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FarminglGfi Times
(jot. lHii-kery's review of State at
Jail duriug lb past jear, lb first of
his administration, make a g kmI (haw
ing. It Iv well worth jour muling.
'1 be Susr Tnil wants Ire raw
lagnt from Culia or lower tariff
Thr principle of fir trmle I all right,
tut what is sauce Ii ttir Know oojr-1
M 1m- saiu-e fur tin' punlrr. I.et re
linpil auar In- put uu tin1 fre list
llut tint wouldn't pl-nsr llie lrut.
"Our vaah cnpilnl mliiml fiinil, in-
teetrd in our own ecurllin. i the
Urgent of nnv State of the lloHibllc. '
(ior. PiH.-k.ny. That Republican
fake about "tlii- limtuig of I he M-houl
fiinil" can t aland in llir li'I't ot "-'
( ictn an thin.
sridress issued l-v lno niuteulioti of
eouutv Democratic loiiiniiiteenien lipid
at Si l.'Miin la.t week. It is a rae
document, but nor llepubllcnn friends.
)ikn Dogberry, luav be impressed with
the fact that 'iMunp.'irUons an- odor
flov. Ituctefy has evpreaaed to sev
prat of nur ci i.pii liia intention uf
visiting Knrniitijnn no me time thi
uontli-priilialjlv within a fpiv dnvs
to Utlie a look at the Insane Asvlutu
and note hoiv the work Is progressing
If he will Irt nur people know Jun
whi'n (o eipcit lnm, wo can asure
kioi a cj'dinl and hoapitable rvreptlon
The .State Democratic .Conioiiltce
hs been called to mcfl in St. Louis
on the 1 Hlli in.it. for the purpose of
filing the time and se'ecting the place
for holding a SUM Convention to noni
inate three candidate for Judge of
uf the Supreme Court, and a cooven
tiun to r.omiiia'e a candidate fur Su
periiitcmlenl of Srboola and two ra-
ilidate fur Kuilroad and WarchooM
(Jot. IWkerv hm appointed s nan
rtaff of plinicuiit to take etiarga of
Inaaue Avluui No. 1 at 1 ulton on the
li uf J(:ircli, the appxiintm:cta n-inif
imdc n" , it ii K'id, to that the "fn
cl(f may liac lime to make apecl.tl
ptpparatimi for the w ork. A the con
tract rallt for the completion of the
work uow ir progreu on Inaaoe Any
linn Ni. 4 at tl'ii place by the lt of
March, and a it has beeu nen on I
that l hi iuitituiion will then be ready
! rec'-iie p;'iipnl, why would it not
be good policy for the Governor to
make appointments for it, aod give
the physiciaas an opportunity to pre
pare lhenielve?
There was a strong bullish feeling
in wheat, in the hi !-onl rnarkl latf
Monday, the prloe of ilaj wheat go
ing to 'Ji 'c. and r'osfcg at tie., ao
advance of SJ over Saturday's pi ice.
Corn advanced in sympathy to TO.'ac
'1 he St. I.ouis market exceeded those
.M New York and Chicago on that
day, soiucthing that has i.ot occurred
for several years, II ay w heat selling
in New- York at 8tic. and in Chicago
at 83't'e-and He. The immediate
rsme uf the advance is attributed to
approhf nuiuu over the progress of the
wiuler plant, owing to the sudden and
and fccvcre changes in the weather and
lack of snow covering. A fiworable
feature of the advance to farmers ir,
the fact that tuarfy of them are still
kidding their wheal and w ill reap .hr
advantage of the higher pi ice.
It was not ibe province of the con
vention of Democratic county com
mitteemen, '.ufonually called for the
purpose of considering plaus for more
perfect local organisation! and aggres
sive campaign work, to burden the
erooeedinga with resolutions announc
ing their flaltr to the Kansas City
platform, iking Democratic oooiailu
Icemen it is to .be presumed that they
adhered to and were acting nnder the
principle set forth in that Instrument
the only accredited platform that the
party baa. billl, as long as a resolu
tion endorsing the platform was off
ered, I bey aught hare adopted It with- j
nt doing violence to the torpoee lor
which the eoavention wst callod or
toe propiiotir of the oocassun By
rejecting ii, the Impreasioa was en
couraged that the eunreoiioa iwrmdi
ted tbo party's platform ia part or In
whole. rfhtle we do sut oelier that
any oosiderabl nnoitwr af lh ooos
aiiitoemo' tbooght of any suoh thing,
otbera haro so regarded their aotiao
aad have indulged ia a guwl 4oa) of
ommeut that is aoi ealowlAted to help
Ibe party. Wa are aatltfied that aa
rrerwbslining majority cl country
iemocrsu la tlxt State adhere to Uw
Kansas City phtfuraa every plank of
whien is aoaodly da auw ratio wheiher
all the pritteiplsu fherain aet furth will
pariDtrciU ktmm in lb tmi eanv
paiga or ao. ' hi there h m eggrea
sire eoaimGrcta eWattat ti'i" u-tu o
"rrvKwuna ws polfe? of UastIjm et
lotth ia that pU'.Jujrtt pcJkw jh eld
as l.he per1 aii4 tbej at re
jfKMaaible tw all tbe (5tnr aooe in Utt
. parr at tis fiae JUa a poiars I kJi
hoist4 h tdiuai ' t an xoe J the
fioot eniispirw to B?k V- t JltKHrW l J
Javo ar ait, t&d wastry tv-tin j
UowM mlt ptcii pait et ler-'.- j
, ithpttm ta & m ...
