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(lbt titl*abn i!latioual.
urn s shoemaker. ewto#.
> tl.I.I V. .Inn. II. I'JII.
l»r ancmn ■ t-. P- ■ \> !”»"i >1 * • ■! *1-
M l ril.is l. IV.WK - ■ • A|f»ut In Snn
»• II • ■ «•**»" *
mint mi! i n- I n III’ II- in. v 1w f.mn.!
Nt f.:. Mr.r *»t *. •••■ •*■•••
FOS FBl.MlirST 111 mi: I’. STATES,
<l! N« n link.
fob vim FRr.sini:'iT.
Ol .T|iM«iiri.
!.. • r mil • "•!* n.f • lit V.
ti*<nal ‘ imt• r»t»»>n.
jfff- Mr. Clia*. A I'ranc uill InToiiftrr aft
n# agent for the* - Nut * *?i.«I' in JSan Francisco.
il<. may I fminil at No. ■ Mi-reliant Mrml.
All ailvcrlincnifnlit obtnimtl I v Mr. Kinln-r.
nur lata itffnnl. aiul nnt ypt Mil tit’ll It • r. will
lie attnn.li i to by Mr.
Thr t*|»rnkrr»bt|».
Wr publish in another pari of Ill's week'■*
pspr-r. nti article from Ik" San Fraii'bco
.Ymiunul ni'lcr th ■ rboi captii i. Hi"
arlicl". it will b» -ti. glorifies Mr. Speaker
Stratton anil Mr. I'hil. M*>**re. and give* In
each of them virtues enough to set up a ih r
rn Speaker* of the A'lrnililjr. We ilo not
(in<l fault with »nch enthusiastic praise of
the gentl-m* a,but ait:;• iy v. :>li to notice one
or two points in the National".-' article.
The .Vnliuual snys. In italics: - .1 prin
n/ilt irtn inrittrttl trhich it Iran rminentty
nerrrrnry t\>r th * trri ftirr unit unity oj uur
party rhott/il hr ootfo/n */. *.*7 it fees no
taineil." Tlie election nl Mr. Strait* i> there?
sustainerl the principle necessary for the
unity ami harmony of the San Francisco
JYalioinii *s Turly. TIti- election of Mr.
Moore, who was an t Ik lit fellow eold'er,
according to the Nntioual. would have de
feated that eminently tcc .--iry principle
for said sustenance of said party. For the
Democratic party of Nevada county we must
say that the Sun Franci-oo National is wrong.
The election or defeat of Stratton or Moore
sustains or demolishes no y.rincij le enter
tained by Nevada County Democracy. Wc
hid hoped that the Democratic party de
pended for welfare and unity on no p-tly
election to islain essential principles. We
bad hoped that one Democrat's election to
position, endorsed the Administration »<
much as the election of another Democrat. —
We verily hcliev "d that a man who had stood
by the pool and evil fortunes of the Demo
cratic party before and ever since California
was a State, could not ri bulte that party in
his advancement to position. *• Rut the A 1
ministration must he endorsed ." This was
done by the people of the State when the
Legislature was elected, and to make that
endorsement complete there was no need of
Administration forces rallying around one
man more than another when the Democracy
of both w ere undoubted. The people said
the Administration was right, nnd th" As
sembly election of a man to the brief office
of Speaker did not add force or emphasis to
the people'- assertion. The truth is that the
election of Speaker was made occasion for a
Senatorial issue. The is-me was not mail ■
in caucus, tint was urged outside. It was
announced that Mr. Moore was a Weller man
nud therenj" ;i th** f: i nds of oth*T aupir.i:it
—yea. the a-rerant- tl -:.:-* Ives e *:nbined in
a holy cruisade against Mr. Moor .. If Mr.
Stratton's electom was the way to emir,r.-o
the Administration cnpliati ally, why did
not his friends so a.-.- rt it at first ? Wh* r -
was the use of trying to j lace Mr. .Moore in
a false position ?
W» by no mi tan bold, or atti mpt i . bold
Speaker Si rati on responsible for the posi
tion taken l*y the i':.'-n,ic# ol Mr. Moore.—
Rut those who at: u.pted to foist a innn
issue on the Democratic party, those who
attempted to make n point agaie.-t a good
and true Democrat, hy lirst asserting that a
candidate f r position is a friend of that
Democrat and using that atierlimi -not
truth —as a r a-on for the defeat of that can
didate, before the issue is prop* rly present
ed, these men are responsible tu the party.
