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Groat Interest Being Shown
tions, a five-year subscription as five
one-year subscriptions, etc. This of
fer is in addition to the regular vote
schedule which appears on another
page of this issue—$25.00 for a few
moments spare time next week. Isn't
that worth trying for.
Right Now Is the Time
From now until Saturday night,
June 3, is the time to "dig in” and
gather the votes by the thousands.
Remember, Saturday night, June 3, is
positively the last minute of the big
TwO Imported Weeks
The winning votes can be secured
between now and 10 o’clock Saturday
night. June 3. And this "First Pe»
riod” will practically decide who the
winners of the big prizes will be. You
can't "dilly-dally” with such a valu
able prize at stake—you must get
busy in earnest and let nothing stand
between you and the prize you have
determined to win.
You Must Get Busy
The way to win is to pile up the
largest number of votes. So the larger
your vote score the better for you.
"Wishing” won't win for you—you
must hustle and hustle hard.
Big Subscriptions Count Most
The two, three, four, five and ten
year subscriptions count most. Get
as many of them as you can.
One five-year subscription counts
600.00Q votes—four t times as many
votes as five yearly subscriptions. One
ten-year subscription counts 1.240,000
votes—over four times as many votes
as ten yearly subscriptions. On top
of this you get 100,000 extra votes for
every $25 in subscriptions.
The candidates who will be most
successful in the end are those who
make the best showing between now
and Saturday night, June 3.
Don't overlook a single subscription
Compare the vote standings today.
Note the increases and gains on every
hand. Then get busy!
warning ro c,onicsiants
Contestants are warned that they
must make regular reports to The
Chicago Whip office with their sub
scriptions. In case of failure to make
weekly cash reports, candidates will
thereby forfeit all rights to prize or
cash commission. This is in accord
ance with the published rules and reg
ulations, and will be strictly adhered
(to. Furthermore those who become
inactive will have their names with
drawn from the list of contestants and
have their votes cancelled.
Saturday, June 3, Last of Big Vote
No candidates will be permitted to
enter The Reporter office after 10
o’clock Saturday night, June 3, for the
purpose of having their subscriptions
credited on the present “big vote”
schedule. This is the very last min
ute. Candidates who live out of Chi
cago must have all their subscriptions
in the mail, bearing a postmark, not
later than 10 o’clock. This gives
everyone equal opportunity to make
the most of- the “big vote” opportu
Office Open Evenings
The Chicago Whip office at 3420
South State Street will be open each
evening until 8 o'clock to receive votes
and issue supplies, such as additional
.receipt books, sample copies, etc.
Rivalry of the most intense kind
among the candidates who are now
hitting their hottest pace before the
clock strikes 10 o’clock Saturday night,
(June 3, in order to get in every pos
sible subscription on the biggest vote
schedule of the campaign is bringing
a whirlwind of action.
All the preliminaries are now over,
the competition is getting keener as
the contestants realize that there are
only five more weeks of the campaign.
The Chicago Whip’s $3,000 in prizes
wBl soon be distributed to their vari
ous winners and the $1,570 Paige
touring car will be presented to some
“liw# **
The fighting spirit dominates—the
very air itself is tense with excitement
as the closing day of the “big vote"
period draws nearer, which is further
emphasized comes to a sudden end on
June 24.
Time Is Flying
Time is slipping rapidly by and the
campaign will all be over before you
realize it. Therefore, there is only one
thing to do and that is to take advan
tage of every opportunity that pre
sents itself which will be the means
of increasing your vote standing.
Candidates Showing Speed
As one lady expressed it, "Why, I'm
fust really beginning to get busy and
I Haven’t scratched the surface yet or
seen nearly all of my friends who have
promised to give me their subscrip
tions to The Chicago Whip.
Another “live wire” hustler said,
“Since I’ve found how easy it is to
get subscriptions from my friends, I
am getting more interested all the
time and more determined than ever
to capture that Paige touring car.”
This will give but a faint idea of
the determination with which every
one is possessed these last fateful and
important days. And everyone has
their eye on Saturday night, June 3.
Interest in Special Prize
Great interest is also being manifest
as to who will he the lucky winner of
the special $25.00 prize given away
Saturday night. The candidate turn
ing in the most subscriptions by that
time will win and everyone is hustling
hard to be the lucky one.
. During Postal Improvement Week so many
visitors took advantage of Postmaster T.ucder’s
invitation to visit the post off re and inspect
the work rooms that he has decided to continue
the practice, in the belief that if the ^aeitfr
«« for themselves the errors of the mailing
public with which the psatofSee has to con
tend and can he brought to realize the ad
vartage of mailing early and at frrquent inter,
alls during the day. it will not only benefit
the postoffice hut the people themselves.
