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From the Delaware Suite Journal.
"ILlttim Sevebc. The Hon. John M. Clay
ton, of Delaware, sentenced a inan who was con
victed at tbc last sitting of the court, at Smyrna,
f r kllnapping, to stand C mr hours in the pillory,
then to receive upon the bare back sixty lashes,
p'lt f Kir yours in solitary confinement, sold for
seven years to the highest LidJer,and pay a fine
of fifteen hundred dollars."
We arc induced to notice the above paragraph
from hivinjf observed it copied in several resjioc-
. a -era. a .
nuie prints armng which arc the iMiiirenrff ra-
triot and Pennsylvania Inquirer. Where it origin-
ateJ we know not. It Lj Dartlr untrac in point; h.t
of fact, and wholly so in the itnorvs.- i in it seems ! where he was arrested for his list crime, in 1817,
intended to convey, thai chief j istbe Clayton lus ! aucl delivered uo to the requisition of the govcrn
demcaned himself with vnlto or iattr ,or yever-1 or cf Mirylnn.j! He was hung at Snow Hill.
ity in tbo case allude 1 :-. Ju.'.g-j Ciajtn livl ; Bcfrc his execution, he mde a confession of ase-
his associate, arfcl aUe hss-vnir, sitt; wi'-h i
mm anno uraemia "vainer cove rc tic:nicu:o was
.. - - - .....v... .....
rendered, a fuct wLioh tlic auUrir of tUfJ para- j
graph Bccrm i hive forgotten. Jndc C2a ton,
we sy, anl U'u assoriata.-, j ilgas Click aril .iy
ton, aremcrely the organs jf lllS lW, un lni iat
mike their eonfente, in all case?. COOtl.ni t the
liW, whether th It bo severs or not. ,
I Oi the crim-j of kldmpoinjj, tho law of this j
tito has provided that, c vcry pcraon convicted ,
of kidmppin f h ill fir?..: it an 1 jay to the state a j
fine of nt lc thin o:jr thfll.ianl dollars nor i
thin two th'xiaund dollars, thall lc set on tho !
ly whipped with sixty lashes on the bare back well ;
aid on, a in snan uc nn;insonod in solitary connnc-
rncnt fr a term not less than three nor irurc than
seven j'ears, an iat tlic expiration ot said unpns-l negroes were found concealed about the premis
onmcnt shall bo disposed of as a servant to the S csfchained neck and foot. At the April term of!
liihfst and best bidder or biilders, for the term ;
of seven years; an J every person or persons, so
offen linfr a second tiin?, irn conviction of su:h
sof 'm I oirontc, shall su.'fer dcatbv'
TIjo ki In ip;cr. in the present case, was John
Wial y, an old kITlh It, an 1 the case was that of
hia own npprcntica bvf wharnWhatcy had sent
to the house of Michael Mil.'man, in jrchcstcr
county, Maryland, forui'jrly notoriotis as the
scene of th? ntroci-xis in irJers comoiittcd by the
:brate! kidnapper and murderer, Joe Johnson,
andtllCfrlir? fli'rorni. P.tttv fTitinrin. Thr liov wns i
i nifrMio (icmoii, t'utty tyinn'in. j ne ooy was
in iKhfrUn .Un nr!m. .,l,.i,.Uo!.;,.,l
. r v........... ....
oiTwitha n'MiheruVothctkidmDnci black?, where
two Sjescx gentleman, who were in purs jit of
their own servant, found him and restored him to ;
free lom. Win ley was tried last October, in rf is- i
cex, at tho superior court, but was ncrpiittcd, the '
oltjnTo having been committed in Kent county;
his guilt being clear, however, tho court bound
bim over fw trial in Kent.. On the trial at Do-
wa it................. it.. . i e
vcr, tho case w as proved by a great n jni!cr of wit-
nesses, to bo of a most outrageous and
I aggrava- ;
;'s council ;
tc I character, so muc h so, that Wha!
.i. ..... . . . . . ... . . .
.i'i ii i uiu-iiiiu loariruc trio lacis lo in
I ir- i-v !
-,!....,. 1, . r.,.r..i i. ...u
, , . ...
,nn,..a ,:,,-,J 1?lJ,ri,1T ioo u- an I Ins u.xlv was r.il'e I up in the table cloth d v
trjcio 13 character of the t,i, nrc oi kidnapping, cJ in tis an, bs-rict in tbo field the other
tho cruelties and even murder which it frequent- was ma rde red as he went to the stable to get his
ly involves, and tho doiicultics of conviction, we , .rse, and buried in tho field. Several of the
bavonlwnys regarded it as a crime which inarit- ki linppcd blanks were ascertained to hav e been
cJ t.io utm st seventy ol the law. In the pres- i in.jrdered. One of them, a bov, was found with
cnt instance, there was not a redeeming circum- his scull beaten in he had been kidnapped, and
stance tho man was an old ofh n Lr,he had ro!- crics worc so louJ that Johnson, appre hensive
bed under trust, fo,- tho bay was hts own apprcn- ; ,,cy woM ho hcared, knocked him in the head
tice,conliJcJ to bis care and keeping by the law, I an j pilencoJ bim forever.
and the court had a li'dit t view it as a case) Hot tmmm-r iu luimr,tOTtress-htirnarir1endw.
