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Questions used for examination oi
applicants for the position of assist
ant in the district schools. Held on
the last Wednesday in August and.
besides this, usually in October, De
cember and March.
1. Reduce 3 K. 20.4 square rods to
the decimal of an acre.
2. What is the value of .732 a of a
o. If 4-5 of the purchase price
equals the selling price, what is the
Joss per cent.
4. A sold two building lots for 8420
each—for one he received 2a per cent,
mote, and for the other 2o per cent,
less than its value. Did he gain oi
lose, and how much.
. r >. llow many square feet of boards
will it take to enclose a piece of land
80 feet 10 inches long and 60 feet 8
inches wide, with a close fence of »
feet 6 inches high.
1. In what direction do the fixer
Stars seem to move, and why.
2. is the temperature at the hotfoir
of the sea higher or lower than at it:-
surface. Why?
3. By what polilieal and natura
divisions is Michigan bounded.
4. (a) What is the area of Bonn
(b) What is tho smallest S.ati
in Europe.
(c) Name the highest mountain o
(d) Name some of the articles o
commerce from Aden.
0. Draw an outline map of the Stat<
of New York on a separate piece o:
paper, showing the position of New
Yoik, Albany, Oswego and the Hud
son river.
■w lisii language.
have no plural. Name tfiree that
have no singular.
2. Write down the possessive pint’**
al ol grief, wharf, handkerchief, life,
roof. What is the singular ol beeves,
kine, phenomena, formula', cherubim.
.3. Decline who, which, whosoever,
this. stratum.
4. Write down the second person
singular of all the moods and tenses
° 9
of the copula.
fj. How many parts of speech can
well and calm be. Make a sentence
illustrating each use.
6. Explain the terms logical ane
ramraatical predicate.
7. Is it correct to say “He is gone.
Why ?
5. Correct the following sentences
I would like to know why tkataint ir
the back of the book. Blease, can I
speak ‘r I'm a coining. You hadn’t
ought to be so liberal. I intended to
have shown you how it could bo done
ft. Define? relative, pronoun.
10. Analyze: It will take a much
wiser head than mine to say what the
Queen ol England's secret is and
where it lies buried. Diagram and
The object should be exhibited fot
the inspection of the class, and the
qualities important to be noticed should
be observed the appropriate senses. 11
the quality you desire to speak of is one
cognizable by touch alone, have your
pupils touch the object, do not have
them say an object is hard unless they
have touched it. When any quality is
verified, the term by which it is known
is to be noted by the class, if they know
it, otherwise by the teacher.
It should bo carefully pronounced by
one or two pupils, then by all, that may
become familiar with its sound; then it
should be spelt and written on the board,
or if it be a strange word written on the
board and spelt afterwards, so that its
form may become familiar. Then the
true aspects under which every word
should be regarded are taught, the
understanding the ear and the eye are
exercised respectively on its meaning,its
sound and its form; failing any one of
these the word can not be properly
learned. When the qualities have been
disposed of the ■ next part of the lesson
is taken, up in the same spirit.
When the lesson is ended the black*
board should exhibit precisely the track
that has been followed.
Facility and neatness in boardwriting
I •’
Send all communioatioiis for this de
partment, to W. T.Pcyton.No.'ii 1 VJtlt
St. Leuisville, Kv.
i are great helps in giving this instate,
tiou lu all instruction, let the lesson
|be suited to the asre and advancement
iof the pupil. Any child six years is a
very different being intellectually from
a child nine or ten; and can only to a
| small extent follow the same lesson*
The personal habits of the chil
dren should receive the teacher’s
attention. In primary schools he will
find it constantly necessary to be insist
■ ing on this virtue with special reference
j to the pupils skin, hair and general ap
pearance. lie should in fact regard
i regular washing and combing as essen
tial to a pupils retention in school.
| Young children should not be kept in
i attendance daily, longer than 4A hours,
and only 4} hours when the teacher
conducts the recitations and general
work in the most judicious manner, and
the school-house and premises are in the
most satisfactory sanitary eUte.
New York Tribune: A paragraph
is traveling through the news papers
which attributes to ex-Senafor *(.’ -tine
ron a rather singular and we may say
startling opinion. The purport ol
this is that in the south the young
negroes ate “over educated. 1 his
the ex-Senator holds, if he is correct -
lv reported, “unlit * them lor work.” It
I also “develops their vicious qualities.”
It “likewise con verts them into slmrp
! ers.' lt this be true, we must be allow
ed to say that it is very discouraging.
