae r-
i! t. the . t'.i 1 1 in. ii ' of atate to
day. It wna in 'he form of an edict
BMaawlnaMl af Kniror hoang llau,
aniatiag Kjirl l.i llunr I hanr aa
until. t r pli t,iaitrntiur to niTi't"t
with the .wrn for an niiimiliata
ri Muitl.m of b.wlililiea." prmjfot " "
lutioii of the .nt.lriiu vilinh hiiva
law out of thr auti foreign iiina
iujr in it nipire.
II, tela Will ha A.f".ea.
larl l.i I- to ai t ilinrtly for the rm
aror, ami 11 fair luferrnc- i 'hat
abataiar laraat of iwttiemeii' ! away
rem h with tin- ier will le upproied
bv Haj I Mag rial governnw n'.
Vllnl.lrr I nun CM H"'a "w.
Partial 'In- ilny only iwie .lieNitrh
that ana aiiailr puhlir rrachnl any .ef
the aai ' I waaaal aaJaWttawatta fn.m
China. laaMaal MMkJ
lataf I oot'i r v Iraiiainitti'il t Hal
war ileairtin.iit ka lirn. I linfTrr. It
mull HWal aimply hi ihilrtj to "hold
on" until lie-rt. ntaflM ahowM romr to
,i. r. lirf ll the power of thi (
Mfatavat "ill hrttMtti to gt that re
lief to loot and the oth'-r iiniriiie,l
lei-iitioii. r l th. earli.-at albl- BMW
t I hlarir IWtaeelal MM
Mini. i. r M a an early caller nt
ih. .i.ptirtiiicnt of atatr. Khortly af
ter nine o'i . k he itinib nn eiiafnir'--BMW
with AatHMJ Svrclary of Hlatc
Ailcc I., me. t taint at the ilcimrtnient
at In to i. in Promptly at that hour
the llliniater'a Hlltolnol.llc atopprel lit
the wrat I alraafl of the dciwrtnimt,
Mioi.icr Mn avUfhtad MMj lnirrtc.1 to
S... rctnry V.l. e'a BtaVw He prvwntcd
i.. Mr Man n copv of Ibe imicriol
rajHai ahkrh he hail rr. .ml laat niirht.
it had haaa Iranaaalttad to him in the
t'l w tor.ii;ii ..tl.'. i ipher. and Ha
triiiinlation mill pr.ration for nn
iiiiK.inn to lb.- il..u.rimeiit of .lata
ilii.l .M-.-tlpl.-.l lll.l.'li of the ".;'(. t
m-.naaril Ike trim. f the Katlcl.
Miuiatcr Wit rat Haa with Sa-orc-
tnry d.-.- for Hun iinrtcm of im
hour. di.. '; -ini' tl" l. Tina of the edict
mi. I th. proiaii.i. rrwaoaaa to it of thi
mm .-rnni.-iit .
nafraa1 Miahaar Wtt left the i i -
mint Sat-rvlur of tv-tr Hoot return.-. I
vmiIi ataaa tMpwawatlata, hai rwatalaad
lone . noilk'b oi.K to i.litHin
tin- Maaaaaaal a ad dtaraaa It
with th.- t hiatal ntaVlal.
kVai I" I'rao Hae Kaar
Minielor ii . ).rrsel the battel
flint th. patlei taeat nied n mean of
a .ireful adjuat RMI of the prea-nt
troold... and thai tl,. lopo-at of th.-I'hii..-..
atnrri maeill 'or I ceaantion of
laoartllftbra prtwllan a-.iee ni-irotiatiiaia
wa entirely rraMiwahlr.
Iran.aaalllra lo Ihe I'eeaiaeal
Immeiliittely HMMI 'he isinclllaiop nf
tl anferrHjee th. t.vt of the MHrt.
l.'C.tlo r with Ihe itrtaibj of the cull of
Mini. let Wu, w.i', I'liiiiiuuu ica t eil to
'ri .uleiii M.-hiul' i il anion. I lie
neraiaVnt'a repl. ai et haa not lc-n
n-i-. I red
laiier in ihe .lay '.in- Se rctnry
AnW rnade pahtk the i. at of the edict
in Ho- failhialajl .li.temenl-
aeerelwet rfre'a aiaiaawewl.
"The llepartmenl of atntr mukea
Pal Idle the following diet apMdiitini
levraiy l.i Muiik' ' hunk' aa envoy plcnl-
I a it 1 ' I.. H"". .1 reaaatiea of
heart ile .li'iiHui.tnition. ataj aaaeartata
with lie- aaaeia. a "l-- of which ana
rleliM c.l to Mr. We to the ac'ini; aea'
retury of elate tMa, Munday. moruiiiK
I 10:3 leek
"An imfM-ruil eilict forwaitle.1 in 'he
prn rawiaell nt Pckin. uniler atate of
the I lib del of the aevenlh m.w.n
' iUrtta1 -1 to i. ov . Vim ii Tai Nan. Shun
I nn:-, aha trnuamitted it on the t7th
day of tlo -nine moon (Auirtial 1 1 1 to
the I noil of Shi.iiaTbni. by whom it waa
re-triiii.uiitietl to Miuiatcr Wn. who re
relvrd II mi the nigh! of the iim day
t Ugll.t III.
