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An Independent Newspaper
Pnl»II»k*4l Kmy Week
VOL. IV. JUNE 3rd, 1922 No. 22
Published by
Chicago office: 3420 STATE STREET Phon« VICTORY 4606 ,
JOS. D. BIBB, L! L. B... Editor j
HENRY H. PROCTOR..ci‘y Edi,or
A. C. MAC NEAL.. Manager
Terma of Subscription (Payable la advance)!
Om* Tea».Si'.on Sis Moatha.*1.15 1'bror Months
Admitted as second class n.r ter, Oct. 21, ’19, at the Poat Office at Chicago.
Ill,, under the Act of March 3. 't o._
All unsolicited articles manuscript*, letters and pjcturaskjnt to ^•CHI
CAGO T’HIP arc sent at the owners risk, and the CHICAGO WHIP rxpressij
repudiates any liability or responsibility for their safe custody or return. All
communication*; must be sent in the ms me of the CHICAGO ^HIP. No-Vil. VI2
whatever paid to unsigned matter. Stamps must accompany all ouenes and
_ r
In order that the memory of those brave boys of the famous
old Eighth Illinois who lost their lives “Somewhere in France”
may be kept forever green trees are being planted on Giles
Avenue and a brenze tablet fastened upon the Eighth Regiment
Armory. This is a cause that every good American should
subscribe to. They kept our escutcheon fclean and with their
lives paid the price that their country exacted. May the mem
ory trees and the bronze tablet perpetuate them forever in our .
A very casual investigation into family life in Chicago will re
veal to the investigator an alarming number of “common law wives.
A concurrent investigation into crime and wickedness now seeming
to enthrall this city will disclose a startling connecting link between
common law at home and no law away from home.
No attempt is made to attribute Chicago’s crime wave to ‘ com
mon law” marriages, but it is a significant fact that six of every ten
crime stories published by newspapers furnishing news for black
people in Chicago during the last four months have involved “com
mon law” wives. i
The living together of a man and woman involves mankind s
most sacred institution—the family. There are two ways to create
the family—with civilised society’s sanction, or without it, and he
who refuses to subscribe to society’s decree concerning mankind’s
basic and most sacred institution rarely troubles himself to heed her
other mandates.
Marriage as decreed by society is the union of persons of oppo
site sex as husband and wife, whereby with appropriate ceremonies
men and women are joined together in a special kind of social and
legal dependence. A bond is created which cannot be broken at
wul. Responsibilities are assumed from which relief can be secured
only through due process of law. “Common law” marriage on the
other hand is merely the living together of man and woman as hus
band and wife. The bond, if there is any, is the bond of cohabita
tion, but there is no legal responsibility or dependence. The courts of
earlier days recognized this relationship only after the flight of many
years had cemented the relationship. The “common law” marriage
has no illicit aspects, but is open-—notorious, and the cohabiting
parties are reputed by those who know them to be man and wife.
A man who enters the “common law” relationship does so be
cause it has no legal dependency. He can terminate it at will. In
other words, he is playing lfghtly with the most profound and serious
relationship known to man. He is therefore a wanton. The common
law husband scorns marriage because in the common law status, he
finds privileges without fixed responsibilities. He is after something
for nothing. He has the psychology of the thief.
Except in statutory cases, the offspring of a “common law” mar
riage has no claim to the family name of the father, but in 98 per cent
of the cases of common law marriages, there are no offspring, the.
parties to this outlawed relationship having willfully prostituted the
elementary purpose of the creation of the family. Legally, they have
committed no offense, but by every precept of the moral law they
are murderers. Every “common law” husband can easily be ar
raigned as an actual lawbreaker by the very t of his living in “com
mon law.” Beyond that, he is a wanton, a po.ential thief and a moral
Since black people are coming to the North and are finding
their fellows disregarding and condoning by their inactivity this in
sidious institution, they must bear in mind that if they wish to build
up compositely a red-blooded, virulent race of people, real strength
must be infused by the family relationship. The black man, being
weak because of oppression from without and apathy from within,
must build up a race of men and women—not weaklings and moral
•Life in the Heaven World"
candidate for Municipal Judge at
the Judicial Election on Monday
next, whose name appears in the
5th colunm of the official ballot as
“Independent” Republican. He
has always been our friend and
should receive our full endorse
ment. -a.
uc KUQject of a lecture by Mr R
hURcne Westbrook, at South Side Community
^ak*sh Ave., Sunday, June 4 j
Admission free. Time, from 3 to 5 p. m
i Pathfinder Karma and Reincarna
I tion Legion. C. J. Jackson, president; Mrs.
U i,. Johns, secretary.
