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A PifU. PTRI IffPCn rTMT •ATri’IMT mok>
»•» txattiiruur, vitida oomr, ciuiomu !
Fj r Mirur, (in advance.) 16.00
►\»r <i\ month*. (In iilrtncf.) (Kl
Kor month* . . ‘i, )0
copied,. 2b cl* I
fe«h square of Thirteen Line* first in*ertion. $1 •
** Subsequent insertion 1,00
Opposition to
Wc are determined to sell oar
Cheaper than
Any Kstnlilislinicnt of rlie kind
Ottf atooV comiit* of a very large assortment *»f
The l**»t stork of
ever m vo in this place aI«> a good «elertion of
II nts, and Gentlemen’s
cJfnrni-bing 6oobs.
We will give the public a chance, once more, of
■ ’ I■ in fine • v f.• t ifle ie*t
to the ( LSlllJL MARKET
j. t ont a into.
Newspaper and Advertising Agent,
N’i •*". J Street. Sacran»*nto.
* i«rnt f-.r the ■ lir.n'* Valiev Telegraph. ” an-l
California Mining Journal. and tie u-i i t . it
per* gen«-r ally . t«.r * hh l* Adverti** n « nt* va ill be
reived an ! indeerte at the |«.wes‘ rat«-v
Main Street, Gram Valley.
In tl»- iluildin? neat above Cheap John**
CtMto'd IVnrV tlnile . •» «tcr.
♦J* Ail - .«• Ii«-|tnirini| I. lie at tin* »h< rt
e»t Bidice •ii<l Warranted to gi.»* Satisfaction 'Jo
liii|HirtuKt to Teamsters and the
X. II. DOH.tV,
Where U«* i-s tf . |irete;te ! Jo Manufacture and Rrtai
1 1 trite* - - and W u»*n- of eve; v description. in the
% • w- *ik*- manner, and upon the aunt rrasou
Av.e trull* j..« All oora vva:
##* * *n Ti i •• • |'a -•-dan V.» i.Uhed -%J|
...a - Valley. IM. IS. lH&o tf
Kl?cG & Oi HfET,
!>■ tilers iu
tjri ocerie a , i rovisions,
Li>{iior-, Miner,.' Tools, ,vi\,
XT t;;v:
Iren I'roitl, t-'irr Pmnl Nlnrp,
Cnrnvi Mill ind N< :i! Si... Oran Vallej.
ivi.vks. c.i.yj i.ks, run II.
'means, lumen. four,
torn:;;, iuu.
Ttz-.is. Moeissrs.
Aro.rn.s-. ptcKKLs,
R.1COA , Hsu.
Bwola, Nliora, Clnlhinut Crorkt-iG
II ooilrn A Tin IITipp.
«#•! be '•ihv. , il„ r« w.nild take thl- Method to re
tanithaalui mtMi Mwl*th. publicgenerally
v.r past f«%«»r«. and would report fully solicit a coii
tiuuame *.t their |>«tron-*;*e. They have now <>ri hand
and intend* to keep cou-tautlv iu afore, a*
Laigc amt general assortment nf Groceries
l'rurtstnns. Sec., ns cun be found
in Urdus t r al!cl/.
Gran Valley, Augun 2!t, 1857.
Stomach fitters!
run rin: ci iik ok
Bopepoi* Indict sliuu. CoiiKtiputinn. I.os.
oil Appetite, or any liilliuui. Complaint
arising Irom a morbid action ot the
Stomach or Bowels.
All of theae di*ta<e* you will voon lie lelieved of
%j the u*o of these Hitter*, a* |»er direction* on the
bottle*. Thl* irreat anti-diapeptic is the revolt of
profound aad elaborate study of one of the most
celebrated physician* o! the pie,ent century. in the
accomplishuient ot which lie has freely expended
both time wod money I do m l hesitate tu aftirm
that where l*r Keseuhaum'.* stomach Hitte an
u«*»d a case of Fever and Ague cannot It
h\« heeu anwlued by the most scientific chemist* in
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed by inn
tenth.'of the Physiciuis of the land. Try them—
feat them—ou your constitution, and go your way
Are you dyspeptic?—take these Stomach letter*
Are you billion* *—t ry one of these Hot ties, au<l
be relieved at oner
Are you annoyed by indigestion or consumption*
—remove the cause by the (ree u*e of these flitter*
Hate you lever and ague*—cure and prevent this
Constitution destroy mg disease by the free use of
♦here Bittera.
