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M-.W i)It 1.1 •_A N >. I.A Mart li
19 \mlrew “Rube" Foster ami his
\rt:i ■ i>m t bants of 1 lmag'» who
' i.r hrrn in training hen- since
\\ Im-sdav. defeated 'lie Crescents
strong local team in both games of
a nible header here tod.n . before a
la . size crowd
The first gam n- ! .'.hat of a
sh.w^oig matcli, a b.tl iit 29 hits be*
n;.. !i -nh the locals registering 17 and
•hr r. ,nts 12
1 allot and
Cl eels add was opposed by lor
r »* - * i i>ir the visitor- i *»11 * * *11 i !>. in
• r, < • *ti < i 111* >u, \id\ mg « of in* * 11 r <* v t irom
< i uii'-i' In has lircii plavuiK win
:. . i.• i.,!11. howevtu he ouuiiingU
.» '
. s «,| t} j,* g.,nir flic ioc.t - >'• llliu?
a c.i t*» .i ; run L wl up to the utth.
in thrii halt tin• • «n/..i ’’ 'nant*
tin i a* a t led J
11 •
a * »!„?’! r,i11 ho ’ period,
n* ft f» d p on -
o ft ii !■ on? » the t ' tin , the
.if i chip! cat* d the qhth for .»
! - run ' .eh ’' * I■ * i --1■ ‘ if- * abark
firing *» rui ft, th« 1 r i <-i tho
w'hfli tor the * ; ij and dc .ding ?,i! v
Whitworth In Pitchers Battle.
c • A!' .ml.' • .11 ... I! •' • '..lie
) 'll. I -., ml ' Huii. . I. . lei to
. . ,;ia \V(. ■ ' . " I
(linger "I>e| I-. .orl oil'- •• 'hi
, . ; ,
4- "mg .1 h,ic|e th* •.* ’! • •' til*1 urgi: -
> w :; g i '! ’ « a''"I ‘ .
• f ' ' hi* !t am a!» v, ere
- i ting an f\ <*ii dozen

. • irt'.? v over \ !i inder th» ! - t -
t* . trr! c onfnletit thi .1 tar- ti -
r j, ? f c r r • v • r -
( r, . . H{\ \
\• i r • i !»*♦ - mmo 04m 0,-o 1 • 1 J
Batter- Me 11 a 11* #*: Sii.it*. .mil
(i-'< I’orrieoti ami I n >>t
< re-rent- 00J ORft ilOn 4 . I
rr 000 Ml2 000 : ! 2 2
American G'ant*. 6; Crescents, 3.
. I \K OKI i \\.• J|A Mar It ip.
\* jfr tn t, .lit ..on i gatlie here
Mill « !'•*< mt •
• , ! - . 000 ,'o. I JO 1, lo 1
t ,,!• r . 1 , i1 ami f t -vn il
I'; i I MlL’R* flI. RA March i5.
I- R ft Tg'n i. > tof.,-. tit'* local
f > ? « ,)gt" National I * agim
, ;j«|< <{ ft.* • i «>;mi wr* k of praftir,
lii • ■ f <i.»..
1 , t • • * practice wa- lield
i till < a * * on • -t mg m , .ilhtlmnu hut
,*-M. .Ill - • pn viiiimg all till* week.
tl, livitie* .% . shifted to
i l ark the home ground- of
R * Is -IK- -
Wit!: arrival of \\ a ! , m' -i.
\\ • dm da flight, all of 111,; r, gul.ir
uihelde r- .cr now tn trauung B;.
the i/th tin* t-ntire r*»-1* i of plaj.ers
will hi* m training with tin- -tnHe
• xcepi Mil oi t orh<‘tt. who write- fri-ui
his home in Orlando. I la., tltat it will
!* • iiiipo^*»il*it* tor Into to lea\e hetore
tin 25th.
< )wmg * ,Iifti« ultir encounte red in
watching .. large number of players m
training. tin* Keystone manager will
■ . ,,nr, i t, in playei iepott
Of In t veaf'a team who have been
retain e,I are Hayes ami Rfewn,
,,t, iter : Corbett and Salmon, pitch
er William, anti Harbour, inlielders;
■ ,ray, mitheldi r rhe new comer* arc
I lol;, ' i.■ t • 1 Spt n
\Va-h'ngton ami Hooih-n tnfirldcr
Cordon and McCall, pit'her.