"The imM'rial edicl. ea trnuamitted
try the- privy council, ia aa followa:
The laeeerlal Mae.
"'In the preaent is.nfllul ttween
iln Chlaaer an. I foreiirner there hna
beea aiaae iiioumleratandiUaT on the
airt of the foreign mitioua unit nlao a
omit of proiHT mniiMareinent on the
purl of soma- of the local nutboritiea.
' Itiah "f nrnia wna followed l.y fa
It.iuiioiia r.-.ulta. and caiiaeal a rupture
of friendly relntion wl'.cb will ii It I
mutely .1. no g.aal lo thr world Ye
berel.y upMiint l.i tliiiii- t'linug aa otir
en.... pl.iiiM.t-utiary. with inatruc
lion, to proMMu- nt once by telearrttph
to the gov crnntenla of the aevenil .w.
era coneerne.l fur the Immediate ceaaa
tion ..f boatile demonat ration pead
ing iieirotiatlona. which he ia berrbr
until. .ri.'.-.l to conduct for our pin t for
the eitl. tiient of whaterer cpieatloni
mny bine to lie dealt wilh. The .pie
lion lire to lie aeverally isinaidered in
a aati. factory manner and the reaiilt
of the negotiation reported to u for
our aoncliou. Ilea pec t thia.
'The alaeie i rewpeetfully canned
for lraiiniiaaion to your excellency,
lo la- eajiainiinlealed to the iws-retary
of atatr. for hi eacellency'e informa
tion. ' "
Aearrlea Mar N"i Caaaaaeat.
While il ia conceded by the Waah
ington officlnla that the conference of
the dnlpotriitiary authority upon
Karl li lo negotiate with the power
for Ihr aclll. tn. nl of exialiiuj trnulde
ia a atrp in the riarht din-rtion. it ia
by no mean aaauml that the United
Htaie government will concent, off
hand, lo open nearotiatinna with thr
iliatiiigniahed vie ;n. The demaniia of
thi u-oveinment pon ( biiia have been
made plainly, and without equivoca
tion Tli'V can not la- miaunderatood
or evadeal.
Aa tranamitled lo the imperial jrov-emmcr-l
by the arrretary of atatr,
through Miuiatcr Wu, the demand in
brief were:
That the Chlncec government fire
aaauiame. that Ihr foreign mlntaten
are alive and if ao. in what eonditaoa;
that the miniatera he placed in free
ciiiiimunlciitiim with their rmern
menta. firing uem the legation rear
and all danger to their lire and lib
erty be removed; that the imperial au
tboritieK place tbemaelre in communi
cation with the relief e,-editin-, aa
that the legatlonet,. may be liberated,
(orvigiw-rs prnteclesl and onler re
aaal tae AaaraataaaJ Ta.
Until tbeae demand have been
ceded In. It ia regarded aa highly Im
prtibable that the aroiernmnet of the
t'nited State or any of the ftaropeaa
eeiernmerita, all of which have made
practirally the aaroe dvmanda upon
fbloa. will conaent to a ceaaa tiaan of
hoatlle demouat ration, which ate be
ing ooaductad, at antat eo far aa thia
f " crnnveot hi eoiiceru 'C with the aale
purpoae of mcnortna? the lasaieired la
tad foreigner prateeted.
Aa aaaiiaalaltr View,
M!.nter We h Inclined lo taha aa
aeeenl liealha.
T. B. HoWnaon, judge of the Koirr
teenth judicial circuit of Miaaouri. al
Tuacumbia .ludge Itoliinaon waa laorn
in Ht. Kruncoia county . Mo., April i,
137. and located In Miller county la
the early tin, where ht ha aince re
alded. He waa a I'nion soldier, arrvinax
in the Hivth Miaaouri o.ltinterr caval
ry, lie held may aiitiona of I mat
' and honor in Miller county, nuil wna
one of the ableel lawyer In central
Mteenuri Da stepbena ii..inled bira
judgv of the Koiirteenih judicial cir
cuit to Mieoecd Hon l W. Khackle
tonl, laat Scptemlaer.
Ih N. II. JobniMin, a wealthy cilien
of Warrcnaburg He wn found de.t
hi M room at the St. t'loiul hotel, la--
.nerl wa apuireot!y m giwal health
when laat aeen alive. No eitiiae. 1 a
Mgticd. Ik-ceaaeil wile. 7.1. and Ihe fii
ther of K. N. i"i,n-"t preaident of
'he People' national l.tink of War
ronliiirg He had resided for .evernl
year m Sibley. In., .mil only reis-ntly
returneil to Wurri'n.loirg. The re
i ii- were l.iiricd by ihe Q, A. IC.
William II. I..e, for many ynrr a
merchant ..f Warrensbutg. laecenaed
wax .'.. a niemla r of the ti. A. II. and
A. o. V. W.
.lame M. Nnuaiai. one of the oldeal
aettlera in ataMSW cniiity. al Weld.
OM for many venra he wn. in bual-
ne ill I iirtlll.f.' He I lll.l laren II MjaJM
laer ol Ihe Kmghl of l' thine, for .'7
T. le-ater I rawfonL, clerk of the
I nitcii Statrw cm nit i.url lor Iho
r.iatern Mlaeaiuri di.'rb t. at St. lamia.
