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Express Confidence in Atlanta
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 1.—In connection
with the charges of immorality laid
against Bishop J. S. Flipper, of the A.
M. E. Church, th** A. M. E. State Con
vention of Presiding Elders and mem
bers of the Executive Board <o Morris
Brown University have passed resolu
tions expressing their confidence in him.
Bishop Flipper has been openly j
charged in the Bishops' Council with
immorality by Mrs. Cawdus Davis, of
Hawkinsville, Ga.
In a lengthy affidavit Mrs. Davis
•harged that the bishop had been her
sweetheart for seventeen years, that she
had borne him a child, and that he had
failed to keep his promises to marry
Bishop Flipper denied all these charges
and stated that he would prove his inno
cence at the proper time ?ttd place.
The resolution is as follows:
The Annual Sunday School and Allen
League Convention of the African Meth
odist Episcopal Church, assembled in
East Macon, Georgia, desirous of plac
ing upon record our esteem, appreciation
and confidence in a religious leader
whose signal services in the ministry
and episcopacy has brought inestimable
and spirited benefits to our denomination
and realizing that the rise to this dis
tinction would reasonably bring about
competitive agencies, almost self-assum
ing, as he faces these vast and tar
reaching responsibilities, the ministry and
laity of the African Methodist Episcopal
Church, representing a membership of
nearly two hundred thousand in the
state of Georgia, realizing while we
cannot hear the brunt of a responsibility
so vast and far reaching, we can express
our appreciation and confidence in a
religious leader so rare and meritorious,
especially when there rests upon his
shoulders so much of vital life to a
great church and race.
We, therefore, assure the Rt. Rev. J.
S. F'lipper, D.D., L.L.D., that a faithful
constituency, not only delights to honor
him, but register our approval of his
counsel, wise lead, so that our educa
tional institution's missionary agencies,
young people's organizations, the min
istry and churches reveal a growth, both
phenomenal and unparalleled, certainly a
distinction of which but few men can
The convention, therefore, is unwilling
to wait for others upon this occasion in
annual convention assembled so sur
rounded by the official representatives of
the African Methodist Episcopal Church
in the state of Georgia, with nearly one
thousand delegates, the flower of the
church and race, w e here and now regis
ter our approval of the untold benefits
which have come to African Methodism,
and believe the continuation of bis lead
ership will yet open doors to rare oppor
tunity of which the past is but a begin
Resolved, first, that the council of
Presiding Elders, the representatives of
our schools, the entire membership oi
the Annual Sunday School and Allen
Christian Endeavor League Convention
pray that the Holy Spirit may enlarge
his vision, strengthen his intellect and
gird him for the leadership which this
great century imposes upon men who
stand in the fore front of a great church
and race;
Resolved, second, that we delight to
note his quiet and genial spirit under the
most trying circumstances, all indicative
of a safe and strong leader, whose life
for over forty years as a minister and
fourteen years as bishop makes him a
man and religious leader worthy of con
fidence and respect:
Resolved, third, ihaf we the religious
leaders of the African Methodist Epis
ropal Church in the state of Georgia,
assure the Episcopacy, the ministry, and
laity of African Methodism throughout
the world, that we shall allow no inter
est, branch or department of our great
denomination to suffer under his admin
istration and leadership.
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Champaign, 111.
Dean Davenport of the University of
Illinois speaks to a crowded house Sun
Jay evening.
Mrs. Deala Anderson of Newborn,
Tcnn., is the guest of Mrs. W. M. Drake
and family at their residence. 409 East!
Y'ine street.
Mrs. Allen Greens burned herself acci-!
dentally Friday morning with sealing j
wax while canning fruit. The burn ]
reached from her elbow to hej hand, j
The Rose Bud Club was entertained l
last Wednesday evening at the residence j
of Mrs. T.. H. Kirk. Miss Lena Alex- j
ander, and Mr. Porter Lewis, won first'
prize playing progressive whist. There!
was plenty of music and dancing. Lun
cheon was served. Mrs. James Hamil
ton of St. Louis was guest of the
Mr. Dolma H. Pendleton of St. Louis
was the guest of his father.
