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Oroville daily Butte record. [volume] (Oroville, Butte County, Calif.) 1856-1858, December 13, 1856, Image 4

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(Drouillc Dailii Jintte ißcrori.
The other was as follows :
*■ I lore lioth the mortal remains of
Mary Elton, who died on tlie 31st of
December, I 535, age*! 20 years.
And underneath were the following
touch imr lines:
“A tribute to virtue, a tribute to worth—
A tear fur the youthful in years,
Whose pilgrimage short was so prized up
on earth.
As to leave it but sorrow and tears.
VV ’!
“There,” said my companion, “re
pose the allies of those of whom you
spoke. These tablets were on ctcd by
Mr. Woodshy. Since his departure to
California, the graves have been sadly
neglected. It was his custom to visit
them every Sunday, and T have often
seen him nursing with touching tender- j
ness, the flowers that grew upon that !
little mound.”
V.e returned from the churchyard
silent and thoughtful.
“I have one more question to ask,”
paid I, “before wo part. Have you
ever heard from Mr Woodsby since ho
arrived in California ?”
“Yes, he wrote once to a friend.
The next letter that was received,
brought the sid intelligence of his
death. He died demented in the Cal
ifornia Insane Asylum.”
“ How sad a termination to such
devoted love,” I sorrowfully remarked
ns 1 parted from my friend, and Wilkcs
harre, Chispa.
Tiik Poems of Ossian. —It has be
come fashion able to abuse the poems
of()s*ian ; hut, admitting their forgery
us well as faultincss, they seem to us,
in their better passages, to approach
more nearly than any modern English
prose to the force, uvnlness, and pa
triarchal simplicity and tenderness of
the Old Testament style. Lifting up
like a curtain the mists of the past,
they show as a world unique and in
tensely poetical, peopled by heroes,
hards, maid' ns, and ghosts, who are
swathed in mist, and separated by their
mountains from till count!i s and ages
save their own It is a great picture
painted in clouds instead of canvas-',
and invested with cohos as gorgeous as
its shades are dark. Its pathos has a
wild sobbing in it—an Mvdian tremu
lousness of tone, like the wail of spir
its. And than Ossian hints' If, the last
of race, answering the planets of the,
wilderness, the plover’s shrink, the
“hiss” of the hntm less stream, the bee
iu the heather bloom, the rustle of the
birch above his head, the rear of the
cataract behind, in a voice ot kindred
freedom and kindred melancholy con
versing less with the little men around
him than with the giant spirits of his
lathers—we have few finer figures iu
the wh do region of poetry. Ossian,
in short, ranks with the “Robbers”
and the “Seasons” as a work of prodi
gal beauties, and more prodigal faults,
und partly through both, has impressed
the w orld. — Hurds of the Bible.
The Like of I nsf.cts. —Insects gen.
crally must lead a Only jovial life.
Think w hat it must be to lodge in a
lily. Imagine a palace of ivory and
pearls with pillars of silver and capitals
of gold, nil exhaling such a perfume as
never arose from a human censer.
Fancy again, the fun of tucking them
selves up for the night in the folds of
n rose, rocked to sleep by the gentle
sighs of the summer air, uotbikg to do
win n you awake hut to wash yourself
in a dowdrop and full to eating your
Jokes.—As gold becomes refined hy
pa«sing through the ordeal of fire, so
truth is the purer for being tested by
the furnace of fun ; for jokes arc to
facts what the melting pots arc to mot.
al. Ihe uttcror of a good joke is a
useful member of society.
A witness in court being interro
gated as to bis knowledge of the de
fendant in the case, said he knew him
intimately well, ‘‘lie had supped with
him, sailed with him, and horsewhipped
him.” _
The sami. iron ore furnishes the
sword, the plowshare, the priming-hook
the needle, the engraving tool, the
spring of a watch, the chisel, the chain,
the author, the compass, and the can
Private Medical Card.
STUANUKI'.S visiting Hacraniento will remember
thHl l»r. fuier's I Mimicry is in (ilb street, be
tween J nml K sts , Sacramento,
Tim great suco-s ;iml in my radical cures made by
Dr. Toner since tin commencement in Hus city,
which hundreds inn testify. Induces him to Inform
those afflicted with inn private cunplalnls. recent nr
chronic, and wi-biobe well nml llionumlily cured,
it will be to Hu-tr interest nml wellfare to e ll on him
who for the lust twenty live veins tins (given Ins m
tire mention to I’riv.i Complaint*, and to nil cases
of a private nature, acute nml chronic sm-h s Sy
phillis, Secondnry nml Cunsibniioiial utleclioiis.
Lonurrhhoc nmt Seininnl «Vi akue Lleet nml
Strictures nml all dlse;.- - of the genitive nml nrbiury
oigans, imlb in male and female, such as I’rolapsur.
Tin ir .Minis. Iljsl, ria, Ace.
I‘aMi nls can be a-* tretl that Iheir com;ilainl • will
not lie (nin)iered wilb, but treated upon strictly set
entitle principles. Private complaints eradicated in
a tew days- new cases cured in a short turn , w illioat
Hi i an be consulted at his office at nil times o| the
day. from it in the m-uning until s in Ihe evening,—
All in nllllelion can tins! in him one w ho can see and
sympathise with nml ledrieml them when in trouble,
uml oe relieved and < nred.
Aparlmenis privan y arranged so us to preclude
the possibility of ex|s>snre.