The assertion that a Senatorial issue was
made will tie denied, and the caucus resolu
tions In* shown to substantiate the denial :
bill that the ••cat did jump that way" in
private electioneering, against Mr. Moore,
is true ami cannot be denied.
Tits: SYkskuy in Hutnilton llatl Theatre
h* nearly completed at*d rettects credit on
the taste and skill of Mr. lieires, t ; c arti»t.
The Theater will lie opened very soon by a
good company. We have not heard that
Mrs. Wood will visit this place; but wc pr
•uuic lluit the certaiuty of good houses will
not bo overlooked hy her.
Ds:.\tisti;y—Dr. A. N. Clark has located
at (irass Valley, fur the practice of his pro
fession. Dr. C. comes to us highly reccotn
mended as a skillful dentist, by persons
competent to judge, lie can be found, for
the present, at the Exchange Hotel, where
he will attend to all branches of his profes
Alta Company, No. 2, hate, since t:
tii ■»! of January ln«t, taken «al .’7 oun
of Gold dost. Tbelr dust r* turn? to Ih'm
about $17.-10 per ounce, Hum yielding tl
*nm. (up to this writing. ,T > 12tlt> of >!
-11 Ml. That i« a pretty good ‘giving • ■
t nr on«* mine. On Wednesday la v r«*
•di"wn rt Imrof Gold which Mr Delano ha*!
melted, belonging to the Alta O' mpany. No.
2. w! >h was valued a $2'»00. This t ,r v a
the proceeds of one and :t half days' w .*'•
'I he !»*»< k T :n:»‘l Company has struck th«*
If ad. After working about live year' with
out capital. *.ire that *»f imlu *ry m l i »
t - nr** this Min.|Hiiiy i.- at led rev r .-
Tin* It ird r< ck has i*e* :i pierced and the id ••
lead d>rlon d to them. May it p»ove •
rich ms tin* Unci* Tunnel Imysd# mtu 1 .
The Gold Itar Mining Company «>n i •
South Yuba ILver has lain minim: .a t
Imtik of that f iv( r. having (jit'l th” Led ».!
the stream because of cold weather and h\jh
w atrr. and have* made about light d l; .i«
per day to th* hand for the Inst three month*.
When they went to working in tie* hank,
they expect'd to make only enough for
grul» mom y.
SkanUlin »V Co., at Gold ft r have, fur tie*
last three months, been taking out about
$ 10 p r day to the hand. Th y are now
moving th' ir derrick t a place • tin ir
claim* where they have tub- n out S“* to th**
pan. Shank! n d« serves Micee'-. for lie a
go(»d D< mocrat a:al tak •* and pays tor th-
Natiorai. Min* r>. to ensure good fortune,
should always pay the print- r.
«*n Louisa Fiat. South Yuba we L am that
the miners are doing well, tine company
have been taking cut bout one ounce p r
day to the hand.
Water U plenty of conr.e. on the river.
The weathe r has not be# n *o severe ns to
stop miuing on the .Smith Yuba. There is
very little st.ow at Gold bar.
A *|»: « k «1 \\ i«r.
The Daily m \v»pn|H r* of the Slate, which
nre aMi* to pul»l and comment on ti c new*
by every arrival of the nvirlan 1 mail. w< re
in somewhat of a l»!u«ter about tin* vi-it to
nnd search of flit* American St-atnship
Washington. by the »fficcrs of a Hritieh
cruiser at Greytown. It turns out. howev
er. that the Knglishcr* only went on
board of the Washington to l am the w \vs.
and. perhaps, to t.»k*.* a Mn;b* out of tin*
Captain*!! private jo g. So the matt-r Is ex
plained satisfactorily to all putt: '■ « ru
ed. and the Mr. Lyon. who i* to 1» Eng
land's minister at Washington will not be a
Lion rainf i>nt, with tail erect and hair nil
turned the wrong way ; Lilt will he too
tame to tie interesting . •
Tims are the American prop!*' unromnn
tit ally deprived of a chance to work off !'i ir
superfluity of patriotic st ttn. If .1 Hull
cannot got a newspaper and a clew of to
bacco from Jonathan, when John ha* b n a
long lime at sea. without so much talk, what
will become of M'-xico, metaphorici"y cal
led the “sick im»n." if »l,t put on any
frills? Will Congress let us have a v r?
The Nevada Democrat, in speak in/ ef the
Governor’s Message, say- :—
“The Indian policy of the government :
the agricultural, mining and cui.b.- r«-1:. 1 in
terests of the State; the ov*rlntid ir.dl
routes and the Washington mor.um< nt. i
among the other sttl j»cts treated of in tl. ■
message, nnd tlic (»• venior’s ;d»a«
t!ie«e. as upon most other subjat*. tl :!i
neither original nor strikingly l-rilliant. v. 11
generally he approval hy e very body.'
