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The weekly Butte record. [volume] (Oroville [Calif.]) 1858-1864, November 20, 1858, Image 3

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tj line being 39° 33' 45" N
latitude and the northern
boundary line being 39 - 48'
45" North latitude, situated
on the west side of Feather
river and adjoining the same
and sufficient in width to con
tain 5 square leagues of land
according to the terms of the
Grant ef the Mexican Govern
ment, and being the same
land conveyed by deed to
Thos. 0. Larkin by 0. W.
Flugge, dated the 21st day of
January A. D. 1847. record
ed in deed book “A.” vI- 1,
page 47 at the Recorder’s of
fice in Butte county Cal., and
the confirmation of -aid claim
by the board of commission
ers af pointed by the United
States to examine the title of
Mexican grants of la»d in the
State of California, recorded
in deed book “B” yol. 2 page
89 in the said Recorder's of
fico--and personal property, 995 90
Morrisson H J—Claim to 160 acres of
land and improvements houn
ded on the north by Jone’s
land and on the south by
Hendricks' land, and person
al property 41 74
Mutt* Alfred & Andrew—Claim to 320
acres of land and improve
ments bounded on the S W by
ilerrithew's ranch at.d west
ly Sarah Delong's ranch,
and personal property 28 33
Morrison **s- B—Claim to 100 acres of
and improvements sitoated at
Oregon Gulch, and personal
property 10 66
Nciiot Francis J K—Claim to 160 acres
of land and improvements
bounded on the north by old
man Me ine’s ranch, and
Moore's ranch on the south,
and personal properly 12 33
Melina Francis —Claim 160 acres of land
and improvements bounded
on the north west by Mor
gan’s and on the south by
Francis Meiiue Jr. rauch, and personal
property 14 14
Miller Jas improvements near Sum
mons store Oregon Gulch and
personal property, 5 82
Morgan W o—improvement at Cherokee
Fl»‘ 1 34
Nub J M improvements at Oregon
City 3 86
Putnam Calvin—Claims to 160 acres of
of land and improvements
bounded on the north by Ca
ble's tanch, at.d personal
property ,35
Pollard & Derby improvements at
Crane V alley, and personal
property 14 44
P.othrock George—Claim to 320 acres of
laud and improvements situ
ated on Dry Creek at the
crossing of the lower road
leading from Pence’s to the
Cotton Wood ranch and per
sonal property,, 103 49
Ramsey and Tookey improvements at
Balsam Hi.l, and personal
property 7 65
Rodgers J—improvements at Spring Val
ley, and personal property, 5 91
llockhill Thos—personal property 64 9
Simmons C A. .Claim to 100 acres of land
and improvements, land loca
ted near the head of Oregon
Gulch and south of W Hend
ricks’ laud, and personal pro
Simmons Chas and Jessee. .Claim to 160
acres of land and improve
ments near Frenohfowu, and
personal property 33 3$
Spring Valley Quarts Mining Co. .im
provements and machinery at
Spring Valley 03 16
Slcdmnn Isaac, .personal property 6 37
Smith C. .improvements at Nelson’s Bar 8 90
Stewart J I. .improvements situated at
Frencbtown and known as the
Pioneer H til and personal
property ]3 Jo
Smith Mary C. .Claim to 10 acres of
land and improvements near
Frencbtown, and personal
property 6 71
Simpson J R. .improvements at Yankee
Hill and personal property,
James P. .improvements at Ore
gon City, and per-onal prop-
5 20
Tuwell Thos---Claim to 70 acres of land
and improvements situated in
Crane Vail y and pet s mal
property, ;0 50
Taylor Edward, .personal property 1 So
Table Mountain Quartz Mining C 0...
improvements, Quartz mill
and machinery situated near
the hca 1 of Oregon Gulch on
C A Simmons claim of laud,
and personal property 169 00
Terry J M--improyemcnts at Spring Val
ley, and personal property, 15 00
Table Mountain Ditch Co. .improvemeu 3
water ditch taken from ra
vine on the north point of
Table Mountain an I running
thence through Jone's Hol
low passing through the hill
in a tunnel thence running
round the hill near Frank
Cannons thence toward Cher
okee Flat (and not yet com
pleted) 17 30
Vanca U E and Spangle, .improvements
paw mill, 1 mile below Crane
Valley. Kira-hcw creek 2*l 56
Quartz Mining Company .. im
provements, Quart! mill and
machinery situated on the
cast bank and near thv head
of Rich Gulch and about i a
mile from Moutevista and
about 300 yards above the
'49 and's6 quartz mill 101 80
Wampler AC. .personal property 1 76
Williams E. .improvements at Oregon
city 3 86
04 73
4 68
Williams Daniel, .improvements at Ore
gon city, -
Walder Charles, .personal property.... 17
Chico Township,
Alexander J D. .Claims to 1.280 acres of
land, situated on Little Butte
creek, about 18 miles north
west of Oroville 108 02
Arndold D E. .Personal property 2 18
Balcom Joseph “ “ 395
Bculenhamer John. .Personal property. 453
Berry Jas & wife. .Pers nal property.. 78 12
Bets Cachavia. .Improvements 7 22
Barber A H. .Claims to 640 acres of land
and improvements, and per
sonal property 158 92
Chancy Henry. .Claims to 320 acres of
land and improvements, situ
ated between Chico and Mud
creeks, and bounded and des
cribed as follows, 10-wit: Be
ginning at a certain oak stake
on the north sideof Big Sandy
gulch and running thence at
right angles with the survey
ed county road in a north
easterly direction 160 rods
to said county road, thence
northwesterly following sai l
road 160 rods, thence south
westerly and at right angles
with said road 160 rods,
thence southwesterly and par
allel with said road 160 rods
to the plact of beginning as
per description ia deed from
J BiJweL to Henry Chaney,
and J M Speeglc, recorded in
deed book “A” vol, 1, s» the
Recorder’s office, in Butte
county, California, and per
sonal property ‘
<l:xA J.. Personal property 16 51
sey Dan’l.. “ •• 0 w
<Titeer Alfred.. “ “
Covington Joseph M. .Land, bounded on
the west or south by land
owned by Chaney S Thorp,
and being the land in posses
sion of A T Sparks.l3 94
Carson Mrs Liosley i James Williams,
Potter & Co—Claims to 22,-
- -* God. known as
a* follows, to-wit; Beginning
at s point on the Sacramento
river about one and a half
miles below the fourth stand
ard parallel north, the same
being the nsrth west corner
of Slano Seco ranch, and run
ning thence north 68” east,
&02 and 46 100 chains to a
stake marked FarweX thence
thence north 141 ° east 503
chains to Chico creek, thence
down said Chico creek with
its meanderings to the Sacra
mento river, thence down
said river with Its meander
ing* to the place of begin
_ ln g 11,19 02
Davenport Marshall B. .Personal pro
perty 3 86
Dexter Poind. .Persona! property 12 85
Edgar John.. “ •• 87 86
Fay C F Since & Co.. Cl, liras to 17,376
acres of land, known as Slano
Seco rancho, bounded as fol
lows, to-wit : Beginning at a
point on the Sacramento riv
er about miles south of the
4” standard line north, the
same being the southwe>t
corner of Farwell Uancho,
running thence north 08 3 ,
east about 350 chains to Mt.