Letters cn* losing > I n w 111 receive prompt attention
with best advice and Instructions.
U. It. (11/.KU. M. It.,
ffitb street, belween -I and K.
J)r. (,'fiu's 11, Tozer's Curd to the Afflicted.
Quick cures >ml low prices at tin* old established
olllcc, lilh HUvel between J and K.
P VK. T< i/T.K returns his thanks b> his numerous
uW patients for heir patronage. and would em
brace this opportunity to remind them that he con
tinues U> consult on Unoe cases el vkmckcal which
have Imflled the skill ol some of the most celebrated
physicians oi theatre, nml upon which helms near
fnilril In preform it rmti at r u s.
Dr. To*«r’a reputation ns n physician stands tin
ei|ualled. His exclusive attention lo diseases of the
genito urinary organs for ne.ny years, renders him
perfectly master of sy phihtic itiseasi s.
The targe nninber ol aggravated cases that, lie has
perfectly cured after they have been (given up by
many others is the only proof that a physician re.
quires of bis ability. Dr. Timer would slate that he
can cure any and all esses of varieties of the disease,
ii ' mutter how hmsg si inifim;, or what progress the
disease has made, every ■,client can ifly upon a cure.
Dr To/.i r has, p is well known, taken patients
from the very verige ol the (grave, nod restored them
to perfect health. He would further stale. Hint he
deems it sufficient to attract the attention of those
who might need the serv e es o| n poj sirdtiii in nil
cases, lint particularly i nninera'ed in the ad
vertisement, expect imr Ihey wmild test mv merits as
u practitioner; and the re-ull ol my practice has heen
thus lar siilislaclory to mv patients and myself Nor
do I deem it necessary T«i till columns ol Hie newspa
pers wilh lul-oiiie eiinne and bomba lie adverlise
tnellt, (irofessinig my ability lo heal all di-eases ||.-sb
is heir 10, for lo do that 1 inns) he something more
than Man, bn* lo give Ib >*e that are nf!l al with
Venereal, Chronic, nhd other dise-i-es. to understand
from hung experience, I am tally comp>d>-iit lo treat
them snccessiiillv.
My regard for the dignity of the medical ■ rofevsion.
to which 1 have the ho no. to beloiig. deters me from
committing any act - iv.ring of rank iptaei ery, nml
regard for my own dignity would prevent my placing
myself on a par with .pinks and nostrum v emlers of
the present ace.
1 otter no Iran Intent or genuine c rtiil "ties or puds
of my superior ipndille.il loos am practitioner: neither
do I assume t<> myself medical honors to which I am
not entitled, lint tin n Ir ask Iho-e who are disci- ( |,
to read the different advertisements relating In Ihu
core ol private disease,, and judge for Hi mselves
where to apply for relief. My monni are ~, arranged
that I can tie consnlled in privacy at nil houe of the
day, from II o clock in the morning until * o’clock In
Die evening.
Persona with Chronic Diarrhoea, Dysentery. Local
Weak ness. Nervous Dehdi'y, l.ow spir:!-. I.as-itude
Weakness of the Limbs uml llac.lt. Indispo-ilam Loss
ol Memory. \ version to -ociely. Love of solitude,
rimiillty, >ell Distrust, Di/zii'-s- 111 .la,-he. I’at iis iii
Hie side, Alleelion of Hie I.yes I’i np.i s on Hie l e e.
Sexual and other infininiies in Man,\c., will llml It
important to consult Dr. i'. 11. Tozer, at his olllcc,Olh
sired, between J anil K. S, .crumento.
H>U. CIIARLKB 11 TOZKU’S C A HI) to the afflic
5Jr led of Ctilifornia. In approaching any new
course of systematic inquiry, there are ceri-tin points
concerning » hich the inquirer should nlways be care
ful lo satisfy himself. He should comprehend dis
tinctly what the subject of inquiry is—Health and
If we can form and llx in onr minds a clear concep
tion ol the stale of Health, we shall have no difficulty
in understanding what was meant by Disease, lint
beyond, though not above, these objects of Investiga
tion ol the human body, we have another and still
nobler end Ills to lay before you in such terms that
yen i annul be mistaken and will know w here to ap
ply for relief,
I tine the word “disease” generally, and before I
speak of the signs of particular diseases i; will be
proper to take a general v jew ol symptoms. When a
person is troubled or aflltcled w ith disease, which
causes a weakness of the back and limbs, pain in the
head, dimness of sight, loss el muscular ( ower. pal
pitation of the heart, irritability, nervousness, dys
pepsin,derangement of Hie digestive functions, gen
end debility, symptoms of consumption, and many
others which are heller explained than pm on paper,
and require Medical or Surgical attendance, it would
be well for them to inquire il there is a phy siciitn who
is competent to attend them, and wbo underlsands
the application of medicine, and whose scientific at
tainments In his profession, and whose age and expe
rience entitle him to yours confidence. Considering
these things. Dr. Chss. II Toner has concluded to in
form you that are alllicted. advertising bis place ol
business,slating that be has been a successful prac
titioner for over twenty live years, and has
when Ihey have her ti considered by other physicians
and have been pronounced by them pied recovery
Therefore you may rely upon him its one in w hom
secresy and the inmost confidence can be placed.
Dr 11. T.wonld invite all that are .-diluted to mil
on him, and if be does not administer for them,there
will be no charge made. Let no false delicacy pre
vent you, but apply immediately, and save you-elt
from the dreadful censeqaencea which must follow
those who neglect to receive attendance.