Aflei an llliieaa of MUMa day he aur-nmla-d
to heart failure, following a
vcverc attack of Im vtigllia. with e
icrc complicntiona.
Mr. Klibeth laean, at her Lome,
neiar Nevada, aged 3. She w... the
mother of a large nnd proinim-nt fam
ily . end had liveil . n ihe farm u t . re
ahe died inc liefer.- the civil v..r.
A. J. Carter B1 hie home in llrnok-
Held The ilr.en.e.l held the po.lllntl
nf iiierinteiid.-iit of bridge for the
Minaouri linn, for many year.
I terfrllera al IViiik
A great ipiaittity- nf aWSftatMi all raff
com haa la-en put In circulation in the
Miaaouri Kansas rinc field, recently,
nnd all effort to apprchnd Hie a0Mt
teifeller bale ao far failed The nil
vrr uard in their iii iiiufaclure i mol
ten MHaVMM coin, anil the work i. o
well done taWI detection in almost im
aaaattata. The Mump and milling are
aaid to lie the lx at vet brought to Ihu
notice of anaWta. t.ven the luinka
have been taken in by theae counter
frit Mel lleall. la a feeallae Naaaer.
t'lyde S-iund. r. the ten car ol.l aon
nf .loepffi S.ntml.-i .. of near atpfftac
I'nrk. Petti- co. mi., wa. inatanllv
killed in a ateaHat manner. Ihe laiy
fell off a lairn tad I,. hen. I .tin. k on
a aaN, which pierced hi. brain. Ilia
brother, two year older, inriie.l In in
to Iht rcaiilenrc nod v.aahcd hia
N'Oliad, not knowing be wna .le.nl.
I miinc to vaaaaaHate hi. bruthet, he
ran loo miles to ,i .n-ighlair'a for iaav
i. lance.
t'naacl l.i.lll).
The rne of the atute ngi.in.t Thotn
ii f;. PaffBat for th.' murder of I h n la a
t Iia lty on the voitne, of Match u
laat. wan .ubmitteal tu t tie jury, at
M. it. I nil. ami that laaly reach. -.1 the
lollowing verdict: "We, the jury, tind
Ik il. feiiilimi jruiliy of mirrdrr in the
ceroid degree and ll the MMltff at
thirty venr in tb.- nitentiary ."
Ilia leld nf in. fMrl l-leld.
timer I HttcrMOtt. n proiiiineut farm
er ffaWj eniner of cattle, who lirei. n few
milea north of Maryvillc, think -i
t'l acre flehl i f to him Una
broken all rcefwila in the priMliti-tiou nf
ont. He baa jnat thrralicd out l,37n
buahela, which were raia.il on thia pi
acre, an nveragc yield of ii. bubrla
to the ncre.
I. e. 1. nia s..i Pari Tkeaa.
The funeral of Slatiua kehrmnnn.
Sr., ami wife, Mr. Cecilia Kehriiiann,
were condnrted jointly in St. lamia.
The aahe of laoth after creninliona
weie placed in an urn and were burled
in the family lot.
Mea at a Tkee.t.iaa.
vvnue itenry llaeklcroth waa
thrrahing wheal for William Todd,
near Salialwirr, aark act lire to the
alraw. mid ill lena than alt hour ant)
buahela of wheat wa loot; also Iho
Waa Hat Werrfflaa,
A lloatou inillionairr'a MMI came
wiaf ami engaged aa a Mjfftaffff at the
Coal Ml hotiMe in Kaniui I ity. Ht.
ehurge.1 for reporting late, he donned
tine raiment and became a guet at
the hotel.
Wblle llaatlaa.
A. M. Woodson. Jr., the II year-old
eon of Judge Woodaon, of ihe circuit
court of 1st. .loeeph. wa rrham fa
tally ahot near Mound City, while
hunting. He ia wounded in the groin
and band.
Ilea laawe Takea al tlnaee.
The t.wi.iafan Imnd. iaued by the
county court of laiwrrnec lotttily were
pun-haard l four of the lendlnff
lainka of laa ren,e county for ..l IWU,
thi la mp the bigiS"t hid.
Aerteatall h..i
Albert htrother. eon of a widow, waa
ahot at Center. He and hia brother
were honiiiif; bird, nnd he waa arui
dentally bol through the right lung.
Tkree ew ffoalaaaeleew.
Mrlvin W. t'aatrr ha la-en appoined
poatmaater m t lay ton, Nt. Ianui coun
ty; rrank l. W. Arnold, of Uimar,
and K. K William, of Kichmond.
Far ftnlwee Teaebera.
Prof. II. y. Adam, nf Joplin. i eon
ducting thr inatlliite for colored
teacher of aoulhweat Miaaouri, in
araaion at llartvillr.
laera need wkpat I 'raff.
The wheat prop of southeast Mia
aouri 'a the laegrat ever grown in that
taction of the atate. due to the large
Incrroar in acreage.
laaae hj llraaakl.
There la great diatrea all over Sa
line county on ncconnl of tbe.lroitght
late corn i alaout ruined and mead
ow are dried up
Miller I'aaan Trarkria,
The Miller countr teacher' Inttl
late held a foar week' eeai too at Kl
dou. atavUa a ffsanr Cr9.