wlH to" r-" ' i ' T
lie Oovrraer Palats with Pride ta the
SlaU's Prafreta Dxiaf the Firal
Vr at Hit AfJatlalitratloa.
Coiullllua of Ik Wata's rinanera smkI,
aw4 Owr Cask Cpltat arkuol Vand
tha Lsuvast of Aa; SHwU-.
Jrffitrsoe City, lis,, Jan. I. Uor
arnur lHK'ker; was to-day busily en
gaged in the work of rounding out the
bu iueaa incident to the close of 1be
old and the bef inning of the new year.
lie was asked by tha Republic cor
reapondeut to briefly review the work
of the first year of Ibe adnilnUtration.
UTATv.'a KKvrxtKi anftr.
run all t xprasEi.
"The condllion of tbe Treasury,"
the Governor said, "is exceedingly
satisfactory. Our revenues are ample
to meet all the currant expenses of ibe
Stale (joveinmoiit, and at the same
iloio construct the new buildings an'
ihorixed by tbe Legislature fur educ-
peusl initiiutlons.
''The Legislature appropriated about
(jOU.UOO for Ibe construction of new
and tbe rcp-ir rf old buildings. The
incumo of tbe Treasury will be ample
to mm ihea inereaaed demaaJs, due
in large pail In the modified beer law,
passed at tbo latl teuton. That law
bas proven to be a must satisfactory
revenue producer.
tCt,C3 01 l.t!!VM.
ruoa Tint nar.u tax.
"Tbe State his already collected
from beer Inspection fees f 161,643 01,
of which 2tJl,3tl.fi3 accrued prior to
the passage of the modified law. The
o-called 'back lax' on beer is a clear
gain to the Trcamry, as there was no
provision of law under wblcb it could
bare been collected ptlor to the enact
ment of ibe modified law. The beer
law U a inspection measure, and Ibe
foe imposed by It are luspeotlvn fees.
It was not, therefore, possible to law
fully enforce tbe collection of inspec
tion fee after the consumption of tbe
beer. Tbe tbsnai of tb p-ionl are
especially due the Legislator for the
passage of this measure, because, with
out Ii, there would bare been .ta ap
peal o the Supreme Coort o! tbe
L'nlted Stales and a vexing delay af
at least two ytars, during whieb time
ibe Male would have dcrireJ oo rove
Due from Ibis source. r
"The settlement of the ooavsnlloti
by the passage of the modified isw will
enable the hute to properly care frr
Iha ulisd, Ihe clcsf, the inaane, lbs
fecblo minded and other unfortunate
clasve of our people
statu ritvuxfa ri an
HUWI A St tLl l.
"All of the demands npon lb Stale
Uerenue Fund hsve been fully and
promptly met, and there is now a
surplus of about 1115,000 in thai
"It ia estimated that tbe Income
from inspection fees on beer during
'.be present fiscal year will not be less
than 3i0.000. which, added to tha
income to be derived front Isxes on
real, personal, corporal and other
property, wilt enable the Treasury to
p.y all ibe obligations of the Stale,
and greatly augment tbe surplus of the
revenue fund at Ibe begiuuing of the
cowing year.
RHItrCKD TO II, J8T, 000.
"Tbe Interest aod SiuLlng Foods
htvo been iabard to pay tbe interest
upon bonded obligations and certlfi-
cates of lodehledu; to tuoet in par:
th appropriation ade tor tbe I-ouli-
ana Purchase F.xposltlon, and la re
tire fGOO.OOO of tbe bonded debt.
Tha bonded debt, exclusive of lb
school oertiticatea, bws been reduced to
fi.SB7.000." "
Tbe Governor was further asked. In
view of th experieaoe of tbe last few
months, his opinion aa to the wisdom
of the legislatioa eaacted by the last
General Assembly. Bey lying, be said:
"At the close of tbe last session of
ihe Legislature, in an Interview pub
lished In the daily pre, I ihea aaid:
The pooplo of ilbtaouri are to be
congratulated npon ibe work of th
Legislature. I regret that one or two
measure pendiag before that body did
not receive the favorable action of both
bouses, but suUlinlUMv all ihe law
enacted aie ia li Merest of Lb pes
"Tbe opinion," said the Governor,
"I Ihea expressed are unchanged, ex
cept as to one law, which, although
iavulviog a correct principle,, is no
necessarily cumbrous in its operations.