The trip through the rooms where error? are
handled was a revelation to the visitors? they
could hardly believe that the people wero eo
careless in the preparation of their man.
Visiting hours have been fixed at 11:00
A. M., .1:00 P. M. and 8:08 P. M., but a
•pecial time c#n be arranged iI the hours
•Utcd are not convenient.
Names of Contestants |
30,000 votes are allowed on. every one-year subscription to the Chicago
Whip. A two-year subscription is worth 70,000 votes—a three-year sub
scription gives you 150,800 votes—a four-year subscription entitles you to
300,000 votes—a five-year subscription credits you 600,000 votes and a
ten-year subscription gives you 1,240,000 votes. Soon the number of votes
given for each subscription will be reduced.
With your first subscription you get 100,000 extra free votes in ad
dition to the regular votes. And with every $25 in subscriptions you turn
in you get 100,000 extra votes free. It will be seen from the vote standing
below that a very little effort will make a new leader in the campaign.
•-- * 1
Miss Paddy Alford, 3529 Calumet______ i i . m qqq ^
Miss Estelle Arnold, 3630 Calumet Ave._— T. . .. . 5 000
Miss Sarah A. Ball, Aliceville, Ala..... -~ 1*16,000
Mrs. Miderva Bousfield, 4230 Champlain Av*...«______00 700
Rev. W. M. Bennett, 438 E. 37th St.. _ rj_vr..Z 5 000
Mrs. Baas, 3800 Rhodes Ave......... rir-.- - _ . ^ 5*000
Mrs. E. T. Beck, 1818 Darrow Ave.___.........._ ,,
Miss Mae Burks, 4929 Wabash Ave.______ . _ _ 5*000
Miss Ollie Beasley, 446 E. 46th St., 3rd Floor...... 160*200
Miss E. Bond, 5 E. 36th Place.....ril __ 5,000
Miss Deioris Books, 4515 Calumet Ave.1_______5*000
Miss Mary Byrd, 3457 State St... ..... 160*100
Miss Florence Burton, 4624 Evans Ave.___, x ____ t 135,300
Mr. Rutledge Bush, 437 E. 48th St.„..«..... 5,000
Mrs. Blossie Bruner, 800 E. 48th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.__^_5,000
Miss Inez Brockway, 804 E. 4tW St., Oklahoma City, Okla.-... 5,000
Mr. R. E. Clay. Muskogee, Okla..........___. 135,000
Miss Pauline Clark. 3433 Wabash Ave__ ___ 30,200
Mr*. Gladys CaSsino, 2968 Vernon Ave... _, ,, 165,300
Mrs. Charlie Copeland, 4436 Indiana Ave. ....... 60,200
Mrs. J. C. Carroll, 504 E. 37th St.. ........±.^_ 225,100
Mrs. Nida Cochran, 430 W. 58th St______ 5,000
Mrs. Edwina Cole, 3345 Giles Ave......._. 5,^00
Miss Glendora B. Collins, 4744 Evans Ave.«..«..... 5,000
Miss Nell Calloway. 3300 Rhodes Ave.........5,000
Miss Grace Cunningham, 35th & Calumet Ave., Cal. Pharm... 30,500
Miss Mammie Chipchase, 3840 Vincennes Ave...—... 70,100
Miss Eunice Cavil, Boley, Okla., Box 384 .... 5,000
Mr. James Churchill, 6446 Champlain Ave..„ ^«..«*.. 135,400
Miss Lucille Corruthers, 220 W. Washington St., Okla. City.—.. 5,000
Mrs. Earl Dukerson, Roosevelt Bank Bldg., 35th & Grand Bl—. 5,000
Mrs. Dotie Donegan, City..... 5,000
Miss Cleo Dickerson, 1908 Walnut St...-•*.«. 5,000
Miss Zenia Douglas, 4742 Grand Blvd...«.«*...«. 60,500
Mrs. Charles Duke, 6344 Eberhardt Ave... 5,000
Miss Inez Draw, 3000 So. Park Ave..——.30,100
Mrs. Davis, 2284 Georgia Ave., Washington, D. C.. 5,000
Miss Willy Deloney, 411 N. High St., Oklahoma City, Okla... 5,000
Mrs. Amie Ecton. 4528 Indiana Ave....«... 60,300
Mrs. Elizabeth Euper, 3625 Vernon Ave. . 60,400
Mrs. Thomas Edwards, 300 E. 2nd St., Okla. City, Okla... 5,000
Mrs. W. W. Finch, 3623 State St. . .——-. 5,000
Prof. W. H. Fort, Dunbar High School, Okmulgee, Okla.-- 5,000
