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(DrmiilleSiiilii JJntte JRernrb.
The Great African Desert.—Few
men have a correct standard by which
to measure the vast extent of ihe Afri
can Desert. It stretches westward
down to the "reen waters of the Atlan
tic. It yields not to the gigantic floods
that the great ocean ceaselessly rolls
against the continent. Far into the
high sea the S ihara extends below the
restless waves, so that the depth of wa
ter is but trifling for miles, and ships
cannot approach the inhospitable shores
Fearful sand banks announce to the
weary mariner that he is near the land
of mysterious Africa, and warn him to
seek more kindly harbors. Eastward,
the dread waste spreads its white shroud
over the whole northern part of the
continent, until at last it is lifted on
high hy the pyramids of Egypt, and
torn by the mighty floods of the Nile.
In vain, year after year, does it roll its
colossal, dry waves over the sphinx
and temple ; in vain does it send its
tempest-tossed clouds even across the
fertile valley. The great god of the
Nile whom the Egyptians worshipped
and before whom the ignorant fellah
still kneels in hhnd awe, interposes his
power, and from the sacred mountains
beyond a higher voice is hoard ; “So
far shalt thou go, and no farther !”
The length of the Sahara is thus
nearly six hundred and eighty Geogra
phical miles, but its breath differs, es
pecially toward the Hod Sea ; still it
covers with its dread and dismal ter
rors, a space much larger than two
thirds of all Europe.
Natukkl’uovides for Am-.—So va
rious are the appetites of animals, that
there is scarcly a plant which is not
chosen by some and left untouched hy
others. The horse gives up the water
hemlock to the goat; the cow gives up
the long leaved water hemlock to the
sheep; the goat gives up the monk’s
hood to the horse, &c., for that which
some animals grow fat upon, others ab
hor as poison. Hence no plant is ah
solutely poisonous, but only respective
ly. Thus the spurge, that is so noxi
ous to man, a most wholesome nourish
ment to the caterpillar. That animals
may not destroy themselves for the
want of knowing this law, each of them
is guarded by such a delicacy of taste
and smell, that they can easily distin
guish what os pernicious from what is
wholesome; and when it happens that
different animals live upon the same
plants, still one kind leaves something
for the other, as the mouths of all are
not equally adapt' d to lay hold of I lie
grass, hy which means there is suffici
ent food for all. To this may he re
ferred an economical experiment well
known to the 1 Hitch, that when eight
cows have been in pasture, and can no
longer got nourishment, two horses
“ C 7
will do very well there for some days ;
when nothing is left for horses, four
sheep will live upon it.
The Dying and the Devn.—How
little do we think of the dying ! and
how little do we think of the dead!
Our common brothers and sisters arc
dying daily around us. Many of them
are poor and friendless, strangers in a
strange land, no father to lilt them
from their feverish pillow, no mother
to whisper consolation, no sister to gent
ly press the burning forehead, no bro
ther to watch at night. No ! they are
dying; and dying alone, without hope.
Is there no common brother and sister
hood ? Arc wo not n/l children of the
same parents? Is not eternity nur
mutual destiny ? Can wc not aid where
aid is needed ? or shall we live for
ourselves alone, die a death ofremorse.
Our friends are dead ; many of them
died long ago ; their places are not fil
led at the table, their chairs arc vacant.
We miss them at the fireside, in the
parlor, everywhere, except in our minds,
our love for earth and earthly things
fill our minds, and leave no place for
them there. 0 man. is this a true com
mentary on thy nature ? No, it is not
nature, but nature perverted.
Great Men never swell. It is only
your ‘lliroe cent individuals’ who are
salaried at the rate of two hundred dol
lars a year, and dine on potatoes and
dried herring who put on airs and flashy
waistcoats, swell, puff, blow, and en
deavor to give themselves a consequent
tiul appearance. No discriminating
person need ever mistake the spurious
for the genuine article. The differ
ence between the two ts as great as
that between a barrel of vinegar and a
bottle of the pure juice of the grape.
Private Medical Card.
STRANHKKS visiting Sacramento will remember
that Dr. Toxer’s Inrtrmury is in 6th street, be
tween .1 mel K sts,, Sacramento.
The great success mid many radical cure* made by
Dr. Toner since bis commencement in this city,
which hundreds enti testify, induces him to inform
those nllhcied with any private complaints, recent or
chronic, and wi-h t<i be well and thoroughly cured,
it will be lo their interest and wellfnre to call on him
who (or the la-t twenty Jive years has given his en
tire attention to Private Complaints, and to all cases
of a private nalnre, acute and chronic, such as sy
pliillis, Secondary and Constiiniionai atfectiims,
thmorrhhoe tnol Scatimil Weakness; t.h-et and
Strictures and all diseast s of the genitive and urinary
in trails, riotli in male and female, such as Prolapsus,
l lmir Alims. Hysteria,fcc.
Patients can be a—un-d that lln-ir complaint* will
not be tampered with, but treated upon strictly sci
entitle principles. Private complaiii's eradicated in
a lew day»; new cases cured in u short time, without
He can he consulted id his office at all times of the
day, from tt in the rnomimr until h in the eveninir.
