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(Dcouille 3Qailq Jinlte Jxerori.
a vengeance, ami thought to overcome
them with the assumption of Jieroic
nire. He snatched his revolver from
his pocket, and pointing it at War
hawk’s breast, sternly ordered him to
leave the house.
“If that’s what your arter,” shouted
Jack, unsheathing his big bowie-knife
and springing over the counter. ‘Here’s
W‘h it’ll give you a ladle full *’
Meyers slid kept the pistol present
ed, but bis hand shook like a leaf in
tne tempest, and his feet involuntarily
retreated backwards by short quick
steps. The two feelings, physical tear
and courage, were struggling for the
mastery. He was endeavoring to act
bravely, but his nerves refused their
concurrence and be remained, so to
speak, in bis equipoise, totally incapa
ble of acting at all. lie was impotent
to flight, and as powerless sis a fly.
There was no such hesitation on the
part ol Jack Warbawk. Rrundishing
Ids knife in Ids right band, be seized
the flow ing locks of Meyers in lies left,
and roared at the top of bis lungs :
“Down, cowardly hound, on your
marrow bones, or, by the blazes, i’ll
cut your throat. *’
Incredible as it may seem, Moyers,
•still holding bis deadly revolver loaded
with six rounds, cowered to the floor
like a beaten dog, and bogged most
piteously for bis life, a prayer which
the mocking half-breed granted, on
condition that lie would treat the whole
crow (1 for a week.
From this time the unfortunate Moy
ers \va- subject to every species of in
sult and outrage. The loafers would
pull bis nose for mere amusement, the
half-breeds would spit in bis face just
to made bin* treat, and Gen. Cole,
'when intoxicated, would strike him
with his cane to cure him of his cow
ardice, as he said. The miserable gro
cery-keeper brooked all these gross in
dignities with the patience of a mar
tyr, and would sometimes meekly re
monstrate ;
“Gentlemen it is ungenerous to abuse
mo thus, lor 1 confess I have no cour
age, I cannot fight.’’
’This continued fur a whole year, win n
a change occurred that caused the iu
solters to rue their ignoble potsoeu
tions. He had a beautiful wife, whom
be loved with the tomlerest passion.
One day, when the husband was absent,
the hideous bal-breed Jack Warbawk,
instigated to the damning (feed by < Jen.
Cokq went to the grocery-keeper’s pri
vate residence and maltreated bis lady
in the most shameful manner.
Meyers returned home to find bis
beloved one drowned, as it were, in
tears. Hu hoard the harrowing tale
w ithout external manifestations of an
ger, or emotion. His iace, it is true,
became somewhat pale, his lip quivered
an instant, and settled to an expres
sion hir'd as a mouth of iron, and bis
w il I. black eye, it may be, shot forth
a few more beams of penetrating fire;
but be did not mutter curses. He ut
tered not a whisper, or menace, be did
not even deign to condole or sympa
thise with bis afflicted wife. Ho only
firmed bimsed with a bowie-knife, four,
teen indies in the blade, from lult to
point, and started for the village.
Ho came in sight of his enemy, pro
menading the public square, and boast
ing of bis villainous achievement. At
this vision, Moyers’ lip curled into a
horrid smile, and his dark eye melted
into a stream of tears. He approach
ed, till ho stood nearly touching the
half-breed, and theu said, in a hurried
“Wretch, be quick, draw! for, by-
St. Paul, one of us must die.”
And ho waited until the other should
bo ready lor stnte ou equal tonus lie
did not have to wait long, for Jack,
understanding that cold, glittering,
snaky smile, and those hot gushing
tears, as the certain tokens of murder
ous madness, immediately unsheathed
at tin 1 same moment with his adversay;
and then began the dreadful combat,
which was soon decided
Meyers parried three furious blows
of the hateful half-breed, and tin u
grasping bis foe sclothing with bis left
hand, with the other plunged the knife
into his heart. The Cherokee expired
without a groan.
Private Medical Card.
CJTRANiiKKS visiting S;i. r.uiuiito will remember
Ihiii Dr. Toxer'g Infirmary in in Oth street, be
tween J uml K ota,, Sacramento.
The great success mul many radical cures inn by
Dr. Tn/.er aloce his commencement In thlo city,
which hundreds cmi testify, induces him to iuliirm
lluioo afflicted w ith any private complaint*, recent or
chronic, anil wioh to he well and Ihoronglily cured,
it will he in their interest anil wc hare to call on him
who for the last twenty five years has given his mi
lire alleiitioti to Private Complaints, mid to alt cases
of a private nature, acute and chronic, auch us Sy
phillis, Secondary mid t’onsUlnllounl affections,
(•onorrhlioo and Seminal Weakness; f.leet and
Strictures und .ill diseases of the genitive and urinary
oiguns, noth in niaie mid female, such as fiolapsus.
Flour Aihus, Hy steria. Ac.
I’utienla can lie assured that their coin))laints will
not tie tampered with, hut treated upon strictly sci
entific principles. Private complaints eradicated in
u few days; new wises cured in a short time, w ithout
me rcury.
He can he consulted lit bio ofllce at nil times of the
day, from If In the inomimr until k in the evening,
Alt in nllticlion can find tn him one who can see and
sympathise wiiti mid hetriend them wlien in trouble,
and lie relieved and cured.