Had th * Governor wiitten hi* .
t* r the manner n| Milton's l’arnd : -. Le t the
Democrat would have approved it. • C
rally approved by everybody." nuk
message common place. Common se::-e i
stich a rare tiling, nnw» day*, that th* Dem
ocrat should have praised that quality.
Ih 'iT'i. Influenzas and som-tirr P * n
monia arc common about fir.v-s Valiev.
Every one s» ms to more or b•-*• at** ■•* 1.
When you meet a fr; -nd he -nr- t*> y
“ cood herdig." The weather has been si; :>•
ny and warm for the mo-t Cine during the
week in the day time, and very cold at
night. At this pressent writ;.-. Thur-day
we are having a gentle rain.
I. O. of O. E.—The elective officer* of
Grass Valley Lodg**. N*». 12, were installed
on Thursday evening, the Glh inst.. as fob
lows : —
Jonathan Ci.ai;k. N.G.; G.C. Kino. V.G.;
C. C. Smith. Sec.; C. II. Khwwnns. Ti as.
Ca! iFOBSia IIkmstkr V.'- have I on in
formed hy letter from the publi-h r ofthe
California Register. that a copy of that work
for 1*39 baa been sent to this pa} r. We
have not received it, hut from all we can
hear, and from a hasty glance a» i • nds
copy, we safely Fay the work i* coinn ied
with great care, is remarkably t«* in
U statistic*, is well ..rrang' d and hand
ly printed and bound. We pr.-um** the
Register can be hud at Spetictr*.- and at
Dookstore* genet ally, in the County.
The Mountain Mt$singir come.” to us i; a
new dr?ss. The Afrn*etif>rr is a good paper
and deserves the •• store clothes ” iu pro
prietors have put upon it.
'Vith pain we announce Die den'll of
Mr*, r. J. Landing. Mr. J.*in.jii,; baa i|„
varoiMt i) lopaliij of tbia community in his
Pr»»* hint Hound.
A thing called II. Jieverly Coin, who
writes M. D. afi» r hi* name— fo®d*c is «
thing of th** masculine gender— wade a re*
port to the State M* Had Society ofCallfor
nia, w huh ha* be n recently published
The report thus *Iund< r* the women of Cal
ifornia :
*• Now let n* inquire into the g nerol
character of the* !'• male immigration t**
** thin country ; we find them, for the nu"t
“part. \ out g. Inexp* riei crd women. or
** morn properly girl*, who nt the nioj»t
••critical p*'-ilirt! of their live*, a d duiigerou*
•* to th»*ir chastity and virtue—when the hud
•• is ahniit bursting into the ro* ”• • n ,s
•• just «1cveh»pe«l and released fi m the thrnl
•• dom .Irlhood. the worn . w *h her pns
•• sjorts like to the smothered emVr .requir
♦* ing hut a breath to fun it into a cnnsuui
“ ing flame. \t this p-•:<»»'! 1 * *v tir• ■ re*
*• in**v• d from the proper -<<;p and
“healthful advice of their mother*, tlnir
•• min*!* being not yet fully matured and
** consequently prepared to odd trmpta*
• tion. tin y yield to the *olicllation* of the
•‘ opposite *< x and s dm tive nllnr* men Is of
- on. and find th'ia ' , v. n n 'it
*• tim** io“ prey of *b ‘ Th* tn >1***
•' (tjintlh/fo fin i,.ttrrinf ' '■' " n rit •/—
" and s> gftnrri il tl-tl Iktiitrt lam
*• comet n’hrii / • “ .ttut't .iff til 'f w >}/ thru
*• t < m '• ! r s. trim Ktic* t> i / ''/ the oifC ■'
“I, »i, !•>’•> /A# c/iVk/ • I 1 '!* iUssijfition
", it / ’ ml, iono 1 1* fife. At tics \»Ty p‘t "d
*♦ ul.e i n gV. most r* q'tir* * the advic- of a
••to tb-r bn-*1 upon c xp* ri nce and obs« i
• v.i»ion. she herself either nvMitiK* the
••dutie* of a parent or give* hep if Op
•• Iwing reliev' d of restraint) to every spe
*• ci "s ol immorality.”
foie knew the above wa* false when he
wrot *• it. he knew it was a lie when he had
it printed and he know* it i« a h .*c lie a* it
stand* recorded. Cole lies foolishly a*
basely. No one witth a spoonful o! brain*
wor* 1 believe him. and therefore bis lie i*
harmless n- it is base.
