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dVouille 3Mq 3ontte 3Rcrnrb f
o«o; ii, cioiitti. Editor,
.J AM K S 8 11 CHAIV A N,

•t 3 meeting of the California Democratic Stale
( ,-ntral Committee, held in the city of Sacramento,
on the lOlh day of July it was resolved that a
(( ■•nocrahic Stale Convention be called, to meet In
l!u* city of Sacramento, on TUESDAY, the Dili day of
(September neat, for the purpose of nominating two
members of Congress, a Clerk of the Supreme Court,
a Superintendent of Public Instruction, a State Prison
Director, and four Presidential Electors
the State Centre! Comn itlee suggest that Sntnr
i), the ‘.'3d day of August, be tbu tlay selected by
Itio different counties for the election of Delegates lo
>od Democralic Slate Convention,
' r hc following is tbe upportiouinenl of represents-
t tnudor It)
Itiitte .... ... 8
4’olUel 3
t ale veras 13
i’onlra Costa 3
F i Dorado 21
time bold* .2
Klamath 3
i m Angeled 6
batitwiv • . ■ . s • 8
M inpoaa - • 6
•IviM 4
H erc«d 1
Napa 2,
Nevada 14 Tuolumne
, 8
San Reanarlino 3
Santa Rnrbrira 3
San Louis Obispo
Santa Cruz
San Francisco . .
Stanislaus 3
Sacramento 16
Solano 4
Siskiyou H
Shasta •• *8
Sutler 3
Sonoma and Men '.?eino
Santa Clara -
San Joaquin ....
. 7
. 12
. 6
. 7
&|T rmity 4
Placer EljTulare
San Diego 2 \ 010 4
Yuba 13'
»v order; It. F. \V ASIIINUTON. Cbair’n.
It. F. Powell, Secretary.
9«y* Democratic papers throughout the State please
Democratic County Convent lon.
be Democratic Electors of Unite county are here
by requested to send delegates to a County Conven
tion to assemble ul ORD v'ILLE, on SATURDAY,
t UOUST 83d, for the pnr|)ore of electing eight dele*
rales to the Stale Convention, to assemble at Sncra
neolo, on the ninth day of September next; and also
'or the purpose ol nominating two M embers of Assem
bly mid one Assessor for Unite county. The different
precincts arc entitled to the following representation,
the basis boing one delegate for each precinct, one
‘or every 30 votes, and one lor each fraction of
fifteen votes. I’r« emets in which the number of del
.gHleS tiro not mentioned, are enlititled lo a represen
tation in acoorduttcewiiU the above basis.
'((dwell, t>; Hock Island. 3; Mountain House, 8;
.'■'rench Creek, 2; Junction VI &S. Fork,2; Pine Knot,
r , Musquito Creek, 8; Sky High, 8; Union liar, 2;
airfield Uur, 4 Pea vine 1; Central House, 2; Ilolicut
City, 8; Wyandotte, 2, Garden Rancho,B; While Hock
", l.ynchburg, 3: High Rock, 8; Oioville, 3; Enterprise
F ountain spring House 1; Scott it Vaiiliuc's Store I;
aland liar 2; Korbesluwu 4 : Bingham's liar, 3; tiro
ewa 1; Natchez. 3; Evansville, 2; Hamilton, 8; Tar.
•ter** Kain-h, 2; Neal's Rancho, 2; Thompson’s Hat 2;
’■‘orris Ravine; 2; Chico. 4; Jenning’s Rancho, 1;
Couples’ Rancho, 2; Manhattan, 1; Simmons’ Store, 2;
Moore &. Perry’s Store. 2, Nelson’s liar. 8; Mesllla
Valloy, 8; v retichtowii, 1; Unite Mills, 2; Hrolherloii's
.'lore, 1; Forks of Butte, 2; Helllown, 8; Kunklo's
Rancho, I; bill s Rancho, 2; Kobitison’s Mill, 2;—
Virginia Mills, Uerry Creek Mill, Kerry Creek liar;
Martin's Rancho, Robinson’s Hill, Clietukee Ravine,
According to the basis of representation, (the Dem
ocratic vote of last September,) Orovtllc is entitled to
nil 3 delegates. The population having largely in
remsed within the past year, llio Coinumtoe have
reason to behevo that Oroville is entitled to some 14
toiogsloa. as Hie ent re vote of the precinct at Hie late
. lection, lor Justice of the Peace, was between eight
md nine hundred. The mailer is respectfully refer
red to the Convention.