Manufacturer ami Proprietor, South
Frout Street, l*hifa«k*|phia.
R. JAt OKN. A t o.
Agents for the Pacitic Coast.
WE. W. Hrj wood Sole for Grass
■falley. 34-Cm
Dr, Rosenbaums
E. W HEYWOOD lolc Agent fo.- Grae
T»lHj. 346m
Mm n i)o % a li o mil.
VOL 1.
Ncvailu Ailvniti-Tmcnlfi
cot IfT I HH, MiV.tDA.
JOIIX l_ (iAMBl.K. 1 ( 1. ib-TKOU,
County Surveyor. J \ I*vjut»
1 I I. ire hereby cautioned .i.-mh -t e<
plovio.; i.tner Surrey* ri« tlu'i *uch un may be
deputized fr> in tbi« office
i'r'i a' (Jr* •#« IK* i.aw* *4 C aliform*a
Cn \v 20, Sec 3.—Noaerxeyor re anrvey hereaf
ter made by mil prison except the County ►uru n r
or biMlfputy *hnll be considered leg*) eviuem-e in
any Court mitliiu thia date. JOHN I. ti AMPLE
2 tf County Surveyor*
'11.1. nMfti'l to -nli‘1 in anv part n| the C ounty o(
Heal K-tateoe |’rr*onal l*ro|iertv
OFFICE—« ommeirial ami Pine dreet. Nevana
Neraila, Nov. 12. IK.''' — nlrt tf
W F. Aadimos. W H. Martin.
ANDEKM 41 X A Jt A Ml r I > ,
ATTORNEY S ,t C 0 U N S E L L 0 R .S
OFFICE—In WrujAMM* Riiipim.. corner of C« n.
mercial am! Pine utredt*. Nrv.it»A. t at
\\ an . F. D V. HKO \ ,
ti i: is i: i> i T ii «\ if % w i. i v ,
OFFICE—In Khh! A Km*\’» HrI«■!* Hn ; ! ’in.', cor
ner ot Pine \ Uroad St-.. Nmila. i*
Harrington & Patterson,
i I.i»\<i a?, • t Mi ’ : n « |*.
have iriii<M i ! and opened ti e 0io*-t flilliuid S.i
loon to be fort ml in tlie u ••unta'ii* in !.«• mu
tMT»e*ITE KII*H A liV'.'X S Pl lIJ IV. vkv.U»».
They herein temler an invltith-n the J r .‘.l
|«i*Iron- ami lr.«*u ! « * • piy them |, ••,»t i i .j» ., ..
t'l •• herein | I tln-ii.*d%e* t i + < . a-v -l -al
| irfucth ti a- fnrn «il
F! • * .. • I • ■ 1 Hfl i .
Ill 1.1.1 % IM» T A ni l
:*j l—u-Inue cninf Ide.
Tim it tii u u : . !> -i
a”‘ -upp’i '! # h the cli.i: t t am! u.«--t end l
!.• ,imi • nd « ;
N« ta.la. Not id. 1 — nib tf
NMIlll, ti IWI.IA t\ ihKIAMil |.,
Attorneys at lav?.
»’ *
HAVE modeled ti
I’i.-’ i let ami *■u| t t-r, • i . . • •
C F. •SMPII \ Ii W Ma'UN. Cra*- Valley
J«»liv!; m.h.\\;:i i., n>%.
Julie ht. 1 —; i ti
I'HK ..nAefvm ! *.:»%•# tin- . .,v folio- a l.in <
pirtnvi -nip under the firm ami dy *.f I*.’•
*. | n -1ll-tU a '
pip •;c j. insing.
sept, lu *■ A
hi* m-u ati<i -j l**n*I
Where he i» iea*!\ now. Jo offer to the citiren* of
Cm** Valin ami vieluitt, ihe foll-.uir.,' u;;imnl ai
tide*, at a low |»riee. a*
hiihit*, UK.ttvniM, (.hivki
INDIA Kinm-R goods
An l a full a>i-ortine:it of
Citixen* of t.ra-H Valley and vicinity, will p!?*.
call an! examine hi- new stock
<•««<!« nandr af the b«*i niiiieriulaia I
I•»*- lute* ■()!«**
A No O iirriiiil« «i 4*«in«t I n*.