Melon are repcrlrd t ptxar crop la
fbtnkltn nnd Mew Madrid counties,
nnd are eiiffrring from dnyuyiit la
Wayne county.
Tkva ffjarewa rarade.
There wa a etrcua at Nevada, the
tl.er day. J. W. Talbot, a jeweler,
and hia clerka ataod oat In front ta
ate the ahaffar.
Tf Aaple rraw.
The hot, dry weaUitr haa beca a
favurn hie far aanh-a. and titer rr ri"
drc r-idti In aumt tdarat ta a
Tber Are I.e.. ttaaletat Tkaa Other
thaaea aa Are Sol Mavh Mare
IHUB. ol. la Wake
ery farmer I willlnf to afrree
that rertanirular Held are leaa waatc
fui of land than ftrlda af other hapee,
and that atrairbt lane and road run
ning st right anglea In or parallel
with thr aidea of theae field tire not
only more economical of apace and
Pt.A.s Of nt:i TANiit i.Att nstaO
time, but are neater than Irreg'.lar
r..la It ia not every man. however,
th.it ha n aallfactory way of mak
ing hi. mania and flrlda lake theae
forma llf course, where ravine and
other fornintiona of the aurfaee ..-.-tir
road and feneea inuat conform lo the
Mtrface more or leaa; but for ordinary
place, ihe following method, that the
writer haa uard recently with aalia
fact inn. mny ta- employed.
laecule iiMin a straight liaae line,
and work from that Start at one of
the cornat., A (ta illiiatralinn), and
meaaurc lanck on the line any con
venient dial nin e. II. say I'u f. el, oauig
n pice, nf roe that will not atrelch.
Hold the ffMMJ tight, tnd draw thr arc
licit Now atari at II. and keeping
the raM tight, mark Ihr (aunt C.
From I mark off It and alao draw a
little arc paaaiug through K. which
will l- deHnitcly located when the
stationary end of the line is plared at
It nnd the distance, 1st feet, marked
off. The line drawn from A to I: ,,i;
la periM'iulieiilur to the ba.e line, and
all that will now la- aeeeaaary will re
to extend thi like by the u.tial meth
od of sighting with pnlra M. O.
Kama, tu Kami nntl k'irraide
Mm t u Him Wntt t
MMlltin Hrr HML Irld 1 Ilouittl
tu ftbrlMla.
MMpfttSliVVt few I. it ii" n
think f efOf-td-Wg u truai of horwi haril
iVftag Ifcff iIHtMf month- withtiul
fi t iitnj,' :i 1 1 1 m r i I ntltiwanrc of (irrnin
j I'M. . ii Ii HMH ii r . lint v hru it t unir-t
la ft r:imf votMl thr rrrr' b true.
Jtmt MMMUI ii iiuiiitffrr f i tliair rnvii
a i.'i.i : ration whilf riiniiii( n a pun
'Ihr tmr-v f; rruin frtMii ihith to
tlrnw ni ii 1 1- ri -ii 1 to supui tin ntarm
Willi for! alii! t hrryty PttraMtl hm
HfafMil from fKwHvwff 'hut jrrnt-r
Mlonr i'im . tot nffoni thr roH-r
MMMNil of mtihrEr-mnltt-r IO r pdir thr
JWtf anil gir trrn)(th to a Iiotm- uX
tonstant hanl work, am! thr? rravort
to ft riling grain.
'Ihr rtiw. M ft MMM-CT of ronrar. dora
nut ik wnd mi iiiiit li for intievcilar
nrngth in thr rla.Mirution f milk aa
I 'm thr h or- in a liartl d)' work,
but thr dfftfl M tNN nrrvoui -: u. U
grratrr than that on thr inuitrular aya
tni of tbr horr. Itrforr nni- can era
Met&H) i jrrt n row lo 49 In r hrat t!a
af ' r dm ami rr it f trr car. iHir inuat
In- llbvnUlj fiirnUhn wilh foiui that
will Niippiv thr lajtntrm with utrrnfrth
am! i-iii rjr tu itmii! ih draft iuilr by
Ihr nrrvou fnrre on h r nl rm.
i hrar ,i fc'trat i!ru! hImmiI tiaianrru
ration fur in trr f rttinj i in f hut rry
littlr iiUioit a i.t it 'i ration iliiritiu
tbr eviiinim r month A row rirrtla t hr
MUM mntrrial dtirinf thr anmcnrr a
. urii.fr ihr winlrr. Hhr nmU a bal
aitt'rti ration in Ma ami Junr an tnurh
ai in Irrriiiii-ft am: January. Uunng
thr wintrr Vrfl aff tha' hrr want arr
upilinl. During thr nummrr afar fa. M I
a tulr. Irft to - Ii i f t for hrrarlf, anil if
ahr f!or not mnnl librrall whrn on
paaturr- no titnttrr what tbr naturr of
thr paaturr. whrthrr it .a ciovrr, blue
grnKa. tiniotbr or wllil graa ahr ii
romlrmnril, whrn the (art ia, abr ia do
ing thr )rt ahr ran undrr thr rirruin
ataocra. M K King, in Ohio Karnicr.
Tbr Rvlrrllwaa af Ulrrw.