Dr ('. 11. Tozers office is on flth stn-et, near the
lielvidere Hotel, I elwi en J and K streets. 111“ rooms
are so arranged that the Doctor can bo consulted
w ithout fear of mrleslniuin.
Office hours, from b in the morning until c in the
evening. C. M. ToZEH, M. D.,
nuvB Clh st.. between J and K, Sacramento.
Dr. 4. L. Uz ask v v.—The gentleman whose
name forms the caption of this notice is onewf ihe
few modern physicians whose application to bis [>ro
fessioti and devotion to the afflicted, render him alike
an ornament to the one and a benefit to the other. A
Hungarian by larth.l e sought w ilb Kos.-ith to place
bis country among the nations of earth, beyond Hie
oppressor’s rule, that her sons might rejoice In the
practice of those precepts w hich are alike onr glory
and our pride In his efforts so to do, lie has reaped
the res ant of iacßcctnal resistance lo oppression,and
-a home and a country know him no more.” Apart,
however, from his claims upon oar cousidi ration as
a patri'-., the testimonials - i character aw! rapacity
winch he brings entitle him Vo public roii3 letne. to
the exclusion of those who | .<ess-ss neither Ho- one
or tb ■ other. As a gentleman his character is untar
nished : as a phys K-tan, his skill unsurpassed: and
to those whose imprudence has left Upon them the
taints of disease, we can conscientiously c»rameml
him with the assurance that in him they will And a
friend whom to know is great gain. The Pr ’» office
is No. Sand * Armory Hall, comer of Sacrament*, and
Montgomery street* sau Francisco. aH-Sm
DR. J C.
i "c mere terrible
•••Iful e* it is in
nr- it* rn\ ig-
rpnMf'RK O no malady ofd—t er inv-ortnuce cither
u In *i medical nr moral 1 i rlit ol view. to vn ich
tti,- human family i* more liable than that arising
from impure connections.
\« n medical man it Is the tint) of everv physician
to look nt a* it effect* health and lift*, mid M
sole object •hnnlil he to mili-at . ns "ir li«he«in 1
power. He* hodili suffering. 11'iman nature a* f -t is
bn’ frill. ::II nr- HiMe to misfortune.
Of nil ih- ill* that affect tnnn nm
throi those of a private nature —1'
the person who contracts it rrl r rIr tr l1 1
upon hi*constitution, endin'/ fr
ijcin mill n loathsome grave, it hecoit
Importance wh-n it Is fransnr
fir inf. Js+H'-lt Imintr till’ <’i se how
miles Hint every Mn- ton ing f *> h
that th-y have contracted the di* l "
to it at on— hv consult in- some
M|>(.ft itlillitv mill education eivdd
s i(V. speedy, ami perm-ecut no
with this necessity. 1)1! VOI Nil fi
ite that, liy long study nr < I ext*
tins helotne perfect m:i«'er of all Mm*
come nmler the ilioiomnirrtion of
mg paid more ollenll' n I- that om
it hi r |•! \ sir.ian lu the • 'inte I :»inies
betferouallfled to treat th-m.
Syphilis 111 all its forms. Mich
Itn «minis, ulcer In Ih- throat, secondan ;‘ i , ci
laneons eruptions' nice oion*, t-rtimry svphilis. sv
{>iii lis in children, men ns- ■-. \ ph'li' re ■ i ‘t' "Mio; - gon
orrhea, gleet, strictures, fa'si-pii*«a‘..'i .ini; m-nion if
the Madder and prut rile glands, evcorirr n ms. in mom.
is'nlf «. jt.tr.. me n« familiar to him the most coin
mon things of daily observation.
The Doctor effects a cnri‘ In recent cases In a few
dins, and find* no difficulty in curing 1 1 use ef ( mg
duration, without fnihmilliiiSf the pat . nt to su< it treat
ment ns will draw upon him Hie ate/hli-i suspicion
or oblige him to neglect Ids tin-in ss whether wi’liin
oors or without. The diet need nut be changed. ex
cept in ease* of seven* liitlainnlloii. There are in Cali
fornia patients (amounting to over two thousand in
the past year) that could furnish proof of lids ; hot
ihe—are’matter* fhot require thi nice*! eecresy which
he nlw i\“ preserve*
All letter* enclosing $lO, will he promptly attended
to. (Mice hours from 9 \,M to * I’ V. Address .1
r. Vi mm:, M. <t. Express Hnildiii's t on—r of
Montgomery and (talifornlnn street*, over Welle •*ur
go is Co.'* Express Departmeiil.
MEDH’AI, nfflci—To the afflicted —til the
aiie of proirret*., whon sidence is dev.-lop ng p«-if in
siindi a manner a* to appear almost ne r iciilon*. evi rv
thing In common place is loolied upon as not v, —tli
notice In view of lids fact Dr. Young, corn rof
Montgomery and California streets, In— ce i-Tm 1 1«•«I in
leave ihe beaten track hitherto pur ■d In m-i 'ci
ntlflc physicians, (that of willing lor the ;nd i ■ to
llml yen out alone,) and publish to the world, as
inticn as may he. his knowledge of the liealing art.
