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The Farmington times. [volume] (Farmington, Mo.) 1874-1902, August 23, 1900, SUPPLEMENT, Image 5

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Democratic Candidate for Govern
or Was at His Best atSedaiia,
on Tuesday, August 21.
MstGrry and 1 ojtctl PrutnUln' ' Dem
ocratic Principles ( the fk Mcrtin
Openaxs, the Slotr Campaign -What
EnmomK Democratic Government Hat
Viompinhcd in Mnwwri Hutory of
Republican Murule in Thn Mite - Ml
Ttxl ol thr Speech,
Suhjnlnrd will Is- found thr full
(cat of thr wfmdk mads i.y Hon A.
M. Ilockrry, drmorrntic nominee for
liou-mor ut ii.. npadaj of Um state
.ajM,u .11 Kedalia, Aimim gin,
thi sprr. Ii MM delivered ill III.-l-'alr
Grounds, ui MWhi l-forr onr
if Mm largest crowds Hint ever as
sembled in Missouri l listen l ,i
ixditlcal oihlrcs. Hcidc Mr. Roth
cry there Basra n iiuiuImt of other di
tingiiidicd gentlemen present, who
made speeches. Including Hon. Aillm
1. Stevenson, of Illinois, candidate
for Vice-President ; Ban, Wclislrr
Unvis, of Kansas till; lion. Hum,
HI IMC JOT, had lion. John II. M
wood, of Kansas, and others. Mr.
Uockcry ol.
Mr. I hnir num. LmHm and Fellow
f'ilicns; I COBgratulstO you lhal wo
MMrth In da) iii this bMmMM ciy.
mder aupiec , whith n-Mirc mi old
time democratic Majority in Missouri,
and the election to lb presidency
of that intrepid MtN' of lb icoplr,
William Jsanlngs Bryan, The Misou-
ri democracy nr.- abn i.. be eougralu
latc.l upon the presence of our hon
ored wat, that lUalliiajnlaliHl dm
rral of Illinois. h Ma served lis
paity hiiiI his ioiinti with IIIBBpiiia
MM ability Md fidelity, ami who wil!
gain preside ou r tin- deliberation of
MM American senate Mm tu-xt viee
president of Mm I niloil Slain, Adlai
K. Stevenson.
This contest will llalllMl whclh
rr Ihr .IcfTertoniau I In Of J of govern
ment, under which tins young rcpuh
Ml has (rrown to m Mm i-rcat.at and
most powerful mMm "f the rarlh. I
to M
supplanted by ill.- I laini It onia n
theory. It will determine the mo
mentous issue, whether Ihr great
f iimlamcntul doctrines of republican ;
government arc lo lie subverted, and j
giie pl.ui- to K"w'rimrulal 1 1 . -. r
rcating upon I distrust of thr tHjpltll)
cif thr H-oplr fur si lf.ocrriini. nl. Ii
will it Ml Ml whrtbex wr arr in
l.iiild up a s'ronc ..mini nuiiotinl I
MnMM in datMMWi nf consiitii
tionnl liuiitntions. nnil Ihu prai li. al-1
lj MMMMtaf tbr winal of leaal af-
faira hrrrtoforr rxrrrlaril S ih-
lair It will drtrriilinr wti. llii r thr
WMMl of thr Uritiah rtnpirr in
irrfrrahli- to thr r"rrornrnt of thr
mmMIc. 'i hr ihmImMmj HaaUJUw
Ian and MNlMMM Hirorirs irut;
(Tlrd for aiiprriii.K-v MMflff Ihrsr prrat
Iradrra ul thr tnnr our (rmrrniumt
fouml.-il. Thomaa JrlTrrson MM
thr rr imarnntinn of faith in thr
Intrjrnly. raMi-ity and patriotism of
Ihr propli M.-Mind.-r HMaOHoa dia
Imatril thr raparily of Ihr proplr
for wlf-rovrrniiiriit,nml ilrrlarrd thit
"Ihr Hull. I, orrnmrnt forma th.
brat mod.-l tl.r world rrr prooiirrd."
In thai tiriiiriiilnua rontrHt Jrffrraon
wn Ihr vi-or. Our morr than MM
tury R-rowth iindrr t,r inapiration of
thr pritiriol.-K of iLr .l.-rlar . of
Tbr MMMMM party of thin atalr
ha rhallrngvd Ihr drmorrary of
Ulanoari to thr romuat for ateU o
pirmary. and I therefore pro poor to
rntrr upon a brief aualjrmta of thv
rvcorda of Ihr oppoainjr partlrm. Tb
p0ilr ran In-st juditr of the alur and
alnrrrlty of thr promloe of politlrl
partira by thr rrroriU of pMt prr
formanrra. Uth ol thr gmt partira
har hrrrtoforr rontrollrd thr drati
Whrn the drmorratir party tmih
eoivirol of our atate mrcrnmrnl in
January. 1TA, thr HonnVd drbt of tbe
atiilr, the trirary of rrpublimn mlo
rnlr. mnuiitrd to W0,S6,0O. Throe
honda lnrr all and orrrn prr rrnt.,
run 10 yrara without thr option of
payment, and wrrr aolri at rrlurtant
aalc for tnly 93 rrnla on thr dollar.
tin thr aut of July laat thr rnlire
nlranf thia atate. Thr official recorda Immli d drbt of thr ; tntr had Iwrn ri
will drtrrminr with a certainty aa 1 durrd lo S,:u-.,.iHJ. option bonds l ar-
unrrrlut: aa Ihr laws of pravltal ion.
or thr ebb and flow f Ihr tidra,whieh
mrty abould hrrruftrr br chare.. I
with thr
woudrrful atate
Thr republican arty rontrolled thr
ndmlniatratloti nf thr affair of our
atate from 10.1 to IH70
aire. Tlir Iil-ral republican par
ty in power durino; thr
yeara of 171 and l7J. Thr demo
cratlc. party reaumrd control under
thr niiinitiistration of (ior. 811as
Woodson Ihr 1st of January, 173.
I la .-.ml rol would htivr Isren tindir
lurlwil but for thr "land alidr" of
Is'M. which rnvr Ihrrr stutr ofli
me (M-r ernl.. and wrre oold, worn
issued in s7. at a prrtnium to refund
the drbt. Thr ralrrniely aatiffurlory
hlirh rr:inaibilily of Ihr rrdm-ilon of tjir MNMWl debt haa lieen
lion of thr affaira of thia made upon a reduced rate of taxation.
Thr alalr'a rrmllcatea of indebted
MM dur thr school funda now rail
for l,33,a39.42, tbr interest of which
Inrlu- I Rom to aupport the atalr ttnlrrroity
and our public achool ayatrm.