Hampton ’s Ne w
Field Opens
May 20th
Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes Will j
Be Awarded—Meet will Be Gonduct-1
ed under A. X 1 Regulations.
H AMP'I'uN. \' \ . Mart'll -!5 -Thf |
I laniptun Institute Athletic 1 icld As j
soriatioti. «*i whn ii Dr. Robert K.
Moton in Tuskegre Institute is presi
dent and (diaries 11. Williams ot s
Hampton Institute is secretary, rep
resenting tin- ' foul's alumni and ex-'
.students, anuotmee th.it their new
athletic field wb! In* oilirialB* opened
,’t one (iiln. k on Saturday afternoon,
NJav JO, w I ' M tin tirst annual chain :
j jjinii'ljip tr.uk and f.Hd nt* < t. which;
iita*. rerci'.ed the sanction oi the ( ol- I
| i red Intercollegiate Xtldetn \ssoeia- |
I turn, will be held. 1 he colored assn-J
I i iation is a memhe: of the National
< ollegiatt* \th'< %• X
f he interi olh giat- track event- will i
include the pillowing lOU-vard das'.;
! 220- \ ard flash: 440 ;. ard dash 880
I \ ard flash: ir • run 2-mile run. 120
j\ard h .'ii hurdle- 220-yard low hur-|
'flic- mile tela;
I lie inti-re,.‘U-giiiij held r ■ ■ uG will
S include the following 1-paund hot
; out . !.n» bn ' flist u throw;
| broad jump, high jump, pole vault.
| Hup will ie nine inters, holasttc
J t v i nt • 100 % aril dash. 220-;. ard dash;
I 44o ard da h. 880 • ard da ' 1 J"
ji.-rd l«c-\ hurdle, mile n l.r . hro.nl
[jump: high jump, pule vault.
h.,r clubs and V. M t X. oig.mi/a
... 1 be ton op» n evi
j mi i ., «| dash 220-yard flash. 440
1 4rd da i mb'* run.
! • / tuf I'.irii • ,•!'.* will iZ' n
a- jol!»>.* * gold medal tor fir * place
• . nt ver meda
ntirt and bronze
p.r th-rd pla-< winner* l.arli
• i r* ' i\ ,‘#tn
, HJ r.M .'ue .1 prize.
\|| frrord Mil be *>ltn ia! as \ A
! mhcials will be n*»ed and liir meet
: j I hr held on a regulation track
Hampton i > ■' JJb-\ard *iraighj
•. i which i* -M je< -t wid**. and a l.**
.,r»t quarter Utile tra< k I here will be
j t lent , of room and only a few trial
| hr it- if anv, will be nece**ar\ A
i L. of i nnihe; . .sill la* -ent each!
hool or club
Charles i 1 \V illianc*. pit.' - al dire*
•Hampton Institute, will be in
charge et the meet. F utrics will j
J.Iom* on Mav 6.
! • i i • .t^o Musical I vchange. oV
I ;-a T , Uure' Street, i* rendering |
14 great and much needed service to |
j u-ical mMrument owner* «>! this city. |
j I'hii srrvi. f h i - recent i; been ox-i
I tended to tin* South Side They have j
i * ngaged the - rrvic*or Marcus I). :
Threlkeld of The Whip -ufi to rep ,
l resent them throughout the South Side, i
piano, piano player, victrola.
phonograph and either musical instru
J ment owner*, the Chicago Musical
■ F'.xchange t- furnishing *!uch service*
| to it*, member* free of charge «i.*, tun
. , i|* piano* a* often a* they wi-h.
! k* • ■ |• i!ig tlieir victrola or phonograph
I ... hr.-t-cla ■ ondition and looking
j a111'i tlieir piano, player. *n troia. pin*- 1
nograph or other musical instruments |
three- time* a year.
(lim arc putting forth every effort
! obtainable to keep their members’ mu
..,.ii instruments m hrst-cla-s romli
li„i mid for such service they are pre
I pared with u force oi experts for any
niustcitl instrument their members may
hut e.
I'hrv have i free e\ hangr depart -
mint at which their members may e\
rhaiige free or charge and a ■■ many or
, ten a. desired their 1 m j si ■ rolls,
phonograph record, and sheet iiiusie.
j.’or this service they charge a mem
bership fee of 50 rents per month: it
,. to the people's advantage to become
member of this wonderful and much
■ ,, .|e \ i xchangr
| Drexel 13% Dre*el 1381 |
! Panama Inn }
■■ |
X *ii
4601 State Street ,
Dancing-Entertainment-Restaurant |
I J. S. (Nick) Nichols & Crawtord Williams,
>. Proprietor* ; j
[ S'
I .
l»v AI Mini roe.