Geo. U. Ckosette,]
G. W. Hess, ;-Co. Com.
C. F. Lott,
N. D. I’i.um J
•Aroville. July 29, 1856.
Pioneer Circus. —We learn from the
agent, Mr arles C. Pell, that Rowe &
Co ’a Pioneer Circus will visit Oroville in a
very short time,
A Runaway, almost —A team came
very nigh getting up a running match on
Saturday. They hud got a very respectable
Hart up Myers’ street, but was brought to
front cf the Recoed office, without doing
any particular damage,
Know Nothincism.—The news by the
!ast steamer is a death knell to the hopes of
the Know Nothing party. There is not the
least possible show of success for their par.
ty in the approaching contest. They will
not amount to a respectable faction. They
have fallen beneath the dignity and im
portance of Abolitionism. It has fallen into
the evening of its day,*cre yet the morning
of its life has begun. To make use of u sig
nificant phrase, it has “ gone in.”
“ I *aw from the Poach when the morning was shi
i bark o'er the waters rule clorbusly on ;
; 'time when the sun o’er that beach was declining,
tfie baik was still there, but the waters were gone."
Hall at the U. S—Cards have hern
issued for a Ball to be given at the U. S.
in Tburs ay evening next. The list ot Man
agers is beaded by don. I*. 11. Harris, and
•he arrangements are in the hands of those
excellent caterers Charley Legate and
/rank. Gf course every thing will be re-
Sere, and those who wish to indulge in the
art tßipsioliorean,' will have an o{ portunity
to do eo to their entire satisfaction.
Mr. Harris, of the Cal. Stage Co., has our
thanks for Marysville and Sacramento pa
The Miners Meeting. —This was one of
the biggest fizzles that we have been called
upon to notice for some time —not in want
of numbers, but in the manner in which
the proceedings were conducted. There
was a respectable number in attendance,
and they were good lacking, intelligent, and
fine feeling fellows, the whole of them. In
fact every body present seemed to feel un
usually good natured. At the hour appoint
ed for the execu no, assemblage of the
meeting, some one mounted on the head of
a barrel, and nominated Judge Bean us
chairman, and 'Mr. Buffum as Secretary.
Judge Bean was non rsl inventut just at
that particular time, and the first speaker
again arose and nominated a Mr. I'owcrs as
chairman. He was unanimously elected,
there being but one side of the question put.
A committee was then appointed, consisting
of Maj. Switzer, and two other gentlemen
whose names we did not leaaa, to draft re
solutions expressive of the sense of the meet
ing' The Major announced that the reso
lutions would be ready in ten minutes. The
committee soon returned, and the Secretary
mounted the barrel, and read the platform.
It started out with a whereas, about the
corruption that had been manifested in pub
lic affairs, and then followed a string of re
solutions, one of which we thought was very
good, and wo should be glad to see miners
all over the state, adopt a similar one and
adhere to it, and that was a resolve, not to
support any but honest men for office. Af
ter the resolutions were read, the President
arose and requested those in favor of their
passage, to say, aye! There was a response
by several voices, and without putting the
negative, declared the resolutions adopted,
amid great cries of “call the nays,” “call the
The President then requested that those
in favor of adjourning, would signify the
same by saying “aye,” A hearty response
from a few voices, and the President declar
ed the meeting adjourned, amid great cries
of “no! no!”
Maj. Switzer, then mounted the tub, and
made a most thrilling and eloquent speech,
which our reporter has given ns follows:
‘‘Gentlemen —Ihavenothing to say.alll
have to say, is expressed in the resolutions
The resolutions express all I have to say.—
It I should make a speech, it would only be a
repetition of the resolutions.”