Hurina; (lot. Mrf'lurir'a ailmmitr
tion thr republican legislature lrird
a atalr tax of fifty rents on th'- hun
dred dolluro' roluation- -one-half to
meet the ordinary rxpeimra of thr
slate and nnr hnlf for thr payment of
intrrrat 011 thr atalr debt. That rntr
ol taxation has BOM aleadilv reiluerd.
mid thr houoe of repreaenlatrre to until it ia now only nnc-half of that
" I "a cryatallixed in
nnatltution. haa witliraaril Ihr ra
tabliahmeut nnil drtrlopmrnt of the
moat wonderful rrpublic of all timr.
Thr ai hioenii-nlB ot the Amrricau
proplr under free institutions rnnali
tutr Ihr rouianre of biatory. aMJfitM
our national life polltlral parlirs
harr ariarn. playrd Ihrir porta upon
thr stnire of natioruil politico and
oaed away. IMftert ners upon purr
ly domratic MMMOMM have apsrarr.l
at oliunsl every period of our history
(Juration of finance, taxation and
othrr great iaaura have alitmed onr
people from timr 11 timr under op
poalng political standarda. but from
thr day of Hamilton, until the prra
nl Kepublit-an adlninist 1 a 1 ion, no po
litical party has rvrr dared to propoar
colonial ayatrm faahionrd after the
empire of Great Itrituin. ThJ la thu
laaue trndrred by President McKinley
and thr leader of Ihr lirpuhliran par
ty, undrr thr traury snbtrrfuire of
"manlfrat dratiny It was unnrces
aary that the Kansas CM platform
ohnuld drclurr it lo tie thr "para
mount inaur." for i ia an obrioua
Internal policies may br changed at
any timr. Not so with thia laaue. It
will be oettlrd i rrcvocably at the mm
Ing rlection. If Ihr American people
oht.uld decide to surrender the rrpub
lk abd Mtabliah thr Krcj-lioh colonial
ayatrm they will be powrrlra to un
do that crime again! liberty. Em
pires nnee founded are nevr over
thrown except by rrvolution.
In the grrnl rontrat between Jet
feraon and Hniulltnn. thr proplr were
trlu m phaot in thia supreme eriaia of
onr tteloved rountrr, may thr liod f
latbrrv be with ua and (Ire na victory,
ova He gave it to JecTeraou and the
ample at the birth uf our republic.
Let ua make the high resolve, in the
language of Abraham Lincoln, that
"thr government of the people oaall
toot peri ah from the face of tbe
Fellow -eitixeno, the platloran of
fcoth tew national and atate deoaoo
acy hove Wen formulated, oar lead
Mr have been rhuoen, and tbe great
ry of the people muat try tbe ioaMt
pr earn lad- I most iioartily Indorse
Mr part)' platforms and will briefly
review same ui tlK mm SaraUratJ la
thr control of thr rrpiiblHan srty.
and at the anmr timr sent ten rrpule
lican congressmen to the national Irg
islalurr. At that timr. for rraanus
Mtisfartory to thrmarlvra, more than
t;',oon drmtv-rato in thr otale rr
mainrd at home on elrctlon day. Tin
reaaona relateil to naiional, rath
rr than to stair aff ilra. Thrre will
la- no "stay nf homr votr" in thr
ranks of thr aggressive democracy of
Misaouri ut the cou.tfig rle.tion.
The rrpiibliean arty hnsinvlted Ihr
driu.HTrary to a cotniKirison of rec
ords. It shall ! made. Thr drmo
rratir party demands the most exact
ing scrutiny of its liiiant-ial record.
The republican airly can not escnH
the odium nf its shameful mala.itniii
iatration Tbe democratic record is
a record of honest , sagneitv and fru
gality in the collection ami disburse
ment of ihr people's money. Tbe re
publican record is an exhibit nf
wi.nlon ami rorrupl p-odignliiy in ad
ministration, without parallel except
among the coret bat' yoerniurnta of
the south, immediately aiMaaHaBwj the
cicil war.
from .loniiary I. 171. to .lidv l,
IWal. thr dein.n-ratie admiuisimtinna
of Mi-wiuri collrrlrd of the proplr'a
money for public purMtses $u:,,.'rfi,-
M3JM, including Ihr pns Maaa M the
airs of rrnrwal MoaV This monrv
(except tl.449.tKMI.23 in the treasury)
was disbursed without the loss of 1
dollar lo thr taxpayers, while nil the
various functions of goirriimrnt have
brrn wbat ndminislrrrd.
Thr tutr drl.t in Isf.l, when thr riv
il war Is-gan. MMMMM! I" t-4..l2.i,O0,
nil of which, rxcrpt ItWJMt, waa in
rurrrd by thr inaur nf IhiihIh lo aid
in ihr construction ol railroads. Prior
to the civil war, Miaanurl and other
stutes of thr rnion.niloptnl the M.iey
of aiding in the ronatructiou of trunk
linr railroado. Whrnrrr one of the
aided roads established to the satis
faction of the governor that its stock
holders had actually rxM-i:de.l a cer
tain amount for t-onat ruction and
equipment, thr governor, aa author
ized by law, isaurd and deli tern)
Isoidx to such r.uid to the amount nf
cnr-half of thr MOM v so rxiw-mled.
1 thr stair rrtnining the first lirn on nil
thr property of the railroad compa-
I nira including thr land" grnnlrd by
rongrrw. It la obvious, therefore,
that no lo waa possible except
through fraud. Kight of the trunk
tines of the state were thus tiond-aid-rd.
nnd nil ol thrm, rxecpt the Hanni
bal A Ht Joaeph rairTOad, drfaultrd
iii thr peynieul of ini.r.st on the
Simla at thr b(ji QwlQjfJ or early in
the rlvll war.
No efforts were mailr by the atate
during Ihr war to eollrct thr amount
due the stair. Thrsr railroads coat
J47,4ir.noii, and were nmply aufMcient
to aerurr thr payment of the indrbt
eilnras dur thr atate. Indeed, (iov.
I'letehrr, in his iiinngural addreas, in
January, WJ, declared that thry
wrrr "ample security for Ihr amount
MMMMMl to them reaprcliirly."
In l"fts, during Ihr udminiatration
of (lov. Flrtrhrr, Ihr rrpiibliean leg
islature "ao!d" thr ststo'l liena on
thr ruilronda, thru amounting to $31.
