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(Drmiiltf jOmin 4,'iittf H'ton.
n. cimirTi. editor
081H11.1.E. FRIDAY. JIM; 2«lh, HUT.
!>• mo< mile Mm* < out union.
At a meeting of the iN'iDormiic, State ift-ntr
ComrniliH*. held in San Krnnn-roon of .Mi
Ihi* f.iilovliiii resolution* were adopted;
K k-oi,vkh I hat ilit* next Patnormiir Sink* ('<»
vfiitif»«i he holdi ri at the **if\ of Sacramento. i
M MIMY the I*th dav of intynext ami th I if*
ha.**is of reprcften.Htion he - follow*, wt’ 1 hie *1 •
“•aMU* Ifotn every two hundred I*env»rni(tc too
v!n fc t a l l* l one delegate for ••vary overm*
.mu In*«f Item* cratir viiii* cuml (or any Ueaiocran
'lain officer at fI»• la*l general election—the IV» •
Irxi n I elector being r-• nahh-red, for tli«* purpose* i
t lif*- re*olu'lon, it* Hf ato off'uv f"
If KPoi.vicn Tim* Mt?a*ra, I |h»tiiia. Moore ami lUm
Inaioii an* hereby o|*|»«*i• *f#»»l a committee la cnnvi
•he official n-tiin -in th* * fflce of 1 1»« S* r H.n «
Htat**. and from th* in lo make up and puhli-h the h|
|x»ftioiifo**nt of delegnicN to which the tarton* com
• tt'y/,,,. •■fitiih'ii #m <** * 1 • 111 k? (a (di* (miHii (it | rent* nia
11011 adopted
Ihe ** nominee appointed hy the la**t resofnlio
inaih* the folio win l / lei -oft, hy which the Itemoera'
*»f the urioii* roiiolt** will he governed In Hertiiu
lelegate* to tin* Slat#* i'onventmn
I*. K VVoonvmr. Scc’a liem *»ale • 'ennui < mm.
To <»kx. A» mti» Hkdimito* i hairrnati. \c.— I
Hir: Iho hommlltee appointed at il e recent me# tin.
of ihe I) 'inner ifi«: •dale < eniral < ft 'in 111 it fee lo app*>r
lion the i|eh *ate* which each county will h»* eni lie
to Heel nn lor the revolutions«*t the f eii'ral f ’omml’
tee. io meet in t onventnui in '•acmmenfo on the ’ 4'l
«»f •!ulv proximo. have Hade the following apportion
meni, vi/;
Alameda .*» Han Diego g
Arnadn,-, ]0 -an lftiioeiiM!o h
I hit (<*• •••••••• ~.,14 San Mmeo... *J
f.'alav* fax, .14 .**an •loiu| , iin • •*. T
Coin*! .. !1 | Sim I,h h (li»(«|iu,... |
Contra t'nata . t Santa liar' arn 'i
In I Sort* mew > I Hanlnt’lin 4
El Dorado .... 21 Santa i'ruz !l
f maun Shasta p
llumhohlt . . .... 2 Sj»*rr It
Klamnth r » Hlakiyon It
V«oa Angela* ft • Holhoo ft
•darh d | Ho’ma A Men to lim.. It
Mu rip ip.*i 7 I Sint Mum* . .... 3
Men ed 2 » Sutler . 4
Monterey . * | Tehama ft
Nit pa - I Trinity h
tft Tulare .2
Mac r Ift Tuolumne Iff
riuma** 7 \ »|o 4
Sacramento . is Vntni 11l
Han Bernardim* .'t ,
I)< imM i.itK « i.iii.lj Convintlon.
The I>♦*in« rrjitic I lortnra m th«* ddfnr Mil PnTincfn
4 ji lintf#* « minty. (ir«* borcbi rnijniMnd in M ini «)• (♦•
fplti** fn 111* 1 IN*li»*»€Tr.ff'oiiiify « ‘nnvo* li n w hi* h i*
In i* by mil* d u» mi ct HlOrnvilb* < n Mmnlny. July ti.