He retired from the stand, greatly exhaus
ted by bis Webstcrian effort.
The proceedings were evidently cut and
dried by a few persons, for what object we
know not and care less. The meeting was
evidently disposed to humor them. They
resolved to publish their proceedings, but
when some use made a motion to publish
them in the llcevrd, the President forgot to
put the question.
Improvements.— Preparations for the
erection of the brick block on the corner of
Myers and Montgomery streets, arc pro
gressing rapidly. The cellar has been ex
cavated. Garriott throws water to the spot,
and sand piles find mortar beds, are accu
mulating in the vicinity. The workmen will
probably commence this morning the labor
of raising the edifice. The enterprising
proprietors.Measrs. Downer, Garlow & Ritch
ie, will have a magnificent building, and we
hope it may prove sufficiently profitable to
induce others to follow their example, and
continue such substantial improvements,
until Oroville is lost in a forrest of brick and
‘‘La Sux a Day!”— That gentle little mob
bie, the town talk, in connection with one or
two Ki-Yi, and Black Republican organs,
announce their intention of keeping the fact
before the people, that Judge Lott has dis
charged several Vigilant disciples from the
employment of the government. If they ad
vise many of the fact, they will have to ad
vertise in something besides Ki-Yi, Black
Republican Vigilant organs. It appears to
hurt the mobociacy awfully, to think that
Judge Lott has ordered their tools from
handling Uncle Sam’s money. Perhaps it
prostrates some of their benevolent designs.
The Waoon Road across the Plains.—
The United States Senate has passed a bill
appropriating dOu.OhO to build a military
or wagon fond, from Missouri, via Salt Lake
and Carson Valley, to California. It was
supposed that the House of Representatives
would piss the bill without difficulty. This
is good news for California, and particular
ly for Sacramento, as that city must be the
terminus of the route.
Recovered. —The body of Adam Ross,
who was accidentally urowned a lew days
since, at the ‘-Rough k Rea ly” claim, was
recovered on Saturday, and decently inter
red. lie was a German, and about ”1 years
of age
Butte County Jails—We use the pin*
ral number, fur Butte county at present bus
two jails, with fifteen prisoners in one and
one in the other. One of these jails is lo
cated at Bidwell, the present county seat,
and the other at Hamilton, where the conn*
ty seat was formerly located, "fc have the
third jail, now in process of erection, in Oro
ville, and, like other tenements in our city,
it will be occupied us soon as completed.
The Jail business in Butte county has been
brisk since the Vigilance Committee have
been ;in session in San Francisco. It was
tolerably brisk at one time last winter, the
Sheriff having nine prisoners on hand at
one time; but never as high as sixteen be
fore. This extra expense the tax-payers ol
the county may thank the Vigilance jCom
mittce fur. Our citizens may also thank the
Mobiles of Fan Francisco fur the organized
banfls of robbers and thieves now in our
midst, who slate that they have been driven
from San Francisco. Why don’t San Fran
cisco convict and send her rascals to the
| State’s Prison, instead of turning them
, loose upon the interior, to rob and murder
I our citizens, and to be convicted at the ex
i peuse of other communities. Why should
i our citizens support the Vigilance Commit
tee of San Francisco, if it has the effect to
I drive their rascals into our midst, to plun
{ der and murder our citizens' 1 Let every
community take care of its own rascals.
The mobiles of San Francisco have no more
right to let their rascals loose to prey upon
the miners of the interior, than a man has
i to turn a rabid dog ’oose upon his neighbor.
- ’ ‘
Humors ok thk Canvass. — Mr. Little
i julmsaidin the Philadelphia Convention, he
would “ sacrifice all things to secure the
i election of Fremont.” No doubt there will
| be great sacrifices of big Johns, little Johns
i and demijohns, and if Col. Benton be any
j thing of a prophet, the whole “ farce” will
| close with the sacrifice of John Fremont him*
I self.