Diable meridian. thence
south 537 and 65 100, thenco
west 230 and 16 lot) chains
to Sicr imento river, thence
up said river with its mean
dering-t to the piacc of begin
_ „ ning... 870 26
Garner Coon—Claims to 80 acres of land
and improvement-, situated
Mud cre» k and bounded on
the south cast by Whirc-ides, 16 97
Hensley Cha-*. .Claims to 641 acres of
land 54 26
Heningway Win. .Improvements and per
sonal property 14 44
Jennings II U & Co. .Improvements and
personal property.. 86 18
L’.ndtner John. .Personal property 3 53
McDowd Hugh & Co-Improvements,
known as McDowd’s rancho,
and personal pi ope't v...... 14 24
Maxson B F & J P.. Claims to 160 acres
of land nnd improvements
near Dr J B Smith’s rancho,
and persoial property 45 60
Moore Chan. .Personal property....... 14 78
Owen Benjamin.. “ “ 2 18
Puly G P.. •• 4< 6 J 3
Hof-ser W C If.. “ "... 61 32
Sanford J&JD.. “ »• .. 470
Spreegle Joseph Moo.. Claims to 160
acre- of land and improve
ments, situat'd on the west
side of the Shasta road, and
bounded on the south by
Chany and Dr Smith’s on
the north, and personal pro
perty... 72
Spreegle N F.. Personal property 25
Tbrop W M & Chancy. .Claims to 160
acres of land and improve
ments. bounded south by E
Onaney, south west by Spec
kles, on the north west by
Cob s find « n the north east
by Delaney’s ranch, and per
sonal property 30
Prengle John. .Personal Property 2
Tunny James.. Improvements, about 3
miles below Jen ings, and
personal property 105
Thomusson Wm H.. Claim to 100 ac*es of
land, situated on Big Chico,
and being in the north cast
cornir ot J Bidwell’s grant,
nnd personal property 33
Turner Robert . .Claims to 3 GDI acres
ot land described as follows,
to-wit; B ginning at a poiut
on Big Bu.te creek at the
south east corner of S Neal’s
tract on the Hensley grant,
running thence down said
creek to the southeily line of
said Hensley gran*, thence
westerly along said southerly
line about 2*7 chains, theme
north about 63 chains, thence
north 47 ° . east 180 chains,
thence south 43 • , cast about
40 chains, thence south 7°
east about 43 chains, thence
north 83 5 , east 80 chains to
the place • f beginning, con
taining 3,012 acres rn re or
less; also, beginning at stake
marked VII and VIII. and
running thence south 47 3 ,
west 80 chains to a stake
XXII, thence north 43 3 west
71 chain to stake on
But e crock marked IX XI,
thence up said creek to stake
marked V VII, thence suih
43 3 east 78 chains to the be
ginning containing 510 and
3-10 acres m re or less ; also
beginning at the north east
corner of S Neal’s tr ict ab »ve
mentioned, running tl.ence
south 83 ° west along north
line of said Neal’s tract 80
chains, thence at right angles
20 chains, thence at right
angles north 83 ° east to Big
Butte creek the beginning,
160 acres more or less, and
personal property 382 30
Todd Samuel. .Claims to 25,9*5 and
58 100 acres of land, known
“Aguas Frias” or “O.ias’*
grant, beginning at a p« int
on Big Butte creek, about 27
chains south of the 4th stand
ard parallel running
tbcucc west 537 and 65 100
chains *o Mount Diable mer -
dian, (lienee d'Jl md 56 100
chains to the north line °f
Luscolusas rancho, ihouce
east 6S and 63 100 chains,
tht nee south along cast lino
of Los Colusas rancho 440
and 85-100 chains, thence
cast 85.33 chains to Big Butte
creek, thence northerly up
said creek with its rucander
ings to the place of begiuningB7l 24
Watson J.. Personal prosperity 5 12
Woolen J R & Co—The undivided two
thirds interest in the follow
ing described property to-wit:
Claims to 642 acres of land
I eing a portion of the Far
well grant, and bounded nd
describe ! as follows to-wit:
Beginning at a stake on the
east bank of Little Butte
creek, opposite the lower line
of Hcnshaw’s garden, run
ning thence south 9 c e »st
along the line of a surveye I
c unty road about 95 chains,
thence north 43 ° east about
100 chains, thence north 9 °
west about 55 chains to Little
Butte creek, thence down said
creek with its meanderings to
the place of beginning courses
run by true meridian, due.. 51 44
Watson 0 P .Claims to 6.414 acres of
land and improvements,
known as “Aguas Nieves” cr
Henly gr;>nt, described as
follows to-wit: Beginning on
Big Butte creek at the north
east corner of the Osias grant
and running iherce west
537 and 65-190 chains along
the northern line of tha
Osias Grant to Mount Diablo
meridian, thence north 46
and 09-100 chains to the
southern line of the Farwell
rancho, thence north 68 s
east 15-5 and 16-100 chains to
a stake marked Farwell,
thence north 144 ° oast
along easterly line of Far
well grant to Little Chico
creek, thence up said creek
to the line between Watson’s
and BidwcUX thence sou h
12 ° cast along said dividing
lino to Little Butte creek,
thence up said creek with ito
meanderings to its junction
with Big Butte creek, thence
down Big Butte creek to the
place of beginning, and per
OroVille, Ophlr Township.
