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Oroville daily Butte record. [volume] (Oroville, Butte County, Calif.) 1856-1858, July 24, 1856, Image 1

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(Droaillt Jlailii ion tic Jlxcrnvit.
f~ff~ Orel.•«—lii Record llniMiiiK on Myer* Pi reel,
|:uml ride, between Mmiljfiiimry Hint bird, l dm tile.
Tkkvm— 'ini- Year I’er Mail 91 r> ,l "
Six months. do s •••)
Three niur'M do •> I l * l
bulhefMl 1 1) Carrier, p* r Week So
For rlreol itlon In tie* minim/ and Ifl/ri.Ailliirai dl*-
IrietA of the county, will ronh in the) al nnd j- no .1
oftlm-no ekv" i« m,er» 1 with nt«n-eii.i;; n»i.»
( eilmied i~ re elite/ limit, r. It Win i nn’ in twenty
ei >|,i ~llllllolll* of readmit limiter, mnl wid be < •*»«» **t
tli„ |„ r n,.., me! cheap. at WeeU!> \.w.paper* bribe
M|*nt<l|t|iei| every Sat’ifilav. ’li mi» -*.i |>* r
Aniinin - . nix iiioiiilih, *,!; three inoiillw
A ir. nM i imcMtt. r», per mpiarv ol leu hue ■ or h
lllM 111-.'rtinll,
f:.eti »nli-i«|i|ent inaertion,. ■ J ■ )l
[jT A liberal de I idem will he made iiffiivur of
111■ ... vsTn ml vert it**- by the year.
for ifii’ lipfort!.
«j 1|.,\1 \ a )(■ tv, K ...117 Merchant At. Wmi fnineiaco
A 1,. P uni, If street, Mary.’ till
•> li PI.IM horbenti.wn
M ill IT. k NI'TIT.U t'liy.
J K. .1 \<JK WI IN ■ U^townl
i.K\ I StllTH Thompson - !* rliit
lilt mioTHKHTON UroiUuruni'e t-lore.
.1 \M K s TltUl ttlll'ijS Wvninlotle
J. SIIIKWIN Nelson Creek, I’ln in as to
.IIMiK I Nr l fc. t'ATB VmericHti Valley
M IMCMi'V: Mesilla \ mlev.
The nßeconl” can be procured from any id tie
lihnve named Agent*, who are »lw> iitlrtinri»sl to re
teivc advertisements and orders fo r Job \» otk,
\Ve wottld solicit Him attention of onr friend* who
arc in want id lob Printing In the tact that «'■ are pre
pared to execute every description of work in onr line
in A «t)le that cannot, tail to ttive eat inflict ion. Hu
have recently made new and extensive additions to
onr assortment of Jnl> Materials. and have hicilily fn r
dninu all Kinds of work ut modenAe rules mid on short
(;rnt ultsm* Atlvlce.
AI most everybody wants snmetbinif—none are
fio i.irimi il<- as to be entirely independent, in Die strict
~I,'HiiiiiK hi Dial V. nn—wn an- all. in a Rrenter or h-ss
iloirriM dependent on each other. This helm* «n in
ili.iinuililf fact, w« propose to point out a noalo by
vlili li most of vonr desire j may In 1 tfriilirted, viz ;
|i you want any kind ol laborers, mechanics, or
clinks; VOVCUTISK.
II you want an office, a house, a lot, or a turnt,
advi:ktii|> , .
If you want to exchange properly, or to borrow
itionov; ahvkriisk, ,
If von want to rent or sell houses, lots, or farms.
K you waul indispose of your busuiea; AnvKarst
11 you waul lo rent rooms or offices; aiiv tunst.
II yon want any kind of employment| aiivbh use.
Whatever you want have or lo dispose ol;
AiiVKkTtaK. ,
\ miuur tlie many advnrtisliw medlu ns. we may tin
permitted to recommend to your favorable consider
ation Dm -oa vili.i: Uaii.v Hin t Ut.oan. which
|, read by many people bo'b at home and abroad II
it suits von. send in your favors, and for a lair com
pensation. we will iniroduee you to several ladies and
uentleimn, who otherwise, perhaps would never
Pave heard of you. If the “Uieeuun” does not suit
vonr fancy .advertise in some other paper.at all events
auvkktisk! These auKßoslions are merely throw i
mil for your belie 111. Kiel because wn believe it l« he
our duty to inform you of everythint( which is caeula
t«d in fiihuure your iuiersit. Do >ou the
iiliovc a vice. \\ v phuw for a
Tut: Cork Trek America. — About a
hogshead of acorns of the Cork oak have
been introduced from the south of Europe,
and distributed in the Middle and Southern
States for experiment, or to test their adap
tation to the climate This tree, in its na
tive country, where it is an evergreen, usu
ally grows to the height of twenty to thirty
feet, hut in England there are specimens
which exceed fifty feet in height, with a di
ameter of more than three feet. The sub
stance familiarly known to us as Cork, is the
epidermis, or outer bark, and sometime
grows two or three inches thick. Should
the experiment succeed, it would be a sub
ject of great national importance Hint plan
tations should be established in various
parts of the country, for the purpose of
growing this useful substance, particularly
iu the event of a war between this country
and Europe, in consequence of which the
supply would be cut off.— Scientific Jim.