Mr. Henry ('. Pendleton is here for
one week.
A fine boy was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Gtis Brown, 603 North Fourth street.
The University of Illinois opened with
one hundred colored students, an in
crease ot twenty-five of the preceding
Miss Ruth Hughes is ill
Dr L. R. Breedlove, formerly of this
city, but now of Cincinnati, Ohio, is
practicing medicine in this city.
Mr. Robt. Smith purchased a Lord
touring ear.
Zannl Good on sale at 53 East Colum
bia Avenue.
Mr. Edward Berry is improving.
Milwaukee News
(By Marian Ross)
The Young Ladies’ Culture Club
gave a dance last Monday night at the
Freie Geinindc Hall on Fourth St. It
was highly attended by the younger
set. ***Mr. Donald Haywood has re
turned to Milwaukee after spending
two weeks in Chicago. ’"Mr. Clar
ence Lee of Chicago is spending a
few days in Milwaukee. ***Dr. George
Lewis and family of Chicago motored
to Milwaukee last Wednesday on a
sightseeing trip. While here they
were guests of Miss Marjorie Sills,
♦♦♦The La Circle Club held their sec
ond meeting of this term Wednesday
evening. Many of the young members
were out. ♦♦♦Mrs. D. H. Howard of
Chicago is spending a few days in
Milwaukee visiting her sister, Mrs. S.
T. Wilson. ♦•♦"Buck and Bubbles"
of Xat N'azarro & Co. are playing here
at the Majestic Theatre. ***Mrs. Lil
lian Bell has returned to Chicago after
spending two weeks here visiting her
mother. Mrs. F. Evans. ♦♦•Mr. Lcd
tuane Jones and Percy Venable arc
entertaining at Sant Pick's Bungalow
Inn on the Blue Mound Road. They
are doing fine. Mr. Ike Young is now
working at the Canary Cottage with
Miss Ruth Moore’s Jazz Band. ♦**
The wedding of Miss Etna Colin and
Mr. Roscoe Chancellor will take place
Wednesday-, Nov. 2 at her home on
Eighth St. ♦••Mr. Jesse Rollir.s is
hack in the city after spending two
weeks in Sioux City, Iowa. ♦•♦Miss
Louise Collins is on the sick list. ♦**
Mrs. C. K. Cunningham and son, Mr.
Albert Steffens, had an accident while
driving in their automobile. Neither
were seriously injured. ***Mr. H.
Gallaway, assistant superintendent of
the Olivet Baptist church, is spending
his vacation in Milwaukee. He is
stopping at the Johnson Hotel, 200
Fourth St. ••♦Mrs. Carrie Ford re
turned home Saturday after a week’s
I visit in Chicago, the guest of Mrs.
Woody e Smythe. ***Miss Lucille
Jones has returned after spending sev
eral days in Madison visiting her si>
ter, Mrs. Eva Jones. ***Mrs. Mildred
Hudgins nee Miss Mildred Martinc of
Philadelphia is in Milwaukee with her
husband, Mr. Johnny (Gravy) Hudg
ins of the Monte-Carlo Girls. ***Miss
Mildred Simmons has returned to
Chicago after spending the summer
visiting her grandmother. Mrs. Calvin
Reeves. ***Mr. and Mrs. A. \Y. Gr
ille/. motored to Chicago on a business
trip. They returned to Milwaukee
Friday. ***Jack Ray of Evansville,
Ind., middleweight champion of In
diana. is stopping at the Johnson ho
tel for a few days. ***Mr. Percy Ven
able, who is entertaining at Sam Pick’s
Bungalow Inn, is ill. ***Miss Ada
Banks of Chicago and Miss Sunshine
Lee are entertaining at the Hofbrau
Inn. ***Moss & Frye are billed here
at the Majestic Theatre as an added
feature . '♦♦♦Mr. Elmer Benson is
spending a few days in Milwaukee. He
will return to Fond du Lac on Mon
day. Mr. Webb Ousley of St. Louis,
Mo., is spending several months in
this city. ***Miss Kula Davis of Chi
cago, supervisor of the girl*' athletic
department of Lincoln Center Oak
land and Langley Aw.. visiting Miss
Harriet Nichols. ***Dr. V. Nichols
has returned to his home after spend
ing the summer in Chicago. Dr. Nich
ols will resume his studies at Mar
quette University. ♦'♦♦Mrs. K. 11. Bay
lor, wife of Dr. Baylor, has as her guest
Mr. and Mrs. Washington and Mr. and
Mrs. Thompson of Chicago. ♦♦♦l)r.
