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(Diouillt Duili) SutteHemb.
<jko: It. ('ROIKTTK, £ (lit or.
« ■ ■ ' • *v»- -■v in %
Oroville, Friday, ISovenilirr lllh, 1856*
Topics of the Day.
Alter the first impulsive start that
business had taken early last sum
mer had subsided into a more even
tnd steady pace, it was predicted by
many of our trouble borrowing wise
acres that, as the wintor approached
. nd the immediate flurry and bustle
of excitement had worn off, that a
general stagnation in trade of all
sorts would ensue. One of their ar
guments was that the mines herea
bouts were ‘‘not what they were
cracked up to be,” and there not be
ing any real, and substantial source
from which a permanent business
would be derived, of course Oroville
must die a natural dfnth. The fal
laciousness of such reasoning, and
the utter ground’essness for such
fears, is now being illustrated, flu
id nes never has been in a more healthy
condition than it is at present. We
venture to say there have been more
noods brought into Oroville during
the last two months, than ever before
during the same space of time, —and
as to the inefficiency of the mines to
support labor, the wonderful increase
in our population within six months
is proof sufficient of their richness.
At the election for the removal of
the County Seat last April, less than
a thousand votes were polled in this
precinct, and at the recent election,
there was found to be an increase of
over seven hundred actual voters, and
many, very many, were debarred
f rom voting for the simple reason that
the time prescribed by law was too
short to admit of a possibility of re
ceiving all the votes offered. Thus
has our mining population nearly
doubled. This immense influx of
the real, producing classes, is the
very best evidence that our mines
will not only “pay,” but that they
average better than any in the State.
O *
The Vigilance Committee of San
ITancisco arc an ingenious set of fel
lows, and have adopted various expe
dients to “get their money back.”
The first of which was to throw open
the doors of their rooms to visitors at
twenty-five cents ahead, no smoking
allowed —children and fools in arms
not admitted. Their paraphanalia
was spread out to the gaze of the
public —hero was their arms—there
hung the ropes which strangled their
victims, at the ends of whu h dangled
the hats of those they had slain. —
Many were attracted thither, and
many were the quarters that found
their way into the lank purse of the
committee. Then came the patent
Mass ballot boxes, advertised fur sale
by T. W. Park, Esq. They were
something of a drug in the market,
and rather sold those who engaged in
the speculation. Hut the committee
have not yet despaired of “getting
even.” They are now exhibiting a
panorama of their doings. It em
braces views of all their acts from
the shooting of James King of Win.,
to their grand procession. Mr. Pol
lock. not the author of “pandemonium
regained,” explains the scenes as
they are wheeled in front of the au
dience. Thus will the commute re
aliz* the money they have squan
der. I, and their noble deeds be kept
before the public, and the public
mind become familiarized/wlth scenes
of violence and blood —of disregarded
constitutions and violated laws, and
be taught to contemplate with favor
the triumph of mobs over the laws of
their country. Thus do the strang
glers seek to immortalize their law
less acts, and replenish their purse.
Thus do they boast of their triumph
over the laws of the State —to make
money. Thus do they coin the blood
of their murdered victims—into mon
ey. They had better change their
panorama, if they wish to make a
correct impression upon the public
mind. Let the first scene be a rep
resentation of the Temple of liberty
and of Constituional freedom, embra
cing Justice, Faith, Hope, and Char
ity, the cornucopia and waving grain.
For the second scene, let the temple
be laid in ruins, and let the blue of
I leaven’s dome be erased from the
canvass, and in its stead, paint one
black blotch, interspersed with
streams of human gore, with fort
gunny bags faintly outlined, witli a
condemned cannon over prostrate
justice, and complete the picture
with a few armed sentinels. Let the
the third and closing scene be the
meeting calling upon the county offi
cials to resign !
HITT'S Wanted. —Eight hundred
Ka~Li-mrm',riim dollars more on the Steamboat
subscription list. Two thousand two hund
red dollars have been already subscribed,
and only one thousand more is wantod.—
Remember that subscribers will not be asked
to pay one cent until one of the navigation
Company’s Steamboats shall arrive at Oro
vilie. Rollup, gentlemen, and subscribe.
Wo understand that Mr. Garriott n>w has
the list.