Goon but Useless. — If Cicero bad too
little character, Cato had too much. Public
virtue is like gold, if it is to be current, it
must be alloyed. Cato left the alloy out,
and cared little whether his coin circulated
or not; all he knew was, that its purity must
never be tampered with, and that whoever
would not receive it, as he tendered it, must
be corrupt or criminal. He was a good or
ator, but his oratory was in vain; he was
always ready with advice, but it was advice
incapable of being put in practice; he was
esteemed by all, but witli an esteem that
bore no fruit. Inflexibly and almost savage
ly austere, lie whs one of those men whom
posterity place in their Valhallas. bur whom
nations, unless for example's sake, deny
admittance to their councils —the most irre
proachable of virtuous men, but the most
useless.— Lamartine's History of Cusar.
Death op a Royal li,legitimate —The
London papers notice, with considerable
flummery, the death of Lord Adolphus Fitz
ciarcnce, son of William the Fourth, by the
actress Mrs Jordan. He entered the navy
at an early age, and of course, was promoted
over many a better man, ami infinitely bet
ter sailor. He wis a Hear Admiral, while
many who entered the navy before him are
now only lieutenants. Ho never saw any
service, and when quite young commanded
the royal vacht in which George the Fourth
made his excursions.
Fish. —The finest of salmon and a great
variety of smaller fry are taken in Feathea
River near the town. They arc sold in
market at I2i cents per pound.
i'rnal 3'iotitts.
I )
3>V VlllTl’K ol authority in me vested no
■ 5 sin nee in the matter of •' A iluiirrnfl v» Ins
Creditors. n I’. uiiii>M-r in Insolv.-ney in tin* Ilonorn
lii' - the County Court of lintlo i iMini) and H itlf «.|
California. ninl in pursuance of un urnri in In
sill.l Court on Hie 3 lit (lit) dl .) nit, A il. 1 Sail. pro) I
dlDg for 111,- Mill- •I' the n-iiMli in mill e in*»'. 1 will
h i the VHth ilny <if July. A l> 1 ''■'ill, »i In o'clock A 'l,
prnci oil In mill I. .r oi-h. nil ol lln- ti: i»li<l in
trrini oi iln- i-iid jn'iiiniii- r Bancroft in and in
I 111- follow .uj null pr.i|ierl). In wit ; All Hill certain
I pin 'i' nr (i irci I oil nil «n in I nil in the limn of 11 i• I
Well. mill !in-nti'il mi ItliM-k number three ( 3) of (lie
map oi .1 id Town oi iii hv- i. llli'il in tin' <'niniiy
OhlT'.'s nlll-'i* "f 1 V* ;if. if 1 - n l c 1 <ll y nil I ili*'«*l‘i l-inl
fbttowln wtt: I •orn.rmn'dmf nl Hm m.rihw**s| cornier
111 lln- In. b.longuig Ui Joseph Cluckutd nil Ni weolnb
Hir.s I. r 111 1 i i tier lln in e linn north elghT) -Sift C*6 I f i*'*l
nn said Newcomb Street, ihenee doe nii«l tillv (soi
feel lll"l OC tlttii *HXl'll twenty-tour (2-4/ (eel, thence
(Ini' *ad I'Vi'iiill I'll, I' 1• ■ 111 ■ n ihn* ■* mill fnr'y-fvi
(4 1) I•*••!, llimii'i* ilm* iiit lory-five (47( loot In S(
Clmne* street. llmwii (I nn south uu Hi. ( li irtes street
elcy-n (I ly feet, t n n 1 t'ni* West nut; Illln 11. il 11.1 I
Ht 1 ini 1 foci in (li t | ij uv n| beginning, upon 'Util Ini
i- Ml mill il I In* I inn.-n k now 11 n« lln Nnl inii.il llitli'l. ils
linl •: 1 »i. m in sixty (i» 1' 1 iin Ili nl front* on Newcomb