tor llih pirpndo ol • l»T il K (b |» tf:ili * (<• lilt*
• Mivmition. Ihn MIV* Mb Jullrlul f>iri« a f
Tom♦•nlb'ii Ibo t-l’li Honfitorin) I Mrln ('onvoiitioii,
ntnl (nr lb** o» it winfi •I 1 o« nl\ I (llivr- Am r*•
I llt r In I In* rpfiortint nn*nl mb | I ♦*» l<\ (In* lit#*! I *n|iv* fi*
linn tin* ditTorod I *r« «* itu t h hfo otitllb dto n rej*r» •
(MM)1111 Inn !•** InllnU :
Orn l.i'wa 2r.’union Knvirh 2
Ibntfh ru’* 11;i r !• t 1 *ninil Hnini* 2
Forbr-town . - ' j 1 \ ft«*f|9t||r«f 2
Nfitrln V( Unbin.*M)h h Mill
I'.vnii-viMr Vi '' hlt»* llnrk ”1
VMiiii»»»» , 4 Sf»»r» i 1 bomkoo ... I
I nt* rpri*M* .'I • •mi*'- 1
Mnnnl 111 pftntf ’ nif«o l"»tn H4f*' Knu ll i
Rloiibnrt*** Pnr Ip hint d
Monrctnwn 2 r*»W• • Kbit !i
It orovtlb* I W|*i»ii*m I nr 2
Prorlnri v b-hct'N It neb 3
I’iifbl'iitilvillo.... , V ronrlitm* .... .... (
K\ tin lotto 2j ‘btnmmiV .'I
Ilnncut t’i .* -niiiM<b’ w 5
rpMie • l>fl k ■ II *7ln\v •' .... .*’>
Mniinliiin lloih** ViKniikli-’- b;m<*h 1
VU'lwoll 'IHII-wn 2
Vir'/inm V M'« ... I’ rk-* Ibitto 2
A|jift|ii% K «ncb .... 11 nroibfrinii’M Mnn 1 ,.,. *2
I’c iv| >■ V I’m inn pm I
T'irlur'** b Hiirb .. V. *Mn*nnvil(o I
Vlmnilion Nnnl’n Ibincb 1
Faulk* or’% Runrb 1 k\ Hijb I
Tbrnniomt.** Kbit 'j diiNtjuitn Tm ok I
II nrrli Uhviiu* .... • |
Tin- r<n»n m**i»d tb it (bo diffWoMl Pr»*
rlnl* Imlil \b rl nip* Mho v ortton nf I>••(♦• .'n'l-H, on
Tburmlay, July 2d. t#V7
(;K‘l It rh drrnnn
Hutto * ’•*»nity H in t Vnir il t’oin.
llriiiiH'ir.llc Piimnij F!l« tlon.
Notin' i« herein iflvon Ihul the lie oernilr I’rimiin
K.le i >n fur OroviHe I’recinei. in elect Pol. jfnte« h
the ('minty <'iinvelilloii to lie hi'Men on the t'lh tiny
Ot -I<i l v hint, will lako pluri* i n the -M iltty of .Ini'
liri'ceilinif, nnl lor th’if pnrpo»« will I e o|<otn*«l hi
2 o'clock of ih’it ilny. mol I opt o|m-ii inlil h oVIoi k I'.
M.« in tin' l.riek htiililnnr of Motrin i po» tier, i n the
corner of the I’liUH. By or .Hi' kS. nRKKV,
Timv r \ i i.">v,
.1A 'I K ' IIAHI.iHV
Orovtllo, June 20. Inspei tor*.
Nkwshapkk F a vim- —We ii''(i under obli
g'tiiotm to Mr. J It■ angnti for tit Sacramento
firrTLVH«’ I'dNVI NTI'IN l'lio Settlers’
Piste (Vntnil Cum mi ll re will meet in Saci a
memo, on Friday July 31.
Nkvaha (’i)lin i v.—Tlie primary elect io.
in Nevi I t comfy will lie hell on Smut ’ *
27ili insinm.
Tiump I lev* it i < aikins will plea-e
accept our thanks for lull files of papers
from below
Si’icii'K.-* foe Sonoma Journal learns
tliMt hi Bodega I’orl. on the I lilt inst. Mr.
George Kern comniitteii suicide, by shooting
himself in liie mouth with a Colt’s revolver,
whilst laboring under a temporary fit of in
sanity, lie was about fifty years of age
an 1 a u Hive ot Germany.
Whiw! — I’he publisher of Ned McGow
an’s forthcoming work, adverfired it in the
Sail Francisco Hullrlin, tf Tuesday The
Editor discovered it on Wednesday, ordered
it tint and reinmied the money. The (act is
paraded forth in an editorial. We mention
it us a singular proceeding on the part of
tick a Koiivr as Tom King.
yt>a msrsr.--Gb.r't'i
M Peterson, proprietor of an Assay office in
Sacramento street, Sou Francisco has been
arrested on a charge of embezzlement from
John Cleary, a miner from Sonora, of sl,-
7UO, which was left on deposit at his office.
A part of the deposit was left for assay.
I*l limn* Count}- Convention.
Tlif* Democratic convention fur Plumas
■unty met nt Quincy on Saturday Inst, ami
ectel Delegate* to Hip Sta*c Contention,
ri'l to the* Senatorial mi l Judicial District
■nventions also. The following are the
lelegates to the Slate Convention —.l I,
hirwin, K. F MeKlwain. W. I) Sawyer. II
Clark, J. C Lewis. Rich’<l Irwin. Uaun.
he name gentlemen were also chosen as
•ejepates to the I)i-tricl Contentions wliieh
re to n-nemb'e in (froville on the 20th of
Mily. This delegation will sustain the Hon.