Gra** Valley Nov 13, lS5b.—nit’, hnr
Empire Restaurant,
Minn Mtieel, Gina* \ nllet .
Ccr. of Church >t.—two door* alone tl . po*t Office
" here he ha* ju*t fitted up. and furm-l.i-d iii
*t\le a build.hr tor hi* **|M-cial accoinedati< n and
where he i* prepared to j
I lot IO« —
may be had to order.
OYSTF.KS. in anv *n le
«orw. of ail varieties,
Ac Ac
In fact, the very beat of in tl-e bed «.
•tyle* and
Ilavinc titled up the above establishment, mith
<!e»ipn of carrying on a termanent bu*ine**. I ha»e
adopted the iii a aim of *• Live and l4*t Live ’ and in
tend to furni*h my cuatomer* with anything the
tuarket ntford*. and -hall in no ra*e diaice more tha
a mere liviiiff nrice. |
Coniidentlv beltetine that riaitor* to our vivlaire
ran no where tind eipial accommodation* for the a me
thamilTii ****** *° ** vt n,e * ®* u » * Q,i for
J H tl.ARK
[From tlifSan Kranri*r«. (tally Tiii»t*« J
el lh«- AimmimI
Governor Weller delivered hi« n mini
message y* stordsy (Jan, 5th) to the L«»gi*tn
lure. We present a synopsis of it? mc*t in
teretding feature*.
roxnmox ok rtour akkaihs.
The Governor open* with the usual felici
tations on the conditioo of the State. He
any* : —
*• !t uffi.ru** me sincere pleasure to say that
o;ir finances are in a much mop* prosperous
condition th»n at any other period since the
orgn'iusatioo or the State. The interest upon
the public debt is being promptly paid, and
our bonds rank a-high in the market as th*»-e
of our sister Slates The ratification by th«
people o( the unconstitutional debt, cr r ted
by their reckless and extravagant agents,
has done much, both at home and abroad, to
Inspire confidence in our integrity. Altha*
ranch of our property has been shamefully
squandered, wc have still amide means to
liquiduti* this debt before it become* due.—
Let these means be carefully huslianded. and
provision made for ttie prompt payment of
the interest, anil the prejudices hitherto en
tertained against us iu sonic quarters will
soon 1m* removed.
• Kconotny and integrity in the manage
ment of public a Hair* are indispensable : and
I trust, you. gontu-men of the Senate and
Assembly, who have been invested with tl»**
powi r of'h gisiation by the people, will prove,
before yon close your labors tint tli •• vir
lt"‘s govern ami control your actions.**
Th* Governor gives as the summary of the
Tp usurer** r port. t. a the State Treu-ury
contain. <1. on the l.»tli uIt.. 17«> t*fi
The State ind**bledne>- amount- to jjf-l.b'-J.
•«S*» tAnooal if - tiled- l a
rati lid by the p> opto, *_ Th- If.-
pot 4. and ih • .ra : I *»D th- Tl u.-ury
'iiiy tli — u--'d.
Tillr. eoNTtUU.!. H*S l'K"o|tT I-* Tfl* VI.
S »y- ti,. (I v.-rnor : —
“ All • X.ifti'. fiiui *•' ill - < • r.mn i .«• .
will show ill tt i a---- m ' i | nq • . t.
for the y« ill 1>.*.- - i. i .
lari* short oi ti.t in . i i. ; . i,
more than *i.v**-u n.ilnn.* b n*., Hi. <mi
male m! my pr- u v • -..r. *
Alt«*r hdv *?c .it n z tie* t p- ilof ihe i > ‘ <*1
1>‘»7, :i-.un umiiMi to, l!n-It-jViT<n>r-a v* :
** V «• lave now the ulli-riniii*:*, to re-tore
the » • veiiin* b i irt-d froi/i th -e li£vii.-« * ill
future to tin* s.-tte Treasury •*! dev;- muiu*
plait by ,\fi eh j»oll t,».\ can • • tolbct»*d.-
'I he d"iinqu«-:.t I.-!. ialmo-t every couuty,
is uuu-milly h- tvy tbi* y • r.*’
Khi of of net . s.
