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Oroville daily Butte record. [volume] (Oroville, Butte County, Calif.) 1856-1858, July 17, 1856, Image 1

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(Drncillc Bailn Suite ißfrcri.
Pl'Iil.IaURD nuu (M'NIMY* r*CM*TICI)) BV
—*•»<» -
M‘ Orrir-_»nltoeor.l R>;i!«Jine «w Mjrw» Wwl,
Fa-i airtu, between Mofl’KOtncry anil Bird, Oruville.
Ter. v*—Otio Year Pit Mull f **'
f-‘(K moii'li*. rto
fliri-r tin.nth* *l° 9 00
i-Hlvewl by Carrier. p« r Wonk 50
v»*Fil:kly Tut ik kkcoud.
For HrmiliitiiMi lithe minln* mid «enrtillnri| die*
fr* I* i f iho ivmiilj, will roulaia tin- lm il "ik! fwnernl
n»iv« <»> tliu w **k. inti r j fr«“i! wl'li iiilnrmuintr ml**
reMnirptO rmidiiitt ninrvr I* will oor ' On twenty
< iij'it r.il'iirin* if r * dliiß mi'liT, mvl will h n nn« «»f
Tim lirv''! nmT fhPH"*l V\ IT 11V No'-v-p'lmr* in llio
finite, l’ iUi«h“il every .‘•’nr'inlay Tirm*-—pi r
Annum; n* moii'li*, 91; ihrim month* #l.
A nvb':t *iciknt'i. |n- b mi'inro >! ten lino*' <if In**,
llrKi'.lnsertion, $1 in
Piir'i •nhimijnetit ; Insertion. • * • 190
' h r" v lihemi ilii'tiii'M'iii will lie inrnlo Infnvurof
(linen w lio ailverll*e D; Dm year
/T 4** It induce* cnnl* ineorusil mi reueuntiMe !onn*.
for tltr Kutto Rffcrtl,
Tif<**M VS IlOVt'r’. ..07 Merchant at. San Ffini: , m
\ n. t'T.t’M r.ifin*«iown
ivMTTH 9- NTTTI'.R. . ' Orcwn fi»r
J F Tnd’CrlN’ Dotrtownl
".r.VI f MIT'I Thom fmon'e Flat
I»n RRrvriiFRTON Hrotbrnnn’* vinrii.
.T \ VF- rnnITfSUTaN Wyandotte
,T «Tim'VlS N<-l»on Creek. Plnmvf'n
.TTT)'s'TN« fc, T'ATK Amiriem Valley
M PKNOIi •• M .yitla Valley.
The ••Record" nn lm nrnmreil from nnv of the
nli/ivu nirninl A"eni*. who are a|*o nnTh ,, yl7.i i »! In M
,w>ivii ailreril*emenH« mil order* fo r -Ini' WorV.
Wo would *Oiioil Hi'* nlliMi'lno of our friend* who
3T' in win! f' Toh PriTiiig to thefaet ill'll wo lire pre
pared Jo eremite every ilo* -rippon of work 111 omplliv
To a *tvlo Th-t cannot lad to irlve *nti*f»iclfor». Wc
have recently made new and eicten*lvo nifillflon* To
mit n*.«nrtmeiit n r .1 ill '[alinilh, mil h*v° f;ioilitv f i**
•loins all kindnaf work fit moilorato rail** mid f*uabort
A True CUiistian,
The Christian Advocate, of tills c ; iy. has
supported thcVigilnncc Committee since the
commencement of the organization as vigor
ously a* any of the secular papers. In tlio
issue of this week we find the following let
ter, addressed to the Publishing Committee
by the llcv. Randall Hobart, censuring (but
iu those mild terms which become a minister
of the dispel) the course pursued by the
A I vocal e. 'Vo commend it to the attention
of our readers.
“ I) :ar Biucriin r.s : —Will you suffer one
■who has been connected with the .M L.
f dvwtxhfor aim uAf.nty ye-rs, toi.ldrwsa
few lines to y u, as C f >nductOt s of the Advo
cate, relative to the course pursued by you
during the awful outbreak of popular vio
lence in the commercial metro{«dis of the
“ It cannot ho a matter of surprise to yon
that in a state of things so extraordinary as
new exists in our midst, good men should
differ iu opinion in regard to the pioper
course to bo pursued: and while I would ex
tend Christian charity for right intention. I
must deprecate the course you have pursued
in your paper during this excitement, cal
culated, us 1 conceive, to encourage lawless
ness and violence, that has already led to
nets that hy the civilized world, will be
classed as treason, murder, piracy and rob
“ 1 nm aware of the justification attempt
ed to he set up. and while 1 am ready to ad
mit that great evils exist, and that the
course of Justice has been perverted, yet
with all due deference to the opinions ex
pressed by many that I have every reason
to expect, 1 differ widely from them, as to
the proper remedy.
“ 1 do not design at present to discuss
this subject lam convinced that it would
be of no avail,that reason has not sufficiently
resumed her throne, to permit those who
have been carried away in the whirlpool of
passion to reason calmly. But brethren
sour position as the directors of ft Christian
journal, should he a conservative one.—
Where are we to look in time of storms and
amid the rage of excited passion* for words
of calm and sober import, if not to the fol
lowers of Him, “in whose hands was no vio
lence? who when He was reviled, reviled
not again? whose voice was not heard in the
streets?” Shall our State, disgraced at
home and abroad, her laws trampled in the
dust, her highest officers the subjects of in
sult and the butt of every ribald jest, h ive
no sympathy from those who profess “ to
fear God and keep his commandments ?”
lias there been a new revelation from Hea
ven, since I’aul exhorted, “ that first of all
prayer and supplication be made for all that
are in authority ?” It is now the exhorta
tion. “ let good men pray ” for the mob?