It -* *ms to ns that the State Medical So*
ce ty did a great w rong in permitting such
n r port to he printed or receiving it at all.
A* tlo* matter stands certainly the State So
c« ity should d is vow any connection* or en
dors* in* nts of tlie report. Th* San I ran
cisco 11 Ttthl make* tin* follow ing proposition
wli‘* li is sensible and should be a*■**pted. by
the Medical gentlmen of S in Francisco.
•• J,rt every rc*p« rtubb* medical genii ••
n:an in this city, and n* f.»r a* can be had.
throughout the Stab-, meet in Convention to
pronounce upon ilf verdict rendered by
Dr. Cole. A* the lib* I has been uttered
from a professional source, and before a pro
f»*p« inim! body. I t the refutation also conn
from a professional source b* t it be thun
dered from that very body which was in -ul
t d by Dr. foie, equally with the rest of the
community, by the production of *<• foul, so
injurious a pap* r hi* I* port oil ••Obstet
ri*--* m 1 Disea- a of Women.” It is due to
themselves : it is due to our vilified, slan
dered community : it is due !*> California :
it is due to the cau-’o of morality ; it is due
to every principle of manhood, that this
course b<* taken. !. t it he of a character
that w ill drive the iib -lb*r to herd only with
those he seems to have cultivated, and whose
ffeiety alone hr can In in ti! either in a pro.
fesstotial or moral • rise. Thin is the only
antidote to the moral poison diffused thro*
our social ay stem by Dr. Cole.
Tiik Si ri:i vir Cm iu. has decided that cap
ital invested in mining claim* is not liable
to taxation nnd r tli*» Statute exempting
mining claims fr»tn taxation. The Court
conclude* a- follows .
*• Our conclu.' Oii : 1st. That the in*
trrot ofth occupant of a mining claim '
property liable to -uljectcd. at tin* will
of the legislature t<» fie h burtlmn* a* are
imposed on oth-r j i j rty. ifd. That the
r. gislature having exprt--sly exempt* u min*
claims from the op* ration of the ib*venue
- .we cannot pr *ui ■ that if int*i. -*l in
«»ii octly to Mibjeet tlo :n. bv levying a tax
i the price paid for t. .1, which would, a*
w * have *bown. he a partial and uneqii »■
mode of ascertaining the value, and. in a
majority of case--. i» j i »ductive of great in*
i-iHt ice.
It follows that the judgment of the Court
below is erroneous, and it is reversed with
This question s* * m* to l e moving the citi*
•/. we of Neva la minty. He lias gone no
one knows where, and with him disappeared
the bread money of not a few widows and
orphan*. I ra* h Yi liolson. it appe ar*, hi»-
Mild the Ilirlt.i'}-l>l lif n good name for a me«>
of pottnpe. Vet there is no way to rencii
!iis ease. His l.oiai-nu n are not ri |>oi -ii)l'-
and il n|i|» ar- he t ciimimilly liatde.—
T lie Legislalnre ,ii. d so aim-nil the crimi
nal law. as the VH ir . y (J-neral has recom
mended, *s >o I'h.kc such iransaclions lar
Gol.u. — Mr. IH-lano called in our office
yesterday with a beautiful fold bar. worth
$2,000, the must of which was front New
Vurk Ilill. from l.aiatnur.V Co's claims.—
l.aramer & Co. crashed shout .V) tons of
rock, from which they obtained over ; 1.2U0
JSSF~ Oil the lltli inat.. the Auburn ami
Foreat Hill stap- cm attacked by robbers
and tbc 1h)X of Well., Fargo A Co., cor'.uin
i ng between $2.0.mi ami $3,000 wan taken.
\ mtnaenger accompanied the treasure, and
bad hie pistol taken from him.
Thr W|irnk»r»Nip.
lion. W. C. Stratton, of I’lacer, has be*n
' selected to preside over tli>' deliberations ol
the Assembly during the present seas ion of
the Legislature. II» succeeded in obtaining
llio nomination of the Democratic caucus on
Monday night la«t, hy a vote of thirty-three
to twenty', mat in favor of lion. I’hil. Moore,
of Nevada. It wa> well known, prior to
that night, that such nomination war rquiv.
ah nt to un election, tind every honorable el
fort wns made hy the friends of tie different
aspirants to secure a majority of the demo
cratic members, composing th - caucus. I»u
ring the earlier yorlion of the contest. lion,
f. It. Street, of Shasta, and I’. It. Kills of
u'a. rumen to, were engaged In tl. struggle,
t .'ch supported hy a few friends, hul towards
die conclusion it was clearly perceptible
that the choice was to be ninde between
Stratton and Moore.
