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t, u mum.
rmrj rui:ic.
O. W ill I. MS.
Kutlwt laml Title.
bI Abstracter.
Abstracts, Farmington, Mo.
Real Estate mLTy m ,ux;. iw, mi.
JLoarxs. i.
TefURMiAY. MC. U. 1901.
Toy. t A. I.. Orten'..
XI at i in, jour brat photographer.
No electric railroad newt this seat.
Ed Uatroll spent bund. In St Louie.
I'lpe it 8aik.tuan, tram ft cetiti to
ft 00.
Iloo. it R. Smith went to t. Luula
See those late book, ami booklet!
at l'tlljr a.
Ttx local pticw oi wheat tin- week
at (W cent.
Jamra Motrie was a St. l.ctila via
itor tbi week.
lour nice to nus (or rent Apply
lo Mr llarrvll.
Kraot at Klein' by the gallon, hall
barrel and barrel.
All the latest boot, and iintloeSfy
for X aie at I'elty'a.
A new line of elegant jewelry Jui
received t Tel ley 'a.
Ilitiry Hotter cut Sunday and
Monday In St. U(t
Choice line id evaporated and diicl
ftuit at Klein fJrocer Co.
tio le Tel ley's lo hv your eye
I Wed and glaaaea filled
T in abundance ol eery de
eciipiton at A. I. OHcn'n.
Mr Fox i here thi week wilk her
huebautl, Judge J. P. Fin
See the awell line of Chatelaine Bag
from f 3 t'O up at Kirbrrg'a.
For the beat lueata go lo Aui.cn A
Albaugh' CR Meat Market.
Mr. lluiteilii Id left lui Monday tot
Cimmpaign, HI., on bu.iuea.
You will lind Maitin i. the People'
ltel I'holographer. 'I'boue 177.
See the elegant line of new ailver
ware and lanrj good at Kiibcg'.
Iluckwheat and pancake floor and
maple ayrup at Klcii. UtMet Co.'.
F. M C.Kiiii. of Meeker, Cat., I
lauding n month here i'b relative
Fine! awoi i merit ol fn.inid picture
ever W lo in thi oily J. Ilelbri
I of nice ihinga at The Fair to
ilrec btith old ami )"""K- ""d 10
For feed, potaloe, aputa ami all
kind, of piuduce go to UcCormick.
bproii A t o.
Currant., needleaa retain, cilron.
orange ami Iciuou peel at Klein 0N
err t'owipaii '.
l,'e Che A Sanborn' Seal and
Special r..RrC For aale only by Ihe
Klein l ; nicer Co.
Fred larunian, who tin bet n quilr
ill for ome wtk with typhoid fever,
I, able to ht out.
Mr. S ii. Van'iekle of HeSoio
vl.ilrd het ilmghlci, Mr . U. Holt
ger the pal week.
rre.1. ft-h every tuurtuaj at am-
A. A !!.. .!.' ....I t,arlt,. flllltft. I
"'""I" .w-. -ri
die the Court llouae.
Mi Hrrtht Rpiiugh, who la lean! -
ing ut lli-tti i rk, came down lo .prnd older boy wa discharged tint the bul
Suudav willi her mother. j let lodgtd In the other boy'a thigh
, , ... - . r
For Chrattrue piceem you will find
. mm I
a choioe aeleetmn of fancy ehina and i
A' L "u j
Kvervihing I .weet, frcah and clean
at Autaen A Albaugh' City Meat Mar-
kel. (live them a trial. :
Mew Urea. Cauda, Oonietlioa, Can
Ion Flannel and Flaunelctl nt Me
Cormkk, Sprolt A Co '.
Ml RuaN Martin returned Saturday
from Colorado Sptinga, Cuto , where
.he ha. .pcnl Ibe pat year.
Cut Glass t Kirbergfs
For Christmas Presents.
Mrs. St . Gemma of Mine UM-Hte,
mother ol Mr. U. I St Gtwioie ol
Ihlt place, died l.rt Ssurdaj .
M'e are headqunrtera for grooetin
and nrovlionj. fine eoffW . l-i
.pines. Mct'oiooek, Sproti A Co.
Woodworth aaya lhat s dollar will
eo further lo brio toy. al The Fair
than in any other tlore is tbe Stale.