Among ibe IniporUnt U.wi renanlly
eaaotcd by lb General Assembly msy
be noted the following: -The
law providing far the taxation
of franohise: the law ereellnt tbe
Stale Board of Arbitration; JI. Uw
permltllng lb InflrMioa of tbe rVmh
pnaalty for kidnaping the Uw pro
biblilag busrdt of avaosger from being
directly or indtftilly loterwid in con
tract let for work; or auppllet tar
nished State luatttirktav: tho law trra-
Iding for the toulement of ooatrv-
rersie groving rait of the beer Insixo-
Uua law ; various bill amending tbe
ruad law the game and fish law ; the
Hall udloal bill; tha World' Fair
bill t tbe bill aotboriaing the rerkioa
of the ehspter et our lawe relating to
lb ttseaaoeut aod lteetha af tbe
rare no; tha taw e ranting th cIBse
of Slaw factory' bMpretarj the law
piotrbllng fur tha abatement of the
saseka nninacej iV Hw atusullng
eeruta prorUtun 1 that part of th
leetioa Uw appyiag to tha ty t fll.
luU; l&t taw staking ta rppropn.
sto furl he I'sn-Atuerieeo i Cbarles
toa expositions la rw aatlr h
operaUoa of alst asarhiiae gnsnMsg
derteaa a luiouyj ibe juittt
rid ewtf.
eunwwt raohito-ji'iiij Cej;rn to
wottj fjr the action ! t'tiim
Stele rfMtt- fcj that pnp5;- tte
twlamr-f eieeiwa laws, piovidiftjj I'M
fall' aikd hoiMwt 'ptiniv eJetioos la
V t1 i Law- ' . j; tf-ebw
' 1--4 a,;.: T . i iv . gra.'ui
, i t lal-qf in
'. tot i ib
-. J t -
t. JV-f
queatioa. ol. eootlnalug the ptaaaut la
vas! Mat af aehaol sneuey. - .
"Alt of these aeaore wr ap
proved by me then, and basa my
iadoraeiLieat bow notably tha fran
chise Uw, tbe beer inpeotioa Uw and
tli law oreatlng Ihe Stale Board of
Arbitration. Th fraaebi law aenred
to rumor all duobl aa lo tbe power
yf the Mate Hoard of liqoailaatioa 10
asaas franchise, and, alt bough fran
chises have heretofore been taken laid
account, Ibe total assessment uf cor
porate property wss iacreasod, la our
but valuatioo, mora than ten millions
of dullars over any previous year, aud
with Ibe aid of lb arbitration law sev
eral serious strikes bsve already been
satisfactorily sdjusisd."
Continuing, ibe Governor said :
"1 do not care at this time to enter
Into elaborate detail a to the record
of I it first twelve month of this ad
ministration. I hav only hastily out
lined some of It salient feature. Tbe
record speaks fur itsolf.
"In my opinion, lb law enacted
by the last Lr&slAluie, to which 1 bsve
adverted, have Hie approval of tba
people. Tbe record of tbe last Gen.
eral Assembly msy possibly not have
been en'ltely faultless, but It was one
of Ibe cleanest legislative bodies which
ha assembled at the Stale Capitol la
rwasxtt years."
Concluding, tbe Governor added :
"The laws .have b3 rigidly en
forced. Critic has been pnni.hed.
Life and property have been fully pro
tected. Tbe coals in criiuinu! cases
have been greatly reduoed by whole
some b-itslalion. Kv.'ry Interest nf
the Slate has been Justly and fairly
treated. Our eleemosynary, educa
tional, refoimatury aod penal institu
tions have been geiierowily fostered,
llonesiy and frugality bsve been ob
served In ihe eipandhure of th peo
ple' money.
book tnufisCTLT r.rrt
"Th books i tba Blate ara oor-
retlly keil avid Ibe aocouullng is
boLt. The bonded debt has been
reduced and will be fully paid during
the earning yeat. Th lax I'vy for
State purposes, proper, is ibe lowest
of any but In tbe I'nioa, and the
low lo miet tbe Mrquiremenu of tbe
public debt will be greatly reduced if
the existing tyctem of esbool certlfi
eatrs ia continued by the people.
"Tbe largest apportionment of the
sohool money la tba history of Mis.
sour) bas bee a made.
.Aall i.ArifaL fH'niivL rirD
"Our cash capital school fund, in-
vestitd in our own securities, is the
Isrgett uf any State of I bo Hcpublio
One-third of tbe Slate's Uevenoe Fund
bas been disbursed to mainlaio th
public school. Our splendid educa
tioual system is unsurpassed. Capital
aud labor are associated iu bonds ol
mulitsl aud reciprocal advantage. The
credit of Ihe Slate is uniurpa'acd by
tbe credit of the National Government
"Our mining Industries are self-re
liant and remunerative. The Interests
of horticulture bave been promoted.
