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Oroville daily Butte record. [volume] (Oroville, Butte County, Calif.) 1856-1858, July 19, 1856, Image 1

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(Drouillt Sailn 3Juttc Jlcrort.
♦«» - •
Orri' B— In Record lluilding on Mj«« Wrffl,
post side,between Mmilgonmry and Bird, Orovill*
T«r»s—One Year Per Mail S>* JJJJ
Nix month*. do "
Three month*. do * Vr
delivered by Carrier, \*-r Week 50
For cireulalion In Ihe mining and Bgrirullar«l dis
tricts of the comity, will roiilnin the locnl and general
Pews oflho wi ck, Interspersed with interesting mis-
Yellaneons reading Dialler. It will contain twenty
eight column* of road nut matter, mid will lie one «f
tho largest nod cheapest Weekly Newspaper* in tho
Plate. Published every Palurday. T« rin.i—B3 per
Annum ; *l* mouth*, three month*. sl.
Advkrti*bmbnt*. per square «»( Uiu lines or less.
Iral Insertion,
Each subsequent Insertion,- - - • 1
t *f A liberal deduction will be made in favor of
tho*e who advertise by the year,
o'gr Baslno** curd* inserted on reasonable tonna.
Agents f«r the Uutte Record.
THOM \S 80YCE....07 Merchant *l. San Francisco.
A 1.. H lITII, » street, Marysville.
N p. VI.UM Porbestown
J K JACKSON • nojitowMl
;,HVI SMITH Thompson * Hat
PR BROTHERTON Urolherlon’* Store.
j siIIRWIN Nelson Creek. I lumas vo
JUPKINH It CATE Americsn Valley
M. PENCE Valley.
The -Record” can be procured from nuy oltlie
above named A ire lit*, who are also authorized to ro
celve advertisements and orders foe Job Work.
*We would solicit the attention of our friends who
are in wanlol Job Printing to the fad that we are pre
pared to execute every description of work in our line
in a style that cannot tail to give satisfaction. M>
have recently made new and extensive additions to
our assortment of Job Materials, and havo facility foe
doing all kind* of work at moderate rales and on short
notice. .
Gratuitous Ailrlrc.
|"jr Almost everybody wauls something—none are
do fortunate as to he entirely independent, in the strict
meaning of that t< nn-we are all. in a greater or less
ilstnHi. (I a pendent on each other. d his being an in
disputable fact, wo propose to point out a mode by
which most of your desirea may Is- gratified, viz:
It you want any kind of laborers, mechanic*, or
cletks; virvußTia*.
If you want au office, a house, a lot, or a farm;
If you want to exchange property, or to borrow
money; Anvaansie.
If you waul to rent or sell houses, lots, or farms;
If you want to dispose of your bu-ines; ahviutss
If you want to rent rooms or office*; aiivjcui isr.
Iffnu want any kind of employment', sovasTisr.
Whatever >ou want have or to dispose of;
Among the many advertising medium*, we may be
permitted to recommend to your favorable consider
ation the ‘-Or viluc Daily lli'ttb Ukioro.” which
Is read by many people ho'h at home and abroad If
it suits roil, send in your favors, and for a fair com
pensation, we will introduce you to several ladies mid
gentlemen, who otherwise, perhaps would never
have heard of you. If the “ Record” does not suit
your fancy,advertise in Rome other paper.at all events
advkrtis* ! These suggestions are merely throw i
out for your benefit, and became we believe it t>. he
our duly to inform you of everything w hich is cacula
ted to enhance your interest. Do you believe the
above is good avice. W e pause for a reply.
Col Brnton Accepts.—'To thk Citi
zens of Missouri. —I have come to the de
termination, at this place, to accept the Be
mocratic nomination (or the office of Gov
ernor of our Slate, induced to it by no pal
try calculation of the chances of an election,
but wholly and entirely upon considertions
of public good. The nomination of Mr. Bu
chanan lor the Presidency determines my
course in relation to the Governorship. I
consider him the safest chance for preserv
ing the peace of the country, now greatly
endangered both at home and abroad, and
believing him to be the best chance for
peace, 1 hold it to be the duty of those who
are in favor of that object to assist in his
election ; and for one, I shall do so—in a
public capacity, if you invest me with one,
and as a private citixen of Missouri, if not.
I proceed to the State immediately, first
landing at Cape Girardeau, and then pro
ceeding to other parts of the country.