An tone Jesus, .improvements on L 2 133
adjoing the theatre 7 22
Artney A D.. 18x132 ft 817 L 4 fronting
18 ft on Montgomery st and
easterly of and adjoining
Brumagim & Co., and im
provements IS 94
Allison A Rice. .Lots 12 3 and 4 B 13
and 40 by 132 f part L 7 and
8 B 38 being 40 feet on Oak
st and 133 on Clay st ....... 8 90
Asheim M S . .12 by 132 ft L 2 B 1? ad
joining Lot I, and improve
ments 3 86
Allen Sf Ooiby. .107 by 132 ft part i t lot
3 A 4 B S cornerne of Robin
son and Myers sis, and im
provements 8 06
Allick. .improvements and personal pro-
4 36
Erven Wm—.improvements, first
above Parker’s on the bluff at
the head of Montgomery st. 1 76
Byrne J— Lot 3 b 21, Improvements and
personal property 16 12
Butler Shaw & 8 b 20, and
improvements 3 02
Boehm F P---Lot 3 B 1-3 and L 5 and 6
b 28 Carlton estate, 17 30
Berry John S.. Lou 3 4 5 and 6 b 14
Carlton estate improvements
and personal property 14 44
Bordic S M. .70x66 ft part of lot 8 b 23
southerly end of said lot, and
improvements. 8 90
Beve Joseph 12x132 It part of lot 6 b 21
adjoinining Harvey & Co. on
the west and improvements. 302
Bristol Lyman-Lots i 1 24 b 21b’s 5455
65 66 and all that part of Mor
ris st from High to Montgom
ery except that part claimed
by Win Coffee, in the town of
Oroville. also in the Carlton
E-tate b 25 except L 8 and the
undivided half of blocks 31 32
33 0 10 11 12 7 8 F and I 5
and 6 except one lot in each
and lot 7 b 28 lot 6 and 0 b
14 lots 4 and 5 b 13 lots 3 4
5 6 and 7 b 1, and improve
ments 58 40
Brown D A--80x 45 ft lot 5 b’.ock 9 cor
ner of Miner’s Alley and
Myers st 45 ft on the alley,
and 1 2 3 b U except 2ox 54
ft of 1 3 adjoining 1 4 and Mi
ners Alley being 54 ft on Mi
ner’s Alley, and personal pro
perty 38 30
Barker J B. .L 3 4 £ and 6 15 7 except
ing 20 ft on K. binson st by 40
Huntoon also B 36 and im
provements and personal pro
perty 12 51
Bliven B B. .66 by 66 N E e; d of 1 1 b 9
and improvements 3 80
Bird & Morris—L tlb 21 lot 5&6 b 4
lot 3 4 5 and 0 b 14 112 8
and 7 B 37 15 55 and 58 alar
12 acres of land designated by
the line cn the map of tlu
town of Oroville used by the
Assessor for the year 1858 as
as Bird & Morri’s line 27 38
Isaar 11—105 by 132 hlB improvements 3 02
Briggs Joun—loo by 120 ft on the bluff
on the cast side of the road
above Garriott’s Mill at the
brow of the hill upon which
there is a snail white house,
improvements and personal
property 6 40
Duffum J W—Claim to CO acres of land &
improvements on the bluff
and personal properly 10 46
Dali Mrs, Henrietta M—personal prop
erty 2 52
Bird Ralph—L 5 b 10 and the uu livid
ed one half of lot 1 5 6 7 and
8 b 8 and personal property, 12 76
Carroll—part of lot 1 and 2 b 1 on Bird
st adjoining James Bunn’s,
and improvements 10 58
Covington J M—L in Cbinatowu and im
provements 10 58
Crossctte G H—Block 3 in Carlton estate
improvements and personal
property 16 54
Cohn L -1x44 part of lot 3 b 16 adjoin
ing Colton and McDermott s
on 'he N. E , improvements
and personal pr .peny 36 70
Campbell An lrew--(3x132 ft parts of L
2 and 3 b 20 adj doing E King
on the westerly, improve
ments nnd personal property, 18 64
Cook Mary M. .66x66 10l 8 b 14 Iron ing
on Lincoln st and being the
centre of said lot 1 76
Coburn Mary R—66x132 b 19 improvc
men sand personal property, 14 44
Cummings Miss J..personal property, 1 34
Cochran & Brooks..personal properly, 3 02
Coughcy S 'V W. impr vements on lot 2
b 3, and personal property, 850
Cousins Eben..thc filth house from the
foot of the bluff above Garri
ott’s mill on the east side of
the road & personal property, 394
Clough John, .personal 1 34
Charley a Chiuaman. .personal property 5 58
Downer & Garlow. .L lb 4 and lots 1 and
2 b3B and 1 2 7 and 8 B 39 8 90
0 04
11 80
Downer D C 36x132 w sid of lot S B 9
nnd 150 ft on Dewner st by
200 on Bird st b 19 improve
ments and pnronal property.