Apartments privately arranged so ns u> preclude
the possibility of exposure.
Hellers enslosing r Hi will receive prompt attention
w iih best advice and instructions.
It. TiiZKK. M.D.,
Cth street, between J and K.
Dr. Cha's H. Tozer's Cant to tin Afflicted.
Quick cures suit low prices at the old established
oilier, lU!i street between .1 and K.
H 'VIt. T' f/.111l returns his thanks to his numerous
mW patients h r their patronage, mid would em
brace this opportunity to remind them Unit he con
tinues to roils lilt on those wises el viM.c i;al. which
have h.illled Ihe ski'd lit some of the most celebrated
pli> sicians of theatre, and upon which ho has nti.tr
Jail'd 1 - ]< rfurm a rtiiiii at ctii r,
IT. To/er's reputation as a physician stands tin
initialled. Mis exclusive attention to diseases of th •
ueiiiio urinary organ*for so many years, renders him
perfectly master of syphilitic diseases.
The l arge number of aggravated cases that be has
perfectly cured after they have been given up hy
many others is the only proof (hat a physician re
quires of his ability. IT. Toy.er would Male that he
can cure any and all cases of varieties of the disease,
no mutter how long standing, or w hat progress tin
disease has made, every patient can rely upon a cure.
Hr Toztr lias, it is well known, taken patients
from the very verge of the grave, and r- stored them
to perfect health. He would further state, tlnn he
deems it sufficient to attract the attention of those
who might need the services id a physician in ail
cases, but particularly llmse enumerated in the ad
vertisement. expecting they would test my merits ns
a pi'aiTiliotier; and tin- result of my practice has been
tints far satisfactory to my patients and or - I l '. Nor
do | deem if imce-Tiry to (ill columns of the newspa
pers with fulsome emprie mid horn hint ie ad vert iso
iii rh. professing my ability to heal all diseases flesh
is heir to, for to do that I must bo something mere
Hum Man, hu* to give those that are nlllie’ed whii
Venereal, Chronic, nhd other diseases. 1
from long experience, I am fully comp
them mnvessliillv.
Mi r-gard for tin-digiiilyof the medical profession,
to which I have the honor to belong, deters me front
committing any act savoring of rank quackery, und
regard for my own dignity would prevent my placing
myself on a par with quacks and nostrum venders id
the present age.
I olf,-r no fraudulent or genuine certificates er pulls
of my superior »|inili(lcnlioiisasa praclilioiu r. neither
do I a same to my sell medical honors io which I ftn
not entitled, lint nierelr ask those who are diseased,
to read the different adv-rlisements relating to the
cure of private diseases, and Judge lor themselves
w here to apply for relief. My moms are so arranged
that I cm he consulted in privuey at all hours ol the
day, from i) o clock m the morning until (t o'clock In
Hie evening.
Persons with Chronic Diarrhoea, Dy sentery. T.neid
\\ eakni'-s. Nervous Ivhill'y, bow spirits, Lassitude
Weak ness oft he limbs and Hack. Indisposition I .o-s
ol Memory. Aversion to society I.ove of Solitude.
I’imidUv, sell Distrust, Dizziness. Headache, Pains in
the side. Affection of the Dyes, pimples on the I,ice.
St mi d an I oilier infirmities in 'lan, \c„ will Hud it
important to consult Dr. c. 11. I nzer, at his office, Oth
street, between J mid K. Sacramento.
i undi rslai d
lent to treat
yi.OHAHI.FS 11. Tt) 7. Kit’S CARD lothnofoic
uW led of California. In approaching any new
course of systematic inquiry, there are certain points
concerning w bi< h tie- iiiquin r should nlw ay s he care
ful to satisfy himself, lie should compreheml dis
tinctly wlmt the subject of inquiry is—Health and
Ills, use.
If w e can form and fix in our minds a clear concep
tion oft he stale of Health, w e shal! In ve no d itlicil I!y
in inidorstaiiding what "us meant hy Dicea-e. Hut
tiny ond. though not above, Hu so ohji its ol i ll x estign
tioii ol the human body, we In.ve another and still
nobler end it is to lay before you in such terms that
you ramiot he mistaken and will know where to ap
ply for it lief.
In.- the word “ disease'* generally, and before I
(■peak of the signs oi particular disease* it will he
pr per to take a general ' iew- ofsy mploms. When a
person is troubled or alliieted vi ii disc i<e, w Inch
causes a weakness of the hack and limbs, pain in the
le ad dimness of sight, 1-i-s et muscular power, pal
pitation ol the heart, irritability, nervousness, dys
pepsia, derangement of I he digestive functions, gi n
eral debility, symptoms of consumption, and many
others which an- better explained than put on paper,
mid require Medical or Surgical attendance, il would
he Well tor them to iuqitir-- il there is a physician w'ho
is competent to intend them, and who umh-rtsamls
the application of medicine, and whose scientific at
tainments in Ids profession, and whose age and expe
rience entitle him to yours confidence. Considering
these things, IT. Ch> . H. Toxe.” has concluded to in
form you that are afflicted, advertising his place of
business, stating that he has been a successful prac
titioner for over twenty five years, mid has
when they have been considered by other physicians
and have been pronounced hylhem past recovery
Therefore you may rely upon him a« one in w hom
sec rosy nail the utmost confidence can be placed.