7 Ij.sto, to various rrpuhliran mlltl
MaM nnd promoters, ami realised for
the stale but $i.l31,4!M, lose of 25,
A04.344 to the tax payer. The o
callrd "sale" of the railroad by tha
republican legislature involved a very
iinplr priM-raa. Whrre Ihr property
hod already In-en "sold" by Gov
Kletchrr's commissions lo thr lowest
and worst bidders, aa waa done in tbr
as.- of the Iron Mountain and Cairo
It Kulton roada, the purchasers
were released from paying the pur
chaar money, and whrre nn auch aalra
had been made by commissions, thr
liena held by thr alatr wrre trans
frrrril to rrrtain "favored son!-'
u. lined in thr laws, as a frrr gift, or In
ronaidrration of trifling auma ol
fly thr aetof Mar.-h 1 . : i,-,t he repub
lican administration releaard the lien
on thr I'ariHc rood I now the Missouri
rnrlflr) for fS.OOO.OOII, the atate'a lien
lieing fin.7NO.000. Tbr lien of t0.tMk0.000
on the North Miawuri (now the Wa
bash) 1 he-., completed arrnaa the atate,
waa old for $200,000 to certain per
sons named in the law.
Tbr Kouthweat branch of thr Pa
citle (now thr rVlacol, with n federal
loud grant of 1,040,000 acres of land,
on which the atate held n lirn of $,
423,770, waa given away aa 11 frrr gift
to another aet of republican promo
ter and politlciana, thr only condi
tion being that thr road should br
rxtended to the western boundary of
the stale, and so on down the line,
release were made until every bond
uided road except one waa arquitted
of the indebtedness due the atate.
The official record ure ailent as to
the influence which secured the pass
age nnd approval of the various acts
which released thr lirn upon the
road securing the indebted lies to
the atate. except aa to tbe Mtaaouri
Pacific railroad. A a result of a
proceeding In court it appeared that
agents of that corporation paid $191,
17R to procure thr passage of the law
whkcU tbey exultantly boasted saved
their stockholders nearly alx million
of dollar. In other words, rrrtain
official were corruptly inflnrnaed by
the use of this money, and the taa
payet thus flagrantly outraged.
Tbe 1IV3 of the state were extin
guished on sev-n of the bond-aided
roads at a loss of principal and inter
est, which will aorrefate ttt.ou.oat
when tbe honda shall be finally paid
within the next two years
The republivsn party was driven
from power by an indignant people
before tbey could rellnqobdi the lien
of the state upon the Hannibal 8t
Joseph rosd. 1'nder the administra
tion of Go. Cxtttaadtn th atate'a
Han upon lata road orae etttortMi rlth-
aoot knee tka tova ntaae.
vs" ssssmj vw awr xeergr
amount fifteen OMNI on the Matt
deed dollars' valuation for stale rev
enue and ten cenla for the payment
of alatc interest. Tbe stute revenue
lax aa ataled is at thia time but fif
teen cents nn Ihc hundred dollars'
valuntloii. ami during the last 14 years
of drmocintic rule onr. third of thia
Irvy has Is-rn apprnprintrd and dla
tribuled to thr counties for the sup
port of the public schools, leaving
only ten rrnt- on tb hundred
dollars' v.iluaiiou to jiav all the ex-M-ne
of Ihr tale governmrnt. In
cluding lils-ral aupport of thr
rlrrmosynary. rdu.-alional and srnal
instil utions and th. ern iion of mag
nifirant public buildings. I'mlrr re
publican rule only one fourth of tin
income from the state revenue lax
waa distributed in aid of the Bassos
Drmocrntlc Missouri enjoy the
Inweat tax rate of any alatc of the
t'nion. In lss the rrxu-ta of the Au
ditor or thr states adjoining Missouri
'"we that Ihr Irvy for thr support
of thr stntr govrrnmriits and main
trnnner of Ihr rlrrmosynary and
lnal in.lllnlions. exclusive nf the
lax for aupport of public arhoola and
for payment of atnle drbt, were aa
Illinois. 30 rrnt on the $100 valua
tion. Iowa. 2 crnts on thr $100 valuation.
Arkansas. 22i, rrnt oil Ihr lluO val
uation Kansas. $f ci nta on thr $100 valua
tion. This 1 hil.lt. mr fellow-citljcna, la
niori- rl.Mpirnt in vindication of the
I onrsty. ability nml rcononiv of the
fiscal management of Missouri af
fair by the democratic party than
any words of mere eulogy, however
well chosen.
It is also the occasion of rrn! nridr
io kiiow mat the drmocrntlc partt
has MM Onlj effrrtcd thr large r.-ilue-
nOM of the stair drbl, to which I have
niivcri.-.l. with n decreasing rate of
taxation, but it hna rnlargr.l nnd re
built many of the atntr institiiti
1 si.iti isfird others and increased the
endowment for the suport of the
I ublii schools ami of thr alatr univrr-
In 1 'TO. when the HaSJntl republican
n lmiiiiatrnlioii of (iov. Itrow-n drove
hr indiral rrpiibliean Mirty from
ower, onr atalr institutions ennsiat
rl of: Lunatic Asylum No. 1 at Kul
tr ii. tichnol for llenf nnd BMMb at
Fulton. School for thr IIHnd in 81.
l.ouis. Stair I niversiiy ot (i.lunil.ia.
ormal S liMil No. 1 at Kirksville,
Noimal School No. I nl Warrcuburg,
I Incoln InniTlulc (cOeneed) at Jeffer
son CMf and the sriiiteuliary ut Jef
ferson (My,
All ol theae inst 1 1 ut ion, except the
IwO normal whoob; and Lincoln inrli-
liilr. wvic estal lished by Ihr .l.-ino-'fatal
porty In-fore the republican
party secured control of our state
government. Sinre that MtM drmo
cialie administrations ,nvr added thr
lollowilig State institutions: Norms!
felloes No. 3 ul ( ope (iirardeau.
Fchool of Minra a I Hollo. Lunatic
Asylum No. 2 at SI. Joseph, I.unatir
',-v'um No. I at Nevada. Itrform
S in ol for lloya at lloonrjllc. ajaj
trial Home for (ilrla at ( hilllrothe.
(' i-ifeoerate Home nt Higginaville nnd
the Federal Soldiers' Home at St.
Ill addition to these new Institu
tions, the stale university ol Colum
1 In h i , lsrn rebuilt: Lunatic Asylum
N.i. 1 .it Fulton has been refilled and
rnl.xrgrd; Lunatic asylum No. 4 at
rorm.iiglon la now being constructed:
the -1 rnrr-atone of a aplrndld Fruit
ami experimental Station located at
Mountain drove wos rrrrntly laid
Ihc buildlnga for thr rare of the Fee-
U - Miud.d nl Marshall urr under -on
Mwel and construction, nnd the copl
lol budding at Jefferson City has
hen- iiuiovrd by the const ruction of
1 w.- lorgr wing nl a coat of about
1 . ., ut ..... , - lLa I. : .. ... I -Jt .U 1 1
wv vssu.1, "ii. o..e s.in vun.iru ' ill.
drrn ha increased from 7.0Q0 in 1171
10 lt,TS$ In lSWi the unount of
wSJrao from $sS7,01b to 4,J4.t,MMi!