No qurttlion it. morr pn.lfiig to tha
a vi rag- lirrnlrr than thr prirr that
hr rein anfr pa for a airr. No factor
la morr ital lo thr brrrrlrr'a auorrita.
whrthrr hr ii l-rginnrr or vrtrran.
whrlhrr hr It rngiignl in Ihr prfwhir
tion of high-rlaa nhow and aalr atork
or prime markrt topping alrrra fof
thr blorii At thr leading aali-a of iht
href brrrda during thr laat rnr f
haa not lMrn an uncommon prft foi
thr n- rowa and in a frw inatanrri
fS.OtrO and m- har been rrarh.-d
It a cow fa worth fl.oori. what la hnll
worth whirh In gmMl rnough to mntr
with such a row ?- Prairlr- Farrnrr
Maj. Alvorii statra there are uow
approximately lo.nofi crranierir and
eheeae factorir in operation in the
United Htatr;
Two pasture arr In iter than one.
Wllaaat Trtgeaanei ey .
"Vou were very warlike wbea you
taetked In by thr kitchen laat night."
quoth Mr. Hpllxguhbler.
"I." aaid Mr. Rpttgdltto, with a a mil,
"I waa trying to prumot peace."
"Ban you tumbled over the rook
atove "
"What ha that to do with it V
"It prove that you were an excellent
range Under."- Buffalo Knqulrer.
The laelava Olleaaaaa.
Smith The doctor tellt me that
young Softlrlgb ha something Ilka
brtln trouble.
Jonea fan'', he afford him any re
lief "No, He eay It would be etay enough
to get rid of tbr trouble but It i im
potaalblr to locate th brain "- t'hicagt
Keening Neett.
fflaralarlal Oellahta.
Mr. Innorr.il What did yon rtajoj
iuo' about your flablng trip, deirT
Mr. Innocent 1 got moat excited
when I wax reeling 1c my love.
t llttratlng into tean And to to
th-lhink you piotalaed Die y-yon
wouldn't d-drink a drop.--Harlem Lift.
ff iaoarlea
Watla The moat ardent advocate of
war are those who never aaw a battle.
Pott And thr mail Cnlent advo-
ratea of the betoty tnd .Jigr.it ot
work are those who never taw a stick
f tlrewood. Indlantpoli Journal.
tilaotma larrini. thr compear r, I the
fifth rrprearalative in the direet lint
of a family of muairlana. Hie great
ffirat grnnrifatbrr. born in 1712. aa
conductor at l.neea and the teacher of
(iuglielmi. llrM-eitdani of hi lu each
general ' i have been enropoarra.
Thai Qatea Vlrlarit la a faithful m
tron of Irish laer and linen la well
known. Her likinr for the linen into
enthusiastic that no cotton ia permit
tn' to In- uard in any of the royal retl-
i ie-. Kven the aimplrst kitchen
cloth niual l.r ntailr of Iriah flax.
Among the many attraction al
Karat IW-ach. near New York, there ia
a wild man who. according to Ihe
owner of tbr show, waa "capturrd at
great rxpriiM- in thr wild of lloraro."
Ihe wil.1 iieati's name on the bill ia
"An n hi. r-ani." and it i declared tlaat
h. eata rata. dog, blrdaand mice. The
nam. (,. . , luickwnril Israr a rloar
r. ml.aance lo that of a toted Ohio
In a .1 inly of American polh ica which
apHreil in a recent mini lot of Ihr
laOlm mi t'hronielr It waa pointed out
that oul of the prraidents of the
Unite.' Ktatee alt but one have la-en of
llriti.li family origin fifteen, header!
!.e u ,.i.,i nmr , I'n-iial, .lasrk.
I hu e. including Jamr.. Monriae. had
Saotch anccaiora. tin . 'I bonin Jcffi-r
eon. iuberitrd pure tVctr-h lilntu. whiie
five others, traced Iheir llneaae lo
Seailch Irish nncralry.
tirorgr OgMM nltrnded t meetianf
Ihe I'nion Pariflr railroad director a
few flays agrt and lighted a cigarettr.
"Ilrop that rlgarrtle." aaid Chairman
Hiirrimati. "I have iaaurd an order for
bidding employe to tniokr cigarette.
Vou arc an employe; yon get tlo for
attending one of tbeae mertings. Vou
too. Mr SehltT." addressing another
millionaire director who wta toying
with ti lighted perfrcin. "We director
MM ... makr rule, for empl-ic. aa
then break them oursa-l,.. The dl
tingiiielied emplnyrsipn. tii oliryed or-
1'attir. green eia. olive, tad pirklea
are quite favorite combinations, making
,i in.'-1 aci epiaiii. cnurrr lor lunrli-
con or dinner.
Tomatoes may l.e salted and pep
iered. dipM-.l in'o Iseaten egg and
cracker crumb and fried until they
arc l.iowi. For then- ir i- ta tter not
to use ihe onion. They are parc-ular
ly delicious leffffffd with tiah
New fork. Aug II.
l i TTi i
Native Htier tlx. u It
XI 1. 1' Inst
KI.OCM Winter Wheat....
I Za
WIIKAT- No : Heat ,
'illtN No !
OATS No J...
