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'(DrouiHf JhiiU SJntte Utrori*
|mn: h. ciuiKTTt, KUitor.J
Oroiilic, Taesilay, Xovembn* ISlIi, ISSC.
Topics of the Day.
Tiii: Want of places fur social
:.iuU'Cmcnt and recreation, lias ever
been felt bv those of uswlro have
.'-pent our time in the mines since
< oming to California, and for lack of
lyceums, reading rooms, and public
libraries, young and old men who
would otherwise spend Oven* leisure
hours in such pursuits as would tend
to their intellectual and moral im
provement, are induced to seek
amusement and relaxation from toil,
in visiting gambling houses and
rD o o
ihinking saloons, there to contract
habits that too often bring penury,
disgrace and ruin to those who arc
so unfortunate as to take the first fa
tal stop.
A little more than a year ago, a
* “ /
Mercantile Library Association was
formed in Marysville, and through
%/ * O
tl e interest taken in it bv its mem
burs, is now in a flourishing condition,
and during the last year several
O *
highly interesting and instructive
lectures by gentlemen of distinguish
%' o o
( 1 K arnlng and ability have been de
li v( red before the Association. These
! etures have been well-attended, and
proud a source of considerable profit
t) the society pecuniarily, and of
:t: .u-ement and instruction to the
listeners. We see no reason why a
similar society may not be formed in
* %/
Oroville. There are enough here
vho ought to feel an interest in such
matters, and the want of means
s . odd not he assigned as a reason
( its impracticability, the expense
.ttviiding the formation of a society,
I mug comparatively small. Money
spent in this way is always a profit
aide investment, for when once an
hit rest is awakened in its members,
club-rooms become the place of meet
ing instead of the drinking saloon,
and rational, beneficial pleasures take
the place of the dearly bought excite
ments of wine and cards.
Wo hope to be able to chronicle
the organization of a club, or lyceum
in Oroville ere long, and trust that
other amusements than those afforded
by theatrical performers of doubtful
merit, and such pastimes as serve only
to gratify the baser passions, may
give way occasionally to the more
useful and substantial entertainments
offered by able and intelligent lect
urers, many of whom could, no doubt,
be induced to visit us the coming
winter. Let us have a Lyceum, and
try and reclaim ourselves from our
present habits of dissipation and in
attention to profitable study.
Ax Effort was made a short time
mice, to have Oroville incorporated
under the general law for the incor
porations in California. Hut the
miners, within the limits of the pro
posed incorporation, opposed the
move, and produced a remonstrance
against it, much more numerously
digued than was the petition in favor
of incorporation. Under these cir
cumstances, the attempt was aband
oned, for the law required that a ma
jority of the inhabitants should peti
tion in favor of it, before the board
of Supervisors could declare the town
incorporated. These petitions and
remonstrances show conclusi\®ly that
the mining population constitute
a majority of the inhabitants of Oro
ville. Now we are in favor of hav- j
ing Orovflflc vncorpwatcd. The ne
cessity for il is becoming more pal
pable every day, and the day is not
far distant 'when it will undoubtedly
be done. It will be agitated before
the present legislature, and if possi
ble, an act incorporating the town
will be lobbied through the Legisla
ture and become a law while the mi
ners are at work in their claims and
coyote holes. We arc disposed to
think that the miners have overrated
the danger to be apprehended from
incorporation. It is evident that the
miners are in a majority, and would
be as able to control the town coun
cil, as they arc to prevent the board
of Supervisors from declaring the
town incorporated. Should the in
corporation be effected by act of the
legislature, it will he much more bur
densome and complicated, than if
done under the general law, and as
the miners are sufficiently numerous
to control the affairs of the town
council, and to elect whom they
please, we do not sec why they
should so strenuouslyopposc the incor
poration of the town, 'flic expense
would not fall upon them r and we
trust they may bo induced to recon
sider the motion, and allow the town
to become incorporated.
“Whehk is Duncan’s body?’’ — The De
mocrat sometime since announced to “nil
the world and the rest of mankind,” that
Moses Bean, aforetime a partner of S. 11.