All in allllclion can lind in him one w ho can see ami
sympathise with and helm-ml lliein when lit trouble,
and tie relieved and cured.
Apartments privately arranged so as to preclude
the possibility of exposure,
betters enslosimt tie will receive prompt attention
with best advice and instructions.
„ ('. 11. To/EU. M.H.,
f>th street, between .1 and K.
Dr. din's 11. Toztr's Can / to the AfJlirUd.
Quick cures and low prices at the old established
office, bib street between J and K.
otv It. TO/I’. It returns his l banks lo his numerous
8 P p.itlehts for their patron..ae, and would eni
brace this opportunity to remind them Hml io- con
tinues to consult on those cases i I vknkrkai. which
have baltlrd the skill ol some of the most celebrated
physicians of the age. and upon which he has tie ir
[>li *. il tn jy-rfurm n r.vh' at cars.
Dr. To/.er's retmialiim as a physician stands un
equalled. His exclusive ttlienlbiti to diseases ol the
genito urinary organs (or so many years, renders him
perfectly master of m plnlitlc ill ■••■ i-es.
The large iimnlj r of aggravated cases that he has
perfectly cured after they have been given up tty
many others is the only proof that a physician re*
ipiiresof Ins ability. Dr Tozep would staie that In
can cure any and all cases of varieties of Ihe disease,
n-i mat I t-r bow long standing, or what progress tin*
disease has made, every patient can rely upon a cure.
Hr To/.i r has, i; is well known, I ken patients
front the very verge of the grave, and restored them
to perfect heallli. He would further state, that he
deems it snllleienl to attract the attention of those
who might need the services ol a physician in all
cases, hut particularly those enumerated in the ad
vertisement, expecting they would test my merits ns
a practitioner; and the result ol my practice has been
thus fur satisfactory to my patients and my self Nor
do I deem it necessary lo till columns of Ihe newspa
pers with fulsome enipric and bombastic adv- rn-e
-ment, professing my ability to heal all diseases flesh
is heir to, for lo do find I must In-something more
Ilian Man, ht|i to give those that are afflicted with
Venereal, Chronic, ahd other diseases, to understand
from long experience, 1 am fully competent tn ireul
them snccesslnltv.
My regard for the dignity of Ihemedical profession,
to w hich I have the honor to belong, deters me from
committing any act savoring of rank ipiackery, and
regard lor my own dignity would prevent my placing
myself on a par with quacks amt nostrum venders of
the present age.
I oiler no fraudulent or genuine certificates or pu Ifs
of my superior qualifications as a practitioner: neither
do I assume to mysell medical honors to which I nn
not entitled, hot inerelrask llio-e who are diseased,
to read the dilfereiit advertisements relating b> the
core of private diseases, amt Judge for themselves
w hen- to apply for n-lu f. My rooms ttr-i so arranged
that I can be consulted In privacy at all hours of the
day, from ff o clock in Hie mommy until ft o'clock In
the evening.
Persons with Chronic Diarrhoea, Dysentery. I .oral
Weakness, Nervous Debility, bow Spirits, I.assitnde
Weakne-s of Hie I,hubs and Hack Indisposition boss
of Memory, \ver-ion to society. bove of Sol it mil-.
Timidity, sell Ilistrn.-l, Dizziness. Headache, Pains in
the side. Alfeelion of the laves. Pimples on Hie face.
Sexual and oilier iidirmilies in Man, ,Vc., will find it
important to consult Dr, C. H. I nzer,at ids office,Olh
street, between J and K. Sacramento.
g V!. CIIAKI.KS H.TOZIaIIV CAUI) to the afflic-
B M ted of Cnlifornia. In approaciting any new
course of systemalie inquiry, there are ceriain points
concerning which the inquirer should always be dire
ful to satisfy himself, lb- should comprehend dis
tinctly what Hie subject of inquiry is—Heallli and
If we can form and Jix in our minds a clear concep
tion of Ihe state of Health, we shall have no difficulty
in understanding w hat was meant by Disease. Itat
beyond, though not above, these objects of investiga
tion o( the human body, we have another and still
nohk-r end it is to lay before yon lit such terms that
you r annul be mistaken and will know where lo tip
ply fur relief.
I use the word “disease” generally, and before I
speak of the signs ol particular diseases, it will lie
pr per to take a general view of symptoms. When a
person is troubled or afflicted with disease, w hich
causes a weakness of the back and limbs, pain in Hu*
head, dimness of sight, 10-s el muscular [ uwer, pal
pitation uf tin-bean, Irritability, nervousness, dys
pepsia,derangement of Hie digestive functions, gen
end debility, symptoms of consumption, and many
others which are better explained than put on paper,
and require Medical or Surgical attendanco, it would
lie wed forlheni lo inquire il there is a physician who
is competent lo attend them, and who underlsunds
the application ol medicine, and whose scientific at
tainments in bis profession, and whose age and expe
rience entitle him to yours confidence. Considering
these things, 11 r. t tis-. 11. dozer lots concluded to in
form you that are afflicted, advertising his place uf
business, stating tlint lie has boon a successful prac
titioner for over twenty live years, anti has
when they have been considered by other physicians
and have been pronounced by them pasi recovery
Therefore you may rely upon him as one in w hom
secresy and the nlmost confidence can be placed.