In let those who he ill need of assistance khow n 1 ere
they can Hind relief without fear of helm; Impo-eil
In conlinnntion of this subject. I»>-. Vomu; wonhl
civ, that of the past ten year* be lies pursued Hie
pract in- of medicine in one of the lar—est i-• t ie- In Die
I idled Stales, with the highest siiere-s. and that Id*
sinn ingn* a physician Is without reproveh, Imving
at one lime bemi lecturer at the I nivoishy ol IVme
-ylvanla on venereal diseases. j.c.
I'l.oii all of the* Dr. Admit; Imscon
lldence in introducing himself to the pnliiic. know ini;
Hint the. will sustain Wi II earned merit.
The following are n lew of Hie manv testimonials
w hich have appeared in Hie public journals the last
few years;
[From the Rost on Medical Journal j
AUhon-h we urn imposed lulhe system n| ndicrtis
itii;, for i;ood anil sufficient reason*, still we deem it
hut justice to Mty that Dr Voiinsf i* one m the im-t
indns'.rions and IndefaliL'idde votaries ol the medical
science in the I'nileil Slates,
From Professor Jackson
The snbscrdier i* personally aci|indnle l with Dr
Voum/. and has seen much of Ins pr e-i. and (an
bear teslhnoney to hisinerili as a practitioner.
From the New York Herald
The eminence of thi* (lislinuntshed i.’-ntleman in
his profession, and the very extended opportnedies
possessi-d by him for the observation of venereal dis
eases, make his services invaluable to those afflicted
wii.li the above complaints.
From the Whit; ami Advertiser.
All afflicted with private cmnplaintssiiouM consul!
Dr Vounsr, whose education I* iml surpassed by any
physician in the country. In his skill, honor and in
le-rity till may rely with safety, while most of the
practitioners in this city are without hon—ty or res
pectahilily. their pretentions bein'/ t/rounded in i/itor
tnee and assumption.
(tdice comnr of Monltromery and California -Irccls.
'in stairs, opposite the liankiiur house of Wells I'ar-o
.VCo open from 9 A. M. to 8 F. M , Smiduy in
PRIVATF. Medical Office —Hundreds ol those who
have contracted disease are dlsadpoinlcd of a
cure by not ciillimr on Dr. V’oinn; til llr-t He w ill
forfeit any sum if he fails to cure any case that may
come under his care, ne matter how ton/ stamlin- or
iilDictintf. such as ulcers, tumors, nodes, hunches,
pimples on the fac- and body, pains in the hones and
loins, wakefulness. Iremhlimr. copp'-r colored sore«.
wa-lint; of the bones, emaciation, loss of appetite,
strength ond flesh, sores in the nose and ears, 10-s <n
hair, weak eyes, iicliint; humors, Many per- iis
after helm; relieved ef all extern it appearances of
private disease, suppose themselves cined hnl alter
n few months fln<l they are troubled with various
symptoms which they never had before, and which
they And it impossible to relieve. To all who are tif
fin 'ed in litis wav. Dr. Yount; would particularly tec
omniend a trial of hisskill. The symptoms with which
vou are trouliled are cmised by taints in the blond,
which sooner or Inter will destroy \ our health and hap
piness. Nr person who has ever had an attack of any
private complaint should not fail to consult Dr. Youm;
and take a few hollies of his Invaluable pnrifyin/
medicine, as they can rest assured that their Mood is
!n a perfectly pure and healthy condllieii, and that
every trace of disease Is removed from the system.
Recent cases cured lit srom two to five days without
chance of diet or hindrance from business, or no fee.
Office, corner Montgomery and California streets,
opposite Weils, Fargo S: Co.’s, office hours from 9
A M., to BP. M. t
Marysmlle, June lOth.lPSo
DU. J. C. VOITNR —Pkvr S:i>:—Plen«c send no
some of the medicines you prescribed in m>
case. I have a friend here who is trouliled in exactly
the same way that I was. He has nightly emissions,
ringing acise in his head, weak back, loss of memory,
and Is generally debilitated ; he is (lK'otirag<-d and
ha* not confidence enough to enable him to call and
see you. 1 told him how I was. and that m> friends
all said I was in consumption, and He* doctors up here
gave me up and advised me to a-> home to 1 1; *■, hut
instead of going home I called upon you, and here I
am. as well as any of llicni, mid likely id live a long
lime >i-t. wiltl si Tenth enough tc work w ith t lie siixmg
i-t of ih-iu. Doctor. I will sen'*" 'e'v one to you tnnt
limks to me as llioiigti he nis'dist a p.C.sic-.ati It -liall
nut he my fault if any one dies for want of m.slical
entl I will do all l can to kf
away from those pe-ts of socie'y, ydept profo--.ors
and high soi tiling titled mm. w ho. if the facts wen*
known, are men who left th-ir country (m Heir coun
try's goisl. Publis tlos li'tier. doctor, if you wish,
mid 1 hoi*' sense of those that humbugged me, may
*<s- it and sleep fid ’or one night.
Trulyya rs. l«EO. DAVIDSON.
International! TotelSaloox
Between Montgomery and KcarneF.
I Beit The Brand* »/ Brandiet, Wi net and
Sega .