Mr. T. J- Grey U assvttlog at Uin
ebev'a Studio throitcb the roab of
work. All order, filled promptly.
Tbe young ladies give s dance at
lbs Opera llouae hurt Friday night
oumpltojeutery to their gentlemen
fielect your picture frame now for
Cbrkilms prsasnu ft m lbs large
ssonmoai of fancy moulding at
llisch -)'.
The mill of jaitiee se well s thone
ol tbe god. grind .lowly. Clmuli
Court l stltl Is aessioti wrcillsj with
civil litigalMm.
Caadie. nut, orange, banana,
etc., ai A. L. Orleo'a. Hpeelal prlesa
mads lot Sunday aekatol sod church
holiday Itstif sl.
Has Bondar aohool mom of the new
guwtbsts Methodist stswreh will bs
Msaty for last Sunday school to msst
lat k msI eKtsAay.
We bars JrseoW aosrol Roe
lswssor; also, oar fhts timothy ksy.
Met srs soils wfroleval aaA rssoU.
MaCs. -rotta Co
Br. aswi Ws. U Clmi of Tajhar
.. S. SMITH.
All kind of rings, latent design in
ttiog a. well plain ring, plna.
bultoit. ch.itu. chain, etc., ai let
ley' Jewelry Store.
t'biUitua ami New Year card ami
c i lender t at l'clty'a.
When you buy tour X mat present
of the Fair you pay no faney prior
Imt get jour money' worth.- J. C.
VAoodworth, M'gr.
K.erj thing fur a good Chriatma
dinner will be found at A. I.. Orttu'.
David Well., who lived neer Mai
den, working on a ranch In the awanip
clearing land, waa atruek by falling
i roe oo the 2rltb ult. and cruahed to
For elnthlng underwear, ahue. hat
and c., aec XlcCortulck, Sprolt Co.
Mr. Jeue liutierfirld of I.ee' Sum
mit, ho bat been tuning the fauiily
of her father-in-law, Mr. Motrin Hut
icrm-ld, tbe paat wetk, BMaraed home
Wednesday. Mm Annie lliitic ifield
sccampanied her a. far St. I.oui..
Cut Glass Kirberg's
For Christmas Presents.
In I. M. I'erklna ha. removed hi.
rridence to where Mr Molll formerly
lived. Jntl oulfaeat of ihe urw Public
School building The ofi,- will bs
krt at Ihe residence and ofBse work
made a peclaliy.
It will delight your eyea tc tep into
Telle. . iid aee ibe One di.pl. y of
waiahoa, clock, and hi Urge autt
ment of jewelry and f-incy good.
Tlie Ailnuian Literary Sochty of
Carleton Cullrgu had a joint debate
with Marvin Collegiate Inalilule at
Fiedericktnwn hut Saturday, and we
are told lhat the audience, by Ihrir
applanae, awarded the victory to ihe
Cti-klimle lm.nl. 07c; Doll Car
tJaaaM Mr) RasRal from Ac lo RI U0:
Merhamcal Tot. 15c and 26c. The
Fair, Faiiuinglon.
Mii.nr Kiikuatriek, the popular
iliuggi.t, who line been in ihe employ
uf i Iks MrCoimick Drug Company,
b., bought ihe iniirett of Mr. K. C.
Mitiu in lhat ei-ncern Mr. Martin
lira eng-grd in Ibe dlug buiiifa at
I.) lor I'lioe.
We have tnrh a laige dock of toy
and doll lhat we cannot quote ynu
price, but ci-nie and ire tbem and
)uu ai l buy 'I lie Fait, F'areiiDgtou.
Judge Aicl.e'au. M IRajgR of Si
J oteph, Judge of Ihe Sitih Judicil
( iroiilt, who la s cmdidnc f ir I lie
lniuuciaiic nominaihin f-ir Judge ol
Hal Supreme Cnutt. waa in FsfSSlrag
ion ihi week gelling nni'iniutcd with
the pcwple.
Co In the only eicluaiie Tobacco
Store in Farmiigioii lor onr chewing
vnd moklng tob.icco lirahpuppl)
alwty oo hand. "Snckui.u ."
lv. McC,uw brother, of Freder
. . . ...
irklnim n, , H ai, 1 car., wen
preparing logo bunting on the 89th
ult , when the gun in the hand of lin
Prompt attention relieved the boy, who
, . " Z "
aoinjr wen.