Downer J G.. 114 by 132 blB and 30 by
30 ft b 19 & 4 of an acre on
the bluff, improvements nnd
personal property 10 24
Danf rth Win. .improvements first hou«e
this side of the Brewery on
the bluff at the head of Mont
gomery st, and personal pro
Dennison E F. .66x80 ft cirner lot 8 B
1 and 10» by 80 E side of lot
3 b 2 fronting on Bird st im
uroveman’s and peasonal pro
Dearborn Mary L.. 104 hv 132 ft lot 2 b
16 adjoining Dt Cosmos on
the E and IT and personal pro
Dunn James—.part of lot 1 and 2 b 1 80
ft on Birtst and 98 o i Hun
toon street and 33 hy 66 ft
S W corner of lot 4 b 3 and E
4 of lot 3 b 32, improvements
and personal properly 79 54
Dclvioe Wm-—l 6 by 132 b 13 E end of
concrete house, improvements
and personal 10 66
DeMott J,—22 by 66 ft lot 4b 0 adjoin
ing 'Vm Coff'e S E and per
sonal property 21 52
Donaho Edward--personal property ... 10 58
Emanuel H. .20 by 66 lot 3 b 10 adjoin
ing L Cohn on the N E and
improvements 13 94
Elliott Mrs L B. -L 2 b 7, improvements
and personal property 51 40
Evans T J . .30 by 86 ft N corner of lot 7
b 1 and improvements 3 86
Eaton 1ra..33 by 132 ft in bl 9 com
mencing on Montgomery st at
at a point 56 ft N E of the N
E line of Downer st thence at
right angles with Montgom
ery st 132 ft thence at right
angles 33 ft thence at right
angles northerly 132 feet to
Montgomery st thence south
erly along the line of Moat
g imery street to the place of
beginning 8 90
Elliot; J I—improvements 5 54
E Chong, .improvements 3 86
Erskine W 11. .improvements and per
sonal property 37 99
Farley Sf Bristol—all of that portion of
the Carlton estate south of
Robinson st except lot 1 b 39
and the west 4 of b 59 and
the east i of b 55, also blocks
19 20 21 22 23 and 24 also
lots 10 11 12 13 3_and 4 b 16
also 5 and 6 in b 27 and 3 and
4 b 14 and 5 b 28, 81 14
Farley M H. .22 by 132 west side of 10l
3 b 2 and lot 8 b 7 lot 1 2 and
3 13 and 14 b I Carlton estate
33 by 132 E 4 of lot 9 b 16,
improvents and personal pro
Ford J B—Lota 1 and 2 b 4 improve
ments and personal property, 21 16
Friedman Chas—2l by 132 blB and im
provements, o 20
Garriott G W. .ground attached to Gar
riolt’s mill, improvements &
personal property.. 272 74
Gatterman H. .16 by 30 ft of lot 3 b 2
on Miner’s Alley, adjoining
J F Dickey--and Co.*s on the west, and
personal property,..* 3 52
Garasse Charles 3o by SO ft
P lot 3 b 2 adjoining Marchel
la & Zamberiicb on the east,
a’so lot 7 b ll and improve
ments. . *;; * 20 66
Gibson & Dell..cl.lira to 132 by 36 in
Morris st fronting on Robin
eon si and moving back to
wards Bird st and improve
ments, 3 12
Graft W 5..32 by 132 ft west 4 of lot
2b 11 and improvements.... 7 on
Granger L C. .L 3 4 5 and 6 b 27 Carl
ton E.tate imrovements and
personal property 17 80
Gallagher Edward-*-Lol in Chinatown, 1 34
Garston John—74 by 132 ft blB and im
j rovements 8 90
Greenleaf W. .personal pr p»*rty 12 26
Heirs of J D Brown,—-L 3 b 10 and im
provements 11 42
Harvey & C0..30 by 132 ft part ot lot
4 b 14 cjrner of Montgome
ry and Oak §t and lot 7 h 21
16U ft situated west of and ad
joining A Campbell’s in block
20, improvements and person
al property 55 18
Harris D by 132 east side of lot 7
b 9 and 24 by 62 ft part lot 5
b 9 corner of Montgomery
and Myers st and personal
property 67 28
Harris D D & S A. .Lot 1 2 3 5 6 and
7 block 2 j 6 38
Harris k Howard, .personal property, 7 67
Harris & Burt, .lot 1 block 5 and im
provements 10 63
Harlow James..lot 1 and 2 block 6 and
improvements and personal
property 14 44
Harvey GC. .improvements on lot 2b 3 302
Hakes Harry.. 27 by 13~* block 19, im
provements (City Hotel) and
personal property 6 68
Hawley Miss Nelly M—Personal pro
perty 3 02
Hawley & Gibson —Personal property... 4 28
Heuislcr J I*—Lot 5 b 8 and personal
property 7 30
Hussey A C—22 by 132 ft e side 16 b 2
and improvements 67 14
Hong Lee—lo by 132 ft of I 2 b 17, ad
joining Hafly, and improve
ments 6 54
Holmes Wm—l 24 by 132 ft b 18 and im
provement 3 86
Hesse Wm—2s by 50 ft 18 b 2 adjoin
ing Randal and McDermott’s
and the west i of I 2 b 15 and
22 by 66 ft lots 1 and 14 ad
adjiining Dip}.man's 66 ft
ai dO6 by 115 ft lots 5 and
6 adjoining Cheesman's and
lot in Chinatown 18 07
llendel G K—Lot 2 b 21 and personal
property 3 52
Heirs of Samuel J Trenaman—L »t 8 b
11 and improvements 10 58
Jacob H—The last hon e excepting tw r o
on the south side ot the road
above M mtgomery st in the
city of Oroville and personal
property 7 46
Jewett E —26 by 13 bl 9 and improve
ments 10 53
Josephs J J —2O by 46 14 co ner of b 34
improvements . nd personal
property 4 02
Jones J \ —l6-i by 132 ft part lot 3 b 3
adjoining W 8 Salford on the
north cast, improvements and
personal property'. 8 98
Juda Miss— ‘ Black as Billy be damned”
lot 4 in Chinatown, improve
ments and personal property 13 60
King E. .30 by 132 L 7 & 8 B 1 being 3
ft on Bird street and ndj du-
E f Dennis n and 42 It
of L 2 B 20 adj iniug A
Campbell, and L 5 and west
-4 L 6 b 23 and 20 by 66 ft of
1 6 b 3 adjoining P Bcriber Sr