But I forbear. 1 took my pen to address
you a few lines, with the taint hope that a
feeble voice might be heard amid the storm,
and that as Christian ministers placed in a
position to have some influence, you might
be induced to pour oil upon the troubled
waters, and thus secure the reward of Hun
who said, “Blessed are the peace makers, lor
they shall be called the children of God.”
Yours, in the bonds of a peaceful gospel,
Bid well, Juno 28. 1868.
OnoftNiiK— The campaign of 1856 has
now fairly opened in California, and the
Ditnocracy of the different precincts should
organise themselves into clubs, that they
may have concerted and vigorous action.
What ely the Democracy of Oroville to or
faaiainf a Buchanan elnb?
‘Ccml liolitts.
J 7 p, V VTHTI I'. i>i million
■I J> vltritein 'h - mailer >
i r* I I' us, li petilinner m a*
lili- iha County < onrt <■' Hufe
• ‘.ili'iirnin, mul In pur* iiiw>'
«m.l i 'our' mi the-. 1 >1
<tinz for llio mile <M the
» in nii‘ vestrij ns \--
C ,\ ll.incrof' vi iii
>viisv in tlni Honor i
Co-miy mid mate or
if mi 11 a i m i >
Vof J-in <• A r> 1 C , f rr.V!
M| • ,|ll f ;l|«f. I Ml |
on the 'Jr I 'h »lsj of .Mil*. Al> 1 '■'<>. 'it D- in-lm-x \ '<l,
pmc-eil lo •»•!! for cn-h. nil of the r ;ght. ill I; 1 nit.l in
llie tiiil petltiuuer C. A Hun.mfl in ntvl t'
i' 1
InC-iwi'i ’ r-ml preis-rsy to vr it: All linn certain
i-n or pnr.-t-l ufl-mcl *llnnt«l in the town ol l.i-l
11. nod infill'd on llliu-ii immlitT ihnm (.1; of ih'
it ip oi it--111 lirvi) of Ili tti-'l. fll.-ii l-i th* * --in'-
'•i,.f i itV-H of •' e nfii' - id rn-il'V nn ) <’e«rrl : -e*l . s
f.il'-ivM, To wit; I o n.n* nminrtl the lnrlh«-r«t rr rn.-r
.it ilin lot helon.’iiiK 'ii JoM'idi Ml-ith -inf on Nrwwnii'i
S ra(*t. running thence due n..r;fi eighty “in 'f ■ i.-.-i
oil « lilt New rcnili ■ , !*M*t, In-11' * illld 1* ill fifty '
f.-i-t llii'i cc dm •oil'll I'nty-' "I' - ('lll ti-of. tlo-np
due i-n-Kdovau (111 feet. thenre ni/i- • >nili finy live
(-1 i) feel, ihencw ilii" enl lor V-flvt- [\ ■ feel to -M
• tinr't-t -irei-l. lliri;r ■dn ‘ (in' imi C(i-u:e« »n • I
eli'vmi' 11 1 fiTi-l. t* civ'- ('ue vif' o'io hunlreil mi l
\x 1 11 fi, • pot to 'll" pi"-i‘ ••) beginning. upon «ni I )-n
m situated tho llonni liiiuwn nn '.ln* N»i- ioiud Motel.itk
liini-imiiiin l-i Mxly fivu(li.) feet irmit on Now .-. mb
• iroi-i, hy i.v nt} .r- 'ir t'.’l) feet in v t-bh. and s »
oil th'* north -ixt i-iwl t'»cti)y-«l* ( -*•') feet hy twintv
•onr Jtili at, midon (ho « nth (wtt ond i «i n
ly.funr i 21) feel hy tlnr v (f*i•» feel, nil of ■ fin li ■» I *<>
•lories high. log.-lher w !| fiU mi l v lUid ir ti- ip; -r
n ninc-'M ill 're uitii •.-loli.-nm or In any wl-u at-;. r.
lining. Alt *. «tl (ha* eortidn peireec pt.-.vlol Im
s-tualnd in block four, d) lot number ono. (I) honn. j
Iml tw folio"h, to tril; Ouniinmi-uu nl the imrib
• -iKt corner ol the :illey ru linin'.* Irotn N "wruinh -•*r -t-j
I, m ChnrU-w ntr'H-1, nii'tiln-J th'-nre di" “(iM'hnn
New-omti Stroe’ ritveniy live fifn l--"t, tHi-ne--dm- i
■ltv one linndri'd lllltl hroe ( Hid• Imd to -I. Chin l'--I
streel, ihunca «lun nuriiiitn M ' h'trio* *'n-i t ri-vi nty
five <75, li-1 1, ilnnu-i- d" ■ wo»t slomt Ho «fii>! !
ill. v one hundred mill threei I' d fool to the pUoe ->f |
tieifinnln? Al.o. nil IhMt rorinin pi' co or pared ol j
I oiil -iiiinlml on I nion sjlroot in Wm-k ono |l> I'-t •
n 'inher fourteen, ti l) hounded nn follows to
i ’rmni lt the nortlioiiul < oriier of lot lliir een,
(Id! rniiiiine (hi nee duo tviwl on ('nion r-reel l«i--i ;
ly five |'2ii I. ot. tin inv die so'ith Mi votdy «7 ‘'I If T , i
Mil-lire i! lie 11.1’l) tJ■n \r i Jfl ) I .-I - * IhollC 1 * dill- lioM h
-iivoiity [7fi, to Mm pi'" " of lio'/'iioin-.r, io;r-ifn r v
the Ifirn. twent Mve f-2>] hy thirty (,t«) foot in it •.