Tin al!u- ion to tin* Secretary of State**
leport fi-r the past year i- to *how that we
hivi- f«r the p t-t year* h-en publishing i
much larger number of journal- and law
than the necessities of tbe St tie demanded.
Inde d. un uj: t tr iable p. r-on might sup
po-e that the principal object h id been to
enrich the print* r.
Tin* report of th* Attorney General i* con
sidered at length. Il sums up that an unu
sual amount ol litigation h »- transpired the
past year. A modification of the uct tor the
better observance of the Sabbath i* recoin
mend. d. tin* net having been declared un
constitutional by the Supreme Court.
*• In all civilized countries laws of this
character have bceu deemed necessary— nec
essary. ml only iu a moral but a physical
point of view*. The experience of age* has
demonstrated that man require* the seventh
day as n day of rast. and it cannot In* doubt
ed that by striking out ><une u r necessary
restrictions imposed by that net, it*«on«ii*
tuiiouniity will be maintuiued by the Court.’
** It is also suggested that it might Im» pro
per (it upon examination it shall be found
coustiiulijnal) to am net the Trai nee Act
iu civil case*, so as to allow the the judg.
meiit of luo-tbird* or thrcc-lourtli* to stand
a* the verdict uf the jury."
** Indeed, T am not sure that in criminal
case* it would not he expedient to increase
the number of trial jurors to fifteen, and re
quire the concurrence of twel ve to render a
verdict. The guilty very often escape ttndi r
the present system. Our Criminal Code re
qairea thorough revision, and it is hoped
that thesuhj. ct will receive your early at
This office, the Gov* rnor thinks, with cer
tain alteration*, might be made one of pub
lic utility.
Tm: tsTii.i. and uccari.r.r shit.
• On the fourteenth day of the last month.
Mr. McCauley instituted a suit, in the Dis
trict Court in Marin Couuty, against the
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Sec
rotary ofState, in their private capacity, and
several other individuals who accompanied
the Governor when he took possession of the
Prison, under the direction of the Legislature.
This suit i* brought to recover certain prop
erty at the Prison, which, it is alleged, was
akco by the defendants when possession of
tht* I rison Vii' uIiIuiihmI, and dan. ig**s on
account of hi» ouster from tit • j*ri«on—
amounting Ir. !l *• aggregate, i a ;iou uoo.—
I aiu not advised as to the wbea a
trial nill f.*c had.*’
The Governor iIoch not hi. i. that those
gentlemen have iu.ule any nit- r i<»r a w.-itle
imMit Mil-factory to the S, ,ii\ The surilie*
being luso!vent.
haiku um
Thin fu’>j<-ct is reviewed from its origin.—
1 he Governor *ays the disputed property
has much depreciated in value.
Il it is intiuJed t-» relinquish th** title ti
the putvha- i * umh r the sal»*#,f 1 %% itij.
out any consider.* lion wbatev. r. il certainly
can lie done without subjecting the State to
any expense. It is baldly worth while to
employ surveyor* to run ol loti and streets,
printers to advertise, mid auctioneers to sell,
iu urd*r to give away public property."
Tin: n: i kiikai* m kj>.«
*'A« it 5 probably that you will needled
upon to pass sou:e Act Tor th pr*-« rvatiou
of the harbor of San Francisco. it is de.-in. I
proper to mo' • a lew* general p-miik-'i
this subject. It s ems to b- admit t- d h\ all.
that the front of tlie harbor i* Jam iltlin_ up
which mint, before long, seriously ailed i*-
usefulness and value. Some remedy for th -
is certainly desirable.
The whole Stale Is directly ititt rested in
keeping lies l u.i-or wbni it now is. one «,j
tlic finest in tin* world —as our conitnerc al
prosp rity •' p-n .. up,, it. hooking at i*.
then, ■.••‘il > ilt quefron.it b»-con>*« ir-.i;<«>r
taut to us all to mi-lain • 'idoptin.! inv
plan ! »nt I a* t -fi <1 that . t n . I accom
pli*!, the enu m the pi ■ -< i vatioti o
the liei,.r >. Krai to A bad pl .ji or
a rood o>. .. *1 -I-of k dtii.-.n
* f b n p r\ in ru lit rum ir.
