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(DrouiWt Ji'ihi 3Jnttt3Rtrcxb.
Ul»: II . CRUX ITT K t Cd I lor.
Orftviilc, Saturday, jVovwubrr lath,
Topics of I lie Day.
(hoville may be likened to a young
man just released from the studies of
a college, or tbe toils of an apprent
iceship ami turned loose to shift for
himself. She is possessed of all the
natural qualities for future greatness,
but is suffering now in dire necessity
for want of the requisite capital
wherewith to start in the business of
life. She has been amply provided
for by nature, and lias received a
fair start in the world, from her lib
eral progenitors, but she needs a vast
deal of assistance and means in ac
complishing her ultimate purpose. —
Those who have her in charge should
not neglect her in the hour of need,
and now is the time for action. Some
assistance has already been given her.
She has some of her demands sup
plied, hut not all. The facilities for
approach to her, have been, and still
are sadly neglected. Roads are in
a miserable state in her immediate
vicinity, and arc growing everyday
still worse, —and the places for en
trance and exit, to and from the town,
are in such a state as to demand the
immediate attention of those whom it
may concern.
More especially would wo speak of
the great thoroughfare to Marysville
by the way of Lynching, and the
road leading to Chico and Shasta.
The former may he repaired at a
comparatively small expense, hut on
the latter a liberal outlay should be
made in the erection of a bridge, in
place of the present Ferry, which is
now the only means afforded for
crossing the river, on the way towards
the immense upper country, the trade
tf which we confidently hope will
eventually concentrate in (hoville.
It is well to look to these things in
lime, and provide fur the future. Na
ture has done much towards making
this a convenient depot for the sup
plies which the vast mineral lands
about us do, and will require, and
those to whom are confided the des
tinies of this fair town, should lend
all the aid in their power towards her
advancement. A bridge is greatly
O O v
needed, and must he built sooner or
later. The roads contiguous to the
Ferry, and the Ferry itself, arc in
sufficient accommodation for the
greatly increasing travel to and from
the north, and luck of enterprise on
the part of our citizens should never
act as hindrance in making Oroville
a place of easy access to the moun
tain traders. Just give Oroville a
fair chance, and she will outstrip all
her competitors.
It will be seen, by the official re
turns, that Butte County has given a
majority for Buchanan over Fillmore
of 790 votes, and a majority over
both Fillmore and Fremont, of 54
votes. Who savs Butte County is
not democratic? The Xavada Dem
ocrat claims Nevada as the banner
county, because they have given Mr.
Buchanan a majority over Mr. Fill
more, while the vote for Fillmore and
Fremont combined exceeds that for
Mr. Buchanan 90. It wont do, Mr.
Democrat; there is a majority in
your county against you of 90 !
What do you want with a banner?
Better send it to some Democratic
county —Butte, for instance —which
has given a majority over all opposi
tion. Butte has given a majority of
54 over the combined efforts of all
factions. If there is any county
polling five thousand votes, that gives
Buchanan a larger majority, let them
claim the Banner! If not, please
pass the Banner to Butte!
l>nrln|( Uulihrry.
Some rascal, or rascals, entered the stable
of Mr. Garriott at the Steam Saw Mill, on
Wednesday night, and stole therefrom a
valuable sorrel marc. This was u very bold
and hazardous undertaking, from the fact
that the persons employed about the mill,
are on the premises during the entire night
and arc liable to detect any attempts to per
petrate such acts. There is evidently a nu«,
racrous gang of scoundrels infeniog our
village, ready to commit any and all kinds
of depredations. It behooves our citizens to
keep a sharp look out for these villains.
Death on the Prairie. —The Decatur
(111 ) Chronicle says that the skeleton of a
man was found on the prairie, about eight
miles southeast of that town. It was evi
dently that of someone who was frozen to
death last winter, being enveloped in three
coats and three pairs of pants. A carpet
sack and gun were lying near, and every
thing indicated that some traveller lost his
way and and had laid down in the sleep of
European Debt. —The London Statisti
cal Journal says the national debt of Eu
rope amounts to’nearly two thousand mil
lions sterling.