Mrs. Lula Gordon, Spring Valley, III. .... 165,200
Miss Helen Green, 4836 Calumet Ave.-. 135,300
Miss Mary Gee, 321 W. 58th St.ZZ. 30,100
Mr. D. E. Greenup, 532 Market St., Waukegan, 111.-... - 5,000
Mrs. Lottie Gordon, 3324 Wabash Ave. 225,300
Miss Hortense Graceland, 4026 Indiana Ave. 35,200
Miss Frances Qreen, 3716 Giles Ave. . -. 5,000
Mrs. W. E. Griffin, 4325 Penn Ave., Kansas City, Mo. _.. 5,000
Miss Marietta Graham, 3926 Reopelle Ave., Detroit, Mich..-. 60,100
Mias Adah Harris, Avenue Theatre, 31st and Indiana Ave. . 75,200
Mrs. Viola Hill, 5410 Dearborn St. ^..-. 30,200
Mrs. W. Hammond, 4526 St. Lawrence Ave..._ •. 75,100
Mrs. Alfred Hampton, 4609 Langley Ave. . -. 5,000
Miss Edith Hodges, 3652 Indiana Ave. ....*. 135,100
Mrs. Oscar Horton, 6422 Evans Ave..... 5,000
iwr. i. vy. i iawkiiis, i ampa, ria.... o,uuu
Mrs. Howard, 4500 Sheridan Road.... 65,200
Mr*. Rev. Harvey, 5244 Wahash Ave. 35.100
Prof. J. J. Hanna, Jones, Okla. .... ... 75,300
Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchin, 4515 Calumet Ave.... 165,200
Mr. Henry E. Humphreys, 4449 Evans Ave..... 165,100
Mrs. Emma Ingram, 4938 St. Lawrence Ave...... 5,000
Miss Alone Jennings, 3648 Prairie Ave....... 65,000
Mrs. Maurice Jackson, 4544 Indiana Ave. .. 5,000
Miss Louise Johnson, 213 E. 50th St......... 5,000
Prof. J. Wesley Jones, 230 Campbell Ave..... 5,000 1
Miss Jusang, Arrington Lunch, 35th and States ..—. 5,000
Miss Georgia Hueston Jones, Recorders Office, County Bldg.. 65,200
Mrs. L. B. Jackson, 524 E. 37th Place..............-.- 5,000
Miss Gertrude Jernagin, 430 Que St., N. W. Wash., D. C.. 30,100
Miss Ruth King, 3353 Wabash Ave.....135.000
Mr. W. W. Kembrough, 652 E. 48th St.... 165,400
Miss Edith Lee. 3419 Vernon Ave.. 75,300
Miss Sunshine Lee, 3544 Grand Blvd...... . 30,200
Miss Pauline Lee, 5002 Wabash Ave......... . 35,100
Miss Marie Lucas, 3510 Michigan Ave... 5,000
Miss Sandy Martin, 3715 Indiana Ave... 30,200
Mrs. Walter Martin, 3524 Calumet Ave,. .. 5,000
Miss Lillian Murray, 3126 Wahash Ave. 135,300
Prof. James Mundy, 3834 Wabash Ave.... —. 75,200
Miss Ruth McCoo, 3842 Calumet Ave... 65,300
Mrs* Swerzie McGooden, 420 E. 45th St.....- 5,000
Mrs. Mitchell. 6016 Loomis Blvd. ...5,000
Mr. Samuel McLemore, 3456 State St. .. .- 165,200
Mrs. Samuel McGowan, 4743 St. Lawrence Ave.. .. ■■••• - 35,100
Mrs. Johnny McPherson, 5530 Grove Ave. .. 225,700
Miss Elsie Norrin, 4737 St. Lawrence Ave. .... ■ 60,100
Miss E. McDaniels, Summer High School, St. Louis, Mo. .5,000
Mrs. Porter 5346 S Wabash Ave. .. 5,000
Mrs. H. C. Parrish, City 5,000
Mrs. Geo. Procter, 35th and Michigan Ave. ..-. 5,000
Miss B. D. Peyton, 3314 Prairie Ave. 30,500
Miss Blanch Pittman, Douglas High School, Okla. City, Ok.,. 5,000
Miss Emma Reynolds, Forrest City, Ark. 135,000
Miss Edna Purifoy, 3659 Grand Blvd.. . 165,200
Mrs. Pinkie Robinson, 4242 Clarendon Ave. 5,000
Rev. B. L. Rose, La Grange, 111.. 5,000
Mrs. Evangeline Roberts, 102 E. 35th St... 230*700
Mrs. Louise Roberts, 5634 Wabash Ave. .. 35,100
Mrs. Myrtle Roberts, Leroy Drug Store, 24 W. 29th St. . 166,200
Mrs. Jno. Robinson, Wife of preacherf 213 E. 50th St. . 75,100
Dr. Wm. Rainwater, Antonie and Alford St., Detroit, Mich.. 5,000
Miss I. Randolph, 325 E. 2nd St.. Okla. City, Okla. . 5,000
Mrs. Mellie Reed, 6432 Champlain Ave. .. 163,300
Mrs. E. Scott, Milwaukee, Wis..—. 5,000
Miss Alby Simms, 5727 Wabash Ave.—... 35,300