•'i)i i i, I.) twenty-'.inr till) lectin w idth, mtd a wing
mi tin* north *,on end twenty-six (3b) If• l liy Iwnnlv
iinir i 3 I; feel. an.l on llic south oast end a we g 1« "11 •
i) four 1 ill) lent lit thin y 1 3(i) feet, all of wliich I*l*o
dories l.ikli. Ingelli.-r wi:!i all (in.l singular ilm ■
tetm-.ces thiTriinli) he longing or in anywise apper
taining. Also, nil lliat certain (n'li'.nnr p.-reeled Inn*l
.iln iieil in Block Innr, 1 i) l'*l iiinuUtr one, t-l 1 boitn
led us follows, In wit; Commencin ' at 1 In* imrlli
**atl corner ol the alio) rnnnliu* from Nowcunhslrcet
lost Charles street, rnniiintf llioncu due south on
N'l'Wi-nmli Mrcel K*vi nly live (oil fiicl, Ihonee tine
east one hundred ami 1 hree i UfD loot in Ht. Charles
Stroui. llit'net* ilim norlli on St Charles street seventy
live (7a. loot, Hionoo (tin* west alnilK tin* aforesaid
alloy 0110 hundroi! mnt three (Ilia 1 feet to the place oi
(a ginning Al.n. all tlial certain piece or pare-l nl
laail situated nn I 11 ion Hired in blm k one fit It it
II imlior fourteen. < 14) I>onndc*d as pillows. to wit:
1 oinineneiiig at tie* northeast itknor of lot thirteen,
(111) runtiinif tlionce (lin* weal on L'ltinn elreel twen
ty live (A») feet, tlience due sonlli (only (7<»i feel,
I lie nco 'I ui* oaul Iwl *i 1 1) -tl\ 1 * i ..*il fcol thence ddo north
M-venty [7O, to tin* place of bezinninir. inert tier with
tin* 11 irn, twenty lice{k-ij by Unity | loj I'eul in nine,
nil tinted on aaitl lot. and iippurlenancoa llieronnlo lie
lonttiiik. Aleo. tins lollow ink personal properly to wit
‘J Stand Tables A l Coveti
•J Flat Irons
311 Diiiina; Koorn Chairs
(! Casliirs
t* Salt Slaiidtt
fib l)i 11 ini; Kooin Tumblers
7 Pitchers
tH liinink Room Plates
11 < ’rit.nu Pilchers
7 Snifar Howls
4i. Knives and Forks
OS Table Spoons
57 Tea tlo
a j Tea Cups and Saucers
fill Soup Plates
ti Howls
Is Votfetable Dishes
j Meat do
11 Tureens
I-JO inshes
Ui Pie Puns
iW) l ake Dishes
1 Cooking Stove & Furni
1 Chiding Dish and Furni
1 Coffee Cm
I Ten do
U Kitchen & Dining Room
1 Rar room Stove
ISriUle Damps
J Cast Iron Safe
•i Hells
13 liar Room chairs
1 Watering Pol
1 Cal Syrup
2 do Vinegar
13 Paper Window Curtains
t- Damask do
It) Hei|*tesds
4 Lounges
I Desk
li Decanters
‘3 Hiller Hollies
10 Wine (Hasses
1 Sugar Howl
1 Fra
ti Punch Cups
1.7 Hot's Wines &. Syrups
1 ,1 Cats, (tin
4 do Hrainly
! a Hollies liingi r
3 Hexes < 'undies
7 Cals. Pickles
7 do Damp Oil
It) Hi' CoO'* o
1 Inkstand
I Ruler
s Purus Oitrds
Mi Dimlik* Sheets
••‘h/Sjraw Ticks
is unils
-“ii Pairs HDiikt ls
13 Stand I’aldes &. Covers
4 Sou;le licdkleiuls
.".I 1 ol do
IS Feather Pillows k. Cases
15 Wool de do
•3 Wash Kettles
'.hi Single Sheets
Id Single Ticks
1 Wash Howl 4k Pitcher
d l ux Wash Howls
d Mn 1 1 rnsse*
ri Long Towels
(i Table Cloths
'5 Cords wood more or less
lii Hooking Classes
1 lll.ick Mulu
Also, the following Notes, to wit:
1 Note against M S Oxley for ? 02 00
do do 117 U 0
John ft James McDaniel 33.7 00
A T l ichesoll Jr 34 bo
JClMdrelh HI Oh
Peter Jarvis *>4 00
Daniel Recde 33 00
F S Page 41) (Hi
F.lwnnl Mercury S; P Jarvis ....111 3a
Clwuies Harvey and John Handy 35 00
John Russ . 17
