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BPX.Kngltsh farmers frcqm ntly sow
ns much as twents pounds of Hover
s-’ccl per acre, but it is not nil of one
kind. Rod Hover, on many of their
light lands in »n uncertain emp, anil
they seed tbiok and u*e different kinds
in order to secure a ‘catch.’ In this
country, twenty or twenty-five pounds
of clover seed per acre is generally
quite unnecessary, but it is better to
seed thick than to have the plants thin
on the ground. The ‘long refreshing
s'eep’ in clover shou'd never be longer
than three years, and in many cases
two years is long enough to let land lie*
• n “
down in clover. —(ienrsm I'armrr.
Sowing Clovkr. —An old Vermont
farmer remarked that he was greatly
prejudiced against years ago against
clover from thin sowing ; stalks were
large mid tang ed, cou dn’t mow it, an 1
cattle wouldn’t eat it. lie now sows
twenty or twenty-five pounds to tli• ■
sicro, his crop stand very thick but not
more than two feet high, cures it in
small cocks, and makes beautiful hay.
Land no' ds rest, like all else, give
it a good bed of clover that it. may
have a long, refreshing sleep —AV.
Cohns. I>r, Hull, in bis Journal of
Health makes the following remarks
on this suhj ct:
never let anything harder than vour
V ' 1 •*
finger-nail touch the corn. Raring it
as certainly makes it take deeyr pad,
as rutting a weed «dl the surface. Tin*
worst kind of cortu are controlable as
Soak the feet in quite warm water
for ha'f an hour before goino to bed,
then rah on the corn with your linger,
for several minut'*s, some common
sweet oil. Do lliis every night and eve
ry morning; repeal the rubbing in, of
the oil with the linger, bind on ibe tm*
during the day, two or three thickness
es of imekskin, whli a hole in th'* cen
ter to receive the co n ; in less than a
week, in ordinary eases, if the com does
not fall out, you can pinch it out with
vour linger nail ; and weeks, and some
times mouths, wll pass away before
von are reminded that \on had a coin,
when you can repeat tin* process.
Corns, like cm sumnlion, are never
cured, hut may he imh Hint' ly postpon
ed. The oil and soaking softens and
lessens lha corns, while the buckskin
protects it from pressure, which makes
it easy to be pushed out by the umler
growth of the pints.
fisa/"‘A penny for your thoughts,
mail tin,’ s ■ icl a gentium n to a beauty.
‘They are not worth a farthing, sir,'
she replied ‘ I was thinking of you.’
„ persons who wish to im in ii \si;
Drugs. Fancy Articles. or Perfuim ry. will <l. >
\U well to cull ul llir ItITTE OKI '. STORK.
on Montgomery, one door from lluwi r street,
Deal ,he t Ire mu Hotel. I lie billowing list comprises
n portion or Hie stock on loud ;
Se.llit/. I’owduis, Quinine, ’
liny Hum, •M ol \ itroi,
Cologne, Nitric Acid,
Acre’s i: Derry Peel unit, Muriatic Acid,
Orow.d’s Sarsaparilla uiidlllue Stone,
yellow Duck, Nutmegs,
Tow use nil’s Sarsaparilla, Oil of l.emon.'i
Sami’s do Oil of Hum 1 ,
liny'oil’s do Oil of i loves.
Mustang l.inumeiii, Oil of Cinauion.J
Nerveni d Horn) Liiiument,Oil of • ingamim ,
Pain Killer, Oil of Peppermint,
Essence ol Jainaca (linger il of Vmce,
Castor Oil, Oil of Lavender,
Moff itl’s Pills. Oil i f CllOehs,*
Me Pilaster’s Ointment, Olive oil,
lioliaway’s Pills, Neal’s Pool Oil,
Wright's Indian VogelfthlcOx Marrow,
Pills, Uose Wilier,
Thompson's Fye Water, Hoke's Kilters,
Thorn’s Kxlracl.
Cod Liver < >ll,
June's expectorant.
Caps lies,
Flea powder,
A (file ami Fever Pills,
Shoulder Unices, j
ISuspousury Itamlages,
Adhesive Plaster,
Castile Soup,
\\ me Hitters,
Stoughton’s Kilters,
Aecelie Acid.
Peruvian Hark,
Cream of Tartar.
Home ipathic Medicines,
Sponges, fine.
do coarse,
Old Port Wine, lor mvdi
cal purjioses,
Old lirSiwu VViusor Soap,Old Clierry Wine, formed-
Hair Oils,
Home Corks,
Vial do
Sal Si ala,
Nitrate of Potash,
leal purposes.
Old l.raiidy, for medical
Armica Flowers,
Liquorice Root,
Sarsaparilla Loot,
Italsuiii of Wild Cherry
Alcohol, ha per cent
Cainpheiie, pure.
lodine ol Polusaiilin,’
Ileiiliane Seed,
Cardamon Sudds. &. .. j.
Together with all die usual articles kept in DULL
STORES, which will be sold at reasonable prices I
those wlio may favor us with a call.
Physicians’ prescriptions acuralely compounded t
all times of day or night
ALBERT O. DAY, Apothecary.
Omville, August 'J. l*jfi. augJ my
Wool, Hides and Tallow
WANTED— For which the highest market pries
will be paid. Apply to
w - wi mm m . 7
Corner of 4th and E streets.
Hide Yard, eastern entrance on Fourth
Itreet near the Buckeye Mill, Marysville,
FIIIIKRK t* no malady ofdeeper ini|a>rtance either
I in a medical or moral light of view, to which
llii* hiinmn family in more liable than that uriMiig
from impure connections.
\s n medical mini it i« the duty of every physician
to look at iit me an it effects hi'Hllh ami lit**, and Ids
.ole object should In- to mitigate, nn lur m lies in h(n
power. llm bodily suffering. Ilninuii ualnft- at Itesl is
101 l (r ail, all an* liable in misfortune.