\\ 11»*11 I lari '. Newman, the Waller
Camp "I boxing. -.U down, pen in j
hand, and undertook I > -elect an all
‘■Tar r.imbinalidH • >! all-lime champs, i
if not in the hi ginning. I am -ure In
had not gotten far before he began
!<• realize that fie I d tPidertalu u aj
man i.m lob.
I the gi-t of Mr Newman* :
-tor imwever, one would he led to
heln .* that in at ha t three of these
divi-ion- the selections were not s»
compit -.«■(! a- was true ui the otheis,
and a *!i»* i three two an- race light
er •
ContirUiMi that being compelled ,fM
redm *■ *.. the point ot death fur hi
light . ,-i. I'.at Nelson alone mad-!
defr,t* ! ■•. table for the Uld Ma-ter.
of '..it- most every fur mindvd ran
will admit this, hut when a writer;
of t: ■ Newman calibr • -peaks, it i
worth m. is tinning.
In defense of his select inn. V:
Newman has this to -a. of tin- "Old j
M.oO r \ hie ( .an- i- our -election
for the l .Tt wight chanipioti m all i
tin. •. '1 ■ not that w . a ii* lot gc tin a j
tin ..-ider of He tin oiuird. blit |
great a !'•»-nti> i-. w filid that we are
eoinpC'Wii ’<• give tin- niche to the J
gr«\ * '• ■ • c -d man. Man-.
" !'! ,i-l of the • ompetiti'm that ;
i .a-. o contend with when he j
w.i- t < lightweight champion llow j
ah-. ,- i tighter- as Dal Hawkins. i
i Hi! ' ! 1 how Ml f-'uddt n Kid
M< fbn’ bind. Spike Sullixan, and Joe j
V\ a! .*t auain-t the pre-rnt dav crop;
of lightweights?
flti : - light l toda do
yon could hi’’ Uiore than j
a r.cc -; again-t the dy naiiuc Joe \\ al- i
dir f.jtw did. and i>-at the gorilla
l-t.n; g Nelson made the great
Man . luct himself to the point of .
de.n n.n- lie w ould « OM-m! to
liglil bun and the gn at lightweight *
!u :
Dixon Greatest Banty: Newman.
•v\ , • i•.i after i ireful thought on
•!. bantam hoys, that the prize ten -
ail tin • «harnpion should g" to
George Dixon. the unions I ittle j
l hoculaie, who was tiic greatr-t tight
er of hi- inches that ever pulled on 1
a boxing glove The great colored
tighter never was an heavier than j
a bantam, hut did not coinin'- hi- ef- |
forts strictly to hi- class
‘ I h« little fellow wa- < ontiuually j
-topping out ot b rank to battle with!
hoys twice In- *• Old timers will j
re<all In- w-mdi-ritil battle- against;
Mai ' ' ( • n H
I'lim-c- IhdUr Palmer. Young Grit-|
to, \u-nalian lull. Murphy, Tommy i
W arren. 1 •niinv W'iiite, I rani. Krrie. j
Da! ll.iwl-.in-. bald . Santrx and other j
great fighter- of hi- period.
'Dixon two liglil- against Me
t'art!i> will never he forgotten, the j
hr - * g.i tig seventy rounds to a draw, j
ted D
stopped t lie game McCarthy after
twent-. two tierce rounds. Just glance
at tho-e nanu s mentioned above and
it i ea-y to appreciate the tough com- j
petition tlte little negro had while he (
reigned at the top of the bantam i
rpl I > I, the merchants from
I whom you buy food, cloth
ing, and other supplies, to
stop littering your lawns and hall- I
ways and choking your mail boxes i
with flaming circular- and hand- 1
bills advertising their wares.
They don’t do it in Hyde Park \
or on the Gold t oast. Why do 1
they do it here?
Tell them to make their appeal
to you as they would in any other
self-respecting community —
through your organs of public i
opinion—your newspapers.
-Jifc.it AND i'AiNS
\VOID the misery of racking pain.
