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Injunction Against
Shriners Fails
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 22.—
What has sent a thrill of triumph
through the hearts of Attorney D. \V.
Perkins, legal adviser for the Masonic
fraternity of the jurisdiction of the
Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge
of the state of Florida, and the twenty
or more thousand who pay allegiance
to that jurisdiction handed down in
the circuit court in the city of Tampa
on the 5th of this month, wherein the |
temple of the Mystic Shriners, white,
had sued out a writ of injunction,;
restraining all Colored men in Flor j
ida from using the name, insignia,
paraphernalia, words, costumes, etc.,
of the Ancient Arabie Mystic Shriners.
Arguments were made before Judge
Robles of Tampa, who holds the repu
tation of being one of the fairest
judges that ever sat in any court in
this state. The rase was fought hard,
and every assault made by the oppo
sition was smashed by Attorney Per
kins, and Judge Robles gave his de
cision, denying the injunction.
This is the first time white shrin
ers have attempted to interfere with
Colored shriners in this state, and
their failure may not be the last of
it. Attorney Perkins is being lionized
over his great victory. The white press
quickly published the entrance of this
case, but so far, not one of them has
had a word to say about the denial
of the court to grant the injunction.
The Chicago Urban League is con
ducting a rummage sale at its office
at 3032 S. Wabash Ave. Thursday,
Friday and Saturday of this week. Its
friends have contributed many articles
of real value to this sale, and the
league takes this method of thanking
them publicly. Tt considers the rum
mage sale a real service to the com
munity, since it connects the person
who has an undesired surplus with the
one in need, and to the advantage of
both. The league receives all kinds of
articles at all times, repairs them and
conducts periodical sales when suffi
cient material has accumulated. The
proceeds go toward the budget of the
Chicago Urban League.
y~x~x~:~X“X"X“X"X**X“X~X“X“X I
% ' ‘ h
£ 1 kill a chicken for every order.
* X'
X My half fried chicken for X
! 60c
is the best in the city X
v Served with Hot Rolls and *J*
Country Butter. *!»
I Arrington’s |
I Restaurant f
•> 3502 State St. Open All Night
Children Can Learn
to Dance
The Idlewild Dancing School
for Children
f*very Monday Afternoon
From 3 to 6 o’clock
Idlewild Hotel
33rd St. and Wabash Ave.
fo the Mothers, Fathers,
Relatives and Friends:
I have offered my service to the
oeople of Chicago to assist in help
ing to develop the intelligent of our
young people.
Artistic Dancnig is also a wonder
ful exercise, and helps one to become
active and graceful. The latest fancy
dances of the day will be taught. j
Although the weather being warm !
you will find this a cool place in the I
afternoons. We wish to impress upon i
you, that the children will be specially
;ared for to and from car lines, if we [
are notified by parents.
Admission i5 cents. By the month ;
60 cents in advance.
Mesdames Sylvester Watkins and
Gertrude Nunn will care for girls,
and Mr. Chas. D. Fleming will care ;
for boys.
Prof. Oranto J. Buckner, Mgr. i
Prof. Oranto Javoid Buckner
Studio, 33rd St. and Wabash Ave. I
Idlewild Hotel, Sirte 212
Phone Victory 0043
Private lessons in Dancing and Piano
(By appointment)
Dancing class every Monday and
Thursday night, 8 p. m. to 12:30 a. m.
Afternoon Class for Children,
Every Monday, 3 to 6 p. m.
The Idlewild Dancing Class
Idlewild Hotel,
33rd St. and Wabash Ave.,
Invites you and your friends every
Monday and Thursday n^rht, 8 to'
12:30 p. m. Admission 35 cents.
Boy’s and Girls’ Class, Monday after
noon, 3 to 6 o’clock.
Admission 16 cents.
Special Dances for the Young Folks!
will be taught.
Music by Claybrook’s Orchestra.
Private Lessons by Appointment.
Phone Victory 0043.
0. J. BUCKNER. Instructor.'
Jury Of All Black
Men Sits In Ohio
HAMILTON, Ohio, June 22.—What
is believed to be the first case in the
country, possibly the entire country
ever tried before a jury composed
entirely of Colored people, began in
Judge Clarence Murphy’s court Friday
It was a paternity case brought by
Clara Patterson. Colored, of Middle
town, against Charles Gates, Colored
also of Middletown. The plaintiff is
represented by Attorney John A. Crist
of Middletown and P. P. Boli of Ham
ilton represents Gates.
The situation is regarded unusual
in court history. The regular petit
jury was needed in a criminal case
in Judge Walter Harlan's court and
in issuing for a special venire to try
this case, orders were given to sum
mon Colored people
Eighteen were called, six of whom
were excused from service. The jury
is composed entirely of men. On the
jury are Charles Conway, Prank Ho
gan, Alfred Nixon, Charles Howard,
Frank Berry, George Kinley, Sam
Lee, Horace Preston, George Reese,
Alfred Bates, B. M. Fox, Pelf Hodges.
All of the jurors are from Hamilton.
It is the first time within the mem
ory of present court officials that a
jury in any case has been composed
entirely of Colored people.
P 3456 State Street
\ '
^ The Molt Beautiful and Exclu* J
»ive Restaurant on the
P South Side /
• • 5
l ”• I
4 4
J Special Attention Given To J
' 9
9 4
f. Afternoon Tea Every Afternoon /
/ Dinner from 5:00 to 9:30 £
9 9
i 9
9 Prop 9
9 9
Telephone Victory 4368 /
Visit Them
The Mme. C. J. WALKER
MFG. CO., Inc., of Indian
apolis, Ind., offers Resi
dents of Chicago the op
portunity of a lifetime to
visit Atlantic City, N. J.,
and to see the wonders of
the Nation’s Capital. Free
Trips to and from these
points of interest will be
given as 1st and 2nd Prizes
in the Big Vacation Tour
Contest now open, or its
equivalent in cash.