We ean .bow ike Bnau line ol faney
di.he. both prritey and cheap pre
enl that are uartul and pretty. The
F ir.
Have voo aold "tbe old home,,
place? Do jou want another even
bellerjfor Icaajnioney t Would ynu want
tb new hnme lo be a farm of about
190 aeroaf llig, roomy barn, two
fine prlng. good orchard and mead
ow; ehurchea near; achool Itotue Juti
aorou the field; a new twu-Hory
dwelling, nice and comfortable. See
Smith, Hleeck A Co. for term, sod
plat of farm.
Cm to Seckmann' for your home
made Cigars, sis. "White Khjpbant,'
"Speckled Trout," "A Humbug,
and other popular brand
Mra. Hannah McCailby, wife of Mr.
J. W. McCarthy, died veiy auddjnly
TueMlay nt beat l trouble, aged S7
year, one month and 31t day. She
bad been ailing for s few day, but
her condition was ant considered scrl-
ooa, and her auddes death u a great
.hock lo lbs family asd her many
f i leads. The family hare ibe sympa
thy of all oar people lo their eorraw.
The inn wilt take place from the
Christian church at 10 o'clock thi.
(T bund ay) morning, the no to lbs
family cemetery S ' mile noitbesst
of toara.
Cut Glass t Kirberg's
For Christmas Presents.
Motel Ilollit w formally opened
last Tuesday with s SRJsadld dinner
given to Ibe merchants of Farming! ou.
Mr. ul Mrs. C. W. Qoilis hav-j loated
lav. lUcfcot's burgs bvksk building sad
have fitted h op 3s the moat comlor'.a
ble wanner fcar lbs aeoommwdstioa of
nam martial trsrslera. These good
people ate si well known at borne sow
to lbs trsTsliog pwbtfeg gssjarallt . that
I bey need no farther inaaSnSiidalioo
than their name. The dinner spraad
fat lbs avjttaaafs Was sttmatsour a a
wbus ami lu dsteil sssi asrvsd in Mrs.
nasal gaa4 lasts sad kaevssAR
asw1. RaW WlRshlfF- sjsaass a5P(Or4safclssflt RsaaSaMiA
srt sas am itaqr an wept a
John Bryaet. While Drunk. Seat sad
nortsHy WwM Harry Mr.
Si. Francol county ha hid another
murder added to It. rrcjrd. Lat
t hur.day evening in Packard' alore
at Taylor nlaec, John Aryan,
paioter weli known In the lead dl
ulci, while drunk and inceaaed orer
aorne Jocular remark at hit expcne,
drew hi rtrolver and .hot Harry Me
Howell, who h.id tarued away with hi
back lo ilryaat, not thinking of
rouble. Tbe ball colored the auiaii
uf ht back, cutting it. tray through
the kidney, and liver aud perforating
I lie bowel, in aeveral place. I'hyi-
ciant were iiumedUtpJy called in, and
Ihe wounded uiau waa removed lo bat
home, where be lingered for about
twenty houi. dying Friday afternoon
liryant wa. arrested and arraigned be
fore Smilre Levi ! rridey morniftg.
who (-omniiitert him to Jiil to await
i ne reauit oi in rami act, ami lie wn.
btunght to Farmlugios by Con.table
Fraaer and locked op. 'lo-amrrow
Frnliv) h.a 'eeo est for hi prelim
mary ex.mioallou.
CbsrgcJ With Fslariy Swesrief
StkxSaiCT la BasArsplcy Pelillos.
I.. J. Slaarecke, who conducted
geueral storva here, at Flat Kivar and
at Fredericktown, and who Hied a pe
tition in bankruptcy In Ihe United
Male IrUtrici Court al Ft LooU oo
lbs iUU ult , wa arreatod ai Mpriag
aeld, III., on the 6lh mat by Ibe
I Hiaiaa Marlil at Ibal ol,.- MJ
liifoim.tion from St. l.oul. that be wa
wanted there on warrant, rbarging
him with (wearing talaely in Kited ult:.
filed by I. mi. in hi. haukruptcy petiiiou.