Your fel'ow-citizen,
Thomas H. Brnton.
Cincinnati, 0., June 7.
Warlike. —The Lords of the Admiralty
have given notice at Lloyd's that vessels are
required to convey 4< r )H tons of powder and
ball to Quebec, and 133 tons of powder and
ball cartridges and live shells to Montreal.
This looks like ” replacing the exhausted
munitions” liberally. Some of the Lower
Canadian papers have a rumor that a fleet
of the new gun-boats are to be ordered to
the lakes. By the treaty, although no one
vessel of either nation may carry more than
one gun, yet there is no limit to the number
of vessels. The armament may be kept
ashore until required.
Masked Hangman —ln Philadelphia the
old custom of employing a masked execu
tioner is still adhered to. At the hanging
of Mattocks the other day, the papers say
the trap was drawn by a man who waa upon
the ground with his face masked and bis
bead covered with a blanket.
The Mormon creed not only permits
polygamy, but marriage between blood re
lations. A traveler states that he has met
with numerous cases of men who had mar
ried both mother and daughter. One bishop
married six wives, all sisters, and his ewn
nieoee. Brigham Young recently built a
•tone harem for his ninety wives, hut they
all revolted, and wouldn't go into the cage.
Ninety women were too much tor one mas,
aad Saint Brigham was obliged to giro ia.
Itgal Slotitts.
iHIKBCt 1 ! tak.
BY VIHTVK Of authority in me vetted a* As
signee in the matter of C A Bancroft**, his
Creditor* a Petitioner in Insolvency In the Honora
ble the County Court of Butte County and Stale of
California, ami in pursuance of an oriioi made hy
raid Conr* on the#l*l day of June, A D. 1856, provi
ding for the »ule of the MMrttMn eald cause, I will,
on the Will day of July, A D !*.'•«, at 10 o'clock A M,
proceed to sell for cash, all of the right, title and in
terest of the said |i«lillooer C. A Bancroft in and to
the following reai property to wit; All that certain
piece or parcel of laud situate*! in the town of Bid
well, und located on Block number three (3) of ihe
map of said Town of Bldwell. (lied In the County
Clerk’s office of the aforesaid county and describe*! as
follows, to wit: Commencing at the northwest corner
of the lot belonging to Joseph Gluckauf on Newcomb
Street, rinuiing Ihetiee due north righly-six c J 6» feel
on said Newcomb Street, thence due east fifty (50)
feet. Ihet re due south twenty-Uiur (24) feet, thence
eleven (11) feel, thence due south forty-five
(4.i) feel, thence duo east forty-live (45) feel to St
Charles Street, thence duo south oil St. Charles street
eleven (11) feel, thence due west one hundred mid
six (HKI) feel to the place of beginning, upon said lot
is situated the House known ns the National Hotel, Us
dimensions is sixty live ill) feet front* on Newcomb
Street, by twenty-four (24) feel in width, and n wing
on the north east end twenty-six (26) feel by twenty
four (84) feet, and on the south east end a wing twen
ty-four (24) feel by thirty (3(ti feet, all of which is two
stories high, together with all and singular the appur
tenances thereunto belonging or in any wise upper
tabling. Also, all that certain peiccor parcel of land
situated In Block four, (I) lot number one, (I) boun.