PUItK Mea New
'iiTTiiN Ml.l.lllng
t'owa and ll"lfera
t'AI.VKa ..per l.
IH;h rail to i'h...
HMi:kI- fair to rhotra
I-i.ut'lt -I'atenta (aewi
other llr.i t. i
WIIKAT No : Ketl
iHN N t
HVB- No 1
TollAifo l.ug .
la-af llurlel
VI !-.
.... w MS.
i: 7a I I M
1. "
, '
i iai
.t 7i ti i r.
1 ai aa 3 Ti
rai ai 3 an
i-taV M
: ti .
I li 13 i
k M
II V i lear Timothy im
III TTKIt Choice llalr
U S' UN clear KH
K-itlK Kreah
a t In rat ai ll la
II !
" Mk
s n
l.AKIl ITIm.-Vteiim 9 ta.
i III Alio
I'ATTI.aV-Native Hi.e.a .
IK nia fair lo fasolo.
aill.KP- Kale h .1. .
i a it
r. ft in
3 7i ft I
FlaOUH-Wlnlei l'..i. nta I at fa 4 an
Hi.rtni! IMi-ma ... 3 Tn tj I It
WMKAT Nn .-. Hprlnai ... in A ?2U
so : ite.1 at t;i,
'iltN-No. .' 16
OATB No J a. rS
I'l'itrv aaeaa n in f it ,.,
I'ATTl.K NatlV" Ulcere t ar CIO
lli. iH Knlr to I'hol.e ... I .1 it ' It
WIIKAT So J lte.1 ;: ., TJls
i .AT. No : While si nc
TORN No ? Iff JV.H
NKyV oltl.KANH
I'laU'lt Itlah tirade 1U ti I m
I'ORN No. 1 far u
OATB Wealern ty J!
HAV- I'holc tl M t l W
I'l'ltK Ht ailihird Meaa It Ti tl I in
ItAi'oN Hhort Klb Hl.lea . . ttaB tis
C.iTTi.S MMiillng ts
! WIIKAT So ! lied 71 V
t'ultN No. 1 41 ft M
LATH No V Mlled Si tl tj
It.ltK New Meta UTt lit
HACON Hh.oi Klb IVyft Ml
V.-OTTON Mldtling ay
and atrmmgth In
vanish oarty Im
of monthly
Irrm&mwrlty. Many suf
fer mMamfty mud mmm IhoJr
km gifts fade away.
a Vtartakat Caaatiaal
of ft
M ma kits tholrom
firm tmmmlm organism
healthy. It earrtas wo
rn aafafy through ham
various natural orisas
Is thm safaguard of
Tha truth about this
aroat madioina Is told In
thm lattars front
muMhshmd m thta
and addnaa aa a pottai aow.
hatpm aa
Wket a preparation haa aa advert teed rep
ota tine thai a world widr. it mean that
prenaraliun i aueritormui. If you ao itto
a atara lo bay at artieir that kaaarkirvrd
unirtraal popultrlly like I'taearrta Candy
Cathartic Tor example, von feet it baa the
endnrarmrat of the world. The jndjrmrnt
nf the wont ia infallible heraaat tl ia im
fsfraonal The retailer who wantf U aril r"
omelhiag tin" hi place o- ihrartu-ir vou
aak for, baaaa ax tn grind. Don't it aianc tt
reason Hr'a trying to til! aomethtn that
ta not what hr rrprraenti il to be. Vt'hv?
expect to derive an extra prnht
our 01 vnor CMiiuitty. ihb t you aee
through hia tittle game? The man who wilt
try to aril you t atiliatltiite for Caarareta
ia t fraud. Beware of him lit ii trying to
lil the honrally rarnrd la n. fit of a repu
tation whtck another baaintaa maa baa paid
for, and if kia rnnarience will allnw kiai to
ao to far. lie will go farther. If he ckeata
hia cuatomer in ot way, he will it anther
and it u not tale to d- l.u.ineaa with htm.
Beware of the Caa.at.1 aulatltutor!
Il.-member Ca.-area are never tuld in
Imlk bat in metal bniea with Ihr lung tailed
Cr on every box and rack tablet tamied
c c c.
hlaaaaaa aa arlallaa.
A Chinaman of mat dtenitv and mar
e'..'tnr ol itPM. a's. v. . I , ,.d ..K .a -1 I
rated tram at Twenl tktrd etfeet theolher
day whrn a white rowdy called after him
"Say," aaid the tough, "art yoa a 'box-
Thr other tough added anmr abuse and
roared with laughter, after tbr Chinaman,
who got off threat, that turned II waited
till the galea were i ioeed, then be aaawcrrd
1 'awetty clear r.Pgliah:
r. imt fltatia
Then thr aaleman anrl some naasanaeea
lauhed, and the louaht alunk mtu th car.
a. Y. Commercial Advertiser
Da Tear Feel Arhe and Barn I
Shake into your akoea, Allcn'i Foot-K,
powder for tk fret. It mekra tight or New
Shoes Feel tUay. Cairea Corns, Itching,
Swollen, Hot, Cal.oua, Smartiug, Sore anrl
Sweating Kert. All Druggists and Shoe
Stores all it, 2Sr. Sample aenl FKKK. Ad
drew. Alien 8. Oltaaied. Ia Roy. H. If.