Dr 11. T.would invite nil that are alllirled to call
on him, and if he does not administer for them.there
will be no charge made, bet no false delicacy pre
vent you, but apply immediately, and save youself
from the dreadful consequences which must follow
those who neglect to receive attendance.
Dr U. It. Torer’s office is on 6th street, near the
Delvidere Hotel, between -I and K streets. His rooms
are so arranged that the Doctor can he consulted
without fear of molestation.
Office hours, from 9 in the morning until Sin the
evening. 0. 11. Tt >ZKK, M. U-,
itovS 6th si., between J and K, Sacramento.
tt’ff.Dr.-I. b. Ur.APKvv.—The gentleman whose
name forms the caption of this notice Is one of the
few modern physicians whose application to his pro
fession and devotion to the afflicted, render him alike
an ornament to ih>- one and a benefit lo the other. A
Hungarian by birib.be sought with Kossuth to place
his country among the nations of earth, beyond Hie
oppressor’s rule, that her sons might rejoice in the
practice of those precepts which are alike our glory
and our pride In his efforts so lo do. he has reaped
the reward of ineffectual resistance lo oppressn n,anj
“a home and a country know him no more,” Apart,
however, front his claims upon our consideration as
a patriot, tlie testimonial* of character and capacity
which he brings entitle him to public confidence, to
the exclusion of those Who possess neither the one
or the other. As n gentleman his character t» untar
nished: ns a physician, hi* skill unsurpassed; md
to those whose nn prudence has left upon them the
taints of disease, »e can conscientiously commend
him with the assurance that in him they will find a
friend whom to know is great gain. The Dr.'s office
is No. 3mid 4 Armory MulbcomerofSarramentoand
Montgomery Wrens.?an Krancisco. aH-Om
fTVIKKB Is no malady of deeper importance rilher
I inn medical or moral Infill of view, to which
the human family is more liable than that arising
from impure connections.
\s n medical roan it is the duly of every physician
to look nldisease as it effects health and life, mid his
sole object should be to mitigate, as fur as lies in hi.
|M>wer, the Isslih suffering. Human nature at best is
but frail, all are liable to misfortune.
Dfallihe ills that affect mnn none are mefr terrible
than those of a private nature. —Dreadful as it is in
the person who contracts it. frightful as are its ravag
es uiMiii hisconstitntiun, ending lrei|ii< idly in desirncs
lion and a loadisomc grave, it becomes ofstill greater
importance when it is transmitted to innccent off
spring. rhieli being the case how necessary it be
comes that every one Having the least reason to bar
that they have contracted the disease, should attend
toil at once hy consulting some physician, whose
resjiectatbihtv and education enables him to warrant
n sale, speeily, and permanent cure. In accordance
with this necessity, DR VODNG fe«d« called upon to
state that, hy long si ml..' and extensive practice. In*
has I adome perfect master of all those diseases which
conic under the denomination ot venereal, and hav
ing (mid more attention to that one branch than any
oilier physician in the Duffed Stales lie feels himself
betteniualiffed to treat lb. in.
Si (diilis in i ll its forms, snob as nicer*, swelling In
the groans, nlei rin tin* throat, le -ondary sy | *h 1 1 is, cu
taneoiis eruptions, ulcerations, tertnary syphilis. sy
philis in children, mercureal si philltic affections, gon
orrhea. gleet, strictures, false passages, inflaniation of
the hladder and (trotrale glands, e\e»e j-ttions, tumors,
(tosiules. &.ic., me ns familiar to him ns the most coni
iiioii things of daily obseri at ion.
The I lot-tor effects a cure in recent cases in a few
■bus. and tbnls no difficulty in curing those of long
duration, without submitting Ibe patient lo sin b treat
ment as w ill draw niton him the aligbtesi suspicion
or oltllge him to neglect bis hn-im-ss whether within
oors or without. Thotlielneod not be changed, ex
cept in cases of severe inllaniatioli. Then l are tit I'ali
lornia patients (amounting to over two thousand in
tin- past year) that could furnish proof of this; hut
the- ■. re' mutters thot reqn're till nicest eecresy wliicii
lie always preserves.
Ail letter- enclosing SIO, will be promptly attended
to. Office hours from 1' A.M lot*!’ M. Address .1.