• itiifiled nn --ti l I. t m d pplirteimtuvr tle-r nuto h--
loilKloir. AI Mo the fodoMiim periouil property to wit
‘2 Slfitid TuhloM t OoVerM|ln i-tt-mls
■2 Pint Iron* j I Ikinngo#
Iniii’iit (loom ClinirY j I l'--k
ti > Mritfir* I d I i.'ennters
H Sal- Smilde 2 Hiller Hot'lox
&U Minim; Kiioni Tumblor-di) U ino<iln«mo«
li w Hinintt Iloom I’l des
II ('rimm I’lli'h- in
7 Siii'iir Howl i
I*. Knivi h uml l-"i irki
iW faille SjioonY
57 Tea do
■>’ 1. a f’upH and Saurni B
fl'2 Ml Ip I’l.-lli-M
11 l!owl»
Is Vem uUlti Tfislm*
Z Aleut do
120 IflSllOM
tTi Pi. 1* || 1
I Cooking clove & Fund
1 Ch'idug Oisii Hud f urni
1 Coiiee I’m
I Ten do
9 Kitchen At Dining Room
Tull ion
1 liar room Stove
• 4 Side I.Mtnpi
t C»»t Iron safe
2 Hell.
12 l!:ir Room Chain
1 Watering I’ol
1 Mid Syrup
2do Vinegar
12 I'npin Window Curtain
1 'ngnr liowl
1 1 Urn
| It I‘inidi C’up«
i, It*. ’■< U hum t fly nips
t.alit Min
! I do llrandy
! 5 floltl'-i Ming- r
I 2 Kovom • hindle#
I 7 I’ickl-'D
I 7 no l.ninpOil
to Hi- C IT o
i Ink*tmid
i 1 Killer
j rj I’aeK- ' '.;r !j
i i ljo',i,«%Sl >-rts
.fi Straw Tickn
iH Q'lilts
a-i Pinra I'.Wiikt tis
12 Stan) TnbleH u. Cover a
4 Single I’edsleiulu
;9 l ot do
•H ImiMior I’ii’oWM & Citeop
i.r Wool do do
•2 U ntil KeltleA
■0 Siiv/le Sheets
pi Sing'o Tirku
1 VVnnh Howl fc Pitcher
t Tin \\ ash Howl*
I! Mal-r i-aeu
J Dong Towels
it Tnhio Cloths
;.i Curds wood more or ls»»
ti lea king i.iaewe*
I 1 lliiick Mule
S I'alll rU (1 I
Also, iho following Noii-s, to w ;t:
I Note iigninm M Oxley for S f>2 on
do do IK nn
John At Janie* McDaniel iU.i nn
AT ichefoii Jr VI •<»
.1 C Htdrclli soon
Peter Jarvis < 0
Daniel Kendo 32 00
F S Pago 4'* d)i
Kdwar.l Mercury i; P Jarvis ...» HI 3-S
Churn-* Harvey end John Handy 3a on
John K"as 70 17
M Denny 120 3i>
Charles Utiwsou 13 15
Julm N. Rail 139 On
Frederick Wall hi S 3
John Tierney 132 50
Pascal fay lor -fi 73
M H Preshy 43 77
U liMtham I" no
Phineaa Davi* 39 13
W i. Ilingliain 4-2 00
Joint Miinron 74 3s
C Latham 32 50
Charles Dupe 13 75
Alex. .AlcCappin 3d On
Juan Itonosa Id 37
P 0 llyuinn 9 75
SP Watkins «« 50
John Ko.-a
Abo. the following Book AccennU, to wit:
An account against John Keyes for
At t Shultz.
F A Pielsticker
K C Haker
Mr l.lovd
C W A.iles
li Hush net I
0 C Cla|>p k Ci»
C II Waldron
James Jones
H Pierson
(• t\ II sigma
J S Lewis
Asa Bryant
John Dunney
U Kcynolda,
F Atwaier,
J K Emery,
M Shores,
John CahilL
Dwight HwdsWti
Jiu tS Myg^-i,
Cajit Morgan,
ii ii
John WlUiams,
Mr. Mardn,
II (Itmmi'o.
Thomas Dewing.
T Winter*.
DP Winner,
A Uilman.
J Spalding,
G Campbell.
W M Celerde,
W Peacock,
A J Burr.
J D Barker,
W Dewing.
A P Learned,
S Dewipir.
A Patterson,
47 no
S 24 (10
12 wn
S 4 00
JOO no
7 00
13 no
104 2a
4ti 50
fi no
1 IT
5 00
10 5"
0 50
a oo
9 60
JO 00
M 00
2« 7-i
9 it’d
24 75
5 50
J 2 51-
15 95
A 00
17 50
IB 00
4 75
36 00
5 no
4 V)
16 ofi
7.4 00
£0 50
7 00
14 ofi
5 OO
125 UU
•A 00
76 70
64 50
in so
36 N
i'?nul Slotiffs.
Sjcrill-s Hal,"'.
