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N<”>S1 Y WAS slithering through
the heavy rain 1 riday night
taking in the sight*, which j
rotne only on such dreary nights ;
wh»u hi*- attention was attracted hy
two youthful Lotharios dodging from
shelter to shelter along Calumet Ave
nue. I hey passed the brilliantly
lighted I raternity House, where a
dance was in progress. They watched
the autos roll up, deposit their human
freight, the massive doors open and
then dose upon each guest They
-hook their heads and proceeded to
I irty firM Street. They conferred
with each other when they reached
Thirty hr**t Street. They conferred
irig from their pocket-, all of the Ioom
• harige, which between them totaled
r/l refit I hey then hailed a passing
taxi • an entered and drove furiously
up to the door <n the fraternity
Mou-.e. th» driver blowing hi-, horn
loud., and long, they emerged aril
entered with all the Kta*« ol the Mall
Room Hoy,," saying a they entrrt-:
the ;'Tit in a *.-»ive gau that t tit* v.
look#.] at a little whil* before, ”W«
just had to enter in tvle If it i*
Mill raining when v * h ave \v« can
gd o.i( by the rear d«. *r " See what
in ificonv'eni* nce rau» soirtf times is!'
I H S< d,MI K IB lYS hav# it on
1 the mere citizen in many ways.
T No**ey was watching a soldier
hoy husband a. h#* trail# d and tia< Uni
his prettv bride of a few I he
■oldier boy kept b#hmd his wife t »r
block, without h# r seeing him. She
entered an apartment building on In
diat.a \venue, but the soldier boy
merely went around to the rear No*.*--,
followed but did not -#•«• him. although
\oo> could see the soldi# r boy’s waft
through the window of the apartment.
Mtfttey stood by a small tree watching
the parsing events within. Suddenly
the little wife bftr#l the window and
hurriedly threw out a dishpau of tlirtv
water. I'he water fell on the tree near
Mo # v I'he tree began to curse and
.wear an«l drop all of it branches an#
then its trunk made a dash for th
rear stairs Nosey w.j tart It d almost
out of his skin until he realized that
the water bail disturbed the soldiei
boy's "camouflage." Nosey has »u*
guested to several suspicious husband'
that they try this method of rlele# ti-»ll
but suggests that they b# prepared i
the worst, lik# tin ♦oldier hoy
• • *
SOMi: PI OB! I. like :i little d
ieption. Nosey was standing in
The Boston Store tin Other day
The place was crowded. A large, well
dressed lady of colors really colore !.
was huying. Oh. how she was buy
ingl \fter she had ordered many
yards of this and that and ordered
• Jerks around, she directed it all #nt
•'Charged" to an address on the real1'
fashionable Northside. Nosey jotter
the address down and hiked it on.
there, planning to he there when tins
grarhl lady, about which nobody knew,
arrived. She arrived, entered th#- bark
w^y and soon appeared in rap un#!
apron. Soon the madam# of the house
aid. ’ Mary, did you g#-t those things
for in* a' tH* Boston Store?" She re
plied. "I'll say I ordered them!" S«»s«-v
agree* Sit# really ordered them 11’
fully how a grand air will put tiling
EV I KY MONflAY n.glit Noses
ha noted (hat "The Near l.ovc'
Apartments nr Wabash Averin,
are lighted brilliantly from lop to bot
tom and the shadows of figures va.'
be seen against the curtains II
thought that he would investigate th.
festivities Although Nosey went from
top to bottom of the building liter,
was not a sound routing from am
of the apartments, even though Nosey
made three trips of inspection, thr
last irip being about I :.V) a. in. About
two people began to arrive at the
building All were dressed in tluir
best finery. Nosey heard one remark:
"Well, it's cheaper to let those lights
burn than to have thieves earrv on
vour stuff, ain't it?'' Then Nosev
tumbled They were all out caharv
ing and the lights fooled not only the
burglars but old sharp Nosey. All
of which shows that you can't tel.
anything from "some" appearances.
* * *
Ynr HAVE TO lie tip real early
if you want to find out why it
is that a certain very popu
lar lawyer is so late getting to li*
office in the morning. Nosey lias met
him several mornings in succession
for several weeks, ll lias always been
alter 2 o'clock in the morning and he
always has a small package under his
arm. He explained to Nosey that lie
had beep out collecting. He dropped
his little package last Tuesday night
or rather Wednesday morning and
out from the paper jumped the picture
or rather pictures, as threr were three
of them, of one of Chicago's "societ
belles." A visit to his bachelor apart
tnent will convince anyone that as
collector of portraits of beautiful
ladies, this lawyer is without a peer
hut Nosey has yet to discover just
why ft takes him all night to secure
three photographs.