ded as follows, to wit: Commencing at the north
east corner of the alley running front Newcomb street
to Bt. Charles street, running thence due south on
Newcomb Street seventy five (7ft) feet, thence due
east one hundred and three (I OH) feel to St. Charles
Street, thence due north on St Charles street seventy
live (75, feel, thence due west along the aforesaid
alley one hundred and three (103) feet to the place of
beginning Also, all that cerlain piece or parcel of
land situated on Union Street In block one (1) lot
number fourteen. (14) bounded as follows to wit:
Commencing at Ihe northeast corner of lot thirteen,
(13) running thence duo weston Union street twen
ty live (2ft) feel, thence due south seventy (70) feet,
thence due east twenty five (25) feet thence due north
seventy (701 to the place of beginning, together with
the Barn, twenty-five [2SJ by thirty (30) feel in size,
sit uated on said lot and appurtenances thereunto lie
longing. Also, the following personal properly to wit
2 Stand Tables & Covers
2 Kbit Irons
:;!i Dining Room Chairs
0 Castors
8 Sail Stands
611 Dining Room Tumblers
7 Pitchers
08 Dining Room Pbitca
11 Cream Pilchers
7 Sugar Bowl*
4tl Knives and Forks
68 Table Spoons
57 Tea do
52 Tea Cops und Saucers
52 Soup Plates
it Bowls
18 Vegetable Dishes
~ Meat do
3 Tureens
120 Dishas,
IfTTTe l*s
100 Cake Dishes
1 Cooking Stove St Furui
1 Chilling Dish and Furui
tn re
1 Coffee Urn
I Tea do
9 Kitchen it Dining Room
1 Bur room Stove
14 Side Damps
) Cast Iron Safe
2 Bell*
12 Bar Room Chairs
1 Watering Pol
I Cul Syrup
2do Vinegar
12 Paper Window Curluint
8 Damask do
Also, Ihe following Notes, to wit:
I Note against M 8 Oxley for
10 Bedsteads
4 Iwninges
1 Desk
6 Decanters
2 Bitter Bottles
111 Wine Classes
I Sugar Bowl
1 Urn
6 Punch Cups
15 Bot’a Wines St Syrups
3 Cals. Cin
4 do Brandy
5 Bottles Ginger
2 Boxes Candles
7 Cals. Pickles
7 do Damp Oil
;i0 lb* Coffee
) Inkstand
1 Ruler
8 Packs Cords
2(1 Double Sheets
-.’(l Straw Ticks
18 Quilts
SO Pairs Blankets
12 Stand Tables 4t Covers
14 Single Bedsteads
29 Col do
;8 Fouthor Pillows it Cases
15 Wool do do
2 Wash Kettles
(ill Single Sheets
13 Single Ticks
1 Wash Bowl & Pitcher
3 Tin IVash Bowls
3 Mat trusses
8 Dong Towel*
6 Tablu Cloths
2ft Cords wood more or lass
16 booking Classes
1 1 Black Mule
• •
9 62 00
do do 117 00
John A. James McDaniel 325 00
ATbicheaott Jr 24 00
J C Hi ldreth P 0 Q«
Peter Jarvis 64 00
Daniel Keede 32 00
F S Pago 40 00
Edward Mercury it P Jarvis .... 33 38
Charles Harvey und John Handy 35 (Hi
John Uoag 76 17
M Denny 126 36
Charles Rawsou... 13 15
John N. Bull 139 90
Frederick Wall 81 83
John Tierney 132 60
Pascal Tav lor 41 75
M H Presby 4ft 77
U bathaui p 60
Phineas Davis 39 13
W C Bing bain 42 00
John Munroe 74 38
C 32 60
Charles Dupe 19 7ft
Alex. McCuppin 38 00
Juan Bonoss I 8 37
P *’ Hymao « 7ft
8 P 26 50
John Ro-ji 47 00
12 U 0
84 00
100 00
7 00
13 00
104 2ft
46 50
ft 00
117 25
5 00
10 60
6 50
8 00
8 60
10 00
20 00
28 75
9 00
24 76
5 60
12 50
15 25
ft 00
17 50
19 (8)
4 76
36 00
6 00
4 50
16 06
34 00
90 50
7 00
1* 65
6 00
125 60
5 00
75 70
56 50
It 60
Itgul Jlutitts.
The sale wilt be held ul (he National Hold. above
Unted this 28th day of Jnne. A. D. 1856.
Also, the following awount of VV. 8. Salford, for
the sum of fifty dollars—gift 00.
Alto, the following described Judgment rendered
on the i'uh day of lunuary, A. 1). 1856. in the District
Court, Ninth Judicial District in and for Unite County,
ami Stale of California, by default, against R. H Mc-
Daniel, for the sum of three hundred and eighty
seventy six ono-hundredlht (#.'lBo 76» dollars, ami in
terest on mud amount Irom the loth day of Aug ist
A l>. 1841, at the rale of two per cent, per month till
paid, wherein C. A. llancrofl is pinin’iff. which I will
expose to public sale at the Court House door. In
RidwelU on ihe lllh day of August. A. I). 1850, at 3
o'clock P. M.to the highest bidder for cash.
Dated this*l2lh day of July, A U 1850
Sheriff Untie County and Assignee.
SlierllPs Sale.