Chase, Esq., and Constitutional lawyer of
this city, was running for the Assembly in
lluttc County. We have examined the Oro
vilie papers diligently, but find no record of
the votes given for Moses Bean. There has
been foul play somewhere, or the people of
Butte don’t know Means. — JS'erada Journal.
,Ju Igc Bean being a “ Constitutional” De
mocrat as well as lawyer, he withdrew from
the contest and suffered the Democratic
ticket to be elected.
The Weather.— From the indications
displayed by the clouds within the tew days
past, the rainy season is evidently near at
hand. “Oh for rain” is the continual earn
est prayer of the miners and farmers and
it is to be hoped their prayer may be speedi
ly and effectually granted. The parched
bills and plains need many a wholesome
drenching, to make them resume their ver
dant coverings. Great numbers of cattle,
horses, and other animals perished last win
ter from thirst and starvation,and through
out the mines water was greatly needed.
Salmon Fishing among the Indians. —
The Mariposa Gazette says that the Indians
upon the South Fork and upper parts ol the
main Merced river arc much dissatisfied at
the failure of their Salmon fishing, which is
caused by one or two dams on the lower part
of the river. Large quantities of salmon are
annually killed by these Indians, and being
prepared iu their own manner, form the
staple article of food during the winter.
alter the reception of the news
yesterday, says the State Journal, wc over
heard two darkies discussing the matter.
They were very much excited, and as pale as
“Do Lord,” exclaimed one, “who ebber
would bab thunk ob dis kind ob a smash up. :
l>is nigger haint got much, but he’d sooner
lorked out anudder hundred dollar. Dc
money 1 gib to carry on dc election of Massa
Fremont am all gone to de dcbbel. Desc
Republicans made me believe dat he was
sure to carry all de northern stales, and
now 1 don’t believe he’s got no more chance
dan a lame nigger at a hoe-dowu.
A Fast Dog. —A canine brute with an
oyster can made fast to his tail, and made
still faster by ids gyrations after he was let
loose from the hands of his heartless perse
cutors, went rushing with fearful impetuosi
ty up Montgomery and Myers streets yes
terday afternoon, pursued by a noisy pack
of his more fortunate brethren. t'uch
amusements are excessively diverting to
outsiders but are awful on tho dog. The
persons who committed this piece of cruelty
on the poor beast had better employ their
time in work instead of tantalizing dumb
Fremont and Dayton. —One of the east
ern cotton mills is manufacturing “Fremont
and Dayton calicoes.” These calicoes tire
now better and more extensively known as
worsted goods.
Capture or a Giizily Bear. —A large
grizzly bear, says the Stockton Argos, was
killed a few n»«rnrngs since, about eight
miles from French Camp, on the Stanislaus
mail. Bruin was making his way from the
edge of the woo4s to the Stanislaus, when
lie was discovered by Mr. Van Voler, who
followed him five miles, during which time
he fired four rifle shots, the last of which
proved successful.
Favors,— We arc indebted to Mr. Watson
for the Nov. number of Hutching's Califor
nia Magazine, Ballou’s Pictorial and various
other papers, and to Mr. Crarnham for Har
per's Magazine, New York Herald, etc
Through the generosity of those gentlemen
and the agents of the two Kxpress Cos. we
are kept constantly supplied with full files
'of papers from the Atlantic States and the
cities below. We tender them each aud all
our grateful acknowledgements.
—■ ■ 1 - 1 '■
Personal. —We had the pleasure yester
day of greeting our euterprizing follow
townsman. Janies McWilliams list) , who has
just returned irom Ida old home in the At
lantic States, whither he has been spending
a few months. Mac looks well after his trip,
and comes to us rejoicing in a state of
.lonble-blessedncss, having been so fortunate
as to secure a better half during his stay in
“America.” Many warm friends bid Idm
and his lady “wcdcome home.”