Of all ilo* ill. Hi..! atf-ct man none arc more terrible
i inn Hnnc of a private nature. —Dreadful »n it in in
tin- (ht'oii who nmiracts it, (rightful an nr<* its ravag
on upon hinconstitution. ending l>ei|iiently in deal rue*
ion and a lon h-ome itrnvr, il becomes of still greah-r
importance when il in tran«tniil»*d to inncconl off
spring. Much being Ihe rise how necessary il In
comes that every one having Ihe least run-on to fear
that they have contracted the di-ease, should ill tend
toil at omo In consulting some physician, whose
renpeclalldliU and ednealion enables him to warrant
a wife, speedy, and permei'.eiit cure. In accordance
with liiln necessity, MR Y 1 d NO feel-called ll fan in to
stale Unit, by lonir study and expulsive practice, he
has heloine perfect master of all those diseases width
come under Ihe denomination of venereal, and hnv
ini; paid more attention to that one branch than any
oilier physician in lie- I oiled Stales he feels himself
heller ipialitled In treat them.
S \ pin (is in all its forms, such n- ulcers, swelling In
Iheirroans. ulcer lii tin* llinml.secondary syptit js.cn*
l ineons eni|ilioiis. ulcerations, lerinary syphilis, sy
philis in eliildreii. mercnreal sy pldltlic affections, gon*
orrhea. gleet, 'irlrlitres, false pas-ages. intlainalion of
tlie bladder and pro)rule irlands. excoriations, ininors,
postnh s. \!c,, are as familiar to him us the most com
mon things of daily observation
Tlih Doctor effects a c ire in recent cases in a few
days, and finds no dillicnlty in coring those of long
duration, « iihont mililTiitt intr tin- patient tostn li I real
mi-til a- will draw upon him tin- aligltlesi suspicion
nr oblige him to neglect ids tm-iness whether within
oors or w I 111. nil. Tin-diet need not lie changed. ex
cept in cases of severe intlainalion. There are in fall*
fornin patients lainounling to over two thoiis.iinl in
the past year) I lint could Imid-h proof of lids; hut
the*-are matters tliol require lid nicest eecre-y wldcli
lie always preserves
All letters em losing * Id, will lie promptly nllended
to. Dfflce hours front H A.M to -i’ M. Address J.
• Viil’.Mi, M. Kxpress lltiildings, corner of
Montgomery and ralifnriiiaii streets, over Wells ’ur
go x Co.'s Kxpress Department.
A c\R|»_l’l!nM Hit. VOTING'S PUIVATK
. » MKDDAK I ifflce—To the lillltcU-d—ln this
Kite of progress, wiion seieltce is develop ng itself in
siicali a manner as Iniippear almost ndraciilons,every
lino- i.i coiniiiiiti place is looked upon as not worth
notice In view of lids fad I>r. \ onng. corner of
Montgomery and (tiilifornia streets, lias concluded to
leave tin- beaten track hitherto pursued by most sci*
entitle plixsici uis, illmt •»I "ailing for Ihe public to
fiiul yon oat alone,) and publish to tin- world, as
iinn-ii as may lie. his knowledge of the healing an.
io |e| (hose w ho be in need of assislanee kliow where
liny ran Hind relief without fear of being i 111 J
In continuation of fids subject. I)r. Young would
.ay, that of the past ten years be has pursue 1 tin
pracl lie- of n ed iciin- in m- e ol I tie la rife, i eil ies In tin-
I idled Stale-, wdli tin- higlie-l sueci—s, and tliai Ids
-landing a* a physician Is without reproach, having
at one time been lecturer nl tin- 1 niversily of Penn
sylvania -Il 'em Teal (li-easi-s. \<-.
I' pun lilt of tin -e collide rations. Dr. Young has cun
lldeiice in tnlmilucing himself to tin- piihrtc, knowing
that lin y will sustain Wi II earned merit.
Tin- Pillow inn are a lew of tin- many testimonials
wldcli hav e appeared in the public journals the last
few years:
[j- riiin tin- Boston Medical .loiirnal ]
Although xve nro otiposeil to 111* 1 system ofndverlis
(i,e. tor -oo 1 ami sufficient reasons, still we deem il
Inti ju-t ee to »a\ 111 it Hr Vumik' I- one ol tin* most
in lii-'rioii- and indi-taligahle votaries ol the medical
science in the I'idled Slate-,
I rum i’rofe-sor Jackson!
The subscriber is pi i-oiiallv aeipniinted xvilh l>r
Votini!, and ha- seen mueh ol hi- practiee, nml can
hear lesdmoney to In- ineriti as a practitioner.
I’rotn tin- New York Herald.
The etninence of lid- di-tue-oii-ln-d gentleman in
Ids profession. Illid Hie very exh-nded optiorlilldlies
po-sessed In him for I In" oliserv tl'ion of vein-rent ilis
e i-i s, in; k- his s- i v ices in' alualde lo those afflicted
with the above complaints.
l-'i-om the Whin and \ Ivi-rliser.
Ml afflicted with private eoinplainlsshnuld censnll
Dr Young, " ho-t-education i- ma .urpii-sed 1 1 x any
ph'-ician in tin- country. In ins -ki'l. honor ami in
tegrity nil may rely "till safely. " Idle most of the
practitioners in this city nre without h-ii-tx or re*.
pectnhili x llieirprelentions being grounded in ignor
mice and a-siiiiipdnn.
(iffl.-e cornor of Montgomery and t 1 ilifornin streets,
up stairs, opposite tin* banking leaise ol \\ ell- I argo
iii'ii open from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M , Sunday in
|S ATI’. Medical Office—Hundreds of those who
n have contracted di-ea-e are disadpoinie lot a
cure by not calling on Dr. Young at llr«l lie will
forteit iinv sum if he fails to cure ini' rase that may
ci me under his care, no mailer how long standing or
afflict Ink. such as ulcers, tumors, males, bunches,
pimples mi the face and body, pains in the hone- and
i..jus. " likefillne-S. trembling, copper colored Wires,
wa-ling of the bones, emanation, loss ot appetite,
strength ond flesh, sores in lie nose and ears, loss ot
hair, weak eyes itching humors, X Many p- r-eti-
Hfler being relieved ef all extern il appearances ot
private disease, suppose them-i-lvi s ctned. h u alter
a lew months find they nre troubled with 'annus
symptoms "inch they never had before, and which
ita-' find it mi|Mi—thie to relieve, lo alt who are at
dieted in this way. Dr Young would p rlictil irl> >ec
oiiimend a trial ol liisskitl. The symp otns w iih wliicti
vim are troubled are cau-ed liy taints in ihe blood,
which soorn-r or later will destroy our health and hap*
pine-s. N i person who has evi rliid an attack -U any
private complaint sh-ntd not fall locon-nil Dr. Yomg
and lake a few hollies of Ids invaluable purifying
medicine, ns they can iv-l assured Dial their hiood is
In a perfectly pure an I healthy eondilien. and that
i* vi tv trace of disease fs removed from I tie* system
Recent cases cured in srom two to live days without
change of diet or hindrance from business, or no fee.
im .i <• YDiMi.