Improvements and personal
property 55 60
Kme John. .Part of 1 4 b 9 commencing
at the corner of Myers and
Bird sts., thence northerly 49
ft, the ce westerly 40 ft
thence northerly 48 ft., thence
caste ly 20 ft., thence along
the easterly line of 1 4 89 ft
lo Bird st., then e along the
noitherly line of Bird st to
the place of beginning...... 13 94
Kelly S.. 4of 1 7 and 8 corner of b 32.. 302
Keene S 11..72 by 132 b 19, improve
ments and personal property 17 80
Kirchnor C W . .Personal property 2 18
Light Ham. .L 4 b 26 improvements and
personal property 16 96
Latin J 5..28 by 132 I 1 corner of b2O. 3 8i
Lasswell M D. .51 by 132 b 19, and per
sonal propei ty 6 89
Lodge B F* *lB by 132 ft b 18 and lot in
Chinatown,improvements and
personal property 29 56
Linoon C G.. Personal property 34 10
Le Vew. .Improvements 2 18
Lo Tick. .Improvements and personal
property 9 40
Miller John W.. 45 by 132 b 19, and
personal property 17 80
McWilliams Jas. .170 by 264 west side
of b 2, Carlton estate. Im
provements and personal... 27 88
Marshall & Jamison. .Improvements on
Bird st between Myers’ and
Iluntooa sts-, and person il
property 7 72
Mason C H. .44 by 132 ft east side, 1 6
b 3, and personal property.. 19 48
McConnell &Co .Block 40 an 1 personal
prorerty 11 08
McConnell & King..L3, 4, 5 and 6. b 39 3 86
McGuire.. 19 by 132 b 18 2 18
Maurice A Jr..N 4 of 1 7 and 8 b 32, im
provements and personal pro
perty 13 18
Muller Amelia.. 33 by 132 s 414 J) 15
and improvement-: 42 50
Marble Nelson. .100 by 132 1 land 2
corner of b 11, and improve
ments.• 8 90
Moro Lewis. .67 by 132 part 1 5 and b b
21, improvements and per
son'll property 8 56
Myers H H. - Personal properly 420 50
Newman F W.. Personal property 36 62
Overton EP. .22,by 30 b 10. front Dow
ner st., improvements and
personal properly 8 56
O'Shea The. .36 by 132 b 18. 2 18
Oro Telegraph Co. .Telegraph line ex
tending from Oro.ille to
Marysvipe, and machinery.. 3 4 60
Polly T P. .Lot in Chinatown 2 18
Phillips S M. .south i of lots 5 and 6 b 6
improvements and personal
properly 13 GO
Popper Earnest. .Part of I 3 b 9, im
provements and personal pro
perty 26 20
Phipps H -M..Personal property 13 10
Pana lloseph.. “ “ 2 86
Proctor Ira..E i of 1 10 b 16, Carlton
estate, and improvement?... 680
Patton R L. .Improvements »t Long Bar
and personal property 20 32
Root E M.. Lot in Chinatowi. improve
ments and personal property, 23 24
Rin%hart B. .12 by 132 I 4 b 17, adjoin
ing A D Artney on the n e ,
and improvements 8 90
Rodrazo Hubbard & Smiti —Claims to
40 acres of land at tb, lower
end of Oroville, and known
as the Rodraz'i tract, and
improvements, cue..., 34 34
Ritchey Mrs.. Lot 4 b 4, improvements
and personal property.,,,,. 40 48
Riley Micbeal—Lot 41 by 132 ft and im
provements, firjt house un
der the blu6 ot the head of
Montgomery st. 5 12
Rosanna Miss —Personal property o 86
Richey Robert—Personal property 8 90
Rich Quleh Mining Co—lmprovements
and machinery 17 30
Sovereign G W—l6J by 66 ft 15b 15
fronting on Lincon st , ad
joining Smedes & Jenkins,
and personal property 3 52
Sovereigns A Wing —Lot 1 b 39, Carlton
estate 2 13
Smith Phillip—lmprovement! and per-
sonal property .... 23 85
Smith C A— 30 by 66 ft.b 19 corner of
Montgomery and Downer sts,
improvements and personal
property 63 16
Scott J W—South 4 of 1 6 b 1, and per
gonal property 28 35
Simmons J H—Personal property 8 48
Snyder Joseph—47 by 132 of 1 5 b 21
on the corner of Morris and
Montgomery sts and running
9 ft by 132 into Morris at.,
and improvements 8 90
Simons H —l2 by 132 ft n e side 14b 17
and improvements 8 90
Sharp J H—w J of 1 3 b 32 and improve
ments 8 IK)
Shilell David—22 by 66 ft n w corner of
I 5 b 3 and n e 4 )f I 7 b 3.. 13 94
Silver M A—lmprovements on lot 8 b 3,
and personal property 17 80
Turner T M—lmprovements and person
al property SI 16
Temple C —lmprovements and brewery
on the corner ol II and Myers
sts , and personal property.. 44 01
Unknown—s 4 by 132 h 18 west j con
crete house & improvement .
“ —74 by 132 b 19 and improvements
(Hotel de France)
“ —22 by 182 bl 9 and improvements.
This is the 1 t and brick store
house forly occupied by Hedly &
“ —2O by 32 blB and improvements.
Lafayette House
“ ■— E J or 1 2 b 82 and improvements,
“ —All ef I4b 34 except 33 by 06 ft
owned by Kings'ey, 20 by 46 by
Joseph’s and improvements
“ —Lot 6 b 22
“ —North 4 I 6bl
“ —33 by 58 ft 130233 ft on Min
ers’ Alley, and improvements...
“ —Lot 5 hi
“ —The undivided ha f of b 4 Carlton
“ —The undivided half ot b 17, Carl
ton estate
“ All that part of block 25 east of the
line of the Carlton estate
“ —All that part of block 41 east of
the line of the Carlton estate
“ —Block 62
“ - Undivided half of 1 8 b 25, Carl
ton estate
“ Undivided half of h 18, Carbon
“ Undivided half of lots 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 II and 12b 1 Carlton estate..
“ L t 8 b 16
“ —Lots 6 and 7 b 15
“ —22 by 66 ft 11b 14 between Hess’
and D ppaiau’s *
“ —Lot 7 b 16 «...