Have a bottle of Sloan’s Lini- •
ment handy and apply when
you first fool the ache or pain.
it quickly eases the pain and sends
a feeling of warmth through the
aching part. .S'loan's Liniment penetrates |
without rubbing.
Fine, too, for rheumatism, neuralgia,
sciatica, sprains and strains, stiff joints,
lame back and sore muscles.
1 or forty years pain’s enemy. Ask
your neighbor.
At all druggists—35c, 70c, $1.40.
I* Clear Your Complexion of pimples, 1 9
| acne and other faciul disfigurement. V
I Use fieely l)r. Hobson’s Eczema Oint- D
I ment. Good for ec/^ma, itching skin. B
and other akin troubles. One of Dr. ■
Hobson's Family RemadiM.
Dr.Hobson’s 1
/ EczemaOintment f|
HillV King now appearing at tin
I.im-,,In Garden- i~ till looking for !
that I rii k, w lii< It i- alright, hut let j
a- hope Billy doc-nt decide to use i
a ala,-- instead.
■ -i.il ,-otith side port liners are f,
■i training daily, .-am. a- the pri.-r v
lighter-. You know wh) Mo W. p
do In ease of a hike ! i ■ nti tile i
" i aekv" Derhv they'll lie tit -liape 1
There's a Reason.
I it a pe Nuts, a
I'o-tnnt Cereal:
11, 'rp .ev went the shipyard- dur- . v
ing the draft period.
I leiupsf) wants to g i ahroatt and j (|
light t arpehtier or Beckett; ,
I J-mp-cv doesn 1 want to light \\ hC ; ^
i, , mi. ■ “the public doesn't want it.' j s
Ko-eoe Simmon- lm-n't been -rtn ( ,
i tin -trei t- tin- week:
Billie King never and- that bra k
Ba-e Ball -com- ate called Uory C
ninter . j ,,
It s All In the Game.
Wedding- and rat, old maid- ami
a»'VHT, ' 11
A lid in- world rock- on j u-t t h • !'
Vou ma> win the pt\ mid again you j tl
may not,
Bui remember it ' ill in the game, j
Son:* one remark'd : "Nuw that | \
thr (ii.nils have beaten tin- New Or | >
leans* Crescents tw* game- in one -la.,. ' t!
tin .11 jirohably cl* -e their cutbe.b
cooler. At that the (iiant* hav« noth - I s
: the boys in offici who de o
stroy several crescents and coffee three i y
tin. ' a day. ( Attention. City Editor.; j n
No sooner than we hear "lame- t
Jeiiries, former in i/e tighter, t<» l>e- ; „
t. time .t preat lu r. discover a a a t
rr m a t abaret natm-d Kvangeli-t. Next j j
v.<■ will he hearing «>if » William Jen-j
nings bootlegger. ^
The only difference between Jack t i
Johnson and (ieorge- Carpentier lie a
side' their color i- their alibi. * ‘tie v
-a\- la laid down, while the other..,
contend- he suffered his injuries in f,
previous fight-. i
|]|‘ll l ake K. < > »1 Rough flou.se
Ware ,n llit* second round at ( olum- ^
bus Monday. Don't know what kind
of punch lie used, however, had it j
been Wills the punch would have ' r
!*eeii styled, by the daily pres-, a- '
imeelable or unwakeable or someabb* ‘
or uiiier. I bis ii a great world. Get i
me, Hector?
Voting Schaeff - r, world’s champion
18.J billiard plavcr. is to defend his
title against the man from whom lie
a* (|iured -.inn . Willi' Hoppe by
name. Now it i- our opinion that the
present champ i- going to have a -
lot of trouble doing the trick over
again, in fact it would not surpri-e
flies' column' to sec Willie win hack
hi- lost laurel-, for v.e have alwav
figured Willie the better man. We
admit that Wnlie has got !•■ kt-e -oim
tune or other but hardk think the
time is here now.
Illustrated Art.
Furniture. Watch Bracelets,
diamonds and Rings
On Time.
Write Us and our sidesman |
will call with samples
Universal Installment
673 W. .Madison Street
Where there is Beauty we improve t:
Where then- is no Beauty we make t.
Meccine Hair Preparations
Original Hindu Remedies
The Talk of the Town
If your hair is failing out try Meccine I
Hair Grower If you have dandruff use I
Meccine Hair Cream. If you have stub- I
born Hair use Meccine Hair Glossine. If
you want your hair soft and fluffy use
Meccine Shampoo. If you are a man use
Meccine Wavine on your hair.