Office, corner Montgomery and t'.ilifnrnia streets,
cpposile Weils. Kargo & t’n.’s Offlpe lionrs from ff
A. M..to 8 P. M.
Mnrysnitle. June loth IH.i.r
H %11. J VOITJff! —Dkvk Sin :—Plett-e send me
■ W some of the niedlclm s yon pn-serhed m my
case. I lijive a friend liere who is troubled in exactly
the same way that I was. He has nightly emissions,
ringing acise in his head, weak hack, I •«» of memory,
ami Is generally debilitated : he is discotiragisi and
has not confidence enough to enable him loculi and
see \nn. I nd>) him how I was and (lint my friends
all said I was in consumption, and thed.iclnraup here
gavi* me up and advised me lo g- home to die, inn
instead ol going home I called upon you, and here I
am. as well as any of them, nml likely to live a long
time ' i t. w ilfi strenth enough lo w ork w ilh the strong
est of them. Doctor. 1 will send every one to yon that
looks to me ns though lie needed a physician It shall
not he my (null if any one dies for want of medical
treatment. I will do all I can to keep the afflicted
away from those pi-sts of society, yelept professors
ami high sounding titled men who, if the facts were
known, are men who left their country for their coun
try’s good. Public this letter, doctor, if you wish,
and I hope some of those that humbugged me, may
see it ami sleep had for one nielli.
Truly yours. GKO. DAVIDSON.
rmrrmiTi- ■ j- i—sin ■■■ i i
Intern ationalHotelSaloon
Detween Montgomery and Kearney
Best The Brandt of Brandiet, Wines and
DU. M. lIEIIVIM \NN. corner of Kearney and
Pacific street*. San Francisco. low for a number
ol year-, in the tnllltaiy and oilier luw|iiUl* of I'nui'T
devoted till* study |irinri|<nlly lo the ire.iunrnl ol Se
tfrl and lln-relore pos*es*es a thorough ex
perience In tin. fiarlicualarbfanr.il He is nl«o (e-r*
fedly Imiti)i >r wah all tin* recently discover'd .#nl
highly nn|i'iriiiiu remedies and means for the cure ol
Mich (IN iW.. Il |« se ireely necessary lo add here
Heal In France where *ecret di*en*e* are of more Ire
cjuent occurrelire Ilitin nil where el*e, Iha physicians
of that country are inure expert in ihelrcure. and are
constantly and successfully endeavoring to l!nd out
new remedies. more efficient and lew* dangerous than
those formet ly used
Hr. Ilelniinann is tln-refore. enabled to cure all
tin—e diseases w ith |ierleci cerlnintv. wlihoiil using
meienry. In a y -Incrl lime, and williroil siihj.-ciing
hi. pal lent, to tin- risk ol nub*eipient injutlous const*-
i lironic (ionorrlieo, Rvermaiorrhe*, Flour Alhn*.
(dmeral Dehiiby ttie retail of nii*eonduct, pollutions,
,(alii in tin- bac k and side*. K.ruptloii«ol idl k:n l>.
produced by interior cau*e*. I.os- ol Hair. Uheunml*
j-m in lie- Joint*. Nncurnal sweats. Seminal and I fin
al weakness. Injuries received by mercurial treat
inenl. \e in- are eured by Hr. Ileiliiinunn wi;h tin*
aid of remedies known Inti to himself, to the |ierlecl
sulisfuclien ol In* clieiila.
Hecent diseases id the above named kind will be
promptly and radically removed In-fore liny cm not
lie in tin- body and become chronic, by Dr. Ilenii
in aim'.* own purify Iml' vegetable reined in*.
Hr Ilelniinann t other |Kisses«e* a rare remedy
fill,y tested, and which ci.n Ice relied upon for the
cure of I nlennillellt fever, (hill end I ever, lever
and Ague. also a means to remove, in a few days for
ever. a bad lire lib. with mt the least inj'iry lo Ihe
slonineb. 11l Iho pdesenl days nnne-roa* reiniHlb s
are offered everywhere for al; imaginable di*n.is« s,
Iml in most of the cases the su I) r- ■ * are so sadly dis
appointed that they look with ja.iillable mistrust on
all ndyerlis.mtenls ol ttii- kind. Dr lleminiann's re*
un-dies nei-d not In* recommended by puffiiiig cburlu
lunisbi for tin y recommend Ihetnselves by their ef
fects. as has been seen and experienced by namemi*
patients who. fortunately for ihemsc 've-, have u-ed
them. For tin- inf mi llion and sati«liieiion of the
often deceived public. Hie statement will snffieo lieu
Hr, I lf-inim.mil has in his possesrjon ovi r two hun
dred lesiinioiiia * from patients eured Icy him. be*ide»
many oilier rebalCe persons which In* is r**;idy to ex
Illicit w hen required. while common decency lurbids
him to publish them in the newspap is.
Persons 11111>Is 111cr lo Hr Meminiami shall not be
obliged lo pay ill .nlv .cure lice* lull price ol lice euro,
as he i* willing In submit his shill and his remedies
lirs'c Ice be lesp d.
• •lo- thing ihe Doctor invariably reipilre* from all
his patients, that is a lai'lifnl and strict conformance
w ith all his directions ami preemptions, otherwise lie
canned »ud*w ill nnl warrant a cure.
Wrilh'ii consultations will he given williont charge
aid e nmiunicalcons i.n-wei'cd whether containing a
lee or not. pre cnply, punctm.'ly and with s’rict serf
cy. on apply i.ig, |mslatre paid, in lice English, I- r< m b
or tic nil all l.anguages, lo
Corner of Kearney and Fa die - reels,
San Francisco.
