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Release Man Over Whom Tulsa Riot Raged
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Founder Of Order Of Foresters Dies In New Orleans
Guardian Of Young Girl Heeds
Dying Sister’s Behest, Re
fuses To Surrender
Heeding her departed sinter's dy
ing injunction, Mrs. Henry Jennings,
2917 rPairie Ave. ,refused to allow
her niece to he taken from her care,
and when attacked by the child’s
step-father, Joseph McCoy, she shot
him dead.
When Mrs. McCoy died in August,
she entrusted her 13-year old daugh
ter. Ruby Leo McCoy, to the care of
her sister, Mrs. Jennins.
She asked that the child be guard
ed and protected, and never allowed
to leave her aunt.
Monday night Joseph McCoy, the
dead women's husband, and step
father of the child appeared at the
home of Mrs. Jennings and demand
ed custody of Ruby Lee. Mrs. Mc
Coy refused to surrender the child
and ordered McCoy from her home.
He became abusive, and began to
beat and curse her, according to her
testimony at the coroner’s inquest.
When he attacked her she fled from
one room to another, finally taking
refuge in her bedroom.
In thc^ drawer of her dresser was
a revolver. When McCoy broke into
the bedroom and cornered her in his
rage, she seized the gun and fired one !
shot, killing him Instantly. The bul-1
let entered his body just above tho
At the coroner’s inquest Tuesday
morning at Jackson’s Morgue, 3317
State St., coroner’s jury voted a
charge of murder against her.
She will be held for indictment by
the grand jury.
McCoy was 31 years of age and
lived at 3012 Vernon Ave.

$300,000 ESTATE
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Oct. 15 —The es
tate of J. Milton Turner, first man of
his rare to be appointed to the U. S.
diplomatic service, amounts to approx
imately $,100,000, it was revealed to
Turner was killed in an explosion in
Ardmore in 1915. Lawyers represent
ing his estate have announced an in
vestigation revealing lease holdings in
Oklahoma to the value of $500,000.
Turner represented this country as
minister plenipotentiary to Liberia
from 1871 to 1877.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1.5 —1 he
United States Supreme Court has de
nied an appeal for a review of the
case of Garfield Trioleau, which in
volved a question as to whether a Ne
gro has a right to trial by a jury of his
own race. Priolciu lost in the lower
Mob Drives Miles to
Lynch Man, Quits
at Prison Doors
DALLAS, Tex., Oct. 15.—A large
crowd of whites that came here in motor
tars from Fort Worth, early Friday,
for the announced purpose of lynch
ing David Bunn, held in connection
with the robbery of members of a
house party near Fort Worth Tuesday
flight, disbanded shortly after their
arrival It is understood the numbers
of the “vengeance • uad” have gone
hack to Fort Worth.
No concerted effort was made to ob
tain Bunn, who was brought here for
safekeeping following his indictment at
Fort Worth yesterday on a charge of
robbery with firearms.
Fort Worth Jail Searched.
Before starting for Dallas the crowd
compelled officials to permit a group
to go through the Tarrant county jail
in search of the prisoner.
Word that the *>;<rty; was eti route
here was receive# late last night by
local officials, and preparations were
made to forestall any possible trouble.
According to officers, it would he vir
tually impossible for a prisoner to be,
taken from the local jail, as the struc
ture is an especially strong one.
Police Report Confession.
Bunn was arrested at Fort Worth
Wednesday, and. according to police,
■onfessed that lie was the man who
•obbed members of the house party
ind escaped with approximately $1,500
worth of jewelry after having attempt
'd to mistreat a girl w^iom lie had used
is a shield in getting away from the
According to members of the house
larty, the robber compelled guests to
ie one another with rags and prodded,
ticked and otherwise abused them as
ie forced them to comply with his dr
naud that they ha*id over their vafii
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 10.—
Evidence obtained by the department
of justice bearing on the activities of
the Ku Klux Klan was prgsented
today by Attorney General Dough
erty to Chairman Campbell of t he
bouse rules committee, which will be
gin hearings tomorrow on resolutions
railing for an investigation of the or
William J. Simmons of Atlanta, im
perial wizard of the Ku Klux, will ap
pear, before the committee tomorrow.
Proponents of five separate house res
olutions, calling for an inquiry in one
form or another, also will be heard.
One of the resolutions would author
ize a committee to find out whether
any senators or representatives are
members of the klan.
Regalia Barred; Parade Off.
NEWARK. N. J., Oct. 10.—Russell
K. Trimble, king kleaglc of the south
:rn New Jersey district of the Ku Klux
Klan, today announced that orders had
been received from the organization’s
national headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.,
forbidding use of regalia outside lodge
rooms. This will prevent a parade in
helmets and robes which had been an
‘ Denies Barring Regalia.
ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 10—There
has been no general order forbidding
Man For Whose Life Mobs
Fought Is Found Innocent
Of All Charges.
TULSA, Okla., Oct. IS.—Dick Row
land, the attempt to lynch whom pre
cipitated the Moodiest conflict in the
history of American race friction, has
been freed of all charges and released
from prison.