•V1 Chicago is looking forward to the
Primrose Entertainment,” to be given by the
Progressive Circle, June 22. at Ouinn Chanel
Something entirely different Some of Chi i
lagos best ulent will entertain you while I
<^o^iMi^r£<ii2i^nr_srMTd_ I
V/>iA.NAAAAAAa ^ ^ ~ _.

The continued burnings and torturings of the black people
sre becoming sickening and nauseating. The idea that a hu
man being in a civilised country can be burned alive and hor
-ibly mutilated is revolting to that thing that we call the human i
nature. When dogs offend society they are shot dead—but not
burned alive. Creeping, crawling reptiles are speedily slainj
when they become dangerous to humanity and even the most) I
lated and feared of the brutes are not tortured arid burned
while they have life. Yet the black people in this ovuntry are
nut in a category beneath the brute and the human nature of1
their maltreaters is converted in an insatiable something which
;ries for excrutiating agony and unspeakable suffering. Hu
manity and America cannot be understood.
We need not look with sorrowful eyes and bleeding hearts
nto the eyes of our oppressors because their souls have fled to
lether lands and their hearts have turned to stone. We cannot
ippeal to the Temples of Justice because they will not listen*
to our pleadings. Sometimes we wonder if God has forsaken)
.is and we can understand why Jesus cried o*ut in the throes of
lis torture: “My God! My God! Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?”
t I
. WHIP - •
Down in Birmingham the black people have formed a
Henry Ford Club, the purpose being the advocacy of Henry
Ford for President of the United States and William Randolph
Hearst for Vice President. Black people have not studied the
Dearborn Independent carefully. There is an ominous and
linister something about it that does not ring true. The ar
icles entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" should be
itudied by every black man and maybe the true intentions of
Ford would be disclosed. It is our opinion that Ford is not the
nan for the black people to follow. It is too well known that
-icarst is sponsor of a “white supremacy” and is, therefore, im
possible. Just another case of us going off half cocked. It is
proverbially true that we always do this very thing.
Is a sign of Ice Cream purity and goodness. Every
gallon of Hydrox-Guernsey ice cream is Carbonated.
Carbonated ice cream is frozen in an atmosphere a
hundred times purer than ordinary air, thus preventing
the dangerous multiplication of bacteria.
Special for this week end
Full Quart Brick, 50 Cents
The most lucious orange and pineapple ice cream you
have ever tasted. Try it once and you’ll come back for
more. Get it at the nearest Hydrox Agency.
$1.00 Cash $1.00 Per Week
II Your Cftidit Is 6op4 2-inch Post, satin
finished, ribbon
__ banded brass bed,
^fctf D PjL guaranteed lacquer.
B •*. VI \ Gray enameled link
■ B IB ELa W fabric spring 40 lbs.
S|ia IJ cotton mattress in
I _ ^^K(fltn*P^ 183J-S8 French art ticking.
| ^^^pl^STATE ST. $32.75
I 10 o’clock This Saturday Is |
Last Chance For
I When the doors of The Whip Office close this Saturday night at |>
10 o’clock sharp, the BIO VOTES will be a thing of the past. The rest 3;
of this week, every yearly subscription counts 30,000 votes. After 9 3;
o’clock Saturday, a one-year subscription is worth only 24,000 votes. 3;
Some “live wire” is going to take advantage of the opportunities 3;
offered in these last BIG VOTE days—some “live wire” will make sure 3;
of winning this $1,570.00 first prize automobile during these last BIG 3;
VOTE days. The one who makes the best showing between now and
10 o’clock Saturday night—the one who knows the enormous vote value ;3
of the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10-ycar subscriptions—that’s the contestant who ; 3
will be riding around in a brand new Paige Auto this month, given abso- 3;
lutely FREE as a reward for real ability to hustle. Bear in mind that 3;
every $25 in subscriptions is worth from 48,000 votes to 1,450,000 votes 3;
if turned in by 9 o’clock Saturday night. „ . , ^ 3;
•» < >
I This is the “home stretch” of the Whip’s $3,000.00 race—only 3'
three more weeks to go and it’s a hotter and keener fight every day. 3;
Intense rivalry is spurring on the candidates in their efforts to pile up 3;
the winning votes that will land this $1,570.00 prize. 3;
Your supreme efforts are necessary NOW. Time is slipping by 3;
rapidly. Remember that 10 o’clock this Saturday is the last minute in 3;
which you can get the BIG VOTES. Never again, after Saturday night, 3;
I will you get as many votes for every subscription you secure. 3;
For Complete Details, Write, Phone j!
or Call the Campaign Manager
3420 South State Street |
Phone Victory 4606
L .a*

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