For if the black youth art: in danger
; from over-education, we can not see
1 why the white youth are not in equal
! peril, nor why education at the north
! is not to V judged in the same w ay.
The charge is really one against our
i whole common school system. It
j also happens that it is a very old one.
The opponents of popular education
took precisely this ground, even in
Massachusetts, in trying to prevent
the established of high schools. They
said that advanced studies would un
fit young men for manual labor.
They wanted popular education to
stop with reading, writing, aritmetic
and, may be, grammar. There are
not wanting those who are stall o fthe
same mind, although they are not many.
’Unfortunately, these fault-fiuders do
not tell us just where, in their opin
ion, the line should he drawn. We
j do not blame them for this, lor they
I ooulcl not if dipy tried. Any educa
tion, Cven ortue slightest character.
w r ouid have the same result which
they deprecate; that is, it they are
right or reasonable in their predictions.
We do not say. --What will you do with
the white children?” for that question
1 is settled bv the common sense of the
. north; but we may properly ask.
; “What will you do with the black
j children?” Suppose that they are left
in the dense ignorance which preceded
emancipation? Cut them oil’ from
reading and writing; let them have
no more knowledge of anything than
is absolutely necessary to the tiller of
the soil or the lower order of mechan
ics; put out the light which has just
begun, however feeble, io illuminate
their lives! Do this, and what will
come next ? Nothing lias been ac
complished except, so far as po.-sible.
to repeal the emancipation and make
the blacks slaves again. We shall go
back substantially to freedom. Names,
in such matters, are nothing. Onlv
there will be this difference. If you
stop educating the freed men, you must
also stop their voting. The boon of
voting without education will be not
only absurd, hut dangerous—in fact
neither will de a boon at all. Take
away the education and the votes, and
wo shall at once have #,000,000
slaves again. Can it he, alter all its
sanguinary experience, the country
still hankers for the old domestic in
stitution, the very cornerstone ol
which was profound ignorance ?
If the negroes are getting an edu
cation, ns the ex-Senator says they
are, which “develops their vicious
qualities,” the sooner we have an ed
ucational reform the better.
Laborers most ol these sable pupils
must necessarily be; and whether
they are laborers or not, it would be
to -‘convert them into sharpers.” In
some parts of the south formerly col
ored men were reluctant to labor for
reasous not at all connected with their
immense literary advancement; and
even now these reasons may still ex
ist in certain localities. If a negro
here and there puts on airs beeause he
knows the multiplication table, anti
so refuse to work, let him be dealt
with as a vagabond aud compelled to
work. It is hardly necessary to pull
down school-houses beeause they do
not make hopelessly lazy pupils
Subscribe for the Itfinsw.
the member from cat
In F.ln<inent Appeal in Hrhal/' O] a Ilian eh
Ho Of/* Vanl.
Jjy soma oversight of the Public 1 rin
tar, the following speech, made at the
last session of Congress by a Territorial
delegate, was omitted from the Record :
“ Mr. Speaker : It will not astonish
me to sea the gentlemen on the other
side attempt to tilibuster on this ques
tion, but let me tell them, sir, that the
people who sleep in the glowing gush of
the setting sun are gazing with glistening
orbs on the fate of this measure. The
people of tlie East may look disdainfully
from beneath the rims of their zenith
soaring plug-hats upon the demands of
the West, but the day has come, sir,
when the proud denizens of the mount
ain passes that gave birth to the swell
ing waters of our rushing rivers have
come to know their rights, ami they,
sir, have sent me here to maintain them.
The brave pioneer who, taking Ins hfe
in one hand and American civilization
in the other, stepped forth upon the
prairies to plant them both, lests his
arms upon his gun and looks to you for
action. The lonely Indian stands by
his wigwam and deties with threatening
glances the gentlemen on the other side.
The voice of maidens comes over the
plains, mingling with the grass that in
hales the fragrance of their breath, and
the prattle of children is caught up by
the blizzard and wafted toward you, all
joining in the cry of rage and indigna
tion which the opponents of this bill
have aroused. Would you divide this na
tion ? Would you have the swift Missouri
a Seine, or would you maka a Danube?
Would you have it a Thames, or would
you make it a Rhine? Taking its rise
i in the thunder-nursing peaks of the
! glistening Rockies, it pours its flood
! through the fertile prairies and planta
| tious alike, cementing the grandest
quarter-spheres that ever conspired to
constitute a hemisphere. Would you
change its destiny V Then tell the peo
ple of the West that you hoot their
ideas' for justice to scorn, and tlie broad
bosom of that stream will become the
dividing line between your nation and
mine, and States wiil crumble before
the march of civilization, instigated by
the life-giving, freedom-breathing Terri
tories whom you are seeking to crush.