Df C. 11. T.wolild invite ail that are afflicted to call
on him. and if he does not administer for llmm.there
will lie no charge made, bet no false delicacy pre
vent you. hut apply immediately, and save yoesclf
from the dreadlul consequences which must follow
those w ho neglect to receive at tendance.
IT 0. H Tozer's office is on t>th street, near the
Itelvidere Hotel, between .1 and K streets. His rooms
art* so arranged Hint Hie Doctor can be consulted
without lear ol molestation
< mice hours, from y in the morning until 8 In the
evening. 0. H.ToZER, M. D.,
novel 6th s!.. between J ami K, Sacramento.
I* \» Hr. J. b. Czxpkay.—The geiiHeman whose
mime forma the caption of tins notice is one of the
few modern physicians whose application to Ins pro
fesshm and devotion to the afflicted, render him alike
an ornament to the one and a hen- lit to the other. A
Hungarian hy birth,he sought with Kossuth to place
his country among tin-nations id earth, b yotid the
oppressor's rule, that her sons might rejoice m the
practice of those pr.-cipta who h are .-dike our glory
and onr pride in los edor*- *o to do, he has reaped
the reward of in* L'ecteal resistance to oppre-Mt ti.an.l
•*a home aod a coOWTPf know him no more ** Apart,
however, from hie claims upon our consideration as
:i palnoi, the testimonials • I charaep-r and capacity
waicli be brings out it i<• Idnf to public confidence, to
llie excinsion of thus*-who possess neither the one
or the other. As a gentleman Ids character is untar
nished : ns a physician, his skill utisurp..—-d; #nd
to those whose imprudence lias led upon them the
taints of disease, we can conscientiously commend
him with the assurance that in him they will find a
friend whom to know isgre.it gain. The Dr.’s office
is No. 3 and 4 Armory Hall, corner of Sacramento and
Montgomery Mreei*.Sun Francisco. al4-3m
HERE I- no malady «V dee per importance either
B in it medical it moral light or view. lo which
the humi.Ti family is more liable than that arirb.g
from impure connections.
A. a medical man it i« the duly of every physician
to look at disease as it effects health mnl life, and hi
sole object should he to mitigate, a* fur ns lies in his
power, the hoitiiy suffering. Unman i.alure at best is
but fr nl. nil are liable to misfortune.
Of all ihe ills Ki.-.t affect man none are mere terrible
than those of a private nature. —Dreadful ns it is in
the person who contracts it. frightful as are its ravag
es upon ids con-titiiHon. ending freipiently in destrnc
lion and u londisoine grave, it becomes of still gmah r
importance wiien it is iransmoled Ui innocent off
spring. Such being the er.se bow necessary it be
comes I lint every one having the least reason to liar
that they have contracted the disease, should attend
to it at once by consulting some physician, whose
respectalhililv and education enables him to warrant
a - de. speedy, and i>erinenenl cure. In accordance
with this necessity, DR. Vi if N't J feel* smiled upon to
state that, t y long study and extensive practice, he
has beioine perfect inasier of nil those diseases which
come under the denomination of venereal, and bay
ink paid more iilteiilien lo that one'branch than any
other physician in the I'nited 8 lutes. In; feels himself
betlerquaUlleil to treat them.
,-h phihs in all its forms, snrli a- ulcers, swelling in
the groans, ulcer In the iliroat.second ry syphilis, cn
laneoii.s ernpitions. ulcerations, tertnary sy phllis. sy
philis in eldhlren, mere, ureal sy phi 1 11 ie i (feet ions, gon
orrhea, gleet, strictures, false pas-ng» s. iiiflainatioii ot
the Madder and protrate glands. excoriations, tumors,
pustules. Vic., me as fniniliar lo him ns the most com
mon things of daily observation.
The It. ichir effects a cure in recent cases in a few
days and t:mls no dillicnlty in curing those of l<incr
d mill ion. w i; limit submitting the pal ant to sin h treat
nieiil as will draw upon him the uligldesi suspicion
or oblige him to neglect his business, whether wilhin
ours or wilhoul. The diet need not he changed. ex
cept In casesol severe inllainalion. There nre in Cali
fornia patients uimountini! lo over two thousand in
the pa-l \van hat could furnish proof of this; but
thiare matters thot require Itii nicest eecresy which
he always preserves.
