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.mBSBSBV .- mm aW
p D. r. OICVJ&T 6 D. 17,
rr.Z'lJJZay heartfelt thanks
Pea 1 will retumJown mc. I come a
gr kindness n,llu!;,fB vcstcr-
. Am oi in i
UVC(I" . uinllnmntl. mpmllffri of
it several w g ....---
7- iinn lrirbO I have never bc-
nfiif i - m -
Cm had pporiuBiiy "'"a -o
!umiUac7lbf myrelf witb my fcllouseiw
5 this seetisn of the Union. 1 travel for this
-T confess th it 1 regard with astonish
ZlTtae evidences of intelligence, enterprise
-TT -tobI everv where exhibited around
JSkip w,
suits from my sense of its surpassing excellencies, j
wnicn must strute every man, who attentively and
impartially examines it. I regard it as the work
cf the purest patriot1! and wisest statesmen that
ever existed, aided by the smiles of a benignant
I'fovnjencc ior wsen we regard it as a system of i enmities to their authors. I follow
government growisg out of the discordant opin- rebuke or reproaches
ions ana cuniuciuij iiucresis oi tnirtccn inaepcn- j
dent States, it almost appears a divine interposi
tion in our behalf! I have always, with the ut
most zeal and the moderate abilities I possess,
striven to prevent its infraction in the slightest
particular, because I believed if that bond of un
ion were broken, ws would never again be an u
nitcd people. Wicre, among all the political
tinkers, the constitition makers and the constitu
tion menders of thoday, could we find a man to
make us an other f Who would even venture to
d ...
propose a icnicy v here would be the start-
day of Juue, 1S37, beneath yon bright sun that f - From the Bostoa Auw, May 20.
is shining upon us, I declare my conscientious con-j The country has been governed for the last
vinion that they have proceeded from the meas-j eight years by Executive edicts; and Congress
ures of the General Government, in relation to the will be occupied for the next four years in restor-
curreney. 1 make this declaration in ng spirit citing what l'resiucnt Jackson has destroyed : Con-
no esa nas always been disposed to do right, where-
tt t. )r it was not thwarted bv a domineering and u-
nut alleviate the evils of the present. Its ,Jping Executive,
ty of every good citizen to contribute his Congress passed Mr. Clays Land Bill but the
however feeble, to diminish the burdearA IExfcutive destroyed it.
which the people groans. To apply the reraebV i Go.xgbess rechartered the National Bank the
successfullyhowever, wc must first ascertain the j ExEcmvE destroyed it.
caus.e?.character and extent of the evil. Let us j Coachess said that the denosites were safe in
go back, then, to its origin. Forty-eight years
have elapsed since the adoption of our Constitu
tion. For forty years of that time we had a Na
tional Bank. Its establishment originated in the
imperious obligation imposed on every govern
ment to furnish its people with a circulating rncui-
-thc Executive
I think of the short time that
juiedfiae the spot where I stand wa ahowl
toVwiklemesfl. Since 1 entered public life, h
AM WU unknown an a political governwent -aS
tke country west of the AHcghanie and north
vest ef the Ohio- constituted but op Territory,
titled to a single delegate in tho council of the
tatiam kaving the right to spit but not t vote.
Since then the States of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
MichijraB, and the long ftrip of country known
' Um Territory of Wionsin. have been carved
ol f it. Indian, which numbers but twenty
Wn since the commencement of her political
existence, contains rf population of six hundred
thCuid-eVJal to the population of Massachu
iir I Sute of two hundred years duration. In
ahe is an Vafant; in strength and resources a
Jtt. Her appearance indicates the full vigor of
.Jturity, hilc, R idging by the measure ol her
"' years, sbois yet in the cradle.
Athough 1 rcsido in a part of the country most
remote from you although 1 have seen you
spring into existence and advance with rapid
strides in tho march of prosperity and power, un
til your population has equalled that of my own
State, which you far surpass in fertility of soil
nd n.iludrifvof climate: vet these tbinzs have
excited in me no feelings of dislike, or jealousy, or
'envy. On tho contrary, I have witnessed them
with pride and pleasure, when I saw in them the
growth of a mcmbcrof our common country ; and
with feelings warmer thin pride, when 1 recol
lect that there aro those anmig you who are bone
of my buaaa?d flesh of mv lies'; -7, ho inherit my
name and ehtrc my blood. When they came to
me for my advice before leaving their hearths
and homes, I did not oppose their desires or sug
fest diflkullics in their paths. I told them, "Go
aodjiin vour destinies w ith llrx'c of the hardy ti-
Bcer-4 of tho Vwt rfmrc ihc'ir hiTilahioa and
yituk iboir fcrtuncs st nnd CodKpoed you;
only carry with yo j vo ir own good principles,
an Whether the sun rVes on you or sets on you,
let it warm American hearts in your bosoms."