By virtue of an execution issued
by John Jones, a Justice of the Peace, in and
forOphlr Township. Untie County, and Slate of Cali
fornia. to mo directed and delivered, commanding me
to make the sum ef thirty-four—*34 im—dollars judg
ment. and seventeen thirty five one-hundredths—
*l7 34—dollars costs of suit, and accruing costs of
said writ of execution, wherein Hie Eur. kaTunneling
Company is Plaintiff, and U A Ceodrich is defendant
1 have seized and levied upon all the righi. title and
interest of the aforesaid Defendant, In and to all that
certain peice or parcel of land, situated near I Iherukee
Flat, in Oregon Township, Untie County, and Stale of
California, and claimed for mining purposes, and
known as the Eureka Tunnelling Company's Claims,
said defendant's interest being one eighteenth part of
said claim, which I will expose to pnblicsale at the
Orleans Hotel in Hie Town of (Tovllle. county and
State aforesaid, on Hie 28lh da; of July,A. I). 18.70,
between the hours prescribed by law, tj lliu highest
bidder for cash. •
Dated ibis July 4th, A.D 1856.
P. FREEH, Sheriff Hullo County,
lly M. A. McLAUOHLIS, Deputy.
Shfrifl’t Sale*
IS by J. Jones, a Justice tif the Peuee. in and for
Whir Township, Uuile Coflnly. and Stale of Cal Rornia,
oSne directed and delivered, wherein I am com
minded to make the emu of sue hundred undone
evenly live one hundredths .8101 751 dollars judg
nenl, and four twenty-ftve one hundredths [st 2ft]
lollars costs of suit out of the property ol Jacobs,
ilorris, the defendant in said execution, and accruing 1
‘lists of said writ, wherein N. Carrol is plaintiff—
I’lierefore in pursuance of said writ, 1 nave seized and
evied upon all the right, title and interest of the said
lucob 8. Morris in and to the following property, to
vit: All that certain peice mid parcel of land si tun
ed in Oroville, Opliir Township, Unite County, and
-tale of California, and described on the map ol the
fownof Oroville as follotve: Dots number one,{ 11
wo, l‘.’i three, [3) four. 4 live, 5, and stx.ti. in Block
hiny-si*. 3ft; Dots number one, 1, two. 2, live.. 4, six,
i, seven, 7. and eight. 8, in Block eight. B—hols nam
>er one, I, two. 2, three,3. four, 4, five, ft, six, 6, seven
r and eight, 8, in Block number ten, 10—hols one, I,
wo, 2, three. 3. four 4, live. 5, six, 6, seven. 7. and 8.
■ighl. in Block eleven, 11—Dots one. 1, two. 2. three,
J, four, 4.live, ft, six,ft, seven 7 and eight, 8, m block
welve, 12,—Dots one, 1 two, 2, three. 3. four 4, five
i six ft, seven 7. and eight 8, In Block twenty iff.
lads one 1. two 2. three 3,four 4, live, 6, six 0, seven
r, and eight 8. in Block number twenty-one 21;—Dots
me 1. two 2, three 3. four 4, five 3, six 6, seven 7 and
tight 8, in Block number iwen’.y-two 22, —Lots one 1,
wo 4 J, tlin*o o, four 4. five •*>, x fi. »even 7* and
I. in Block twenty-three 23—which I will expose to
tublic sale at ihe Orleans Hotel in the Town of Oro
rille, on the 28th Day of July, A. 1). 1856, between the
murs prescribed bylaw to the highest bidder, for
Dated, this July slh, A. D. 1858.
P FREER. Sheriff Butte County.
By M. A. McLAUGHEIN, Deputy.
of the District Court, Tenth Judicial District, in
i for Yuba County, and Stub) of California, to me
cled and delivered, commanding me to make the
« ol seven thousand six hundred and ninety-four
ulv-Hve one huudreth dollars, judgment and in
3sl*at the rate of ten per cent per annum, till paid,
I accruing costs of this suit, w herein J. J. Btewart
lefeudant and J. C. Fall, and J. 11. Eckman. John II
maul undW P Ellis, plaintiffs—Therefore, in
-snailce of said writ. I have seixed mid levied upon
Hie right title and interest of the defendant in said
j J Stewart, in and to the properly hereinafter
icrilHHl. to wit: All that certain piece or parcel of
d situated at Frenchlown, Oregon township, Butte
nnt> and Slate of California, and known as the
,party of the said J J Stewart, and upon the said
\ is a store House, fourteen by twenty-foiir feet in
e, one story high -Al.o one House thirty three
twenty feel, one story and a hull high.—Also, one
s. one Barn thirty by twenty feel in size, together
h all Hie appuitenanc.es thereunto belonging or in
, wise apps naining. which 1 shall expose to public
e at the Court House door In Bidwell, on the 291 h
r of July. A. D. 1846 beiwaen the hours proscribed
law to ihe highest bidder for cash.