M Denny........* 130 30
Charles Kawsoe...... 13 la
John X. Hall 130 90
Frederick Wall., HI 83
John Turney 133 50
•Pascal Taylor 41 7n
>1 II Presby <•> <<
U l.atham I" 00
•Phineas Davis 0J 13
Sv IJ Hingham 43 Oil
John Munrta) 74 38
C Latham 32 50
Charles Dupe 10 7a
flex. McCuppin 38 00
Juan Honoss Id 37
1* 0 Hyman 0 75
HP Watkins 20 50
John RooS 47 00
Also, the following Book Acceunts, to wit:
An account against John Keyes for
$ 24 00
13 UO
84 00
100 00
7 00
13 00
104 25
40 Ml
it no
117 35
5 (,'O
10 50
li 50
8 (Mi
8 50
10 00
3o no
38 75
(I no
34 75
5 50
13 5i i
15 35
5 00
17 50
4 75
36 00
.7 00
4 50
16 05
34 (Hi
30 50
7 00
13 i)5
5 00
135 lit)
5 0*)
7.7 70
58 aO
10 5o
3c 00
iroul SiotirfS.
The s ile will be li< Id al the National tlolcl, above
Dated this ‘JBth day of June A. I). IH.VI.
AI ho, llic following account of \V. S. Salford, for
tin-sum of flfiy dollar*—Ssll HO.
Alho. llio following described Judgment rendered
on tlio - 'lb day of laiiiiary, A. I) 1866 in the Di»lrici
Conn, Ninth Judicial District in mid for Unite Couni v,
am) Slain of California, by default, against If. 11. Mr
li.irncl. for (In- sum of three hundred mid eighty
-<• vfuty -ix oiir-liuiidntllli- (#383 <t>> dollars. and in
lere«l on kind nmoinil Irom the loth day of Augi«t
\ It. 1851, in iho rale of IWO |w-r cont. fu r nioinh (ill
jMlcl, wherein C. A. Ilnnmifl is plain Ilf, which I will
expose to public sidi- nl tin- Court House door, in
llidwi-l!. on lint 11th da) of August. A. I>. 1666, at 3
o'clock I* M,to tlm highest biddor for cash.
Dated lliis Kill day ol July, A 1> 1856
Plicriff Butte Count) and Assignee.
Shcriil** Sale*.
Hi hy John Jones,*ft Justice of the Peace, in and
tor O|ilor Township. Butte County, and State ol Cali
fornia. to nut dlri-fli-d mid delivered, comm mditut inn 1
to make tin-(nnii of thirty ■four—'>34 IMt—dollars Judg
inenl. and seventeen tiiiny five one-hundredths—
>l7 lift—dollars costs of unit, and accruing costa of
an id win of execution, wherein tile l.nr- ku I nniieling
Coin puny in I'luinliir, and R A. Ilrodrich 1* defi-iidinil
I have a bed and levied Upon all tin- right, title and
interest of Uni at ore an id Defendant, in and to all tlml
Certain price or parcel of hind aiomted near t Iherokee
Flat, in i iregou Township. Butin County, and State of
'California, and claimed for mining purposes, and
known as the Eureka Tunnelling Coiiipiniy'aChiitn-,
ani l defendant’s inlerwit being one eighteenth part of
Haul claim, w hich 1 will expose to public aide id the
Orleans Hotel in the Town of Orovllle, county and
Stale aforesaid, on the 2sib da; of July.A. I>. IKiO,
helweeli the lioai'H prescribed by law, tj tlio highest
bidder for cash.
Dated Una July Mh, A. D 1856.
P. rdf I d IK, Sheriff P.nlle Conntv,
II) M. A Mel-AbUIIUN, Deputy.
Shir'ill's Sale.
uM by-J. .1 oiu.-*ik..lo-liw- uAUmw l-'-a.xa in iiioi for
i iphir Township. Butte I fount) - , and State of California,
lo me directed and delivered, wherein I am com
manded to make the sum of aim hundred undone
seventy live one hundredths 18101 7.1) dollar* judg
ment, mid four twenty-live one hundredths J 4 —-|
dollars coals of anil out of the property oi Jacobs.