Single Per Dozen
Hair Cream....$.50.. 4.50
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other smart woman takes this territory, r,
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handle our goods exclusively.
Manufactured bv
T. B. KHAN LABOPATnttii-c; g
I36 E. I2th Ave. Homestead, Pa. Jjj
Scarcity Of Infielders
Mav Prove Menace To
New S eams In League
B\ Wyatt.
Iniudder- want id Men capable oi
llmg th«* >boe- of many oi the great
■ t player- ot thi- nr any age. 1- tin*
lain' -ent out I- leading club- ot
ic Western eirenit o»t the X. X
eague Tin i.ii:e'.(1 nt the Champion
tneriean Cian!s is all shot t<> pieces.
ektT" and mu .flier i ircum-tam e••
, nrditig t<i hit reports, will torn
Rule*" I'n-ti r t«* build another inlield.
ith Bingo Di'Md". the only one ot
it* once famous imu - ■! tense certain
i remain l).i\\ Maiareher. the crack
ijrd sinker. i- out at present and is
tore than likely to he missing tins
aspli a- a result of heart trouble
ohljy W illiams. -hort -lop, -igned up
ith "I'mle Sant" and will do stunts
the I' O in-lead of the hall park,
nlcss he get- a 1. O A ; hi- ease is
ncertain and tin- Champions are trv
ig to land a -hort stop
The Big Chief tried to work out a
■w iir-t -acker pari of last year, but
ad a • hartge of heart. If a new in
•Id i- to In* built around DeMo.-s,
ten the way mn-t he paved for a
i'\v 1! • -1 baseman
\nother big club, the Kansas City
lonareli-. are up in the air about the
mrt and third ba-e positions: another
ling tlu*\ wen forced to buy a first
i r sold last
•a on. Short-top Moore was ill part
i last ea-on. although he played all
inter on the euast. the management
not positive that lie can make the
k e-t- rn eirenit grade this year. Por
tanda. the > uban third sacker, who
iffered a broken ankle last year is
>t likely to be of much force to the
< - but time will only tell
Ben Taylor ha a likely looking
Hitch of iniiehlcr- enrolled for his
B. C. s. Washington tilled the gap
: hort for half of the season of last
par and did his work well: but he is |
l.outfielder Ben has four prospects
»r the short field position. Mackey
down a- a catcher, being one of the
-t receiver- in the country: he
laved third for the A - part of last
ason. Dav i- a natural third sack
•: . liililil'tliliiiliiliu
it. but is slated lor -econd bu-e It
looks like Hen Taylor's tnticld is yet*
to be built.
Si. Louis grabbed a cla-sy third
sacki r the latter part of the season,
iti the person -d Miles; their infield
i» all set with llewitt at short. Holt/
at second and Mv.Vioo at first. How
ever. Jlewitt ami Holtz are at fires
int filling the gaps in the Foster
lineup, and the legal status of the St.
Louis club is as yet unsettled. Cleve
land and Pittsburgh have home grown
infields, that i . the\ haven’t made the
circuit >et, but held their own in grand
style last year against all league clubs.
It the*\ >'an make the bill this year,
then there will be four infields of es
tablished prestige alo g the circuit,
only four.
Detroit leads the hum It, with per
haps the best infield in the whole
• •ountry You can’t beat Warfield,
third, Riggins, short, Thomas, sec
ond and Weslcv, first base. The
Cubans are a close second. One thing
j> certain, if the shortage of high grade
infield material does not prove a seri
ous menace to the big clubs, it will
result in a deflection that should make
for a more compact and heated argu
ment with all eight clubs having a
vav all through the season, instead, as
heretofore, one club closing the dis
cussion alone about Fourth of July.
18 -Jim Flynn of Pueblo, Colo., well
known In avy weight puypiist, today n
vivid memories of his memorable
■iglit , with .lack Johnson, at Las
Vega- \. XI . in !'M2, which was
-topped hy police after nine ,-anguin
ary round- Flynn divulged the fact
no! geuerallv known that tile fight,
ili -pile a large patrunayfc* did not net
him a penny, lie continued:
' When I met Johnson at Las Vega-.
I hud all to gain and not a tiling to
1" c 1 was to get 35 per cent of all
receipts over $30,000. Unfortunately,
the bout drew $28,00rt and 1 never
received a dime, whila Johnson took
every penny in the house.”
