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Oroville daily Butte record. [volume] (Oroville, Butte County, Calif.) 1856-1858, September 06, 1856, Image 2

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■ i M 'll i; la ••him l .; nl r,.iii «n I, Ml Ilio I nilotl Si.ill s
I) I) II UtKfS, Hoc. Sec'y
i' K TII K
1 H. .1 0 7. M'l:: ■ IK, of Pn -aiui'lilii will ml
i ■«J ln' I) •ainrr.n;. ul OrovlUc. on Him (Snturdny)
Uv •nii'i;.
£ , Tii 'ro wm,sr i n ir in town Inst nhht, lint
:o' I. lilnr it' l!i *'.*11 I’raie-isc » Uilllotin (mil lieen
■ •• 1 I n- in' r.'. p . i,’ Hi • li tiith oi lai'iieriil How
1, on IHi i 1 i' \ i;.l.ino • I’.immiUcif Inul Mirroim.
.i--i) tin* jdl t\>rth- p i-pKi- of resru.ut; him Wo
< ji I not Ir.ic • the r imor i<> u n liable source.
•’* Daovn 1.1 .employs three Watchmen,
o' .100 jit hi 'bill i •o',i, which is raised by
v luntary subscription of onr citizens.—
They arc cnipowere I to niike arrests of
drunks and disorderlies, an 1 otherwise in
terfere where broaches of the peace occur.
"'TWc take it fur "ranted Tom Cox or
•hbhle cannot he elected to Congress, in any
event, and it the other FiiJmore nominee is
< i llepaliliian proclivities, i.vnd sho ild the
Democracy be defeated, the delegation would
i’ini. in Cmure-s as Abolitionists —with
(■ox. or without Cox !
«•» —.
Till. PftKsim-.MI VI. C<VMH HATKS IX K g- v *
•n i'ki —Acc. rding to the showing of the
Nc iv oi k Hcnthl. tlirre i in Kentucky a
in ij irily of five papers and three thousand
read ts in favor of lluchantu, over hot It
ITem int and Fillmore, iu Missouri, there
is a ta .j irity in f tvor of Du kanan ever both
(lie other c nidi dates, of rix papers and ten
(hiu'.stnd readers letdown Kentucky and
M. - mri a- s ito for the National Democracy
an ■ the I’niuu.
linn Wivih—We have hn 1 very high
win is tor the last two days, which has ren
dere 1 our watering w igoii of but little ser
vice iu keeping down the dust, fiorn the fart
that U could not water the country for miles
arena 1. The wind rose so high Inst night,
(hat it blew down a dwelling occupied by a
I rmly. an 1 in its fall its massive walls fell
'ip * 'i a miner’s cabin containing some four
or live men, and Bathed it as flat as an old
WMinaii’s bonnet, but the most singular part
of the story is, that no one was injured,
w.ucli is supposed by some to be because
t h >sj in ismvc walls were sot stone, but can-
Kiirlx for Ihr People
The voters of California will not fail to
remember, that the Know Nothing authori
ties of the .Suite have failed to pay tlie in
lfre>-t ilue on our Udii Is in New York. That
ilthough the .Slate furnished the mono) for
that purpi se, it was not u-*ed ns lliC tax
foyers intended ; but, sis averted by At
lantic pavers. fur tlie purpose of securing
the sucess of the Black Republican ticket.
That it was staked at a game of Fre monte ’
When the I’erj le ate t.sked to vote for Fre
on ut, let them remember that they have
been taxed one bundl ed thousand dollars to
procure bis nomination ; and when asked to
v. to for Fillmore, lot them remember that
it was l i hnore men who placed the money
where it coul 1 be u-e I for such unholy pur
pisi.s Wo doubt nut but that portions of
ibis fund were u j cd for the purpose of se
eming the pass age of the bill quieting land
tiilcs in California, which had it passed,
would have secured Calmer, Cook & Co.’s
title to the Houllon & Hirron claim, and en
ai l'd Fremont to have turned the Miners
of Mariposa from their claims. Never be
fore was such a stupendous frau I attempted
upon the pe< ile of California. And who
attempted this grand swindle? The very
men who now want the people to sustain
them by v ding for Fillmore. The Know
Nothings placed the funds of the State ill
the hands <f the Him k Republicans, who
used it t i forward their political schemes,
10-t the people i ■ nn mlicr the parties to these
swindling tra’is icii ms.