Iht average length of term of public
arhoola froM M days to 141 days: the
overafe attendance for each pupil 44
days to K daya; Ihc number of publie
arbonlhoiiae from l'.,17 to 12JM1: the
number or white children In achool,
from 32.1.712 toA',4.4in(rotlmated): the
number of colored school children
from 4.'.-.s m lu.114 (estimated): the
number of rolurrd arhoola from 117 to
613; Ihc uvrrnge salary of learhero
from $35.iiO to $4 ..on )Ksr month, the
jKiputatlon from l,r2IJfM In !T1 loan
rallmated p...iil;..lon of 3,,VK,0flO in
MM. Ihc railroad milroge from 2.M1
milrs to f.,!i:i5 miles, ond the ossesaed
valuation nf all property from $171,-
23jm in Mfl to 1.09O,403,-.i, at thia
time. 1 will continue the comparative
exhibit, omitting some of its volumin
ous details lo avoid Ircsfwissing un
duly upon your patience I may say,
however, that every fiscal exhibit I
have made or shall make is official and
I'l'lH.K AN AND lir.MO
Kight years of republirnn rule prior
to democratic ascendency in 1S73 root
thr taxsayers t I'll. 10 morr for print
ing the laws and journals than the
I coal for a like purpose uudcr 2
veara of dcmiH-ratir rulr.
Iiuring l7 nnd iv., the laat year
of liov. Flrlchrr'a odiuitilstration. thr
rrpiibliciin pcrly rxprndrd $1A,M0,O9
more for printing, copying and
dlalrllaitiiig the laws and journal
thnn wo cvieuded iluring the lost
I wo eais .if (Jov. Mtephrii'a odininis
trillion for the same ohjerta. That ia
to say. Ihr republicans expended
more than eight limes as much money
for this purpose In sf,7 and lS than
the demiH-rnla did In Isfju and lVOu. A
like favorable exhibit la die!ocd by
the oOiciul MMtMos in 'avor of demo
crniic mnnagemriit in thr rxpensea of
the general assembly. During the
eifht year of republican mid lilsrral
republican rule prior to the adminis
trillion of liov. Vioodrou. the pay and
coni uigent IMJMMtMl of Hie legislature
anioimted lo $1,514,034.4, while the
expemlilurrs for Ihr -,nr purors
under 2s years of democratic control
were $2,S25,S03.I2. That io to say. the
average nnmial expenditure of re
publican ailiiiiniatrntioiia during right
years of control was $19.253.10.
The uveraife annual coal under drm-
diem, and mileage of members, nmt
Mm expense of the clerical fores
were t2.11S.70, instead of $3,108 as
stated. Dsduetinf the cost of print
ing nnd expense .otber than member
and clerks, tbe ovrragr cost per day
was $2,431,114. There we re to-t clr rk and
employ in the senate and the house
Si- in the senate and $45 in the
house. Tbe honorable gentleman
Mates thr number at Ml, or 11$ lu ex
ersa of thr real number.
Mr ( hair man and frllnw-citisen, I
challenge sjieriol attention to the aa
MkTtion Ibot a "number of the war
rant of the members of the general
aa. mhly went lo protest. " This atate
incnt la nlwoliitely mitrue. 1 am in re
ceipt f a letter from Hon. F. L. litis,
state treasurer, under date of the
Mth of July but, in wblrh he says,
an.-u ; nthrr things: "Urspoudlng to
you' tutor ul the Hath Inst. 1 neg to
Inform you lhal the assertion made
bv Hon. Jisseph Dory, raudidale for
governor, in a ape.-eh nt Monett. Mo.,
to the effrct that warrants of the
Iferuberl of the laat general assembly
rent lo protest, is fnlsc. Kvery war
rant drawn by the state auditor u
paid on prrsrntation at tblo office. It
could nut lie otherwise; for no war
rant enn lie drawn except upon an ap
propriation nf Ihr legislature; and no
pppi .-in irillnn 111 excess of the re-
neipi- into the slate treoaury ran be
Mr. Ihc slate trensurer then
girt the farta familiar lo moat of thr
taxpnv ' r. It is the custom of tbe
committees 011 account of ihc general
assembly In issue "scrip" or "pay ac-
(Omnia eertifvlng thut the parte
slinsr name appear therein is on the
pay roll and served a certain number
of daya, and ia entitled to a warrant
lor a certain amount, 'this "scrip is
not a demand for tlloncv but ailliply
an evidence of indebtedness ami of uo
lue until Ihc appropriations are
timde. II may have MM the custom
of the alatc treason-ik upon the re
ipiral of Isith houses of the general
assembly, and for thr ni-rommodat ion
of memhera and clerks, to cash ' pay
o ervunls" Isrforc an appropriation by
the legislature hut the custom is
wholly loluutary in 1 onlemplatioii of
Hretlon It.of artli Ic lO.nrthr const i
tutiou of this atate provides for thr
diHbursemrnt of public money, and to
luote ila language: "UMM wnrranls
drawn by the state auditor and not
Section 19 of the same article alao
declare that "no money shall eirr be
. I Hft 'asxHHE
1 ( I sBBBtHHtsBf
;'-taannEwaaBnnBns ' 's'
JSjSL, ofiSlfci " (Mr i
J'i''ilBfc .eewaafasjsM,,?jvjMss' ...a..
BaaaaaaaaaasaaVs' BHaWifBnoMliTlr
'jSk ' laaw
LXPiiNDrn iiFjs vou m-ikkil pi k
Thr stale has expended $,4N2.002.20
for the support aud mainlenaner of
our rleemosynary and educational in
stitutions since thr administration of
(.ov. 00,1, on. in addition to thia lib
eral expenditure It expended $2 -
740.D72.SI during the some period for
th construction and repairs of the
rew buildings to which I have re
ferred. The taxpayers con not be too fre
quently reminded that this commend
able use of public money has been
made for these worthy institutions,
although the tax rate haa been re
duced one-half.
Hut. my fellow citincna. tblo is not
all of the splendid lluunrial record of
Use democratic puny, (m January 1,
1R73, the cash capital school fund of
the state amounted to $2,570,100; on
July 18 of Ihr present year it aggre
gated sj.isB.ooo. The interest upon
this handsome cosh endowment fund,
larger than any other simitar fund of
any atate of the republic, goes to edu
cate our children.