The New Cent Piece recently finished
at the United States Mint, Philadelphia is
the size of the old half cent, and is composed
of fifty-seven parts of copper, seven of nickel
and one of zinc. It has a light appearance,
with a faint red tint, and is in beautiful
contrast with the American ’silver and gold
pieces, and will not, as the cent did, tarnish
them by contact. The weight of the new is
only sixty-two grains—that of the present
copper cent is one hundred and sixty-eight.
Counterfeit English Sovereigns
The San Francisco Herald has seen a coun
terfeit English sovereign well calculated to
deceive. The metal is light, but the size
and workmanship are good imitations of the
genuine. On one side is the Queen’s profile,
and on the reverse the usual figure of St,
George overcoming the dragon. The dates
however vary, us different years appear on
each side. There may be an attempt to pass
some of this bogus coin, and it behooves cit
izens to keep a bright look out.
The French Again at Work. —lt ap
pears from El Clamor Publico that Gandara
the deposed Governor of Sonora, has sent
four agents to California to organize an ex
pedition to be composed of French, Span
iards, Italians, and Germans, to cultivate
the land, or in other words, to assist in re
instating the Gandara Government.
Appointment Be the Governor. — Gov.
Johnson has appointed C. E. Williams, Esq.,
Judge of the 15th Judicial District, vice
Pitzer resigned. His Excellency exercised
wise discretion in making this appointment.
No gentleman in the northern districts more
widely enjoys the unlimited respect of the
people and the bar than Judge Williams.
JSft-Four hundred thousand pistols have
been turned out Colt’s manufactory in Hart
ford. Of these, mure than one-third have
been sold in California. The United States
have been furnished with six thousand.
A Good Hunting Peace —Luke Wash
ington, in Yolo County, three miles from the
town of Washington, is a great resort for
hunters during the season. Dr. J. P. Shar
key of Sacramento, killed an otter there a
short time since, four feet and a half in
length The lake is six foot higher than the
Sacramento river, and could readily be made
available for irrigation
Consul Dillon. —The French residents
of San Francisco arc preparing to present
Consul Dillon with a handsome testimonial
on the occasion of his departure for his new
station in Dominica.
The Pottery Trabe —There is quite an
extensive pottery trade springing up be
tween San Francisco and Sacramento. Over
two thousand earthen pots, from the pottery
near the old Fort, at Sacramento, were ta
ken to San Francisco on Saturday.
Hans Cart Trains —The Mormons have
adopted n new style of immigration, every
man, woman and child who is able, drag
ging a hand cart across the plains. They
travel in companies, and are attended by a
few choice wagons and teams for the use of
the sick. The experiment is described as
having worked admirably, andquite a num
ber of hand-cart companies had arrived, in
sound health and bouyant spirits.
Penmjlvabia Drmorratir by laj.!
Democratic Majority in Indiana, 4,000 !l
By TeVgranh to Mary.vilm, for tin- Butte Record
V\ c are indebted to a friend in
Marysville fur the following despatch:
Marysville, Nov. 14—1 p. m.
The mail Steamer “Golden Age"
has just arrived in San Francisco. —
There is a great deal of excitement
here to learn how the election has
gone in the east.
1 o’clock and 80 Minutes.
Pennsylvania has given IWjOmO
Deinoacrtic majority! Glory !
Four thousand Democratic majori
ty in Indiana !
T. B. Flournoy, Dorn. Congress
man is elected in Ohio! Also, J. G.
Jones, in the sth District.
This is all I can get, as the Stage
is just leaving. As near as I can
learn, Ohio has gone Democratic, at
least, there is great rejoicing in San
Francisco among the Democrats. —
Pennsylvania and Indiana may be
relied on ciiarle.a .
Ground and Lolly Tuiiililliik.