I U McC-ikle l<»r Governor, in the Slate
' liVrnt-oii
For Members of Assent My. the covenGon
loiniriated n Mr. Ihillon, lonnerly a Mem
n-r from HI Dora-10, ami J L Shirwin
•ur ni ((oainiunce with the latter penllernen
farrantsus in the belief that a hotter Deni
rrat con I• I not have been eho-en to repte
.-ent the interests ol that county in the Oth
Legislature of California With Mr Kail- u
•ac me personally uiiaeqiiniiiteii, hot doubt
not the geniletuen clm-wa to carry alolt the
ti inner o| the party in Plumas county, will
no it itiinpha ii tly e eel ml
The convention nominate 1 K. T Hogan,
K-q , for County Judge Mr. II is a lawyer
of tine anility, undone who deserved this
mark of confidence and esteem ot the party,
as lie fallen <1 imt in ids loyalty in the
dai kest In uis of adversity, when -rcret cor
ruption and dishonesty liiuiiiplud over
l> Cate, K-q , of the American Valley,
was iecoiiiinended as nsuitahle candidale
for Senator from the 14'h distiict, composed
of the c-unties of Rutte mid Plumas, iI•
was the Democratic candidate (or Member
of Assembly from Plumas County, in 1 hoO
lie is a somnl Democrat and excellent gen
tleinen, who would confer In nor upon the
position, and we commend him to the favor
able consideration ol the Democracy ot
It .’IB
We are indebted to M. II Failey, Ksq.,
w ho returned troin Plumas yesterday niorii
mg, tot the above intelligence The proceed
ings ol the convention will he received in a
d:iy oi two. when we -hall he furnished with
more complete in urination concerning the
action <d the convention
The C uni u-s ot L is Angeles. Stani-laos,
and Tuolunme, have elected delegates to the
State Convention said to he favo able to
Weber, They send in the aggregate, - J1
delegates. 'I he counties of Humboldt. Ivla
math. Siskiyou, and P urn is, have elected
delegates lavioable to McCorkle They send
in the aggregate, 2’i delegates That is the
way the ci ntesi stands at present, notwitb
-t in ling the n i-reptesenlation td the Sac
ramento In on, and kindred sheets
Tkiiam a County —The Democratic Ceti
tral Committee id Tehama County met at
lied ((lulls on the 17th, and ca ted the Deni
cratio County Convention to meet at lied
15 off-, on Wednesday, July G h, for the pur
pose of electing delegates to the Stale and
District Conventions, and tor the iioinina
lion ol County officers. The Ji aeon calls
upon the Democrat y to respond with alac
my. and see that their views are properly
repre-ented. Their County CutiveDliou will
b • composed of 111 delegates.
Orr ro thk War*.- The editor of the
lied Bluff Hencon . C - W. Stile- K-q , shoul
dered his mu-ket and marched loith with
the party who went from that place to pun
ish the Indians. the pro tim is anxious
that the editor’s military career should ter
minate as speedily as possible,
Tttr lit itk s Bki.i.. The Alarm hell of
the Butte’s was ye-tercay placed in its po
sitimi on the top of the building occupied by
, c AiCi ni i Bice Alter the the labor of
r t- v - it in positii n was pertormed, the
n t withstand the temptation to
give it a *rittl. and the result was that the
Butte s rushed to the rescue with all dis
patch. A- they came round the corner
tin in evety direction, they t-und ttieir pro
grcss arreste-l by the cry of "steamboat.”
M A R YsVl 1.1.5. Cou H KsPONO ENCI. --We pub
lish this morning thecoinniunication of Mr.
King, on the subject of the immigrant road,
and the actum of ihe Marysville Commis
sioners in the premises It has been on
band for two or three days, but we have
been unable heretofore to find room for it
It is a tan document, and will be read with
interest, especially by the • otmnissioDers
Republicans in the Field.-- -The Old
Mountaineer Bays that the Republicans of
Plumas Ct uuty are marshaling their forces
preparatory to the fall campaign.
Indians Hostile.—The late news trom
Umpqua, Oregon Territory, \a That thf*e
danger ot au Indian outbreak. The Rogue
River Indians had been led off by their
chief John, from the reservation, and were
going back to their old hunting grounds.
The garrison at Umpqua consisting of only
twcn’.y-five men, was too weak to prevet it.
Mniymnir ('omipoiidrurri
M ARYtVtLLB, June 20.
Mr. o*io*RTTr
I‘KAR -t have been walling for nomr time,
nt)d I say. somewhat impatiently, |»m, to Irarn
the irMon of dm appointed al the
ItoMcl Convent lon held at this place May 4th relative
lo the locating of dm *o« I fr in Money I nke Valley
hy the way of Indian Valley to tli«* Ximrioni Valley.
S » loner a tmm ha I i since they ex imined dm
without any <!*-fln 1 1“ anion on their purl that I
Hegan to think that they tin*l come lo Ih«» conclusion
to sax nothing about ih • Amnlran Val ex route. and
Ivi lh« question d a unr tiro I death. lint judge of m>
Minn*e this morning upon ii»ur a report of the -not
f ornnj -*h ners published in every pnpt-r in thU cdy
*"*% fl T r potf; and Murk (i r p •» I —l defy any person,
rrrn thr framer of the doiurnmt itarff, to ihr
Ponte hy whirh they propose to build the ro.nl
whether by Aitmr can V*de> t r not
Hut I t us take op purti ms of their re|s*rl by sec
• »ons. ,»n » s»*i- v, /, j m (« » rm* mii'hv out of if . x\ e u * «f
! h**m at Indt.in Valley, about to commence lht*ir In
hors, ami Pom ll•••»#• tfmir report runs a- follows:
M •• i» •• rl\ hour on the follow!) if nioruii g. a re
route i«ance v in* made • f tin cannon I. mimic d* 1,1
Indian i » niM-nniK V alb y W o found I In** canon
m*t oil!) prin tiniMr 9>ut < j.pjP h- ot a good gride,
on rwinli h« On. ar<ad < an I« constructed as can
He found ♦ l-e wliei »• in the country .*’
Now i erniil me to -ay lo you that tins -«h-ive w'll
nut he endorsed hy *ll the t’•otnmLslon* r* from this
county, ami it any of them w ill give their a--ent to it
they have changed their \ lews emiiely sin'r they went
ov* r iln* route, for I will say to you without fear of
rrntr do tion, that upon their return the) Raid H
would h* iii x- I • an impossibility t/» hmlJ n road Irom
.ini' n fin to In Inin I ’alley* and if the I < Mil IIIIS Honors
from IhuinuH Imve ju-ri untied Me-srs Swo /• y and
ice that they might p t%a/hly he mistaken as regards
the olwfttrle* to he overeome hetwem wo \ il
|evh, i)ny r mi t ifet die ot her * miii mi-Moiier from
tiiitt roiiiiiy to endorse t/mt jmil of their report—-not
ev« n to • Meet a r mproiin-o 1a- waa done at the gn at
Road Convent.on here ol May 4th) can Itiey f>rr»uaiir
him that *aa line 11 ro id could o»* cona rueied aa c.i
tie found in the countryin ai >ted m Hour report.
