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The Whip is Don’t Read the
Published “Whip”
By If You Are a
Young Men “Half Man”
Chicagoans Escape Clutches of Mob
1 Two Hide in Red Hills of Missouri. Third
Reaches Chicago _
-SLhc-----— -
Anarchy Rules South. Sheriff
Takes No Step To Pro
tect Prisoner
By Henry Gown, Staff Correspondent.
MOJiJOHI.Y, ' ’’ .
man skid to Wone of the four who
held up and robbed Edward Thomp
son, a farmer on the outskirts of
Moherly, Thursday night, was
lynched in Forest Park here early
this morning It is believed, the
sheriff knew of the coming of the
mob, but made no effort to protect
his prisoner and on the presence of
the man hunters surrendered, give
the keys without contest Three
companions cf the man lynched made
a daring escape from the clutches
of the mob, but \\ re later captured
after putting up a game fight and are
now held somewhere in Randolph
County in custody unknown. One
of the four is still at lai re and i
said to he on his way to civilization.
Man Hunters Rave Like Howling
The mob formed Randolph
County was in a state of anarchy,
moh frenzy was sweeping Randolph
county like a windstorm. Things
were reckless during the day and
the night acted as a cloak to lawless
Men From Chicago.
The men named as assailants of
the old farmer, hut their guilt has
not yet been established, were from
Chicago and gave their names as
Hallie Richardson 18, 101 W. 31st
St„ Lee Adams 18, £038 Federal
St., dames Anderson, 3122 Federal
St., Chicago, and Sanford Taylor, E.
St. Louis, III. Which one of th
four was lynched is not known.
Kidnapped in Night Clothes.
After the remaining man was cap
tured and taken to Macon County,
the mob heard of their action and
motoreu tncru giul demanded ths
' rhefilT tt ■' irnV'"* H*e-prisoners. The
: men nwnke from their sleep only to
find the strangulation of the lynchers
rope nbout their neck and were taken
away from the jail in their ni^tt
Barn Fire Built.
A large fire had been Imilt in the
public square. The Southerners in
tended to make this a Gala day of
the week. The town turned out r.nd
in one instant a returned soldier
(white) said: “We must do this to
keep’em in their places” and on the
mob surged so the inner of the big
square standing room was sold for
five dollars a square foot. The peo
ple stood there watching and wait
ing for the big show to start.
M;n Made Dash For Liberty.
.The fire could be seen for miles,
around and seeing this, the prison-1
ers made a dash for life and liberty
and took the nerve of the moh by j
clever battling. Hut finally a rope
was placed over the head of one of
the three and thrown over a near by
limb. The mob pulled and the rope
broke. The man started running as
he fell, there came the. volley of
fire. The victim fell dead and there
was the shame of it all. An Amer
icen lynched on American soil, t |B
Americans, for what? That’s it, forj
what? A felt the pulse of sentiment I
there in regard to the Negro, and
from morning till night the byword
is ‘he gettin’ too wise’.
Others Flee to Safety.
While the mob was riddling the j
both of the dead man, the others fled |
to safety and they hope to make their
arrival in God’s County once again. ]
Purdue Honors Chinese
Students. Faculty and
Student Body At
tend Funeral
UaFayette, Ind., Nov. 18. -Purdu#
University's faculty and student body
paid tribute today to th- memeory of
("narles Chin Chu, a Chinese student
of the university, who died last Tues
day. Several hundred students and
professsors assembled at the West
Side Methodist Church, where the
funeral service was held. Addresses
were made by several faculty mem
bers and a representative from the
Chinese Student Society in American
Colleges was here from Chicago to
tell of the work that Chu had done
toward the organisation of this club.
The body wms placed in a vault in a
local cemetery to await action of the
Chinese government, which sent
young Chu here to go to college.
Seized as Night Burglar.
Partner Robbed
in Daytime
New York, Nov. 20.—John Henry,
a young and dapper Negro, was
rested in Mount Vernon yesteri
cvharged by the police with being the
“night burglar" who has been oper
ating in Westchester County recently.
Several days ago the Mount Vernon
police arrested Daniel West, an ex
convict, who, they say, is the “day
burglar” who worked with Henry.
The police assert the pair looted fif
ty Westchester homes in alternate
day and night burglaries in the last
two months.
Henry was arrested afUr eight
homes in the Chester Hill section of
Mount Vernon were robbed Wed
nesday night. More than $1,000 in
jewelry was stolen from these homes.
The police found Henry near the Mt.
Vernon Hiph School yesterday, but
did not recover the stolen jewelry.
Henry pave his address as No. 220
Prince Street, New York.
Vincennes Hotel Bought
By Popular Business
Woman. Finest
The Vincennes Hotel at 30th Street
and Vincennes Ave. has been re
cently purchased by Miss Barnett,
proprietress of the Pullman Restau
rant, 31st and State Streets. The
business men in this section regarded
this undertaking as one of the mar
velous of the age for awoman. One
of the mo3t prominent bankers on
the soutli side (white) says: Miss
Barnett has set a pace in the com
mercial world which if followed by
others will mean economic freedom j
for the Negro.