Our agricultural interests, despite tbe
drought, are fairl? oontentcd. -Our
manufacturing and other business in
terest tv prosperous. Knterprislng
oilie and besut'f'i) towns and Tillage
dot Ibis fair State. A vast railway
system, together with out great water
ways, carry our products to tbe mar
kets of tbe wcrld.
"All of the varied interest of this
wonderful Commonweailu have closed
:ha first year of the new century' confi
dent and agg-raaiva, aod we begin the
second year imbued with pubtiu spirit,
courage and determination to reach
still greater achievement.
"The greatest World' Exposition
of all tim is lo be held witbia our
oommoowealtb in 1903, and this In
itself is an incentive for rodoablad en
ergy and or in ea tbe part of every
Scat! Ceeaty Baak RoMed.
X Moriey, Mo., special to tbe Ee
pahlie of the 4th inet says: One of
ihe boldest banh robberies ever com
mitted in Southeast Missouri ocounul
.here at t o'clock this morning Scolt
County ISank ii a complete wreck,
four heavy explosion, about five min
ntM snart hlnwinw the vault Ida ormn
and wrecking the big glass front and
all Ihe office fixture, '
The railroad section toot bouse waa
broken Into and tuobr and Unterae
takea. Nltro-glycerln was nsetl, as H
was aacesaary to go through four safe
door to get to the cash depository.
The job waa done in twenty niioutor.
Three men directed Ihe work luaide
A fourth guarded the residence 6)
Cashier Hunter. The oeenpent of
the UoTee House were awakened by
tbe heavy exploaioaa and Mr. Tillie
Oucktin, pToprUtor, Bailed CasMeT
Hunter to corns ujekty. Tha robber
watching the cashier's boose ttsawwred
iu.tead, -lng, "All tight, I'm oostt
Int." Major TA'ard, vice president of th
bank, was at the Itoree iiouaa aad
watched the robber gather up Un
money and (ears. Several others saw
them, but ant a fir ana at auy hind
was ta be tad. ' - -j
Twer" tteodred dollan la Mirer,
abd betwfjf,, 3, 000 . and ,000 in
gxld aod ertticry was take. . The
robber are euppMd ta hate eeuped
oa horse. ,. .Vvu...- . ; . ,. .
- ftcw ta Praveaf ftassweaUi.''
if I wall swtsblUbw! fact thai
pneo stools raa be prswa&tiwL Tf
wlseaa always nsiU from a eold or
freis aa attack of SndttSBsa. Aeaoeg
tha tea af tbouaaada who ' ha uaad
ChamlicrW' Caogh ' Ka?.dy , far
thane disease ysa wilt not led a single
.B1 f . ied I pnett-
mouta, trnscw tmvumasinuwsf ttm
U t ' ft , rtvpwVri!4 a thai'
4r4.uT!ei'::T fhM I UtsBoier
cu any tancsispy at a'ed o attack
f the grip towaril prcwor.;. it U
(mow tor ft tjaieh ertr KMl and
grip- 1J It- Cy StWaaUB U.
-aiaseful ta :.ah e Christw J-T,
lUi !.l I.? a gallon &i Ji'joii
the sdimiasT riEss '.'.
PeUtlaU Toeics Dixcssawd hy Bcattcretk
Psptr af tbd Scti.
stAO-rtMB AfJOUairAXtliUT.
DeSoto fres, J. F. Mltablm, ed
itor) President Kooeeralt led a cake
walk at tba White Moose Chrhnoiu
evening. The president ll rather
given lo running things l rag-time,
Charleston Enterprise, Taul n.
Moore, editor: Mississippi county
will fire the first gun iu tba Senatorial
conflict, and the crsrk will be beard
March 1. Should Mr. Stone or Mr.
Clark receive on that day our county's
lintruolion it will be a big thing fjr
either of the distinguished gentlemen.
"AX AVtrfl. CBIMC."
New Madrid Missourian, W. W.
Waters, editor: The Congressional
Committee of this district is aocutrd
of aa awful crime, and Ibe worst uf ll
is they will bave lo enter a plea uf
guilty. Tbey have allow.! the voteis
to express their choice of a candidal
for Congress. It's awful, but we will
bave to stand 1L
!uiikl!n Democrat, E. P. Ca rather,
editor: Oae bas bos t watch the
paper and Hates to observing men lo
know that tbe VeArmood ntoremsnt is
growing faster than anything elae in
Missouri. He may be tbe presiden
tial nominee la J4. If he Is not
elected Senator ia 101. II Is to
dr.y the ablest man la Missouri politic.
Tt'BXKD ixru a ai'cctss.
Dunklin County Mail, Casper M.
Kdwarde, editor: The big meeting of
Dnv?eralio county eomcullieemen in
St. Lenin this week failed of It orig
inal purpose, hot as a t?nonsira',lop
of Democratic unity, faith and Interest
it was a hoge oeoe. Dunklin eonniy
was represeoied, but Ihe usual ignor
ance and cat:s.iess of tbe city re
porter made her appear under an
alia. .