Already the East has decided that the
age passes without the deal. Already
the East has proclaimed that straights
do not count, and fixed three of ai kind
as the next above two pair ! lint be
ware ! Alexander of Macedonia fol
lowed tlie victory too far, and his defeat
at Partheuia gave Troy to tlie world and
paved the way for English jurispru
dence. Beware! The hordes of tlie
Northwest are settling to the collar, and
the glint of their rifles is echoed back
from the roek-bouud hill that bore them.
Refuse this measure, and you inject
rum where all is now peace. You blast
the prairie flower with hissing breath
and build a monument of bones to the
short-sighted policy that denies the God
fearing frontiersman the rights which
the elementary principles of constitu
tional government guaranteed him in his
birth. We do not ask mvcli, sir. Our
demands are small, but in the language
of our common scripture, sir, 1 tell the
gentlemen of the other side, that until
heaven and earth pass hence, .not one
jot nor even a tittle of the American
eagle shall pass away until you Jrave
adopted some measure establishing *
branch wood-yard at the mouth of
fish creek.” \
Little Grade had been told that it was
impolite to take the last biscuit on the
table. The other morning, at breakfast,
she was observed to gaze long and earn
estly at the solitary biscuit on the bread
plate. The temptation at last proved
too great. Beaching for the coveted
morsel she exclaimed, “ O, mamma, I’se
almost ’tarved ! I dess I won’t he po
lite to-day. I’ll wait till tome day wheu
I ain’t too hungry.” —Boston Tran
The Review is undoubtedly the
best advertising medium in the State.
Best Book For Everybody. — The
new illustrated edition of Webster’s
Dictionarv. containing three thousand
engravings, is the best Look far ever]/bod)/
that ihe press lias produced in the pres
ent century, and should be regarded as
indispensable to the well-regulated home
reading-room, library, and place of bus
ness.—Golden Era.
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Gents' Outfitter,
Wholesale ami Retail Dealer m
Cheapest and best place in the city,
has always on hand a fine assortment o
BSTKemember the place No. 99 Pearl
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li •Jstratjov; p.v l’ln rni p.— < »nc of
ie I'Qjilrufiih between the school
boo! | used liv t!x* fathers and mothers
ih» land, when young 1 , and those now
the children, is the use of pic
tured As, a curious instance of illustrat
ing J,e meaning ol words bv pictorial
the pictures in the new
edoW) of W ebster's Unabridged l>iet
iontfy in connection with the following
tWei** words: Reef, Roller, Castle, Col
tiaM. 7 ®» Horse, Moldings, Phrenolo-
Ships, Steam Engine, Tim
fLjflillustrate and define the? meaning
o»>re than l" words and terms, a 3
ma;»iw seen by examining the Dicton
’ fateful Thousands proe.aim VTv.
Bitters the most wonderful In*
Unit ever sustained th« sinking
aP ,Jo Person ran 1 tike these Bitter.-?
*. M Jrdiag to directions, and remain long
S V, jßjfl, provided their hones are not de
j V i by mineral poison or otiier
jJIVmd Vital organs wasted beyond
Silious. Remittent and Inter
-I,‘Went Fevers, which are so preva
th,l in tile vallevs of our great rivers
I -fjugbout the United States, especially
pc of the Mi ssissippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
. Mtfiod, Colorado. Brazos, Ilio Grand;?,
1 Alabama, MoVulo, Savannah, l{o
an*te. James, and many others, with
th Sr trust tributaries, throughout our
etiSre country during the Summer and
A'Bhnin, and remarkably so during sea
soft of unusual heat and dryness, are
iujfiriabiy accompauied by extensive de
ralgemeuts of the stomach and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful inlluence upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. Tlieto
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
I)a. J. Walker’s Vinegar. Hitters,
as they will speedily remove the dark
esfored viscid matter with which tbo
bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against disease
Kz purifying all its fluids with Vinegar
Jitters. No epidemic can take hold
1+ a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigos!ion, riead
.vhe. Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
'lightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
iTt the Mouth, Bilious Attacks. Palpita
nt ion of the Heart, Inflammation of tho
bungs, Pain in the region of the Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful syrup-,
turns, arc tjp? ollsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
Scrofula, or King’s Evil, White
Swellings. Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck,
Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent
|n 11 animations, Mercurial A flections, Old
: .ores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes. etc.
n those, as in all other constitutional liis
, pses, Walker's Vinegar Bitters havo
bown their great curative powers La tho
jt''u obstinate and intractable cases.