To show le the satisfaction of ad that Hr Itc-im
mann is a ihorouirly c.-clu ■ ibal, practical and expi re
enc'i cl phv-o.i.in aid sniip'iin Ihe billowing from bis
numerous i,-:iiiihiiml«, are sulnnillial lo lie- p'dilie
Nances are snn(u*e-sei(, bit Ihe aulln'fs are at any
lime i a.ly m proci.it n Ihcir trillii and aulheidicily
hefnre Ihe w nrld.
I •Ki: xtvnnn Val.l.kv, Feb.ft, Is.Mi
Dear Dnclort--1 liave known you since l*lu and
vail li 'Ve given so ifiany prmils id your bdcnls and
experience. Ihnl ymi have entirely wonconlidenee.
A I' Inci ; h yon r* side at at a great iti-l.ime f,l'm inf
Mil knaiv tin I leue several tune sept you pa'ieiils
w hich o: liit ih a'i i .is have given Upas iiicnralile, find
yon have id way * p-eei ved I hem and saved not oidv
their limb, hni al-o iheir lives. | will only mention
In in lie- case of Mr C , from Auburn, who i*
mdi Ideal In yen for tin* presi rvalion ie his riudil arm.
which oilu-r diiciors w lined lii ampillate. mid that ol
V] , (, ofCiilnma. vvlio allhough given up as
Impelefs by two doc'nrs was cured by you in two
wa -ks linn- ,\s pi whal yon have done for my hums
ly, suffice il to s 'V. I will never he ah'.o to repay yon,
\i-i epl d ar Doctor. Ille-e few line* n* a proof ot
the high e-beni I h.iv eof your latent* as a nieilic.il
man. anil believe me le he your constant Irn-nd.
F 11.
Proprietor oflhe Miner's Hold
To Dr. Ildniinunm S in Francisco
Greenwood. Fehruary 1 Uh, I'.Mi.
Ilaviie.' siydied me belli" myself at the I’niversiiy of
Tax in, n Italy, I siippo-.- 1 know enough to b< be.
li. veil when t declare her by Him' you an lie- best
physician 1 ever met with in ''iii|(n*niu. Tin-decl e
r.i'ion i* fi-mideil on what 1 have seen you do and
hear t from everybody when i ie*id d at Mormon Is
land. I know of many p r<on* in whom you hay
saved life mi l hull's niter they bad boon •omplebly
given up by oihei's. aid who will at any time mine
fm ward ami les ily lolln* truth o' this, and lo your
sci ii.ee. Wishing \ou lor Itie future, the s on.- -me
ec-s which has allendfd you thus tar. I remain truly
yours, U. b.
To Hr. Ilelniinann, San FraiicHro.
Cnloma. .tanrrry 10th. It.iC.
M\ pear and 'lnch l.s’cemed Hoi-’or :—H I* With
try no' > regret |)i-< I I and all your other fri.m-l* saw yon
11 ni I Mormon I stand. Me have Inst in yim a |diy*i
eiim "i great lah-id and experience who we could not
appreciate 100 much. 11 was proven enough by the
numerous who came lo call on you from all pari* of
live mines, and y ou are in the best ri-meuibr *nee ol all.
Mv«eli. gi \. o ii;. In wleun I i-idered our be«l phy
sicians p-epared mv sell todlejhy clmoce Icimenn
d. r your ir almenl imd you lor cured me ol a ifrave
sickm s. In a short lime. Vou have proved yourself
a physician and you d" hon r to P e nano . i>.
Proprietor f'redch Itestanranl.
To Dr. Ileinitnann, San Francisco.
Auburn, Janiisry 10th
Heir Docmr: —I ntway* rr memher yon with (ilea*
lire, and a leelitik’ of cralilnde (irnmpts me to address
von' these lines Von know in wh d a deploan'df s'ate
I was alter cotniiuf out • I 'he hands <»f Hr l„, who
wanted lo amputate nn riv'hl arm. m shed by a fall
ing Irock in order lo save mv tile. Happily forme. I
heard of you and of tin? reputation which you had at
Mormon ’M ind ; >" I asked for vour advha-before
pariinif with my arm. M the recommendation ot
Seine irn-nds «• yours in Greenwood. I went to Slay
n iih you and in a lew we. k* my arm. instead "I beimf
ampii'.red was saved, locelher wilh my life which I
consider I owe to yon. Hear Doctor, if I ever can be
of any iidvanliure to you dispose "f me. fur it is en
tirely" to yeur skill Thai I ow e mv pres-nt existence.
Deceive, therefore, mv sled-re respect, and the assu
rance Hint t believe y-'m lo 1«- one of our most talent
ed and experienced physicians in litis country.
Ym.rs iruly, I C.
To Hr. Heinimann, San Francisco.
Sacramento, Fehruary Ist. 1H. r >6.
The uhdersigned has known Hr Heinimann fir
many years, and ran vouch for his justly having
earned’ a repniation as a rnii-rientloiis. prudent, ex
perienced and skilful Physician and Suwon, and
would therefore rocemmend lo all ja-ople lo n lv with
most intpUci, confidence in I)r. H< inimaan’s skill and
science. ....
Third slreet. Ix-tw**<*r .1 and K
WOUld) Rescpecifnlly inform Ihe cill»*ns nr Rid
well and vicinity, that he is prepared to do all
kinds of work In his line of business in a workman
like manner, wilh deapalch and on reasonable terms
laviiiK always on hands large assorment ol dry
It vber he it ready lo make to onler. Doors, wimlow
Bash. Tables, Rockers, fcc. All kinds oi Uabinel
work, and in fart anything apperuinin* M) his buti
nets. Hilliard Tables sei and repaired ?hop n*»
Owln treet, below Utat k Larcomb’a Brick Btort
»n. t, j.r/M’KAV, i.atf. in Tin: m’Nr.A.
nm Revolutionary War Chief Physician to
the thuh regiment i>t ll.dived*, Chief Suro-oii t.• the
Military 110-piial of Pi sin. Hungary. and late l.ectu
n r mi Hi-eiises nl ITlnnry organs. mid diseases of
Witten and children.