Vol'Ml, M. O, Express Ilnihlings, corner of
Montgomery and Calif rnian streets, over Weils .-'ar-
L’O i; Co.'s Express Itejetr?incut,
-vl MKI tit AI. * llllee— To the afflicted—ln tier
age of progress, wbon science Is develop ng i’self in
sticnb a manner as loii|i|iear almost miraculon-.every
thing in common place is looked upon as not worth
notice. In view til this fact. I>r. Voting, corner of
Montgomery and California street-, has concluded to
leave the beaten track hitherto pnr-ned hy inosi sci
entific physicians, (that of wailing for the public to
find you out alone,) and publish to the world, as
ninc.n as may he. his knowledge of the healing arl,
to let, those who he in need of assistance khow where
they can Hind relief without fear of being imposed
In continuation of till* subject. Dr. Voting would
-ay, that of the (tost ten years lie has pursued the
practluo of medicine in one of the large-1 cil ies In the
I nileil Stales, uilh tin* highest success, anti that his
standing ns a physician is without reproach, having
at one time been lecturer at the I iiivt -rally of Penn
sylvania on venereal diseases, ,Vc.
I poti all o| these eenidi-ralioiis. Dr. Young huseon
fldenee in inirislncing liim-elf to tin* piffiiic, knowing
that they will sustain wi ll earned merit.
The following are a few of tin* mum testimonials
w hich have appeared in the public journals the last
few years;
[Emm the Boston Medical Journal ]
Although we aro opposed lolhe system of advertis
ing, for g-Hul and sufficient reasons. still we deem it
hut justice to say that Dr. Voting i- one of the most
Industrious and indefatigable votaries of the medical
science in the Eniled Stale-.
From Professor Jackson
The subscriber is personally acquainted with Dr
Voting, and has seen much of his practice, and cun
hear Utfilimoney lo his merit! as a practitioner.
From the New York Her aid.
The eminence of this distinguished gentleman in
hi- profession, nnd the very extended opportunities
l„is-rs-i d liy him for tin* observation of venereal dis
eases, make his services invaluable lo those afflicted
with the above complaints.
From the Whig and Advertiser.
All afflicted with private complaints should consult
Dr Voting, w hose education is not surpassed hy any
physician in the country. In Ins -kill, honor and in
tegrity all may rely with safely, while most of the
practitioners in this city are without I or ns
peelnbility. their pretentions being grounded in ignor
ance and assumption.
i ifliee cornor of Montgomery and California streets,
ii(i stairs, opposite the hanking lonise ol \\ ell- Fargo
it Co. Open from 8 A. M. to 8 F. M , Sunday in
PRIVATE Medical Office—Hundreds of those who
have contracted disease are dtsndpointed of a
cure hy not calling on Dr. Voting at (lr-1 He will
forfeit any sum if he fails to cure any case that may
come, under his care, ne matter how long standing or
afflicting, such as ulcers, tumors, nodes, hunches,
pimples on the fac" and body, pains in the hones and
mins, wakefulness, trembling. cop|ier colored sores,
wasting of the hones, emaciation, loss of appetite,
strength ond Aesli, sores in tin* noso and ear-, lo— ot
tiair, weak eves, itching humors, lx Many persons
alter being relieved of all extern d appear: -s ot
private disease, suppose themselves cured but alter
a few months And they are troubled with un ions
symptoms which they never had before, and which
liiei Audit impossible lo relieve. 1 o all who are at
dieted in this way. Dr Young would , articular!', inc
omniend a trial of hissklll. The symptoms will) which
you are troubled are caused hy taints in die blood,
which sooner or later will destroy j our health and hap*
(line—. N i person who has evu r had an attack of any
private complaint should not fail toconsnit Dr. \ mmg
and taken few bottles of his invaluable purifying
medicine, ns they can rest assured that itieir hiood i-
In a perfectly pure and healthy condilien, and that
every trace of disense Is removed from the system.
Recent cases cured in srom two lo five days without
change of diet or hindrance from business, nr no Ice.
Olflee, corner Montgomery ami California street*,
opposite Weils, Fargo t Co’s, office hours from t»
A M., to 8 P.M.
Mary-uille, June 10th. Iffali
DR. J. f. VOCNG—Pkaii Sir:—Please send me
some of the medicines yon prescribed in mi
case. I have a friend here who is troubled inexactly
the same way that I was. He has nightly emissions,
ringingncise in ids head, weak hack. I s- of memory,
nnd is gem-rally debilitated ; he is di-eonrag* >1 and
lias not conAdence enough lo enable him to call and
see you, 1 told him how I was and Hull my friends
all said I was in consumption, and the doctors up here
gave me up and advised me to g" home to 'lie, hut
instead of going home I called upon yon. and here I
am. ns well as any of them, and likely to live a long
time vet, wilt! strenth enough tc work with the strong
est of Doctor I will sen' 1 a 'cry one to you that
looks to me as though he needed a p.iysieinn It shall
not he my fault if any one dies lor want of mistical
treatment. I will do all I can to keep the afflicted
away from those pests of society, yclept prolessors
and high sot iding titled men who, if the facts were
known, arc men who left their country tot tln-ir coun
try’s good, Pnhlis this letter, doctor, it you wi«h.
and I hope some of those that humbugged me, may
see it and sleep hud for one night.
Truly yours. GEO. DAVIDSON.