Ueo the following described personal property at
■Ranch of J. u ilenshaw, in Hamilton township,
unty and State aforesaid, on the 12thi day of July,
1) between the hours prescribed by law lo the
’best bidder for cash, to wit:
Cray Mare Mule, Spanish Brand.
Red Roan MuleBpanish Brand
Black Horse Mule Spanish Brand
Bay Mare and Coll, Spanish Brand.
Bay Horae branded b H on left shoulder.
I Brown Jsnniea
While Jenny nnd Colt
I Brown Jack,
i White Jack,
i Dun Horae _ _
1 Red and White Cow *
l Eight Red Cow with White
I Brindle Oow.
I Dark Rod Cow. Breckle Pi
1 Brindle ox, while face,
1 Bros n ox, do do
I Rad and white Ox
1 Brown Ox with wklto
I Black and white Ox
1 White and Gray Ox
I Dan and While Ox.
I Red Ox with white
1 Dim bail with while law, an year at*
Itgal i'.otirts.
I White end Red Calf
1 do do do do
1 Red Calf.
2 Baddies
2 Bridles.
Also the following described personal properh.a'
Ihe Bton* formerly iicfiipitjd by J J Stewart* in !• rtmch*
town. Oregon Town»blp. Hull# County mnl Sm ••
aforesaid. ou the 14lh day of July, A D IO.Vi, at
10 o'clock A. M. to the highest bidder for cash, to wit:
I Pair Gold Beales 16 BmcherKnivi#
1 Grind “tow. •> Srll Kiit»p»iind forks
* Harge Team \V agou* * 1-rov. Kmn-j
1 Itoxon Tea Cup* pMatrheis
- - ;lo Hummers
‘4 Retort*
II Groi» matches
14 lluiu bee Colton Taine
A Picks
1 Dozen Puling
U Cronin Pilchera
9 Sugar Bow le
18 Platoe
1 Hull box Raining
1 Fargo Tin Pan
I Tin Kettle
1 Small Htove
1 Table, Small.
2 Tubie*. (.urge
3 Honchos
25 Tumblers
200 Pint tide Tom Iron
4 Cantors
1 1-2 Don'll Dinner Plates
3 Dozen Tea Plates
G Dishes
9 Vegetable Dishes.
.‘! Doz.coffee cups&Saucrs
5 1-2 Doz. Cream Pitchers
1 Water Pitcher
3 Howls
2 Mola scs Jugs
4 Butter Plates,
07 Gallons Am. Brandy.
4 Halt Cellars
3 Benches
1 Hot Crockery Ware
1 Cooking Htove 5, Fur’rc
1 Harge Clock
1 Dinner Bell
25 1 ots
2:1 Matlrasscs.