The day following tbe filing of hi. pp.
litiun It i laid he diaappoarsd, and
iat Tfauraday lbs attorney for hi cred
itor learned lhat be had left St I.oui
that day, accompanied by hi daughiet
sad her two moo! h, old babe, for Chi
cago The attorney eonferred with
Cnited Si.ir. Marabal Bohle, who bad
Siaareckr Intercepted and ai retted al
It la alleged lhat he (hipped a large
portion of hi. good from hi More at
Flat lliver and then reported that tbe
Mure had been robbed; that on S'o
venilier be drew R.I.OOO from one of
the bank at Farmington, which wa
not givru in nmong hit aaaul and
which under Ihe law ahould have been
left lo ihe benefit of hi creditor, and
that he had cleared up about $20,000
in ca-b a nh which he wa. trying lo
m.kc hi way out of Ihe country. lo
hi hankruplcy peliiion he placed hit
liabilitlet al T,ffA4 M and hi aaaoU
at Rfi.Oti Among hi creditor are
ipiile a nomher a St ! .-,, whilcale
firtn, each hating claim ranging
from 3IU lo Cum
Presents 1
I , 5
3 I " pprplPitns dutr wtMn S
S tup don't knim- M lull T'-o X
S want, tor man or animiin -
5 E
S Hi i a Mwt nl ihfli wilt rl
Z i MNMM of tbr-m. .v':.
tttrm. JfiXtUI.
rn pftKKlf, all now
Rings -
$2.50 up
$1.00 up. I
Ann eor or other prettr
ami luptul artlelp, .ullablr
for t'brtatma iiraspnt.
Look at the window as
you pass by, and you
will see some thing
you want.
Coaaly Court
County Court met laat Saturday In
adjourned aeation and tranaactcd the
following bti.lneea:
Fee bill of Jere S Cosaom, Judge
of I'robale, for hiiunelf and othera for
f IS 00 for teivice in holding iii(uii
tion of Vital J.nii. indigent intane
pcinoi.. wa allowed: alo fee bill of
R3 1 60 In holding inrulilion of John
Fflingi r. Indigent Inaana psraon.
T. I). FUhersllowed RIS for public
dvriliiug; James Itunbar SO for two
dsya aod one night wailing on Wm.
Dior, intane penon; Wm. Pierce 8
for two week bo id of Boss lleroe,
poor perton.
( baric. K. Fowler presenled ssb
teriptioa liai of iubabitanU Jiving en
Turley Mill road, rabecrlbing Rl for
building a biidge on .aid road near
county tins, snd aakiog tbe Conn for
at lata one and an appropriation to
bulM aaid bridge, upon which the
Court appropriated not of road aod
btlrtge fund Ibe miui of Rio. the coun
ty', pert, and ordered that a warrant
be leaned in favor of C. R. fowler,
aed lhat be make report lo lb Court
of the expenditure nf ibe appropriation.
Dramabnp lieeoas was granted U s
If. Miller of Ktvins.
J. A. Frsser, Coaatsble of St. Fran-cob-
mwnalilp, prseeoied hi r.'Sigu-t-tlon,
which wss soaapicd.
Jeff D. rastoB wa appointed und
cum mia. toned s Jostles of tbe leace
in und for Perry towtuhip.
Court adjourned ill! court lo course.
The eommktlonera of Intane Aryluui
Ma. 4, com posed of J. I) Allen of
toller. Judge J. V. Green of DeSit-
sard W. M. Wells of Marble U0h met
in Hi. Iaai last Saturday ami allowed
bills aggiegstieg f 0.000 as the work
sow under way si that I oat Hot Ion.
The roof la being placed on the loundr 1
bonding sad brick work on the dialog
room and kitbiwu is progrewing The
contract calk for lbs completion of
tbssa bsUbJings by lb Ut of March
Sautt, when h Is bonsai that lbs Asy
bata srill be formally spessd saA rssafy
ft I
fMNftioa aitks. ttra of ike larosl
Fol'nwmg la s brief outline of the
addrattri delivered the tcond day of
the Farmers' Iuatitnte at thit place .
HouTii r i.ri ss
John T. btiuion, Dliectur South
Mtouri Fruit Kxpctuueut Station,
lectured on bmilculturu. He spent
the morning vi.ning the Farmington
bapetlmeiit Statiun, and wat very fa
vorably imprcatcd with thi a a fruit
country, and claim lhat If tbe fruit
fail tbe fault i with Ihe people. Uc
aaid that Is Ihe neihboiliuod of Moun
tain tirovo arveial men Um wnxir
from $jo to tliJ per acre oui of their
orcbirti tbt yetr, an I our laud 11
uettet I Inn their'. Ho eay lhat fruit
growing become, a plcaturc, a aearcb
lor knowledge and a profitable buai
utet, a tbia year the apple 08 of an
eighty -acre orchard old for 11,000,
and a uvealy acre atrawberry patch at
Men produced 6,360 crate that aold
fur R1.40 per crate.