I h * e\p I •»' | o'Vf- •••••! i| f ’• 'l-llM'V
tha' • 'P--i.il i < irut r «■>.•. r* -I :ng jniio
' 'tin*, hat i t, j’.c-d.ri our Iim'i * an.I
r' \ hi. » ;i\ ti i . d , • t ;• %, 1 .,!!• f#i
: • I J», . ,nio-
V 4 - • - --4' • - A1,-I e
•• in t--l •» ru
I •♦»!*•
.k- i t • t- ! «• •• » '••»! a||o« . ,J
t" *•»!« r • ( :i the ok
** ’I be < y ol I*« vi' v *«i. in Mane,’otinu
II lire* »*.. i \ . *o|iie till * Miii'f. t * «r
g.m/#• a commission •• lor 1 1-•• purpo-o ei
om i i.i* i t.i:«»» h r regulating p rule. .;Jy
tin* line of t »r*t:ti« t r on of F« i . i.d f., . r.
Mini for *1. • ;; i . | ;* 1 pres. \\,.: ■ I i;n.
prov-uient .f the che.aM-Js .r;• I I.» b r ac
commnduti. Tlire-. • . • ;-i
dislit]gi::.sli«*>: for their *ci<: • a?; > • ii
ence. M- »'i>. Totirti. t> • ! •* ! I’.tv • • f
the t.oiist S..rvey.) were p • I o:i t' «t
l»oar.l, uti l, d'- r a c .i i fid .<m. n; . th-y
made an elal. rate irport. and :! piati
which they r* r unin* t «i d v.-js -nt . es I
;im informed. In N w York n hu
settf. (’.IIIIRI ssionets have b *-n an ' • d by
the State, to adopt plans ui. ; wai . r the
tntere«ig of their harbor*.
"Tin* front line of the < tv , . not to
be extended beyond It? pi : t I .. ; *». un
less ji found indisp ’tival-!-- to p r t ser
\atiori.if i!. barltT. and I *' t give
my sanction to any plan unti' : ;i.r and
diti i tcrested engine* r* have j u ic d it
the proper one to accomplish t). object.--
private rigid*, a.* a mutter of . r»e. mils?
Im* respected but not ut th \y. nse of the
public good."
The pa.-age of a law , exam
inatlon of Druggist..- and p!\- an* InTore
commencing prnct.ee is a*lv - I
ru.iroKMA am» * r v . » n.\i:v.
“ rh. Surveyor (ieio ral a ' ; :i conjunc
tion with the Federul <•:!i u c-uld foou.
without any great expense, f •: t! line.*
The (iovernor recomni' e : - ;m-mlnn’nts
to the atfacbtnrnt law to as to pi -vide f •:
a fair di*iribu'ion of property among the
credit -rs of a bankrupt.
Fraud* b-ing practiced ut primary
elections, some law is r-. -ran.'-ndvd lobe
pus*td to j reserve the | urity (! the elective
R--s*tmint« the Govern* r thinks, should
be impos'd upon liquor retailers—the law
to b amend 1 s<» ns to re.juip th applicant
for a license to give ten *1 ays 1 notice ol his
ojkolocical si nvn.
*• This subject has recently onrapied a
go***l Peal of public attention. ar.«l ih re can
not be a d ill l that a survey *P the State
would turuifb very valuable iulormation.*’
“ In California we have a system which is
sadly defective, ami which in time of war.
or difficulty, would be fouud wholly imprac
The pith of a great deal of ••commonplace'’
and truisms on this subject i« :
1 trust that as soon as an ample fund is
provided feme laws may be adopted com
P‘ !!ii parents nn«l guardian*. having cli
dmi under tli-ir charg**, to send them to tl.
“Having v. i d this in«t i tu■ i -*:i uurii .
th‘* pa*l year and given M'inr f-* r-« : i a'
tention to •». I tab* j»r*t pi** Mir** in v ii .
that the officer* ui< ulm* ntul faithful. f:
their ill and unrein tliug utt-ntio i tie
have placed it win re *.v« uou’d not Ml, I by
a Comparison with tin ouh. Suti>.‘*
statb prison.