Dlt. M. lir.IINIM \NN. corner of Kearney and
Ihiciflc *ireets. Sun I'rtnct-co. has for n nnin r
ofyenrs. in tin 1 rnililnry and other ho*pltnl* <>l fn n-e.
devoted liis study principally to the iri .i'an nt "I 44 ■
, ret <1 mnt therefore po 4 o- 44 «-s a il" O'--li * \-
perlence in Hll 4 particmilar brunch Mi* I* • l-o p.-r
-1,.,-Ily familiar with nil the re-.■inly di-coi. ••• : i
highly important remedies nml nnnin. for th" rnr- of
-uch di-“ ases. ll is «r arcely necessary h* add I• r ■
that in f'r ini'i> wh-Tt* -ecre; di 4 *-a-e- r»- of *, • .•
<. 1■ lit occ iriviiie I h ill 1 sny wtn • ■ I fhu («! i y
of that country lire more expi rt in theircure. am! an
cnn“l:intly .ilot surer 4 *!idly endeavoring 1» fi'i'l
in w r**in*onn P" etlKicnl Hint les 4 dangejou 4 itimi
those formetlv used
I>r. Meinim-nn in therefore. enabled '•> < •«r.- ■'
lhf -1* i|i.(.limn with furli'd certainty, willio -.
inetrurv. in u very -hurl lime, and without « ii'ji-i: g
hfn |inli'i*ii *. In the rink o! sub-rquellt injurious conse
• '(ironic (lonorrllea, Rvennnlorrli' a, floor All. m,
Coiiitiil Debility lhe r** 4 iili cl ini«i'i'Hi’«rt. p> 'intion*
,fnin in fin* leak nn I s*ii 1 »*:■* f.rtipta’ | i-' I -•!i li
educed lo' interior cause 4. Fnl 11 air. i* 11 " '’'
i-in in the Jnlir'. Nocurmtl sweats. Seminal nml I in
nl wi' ikni'". liijnriim receivisl iiv nn-rein- -.1 tre-.t.
mint. Uc vc tire cured hy Mr. ll' liiiininn «. . the
id of remedie* known lint to himself, In the | *f rt a 1
lli*fiiclien of liin elientn.
Recent diseases ol the nhove nnnieil kiml w'd be
promptly nml radically removed before they cmi nel
lie in tii" i,mil him! heroine chronic, by Dr. Ileinl
in.inn’n mvii purifying vegetable renn "lit n.
Hr Mi tidiniiiin further possesses n Mini remedy
fill.y ti ded, and vihicii CIIII he r. lied upon for the
cure of Inlertiiilleiit /ever. Chill mid l ever, lever
unit Ague. iiNo u menu*ln remove, in u few dm 4 tor*
ver. 11 hud breiilh. without ihe lead Injury in tie
stomach. In Ihe pdeseiit day 4 nioiieron* re die*
ire offered everywhere for nil imiiiiinnbte di- 1-* 4 .
hill in most oft lie cue*' 4 Ihe suiter* 1-4 t;re mi --dly d 1 *-
:i| pointed that lin y look with J'l-liflilhle mi«tn.sf on
all adverlis.itnenls ol this kind. Dr lleiineimiii 4 re
ined ie 4 in'l'd not tie recommended hy pnflllng cli.nl 1-
11110-1.1 lor they recommend themsi-Ua 4 hy their ef
fect*. 11* tin* been seen mid experienced by iiituteons
teitlenl. 4 w ho. fortunately for them*. Ive-, have ii-ed
11n-Vi), l or tile illli. l-1111111011 nnd Milll-faelion el Hie
oflen deceived public. Hie statement will Millin' lit,'it
Mr. I leinimnnn ha* in hi* |H> 44 esrion over lv*o hnn
i!red li 'tnnnninl 4 trom pntii*nt* cired I.y idm, he-id.-'
nianv other reliidile per-on* wliieh lie 1 4 ready to ev
|i ilit I when n-(|inri'd. while common decei.i-y lorhidn
i on to |oihli»h them in Ihe in'W 4 |in|ier*.
per-on* apply ini; 10 Dr lleiniiniinn -hall not he
ohliged to pay in advance Ihe lull price ot tin i n. ,
ih he in »illing to submit In* shill mid liif* renn I 4
that In lie teati d.
• dn* thing Ho* Doctor Invariably require* Irnm i ll
h'a iiHlienl*. that ia a fallldul mid -irict eonfoi--iiuiiice
wOli all toa directions mid precripliOM 4 , ollierwi-e In'
cannot nnd will not warrant 11 cure.
Written CoiiMilt (Hi.ilia will be given without chap,
and communications an-wered whether eontHii. a* a
fee or not. promply. ponctniilly and vviiti - rict
ev, on applying, po-lage paid, in 111.- Idigli-li, I rench
or (fermuii hangnagea, to
Corner nfKeitrn.-y mid I’acdic -'rc ia.
San f'ranciM'o.
To atiow te itie snlisfaclion of all that Mr If. ioi
inunn la 11 tlmrongly filiieateil, practical aed experi -
enced |i)ivsiciioi and sutgenn. Hie foliowing from In
nninermia tealiinoniata, are submitted to Ihe putd. •
Name* are Miptireased, lint the author* are at any
time ready fo proclaim their trit Ili and mnheniii-iiy
In-hire. Hie World.