Tbe seminary fund, tbe Interest, of
which ia used to support the atate uni
versity, ha also been increased from
$i0s,T0o, aa It wno on (he Ut of Janu
ary. 1S73. to $1.235,o34. on tbe llth
of July last. Tbe total amount of
money raised by taxation from all
source, to maintain the public school
system in l71 wo $1.(07.57) The to
tal amount raised for thia purpose in
1M. nnd-e democratic rule, was $T,
MgMUN. In iwp and 170, the last years of
radical republican rule in thia atate,
there wo distributed for the aupport
of public schools $53.71 4.07. sn aver
age trf WtMt$ yearly. n im ami
ltsjn. Mm last two years of democratic
snpremsey. Mm elate state! mated for
tbe on opart of public ochoou tl.tltv
JT-o asarags f mi M14.1$ yaar-i-
no Rwitwr of inehmn tmfiafH
ocratlc rontrol was only $HJ.553.0S.
Thr total rost of thr loot legislature
amounted to $,1115. '.-'j.49, which ia $12,
C1G 71 less than the nvcrngecosl of the
four republican Irgislutures which aa
semblevl prior lo 17.1.
'n this connection I may say that
the republics!! candidate for gover
nor, according to a disputed to the Ht.
l.ouis Globe-lleinocral erf the 2th ot
July laat, from Mnnrtt, ataled at
Jenkins, Harry i-ounty, that the Isst
legislature cost the taxpayers nearly
$MMl,0OO,atid in n speech ot DelmorGar
den, St. Louis on thr evening of July
:. he olso drelnrrd that thr last legis
lature cost the taxparera $.1,300 dailv.
In diarusilng stole affair .it Monett
on the night nf July 14. he further as
serted thot n "number of the war
rrtila of the iiieuilssrs nf thr general
assembly went to protest." and there
were sl srrson on Ihc pey rolls of
the state doing clerical work in lsoth
bouses. It may he true thai thr cler
ical force of the lost general aooemblr
woo In exeeoo of the number reuily
required for the economical transac
tion of bnainc. The honorable gen
tleman, how ever, in I he assertions to
which I have referred, has exhibited
an Innerurary wholly unwarranted by
th" facts
Tbe total rost of thr recent legio
lalurr haa jnst been given, and as
heretofore staled, Is less than tbe av
erage coat of the republican legisla
tures prior to democratic rule. How
ever the foci of republican extrava
gance )Mth In stnlc nnd national ad
ministrations should not be accepted
as a precedent by democrats. It io
true that thr rrpiibliean party wosted
tbe substance of the people when they
controlled thia state, and It is alao
true that Ita record in national af
faire, as 1 shall presently show, io a
record of reckless prodigality, but in
submitting thr exhibit I shall not
wander from the record 00 did the
grntlemao named for the groat of
fice of governor by the opposing par
ty. I am at a loss to understand why
be should have been so mistak
en no to the facts. It can
not be charged 10 a lack of 0 por
paid oat of the treasury of this state
or nn; other funds under its manage
ment except in pursuance of nn appro
priation by law."
Tlo state treaaurrr, its coiuinomlrd
by th. conatitutiou. - imply declined to
csah t hear "pay accounts," ulthougb
he savs in his letter that "every mem
ber of the legialntnre ti ud employer
thereof knrw that thrre waa plrnty
of Money in the trcjaury with which
to pay all demanda againat thr atate,
and lt.it wnrronts to cover the
amounts due tin 11; could Is iasued fia
Boon aa the nppropi interns were
made." The atotc Ircosurer simple
obeyed the law. When members of
(he lrgislaturr do.ire their pay the
Mb prr.iides the ii.rthols by which it
con br easily secured State Treasur
er Pitts In thia ease puraued the
course which ahonld Invltr commenda
tion rnthrr Ibnn carping criticism.
It may not be the occasion for sur
prise that some republican candidates
tor nfllee should oeOM to desire to
brent, down tbe osfeguarda of the
treasury fixed by tbe i-oiotitution.
but I nm sure that the taxpayer of
all portico will npploud the courage of
Treasurer Pitts In executing the low
without fear or favor.
TIALV. I no' invite the attention of the
taxpayer to the cost of the
slate penitentiary under repu!
liran am) democratic manage
ment. In Is and 1H70. under (lo.
Mi 'lurg's Bdministrntinu.lhr peniten
tiary coat the taxpoyera $277,001.44
over and above ila earnings. In De
cember, ItTO, ther were 797 prison
er, the average cxt of raafe prisoner
being $i4f.H. Daring 1S99, ond np to
July loot, only 3.7ti.lh was drawn
from the otale trcsoury for (he ex
peuaxs of electric light piniits, fire
proof vault Bnd thr library at the
penitentiary. On tbe IM of July laat
there were $.005 prisoners In the peni
tentiary, and at the same lime a reli
ance of t5S.MM.71 in the state t rrasurr
to the credit of the account for "earn
ings. Thto very favorable treasury si tun
thin in its relation to tbe penitentiary
can nerhana tie ruoic cleorlr muter-
tonlty lo acquaint himself with the at0od by theoUtcment that the 'earn
aflair. of Um great atate whose Bean- go" of the ocnltentisrv in ISO and
rial record be ha maligned sod of the
p-.rty be has assailed with all the
veaom of r -rdlew. pnrtiaanahfp, with
mil justification in fact During the
laat i years he haa bees aa office
holder at Jefferson City, where the
record ore may of occeoo, sod the
gentleman abould bare put himself la
possession of the facts before at
tempting to recite them or else main
tainext discreet alienee.
Bat what are the facta? Tha tsgta
iatare was ia MaaMM is days at a
total esHt of tmjmM. the atM
4aj(y ajessasaaa, lmyladlag BrlatlBW. Bar
'r ss 0 a j !. 1 wrossM ss"sxitssm, 1
up to the S.Td of .Inly laat were $41.
729.59 In esresa af sP tbe expenses ot
tbe Lstitutksa far food, clothing, sal
a rie of nA.imand guards, new bulld-
I log, re pa Ira and incidental expenses
nf all kind
This bstndsonve surplus can be used
by tha general assembly for she sup
port of oar ctats government and Mi
this extent relieve the taxpayer.
But, my fetlow-etttems. I hare mat
yet oabraltted Use ompleic fiocal rec
ord of tha dsaoocrotk- party, The
ptlMsMiii party w-bHe la power atsMtsjs.
tM Massac tot ostioaoBosi asv
m sssiesMi so sBTrrsw ss
the fees of their oAesa, oa perquisites,
and tbe atate treasurer was alao per
mitted to retain the Interest on the
state's money deposited In banks.
The democratic party, very soon after
It was restored to power, required all
fees and perquisites to be paid Into
tbe state treasury and used for the
support of the otale government.