There will be not only paper pellets but a
pellet of flesh and blood ia this canvass. It
is announced that Miss Sarah Pelletof Sy*
i racuse, N. Y., is to take the stump fur the
“ Republican” nominees. She has peddled
books in the cars, and has become “ well ac
quainted with the plans and operations of
I Southern men,” by living in Central Ameri
ca and California.
It is fair to presume that this gentle maid*
en will devote her patriotic efforts, fur the
most part, to the “ po leg-a-my” plank in
the Philadelphia platform. We trust she
will vary her performances by riding the
woolly horse barebacked and astradle, and
thus increase the novelty of her political
labors. Go it, Hilly.
K N Prospects. —The Sacramento A
merican thinks the K. N. prospects in Cali
fornia are bright, and that they will carry
State this fall. Now, the fact is, the
Republican party is much more formidable
in this State than the Know Nothing. Rut
there is nothing like keeping up their cour
age and exhibiting a proper spirit. The
great Central organ is determined not to be
oast down, notwithstanding the Republican
party have swallowed them up. Like the
fellow who had been sent to bed when his
wife had company, but wiio, being after
wards found with his eye at the key-hole,
swore by bis valorous stars, ‘‘ as long as he
had the spirit of a man, he would peek."
Dust. —Oroviile is the dustiest place in
the whole state of California. The streets
are filled with it, and it finds its way into
every house in town, and overspreads every
thing. Water carts cannot keep it down
wind cannot blow it away. The town is dust
itself. If any one doubts it, let them go to
McWilliams & Tymeson’s Ranking House,
and see how the dust accumulates.
Soi.n and Gone.— Our “French friend'*
Joseph Rosenthal, has sold his Jewelry es
tablishment, and wiil soon take his depart
ure from Ororille, to try his luck in the

Duron Charley at Panama. —A pass
enger by the Sonora informs the San Fran
cisco Bulletin that C. P Duane is swelling
mighty big at Panama. Duane went on board
the Sonora the day she sailed, with all the
flash of his Montgomery street days, but
dressed a little after the Granadian fashion,
wearing a large Panama hat. Ho visited
the vessel in company with a captain from a
man-of-war lying ut Panama, and several
other gentlemen. They drunk wine togeth
er in the cabin.
Mr 11. R. Gam hams, will accept our
thanks for the Marysville Inquirer and a file
of Sun Francisco papers.
To Mr J. R Watson, we arc indebted for
the California Kxprr *, Sacramento Union,
S. F. Chronicle, Bulletin and Alta.
Fremont’s chance* op Success. — Many
of the papers are discussing the chances of
Fremont in November next The latest po
litical intelligence from the Atlantic States
renders it quite certain that Fillmore will,
voluntarily or otherwise, leave the track,
and the Contest will lie between Buchanan
and Fremont. In order to elect Fremont
lie must carry all the free States en masse.
with the exception of 11 votes the exact
number belonging to Pennsylvania. If he
lose Pennsylvania, therefore, he can afford
to lose nothing else.
The National Era , an old and able frcc
soil paper, proves conclusively that for a
mere hope of temporary success, Fremont
was put forward at the expense of better
men, and then figures out his defeat thus.
Hear it:
“ Mr. Buchanan will receive, wo presume,
the fwhole electoral vote of the South, or
one hundred and l venty votes. Let us sup
pose that the nominee of the Philadelphia
Convention shall obtain the electoral votes
j of New England, New York, Ohio, Michigan,
! and Wisconsin ; the debatcable States then
will be Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana,
Illinois, lowa and California. As for carry
ing California fur the Republican candidate,
the supposition is wild That Ste’e i? slave
ry-ridden— both the Whig and Democratic
parties there have always been distinguish
ed by their subserviency to slavery. We
might as well hope for Missouri. In Penn
sylvania ns against Fremont. Buchanan
would in all probability command the en
I tire Democratic vote, and a large portion of
the old conservative Whig vote. Now, with
his one hundred and twenty votes, he would
need only Pennsylvania and New Jersey,
or Pennsylvania and California; the lust
two would raise his vote to 150, one more
than necessary to elect.