24 Hiioets
75 Pairs Blankets
8 Wheelbarrows
6 Puck Saddles
2 Pairs Balances
jl Pair Counter Scales
•2 Box Glass
1 Axe
89 Yards number 1 Duck
41 1.2 Yards No. 3 Duck
11 Iron Hale
3 Boxes Sweet Oil
11 Cans l.obslers
14 Cans Oysters
4 Bottles A bsynthe
5 Bottles Bokers Bitters
15 Bottles Claret
12 Bottles Brandy Pouches
10 Buttles Castor Oil
5 Bottles Bear • >il
3 Bottles Pain Killer
4 Boxes Suutlitz Powders
2 Dozen Rolls Salve
1 Hot China Cigars
3 Bottles Raspberry Syrup
5 Decanters
2 Bitter Bottles
1 Hooking Glass
1 .Small Clock
1 Globe Hump*
4 Hard Humps
1 Bur Room Htove
0 Tooth Brushes
It) Ridding Combs
3 Pocket Combs
9 Kino Tooth 1 otnbs
2 Dozen Chalk lines
1 Pound Patent Thread
4 Paiu HcisMiirs
4 Cukes Hoap
1 Dozen Pair Butts
2 Boxes Hleel Peas
3 Papers Needles
1 Bottle Ammonia
5 Files
if Gross Gov Stamps
3u<) envelopes
9 Bottles Sarsaparilla
13 Boxes Wright’s Pills.
2 Dozen Head Pencils
4 Razors
7 Buckskins
2 milk Pilchers
4 Glass Humps
1 Pair Gold scales
2 Bottles Ink
244 Yards Drilling
Bull Cotton Twine
1 Hot Wrapping Papper
10 Pounds Black Pepper
50 Crock*
13 Pairs Colton Hocks
5 Pairs Suspenders
1G Pairs Woolen Socks
3 Pounds Hiueti Thread
1 'lunch Shoe Strings
8 Pr Blk Cussiineru pants
7 do Fancy do
13 1 becked Shirts
3 White Cut. und. Shirts
1 Pair Mtlsquilo Netting
X Dozen Fancy Siprts
I Ream Foolscap Paper
6 Reams Heller Paper
6 Black und Brown Hats
1 White Hat
57 Silk Pocket Handk'chfß
12 Pairs Buckskin Gloves
14 Cravats
Xj Box Clay Pipes
ti Dozen Cards
0 Hois Thumps Eye w&tci
17 11 ir Brushes
2 Paint Brushes
1 Dozen Books
H Pass Books
I Shaving Brush
1 Pocket Mirror
17 Pocket Kr.ivec
8 Boxes Percussion Caps
3 Uucksk ,n Purses
2 pcs Hiack Ribbon
6 Poends Head
9 Pairs Butts
12 papers Tacks
4 .) Pairs Calf Shoes
8 Pair* Slippers
S Flasks Powder
2 Dozen Yeast Powders
X Dozen Table Spoons
H doz.lleus It lot chickens
8 Hogs marked silt in ear
3 Dozen Tea Spoons
G Pair Kip Boot*
10 Pair Calf Boots
15 Bulls I.amp wick
4 Padlocks
2 Humps
2ISi Feet Safety Fuse
9 Bedspreads
5 Hut Covers
9 Cotton Drawes
14 Grey Under Shirts
7 Red Over Shirts
13 Grey Over Shirts
IG Pairs t Derails
3 Jumpers
2 Bed Comforters
3 Selves
5 Squares
3G Pick Handles
A lot of Shoals and Pigs
23 Axe Handles
12 Brooms
II Pairs Short Gum Boots
3 do lamg Gum Bouts
'.ip Bu
alf Hi
7 Sluice Brushes
3 Tin D>p|i«ni
4 Crevice Hpi out
2 Tin Blowers
27 Gallons Whisky
1 Gallon Gin
35 Gal lons Vinegar
4 Boltins Salem us
5 Bottlss Mustard
4 Bottles 1 ayeue Pepper
4 Bottles Pepper Sauce
5 Bottles Cinnamon
li Bottles Cholagogue
G Bottles Block Pepper
4 Bottles Tomato Ketchup
9 Boxes Sardines
G Itotttes Pie Fruis
5 Cans Peaches
100 Papers Tacks
G Boxes Soap
45 Pounds Saleratu*
7 Pounds Hurd
«M) Pounds Codtlsb
>0 Pounds Butter
>4 Pounds do
3 Kegs Pickles
1 Keg Hurd 46 pounds
1 Dozen Brandy Poaches
5 Kegs Syrup 2ti gallons
In Gallons Port \Viuu
hhls Clear Pork
1 Dozen Pans
IH.Tin Plates
1 Keg Powder.
2 Bake Ovens
to Bags Salt
3 Gross Matches
0 Cans Honey
4 Iron Pans
Dozen Coffee Pots
Bozen Camp Kettles
8 Small Kegs
-'4 Dozen Tin Cups
5 Gallons Rum
5 Gallons Atner. Brandy
Gl Wooden F’.mentis
II Pounds While Lead
42 Mats Rico
22 Sacks F'iour
>27 Pounds Potatoes
>2 Boxes Mutches
15 Shovels
5 sluice forks 8 II
Ido Hoag Handle*
.'iHhovels Short Handles
G Sluice hoes
32 Picks
8 Crowbars
2 Coffee Mills
39 Wooden Buckets
4 Puck Ropes
1400 Pounds Nails
3 Hleel Sledges
10 Pounds Sole leather
7u Pounds soda Crackers
10 Gallons Hump Oil
13 Axes
I Barrel Bnlt Pickles
72 Pounds Uuicksilvur
21 Cured Hums
1 Barrel Damaged Hams
35 Pounds Salt Pork
107 Pounds Bacon