Obalsclea 10 overcome 1 Firt I
cboualug tbe locution, fot tbe tendency
ia to pot orchards ou the poorest or
wet teal gtouud where nothiug else will
grow. Chouae gr-und (hat ia in a
good Mats uf ptaasrratMo and ha a
good air drainage. Auto beware ol
traveling agent and plant only uch
tree aa will ault yuui locality. If you
do tbia snd give your orchard tbe at
tention, tbe aame altentiou yuu do tbe
corn field, you will be bouud to ue
cced and your orchard will piove a
pay lug iuvcaimsiil. lie rcfi-ired lo
oue man who had a .mall farm aim
became dincouieged, often,-! hit Imu
for R60U, but fwrtunulely he did 001
aell, and Ihi year he aold hi. apple
crop for 1 1,1 00
For the orchard to be profitable,
toe fertility uf Ibe toil uiual be kept
op, SS he adviaed planting Cow poaa
lu lbs Mimmcr aud ryo m tbo 1 .11
the cow peat tuuulu be planted in
row and cultivated o aa to keep up
tbe upply of moUturu in Auguai and
September. To obtain tbo brat re
Milt Ibe pea .bould not be continued
over throe or four yeara, then plant
com for oue or two year aud back tt
pea and rye. Clover wa claimed t-
be good if not left too ioug aithuut
The aJvloe for pruning wat to begin
wheu you act ihe tree and have it o
Imped that when bearing begin the
piuuing could be practically aban
doucd In regard lo tliiuuiug Ibe
fruit, it waa claimed that you would
get about 1 be aanic aniouul of applo
niiil in-net apple, and would be more
ure to liavu a crop Ibe next year, a
ha tax on the vitality ol the tree due
not cuiue until the need begin lo har
den, and by hiving only ball Ibe
amount uf Med to npen, ibe liee would
have nmiu viulny lo lurm fiuit bud
foi Ihe next aeaaou,
When atkod aboul .praying, he .aid
ibe oodling mulb had been greally re
doced by apraiiug with the lloideaii
mixture, which cou.Ui. ol 6 Ibt. lime
'. lb copper aulphatu, to 00 gallon
ol water. The mixluie uin be kepi
eil alined. Hctt to uc a pump with
an agitator. 'lu pry for I ho codling
moth, put on lint pplicaii-n jut ks
f irf the ir e leave uut, ibeu again
jut atlcr Hit- blouiu lall, but uut later
1 Imu aix daya. ihe Uurdcau mixture
i. alto ucd lor gntpo, iH-giiiiiiug juu
befure Ibe leave, cumc out aud pray
hio or nix lime m more if yuu ihiuk
The lantern trap, tailed lo caloh the
codling ano-.b and ititut claimed ibi
molli. were ibickcr 111 thoc etubardr
where the Hap were u.ed, tery likely
cauped by Ihe trp ualulnog beuctlcial
iicecU, oiue of wbiub prey upou Ibe
codling uioifa.
To keep borer fiom tits treat wrap
wiib wiudow screen wire, tarred papci
ur uae lye oap. i he wire wa elaiiueil
iu bare wnio advantage, aa II wuul 1
keep off the rabbiu alio.
Ths uext .pcakcr wss Or. Lucky.
Slate Veterinarian, who .poke on the
care of the hor.e, condition ol the
tectb aud leet. A. to feeding be .aid
mac fed too much, others too little.
Overfeeding U worse than undei feed
ing, i he horse ahould be fed regu
larly, e-pi-cially whoa at work. Too
much coarse aod bulky foed, such aa
wheat atraw, corn fodder, etc., cauae
indigc.itm and often more acrloo
troubk-a. Warm du.l and corn atuul
do not contain any ipeciftc poixm aod
they do not hutt lior: or cattle lo
eat It while wet, but rotten hay or
fodder doe contain a (pecilic poiaon
One inatance referred lo look place
oear Chartotlon where some cattlu ate
of a rotten hook of fwlder and even
of tliem died before morning.