Thouph as I oIervcd, I live tn a part ot tue
Hpountrv most remote from you, fellow-citiiens, I
. ' 1 . -
ikivucccn no inaticniivc oDscntt vi jut
anJ progress. I hive read tho reports made in
your Legislature, and tho acts passed in pursuance
thereof! I have traced on the map of your State,
tho routes marked Out fir extensive turnpikes,
rail roads and canals. I hive read with pleasure
the a'-ts passed providing fr their establishment
and completion. I do n t pretend toolfcryoumy
advice it would rcrhaps bo presumptuous: but
you will permit mu to ay,u- rr as 1 nave ex
amined theiu, llioy aro conceived in wisdom and
eruve great political skill and fjrc.aight. You
have commenced at the right point. To open tho
me ins of communication, by which mtn may,
when he wishes, rcc the face of his friends, should
be the first work of every Government. Wc may
theorize anJ spccuI itJ about it as wo please wc
may understand all tho metaphysics of politics;
but if men are confined to the narrow spot they
inhabit, because they have not tho means of trav
elling when they please, tlicy must go back to a
state of barb irisrii. Suciul intercourse is tho cor
ner stone of goo 1 government. The nation that
provides di means fr its improvement, has not
taken tho first step in civilization. Go on, then,
as yo;i have beg 111 :uscc'.ito your works with
energy and perseverance jc nat daunted by im
aginary difficulties bo not deterred by exagger
ated calculations cf their cost, gj on, open your
wildern?: to. the sun turn up the soil, and in
the wide spread and highly cultivated fields, the
Mailing villages anJ the busy towns that will
aping up from the desert, you will reap a rich rc-
jjraid' for your investment and industry.
Another of the paramount objects of govern
ment, to which 1 rejoice to see that vou have turn
ed your attention, is education. 1 speak not of
college education nor of academy education,
th -High the v are of sreat importance; I speak of
fire school education common school education.
Hdavmg tho planets in tho sky of New Eag
lK the burning lights, which slicd intelligence
and happiness on her people tho first and most
brilliant is her system of common schools. Icon
f ratulato myself flrtt my first .pcech on entering
public life, wss in their Tehafc Education, to
wswnyfoh the fivb of good government, should
be universally JifTjsed.T Open tho d.wrs of the
cfc jo hwse t all tho chiMrcn in the land. Let
n,an have the excuse of poverty for not cdu
tuig his own offering. Place the means ofed
JicatKMi within bis reach, and if thev remain in
"J"0 e it his own reproach. If ono object
toe expenditure of your revenue be protection
"p"Ml crmr, yo-.t could not tie vise a better or
fhcuper intmns of obtaining it. Other nations
peBd their money in providing means for its de
tection ami punishment; but it is for the princi
ples of our government tonrovitlo It. .
7 The ,ne acts byrormon; the other bv
pretention. On tho ditr.ision ofeduation nmrtn'"
the people. Tests the preservation and perpetua
tion of our free insti tut ion. I apprehend no dan
ger toour country Irom a f ireisrn foe. Tho pros
pert ofa war with any powerful nation is t.i re-
, ocanntterc.tcilcu!atKn. Besides, thei
posed that would be adopted; the hand that de
stroys the Constitution, rends our Union asunder
My friend has been pleased to remember, in
his address, my humble support of the constitu
tional right ofCongrcss to improve the navigation
of our great internal rivers,and to construct roads
thro' the different States. It is well known that
my opinions on this subject arc stronger than most
men's. Believing that the object of the union
was to secure the general safety and promote the
general welfare, and that the Constitution was
designed to point out tho means of accomplish
ing these ends. I have always been in favor of
such measures as 1 deemed for the general bene
fit, under the prescriptions and limitations prescri
bed by the Constitution itself. I supported them
with my voice and vote, not because they were for
tho benefit of the West, but because they were
for the benefit of the whole country. That they
arc local in their advantages, as well as in their
construction, is an objection that has been and
will be urged agiinst every measure of the kind.
In a country so widely extended as ours, so diver
sified in its interests and in tho character of its
people, it is impossible that the operation of any
measure should alloc t all alike. Each has its
peculiar interests, whose advancement it
in? point, and what the plan? I do not expect um iW their commerce. No matter how rich the
miraciei to follow cacli other. None could be pro- citizen may be in flocks an j hedd in houses and
lands if his government does not furnish htm a
medium of exchange, commerce must be confined
to the petty barter suggested by mutual wants and
necessities, as they exist in savage life. The
history of all commercial countries shows that the
precious metals can constitute but a small part of
of this circulating medium. The extension of
commerce creates a system of credit the trans
mission of money from one part of the country to
the other, gives birth to the business of exchange.