Attempts to take Rowland from the
county jail here ou June 1 last met
with unexpected resistance, and failure
on the part of the lynch-bent mob end
ed in a race riot of two days’ duration.
In the conflict over one hundred lives
were lost and $2,000,000 worth of
property was destroyed.
Charged with Assault.
A report has been spread through
the city that Rowland had been ar
rested apd charged with assault by
Sarah Page, a white elevator girl in an
office building. It was later learned
that this report was false, and that the
girl had made no such accusation.
Shortly following the riot Sarah
Page made a statement that Rowland
was entirely innocent of any wrongdo
ing. She disappeared immediately,
and has not been seen since.
Trying Other Cases.
Criminal charges of rioting against
J. II. Smithcrman. editor; M. S. Weav
er, Moses Fitzgerald, F.ugenc Whar
ton, Andrew Brown, A. B. Taylor and
William Dixon came before the court
last week.
Charges against Dixon were dis
missed. Others asked a change of ve
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 15.—
William Bryant, 45. 541 Russel street,
died in the Knoxville General Hospital
last week as the result of wounds in
the stomach caused by a pistol shot
fired by Alonzo Clark, 418 University
avenue. •
Bryant was shot when he, with his
daughter. Miss Estelle Bryant, went to
Clark's home for the purpose of set
tling a quarrel existing between Clark
and the Bryant girl. Clark has been
accused of beating the girl brutally.
When Clark was called to the door
he fired one bullet, striking Bryant in
the stomach.
Clark is said to have been a sweet
heart of the Bryant girl for several
years. The quarrel arose when Clark
insisted on taking a child of the girl’s
whose father he is said to be.
the use of regalia of the Ku Klux
Klan outside of lodge rooms, Mrs.
Elizabeth Tyler of the propagation de
partment of the order, said here
tonight. I
Klan Sued for $100,000.
ATLANTA, Ga.. Oct. 10.—Suit for
$100,000 was filed against the Ku Klux
Klan today by W. 11. Terrell, well
known attorney any member of the
city board of education, to recover
compensation for services rendered as
general counsel to the klan. Mr. Ter
rell relinquished the post on Nov. 1,
1920, after serving from 1915. '
Elected Official Of Bond Corp.
Mrs. Bertha Montgomery, prominent in political and economic circles,
was recently elected Vice President of the Chicago Real Estate Bond and
Mortgage Corporation, which proposes to protect the property of colored
citizens and offer channels for good investment. Mrs. Montgomery is also
empoyed in the Assessor’s office.
Jailer, Finding
Clothing, Seeks
Nude Fugitive
FRANKFORT. Ky„ Oct. 15.—Po
lice authorities in su ng cities
have been asked to be on alert for
a nude fugitive from the Kentucky Re
! fortnatory here.
He is Roert Cole of Louisville. Cole
[fled tlic reformatory last week. His
j clothing wes found behind a shad: just
'outside thf reformatory walls, lie was
a “third j rmer," serving a two-year
sentence I r grand larceny.
Clifford Lee, 34, 3532 Wabasdr Ave
nue, is confined in the Provide/ Hos
pital, where it is learned ti>' he is
suffering partial paralysis of/ i legs.
Lee’s injury occurred Fricl at 43rd
and State Streets, when he/ .s struck
by a passing Yellow Cab. / fter strik
ing its victim, the cab spe/. away and
did not stop. Lee is unable to iden
tify the chauffeur.
Texas Judge Says
of Klan, “Shoot,
Then Investigate ”
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Oct. 13.—
'Shoot first and investigate after
wards" is the advice Judge W. W.
Walling of the Thirty-seventh District
Court, in regard to action to be taken
n case the Ku Klux visits the city.
Homicide is justifiable, he says, when
he party slain in disguise is engaged
n any attempt, by word, action or
sign, to alarm any other person.
LYNCHBURG, Va., Oct. 15.—This
,-ity went without water for several
hours last week while College Hill
Reservoir was being drained for the
purpose of recovering the dead body
pf Perry Trent, five years of age, who
was drowned when he plunged into
the reservoir to recover a tennis ball.
The city’s water supply comes from
he reservoir, and in order to recover
iiis body it was necessary to drain it.
Mack McKenzie Roane, the organ
izer of the great court Gen. Robt. El
liott, Ancient Order of Foresters, and
the founder of Lady Elliott Rorestric
Auxilliaries, passed away Thursday,
October 6th, at his former home in
Louisiana. 11 is remains were shipped
to Chicago, arriving Sunday morning,
October 9th.
“Daddy Roane,” as he was affection
ately called by all Foresters, was a
unique character. He was quiet and
unassuming, yet the possessor of one
of the greatest minds in America.
When the Order of Foresters was
hinging on the question of retaining
the Negro as members, or letting the
principles die under the weght of
southern prejudice, “Daddy Roane”
put the question up to the High Court
of the World, wftich is in England.