Mrs. Ada Lumpkin (2R), 4040 Wa
bash Avenue, was struck by an at no
mobile at Forty-seventh and Micbi
gait Boulevard, August 16tb. She
sustained bruises about her legs. Sh"
was taken to Provident Hospital.
~- ■ ■ -
Mrs. Nellie Burrell, 4131 Calumet
Avenue, gave a house party Wednes
day afternoon in honor of Mis.es
Kena and Louise Colwell of Sedal a,
Mo., who arr spending tin r \aeatiun
with their parents, Mr, ami Mr.. It. I)
Colwell, 4*<30 South Stall- Street,
l)r. I. K. Mc('lain, of I )e n wr, Colo.,
passed through the city last week, re
turning to Denver after visiting hi*
mother in Nashville, Tenn.
Mrs. K. Kuper, 3636 Vernon Ave
nue, left the city last Saturday night
for Kansas City, Mo. where she will
-pend a week.
Dr. I. Crosby, who is coirierled
with the Sherman Harti riological
l.ahratorii ■ of Detroit, Mich., -.pent a
few days in tin eity last week'on hi*
annual tour of tin country. II is Imsi
ness take, him to practically ever
Mark phvsieiau in the eoutitrv in iln
« mirse of a year.
Prof. J. A. Lawrence, President of*
Swaync College, Montgomery, \ki
and Prof. W. 1C Wood of the p.inn
inghani City Schools, visited the of
lu es of I he ( hicago Whip while in
the Windy City last week.
Mrs Rudolph Lawrence, 33W
Rhodes \venue, left for New York
and other eastern «ities last wn*k.
Mr-, Lawrence will *petid two weeks
in the east before returning to the
Mr. John II. Lewis, railway mail
« J»*rk, 0421 Champlain \vcnm , and h
sister. Miss Kmmn L. law <)■
« it> school teacher arc spending their
vacation in Southern Illinois, when
their mother and sister will make tin r
future home. Master John Paul
lev is is with them.
Mrs. Mary Savaglio and son. Louie
Savaglio, 215 W. 24rd Street, left
T hursday morning foi Morri .town,
Tijnn., where tiny will in nd a t*w
week- he for* y .•ii* to Wilh.iilmrg
Ky.. t*» vi a tiieml ml m kit!
They will remain nut *•■ (In « ii f*.
three month'
Mis«#s L.'mrah* lie Roh*m,on at 1
Marvurite N’eshit, poimlar elion’
'etchers of St I .on i who havt '*• • n
•log Chicago this summer left t*•
*t»eir liome la • <satMr*hv • *•■■
They wish to thank tin it fiieruls for
tin many court* u- Imwii tin m vvhil*
in the city. T hey admit that tin v
have had "some tinn " All agree
Mrs. Addie McDowell of I .oiti- ville,
K v , is visiting her father atnl mother,
Mr and Mr** Harding • • t thi * it .
During In r Slav in tin *it she may
he reached at 5.10 I ,V»th Street
Phorii Dougla 574
Mr-. William , 4o24 l a. am \ venue,
and Mrs. \L Knight, 2KI0 l.a Salic
Street, have rcturmd from < incimiao.
Ohio, where they attended the funeral
of an aunt and cousin, Mr Mary
Brown. Deceased w a buried from
Shiloh Baptist ( hurch.
Dr. Binga Dismond returned from
a week’s vacation at Idlewild. Mich
Mis- Regina Anderson entertained
in honor of visiting guests last Wed*
m--da v afternoon from 4 to <•
\(sr. Dora Lawton, ,17.V» Grand
Blvd.. returned to the citv after a
v< rv pleasant stay in Detroit
Mrs. S. \. T. Walkin'. 4512 Grand
Blvd, entertained The 20th Century
Whist Club and visiting friends
Wednesday ufti moon.
Lditor J. A Merriam, M. I), editor
• i the Portland limes, gave us a call
Tuesday lie is now spending a t*\\
weeks at Providence and later at the
Piish M * du al < olh g.