To keep the value of this medium and the rates of
exchange equal and certain, was imperiously re
i quired bv the necessities of tho times when tho
bank was established. Under tho old confedera
cy, each of tho thirteen States established and
resulatcd its own monev, which passed for its full
value within the State, and was useless tho mo
ment it crossed the State border. The little
State of Rhode Island, for instance (I hope no son
of hers present will take offence at what I say)
so small that an Indian man might almost cover
her territory with his hand, was crowded with
B .nks. A man might have been rich at Provi
dence, but bofre he could travel to Boston, fort'
miles distant, he would starve for want of money
to pay for his breakfast. Had this state of things
continued some of the provisions of the Constitu
tion would have been of nr force or virtue. Of
what value to Congress would have been the right
to levy taxes, imposts and duties to regulate com
merce among tho different States, of levying and
collecting imposts, if ea'-di and every one of them
had possessed the right of payins; her taxes and du
ties iu a currency of her own.which would not pass
ono hundred miles, perhaps, from the Bank where
it was issued. Ths creation of a National Bank
presented tliowirost means of remedying these
-"ip:iMiiiig one ot me principal ol-
f m-f ifn t li 1 ! . Li: 1
th? Bank of the United States
removed them.
Congress refused to issue a Specie Circular it j
was issued by the Execctive. j
Congress rescinded the Specie Circular and
the Execctive defated the rescision. ,
Now the doctrines wc have always acted upon '
arc expressed in the sentiment of" Thomas Jef- '
ferson : The trill of the majori'y, honestly ciprcj- j
ted should give lave.
We assume that the best exponent of the Pop-'
ular Will is the decision of the Representatives
of the People; and we have always been desirous "
of carrying into effect their will thus expressed, j
This, says Mr. Jefferson, is the object of the
Whigs. The Jacksonians, on the contrary, have '
maintained that the Executite, and not Congress,
sjoko the rotcc of the people, and have always !
been the advocates for moasures that would ;
strengthen the Executive. This, says Mr. Jelfor-
son, is the obieet of the Tobies. i
j It is not a little singular that the samedistinc- ;
i tions were drawn by Mr. Van Bi ken himself in I
''TtS Tobies of England," said this gentleman, .
"strivet by all the means within their reach, to
incrcas tbe dominion and ixfixexck of THE ;
TIIROXWt the expense of the COMMONS
and the 1 JLL.; and the Whigs to counteract
the cxertiovtoC their adversaries, by abridging j
that dominiohv"-J. influence, or the advancement ;
of the rights am4ho consequent amelioration of
the condition of the people. The Toav principle.
Hasi ihou one heart t'jat laves &e,
la tii is da.-k world of care.
Whose geuUe smile approves taae-r-
Yieid not la (ink. despair. .
One toe whose fragrant blossom
Blooms but for thee alone ;
Ol foad, con5dia bosom,
Whos? love is all thy o a
l.e g;n;!e s:ar to guide thee,
And bica thee oa thy way,
That e'en he;t srxtns betide thee,
Still le.ijj jis gentle rav
Oae crytsl fountain, springing
Withia life's deserted waste,
Whose waters still are bringing
Raf.-eshraeat to thy taste
One tuneful voice to cheer thee.
Whoa sorrow hath distrest
Oae breast, whea thou art weary,
Whereon thy head t j rest
'Till that i est roe i faded,
And cold that heart so warm,
'Till clouds thy star hare shaded.
Heed not the passing storm :
'Till voices kind that blest thea,
All injts indaath do lie.
And t':e fount that oft refreshed the,
To thee is ever dry;
Thou hast oae tie to bind thea
To this dark world of care:
Then let not sorrow blind thje,
Yield not to dark despair.
recks; we have the sea coast, and you the noolc
river that flows at jour lect. to it must ever
be. Ho to the smallest government in the world
the Republic of San Marino in Italy, possessing
a territory of but ten miles square an 1 you will
fiud its citizens, separated but by a few miles,
having some interests which, on account of local
situation, arc separate and distinct. There is
not on the face of the earth, a plain rive miles in
I extent whone- inhabitants nro. tho siamwju their
crock, others near a hill, which, when any meas
ure is proposed lor the general benofit, will give
riso to jarring claims and opposing interests. In
such cases, it has always appeared to me that the
point to be examined was, whether the principle
was general; if the principlo were general, I
thotigh the application might be partial, I cheer
fully and zealously gave it my support. When an
objection has been made to an appropriation
for clcai ing the sn?gs out of the Ohio river, I have
answered it with the question, "Would you not
vote for an anorooriation to clear the Atlantic O-
ccan cf snags, were the navigation of your coast j experience of forty years, and risk the ruin of the
limn r.lwlni. iiJ tl.nir pnntrilmtn thpir nnrtion ! inntrv,6r the ako wf an Hr.rERinr.Tr. To this
of the revenue ' c.-tUv rr Kn coast and erect ! is all the distress of the country attributable. This
piers, harbors and light houses, trom which they has caused such nowcrlul invasions 01 iJatiK pa
tlerivc a rcmite benefit, and why not contribute per, like sudden and succeeding flights of birds of
yours to improve the navigation of a river whose prey and passage, and the rapid disappearance of
commerce enriches the whole country T" specie at its approach. You all know that Bank
It may bo expected, fellow-citizens, that I j notes have been almost as plenty as the leaves of
should siy something on a topic which agitates J the Drest in summer. Bat of what value are
anl distracts the nublic mind the dcranired state . thev to the holder, if he is compelled to pay his
seeking to absorb, as tar as practicable, Al-t.. ; u!ar author of our country. There is
POWMIl frfiir its If o'itimitr .'t rn4 t rt rrm- ' ... . . .