Morris, ihe defendant in said execution, and accruing
cost* of said writ, wherein N. Carrol Is plaintiff
Therefore in pursuance ol said writ. I nave seis ed and
levied upon all I lie right. Idle and interest of Ihe said
Jacob s. Morris in and lo tin- follow dig properly, to
w it; All that certain price and parcel nl land siluiu
led in Oroville, npbir Township. Bull* County and
Stale of California, and described on Hie map ol tln
fown of < irovilh-as foliovve: Lots number one. 1]
two. 12) three, [3] four. 4 Uve, ft. and six,a. in liloek
thirty-six, oil: Lois number one, I, two 2, liv e. ft, six,
d, seven. 7. and eight, fl. in Hlrfck elght. B—bids nuin
her one. I, two. 2, three,3. lour, 4. live. 5, six, b, seven
7,Bnd eight,S, in Block nnmber ten, 10— l.ois one, I,
two,'2, three,3. four 4. fire, ft, six, 0. seven. 7. and 8.
eight, in Block eleven, 11 1-ots one. 1, two. 2. three, (
3. four, 4. live, ft, six. 6, seven. 7 and eight, 8, in Mock
twelve, 12: l-ots one, 1 two. 2, three, 3. four 4. live
6. six d, seven 7. mid eight k, in Block twenty 2b;—
Lota one i. two 2. three 3,four 4, live, 6, six d, aeven
7, and eight i“. in Block nuinlier twenty-one 21;—Lola I
one I. two 2, three 3. four 4, five 5, six 6, seven 7 and
eight 8, in Block number twenty-two 32,—L01a one t,
tw 02, three 3, four 4, five ft, six fi. seven 7. and eight
H, in Block twenty-three 23—which I will expose to
public sale id Ihe Orleans Hotel in the Town of Oro
ville, on the 2Hth Day of July, A. D. 1866, between the
lionrs prescribed by law lo Iho highest bidder, for
Dated, tills July fith, A. I). 1866.
I*. FREER. Sberilf Butte County.
By M. A. McLAUGHLIN, Deputy.
ItIoWKL-L, July Ifllh, 1866. )
U hereby pivno, Dial all persons holding
lal Butte County Warrants payable from the gene
ral fund, regisu-red between February 16lh, left*!, and
March 141 b. 1856, that the same will be redeemed
on plesentHiion. nt my office. And notice is further
given, that froffi and after this date, said warrants
will ceatc lo boar interest
Treasurer of Butte County.
LIQUORS, &.C., &.C.
rBAHF. UNDERSIGNED, in calling tha attention of
JL the public lo their Block of Prune Goods, wouM
aval themselves of (Ins op|>ortunity to return thanks
for the very generous palronge they have received du
ring the nnmtier of years they have biswi engaged in
business al this place ; and determined I-/ mi nt a cot,-
linuante of the same in future, off. r al the lowest
rales a large and well selected assortment ofGriceries
and Provision*, Liquors of a superior quality, Pre
served Fruits. Miners’sunpll-s, Hardware, Crockery
and Glassware Ike.. Jkc. P irticular attention paid to
lo filling and delivering miners’ order* Bom a dis
tance. The highest price paid for Gold Dust,
We tJmll also run it daily Let.er and Package Ex
press, belweeu tins place and < tr-ivilie,
Oregon City, Jaly 1866. JyTJ-lf
Uoautiftil Picture!
l\i KE S OS GL.2 S S, h\l U SVH/*- J S S
« ■ jj lIENDEE- b»* just opened rooms on th»-
ITB eurmrui Montgomery and Myers street*, over
the Bank Exchange, where he w ill take pleasure in
wailing on all who may favor him with a call. Both
Ambrolvpes and Dagueraeotvpes will be executed in
the best style, and warranted to give perfect satis
faction «
EVERYBODY, call and »e« the picturvi.
OrvvUic, July 1&, 1e66. jy 10 if
Tfgul Jilotircs.
ES hereby given ill at I Mary Hradley.wlfe of J otic
Bradley of tin* count* of llullr. mul f »' •* of fall
forma <U» hereby declare that 1 intend from mi l aIU r
this date to curry on Imsuies* in my own n nu* nml
on m\ nun arnmnl in xiikl comity of Butte nfoaesui I
tlint the nature of i> ud Im-he sc In Ranching. Ka -mg
Slock nml Poultry. Dory business. Mining ami Hotel
Ur* pi g, Hai Inn mu nail selling Liijilun at whole-al'
:n«l ret nil. ami Unit I will tic in 1 viduahv ren|eni»ihli
in t. iv ow n n nu • for n't <|ci Us con met oil t*\ inn on nr
count ol my - i I bus in- 1 I flirt in r 1 1 • .1 re tli t(
the iiinonnl ot c«i|itt;ii iiiM , * l i , il In Miiil business lines
mil cxci'Ml the mini« I live llion«.c:il dollars.