and Mrs. Badger are giving a break
fast Sunday morning in honor of Dr.
and Mrs. Baylor and their guests. ***
Mr. Hollister Kinner motored to Chi
cago last Sunday and is spending a
few days there. ♦♦♦Miss Willa Bry
ant Cassopolis is here spending the
winter. ♦♦♦Dr. Vern Wimberly is
leaving Sunday for Nashville, Tonn..
to resume his studies at Maharry Col
lege. He will spend a few days in
Chicago before leaving. ♦♦♦Mrs. Bay
lor left tor the Windy City Wednes
day to attend a reception at the Ap
pomatox Club. ♦♦♦Mr, Stith enter
tained the Literary Club at her borne.
A reading was read by Mrs. Stith. who
later served a salad course.
New Orleans, La.
By Robert W. Daggs
The Ladies industrial Sewing Guild
was most beautifully entertained at the
home of Mrs. D. C. Douglas, 20,11 St.
Andrew St,, on the evening of Mon
day, Sept. 12. 1921. It was indeed
among one of the most elaborate af
fairs ever given by host or hostesses
The early part of the evening was de
voted to a program consisting of in
strumental and vocal .selections, and
much wholesome and entertaining
amusement. At the close of the pro
gram. the guests were persuaded to
assemble for a grand march and at
tack upon the dining room, which was
very beautifully decorated with roses
and ferns, the table being laden with a
variety of fruit and delicacies, and a
three course supper was their positive
Mrs. R, H. Spellman, President.
Mrs. M, J, McCoy, Secretary.
Biloxi, Miss.
By G. Buries
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By 1st Lieut. Matthew R. Johnson
As’the “Old Eighth” detrained in
Chicago after 15 days of training at
Camp Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois
and as they marched through the I
streets enroute to the. Armory, those !
who saw them on the line of march
will admit that they looked the part j
of real soldiers. 'The instructions in j
modern warfare were given to them by |
the officers of the regiment, many of
whom saw service overseas assisted !
by instructors of the regular army.
Every man that left Chicago and
other home stations returned a lUO per '
cent better man from a military stand- j
point. Expression of satisfaction1
came from the adjutant general. Chief
of Staff Crank S. Dickson; Senior In
structor Colonel (.'has. G Nelson, l .
S. A.; Colonel Win. If. Patterson, l .
S \ , and Colonel Richiug I. Shatul,
t . S. A. The progress and aclaptibility
of the men were remarkable. For in
stance, men who had never before
seen or even held an automatic rifle,
after three days in camp qualified as
expert riflemen, which consisted in
dismounting and mounting tin auto
matic rifle blindfolded in le.v* than
three minutes, naming all parts and
telling their use. Also the same ap
plies to the men of the machine gun
companies. Every man qualified be
fore the allotted time. One would
have had to be present in camp and
see the men under training n* fully
realize and appreciate the desires of
each man to excell.
As usual the Eighth can boast of
many honors of which ha^ always
been. It is the first regiment feder
ally recognized by the government to
parade for the Militia Bureau, State
of Illinois, the first regiment ot the
stale to parade lor the rommandct.il
Governor Lcn Small.
'Hie honorable h\ S. Dickson ad
dressed the colonel of the regiment.
I His B. Duncan and his staff of ofli-;.
:crs and his remarks stated that heh
was more than proud to have as a
uart of the Corps Area the Famous
Fighth, and further stated that we asi
officers 6f the regiment should he
proud not only from a military point j
r>t* view, but as Racial accomplish-1
ment, as we were the only Colored j
Combat Ctiit authorized by the War
Department. He was answered ad-f
hiirably by Colonel Otis B. Duncan, j
from whom words of eloquence!
flowed freely in his usual masterful
and convincing manner.
