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(Drcuillc Sfliln ®uttc JiUrorii.
n r Ornn-lulimril building on Myers Stri ct,
Last side, between Montgomery and Ulnl, Oroville.
Tkr »m--One Veur Per Mail,. .1 SIS <w<
Six tllDlltllK. (I• * |,, l
Thr,.,. month*. do 5 OR
delivered by Carrier, |*t Week jo
For cireulatiou In the mining and agricultural dis
tricts of the county, will contain the local nnd general
news of the wick, Interspersed with interesting mis
cellaneous retail ns mailer. It «ill contain twenty
eight column* of reading matter, end w ill tie one wf
the larses) me I cheapest Weekly Nc w»puper* in the
Htiite. Published every Saturday Tt mix—3'J per
Annum ; six month*, S-t three month*. SI
A i>v«RTi*k*|£N r», per square ol ten linos or less,
first insertion, - $ I Oo
Knch »üb*ei(ti«»rt+n«ertl«in,- • - • 16"
\ liberal deduction will be made in favor of
th ine who.advertise hy the year.
llasltie*.* card* inserted on re anon able terms.
We would aoliclt the attention of our friends wlio
nre in want cl Job Printing to lint fuel thiit we are (ire
pnred In execute every dr ten pi ion ol work in our line
in a alyte that cannot tail to give satisfaction. He
have recently made new anti extensive addition* to
our iisiorltncnl of Job Material*, and have facility for
doing all kinds of work al moderate rate* and on short
4ii n I ullous Adt let.
|*?TAlmost everybody want* somethin* —none are
so fortunate a* to he entirely independent, in the strict
meaning of that titm-wu an* all. in a greater or less
dottrei.. dependent on each other. This Indus an in
disputable fuel, we propose to point out a mode by
which most of your desires may lie (.'ratified, vir.:
It you want any kind of laborer*, mechanics, or
•clerks; vdvkktisk.
If you want :m office, a house, a lot, or a farm ;
If yon want to exchange properly, or to borrow
money; auvkhtisk.
If you want to rent or sell houses, lots, or larms;
If you want to dispose of your bustnes; apvkrtsk.
If you want to rent rooms or offices: suvkkti.sk.
If you want any kind of employment; aiivbktwk.
Whatever you want have or to dispose of;
A mini it the many advertising mediums, we may be
permitted to recommend to your favorable consider
ation the •‘Oruvii.i.k Daily Huttk Rkcoriu” which
is read by many people bo'h at home and abroad If ,
it suits you. send in your favors, and for a lair com- |
pensation. we will introduce you lokbceral ladies and j
gentlemen, who otherwise, perhaps, would never J
have heard of you. If the ‘-lUmao” does not suit :
your fancy,advertise in some other paper.at all events ‘
AUVKKTiSK ! These suggestions are merely throw i j
out for your benefit, and because we believe it to lie .
our duty to inform you of everything w liich is eucuht
led to enhance your intersst. Do you believe the ,
above is good nvico. We pause for a reply.
Relics ok Sir John Fuankijn's Exi*e
dition. —Tlio American European Express
Company have received a box containing
nearly all the relics of tlie unfortunate ex
pedition of Sir John Franklin. It was re
ceived from the Hudson Bay House at La
cliinc, to be forwarded to the Hudson Buy
House in London. The following are the
contents : One piece snow shoe, marked Mr,
Stanley, (the name is cut into the wood with
a pen knife;) one piece of cane, (apparently
bamboo;) one piece of wood, part of a boat,
with the word “ Erebus” cut into it; two
pieces of bunting, one piece cordage, one
piece leather, the inside of a bickgaratnon
'board-; one piece metal, the graduated part
of a barometer ; one piece ivory, part of a
mathematical parallel ruler : one piece ivo
ry, apparently part of a mathematical in
etrumeut—.V, V. Mirror,
Spiritual Delusion- — A man by the
name of Marble, under spiritual delusion,
is blasting away at a place in Lynn, Mass.,
•called “ Dungeon Rock,” in hopes of dis
covering the pirate's cave and treasure
there concealed. Ho pretends to have com
munications with the pirate Veal, who once
made a cave his home, and who, r.s tradition
lias it, was imprisoned in it by an earth
quake which closed its entrance. The spirits
promise Mr. Marble that an important
change will occur in about six weeks. We
Apprehend it will bo “ small change,” if any.