Mr tieo. |\ 1 tioti) »a waa n d at Kabhil i re* k June
loth when tin* t’omiuiw»ioiier» met and p ea» nie
tin ir report, and liuviiijf heard him hm views
relative p» tlint route, a id knowing th t fie could not
he inllueiiCt d liy the views of others after hat mv ex
am tied lot himself, ia tin? reason why I take ih • hh
er;y ot *aynu/ to y -i, di u he will not endorse dial
part of dour rejne t.
Alter knowing what represenlaliona were m .de
htr? at tin* 1 onveiil*on ol May 4lh, I kas prep an d to
hear of aim si unythimt ih ii inii/in he I avorahle to
American Valley hit mini say dial w lien I read thn f
pu rt w hicfi siiya (hit tile “cuViii w;e capahle <d a
ifond trra-le and aa line u road could he co .sti ucied
us can he found elsewhere iu the moiim in . v I
would not ha\t*beeu more surpri-ed had lin y s;od
that tiny had tound ••» succession of heau dm me a
diiWf,” or dun “ever three ijuar •ra ot the way a
humify he dr.i u n ” for eil her ol die**!* -i te
no nla woul i have hern aa near the truth ..a that part
of their rep' »n
it h ive just learned dial Mr. Swee/.*y waa not at
Kahh i i reek June l.adi lo end r e tin* pari ol die
r*po t i
Hut lei us proceed widi the rommi'siotn rs in their
report :
*• f rom this can nto the north end of Indian Val
ley. or where laudil'a an »u com in* “ I- aho d fit
teeii miles of almost perleet hv. (. * * IdithTs
i Mil ii is vi iv wide, and lor adisi a "ice ol live ui lies he
era e will not exceed in die steep* -i pl.n e in *r»* Ilian
six eeii iln In*- to Ine r-»d Ami eudmif widioul any
ddtlc tty i«» li.* main rutin*, we traveisod a sim cession
ol heaiiiitiil meadows, • iuht miles inhu.Kih. nu t then
termin' nor l» we-t» rly iiseended aie»ito-r canon ol
h»ur iinhs, dir iil'li which a u* ■ d road might he
hum, hut the cost would hot jn- ny i • »x| •*> tmeiit.
f odowmtf lies |t h.rh’Hi r»an* n * ot uni M more
we descended a pass I h n . »o 'i had lo Homy
Lake Valley, when we • m , sd.*’
VVeh, here we are in «»,ey Laki \ alley. urnf.rA"
and alter | iiHsinu llironifh as in my c. non** a** w*- nave
w* witl mu ini e ourselves v« r» much la ii/»u*d. and
ready lo 11 d Ih ill with the cook for not Unirrymtr up
the cak*-s; M hut as I **aid. liere we me, nnraeln■* Hfid
rnulrs. hut where is the road we started with? what
has h* come of it? After hriruiiik' ft lud’in
Valley and ii|> •• f ifill's fuftoti !’.'♦* mil ”* ’ and
through a succession of meadows miles *e
left it at de* mouth ol i canon lour tildes in
hecaose >he r« $* would not. jn%fify thr rjpfi imint*'
and my impression i- that i *vill he "f n » th** toi/o
hack to lih k for it, for I think em Him Hi- carton has
swhllowml il. and if the Iru h was known, enuh* vary
near Hwaliowim( die t’oin ni«su» o rs l »o
e, in die follow in# day all our rompu y havinff r»*-
fnrn**d. We journeyed to Ho* •st»• 1 11 1 ej|-I end of Ii"
\ ; lley wli low pas-, f!ie allllude of whi hwid
led exceed 1- d» feel above the l.nke,w a-* di*i men «I. M
Now win do they is»l in their report -ay thnt
Hom y Lake V die; is once forlv miles in lenuth V and
that tin* immik. rant road con es into lids vallt* » i,'ht
e- n miles from Hie extreme west ei d -I Uo«>p*s
i amdiV and th u ii is thirty in h s from where the im
migrant road -trike, th valley to the soudi east end
where tiny propose siartit’k out of tin* valley wrh
die wrir ro »d ? (tor vo" wdl r collect the first road
was swallowed up hy that cart u )
T e\ -av the Ititud •d* -s not exceed 1-00 feel
they do not say h*»w far they liuv** to travel to »*»taiu
this heiif d, wi ethei I i- one or Kmile-’. If
nL* it woul ib • a ery hur I at eI • in.ike a road
over d Iml f six tun s it would nuke a very k*hk!
grade providing il was a n crut.