61. In John Jo*. ,a . lii-lic 1 ill" Ihe Peace. in mnl
<>r ■ jiH’ Tinvu-:np. Butte < minty, and Bta'eoft sli
(nrnr*. ;** mu blrcdi'i mi I «'i !j vitiml. nuiin .tiding in*'
in lu-ik*. * !>•• i'iiii (■; iflirty four—ffll hi—dollar* jn.lg
nx-nt. and seventeen liilrtv live oneh milrnilib*—
IT :r *n I r® <•<>»!* of unit, m»l apc.riiing cost* of
Hit )i| writ 1 «••>■ 1- ■ll i 'll, wlnrei.ilbe I’m- kA i'nnin*hn :■
• '"iitpauy i>- I'lMir.'if. mi i II A <Jf««lriiv I* I.Tnnduui
1 * v i i/.-.J ■ t:d Invii* IHi i n rill tin* tgh. It I l ' mit
; ,ti> (,i |,i* nor.'- id I eiundnnt. In ■ n in nil I lint
•*T' till . •■' or parrel I><' I,'liul. M"l«1l'(l 11■ ■■l ■ I llll'fiikt '
Cliil. 't .)i Tiv.vn-'iiip, run'l* < ‘minty. mid Bt..teof
l'..l;lin:in, mil illlilll.il lor IllUlil.g point's mid
v ..iw , , I! *• i. 11 f— i I’ 11 *• * • “ I■ll iT I’nili; -i;i:y'i I laon .
fi 1 defendant'* interest being nn •ng le. nli part <•!
*id iMn' :n. \vl..'li I u I i \,.. i hi* In public *aU* at lln ■
i 111,, no r lin ■ ■ I’ i.vi (>f I'rovul ■. r unity mid
i • 11• ■■ i .*i■ ■i I n iln* ‘.N'h iln; nf .lulv.A . |i IKni.
h, it l! i* I i iii'ii prescribed by taw, In the highest
!*i 'lerforr* b.
I'm. •! tip* inly :. li. A. f» 1 B:>ij.
I’ ' l; h' i;k, Sheriff Untie County,
tty M \ McI.AI.CHI.IN. Deputy.
Blirrifi*s Sck.
■3V V"vrr: w r\*i Dicin'; rssrF.u
I • .1. .toin *, n .ln-tic»* id Ihe in Hint I r
iphir T nvn-hip I’ litn i ■ .(inly mid t-i dn of Cnliloi nim
i. ,j, *, " *t -* ■
in.ni'ln.l 11 mak- ih" mm nf mi' hundred undone
-.tv. nly tlvi; nji*'lnii dri'il hr 3101 7n> dollars jit'lv
:*ii'||’. .ml I ■ r t«enly.|lve i n*' hundredths f*( 11V]
dull r*• l i'* in ■ id mil >•( tin' (irnp rty in Jiu'iih -
Mnrr I*. lII.' lU'li'i I' in mid ok. fi on. nnd nr. rinnS
cod* of *od writ, w’li'r.'iii N.tinrro* in plaintiff—
rin i i i iiv hi piimnmii'i' ol - lid writ. I in v."*i i/ml n il
l**vi»*d upon nil the ti-dil titli* mid int«>r**M ol iin* g.dd
Jacob S. Morris it .ml In till' following prop. rty, In
Mil ; ill 'I II p* rid 1 .1 r. *•! Ilmd- ; ■ ■
mil in OiMvilii-. iipiin Tow rv-hip, IfuPe County nnd
- tale in i 'ii;i;i - M iiiul ili'-i riln' l on ill** in;.p of tin*
Town of *>rovi lens follower I.ols number on**. IT)
iwn.l J lliii'i*, [■'.) lour. 4 flve, .1, and nix. in Him k
thirty--ix. : it; I..'!* minuter one, I. two 2. flvn. o.nix
it, **.*\ nn. 7 nn i ejgM. 8 in Block eight. u —l.otn mini
In r one. I. two 2, three .It four, 4, five-, 5, nix, ti, Kovnli
7 mi, 1 nlaht. H. in lllork ntmiher ten. 10 1 n't* mm. I.
two,2. three. 3. four 4. tivo, n. «i.x. ti. hcv* ii 7, mnl r-,
nijfhl in IM' i-k nletren. 11 I.oH one. 1. two 2. thrn**,
ii. fti ir. 4. flvn, 5, Hixdt, H**vnn. 7 Hint niiflo, S. In Iditck
twelve, 12: I otH one. 1 two, 2, ihri*". I four 4, II n
f>. Hi* «, «even 7. and eiuht 8, in IHork twenty 2
Loin one 1. two 2, three It, four 4. flve. 5. nix «. wthii
7. mid nil’ll' I*, in Htock nuinherlwoniy-one Jl:—Lev*
one 1 two 2. three .‘l. four •. flve S. *ix «. eeven 7 nnd
eiirht K, jn Ulock nunilmr twenty two 22. l.ols one I,
two U, threefour 4. flve r>. nix fl. reven 7. nnd right
H. in Htork twenty-three 2:*— which I will exponeto
public *Hle Hi the Orlennn Hotel in the Town of Oro
vine, on the 28th Dny of July. A. I». 18*16. betwi on Die
hour* prescribed by lew to the lichen bidder, for
lJ ited. this Jnlv Mh. I>. IPS6.
I*. i IUT.K sliiTiff finite County.
Ily M. A. McLAUiJIII.IN, Deputy.