While in the Capitol City, the citi
zens of Springfield admit that the
greatest social affair held there was
that of the military hall given at the
Mate Arsenal on Wednesday evening.!
Sept. 7. 1921. Nothing was more
pleasing to the eyes than the uniforms
of the officers and men. A hand con
cert was the opening feature, under
the directorship of the commander of
the band section. Service Co., Lieut,
jas. B. Tucker. Next i grand
march headed by Chief of Staff (Jen.
S. Dickson and Mi-- Kstclle Ar
nold, niece of tin* former colofiel, John
R. .Marshall; followed by Col. Otis R.
Duncan and Mrs. Shepard A Ware,
wife of (apt. Shepard \. Ware* Med
ical Detachment. 8th Inf., I. N. (1.
Distinguished guests were: Col.
.Charles Nelson. 1 S. \. Col. W in.
Patterson, U. S. \.. Col. Frank L.
Taylor and family, and all C. S A.
instructors present in camp. Lieut.
Col. John II. Patton and (apt. and
Adit. James ( . Hall displayed their
genius for administration while in
camp. One can conceive an idea of
the enormity of the task, when one
considers that there were nearly 1400
present in camp, i-very mie of whom
were kept busy each minute of the i
7*oo much praise cannot be given;
Capt. Stanley R. Norvell, commander |
of the Service Co. upon whom the;
regiment depended for food, clothing, ]
and music.
Major Rufu- M StAk* commander;
of the Special Cnits. expressed satis-1
faction in the envious records that
were made by the companit . under
his command in the technics of the
Browning machine gtin.
It was reported in the issm ot the
Chicago Di tender dated Sept 10 that
2nd Lieut. James K Harris, had been
' seriously wounded from a gun shot
i purported to have been from the
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lands of his wile and lhat he wuuld
lot he able to attend the encampment,
rhe writer wishes to state that Lieut
iarris was present in camp ami that
drs. Harris was a visitor in camp and
hat there was an error somewhere.
The Louise D. Marshall Auxiliai’.
vi 11 entertain at w hist in the < olono s
Parlors Thursday, Sept. 29. 1921.
The following appointments weie
nadc dated Sept. 2, 1921: Clarei . e
II. Bouchanc, to be 1st Lieut, as
iigtied to Company "D’\ Frank l-'re^:
nan to lx- 2nd Lieut., assigned to
Jompan> "11". James K. Harris to
>c 2nd Lieut., assigned to Hcadquar
ers Company. Samuel C«. Harris to1
it: 2nd Lieut., and assigned to (.'mil
lany “D". Lieut. S. (». Harris should
lie an example of what a* man ran
accomplish by industry, having en
listed as a private a little more than
fi year ago. working his way through
ill the grades to a commission.
The Staff Section under command
of 1st Lieut. Kdinond (i. White and
the direct supervision of Master Ser
grant Thomas K. Johnson and Ser
geant Hersehel W illiams, received the
highest praise from the commanding
officer upon the efficient manner in
which they handled the administration
of the regiment.
Mrs. McDuffy Freeman and Mi
Dulfy. Jr., were visitors during tin
encampment. McDuffy, Jr., is slated
for tin- next top kicker of "(»" com
First Lieut. Benote F. Lee, Com
pany "A", won first honors in row
petition on a war problem. Lie.it.
Lee was commanding his platoon on
the firing line and under his wonder
ful leadership succeeded in capturing
the enemy’s trench. He represented
the 1st battalion. The 2nd battalion
won second place.
1st. l.iut. 8th fnd. III. N. (i
Publicity Officer
An Independent New.p«P«
Published Every Week
Vol.llf. OCTOBER 1st, IWI No. t9
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bility or responsibility for their *afe custody
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in the name of the ( HICAUO wiiir, ino
attention whatever paid U> u\\M*"*dri
SUrap* must accompany all querlea and
Admitted a* second clnss matter, Oct. *1.
1919 at the Post Office at Chicago. l»k
under the Act of March 8. 1879.
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Ona Year.. $2 00; Sin Month*.... $1 25)
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