You owe yourself a
vacation. And here’s
your chance to take it
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For Full Details See
Special Representative
Mrs. Terry’s Beauty Parlor
Phone Douvlai 5079
Program at Community Center Here Music, played two piano numbers
The regular Sunday night musical creditably. Mr. Jesse Dicmer, of the
was given last Sunday night at the same school, played two numbers
Community Center under the direc- beautifully on the cello. Mrs. Willie
tion of Prof. J. Wesley Jones. A large M. Sloan, soprano, sang very sweetly
crowd was present. Those on the pro- and charmingly two selections accom
gratn were: George Oldham, Lowell panied by r. Theo laylor. Mrs.
V. Derrick, Mrs. Jessie Harris, Miss Maude Roberts George, chairman of
Izetta Smith, Miss Helen l'ownley, thc program committee thanked the
E. Grundy, Oldham. Cayce, Marrs. l.vceum patrons and those who had
Geiger, Harrison, Gordon, Ranks, taken part on the program during tlie
Whitfield, Brown, Elnora Gaines and year for their co-operation and infer
tile Metropolitan choir. est- Tuesday niglft, the l.vceum pre
sented Lawrence Lomax in a recital.
Young People’s Lyceum Closes He was accompained by T Theo Tay
The Young People’s Lyceum of l°r and Miss Caro Me Coy, reader.
Grace Presbyterian Church, came to a A reception followed the program,
close last Sunday with a brilliant pro- r_ D . ,
gram. The Pilgrim Temple choir un- Great Bethel Mus.cale
der the direction of Janies Lilliard, Sunday evening, July 2, at K:.?0 p. m..
rendered some splendid numbers. Mr. a mammoth tnusicale will he offered to
Henry Middleton spoke on the History Chicago’s music loving public. The
of Grace Lyceum. Mrs. Lucile Die- Aesthetic Ensemble Orchestra, .1. C
mer, of thc Chicago Conservatory of Lewis, director, Mabel Thompson
Lewis, pianist, will have a prominent
place on the program. Ernest Smith,
James Lewis and Harry Williams are
members of a splendid trio which sing.
Mrs. Bertha Wright, lyric soprano, and
Miss Gustava Me Curdy a promising
young singer are to take part on the
program. Fulton Street M. E. Quar
tette and the Kappa Alpha Psi octette
arc other interesting contributors.
James A. Mundy will direct Bethel's
grand choir with Miss Dickerson play
ing the organ.
New Soloist at Grace Church
Mme. M Calloway Byron, soprano,
who has studied abroad for some time,
will be the soloist at Grace Presby
terian Church next Sunday, July l at
10:45 a. m.
•Urd and Champlain Avenue
Kev. Jas. A. Slnut, Pastor
laPsundTy ’^"1'^ ft* Temn|e
^±±1. "12- ,levins
July 9th. Rrv. Stout will preach at all ser
vices next Sunday.
Carter's Temple First Anniversary
Every department of the church is fired with
zeal and enthusiasm in preparation for the first
anniversary. Four bishops of the (’. M. K.
Church, two general officers and several well
known local speakeis and artists will appear
on the splendid programs that are being pre
pared for each of the six nights. Open air
booths are being constructed to add to the
outdoor features of the anniversary. Legit
imate business of every kind is to receive
much encouragement from this effort. The
church will he one year old on July 12.
Rev. Stout to Visit South
Rev. Jas. A. Stout of Carter's Temple hrs
accepted engagements to deliver lectures in
Kansas, Arkansas and Texas during the month
of August. Coder the auspices of the Church
Extension Hoard of the C. M. K. C hurch, of
which he i*-- the assistant secretary, several
sections of the south will be visited. The
Church Extension department has recently
devised an insurance plan that will protect
all churches both rural and urban. Krv. Stout
will assist in promoting this department.
Friday evening. June 30th, the Ap
pomattox Club will hold an open meet
ing under the auspices of the civics
committee The work of the commit
tee for the past year will be reviewed.
On the program will be Frank L. Gil
lespie, Dr. Reginald Smith, George W.
Faulkner, Charles Dtikc and F. A.
Denison, who will represent the vari
ous movements fostered by the com
TELL the merchants from
whom you buy food, cloth
ing, and other supplies, to
stop littering your lawns and hall
ways and choking your mail boxes
with flaming circulars and hand
bills advertising their wares.
They don’t do it in Hyde Park
or on the Gold Coast. Why do
they do it here?
Tell them to make their appeal
to you as they would in any other
self-respecting community —
through your organs of public
opinion—your newspapers.
A woman with velvety, soft, smooth, bright skin, knows she will be long loved
and never forgotten.
No man can admire a woman whose skin is cor.rsc, rc id, muddy,
covered with blacldkeads, ringworms or pimples.
will remove those ugly blemishes on your face, hands, neck or arms, lighten the complex
ion—make your skin soft, fresh and smooth. Thousands of letters are received each
n year from women telling what this wonderful bleach has done and how happy it has made
Price 251 them.
Black and White Ointment, when used with Black and White Soap is really a won
derful beauty treatment. Buy a package of the Ointment and a cake of this beauty
soap. Use it for a few days, according to directions. If you are not pleased, you can
get your money back.
All druggists sell Black and White Ointment 25c; (50c size contains three times as
much); Black and White Soap 25c the cake, or both will be sent you postpaid on receipt
of price.
Write f~r free sample and copy of your Birthday Book.
' » ! Send me FREE - a sample of Black
and White Ointment and my Birthday
. Book.
1 St. or R.F.D.*[’’’*’*
. City or P.0..
* • • • • M t|H» ,
__. State.....

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