Most Modern in America.
The fact that Miss Barnett hud
any connection at all with the hotel
is sufficient proof to every Chicagoan
that it is a first class proposition.
The lobby and reading room of the !
hotel, while not so spacious, are as
unique ^exquisite in arrangement as
any Vs the loop hostelries. The rooms
f anged into I to 5 room suites j
lephone sreviee in every room,
rniture is composed of bird’s
aple and genuine mahogany
any particular floor but from
to top.
Cater To Be»t
Dir. Lewis, the manager, gave out
a statement to the press saying for
years the idea of a first class hotel
for first class colored patrons had
been nursed by him. And that he
would rather see every room vacant
or the hotel rotted down than to
have it a second class proposition.
He said further: We are going to
give the best of service and pro
tection to the public and we would
rather than accept loss.
Colored Farmers Grows
Sweet Potatoes Weigh
ing 13 lbs. Biggest
Special to the Whip.
Temple, Tex., Nov. 20.—A sweet
potato weighing thirteen pounds
raised on his farm south of Temple
was exhibited by Louis Deavers, a
well known farmer, yesterday, who
reports that he has a splendid crop
of the tubers, but not all of this same
weight and size, but all prize winners.
The potato is of the Porto Rican
U'-uaklyqiapczdniheorortffaaHst - j
variety. Many farmers were un
usually successful with potatoes this
year, the high prices causing mohe to
be planted than usual.
Colored Deputes Acquitted.
Atty’s Scotty Mollison and
Pat. B. O’ponuel Make
Able Plea?for Accused
One of the tftaat interesting riot
cpscs yet tried bV the state came to
a successful conclusion in favor of
the defendents, j. Scott Brown and
Harris, deputy sljeriffs of Cook Coun
ty. The jury wt& out only six hours.
They were accused of shooting pro
misciovisly intp-";y|#aida of white citi
zens during the rceent riot.
Judge Crow Unbiased.
Despite the vain attempt of the
states attorney to huve a conviction
by appealing to the prejudice of the
coutr, going so far as to say that if
they were acquitted, another , riot
would follow. Judge Crow insisted
that the jury try the case upon its
merits. That his instructions carried
weight is evidenced by the decision.
Scott Brown was fined $1.00 and Har
ris was exonorated.
Able Legal Talent.
In addition to the fairness of the
court the defendants owe their free
dom to able legal talent they retained.
Att’y. Mollinson made it is said one
of the most classical and convincing
arguments the court has ever wit
nessed. Following his address Att’y.
James A. Scott, nationally known as
an authority on extradition and crim
inal procedure succeeded in tearing j
down the prosecutor's argument.
White Lawyers Not Needed.
Pat. 0. Donnel, the fighting cham
pion for the cause of the Irish free
dom said at a monster mass meeting
at the People's Movement Club “the
master defence put up by Messrs.
Scott and Mollinson in this case, the
I airness of most of the Chicago
•fudges, the deportment of colored
lawyers of the new school led him
to the conclusion that colored peo
ple did not further nedd the assist
ance of white legal talent.”
Cotton $1.25 a Pound. One
Bale Is Sold At This Figu e
To Memphis Dealer
Pine Bluff, Ark., Nov. 18 — One
bale of cotton was sold here yester
day by R. A. Downs, cotton buyer to
A. Henshaw, Memphis dealer, for
$1.25 a pound, the highest price in
the State since the Civil War. It
was one and one-half inch staple
Phoenix, Arils., Nov. 18. — Rec
ords for cotton prices were declared
established when at eight valley gins,
a price of 86 cents a pound for long
staple cotton went into effect, an ad
vance of four cents a pound. The
new figure represents $430 a bale.
Early this morning an unidentified
man was run down by a speeding
auto. Slightly hurt, the victim was
so frightened he didn’t get the num
ber of the can.
Yancy Mills Facing Gallows
—Calls Mother
With visions of the gallows before
him yesterday, William Yancy Mills,
colored, held for the murder of Isa
dore Gunski, Jewish tailor, and Tony
Brizzolard, fruit dealer, is now wait
ing for the day to come which he will
call life’s finis. Not long ago Yancy
was nothing but a schoolboy, running
errands for the neighborhood sur
rounding. his-hamc in .^alestina—Ttfx.
But the scene has shifted. Now
Yancy is in the county jail. He has
committed murder. Like all other
wayyard boys that travel the path of
least resistance and wanted the world
but would not put up an honest effort
to obtain his share, he sought the
wrong path, the path that led to the
gallows, and now he calls to the only
friend in the world, his mother, for
assistance, to help him now.