1 Four Inch Colts revolv.
TO Pounds Chili Beans
100 Pounds Wnlte Beans
550 Pounds Beaus
e Case Claret
100 Pounds Beans
1 Barrc'i Old Beans
35 Poi .nds Chins Pens
30 PiundsHplil Peas
'Gallons Pickles
I'.iJ Bahs Shorts
2 Bugs Burley
50 Pound* Rice
75 Pound* New. O. Sugar
1 Bbl N O do 243 pounds
51(1 Pounds China sugar
■ Boa Macro ml
35 Pounds Dried Apple*
30 do pulverized Hugar
2tK) Pound* Crushed Sugar
50 Pound* Hugar Crackers
202 Pound* < .offer
59| Pounds TobaC’iO
1 Pound Beeswax
IG Pounds Cream Tublar
6 Pounds Starch
20 Pound# Hoap
6 Pound* Castile Hoap
29 Pounds Black Tea
22 Pounds Green Tea
10 Pounds Tallow Candles
5 Pounds Sperm Candles
3 Boxes Caudles
Dated ihlsSlh day of Jnlf. A, D 1856
. FUKeRi She riff Butte County
Biowill, July 18lh. 1856. i
OTICE is hereby givne, that ail persons holding
Butte County Warrants payable from the I («“■
’und. registered between February 16th, 1856. and
ch 14th. 1856, that the same will be redeemed
desenletkm. at ray office. And
in that froffl and after this date, said warranU
e^tolraarln.erajt iLUAM LATTIMORE<
Treasurer of Butte County.
S CHUBB CHOTHING—of every vsztely—Jo*t re
solved, and CLUCKACE, RJdweU,
If pi M ntirf 5.
HIIKKIKK'S SALE.—Ky VlrUieof ndocnrtal onh r
liuMied out «>• the Dintnot Court, Ninth JiMiiripi
Dimrici, in mid for It title Comity mid * i m , i• ol ' “•
j fornix, iimilt- ihe 12th *li«y of June A D 18>». in me
directed mill delivered. commanding me to make «»•••
<lllll of four hundred mid ninety seven fitly on* tone
dredtln* dollars judgment- and interest on *nM aniout*.
l of JtHltfHU'lK nl »lii* rale of ti n per will. |*>-r iimno*.,
i till (laid, nnn Inr min of nlhety-eighl sixty om 'mi
• dredtbs ilollam costs and accriilli cow'd ol Mild on lor,
i nit of iho (in '(ii'rty hrrriimfti'f descri bed, lo wi-l*
j ( Ik* afor.Muid judgment. wherein M. Wiilali i» pinii
HIT. ami A. Skmkle <lef*iidiin'„ to wit ; Ooinuieinin
' on tlio I’la/.a in Ihe villuge of Hidwell, Oumii Mini
■ State aforesaid. »l lh«* Sou'll emu corner of l.atno A
I (Ida's Saiooii. nud running in mi winterly direction.
Io the Co'Her of ihe said pin/.**. s’xty b'el more or Iw.
thence in n southerly direction to the corner on 'lie
street ol Messrs Hoffman, on which their rerervoir i»
situated, thence in n westerly direction lo the line .if
Lamp It II idu’s linker), add l hence inn southerly di
rection to the end ol the space dil(f out and formerly
used a ten pin Alley including the space lime be
tween Lamp & Ilida's Lot and the He*ervoir of
Messrs Hoffman 4. ('» , together with Ihe Hillianl Ss
loon, situated on raid premises, which I will sell at
Rubin* Sale at tha ‘’onrl Mouse door in Hidwell,coun
ty and State aforesaid, on the 4th day of August. A
II 1X56, at I! o’clock 1* M.. lo the highest bidder for
Dated this 12th day of July. A I). 18.1*1.
I* KllKr.lt, Sheriff Hutto County.
Ootntv os IlfiTt. \ Al Chambers
In the matter of James II Drake, an Insolvent
De liter.
IN PURSUANCE of an order made in the Connie
Court hy the Hon. Joseph K. N. Lewis, County
Judge, at *'liainbers, on tho .'Kith day of June, A. D
1856 Notice is hereby given to the oredilom of the
said |>etitinner In Insolvency, James 11. Drake,to up
pear before the Hon J. U. N. Lew is, County Judge
on the third day of the Atigaust term of the County
Court, A. D. 1856, lo wit: On the Oth day of Aligns;
ensuing at Hidwell, lo show cause il any there lie,
why the pray er *»f said petitioner should not he gran
ted and an assign in. ml of his estate lie made, and h»
be discharged from Ins debt* as an Insolvent Debtor.