All le' Mrs enclosing Sin, will lie promptly attended
(o. Office hours from 0 \.M to t- j* M. Address ,p
i - . A". It Mi. M. Express Duildiiigs, corner of
Montgomery and < alifornian streets, over Wells .•V.r
cu & Co.'s io press Dejiurtinent.
iM EDICAI. office—To the afflicted —ln this
ntfe of progress, when science is develop nir itself in
suc.ah a maiilii r as lo appear almost miraculous, every
lhhu{ in eiiiniimn place is looked upon us mil worth
notice. In view ol ibis fact. Dr. Yount;* corner of
Montgomery and ( alifornia streels, h-is concluded In
leave the beaten track hitherto pursued by most sci
entitle physicians, (that of waiting for the fmblic In
lirnl yon out alone.J and publish to the world, ns
nine’ll as may lie. bis knowledge of the healing art,
in let tln is* ’ who he in need of assistance khow wliere
1 1 ii-y can Hind relief witlionl fear of ludug imposed
In continuation of this subject. Dr. Young would
sr.v, l hr I ol the past tell years he has pursued the
pr, cline ol medicine iu one ol the inege-t cities | M the
I nited Stales, with llie iiiirliesl success, and that his
.. 1 niuliin' :■■ a physician la wittioiir reproach, liavlntr
at one lim l.eeii lecturer at llie I'nivcrsily of Penn
sylvania on venereal diseases, \-c.
' fp.m dl of tin se conideralions. Dr. Votintf hnscon
(idence .a introducing himself to tin; public, knowing
Unit they will sustain well earned merit.
Tie- follow her are a few of the Ninny testimonials
which have appeared iu the public journals the last
few years;
From the Dostoli Medical Journal ]
Although we am opposed lo the system of advertis
in'.'. for good and sufficient reasons, still wo deem it
hut justice lo ray that Dr. Voting is one of the must
Indus'nous and imlei'aiigalde votaries of tin; medical
science in the Ended Stales,
From Professor Jackson
The subscriber is personally acquainted with Dr
Volina', mi l has seen much of his practice, mid can
l/ear testiinuney to liis meriti as a practitioner.
From the New York Herald,
The eminence of lids distinguished gentleman in
ids profession, and the very extended opportunities
[aisses'i'd by liim for the ohservalion of venereal die
eases, make his services invaluable to those afflicted
with Hie above complaints.
Front the Whit;and Advertiser.
All afflicted with private complninlsshmild consult
Dr. Young, whose education is net surpassed by nay
physician in the country. In Ids skill, honor and In
leg’rity all may r-iy with safety, while most of the
practitioners in" this city are w ithout honesty or res
iieetahiliiy. tin ir pretentions helm,' grounded in ignor
ance and assumption.
office cernnr of Montgomery and Californin streets,
up su.irs. i pposite the iiankimt Inmse of Wells Fargo
.V Co. Open from >j A. M. lo S P. M , Sunday in
PRIVATE Medical rmice—Hundreds of those who
have contracted disease are dlsndpolnted of a
cure by net e illin oil ! >r. Young at Hr-I He will
forli it aiiv min if he fails to cure anv case that may
■i m ■ under Ins can ne matter how long standing or
aliucting. Midi t.s ulcers, tumors, nodes, bunches,
pimple-. u the. I c and hody. pains in the hones and
loins, v.akelhliie-s. trembling.copper colored so-es.
wastin'.' of tie* bones, emaciation, loss of appetite,
strength 011(1 liesli. sores iu the nose and ears, loss m
hair, weak eyes Itching humors, .V Many persons
afier being ri iiev. i el nil extern d appearances of
private disease, suppo-e themselves cured but tiller
a few months Mol they are troubled with various
symptom - which they never had before, and which
they find ii impossible lo relieve, ioall who are af
flicted in this w ay. Dr. Young would particularly icc
onnnemt a tred td hi - - kill. The symptoms with which
you lire troubled are e . i-ed by taints in Hie blood,
which sooner or later w i e dc-lroy your healt h and hap
pin, ... m p.-r-on who has eve r had an attack of any
private complaint should not fail tocoiisnit Hr. 1 oumr
and Sake a few bottles of bis invaluable purifying
medicine, as they can rest assured that their is
In a perfectly pure and healthy eondilien, and that
everv trace of disease f- removed from the system.
Recent cases cured in spun two to five days without
change of diet or hindrance from business, or no fee.
Office, corner Montgomery and California streets,
opposite Weils, Fargo & Co.'s, office hours from !>
A. to 8 I’. M.
Marysuille, June 10th. 1855
»R. JE. VOl’Nt:—Dkar Sir:— Please semi me
some of the medicines you pre-eribed in my
case 1 have a friend here who is troubled in exactly
the same way that I was. He has nightly emissions,
ringingaci-e in his hem!, weak hack, loss of memory,
and 1- gencr.llv dehil. ated : he is discouraged mid
ha-not eet lidenre enough to enable him to call and
see you. I told him how I was. and that my friends
all-aid I was in consumption, and thedoctors tip here
gave me up and advi-ed me to go home to die. hut
instead of going le me I called upon you, and here 1
am. as well as anv ot litem, ami likely to live a long
time vet witl! -tn nil: enough tr work with the strong
est of th-m. Doct r, I will s-rery one to you that
lottk* Ule as thong ; i l ’’ needed a p.ljfsician It shall
not tie my fault if anv one dies for want of medical
irealnieni. I w ill do’all 1 can to keep the afflicted
nwa\ from those p-sts of society, jelrpt professors
and high soi (ding lit** 1 men. who, if tin* facts W’ere
kn uv ii. arc men who left their country foi their conn
in'- good. Piihlis His j. • ,r. doctor, if yon wish,
and I hope some of th*»se ilt.>* humbugged me, may
i one '"•‘iVr.O.PAVTT.fON.