Alwaya A!ir New 1'orrman "Little
abort of copy, air." Editor laon't toe.
know thr standing rule ol thr office" New i
Foreman -"No, air; whaliail?" Kditor -"Whrn
short of copy alwaya run the portrait
oi tnr ooarager taipr. . ot i tmai irre
latd Plain flealrr.
, rwtfrn far Chill,
tad ffVrer I a tanttle of C.aurf. Ta.TaLam
Oatu.Toarec. Itia abmv.lylrnnaniluniuiuelD
auuueieaa torm Piucurv 0" pav in
Goodncaa wilkoat grariouaneuiangiyatd
toad-like t if in- haa a jewel, il ia of th
nrad and not oi it aeart. Hoaton Iran
Pian'a Core ta the ben tnedteinr wr ever
teed for til affect ions uf thr throat and
lungs -Wat. 0 laid.lrv. anburen. Ind ,
Feb in. lino
A Bitter Drop in Joy 'a up- "Did the
ortue seem nappy : jvo. t he soeirl) ntag- i
, , . ... . . , i i ir.nuu an .:;,;i
of 1-1 ' -Indianapolis Journal.
Drapepai ia the latr nf the human rra
tem rrolert ynuraelf aaamtl ita rav.igea by
th uae of Brrnian . I'r..tr. (Junt
Whal a.er.r.l.-l h . man il I, sv.ns Ik. ,.sL.
pot and loaca nn th next da) a rectal
loa n l onca
For Istlaaati
tntt tiat.o. cot raw., tt
TjBB ai.ij
I VTHI I alVAl,. I
i pK , w as-a ean . a tWlasaJ
. s.ais e.n ar .veais.-r., a
asua s n.ii aawsi.. .
a vacaaltvuat .siiaseia a aaa
11 Uafcaa.tl.at o laci rv
w tea aaaaaa i
Ita" t I'aiiii
sea. a Ballaa II i
taa saaall taunllaas fas aaall lasasUss. eaaataas I
saswar tara at aa ajaaaaaasrr esasl.
i ,
mtm M
Tito afi awtl Wtfttagtir Rtfta, StUm, i Afirintitia
Doat delay if yon are iotereastaL
Why Tueataa ChiTl Toatr (improred) ta f
Superior te al! Ho tailed Taaulea Tonic
Retauae it antrptaMe to the moat lUltcate
ainmach. Itoea not aarhrn. aaiuwaleer pro
due a bad tatt. Each doe roatalaa tae
tame proporliun of mcdiciae Half the
Dietlmn doaa not ttick to Ik bottle. No
abakiag of lb bottl leiiutred-- the rompo
arnl part are lanvroaghly aaaimilated . It
naa a p.eaaant la.te Formula: tinnie. Iron
! and Prpain. Drina out Malarial Pa
' I'ariAea thr Illood! Htreitf then the S
Produces a hrarly apnrtilt! The Beat
Known! Price, an eeota. Oar guara
Onvea out Malarial Poieoai!
he Servej'
Beat Toaie
aaaaa aaaar. a im!
1 Vr.w ..1. V.. ,lm.a.
fate ffleerlver.
Mabel -Why do yon alwaya bay two kind
of nole jsaper:
Maud Vt ell, j ob aee. when I writ to To
I uae rd paper -that meana love and
a Ion I writ 10 Jack I aa blue paper
wkirh means faithful and true - Tu Bit.
It require nn exiacrirnce to dye with
I't'TTtaa Kti.r.i.K.a Iivaa Kliaply boiling
vour e.aala In the dye I
b 1.1 6 all dtuinyisia.
Matatt th" ate i.tillthafanea-eajaary.
"We've cured that rlerk who was alny
m debt to .il of oa." "How did ..u do it?"
nay, tn mtntite he get paul w t
row of him " ltniiaiiaolta Journal.
tiny, in minute he get paul we ail dot
I ' " " n'
Take lata at Ire llromo yannine Tableaa. All
dmarlaurelund money ifittallatocure 'Jic.
On!y foo!a fight friction;
It. Boat on Tranwript.
Ihe wise red or
Wff, we., raw. W
t ;tfiff. t 5T.ff-a d;ii
Mailt IV JU1 V Ol X 1113.
Mutt Sear Slweiatura tnr
ran nueumn.
nn toupib uvu.
. oam ixi ttaaar
tad Cuildron
Over Thirty Yttn
The Kind You Haw Arwajs Bought
H t.tgff. atgtti
Tar, sXl
te take
are packed away in your inside ami mutt be kept clean,
in order and doing buxirsexs.
Itg a long wgy, with many turns and pitfalls to catch
the reiuae and clog the channel ii not most cue fully
clearted out every day.
When this long; canal is blockaded, look out for
trouble furred tongue, bad breath, belching of gases,
yellow spots, pimples and boils, headaches, spitting up ol
food after eating an all-around disgusting nuisance.
Violent pill poisons or griping si Us art danger
ous to use for cleaning out the bowls. They
force out the obstruction by causing violent
spasms of the bowels, but they leave the in
testines xueak and even less able to keep up
regular movements than before, and make a
larger dose necessary next time.
Then you have the pin habit, which kills morr people
than the morphine and whiskey habits combined.