“ Mowi.im; run Fili.mork.”— lt is a fa
vorite assertion of tlie Fillmore I’res.s, that
California is “ howling for Fillmore.” The
Tax layers of California may well howl to
know why the Fillmore authorities of State,
instead of paying tlie interest due in New-
York with the money provided for that pur-
I i se. placed it where it could be used to
purchase men and presses to -‘shriek for
Freedom," and to secure the nomination of
Fremont The Washington Evening Star
a lys;
“ In Wall street it, is currently’ said that
the missing ■--HtO.O(ii) went to fix delegations
in the Republican Convention fur Fremont,
priii ipally from the West, instead of to dis
charge lb. honest obligations of the Slate ol
California ”
The pcojdc of California will “howl for
Fillmore” and ‘ Fremont’ with a vengeance,
wlicn they understand that they have been
(axed one hnndn 1 thousand dollars by the
Fillmore authorities of Stale, to aid «lie j*»-
lineal gamblers of the nation. Hut, say tlie
Washington press, Ibe St ite will immediately
provide for tin? ] ayment of this interest.
How? Why by paying the interest again!
Of course they will, ami according to tlie
Know N ‘tiling and Abolition presses of the
State ate still ‘ howling for Fillmore’ and
howling fer Fremont ’*
Hkmock vric State Convention. —
Whether intended or not, it is nevertheless
a gratifying fact, that the Democratic Slate
Convention will meet on the anniversary of
the admission of California into the Union.
Now, when the liclli-h factions of disunion
ire rif* in the land, that the Democracy
should meet oti that day, and show their de
votion to the Union, by presenting National
men for Congress, ami tlie expression of
union D-.umoci atic sentiment. What more
appropriate ilny to place in nomination men
who, hy their t ti inn pliant election, will show
that U ilifornia is still devotedly attached to
the Union.
Fire! Fun:! Fire!—We would call the
attention of our citizens to the communica
tion of Capt Hharky, of the Police, in re
ference to carelessness of fire, iliw sugges
tions are most timely, and should receive
the serious attention of all who h ive the in
tcrest of the town at heart We have called
attention to this fact several times before
We say again, km p a vigilant eye on all
I uncos where there is a possibility of nine
~, Tu ring. Our Policemen arc most faith
tullv discharging their duties, but all th.is
i„ of no Avail, when any citizen fails to guard
his own
?.li\ix(.. —' *" tl‘C oj jiosite sideof the riv
er they are coa. inenc ‘'ip operations again
in the bluff Scvi ral tunnels were starlc I
time list winter! u ‘ were abandoned in con
sequence of no water A parly have driven
in a tunnel some lUUfoer* and arc now sink
ing a shaft in it, determine d to find tlie bed
reck if such a thing be there.
News Depot —Our friend Wi?twn, who
has ever been “so faithful, so kind and so
true” tons, lias established himself in i? neat
well arranged little emporium of news i>nd
literature, cn Montgomery street, near
K indall & McDerrant’s Drug Store. He is
the agent of numerous popular newspapers,
which he delivers before they have lime to
get cold or the ink to dry on. Give iiim a
Mpna of ll»«- Time*.
From the following extracts. it will hr
seen that there are host* of ohl line W bigs,
from various portion* of the I n’n>n, who are
daily coming over to the f*•»| p >rt of Buch
anan un i Breckinridge. IVe couhl fill our
paper, Jay after day, with such extracts, i
were it twice ns large The Missouri lle
publican has the following :
We, a portion of the conserva
live National Whips ot Lafayette c amiy.
have seen with pleasure the communication*
of Felix liunton nnd John I'. Hughes, and
other ohl Whigs. recoinmetidinp to onr ohl
friends of the Whip party, to support Bu
chanan and Breckinridge l-r Pre*nb , nl and
Vice President In the pre-rat coi iition of
our country, when *‘ctiouul lu'srule threat
en* the dissolution of our glorious I no n,
and the rights <d all the Suites miner the
Constitution, wc see no course for I ni al
loying, National Ooti«crV:itire Whigs to t ike,
but I i vole with the National I'emocruey,
and to give that as hearty a support as ever
vve gave cur own glorious oil Wlug party,
which has been so shamefully deserted by
our old associates in politic-'.
Job Shelby, Robert N Smith,,l M Keith,
Dan. A. Witch, Uauiillos Barnet, B A Mac
lean, Jos F. Smith, J. C. Boyle, (). Ander
son, Johu F Pigoit. Curti* G Mallnce, I)
Rolf, Robert 15 Smith, W. W. Higgins, M.