By virtim; UK an kxhcttion issckdoct
of the Dlnlrict Court, Tenth Judicinl Ui-trlct, In
mid lor Yuba County, and rila'e of California. U> me
directed and delivered, commandin',? me to make the
mini of seven lbou»and «ix hundved unit ninety-four
twenty-live one huietreth dollar*, judgment and m
tere.Hi’iit the rate of ten per cert per minum, till paid,
an 1 accruing cost# of thin auii. wiieremJ .1. Stewnri
i» defeinluni and J. C. Lnll.a'id J. 11, i-ckinnn. J'.ihn II
Tennant anil W I* hills, plaintifl—Therefore. In
purmiance of tuid writ, I htiveneited nnd kfied upon
nil tin-right title and intrre d of thedefe'.idant in ».ii«l
writ, J J Blewart, in and to the propei ty hereinafter
descrllu'd. to wit: AII that certain piece or parcel of
land minuted ni Krettchu wn, Oregon Kiwiialdp, Untie
Cotmix nnd B'hk.i of 4'nlifornia, and known a* the
prop**rty of tlie’. till J J Stewart, nnd upon the mild
1 nnd is a 'tore louse, foorleon by twenty-four feet in
sixo. one atory high—Al*o one House thirty litre*
bv twepty it el, one story tunl 11 hnh high.— Also, one
Also one I’.nrn thirty hv’twenty teel In size, together
with alt t’,Kj apptutenniice* tliereiinm belonging or in
any wi»/ appt r.ninlng. which I shall expose to puhlic
Bai»* s*. the Court House dtnir in llidwell. on the UUib
day •/July A. D. 18.56 ht lwa*'ii the hours preacribed
by aw to the highest bidder for cash.
.Vso the following descrilmtl personal property at
IheKanch of J. I-Hcnstjiiw, in 'lamiln-n township
Com.lv ,ind State aforesaid, on the t2ih day of July,
A 1) 18.V).between the hours proscribed by law io the
highest bidder for rush, to wit:
1 Cray Mare Mule.Bp«ni*h Brand.
1 Red Roan Mule Spanish Brand
1 Black Horse Mule Spanish Brand
1 Bay Mara and Coll. Spanish Brand.
1 Bay Horse branded B II on left shoulder.
4 Brown Jsnnies
1 White Jenny and Colt.
Brown Jaek.
While Jack.
I)ui| Horse.
Red and White Cow
Mghl Red Cow with White lac*.
, Brindle Cow.
Dark Rod Cow. Breckle Faue.
Brindle ox, while face,
Broanox. do do
Rsd aa<l white Ox
, Brown Ox with white l»C*.
Black and white Ox
Whiteand «7n»y Ox
Don and While Ox.
Ke.l *tx with white f»oe—streak m heeM
Una Bull with white fa«», one year eld.
Xcual 3Uti:«.
t White and Rvd t el'
1 <l«i ilit do Ul)
1 Red Calf,
'2 r’,dr :l M
1! I r Her.
»(hr foil! v nc .’"ft p- yrnp. rlv.nt
the «(,>r • r.nrerlvi <tm| ’<•.! bv I I H’.-w ,rt. m Kfi »rh
■i.\rn. (iro’ou Town ' ip. Hu'.lu Comity oil ~la e
: * u i tth rti* of July. A :• 1*56, hi
in oVum k \ '1 t.x llm h'glv-t bidder for ch-'i,to wit;
1 Vvr Col I Scales iUi il irtrh* rl\niv* «
1 firm'! “'■ ii'. ii F* it Kni-is i.tti purki
2 I, .r,'** T.-am \VsT**nti Druiv.nc Knives
ill it.Uieis
■ lit (tnintners
j« 11.1. l lK
;t Clro*s ;.iilrhe*
it Hun ImiiAilioD Vvx mo
' J I*; >- k >4
I Dozen Palm*
ill Hullo Hump wick
! i P,iHock»
l'2 Humps
wp'i p, el S'i,V'y Fuse
9 Reduprearls
ft iiai> 'over*
It i i Item Dr .tv. f
I i>. i/.l II I «!1 1 11(11
*2 (,’nTir.i riTln
0 -n/ir Bowls
Ih Pin ,•*
1 lin.r imx Ral»in*
1 I,urge Ito I’iiO
1 I ni Kettle
I - in ill Stov •
I T '.iiti-, ■ limit.
•J Tuli'e* I.argil
It Bench'*
•21 Tumbler*
■..■ ii Pounds Tom Iron
I Castors
i I.: it.
Dinner Plater 1,4 '• r * , . v |r "I' r >'■ in*
j -
lu it t »v» r - hirii
It !»• #♦•»! leu ,
I, Dishes in Cray Over Hhirt*
<» V. (».ii»li|.> MOi • i f > Pars • tvt r.illr
In /, ci.Lli ij cup-4..-uuct> •’ mirs
,1 C 2 l> z re.,in Pitchers 1 ,u> ' '’omforlers
I Water Pitcher
A Howls
II VI f,ln 1(1. ,TiJ"4
4 Butter Plates,
67 ilulh.ii- un. Brandy
I r ail i ellar*
Ii Hencln <
1 I .ot Crock, ry VVnro
, .! drives
, a -'qu ire*
: At Pick ll.uulle*
\ Ini ni Hhoat* m l T
I ’•'! Axe IlmnJ.i i
112 t.rooms
' I 1’ h*. .'li n t Cttm Pools
! :i do !.■■ -nsr Hum Boots
1 • .inkone •■'love I'ur'fi ! 11 |! a * r Kip Boot*
1 1 - lino' (ink
1 I ninmr Hell
•in i nls
V.i Matirnsse*.