Witness my hand and Ihe seal of said County
1.. 8 Court affixed, this, 3tnh day of June, ADIK O,
at Hidwell.
MILKS CLAI’IN, County Clerk
H) M. 11. Darracii,Deputy
mm/’OCl.f) Respectfully inform the citizens of Hid -
V v well and vicinity, that he is prepared to do all
kinds of work in Ins line of business in a workman
like manner, with despatch and on reasonable terms
Having always on hand a large assortment oi dry
lumber, he is ready to make lo order. Doors, window
Hash, Tables, Rockers, Arc. All kinds ui Cabinet
work, and in fact anything appertaining to his busi
ness Hilliard Tables set and repaired. Shop on
Charles Street, below Dess & Larcoiuh'a Brick Store
IV O TICE —Employment can be had for a nuio
•1 w tier of expert Workmen on wire, during the
present summer, hi erecting a wire.bridge at Hidwell
m lids county. Enquire al this office, or of
JAMES A Ml UK AY. Marysville
VOTICE t» hereby given that the undersigned
i.w w ill apply lo Ihe Hoard of Supervisors for Unite
County, in the Slate of California, at their next ses
sion to he held at Hidwell. in said county, for a licem s
f»i run a ferry across the middle fork Feather Kit ec
a’, the Junction of the North Fork of said river.
NOTICE —Notice is hereby given.
Ihat I will apply lo the hun. Hoard of Supervisory
at their next regular meeting for a license to rim a
Kerry across the South f ork ol said Kiver, about a
quartern! a mile above the Junction.
Hidwell, June 11,1856. J 15td.">2
IS lIKKPHY GIVEN to the Stockholders of the
Old Moiiieiumn Mining Company, that then- will
lie a meeting of the Stockholders of said Company,
at their office in Hidwell. Untie county, on Saturday .
Ihe I‘Jth day of July, 185(», for the pur|>oew of electing
officers of said Company fer the present year.
Hidwell, June IW, 1860. J. M. HURT. SecV
ON OR ABOUT May tilth, one clay-bank horse,
eight or ten years old. black inane and tad, brand
on the left neek letters To. Alsu, one black horse
Mule, brand unknown. A liberal reward will be paid
for the return fur the return of said annuals lo ibw
subscriber al Hidwell. GEO. W. HESS.
June 21, IDSO. Jo2l-4l
1 DESIRE to sell the Vermont Mill, situu
ted 1C miles from Bidwell’a landing an*
Brown’s Ferry, Sacramento River, and I .
miles from Chico (Bidwells Ranch). Thenui
is new, well built and finely arranged. P&4
nearest mill property to the finest landsei
Butte, Colusi and Tehama Counties, terms
of payment easy, vii: one fourth to one halv
Cush. Balance in Lumber deli vered at the
River, (10 miles distant) or at & point I wil>
designate below,
I offer to sell the new and valuable property
at a bargain, ha vingbought it to save a large
debt, and am entirely unacquainted with the
Lumber and milling business: Any one wish
ing a good investment and profitable employ
ment for a few men and teams, will do well tw
examine it.
For value oi location Ac., reference >« made
to Major John Bidwell and E. K. bodge,
Chico Pest Office. ButteCo also to C. Q. Lin
coln, Oroville, office of the North Californian.
My address, Monroeville, Coins! County,
my 24 tf-*-29 G. P. SWIFT.
FOR SALE by the Case or Package in
quantities to suit.
Long bill paper. Legal cop Letter Paper. Ink
Broad bill paper. Fools cap. Note paper. Pen
cils, Blank Books, Wafurs, Ac Ac. Noisy
Carriers Book A Stationary Co.
87 Battery, A 64 A 66 Long Wharf. San Fvaa
cisco. C P. KIMBALL. Prt».
JUMM WIL.UK, WW.lt. EOaxKLL, U.WlimirM
Attorneys and ooundbllors at lav.
In flror SI. Merchant HI. near Monlftiaary
HIGHEST PRICE Paid for County Sarin,* mm
Blera af JOREfU CUIRAt’f, BU««U.

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