To the latter no well founded objection
could h-raised. Having already served two
sessions, hi* experience fully qualified him
for the position which lie sought. Iff remar
kably ph asing personal appearance, great
suavity of demeanor, anil fascinating social
attributes, jt was inevitable that should he
he chosen he would unquestionably Ih- a
ino-t popular presiding officer. besides
these qualities rendering 1 ini a favorite, his
d cti rmilied Opposition to every species of
political chicanery, his ferocious 1 -.trod and
denunciation of Broderick and his gang,
even while that vile herd aspired to. mill
claim"d h-ascendency in Nevada (Yunly,
where h resided, had endeared him not on
ly lo Hi- people of that (\*iinly. hut to the
democracy of ti e State, w herever his course
was observed. Iiis stand in the controver
sy la tween Mr. Douglas anil the Dr-blent
was unequivocal. Hi was fully committed
to the support of the latter. I'nd- r these
circumstance*, it may lie easily perceived,
that none of his eoni| ctetor* f r tie-Speak
ership could attain an easy victory.
Tocounterhalonc trhese advantages, Mr.
•Stratton presented equal political iXpert*
once, nnd equal personal excellencies. Of
prepossirg manners and exterior, h- enm
hincs with great native politeness, mental
resolution iri an eminent degree. In addi
tion (and it was on this point that his ad
herent* claimed hi* priiicipl" precedence of
Mr. Moore) he had. at the last session ol the
Legislature, originated and strenuously ad
vocated the ndoption of those famous Le
compton Resolutions, which furnished such
ample pi oof of the devotion of the Democ
racy of California, lo the Administration of
Mr. Ilucbanan.
Every rending man hi familiar tvitil th*
history of those Resolutions. Introduced at
a tiir.- wiicn it was universally believed that
the admirers of Mr. Ibunglas were numeri
cally os four to one in our Legislature a
gainst thorn, they pnuiut d un !er the cmi
sideration of that horly. upheld hy tie earn
est advocacy of their author and hi* associ
ate*. until th-- truth of the principles enun
ciated in them, so appealed to the patriotism
of ail good democrats tint they wt-r- pa--
soil hy a handsome majority.
Mr. Stratton had much to do with this rc
suit, and as a consequence he had no si ght
claim upon the goodwill of the Administra
tion Democrats. While all such hailed Mr.
Moore a« an efficient and gallant fellow sol
dier. in the same ranks, enlisted in the same
cause, they considered that ns leader of what
was nt one time deemed a ••forlorn hope,"
Mr. Stratton mas entitled to th-ir first re
gard. In short, the selection of Mr. S. was
a more cordial and thorough endorsement
and approval of tke policy of the Adminis
tration on the I.rcomptoii question, than
that of Mr. M could have I en. Mainly lor
tin* reason the former was chosen. A prin
ciple was involved which it was eminently
necessary for the welfare and unity of our
party should he sustained and it was sus
tain- -I
While congratulating Mr. Stratton upon
his success, and the members of the Assem
bly upon th-ir happy choice of a Speaker,
we fiel assured that Mr. Moore and his
friends will shortly, (if they do not already)
perceive the necessity for Hie course pursu
ed l>y the majority, and we are well satisfied
that tile must hunnrablr defeat of Mr. M.
will not militate against him in the future
with the staunch and well tried democracy
of Nevada. [A. .Wittuna/. Jitti u.
~«T- The Nevada Journal objtels !o Hie
Governor's message, among other things,
because the Governor commenced with ‘•.Sen
ators and Assemblymen." not deigning to
call'hem "gentlemen.” Now .surely their
position makes them gentlemen. JonnC.
I'dlhoun. who was convdered a model or
good taste-, in his speeches, always commen
ced, before the Senut \ with “Senators,” and
ulway* spoke of a Senator as “the Senator
from Maine," or whatever state the Senator
repp seated, and never used the anti*
II- publican t-rm of the -Honorable Senator,’
tli - • lloiK.rabl Gent lemon," and such like
Tie Governor has certainly showed good
—i. at not saying “Gentlemen of the Sen
ate and Assembly. - ’ How could he know
they were all gentlemen ?
A Fortcnk. —There is n man loccted near
K'lglisiTs Bridge, an Hear River, who devotes
his time to the killing ofquail. He has been
engaged in the business for some four or Uve
years, and is said by those who know, to
have amassed a fortune of some $9,000, from
Ibe proceeds of bis “ sport.” 11c sends a
lurge Img of quail to Sacramento or Nevada
each day.