-4 Sheets
7-> Pairs Hlankots
8 \i heelbuirow*
i> P.K k Saddle*
•J I’nlrn Balances
|! Pair Counter Scales
. Box iil.es
1 Vie
si* \..■•.ls immlMT 1 P'i',l
ii i. j Yar Is No. :t Dnck
11 Iron .'life
.'I Host s Sweet Oil
11 < ins I iihs'i rs
11 I ans iiy sa rs
I Hot les Ah- ) lithe
A llottn a linkers .it’er'
1 > Uodle. I darel
1A ilot ii.■' Hr mdy Penclie
In Ron he i Mrti r * nl
;> Hollies B"ir 1 hi
A Ho t les P.a a K jdcr
|lO Pair Calf Hoots
7 'hnce HruslieS
It Tin litj’pers
4 I revn-i- '.i oas
j J lin Hh ■*a rs
r.'T I! i
illons U Insky
! I tlniloti (lin
! Ci(liiiioiis *’iuepiir
t 4 Bottles S(ih>m ns
j ilo tlss At i-turil
I t Buttles i ayene Pepper
4 Bottles Pepper Smice
■ • Bottles Ciuniiinoii
ii Hol'li** Clioliuto ran
j ii Houles IJleek Popper
;*Ho a Inm i|o Ketchup
I !l Botes Mnrhln s
It Hollies Pie ! mis
| a fan* I’eie lies
NO I Paper* Tuck*
' d Ihix.ls Soap
! !•> Po Hats S lerntu*
! 7 Pound* i.nrd
|! 'I I’imods I odflrh
*h l oiinds Uniter
4 B iXtls so diiiz Powder-. *’ ''"ids do
■J I'ozmi it,,ll* .- live ! heirs Pick 1-s
1 Keg Kurd 45 pound*
I l.ot i lium duTHr*
It l.i.lt.ee Uasplit-rry etyrnpi ! ' •’"arhe*
. mters ’ I K ''^ m S , v, '"l> -’<• 'J illoiio
2 B.fer Hetties
I Hooking di si
1 -in .11 Chatk
1 11 lotie ~ nn
I laird K;. in pit ’ *
1 !a,r Boom 'love
ii Tooth ( rns'tes
In !! .ildieg 1 on,hi
A P. ekel I'onihs
I) Ktue Tooth i otnhs
2 It 7. II ' halk II I'S
1 Pom.d Pateni i hroad
4 l aw scissors
4 Cakes Soup
I Iki/ n Pair Butts
0 l uxe* Steel pens
II Papers N. edle*
1 Bottle Ammonia
.5 Pile*
Hr is« iov Stamps
Ault envelopes
9 Boiiles Snrs ipnrilla
Id Boxes Wr.k'hl’* Pill*,
s I» 'Zen l.eud Pencils
4 Razors
7 Buekskin*
i milk Pnchers
4 I Hums i.nmps
1 Pair Hold Scales
*.* B ities '.nk
2 44 Yard,* Drillin','
Hal i oiioii I m ine
I • ol Wrnppiiiu P.ipper
D» 'Pounds Hlaok Pepper
’0 Crock*
HI Pairs Cotton Socks
h Pair* Suspender*
lit Pair* Woolen Sock*
I! Pound* I.ineii Thread
I uin h Shoe String*
8 Pr Hlh Cassimere pant
7 do Fnney do
IS < hacked Shirts
3 While Cot. mid Phirm
I Pair Musquito Nettim/
X l*o/.en Fancy Sqirli
I Ream Pooist-ap Paper
« Keunis l.etler Paper
ii Black and Brown Hat*
1 White Hut
■V7Sitk Pakel I land k 'chh
Pd Pairs Buckskin dloves
U Cravat*
.V Box Clay Pipes
tj Dozen i fnrd*
fi Bui* Thomps Kye water
17 H ir Brushes
2 Paint Brushes
1 Dozen Books
B Pass Bonks
I .Shaving llru*h
1 Pocket Mirror
17 Pocket Knivor
H Boxes Percussion Caps
3 Buck-l»in Purses
2 pos Black Ribbon
5 Pound* Head
9 Pair* Bull s
W Paper* Tack*
40 Pair* Calf Bhoes
K Pair* Slippers
ii Flask* Powder
2 Dozen V east Powders
Dozen Table Spoon*
H dor.liens k lot chickens
H Hogs marked slit in ear
0 11olloii*. Port Wmo
1 lib » i 'he,r Pork
1 Dozen Pans
-TP Pi..les
1 ir deg i*. ,« der.