Irontoa Blsitr, KJI I). Ake, ed
itor: President Hoosey's wrathful re
buke of (ren. Miles, for expressing an
opinion contrary lo Ihe administration
in the Schley ease, reminds one forc
ibly of thr. "Oft with bis bead! So
miuih tot flunk Ingham!" uttered by
.., iM-'.im strenuous ruler. "I ke
King ii tho Stale," and the sooner
all underlings come lo know this fact,
the betier.
sror Ainixo Dirrr.nr.wrrs.
Iknton Ilecord, K. II. Smith, ed
itor: If Ihe Democrats of ilUsour'
expect to scconipllsh anything this
yesr it is full line ibey were rinding
points they esn agree upon, rather
than emphasising poiut of difference.
Tbe St. I ami la conference was In tbi
interest, and waa ' practically nnan
iraons. Now let Ibe Democratic (?)
papers (hat bare been finding fault
with every Democratlo leader or offi
cial either take down their Democratic
color or go away tack aod sit down.
orroan all imuwakiis.
Piedmont Danner, Dr. J. N. Holmee,
editor : When Ibe Democrats of Wsyne
county began nominating their county
candidates by primary election, Ihe
parly bad a clear meUrtty of 420.
Tbey hare pnrsued tbe method year
after year, until tbe party now bas
none K can rely Uwn, and if It pins
sny of the offloe it murt fight for
Iheu and light hard, too. I be best
thing for any party is le pot forth its
ticket with tbe least lolernal friction
possible. If ll will keep at pease with
Itself aod. fight only tbe common foe it
will make itself Irresistible. .
thk roixr or viw. ,
Scolt County Kicker, I'hil A. Hsf-
oer, editor: When a smsll-bore Dem
ocrat exprerce a dislike for tbe ticket
pot ap for him ta swsllow at tbe elec
tion be is dsnouueed by tbe politician
as being "weak kneed" and a "boil
er," and he U sneered at and pointed
out as a "traitor" by tbe "loyal"
crowd. But when a high-up' Demo
crat-for-revenue-ouly vote the Kepub
lican ticket for years la succession,
thst high-up Democrat-for-rcvenue-
anly U entitled lo the Democratic
Borolnatloa tor mayor of the largest
city la the State, aad other holler are
ruvarded by receiving high official ap-
poleuoent from a ao-ealied Stale ad
ministration. r h bad coxtrAxr.
Jackson Cask Book, '. A. Uo-
Gutre, editor: The coarentlea. of
Demoerstia ahaimea la St. Louis this
week was. held la the J8rea Clab
Headqoarten, and yoa mlgM wy aa-
der the sua pi cos of that Fntortou
argaaiaatioa of spoiiasnea Bad lrlokJ
star. It was that Jefferson Ciub llsi
waa last rumen!! ia baring Well, lb
gold-hag aotter, Bomin.lMl lart aprlt j
for Mayer aaa Dcrt. It was
wlu a a..i.. . . !
tbi hotter act miter Wells who
boasted of harms; voted the KpbU-
aa Ucket, b aattenal aad Slalj, ,
doting lh past six year. Tbe anly
crtticiiia v bare to atake of the ehslt
sr-ea's meeting la that the siSda'l Hod
som place aise to. meac Uuut tba Jeff
areoa Club' roosn. . -
Jeaisoa Ptutotirat, A. W. McUuU'
Ha, edilot; . Jadga Fa to reported. peaSing arvonul moath mr,i the
si eajlna; iXat many- uf those wbo'.rarW tribe af sWiplne inhabit-,
wtta at the Jtufjo Fort tpaatiwf lu 8a. 1 wtatral Atra!.-; - i v Tt .
LtwS are tot frtflbd. Ia Mf . f Hfar ih erclsf m ral-taa-l.
ttw erf Briy ail iiso. who H r'' "4''!
srfrf UJ toting; U k. W
th ny B3tt.te-ii of tharn jpmter hte t
,ratht lhau M& i'ott at vt,4!lat
Soprerae icayt, t tbteM 'l t
Soprerae icayt, t b$AM 'l U
lisrfty tuU?Vitn. '.Ttesra were pftit j
triida of hi wU t fcjttCSwf rtd j
f r It. y f tU ttflln fitter
T'; i) r")i rt ,aw !un d l
r-j to f.Ui.I
trs-a a. i lor,!'
she ha never united aa a candidal,
and U not likely la hart eae as loag
as aha goes Into a convention with
an or tbaa aaa. ' It b not unreason
able ta expect Judge Fax lo withdraw J
from the race, but it would be ..very !
unreasonable lo ask ll ol Judg Fart 1
UbMat there esx bs some fault touad
la bl cbsrscter ".6d record. lie waa '
first ia tbe rase, and bs tbe pledge of
a majority of tbe ooootie and the'
good will of all. We know that ia
this oour.ty be would be much stronger '
at the eleethn thsa Judge Vex would, i
and we confess to being selllsh enough
lo want as oaadldate tor Slate ofCct
persons who wili add strength to the
remainder of tbe ticket. Judge Fox
is undoubtedly popular Iu a?r9 eoun-1
tlrs, but be can add greatly to his pcjvj
ularity.by withdrawing a. oi. from t
the race for the uomia itioo for Su
preme Judge.