- .Vr iT iv 1 nCPSI m 113 UarPy ncartcu ciiccrtulncss
dense it ma INOLK HEAD: the W1110, bcin? t a . . : J . ...
an antasroaist nrincinle. laboring as assiduously ! cnt "e, which will make its beauty
From the Georgetown Metrojiolitan
U is with much pleasure that we make the I
gloomy subject of politics and finance give place,
for a. day, to the brighter picture of the following
exquisite little sketch, by the most gifte J and pop-
an approatc-i l,y Heaven, and independent
n . . 1. .. . . . . V. . . . .
ui iw. pre.- j 0n ojr rclurn j et in lno tat
lelt l;y all
ing her nurse, Oh! is it yoir, Mammy," and then
she fell into the arms of lep, tho swcet restor
er,'' who never fails to innocent healthful child
hood. Morning, and the eun, who always meets hi
engagements, came and clouds, which, in this
spring-time seldom fail, appeared, and poured
down their nourishing stores threatening to dis-
appoint my project of a stroll to Hoboken witha
party of children who were watching the Heav
en?, as nothing else is now watched but tho mon
ey market. Tho morning pas-sod, dinner came,
and the desert and the baby, the youngest of fix,
and the pet of them all. She looked as bright as
Guido's Aurora, as fhe made her grande entree
in her brother's arms, attended by her train ofsia-
I ters. . At sight of her the clouds of care, that in
j these careful times accumulate, banished from
i her father brow. Her mother greeted her with
j the chorus f her favorite nursery pong;
Cbi!; a-ring n-rir5 ching rhc
j iloa dina linkvui idaxkey r1'
! To which the replied by clapping her hands arid
I dancing her feet, and then amidst the acclamations
of her loving audience, she played her part al
mtet standing alone,'" alr.iost saying mama"
sitting iu the centre of the table, and rolling an
orange to each, and replying to the caresses of all
with a grace and significance never in tho world
seen- except from tho voungest of every happy
home. Riches mav take to themselves wings
thought I, "and fly away, but tho love of parents,
of brothers and sisters, the beauty and joy of in
fancy, tho ri-hes which Heaven has ordained and
watches over, nerrr fail.
1 The clouds passed of and we went to Hoboken.
i The grass, freshened by the recent shower, seem
1 ed greening under our feet. Tho birds were ou
I the win? sinsrinjr a tedcum for tho return of spring.
The buds were bursting into leaves, the dog-wood
was just unfolding its white blossoms, and the vi
olet opening its blue eye. "Naturehas not failed,"
though I. -Oh! that the worn, disappointed,
heartsick citizens of yon city would como forth,
and cnjjy a poscs.iou common to all, which
wealth cannot buv, nor poverty sell, chartered
Ol tula i)UU!v-aui
to resist the EXCKoAciiMENTS and MMiT the t anu wnicn, io nioc uo Know me simaiilc author,
extent of EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY. The j will have a characteristic charm, which they would
former is essentially the Monakcihal, and the ihardlv consent to share with the admiring thous
latter tho Dsmocr vticat, spirit of society." I R!Mi?fVh3 will perhaps only think, when reading
it, of tho author of lion Leslieand the Linwoodt.
JJCtSOI "-tiim- .. ., f ; -p.l
mamtainance 01 a currency whose value would be
uniform in every part of tho country. During the
40 years it existed, we had no general suspension
of specie payments as at present. We got along
well with it j and I am one of those who arcdis
pjsed to 1st well alone!"" lam "content to travel a
longtho good old turnpike on which I have jour
nicd befoi-e with comfort and expedition, without
turning asi Jc to a new track. I mat confess that
I do not possess that scaring self-respect that
! loft v confidence in mvown political sagacity and
f jrcsi'rbt which would induce me to set aside the
Tue Goveesmext rs. Tub people. And Pha
raoh said, Behold, tho people of tho land now arc
many, and ye make them rest from their burdens.