This n pet subject with tin* Governor. II
devotes extra spate to the cuu*t« of crlm*-:
how ci.rninnlii came to hi ! * i •. r«*t«! v.bui
hardener] villain** had !•• n * i .» ‘bn?# *1 I
the world to swell the army of nflii i- i w
inhsibilintr the State Prison. Tin* «*.\p* *i * *
have he»n reduced. ami convict increased
Tin* promiscuous mingling of j»rI*•*»:.• r* '>
•1« pree.i • *1 Sydney Smith on is
minted. I* ui!h r 11**001111110 latioii is demand
e.l :
** l lie-.- sofpi'iiiiii" is d*»u** «p****itiv t"
p:*»vid** lor the accommodation «»f this «rm\
o' convict*. tie* KX'-ciiln - n* iv comp* li d
t* p *r*l**;» s*me «d tie hi. w im t view t<* tic i
t:si isputation In*\i. d U»<* St.tt**. The In
“I- sell pr**set \ -1 t«»*t III IV C" Opel !U* to llilutt
t tie in upon other ’* mmuiiiii* •?.*’
M llnill.S III lit I
KefVrritig to the Industrial School, now
being prepe.nd in San Fruuci-co. the G*o •
efi; *r s »y - !
• This i*. however, a local i: -titut. n. and
only ptov ah '* for that county. 1. it pn.v* '
nia • dill. (i»s. n«» doubt. \\ .il I the ca*-*
ni tie-ids should l»** muil * for extending
its ii. ia (its to oth* i couii'i * * ! t Stnt**.
l! the Coi * tit ol tin* Director- could n** id*
taimd. a —n.*»l nj/proprini «>n from th - a* •
T. . uy. annually, would e.Ki t this d *>ir:i*
lijeoij. c* it i**asf, until th** limin'*?** wo.,hi
• I*** il> u- “still, -hi,., i t.t* in* • tntion."
II t ..• n pr« e *1' q;. . a.. ol lijur* -
'.o •; ••.. t i -! *.il In'il* tit of |{- (ol 111 r* bools,
ar.*' • '« by - y; .g that no minor should be
►« >" * : ' * t■ I'limih for lit * tirsil udel.ee
1 ‘h- pt *i’th conn!* jail rather.
Ills P.%i;HONING PoW|;r.
\tt« r all oh" » to in'• d.rthullv *f rc*i.-ii:ig
*i* s **l r«*l »ti\ t? ol condemned p. isoiis
for pinion tbr th**;r kii>m« i.
tiolhd n. y act::*i.s. a er> it in ny n w i:
pi..-.ill. u on Id 1 ■ at I r„*e. Applicate n
** re tn.de to t—i :i ,.t. j kiM uj. nt !i*.i
dtutn to iinpti-c .meat, in l i dillermt cm
►**s. i .*• Satin i:*c Comt having d* clu***
that »Iii» power i* tested in In* Gover» . r by
the * i nstiiutam. tile i cm d i:i each w a*
cat r.uiiy i. rationed, nn ; a!!ln*u*di i» } *.in *
t;i liiucll t » h i!*' t.i sa\«* th** 1 ! • of **. ! !!.*,.
• " : ; r. I C" .la not ohi.iin t : • t of r.. .
judi*niciit to grant the coiuniataliiet. Tin
law nsuki? murder .n tie* hot degr * a cap
ital ofiencc. and wli' : the t* -tiniony and all
the fact?, leave nod'» ;bt on t.iy mind that
that crime has h n cotnmitt* «*. I cannot in
U i pose. With the wisdom ol tt* law I have
nothing t > do—it is simply my duly to m*
that it i** i cuted.“
‘ The list of pardon* which the constitu
tiou t'e llx* .'.itiv • to *»end to th*
Legislature at tl. * c«‘mmenc**Ri nt of tin
session, is herewith transmitted As tld«
powc r is given to the Governor in the ti
unequivocal term-, the legislature cann 1
pass a law requiring him to assign his rear
ons. in each particular ca c e, for evrci*eint
it. This course has l eer, adopted by m
hoivever, and will b * pursued ia future. A
• pardon dock* t** his I n prepartd. in
which ait* recorded tin* groouds relied upon
us «tn'*d n tin* pet it’* n. *.! nan • • tli
dgii’Ts who arc known to the Governor, a ,.'
briefly the rensons for granting or rej*.cling
the pray- r. Tl. • puhli*. atiou of this will. .
all events, show th- »*• opit (who have mor
ally, if not cor.'i nationally tin* right t
know > the ground** upen which the p >w t*r i
civ it. find.