The available candidate, ns against Buch
anan, must be able to beat him in his own
| Ftate, and carry New Jersey.”
Political Speech or an Old Line Whig
! —At the great Democratic ratification racet-
I ing, held at Hartford, Connecticut, a few
'days since, among the prominent speakers
! was Mr. Chapman, an Old Lino Whig, la
| the course of his remarks he said :
“ Why, sir, where shall 1 go under such
1 circumstances as these? Where cun I go,
and where can every man who cares for nis
I country go? 'lhc Democratic party with its
broad national principles, is the only party
that we can join, and honestly cany out
our views in a contest like this Here we
are—some of us certainly —and 1 think there
are many throughout the country. [Great
cheering.] Here we will act in this snug
gle—if it be a struggle—and to me the te
sult does not appear doubtful. Hut, whilst
1 shall vote for Buchanan and Brcckenridge,
with a strict regard to what 1 believe to be
for the best interests of the country, there
are two things that I will not promise— fir *t,
I will not promise to make any political
speeches in this campaign ; second, 1 will not
promise not to do so ”
Miraculous E-cape with Like. —On
Friday last, Mr. H. Duwcns fell from the
op of a shaft, thirty feet deep, on Gold Hill,
(which he had just ascended,) and struck
on a tub at the bottom, receiving several
severe bruises, but none, it is believed, mor
tally dan-To-ono.
Stephen A. Douglass on Vigilance
Committee Principles. —ln a late speech
of Senator Douglass?we find the following
passage. The application is easily made :
“ The principles of the Black Hepublicans
is to obey such laws as they like, and repu
diate those they do not like. They claim
protection under the Constitution, and refuse
to yield obedience to it. The difference be
tween them and the Democracy is, that the
Democracy support the Constitution in all
its parts, with equal fidelity, without »cfer
cnce to whether they like it or di-like it.
It is no excuse for a man to say that lie does
not like a law, and therefore will not obey it.
Did they ever know a criminal who liked the
law ? Law breakers never like the punish
ment that follows the act. Law-abiding
men have no lour of the supremacy of the
law; and the question to be decided in this
contest is, whether a law made in pursuance
of the Constitution and as expounded by the
Courts, shall prevail, or whether such a law
is naught, and cowardly leaders shoot down
the officers with impunity.’*
Organized Hano ok House Thieves.—
There is an organized band of horse thieves
in Honey Lake Vallay. Recently Mr. Har
bour, of Carson Valley, and Mr. Wood, of
Shasta, were shot at by them, and both se
riously wounded. It is feared Mr. Buibour
cannot live. The citizens of the Valley we re,
at last accounts, organizing themselves into
a Vigilance Committee, and were determiu
c i to exterminate the hand.
Benton on Buchanan. —The Missouri
Democrat reports Benton os saying at Cin
cinnati, ‘ As for Buchanan, he was never a
leading man in any very high sense, hut a
man ol lair talents, an I a very pure man in
both his political and private life He is
eminently a man of peace The e ffect ot his
nomination would be to restore peace to the
Well Forgotten —The Binghampton
Dt nwci ill says : V'ltt - ~Lrm Inn
in enumeiating the American cities which
the Britishers could take -“just as easy,” in
case of war between trie two countries,
’eavezoul New Orleans altogether. We can
not account f r the omis-ion. except on the
ground that they took it in 1 814. and don’t
think it necessary to take it ever again.”
A Worthy Advocate, —A correspondent
of the press, who ha# been advocating the
cause of the mobitet of S. Francisco, over the
signature of •• A 1$ and denounced the
opponents of the Committee in the most
scurrilous manner, has been discovered by
the Shasta Hi publican tc be a man who
was indicted a few months since for murder
and escaped conviction only by a quibble
:of the ls»\v. The Republican says of him :
“ A few months since, the said A IS
indicted by the Grand Jury of thccouuty ot
Shasta, for the crime ot murder, alleged t<>
; have been committed upon one Williams—
-1 A warrant for his arrest was duly issued,
and the said A. It. fled—lie skulked about
l our hills and avoided the ( friceis ot the law.