Fight.— we regret to learn that a difficul
ty of so serious a nature as to bring about a
personal collision, occurred on Sunday after
noon between our friends Messrs. Morse and
Hubbard. Not having learned the particu
lars of the affair, we forbear comment, but
trust that hostilities have ceased and that
their former amicable relations have been
Thk Telegraph. —Our citizens will be
gratified to learn that t lie posts for the Tel
graph between Marysville and Oroville,
have nearly all been erected by our fellow
citizen Wm. Gwyn, Esq. Wc also learn from
Idm that the wire lias been procured in San
Francisco, and will be put up us soon ns the
Insulators arrive from the cast, which were
ordered a month since. A meeting of the
Stockholders has been called to be held in
Oroville on the Hist instant, for the pur
pose of organizing the company by the elec
tion of officers, &c.
Broke Jail, —We learn by the Express
that four men escaped from the Marysville
jail on Saturday night. Their names are
Dan Miller, Major Vroman, alias Baker,
alias Reynolds, John Page and Wm. Tripp.
They escaped by sawing away a part of the
door, w ith a saw made of a case knife, and
by knocking away the bricks with an iron
bar. Through a system of false economy,
most of the jails throughout the entire state
have been built in such a manner as to be
very insecure, aud wc arc continually hear
ing of the c-cape of their occupants. The
careless manner in which some of the doors
of the Oroville jail were hung, allowed the
escape of three or four prisoners awhile
since, and only a few days ago three noted
desperadoes, broke and lied aud fled from
the prison in Nevada An insecure jail is
as worthless a piece of property as a dumb
A Failure. —ln the very adroit attempt
says the Marysville. Express, made a few
days since, by the Sacramento American, to
create sectional divisions witli regard to
Senatorial candidates, the Shasta Courier
was appealed to. That able journal thus
aespouds to the wiley foe of our party:
“Don't fear neighbor, the North will
speak her seuliuieuts upon this subject in
due season. W e have sufficient confidence in
the members of our legislature, to believe
that they will elect no man who is not hon
est and capable, or who would be unsatis
factory to the democracy of either the north
or the South.
It would undoubtedly he gratifying to the
Democrats of the North, to have at least
one Senator elected who would be identified
with them in interests and residence; still,
we do not consider the question of a local
habitation of greater importance than that
of having men of distinguished and tried
abilities, who would do honor to themselves
and credit to the Slate, Such men we need,
and such, no doubt, will be elected by the
nest Legislature.
Fire in Marysville— We regret to
barn that our old friend Cheap Harry of
Marysville, met with so serious a misfortune
as to bo burnt out on Friday wight last.
The Express says—“We learn from 11. Bar
nett, whose stock of goods was injured by
the fire on Friday evening, that the proba
ble loss is about igS.OOO—insurance sIo.OOO.
It it impossible to account for the lire in any
way, as the clerk bad been absent bat a lew
minutes when the alarm was given, and both
he and the proprietors were on hand to aid
in extinguishing the flames.”
Speakership,— The California Expacss
has heard the name of G, X. Swcezy, spoken
of in connection with the Speakership of the
I t »e or Chloroform in Poisonin'; Cas
es.—The Uochestcr Democrat record.* a case
of accidental poisoning’ from strychinine, in
which chloroform was successfully applied
to relieve the terrible spasms of the patient.
The person took four grains of strychinine
in mistake for another powder, and soon as
the discovery of the mistake was made an
emetic was given. Two large emetics given
in quick succession, failed to produce vomit
ing. The patient was convvlscd with the
severest forms of tetanic spasms, llis jaws
were firmly locked, and it was impossible to
open his moutli to administer remedies The
approach towards his mouth, caused a re
currence of the spasms. Chloroform was
applied which relieved the spasms in about
t brec minutes, and stopped them complete
ly in ten minutes, when a third powerful
emetic was given. If the chloroform appli
cation was remitted, the spasms instantly
returned in full force; so that it was found
necessary to keep the patient constantly un
der the influence of the luncsthctio’ In
about ten minutes after the third emetic
was taken, vomiting was produced. The
patient was kept under the influence of
chloroform till the next morning During
the time that the spasmodic action was con
trolled by the chloroform the system Innl
opportunity to throw oil the poison that had
born taken up by the absorbents, and when
that was done the patient was out of danger.
He had retained his consciousness during
the whole of the period that he suffered
from the poison.
The Uouinson Family left here yester
day fur Spanishtown. We commend them to
all admirers of the histrionic art there and
elsewhere. May success attend them.