Bees and Quails.— The Rev. A. 11. Mil
burn. in a lecture on the west sitys :
“ Two remarkable facts arc to be noted
in respect to the «d\ ancement of the whites.
The first is that the quail, unknown to the
Indians, makes its appearance—from whence
no man knows—when the white man plow?
and plants his fields, affording an abundance
of delicious food to the pioneer. The second
fact is that the honey bee is not found in the
country while in the possession of the In
dians. It keeps just in advance of the ad
vancing wave of civilization. When the In
dians see the swarms of these new visitors,
their wise men sadly acknowledge that it is
time for them to abandon their pleasant
hunting ground and the graves of their fa
thers, and seek new homes.’’
tfix years ago there was not a flouring
or quartz mill in the State, and hut tWo or
three saw mills. Now there are some 75
flouring mills with about 1110 run of stones,
3t»o saw mills, and about SU quartz mills in
active aud successful operation. \V Ipit State
can show a more rapid progress toward per
manence and wealth ?- ib.
Judge McLean has written a letter in
which he takes the ground that Coneress
Ims the power to prohibit but not establish
slavery in a territory.— id.
The Mormons arc rapidly tilling up the
Talleys cast of the Sierra Nevada, lot) fami
lies have already arrived iu Carson Valiev,
tad more are coming.— ib.
Beat it, who can. —Mr. Jon Ingrain, of
Santa Rosa, has sent to the oflicc of the Pe
taluma Journal a turnip which weighs lulba
Asslmcc’s Sale.
BJV VIHTITI of Mill!>• >ri>y In rnt* vested ns As-
U 9 .if inn in llin mutter of C A lluncriili v» Ii I -
t'redtlors. a Petitioner hi I medi emy in tin- Huiiora
hh-the Cntinly • ourl of Butte l.’nunty and Sian - <>l
California, anti ill pursuance of nil i-rnol 111 imt- Ii)
«hiil l niif nn llin.; day hi .Inns, A 1). ISati, provi
ding fn; Mm mil« of tin* a-wetlsl« raid cause, I will
on Uin 38lh day of July, A l> lesit, nl In o ehiek \ 'I,
prne-iaid in sell fur cn h,allot' the right, lit unit in
terest of llin null (lellliolll r I', A llailiTolt Ml lllnl 111
llin following real prop* r > in »it ; -All llml certain
piece nr parcel nl i iini situated in inn inwnof Hid
well, mnl located on Him k iiiiiiilkT three ,3; of the
iiiiiji of until Town of indwell, tiled In lln* County
Cli rk’s idlice n| the aforesaid county tunl described nn
follow*, to wii : i onnnencing nl lln - imrlliw i'«l corner
of tin* 10l I a dunging lo .Ii i.i*|»li (i Inr knn I on N wrumli
] threet. running thence iluo north eighty-six 'Hj feet
on nuiii Nnwrouih >treeT, thence due east filly (stn
feel. Mini re ilin - south twenty-tour t'34) tent, thenee
ilnn ennteleven (11» flint, thence due south forly.llvt
<4.)) feel, Itinnci- due east ioriy-tive (45 1 fi - *-l to Si
Charles Street. Ileus - * - due south on St. t'harts* Hirnnt
eleven 1 11 1 fci t, thence ilnn west one hundred mill
.lx i Hifii h - i - l to tin - place ol beginning, ijjiou -mid lot
1* situated the H»nse known n» lln - National lloti-l. its
dimensions in suly Ihnili.i lint fronl’on Newcomb
Mreet, hy twenty-four >34 1 feet in wnllh. nml a wing
on tile north ua.M end twenty-six (3*>) feel by twenty
foiiritMi feel, and on the sou 111 east end a wing iwnn
iy-four (3D feel hy I flirt v (illl) feet, nil of w lili.'li 1* two
.lories high. together wnh all and singular the eppur