Tn rut »rn.ii run. —Hr. I. J t'xapkuy has opened
his institute for tin- cure of r.lI lorm* nf private dis
cases, »m-|i a* syphilis. iMltorrliea. nocturnal emis
sions. and nil Hie • | iir-m-f- of self-uhus. In the
(l r .l fiatf' • iif i»iill'irrheal di*!i<n In vuarautei » a '•lire
In a lew (| ( \ii, without inconvenience to I In- |»'ii n-ni,
.erln ml ranee to hi- business. \\ hen a patient. hy
Inirled. or improper trealineiil, ha- developed the
secondsrv symptoms of syhllis -a h a- Imhoc-. or
p .; nt ill .vvelilllvrs on the tfroiii-. or nicer. in I lie- throat
and nor. which, if not checked, <h‘-iroy the soft
part-and can-' - tin- hones to inorlilv, separate and
come away, leaving the sufferer mi in ject hi.lcons In
hehohl; or when splotches and p rnpli- hn-nk out
ii| kiii tln> skin. or when lie ha- |> not a I .w.-l :■ >.’• upon
the twine-, or w hen In- ciinsitiuh.ui i- injur- d -o a- to
pr.-di.poee to consumption or oilier coiisiiiiiti.uia
di«ea«e. tin- Hwloj guarantees a cure or a-!<- no. o n.
eeii-ation In Utieiiniali-in, chronic or acute: in
I h -eim ri. or Iha trine a, he hi- -dean I elf cl nn I re.
lin'd lea. lor the treatment of tire Co i- .jiienee- of
w'lr-alni-e. «nc!i a- noeluriial . mi—ion-, n. rv.iu-m -«i
timidity liendilelii' pain-ill the (ci.-k m l hinh-. w! h
general weakne--, to— ol appetite, In— o! nieinoty
injury to I Ilf sight, re-lle-'iie— ■unli-ii.n of idea-,
dislike for —iciety. and feeliuK of -.vearine-- of lite;
wiili tiie Hen mi- -tein -o i wi■ i’• 1 1 • i• dial -li -'lit
Imi-e--hoi'k nr -turtle tile Jiatienl. making hi- exi.t-
Mice mil-eralile. lor the id'iive mala lie. the llocior
will ifil.iralllee a cure nr irk iiiMTiiiipiTm ion He
callin' con-iilled rce of charge, and invite. all to
cull, a-it will cii-l them noiliing. and may tic much
to their advantage.
Hr. 1.. .1 iV. ipkav i< daily reeeivfnsr an,, licatioii.
from every part of tin-Slate and Irien I trefoil and
Wa-liimrlon Territories, f r irnittmetit of every form
of disease Mid there I- not who will eome lor
ward and expre-s d o..iti-laci on; on the eontr.iry. the
Hr, i-ind liy receipt i f letter-. .Ann —in ol grail
tiidi- and Ih inklnlne—, some of which are published
helow by permi-.-joii.
'I xnv -vii i.k, .lime ;i. IWi.
Hr 1,. .1. t’zspkay, San IViinei-roSir. 1 have
ii-ei| tin. | i-t ot vonr iiii-lli'ine. an I dn not think I
-hall need anr more, a- I feel Very well ,\repl that I
liav" not entirely ini' my stnuigili y• • t Ini -"on will
with the appetii.'l tone. It I- jn-t three week-, yon
ni iv recoil, ii. wince 1 called at oir iii-tcnle. w ith
no emi-iitntion a- I thought, entin v 1.r,.k-m, and
never I bought yon would he aide 1 i enre me piTlect
li. hut thought yon might lie aide to do ...meihiinf to
ea-e the pain in my hark an 1 head and strengthen me
llltlh-. vv hit'll Were -O w eak dun they would almo-t
give wav n nder me when 1 walk'* d. and I ' -1 rl■ 11 c lien
my nerve-no that I would li"! «• I evited mid Irene
I'll' at every hide dunk' Now dial v. u know what
I e\[iecte-t, von in iv judge ot tnv - i!i-facliii:i a! my
complete r. i nverv Irem tho-e symptom- and the re.
in.iv .ll ni th... -ptoti'he- and -me- l"im my -kin and
do* nleer- tr in inv d.roal; -ml the i Him* -l"i*;- ere ol
Ih -e t-mi—hm- which foil -aid »• re tir..' ■■ 'iv the
I' ni-i> ol" ill v -IH.III'--. Ic oi hardly (ell y"lvvli * * 1 1 I
the greahlev joy er my -min- -, lor except mil
haver: fully g. t inv O'.oh. I feel II- Well -re v
min call led. l'.iu'lo-ei| I send von twenty dollar
over your charge. and think my-ell cheaply i"l r ed
It you hink mo t - . v vv ili 1 e hein'i'iiied. yon may put
tin’.- lellor in the tew-pat a rs. Tims llvvhkx.
PnKi i van i iretron. May In, l-t'i".
Hr l' /a | 1 av Hear Sir; Vonr iileihcine ha- lieen
taken mv.Tiling to direction- I led a hole weak
Vel| in every o her way I am alino. - ealiri Iv rei'"ii .'-
i'd, and think in a •Inirt time ! -lull In a- v.. II a- ev -
,ir. ('.very indy that know- nc i- vv niclerir,.' what
made -Ill'll a chan.'e. lor -o.ne tree !- din c: 0 I hid
enii-iimpdoii. and other-Ihd I vv,.- con.j 'Ti.y
\V, !l, I don" I, now ho> I hey -v it. ho hr. M. - 1 f-dl
a; Mi.dd. [| li'ilh way.-, and Ihonultl it I O.ln't ■!;#-
...on I would like to’ I am let te.i.n•! • ! any mo-.
With emi —ll.ll-, mill 111 p.on 111 my read Mid ha. k.
mid the vveaki.e-. in my limhs have le|i me, and «o
hn« the di/.'iin—, dm icy. and the wd*h alw .y-lohe
n|.me: I am no! ah ".d m l'o in e.irnpa y now. m.d
am not -o eo-i'v .aciei! a- I need to he. wh. * ..* y 1. .*
11 111 ilt would -.-I me trenihiinn. I have men at work
t hi- week w Inch i - I lie lirM I !. v. done lor -I
nn,nth-, and Hie lho'iiflil "I" it don't di-cotiraife me
like it n-.-d to Indeed. Ihel hk ain.lher man. and h
I. ad mvimr in v our medicine and adv ice don may
puhii-li d.i- if vii i waul fo.