Hutching* s Magazine. —To our friend
Mr. Garnhnm we are indebted for the Nov.
No. of the above Magazine. Mr Garnham
will keep a mail bag open until 11 o’clock
this morning. Those desirous of sending
home papers had better give him a call.
fr Staging in Oroville. — The California
Stage Company sent out three extra conches
on Sunday evening, containing 4H passen
gers, and o;i yesterday noon, they scut out
d‘.» passengers
Highwaymen in Sacramento. —Wclcarn
from the California American, that two hold
ruffians lately stopped a man on J. Street,
near Sixteenth, about ten o clock in the
evening and presenting pistol** to his breast
demanded his money or his life, and as the
former was considered least valuable, the
assaulted party surrendered his purse,
which contained less than two dollars, and
was permitted to quietly depart after giving
up an additional prize of u “bull's eye ’ val
ued at seven dollars.
Altrillion 3linei's -S. Vainilies !
|). TOY it OTTERSON again request the especial
attention of all who wish to lay in their winter Stock
Hoods, to the magnificent assortment of goods re
ceived by them during the past ten days. They are
now opening and offer mr sale
200 line and hervy Heaver and Petersham Overcoats,
Trucks and Sacks;
100 heavy Pilot Cloth Coats, latest sty les;
lit) superb '‘Haitian'’ Coals, superior to any Talmas;
5 bales. .10 pr in each, heavy gray blanket.-;
2 hales, lob pr in each tine heavy blue blankets;
1 bale, 100 pr extra •‘French Super Super’’while
30 doz. assorted Cassimere and Salt. Pants, late
styles, besides a magnificent assort meat of Furnishing
floods. Montgomery »t., Opposite Ft. Nicholas, late
II untoon's. nltf
Furniture! Furniture!
JUFT RECEIVED, a large assortment of Furniture
und Bedding. For Sale at reduced Prices, at C
SCUIUEU’H Furniture Ware Rooms, Montgomery
street, St. Nicholas Hotel. 011 l
tTif JUST RECEIVED. an Invoico of fine Paint
ed Cottage Furniture, at C. Fcriber’s Furniture Ware-
Rooms, Montgomery street, nearly opposite the Ft.
Nicholas Hotel. ocUil
Something VfW.
Everybody is respectfully requested to cnli nl tiik
Store, opposite the Ft. Nicholas, (lute llnntooiv's Ex
change.) and examine the splendid and viirbsl wssort
merit of Clothing opened during lh(» put week Also
n new and splendid assortment of bisiis, buck Cloves,
Vulcanized India Rubber Hoods, (Coudyenr's make,)
Bine and heavy Under Clothing, and the real “by
ron” Fiepls. with large French cuffs, in fact we have
anything and everything in die Ciethieg line, suita
ble for alt classes, and at prices to sni! the time-*.
o - .*t Sontgomery street,, opposite If urrtoon't.
A word for liulle Count}’.
The greatest gathering that has been known In
Butte county during the present campaign, is that of
i very description ofwseful and ornamental articlesat
the • iolteer Variety Frore and Yankee Notions Depot,
Washington Block, Myers street. >d door from Mont
gomery, Orwville. or 13-tf
ITI>K. a. HALL, offers hia professional ser
vices toihc rirliens of Ororille and vicinity, having
had much and tong experience in the treatment of
the various diseases incident to this climate, he hopes
to give satisfaction
Special attention given to diseases of a private na
ture. Rheumatism, kc., which ha can cure without the
use of mercury.
Orncs, front room, No. 17, United Stales Hstel,
up stairs—Oroviile, ©cl-tf
wtiui.tsAi.ic nmiu 11
U'atehcs, Jnvelnj, I Ham mi! i, Tools,
Vl'atch .Materials, (llassis,
Fancy tloads, Wc.
195 Montgomery street, corner i f Jackson,
CJb i iIII'KT J •»Sl-TI * 1 1 1 having pun bu— d I In- entire
It Vi slock mill trade ol ISAAC jti'M’Hl .V Co.,
will carry nn the mine fur tils n» n accouif. at It' i
Montgomery Street, C“rni r of Jack-on, l*r. IVnglil'i
~T) x* y G o ocls an cl
1T V
A F 1
American Theatre, Montgomery st,,Tlrovillc.