And Pharaoh commanded the same day ,Uc task
1 . if 1 j" i 1 jhij9 it ftlrfr rflf rirrf, saying,
Ye shall nomoresrive the injople straw to make
mv friends Mr.
shared tho disasters of
of the currency and the general stagnation of bu
siness. In giving my opinions on this topic, 1 wish
it distinctly understood, that 1 force them on no
man. I am an independent man, speaking to in
dependent men. I think lor myself; you of course
enj y and exercise the same right. I cheerfully
concc Jc to every one the liberty of differing with
me in sentiment, readily granting that he has as
good a chance of being right as myself perhaps a
better. But I have some rcspct lor mv character
as a public man. The present state of things has
grown outof a scries of measures to which lhave
been in uniform opposition. In speaking of their
consequences, I am doing but justice to myself in
showing them in justification of my conduct. I
am performing a duty to my fellow citizens, who
have a right to know tho opinions of every pub
lic man. The present state of things is unparal
leled 111 the annals of our country. The general
debts in specie? and who can be expected to pay
his debts, when the tjovcrnment has withdrawn
the specie from circulation ?
You have not felt the evil in its full extent. It
is mostly in prospect, and you arc watching its
approach. While you are endeavoring to guard
against it, strive to prevent its future recurrence.
As you would hunt down with hound and horn,
the wolf who is miking nightly havoc of your
flocks and herds, pursue and keep down those
who would make havoc in your business and pro
perty by experiments on your currency.
Although the country has bowed beneath the
pressure, I do r.ot fear that it will be broken down
and prostrated in the dust. Depress them as it
may, the energy and industry of the people will
enable them to rise again. We have for a long
time carried a load of bad government on our
shoulders, and we are still able to bear up under
brick, as heretofore : let them go and gather straw
for themselves. And the tale ofthe bricks which
they did make heretofore, ye shall lay upon them;
ye shall not diminish aught thereof; for they be i
die, therefore do they cry. Let there more
work bo laid upon the men, that they may labor
.therein; and let them not regard suchword..
And the task-masters of tho people went out, and
their ollicers, and they spako to tho people, say
ing. Thus saith Pharaoh, I will not give 3'ou straw
Go ye, get your straw where ye can find it; yet
not aught of pour work ehill be diminished. " So
the people vera scattered abroad throughout all
the laud of Egypt, to gather stubble instead of
strv. And the task-masters hasted them, say
injr, Fulfil vour tasks, your dailv task?, as when
there was straw. And the officers of tho children
of Israel, which Pharaoh's task-masters had set o
vcr them, were beaten, and demanded, Wherefore
have ve not fulfilled your task in making brick,
both yesterday and to-dav. as heretofore? Holy
The tyranny of Pharaoh, and his obduracy, were
remarkable in his day, and such that they passed
into a proverb for alt after time. The foregoing
Was recorded by the pen of inspiration as an ex
ample. Who does not see its parallel, running
upon all fours, in our own times, and in our own
country? Da the people complain of the oppres
sive edicts of our modern Pharaoh? They ara
told to"o home and go to work When our
people M'ent up to their rulers, to ask a repeal of
the Order requiring specie for land, they were
answered by t;co other orders, requinn? specie j al persons there, casual visiters, friends of the
for customs, and specie far postages! Mark the family, like myself. Apprehension, sadness, or
time too, when these fresh outrages were perpe- I dismay sat on evcrv countenance. The convcr-
1 1 rated : The government for near a year, had been ;
I'm the Editors of the Metropolitan t
Oettlejiex: 1 was, a few evenings since, at
a friend's house, Mr. J's. He is one of the se
vere eufTorcrs of these disastrous times. Sonic
few weeks ago he believed himself worth half a
million. Loss has accumulated upon loss here,
and, last wefekhe return of his bills upon a bank
rupt house in England completed the wreck of
his fortune. At tho time of his failure his daugh
ter, my lovely friend Helen, M as on the point of
marriage with a young lawyer, who, by dint of
talent and industry, has earned an education, and
who during the last year, tho first of his profes
sional career, has been in the receipt of some
ten or twelve hundred dollars. This, of course,
was a very inadequate income for a lady accus
tomed to an establishment scarcely surpassed in
luxury by any in our city.
- But this mattered not to Helen, or Helen's fa-
l. 1 1 t. 1 1 : i . . 1 1 . ,
uii-r. 11c cnosi; ue tiiiu, "mai ins oauo-iitcr 1
should marry poor men, he had enough for them
all." And he was actually in treaty for a fine
j house for Helen, and had decided on the amount
of a most liberal portion to be seltled on her, J
when tno blow came which deprived him of the
ability to give her a shilling. Circumstances ad
ded mortification to disappointment. Miss J. had
left her "at home" cards at the houses of her
friends. Tho wedding dresses and the wedding
presents 'were made. The bridal veil and wecU
ding ring were bought, and the wedding cake
. 1 1 - . 1 ..... . .
was actually in me nousc. .it tins crisis it was
j that I had gone, my face full of condolence, if it j .