Since thd enactment of this reform
legislation $J,4o8.1M.47 has been paid
Into the state treasury oa ae
eount of incorporations, foreign
Insurance companies, express com
ponies, intrrrat on deposits, taaa of
auditor, fees of secretary of state,
fees of register of binds, fees ot ad
jutant general and fees on account of
notary public commissions. Under re
publican rule the stale treasury waa
never rv In forced to tbe extent of a dol
lar froiu these sources of Income.
It Is worthy of special note that
t2Tl.HKi.oS of this income tuu, been re
ceived for Interest the money of
Ihc stole deposited In lotoks. Thia
leghdittioe will be morr folly appre
ciated when it io remembered that un
drr republican misrule the office of
secret my or stste, with 'Toast Red
man" in charge, bod on estimated in
come ranging from $?0,000 to $40,000
yearly. Thia distinguished (f) repub
liceu, who rslablislird an unsavory
rrpntalion for unacrupulnua ability
nml tailllngnrsa to "count" democrata
out of the officea to which they bad
been elected by the people, waa the
In. on el leulrr of tlw rrpiibliean par
ty al thai period of it history. 1 make
thia ell .tion only, it being but . rnm
ptc fat the wasteful extravagance
which then prevailed In tbe state of
fices at the Capitol, and alao fraquent
ly throughout the ototr, In counties
where the republican pony woa in
MMM r. Home of our wealtl lest coun
lica w ere then burdened with bonded
debts in i id of rollrcods, wbisw con-sttui-tion
woo never seriously con
teioplatrd, snd in othrr counties the
liiilcliftsrlnea wss far it: excess of tha
sbi'lly of (he people lo pay. These
debt wire rreulrd ct a time when
ilmusaiids af our b-vsl cllirns wrre
disfrnmhUvd, and lie- luwlem element
of Hit- ! publican porty held high .-or-
My fellow clllren, I hove briefly ad
icrted to some of the salient features
of I be finniicinl record of tbe democ
orcy of Missouri. It bos been so who
and so thoroughly in harmony with
the Interest of the proplr U at tbe
deiu.M eutir party ron confidently rely
upon their opproval ot tlir coming
eiectii ii. 'ITic democracy of Missouri
promise anew Integrity and frugality
In the rondurt of the ht silicas of this
grint atalr.
Hpraking for myself I will say that
I do not poao aa tbe champion of any
rpcciu rlas of our isroplr, it mntlcrs
not Ivow worthy they may be. 1 de
sire to br thr friend of all the srople.
I MMag to a parly pbsdged to foster
oil Icgilinsite Interests and to extend
Its protection alike to every class en
gnged In the g-inful avnenfieno of life.
It shall be my mission as governor, un
der the law, to protect and promote
all the varied Industries of this im
perial Hate. The mm who labors In
the imnro, on tlir railways, t ul on thr
farm, in the wnrk-ahop and manu
factories, upon the stiirto of our
grcnt cities and elaewl.err, shall so far
as I ran contribute to Ihut result,
have the protection of laws which
hull exemplify the old democratic
doctrine of "tvqunl right lo all am!
-.-ial prtt i lege to none ' 1 ohall not
essay tbr rule of a den-ngogue by de-i.oii.ii-lng
o,'.ir,i' : thot 1 may
llius p. .in power, anil then lie tray Ibc
people. Corporation, of oil klndo
h ili have the same equality of oppor
tunity 'hat other Interest have. They
are cnlitleil to this cqiullty, nothing
more, nothing less.
I dtalrr lo aosurr ihr bt alness m-n
"ol thr liuiinr intcrota of the stste
lh.it the powers of the office of gov
ernor 1ml I lie employed, within the
limitations of law, to secure tbe rnact
mjMtt of just Liwa and to prrvent thr
(sissngr of all laws bestowing special
favor-. Any attempt to Influence leg
i l.it ion by improper mean .. if such
tin re should lie, will be disapproved
by tbr executive deportment. No lu
tcrcMt host lie to the people ohall be
nermlttrd to dominate Ibc policy of
the odii Imstratlon. My congressional
record is the Isro! gnoranlre I con of
tvttermoot ,vart of the! THE ROL'TH AFRICAN REI'l'ISLICel
Mtftl. The warship Mbvaouit will be a 1 am in moot hearty ayMaathr with
lc ' '. 1,1, n.l.ll.l.... . ..J I . . M -
may she be over reedy to protect
Americano in person and property,
wherever they may journey In all (he
wiue circuit of the globe. It i an
American duly, and not a partisan
duly, to protect our people in all parts
of the world. Capt. Ingraham of the
oh! aavy wrote a gicrlouo rbopter of
onr novel hiolory in defense of Martin
Kovrta, a natiirslixed Amerlcaa cltlsen.
The nttional pride lo stirred and the
fires of patriotism kindle anew when
wt reed the story of the hrrcism of
lost splrndld roral ofneer in uphold
ing the national honor and tha
rights uf thst humid.- Adopted elllsea
of the republic. May the flog forever
Itaul njion land and sea an the emblem
of freedom, and may it never become
Ibe ay-robs! of despotism or of the
srirlt of mere MMMst rrialisin.
Mr. Cbairmon snd fclh w -rltlrnv. I
bnve already occapietl more lime in the
discussion of oleic affslrs than 1 had
intended, and I can therefore do but
little more than refer briefly to Is
sue of notional eopr and importance,
without attempting to amplify or
elaborate I am in accord with the
Konoas City platform in Its demand
for on ornendment to the fcjerol con
stitution providing for thr election of
United State senator by direct vote
of I he people. During my cvugre
MMgJ service 1 rrpvetidly vtted for
ouch an amendment, but tbey all
failed to receive the approval of th
senate. I favor the creation of a de
j'ortinrnt of labor, believing that it
will aid In uplifting labor, aud In
bringing prosperity to our people el
i onie. ami inrrvaaiog our commerce
abroad. During my public life 1 have
voted for all measures demanded by
organized labor reported by the com
mittee on labor.