Pat, the “Limerick Boy,” whom every
body kuows or hears of by virtue of his
blarney, and propensity for playing practi
cal jokes, was the principal actor in a most
ludicrous scene last Thursday afternoon
Pat had a horse that be wanted to sell, and
by way showing his points and displaying
his good qualities, he trotted him out in
front of the St. Nicholas, and to show how
gentle the beast was, he mounted him “bare
back,” (the horse, not Pat) and with pecul
iar Irish whoop, plunged his heels into the
sides of his Arabian, who, not liking the
style of attack, lowered his head and raised
his heels, and with a peuliarjerk, landed
Pat about twenty feet in advance of his
head, greatly to “Limerick’s amazement and
the diversion of the by-standers Pat slip
ped up on his trade, the customer not fancy
ing the still-legged qualities of the “durlin
The Weather.
The cloudy sky of Thursday indicated an
approaching storm, but yesterday, the sun
shone out clear and warm through a sky as
cloudless as ever characterized a July Sun
day. Fears are entertained that the coming
winter will be another such an one ns the
last. If such should be the case, great in
covenienco and suffering would inevitably
The Uublnson Family.
Will play to-night at the Metropolitan
Theatre. We suppose there will be a perfect
rush for admittance, and advise our friends
to go early and secure their seats, before the
house is filled.
AThouianh Thanks.—Some unknown
friend has forwarded us through Wells,
Fargo & Co., a beautiful, firm and substan
tial Hickory Cane.
We would refer the render’s atten
tion to the advertisement of the Golden
Gate Bakery. We tender thanks to the
worthy proprietor for a beautiful cake pre
sented us!
Head Letters.—A Washington corres
pondent of the Baltimore Sun says : “Du
ring the present quarter ot a year, the nm’t
of money found in dead letters at the gen
eral I’ostoffice is SIB,OOO, seven eighths of
which has been restored to its lawful own
Soap Making.—The Mormons are turn
ing their attention to making soap from the
seed of the sunflower.
One of the toasts drank at a
recent celebration, was—‘‘Woman !
She requires uo eulogy, she speaks for
Women endure pain, poverty
and the severest misfortune with more
fortitude than men, but melt at the first
harsh word from those that they love.
With her own heart open before her,
no true mother can speak harshly to
her child, the tone would rend the like
tendrils of affection that are clinging to
her, and, like vines in spring ruthless
ly cut, they might bleed with a fatal
hindrance to health.
be deprived of a person we
love is n happiness in comparison of
living with oue we hate.
Anecdote ok Washington.—Wc
find in Collin’s ‘Historical Sketches ot
Kentucky’ the following little-known
anecdote of Wasington;
“Colonel Derail Payne was the son
of William Payne, who*e paternal mi*
cejUor accompanied Lord Fairfax from
England when he enno over to col
onize his grant in \ irgiu a. At this
time Gen. Washington was s(ati"iied
in Alexandria as a colonel of a Brit
ish regiment, before the war of the re
volution, an altercatimi took place in
the court house yard between him and
William Pavne, in which Payne knock
ed Washington down. Great excite
ment prevailed, ns Payne was known
to he firm, and stood high, and Wash
ington was beloved by all.
A nigtit’s reflection, however, satis,
fmd Washington that lie was (he ag
gressor, and in the wrong, and in the
morniu , like a true and magnanimous
loro, ho sought an interview with
/ ( u
Payne, which resulted in an apology
from Washington, and a warm and la-t
--ing friendship between the two, found
ed <m mutual esteem. During the re
volutionary war, while Washington was
on a visit to his family, Mr. Payne,
with his son Duvall, went to pay his
respect to the great Aerican chief.
Washington met him some distance
from the house, look him hy the hand
and led him to the presence of Mrs.
Washington, to whom he introduced
Mr. Payne as follows : My dear, here
is the little man you have so frMjuent
ly board me speak of, who once had
the emruge to knock me down in the
court-house ymd at Alexandria big ns
I ui/ j.”
txi j" Childhood is like :i mirror, catch
ami reflecting images around it.
Kemember that an impiovs, profane or
vuliiar thought may operate upon your
heart like a careless spray ot water
thrown upon polished steel, staining it
with rust that no after efforts can el
B£ay*Any one may do a casual act of
good nature, hut a continuation ot
them shows it U a part of the tempera
Attention Miners X Families!