Soatbeatt MeU.
- The JrfforsoB lliealr t Dskoto will
open January 18.
Frrdsricktown has a trust company
with a capital of f 100,000.
Dwavio twim wi waterworks and
eleotrie ligMl oa Jan. SOIb.
Daniel O'Driea died at bis heme in
Graoilevilla oo the 30th ull , aged
I year.
Tha handkerchief sent by Mr.
Kooeevrlt lo Poplar llluft I lo be voted
lo the moat popular ycuug lady ia that
- The Dunklin county primary lac
lion is to be held April 13tb, and Ibe
paper of (bat county r full of an
nouncements. Wm. Uooker shot and killed Wm.
MeC.hee at Allenville on tbe list ull.
Both psrtles are colored. ICooket
gave hiaisell up, claiming he acted in
self defense.
An observer of things has discov
ered that Charleston ha throe of a
kind of every east of batloe thai
make a Iowa, from three aewipaper
down to three saloons.
Goarge Pll lard, a bookkeeper at Ibe
Mine LaMotte store, disappeared on
Lb 19th ull., and no trace of him has
bo fouod. It I feared hy his frieuds
thst he has committed suicide.
- Seveial old picks and shovel bave
been unearthed ia Washington county
where Frank Gorman ia prospect
for lead on the same land prospecltd
by tbe Spanlaida year ago. I be im
plements were la a good Condition.
V. II. Delsnd Of Ironlon found
that his chbken were diiappearing,
and act somo poison and csught a nn
'owl. It wss very Urge, measuring
four feet from tip to tip, and Ii inclici
from head to tail.
Ida Furry, twelve-year-old girl
living near Senalb, was very severely
burned on tbe 30th ull. by her clothes
catching fire from a lire iu the yard,
aud she died on the following day
froai ber injuiics. Thekcnnett Dem
ocrat sats this is the fourth accident
of tba kind wlibin a lew weeks.
tmuip Clara has wrllU n letter to
ealih ot tbo Stale Democratic Com
miftoemen anking Mm if he vill vote to
order a general primary for Senator If
he (Clark) wl'l put before tlic com
mittee petition signed by 100,000
Democrat. Mr. Clark, through his
frleada, baa bad petit ions tlrcuUtH in
erery county lu tbe State.
Philip .funic lUiiley, lb sutlior nt
Yratiu," publi. licit iu ISJ'i. ia still
alive and recently attained bia eighty,
fifth year. Among tbe hooka tbat no
body bna read "Festus" Is perhaps tbe
must famous.
Algernon Charles Swinburne, ;b
poet, eelebrated his sixty-fourth birth
uayr in Indon recently. During th
day he rereired over 400 letter and
telegrama uf coes;ratulaUuns from all
paria of th world.
Thr kalarr Is alated to have juat
pat the finishing tourbr to Irratls
on the rapture of tbe Tabu forts by
th powrra.' lie la alao errditrd with
having compiled stud.es in various
periods In tha history of Germany,
Aaatria and Franc.
Thackeray, anxious lo enter parlia
ment, stood for Oxford, thinking he
might win tbe seat from 1ord Monck,
who thea represented ll. Meeting hi
opponent in lb street on day, b
hook band with. him. had a little laid
orcr th situation, and took lear of
him with th quotation: "May th
beat man win." "I hope nut," aaid Lord
Monck, very cordially, with afclnd lit
tle bow.
What author nf to-day would at
riflce 1,000 to preerr w hat be -con
iders the artistic unity of bla book?
Vet Oeorjr Murray Smith offered
George Eliot 10,000 for "H-moia,"
with th privilejr uf breaking It Into
IS iaatallttwnta. She decided that
method wonld spoil th story artistic
aU.v. sod Insisted upon II Installmeata.
aeceptlng T,tW0. Kb thus sacrificed
about f 10,000 to a svropl.
IWenl mleroapectroseoplc analysts
or c"Mrnney-oot aas saowa iat " ca
eaius Iron, eslelHm, alekel, maagaawa.
' " Wttlt
U, whkh ha a pui
eoppcr end al!rer.
Vieavi. Munlrh.