Between Montgomery and KcarnO ■
Erst TheßrancU if Brandift , H'i net and
nU. M. HEIINIM ANN, corner of Kearney anil
Paciflr streets, Sun Francisco, has f*»r a number
of years, in the military and other hospital* of France,
devoted his study principally to tln> irealinnt ofSe
cr<-t ilwwiu, ami therefore |M>*sesses a thorough \•
perietice in this particnalar branch. Ho is also per
fectly familiar with all tin- recently discovered mul
highly important remedies and mean- for Hie cum of
«nch di*< uses. It lascirccly necessary hi mid here
Hint in 1 rain a* where secret disease* are of more tro
i noni occurrence limn any where el-e. th.i physician*
i filial country am mop- export in their dire, and are
constantly and successfully endeavoring to find out
new remedies, more efficient ami less dangejous than
those formelly used
!>r. Ileininiunn is therefore, enabled to cure all
these diseases with perlect certainty, without u-iug
mercury, in a very short lime, and withmii subjecting
Ids | atients to tin-risk ol subsequent injurious conse
i hronh - Gonorrhea, Ryermatorrhea, Flour Alhus,
itoner.d Debility the result ol mi-eondiiel. poltulions,
,|ain in the hack and side* Erii|»li"ii«of .ill kinds,
produced by interior causes. Loss of Hair. Uheumat
i -in in the Joints. Nocnrnal sweats, seminal and I fin
al weakness. Injuries received to tnerenrial treat
ment. &c are enrtsl by Or. Ileihimann with the
niil of remedies knewn lint to limiself, to the perlect
silt i- lari .1 11 of his clients.
Recent diseases ol the shove named kind will he
promptly and riidicnlly removed before they can
tie in the body and hecome chronic, hy Dr. Heiul
nmini's own pnri(\ imr ieuetalde remedies.
Hr. ileiidmttiiii further pos«e«-es a sure remedy
fnl.y tested, and which can be relied upon, for the
cure of Intermittent Peter, ( hill and l ever. Fever
and Ague, also it mean* to mmove. in a lew days lor
ever, a bad breath, without the least injury to ihe
stomach. In the pdesent days niiiii*'rons remedies
arc offered everywhere lor nd ioia.inahle diseases,
hut in most of ihecases the sutler' - ire so sadly ill-*
appointed that they look w ith justifiable mt-lrnsi on
all mix ertis.iinents of this kind. Dr Ili'iiilmanii's res
niedies need mil be recommended by puttliiig charla
tanism for ihey recommend themselves by their ef
fect*. as has been seen and experienced by mimeons
patients who, fiirliilmleiy for themselves, have used
them. For the luff rmalion and satisfaelion of the
often deceived public, the statement will soli ice that
hr. Ileinimiinn lias in his po«se*rion over two hun
dred testimonials from p.alields cure I hy him, besides
many other relialile persons, which he is ready to ex
liil.il wlien required, w hile common decency lorbids
him lo publish them ill the newspapers.
persons applying to Dr. Ileinimimn shall not be
utilised to pay ill mlvaii.-e the lull price ol the enre,
its he is willing lo siilimd bis shill anil his remedies
lies; (o he iesti d.
( Hie tiling the Doctor Invariably requires from all
his patient*, that is a faithful and strict confnriminee
with all his directions and precriplions, otherwise he
cnnnol mid will not warrant a cure.
Written consultations will lie given without ctiarne
and I'etnm nnieations answered xx hether containing a
fee or not. prompt)', pimelnally and willi slrict secre
cy. on applying. postage paid, in the English, French
or Herman Languages, to
Corner of Kearney and Ibicillc streets,
San Francisco,
To show le Ihe satisfaction of all that hr lleiui
maim is a thorough i.iliicatcd, practical and experi -
enced physician andsingcon. the following from his
numerous testimonials, are submitted to the public.
Names are suppressed, but the authors are at any
time ready to proclaim their tnilli and imlhcnlicily
before the world.
(hi Kit swoon Valley, Fell. 11, IS.VS,
Dour Doctor:--! have know n you since 1-10 and
yon have given so many proofs of your talents and
experience, that yon have einindy won ronlideiire.
Although you reside id at a great distance ft cm me
you know that I have several times, nt you patient*
w hich idlier doctoj* have given up as incurable, nml
yon have always received them and saved not only
their limbs hut also their live*. I w ill inny nieiilion
hero the case of Mr. (’ , from Auburn, who is
indebted to yon for the preservation ol Ins right arm.
which other doctors w anted lo ampnlale, and that of
M-.G ofcoloina. who nllhoiigh given up ns
hopeless by two doctors was cured by yon ill two
weeks lime A* to what yon have done for tny ('amis
ly, suflhv it to say. I w ill in-vi r In- ablo lo repay you.
Accept dear Doctor, these few lines as a proof of
Ihe high esteem I have of your talents a* a medical
man. and believe me te be jour constant friend.
F 11.
Proprietor of ilie Miner's Hole
To Dr. Ileintmnnn, San Francisco
Greenwood, February 11th, IP.'ili.