Between Montgomery and Kearney
Best Th*Brand* */ Brandiet, Wtne* and
Bill!. M. II El IN IM ANN, corner of Krarnejr and
B " Pacific Kind'll*. Sun Francisco. him for a niimln r
of \nr.*, in the military and other hospitals of France
devoted his study principally !o the treatm.-n! of 5,,.
ere: <1 iseases, and therefore possesses a thorough ex
perience in this pnrticmilar brunch. I!»■ is also per
foctly fiimiliiir with all tin* recently discoveml and
highly iin|>orUuil remedies anil means for tin- cure of
r ii li diseases. It la scarcely necessary lo add here
Hint in France where secret ili«i'H«n< are of more Ire
(pioni occurrence lhim ant where else, tha physicians
ofilnit country arc more expert in their cure, mid are
c« u-’ mlly and successfully endenvoring to find mu
new remedies, more cltlcicnl mid less dangejous than
those Idnnetly used
Mr. ileinimtinn is therefore, enabled to cure nil
these diseases with perfect certainty, without using
in r ■ i ry. in n very i hurt lime, mid wl l limit subjecting
liis j itients to the risk ol suh-crpient injutious conse
i lironir Gonorrhea, Hvenniilorrhen. Flour Albus.
General Debility the resal) ot misconduct, pollutions,
,f.iin in the hack unit sides Kruplionsof nil kinds.
liro.loced hy interior causes. laws of Hair. ltheiin>nl>
isin in tin-Joints. Nocnrnnl sweats. Seminal and I rin
::l weakness. Injuries received t*y mercurial treat
nii nt. 4cc. &c. are cnri'tl hy Dr, llelliimnini with the
aid ol remedies known hut to himself, to the perfect
sn:ictien of his clients.
Decent diseases of the ntiove named kind will he
proniplly and radically removed before they c-m set
tle In the in sly and become chronic, hy I'r. Ileini*
matin's own purifyintr vegetable remedies.
hr. Ileinimtinn further possesses a sure remedy
fill.y tested,and which can lie relied upon, for the
lure of Intermittent Fever, rhill and Fever, l ever
amt Ague, also a means to remove, in a few days for
e\. r. a had breath, withmil the least injury to the
stomach. In the pdesent days numerous remedies
are olfered everywhere for nil imaginable diseases.
In; 1 in most of the cases the sufferers are so sadly ills*
appointed that they look with justifiable mistrust on
all advertisements of this kind. Dr Heiiiimiinn’s re'
in. In sured not be recommended by pullling charla
tanism, for they reeonuneml themselves hy their el
f.-c,s as has been seen anil experienced hy nnilieons
patients who. fortiltialely for tliomselves, have used
them. For the information mid satisfaeiioii of the
otteii deceived public, the statement will sntliee that
I ir. I Iciniinnnn lias in tils possession over two hun
dred lestnnoiiisils Irom patients cured hy him. besides
many other reliable persons, n bich he is ready to ex
liiiiii when required, while itomintiii decency torhids
him lo publish I Item in Ihe newspapers.
poisons applying to Hr. Ileiniimmn shall not lie
obliged to pay in advance the lull price of Hie cure,
as he is willing to submit his shill and his remedies
til s; p > he lesp d.
Oho thlnjjr tin* Doctor Invariably retpiirps from all
his patients, that is a faithful mid strict conformance
with all his directions and precripilous, otherwise lie
cannot nml will not warrant a cure.
Written consultations will he given without charge
and communications answered whether containing a
I' or not. priunply, pimctually and with strict sccre
. . on applying, postage paid, in the Flnglish, French
or German hanguages, to
Corner of Kearney unit Pacific streets,
San Francisco,
To show te the satisfaction of all that Dr Ileini
maun is aihoronifly educated, practical and experi
enced physician mid singeon. the following from his
numerous testimonials, are submitted to the public.
Nantes are suppressed, hut the authors are al any
time ready to proclaim their truth and authenticily
before the world.
(•KKKMVonn VaM.ky, Feb. 11, IS.'ifi,
l>.iar Doctor:—l linve known you since IH-lo and
you have given so many proofs of your talents and
experience, that you have entirely won confidence.
A Ithough yon reside at nt a great distance frOm me
you know that I have several time sent you patient ;<
which oflier doclojs have Riven up ns Incurable, and
you have always received them and saved not only
i heir limbs hut also (heir lives. I will omy mention
lu re the case of Mr. C , from Auburn, who is
indebted to you for the preservation ol his rigid arm.
v. hieti other’doctors wauled to iiinpulnte, and that of
M r .C_ ,ofColumn. wiio nllhouvh Riven up as
hopeless hy two doctors was cured by you In two
w i-t-ks lime. As to what you have done for my fain is
ly, suffice it to say, I w ill never be ahlo to repay you.
Accept dear Doctor, these few lines ns a proof of
the birth esteem I have of your talents as a medical
man. and believe me tebe your constant friend,
F 11.
Proprietor ofthe Miner's Hole
To Dr. Ilolnimann, Sun Francisco
Greenwood. February 1 Ith. IH‘O.
if nving stydied medicine myself at the I ’niversii j of
Tax in, u Italy, I suppose I know enough to lie he.