Relative Sizeoe California Cities. —
The following is the vote polled in the larg
est cities and towns of California, on the
4th. It will be seen that Nevada ranks
third, and Marysville fourth : San Fran
cisco 12,152; Sacramento, 4,G01; Nevada,2,-
OKI; Marysville 1,880; Oroville 1,088, Co
lumbia 1,074; Stockton, 1.308; Grass Valley
1,208; lowa Hill, 1,240; Placerville, 1,015;
Sonora 931; Downievllle, 731; Georgetown,
507; Auburn,s22. — Chronicle.
The above statement is incorrect as far as
Oroville is concerned. The total number of
votes polled here was 1,703, and would have
btcu at least two thousand had there been
two places for voting in the town. A great
many persons were prevented from voting
by the polls being closed at sunset.
Caught. —Pat Smith was re-arrested on
Wednesdayby Dep. Sheriff McLaughlin. The
culprit was brought back here yesterday,
and tried before Justice Elliott, and was
sentenced to pay a tine of two hundred dol
lars or to ninety days imprisonment in the
county jail. For want of the needtul to pay
the tine he was obliged to become one of the
county boarders. Serves him right. For
Ids perseverance and energy in the execu
tion of his official business, Mr. McLaughlin
deserves high commendation.
Personal. —Capt.Whitney, the President
of the Cal Steam Navigation Co ,and Messrs.
Jessup and Knccland, Directors, were in
town last evening. They have visited Oro
villo for the purpose of investigating the
feasibility of running one of their boats to
this place. They intend returning to Marys
ville to-day by way of the river lor the pur
pose of ascertaining its navigability.
Rich Diggings. —The Golden Gate Claim
on Virginia Flat, owned by a company of
seven Germans, is now, and has been for
some time past paying richly. It is a fair
sample of other claims on the Flat.
Cupt. Lindley started down the river
yesterday in a skiff, for the purpose of ex
amining the depth of water, etc. He has
promised to us with the particulars
of his trip.
The Next Legislature. —The next Sen
ate will be composed of 18 Democrats, 12
Americans and 3 Republicans The Assem
bly w ill be formed of 61 Democrats, 11 Re
publicans and 8 Americans. It is therefore
apparent that the Democrats party will
possess a controlling majority in each House
of the next Legislature. All right.
Dogs. —There are about two of these Ca
nine brutes to one man in Oroville. They
are a nuisance mid ought to be abated.
Imtrovemi nts. —Messrs. Scxtonr & Lott
are building a magnificent tire proof brick
office on Bird Street, between Myers an J
Huntoon. We also notice several new buil
dings going up on Montgomery Street, and
iu various other localities.
liutte County--Official.
Theßoaidof County Canvasser a closed
their labors at a late hour last evening
We are indebted to the Clerk for the follow
ing announcement of the result. The total
number of votescastiu the County is 4,947.
Very good for a county that two years
since cost less than seventeen hundred Voles:
Buchanan -
Fillmore 1 -
Fremont... ‘44
For Congress.
Scott 2414
M’Kibben -j] s
Whitman. I'n G
Dibble V;.
Turucr 401
For Clerk of Supreme Court.
Fairfax 24»>H
Skiuker l'-b.
Cole '
For Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Moulder -
Janes... -GJ3
Buffington <^3
For Assembly.
Long 22<>n
Morrison 22S
Lathrop IS),
Barber 11*1*’
MeK Smith I ®' •'»
Dick 3^.
For Assessor.
Lillard 2373
Bliss ‘^2
Public Administrator.
Morse 2204
McConnel ®'2
Brown . 2247
Woodward bo.i
For Supervisors Ist Dist.
Handall ‘do*’
Newcomb *’l
2d District.
3d District.
Wilmot 12'.J
For Justices for Ophir Township,
Safford C 63
Elliott 373
Berry 4SO
Wells 41 <
Heynolds 304
Jones 133
Brown 301
For Constables for Ophir township.
Patton ®2B
Gambrel 413
Jones 370
Simpson 207
Dunn... 2S]
lloleman 282
Logan 133
Williams 233
Thompson 133
ior the Unite Record.