For Inflaiiiniatory and Chronic
Dieuiiiatisiii, Gout, Bilious, Kemit
ent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
he Blood, laver, Kidnevs and Bladder,
these Hitlers have no equal. Such Diseases
are caused by Vitiatred Blood.
Much uni cal Diseases.— Persons en
gaged m Paints and Minerals, such as
plumbers, Type-setters. Gold-beaters, and
Miners, as they advance in life, are subject
U> paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of Wai.ickr’js Vin
egar Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Tet-
A*r, S.ih-Kheum, Blotches, Spots, Kill pies.
Pustules. Boils, Carbuncles, King-worms,
.w aid head, Sore Eves. Erysipelas, Itch,
riemfe Dis ‘oloralions of tho Skin. 11 amors
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, are literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a short time by the use
<4 those Bitieis.
Fin, J ape, and oilier Worms,
linking in the system ol oO many thousands,
vt effectually destroyed and removed. No
stem of medicine, no vermifuges, no an
hM minifies will free the system from worms
id- these Bitters.
For FenuJe Complaints, in young
J cr old. married o. single, at thedawu of wo-
V or the luvn of life, these Tor.ie
j> tiers display so decided an influence that
i,',lavement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood when-
cr ton !ind its impurities bursting through
ll in in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores;
(1 -!itii'C it when you find it obstructed and
s| * n the veins; cleanse it when if. is
your feelings will tell you when. Keep
A'*4>lood pure, and the health of the svsteia
‘ II follow.
' li. H. MCDONALD & CO..
ij.Ujvgist.s ni'i G« v n. A c;ts., San Francisco, California
ir jJ cor. of Washington and Charlton Sts.. X, Y.
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Unabridged, page 1164, giv
ju -the name of each sail, —showing the value of
i he pictures in Webster under the 12 words,
Boiler|Castle, Column, Eye, Horae,
jpidings, Phrenology, Ravelin, Ships,
(~.3e9 1164 and 1219) Steam engine, Tiin
define 343 words and terms far better
they cot id be defined in words.
few Edition of WEBSTER, has ’
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Biographical Dictionary
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Ayer’s Ague Cure,
For Fever and Ague, Intermittent Fe
ver, Chill Fever, Bemittent Fever,
Dumb Ague, Periodical or Bilious Fe
ver, &c., and indeed all the affections
* which arise from malarious, marsh, or
miasmatic poisons.
No one remedy is louder
called for.by the necessities
of the American people than
a sure and safe cure for
tVvor am<l Ague. Such
we are now enabled to oiler,
with a perfect certainty that
It will eradicate the disease, and with assur
ance, founded on proof, that no harm can
arise from its use in any quantity.
That which protects from or prevents this
disorder must be of immense service in the
communities where it prevails. Prevention
i- better than cure; for the patient escapes the
risk which he must run in violent attacks of
this baleful distemper. This “ CURE ” expels
the miasmatic poison of Fever ami Ague
from the system, and prevents the develop
ment of the disease, if taken on the first
approach of its premonitory symptoms. A
great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and cer
tain cure of Intermittents is, that it contains
no Quinine or mineral; consequently it pro
duces no quinism or other injurious* effect*
whatever upon the constitution. Those cured
by it are left as-healthy as if the}’ had never
had the disease.
#>v«*r ami Ague is not alone the poh
poqnenoe of the miasmatic poison. A gvetti
variety of disorders arise from its irritation,
among which are llhcuiua
»i»m. <»oiit. Hruilathe. Bliuilnra,
Toothache. Karaclie.Cutarrh. Attlt*
ilia. Falpitatioa, Painful Affection
of the Niil«*en, Hv»ter|c>i, Pain in the
Mowolo. Colic, l»»ralyuin, and derange
ment of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating in this cause, put on the inter
mittent type, or become periodical. This
“CriiF.” expels the poison from the blood,
and consequently cures them all alike. It is
an invaluable protection to immigrants and
persons travelling or temporarily residing in
the malarious districts. If taken occasion
ally or dally while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and
r-annot accumulate in sufficient quantity to
ripen into disease. Hence it is even more
valuable for protection than cure; aud few
will ever suffer from Intermittents if they
avail themselves of the protection this rem
edy affords.
For Liver Complaints, arising from torpid,
itv of the Liver, it is an excellent remedy,
stimulating the Liver Into healthy activity,
and producing many truly remarkable cure*,
where other medicines fail.