Nicaragua Steamship Lino
Connecting w ith the splendid new Steamship
D£T* ox* H\T o w "ST ox* Ik. 1
For TJow Orleans.
700 miles shorter than any other route
Only I‘2 miles Land Carriage — . Macada
mize d Road!
Departure frum Washington street Wharf.
The mngnilicenl new Steamship
2l ORIZABA 1 i
i. ii. b let hen,
It ill leave Washington street U harf with Irule
pciidenl Mails, I’asaeligers and Treasure on
TTiursdny, \or. 'toth, nt l‘i OT'Uick, M.
Bassengers by this lane are linnietl at San .Inan
upon the Company's Wharf, and proceed immedi
ately by comfortable t'ouches to \ train bay, where
they embark at the wharf, which lias n n nil} been
rebuilt, upon the splendid new steamer San 1 arlos,
fur the AI In lit ic steamer. The health oi the Isthmus
i- excellent, and every arranged!' id has been made
to secure aSAEE, CUM I •H! I ABLE AM* KAIMD
I’AS-AOK. This route being ten notes shorter than
■ ny other, passengers via Nicaragua avoid the ureal
boat of the Tropics, and the lever and debility too
apt to result from such i xposure.
Through Ticket* I’urnMicd Including
Transit «l the, Isilimii*.
I’assenuers are at no expense upon the Isthmus, ex
cept for Meals, while crossing.
Treasure for shipment reeeived id the Company's
olllce until ft o'clock. a. M., da) ofsailii g.
Tor Freight or I'nssage. apply to.
C K.UAKIIISON .V f<» , Agents,
S. \V. coroner Washington anil Hat > r> sts . -d door.
(i () L 1) E N GA T E
Myers Street, two doors above ilird Street.
racin', undersigned having estnlnished a Bakery
k in Orovdle, is prepared to furnish families mid
hotels w ith all sorts of
Bread, Pics, Cakes & Cohfcctioncry,
in any ipianlily, and of the very best quality, and to
deliver them i'll UK UK CHARGE at all iiouis. at
Die houses of his customers.
The wheal from which the flour used in this estab
lishment is made, is of the tirst quality, having be.eu
raised on the ranch of the undersigned
|,l3tf JOHN lIIt IT/.
Competition the Lite of Trade!
Myers st., 3 doors above U.S. Stables
Regular Auction Sales on .Mondays,
Wednesdays , Saturdays and Sundays.
f 11 E only real genuine and original Cheap John,
.1 informs the public that helms made arrange
ments by which he cun afford to sell goods at lower
rales than any other house in Oroville. He is receiv
ing daily, and lias cons'niilly on hand,
Clothing, Roots and Shoes, Shirts, Woolen
and India Rubber floods!
Take Notice—Cheap John is connected with no
other house in Oroville. No trouble to show geods.
All out-door Sates intended to promptly, and nt the
Lowest Bides.
<*#* Don’t forget the place—North side of Myers
street, three doors above the U. S. stables. ul jtf
TBAIIK SUBSCUIUKR takes this method <*f inform-
I ing the public that he has established himself
in the business ot UNDERTAKER, and is prepared
to pay prompt attention to all calls that may be made
on bi:n In his line el business, with neatness and dis
N. U —Also, strict attention given to setting Hil
lisrrt Tallies, Coloring Billiard Bulls, ftc„. and general
Cabinet business, on Bird street, adjoining the semi
nary. oirtlm J.HAMELL
O%TE wnild respectfully inform the Ladies and
“ T (ienllenicn o| Oroville and vicinity, that we
have this day received the heaviest and best selected
slock of
that has ever been exhibited in this city, and which
we now offer to the public at a very sniall advance
ou San Francisco cost.
Call and see us. and examine our stock liefore pur
chasing elsewhere HKIB t: NEWMAN,
ni7 American Theatre Building. Montgomery st.
\\ anted—A Partner
a good business. For particulars Inquire under
the Empire HoteL nil—3t

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