Afterwards the said A. it. • neak‘ 1 into town
; the back way and gave himself up When
i the case of the “ l\ople vs. A It , indict
ment for murder," was called on for trial.
1 lie studiously avoided an investigation ot
the merits ol the case. A motion \uis made
that the indictment be set aside, on the
ground that one of the grand Jurors who
presented the indictment was an alien. The
mini accused of alienage was brought f< r
ward. lie made oath that he was a citizen,
but because lie could not present to the
Court the records of St. Louis, Missouri, this
man A. I! . was set at liberty, before he
lett the Court room, h iwcvcr, in open Court,
by his attorney, he solemnly pledged him
self to the law—he pledged himsell that he
would not only not violate the law again,
but that ever afterwards he would uphold
and maintain it.”
Buckeye Claim. —This claim last week
realized the snug little sum of &1.881 111,
with two men throwing into the sluice,—
The claim is working seven hands in all.
That is pay that is hard to beat.'
Orleans Hotel, Aug. ‘-id, IHsrt.
.1 Hnswt 11, Nicholas. t. II Kpbarn, do, (’ N Tuley,
(In, M M Larruwny, Surramenlo (Vo Day. VlrginlH ,
Win ISruding, iio, Jnu Uuciianiin, l.lio Oak, Jewso
Mct'ai.i ken, Timbintoo, J J (■riiic*. MooreV Uanelio,
('apt t) Halley, Forbe.-town, Duel Woodward, Habhit
i ivrk.J O Si il Marysville. \l ( hiiinpton. Cherokee,
I.:!Hoi Nightingill. Marysville, Harry Gni'diier, do,-I
Morgainlotie, New York, .Int.u Hurrig.in. Perm, J M
Covington, GheruYue Kuuu , M 1, King, Mexico, J i
j tavugo.
Huntoon's I'xehange, Aug. ~d.
| J .Inc Ryun, Mii' jmi lilt*, i.en Hull,do David Qundlin,
| ST E England. .Mountain House. J England, do, J a
j Pnrki r, W Miller, MilnpVi Car. Ileiir; llryaii Miiriw
i w ilie, K. T Robertson, do, Sinclair, do. Win Franklin,
ido I’ II Karnes dims Pull, agent Rowe’s circus, J
• onroy, circus, .las s Phi lips, do. A G Simpson, <lo,
iP C llrown, Table .Mount,■ in, C bulb r, do, A MrCar
i gar l berokee, Air Hindi, do, Henry E Hood man,
| "Magnolia,” Jus S Dickey, do, W K Fowl, do, S
I Pilcher. Sacramento.
At the Highest Hates.
Choc Is.s At X* n,r !
For Sale, on all the Principal Atlantic Giles,
f received. Special and otherwise.
July H, that). jyU-tf
C. B. MACY, C. L. LOW, P. p. LOW.
Cliocllb at ar,
on garrison, Morgan, fketz, a, Ralston
We are prepared to drtiw SIGHT EXGTIANGE oa.
Alio, on the other prineip d E intern Cilte.
Marysville, Augual 4, 1533. uul-lf
K itrcct, near the corner of Second at reel,
Will continue lo carry on the business of
Melting, Ilcfinliiß N Assaying
GOL 1) AN D () li E s
We guarantee the correct ness of our Array?, and
hind oursenes to pay any difference* that may arise
with any of the H S. MINTS, Returns made in frcin
»u to iw.-Ive hours,
SrretMKM* or Qt aktz Assayed a*d Valcsh.
TERMS Foil ASSAYING t the snna ns in San
Francisco. H. HARRIS,
c. l. Farrington
Thursday Evening, A tig. 7.1850.
A Coiillen Party will lie given at the Uni*
r ted Slat «. i u Thor-day Evening text An
excellent Hand of Mn-ic I a* been engaged,
* " Mid no paitib will be stared lo render this a
m* gie(l'"iil 'IT tr. The wh-be will be under the
IU ina.eini Id ol MR. CHARLES LEGATE.
| Thu Fubi.c .a invited. cl.I

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