Vonr- tie,' •In-ki'H i! It.
S.VI RJVMr:\Tii. May 15. l- . i.
T>,.„ r Sit* Snell is die thankfulne-'- I feel ter the
pr>..< rvatlon ot my health ot la Ih liii'.y at'd tri nd,
mu] I 1 elii ve .0 my lite. it.at I hope I will nut I." eon
-i'l.-n d intm-jvi in tetide'lntr my thanl- fill acktaiwl
edifrneiil- for re-tnrnm me to health, and making my
life a In .on vvoiili pre-ervimr, when it had hecerne a
hnrtiieii 100 crettl lot me to hear. \ ictiin tut 1 was to
vu e that had undermined my e.in-lilnti.m ami devel
oped a train of iutvoh- -ymptom- -itch a-nervon
d 'liility* iieadiii-He. di-lns-ilik Innidiiy, 11 -< 1 i-trn-t,
dl//il,e—. love o! -o'llnde, hi— of niiTie ry aid want
of resolution, he-tde- a io-- ot -treii. ti. and enerev,
which made mv waki"g nioinenl.- vv r. tcl ed and my
-l-. p iinrefre-lniuf and vva- fa-' I rintrenr me t.. 11
firav", hm. thank, to von- -kill, I am r.-lor. d to hr alih
vtf «r. iiti.l energy 1 lopinuto find nth. r-w I; a. they
mav tind relief, yon lane my p. rmi-.niii to make 1h..-
pllhlie. ' I.K.ivvKII \V*ITK.
To lir. 1,. .1. I'zapkay, Sun Fran. i-eo.
j -permaiorrh. a. or it weakne—. n. rv on - de-
Inhly, low •(lime. In—mule, weakne— ol ihelirnh
mi'l hack, iii h-po-ilioti and ine ipal.ihly lor laiiorand
.lmlv. (hillll. -o! iippr. lieli-ioll, lo— ot me . aver
-ion'lo -on. IV. love of Solitude Hm: Vv, - 11-di-tril-l.
.11//I.IC—, headache Involuntary .li-chartf. - p hr.- in
Hi., j,i'|e. affect a 'li- •.r the.),- pimple-on the (ice.
-exn d and oilier inflrme ie- in man. are cured w ith
on' lid hy ttie jn-tlv celehrated phv-ician an.l -nrwaii
I, .1 ' /..ipkay. 111-method nt enrin . .li-e.i-es I- new.
tniiknow 11 to otl.nr-, 1 mid hence the trreat -nice—. All
C,in-till Ition-, lo' letter oroln.rwi-e tree Address
1,. .1. i zapkay. >i I)., san rraticisco, I'liliforin i
Tn T IK I.AHIES Ml- (VvldH»l!M
Hr. I. .1 ivapkay late inlhe llimearian Revolu-
Ijoiiary War. t hief physician t" Hie :Hi liesr.m.ni ot
Motived-. Chief Snrifeou to the Military 11 • |.i: nl fit
Pc-ltn Hnmtarv, and late l.eclnrer on di-ni.c- of nn
nary orifun- and dl-ni-c- o. women and children. 111-
vii.'* tiie attention of the tick and nflUcfed fcmaii*-,
I under niiv of the canon-form- of di- a-e- 01
the lirain. him:-, heart, s'omach. liver wnrtnh blood,
kidney-, and all di-ea-e- pecnllnr to H eir -ex. Ihe
OiH'lor !• effecting more cure- tlmli anv .ah. r Phy -|.
ci,in inthe State of California l,et no f il-e deln icy
iircvcnt yon, hut npplv linmedmn lv. and me v„nr
-*'tvv- from painful - iffermi’- anil p- rn,tore death
Ail marrietl ladle- lelirn'e he thh er olht r clr
cmn-tMUC"- do not allow to h .ve an inerca-c in 'heir
families, .(intild call at Hr. I„ J Czapk v - Medical In
ripute Armory Hall, coriier -’acr oeento an I Mont
e,,tilery street-. Utld they w 111 receive liven (10—itile
reliel and help The Ihictor-offices are -1 arramred
thm he can !»• con.ulted wittioin He le r . l inoh .la
lion. If desired. Hr. will v i-it the I idles at their
ri-tden-es All coii-nllalii n- hy letter or oth'TW ls<.
(>*•'. Address to Hr 1..-I Czajikuy. Med'cal In-iituie,
Armory Hull, corner Sacramento amt .MolilHoit'-ry
9lr 'svi*lilLlS AND OONOIUUKEA-Dr.L
.f C/..i|ikay would ask especial atlenlio to -ypfiilitic
and tmiiorrhieal diseases In the flr-l stages ol either
of Hiese complaints he itinninU—u (e riect and 1 (Tec
Inal cur. in n few days without hindrance to hu-ities.