Ib-ied when I declare hereby that you are the last
physician I ever met with in < ulilornia. This decla
ration is ft muted on what 1 have seen you do and
lu n i from everybody when I resided nt Mormon Is.
laud. I know of many jiersons to whom you have
v life mid limbs after they had been completely
t ixi ii up hy others, and who will at any time come
fm ward mill testily to the truth ot this, and to your
s.a ■pc,-. Wishing you for the future, the same sue
cess which has attended you thus far. I remain truly
yours, 1" K.
To l»r. Iletniinnnn, Fan Francisco.
Coloma, Jant rry 10th, ISfifi.
Mv Dear and Much F.sbs'ined Doctor: —It is with
much regret that I and all your other friends saw you
ijiiit Mormon Island. We have lost lu you a physi
,-i ,u of great talent and experience, w ho w o could not
appreciate too intich. It was proven enough hy the
numerous win* came to call on you from all parts of
1i,,. mines, and you ore in the best remembrance of all.
M ~ if. Riven up by whom I considered our best phy
sicians, prepared myself to die; by chance I came un
dor \oiir treatment and you ha”e cured me of a grave
sickness in a short time. You have proved yourself
a pi \ 'ician and you do honor to the name G.
To Dr. 11. lleiiilitinnii. Corner Jackson and
Montgomery streets, Fan Nrancisco.—Dear Sir:—lt
is with )lea«ure that we notice the unbounded sue
«... which has attended you in your practice since
vour residence in this Stale, now over seven years
The trend pm have done and the skill yon Uaveexer
ci'o. 1 in the cures that come under onr observation
make It our duty to let it be known to the world and
more particularly to those now suffering with disease
M,,st of us were well acquainted with yon whilst you
resided at Mormon Island, and witnessed there some
remarkable cures which you effected on patients
whose case* were pronounced hopeless by eminent
physieians. We have also seen w hat you have done
lor some of our friends now residing at Column and
Plac-rvillo, who after tnueh pesuasion and induce*
tn. ms on our part, consented to go and see you, when
tli.-y had almost despaired of their lives. They did so
and returned, und are new living halcand hearty men;
and reader, if this notice should reach your eye and
\. ni lire afflicted, bike our advice and goto Dr HEIN
IM ANN, and you will never rturret it
1). tr Doctor, receive with our most hearty wiihes
for your future welfare, the assurance that we believe
you to be one of our most talented and experienced
physicians in the Slate.
F'KKovatiK Hahvm***, d
(prop'r Miners’Hotel.) (
Jai i n Wisklxmann, VGreenwood Valley
(fi r Creenwooil Hrewery, I
John Uk'irox,
Akopst lUhsk, J
iJo-cpu WiMHAUX, <Coloroa.
In ah us (.is*. S
T. I.KI.A*, 1 Propr’s of the 1
T. I! nzu, j Croix Federate, > Piacerville.
JkAN IlrniLKß, ?
A. 11. U’alkkk, El Dorado Slide.
Zroiokk. (firm of E. Poppe It C 0.,) Oroville.
Josxi'it Ci.avkl. Auburn.
Chaklks Kastki-li Spanish Dry Digßlnßa.
T Hksmnokr. (prop’r of bridge,) Condemned Bar.
C. Wuiui, Sacramento,
K. Finsisokr, do
<». Rhicd, do
Cart Hind, Michigan Bluffs.
Cast. F. F. Mruroao. Mormon Island.
Hkxrt Trcki., (Hepiibiiean Hetise,) Jackson.
This iwMuuomut was not solicMed by Dr Ileini
mana.; ang-’Sin
(iratul .Mnlical aml lnstitut e,
\r ory Hull building. t'oraer <t Mm 1 ginnery mid
Pucrainenlo sts. Sun I'miKiM .
h'*toh.'.'thnl fur thf j*i in inr ’if nt) t 'O' n I f " O f r nvtl
chronic Wisuno t, 'inti Ike mf/in -*.."1 -hkr •».
• 'll.l. J. <:/ \PK A\. !. ATI’. IN VI! 1’ lITNCA
u.* n .11 I;»• v•.l■ii •• • ii:n \ Ww. I'!>!< c.iitn to
th.-jinh r>-*iineni ol honxvds. Chief >nr_ mi in Die
Military Hospital ol IV' h, llung iry. m l I ale l.ecttt
*>r mi Dlm'iuh'k of Urinary organ* mu) *l*«* w* nf
women nmt children. Ini' »»| .*m-*l In I islltmo
Inr the cur*- nf nil forms ol pnx itn dl«eos —.