Cacctu RrnoU Tlov*.—Tin 4 following Tt**-
elution** were pasted by ibo Democratic As*
-omblymcn at their late Caucus :—
Rr«ni.rrp. (hat the immemorial laarnf the t***ron
rnrv i<* to settle all personal pr«*f**ren’-'e« hr fri*-n-llv
'*an**u«an«l we renew note our approval of tbi* time
hr nore«l nieth<Hl. and t»in«l ourselves by the choice
tllU* <letemiine«]
Rr*mv«l*. Tliat no one shall he nominate*! by this
eaueus who ia not a faithful supporter of the Xa*
(IonaI A«1miniatration. an*l who is not free an*l un
tnranirliM) by ple<iires of wnr<l or eomluet in the attp
|M*rt «»f anr man. men or rli«jue for the futnre.
Rrsoi.vkp. That by our present action, we •!!«■
claim any prefrranee for. while we reprehenl nil
j• *fin?*t iiro hostility towartla any prominent ami
fa Itl* fnl remorrat. arxl we the election of
Speaker‘hall bcln honest ohaervnnee of the iVmn
rrsitte maxim. of“ principle* ami measure* not
men "
IV 'tv-! Tint the nomination for F peak er shall
not 1*» ron*i'!ere*l an expreeakm of preferene e. hi
the l'« moerata of the .t*«rirh!v. for any prominent
I*em* rr«t nor shall such nominal ion t»e eoiisi*lere<1
a« a »v • »'. of !-•*. lilit.' **n our part, to any Hrmomt
(n this State, an ! w« .'eprecate nti<! utterly con<leni
am attempt to force a w#m ittnt upon ourselrea
ni)*h tlirouffh n**. upon the Pemoemtfe party of the
State ami that lie whoUa eamthlat# for |>ositinn
before this raucua an ! *irp'< a* Ills party merit am!
qualification that lie i« ayainat any particular Twain
erat i- unworthy the *i pport of tl»i« caucus.
IlKMiinvrT' Tli.it we fear no pnhii<‘ity an*l seek no
aeereey of our proceeding- - : an ! in order that no man
or clique may claim a victor x in the r* ult of the
election of Speaker, our resolve* «li.i1l l*e pu!ili«hc*l
in the petnnrrwtlr new«pa|*er« of *V' Stat*
Tht» n'solution* were pa««oil nearly unan
imously. ami go to show that a senatorial
pressure was attempted on the outside.
A oaon Mender. In reading the reports
of the Legislativ* proceeding* in that enter
prising newrpaper, the Sacramento l ’nion,
one is ohlijed to go through much that is
pointless. There is one number. however,
whose remarks and whose movements are
characterized by good sense and sound judg
ment. ll»* speak** to the point always, and
with a dignity and court: **y w bich arc truly
coinmeudnbie and worthy of imitation. He
has introduced one reform into the Assembly
which illustrates his practical good sense, to
wit requiring the <’l i k to read the min
utes of the Assembly from the Archive Jour
nal. The Clerk lias tailed ns yet to comply
with the r» ijuireincnt of the Assembly; hut
the rule is u good one and any cumprttnt
Clerk can comply with it. ami the Assembly
should make it- Clerk “com- to time.* ,
F. L. And. of Yuba County, is the mem
ber we have spoken of above. Ho deserves
the popularity he enjoys in Old Yuba.
Tie 1 friend- of Caul Morphy in New York
have determined to pii sent to him on his re*
( hi; to this conntrj. n suitable testimonial
of their appreciation ot his -k• 1! in the urt
of clie.-s-playing. It will con i*t of set of
gold ami silver rl;e*s men. • xy.i -ih ly ami
clahorafeW wrought, mounted on cornelian
ped 1*1.-. iitiii ao ompanied l\ i richly in
laid ch'-s- bowl. In si-!<• ilion Id this, should
tin- fmiil warrant it. n c-mm morativi- mt'ilal
viill lie struck, ot uhii.li our youthful cliam
ji‘■ i, will receive a copy in gold, anil each
su tiscri III I to Ihe til mi to tlic amount of live
dollar- a copy in bronze.