Iu ordinary thtordct ol tbe hone.
good care and ret! from work hi lbs
aasasttial part ; alo keep s good appe
tite by fcodidg .mail amounu of feed
Medicine ahould rarely be given
lake cue ol tbe teat by keeping them
well trimmed, florae, that are not
u.ed iii liie Hialet ihould have their
box- removed.
liou't tesd too much. Don't hid
too litilo. Lion 'l cbaoffe tuddeulv
from one kind of feed 10 another
DosT exorcise immediately after s
hearty meal. Don't make a borac or
Coll that ha. been reeling for tome
time do a full day', work al tint.
Don't neglect tbe leeth and leet, rut
these cause more suffering lo the bets
than anything else.
x 1 - sob TatB BUS.
Don't fail la attend lbs next Farm
ers' Inatltste, for whan "nos patted
that much ean never be recalled.
Mxi'llii i IllORUT.
1 Aft i Ot t or ta. l-i it. i,. bob Jfc.
Shopping done In the great depatt
meat .lore. Charge 25c per order
(ho limit to number uf article). Hart
Mwt. W. C. Fad KB ASK.
I'urchaaing Agent, S3 IT Lawat Ave ,
si. Los, Mo.
Swayed Froea lbs Derby raags, a
black steer with label lu heft ear with
r. V. Abbsrw'a aame aa It, branded
T on left hip, R years aid. Taksr-up
will be paid for all trouble by iafana-
Vag V. 8. Hoy, at old Taylor place aa
Ulllsboro toast.
W sated A girl ttrr geawrsl hrurte-
. April, JoAiat. fc. U. Staaasse.
W r- MMM
Our stoit has one of
Holiday Merchandise ever
want a simple gift, to cost
so iieautuul that it takes
find it at HdberY where
Judge Carter vi.iled
hi. farm here
one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. fa. IT. Slaiptou have
returned from llonne ierre.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. Simpson have
returned from French Village, where
tbey vi.ltsA Dr. Tbo. llirvey
Mr Sue Walker and Mrs. J. F.
Ilarrl ii.iid lbs family of Mr. K. A.
Klukead one evening laat week
A Mr. William, ol St. Mary's It
here trying lo buy oalre We are
out Infuimed a to Ihe number be baa
We failed lo note, In our laat, ibe
srrival of a baby giil al Mr. K-iward
MeCarver'a. Mother aud babe doing
well and F.dward ean mile, yet
Mr. snd Mrs. J. W. Hanes were
called to Fredericklown Saturday on
account of tbe death of Mr. Si.
Letume, the mm her uf Mrs. Baas.
Aunt Julia Sebastian, who ha been
aick o long, it now able to walk
about ia ihe houae, lo tbe urpriss of
her many friend.
Some miavreiut .hot two of Mr.
John Uibaon' turkey and left one of
iheui, a nice gobbler, lying where It
was allien. me penon wuo Out tin.
ahould bit punished lo the full extent J. H. Maloawn. curator,
ol the law. ! Batata of William Uaton. mleor-Mlitaa
llawklnt, curalor.
About ten or twelve Woodmen of Batata of Wattle ay . p al , mtnors-r. L.
ihi place went over lo Knob Lick Kettb. euraim
Weduetday evening to attend a meet- Satalsof (Mors t Ohaner Bt., anlnort-
ing of Knob l.ick Camp. Tbe bov. ; n.'!m-rui".' . ....
, Baiatp of JasBSS fi Wateoat, auaMaaSsa It.
report a good time aud theaupper pre- ijbatter. aom-r
pared lor I hem al Mr. Van Deck'. - Batata of Jassa B.Uldaon ri al. mlnor
wat hard Im beet. I Johof tlidann. auardlan.
... .... . I Kslat of I-at.r u. fratt. mloor-Uarnll
sir. .lamia Inebatger or ste. Ueo- aaagakl, earator.
evleve ei unty paused through here one ; Batata of i-atriet and Seine Mr loiu.iiiin.
lay laat week with a carload ol hon 1 mtnoce-rvline ateloiualilin. suardian
for the Si. I.oui market, and it would
not lake a close observer to tell, when
be lurked at them, thai corn I scarce
in the country.
Hec. . Fstix.