Having stydied medicine myself at Ihe Iniversil; of
Tux ia, ii Italy, I suppose I know enough lo belie
lieved when I declare hereby that yon are the best
physician I ever met with in California. Tht* decla
ration is feiinded on what 1 have seen you do and
heard from everybody when 1 re-id <1 at Mormon l«
land, I know of many persons lo whom yon have
saved life and limits aller they had been completely
given up by others, and who will at any time come
forward ami testily to the truth o( this, and lo your
science. Wishing you for the future, the same sue
ce-s w hich Inis attended yon thus far. 1 remain truly
yours, C. K.
To hr. Iletnimann, Pan Francisco.
Coloina, .In nr try 10th, ISjff.
My Dear amt Mncti Esteemed Doctor:—lt i* with
much regret that I and all your oilier friends saw you
quit .Mormon Island. We have lost In yon a physi
cian of great talent and experience, w lioweconld not
appreciate too much. It was proven enough by the
numerous who came to call on yon from nil pans of
the mines, mid yon are In the hesi reineiiihri'tice of all.
Mi-ell. given n|i hy whom I considered our best phy
sicians. prepared myself lo die; hy chalice I came nn
der your treatment ami you ha*v cured me of a grave
sickness in n short time. Von have proved yourself
a physician and yon do honor lo the name G,
To Or. 11. Ilelnlmaiin, Corner Jackson and
Montgomery streets, San Nrancisco.—Dear Sir:—lt
is with ylea«iire that we notice the unbounded suc
cess w high Inis attended yon in your practice since
your residence in this Slate, now over seven years
I he geod you have done ami Ihe skill you bare exer
cised iu the cures that tome under our observation
make It our duty to let it he know n to the world and
more particularly to those now snifering willi disease
Most of us were well acquainted wilh you whilst you
resided at Mormon Island, and witnessed there some
remarkable cures which yon effected on patients
whose case* were pronounced hopeless hy eminent
ix-ieian*. We have also seen w hat yon have done
for some of our friends rioxv residing at Coloma and
Placerville, who after much pesuaslon and induce
ments on onr part, consented to go and see you, when
they had almost de-paired of their lives. They did so
and returned, and are new lix ing hale and hearty men;
and read r. if this notice should reach your eye and
xon iir< afflicted, lake onr advice and goto hr lIEIN -
!M \NN,nnd you will never regret it
hear Doctor, receive wilh our mo«t hearty wiihe*
for your future welfare Ihe assurance that we believe
yon to bo one of our most talented and exjierienced
physician* in the State.
Frkiicrk k Marymasn. |
fproj 'r Miners’ Hotel.)
Jacob VVixki.ksaxx.
(pr Greenwood Brewery,
John Geokok,
Akocst Haiixk,
► Greenwood Valley
■ f'oloma.
T. Dki.az, l I’ropr’s of the 1
T. It szt.l, ) Croix Fedemle, £ Placerville.
Jean lircuißß, S
A. H. Walker, El Dorado Slide.
G. /hoickk. (firm of E. Hoppe It C 0.,) Oroville.
Josr.ru Glaveu Aubum.
Charles Kasielli. Spanish Dry Diggings.
T Dknsisoer. iprop’r of bridge,) Condemned Bar.
C. Woti.ra, Sacramento,
K. Finninoer, do
G. Kknaid, do
Cart Hisd, Michigan Bluffs.
Cart. F. fC Mr arose, Mormon Island.
Henry Trcel, (Republican House,) Jackson.
This testimonial was not solictled by Dr Heinl
maun., aag-73m
Grand Medical and Surgical Institute,
Ar ory 11nti building. Corner of Montgomery and
*!*.. Siu» Fmiidivo,
Katahlifihnl fnr the wre *f nit' prirat* nvd
rhr„ft:r *rs % tlud tht yuppr* <\tvU nf Kfrtf,
nU. I*. J. C7APK W • I.ATK IN TIM’ lII’M*A
rimi Hevolulioiiary Wap. <lMiv*bu»n trt
tin* -nili ntrimcul ol Cl.i* I :«» I In*
Military Miwplinlof P«*tb, lluiiif <P>. mid I;»le
ivr on Dima*** of l'nn »ry »r;an* mid of
winntMi and obiMivn, hn* «•}*« »;«•«! lb* itiwtitiiti)
lor tho curt* of nil form* «• r privab* (ll(m*;im**,
>tu*h a* M|>hib*. cr«»norrh»M. iHK’birnal «
*u*in* iin<| nil ih«* n»n«H**p»i , nrf »»f *« Dd» i-.* In ilio
of i'niiofrh< , al do- im *k 1 tfimrarib'r* n euro
111 H low d i\*, without iiicofiviAriirr to l.c p:i!h*Mt,
« r Itindranot* to |»i* hu*uio»s >\ h«*n .1 by
lu*» liM't« t»r tmpm|N*r t -almoiit, fi; I- d< tin'
*<‘t oinlnr> >*ym| loins of •‘vbib* *»ob u* lililhh**, or
J i til ii l *i\*»dilnLT* on ! lit* i?ro»n*. or m:ot* hi lb ■ lbront
and no** , which. if no? chot kod, r» v.rny th« >**ft.