M IUCKNWOOI) Vai.i.kv, l-'eli. 11, IS.Mi,
Dear Doctor;--! have known you *iuee l'4n and
von have giv. n an immy pnatfa of your talent* r.nd
i xnerii-nce. (hut yon liave entirely won I'otitldi-nee
Although yon r< aide at ala great di-lance frOni nn
\•' 11 know timl I liave several time Kent you patient
w hlrh other iloclojs have given lip aa llicurilhle, nnd
\mi tiave alway* ri-ci'ived llii-ni and auvi-d nel only
Iheir liinli* Inii iilao their livea. 1 will otny meninni
'em tiie cu*e of Mr (’ , from Auburn, who i
imfehied to yon for the preservation 01 Ins rigid arm
w Mrh other ilm-lor* wanted to amputate, and Hi d of
v) ,t; ofColomH. who iiltlioiigh given up a
l. ipe'e- 4 hy two doctors was cured by you in two
weeks lime In what yon have done for my imni
ly. sufflee il to any, I will never In- uhlo to rep.-iv v i.
Vrcept dear lioctur, these few lines as a pmni of
(lie high esteem I have oi'yonr liilent* a* 11 im die,d
man. and believe me te be your constanl frii-ml.
f 11.
Proprietor of the Miner's Hide
To Dr. Ileinimaiin. San Francisco
(Jrceiiwoiid. Feliruiiry f Kb, IS.
Having slydied medicine myself at I tic I'niver-iiy id
Tin ia, n Italy. I suppose I know enough lo 1 ■ be
lieved when I declare hereby dial yon an* the hi—l
plivaieinn I ever met with in 1 alifornia. Tin- • lt-«-: .1
nn ion is (..undid on what f liave seen yon doc
-11-nnl from everybody when I redd ■>! at Mormon !«•
land. I know of many persons lo whom you ten
saved life and limits alter they had been foiuplei. ‘y
given up by others, and who will at any time come
forward and testily to the truth id Ibis, and to your
scijiice. Wishing you for Ihe future, the same nic
cess which has intended you thus far. I remain indy
yours, kk K*
To Mr. Iletnimunn, San Francisco.
Coloma. Jiuirrry 10th, TSafi,
My Dear and Much Esteemed t>iK-tor:—lt is w ith
nnieii regret Ilia I I and all your other friends saw you
ipiil Mormon Island. We have lost in you 11 physi
elan of great talent and experience, who we could md
appreciate too much. It was proven enough hy lh ■
numerous who came to call on you from all pari* id
Hu-mines, and you are in the heat remembrance of all.
Mvself. given up by whom I considered our best pliy
-icians. prepared myself to die; by chance I came 1111
der your treatment ituil you ha'-e cured me of a grave
sickness in a short lime. You have proved yourself
a physician and you do honor lo the inline M.
To Dr. ll* Ileliilinnnn, Corner Jackson and
Montgomery streets, San Nruncisco —Dear Sir:—lt
ia with ylunvire that we notice tlie unbounded sue
t'e*s which baa attended you in your practice since
your residence in lids Stale, now over seven years
The geod you have done and the skill you baveever
cisei! in the cures that come under our observation
make It our duty to let it lie known to the world and
more particularly to those now suffering with disease
Must of 11 4 were well acquainted with you whilst you
resided at Mormon Island, and witnessed there some
remarkable cures which you effected on patients
w hose cases were pronounced hopeless hy eminent
phy aieiiins. We have also seen what you have done
for some of our friends now residing at fnloimi and
Placerville, who after mueh pesuasion and induce
m-uta on our part, consented to go and “••you. when
thev had almost despaired of their lives. Tliey did so
and n turned, and are new living hah mid hearty men:
and read -r. if this nonce should reach your eye and
v.ii an afflicted, take our advice and go to Dr li KIN
JM ANN. and vou will never regret it
M-ar Doctor, receive with our most hearty w iihes
for your future welfare, the assurance ttial we la lieve
you to he of our most talented and exjierieuced
physicians in tin- Slate.
Fkiliikuk k llakymaNN. 1
(prop'r Miners’ Motel.)
(p'r Creenwixid Hrewery,
Jons Ucorok,
Aroi’sr Hahnk,
Joskph WnisAsa,
* 'll AB Ul Miss.
T. liKLvz. t Propr’sof the i
T. It nzli, ) Croix Federale, k Placerville.
Jeas llrr«u.Eß, f
V M. Wai.kkb. F,l Dorado Hlide.
<j. Zroickk. (firm of K. Poppe i; t'o,,) Oroviile.
Joscrt! < I LAV EL, Allhum.
Charles Kastklli. Spanish Jtrv Diggings.
T TtEssisoEK. (prop'r of bridge,) Condemned Bar.
C. Woli.es. Sacramento,
K. Fismsokr, do
C,. Re said, * do
Cart. Hind, Michigan Bluffs.
Capt. F. 8. Mriruit. Mormon Island.
Mevrv Trcel. (Kepublican Mouse, 1 Jscbson.
This testimonial was not solicited by Dr Heinb
mann. »ag-73m
VCreenwood Valley
(inuul .Vnllritl ami Surgical Institute,
\r ory UhII building. Corner of Montgomery and
Summit'nii' Shu Francisco.