•‘Ascending tins without tiring our animals a par
ticle, Mid ova r Din e ijuarles- <•! winch a hngg* might
he* d'liwu we can e to a succession ot tin* most heau
liiiii ■» endows ii is pi'i-spiie lor die yey «* to rest on
f f Him altitude could heohtaiuel •* wiihoiit I ring
ihe nnimnls u particle M and •• over three cjuarters ot
w hli h a huggy might he iinwu,’ I would like to
know what is thrre to prevent them from drawing
the hurgy over the other quarter?— that ».«. if they
ti'trnt U draw it mn ! I only ask for infosrnnti.m,
%fc In many places the level i> no grra\ that it was
with dtfTlrtdty we coni I ascertain which wav the wh
h*r mu. \t this summit onr par y separated, trior
tier fo make the exploration more thorough, soau*
taking across the nie*tflowft to Heck worth'* and the
others pn-sifig :» westerly course to Indian Valh-y,
“At a distance from six to eight miles from the
summit, where the parties »eparated, the luxuriant
meadows meet, ami pass it down toward Lights
Csflpn and, isiUnn ..-d* xr* . -wss*. uud-.t
mg a road that cannot he surpassed, and we question
it equalled hy any in the mountains**
As regards the ‘ level being so great,’* I have noth
ing to say, only that 1 do not betive il is as ‘great** as
that cafton which swallows up the road with w hich
they started from American Valley
Why do they not Hate in their report whether the
six or eight miles from the summit were over hills or
ihro'ich or rAflotit, of o>ur*r we «ro bound
to believe it to t»«- the ArW unite In the mountain*, be
am** they tellun •*», Ju*l a* they have about the flood
ffrade through the cnAon from Indian to American
“From Indian Valiev lo the pa*« lo Honey I nto*
Valley, the di-mnre i* twenty » or mil*- nnd | hm * *
t 111« t r**:u!v HI tin 4 moment to lake x route* ct t"
i«di hi* part ol the mad fur twelve ihoii-and d* Hnr«
Now, if ihl- nuul In a « c hn! a* they would luiv** ns
»Hieve In their report. why will It c -l si*.MHV»to
make it from Indian \ nPey to the Aiiinmiha do* •*•
of mile-? \i that ram it would com * *‘ r »
nod ill'll through *• n aucce-A'on of lb* moat ben j iful
meadow"it i- ia*- *if*tor the *ye to • on ' Li* her
thermite |» 'po«*«l to Indian Valley I-much w -r-r
ttimi Hppea 4 in their r**|»or% or el-e muii' pep-on
wl-he- lo n-ili/r a In (It* tort >1 n** oil! of a rout nr' I
will -ay h r* thru none of lb** thunmi—ion-r- from
Vuhn w - *v* r fhi" art of the mute.l and w»» i n tr
none id iti. m * I’lniivii i'ommi»*iotn*r» nr** covern« 1
l»y w'llldi ni’ :i \ • * ih no! Tbev h oiild not make any
inmir) out «»i *hi- r nd, »I #• v jh»—too much *>*n.
(wiihy for tli»* imtniafii t l• » profit <y tli**ir iro-f rlone
••nd tlu*> li vi* too much reirird tor tto* comm ‘nitv Ml
I’irtfe to imo -«• upot their i r**«) ill if v In! -ill mme
of them. or tln*«r f> » h wou-d h’Hdllnc i■» toind
thi- roiul thmuch fhe-e * -ucce—ion of m »-l beautiful
v.i lev f‘i r flu Imi* itrt*<l doll;.’ - j*»*r null*. IV e know
lull well it it ii i- nodi nu Imi that innate ft • iiuf of
I» 1 1iI.*1 1 1*h opy tb it indue- tie—e m* n to -pond fh* ir
time and iii’ii y to i*i ■al• I• • h* way-worn i»nini*rriiil
h»reacht e AinrriiMii Valley—and for h hat j »ii po-» ?
W'• uld ib - riii/« n- *-f \n»e»ic ;n \ -Ih-v r» » d*-r tti* in
f ir1 1 1« r n--i-t ifu*i* to ♦•ii »I >l •• Hi.-m to pr- *»• their wmj
to tb»* Marinin nto \ dl« > ? N •: ih»*y would »».iv to
tii *m, w«* liavo im-in’i-d you *b ih f. r. and now b l
tlio-o In \on I do a- mnrb l*»r yo i. It will bt* b* r«»
that tin* iinivi / til i*■ ir.i for t*n* t!r-i tun • in ihr
w II a I (»i*r «•*• it;ur** "t b - >*t >rk t»» poison,
if In proro’il- I i r ll»**r. Whit I- ho lo dn? rin bod"
hii k? No; 11*111 k*’-up tiu mind t > ol Ini
hi hk, winch bo it »•• al r* «l’irod prnv-. I bun it ■-
limt I In* ciii/.on- of iln- \ alloy « v pr« I lo *_r* i iiioir re
turn-for tin* iiivo-nn. nri b* to build tin- ir* jirli
orou- roil, mad’* hut In (irn.ivr the poopiu bolow .