A R*:i"im.ioAN Itn-i.v ro Mr. .Siwirii'k
SrvKi-n. The New Hump-hire Slate-man. 11
Republican pnjv r. my- :
Xmv iet iis inquire, in tlm name of com
mon sense,of what avail is it to prove by st »-
tistic* that we pay three fourths of all the
revenue* of the (.overnment, vvliilu Southern
consumer* nre our I.:. ,_.-t customer*’ Ol
what avail i« il to prove, to Ibo satisfaction
of every politician, that we supply the
South with nil they wear. front n l"P knot
to u shoe-latchet ; with nil tlmt they use.
from a -Rum engine to a friction match,
alien this very process feed* our manufac
tures? The Si-utli is ns ii-t---.uy to the
North as the North is to the South. Massa
chusetts annually makes si:; millions of dol
lars'worth of (hoi«. The South is h -r best
customer. When the shoe business declines,
l-amt hunger stalks through the streets ol
her nourishing villages.
“ New linglaml i« exclusively engaged in
th- manufacture of cotton. Wc Inty the raw
material of the South, and pay in goods.—
Wlr n our spindles cease to whirl, the opera
tives are threatened with starvation. It is
the spirit of a hyena that bites the hand that
(ceils it. it is high time to cultivate frater
nal feeling between the diflereol sections of
onr country. Neither commerce, manufac
tures nor agriculture can flourish while the
two hostile portions of our country endeavor
to cripple and injure each other. Suppose
we succeed in convincing the South ol their
dependence on us for nil they cat and wear,
and use ! and thus stimulate them to estab
lish manufactories for themselves or divert
their trade into other channels, are wc gain
ers by the pt occsa ?
•• Suppose wc prove that tin y arc indebt
ed to us for all their litiralure and ail their
teachers, thus rouse their hostility to our
hooks and teachers, are we benetitted in any
wise? No good has come, orever will come,
from till* mutual crimination and recrimina
tion. It neither strengthens the party nor
hastens the downfall of slavery. We hold
that every State has a right to determine
what institutions it will adopt.
■■ Why. then, hoist the bnnmr of ‘ No more
slave States,’ when the very cornerstone of
our political labric rests upon the principle
that a majority of the people of every State,
new or old, tliall decide that question for
Me observed a fellow riding along Mill
street, a few days since, heating his horse
over the head and swearing fearfully. The
brute was drunk, the horse was sober.
Rons# AXI* Rvationert. and various other
things, including musical instruments and
Imnjoe* and fiddle*, ean b» found at W. K.
Spencer's Store, on Main street. Mr. Spen
cer in agent for all the newspaper* of tbia
State, of the Atlantic Slate*, and of Europe,
lie will supply parties with articles in hi*
line very cheaply, and will deliver the pa
pers to subscriber* with frreat promptness.
Overland Mail Coach.— Some of the pa
pers object to the u*e of the above term
because all coaches arc overland one*.—
Thut's right, the purity of the language
must be maintained by the newspaper*.—
Let us hoar no more of an overland coach or
of a widow woman.
T4T- The Stkamkr National will be issu
eil tills afternoon, and on sale at the Office,
and at Spencer's.
The Mountain Democrat in speaking
of tbc defeat of I’liil. Moore, of Nevaca Co.,
for tbc Speakership, says : —
“ We trnst that his recent defeat will not.
in Ibe slightest decree, weaken the faith ot
his constituents in bis patriotism and parti
san worth.”
The Democrat trusts very sensibly. The
Democrat can just bet that Phil's recent de
feat docs not hart him with tbc Democracy
of Nevada county. Tin San Francisco .Vu
tional also hopes that Phil's defeat in caucus
will not militate against him. Gentlemen
remain trusting and hoping, toe Democracy
of Nevada lind no fault with Phil, for his
At Sacra nioutn. on Thur»<Ur. January. 13. \f.»
Ri.» Vatb. * iff of C. J Ijin-iur. Senator front N't
va«U Count j.
'I tiiim n
*>n Sunday «*r«»ninif Jan 9tli. >•>- l»«*r. \I.
Mr. Timm** Othrt t*» Mi** Ulira llttnlmon. all of
tl»i* plact.
At Nnrh Sac j.ian, on th* JM jn*t . l*r Rov
F<*tl»«*r l»nlt< n Mr Janie* Prig**, to Ml** Mar;
C N’ooi rn. .ill of that place.
At French Corral. on llowUr. 3«1 in«t . hr R. If
I arqnhar.Ftq.. Mr l*arh«-m Wall. of llarr*rillr. to
Mi** Hannah C merit. of fttoomftehl town*hi;>.