tenances lliereiinlo belonging or in any wise npper-
Utiiiiiiir. Also, nil that certain peiseor parcel ol land
situated in Block four, ili lot number one. <l l lioiin
ded a. follows, to wii; lloinuienc.iiu at tin* north
east corner ol the alley running lrunt Newcoinh street
to Bt. Charles street, running thence due south nn
Newcomb Street seventy-five (76) feet, thence due
east one hundred and three i l()3i feel to St. Charles
Street thence due norm on St. < diaries si reel sevent y
live (75, feel, thence due west along the aforesaid
alley one hundred and three 1 103, feel lo the place ol
beginning. Al.o. all that certain piece or pure dol
laud situated on I nion Street In (dock one (1) lot
number fourteen. (14i hounded as follows, to nil;
Commencing at the northea.l corner of lot thirteen,
(13) running thence due west on Union street twen
ty live (35) feet, thence due south seventy (70) feel,
(lienee due east twenty-five i 35 i feet thence due norlh
.evenly L 7o| lo the place of beginning, together with
the Barn, twenty live [35; by thirty [3Ol feel In size,
situated on said lot. and appurtenances thereunto lie
longing. Also, the following personal property lo wit
■3 Stand Tallies &. Covers Id Bedsteads
« Chit Irons , 4 lanugos
311 Inning Room Chairs , 1 Desk
0 Castors I H Decanter*
8 Salt Stands - Hitter Bottles
.■(I iliniiig Room Tumblers 10 Wine Classes
(18 Dining Room Plates
11 ('ream Pitchers
7 Sugar Bowl*
Id Knives and Corks
its Table Spoons
57 Tea do
5.’ Tea ihips ami Saucers
63 Soup Plates
If Howls
IS Vegetable Dishes
■J Meal do
3 Tureens
130 Dishes
Hi Pie Puns
list Cuke Dishes
1 Cooking Stove 1c Furni
1 dialing Dish and Fund
1 Cotlee Urn
I Tea do
•J Kitchen At Dining Room
1 Bar room Stove
14 stile Damps
1 Cast Iron Safe
3 Bells
13 Bar Room Chairs
1 Watering Pot
I Dai Syrup
3do Vinegar
13 Paper Window Curtaim
8 Damask do
Also, tho following Notes, lo wll:
1 Sugar Howl
j 1 Frit
' (> Punch i "ups
15 BoCs Wines &. Syrups
i 3 Dais Din
! 4 do Brandy
5 Hollies Dinger
I 3 Boxes • Undies
j 7 Da's. Pickles
I 7 do Damp Oil
1311 lie* C. tf. o
| 1 Inkstand
I 1 Ruler
8 Pack* < 'arils
Id Double Sheets
.Ml Straw Ticks
18 Quids
Ho Pairs Blankets
13 Stand Tallies t Covers
14 Single Bedsteads
Si Cot do
,8 Feat iter Pillows & Cases
15 W 00l ile do
•3 Wash Kettles
til Single Sheets
13 Single Ticks
1 Wash Howl Sc Pitcher
3 Tin Wasii Howls
3 Mat trasses
8 Dong Towels
d Tahiti Cloths
j i.i Cords wood more or Uss
I ii booking Classes
1 Black Mule
Also, the following Book Accounts, to wit;
The »«le will lie held ut the National Hotel, above
Dated this 28th <lay of June. A. D. 1850.
Alsu,the following account of \V. S. Sufford, for
tint .-urn id fifty dollar*—Ssn 00,
A lao. Iho following described Judgment rendered
on the 25th day of lannary, A. 1). lhao. in the Diftrict
Conn, Ninth Judicial Diftrict in and for Hutto County,
and State of I'alifomia. by default, ugainkt If. II Mc-
Daniel. for the Mini of three hundred and eighty
fevenly fix nne-lininlredth* |stsn 76> dollar*. and in
tere-t on Mini amount from the 10th day of Amr ixl
\ It. 1i“ iI. at the rale of iwo per cent, per month till
paid, wherein A. Ilancrofl la plain iff, which I will
expose to public Mile at the Court House door, in
llidwel!. on ihe 11 111 day of August. A. I). 1551'., at 3
o'clock I* \l,lo the hiirheal bidder for cash.