or the slichtcsl Inconvenience. Tin- Ifoclors pielfnsl
of lr. at tut: t hern cointnnesall the latest iinpr.ivemenls
tiv the meilicni faculty, with discoveries made hy lotn
-elf. more effective than nnylliina yet known, which
secures the patient from the pos-ihihty ol secondary
*y m|itnrn- and n moves the disease in the shortest po
sihletime Secondary syphilis winch uj.pears in con
sapience of the ahsoroliou ot the (mmsoii Into the sys
tem. and pr.-luces Mul»oe“, L’lcerathm* in the throat
and nose, wh rli destroy the son parts, and cause the
Nines to mortify, separate and come away disflitiirlne
the patient horribly Nodes or painful swellintrs on
the hones. SJ hitches upon the skin, ra.es of which the
Doctors see daily In hisolhee stel which are the result
of iraprop-r irealmenL Al*o. ulcers, s,,res and jiini
ples, and injuries to the constitution, winch, after a
hintf perhal of sufleriiiK destroy life. It will also be re
■•■bcred that lh«M disardan ars bersdiiary, pasatuif
from purrni to rhil«l, An*! enmtHnv ujxoit {hr off-pring
n ct”i*!ttuMun for Hip cu r * % of nil lhr-r f*»rm •
of ihr ISh'luti ffiiKriiMiHH n cure or im
rotn Thr fv*ran h*» c*o»i-u!t»**l l»x l»*i«
or ojlotwfri'C* of ch:ir7»*. nnd ilix it» -- .ill xx Do *r**
artli«*iod l«» mil iif>nn lum, #h**n* ho will gix>* ih**m
•‘•ch 9;«tMf*('ti**ft ** »h»»x ran oht.’iiM f)i« \\ I* ft ♦
ih* room* n»v No \ nti l • \fm*»rx Hn'l. nirn* rnf
P:tfn«*ntoHfi«l M*»fitgi»m*Tv ii'n’fM **hii f fjirni«*o
I *—l • lII* *• mg to Mm kin*lMiimivni hm Pim
imt I —|»r. |. ,1. iipKiis*• l*poji|i\i»»r' lotim, ('•hII Ih-*
infilling a pn*vi n •. . •-* *
rbo*al mh-I -x ptiiii* c *M-** *-♦•- an Ito mi-«ifp;»!«io*xl r»*m«
•hJv I• »r all ill** \ oiit rml. •rrn / nli• ;« y impvtto ip mol
r.ino r»m* ulr**r«. f:«*! It I ili-rlmr./* - I'nmi tin* x iiflint,
, itt*ru- and urvihra. n'nl all cm htcii?* ••rupimii* and
for mnli* at Mr 1...1 i'/ tpkux\ ofMc*. \r*
•non Mall, corner ol > icr.immii** m l Momi'omrry
Is San f'rmiriwoo. A* iimonilnimn i- •» pn o-n*
intivo mfaihM nniall po\, 10 It j»r I. .1 • y tpkax -
I'rop‘iLnMirmn a provrnlativi* mrm philii.ra! an I
iSi*oiv- 11 trinlftt n itpojl, it ; ui-wi*****-
,h# * pO-.M - . I il.i TJU-'iV.x »X ! Ill£ I N»‘ typlihUH‘%l.
r 'i-, nti*l fh-T* V»\ *• v»m? ilm'l-udN «•( xo'im: *l.'hunch
♦ • from !•« iiilt inl.-cli il hx tin* huh I-.;»• h-mim «>| all
■li***:i-**- Lot no ymmtf tnati xx In* iii>prt*«Tit<»« ho d h
\\ iilkiU( Mr. (> ipk ivV IVophifnrMr im. It Nln
\** ry i*o h\ • 111 • • 11 1 pnrkau* • atid xxEl h»- | ••iii<| r*m)\Tin*
oim'oi tit,-. u-f* Ir« a soap. Tint -In ■ ,-»• ran i.r
f• r»• v f I II to lln n-i* **J proper m/mit-, i- h- xx<|l an
o-fnhlhLcil (art n* llmt tli«*y rim r ir<*tl all* r tla ir
Tin* principle xx Inch It now nniv. r*
** ill\ r- roi'io/oil. r »i- rn'i'ivl »*vi*n L»*l .»v tb<* <|:i%* of
.I*ma r. fho .h- ovrr» rof !!»*• va- curilinn in ITDIi, and
lit* nniltiplnal hem •lll** t \ • » ban* n*ri ivial. MU
lII* v » \**«l. li'o ali» niion of tin* mumlmml farnl’v,
ll wio in pursuit *»l hrncrl* *»! tin* m»*il ral m'|.
♦ !»'•*• that Mr. 1.. .1. 4V »pka> lorfimalolx undo tin* *1 *
rovrry nf hi- I'ropliihiciiniin u hi* 11. for tl'»* pn x#• 11 •
In *n of **v phililh*. u'onorrhrnl. rain'or* mw and nil an***
di-or.il, r stand- nnrivall*Ml h\ an> uirnii in tin- Mh.-o*
m'irop*H'ii. Th** i tfort of this ?iu«*nt aP*n **• I'* >n n
11 nin*■* 1 1 aI ** and r« m*»v# * tin* po—ihility « i a rntiintr*
1 1 on **l «li-ni?»** If. h*oxovor. tln* *lis*“p*»* h-h* on ron
trarl**d, ii i* n«*‘fnl in nrinr ili/lnu tin l • oi- m n- t» rro
in n- Hhirli, tiy al'sorp'i -n. pn*dnrr fl * liorrhl r* n-n
-♦ I»i* •!»*«•- k iowii a- rorniarx -vphlli- It hi»« I>**»*»|
fi*Mninis|«*r«d l*\ tin* !n»r|«»r in nninx thoii«;4ii*l
nnd In* lot- x to Mini fl o Mr-’ mvx hi I. ii lias Inh d
I•» -ii h r\ i • tin* pnrpo-i 1 for xihirh it xx at ndnmiot* r*
**d . Prhv, S '*. I illl *lir» *oions nr»* - Marln dto » arh
parkri*r»*. In «*ati t xvlmti* l*r«»:*f»iln«*li«*»ihi i* n o*l n
riirallxi*, Mr. I. .1 (V i| k»x will luriiMi irruti-* si pr«t«
-« ripdoti tor hi- Mlianl Murifi* r
All roiniiinnh'tilion* from th»* ronntrx. n*l*lri*««»‘d
lx In |tr I .1 « Vapkax .Soi I ranroro x» ill hr Mrhdly
and r«inn*!**nti:idx ndt inl** 1 to, and tin* r itndn*
vxiih tin* irnnitniii riin # find MMTory, intnn’duifrl \ *lis*
pntrln *l, t y Lx pro* or otlnT nnivr viimr t<» thrtr *!*•*•
[■gT’MR. .1. L. t*/.ai*kav rin tr**nftfiii'iti xx|m-«*
n*ti •*• forms th** mfilh.n of thisnoti**** I-our *»l tti.i