I. ,/ th/i'h 'if ]irvi»/imnt r:i rof s.V nr.v.jV nnd
fhrrU 1 lit*'' -"S' 'tail th> * H] } prt •' in ft (1/ m-i f'V.
r %u.i, 4.c/\PK.w. i.\ir is nr:
y ? {«»\- • 'lni ••■I, ■; 'V U':r '' i. f !'!> y . .iall fr>
' 1C 'Jr*h "I llonvrdt, Chaff stir 1 run In tl'i*
li Ft ,ivv thi*pilal n| I’*-iilt, I! tng ri. and I *f.■ I •pin
• r "ii !•(■.rti-■ ■* of I rinvA nrvMi* • 1 1 • I <1 - i> < uf
womi’ii and i'Ml.!<vii hat it i-n til I'* I j ■'.t ll u f t;
for Ihe curi> of nil lorn- cl |re Me *!
in •.viliil:*. v ■ ■rr!»«*ii. Hop’urn d
» uni ■■ ' i nil tie* ••cm-'-i) nf s - . In jlm*
li>— i - ■ •i ff ■.:< ii >Prlii' 'I « I •'. 'i-tri'i'n cii'i)
II II I a ' *. With' ll convi lli 1 • >to If* (inlii'nr.
■r I ■ nlri I to ’l* bits i*e*S V. Ii n-i fwlienl, |,y
i; ■ I*-cl• or nnp r "|nT I* - -- ‘"i nt, Inc «li• >' >• Ii »tm*-I the
i-r-' nplcn i of i 1 !is, such A* buboes, i t
I■ ilnfhl v Avili mi I li.' groin*. or nicer* In Tb" Ihroat
ini'dl'**. I'"P lh" 11't'.i Inii'it cl lln* enii* c* of
«c|i !il, ci . .tii'li :i< iiiii'iiinml i :i'i-“i"ii“. i •"icin--I
11 in ?<i i 1 v licnil ■•f it* [ini ii** in the Icii'li ninl I ml;'. iVtln
th ill "'ii wenkln’ *, lost of : 111 ( •' 1 1r*I)I —I (if memory.
Ini ir\ |.i tin* sight, r■ " I | i-i*in "lilll-'ictl i»C tih -c,
• for society. nml hf! r ’ weariness of ■
wiih the lii'rviiin* si stein "c cM'ilrni !<• iliwl «light
n,,|. « .liiwfe or startle llm [iilicnl nml;nig hi" exi-i-
Clli'i' Illcrr'iMi*. KeP fill' Il 1 10 1 i 1 maladies ihe Ilni'lnP
w ill guarantee » euro or a*k no cnnipei'ta'ioii. lie
enn he (•iiii«nlli , 'l Poe o( charge, nml invites all lo
r ill, nn ii Mill met ilmin nothing. ami may be miicli
I i thoir advantage.
(, r a ri i f m:.
rt ft Cl.nw we jitililMi ilie certificate* of two of the
K J V sufferer* I pom the pmig* of di*iii*e. who hnv
i'i" pi riivi'iml their loiiin r honlth nml im f >*• Il»'il hy
iri'.: ii inlr. neiki- known their me I Ihe remit I in)
iigeiit; mid their stMteinenis are nnlhei'lii .led in n
Niii.'i »'\ I'nhlii*. The ib'iemtil* i-I socii'l) imperlousl V
ioii.iio.iiil their 1111 *11I<-il>. jinii mi I'nmmii.il their
pencil I to the nttentioii of ml a I dieted ,
c t.n it r irn t:
The mnli r-iitrrieil. de*ifnn* of neoinilnlinff th"te
who non he nnioniiniil" eiinn r h In tie nimlliirly uf
ftcl. il mIhT" npi rmniieet cloi ot their tiifleritiin*
ni.'y he nhito it. iii'h iI hi« tint* to thii* mihlii'y
i'\)iri‘i. hit tineere ir'iititiiile to I'r I. 4 t'znpltiiy.
top the (••■nn nlit til Pil'oM'Py of hip hefilltl ItoPini
.low n I -. the ili»lP»|»rllit' Miiipl ilie Inriilellt to the
\ i'ii.ic | r: efieen ot iini'onlrolifilile |uiv io|i in \onlh,
it. o . -i'o in limlv ?i;n) iniml. iinnhle lo pepfiirin evi n
Hi" ei. i ilnn imp' toil upon the ilnllv Hvoen
le ic nl iile. 1 -nneht the nil ee of ninnv |iliy*lchlnK,
w lin nt ilp«t r enpileil nn ilcente ot tritlii.t;
lOti'e. I.nl Hii*’ nfier ii fi « w - 'eh t. jimi iii -overnl in
pt .iii-et n onlh*. of'lieir trcnin ent. I fonnil to my mi—
iitienihh* horror, tluil iicti ml ol p. In ( tin* -yiiiptonii*
hoe: me more iihinniir; in their torture, ntnl heinir
liii'.llv 'oh) me In one tint *h*• • I it. ■' -t'.lii in.' cnliltni'il
prii.i iply to ihe iimin, nndieinep m ihiM he of little
l oe-oijiieiii'e. I <l. t|mir( I of ever reviloinL' my heiilth
ilp.TiL'i* nml eniTw; nml n • H Id retort, nml u oli
In,l •' litii'l hope. I'iillei! Upon lip. I'/iipkliV who Illt.-P
• mu in ini' in\ Piet', pretcritiml tome nml iciii** w hieh
ntiioci iiitiiintly mlinveil inn of the dull piiiti* ind
i|i// ne>t in eiv lie.nl. Fnroiiritreil In 11 i•» petiill. I
pi - »| i oil to | lure nn -i 1 1 lin no 'din tel) under hi* cure,
nml, in ii tiriel otio. mm to hit ilireciion* and ml
• ii'o. inv In-nl tiei'.'ini" I'h nr. in) iileiit rnllectnd. thn
mid mil | 'in in in) Innl, iml I'nnnt. Ihe w etik nett
of nn lie to. the nervous ntm ii il my vv hole nc
lent on 111 • *! ,Titi-I iihirui or evcitiTiiiTit, the nii«-
nnltiropv nml i \i*. I nehoiiniL't, tin- toll district mol
unnt ot confidence in n hert, the inr if iihdiu In
tin |y nml Mind id ritoliHion. the Iri tr Ii t lit I excitin'.',
nil nt tunes pieii.tnridile dr nne nt nitfhl, lolloumil
hv invohinlnrv ilitchiirp’et, Imvi nil ditnppenred. innl
in fnei. in luo months nfier Inn int; cnntnlleil the
H eii.p. lliltHt it intj'hid l»y H new lit.—l lint 1110
whir) . hut i. short lin.o mp>, I coiitemphited to end
hy mv mi n li.'itid.