I)r. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.f
Practical arid Analytical Chemists.
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For all Female Complaints.
This preparation, as Its name signifies, consists of
Vegetable Properties that are harmless to the most del
icate invalid. Upon one trial the merits of this Com -
pound will be recognized, as relief is Immediate . and
when Its use Is continued, In ninety-nino cases In a hun.
dred, apcruianentcureigeffeotod.asthous&nd* will tes
tify. On account of its proven merits, it is to-day re
commended and prescribed by the best physicians in
the country.
It will cure entirely the worst term of falling
of tho uterus, Leucorrhcea, Irregular and painful
Menstruation, all Ovarian Troubles, Inflammation and
Ulceration, Floodings, all Displacements and the con
sequent spinal weakness, and Is especially adapted to
the Change of Life. It will dissolve and expel tumors
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tendency to cancerous humors there is checked very
speedily by its use.
In fact It has proved to be the great
est and best remedy that has ever been discover
ed. It permeates every portion of the system, and gives
new llfeand vigor. It removes folntnesf,flatulency, de
stroys all craving for stimulants, and relieves weakness
of the stomach
It cures Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Prostration,
General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression and Indl
gestion. That feeling of bearing down, causing pain,
weight and backache, Is always permanently cured by
its use. It will at all times, and under oil circumstan
ces, act in harmony wltti tho law that governs tho
female system.
For Kidney Complaints of either sex this compound
is unsurpassed.
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
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w £3
n fa
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A regular! v educated and legal], qualitied physician and th*
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Spermatorrhea and Impotency,
the result ofaeif-abuse iu youth, sexual excesses io ma
turer rears, or other causes, and producing acme o f tha toi
kwiue; effects: Nervousness, Seminal Emissions, (tight so-. *-
fcioos by dreams). Dimneaa of bight, Defective Memory, Phy
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Coufusion' of Ideas, Loss of Sexual Power. Ac., rendering
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GLEET, Stricture, Orchitis, Hernia, (or Rupture*
Fit s una other private diseases quickly cured.
It is self-evident that aphy siclan who pays special attentua
to o certain class of diseases. and treating ihuusands annu
ally, acquire* great skill. Physicians knowing this fact often
recommend persons to my care. When it is inconvenient to
visit the city for treatment, medicine* can he sdnt pitvninny
and safely by mail or express anywhere.
Cures Guaranteed in all Cases
Consultations j>er*onmlly or by letter free and invited.
Charges reasonable aud correspondence strictly cvuhd«uu*L
Of 200 pages, sent to any address, eeiAtrely sealed, for thirty
(Wl terns. Should be read by ati. Address a» above.
Utt.ce hoars from aA.M.to 8 P. id. Sundays, 21» iP. da.
Celebrated American
THE countenance is pale and leaden
colored, with occasional flushes, or
a circumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pupils
dilate ; an azure semicircle runs along
the lower eye-lid ; the .nose is irritated,
swells, and sometimes bleeds ; a swell
ing of the upper lip ; occasional head
ache, with humming or throbbing of
the ears ; an unusual secretion of salvu;
slimy or furred tongue; breath jerv
foul, particularly in the morning; ap
petite variable, sometimes voraciou ,
withagnawing sensation of the stomach,
at others, entirely gone; fleeting pains
in the stomach ; occasional nausea and
vomiting; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times
costive; stools slimy; not unfrequentlv
tinged with blood ; belly swollen and
hard; urine turbid; respiration occa
sionally difficult, and accompanied by
hiccough ; cough sometimes dry and
convulsive; uneasy and disturbed sleep,
with grinding of the teeth; temper
variable, but generally irritable, &rc.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
Will ceitainlv effect a cure.
In any form ; it is an innocent prepa
ration, not capable o f doing the si ifiti-st
injury to the most fen iter infant.
The genuine Dr. MVLansV. Vermi
fuge bears the signatures of C. MV La:; l
and Fleming Bros, on the wrapper.
«* These Pills tire not recommended ns
a remedy for ‘‘all the ills that flesh is
heir to,” but in affections of the Liver,
and in all Bilious Complaints, Dyspepsia
and Sick Headache, or diseases ot that
character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can he used pre
paratory to, or after taking Quinine.
As a’simple purgative they are un
equal ed.
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Each box has a red wax sen! on the
lid, with the impression Dr. M* Ran;: s
Liver Pills.
Each wrapper hears the signat u>es of
C. MVLani. and Fleming Bros.
Sold by all respectable druggists and
country storekeepers generally. c

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