“Tin* amount of this fund collect-d. whM
we were wholly imp preM*nt* d in t!i** i d.
rnl gjvcrnmeut. according to the sut-ment
of my itninediuti prede cessor, amounts t*
$‘i.UG'* 7-1** 40; 'Yom this deduct amount
paid out for e.\pctic«*s of Constitution il l*on*
veuiion and relief of emigrants. ($
27 ;) leaving u balance of $2.70(1.512 Id.*'
**It was supposed that upon these Rcser
vutious the young could be taught the art ol
agriculture, and th* ir minds disabused of
the opinion (common to all Milage races)
that labor is dishonorable. That seeing th*
advantage- w hich it s- cured to the white
mail, they would eventually abandon their
wand* ring and predatory habit* Ue-erca
tions wire accordingly made, implements ol
agriculture obtained, large quantities ol
slifck purchased, and extensive Ib-lds opened
It was confidently predicted, by the trieuds
of this system, that in three or four year
the labor of the Indians would be sufficient
to support them. In tbi* we have been
much mistaken, although liberal appropria
tions hare been made Iroin time to lime, by
the Federal Government I do rot say that
MAIN MT.I.hl un AW VA 1.1 KY
u> %mw$ in mm • . -1 »iil (IwKmM Kjvmha
I VK»'i|MMM« t*H»» 'T J» .M'f* fill) )
: .f **m «1«*»rrlplii.n «-f Jolt \V«-tk rucli «*
| fit ~is*m Ca*i«. ClWTUM. lltM'RllIV
I Him. Hearn. Pnma* I.4W Hum*.
Hill, tirim, Pit or. it *mvi «• i’n it 1 f ( ■
I **-• • an ! rAHnti.rrii.Ptr «) i, h » » •
I ■ »v• tIt p**^tn**t« ati) , *,, m
'io good, wh it*v«v ha- l****u n**< oinplishid, so
»r»» prott-rl;! g Ihi* V»*«lin • • in con- f rim!.
••lit the mi* Mil!; (ii»ptoportii>nai>j
10 the fxp'-r.dilurt * ”
M -'ll v | iT»* is k Of: d to l|»;* Mil j . f. ' '
• ’ • I 4 t k n ( l! C • • I 141«III (,f
'nn-u* lr .n <•- *»i f ti tuiijg industry,
11 - L\c« 11» m-v » • » u<*.' . —
• II- $upr«-tu* <Vmt |i,»ving pronounced
• Act of Mo.!, '.bib. 1 K, C. (Mnl (| •• \ r ,
Act l r tIn |»• ii<ii of Actuul Sillers,
. <1 to quirt I :.. I. i -lie* III |flirt Stuff.*’ Ull
■ »' J t lionul. Mo t efore. u d* . d httrr—
Ii if ifnj» r’ ■ i:t i| ii m*iu** | rot i»i(>n kbould
ii.-.i ’ f-■ prot. < t l! - SVm\, \t 11,l.jifi gone
1:5,0 » '*. Jut ’*■ as i m rally supposed tote
I ■l.» i. ;i’ i t • -to.. • il liin lnln-r ill im
t’°- r Tif >..i vi vi r General of the
1 t*d Stat t'ng. no doubt, under in
*'i’i * o-i< m W i.-iiingfon. in establishing
t i.ten.-l.it; ; of mtine flouting •.-rnnts. has
5 d to | »r i * ate. w hut \\ ' ■ here ( r orc
ir«t. d a* public land. hi some instances.
•"i' ii■ ■ - 1 ri 11 g to locate up«*;i th*-public
. ii a..-1 aiis.o;m to make improvements
it "t.b»v**gt i • to tie- gran’ a:.d a>-
l -i t . t!»«*ii L« ii i iatii «. Re
i> •*-: u, o.i ilie ini*-! mat on tl.-m obtaiuid.
'• v open*L;n;:~. planted orchards,
t m.i-i • valu • iinpnn • tin nt*. oufeidi*.