Mr. Editor:
We have noticed from time to time articles
in your paper relative to building a Church
in this place, and are pleased to witness the
interest you manifest in this matter. The
undersigned were, in the month of Septem
ber last, chosen as a Board of Trustees, for
the purpose of pushing such project to a suc
cessful completion; and some money has
been collected the purpose, which is now in
the hands of the Kcv, B. N. Seymour. But
owing to the fact that the Board of Supervi
sors, and our gentlemanly Sheritl, P. freer,
E-q , have kindly offered, free of charge, the
use of the Court room at present, and from
the fact that we think more money can be
raised next Spring than now, and thereby a
better Church built, and better lot and loca
tion obtained, we have concluded it to be
advisable to delay r building until next
Spring. The money paid in can be had by
those who subscribed it, if so desired, by
calling upon Rev, Mr, Seymour; but if not
called tor will be strictly applied next spring
to the carrying on of said project.
The people of Oroville and vicinity can be
well and comfortably accommodated, it they
attend Church at the Court House, where
there is preaching every Sabbath.
Oroville, November 13th, 1830. #
Favors. —The Pacific Express Co were
ahead last night will: the Bay papers. W nt
son arrived shortly aUer with a big bate;:
of Sacramento and San ir ranci-co dailies.—
They are continually j lacing us under many
obligations for their generosity.
Fight.—A difficulty arose on Wednesday
night between uncouple of “Ravine sports,
and to settle the matter, they retire 1 to the
street, an 1 played a game of “dormck 100 ’
which resulted in one of them being ‘loot 1
alongside of his head with a boulder from
the bauds of his opponent. A dispute over
a game of cards was the cause ot the fight.
We don't knowjthe names of the parties.
V. S. Sfimlnr.
The following “idea” of tliC Sacramento
Union, is the first sensible one we have found
ir: its columns for some time ;
‘‘Hut there is nm icr element which must
be taken into the estimate of influences
which will bear upon the Senatorial ques
ti• ti; The main Democratic strength this
year licit notth of Sacramento. No Sentoi
has ever been elcpd Irotu the northern
portion of the State, and we shall not be
surprised to sec a Sonata r Irani the north
end of the State male a) silive . n i:tun
upoo which ah no they w ill go into caucus—
or into ati election Should our antieipath
in this behalf be realised, one of the Mentors
will most likely be selected truin the follow
it>cr names —Messrs. Denver, McL'oiklu or
That the North tv id demand << *i e I’nited
States Senator, no man can doubt. The
people are for it unanimously, and every
representative in the Legislature from that
Section of the State is fur it, so far as we
have ascertained their views. Indeed, it
could not be otherwise, for if they do n t
unanimously insist upon nnd demand tlnir
rights in this respect, they would he recus
cot to the interests nnd wishes of their
constituents. Hands off, gentlemen! Our
Representatives will select a man from the
north. Let the Southern pari of the State
name her man, iind'wc will put two men in
to the United States Senate, well qualified
in all respects, ns well in regard to their lo
cality us any other, to do good service to the
Tki.korai'h —The poles for the Oroville
and Marysville Telegraph are being erected.
The contractors have arranged matters so as
to proceed with the work without further
delay, and if no unforeseen accidents pre
vent, we shall be connected w ith San Fran
cisco by the lightning line in less than a
month. This is, indeed, glorious i*>i
The Marysville Inquirer learns that
Charles Levy , a partner with E. S. flavor,
at Lynchburg, JVwada County, lias runa
way, etc This news is probably derived
from an article published a week or two
since in the Record, to the effect, that Clia's
Lay, of Lynchburg, which is, as the Editor
of the Inquirer ought to know, a town situa
ted about one mile from Oroville, nnd that
it is in Unite County instead of Nevada. It
behooves the Editor of the Inquirer tn read
his exchanges more carefully, if lie wants to
keep posted up in matters of News.
Attention Miners K, Families!
D. TOY Hi OTTERSON again request tin; especial
attention of all w lio wish to lay in their winter Sloek
of CI.dTHIXO, 111,ANKl. I’S. HOOTS and Woolen
Goods, to the magnificent assortment of good* re
ceived l>y them during Urn jiast ten days. They are
now opening and oiler lor rale
200 lino and liervy beaver and Petersham Overcoats,
Frocks and Hacks;
100 heavy Pilot Cloth Coats, latest styles;
30 superb “Haitian” Coals, superior to nr.y Talmas;
5 bales. 50 pr in each, heavy gray blankets;
2 hales, 100 pr in each One heavy blue blanket* ;
1 hale, 100 pr extra •‘Trench Huper Super” while
30 doz. assorted Cassimero and Halt. Punts, late
styles, besides a magnificent nssoi ttnelil of Furnishing
Goods. Montgomery at., Opposite St. Nicholas. late
11 untoon’s. n'tf
Furniture! Furniture!