l«*nv m 'if'Tii pliN-n i in- xx 1 1 • •»i■ apphi’a’n n hi- pro*-
(f--io'i and doxolion t»» th** nfili* ’*••!, rrud* r him >nik»t
mi orna non* to t 1 * * on** and nl•*nfl • to tin* oihrr \
IMiiiuM?*' *ll Lx Li** h. In* -oiiudil \x*fh K* -••ith to plain*
L f * r«»ii!i f »*x ninoirj Ih** natmn- of 11»• * * 11« l»* •>*•»i*l
tin* *ipj>n --**r*- rtilo. Ihaf |*»*r * n- mi dit •» f*»ii*«» in
tin* prii(Mi<*«* *1 iI- m* pn < **p!- xx I ifli ar»* iiliko **ar
trl«*r\ and *mr p»a '■. In I i . r •*- - » ?■» *1 », lu- hi
r**?ijM* 1 Ih** tv xx ar I *if rn-l • la I '•*• |*i *.ppn
si*»n. nnd -a homo nnd n **<mntrx ’ n ox lion no iinov,* 1
Apart hoxvav* r. from In'* ** :
niioii a- a piCrint. tin* t«*-lit:i
r iparii v xx hu h f •• n
flour**, to if,** **\rl'i-i*in *» t, • xxi.o po* » •-* m ain i
lh«* on** *•** Ih** **tln*f ?♦ LT« i»l!i |nan l.i- rharartoi
i- tint arid-It*** I: a- a f-hy Li-* ■•kill nn*iirpn**«*(l
i:nd to Iho-o xx 1. 0-i miprn h !»« •• I: - h*«* upon
tin; Inin*- **f «1 1 -' •- * . xx.* rin c.i?orit nil*
lorn xxnti th** dial In him »
f i'*ni| xx’horo lo k noxv i<• rr. ; i . i I*. I •»-. •
j- N <». !t *o *l A m"i y i tail r
atrl A 1 •** *» r o»n*-r\ -!’**i v an l*»
i »d*oti otir i'*>fi-iih r
r . d** *»t *•! rii**l**r mkl
lim 1" loihln* inflt
*t» < • ll’ im !i»1
x xx 11 find a
I n Mr.*-
r of Sia’i al» *nh!
VK THAT -IT FKK f! L \I >, It LAI >
/ !■
.1 , ** J
f, -I
* • f -
■* //• ] •' / ' -
,» / / • '
* ✓> v i / ,*:.*• . -
■ ' • •. . . . : *.
. •* •
the o' l t.iin ami >[’■" <l> fitre (•( di.s
sos of a ; rivato naMiro, ti<» matter
•w lon 2 • k *faiiili r, 2> wiilo ut any in*
rious efTket to the system or ary
liiopc ot diet. H ha> n ver laih d>
cannot fail to cure.
HIMS Invaliinblc Pr«t iierixlnred into
I'Oii Kuiee (illy )<*nr» wi■ .mm Im'i'Hihc h<« wi'll
kn<>vrii i“ :t ruin eur.- ' llml in cvitv leu n innl cily
i .i* omv mi ilio ( oiiiiiiont. Init m i.roni Itriliiili, ihn
iloiniiml for it wm* i*o (troll 1. iih iiionli-so iinlimiiilniK,
rimt In loh- limit one your irom ii* inlrmliu-tlon il hail
•*ii|i|ilallletl nil other r>-inedien. 'I hi' Vedtcnl KlU'lllty
of tin- |innci|ial cilie. ol lin/ope were i'oin|>elled 1C
aeknots leiß’e its ssomlerlnl ni'islery over dimnoe. Pro
prieloc ol oilier medicine, jealous of ll* isWity. saililf
limlei.sored lo Hlay il* oust,ml premre-* l.ike tfru*«
before lie- mower. Iheir elfin* fell jo the uroiirnl and
like lire on I tic prairie*, sweeping all before il, ii* on
ssard tnnreh hecilllie Iriumidiaiil It rlooil I'orlll upon
il* own merit* : a dischrninir pnplic saw. tried arid
wa re eonsmeed of il* mauleiil s irtne*. The lnn**l»«
lorinne ae«|iiired In I»r i’nreira (mill the sale of i|
dnrini; the *ix year* lie pr« pared it.alone bore wiliie*»
to it* miraenloii* merit*. At the deceno- of the Duct
the in eipe was l>e(piealhed lo hi* •mi, ss ho has lately
introduced the leinedy into Ilie l liiled Slate*. Thn
numherofc re* it Im* a rettdy made tire astonishing
I houeand* and ten* of thousand* cull la-ur testimony
to il* elllency.
All who use it It will pure ssit'i a safety,speed ami
certainty no other rn» on me ha* ever po*M s*ed.
Ih sort to no ijm'ek No.inmi*, l *e a remedy that
has been tried lor the past, fitly year* and was never
know'll to fail.
This (.real Itemeds i« warranted purely vegetable.
Heware <>f Counterfeit*. ’I he exten-ive sale of lids
wonih r! ii I medicine hie* already cn'i*‘*l vome person
i r person*, tn palm off u|mii> the nii“'i*[*'cti ng. a spu
rious enmpound, chr-els n ■ enddiuu the oriirllinl. Iln
particular to tms none without the w mien siiriintnra
of A I'areira. M. it on the ont*tde w rapper of each
bottle. All other* are counterfeit, and their com
pounder* will be punished with the tumoral nger of
the law
l*ri Three dollar* per bottle For *nle hy Ih Rub
cock. sole Agent lor California, Oregon an J the Sand
s» n Ii l*land*. to w hom all orders must tie addressed.
A liberal disc -uni made lo wholesale ilea' *r*.
I). It A COCK.
Wholesale Druggist. 77 Ih vi* street,
Han Francisco.
hist of Agents through, ut the Slate. Rice Oftlin k.
Co. Druggist Marysville: \L K- Starkweather, City
Drugstore Stockton: W. II Bruner, Sonora; ItAij
Shurtleff, Shasta; Child v Wor-hen. I’lncerville
Justin I. a tea, Jr. Hacrmento City ; D. R. W. Carr,
Downier die : Dr. John Dark Nevada ; Dr. VV. IL.
tiatlU-f. Yreka, Dr J It XVinston, l.oa Angelea;
Whaley. San Diego; Geo L. Story, I’urlla. a
RANKS —F.vejy deaerpitlon of/SoaiiM’a B 1 i
fui tala »U>U|Olßcr.

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