Dated tlua Ikthday ol July, A D IKSH
Sheriff llulle County amt Aafiirnee,
stivrill ’s Salt',
by John Jones, h Justice of the Peace, in and
I lor ophir Township, Mutte County, and Slate ofCali
lorniii, lo me, directedauililellvered, commanding m«
I to nuke the Mini ef thirty-four—S34 It)—dollars jutlg
i meat. and seventeen thirty live one-hundredths—
| >l7 35 —dollarscoslaof suit, and accruing costs of
1 said writ of execution, wherein the Eur kaTunneling
| i <an pan y is Plaintiff, and It A < leodrich is defendant
1 I have seized and levied upon all the right, title and
I interest of tin'aforesaid Dirtendaul, in and to all that
cerium peice or parcel of land, situated near • iherokee
flat, in < Township. Untie I ,’ounty, and Stale of
California, and claimed fur mining purposes and
known as the Knreka Tunnelling Company’s Claims,
said defendant’s interest being one eighteenth part of
said claim, w hich 1 will expose to public sale, at the
Orleans Motel in the Town of Orovllle, county and
Stale aforesaid, on the 2Hth da; of July.A. It. I Safi,
between the hours prescribed by taw, to the highest
bidder for cosh.
Dated this July . r >lh. A. D 185 R.
I’. ITtlTall, Sheriff Mutte County,
fly M. A McLAL'UIILIN, Deputy.
ShrriiP* Salr.
H J hv J. Jones, a Justice of the Peiee. in and for
Ophir Township. Mullet’ouiily. and SlaeofCalUnraia,
to me directed and delivered, wherein I am nun
in.iuded lo make the sjim of van Jv«»n,lr«t»l no
seventy five one hundredth J ifllul 75) dollars judg
ment, and four twenty live one hundredths ,s 4 2-C
dollars costs of suit out of the property of Jacob S.
Morris, the defendant in said execution, and accruing
co-ls ol said writ, wherein N.Carrol is pi all. 1 1 IT.—
Therefore in pursuance of said writ. I nave seized and
levied Upon all the right, title and interest of (he said
Jacob S. Morris in and to the following properly, to
wit: All that certain peice and parcel of land ail tin
led in Orovllle, Ophir Township, Mutle Couiily and
Slate of California, mid described «m the map of the
Town of t iroville us follotve: hols number om'. i
two, [J] three, [o] four, 4 five, 5, and six. ti. in Mloek
thiriy-six. ti: la*ts ntrmher one, 1. two. J, five, a, six,
li, seven, 7. an 1 eight. S, in Illock eight, S— Lots Hum-
In r one. I, two 2, three,3. four. 4, live, 5, six, ti. seven
7 slid eight, S, in Mloek number ten, 10—Lois one, 1,
two,2, three, 3. four. 4, live. 5, six, ti, sevt n. 7., and H,
eight, in Pluck eleven. 11 —Lots one. 1, two. 2,three,
3. four, 4. live, 5, six.ti, seven. 7 and eight, in block
twelve. 12: — farts one. 1 two, 2, tliree, 3. four 4, live
a, m\ (i, seven 7. and eight H,iu Pluck twenty 20:
(arts one 1. two 2. three 3. four 4, live, ft, six R, seven
7, and eight 8. in Hloclc niiinber twetily-one 21;— Lois
one 1. two 2, three 3. four 4. live 5. six 0. seven 7 and
eight H, in Illock iiiinilef twenty two 22. Lots one 1,
Iwo J. three 3, four 4. five 5, six ti. seven 7. and eight
8, in Illock twenty-three 23—whlrth I w ill expose to j
public sale at the Orleans Hotel in rhe Town of Oro
ville, on the'JMih Day of July, A. 11, is.'rtj, bciwten the
hours prescribed by law to lihu highest bidtler, for
Dated, this July .Mb. A. D. Irt.si.