JI7HT RECEIVED nlarge assortment of Furniture
and bedding. For Hide at reduced Prices, at C
SCRIbER’H Furniture Ware Rooms, Montgomery
street, St. Nicholas Hotel. 031
fJT JUST RECEIVED, an Invoice of tine Paint
ed Cottage Furniture.at C.Hcriber’s FurnitureTVnrc-
Rooms, Montgomery street, nearly opposite Uie Ht.
Nicholas Hotel. octbl
->«v —
Something New.
Everybody is respt ctfully requested to coll at tiik
Store, opposite the Ht. Nicholas, <lnto Huntoon’s F.x
change.) and examine the splendid and varied assort
ment of Clothing opened during the post week Also
a new and splendid assortment of Hoots, buck Cloves,
Vulcanized India HnhberCoods, (Goodyear'smake,)
lline and heavy ruder Clothing, and the real “Hy
mn” Hhirls. w ith large French cuffs. In fuel we have
anything an t everything in the Clothing line, suita
ble for all classes, and at prices to suit the times.
i). tot a orrr.ftpoN,
o2[ Montgomery street, opposite Ilnntoon’s,
Counter for Sale.
A good pine Counter for bale. Enquire at this oCiee,
A uoi(I for K'.itte Comity,
The greatest gathering that has been known in
butte county durirt •• pr< .’it campaign, is that of
every description ot ireful tied ornamental articles at
the 1 ioneer Variety .-•■■re and Vni.ki e Notions i)• pot,
Washington Flock, My<r« street. 3rd door from Mont
gomery, Oroviile. oc!3-tf
{■/‘ r T)!t. A. K\T.I„ offers hi* professional *#*r.
vices to the < ilizoi - , ('r> v ills- ftr.d vicinity. ),a\ ing
had much and lon - expert- nee in tlie treatment of
the various d' •-i »it.ci 1,-nt to this climate, lie lopes
to give satisfaction •
Hfiecial attenlien given to disease* of a private na
ture. Rheumatism, i.c., which tie can cure without the
use of mercury.
Orrtr*, front room, No. 17, United Stales Hotel,
up stairs—Oroviile. ocl-tf
Forktii night ok Tin; cki.khh \tki»
5-Git urilny
l' i■ %»11
t,, Not , I ■ t!i,
i ir. -ion ll <■ Kill"
*3 %&%.. «>* «*»• I IVI ''•>* '*»'• ■ • v **'
l. \ i i : in: srs \n
Will ap;M a' in I" 1 I I her nn-l |>") -nlar ( ‘taracte
Bout,a, nuti x3ftjicc*
ADMISSION . ...Unx-, il <" Gallery 50 cei
K t ~ Fur pnrticnlnre *> o • n nil I ids 3
-3S Perch' gl.ien In nil |n rs..n- holding liens on Iho
4,.nn* I.nnt Hold,” In On- lull'll of Drotillo,
llittln comity, Californio lopnsil (he MOliriiilll
Iniin) proof thereof, in ihe Jn-n. es( 'ml* l T I I 111
nii.J. I'., in mi l lor nj.iilr Tniuirhii , on Monday
Nov -.‘4. W'd. nt 10 u’nndv A M.
ily order i f Court. ....
IM’TTi: 1.1 Mll I K rOMPANN .
Hi Tom Wn.ia Atr.v.
Uroville, Nov K.. Ir. ii.
Notice to (’outnictors.
B^KAI,ED PROPOSALS will ho received nt Iho
I* \\ i-t-i.-m 11010 l 111 I.ynd ho : gh, moil I l * o'clock
M. on Saturday Not. •.’■Jif, for Homing unit Draining
* |*i*or t'laitn.** on IV.Tlit-r Kivrr.
It)’ order of Hut Trustees. •• Q-A Tlll'KllKH.
Sco'v of Poor Mining Company.