Hon. Edward I Harris, notary pub
li< . of Washington. I). ( . visited the
office this week and will remain in the
city for a short while
Miss \ I.ctteher fins returned to
Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. Laddie is stopping with Mrs
I*. L Worthngton at 3516 Wabash
The artist. Arthur Edward Johnson.
’032 Perido Street, New Orleans, vis
•led the office of the Chicago Whip
Tuesday afternoon. He is touring the
rountry ami expects to visit and study
•he method of Henry O. Tanner and
•tlier celebrities. The New Orleans.
Picayune gave him some excellent
(omtmnt a t<» his ability After
visit to Boston and < nnada be will t<
turn t*» Chicago and get a few mort
ideas for bis excellent studio in New
( )rleans
Assembly Picnic and Dance
Last Thursday night The Assembly
gave what was one of the iiih I sin
cessftil summer affairs in man v»ur
it Nation I Grove. one of ( hicago’.
most popular picnic ground The af
fair drew out many of the people v.ho
had for tin re-l of tin summer re
maitied away from tin cummer.*
• vents. Games of all kind* featured
the afternoon. Charles Wilson of
tiriated at these games in a very skil
ful and energetic manner. Automo
bile narties came all afternoon and
late in the evening in time for the
dance which began after dark. All
nronminced the outing a pleasurable
Mrs. Randle Gives Palm Beach Party
The .Elite Dancing ( lass under the
direction of Mrs. Randle gave another
Palm Beach Party at Ogden Park last
Saturday night. The party was a>
dainty and delightful as the invitation
which bid one attend. The visitor*
from many cities congratulated Mrs
Randle 011 tier pretty party at which
ill were dres ed in white.
Fraternity Gives Dance
The Kanpa Alpha Psi Fraternity
held their house warming in their new
Chapter Mouse. 3132 Calumet Aw Fri
day evening last. The lawn was beauti
fully decorated with lights and (lower*
and those who attended regretted that
the downpour of rain prevented dam
ing in the open. The house, which i
one of the most beautiful in the rip
was a scene long to he remembered
by all who were present and despite
the inclement weather a glorious time
was had.
Editors Dine
A Banquet was given in honor of
lie Editors of Chicago’s leading per
iodicals by The Progressive Chorus
at The Community House, 3201
Wabash Avenue last Friday evening.
I hose editors present made suitable
remarks in testimony of the interest
shown by The Progressive Chorus.
3632 Grand Boulevard.
Sunday, August 28th. under the di
rer! inn of J. Gray l.liras, chairman m
the music comittce, the appoattox
( Iiit> will hold its regular monthly
.uusicalc. A program of exceptional
merit has been arranged and a number
of the best artists will appear. Friends
of the club and visitors to the city
are especially invited to this affair.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Fleming. 4624
Prairie Avenue, arc pleased to an
tiouuce that the stork b it a bouncing
baby girl in their household last Tttcs
dav evening.
Mr I In/i I Thompson Ikivis be
calm' the mother of a*i I’l-bt pound
S Ihij l ist Thursday night. Mr. Ikivi.
has Imtii smiling ever since the advent
into bis home of an heir to the Ihivis
Mrs. Azpeiter Davis (29), 4512 Veil
mines Avenue, was struck over the
Iw ad liy In r husband, William Da\
August 1 Stli. S!u wa taken to Prov
ident Hospital.
Automobile Collides With Horse.
Dor-ey Dixon (42). 4f».lK Langley
Avenue, received bruises about the
holder on August 19th. when he was
bit by an automobile while driving his
horse across Michigan Boulevard at
Forty-sixth Street. He was taken to
Provident Hospital
I In Girls’ Girde of the Conimuniiy j
St rvi« »- will give a benefit dance at j
the Community House. .1201 Waba u\
Avenue. August 27th The dance will j
he for tin benefit r.f the (ommuiiii\ :
t Intel. Tilde will be a charge oi i
tent lor admission.
Taken Carbolic Acid For Medicine.
Laura Disbiuoor (.17). Hotel* Veil ,
mines on August 21st. through mis |
take, took carbolic acid for a close of i
medicine in her room at tin hotel 1
She received first aid bv Dr. V. D. J
I urn* r immediately and was after j
v.ard taken to Provident Hospital,
wlu re she was found to be in a seii [
nils condition.
Cincinnati Beauty Returns Home.