j did any justice to my heart, which was full cf j .Cr
j sympathy, to pass the evening at her father's. I ! .
a:a .. ii.i 1.... .1 I out
and Mir. E. Thev have
the times, without having provoked them by spec
ulajion or extravagance, and were about to leave
their beautiful house in Square for a humble
country lodging. They both were chcerfulhe rath
er more so than usual ; and when I remarked this she
..11 c . " . 1 . ... I tt'liet
saw, 1 nave a reason lor 11. 1 hjw "-4
wc can and what wc can't loose; and the balance
is beyond estimation, in our favour. This is no
place or time for sentiment," she glnnced her eyes
fondly from her husband to her litile boy who held
herhand,"or I would tell you of what is most pre
cious I have not lost, but even hero I may say,
that though my husband's business has failed, his
integrity, ability, industry; and cnterprisa haa
not failed." "NcV.her," thought I, "docs the fidel
ity of a true hearted wife, her tenderness, forti
tude, and efevatedness, put her to what trial you
will, ever fil!
The next day was Sunday In the evening,
our pastor preached upon the times, and from the
tct "who shall separate us from the lovo of God;
and I believe not an individual left the church
without a sense of the littleness of those temporal
possessions that are liable to fail, and a deep grat
itude for those eternal and illimitable riches that
are offered to our srrasn. When 1 came home I
found the following into from Hcllen J.
I ''.Mv dear friend, mv father has at last consent
ted that I shall not participate tho general bank
ruptcy, so, pray come to-morrow, the day original
ly appointed for my wedding, and witness my
non-failure. Thanks to my mother I have been
so instructed in domestic economy, that I may in
dulge in the luxury cf marrying the man I Awe,
though behave not above a thousand dollars a
year; and as I hold true love, capacity, industry,
and frugality to be a sufficient security, I do not
fear that wc shall fail in our conjugal partner
ship." A Parisian belle, during the cholera panic pain-
I ted over her door, "no cholera to be spoken of
re!" I would eo a little firthcr, and during
panic, not only proscribe the agitating topic;
. 1 " i- i tr ! 1 f.1
did not find Helen at home but there were sever- i "'"'".'!"U,J wmii,
r--ii.-i; iiic pressure tu wiiiuii oca lire g'tw n
minlyarctwo passively yielding. New Ydrk,
suspension ot specie payments by the banks be- it. But 1 do not see that, tor that reason, we
ginning I know not where, and ending I know not j sho"ld be willing and eager to carry it. I do not
where, but comprehending the whole country j sec why it should prevent us from wishing toles
has produced wide spread ruin and confusion ' sen it as much as possible, if not to throw it off
through the land. To you the scene is one of ap- j altogether, when we know that we can get along
prehension as yet; to us of deep distress. You js3 much easier and faster without it. While we
cannot understand, my fellow citizens, nor can I ! arc everting ourselves with renewed industry and
describe it so as to enable you to understand, the economy to recover from its blighting effects
embarrassment and suffering which is depressing while wc plough the land and plough the sea
tho spirits and crushing the energies of the people . let us hasten the return of things to their proper
ofthe sea-girt States of the east. You areagii- state, by such political measures as will best ac
culturists you produce what you consume, and complish the desired end. Let us inform our pub
always have the means of living within your reach. lie servants of our wishes, and pursue such a
Wc depend on others for their agricultural produc- j course as will compel them to, obey us.
tions we live by manufactures and commerce, of j In conclusion, my fellow citizens, I return you
which credit is the life's blood. The destruction ; my thanks for the patienrc and attention with
of credit is the destruction of our means of liv- ! which you have listened to me, and pray the ben
ing. The man who cannot fail to fulfill theirs, ! cfirent Giver of all good, that he may keep you
must suffer for his daily bread. And whoare those under the shadow of his wing, and continue to
who suffer? Not thericb, for they can generally j bless you with peace and prosperity.
t:ike care of themselves. Canital is inrenious
, . . , 1 4.ITn f At.!-.. Tt-, f rLr. IT;t1 i Cn
anu lar signteu reaov iu resources anu teruie in , "uut. vumm. .hj uinjvi
hoarding the specie of the country in the vaults
of the Pet Banks. Those Banks have "suspend
ed specie payments'" in other words, refuse to
pay out the specie, even on their own notes. And
that is the precise time selected by Pharaoh and
his task-master3 to give two additional turns to
the screw of oppression! Verily are the people
required to "make brick without straw T' Ohio
sation naturally turned upon the all-absorbing top
ic of the day. Each one had his melancholy talc
to relate, for each one had had his hopes. " One
told of one fdilure, and one of another one gave
a list of disasters abroad, and another produced
an actual record of bankruptcies at home. It
was prophecied that all who had not failed would
"There is nothing left to fail," exclaimed Mr.
J. striking bis hands with vehement impatience,
"the banks have failed, and the government has
May, 1S37.