“ —West 4 1 6 b 16
“ --Lots 6 7 and 7 b 2l)
“ —2O by 40 corner of 14 b 7 and im
prov ments
“ —Lot 3 b 22
“ —Lots 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 b 86
“ —South 4 ot lots 5 and 6 b 35
“ —Lots 12 3 and 6 b 34
“ --Lot 3 and east 4 of 1 4 b 38
“ —Block 59
‘' —Lots 5 and 6 b 38
« —West i I 2 b 22
“ —Lots 3 and 4 b 23
“ Lot 7 b 7
“ —Lot 4b 22 and improvements....
•» —L .t 0 b 32
“ —East 4 of 1 1 b 15
—Luts 5 6 7 and 8 b 17 •
“ Part of I 8 b 2 commenting on
Miners’ A'ley 30 It from Myers'
ts-, thence westerly 30 ft, thence
northerly 66 tt , thence easterly
10 ft., thence southerly 20 ft ,
thence easterly SO ft , thence
southerly 10 ft to place ofbegin
“ . .12 by 66 ft n earner 1 7 b 14....
.. 15 by 66 ft n w earner 17 b 14..
“ . Ea«t 4 1 2 b 16
10 58
10 58
18 98
8 90
3 58
7 15
3 86
2 60
4 70
4 70
3 02
2 18
2 18
1 34
9 1
1 34
2 18
5 54
£ 18
2 18
2 18
1 34
2 18
3 02
3 02
2 18
1 34
1 34
2 18
1 34
1 34
2 18
2 18
2 13
6 38
7 22
1 34
3 86
2 18
2 18
10 58
* ..92 by 132 n end of lots 7 and 8
block 38 2 18
•• ..All of block G not marked to any
owners on the Assessor’s plat
b00k.............. 3 86
Varner H. .42 by 132 b 18 improvements
and personal property.,... 17 80
Vroonian M. .Personal property....... 2 18
Wing E.. 16 4 by 66 ft 1 6b 16, adjoin
ing Sovereign’s on the n west
an 4 improvements..... 5 54
Wells Thomas. .Lot 1 b 7 improvements
and personal property ....... 90 46
Wyer M M.. L ots 1 and JbS, improve
ments and pers-nil property.... 1192
White AM. .Lots 7 andB b 27, and per
sonal properly 5 20
Winfield D. .Improvements, Enterprise
Hotel, on the B.utf, and personal
pr0perty............ 687
Wunlerlin 8..L0t 56 by 132 ft ami im
provements, Brewery on the Bluff
above Garriots Mi l, and person
al property,... 24 52
Wo II ip. .Improvements 2 18
OF 1857.
Wyandotte Township.
Bergerale Lewis 3 97
Kyle k Cleavland lb 95
Mays, J F 17 96
Mooney, Charles 8 88
Murray, Stephen 54 36
Nutter, Wm 17-4 56
Eureka Township.
Smith, Levi 20 94
Cphir Township.
Beals, Wm 6 98
Burt, J M 3S 42
Buffum, .1 W 15 47
Brewster, H 161 70
Farnam, Joseph 64 93
Farley, & Bristol 40 90
Fowler, J W 6 89
Fowler, RG 2 99
Haines J M 5 89
Kent, GW 45 09
Keller k Rice 60 06
Rice. W N P 10 77
Wright, Samuel J 10 55
Mountain pring Township.
Walker, JC 2175
Wolf, J & Co 15 96
Itidwcll Township.
Bordwell John 18 96
Burt, Howard 47 68
Logan A Lowery 22 95
Martin. David G 56 87
Main Thomas 7 00
Skiukle, A 4 99
Kimshew Township.
Wilmott k Co 104 CO
Hamilton Township.
Harris, Lewis F
Harris. & Goodrich
Murray, Capt .
Ord, Pacificns
Fitts, Posy A Heushaw & Co
Packard, Ira
Shaeffer, F 'V
Young, k Orabb
Cascade Township.
93 77
3 87
4 99
227 96
10 98
15 96
131 lb
26 15
Chandler, k Marcum
Dodge, Ezra ,
Gingle, Jacob
Kellv, Wm...
Seely B F
Oro Township,
Babcock, C 41 10
Denson, Thomas S 30 13
Garst k Galloway 80 80
Pierson, Geo 3 50
Pierson, HT 93 23
Pine Grove Mill, 29 53
White Geo V k Brothers 43 43
Wood, Joseph due 19 42
Williams, A B 301 84
3 00
47 17
25 94
4 99
4 99
Oregon Township.
California Coal Co 13 00
Hitchens. Joseph 16 96
Larkin. Thomas 0 1085 95
Purcell Geo 5 49
Virgin Quartz Mining Co 180 55
Van Xess 2 30
Chico Township.
Cavington. Joseph M 16 96
Carson Mrs Linsley k Jas Williams
Potter & Co IT6 56
Pelaney John 21 95
Henley, Thos J .. . 202 49
McLelland J M 34 92
Potter. John 388 53
Potter James 234 42
Tothl Samuel 789 91
Orovilie, (Ophir Township.)
Bird & Morris 149 55
Friedman Charles 24 95
Fowler John lg 9^
Harriott G W 441 49
Gibson Henry _ 347
Heuisler J F 5 q-j
Jackson Andrew 52 87
Lasswell M D . 21 <l5
Maurice A Jr 23 95
Marble Green «fc Co. 10 97
Rhodes Win II 18 46
Turner T M ... 36 54
Golden Gate Restaurant!
Corner Montgomrry and lluntoon street*, Oroville.
THIS F.STABMSI!MESIT* having been r*>
built sinct* the Hre. anti fit fed ftp In ih»- most
mnniu-r, is again "ipeu Co t il its old
-i»uiroiis and as many new ones »•* may see P*
The proprietor, having had his efforts U ily ap
preciated while keeping the old establishment, fla'lera
himself that this fact alone will Induce a continuance of
patronage by the public.
to call.
I’hicVeß,Oyster and Clam Soups a!wavs on haul, and
served up at short notice. Meals St nll’hours.
THE BAR—[ do not say th it my Liquors cost me
sx. eight or ten dollars per gallon, ut will say—ju.-t
give them a trial. SAItE?
Day and Night.
Thankful for past favors. I respectfully -olicHs u con
tinuance of the same.
a«K* JOHN DKAGIII, Proprietor.