Labor lias tbe Ood-glvcn right to or
ganiie for its own urfenae and Ho
own welfare. The men who earn their
bread in the aweat of their faces
should be the beneficiaries of wise
and generous legislation, both slate
am) national. Legislation should bind
labor and capital tnrrthrr In the
bondo of friendly union. Throe Inter
est are mutual end should never be
ealrangrd or divorced. The object of
the law-making power and of llioae
in charge of great industrial enter
prioea abould lie to uplift labor and
bring happiness to the homes of that
worthy class who create wealth. In
(hia apirlt, and in this spirit Stone
will capital secure ita greatest re
wards. The wisdom of thr Almighty
rontemplated the union of Isbor and
capital by the tlea of mutual interests,
mutual aspirations and a common
destiny, and Irt not thr greed of men
or the mistakes of legislators put
mem asuaieii.
oanommjm T(l THF. SINC.I.K GOLD
I om opposed to a olngle gnld stand
ard fie the reaaona I hove ao rrix.itcd
ly given, and ia much detail, both on
the hustings and In the national house
of representatives. Th- intrenrhment
of the sinfflr gold atandc.rd. under ihr
low paaoed by tbe but republican con
grc. I detrin entsl to the best In
terests of tbe p.-ople. The limited
measure of proaj ril w hich the truat
have permit ir.: the jsrople lo enjoy
during Bah adtnlnlstnilhni is a vindi
cation of the quantum.- theory of
tnoury advocated by the democratic
party. If the relatively meager in
crease in the output of gold, doe lot
the discovery of new gold mines, hss
given the rountiv degree of pros
lerlly, how much p.. at, r would It
harr been bod (he mints of the I'nlted
States been Oo-iieri to thr free ond nn
limited coinage of both gold nnd oil
ier ut tbe old ratio of 10 lo 1, the gov
ernment supplementing this output
with the issue of Iciral tender notes
rather than national bank currency?
The currency lcgial.il ion of the last
congrct haa still further enlarged and
fortified the power of the Monry
Truat, already a dangerous menace to
all out interrsts
I am oppoard lo the spirit of mill
Inrtsir. which domlnalra ami cinfmla
the republican party, ond yet I odmit
that if we ore to have a voloniol ctn-
p.rr it con he maintained only br
ler thnt I will be foltl ful to erery j '"h"' (llng "" rrrat ab
Host, and t hat I will be thr guvernor
af ul! thr people regirdlesa of party
initiations. I pledge my word that
least thr powers of the Chief Magistra
cy shall be invoked to oecure honcaty
ml economy in the adrr.fnlsln.tion of
talc affairs, and to promote all meas
ure which shall put our state in
linrinr ny with the progressive spirit of
Ibis marvelous century now closing,
a rial of the new century upon which we
ire obout to enter.
Frllow-cltixens, today Missouri
stands fifth in rank of population with
her rlstrr atntea, but in many respects
other than in point of population, she
Is the Beat of any. The name of Mis
souri Ik o synonym of honor tl. rough
uut ihr Union. To be a Misscnirlan ia
0 distinction for any man, w hervver ht
MMJt journey, and ncne cm renlixe
Ihlo so fully u one who boa been ab
sent from her borders and sojourned
rlsa-w-herr The aspirations of Mrs
M.iiiinna for continued slate improve
ment Mai development detract noth
ing from their devotion to the great
Republic On the contrary, my fellow-
1 Minus, the uplifting of the stale will
i salt that glorious Union of which
Missouri is o constituent part; for onr
notional greatness will grow and ex
pand in exact proportion In the great
ness attained by each stole
let thr rlfotia of onr pcoplr, there
fore, be united along the lire of rog-rx-oo.
which shall otlll further develop
owr resourceo.enlarge our enterprise':,
Slid q. lichen tbe activities of bi'sinesa
life. A rtste rrognlflccnt and majestic,
Iccmiiig with activity snd tireless en
ergy, blessed In th Inti-Hlgenc". vir
tue and ptrlotlm of her people, re
nowned for the wealth and variety of
her resources, her untold mineral and
horticultural sveolth. l-.er prodiictlve
ucm uf soil, hi r monufncii-.rlng Indus
trie, hrr great railway syrtems, hear
brnutlful towns and villages, her pro
gressive cltlr snd the exb-nt of her
w-ater-n-ays truly we pave a
normal navy, lint fellow -rllizeu, mll-
itsrism Is a cooGy lixnry. The five
griot powers of Russia, Great Pritsln,
Germany, France nnd the Unlttd
Slntes appropriate! during thr last fis
cal year $5,07.i.flS.iS to maintain
sliiMiidous milltsry and naval estab
lisbmeiitx. Ti c npmprintlono of our
own govrrnmint riMchnl the stagger
ing totni of $lT.20;.5oti.2I. a little
more lion one-fifth of the entire out
lay 1 may oln ad 1 that since the
drclnnition of war with Spain the
I 'idled ftlateo boo appropriated $413,
FO.$3S.78 to meet Kpenlah war
expense, to atibjugatc the Fil
ipino and lo uphold the
republican colonial policy of conquest
and "criminal aggression " The actual
wnr r.xiendltiirrs during the laat fiscal
year wrre $1.7 for each one of our
popt la' 'on.
Already the regular army has
grown under this udminiatration
from iS.OOfi to 100,0011 men, and yet
the demand ia for still further In
crease That accomplished soldier,
Gen. Is w ton. whom I personally
knew snd loved, vie hied up his life
at the front of onr lines fighting tbe
Filipinos, in far-away Luxoa. Before
this int.-epid soldier feU up
on thr field of tattle, he left upon
our official records Ihc opinion that at
leaot 100,000 soldiers wrre necessary
to anh jugate the Filipinos. It ia oald
that the war in the Philippine Archi
pelago ia practically ended, that is
to say, the censored dispatches on de
clare , and yet, my feRow-citixena, In
tbe presence of that appalling donger
to our minister ad our missionaries
at Pekin, with thousands of semi-barbarian
clamoring for their blood, tbe
government woo arable to send only
a few thousand soldiers from Manila,
because Gen. MacArthur insisted they
could not be sent, except at the peril
of American supremacy In the
archipelago. Pekin ia oaty a little
more than a weeks voyage aud travel
from the 05,000 American soldiers now
ful domain -a priceless beritege ' Philippines, and despite tbe
whore splendid possibilities and nlU- I sarole but pathetic appeals or Conger
urate achievements can hardly be fore- I to resene our women and children
told, even with the gift of prophecy. there, these soldier dared not go.
las prraioenr is ft tusniy, courage-
In this -.fmnection you will pi
pardon a personal reference. It was
my pleasure representative of tbe
great Third MMaoxiTi district in the
last congUM, to support a bill provid
ing for tha MMsttrnctioa of three great
war iiaili for our new navy One of
those mighty sea-going twttfeahlpa of
the first class fat now maiding, and Is
to ho aajiolppid with twin screw ant
great triple erp Baton engines, to be
ersvwf with four twelve-inch guar and
two torpedo tubes, and when com
pleted wBV bear the prsrad name af
Missouri as, ar asset head, ami carry
the MUflJMl Mot Myue ever;, see Iks
ata atwrr barter of um worm.