I’. KKET'dI. Sheriff Matte County.
lly M. A. McL AC till LIN, Deputy.
SllKllirrs SALE.—Ky Virtue of a decretalorder
issued out ot the District Court, Ninth Judicial
District, in and for Butte County and Slate of Cali
fornia, made the Itilli day of June A. D. IHV), tu un
directed and delivered, commanding me to make tin
sum of four hundred and ninety seven (illy one him
dredllis dollar* Judgment. and interest on said amount
of judgment at tin- rale of ten per cent, per annum,
till paid, ana tile, rum id' nihely-eight sixty one linn
dredths dollars cosl> and accruin costs of said order
out of the properly hereinafter described, to saii-fy
the aforesaid judgment, wherein M. Walsh is plain
titr. and V. SkiuUle defendant, to wit: Coininenclnv
on the Plaza in the village ol Itidwell, County and
Slate aforesaid, at the North east corner of I.amp Si
llida’s Saloon, mid running in an easterly direction,
to the co'iicr of I hr- s lid plaza, sixty feet more or less,
thence in n southerly direction to lie corner on the
street of Messrs Hotfinaii. on w iiicli i heir reservoir S'
situated, thrnev in a Westerly direction to ilit) line .-f
I.amp N Ilida’s Ilnk'-ry. add thence ins mmtln-rly di
rection to the end ol the space dug out and formerly
used a ten pin Viley inclining the space liing be
tween I,an p A. Ilidu'a Lot and the Reservoir of
Messrs Hoffman .N Co , togeth- r » ith the ItiiHafd Sa
lomi. siiirdetl on sidd premises, which I will sell at
Public. Sale at tha ‘ 'ourt House door in Hidwi 11, coun
ty and Stale aforesaid, on the -ith day of August. A
|) 185 H. at J o’clock I’ M.. to the higliett bidder for
Dated thiJ I—tli day of July, A 1). IS.IC.
IV I'ltKKli, Stiorilf Butte Coonty.
i:jsolv2Ncy notice.
STATE «»F CALIKOI’.MA, I County Court—
CoTNTY OK 111 tTK. I At (. liumbl-ss
lii the m ilter of James II Drake, an Insolvent
IVhti r.
B.\ PI'IIMI’AN'CE of an order made intheCouniy
Li Court by the 11--;i. Jo-ejdi E. N. Lewis. County
Judge. at Chum tiers, on the iillth day of June, A. l>
js.ai—Notice i. hereby given to the o red i tors of the
,aid petitioner .n Insolvi-ney, James 11. Drake, to ap
pear ben ie the Hon J.E. N. Lewis, County Judge
on the third d y of the Angaust term of the County
Court. V I). If. Vi. u- wit: On the tub day of August
ensuing at lltdwell, to show cans,, if any there be,
why tin- pr,i)< r of said petitioner should not be gran
ted'. and an assignment ol his estate be made, and lie
be di*. hat d Iroin his debts a« an Insolvent Debtor.
Witness my hand and the seal of said County
L. 9. Courtatlixed, this, iKIUi day of June, A U itoti,
at liidwttd.
ill'XS ELATIN', County Clerk.
By 41 11. Dzatzm,Deputy.
htin'by ghm ilul I. Mart Bradley.wife of Jmm*»“
Bradlw of the countv of Hutie, and state of Call
forma do lieri'li) 1 declare Unit I ialrml from amt uller
this date to carry on business in m>o»n name ami
on rny own account in said comity "f Hints af.aes.ol
llinl ilic nature ol>.ud buaim'iw is 11.-oicliinc. Ua miik
Slock and Poultry. Hairy business. Minim; and Hotel
keep) 'U. utai biiyintr and sedilUt l.ii) mrs Hi » holes-de
and retail, and that I will lie hi(|ividuall\ r«*m ■« 01— i' »!<•
in my own n.tun 1 for all debts or in no-led •*v me on «c
-coniil of my said liututieaH. anil I further declare ihnl
the amount ot cu|illid invesled ill said business does
not exci ed I lie ►Hill of live thousand dollars.