Coroner’s Jury Finds Him Guilty
Mills yesterday was formally
charged with the double murder
after a coroner's jury had heard evi
dence, and was found guilty beyond
The Evidence
Ganski and Brizzolard were both
beaten to death with an iron pipe
some weeks ago ,each in his own
place of business near Wells and Van
Buren Sts. Testimony yesterday
was that Mills’ hat was found under
Ganski's body and that Mills was seen
wearing Ganski’s velour hat and
overcoat soon after the murder. Mills
was a porter at 838 S. State St. He
disappeared soon after the murders.
He went to Annapolis, Baltimore,
New York and Philadelphia, where he
was arrested trying t osteal a yom
an’s pocketbook. Capt. Morgan Col
lins said he was identifed thru his
finger prints.
Colored Slayer To Be
Anniston, Ala., November 20. —
(Special.)—Preparations are being
made for the xecution on December
5 of Edgar Caldwell, the negro ex
soldier who was convicted of the
murder of Conductor Cecil Linton
on an Oxford Lake car in December
of last year. Caldwell’s ease has
been through every possible legal
phase, efforts to save him from the
gallows through appeal to the su-!
preme court after a strong fight in
the local court had failed to prevent1
conviction. Only clemency by the
governor can now prevent his execu
The ease became a noted one
through the interevention of Presi
! dent Wilson, in a letter to Governor
; Kilby, when there appeared to be a
I question if the state court or the
army should handle him. Threaten
ing letters to Judge H. D. Merrill,
who sentenced Caldwell, also fea
tuered the case. Sheriff Parker does
not expect any interference now' and
bids for the scaffold have been asked
and plans mode for enclosing the
jail yard with a high board fence.
Condemned Colored Men Must
Die, Says Arkansas Governor.
Ignores Trotters Demand
Monroe Trotter, President of the
Equal Rights League, has just re
ceived a telegram from Governor
Brough of Arkansas, stating that all
pleas for clemency or intervention on
behalf of the eleven condemned mar
tyrs convicted as the result of their
proposed connection in the Phillips
County tt.ce riots, is useless. The
Governor stated that he had person
ally visited the scene of disturbance
and was convinced as to the guilt of
the men. It is alleged, ridiculously
alleged, that the Negroes had organ
ized to “massacre the whites,” upon
the assumption, assured'with all the’
through the program that is shocking
in its disregard for the least intima
tion of justice. Information collected
by the N. A. C. P. shows conclusively
that Negroes there are being rail
roaded to death and prison in whole-1
sale fashion; that they have been in
Phillips and adjacent counties merci
lessly exploited under a ruthless sys
tem of peonage; that these practices
reminiscent of the dark ages have
been winked at and even encouraged
by the authorities; that, in shor
Arkansas has seized the pretext fic
titious organization of Negroes to
commit wholesale and legalized mur
Tta,H». Mata. PI..
the verdict for the entire
been returned within seven minutes
after the jury had retired to make
their mock deliberation.
Atlanta Police Intimidated
Colored Vendetta
Colored Confidence Men Warn De
tectives To Keep Ayay Fform The
Black Section.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 21).—As a result
of unwarranted actions on the part
of city Detectives Whitney and Pow
ers against so-called colored ‘Con’
men and ‘flim flammer,’ whatever
that means,—these two officers have
received black hand notes warning
them to turn their attention else
where than upon the colored section
in their search for a band of crimin
als who hove been robbing discharged
soldiers. The aw detectives hadj ust
finished grilling some fifteen men
when they received their latest com
munications, threatening assasination
if they persisted in their wholesale
arrest. The colored organization is
known to be powerful and their
threats are expected to have imme
diate effect.
Colored People To Take
Own Census
New York, Nov. 19.—After hours
of debate and pressure on the part
of the various colored Welfare Or
ganizations, Hon. Arthur D. Dore, U.
nounced that in all districts where
S. Supervisor of Census, has an
eolored people dyell in majority col
ored census takers would be used.
Southerners Object.
As soon as the southern members
of Congress and cabinet learned of
the decision of the Census Depart
ment it is said they pledged to use
every legitimate weapon possible to
defeat the aim or Mr. Dore.
Hollandale, Miss., Nov. 17.—Silas
Green purchased from Edward Jones
a turkey weighing exactly 100 lbs.
It is said to be the largest gobbler
n the world.
J. Gray Lucas intends to sue the Whip? Why not sue the
Tribune, Mr. Lucas?
£d. Wright’s popularity for Ward Committcman is the
same as Jack Johnson’s for president.
M rs. Barnett’s New Hotel is a credit to Chicago.
Mr. Lenard, the gentleman who was taken from a southern
train and horsewhipped a short time ago in Mississippi is in
Chicago and plans to go in business.
A State Bank will be organized among the South Siders
before January 1.
The forecast points to a very dry season.
Who is going to the legislature?
It is rumored that Ed. Morris will run for Congress against
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