Jsl Prr rTeJP ssM BawseSer
American, whose heart beat in
sympathy with that gallant band ot
hMstricans besieged in China. I know
he sent erery soldier from Manila
that could safely go, bat tbe limited
a umber who have gone disclose tha
real situsUom ia th FnillFplia It
la condition of war, and tha and of
oewar.no man can foretell. Ful low
dtlaena, before tha sdtniuist ration
naliy eonsununates its policy of
"ccimlnsl oiHTesslnoi" I fear the rug
alar army will be awellen to not less
Are the people
weifhi of asssi-
this MMM tat
e- ssrssssere ssv
i ready to vbmms tb
Mai I asiiati MaoVttMJI oasfi
the struggle tor llbertv being
by the pan lots of the South African
rrpublic. It ia a matter of profound
regret that during oil the monthsthai
the Rritlsb empire has been marshal
Ing Ho armies to overwhelm those fee
ble republics, there should base hares
no friendly expression by any officio;
at Washington Thee heroic MM ia
South Africa are slowly but onllenly
retiring before the conquering armteo
of Great Britain. If the contest were
somewhat equally matched, th ocea.
si on for sympathy might not M so MR
tgent- It la not ao. however. Kngland
has resources la men. at least 100 to.
1. nnd yet (heee burgher, whn sprung,
from tbr great Teutonic rata, hove
held England in check for month,
and made a Agbt for liberty thai
obould challenge Ihc admiration ol
the world.
These people have demonstrate
their rapacity for self-government by
the establishment nf republics, hot
because they are few In numbers, Ka
gland wages s cruel war, which must
be practically one of rxtcrmtnalioa
before the Iloer will surrender theii
homes snd firesides. It would aeem
that every American-, familiar with
the story of Concord and Islington,
and Hunker Hill and alley Forga
and Vorktown, would aympathix
with this liberty loving people. I be
lieve tbe brans of the great nasaori
of the people do brat in unison with
them, but the administration at Wash
ineton is so entangled with andec
otondiogs and alliances with Great
Hritain, which cxlat, if not In words
yet in apirlt, that the republican par
ty ia powrrlraa to voice the over
whelming acnUment ot onr people.
Abraham Lincoln uttered aa axlo
matic truth in 1$GI in Independence
hall when he said: "What constitutes
the bulwark of our own liberty and
independence? It ia not our frowning
Issttlcmrnto, our bristling seooooota
our army or our nary. Throe are not
onr rrlionreo againat danger. All ot
throe may kg turned sgulnst us with
out making us weaker for thr strug
gle. Our reliance is ia the love of
liberty which God bss planted in ua.
fbir defense ia In ihc spirit which
prises liberty ao the heritage of all
men In oil landa, everywhere. Heotroy
his apirlt, ond you have planted the
oeed of dropotiom at your own doors.
Familiarise yonreelf with the chains
of bondage, and you prepare your
own llmlsx to wear them. Accustomed
to trample on the rights of others.
you have lost the strength of your
own independence, and become the
fit subjecta of tbe first cunning tyrant
who rises smnng you." I have quoted
the mightiest statesman of the repub
lican party, because tbe utterance ap
plies with equal force to the Houtb
African situation, and lo the policy
of the rrpuhliran parly in respect to
Porto Rico snd the Philippine i
loud Mr. Lincoln oloo oald :"No man
is good enough to govern another
man without that other'o consent.
When the white man governs himself,
(hat Is self-government; but when ho
governs himself ond alao governs an
other man. Hint I more than aelf-gnv-rrnmrnt-
that ia drannliam. Our re-
once la in the love of libertv which
God has planted in us; our defenoe
is In the spirit which prires liberty oa
tbe hrritagr of all men, In all lands,
evrrvw here."
II seem Hint these opinion of tha
great captain of tbr rrpuhliran party
should inspire that organixation. and
yet on the ocrnoion of the recent IIU
nois atate rcpnblicanconventlon a rea
olution of armpathv for the Iloer
woo greeted with deriaive hnota and
jeers. And Illinois is the state which
gave Lincoln In the I nlnn, ond be
neath whose soil r-sts his illustrious
ashrs' la it any wonder thai Harriaon,
Hoar, Schurz. Hbrriuan, Henderson.
Wellington. Fdmunds, Itoutwell, Hale,
Reed nnd others who hove lieen great
radera of tbr republican party. abould
endeavor to call a halt in the mad
race of tbe present leaderahip nf that
party for world-wide empire?
The armies of the Knglioh empire
ore olnwly but surely crushing the e
piling South African republic. Liber
ty there will soon exhvt ao a memory
only. The war seema to he nearina
ita close, and thn tattered remnants
of thot heroic bond of patriots must
anon seek home elsewhere. Let this
republic extend a cordial handgrosp
and welcome I hem to thl old-time
asylum of liberty . The democratic
party bido (bem welcome, but if they
come, November will determine
whetbrr their lot shall be cast in a
free rrpublic or in a colonial empire,
patterned after the mighty empire
which has just deprived them of home
snd liberty.
AGANCE. Mr. Chairman snd frllnw-rltitens,
there is another Issue raised by the
notional democratic platform of com
manding interest to the people. Tbe
denunciation of continued war taxes,
after the war has closed, ond the lav
ish nppropriationo of the republican
congreoe ore exceedingly timely.
We hove already reached an enor
oua total of federal appropriation
amounting practically to Ihr codxUssb
tlon of a large part of the earnings of
the people. Year after veer the re
publican party has been wsrned, even
by some of Its own conserva
tive leailer. that a halt must be
called upon tbe ever Increasing scale
of national expenditures. The warn
ing has thus for fallen upon deaf ear.
Appropriation follow appropriation
with ever accelerating speed, unGl
now the Labilities imposed by a single
congress are no atupendouo ao to ho
almost beyond the power of reimporta
tion. The appropriations of thr first
srvsion of the las I republican con
gress, excluding all the estimated
amounts necessary for the srmy and
navy growing out of the war with
Spain, reached the mighty aggregate
of $17,9('3,7tr7.6. Contract liabilities
amounting to t5,44s,S74 were also aa
thorised.which mast be met by appro
priations hereafter. It mast be born
in mind that this amount is appro
priated to meet the ordinary expenaea
of the government, and exceeds by
$M,s95.1MJ0 the amount appropriated
for the fiscal year of 18WS, whan las
house ot representative was laat ootv
t rol led by the demooraay.
The increase are apparent ia al
most every avenue of expenditure.
The clamor of every deportment has
been for more, Morel The tax-eater
at tmtabttabty la the saddle. Tha tax
payer ia stagger lag. toot only under
the exactions of tha usual tariff and
internal revenue laws bat with Mm
added tast load imposed to most war .
expenditures. Th Spanish was
closed la ltsM, bat tha war taxes still
remain to vex th people, ond tempt
the nations! legistat ur to riotous s
Penow-ettfatena. I desire at thh)
point to oailyoaratMtetmtoMMasw
paiiixvg TTrt-T-ipHaM of Mm MiligMj
Mtoslsuatzatisto-whlah seat osbbb atosomo
V S " 11 1 - - - svsss TSWWsssssv sswvssj

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