T " " " r" J. 1,1
t,ht r ,00.00a s,w Torkll ha
.Tmlrad to.ae tor ten vrsrai whll
In Altwny, Unfralo, Elnlre, ete, the
average rate haa been I3.TI per 100,-
' Am ethnological easwditlou, orgaa
lawd by Prof. ItaMwln Spaerr, ef M
bonrvse uulieray, aad Mi. i. Gil
tlv a Souih AuatTallan stlcotist. k
trot left Adelaide, the Bxtrbnolh! of
Sowtsi .lustralia, -wtih The Hew af
twrf.W--p4ca-.lt' t
aeo.d tf ud MiT j ri tre. aw
mtt t sfj' thesad A iu bl!
vsth t sfj' thesad and iu bill
for a aerits tb ieaf onJoftrw
orm .n&n$ frwsi th trtej ttsiiaea
B l"'t Iwiog Mi
., w
' j v.r pi';" ios tl;t yricc r?f
I intend to close out my
Entire Stock of READY
the purpose of abandon
ing that branch of my
business, and offer all
Clothing at largely re
duced prices. Call and
satisfy yomaelf.
Docket Probate Court.
Term liegiuolng January 13, 1102.
but of Banjemlu J. Ptirg 1 at, minors
J. It. kiluirn, curator.
Cstat of William Maon, mtnov-MUtaa
Hawkins, enra'or.
Kstat of Maui iwjr, l al., mlanrs-r. I..
kllti. curator.
Kstats of (Mors T. Nruner t St., minors
A. I). Boss, curator
i:tsiof James r. r.'poat. iIomsm-ii.
B. LMltiattsr. a.lra'r.
Brut ot .laaa E. 'itissa ai.. bUkm-s-
John I'. t.!on. rvatilian.
Kstat ot hst.' H. rratt, wiinor slsrxtll
fjut of rwirtek and Nslll atcLaushiia,
- astnors BvsUna MrLaas-him, auardlaa.
Kstat nf Wss II. Brjrsn. oaoswswl-Clias.
a. Hrjran, ailas'r.
Kstate of Vrd urov, ulnur Josh Loo ,
Estate of J. I, MKi'Wtl, (iKawmt-Jee: D.
Mllehll, ilm'r.
Kttatsof Win. B. Ulpson, dseawnd-Yr. II.
Youni. aUm'r.
Xstat of mnk aetuwlbsr, mlaor-Ollvw
Wood, curator.
Kstat of J. sf. IMarloe. dews4 B. r
Tackr, artm'r.
tint of sfarr !lor1. darwasxt Adam
crkrt, atlrn'r.
Knat ot Starr J. Coin, dc4-J. ale.
CannlnsUam, cuior.
Kvtii of Lar.,n K. w.wd, salnor-B J.
storris, ananllan.
KaMi nf Aila and Lna Kin lr . i salroirV
J. S. Clajr, euiator.
JEKX S. CimilM.
J-Jss of rrobaw.
Administratrix'a Notice.
N"nti t hrttjr givrn thnt lttm of m'i
mlnUtnitlofi wr nmnteMl to lit unt1r
HKtisHl bj l Um Pmhmt ikmrt of M. Knamita
rrmnty. MliMrwr., daltxl tl 17 lb Qy ot
November-, tiMi, on thrtiitof
WM. K TI'Rm. lrH-Ff1.
AH ptroni hnvlnir ciirlmJ nrnlnit iriifl
ratftti ar raSimrtn) to rhitttt tnt Nithe
Afliulnliiratrlx f'r hIIowiik- wltlttn on
7 Mr f mm (tip tlatvor Mlj lMtr. o tly
mftr bt prrriut1tt tnm an bcmfli orHatrt
etni , and If not xtiit)iiJ for a1townn'
ilthin tvrortara ftxno tl, lata ol aaid lt
trs tttjr will Im foravrLArr).
vnSCi L. TV KM. Adai'rx.
pacanbvr I. ttl.
rnorBiiTCBS or
3Paimrs,laixtom. Belaw.
StjTki-) Rla. Jo Tssn SB I rw frlesf
slois. boant4 trr dajr or wmI .
vvvv v w tv w w ww w www ww w w w ww w
CAPITAL' STOCK, S10.000-8URPLUS, S10.000.
vV. 1. HAILE. Pias't. J. M. MORRIS,
Itom a lfnral IsanLIn bwatn-M. Intarast paid oa tlai deposit,
liuureo aalul Ourjlary. Xmi buMaie rpeetulijr uiirltd.
rt"ni. m i.a i i n. i. Nnn:n
T. HAILS. J. M. MOnklH.
AAAAAa-SjA - a..,A.A-A.A
. S. CLAY, J. W.
Attorntf at Law.
OClo In
Farmlngton, St. Francois County, Mo.
J. F. PUTTfi
Merchant Tailoe,
He Invite jrj to sail and eiasaiB taem, sar that yoa will be pleased ;
' aad ia work, stfie d fit h fuaraaleea perloot fcalislaotiaB.
ttla'prleea will he foaad moat reaaoaable.
'" ' . . : Wet Side Public 5ruar, Fitfmlngtaa. fla, .