In wit in ns whereof I ha \ c licriioa i mi my hand
nnfl Seal thi< l*ili dtiv of July A i>. V< *•»
Stuleof California, t
County of Hutto i
• n this lilli liny of July A. 0 18''% personally
appeared before me. ti .Tu-tlce o f the t'oiuT in nml
fir the county tifji'Sull. thn uliove named .Mary
liradley. know II to me to In* till) per- 111 (Irm-riln I
tti and wlio Mirninl lint for-gei ig declaration. who
acknowledged to uio lhut 'lie signed Hm same lively
and voluntarily, and fur lilt 1 n-i * and purpose ■ there
in tni-utioM'U JOHN Ju.M s. J. I’.
Jyle-Rw Hullo Co Cal.
\LL PERSONS holding or claiming Liens, tinder
. the provisions ol •■An Act for securing l.l**n« of
Mi chmucK mid others, approved Apnl *Vlh, is.i.i,” on
the properly known as lloruco Brewster's dwelling
house. situated near the lllnlf.'on Moiilvroinory Mmol,
in lh« town ol Oroullo. county of litiln- mid-Into of
California the same being the present residence of
said Brewster mid family, lire hereby inililioii lo be nml
appear til llto district Court of said County ami Stale,
on Monday, the ‘Jotli day of August, 186ri, anti exhibit
then mid there the p'oolss.f their said ideils.
jylli wli CAi.KINS & SI’EhMAN.
-zfk. C A XI D
rBIll L UN I>KIISH;N El) wishes to inform lint Iruv-
H cling public mid the citizens of .Marysville, that
niter tills day nil business counseled w ith the llotul
department will ho carried on by the u.e of TICK
K’I s, u« follows;
Mi;/, LS 8 75
|.()|m;INC 60 cts , •'m is , and SI
FAMILY ROOMS 31 60 per day,
A ticket for Hnv Hoard, by the week, w ill he SHI.
j pay able in mil mice.
A ticket lor Oay Board, with Lodging. by tin
week, w ill be *i:i, >l5, and §lB, according to mice
lion of room •
Ttie Proprietor lio|ies these H"ducllon» will lie
properly appreciated by the Public. Ihe style ol
business ns before. The addition of a (ruifi Hnlh
House. Shaving Saloon, with the ud-.mitnge of the
i utilise of the C.ilifot nia stage Company, with every
other convenience for the traveler, vll, I think, in
sure to the public, till the needtnl comforts ol a home
in connection w ith the above, the proprietor deems it
absolutely tieeossnry to shite distinctly that lie cantnil,
he uiV not. uor siiai.l not. to nny one. male or fe
male. give the t'lghletl i >r ilmrtttt ririilt.
Tlifs is itol personal: It is general. I have been
rather imposed upon lately, and I •’■ is!i to protect the
in.crests of my creditors, an well ns my own.
U. 3. Ml URAV,
Mar; ■-=vilts, fluty HV I'C.tl.
everts, DAVIS & co?s
row p.'s itni.nivo. d ,-trkht. wkst side.
A DAILY KXPRKS3 will he dispatched from
our Oltlre in Marysville, to Knhhil Creek. Hih
sonvllle. 1 orhesiowii L Coiiiiitbns llon-c, Lexington
liouse, U linen Hill. Iloiikm-ville, Nelson Creek.
Poor Man’s Creek, Hopkins Creek, Onion Valley,
itielmiond Hill. Slriiiiilown, Enterprise, Wyandotle,
|.ung liar, spring Valley . Scales’ Diggings, Si. Louis
indwell’s Har, 11 turnon v I lie, Pino Drove, Chandler-
Mile, Spanish Flat, Independence Har, American
Valley. Elizabethtown, Spanish Ranch, Meadow Val
iev, City of 'ill, Jamison • ’reek, Camin Creek. < iroyillu,
Thompson’s Flat. Oregon Httlch Harnnrd's 1 liggings.
Hurrisons’Digging", and Poverty Hill.
Our I Ul'.ASl KL EXPRESS will always he accom
panied by failhlnl Messengers.
| jf- Collections. Orders, k.c , attended to with
promptness and gyERTS, DAVIS & CO.
Central House Hotel!
Unities from Marysville, oa the Ophir, Bidwell Bar
and Feather river Roads.