In witness whereof I have hereunto wit ixy hand
and seal lids l.tli day ol July A I>. lv <V
StatenfCalifornia, f
County ot Hullo S
(hi this I*tli day of July A. I) 18VI, personally
appeared before me, u .Tu-lico of the Peace in nml
fir tho county aforesaid, the almvo named Mary
Hrudloy. known hi mo to he die person denTdied
in and who ► I lined the foreifobur declaration, who
ackllow(edited lo me that she signed die same freely
ami voluntarily,and for the u»e« and purposes there
in mentioned. JOHN JoM'.S, J. P.
jy\H-3w Hullo Co Cal
\TX PERSONS holdinK nr claiming Mens, under
. the provisions of “An Act for securing l.iens of
Mechanics and others, approved April ‘JTIh. J'S.Vi." on
the properly known as Horace Brewster's dwelling
house, situated near the Hliiff, on Montgomery slreet,
in die town of Ornvitle. coimly of Untie and stale of
California, the same being the present residence ot
said lirewsler and family, arc hereby untitled to Ire and
appear in the District Court of said County and Stale,
on Monday, the Hath day of August, is.'a,. and exhibit
then and there the proofs of their said l.iens.
jyl9 w 3 CALKINS At HP El. MAN.
llluwm.L, July Iriili. Ih.ili. )
U hereby givne, that nil persons holding
Xw Hutto Warrants payable from the gene
ml fund, registered between February Kilb, lejti, and
March Hlli. Ih.’iti, that the same will be redeemed
on plcsentntion, lit my office, And notice b further
given, t but froth mid alter Ibis date, said warrants
will cease to beur interest
Treasurer of Unite County.
rginn CO-PAUTNKRSim* heretofore eiisling
I tween llruwn .V Hunt, istlus day dissolved by
mutual consent. 11. It. Hunt will pay all debts stand
ing against the Hrtu and is authorized to collect
all debts due said Una. C. J. lIHOU'N,
11. II HUNT.
It 11. M. -will continue the business at the RANK
EXCIIANO K, and will be happy to see bis old Inemls
and the public generally. Price reduced to suit llio
Utiles 11. 11. HUNT.
Orovllle, July «, IbM. j)t!4-lf
rillli; PTOCKIH iI.IM'.US of tile Pouih Feather
I Water Company nre hereby nolitled, that the
Trustees of said Coin puny have levied an assessmeiii
of twenty dollars upon each share of s ock buhl by
them, and Hint Ihe same Is payable at the Company's
oil! e, Ferbeslown, on • r before the aMb day of Au
gust, A. I* IHVi. Ity order of the Hoard,
J WARREN MASON, Secretary.
July 19. 1860. jy-l-w 1
OTI fE- |;il >l' I( 'J meid cun be 'end fur a nuin
-11 Iht o| expert workmen on wire, during the
present summer. in erecting a wire bridge at Ibdwell
in this county. Kiiipiire at IblsotHce. or of
JAMKd A. MI UUAV. .Marysville
taj OTICE hereby given that the undersigned
Iw will apply to the Hoard of Supervisors for Unite
i nuul) in ibe Stale ol California, at their next se--.
shill to be held at Ibdwell, ui said county,for a licenes
to run a terry across the middle I ork I e.illier Uiv cr
a! Uie J unction of the North Fork ot said river.
June 14, IkOti. IsVIiVEdTKIt P. HAS AUK.
lid Sacramento street, next to the I’uciflc MailS.S.
C'u. b Otlicu ovtr Wines Co.’s Express UtHce.
rooms, numbers i, a and a.
mills INSTITUTION is rounded for the cure of
i Syphylilic »ud Scrofulous complaints, and all
affections ol iho Genital Organs of whatever nature.
Instituted lor Hie express purpose of tr. tiling private
maladies at the instance of many medical genllemiii
wlio have seen with pain Ike impositions practiced
hcrettlore upon those who have been the victims of
lying ndvertisctuents those connected with it are to
pursue to a certain extent t*.io means of introducing
U to public notice.