!lus« ■ tveiis
ih Brigs Salt
.1 duos .Mutches
u (I him Money
4 Iron P.in*
'4 IUIZCU (ikfee Po|«
I H imp Kettles
£ "'m ill Kegs
“H ii.oiui I'm Cup*
. I' in- Rum
.» diition* 4mer. Brandy
il VVoodiui K ucetls
■ 1 Pounds White Head
IU da's Idee
23 Psek • Flour
‘27 P ends potatoes
• 2 Boxes Mulches
■ a .'-hovel*
i sluice lurks S II
1 d i i. i ig Handle*
•Shovels.-hurt Handles
•i Sluice l|"a*
!'2 Pick*
5 do w h ir*
2 Coir e d ill*
Il'.t Wooden Buckets
4|Vck Hopes
i4tki Pound* Nails
''«*•! Sledge*
'u Pound- Sole Heather
0 Pound* Hod ii Crackers
u daltous H*inp Oil
13 Ax»»
1 Barrel Bait Pickle*
2 Pound- l4ulek*ilv«r
2l Cured Minns
I Barrel Uamnged Hams
C. Pound* Salt Pork
lu7 pounds Bacon
I Fopr Inch Colts revolv
7u Pound,- Chili Beans
PHI Pound* Wtilte Beast
t.lO Pounds Itvuia
e Case Claret
UH) Pound* Henna
I Barrel Old Beans
II Polled* china Pens
,10 Pounds Split IVua
Collons Pickles
iS J Bah* Shi rt*
‘2 Bags Barley
1u Pounds, Rico
7.1 Pounds New. O. Sugar
I Übl NO do 241 non uds,
tiiin siiurnii
tin Pound* iihiiia Sugar
I Piox Maucroni
1.1 Pounds Dried Apple*
«l do pulverized Hi,gnr
200 Pound* Crushed Sugar
in Pounds Sugar Crackers
•2u2 Pounds Cnflee
50j Pound* Tolrnoo
1 Pound Bee.wax
16 Pound* *'rxg\iti Tshtsr
0 Poneds Starch
2n Pound* Soap
.1 Pounds Onslile Soap
29 Pound* Black Tea
•2V Pound* i.re.ui Tea
Ml Pounds TslloW Ciipdle*
.1 Pounds Sperm Caudles
3 Boxes Candles
3 Dozen Te« Hpuons
Dated ihi»slb day of July. A, D I^
P, FRKRR. Sheriff Unite County
Binwgu., May 241 h. 18.16. j
PICE I* hereby givne. that all person* holding
nlie County Warrant* pryabie from ih«gene;
ul. registered between April sth, IBM, and
ry i§ih. 1856. that the umr will be redeemed
enuuton. at my office. And notice I* further
that fmffl and after this dale, said warrunts
tt#tob*arlaiosMt ( jiAM LATTfMORE
- .of Rnll Counts.
SUMMER CIX)TniNC._of every variety—’u»t rs
ce.red w»d GLUCEACf, Bid well
$1 dirts
S\T,K.—Ttv VkrtiMM.l’ JiflmvMt.* ■
ix'Up f «»«• rn* the Ms- rcl Court, Nm'h t
T»‘nMct, H nml f»»r Ktiftf* C*o**tify aiul <»t *
' fitV'i i i, tin* U’l' «tn\ *»1 A P I’* •**, ’
I it»-’ ' rT< C-Mi.m. vtl’V ** * • •■ I k ;
• -nil «f f •«Ir h'JU'lri'd JtoU l»l*N l> ,• Vre fl IN m•I < .
dr »?!'**’• } **ft ii *
* f at iho raN* of f* ii p r nt t f
tilt |M 1. ii ; In* Mi*n * • • > > <»• t -i
Infill- nwM* rml . r.:iu c • m»I •*•!*
' ’Mto» ?!.»* ;.r \ t < rty h* r iiniifT tU -* rilm*, i«» » *
1 !•>»* *il’ .«• « • t t i;• "i. n*. » li»‘r ‘ii . W '-' J•
\»rr.«!»'! \ ' i-.. ic n«t
jon t|;»* I*l /i In tilt* Vl.ln*
•*:■ I :•! »hi» Sd'i
llMh** nnd r »»■* i
• ■
•'•’Mi'*' fl M ! *1 r
f|,, 4 l i.rt
-*»t*m;tb**fir , 4* In w
• \ 1.. \X I I I\m*H • »
*• oi I'u'wrii, r.-ni,i\
’ll f*;j*-f form r til’ ? . r
n m r.'Mi'f’v diiv<:
/ . “3 s ty f * ft t!i‘ *or
v* •',*<» 11 r v r • r • n
o»i v- h;fli tlw*i r ■ , r*«
rlv dirncti' ii ' * I i.m
T. ’nip * fll'inN H*'W»*rv. n-M 11*• nee in i * *i; f . rjv »’
rflnii t'»th or,(I of iho ppner duff out jmd forinrr
i*»m| n Inn pin AMfV Inrlti int? the *pncr I'iuctT
f w»|,*»np a. MMfTi* f.ot and tin* !»•*•< rv, lr o'
M» PofT-iinn Xr •, tor’s'll,, r trill, the Pi ’iorr! S
1 i' 11. Hp , tod f»n 'Mid pr# m *<■»•, which f will nil if
f *ilM-r Vplo nt ll*;i 'Voir* llntm* floor in Pidwoll, rnrio
: V/’n-l Stnf.* *»r»,ro*ni<l, cm llu* 4ill clny c»f AU{!U*t. A
l* IkV* nt *2 oMock I* M.. lo the bidder h r
DfltcM litis 12th day of July, A !>. l a "C
P i’PPKIt, >l,frtlT Put!, 1 founty.
>TATV: (Ip r a 1.l K< IUX lA, { I.Vmuly ( (>urt —
( otstv fir (Si itk. \ \l t
In Hie miillcr i»f Jnmea II Ur: ko, mi Inrolvnii
S' I’IM’SUAJJCR of nn or.lor nntlc In Uu> rnnnl'.
fl ('imri iiy the Mon. .in- (ih i. *i ii nniv
■ i uJ <t■■. nt Oi.-iniirrM. nn ihc :tit|h <lny of Jutic, 1>
I" ft— Notice t» In r«‘l>j uii'nn In tlie or. iii .r»of !1
■wiiil (nlluonrr ,n liijhil’- inci, Jnnnr 11. Ir; f., *«> ijo
jump l.i , *ori* the lion J I N, l,rui«, C. in l_y Jinl).'o
on thn Uilnl dnjr of Ih** A'lgauKt t**rm of >,.«• • uvnn
( Hurt. \ l» 1.-.ii',. lo n.i ; mi tho foil <lnv oi Auj'i.'