0FJoe Smith. This noted chractcr, leader of
Van Burenism in Geauga county, and prophet of
the Mormonitcs, has lately been taken up on a
charge of attempting to murder. The Cleve
land Herald says, that he has a revelation, that a
certain sceptic in the neighborhood of Kirtland,
deserved martyrdom, and procured a couple of
men to shoot him. They were detected, and
caused the prophet to be taken up with themselves
It will be recollected that Jo shot a man near
! Independence, Mo., a few years since, and made
failedeverybody, and everything has failed!" ihig capc, to prercnt the populace from an im-
w...,, ...j u mediate exercise of Iynch law. lie will, proba
expedients to shelter itself from the impending j Sfatcs army, in imitation of the government, ad-
storm. Shut it out from one source ot increase, vcrtisea a lew weeks since, topay specie ior nor
nnilttu-ill tin.! nthprnvrmirs nf n roil tn hip invest- SCS. for the U?C of the drasroons. Having
The receiver at Jeffersonville, on Saturday eve
ning, received an order from the Secretary of the
T . . . t i 1 " ; . i i . i . i - . . ,
a ici-jiv io pay ho mjrooi me puoisc iiuney m- neicn, wno just men enicrea wnn ncr lover, ncr i.i .. i. t i : - t
to the Louisville Banks but to keep the h,lea; j face radiant within expression that indicated . flently meditate on the beauties of his -fjsd-munt
,rorpoctct!! Who can deny, that ; that hcr happiness was secured from failure by j CQ Liblcand moral precepts which it
iuc uciiiiv 9eiciii ii -i wvii uuujiui in i ij ; vonn anu. mvriguge, arn every Hung, sir me I
perfection!!! " j moon has not failed P This happy turn of my
We hear many complaints of the want of small 1 friend eave an impulse to my mind, and set me ;
i change. We can assure our readers, however, to observing who and what had not failed. I trive !
j that there is an abundance of one kind of "change" ; you the result of my observations in the hope that j "The Rcirso I'awhk stsoko it Dr;.vrnT
j change from Van Burenism to the party that j it ma' lead others to look beyond the shadow off Anecdote. Fact.- A seaman, (judging by his
i supports the Constitution. ; this eclipse. While returning home I echoed my j rjarb.i a few days since, was discovered in the
V hat does the Great Crosser think of tha pres- friend's words, "indeed the moon has not failed!" j car!y part of the day quite inebriated, strotSsg
t happy condition of the national credit? We ! She, with her glorious train of stars, was looking ' happilv along the docks. By a tnis-etep he fall
suppose, however, that he does not teel the pres- down serenely on our troubled citv, bearing a i m the creek, disappeared, end when cxpcctatioaa
calcs. The loss to the christam public, cannot toe
very great, whatever it may be to tho
t rat ion. Cin. HrAg '
scs, for the u?e of the dra croons. Having con
traded for a number, he called the Commercial
Asrencv, at St Louis, to "shell out" some of the
mcnt. It is the industrious working part ot com-
' in ;in it v mrn u fioso hin k hnvr crown hard bv
! hMding the plongh and pulling the oar men who ! "metalic currency," placed in its vault? by Mr.
I 1iunll nn ilmii-.Mir l w onrl ilioir rllK- iv W h:tnpv s influence. Mmr Anderson was not
, 7 I l -
i who. when the operations of trade and commerce j to tc so easily caugut, an
Cirilinm. doaler the "better currency
I im nil... .. . .7 ; ..v... ...... .. . ..v w. - -
-vn carta powerful enough to accom- selves and their fimili hut berrarvand starva- ever, ns Mnnr lirant s"promi?
P-n our overthrow. Our destruction, shonl l it 1 tion. All this hns born attributed to causes as i be fulfilled bv specie, that the farmers might vcr-
th-.!i. Vc.r'"Pni anther quarter. Vrmt ! different as can be imagined: over trading over j ify their neighbour Benton's prophecy, the "horse-
u.! ii tne pconle tothc concern nf . Ln in.rr.. . ..n; t-,.: -hork" were refused: and. as wc arc lntormca
i - - v. e-v lllll v v a ir-a. v utuiiiij,- v j
production, terms which I acknowledge I did not j by the St. Louis Republican, the "so. licrs must
very well understand. Iam at alossto conceive ' go without their pay, and the dragoons without
how a nation can become noor bv over production i their harscs." Cin. Whig.
sure, surrounded as he is by the "yellow boys'
. The General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church. The proceedings of this body continue
t u excite deep interest. Our last notice of their
motion by Mr.
' i . : i i : -
i prottcrca xne norse- mTkerid to aDnoint a committee
4 ln-mucb, how-. and vc
esiopa, ctr iv, .p. .