Those applying for advice will find constantly in
attendance medicfll ability of undisputed skill in this
class of complaints, and - ill he dealt wnh in the
most honorable and stniighHorward iiiannei.
fertile purpose of securing privacy to the most
delicate, several apartments are go arranged that pa
tae ids will he brought in contact with none, but the
Ulltce Physician. .
rie -e applying to this Institute will the charges
reasonable, and the treatment sup irh r I.adies and
gentlemen who desire to become patients without
calling at the rooms of the Institute, can he attended
at their residences.
Communication from all purls of the country w ill
he attended to with promptness, mid medicines sent
if ik)sir*-d, by enchasing a lee of tell dollars
No efforts wilt be spared to make the Howard Medi
cal In-lilute what it purports to be, a pluliuilhrophic
Institute. , „ , i ,
Consultation in English, Trench, Spanish and
(illh e hours from *.» A. M.. till fl P. M. Address,
Howard Medical Institute, lid Sacramento street,
Sim I Van** -Fo.
Office Physiciaa, DR. R M« ( AFFHEV.
I.NOII SALE Ly the Case or Package in
quantities to suit.
Long toll paper. Legal cop Letter Paper. Ink
Brum! bill paper, Fools cap, Note paper, 1 eu
cils, Plank Books, Wafers, Src &c. Noisy
Carriers Boi k & Stationary Co,
H 7 Battery, i Oi & tki Loner Wharf. San Fran
cisco. C- P. KIMBALL. Pres.
HAVE APPOINTED 4 AUI/. saw IN, Agent fv-r
the .‘.lie of their l.ime. They are prepwd to
furnish anv quantity of the very best quality of >. o»
f«r Building and oilier purposes. Mr cswiuks.
Agent for the sale ol McDonald s l.ime.
Or no—At Hnntoon's Exchange, Orotr die. jj Utf
oi Choice Liquors, always on haud, at
wholesale or retail. »l the rtre proof store
of JOSEPH uLUCUAI P. in hMveU.
WV.-l Miio l» Hit* tin* 11 nun ll*
.)/./ H i s r / / /. < .i
Wm. Qliaritoy tO Co.,
gl» i sni'rn 1.1 v \xvh’m'i: t • run r "
3vk |jr «ti«l Till) TUAIiK iiiii iii« > t»;i%«• »»
■* tn mly i»u haiiil, umJ for Mtlt*, ul tin? inuro
l*ri<•*•?», in
\ I a rtf c amt chin fully .'*•!«•< Nil ntock of
( i;ar>, ol t'.ic Chiiieist
Aw well a* ilmmk uf a clieHpi'r iMialily ; uiso K\ 1.1; V
DKSIKAHU: HKASI» of I "It \li'i», and in shun,
whatevr may be found in any similar establishment m
A I,'IM! KXPKUIKNCK in Ihe bn«iness, we feel
aswiirod will, w hen connected wnli STK \ I<• 11 IK< • '(-
IV Mill IIKA l.INli, enable ns ui i>ive KNTiUK «*A I*
ISKai TIO.N to those wlu> nmy favor us with their pal
ry*L'O«.'NTRY TIIADKRS mpnlied 15 per cent,
less limn ;ii nny other house in Hie Slate,
Muyrysville July It), IKti . JyltWtf
Kmpire liluck, Marysville.
fl B AVE Received pec {'tipper Ship, “S S Ilinhop’
Bln mill well selected invoice of
Which they offer for Sale at the Lowest Market
Psices, aiul to which they ineile nttentiou,
Tartaric Acid, Bicarbonate of Soda,
Straight & Taper Cotks, Pres
sed Hops Pressed Sage,
Oil of Sar-apai illa, Ex-
Lcmon and Vaudla,
tracts of Strawberry,
Ami n variety of articles nulled to the Mountain
Trade, are Slow in Sure, and w ill a rive by quarterly
shipments from New Vnrk and Philadelphia.