Mr Louise Jewett Perry, < iueiu j
nati. Ohio, formerly of Paris, Ky., who'
lias been the guest «»l tile Id If* wild
Hotel, left 'I'ii»--day fur ( levelaud
t >hii», where she will spend the re
niaindi r of her vacation. While in
tin <ity he was entertained by Miss
t’harity Boyil, Mrs. \ ernon Duncan
and Mrs. Marrietta Jordan and a host
of others She came especially to it
tend the Pageant of Progess. Mrs.
Perry while in Kentucky won a iiiun 1
her of prizes in beauty contests.
Quiet Wedding In Society.
Mrs. Cecil Mo/.ee was c|ui<*11> mar
ried last 1 tu-da> ti« Warren Roan.
Mr Roan’s si-ter and Everett Over
ton were the witnesses.
Mrs. \'ora Fletcher, Hot Spring*.
\rk., is the gue.st of Mrs. Gresham,
44JK Prairie \ venue, second apart
uriit. Mrs. I h tidier is one of Hot
Springs most successful women. Her
many friends are making her stay
'cry enjoyable.
Attorney J. P. Jetton In City.
Attorn*--. J. P Jetton, Dayton, Ohio,
.a m tli* city this week on hi varv
ion. Mr. Jetton was at one time a
practioneer in this city.
Mr. Campbell Returns From Fishing
T rip.
Mr Campbell, cashier of Lincoln
Hank and one *»f the best known ?>usi
ness men on the South Side, has re
turned from his vacation up in Mi* hi
•jan, where he was on a fishing trip.
The cashier was very successful,
bringing back to bis friends a big
•ness of fresh lake fish. “Hill” Adams
received a five-pound white bass from
Idlewild Hotel Booming.
Idlewild Hotel, Thirty-third and
Vabash Avenu* . is booming. This
is due to tile fact of its central lo* a
• " . politeness and courtesy to its
guests and the desire to always look
after the comforts of its patrons. The
rates are cheaper than any hotel i:i
the city and the visiting public is in
it* d to look at its comfortable quar
rrv R* * rvatious may he secured by
mail. Although the Winter season i
a few months off the management
has made contracts with the Consum
* t’ C*»al Company to guarantee heat
throughout the Winter.
Mr. and Mis. George A. Wilson of
• Rhodes Ave. entertained with
dinner on Tuesday August hith, Mrs.
•liiuinie Young, Mrs. Jimmie Walker
of Jackson, Miss. Mrs. White, Mrs
Laura Ellington of Indianapolis, Fnd.
oii*I Mr. Plum. Alexander, Mrs. Quinn
Brown of Englewood. After dinner
the guests were greeted with an un
usual musieal program.
Mrs. Rodez Leaves to Recuperate.
Madame Alia G. Rodez, proprietress
<>f the Oriental Beauty Parlors, 700
East 'Thirty-ninth Street, left the city
»n account of her health and is with
relatives at New River, Va. The Ori
ental Parlors are under the manage
ment of Mrs. Leona Arrington.
Dr. Smith To Medical Meet.
I)r. S. \V. Smith. 4660 State Stree*. j
left Monday to attend the Medical As- I
-ocuiiinn at Louisville, Ky. In con
nection with the meeting he will be
:n conference with President Mullow
nev of Meharry Medical College and I
other alumni to finish plans for the j
drive for the Greater Meharry. Being j
president of the local branch will rep
resent it. lie will visit Lexington and
the historic Mammoth Cave.
Endeavor Convention Closes.
The Allen Christian Endeavor Co 1 •
vention held at Quinn Chapel, A. M ;
I Church, a few days ago lias just '
closed a successful meeting. The dele
gation was entertained hv the vice I
president, Mrs. C. B. Guldens.
Leaves For Alabama.
O. S. Guldens, 3614 Calumet Avenue,
left the city a few days ago for Op.'-j
lika, Ala., to attend the funeral of In
sist er.
Dr. Bed; Engaged.
The engagement is announced of'
Miss Lillian Williams, daughter of Mr.
am) Mrs. Richard Williams, of lfclft
harrow Avenue, Evanston, to l)r.
E tel Thornton Heck, sou of Rev.
Thornton Reck, of Detroit. Mich. Roth
are receiving the congratulations of
their many friends.
Williams Cut By Richardson.
Henry Williams (32), 3027 Dear
horn Street, was seriously cut in the
rig lit cheek over the right eye and on
the right arm in a quarrel with Lester’
Richardson of 312*) La Salle Street.
I lie quarrel took place ;i i 3752 I Vderal
LIm in Quarrel Over Board and,
Room Rem.