Ohio —A late democratic meeting in To
ledo, Ohio, was addressed by 11. L. Mosincr.
formerly the editor of the old line W big pa
per, the Toledo Jifatfe. This makes the
third Whig editor in (>hio that has declareal
for Buchanan within a lew days
Tenmssuk—The Nashville Futon pre
dicts that Tennessee will give the democrat
ic candidate, in November, a nmj o ily of
not less than ten t!»• -n«.-iud votes. In Western
Tennessee, Uoloih-I Verger, late old line
Whig can lidate lor Congress in the Memphis
district, i.s out for Buchanan, and will take
the stump in his behalf
Kkmi cr y.—ln Marysville, Ky., the fol
lowing old line Whig lawyers have declared
their intention to vote lor Buchanan and
Breckinridge;—Thomas V. Payne, John D.
Taylor, Tbaddeus C Camj bell. John L.
Scott, Thomas B Stevenson, (icorpo W. Lo
nion, Sijuire Turner, Copt. W. L. Simms,
Francis K. Troutman and Maj Benjamin
North Cauoi.ina. —The lialclgh Stand
ard says: Such men us John Kerr, Paul (j.
Cameron, Waller L. Steele, J. 11. Logan,
Rawly Galloway, Horace L. Rohards, J. C.
Whitson, and George Greet!, are substan
tially with us iu this contest with sectional
ism lor Ihe preservation of tlie Union, and
their influence will lie felt in August and
November. Such men, soaring above party,
and looking to the good of the country, an 1
we honor I hem for it ”
Mil iniiAN —A late number of the Detroit
Fur Press contains a long and able com
munication from S C (Viiiiiherrv, K-ij , a
distinguished old-line Whig, of Michigan,
announcing the reasons that will induce him
lo vote for liuchanan and Breckinridge.
When such old line Whigs as Coffin berry
come up to the support of the Democratic
nominees, there is no longer any doubt how
the contest will go in Michigan. We had the
pleasure of making one campaign in Michi
gan against a fusion of the Whigs nnd Abo
litionists in IS-Pd, and although those pat ties,
when united, had a large m jorit/ over the
Democracy, the Democratic candidate for
Governor was elected by an overwhelming
majority. The old line National Whigs re
pudiated the fuGon then, us they do Repub
licanism now, and sustained the D mocratic
nominee. Among thoiu was S. C.
b*rry, K“<j. As the election resulted then (
so will it result, now. Michigan will be re
deemed from the thraldom el Know Nothing
Am.ki.s Visits.— We were honored the
other liny with a vi»it I'n.ni three beautiful,
bewitching and promising young Misses.—
Politically, they stood two to one against
our institution, but wc argue i the pint with
them, and advi-ed tlmu to turti from tlie
error of thei* ways, which they promised
they would do; at least they would not sit
straddle of the fence as some do, hut go the
straight ticket lor their man, at the coming
election. They said they had just dropped
in to see what kind of stock we made the
Record out of. Wo showed them, and they
went away, satisfied that the press is a pow
erful engine.
Amador Count*. — The democracy of
Amador county, hud one id' the largest and
most enthusiastic meetings ever Ik Id in that
county, on the 2nd id' September. Last year
the Know Nothings carried Amndoi by three
hundred majority. Now the national mind
ed Union loving men of Amador demand
that their county be sot down as gotd tor
five hundred majority lor Buchanan and
BreckcurdgC. hood —make way for Ama
dor !
Labor Havkij —A resident of Union
Grove, Illinois, writes the following; One
of my neighbors dug n well last fall, on ele
vated ground. Alter going down 27 feet,
fie came to a brush of willows : he dug lour
feet more, nnd then struck the top ol another
well which was stoned with cut stone, laid
in cenr./mt. nnd in which there was a beauti
ful supply of wafer!
The 9tb J udicial District Court. Hon Win*
P, Daingerfield presiding, adjourned yester
day at noon.
Thank* —Mr McWiHinm-, Agent if W
F &Co., lias our thanks t■ *r innumerable
favors extended to this (foe dining lie
week. We congratulate W. F \ Co ,on
having the services ot such men at ibis im
portant point They do all thi Bxpn s-inp
in these pai ts.
lll’TC H I MCs t ALIIOH Ml V MA i IU\I Wf
have received the Sej ten b.-r i cud - r < I tin*
California wink. It i J w«il ; 1 1 witb in
teresting matter, mi 1 will 1 • i with in
lcrest by all. Single copy. < '-m».
f pt“ Yesterday mo the 1 I -t I'o-tr" oj;
windy day that we have f --r mf n iutla .
jKiiis. Awmigs wire L>b wn ii. i iij j *■<!