And to |iliiii l«*r llio iinmur int ol b - • tork
A- i n ov ilnin’o of h w far tboy i Mild Co t*»
theirobjoot, tin* I ihowinc h i I pp »*. W b**n Win.
A , i.a nl. l*- iiii<t rny-o f wure oxum »>inc the flit!' rent
r miioji from ii »!»••> l/iko Valley, that wh inubt h lert
lb** bo-t on.* to the >;■. rmi nloV dley, Ihero appoar»*d
all lirlirlo in the * ( ii«l M«» in’n leor. 'a pip Tp ib
-11-lied at i mui *y, in lb • Arn* riean \alloy. w h h
not calculated lo reflect much credit on u« * Ihe
author of ttio ar’.i le I am -ati-ll *d v. a- acj ininlod
wnh an at mo*l i lily durn c our »iny n* Amorican
V’alloy, nd hi b flint -liorl ac<|ti;oiilanr» -btp. to*
would retfa'd <1 our f«*e|inifH j uidi-b anythin* in
order lo Id'e-lall tiie opinion-of M ine of the dcltf*
C .lo- who wore lo inoel here on the lib ol May.
It'll lo» U-O’ lllpu o t o ili-lniice fro.ii II »n»*y Lake
Vail y to Aun ri I i V d <■> :
I rom i June v to e fi n 15 mile-
I oiniib of < ui ui in
rp’in eafloji »» L'. liT- i anon I > *•
I rotii 1. 1 l*r* I’' non to Aummir .. . J I *
fr »m hum.mu lo Money oak** V iil”\ . ». *•
I rom -onfb »*• d Money Lak* Valli*r to
Immierntu road db u
Tliih makinu tin* <ii-'nnce fre m imnnerant road to
Vm nr in Valiev rlt mile-. I rojn her* lo Ivabb t
Cr.rk 11 i- .7 mi •*-, and (rom . a bint i reek l» M ryi
ville bo miles, Tiiakmc the di.-taiic* fiom iiimuniil
ral in llouev Lake Vad* ;■ v,a /. merir-ah \ mIJ« >iiii I
Kuiibil Cr»***k I" ary-ville, 17*» mile-, hihl then -oine
ol the I lumM- delec t**— will *eil m u tliai il I- tin*
»liorte«t oute tbroiuti tin* inouiilaiii-
I lint then* can he a c-»d road made by the way of
L fbhil reek liinl -I•»u:i- mi t’n-ek , and nine . - o»rb r
than lie Am* r c;»n \ i by, tb* r \* r* • one- jo a, iml I
am lull) •iileli d Ibal * b • <’oinml“»iion* , r-frmu tin*
roMiily have hele* ti d a jroed one by Ibi- roun—me
lbm will roijnir* to b * worked but at**nit -even mile-,
tin’ rent ol il.” way it y lid Ii Idi.t l fe*’k benei n arly
lie* whole di.-i < nee ibroncb r ell mid M ri e v |l»*y-
A- lex i'ci i o c ' v- r lit m muled rue Hu* n.ul
week* I will wail until I -* e il lor nij-» If. and will
w rile yon all l!ie \ irticu ir-
Ine oidy w a !»» co pop* il e *1 i-lance- from Mi ner
Lake \ :’ll**>, i- troiii lb | oinl *«i the valley v* I* r-*
the efniur.ml road llr.-l vtrrke- »t, W i< h It - mile
frum K" p - Kmicti, wide make- Mir oi-t in**** It in
Or tvil.e VI . lioctown, Ibe Mead«*W Ate., one b m
Ore i iiml iru mile-. I only -tab* hi* in orner «* -b w
that Ib la-t nan e l mute i- ii"l quite a- lar a- by
\ineriran \ aile..
\ our- , VV'I. KINM,
# A- regard- tin* niitln.r or the t r id** ref* *r <1 t«>
I w ill Ju-t - . v M» it lie i- lev id «»l ev» py »pi dhicuimu
ner**- ary l » eoii-iiw'de a ifenlle nan, aol »n li* «i there
ol Ii i- I'nhi* e I all the proper! e- Mo.I unlur* li- .all)
be?t-.w» ou on** "f b• > >j jj t *r bran tie- ol the canine
-peci* 1 -, vulu riy l« rin d puppy* V\ . K.
I'A \<’ S. IOSKI'Ii I,
105 31 oii t s«in or y sdrc I,
jJf» lin nmit rof .l;u S\N KKaN* IS< <
just uk Kivr.n >M) ►< u -ai.k by
I O.» M outs o iti v r v M i rot,
jl.ll c **r 'I Q It* 4 n, .*■* \ N KK \ N HC I I.
□ % (ianlfii. Mar)-villf. I ir *nli* M ilu
-I*l • iNKKit VAKII V sr'HlK,
IVnahiligUin Block. Min* »tr< •I. four Jour* from
Moul.’oiiifrv Mrrrl. |f*.*li
JA« IT I .INK. J. J. BI CKII •*, P. P ' ll.S«.