part* and cmiiM* tho bon*** lo in rtUV. •oparMH* n'»d
romp away, loavim; U»t* *m!. nr an objiTf to
lifdndd; or when *plotrhr* mi. I pbnp- > bn nk on?.
tin* ’•kin. or wli n India* p dnbil *\v»-llin ,* Mp'-n
ibo bolt* or wlumi hi* ivio!ifhth»n i- iai <:r» i«n a* '*>
pndi*pt*p»i to connntbp:inn or oil.or c>nMlliiti«*nM*
di-» • - •, llu* Ilocbu L r tlaran?< a cup* ■ • ii'k* imricn*
i ' ll*-.it ion. In IMiotifnatittin, rbrnhir .m* a« »ilo; ill
I »>** lil f'. or Dinrrlm i. In- h * >.ilo nnd ctTWtnnl ft**
in»*di*’«*. I'or iho InMimont of !b»* ro:o ijiichvn of
•‘o|l ;»bii-o, *iirh n* noc'nrnal mii»-ion*. n**i vonsti* f>i
timidity b« ad.iclic ptiin* in fho bank and limb*., wiib
kToiinral woiikm*-*, to*.* of »p| Hilo, !"-•* oi momor* .
injury to tin* *liflii, ri rotitiiph’ii of ldr«*,
di-bkt» for society. am! badinuf of woMrinn** of lit*;
11 to in-rvoa* h\>n »n -«* i*\rin aldn that *lc Id
liobit diork or HlßrUrlln* p- liriil. mu': im; Id** » \ut
♦in r mi*< rabli*. I* r tbr abo\t* iiuda So*** In* Dor:* r
will trunrait)(*<* a cur»* or n*U no rom|M ioa'ion. 110
ran bo ron*nltod roo of i-l'ariro, nnd in\if»■" all to
call.n* it will ro*l Ihoni iioUiint;. and may bo mfioh
to tln ir ad v 'ldairn.
< i II ATI . V I>K.
■-R Kf .n\V w»" juild i»!i iln • 1 • f Iwo of flit*
Uti MldiTlTK from till' I.;. 11 _r - lII' who hit V >
ing n .-own'd llu ir li iimr In nllli. nnd mi| •< hd hy
u nil it Mill*. 11 >ik < 1 Know n llitdr c. -r» "inl 11 ■«- iriindinl
iigrr.i: nnd their *•!nt»-in<■ 11 i.« tire mdh> idli’ni* d h\ n
Noi:ir> nd.lie. Tlir dfii , ;in.l> id «<« i>■ I> in-j». rioiii.lv
roinuim d Ihrir indd . ilv, mid «.• riniiiiund liicir
|nTU»:il to tlio at:«*iiti< >i> of ud tdlli.-.fd.
Tim nndor'ignid. ilo-irom of nc<|miiiitint; thoso
« 111. iii;i\ h<* >rtuntil*' i lloHL'ti to In• vinihirlv iif
llirti>d win re ii |k riiuuifiif ndi. I of llu ir r*nlT".-r!
lil,i\ 1.0 ohl limed, CeelM il lij»dll(\ tollin’! |nildir!v
i x|.r.f.t -* Hincere gmlilmlo to I>r I, .1 ('/;i|ifnv,
for the p. rmnm’iit nrmrrj el l>in In nllli I orno
down to the ili*.ffi ,- ’*iiig in)itoni” in.id. nt totin’
v icioin* |. rin I ins of n neon I nil In lie (iin'ieh in y nt li,
de|nv«M’d In hodv nnd mind, nnnlde to p. rforni oven
the tno-l trilling duty inipiwd upon tin* Unity nvocn
l ions of life. I wmght the ndvioe ot iniinv idivstcinns
wlio nt iii«t rogiinloil tin trilling ini|iort
iini'. , hill uln-! id’liT n tew wet ki« nnd in iioerid In*
lll..mils, •-f I lie i r Irentmoid. I I'.iind to niv mi—
tillernUlo horror, (lint in>lend ot n In I Hie fyinptonm
I■eoiinie more idiirnnm.' in llu ir tovtine. nnd heimf
tin.iHy told mo h> one Hint Hiodi'o:i“e In ing coiitlnod
prineiply to the hriiin. iiioitieinor would he .1 lililo
eomii'ipioiico. Idi *pnin dol evor n;■ linin.r tn> honllli
I’trenuHi nnd oneruv; nnd n* n ln*i re-orl, nnd w iHi
hut n Inn.l hopo, rulli’d ii| .1 n Hr. ('znpkn\ w Ini. nftor
e\ null ii ing my rune, [inneriln d ome nn ilirine wlinti
nlii.o-t ninlnliily rolievod mo of Hie dull pnitm nnd
in my tiend, I'neonrnged lo lids re.nit, I
re*..l\ed to plnro mj.idf inline• 1 11 •I■ ■ I > under li* rnre,
nnd. hy a strict i.hi'dieur - to til* dtrecHen* nnd nil
x ire, my tiend hocnnio idenr. nn ldon« rollorl..d, the
(■on«lniil puln in tny Inn Ii nnd groins Hie wenkilons
id my liniliH, tlie tiorvmiii renrlloii my wliolr mo
t. ni on lim slightest ntnrin or evoileiin id, the mis
nnlliropy and ovil roroliodiiigs, the s. It dislrnsl and
w.int ol contidoiire in o her*. Hio innifiililliiy lo
study nnd want nl resolulion. the frightful exciting,
nnd nt limos ploiisiimhlo dr.mis nl night, followi d
hy involuntary discharges, have nil disappeared, nnd
in fact, in two months nl'n r linviug ronsiillod lim
Hnclor, I felt tut if inspin d hy n now life—Hint lift*
which, hut ti short time ago, I . oiiioinplnt. d lo end
hy my own linnil.