'iirti ii' syphilis, uniiorrhtM. in.’ tiiin.l etnls
'inns, mnl nil Inc consequence- ofscll <ha»" In tin*
th-i stasis nf gonorrheal .lisi'iisi « hr pit nr 'uVc* a cur*t
in :i :. w days, without inconx* nh-iu'■ i" p-dieo:,
••r h'ltilmiH-i- In hi* Po- i.." When • "'i-ut, *»y
m-x U-ct, nr Int|>r>>| i r ti mnn nl, I - i'.;>.'tl the
M'l-i-inlnrv »111].Inins <>r -yhilis such a- !i.ihn*'«. or
I>|• ill'll I swelling' on the ifrnins. i t nli I " - i n i Ik- • hroat
.nut iinsr, which, if uni checked. ih • x the Milt
parts mnl muse Hie Imncs In iimrlilj. - | i.'iilr ;m.t
vimll av*.i% . 1 .■ 11vi11u Ilti- sufferer tin on >■ hide ms h*
hchnlil; nr when '|ilnli'hi’S mnl pTuples hrvak nut
u|ii n i I lie skin, nr w Inn I. • lei- pa'iiliil in 1 n • 11; n
ill., linin'!*, nr w hell his ciiii'tiliilinii i« in if 1 mi :i» In
|.|i'<li«;i(.se !,i cniisnm;.||nii nr ul her c..■ ~l l* liti<n.
.li't'.ise, the Dnclnj gonrantees n cur*' n- • - s rn*•**»'l^ ,
(.eliMlli*m in Kheuiitali-in, i'linu'l. r m ule: iu
l»\'i liicr. nr 1 1iurrhti*n. he lei- ‘• ’c.i i r ctunl re
lueilics. I’nr the Ireiitllli'til of lie* c i l ' .uiri.res nl‘
'"h ihii'e. "licit us imeliiriial ■ ini'-i .n-. i. xoii'iu-'i
I (til ii| ii v. headache pains m the h I- . . ‘ uihs.xxiiit
weiieral weak lies. lns« nf n]eM't!,i'. I - nl menmn
injury l« Ihe sight, r.-ilesMii" - i ..I i'ca-.
ili'i.k.' Inr s.ieiety. Hint teelhnf of v. a i -s nl Hie;
Willi the lien nil* system mi n.'i'e, ” it *li T I
in i'es -hnck nr Blurt;" the p-u; I u h • e\i,:-
cure miserable. Tor the :|h|.*e mala a - ■■ 1 1 net • .('
Will guarantee !1 cure nr .ok Mil cmi;. ’ - .'inti, lie
CUM he tnii'illleil ree of char.,., tail lei lies nil In
etill.ii' it will cent them uniliii g. uml m.iy he much
in their advantage.
(i it AT I i t:in .
n 9 1. t.OW we Illlhlish the I IT| till'!' 1 . el' I'VII of ( lie
it)* mtlerer* trom Die pant;* o! 1 1 i-• m. wlm lax
itiiT n covered Itu ir lurin* r lu tillh. nlul . .|M-tlul .*y
gratitude. nitiki' kto.xx u their r -e- ;i. ' the ri■ 111 ■ .in f
ML'eiil; mnl their sl.ileuu'iiis me fiiittx t-.hd l.y n
Notary iTihlic. The ileiutinil.* i I m p. ri i-Ix
coiiiliimiil llu-ir puhlirity, :. i- I we I '.muimul their
perusal to the attention nl ail afflicted.
The undersigned, desirous nl act) tu oil iti'.' thus**
who liliiy he lllilurtiililllc I'liniik'li In I -uihrlvif.
■lirleil xx here a permanent relief ol thei' siittei uurs
may la* ohlailieil, feels il hisiluly in 1 . o- puhle y
express his stneere gi-aliiml** in 1 1 r i .1 (zapkay,
Inr the permanent r< euvery of his hi altli llonm
diiwn l.y the ili'tri 'siutj sympinnis In. ■■ i. nt to the
x iclous praetlees of uneontrollaMe pi.- . u iu ynuih,
ilepri '"ell iii hoily amt ini ltd. unable 1" j '!■ nu even
the iiun; Iriltiii_r ilnty imp. '.'.l n i a
lions of life. 1 soiluht the ailx iee of i e.ie 1 .- ii i in*
who at lir't reijarileit ruv iliseare nl In ft 11 . import
iniee. hnl alas! alTer a few week*, mel in vr .1 in
stances month*, of their treatment. I I uilln my e
ulUTtihle horror, that iiistenil nl i iTi. I I: ym|.h. *
liecame more alurinmj iu their lurt . ■ m..| I- u<
(iually luhl me h\ one that Itu'ilis. ••.•(. mu i ntillie I
priiieiply In the hruiu, iiieiiieiee« x... ■ . I■■ ■ «.t h'Te
I'oiisi'ijueni'e. I ilespain il ot exer ri . mx I.e" 1■ ii
slrenuih amt eueruy; and as a ia- r- '.'iT,mid xxeh
hut ii laiul lto|ie, culled upon IH*. ('/:.pl.i.x who. ii". i
exmiimii.u m) case, prescrihe*! si ie im un xxh .T
nlmosi iii'itmlly niliextsl me of il" il til I pains and
dizziness iu my head. I'lncouraui dhx Hi- n ■ .1, I
resolved to place tuysell i.iiiiiedialiTx in u.-r hi' 1 im,
mid, hx a strict olii-dicnee to his dire*’ . u- :. i: • I ad
vice, my head liecame clear, lit) idea- e..Hee1...1. the
conslaul puin in my tiaek ami I'riei.' Mu■ xv. akin
of uiy hniH', the nervous reaction Iu x xxlmh-M"
lemon the sHuidest alarm or i‘x ei'ei'ii id, tin* luis
antliropy and evil Idiehodmu'. the ' i ■ -ii'ist mul
want ol coutlilence in » hers, ll.e iu - rnhilt’x In
sillily lliul Wlllit o! resnluiion. the lu ll il xi'.ilili..',
and at limes pleasurable dreams at im u:, follow* d
by in voluntary discharues. lihv* ail Me ippei'.e.l. mnl
inflict* in two nnmibs after bavinu ul dm
I>. ct*ir,l fell tw if inspired by a new In* -Hud liln
wld.'h, but a short timo u£x>, 1 eoiili ii.plaU'd Iu end
I y iuy uxx ii timid.