Apothecaries A: Kmpire lllocj) MMIIt*
V; A <w A {\s | I A y I \ ... v
I_> W J/U.WU liJd-J tL WW 4 C*_.* kij Ju K.-W '» Li JM,
Cloth in,c, Hoots, Ladies’ and
West sMt* K. st near .’ml si tlarwille.
r ll,L Kr.KIM'UN.'T.VN II.V UN J, Sit (.ill
T T KB.llrllUrll. ljf lioolt* lit lllcir line. Ill) VVollM
respectfully solicit a share of public pu: minute
I’mlleular attention jinid loonier* imiu tint country
JOHN 1!. MASON, fcb2-l?-tt
Stoves ! Stoves !
STO.MBS & into.
rs in Stores, aml Mmw fuel n errs
'J'ui, ('upper, a till S/nrf Iran
II are, K Street, let tree u
Second mid Pinza,
assortment of Air Tight. and I'rert iiiiu Hook
ing Stoves, together with every v.rre-iv of I in
innl Slii'i l Iron Ware* belonging toihe trade.
Trader.*, Miner* and Farmers, are respectfully iuu
tnl In give n« u rail.
N. li. Al.I. kind* of Cojiper work made to onlor.
Pump* mill VV ulrr liniiin iv|iairt)d ami set up- Soil a
Fun ilium* mailr innl repaired. I’lirtiruinr uIU-iilniii
jiuiil to Joli Work mid metal rooting. Term* Cash
.Murysvilie. March K Is.ld, s. a n.
-A. C i!L n 23
f 1111 I’NDKKSIti \ III) « i-lie* to Inform tin- truv
U tiling public anil iho citizen* of .Marjsville, ilm'
after llli* day nil bn*ilir** connected w iln llir 11010
department will be curried on bylbciuool TiCK
K’l S, ie* follows l
m v.t. i.s 8 :r,
1,1 uniiNi; .... .6o rt» , 7'rl* . ami 81
FAMILY ROOMS 81 6o |n r day .
A ticket for l»a\ Hoard. by the week, will be .*lO,
payable in ad value.
A Ticket for Day Hoard, willi Lodging, by Ibo
week, will he 813, 816, and fIS, accord ini' lo seler
lloli ol roirin
The Pr< irrlelor hopes Uiere Iti dnctioir* will I e
jireperly appreciuled by the Public. The style ot
business a- before. Tin - addition of a good Uni),
House, Slaving Saloon, with ll.e advantage of in,,
office of Ibe California Stage ''onipany, with every
other convenience for the traveler, w ill. I limit, n,,
■ lire to lie 1 public, all the need I ill comforts ~f a home
In connection willi the above, the proprietor dee an i|
absolutely necessary to staledistinctly tiiat be cannot,
(w trill not. nor shall not. to any one. unde or 1.-
male, give the t'lffkle»! «r nhorHst n>du.
This is not jH-rsoiml: it is genenU. I have been
ralln-r tmJmsed upon lately, mi J 1 wish to jirolect Ibo
in.crests of my creditor*, a* wtU a* my own.
K. ri. MtitUAV ,
Marysville, July li*.
Wool, Hides and Tallow
»»^ANTKD—For which the highest market prn u
VV w ill bt> paid. Apply to
Corner of Kb ami E streets.
Hide Yard, eastern entrance on Fourth
street near the Buckeye Mill, Marysrillc,
BIDWELL LODGE No, 47, I, o. O. F.—Heir
ular meetings belli every Tlitusday evening, a. 7
o'clock at their II BidwelL Brothers in good
-‘inidliof are re*pee fully invited. Josshh Bloi a, N
li.; W li Da ASS, V (i, tf I.A'ITIMOSK, Bec'y
DUTTE LODGE, No. V F. &, A. M.-Lodg.
C» np'ets at their Hall in Bidw. 11. on the erst and
thisl S itiirdays i 4 escb month. »l 7 )•. M. Offln r-,
|h»'» ttsuv, VV M, J VV IiILSVfOS, a VV, A i.
CUAuesssAiN. J W, li Kstrtu S;«’j.

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