JOHN LOWftY, Proprietor.
1 TAKE 1* LEAST’RE in Informing my friends
and the trirvelitn? community, ihai 1 sin now
rrmly <<» receive and iu:c#»minoJjtl« lliein. The
|t \K *iti he iMrnished with choice Luiuors. my IA
II I, E supplied with the varieties of Iho season, my
BEDS clean and comfortable, 'ami tny H AHNS with
good stalls and feed lor horses. Li fuel every exertion
w ill he used on my part lo oblnln and secure the pub
lie favor —and no public house in Cahlornta shall ex
ceed me ia courtesy aad allculieu lo every one that
may visit me. •*- L, Rro’ tr ;
Hulte County. July 16, 1H56. jylb-lf
Corner Newcomb St. and Plaza, Bidwell.
■« mTE send t daily Express lo all parts of California
▼ T mid the Pacilic coast generally and lo the
Atlantic Slates, Oregon and Europe by every steamer.
I .otters and packages forwarded through us will be
delivered through onr messengers to parties to whom
they are addressed. Cold Dust or Coin forwarded
wit h (he most perfect safely and utmost dispatch lo
anv tow n in the 3tate, and to the Ananitc Flutes.and
w ill have it insured to parties wishing it, <»old Du-l
forwarded to the Mint for coinage, and returns made
at the lowest rates. We will also advance cash on
shipments to the mitt tf desired by parties
r-ight Drafts on the Atlantic Slates, on Wells. Fargo
A. Co. Drexel SulHert Church, and Luc itk Turner At
Co . procured. Having a large flje proof Safe in onr
offlee, we will receive special deposits, charging one
half per cent per month. Sight checks on M. Ilruin
agini, Marysville at par. Colleciions made and funds
remiiied. atlcwesl Fates. The hlgh"st price paid for
Hold Hast. HENRY KEEFER, Agent.
Oppt>site the Ophir Drug Store, Montgomery street,
■ " ef.ps Constantly on hand, a well »©-
U. tecled slock of
Groceries, Provisions,
Bools, Shoes,
Clothing, Liquors,
Mining Tools, &c.« &c.,
Which he olTers nt th« lowest rates F<'U CASH
delivered FREE OF CHARGE.
OrovUle ; July n, is iU.
'l‘tarJ Mnfirtn.
SIU’KIKK'f 5 S \ 1.K..—11> Vlrtm*nf :id-rr.'lslnr.hr
is<m.! nnt«* rtu* lM'iru‘l Cnnrt, Ninth .1 idui I
Uinpic liida’s li.ikt i),n'lil ilu-nco innum lieriy ui
riTlldli Inthi'Clld 111 lln* spite*. dug Kilt UUil fm n.orly
lift'd it i.-n (mu iltt) iticlu Hug liiu Iving b< -
, lui cii I.h iji ). llidit'a 1.0 l and tin* Uc-vrvuir i f
Vt>««rn lliiifinnii a. Cm ~ 11>k< ilti r w illi tint Billiard S.i-
Ilttill. sitlldi'd nil Mild Jilt Hi I b*’ tV lilt'll I\> ill S*'li lit
I'll).he Suit 1 mi lint Conn Hdiki)door in lUtlweil, coun
ty and Slate afnr. -md. on the 4ili tiny of Auitiifi, V
It Is.Vi.ul I' M.. to the high, st bidder tor
car h.
Dated this Pith diiy of .Inly, \ I). IS.’irt.
r 111I.MU. Shnrill Butte County.
STATU Of l vUI'oitNIA. I County I onrl
(Vi Nrv nr Hi n r. A At (:ha.iila"«
In ilin nutter ot Juntos II Drukt*, no Insolvent
t \ IM’ltSI ANt'K of mi order made inthe County
. Conn h> iho Hon. ,1 off(ih K. N. lewis. t’oimiy
Judge nt t Ini in luts. on tlio noth day ol .lime, A. I>.
IS,Vi—Notice is berohy given In tin* oreditnrs of the
said Jietitloiirr in Inrol vilify. Juni.-f 11. brake, Iti op.
pear lielore tbe lion J.K.N. I.ewis, County Judin'
on iho third day ol tin- Angnust term of I lie County
Court, A 11. ISoG. to wit :On the lilh duy of Angic-l
ensuing ul lltdwell, to show cnirse if uny then tie,
why the praj( r of raid ju'lilwmer tdionlil not lie itrini
ted. mid an avian IH.ml of his estate tie isiide, and tie
he discharged Ironi his delits us an Insolvent liehtor.