Jut a utile aswsr than
an; otbpr line of MpcX
eur In Karnainston Be
CPlVMl tntt iv .-pk.
la beautiful iplcn 7 hp
lateat l-ina. narrow foar-
2 In haiiit-twri tie In on
TIh-npw -Metsoilc Strlue.'
You tie tt ymimslf. foal
lively the npwMt wrtnktu
; In wU. dres lis.
There', anlld comfort In
tblt. Mad like a awpater
and keap out tbe cold,
lb-nut 1 ful ihMlaw ....
tin good real ettate necurity an ihort
notice. No commta.ion charged.
t '1 at. Buck A Flkmiko.
Subacilptlon. received for every
magazine or newspaper publiahed
V. 8. or foreign, at I'elty'a.
If you want a wtwlng machine or
ewing machine fixtures yea will find
lie beet st Teilsy. Jewelry Store
Select and Fancy Groceries.
Canned Fruits Hi Vegetables.
Provisions of all kinds.
Fruits, dried and green.
Candies. Bon Bons, Nuts.
China and Glass Wares.
Wooden Wares, etc.
If You Need Anything inCroeei.ee
.Oal. end See Ues--
116IEST itti.n Wrts
the Largest Assortments of
gathered tojretber. If you
only five cents, or something
many big dollars, you will
there is something for every
Fob Sals A good farm uf 101
R mid- from Furmingtou; wsll
wall red; 16 saves is meadow ; lo
seres in wheat, l'rioe RR.60o.oo
term to wilt porshafer.
Mes. 8. A. BsBTt.tr.
Produce Markt.
aU .. ..
now s iss
Mar etoa
1 nth 1014.1 est. . .
sweat rota to
4pta.rbuii .
Diisd ApplM
n n
.r V
1 M
I St
I 0
I S3
Cbk-Snt f ......
rrrlas ttttckan...
Kft S oo
Uuttar r b
Bean r imii
aarria e-s
Lard s a
salt fast
itpeswaas a
Docket Probate Court.
j Term Beginning J.nu.ry 18, 1R02
Sola:, af Bi-nljnilii .1 Han. 1 nt. BaaMSS-
Ktlale ol Wm II Itrran. oScmmnI That
I S. nran. adin'r.
Katate ol rrafl Urovsa. minor Joab Loos.
! curator
Mlnlp of J. 1.. MltebPll. ileeeaMO -J.tr B),
Mltehell, adro r
Kttatpnr Wm K. Ulnaon, olseeassrl-W. II.
Vouns. nilin'r.
Kstais of rrank arbralip-r. minor oilvai
WoiMl, curator.
Ctlaiv nf J. at. union. decpetsd-B. C.
TueSpr. adan'r.
Ktlale ol Mar Keldort. daepaisd-Adam
Netdtit, I'm'
Kllutp nfilarr J OasaS, dpepa-sd-J. ate.
1 uiiniaaiiam. exeeumr
Kai.ii- ot Carson ah Wood, minor 8. I.
Morn. fuarOlnti
lUtalp of Ada and loina Klrtlejr, minor
J. S. Clay, curator.
jkri: a. tHirimm,
Juds ot I'rooate.
Trustee's Sale.
Where.. J. a Simpson, by hi certain
dsM) of tru1. da too tlie isth dor of OSto
lar. I1S1. and iweiirded in the Bpcorder'.
i-flli or at. rranrol. coaaty. Ml.wiurt. Is
IpiI rik sr. iip :o. conveyed to th un
itorslirnpi! TriKtce til. tollowlna SSoeVflaSt
real i-.intp. attuata. lylns and Im-Iiir In the
eux:ntr or at. Krane da and Male ol Ml
colli, to artt
All of the aonih half of aactton lour 11 .
In town.lilp thirty four (M) . ran, p lathi do
aat. runlalnliia threp hundred and twrnty
acrpp. aeeardlii. Ui l.otenonent urvvy,
la ten acre, wbleb hat teii dsedrd to
Aea Ijena, and la Iba Mine land desdsd
lo J. S Hlrurtaon by wariauty ilwid iSntpxl
October 15th, last.