■ True to their doctrine, he ruled that if
the white members could not accept
the doctrine of Robin Hood, the
founder, which was the equality of
man, then they could secede, which
| they did, and started what was called
the Independent Order of Foresters,
which met a sudden and violent death
a few years later.
This decision of the High Court in
favor of Negroes meant the loss of
28,000 white members.. But Roane,
through his wonderful organizing abil
ity, soon demonstrated that they made
no mistake, for he organized the larg
est, richest and most progressive
branch in the jurisdiction, namely,
Court Gen. Robt. Elliott.
His remains will lie in state at the
Foresters’ Hall, 44th and State streets,
from Saturday at 2 P. M. until Sun
day. Forestric. service will be held in
the main hall at 1 :,10 P. M., after the
body will he escorted to the funeral
parlors of ( has. Jackson, Monday, Oc
tober 17th, at 11 A. M. The body will
he taken to St. Thomas Episcopal
Church for the final church rites,
thence to Oakwood.
PITTSBURG, Pa., Oct. IS.—Jesse
Ashcroft, of Clairton, near here, is on
trial for the slaying of his wife, Mrs.
Lula Ashcroft.
Ashcroft has confessed the killing,
saying he committed the act through
jealousy. There were no eye witnesses
to the killing, and the commonwealth's
case is based almost entirely upon the
Ashcroft said that while walking
along a lonely road between Duquesne
and Dravosburg he picked up a stone
and crushed his wife’s head with it,
after which he dragged her body to an
embankment and cast it over.
He is said to have become enraged
when he came home from work to find
his wife away, and later saw her with
another man.
Made Treasurer.
SOUTH BEND. Ind., Oct. IS.—The
Rev. Benjamin 1\ Gordon, pastor of
the Broadway Evangelical Church, has
been elected secretary-treasurer of the
Ministerial Association of this city.
Rev. Gordon is a graduate of Fisk
and Chicago universities. He is the
first man of his race to be elected to
this office.
Hear M. E. Wolfsohn Speak at Trinity Church, 30th Street and Prairie Avenue,
Sunday, October 16th at 3 p.m. “Pool Your Interest”
Invaded West Side Man’s
Home, Took His Wife,
Killed And Tortured
His Children.
Visions of Southern justice arose in
the Desplaines street police court Fri
day, when Roy Butler, 23 years of age,
2241 Fulton street, was booked on
charges of murder and attempt to mur
As he was held for the killing of a
7-year-old white boy, a woman in the
audience screamed, “Lynch him!
Lynch him!” The echo was taken up
by the crowd in the court room, and
resounded through the corridors.
A cordon of policemen was quickly
thrown around the man, and he was
hurried to the county jail, where he is
now held.
Tortured Victim with Hot Water.
Butler's crime is said to include the
pouring of boiling water over the bare
legs of 7-year-old Harvey Coleman,
who is in the county hospital in a crit
ical condition.
He is charged with having beat and
tortured Harold Coleman", two and
one-half years of age to such an ex
tent that the child died July 18, 1918.
Drove Father from Home.
Prior to that time, it is alleged But
ler drove Harvey Coleman, Sr.
(white), from the home, and with Mrs.
Coleman, also wdiite, took full posses
sion of the family belongings. He is
supposed to have lived there since with
Mrs. Coleman, mother of the vic
tims, and Ray Gibbons (white), S151
North Hermitage avenue, are also held
as accessories. It is said that Mrs.
Coleman stood by and watched her
lover torture her children.
Butler's favorite pastime, it is said,
was taking the boys out into the barn,
hanging them by their toes, end prod
ding them with needles.
BALTIMORE, Oct. 15.—Bishop and
Mrs. John Hurst have just returned
from England, France and Belgium,
where lie, with other A. M. E. minis
ters attended a joint conference of
Methodist churches.
Bishop Hurst gives an interesting
account of attempts to jim-crow the
party returning on the White Star
liner “Adriatic.” The chief steward,
he says, attempted to segregate all
members of the carty in one corner
of the dining room. This attempt was
overruled, he says, by the captain of
the ship.
Garvey Says DuBois
Represented U. N.
I. A. In Europe
NEW YORK CITY, Oct. 15.—
Marcus Garvey said among many
other things in a most interesting
speech to an immense audience of over
six thousand at Liberty Hall, 120
West 138th Street, New York City,
Sunday night last, that Dr. W. E. B
DuBois, though presumably has jour
neyed to Europe to hold a Pan-Afri
can Congress has virtually and prac
tically journeyed there as a represent
ative the Universal Negro Improve
mcn Association, wherein a consider
able of his time and that of the Con
gress was consumed and devoted to
explanations of his non-connections
with Garvey or the Garvey movement.
Garvey said: “DuBois has unwit
tingly done more good and has given
more publicity to the Universal Negro
Improvement Association than we
could have had at a considerable ex
pense of time and money."
Mr. Garvey then quoted the Lead
ing White Daily Press of England and
Paris from which lie had recent clip
pings, giving wide publicity to the
Universal Negro Improvement Asso
ciation, pro and con.

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