Glorious News ! !
cHMON K. ROSEN l II A L herewith in
founs the public and his friends, that
he dissolved partnership with A. Michinean on theTih
of July, anti furthermore? desires to slate, that he has as
aocia’ed. with himself Mr. F. Hummernick, recently of
the United States Rcolaurant, lor the purpose of re-open*
ing the Orovdlu Restaurant on Montgomery St., between
Myers and Huntoou streets, where they both will be
happy to see their old friends and customers.
I hankful for pa-t favors, and promising to do ample
justice to all. we bespeak lor ourselves the generous
patronage ot the pu »|»c.
July IHth.
New Store, New Goods.
A doors below the Tneatre building, Oroyilie have
just opened the best assortment of
b Liquors,
Dry floods.
and (fats,
Ever brought to this market, and which we will s-11
at wholesale and ftsall, cheap for cash, and no humbug
The undersigned would n sp* cllul'y inform the peo
ple of Urovilie and vicinity, that hey will sell goods ol
ail descriptions at Marysville Prices, and w arrant every
thing sold as represented. Traders and Packer* will do
well to give ns a call, a* we w ill save them the lime and
trouble of going farther below to make purchases. Part
icular attention will always be given t<» the auj ply ol
Groceries to families, hotels, mi. ers, 4tc.
mh*t> LANG & CT.
J. Upstone,
Corner of Montgomery and Oak Streets, Oroville.
Dealer in iron, steel, springs, axles,
Borax.Co.nl, Blacksmith’s Tools. Carriage Lumber,
etc Quartz Selves, Iron Shutters and Doors, made to
order. jeitiif
Hubbard & Teed,
between Second und Third streets, Marysville
N. B.—Operations on the Kje and Ear and the treat
ment of their Disea-es, will receive special alien.ion
fei Ilf
Dr. J. W. Van Zandt,
Oculist and Aurist,
Oculist and Aurist,
Oculist and Attrisf,
Oculist and Aurist,
Oculist and Aurist.
I* J. W. Van Zandt,
Or J. VV. Van Zandt,
Dr. J. W. V.m Z mdt,
l»r. .1. W. Van Zand!,
Dr. J. W. Van Zandt,
Is treating diseases
Is treating diseases
Is treating diseases
Is treating disease*
Is treating diseases
Of fi.*e Eye and Ear,
Of the Eye an 1 Far.
Of the Eye and Ear,
Of the Eye and Ear.
Ol the Eye aod tar.
Medically and Surgically,
Medically and surgically,
Medically and ‘-’urgically,
Medically and Surgically.
Medically and Surgically
Amaiirocls, Cataract,
Aui iuro Is, Cataract,
Amaurosis, Cataract.
Amaurosis. Cataract
Amaurosis. Cataract ,
Weakness and Inflammation,
Weakness and Inflammation,
Weakness and Inflammation,
Weakness and Inflammation.
Weakness and Inlhimmatl ui.
Injuries from Blasting,
Injuries from Blasting.
Injuries from Bias ing,
Inj iries from IF&stlng,
Injuries from Blasting,
Nervous Deafness,
Nervous Ih-afneso,
Nervous Deafness,
Nervous Deafm »*.
Nervous Dealneas.
Kinging Noises in the Enf,
Ringing Noise* in the Far,
Kinging Noises in the Ear,
Kinging Moiaes in the Ear.
Ringing Noises iu the Ear.
Office, foot of Clay street
Office, fo*A of Clay street
Office. foot ol Clay street
Office, foot of Clay street
Office, foot of Clay street
Oculist and Aurist, Dr. J. W. Van Zandt, Surgeon to
Charity Eye and Ear Hospital. City and County Physi
cian of San Francisco iu 1852.
Dr. Van Zandt having devoted hi* study, for years, to
the surgical and medical treatment of the disease* of the
Eye and Far. and having had the benefit of the la»ge
hospitals at home, is treating with great success amaur
osis. or disease of the nerves of the eye, cataract, ob
struction of the lens, inflamipations. opacilias. injuries
from blasts. weaknr>M;^—al*o deafness of long standing,
and from the result of fevers, measles. Ac., rin-ing nois
es in the ear. and all defects of the delicate organ of
Institute for the treatment of diseases of the Eye and
Ear. foot of Clay strnut, Francisco sIS
33 Y Jk. XT THOH. X T ,
[So. aiel
i Proclamation.
-17 part merit,—ln accordance with established
usage, as the Chief Executive of the State, 1 hereby
designate and set apart Thursday, the 25th instant,
as a day of thanksgiving and prayer. Audi do
earnestly invoke the g*K>d people of this State, ab
staining from ail secular jmrsniits, to assemble in
their respective place*of worship, and with sincere
and contrite hearts, to offer up thanks to the Su
preme Killer of the universe for the manifold bles
sings conferred upon us during the past year, and
humbly and fervently implicate Him that He will
continue us a free, prosperous and united people.
. Witness my hand and the Great Seal
•. l. s. i of the State.* at Sacramento (ily, this
( —. — * first day of November, A. I>. 1858.
JOHN B. WELLER, Governor.
Attest: Perris Foreman, Secretary of Slate.
one dollar per «h»ie <Hi the -npit.l r’o k (.( the
California Coal Company, levied June 21»t, 1858, isheie
by rescinded Aug. 2d By order of the Trustee.
D. W. CHEEBMAN, Sec y. Cal. Coal Co,
UroviUe, Nov. 8, 1858. [nl32t*}
Mox hat, Nov. 15.
Bird vs. Dennison—Name of Samdel Hugh
Administrator, substituted for Bird, dcc'd.
Ouadlin ct at vs. Downer, Ritchie, et at —F
M. Smith appointed referee.
W. E. Staudart vs. his creditors —N. D.
Plum appointed assignee.
People vs, Herbert Keenan—murder —tried
and found guilty.
November 16.
J. C. Labordc vs. James Keenan—motion
to dismiss attachment overruled.
Slater vs. his erditors —publication ordered.
November 17th.
People ex ret Day-id Weaver, vs. D. A.
Brown—Demurrer to complaint sustained.
Hugh vs Deuinson. Defendant has leave to
amend answer.
November 18th.