Hum clue to i hi -ring-
A it «it li •*. i <• v I "i,.
We not ire l! nl Or. I!'- v. n lit lie <*'■< v.lle
Drug Scere, i- < • njdntilly r <•< \ • • i■'-i 1 -
jug. large quantities ol < ;:■ iD Med
icines. met tlie secret o! I l ' v *'•' ■ t l| iit
lie Imys lew ftn rmh, theieh ;' iei-a 1 le t>
Hell cheap, ntnl we wall j.' ' I" tl e
public that every nrtiele !<• '' Micro is
pure and genuine See a ivei i, •< u < nt. s*<
T«<» “ fiiiri l* viii'h Ivix j
It is plain to he seen in the if' ru- m"Ut i' l " , 'e.
It.at Doctor Hrown HI VS I 'MI ' \‘li. and m M■'
one below. li.iit Ciivriky 1 r.
(' Liquors neil Cigrr- "I ■' M tN ‘ iI ' *
I'UH'Ks.iu I’»•* I i e-ITool In ' . x ■ "" r l 1
1! nut,ill A M- I lei limit'll I r " ' : r ■ '•< 11
» reel. See mlverlis. tne t In'o '
I M<>% < LI !1.
The Regular Meetings "I lie f iHimin I I'i.-ti
(iU<) will Id' lie'll on e'en I r "ell Ire':;,
evenings, lit ill i 4 I.t It llt'ilM in lie I , llo'ch
I‘. N HI '. S'lrelnM.
m:\v adv-.a is.
THE WOUI.It UliV •" N I I'
The Backus Miustels !
j -on v wo mchts o.\ l v:
Friday nnd Saturday Mi (• • !t and ( Mi.
f oyu S m.KUUA n.li I I‘"l l l ; ■■ retnn ■■!
B from Australia, will give I"
cent pertiwmilltees ill lln* Mi I - j 11 • ! '• '' ' 11
Friday m«l Sul unlay l.vunn . •"'I 1 ' ! *' r .eli nn.l
ADMISSION, '’v I!. ,I. r \i;
! I
H. BARNETT. Cheap *laiiy >
LC K N S JO 1> A I’CTIMN 1. .. .. ,
Attends personally, to Sul'» "I leal 1,-late 1 nrni-
Inre and Stock.
.1 . W . fc> I AA •
Gonoral Anctionoor;
Id authorized to sell 111 An.l . n mil
I. ice use Sales at ten. le-1 to in at I ( 1 the . \.
Orri' K. Myers street, one poor
Slates Livery Stnlil.' H 1 11
£\ those three MiHKMu.s -in \ti n
■.rnml ehtsantly li'.ird n|> < '< »‘l T \o 1 o(
m iMoniisueerv and <* ■ W -;*e-l-. lie- situation
is reUrml, noil » ivintlier el hirin' -In de lie. .. I hey
will he sold lor lir.-l cost, a lie -r.t - ■ h. ris i lilllfed
In leave (In iVilKt on inns inn' ol Ml I" ih h,
Aiiiilv at the Steam Saw Mill.
Orovillr. Sept .1 IHati. O I I UMI '<• N
VlllTll.lt I NO. U-i I.) lO feel. -OH i"l on the
main road leaditit; l l ota orov lile in I• > t"■ 1 1 i|;
burgh, nowu as the Oen'ral ! ur. A good 1“
cation for Hoard.-I'. Itenl S’-‘-»p r nmn'li In'piire
ol I lie swloenlier. at the \- e'en Ii" el, Iy it ‘ i ljnr. r ,
or Dr 4. Katie, Orm Die.
s e w n» r AMt'i:i, MITTS.
J BROWN' 1, r 1 1" ! (:■ "• l| " 'l'titik Kx
j* eliaiiK*'." ihi.k i le, ti.o-l fitin. !\ an non li
es to the citizens i I i Toviille and I 1 . < oiilil). that
he Is now prepared to supply them wnh the choicest
hraii.ls of
And in fact, everything in eonin in n vvilii his line
of husiness, on tin- most reason.ibln l nm,
A choice selection ef I’.riindie", Win.. Ac., In hol
lies, lor family and private me. A’l I V\ I’liD I■>
P, S—ConnliV .Merebittil . nd’li; ' ■ nrcri.licited
In give him a call la for.- p’ni I. in. .1 where
Store, in the l ire I r<>< I 1 rii k, n.-\i I. tlnntoun'a
Exchange. •’ J. itll'i\', N. Agent.