... me people to the concerns of
',r Povcrnmcnt from their carelessness and
-tcoS thit I do apprehend
- ul c ill 1 1 a . . l 4" I
t nrtnorlw " r'"" M-nam.'.nnu lau
P'peny scrutuiixs iK:. .u.
luiiauti.uiai in
,v:- L.i men-
uZ aod Clr ,h3 du9 olesign
Tlhc of their
in? thewln- anj b v win mCan.S f dc,CCt
Tbe gentian w hVhi iTJn 7?'
"ch flattering iT. " addressed me in
the t?" W attachment
?fort. i;Y;;r:w,l.n n efforts in its
nomcrit on tint account. It re
producing more than she can "sell or consume
I do not see where there has been overtrading
except in the public lands, for when every thing
else was up to such an enormous price and the
public land tied down to one dollar and aquartei
an acre, who would not have bought it if he could?
The cause could not have produced all those
consequences which have produced such general
lamentation. They must have proceeded from
some other source. And I now request you, my
fellow citizens, to bear witness, that here in this
iroodlv city, on the banks of the Ohio, on the first
Abscsck or Mrxiv-The lovers ofthe marvellous
say that Ethan Allen once bit off the end of a
tenpenny nail, which he happened to have in his
pocket, supposing it to be his Virginia pig tail. He
did not discover his mistake until the little pieces
began to cut his tongue, when he swore by the
Continental Congress, that the niggers had left
the stems ia the darned stufl. Acir Era.
(j-A new paper has been commenced at Bal
timore, called -The Merchant."1 and edited by
Duff Green.
message of lve to the disquieted spirit, an assu- J aDi hope of recovering him had nearly vanished,
ranee that there is a better joy awaiting those j he wa brought up lifeless, disgorged about a ffal-
i "who have ceased to.rejoice because their wealth j loaand a half of water, and recovered his speech.
)is great, and because their hand has gotten The fir?t expression he uttered, was: "Ls there
much." On my way I met a friend returniag s av rrrrc grog in that bottleP!!! ,
! from the thcratre "Did Ellen Tree socccrt ' ! 11 "
fail ha replied. I rv rstr Wiw Proirlnt IIdmriVi rvv tJ Aflft
t prepare ! .,p:aii the world mav fail i bet -Ellen Tree, ; hcrst College, in a letter descriptive of 9 vast
ilunUry di- ' Sm Cr.t Ellen Tra cannot' fail I" ,.u,ir-n nTGreat Britain ravs. it aooears frosa
pointed on Mon- i f entered mv home, mv oldjfcaf friend Mrs. Si -,,tr.f.ntir ftrxirras that durincr the French revota-"
day morning, and spent the whole day in nego- wag siuing alone reading so intently, that she tionarv waf, which broke oat in 1793 and lasted
ciating, but could not agree, and both parts of , kl notobsen e me. IUr book touched the foun-1 i802,Great Critain expended 4G8 millions ef
the committee reported separately to the Assenv ; lauis feelinsj. wiped her spectacles, and j pounds, or about 2390 millions of dollar. The
bly. I oncc or twice Jaughedaknld. Ah ! thought I, books i war Bram?t Bonaparte bcg?n ia 103, and ended
All parties are now openly and avowedly for i nave not failed. , These exhaust! cm magazine of j isi5. During those twC years of extrava
separation. They cannot harmonize together, 1 happiness, these silent ministers t the oul, nnce and carnage, she tfiiCam enonnoSs ICS
and must separate, l he only question is as to ; these welcome and successful missionaries to all ; r l ivj millions!!-77I saTJiona cT wcf XM-
the modus operandi- Com. Herald of May 31. i prts of the civilized world, have not, and cewsf BCd bv taxes - A
faitr . , . - :
. m f I
As 1 went to ny room 1 met our lauanu nuraei
going her accastesned round to take n last look at
the sicepincehiMren. - -fineness ana naemy m
The city of Boston will be cntitldtL" according
to the new census just completed, to send fitty-ix
1 members to the next legislature of Massachu
setts. A Good rrrt A preacher io a funeral scrrnon
i on a ladv, after summing ap her good qualities,
iaided, "that the always reached hex
: his hat when he called for it, wittemt nattering.
The workmen in the L". S. Armory
JlassachusetLf, are totd that it tbey ma
nmcr monev. thev mav leave their s
1 1 j . . . ii
domestic service have umtfvUd? tnmight I, a. I At the same eMS
looked at theirineraosW in this excellent wo- receives nothing but specie. Here
. .. -. . . 1 -:iu r f milk one icina ot currcnev for uw pkt 1
man! -nor nas ueir sssbwh rew ? j 7," JI i UV .t ,..,:r, -
1 1 J .1 l. mm mm ka littbi tnri. her ! UK USMEn nu wwwti
iiujwiw 1 wruicr ur) " V Tt- ktttm.
lumbers for moroent broken, nsannureo, a- .

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