-AirrTnrGTOii. no.
Cc.rrierj fine lira i'.I1cri COO'S! Asdl Lvr
Work ni fty5 Qiitxtr.'j
Notary Public.
Notary Public.
Real Estate,
Loan and
. We bare listed a select Dumber of
Town properties, both Improved snd
vacant; Farms, larpe and small; Tim
ber and Mineral Laads.
if yon waul to sell or tisde, enme
sn-l list your piopcrtr with us.
K you want to boy or eicbange,
yoo will make a mistake it you do
not call aad see ns.
Oyer St. Francois County hi
TUOXK No. 57.
Administrator Notice. f
Xotlr is brrtr tvn that IMIeranf sil
muilstratloii d lionls ana wer. srante.1 to
ttw nndi-nlanxl by the t-r.ibat l'.urt nf
nt. rvmimil ronntr. sfitanurt, aat4 Oeto
barn, issi , on ta male of
JCIIN C. alUNXU!!, raseessed.
All persons tasvtn elalm aaalntt aaid
estal are riulri-d fnextilott Itirnl to Ihr
AOinlnlstrator for allowanca within one
Var Irurn lha flat of SB 1-1 lf tees, or they
may b r-rwriudt d fmos any hrn.H t uht
enisle; anit If not ashirHtMl for a.lo'nnra
wiihin two yeara from tliailat of said lei
trs ttiey will b forever banvO.
r. St. OAHTKM.
AdmlnlMnstor a bonis nob.
Iitreiubrr to, iiai.
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv wv
Vic Pwt'l J. E COVER, Csih.si.
aa . aw.vwetrsBi. ir . at, n, OH II A . a
J. f. MKHWM. T
aa a. av A at, A A'aaaAAAAaAAAaaa
Notary Publk.
flc - iC -
The Commoner.
" (Mr. Bryan'i Paper.)
The Commoner bas attained .
j within six months, front da,te
of the first issue a circulation
,of 100,000 copies a record
! probably nevr r equaled in the
history of American periodical
ihteratnre. The unparalleled
growth of this paper demon
strates mat there is room in
the newspaper field for & na
tional paper devoted to the
discussion of political, econo
mic .cad social problems. T
the columns of The Commoner
Mr. Bryan contributes his best
efforts; and his review of polit
ical events as they arise from
time to time cannot fail to in
terest those who study public
The Commoner's regular
subscription price is $.1.00 per
year. We have arranged with
Mr. Bryan whereby we can
furnijh his paper aud Thk
Farmixgton Times together
for one year for $.1.10. The
regular subscription price of
the two papers w hen subscrib
ed for f epcrately is $2.00.
Silver ml Plated Ware
szrsBjuw. Xla&sa,
Sev!n Machines and Jatlachinenfs,
"sraaitnaTtoza. BsTo.
"ySTCHIl AKD CKH-at . . .
H. B Ledbetter,
Best Companies
OIliC in McCormtck Building
TO '
CoKHKinmna hai-r is 1 mos sta-
i'.xrumt Tbaiks rox Clin Ado, Cm
Cl.tXATi, lavil.t.s, iM.uasro IS,
Cl.KVKI.AKt), I".TfOlT, HfrrALO, NkW
Turk, PutLADti niu, liosrox, Wash-
Only one Change of Cars
San fiancisco and tbe City of Mextci
1AI LAS, Kt. FasO.
Free Recliniii.S Chair Cars
to Texarkana.
tef For tichti, slee.iinj esr hc,rtbs
aa3 lurtlier Infonnatioa, applv to the
Company's nearest ageni.
II. C. TOTVX&Kls'I),
Gn'l Pv aod T. Ajent.
, St. Umis, his.
tats or
tx ksjot thk comkohth oj
a kiw, uf-to jdat;:
H4U1T&0 TBAUf-
rTVsnainmr . TO smnrs)
n.wa t,a;xsirt.a.v t-t " m
terurom. imvivi
uzsa SMar.a.v. .
- "Ac Jlitrow.
aHuausA. r.os aaoirr,
. iiBrAs sniER, '
" ruaatsts tMvnm nn"-" '
- ' " ' . , HAUNT T.ofJ"
..Tlnia Settlement,
a.11.. i, ti ..iLtiii mm nwrntltmm and alt
fOTf sr.t-w.i tnsaa'
"3, Jaj
vmt tua -- -
mrfKt' mtv tf Vl
i-ntse- Kt 'Wriof
a i vi lrnant fswr or
!4 m.:9. tf, it,l(,l)mB
Si t-
) M Iwxt t i'" CvxsrV iwaa rsejin-
I tar. . la eaor, o
I In hHun n.A .
I ' r a l vnt t. VaCf . aOxbT
i tswrft- r)r t-ia la fc 3ruek;
') l!,lttl A "i I? wa
Cict gt
'ra-gthmrali .siu
iat fteiaai
, . - - f

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