.1 as. i;. caim: r. to.,
Luiiilht. Simmies, Doors a Sasli,
Southwest corner Court House Square,
. on hnwl. h large mid welt w'ocusl twortilirnt
>1 ibe uinivf unipifn. Are al«o |.rf|iart-d io SAW
l.nillKK TO ORDKK >n the S' lllil ).M Jio'TICK
H the It* I \ lII* P \NI H S K MILL, W« I, i V** ilii*
>e«t c! if Sug ir I’uif lumber in the Suite rouvanily
mi h ind. Tlr'»*' '•i-lutu; lo purt'tiiuwr lurnterr williV,
well to itive us r. rail before |<urcliai!iug eustw hero.
Oroville, June 16, laiT. jel7-lf
Private Hoarding,
('mi tip hail ul IKo lions.* north's •**) rornpr I own»r
Ain) Mnii'it nnT> sirup's, Alih rm*nis If itpsirnl, turn,
ishfl in out epnilfiiifn a lilt their wlvis, nr njntlx
Lfplitlcmpli (n» Hip ra»p inn* l«*.l A|■l■ 5 > In
V;Ill ItKV.
j, ; • •> •h" | r f,..fs.*»l
lii lln* I ietd.
Tin 1 frlpmls <• f H I. sN V I'TK n sprtl'xll* nn •
(K MI lien In mi rs acu tl<) i,! :* t<* f i r \f*' li I In mi l >i( ll >
I hi 1 111X1111)111 inn ul tin Ixn i xrnl'C • ixiv. hi. m
i)otri (I:nm tour Horn v
put u' • t•) HKNhKKS an«t hn\*■ \ . nr ' K. i . *«•
takf*ii. r«»riii r id Huiu«h»ii »l and Mm» \!!* \
TNpv hav«* h i*l ovrr y*ur* t*x| rrii i»«v in tin*
art, .hi i v% am it llicir |»» ’ltirv* In In.* n* u 1 *0 m r. 411
f»r* im*» v <•I V K I 111 M \ 1 ' I
5 I up-: - viliv***, >
i »ro\ n 1 ► . May 1 M. »“ T >
V»:i f* I*•h* r* !i% u 1 v« 11 ihnl nl p*r*< ■!<• *» f I? nt *•
(\nnil) VV rr.’iiiH*, |*a> al»l« Iroiu ill 1 <tm.- I I m il*
mfi«i«T»»d hi 1 **' <•» ?i lit I - 1 1 1 ft) i*l N* » ■ 111 1>» r 1* t» %
Mini flit- .Mir •»f l»m*nilMT inchMiv.', if .1 tin*
paint* m l paid Imi |.r»*- imi! at i<» f 1•» 11 *•d* » ♦*, ?1 * i
nltiT tliip ilhu* said U arrant* * ill « i ?**«• i«* l nr in*
I'. 4*ll « r I• 1 n«• i 1 inly.
I'.comtiin sSionl.l In* ihe order
cl list* i)a>.
Tim Sul»«<’rtl» r hrK< I- iifiu ini mu the pro( nr'y
, w ni-rs tX 1 )n>) ill'', til'll lit* I' :t- I*' Xl l l* I1 1 ]ln 1 ' I Willi
tlx* lx r- 1 ■ iri lias in I- ill I in* I, • WlinliaV
Hill: I* It I l"l' .'I IKI > ill 'l>. < 'I! r. 11.1 IK 111 'N ,
111 a 111 iin£ <'l ’..'l |u*r I'm!. In-In a I ;ix I’ i't ul lx ir 1;
liiniiluitr*. ll nii ij .1 iii 111 1 1111 1 a I 114• * * l l ill ■
I*lllll |nmi xil pans nl Hut 111.1lxr1.il mi 1l mx ii- uixxr of
II .11,," )1 . ||f (MU IlxI) . I Xlll ixl ■. Ixl. 11l i*x (I* - I full. 111
till lli 11 Ul| Ax l> 1 .I i vlxli In 4lvx 111 1 X i .ill. i*l 1 11 XU I
S|.i'fill 111 HIM, ill* IWXIVI i ll 11 f*| 111 tl. \|>) .1 ;i l»l IX l
! n 111- lilt il I In* l>u iik 1 ii'4 luiil-x nf lli il .'!•< \ 11. ml. (111,
will li.ri I All.. I If. >lll LX n*.. »*nlli >l».
j,-Kill J I’ Is IHU AS.
NEW AhViaiTlSl.'l IN rs.
4 o:iip«'*> it ion Hu 111. and Soul «d i rath* l
UlliO\ l\!l COJimsllH
M I*, m n A \ 1 ;
M>»*rs t'lrt-fl, dirt rlly npp4»*iu* < hi< k \ I'n’nPank*
MU' I lolls. , 4»lo »\ 11 . LL.