\) nli n x . w to guard the unfortunate from fulling
into the snares of Incompetent ijuneks. I deem il in;,
did) to oiler tins testimony to the no ril nnd -kill of
Hr. • z.ipkny, nnd recommend him lo nllwhoini.y
stiind in in n 1 ol tnedn nl mlxieo. In ing assured hy
mx ow ii experience that, oiii'o under lii- cure, a rmU
icnl and permanent cute will lie ell. . led
I!. T. Kl 1.1,Mi IKK.
Ptnle of ('iillfornin. roinity of miii I - im i-cn—.-nh
scrihed nnd sworn helore me, fill-* J7lh dux ol April,
A. 1). JdjC. (Signed) Jons M leni kTi.n,
Notary Public.
A <'\Kl)—Prompted by nn honest desire of my
. « heart, I wish to lay helore the public n onus
w hich deserves n high commendation, not only a- mi
net of scie:i title skill, tun I hut el liinrinily also. A hunt
two years ago. I suddenly, nnd from cruises nnknoxx n
in me. sei/.ed xx i'll n til ol epilepsy .which, owing lo
mv inability to meet Hie expens. - eon-eipient upon a
Ho.rough nn dical lrenlmenl,and the discouragement
I met with on attempting d, soon l.ecntne such ins i
was then led lo believe i ns to defy I lie skill of a phy
sician. I was freipiently while in pursuit of tny cull
ing, throw n down to Hie ground wiilionl the slightest
warning, and although In-onsihle to the ngi.im - 1
yet despisod the mi-orios of mx lifo.aiid mh.ii lenrno.l
to look upon those who would render me assistance
or shelti r me (r.un dangt r as enemies w ho sought lo
prolong the miseries of tny exi-ience. \\ Idle in this
Male, and having previous to my affliction tasted tin*
sweets ofiit'e, 1 once more was Induced to attempt
seeking aid ol a physician, and. hy reeiumnendaliun,
called upon l>r. 1.. J. Cznpka'. I told him tny cir
cimisliinees and my Inahility to reward him lor his
services, regardless ot Which, however, he nt once
undertook my case, and with the hle-singof (Jod I
was mice more restored lo perfect heallh, Unahle
to reward him forlhe hum which I enjoy at present,
and yet conscious of my indebtedness. I consider it
due m myself and lo all the Hlllnled to make the case
public, in order that those in need of medical advice
may find a physician in whom every confidence can
lie placed
i..s M K Y ER Y A It I.ONSK Y.
Stale of rnlifornis, county ol San francisco, ss—Sn'o
-crila’d and sworn before me this first day of August
l.s. Notary Public.
lir I. .T. Csnjiksy's Medical and Surgical Institute
is at the corner ol Montgomery and Sacramento sis.,
San Fn m iwo. t'nlifornia. The Doctor offers tree
i i.n-iiltalions, and asks no remuneration unless lie
effects a cure.
Sp kr m atorr hit, a .
OH. loi nl weakness, nervous debility, low spirits,
lassitude, weakness of the limbs ami back.ln*
disposition and incapability for labor nisi study,dnll
ness of apprehension, loss of memory, aversion to so
ciety. love ef solitude, timidity, self distrust,
headache, involuntary discharge*, pains in the side,
affect ion* of the eye*, pimple* on the faee, sexual and
other intlrmalies in man, arc cured without fail by
the justly celebrated physician and surgeon, L. J.
( znpkny. Ills method *f curing diseases is new,(un
known lo othersi and hence the great success. AH
consultation* (by letter or otherwise! free. Addre-s
1.. 4. < znpkay, M. l>„ San Francisco, Cal. i*3-3m
■ SALK by the f'ase or Package in
M? quantities to suit.
Kong bill paper. Legal cop Letter Paper, Ink
liroaii bill paper. Fools cap. Note paper. Pen
cils. Plunk books, Wafors, &c &c. Noisy
Carriers Book & Stationary Co.
87 Battery &C4&06 Long Wharf. San Fran
cisco. 0- P. KIMBALL. Pres
O. of O. F. meets every Monday eve
ning in the Masonic Hail. Brother* in
good (landing ore respectfully Invited
M. Clabs, Secreury,

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