D. TOY & OTYER3ON again request the especial
attention of all who wish to lay in their winter Stock
Goods, to the magnificent assort ment of goods re
ceived by them during the past ten days. They are
now opening and tiller lor sale
200 line and hervy llenver and Petersham Overcoats,
Frocks and Hacks;
100 heavy Pilot Cloth touts, latest styles;
;t0 miipc rh “Raglan” fonts, superior to any Talmas;
5 hales. 50 pr in each, heavy gray blankets;
12 hales, 100 pr in each line heavy blue blankets ;
1 bule.ltKlprextra ••French Super Super” while
30 dor., assorted Cassimero and Halt. Pants, late
styles, besides a magnificent assortment of Furnishing
Goods. Montgomery st ~ Opposite Ht. Nicholas, late
Iluntoon's. n*tf
Furniture! Furniture!
JITST RECEIVED, alarge assortment of Furniture
and (tedding. For Hale at reduced Prices, at C
SCUIBER’H Furniture Ware Rooms, Montgomery
street, Ht. Nicholas Hotel. 03l
Z~sf“ JUST RECEIVED, an Invoice of One Paint
ed Cottage Furniture.at C.Scrlber’s Furniture Ware-
Rooms. Montgomery street, nearly opposite the Hi.
Nicholas Hotel. oct3l
Something Kcw.
F.verybody is respectfully requested to call at Tin
Store, opposite the Ht. Nicholas, (late lluntoon’s Ex
change.) and examine the splendid and varied assort
ment of Clothing opened duringlhe pr.sl week Also
a new and splendid assortment of Hoots, Buck Gloves,
Vulcanized India Rubber Goods, (Goodyear’s make,)
dine ami heavy Under Clothing, and the real “By
ron” Hhirts. with large Frenehcuffs. In fact we have
anything and everything in the Clothing line, suita
ble for all classes, and at prices to suit the times.
otlf Montgomery street, opposite Huntoon’s.
Counter for Sale.
A good pine Counter for Sale. Enquire at this office
A word for Kiiflr C ourrly.
The greatest gathering that has been known in
Butte county during the present campaign, is that of
every description of useful nnd ornamental articlesat
the ! ionear Variety Stow and Yankee Notions Depot,
Washington Block, Myers street, Srd door from Mont-,
•omery, Oroville. ocl3-lf
17^DR, A. It V 1.1., oflers his professional ser
vices to the citizens of Oroville ui.d vicinity, having
had much and long experience in the treatment of
the various diseases incident to this climate, he hopes
to give satisfaction
Hpecial attention given to diseases of a private na
ture. Rbeumrftism, kc., which he can curt without the
use of mercury.
Orncs, front room, No. 17, United States Hotel,
up stairs—Oroville. ocl-tf
Tufi Mtsi u Foiled—An old mis* r
in New Kngland, o» ninvr a tarn), found
it impossible to do his work witnont. ; s
sislnnoc, and accordingly offered any
man food for performing the ironist!-*
labor. A half starved pmiper, h< ai ing
of the terms, accepted of them. Be
fore going into the field.-' in Iniotu
mg, the miser invited his help t" hn ii»-
f„>f Alter lim-diing llm morning
meal, the o'd skinner thought it would
ho saving time if they should (daeo the
dinner upon the break! si. I his was
readily agreed to hy the unsitisli-il
stranger, and tlie dinner \vi s soon dis
‘Suppose, now,’ said the hngil far
mer, ‘we take supper, it w.ll save time
and uoutre, yon know ’
‘.lust as you like, - iid the eager
cater, and at it they w '.
‘Now wo will no to w k.’ said the
satisfied and delighted en j 1 1 *>'• »*.
‘Thank von,'said the gratified ll
horer, ‘I never work alter snppei !’
Satnrdny \ov.

Hu w I• i« It Hit* mile
Will appear in two <>l her tiur-l j»<>(>i:tnr i 'inriicl
Souris, nrr rl D/mcos.
ADMISSION . ...Iliixi!*, *1 OH Hallery ill cent a.
p Fur particulars >. e small hills 7
Myers Street, two doors above Dird Street.
rjIIIK undersigned having established a Bakery
m in < trovtllv, is prcpim Jln Lmnsli uiul
holds wi(l) all &ori» of
Bread, Pics, Cukes ic Confectionery,
in liny <|iinnlily,tiinl of th« very best ipialuy, ami o»
deliver Ilium i'RKK OK CHAHHK nl nil iionie. nt
lit** houses of his cnslonicrs.