Mrs. Frank Summers, 3429 State St...... 5,000
Mrs. Ida Strong, 122 E. 41st St... 136,000
Miss Lucile Sloan, Y. M. C. A., 3726 Wabash Ave...-. 3,000
Miss B. Shaw, 3626 Vernon Ave... 60,400
Miss Lillian Speed, 3522 Calumet.. 135,000
Miss Estelle Smith, 5126 Wahash Ave. . -. 5,000
Miss Ethel Smith, £436 St. Lawrence Ave. 135,000
Mrs. Ida Scott, 4543 St. Lawrence Ave.. . 30,600
Mrs. Annie Smith, 552 E. 36th St. ....-. 60,200
Mr. Sandy Trice, 6438 Eberhardt.. 60,300
Mrs. Kathryn Threalkill, 309 E. 35th St..-. 30,300
Mrs. Mattie Thompson, City .-.-. 5,000
Miss Ruth Tolmaire, 4744 Wahash Ave.. . 135,100
Mrs. Mary Taylor, 2961 S. Park 3QO00
Miss Edith Tolies, 5630 Lafayette Ave. . 5,000
Mrs. L. Thomas, 501 Bryand Ave..-. 5,000
Miss A. R. Thompson, 19 Marlow St.-. 5,000
Mrs. Sula Williams, 5000 Wehash Ave.. 35,500
Miss Ora Ward, 642 £. 38th St.. 3Q,300
Mrs. A. L. Whatener, 3729 So. State St.—....... 5,000
Miss Wilkerson, 35th and Giles.....~.... '165,000
Miss Fannie Wise, 225 E. 31at St,-------.. 270,300
Mrs. G. H. Wilson, 3230 So. Park Ave.—.. 135,200
Mr*. Whitted, 614 Aberdeen Ave..... 30,200
Mme. Williemay Wilson, 25 E. 28th St.... 135,200
Mi»a Helen Wilson, 4006 Wabash Ave.-.... 135,000
Mrs. Wilflop, Franklyn Bk. Bldg., 35th and Michigan Ave.„... 5,000
Misa Edna Winters, 4608 Calumet Ave..... .. iis! 300 1
Mr.. Mattie Wilkeraon, 3814 Indians Ave..,... 30,100
Mia, Ljrlah Walaon, Ardmore, Okla....... 5 qoq
Miaa Odelle Yarberoujr, 5007 Calumet Ave... 5 qqq
James R. Zinn, 3511 S. Dearborn St......... 165,400
p ■ ■“
I (
Do you know that The Chicago Whip will, on the 24th
day of June, give away, absolutely free the handsome
0 and most costly collection of prizes ever offered by any
| weekly paper—given away without a cent of cost simply
| as a reward for ambition and a little pleasant effort?
w 0
Do You Realize That the First Grand Prize Is
1 A Fine New Paige Car i
| Worth $1,570.00 |
Do you realize that the second prize is $100.00? ||
0 o
Do you realize that “Everybody Wins”? There are no losers because every active ®
participant is guaranteed a prize in accordance with the rules.
jj There’s no denying that any one of the Chicago Whip’s prizes would be a source
of pleasure and profit, and particularly so when secured wholly through spare time
effort in easy vote-collecting, without the expenditure of one penny.
1 Do YOU Want This Sparkling New
Paige Touring Car? I
You can have any prize in the list if you will but grasp the opportunity and take 8
j> immediate action, and you can do it in your odd moments in the next five weeks
The Whip is now being read by thousands of people all over the country but
there is no such thing as “good enough.” Continual growth and expansion is neces
sary, to make this growth possible, the participation of live, energetic men and women
boys and girls is necessaiy. In order to obtain the desired interest in the election the
9 most elaborate list of prizes ever offered by any weekly newspaper in the country has
been made ready for distribution among those who are nominated in the election
The Election is Now On |
And it is open to any reputable man or woman, boy or girl. All that is necessarv
is to clip the Nomination Blank on page 1 and send or bring it to the uru
office. Or if you cannot call, phone .Victory 4606. S hIp i
T-tAi _'I'-'L1* ... 1 "laemi!- IA"Oe~33CL . W

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