U ei. vi-nv lo tniard the niiforhiimtn from fnllirtt
■ no the s'inret ot inroiiipi'leid ipini'kt, I di em il my
■ tut. to oil", tins tetlmioi y to tin* m.-rlt mid ■‘kill of
I ip. i ■) .npUity, nml recoininend him to nllu tiomiiy
slm.o in lien I ol meilU'iil inlvire. hellilf iistnred hy
nn 11 ‘i ii i-xpi re nee ll.nl, once under hit care, a rad
ion! ..ml pi nn nn at cure will he i tfrcleil
,-t ii of (’iili.'i "ilia, county of yan Krancisro—Siih»
■■ I i d end hworn lielore me, lint IT'h dny of April,
A. 1 ». Ir vi. (digued) John M mi'l nt i>>.
Notary Public.
A i’ \U!)—Prompted hy an honest de-ire of my
AAi li. pi, 1 with to lay helore the pnhlic a cute
u Inch di ,erv • u high cnuiinniidnliou. not only at mi
.riot ten r i.ic skill, ten that id'Tin nullity ulso. \hi nit
luo m irs igo, I •mid.-lily, mid from causes unknown
■lo i seized u ill) ii 111 ot e|dh pty. whieh, owing lo
III) inn i" \ Uj meet the expelcet I'oiiM'lJiieiil Upon It
•li'or •' I' nn dicnl tieiitruent.uud the iliscoiirugenieiit
I nut uit h on n Hem [ding it, toon heemne such i ii* 1
was tin'll led I" helievei as to defy the skill ol u phy
-n-i.in. 1 vvat treiplewtly tide in purtuit ol m> call
in ■, throw n down to Ihr ground vvilhniil the tdghlest
warning, and although iuseiitilile to thn ngoiiu s I
yet detpited the nilteries ot in) life,Olid soon Iminietl
i" look iiiioii I how who wool.l render me imtltlHiico
or shelter me from damn r ns I'liemies who sought to
prolong the mis, ries of my existence. W Idle in thid
stale, mid having previous to my atllictiou lasted Iho
twi eia of ide. 1 once mere was induced lo attempt
'' . king aid id a tihysleimi, and. hy recomiiieiidation.
railed upon I ir. 1.. J. Cziipka>. I told him my cir
cnmslmici's and my inaliility lo reward him lor hU
services, regardless of which, however, he at once
undertook my case, and with Ihe blessing of (hid I
wic once more restored to perfect health. Uliahlo
to reward him for the boon which I enjoy at present,
and yet conscious of my indebtedness. I consider it
due in myself in d to nil the afflicted lo make the case
public, in order that thosein need of medical ndvicc
iiiii\ hud a physician in whom every confidence can
he placed
Stale of California, county ol San Francisco, s*—Sub
tcniiud and sworn before me tide tlrsl dny of August
A. l» ISjti. f.ILBXRT A.fiRSNT.
l.s. Notary ITihlic.
lir f, 4. Czapkay’s 'ledical and Surgical Institute
Is at Hie corner of Montgomery and Sacramento sis.,
San J rmctsco. California. The Doctor offer* free
coiitnliatioiis, and asks no rvinuneniUon unless he
effects a cure.
local weaknots, nervous debilily, low spirits,
X i/i U.t'Unli'. weakness of the limbs and back, in*
depotition and incapability for labor and study,dull
ness ot apprehension, lots of memory, aversion lo so
ci'iy. love et solitude, timidity, self distrust, dizzim *s
hendaciie. involuntary diaebarget. [mine in the tide,
affecdi nt nl the eyes, pimples on die fare, *exiiie and
other infirmniies in man, are cured without lad hy
I'le ju-ily celebrated plivticiun nml surgeon, 1.. J.
i /apkny. Hi* inelivai «f curing diseases i* newpun
known to mberti and hence the great success. All
cunsultmioiis (by letter or irtbepwise; free. Ad lr.-s
1,. J. Cz. pkii). ,M. Li. San Francisco, Vul. uT-lim
SALK by the (’asc or Package ia
quantities to suit.
Long hill pa[ er. Logul cop Letter I’apcr, Ink
Broad bill paper. Fools cap, Note paper. Pen
oil*, Bl**k Books, Wufors, .Vic vNc. Nuis,
Carriers Book & Stationary Co.
87 Battery &04& 00 Loup Wharf, San F
cisco. C* P. KIMBALL, Pres
0. of F. meets every Monday e*
oing in the Masonic Had. RroUicrs
good standing are ri-spectfutly invil
Clark, Secrwury,

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