The wheal from which life Dour nsisl in this eslnb
lishuieiit is nnule. is of I lie llr-l quality, having been
raised on the ranch oflho undersigned
hl.nf JOHN IS It IT/.
ON to-morrow, Siimlay Nov. 111, Religions Si i vice
will he hell! in I hit Conn House, at hall | > :i.- ( '.I
o'clock A. .M., hy f ather IVli r. Catholic cletgy man
from Marysville
After servicce a mooting will he held to devise
no an* for the erection ot a Catholic Church in this
FT iI.KN from ti e abode ol the subscriber,
Wednesday il.'hl, Nov. I'ith, a hatd
cl J \-fnrwl sorrel Mare. Any one returning said
aiiiiinil to me al the Steam Sawmill, Orov iile,w ill re
ceive the above reward.
Competition the Life of Trade I
M E RC’ll ANT!
Myers st., 3 doors above ITS. Stables
Hegu/ar Jlurtion Sales on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
fBIIIK only real genuine and original Cheap John.
JL informs the public that he has made arrange
ments hy which he can tilford to sell goods at lower
rates than any other house in ornville. lie is receiv
ing daily, and ha- coiis’anlly on liand.
Clothing, Hoots and Shoes, Shirts, ll~ uo/cn
and India Hubher Hoods!
Take Notice—cheap John is connected with no
other house in (irovillo. No trouble to show goods.
All out-door i-ales uttclided to promptly , and at the
Lowest Kates,
liar Don’t forget the place—North side of Myers
street, three doors above the U. ts. stables, uldif
Fire —Smoke—Fire !
IV* those who relish a good Cigar, we would re
. mind them that Curly has fuel returned from
below with n choice lot ol jenuine Havana(Tgars and
Tobacco. Thankful lor ihe liberal palronnge hitherto
received, he promises the roost fastidious lovers of
Ihe “weed" to ph-nse them at his new stand, corner
Myers and Montgomery street.
Curly is some on smoke. niT
BTATK Of CA LI Ft IKNI A, t Uoanlof Fnporv isors,,.
County of Unite \ Nov Term.
IN Ihe matter of‘be declaration of certain streets in.
the Carlton tract to he highways, and to alter the
road to McConnell’s Ferry, It is hereby ordered tha
the present road running from the termination of
Bird, Kobtasun ami .Montgomery streets in the town
of ornville to Butcher Uanch in said county, he, and
the same is herein declared vacated as a public high
way. And it is further ordered that the said II rat,
Moii'gomery and Kohinson streets of said town* e
Oiovllle. he extended as public highways across tku
tract of land known ns the Carbon Tract, and .al
Joining said town of • iroville. Said continuations of
Bird, holies o and Montgomery street, to | )W . c i a y
six fi-et in width, and extending in directions parallel
wbh each other, according to the plan or serrsy of
said Carlton Tract, made hy M. 11. Farley. And ibi*
further ordered that the street marked Fourth Ave
nue. according to the plan and servey of the said
Carlton Trart tie. and the same is hereby declare dvUe
lien public highway—the said Avenue to be sixty *y.
feet in> width, and extending across said tract of land.
Ami ic iw further ordered that so mud. ol the Fiiec.
Second. Third. Ftfitt Fikih, Seventh am) eighth .Vxr
etines, ms he between Kohinson and Vonigoin try
streets, according to the plan or survey of said M. HA
Farley of anid Carlton Tract now on file in Ihe olfire
of the county K-order of sn>d county, lie, and the
same are hereby declared . *• public highways, all
of said highways to be sixty feet m width. And it
is further ordered that the roid now laid out from tho
termination of the said Robinson street, across
the Butcher Ranch, to it* lunction with (he old road
be, and the same Is hereby declared a public high
way, said highway to be sixty six feel in width.
Attest the foregoing n true copy.
milks CHAFIN', Clerk of Board.
By M. H. Durrach, Deputy. u iy

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