\\ nil a X iew to truaril the unfortimnle I ruin fa I i ill kc
into the snaresol incoinpeteni ijuui k-. to it my
dulv to oiler tins testimony lo Die u r.i a Isk I ol*
Hr.< zapkny, and recoin mend linn to .'.ll xx ho may
stand in aval of im-tlit ul advice, bi'iuc assured l.y
my own ex peril Tice I hat, once muh i Ii it. re. a rad
iciil mul permanent cure w ill be ell. • '■ !
ii. r.ni.i.MoriK,
Plate of t’alifurnia, county of 'un I r iu -i-co sub
scribed and exvor u tie to re me. Dus 17 Mi ii y id April,
11. JBiti. (S .• ■ Jo«H MloetlETON.
Not ry Public.
—ProniiiteO by mi bon.'t d re ol my
heart, I xvi'h to lay helore the Jit i •»! i•' a case,
which deserves a lii-j-ti commamlnllon, not oe'y n» mi
act ol *cie:ititle skill, mo that <-l liimmd'. also. A lamt
two years iil’o, I suddenly, and from ctia « tmknown
to me. seized with a Hi ol epilepsy. win 'h..owiinf I'*
toy imdiili'y to meet the expensi - n n-eiptent upon a
Uii.routfh ne dicnl treHtnietit,amt fin- di'.'..iira'.'emeal
I mel with on nllcrnptimt it, soon I. e, .. -neh in- I
was then led lo believe las to defy 11*■ • ' ■! I< ' a ph)*
sician. I was freuuently while iu pur'inl ..( n y ill
j tar, l lirow n down lo Die ground w i i.ui'l the -ui-'l.li L
warninx, and ulthouxh inscn-ilile to iii at' nu s. 1
yet di-'pised the miseries of my life, mnl -m.ii learn .I
to look upon those who would reniler me assisiTi . *
or shelter me from dauxer tisenemies xi 1.0 souxiil 1 >
prolong the miseries of my existence. W Idle iu tins
Male, iiml Imvintf previous' to my idßiclmn tasted the
sweets of life, 1 once inure was imluced to attempt
seeking aid of ii phvsieimi, and. hy rei oriiineiidnlioii,
called upon Dr. I*. J.''zßpka’. I told l im inyeir
cmnsfuices and my iiiKbility to reward tiiin for hi*
8* rvices, retiardless of which, however, he at once
undertook rny case, and with Die hles-introf Mod I
was once more restored to perfect lieallh, Dnahlo
to reward loin for the boon xxtiicii len vat present,
mul vet conscious of my indebtedness, 1 e.uisidor il
due io myselfai.d to all flic atllicled lo niuke the c ise
public, in order that those in need of medical advice
max find a physician in whom every confidence can
he placed
Ptaie of California, county of Pan Pnnci'i-o, "—Ptih
scrihed and sworn before me this first day of Aiirusl
L>g Notary Public.
Dr, I*. J. Cznpkay’s Medical und Porxtcid Institute
i* id ti e corner of ’Montgomery and Hscnmienfo s *..
Pun I'n.ncisco. (Tilifornin. The Doctor oilers free
consultations, and a»K» no remuneration unless he
effects a cure.
On. local xveiiknios, nerv us debility, low spirits
lassitude, weakness of the limb- amt fun k, in
disposition und incapability for labor and study.dull
ne-s of spprehtTiviiui. 10-s of memory, aversion to so
cle! v. love efoolitude. timidity. s*'lt distrust, diz/tue-*
headache, involuntary discharges, pains in the set.-,
affections of the eyes, pimp)* - on the f. ■■•*,-i-ximl ' 1
idher inflrmaiies in man, are cured withoul fail by
the justly celebrated pbyeician and surgeon, I.J.
fzapkay. Ills mel hr si af curing disease - 1* new,( un
known to othersi and hence the great success. All
consultations (b» letter or otherwiixei tn e. Addr. 's
b. J. Czitpkay, W. U.. Sau Kraucisco, ( at idMm
«Mnuaw i—r bjm—i
■ SALE by the ImTsc or I’ackngc in
J; quantities to suit.
Long bill paper. Legal cop Letter Taper. Ick
Broad bill paper. Fools cap, Note paper. Ten
cils, Blank Books, Wafers, &c &c. Noisy
Carriers Book k Stationary Co.
87 Battery &64 &G 6 Long Wharf, San Fran
cisco. C- P. KIMBALL. Pres
0, of O. K. meets every Monday eve
ning in the Masonic Hall. Brothers in
good standing are respectfully Invited
EMAff, w a
M. Clark, fieercurj.
N. «.

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