*■* 5 • *| | o- ' a gii.nl : tut which, by
. t*»” grai-Scto il ui g- lii'i numin
c tired I y it. In all
’b* * • - tie- v-..'le con.«t.tut!<> .d power
< ' *•" ‘e »h • ;ld be *-.\4-re;>ed to protect
the > • r. To p' lTiiit ilie hoidci.-* ol the.-e
• I- • ■ ’ - t«* 4«* their line*. so an to
«!i i oi other- to tli'-ir une,
i' I. ra ii justice. and ought not to b»*
tel* rated.*’
" Tiie mining interest is 1 upidly increasing
a imp -’t »;»ce in unmet every section Of tiiii
•- •* • ' > the G» • *eii«*r. who thus dtserv
« *••.• 1 i ' Mi is. Langley and M« r
rival.;. . :.»tin*i lai . ly from their “ Cali
f'-.nia K- .-i.-ti r.**
eoM’!::i.i wiiau;
T! ii. ii- . - occupy no little *pacc in the
'■ !•" r-l luii t*» U. future iinpor-
f Sun i i; . ‘ > a* a whaling port,
•*»*•! t . i iliy rc.d dly th-. doertion r-f
-.•an.- . Mr. We. r- v ~:-
* 5 • ; »'■ •* bvretoforc difti
-* ’* - ‘ ' ’ .i. • w ay of hhip*
in t-'« i * ..• ; * i r a pn» nted to w i
m» »?. i ! t. c in- have Ik'cji
5 ,;U 1 ’ i . a ! 1 1 • t!i- • -atiou of 4
g Kow
may •*- w\ :iy oi.viat; d. Tlii:- in iy
le -in] >he**! 1-y d - . !.i::g the duties of
M-inne d i , • me J a - tit -- of t!ie I’etu ",
n conh-iia w t. : , !»-• not of Collgre-9 of
th i. ::;: i f July, 1790. To effect tbid
> "J?. aii * *ij'M:ld ! •- p i-* d, outhor:/ilig
ti• ” p ;1- **f S in Franc.- w ta v«-te for one
•i •: • *•: I’ .i a v.h should be styled
.liiii-cM.i t . Marin Court, and for the ser*
v ,, - h•• u id b r tpiired to p< rlorm in thi*
c:p:«city. i.c -lionld rv-ive a reasonable
coo pcusatioti from the State.
in a- mu ii as t!: - wahim ti are not entitl
♦*d to *1 yivi. g « nt. ring the United
' i - Marine Hospital, the city of San
Franci-c" might p rtuit the sick or disabled
•iua:t a<lmis?iou int«» the f uniy J?o»| iai
at a tut.ii so low as imrely to cover the
i -t of I. i s inaiiitctiauc*'. I» can scarcely Ik
b hevidthat looking to the iut rent of the
• itv liny would be unwilling to do this.”
w \<;<>\ i:oai»>—ovKUtwo Malt..
*o reconiuiend.itio :s appear r tliese to •
.cs. They are d'-cii-- 1 generally, and no
• ■. can . ib-(iovernor's opinions
: t i y 1 1: - e-t .h.isi.u.v in of overland ni »ib*
..nd v* j !«»!•:-. we shall have California
ami*; g tii - brightest stars iu the Federal
The G *. rnor deplors the lynch law exe*
:*inr I '.t suga* * s no I* medy. So tar as
m \. r * n is courerntd, his views arc
not to he d'nputed.
tii»: n x-iiixoroN mom viknt.
* fter alluding to the cessation of the
work on the monument, the Governor re
cominends as follows :
" I’ is due to the ch racter of the age in
which w- live, that this gr at national work
should Ik* completed, and. aa individuals sub
scriptions have failed. 1 suggest the proprie
ty ot pas-ing a Joint Resolution, proposing
to our sister States the plan of an appropria
tion by each, in proportion to population,
to finish it.”
Printing on glas* has be n successfully ac
complished by a gentleman in New York ci
ty. Fy a new process he is enabled to print
letters mid figures. *-f various d« signs, on
glass ot multicolors, with a facility almost
• qua! to ordinary printing on l Uitnon paper
Labels cuu In* printed by this process di.
redly on bottle* of toy size and form. TIicac
have the apptaruncr ot having been placed
here l y the daiid. and arc indelllbb •
Lettering on glass. l»y the new process can
be done ut less than oue-third of the prestuf

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