A * Pwertland, Tlnir-l.nj Jan.Ath. hjr H. II Far
quhar, Fjq \V r.fohr, of North San Juan, to
Adelaide!*. Mar«h. ofSwectland.
km’ A MeMin* to elect Trufttec* of the CRAVE
YARD wd» be held.on SATPUPaY EVENING. J««
K.tli. 1*.V.». Ml 7 o'clock. »t the \| K Chun-h.
W. C popf.. Superinten lant
G. V OmeUrr
Rkikui <{ !* Sttru v —.Elder.!. Pendergn ■* of tM
Cbriatain Church will bold x Srn'o of Meeting* io
tli** M V Church .Sii'hln t!rl» p'nce rnnm-pncii-,;
»n Sat unlay Evening at 7 o clock on tSud in*:.
//••//■.»» iiv’i /V flxtj’ifinl ptrttrfi'v It i so;
j»o.p l. r>y tin- uninitiated. that | -•
|i,Uf Hi" S'ln.Macfof *kUful Imturnt and r <r•
ful attendance. Th* truth ii. they nr* to . . • i
m-ielj the xubjectx upon which raw wti.d< t■ v
'heir *■ prent’ce h*n»K." The lie*t hospital- f«r the
*ick art* their ow o home*. and tin- only mtilirim-i
they nwl or* Hollow., j « dhenitc *ul>duiiig ton
!* th* urilriii-il, bn ken down, attei «:***•!. rm"
|t'.pfl*«'i iiiITiti-i frnni liter complaint*. dy«pep»i*
asthma. hruiorrhoid*. or any of tin- internal mala
die* which baffle the profession. *up| !y tln-m** Perf
w itli llollonay * I'ill*. ami they ran xpei-Jilv »••.!*
••nt their «*n cure, mol smile a* they rriutuubrr tl»*
•foieful prediction* of the doctor*.
UfANTF.P in CloM Dtt«t. Hl00.»r*n t.. r
wliteh tf«e liighC"* price will be |>.ii 1 hold
Dust sent to tin- Mint without charge. exeep* br Kv
pressage. Advance* made .it alt time* on du»t •••nt
the Mint. I litre a!«n a Met tin* an l w ilf
melt !*n|d into bar* for parties de-inn* it.
r.Mt iit iK iut.\its ox ki H'»ri
Special and General P«po«ite« rec»-jt«d a* muni.
Collectlm* and Hanking liti*in*** promptly attcud
C«l to.
A residence «>f eight year* in Cr»«* Valley I tru*t
liaa made m* sufficiently w»-II known not to nec-i
further enlargement —Office*; the Old Mand, on.
do»*r below the Exchange.
A. r*rl \ No.
Gras* Valley. January l‘J. 1 (b'i'i. tf
Fruit Trees,
Oruainrntnl un«! «thitdr Trrm ! !
The Subscriber offer* tor sale at th*
% GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Fruit sj : „i 0 an ,|
• V Ornamental Tree*. *1mi Vine*. A** Tlie stock
on hand and uniting consist*, in part of — .
Of all the mud Approved Varieties —-Also—
nr virtue of an Execution, i*su*d out of Justice
S (• Poat. Court, of Kureka Township. County of
Nevada to me direc.ed in favor of M I’erfumo and
against L F Wilcox, I have set red. and will ex
pose for sale at Public Auction at 2 o'clock ou the
8bt <lttr of January. A. p. 1H&.», at Orleans
the following described prperty. to wit— r
All right title and interest of the abo\e named
dofandaut to a certain Hume situated on Humbug
Creek County of Nevada known id the Humbug Falla
Flume a* ao much thereof as will satisfy Plant id.
demand, for thirty dollar* and sixty five cents, and
accruing cost.
Ihited th* 10th day of January . I I» lSf»9.
•J5 Jt. R SHFJ.TON Comitable. J
UY yirtCF of an Execution iaaued out of tlfl
,* our t ofS. t• ■ Port, aJuaticeof the of I .rehB
Township, county of Nevada, to me dirccteil. u fla
vor of Pettijean A C«.. and against W. A L. F Wfl
cox. 1 have »eix*<l and will expose for aale. at Pub
lic Auction, at 1 o'clock, on the 31«*t day ol JHnuffi.
ry, A I* 1989. at Orleans Flat, the following d*.
acrihcl pro|H.rty, to wit
All the title and intere- t of the above named d«-
fendant* to a certain Hume aituated on II uibag
• reek, county of Nevada known a* th* li imbug
Fall* Flume—to «*ti«fv Plaintiff" demand' f veuty
eeven I*ollars and accruing coat*
Dated thia 10th da > of January, A. P Jfe
25 3t B SHELTON. Con-iabH.

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