Uilness m> hand und the seal of said County
1,. S Court affixed, this, 3otli day of June, A D Ipjti,
ut llldwell.
MU.KS f'I,APIN', County Clerk
Sulw lly M. 11. Darkai h,Deputy.
Mroriil) ResjieftfiiUy inform the citireii* nr fn(.
▼ ▼ well and \ iclnily, that he is preputial to do nil
kinds of work in Ids line of business in n workman
like manner, wiih despatch mid on reasinmhle terms.
Having always on hand a large nsaor'meut oi dry
lilinlier. he is ready to make to order. Coots window
Sash, Tables, Hoijkers, &.C. All kinds ol Ciildnet
work, mid m fuel iinvlhing appertaining to his hn-i
-ness, billiard Tables set mol rejnih-ed Shop on
Charles Street, below 1 ess X 1 aircoinb’s Urtck Sloro
■VOTrrjC -I tnjil lytnenl inn be iim) for a ninn-
It In r td expert w orkmen on w ire, during the
(iresent summer in eVecting a wire Bridge nt llldwell
in lids iomitV; Kuijnif.' a! this off! v. i*r of
JAMBS A Ml UK AV. Marysville
mjOTICE Is hereby given that the mifhrsigned
xw will ajijdy iulhe Hoard of Supervisors for Untie
Comity, in it. State of California, iti their next “«■».
sioii to lie held ul Itidweil. in said eonnly, for a lie*--in s
to run n ferry aeritss the middle Cork IValher River
al the Junclion of the North Pork of said ri'er.
.limn 14, IS-iti. s VI.VIjSTKI! P. SAVACC..
fl/ERRY NOTICE N >tice is hereby Riven,
U 5 trial i will ajijily to llie him. Iloifrd of Siiju rvi-o s
al their next regular meeting for a Iviviise to run a
Kerry across Hie Soulh fork of said River, about a
quarter of a mile above the Juni'fhvn.
Rldwell, June 11,18,V5, jlSul.tJ
BS lIKHFBY (SIVKN to the Stockholders of the
Old Monte/.nina Minim' Conitmny, that there »vill
be a meeting of the StoiJkholders of said Company,
at their office in Hid will. Itutle county, on Saturday,
the 1-th day of July. IHafl, for the jnirposu ol eleciing
officers of said Coinjimiy fer the present vear.
UldWell, June It). ISiti. J. M. HI KI . See'y.
ON (ill ABOUT May il.Mh, one cluy-linnk horse,
eight or ten years old, black inline and tail, brand
on the left neek letlera TO. Abo. one blin k horse
Mule, brand unknown. A liberal reward will Ire paid
for the return for the return of said animals to the
subscriber at Mel well. (>KO. \V. JIKSS,
June Ul, IKSfi. j*'‘Jl-fl
IliESluE to aril the Vermont Mill, aitua’
ted 16 miles from Ridwell’slanding not
Brown’s Ferry, Sacramento River, and I .
miles from Chico (Bidwells Ranch). Themii
is new, well built and finely arranged. ' ti »
nearest mill preferty to the finest lundfci
Butte. Colusi and Tehama Counties, term,
of payment easy, viz- one fourth to one ha!i
Cash. Balance nt Lumber delivered .it the
River, (I*s miles distant) or at a point I wil*
designate below,
I ofter to sell the 'p’ew and valuable property
at a bargain, lie vmg bought it to save a large
debt, and am entirely unacquainted with the
Lumber and milliYig business; Any one wish
ing a good investment and profitable employ
ment for a few men and teams, will do well to
examine it.
For Value of location kc. , reference i*» mndr
to Major John Bidwell and K K. Dodge,
Chico Pest Office. Butte Co also to C. (i. Lin
coln, Oroville. office of the North Californian.
My address, Monroeville, Colusi County,
my 24-tf-*-29 0. P. SWIFT.
f SALE by the Case or Package in
quantities to suit.
Long bill paper. Legal cop Letter Paper. Ink
Broad bill paper. Fools cap. Note paper. Pen
oils. Blank Books, Wafors, kc kc. Noisy
Carriers Book Stationary Co.
87 Battery, & (54 k *5O Long Wharf. San Frau
cisco. C P. KIMBALL, Pros.
J I*l floor 91, Mtrchani Ht. near Montgomery.
U|f;TTKST PRICK pr-id for Cotin'v Scrip, at 'he
Store of JOS UP II GLUKAUP. Bidwill
Xr.MHKU 10.

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