Poor Claim, Nov. 12, |S’> n * '—l* 1 *
V,' ItOI.KSAIiK AM' 111. 1 All,
(Successor to J. f l.oyil X A. 1.. Smith )
Hint on hiiinl mill for * ilo n lurtro quantity of
3NT o w HA o o It « -
\inl Novels. ill " Stationery ol nil I.mil-. Nett spa
j.,.|4 Mol Periodicals ll) Iho unit 111 of the I n.*ii rn
All orders from the country promptly at tut.
/,yirr.,l itati s 111 ■' I
Colnpetilii'li liic I.ill* "I 1 null*!
Mi:iU 'll AMT!
Myers st., J* doors above I ,S. Staples
Htgu/nr .Auction Suit s on .Mondays,
Widmudays, Saturdays and Sunday*.
fSAlli: only n• a I genuine mnl orL'innl 4 'lii'iip John.
B informs llio I'tililic Mini ho has ininlo iirriiniro.
mould lIV which ho can afford In roll goods at hover
rnlos lh in nny nlhi r house in Drot illo. 110 is rcceiv
ini; daily, and has cons'initly on hmnl,
Clothing. Hoots anil Shots, Shuts, Jl noh n
and India Unbher floods I
Take Xoiioo—cheap John it connected with no
other lionet* in (trnvillo. Nn Ironhln to show good s.
All oul-ih nr Stilo.i aUoinloJ to promptly, and at Iho
Lowest huh
■XD'DniiT forget Iho jitiioo—North chin of Myers
sfreel, three doors in, ve the I , s*. stables. nl.kf
Fire—Smoke—Fire !
ra V I those who relish a good I iLjiir. wn tvonhl re
-8 in I n<l I ticii) that Curly h s )n-t relnnn d from
below tv it h a choice Ini nt jo n nine Havana • 'tgars and
Tobacco I hanlifnl lor the Ilia ral patronage hitherto
received, he pn inises the most that id ions Inters of
llio ''wood” .n please them at his now stand, corner
Myers and Meniyornery street.
Curly is some on smoke. nit
GLASS-WARE, &c., &c., at
j. r. ki>sim.’s
Orovillo Store. No. 3. Mont({ctnery street, near
Myers. Don’t forget the < irm ille Store.
Goods delivered free of charge. n!2lf
California Coal Company.
N 0 T ICE!
TBTUK undersigned having been appointed sole
M agent lor the sale of the California ( out C’omna
nj'sCoal in Oroville and vicinity i» now prepared to
supply all those in w ant of Coal at U Kill! H'.l) It.ATf.H
and convenient quantities. Delivered ire ol charge.
.1. F. KKSSJNG, Agent,
No. 3 Washington Klerk, Montgomery street near
Myers. nl2
3?OZl SA3J33 !
AT WHV 1! ATT'..', and mi reasonable terms.
This properly can he made valuable by re.
1,, t! moving tin* house to Oroville, The binding
is large, anil can bo made a first class Hotel.
There is a rare chance for investment in the pur
chase of this properly For particulars inquire ot
Cheesnmn A, Co , Martsville or
u4-Im It Altlt 1H A»nUKT, Oroville.
Just Received'
Oroville,a fcrge and splourtid lot of f :LOTII TNG
which I offer for sale VKUY CHEAP FOR CASH
Sept. 12, IkMl, sIS-tf
Wanted —A Partner
. a good business, lor purlicular* liKpilre tindir
'bo Empire Hotel. nil—3t
IMF- I t\V Co PARTNERSHIP heretofore
—L i«ting ijelwecii J. J. Kloine nod S. VV.
f'oughcv, ,n Oroville. under the firm name
"KI.EINE v CO| I.HKV,” is tins day ilissr.lvts
mutual coii-eia. J.J.KI LIKE,
S. W. U . CoI.'GDF,
Nov, feth, D:,6. nio—2d
< hire Feather Rita r and Opbir Water Co
< r"ville. Nov.: t, Irati.
\DIVIDEVI* has this day been declared, pay;
at the office of the Company.
2w~w Jl.-. MFC DOTH. Sec 1
C~i V“ PKANK Dri'.D.' —Garvmam, of the“N
Depot/’ h&. just r. c( iv( d Klat.k Di ed* of ever;
ricty. Call and see them.
I.ANKS— Evejy descrpitlou of Sustico’t B 1 Bki
fuj talc rtthis offee.

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