The only safe, gentle but certain bowel ckanscrs are
sweet, fragrant GAiCARETS, because they don't force
out the foecal matter with violence, but act as a tonic cm
the whole 30 feet of bowel wall, strengthen the muscles
and restore healthy, natural action. Buy and try them!
(Look out for initiations and substitutes or you can't get
results, CascarcU arc never sold fn bulk. Look for the
trade-marlc. the Icmg-tailed "C on the box.) Yon will
find that in an entirely natural way your bowels will be
promptly and permanently
taaeae aaet si
rraaa are utfati
i-rsnet. ean w
aw.ll asaas
fl F A N vttxA
To any needy mortal, who can't afford to buy, we will mall a box free.
Address Sterling, Remedy Company, Chicago or New York.
aBftjcfc 3l ttljr X7 jT-XST XIV JO Vv7axULX
Cure Chills Without Chill Tonics.
Ost ifca l-ITBM aat BTWtfaCffJ a re-. , aaiii .Caaas.lawaawasMSa
TiJaaxtayrs fssi i :xxr- lKmmn.wiw
TWLIOrWS Al!WllTltl1a,ILsh
"rZl. Ls eg
istnu MMj a ucaia
ffAeaaas to C. d.
rrattMioat If you waatacaat
thai attlkerff rea awr la itwhaej
ao aaara tatr aha Its Braad
iaraw. If aaltor sale la yea
are, area fw eataarafw to
A. J. TOWt.R. Baaaaa.
ria, P.I...I a
i a aawa oav.n va
Bcnne Plant
a ai a t a-s wa
1 1 Nature s Own Remedy
Ft rat uard by the MUalaalapl rlrer sunt,
boat men In tb "early fortlea," who drank
their "llenne Tedd" from Ihe band of th
colore "auntlee." They ate peel the leavea
In Lot water, and the vrr, tin of tbeae
etreMboat men waa that It "did Ihr htial
neaa." In 1MI. Jamra and Conatnnce Magvlra
secured anrn of theae mlraruloua learee,
and, upon Invratsgatlon. discovered that
thry arr Identical with the Beaam In,
t llenne - Iaave, an, aa tha ure Indi
cate, naiive uf ladu. rontaintna: n muet
lagtnoua aubatar.ee nf aoothlng and healing
nroneriiea. N'.iture here furnlabed a otra-
tataV for dtaeasea aueb aa I'oltc, cholera
Morbus. Irlarrhoea, Ivvaentery an kindred
atlmrnta After experimenting the
kteaar Maguire aueceided in chemically
combining tbr uae nf the He nne-leavea
with other veg.tbl substance., and aa
furnlehed a remedy that haa aaved thou
tands of lives
Prepared by THK J r kf AOt'lRB
Until INL' 130 . HT I.'il 18. MO,
i Crvs. Me. Bt. aV Baa. ..... Mil
- -
1 - r . r ,
ee. avis.
Pi'lJ. ttHWlft I Claaaio. rttan Fx
! aaaaica mmm iiuior v . JamrmmUaut Art,
rhfmK lam- CafVtt, Mfthanitil at
lK-l t nginarrrtrt. A t . tilt ft. Iitr i
ThorMffa Pigptrrgtirry and Cowawcrciai
Uammm Frta lo all WiWni tthn have cnaa
: rr.d tkr tldit) rntuirral fur tlmitsfaton mln
I thr junior or AraM Vm , of amy ..f the rnttpf
i al L 'mraa.
Bliail ta tart, ni--.1ri.ir , harit' to MottrnU
uttf efvrnterr pitanK iot ( li'iuieriutv
A Itmltr4 numl-rr nf i aiidiUtrt,lir Ihr f-.tcle-j
Mtutu al Meitar mil tp ffu mil at ri-rcial fair.
J M. Udwarl tUti, I -.va imdPT Urn.,
H Mtifiur in Itt omuif-tirittsof ttrqutpaantai.
Tht f Tlk Vaar wt 1 1 - pU twhtrr a) lit , itrwM.
CatalMitara Fro. Aalrm
Wl V A. MtHtlflSSl V. C S. C , Vttudant
i - t"l I v thf Mltr af III? II ' -Chrrtrrrtl
liftA. Thtriirt f.ngtitih ami Clatical
fltu an trt. Jt'-ffular CnM'statr f rr-
In Prvparaiory tt"f. i attMfctai arm
lulW f'TTfHirr'l laf C'iHfg?'l trtUfw lhM-
t rHtrtalcal l.bti Jttiirira 1 1 ff-iip.p,-. Com
wtrrmtory cf Muac and Sthwl if An. i.vm
Mb i um nlrr dtrrctltn of t'-itlnfitr of lwlna
Normal aHrlwl of I. vtnaf 'c l'atatogt frta.
Thr 4m h ytar opev 4. ItOO. Atltlrr.
fM, nary Acadrm. - Hmtrm Omtma, lailaaw.
Bsw t'aea. I. aB.o.i i .Is
Isfflo ail tsa tnssia l.aa
.J Ba. TraWICaWaViaw
an aw axxma, wt wa.
WOf PgrTT. . D-, ST. LOU It. RROa
A. ..- 1826
qftimiatk view the MtuaOoD.
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