John Dennis (25). 2350 State Siren,.
was shot in the tight -ide of the neck
at his home, August loth. l»\ End
Scott in a quarrel over hoard an-r
i(mmii rent. He died almost instantly.
IL inquest was held August IXth un»l
continued to, August 30th
Rev. Lawless to Speak.
Rev. Charles Wesley Burton, pastor
of the Lincoln Memorial C.ongreRa
lional Church. Champlain Avenue ami
Sixty-tilth Street, announces that
tlie Rev. I)r. Alfred Lawless, Jr., for
merly nf New Orleans and now of A\
lanta, will preach at the Lincoln Me
mortal t htirch next Sunday morning. \
\urust 2fl. The public is cordially in- !
vited to attend this service to hear |
this eminent divine. Dr. Lawless is j
one of our leading Congregational
ministers and has many friends ic ;
Chicago who will want to hear him.
The choir will render special music j
A cordial welcome and a great mes j
sage will surely he yours. Come.
Entertained in Louisville.
Dr. ami Mr* VY. H. Britt, 4710 S .
State Street, has for their guest Mr !
Wadie Britt, of Louisville, Ky., one of
the most wealthy and highly rcsp'« f'- l
citizens of the Falls City.
Indianapolis Guests.
Mrs. Robert Hatch and son, Mr.
and Mr*. Herbert C. Willis, of Indi
anapolis. Ind . have been the guests
of Dr. and Mrs. Troy Smith.
Albert George Returns From Topeka.
Attorney Albert George, 3231 Ver j
non Avenue, has returned home after
a week’s visit to Topeka, Kans., win r< j
he attended the Supreme Lodge,!
Knights of Pythias. He and Maj.
Allen A. Wesley were among the Chi
cago delegation who were highly en
tertained at Topeka ami Kansas City,
Expects to Teach on Her Return.
Mrs. Irene Jordan, wife of Joe J«*:
dan, is expected in the city the hr f
of the month. It is reported that
Mrs. Iordan, upon her return from
New York City, will again teach ii
the city schools.
Hit By Motorcycle.
Douglas Carter ((>), 2804 Indiana
Avenue, received bruises on the right
side of the face August 20th. when
he attempted to cross the street ai
I wenly eighth Street and Indiana
Ave. and ran in the path of a speeding
motorcycle and was knocked to the
pavement, lie was taken to Mercy
II * ivpital.
Crowns Wife’s Head With Bottle.
Mr s. Rosa LatipMon (28). 2044 State
•treer, received scalp wounds August
20ih, when do* engaged in a tight
v ith In i 'husband, Wm Langston, who
hit hei i»ver the head with a bottle.
1 d I li.unas (54), 4848 State Street,
dud of heart disease \ugust 15th at
4024 Slate Street.
Henry Dorsey (60), 4005 Dearborn
Si nut. died of heart failure August
18th m the basement of his home.
Henry Phillips (44), 4142 Prairie
A • nn< died August 22nd. He was
, ddenlv attacked bv Aartic steonic
pai n atir.
Henry I Miillips, 4112 i *r .t a ie A venue,
1 1 . veteran, passed away Tues*
<! ' night at his residence. His re
nu* will he sent to Kansas City,
Mo i alhottu & Scott, undertakers!
ai I ! I. Thirty lir i Street, had
chai of the funeral and shipment
• i tin- hudy. The deceased is survived
hv i -aster, Mrs. (iertie Heal, of Kan
sas ( ity.
Mrs Helen Allen, wife of Lieut.1
Thomas Allen of The Eighth Regi
ment. died last Wednesday evening
at tin* home of her mother, 4721 For
est \venue. She was buried from St. (
Monica’" Church Monday morning.
Mrs. Mabel Phillips. 4724 St. Law- i
mice Avenue, died Wednesday night
after an attack of pneumonia. She 1
was buried Saturday afternoon.
Taken to Hospital.
W illiam Martuf (22), 454 E. Thirty
fifth Street, was taken to the County
Ho-pital August 17th suffering from
alcoholic injuries.
Robert Turner (21 ), 4748 Langley
\ venue, was taken to tin* County Hos
pital \ugiist 18th suffering from :
epcleptir fits.
Mr, Ida Moore (25), 4857 Federal I
Street, was taken to the County Hos-|
iptal August 16th suffering with ty-j
phoid fever.