Goodhart vs Goodhart. Passed informally.
Downer and Garlou vs Ford, Plaintiff has
love to open depositions on file.
Bird vs Farley—same order as above
Bird vs Lcsbros. Owned that 9. Hugh be
substituted for Bird.
Hugh vs lcsbros—argued and taken under
Beilinson vs Chapin, Freer et at, demurrer
overruled. Deft excepts.
November IP.
Bird vs Farley—argued and taken under
Jacob Beturcr ct at vs Troughton—leave to
amend bill of interpleader.
Johnson vs. Swain—Case dismissed. Plain
tiff has leave to move the court to vacate said
order in one week.
Neal vs John Doe-Demurrer argued and
taken under advisement.
Douglas vs Smith, Demurrer overruled.
Marginnes in Thompson and Mullen, Same,
Irceii vs Thompson and Mullen, same.
At Board Ranch on Friday Evening the 12th. inst.
Charles K., Sou of James E.. and Sarah E. Caine,
aged two years one month and eight days.
Fmit Trees.
AO,eoO Catawba Crape Vine*.
111 «■■■ 30.000 California Grape Vinca
Ala >. Apple. Pear. Nectarine, Aprici t, aal Cbim*
AH of the above are thrifty an ! of vigorous growth,
embracing the finest Varieties of Fruit adapted to thi<
climate, and will be sold in large or small quantities ><t
the most reasonable rates. The China Tr -e. u this
climate, is unequalled for beauty and rapid growth by
any other oruamea.al Shade Tree. Terms Ca«di.
Chico. November 20.1858.ffitf
Christmas Ball!
The subscribers, having beeopie proprietors of the
Prairie House.will give a Grand Ball
Chrbtn\as Eve December 21th.
to which they invite the attendance of the citizens ot
Butte County generally.
N. B.—The direction otj this ball is under the imme
diate supervision of Mrs. llornbcock. Every prepara
tion has bceu made to render this the mosS brilliant
atfnr of the season.
u2O-td DAVIS & SHANNON, Proprietors.
Cole. Jt in the Oakland Mining Company consisting
of four shares, from, number Hr to 2') mcluaive. wiG b«*
a hi to the highest bidder, to pay assessments on th»
saurn. on. the loth day of December next, at
pany’s office near Doglown. Bj order of the Trustees.
A* K. STEARNS. Sec’v.
November 15. ISSB n2o—td
Insolvency Notice,
Judicial District, in aud for the county |of Butte,
in the matter of the petition of Elisha W. Slater an in
solvent debtor. Pursuant to an order of tin* Hon War
ren T. Sexton, Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial District
aforesaid, made this day, notice is hereby given to all
the creditors ofthe said" insolvent. E. W. Slater, to be
and appear before the Hoa A arren T*. Sexton, aB-repaid
in open court, on the twenty eigth d«y of December, A,
D. 1858, at ten o'clock A M. of that day at chamber*, at
the court room of said Court, at the Town of Oroville,
in said county of Butte, then and there to show causv.
if any they have, why the prayer of sai l insolvent
should not be granted, and an assignment of his estate
be made, and he be discharged from his debts a* aa
insolvent debtor.
Witness my h ind and thes *al of said Court
> seal f this. 10th day cf November, A D 1858
* ' ' M. 11. DARRACH,
n2U—-it Clerk District Court loth Judicial District.
Justice’s Summons.
J iforma. County of Hutto. —In Justice’® Court. Ca*'
cade Township, Tne People of the Stale of California,
to William Wallace greeting: You are hereby sum
moned to appear before me, at my office in Cascade,
township. County of Butte, on the3oth day of Novem
qer, A. D. 1858 alien o'clock. A. M, to answer unto
the complaint of John R. Mooklar & Co., who sues to
recover the sum of ninety-eight twenty-seven one hun
dredth dollars, on an op-n account for water, labor
and merchandise sold and delivered, when judg
ment will be taken against you f«»r the “aid amount
together with costs and damages, if you tail to appear
and a .swer. To the Sheriff or any Constable of said
County, greetings- Make legal service and due return
hereof. Given under my baud Hus IMUday of Novem
ber. A. D. 1858. JOHN KEYES.
u2O-2t Justice of the Peace of said Township,
1 do hereby o der that service of thu summons bo
had on the defendant bv publication in the Butte Rec
ord for two weeks in the weekly Record.
November loth. 1858.
Notice of Intention
dersigned, do hereby declare our iutention to
organize a Corporation for the contraction of a
Turnpike road, having for its termini the villiape
of Bingor in Butte County, and Kellogg's ranch in,
Tuba County, and touching as nigh as practicable
the followitg points viz ; from Bangor to Wiman’s
ranch, Darby's ranch. Han;oavi!lc,up a branch of
the Uoncut to the Evans ranch, Near York Stock
ranch Cools ranch, Baldwins ranch, Walkers ranch,
Momit Hope ranch, to Kellogg's ranch. And a no
tice is hereby given that a meeting of the subscrib
ers hereto will tie held at Buckelews store, on the
Clayton ranch, on the -d day of December next, A.
D. Is.’js, for the purpose of a prelimanry organiza
tion of said corporate company
| f bv agree, that on aud after this day, we will
th one put one of the live (5) claims owned by
, on Butte Creek, into one Company, mutual in
rest of all, to be known us the I liamoud Company,
lie worked together, each to do an equal quantity
work, and furnish an equal amount of provisions,
ad in case either party has occasion to be oil the
irk (except on Company business,) on business
hirt own or any other cause, he shall either furn
i a man in his place, or pay -aid Diamond Compa
■ two dollars and fifty cents U 2.50,) per day lor
I such time as said party i- absent ; aud further
at no individual member of the Company, shall
ntract any debts without the consent of all par-
daniel u. Harris.
Butte Creek, Nov. Ist, 1858.
Fresh Oregon Oysters!
ted Stale* Restaurant, w.U n*rve treaa Oregon
Oysters ia every style day ani night. oct 23
Oysters! Oysters I
received daily* auu served up iu every sty I®,
at all hoars of the -lay and night, at
IheaUd Blocks Huntuon street

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