Columbus, O., March 25.—Big Bill
Tate of Chicago, 111., colored heavy
weight champion of the world, stop
ped Rough House Ware of New Or
leans, with a knockout here Tuesday.
March 21.
The fight ended in the second round
when Tate landed a successful blow,
driving the New Orleans cham. to
the floor for the count. Another vic
tory for Tate’s long list.
18 - Sam Langford of Boston knocked
out Cyclone Smith of Denver in the
-econd round of a scheduled ten round
bout here last night. They are heave
Courteous Treatment Prices Right §t
Pho.ie: Victory 8840 jpjfe
« '' 1 .' :vn"
Vie Dixie Flyer \
Now $1,195
Touring Car
\\ ITU its clean, racy body
’* lines, ebony trimmed,
its handsome top witji gypsy
curtains and plate glass rear
window, the Dixie Flyer live
passenger Touring Car, Model
70, includes mechanical refine
ments that denote unusual
skill in engineering and offer
the user much comfort and
satisfaction. It is correctly
designed, amply powered and
is rich in the possession of
those characteristics which
inherently constitute ear
value. Of medium weight it
is economic. I to operate—low
in gasoline consumption and
high in tire mileage. It is
highly finished in optional col
ors—Oriental green, blue or
'T'HE Dixie Roadster is a
* t w o-p a s s e n g e r car
mounted on the same chassis
as the five-passenger Touring
Car. A distinctive design—
low body and graceful rear
deck, gives it that appearance
of great utility and service
ability—the outward expres
sion of its mechanical excel
lence. Like other Dixie Mod
els, the Roadster has a full
complement of convenient
equipment which makes driv
ing easy and untiring. It is
furnished in durable finish—
color option being the same as
that of the Touring Car.
Now $1,395
Sport Models
Speedster Sport Touring
rPHE Sport Models. Speed
ster and Sport Touring,
complete the Dixie Flyer
family, crowning with distinc
tion the efforts of Dixie
These cars, constituting the
latest acquisitions to the Dixie
line, are true sport models.
They reflect the ideas of in
vigorated, red-blooded youth;
characterized by individualism
without a trace of freakish
The Speedster is a two-seat
er that is given a racy appear
ance by special body design,
lowering of seats and inclin
ing steering column and wind
shield. It is equipped with
removable, collapsible top
which is stored in the dust and
weather-proof rear compart
ment when not in use.
The Sport Touring is a five
passenger car of surprising
roominess with low-hanging,
one-man top .jutting over the
sloping, nickel-trimmed wind
shield. A design that satisfies
the ultra fashionable and yet,
a car in which the family of
modest taste feels at home.
Both Speedster and Sport
Touring are elaborately pro
vided with special equipment
that beautifies and contributes
to the exceptional car value in
Dixie Sport Models. Alumi
num steps of attractive design
are substituted for tire conven
tional running board. Uphol
stery of beautiful, hand-buffed
Spanish leather is used
throughout. The windshield,
radiator, bumper and ventila- S
tors are nickeled trimmed. I
These models are elegantly fin- 1
ished in optional colors—blue, |
maroon, burnt orange or Ori- g
ental green. g
Now $1,895 %
'T'HERE is elegance, quiet j
dignity, comfort and |
usefulness in the Dixie Flyer ft
Sedan. Graceful lines distin- $
guished hood and cowl and are
carried out consistently ^
through the entire design. Up- |
bolstered in rich blue broad- "
cloth, decorated by three frost- J
ed globes and hardware of |J
Adam period design; deep re- .3
silient cushions—all are char- ,
acteristic of Dixie Closed ’
Models. The easily adjust- 4
able windshield and windows a
make it posible to enjoy the |
free vision and unrestricted 3
fresh air of the open car. 1
^ I
'I'llE Dixie Flyer Coupe is |
* mounted on the identical fjj
chassis used for the Sedan and _f.
is equipped with the same high ft
class mechanical units and re- |
fined fittings. It is admirable |
for women of taste and for |
business or professional men. ?
Classed as a regular three-pas- * •
senger car, it is equipped with 1
an auxiliary seat which folds f
under the cowl. It will carry |
four passengers. The bodies f
of both Sedan and Coupe are g
finished in elegant Mallard I
blue, the lamps and fenders $
are highly finished in hard |
black enamel.
Final and Standard Motor Car Value
Calumet 250 2009 Michigan Avenue

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