Wadti for (hr oprnin| of lU
ttt (hr
Unity Hall, 3149 Indiana Avenue
I 'nder tier prraona) direction of
Prof. “Bobby” Harding
b'arena! announcement later
“Black's Colored Directory of Chi
cago”, to he published in connection
^vith "Black's Blue Book” promises
to be very illuminating. The book is
now being compiled hv Ford S. Black
and is to be issued this fall. The
directory will be very inclusive, con
taining the names, addresses and
telephone numbers of all business
people as well as residents having a
telephone in their homes.
}[- -
Buy direct, from Loftis—America’s Lead*
ioy Credit Mwlrrs, and save middle
men’s profits. Mail orders filled prompt
ly. Call or write for catalogue It 20M
for July. It is free. v t , /
Attorney Scott Returns.
Attorney James A. Scott, who i> as
sistant city attorney of the city of Chi
cago, lias returned to the city after a
visit to Kassopolia* Mich. The attor
ney and wife have gained several
Riley Back From Vacation.
Mr. William Riley, prominent r<ui
estate man. has returned alter a very
pleasant vacation in Michigan.
Banker Binga Visits Idlewild Resort.
Jesse Binga hanker, paid Indlewfld
Resort. Mich, a visit last week and
was so much pleased with the resort
that he returned to take his wife for a
short vacation It is expected that
Mr. Binga will buy and build next
The “Lady Louise”
Diamond Ring
New Green Hk Solid
Gold. The brilliant
Diamond b m White
Softd Gohi, Ha\inj< the
eaavt anp«»ninre of
platlouru. JTfi values,
The Old Reliable Credit Jewelers
OepL I OB N. Stale St., Chicago.Ill.T
:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
Arrington’s Restaurant
Prices Reasonable Service Excellent
I give Personal Supervision to my Entire Busi
ness. Therefore 1 can give Absolute Guarantee of
23 and 25 West 35th Street
Hot Biscuits, Rolls, Tea or Coffee with All Meals
Food Strictly Fresh. We Aim To Please.
Prices Reasonable.
II not Satisfactory. Please Tell Us, Do Not Tell Others.
HOTEL DE SOTO, 2003 Prairie Ave.
Rooms and suites with kitchenette,
bath and all modern conveniences.
$0 to $16 per week.
dern. near "L" and surface lines.
3 Apt., 4740 Prairie Ave. Kenwood
All cars in good condition
have just, been thoroughly
over-hauled. Some oars arc
repainted and new tires.
Moline Knight Roadster,
Roadster King ,X. Two King
X, five passenger touring
Hudson 6-10, Two Monroes
Hupmobile 1010, Paige 1010,
Cole 8-1010 seven passengers,
seven passenger Chalmers
1010, !0l8 Oakland, 1020
Clear five passenger touring.
Two Dodge Taxicab, Stearns
Limousines, Hudson Limous
These ears can be bought
for cash, time or trade, no
brokerage or insurance fees
requires. < )pen evenings and
Iron City Motors Company
Distributors ol Clears
Used Car Department
O. CERTS, Manager
2337 Michigan Avenue
Cnlum«< 541-545
Great Opportunity For
Ambitious Men
And Women
Earn While You
Call To-day At Our
3539 State St.
Sales Manager
For first class stenographic work
call at 3333 o. State St. Letters, bills
of sale, mortgages, chattels and wills
etc., all properly drawn up. Dictation
taken by telephone. Can arrange to
cull at your office or home for work,
Sundays included.
Special rate to Lodges. Accounts
adjusted and books set up for new
Chas. B. Travis,
Notary Public.
A. J. Twigg, Stenographer,
3333 So. State St.
Office: Victory 5038.
Home: Victory 9124.
10,000 MEN WANTED.
M**n wanted in every walk of life to wear
the famous Dr. Pryor’s JAPO Marcel Wav
ing Cap. No more acids, burning or turning
red. The greatest discovery known to
science. Men are simply wild about it. Sim
ply wear the cap for a few minutes and the
hair becomes marcelled. Can be used with
any Hair Preparation. The Medicated Wave
Pad is recommended for growing the huir,
tfivin life, beauty and color. These Caps
are for sale by ull Druggists and Dry Goods
Stores. Thousands of men are now happy.
Every man should use one of thei-e Won
derful Caps. A trial will convince the most
skeptical. Price in reach of all. Agents are
making big money. Price of CAP $1.25.