Itrovtlle, August .'lb. is.'sh aug.’AMf
One door above the U. S. lav- ry Siat.le. Myers street,
JOHN SCOTT /e CO., I’n [dittors.
riJAITE A novE now I im: I- M.OON has UF.I'N
I put iii IOMI'I.ETI'. it I I'AIU ai.d v/e n-p*el
fully invite the I oys in mat i>• •••'it th* ->■ igginu-who
wish to play n tpiiet vmne ol Tl N l’l.\>, or taken
nice. c.M I iln.h ot Spir.ls. l.* tc, v.■ i - a . ; II at the
Oroville. August -<s Is. - 1. Ikiigja-lf
7m at ItlochV < igur an I I n | . ruin., < w r
the I’hoelii* Stih.on. I’ll. tVATEIt.MAN
I \U si LINOS, Itridp
and Hows, at I'D. U A'IEUMAM’S.
H TAMAN VIDEIN A UTI M: si It! NOS, laid •• •

hnivet, at Itloch's.
TANDLBri AND MATCHES, at It’och’s.
3ANK B R S ,
MAY I l!Hlx Id lI,HIM ■ Mil 's I I! 'll VlCtt.M-
I i \ A'h Mil.- fl'iH’r
O XL O sJ’ T Xj Ij X£3 .
At tl.r kli*T,c t ITaOs,
Clt ocslc r» r.f : ■ :
ox m\i. \ iii i H.H r in. i ;i •> AXIi
SAX 11. ' X, I - i • i
SIGHT * r. A rT s
r»»r « h Ji ’ ' « I• t ' ; . A•‘ * H v
? I‘ I I* * * l’l J"“ 111 l \ I I »• • . I • *M v M‘.
.1 lit 11. I*■ * . 1 . '
C. II At M \ , ( 1 I U . I I. I .oAV.
MAC’V, LOW av CO.,
■p A *hT T-7 ’P c;
Ju? JL\*. Jut! .La. .l.ji .v.l tJ
t oi.m i; 111■ ii. \y, .< x i ii.i ::;i n,
iVI A U Y S V I z ■ z.
COM. IMS T I*»• lII* ii AS ! !)
o|: I i >I;W \l; 10 !> 1 1 iTI i '1 IN I MM. I 1 IN \l.| ,
ciico't >-i ■■
liN MlllllMlV 'l'll.'. N 1 I 1 V . I *II >X
3A N ri: a i : c \■i r o
\Vi* | »r* | nrnl in • i -v % ’i I' ! I \i' It \ \ |
Ml • si;.", uiai;i i- Vi ■).' • s i vi u , i
A! hi IN* • *ll vr j •.! i * }ij 1 ,s!» n» * I »t*
.V r\*\ ll'*-, An < • ’ I, 3" ; '1 t|
11 AII II IS, M All'll A N ' I A <■(!.,
I*. slml mil) 111 < i * . m *»> * t« out I >» tit» f.
.1/.//. ) s nr/, i:.
ALSO, It ;.)-1 i. 1 :, . A'* I \ !<>.
V'' ill rni • itiiif !<• « ir> • n ! • I i i - i !
Rc*«i)ii.id i - otic
(, ft l D :,v i> <> /1 /; .s
OF JAFFA I i‘ 1 Mi ll' N.
\‘i »• ;i. r i : « tl*«* i v
! lIXI liir-t '♦ -In I IV till.'-I* |! t * 11.; I II :■ : I
ui*liii k \ i I i I ? M. x : . I f i•i. s 111 ii •1 * * ii. I r m
m\ |n 1 w ■ I vt*
in da u s or: < cn n-
Km iiitw of Iji »i iv • ■ .\ t i - a• i V*li i 11
TEKMS i (»U A" - . . n r
I'ram isco. ' I xI. ll.*,
I'. M I,' 11 ' Ml,
i !.. 1 .MllilM.Ti i\.
j'- u -nt}
ncswir t • . * ' • - r*
kowe«: cm ro.'H
f =-
/ /
.>•» j
"* ’ '** *
, . .. J! •
I'HOI'Ii 11 ■J iill.'-.
rWAIIIS (.l.vnnl I -Uil.l Ll inl i I M'l! I.f nil Oil Ir»
u Hull Inn ■■ in r 1.1 j t f i il in Hu- Xln'i' i« i i.u «■ n
il.i lu'i'ciid Iriji lliriuu I. lln mini i-.i.ml will j t rliTin in
Siiii«lm\. J-<*|»l* ■»»!.<■ a* Kli,
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