Which raid ennreyaace r mailp In irwat
to MK-urri IBS uaruisnt of a eprtain proral.
itrr n.tp In tali deed of tnrnt (1tcrtbd,
and wharaat by the term, or anl dsatf ot
trail aa! note I. patt dnr and remain, un
paid, now. therefore. In aeeordanee with
iln iro.l.ion r .aid ded of tru.t, and
at tb- rpiOMt of lb lexal hoMr of tut 1
not. 1. tbv nndpiiioTwd Trxi.tp. will.
On Monday, January 6, 1902,
between the hours ot Bias o'clock In tb
for noon anil flva o'clock In tha afternoon
of that day . at tha south front door of the
Ooart llou, in th Ctty of rarmln.'on.
County nf St. rraneota and stale ot Mlt
sourl. pII at public auction to tha iii.heat
moilpr, for cath. ths foreao'-na dewritieil
real a-tate. to tattsfy ald not and tbe
1-011 ot eseuiuir thi traet.
M . r. CAVt't. Trualf.;-asjrjau.iatw-r
1. isrrt.
async i vi. attention aivntto ail dlisatt ot
ihK fans the Saass or wrtts.
Ofbte in Rsahy Building, f'oom No. 17.
pais m mmm,
Know we do what we say.
We don't claim to have the only stor ,W
town, Lut we do claim to have
Lines of Dres. Good, embracing Ibe very upweat ami bet
hade, in all-wool Jicnnptia, Venetian Cloth. Serges, Hough
and Heady (54 Inche. wide) for walking auila, Mollou
(Ihe veiy laiett). Ftench Flannoi In tbe very latest eolor.
lor Walata, I'ear d'tioie. Foulard Silks, and W a.li Uood.
la endless variety. W'e waul job to sea tkeiu.
a Warm lot
are our JACKETS, CAI'KS and FtTtS for ladl-. and chil
dren. In elegance ol .ijle .ml lownesa of price the) are
certainly wanusra.
In oar CLOTHING DKPARI MF.N T wltt aave you Hollar..
Ws rsoognlw -q compMiilon in ihi line, and our .look i.
tbo bsst we bsre ever .bown. Men. boy. and childree
Rued out Overcoat and bull, aud there's ginger and
style lo every garment.
there:is solid comfort
In our LNDKRWEAU, aod we are iinwlng no rue beauties
in L'ulon Suit. s. well sa all older klads ; while oar Neck
wear, Khiri., Collars and Cuff eak for Ibeasaelve..
When you waul Ihe beat Shirt, Jumper and Overall, in
town. buyJaloUowell' I rilon nude Ked Seal brand, told
xclfmivrly by u.
Ike esoelleiioe
SHOES, bandied exciutivcly by ut. if you have never
tried tbesa you have lost m-ire than you are aware.
but we carry s General Stock of everything Carpets,
Moga, Mailing. Window Shade., L.ce Curtain, Notion,
Groceries Staple Article, of all kind, elo., and we buy
Country Produce, H.y. iitaln, I'ouliry. Ac, at bighetl
ruarket pilcea.
Tlie Store that buys with Taste and Care,
And Sells at Figures low add Fair.
r CPA. W.
I Architect and Practical Builder.
F'ult workina plana, detaiit
kind of building..
Ihe Planning and Building of
Having permanently located
solicit your patronage and tbe
vim: work.
Oarriee a fine line of Piece Goods and Large
Assortment of Samples for Suitings and
Overcoats from which to order.
Work and Style Guaranteed First Class. Prices Satisfactory.
Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done.
We are prepared to fura's'i ealinalc for all kind of Lumber In say
aaolittc desired. Our abed and yard are extensive and we keep lull
tinea of l)re.aesl aad Fiubthlug Lumber, hsesa, Window frame and
Rash, Window Blind., Weathetboartling, Shingle Fine, Cypress sad
W'Bvhinglou Cedar Flooring. .Studding, aud indeed everything you
may need in Ibe lumber or building Hue.
See Us Beforo'Placing Your Order.
Liberty Street, Two Squares East oi Court House.
Do you like to feel
Well dressed?.
Oarries a Complete Line of Place Goods In all tha
Standard and Latast Designs, aad guarantees ratls
f action in fit, style and Wotrkmanahip. Tour '.ordsrs
raaspectfully solicitad.
Lower?t Prioee tmtik & Good Work.
and .pecific.tiuu furiilahod for all
Modern Residences a Specialty,
IN FAKMING TON, I respectfully
privilege of "figuring" with you on

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