Outfit (2.26. Send today. Agents’ Outfit
$n.60. No goods sent C. O. D. State size
when ordering.
3319 Slats St. Chicago, III.
FOR SALE at bargain to
<1 i c up an eitate — No. 2962
Ellis Ave., three story brick
residence, furnace heat. Rents
$900.00 per year, price only
$6500.00 Terms, $1000 cash,
balance lkie rent.
No'. 2932-4 Ellis Ave,. three
story brick building containing
six flats. Rents $2000.00 per
year. Price only, $8500.00.
Terms, $2000.00 cash, balance
$150.00 per month.
These properties are worth at
leu t $40,000.00. Will sell at
above prices if sold ut once.
Don’t miss this opportunity.
Apply Frank .1. Petru, Trustee,
1443 W. 18th St., Tel. Canal
1st apartment. Neatly furnished front
loom in private home for a quiet and
refined married couple. No other
roomers kept in the house. All mod
ern conveniences. Must be seen to ire
appreciated. Kenwood 5027.
CALUMET AVE., 3317, furnished
! rooms with kitchenettes, modem —
steamheated, electric lighted. Doug
las 5380.
W A HASH AVE., 4545, 1st Apt.
furnished rooms, modern conven
iences. Kenwood C288.
WaBASH AVE., 3347. -Neatly fur
i,1 .. 0 rouis. alngle or couples. Muu
era conveniences. Victory 0323.
4533 Prairie Ave., 2nd Elat. Neatly
furnished, one large, one small—
rates reasonable. Kenwood 7951.
4842 CALUMET Ave., 2nd Apt. -
3 furnished rooms. Mod. Excel.Trans.
Oak. 2110.
4530 Indiana Ave. Apt. 3, 2 furn
ished looms, newly decorated, 1 front
—Drex. 8579.
Rents have not been raised at the
Idlewild Hotel, 50 Hast 33rd St. Rate-,
$4.00 and $5 00 per week and tip, with
steam heat, hot water; near "L" and
car lines. Advt.
FOR SALE: Must sell at once Rest
aurant. Leaving city. Victory 4995.
Classy 6-cylinder, 0-passenger
j Chevrolet, with 5 tire , nearly new.
| B' sell Magneto, Ray and Davis Start
I e. and Lighting System. Good Me
i chanieal condition—$400. Also other
bargains. Chicago Premier Co., 2243
Michigan Ave., Victory 3730. — Mr.
Complete housekeeping outfit con
sisting of furniture, chirm, silver, etc.,
for five rooms. Will sell whole outfit
or anv part separately.
5t441 Wab**h Ave.
Phone: Normal 9262.
j FOR SALE—Furniture of 6 rooms,
complete and flat, very reasonable.
Mrs. Alberta. Call after .">, Oakland
FOR SALE—A-l Clothing Business
on East 35th Street. Modern Build
ing. Owing to bad health must change
climate before winter. Three years
lease. First answers get first option.
Address Box 8, Chicago Whip, 3420
State Street.
A young Christian man wants a
wife in some likeness, that will be
pleased with one husband, deny all
others for God and his righteousness
and happiness at home and husband.
None other need apply. Apply through
“The Whip”.
“A” grade student in accounting
University evening school — desires
part or whole time work.— Address
The Whip.
WANTED—10 girls experienced to
do beading alid embroidery work at
home. Apply Square Deal Hem
stitching and Embroidery Shop, 203
E. 30th St.
Young women wanted as Depart
mental Clerks, Listing and Filing
Clerks, Clerks of Record and First
Grade Clerks, also Railway Mail
Clerks. Lifetime positions with the
Govenment. We can train you at your
own home and give you a guarantee.
Call at once for free information.
Telephone, Victory 5038. O’Brien
Civil Service School, 3333 So. State
Street. Ask for Major Dixon.
fice Clerks, Letter Carriers, Railway
Mail Clerks and private detectives.
We train and fit you at your own
home and guarantee you. Call at
once as these are lifetime positions
with government and you are needed.
Phone Victory 5038. Ask for Major
Dixon, 3333 South State Street.
A First Assistant in Photo Studio
Must be experienced Receptions) i«t and
have knowledge of Retouching
Hifrh School Education preferred.—Must
be alert and neat of appearance.
Sure Opportunity Of Advancement For
The Right Person.
Address Application to Box A. Chicago
Whip. Send Photo wth Application in
Own Handwriting.

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