rnm; oi,h wi» oiiicinm. t in \\* .ions
Q iiiHirin- 1 l.r put • it* 1 1 1 .11 Im« It.»'• I w iy - • ii fi . 1 i 1
la'ifr a-*orlliu hi nl la«>tincl lliiti-, t»• *• *1 -• ’-a i
hlkm p hulH 1 (I slnriJ* nl t*vpr> tli-mTipl «*h.mid winch
lit- |a d» it in nini h» id n lar L pn. . ih.ni m»y
(11 1 1 *■ r -I< •r» in i • n»v d 1• ■. ll* hit** Itls»‘i.-t* nli « 1 --cr. -
111«* 11 1 *•! * ullcrv ml t ific> ariicl*ro»p**i*in _■ in pint
«>t hn*c UnurpA, ra/rn - *, pn* k» \ knivr. an I t.il»,»
p lav tun Card'*, w .\ . a a I «*\ 1 1 y .c, ;n r u*»i * I »*l
in..|(* 1 iinir Iru l.» t« in - I* ir nil I . 1 \ -**nj s
111 (41 p* rl»iii'* r iiili'iniiiilin* 1 4 aiidl* ■* p 1 <>• ini"ii *v
U«i h.u-. n*.|>l >l* lli s, innKintf L f ln*'*- 11 nv vla-tf Laj'-.
htafiniii-ry • 11*1 writing limit rtiiH. :«11«I n»*i4 * n I'.nm-i
4 Vi rv WH. )• 1 1 f ulr, al.d W lilt ll ii<»ir »II lii'.lt i. 111 1
atilt* an 1 vvdniin l»» m*»l lar «• I* t* ■p* r than nn> ollit*r
Hi*»r«■ in < * nv in*-.
I () I! ,\ ('(' () AND (' I<; AI! S
.i; tin- Ii ■ 1 1* -ii lx 11 nl ■>-111 tin ll tin* ii-iixl |in i*i li* li*r*
ini|<j 1 tix.) a ,iti • hixfi* lirmuli nl liiliai •at hixii m
111 XII , fill- (nr 1 11 ■ ■ 111 >.
.!■ KIN 11M.S \-ls< INK » V 1.1., llxil )oi| may
m*»i iiini j 1 1.1k.* iit \ihi 1 i*i i. 1 -i.
lilfcllllll Sil/rn ilttil/ 11 / (//(/•></(;// (IVtf
Sniiilinj l\n hin ij>
Tl,•• OIiKIIS \I. .11)11 s I,a- an 11,1111. xluxi vvill. my
ul Im p In iiiw* .11 I Irnv il'x,
\ 111 ixl-.I nr .-siii*-. xiii 11 xlin pri>ll11 >l l y.mill ul Hm
I.DA -ill; •
I .*r Hi.'ll. lIKU Till' A 1 1 1 >I: T. - <’ H I \l*
Jii ll , u| (in.nli; Clink ,V i n.’.. In.llUl l ; lininf,
1»r vilic. umr .11 if
Mlt S. \1 A ( LIiA > ,
\s- .11 ST KC« i:i\ I.l> A SI’I.KN
-11 ill 1..1 . 1 Mi 1.1,1 \KK V mul
111I 11 ancy Gr oocls!
Ciin-isliliK in jiiiil nf
1 .in l l. Drx-« 11. a., j.iiiiiiiM. mi I ri.iAxrn,
MrnA. H»*uil lirx»-i <
Ni | ><,| 1 ti. 11 nrul u nxiili*.. -i»ui.,
I ..111-, I*. I mil. I* rill!* imil r.lll'lliXll llx. I In-ixry
II sil-, Hi.linir Hal*, mul i.lnvi
M\N I'II.I,AH, lire , 1. IV.
xixi j., Um*, int I IT-’i mi min 11. my nllixr sluri)
iu • 'mlii .mi 1.
in ).N NI T' c:,K INI! • ami ulli rxil to t!n* I'lil'.-t-
KN 1 K \ 111 < in.
liflf ill 1. II xl * *** K fill*, fix . 11l llf In iTilxr.
f HKMH iHIKH line um: .llU’e Mlllll
if.>ii|i*ry n‘ 1 xia 1 .jtjni-i!. 1 llii* llnl.'l ‘lx Irl ix ■ Ij
*)i rnniin t ,r|l
I ill!!
Walker, Wilson & Co.,
I) nlrix-l, itirxxily o po lU* (ho ' nileil Malxi llluck,
nw IM. HKMIK Kl» I'll Kill K N TKSHIVR
“im k nf Mil A t.nOWrt. Irnni ,ii. i ui| rUtlul,
I- 1 M'ill lilt** 1 1 I H'XUplX'l 1 1) J \1 . I.l*. V \ ii i'll, wXI lit
rt-H|.fi tuny in i.rui nix r tri.'inl# iiifl Hie (iiiijiic m*ue
rnllv, Hull Huy
lln\(‘ Now Ki(*u:uit!\ Filled I p
im\ liooit.i i:ntaiius!l>ii:\t
In thx BTATK ami Hint Hx*y urx oTfriuii, al a very
Mn.ill ulvmicf nvxr N •» Vnrk pne h. Hu* rlutk
nit n|H iif 1 in tin. n iirkt l riiii.i-im/of
men silisls,
In hi x*i fvfrr sarx'jr ~ f P\SCY aril ST API. K
DRV (iOdllS, wi.icli ur>* lx* (ounil in tfif m irki t
Thfir fiw*i 1 fnr an Mlni.m*. Iriule arc uiifipml-
Icil, unit Hi. > ci-i.k'leally aulicifiale a lurgu incrxiu*
In ihfir fiiiH.nxHH.
on 11 BUM*x r ., ifljniwiiir Wills. Jfarvn It Co’s Express
oflicf, mul oppusifx I'nlml Sutn*s HlocK.

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