(it Htdwcll, in ph"\v rnn»' .1 iiiiy Mu re o. .
why the pr.ijef of Mil id (h-Hihiiii r *lionld not I e trnn
led nml nn n-olirnm.iiil o( lii»e>!nle In. iinidf, hikl ho
lie dim leirii* d Inm hi' delil* ns no linolvcol I'ehlor.
Wilne" " j liinul nml the “e:d of mtid Connii
1,. S. Conn ulllxed, ihir, lUfili day of June, A l» lr:,o,
nt Hidwe.l.
MI Efl <'I.APIN', County iMerk
314 w By M 11. liaiuiai 41.liejmiy.
'■jtLwtr ■ "r: ’.'.'.'':, ,r- tjr~~ ».■
.M Ile.p> ei fully iiiform the ell in ”.r of pid ■
. ind* of work in hi' lire of Ini'iin inn norkinie
like milliner, weh h nml on re i'oteihle term*
ilnvin* hlwuj* (.0 U .ndn lanfe in»atir*i»u«tit oi dn
Inmher. he i» rendv In in ike In nr *;T. |)ner<. win lov
'•'il'h. Tiilden, l!neln»r«. &<■ AM kind* nl C ddl'.e'
work, mid mi fact miythink apperuiinintf so hir h»“i
oe.s Hllll ird Ta!>(»•« pel nod required hhon on
1 harlep Mreel, lielew |>ni i.nrcomhV Brick Msci
-0 Tl' - B—l'liiploj meet cm lie nml for n mini-
X™ Imt of e\perl workmen on wire, ditriii; iji •
|.re-eni piimmcr inc-rectimr 11 w re Hridcre nl Ih.iweil
da '. : 'hi'o;;i f , «
J \ Tl'.S A Ml URAY, Muryavlllc
' r k'’OTICE herein aiven that the under.i«m.,
X w will nfiply In the fto-icd of Ssipepylpor lor Mil!'.
• i.nnlv 111 ||e Mp.ie of (’alifnnijii.nl Ilieir i.nut «ep.
ainti In he led I nt P.idivell in p id c.innly. f>r 11 licesn >
Inrun nle.iry aern«p the middle Knrk I emhep Itiv. »
the N. rth fork of mud rj'er.
pviAT.-i ki; p. s wage.
11l the Junelinn ot
June 14, I nr,.
Notice u hereby RUtn
.3. leul In il apply tot!:. 1 hon ISniird of d’lpervi'or.
id their m.xt regular nieelinir for 11 lieerm. 10 asm n
l orrv aero.' the Konth I ork of mid Uiver. nlmul u
ipiarierol a inilo above the Jnneilon.
CIIAUUis linoUN.
Mid well, June 11, Ifi.VJ. jlMd.'S'.’
Id HEHFISY 01VI Nto the StochhoMcr* of U,e
Old Montezuma Minim; Mon.puny. Mini ll.epe w I
he n meelina of the Stockholders of «aitl t'onsrnnj .
il their oflic- in Ihdw .II llutte cyimiy, on Saiiirdm ,
ihe I Jlh day of July, is fl. for th- |.iir|p>*» of elycslna
ofllcers of said Compnny fur the prem.nl ye,*,
llidwell. Jtine 19. is.»(i. J. M. Ijt-'KI . Pec'y.
ON OR AP.OUT May .'Mh. one clay-luvn't hers«‘,
ei-.rht or ten years old. blnek inline and tad, hrnns,
on the loft neck letlera TO. Also, one black here.'
Mule, hrynd unknown. \ Übtrnl reward will he paid
for th return for the reluru of aald animal* in the
• uhpcriher at llidwell. UiX>. W. l,Ksp.
Jii’je 21, Ui'iC. JeJI 4l
Hcllthc Vermont Mill, nilua
te<l 10 tuiles from BiilwcU s laudinp nml
mwn's Ferry. Sacramento Hiver. nud lh
iJe* from Chico (Didwelis Ranch). The mil!
new. well huilt and finely arranged. The
iiirest mill property fy the finent lands of
utle. C’nlusi and Tehama Counties, term*
'payment ea-y, viz; one fourth to one hali
ish. Bnlunce in Lumber delivered it Uie
iver, (Hi miles distant) or at a point 1 will
[ offer to sell the now and valuable property
a bargain, be vingbougbt it to save a large
>bt. aud am entirely unacquainted with the
umber and milling business; Any one wmh
g a in*od investment atjdprofttubi» employ
en» for a few men aa'i teams will Uo well to
1 amine it.
For value of location &c., reference i« ma le
Major John Bidwell and K K. Dodge,
lien Rest Office. UutteCo also to C 0. Lih-
In, Oroville. office of the North ('aliforniMi
y address. Monroeville, Colusi County.
y 24 tf>* 2 ( J G. R. SWIFT.
FOR BALE by the Ca»o or Package iu
quantities to suit.
Long bill paper. Legal cop Letter Paper. Ink
Broad bill paper. Fools cup. Note paper. Pen
cils, Blank Books, Wafors, Ac &c. Nois*
Carriers 80--k k Stationary Co.
87 Battery, & 04 & 66 Long Wharf. San Frs»
cisco. C P. KIMBALL. Pres.
Joas WILtOS, WM.B. aoe» «LL, 4. W»*«t>
INKVB AND rorywKLLOlu, tft
High roiMF.psM forOonnty Serif
Store of JOS&TU gLCLAUf. W

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