which would warrant thorn in going to tho utmost
ta the
in tho pillory, sixty lashes, loar years imprison-j
ment, (there is no solitary imprisonment in this i
st tto though the law in this case directs it,) a fine
of $100 -and the sale for seven years, which is
an ainir altogether nominal. Such ia tho cxpla- j
nation of this rather sevore" sentence indicted,;
not by tho "Hon. John M. Clayton," but by the i
tourt, composed of chief justice Clayton, and as- j
sociates Black and Lay ton, and prescribed by the i
loiter of the hue. A sentence never was more !
richly merited. The mode of punishment moy I
h . M.tn..A it..-.. 1 1 . T r. a rakrvi.i.l cAnflll.l!?- I
ing witli every thingarounl hcr,but wc know that ;
utmost extent of tha I iw, ns their sentence 1 b tj nt onlv aided Johnson in his murders and i fort9 ofthos-a competed with the nswepapc-r prsss. rhe on- castings
little W vond th, ninimum fixed bv the act of, othcr crimes, but had murdered and kidnapped j Z SiSlKal ZrtJ the' Sa
n lv-. nio -Jour Amirs" pillory, is nn cxag- . b!a-ks herself. She was arrested, and comnu ted ' 'frn' sT ai..,. rirtrrq. nn:) wnrkml thn fltm'fiTnfi turn nf fthA f
ition. ofccrJTtic, The sentence was one hr.xr ; a Gconrctown triol. where the miserable wretch ; "party" Phtlitinas. I
iv n me sin jjci uicriimnii jmiiiimhiiliu, um in n ; ,n jj jrchostcr.an 1 wirsues the traie ot Kiannppini. ...... .j ... ...... j,.....-
Ciu!t, if any, attaches to tho .egi,l iture and not Two S,s,cx gentlemen (Mr. Houston and Mr. ! Z
toth3 court. Dolawaro adheres to her nnr-iciit s Wilson) Inst year visited this denjof iniquity, in ; ave nood ou thir pmpriciyj w e will not prune to recit3.
rorlc, while mJcm rennn has been busily dc.l!- SpTrrK of kidliawcd neTrocs, and found among ! We deam it sufficient to remark, that it has bean flagrant
reform is n t always improvement, and Delaware I jrK,r apprentice boy of John Whaley. Mr.IIous
ijcontnnt t rem tin as ho is until something , ton knew theboy, an! in "defiance "of the threats :
letter lliin f ha has yet seen is presented to her J 0r Miilman, they struck olT the boy's fetters and i
conn?t;r.itiu. brought him awav with them. '
Wiiile wo are on tho subject of kidnapping, j Th sc who may read the preceding narrativc.will '
sonic reminiscences occur to us connected with ; n )W j,c a.varc of the policy, as well as humanity, i
Joo Johnson an I Tatty Cannon, whose names arc . Gf being rather severe in suppressing the crimes
mentioned above, which m ty be deemed interest- ; of kijQapping in the state of Delaware.
ing to our reatlcrs. This Joe Johnson anJ Patty ! j
Cairn n, a few years ago, ivere as notorious in the I A committee on behalf of the town of Ncwbu-1
lower part of this state, and of .Mary lanJ, as mur-j ryport, have invited John Quincy Adams to de-j
dcrers, kidnappers and robbers, as the most re-, liver an oration in that town, on the next anniver- j
njwncJ heroes ol this description, we have on
record. Joe Johnson's house, which is now occu-1
pied by Michael Miilmm as a kidnapper, (wc are
uot aware that Michael has vet added the title of
" i i - . - :..',.,:, .
murderer and rubber l the more mg.onous one
ri-i r - :.. i.i, , .,?,.. i ....
of kidntnpcr,) lies in Dorchester countv, .vlirv -
, , -v. J. ,., ,l rr..
Ian J, within a stone s throw ol Caroline county,
.J . . i
in tbo sanM state, and ot Sussex in our own state.
Patty Cannm's house was in Sussex countv,
and but a short distance from Johnson's. Joe's
house was a receptacle for all the kidnapped nc-
gro9 from this state and the country round, and a
mire convenient location for such a purpose could
carccly bo imagined. It was a sequestered spot,
at a distance from anv road, in a thinlv settled '
neighoorhoKJ, and ii pressed by the law or its oi-,
fibers, nothing was easier thin tor Joe and his j
myrm. Lhis to escape into the adjoining county ol
Curol.no, or it it suited bin Utter, into our state.
Tr is -i Ik titers rm rr irvin.nt lin n
4 tll J VU 0 J V a-J vow v. a vrvy am j
ort of stopping place, where gentlemen of the
kidnapping Iraternity might re ires ti tncmsclvcs
and ttteir charge before tliey reached the general
depot, Joe Johnson's house, l'atty was a strap
piuj wen :h a wo n in of great strength and te
rocitv. She could and often did knocli down a
tout negro nun, tic htm, pat him ina cart, and!
u - ... ikj.-m.s"
vtrr, uiiibv.;i iwviiu3.'ii b.
Tatty Cannon had a daughter who was a vcrv
hmJfumie worn in and had been twice married.
Her first husban J was a notorious kidnapper, nam
ed Henry Bruin ton, alias Urcreton, who died on
the gallows the second, was Joe Johnson. In
Rrninton time. Patty Cannon's house was fre
quently visited by persons from thc south who '
came to buy negroes, and thestorv was told and
believed, nay rendered certain, that manvsuchj
persons, after visiting Patty, were never heard of j
. m . .a, a "t - t . 1 i
again. .At icngtn tue muruers came out, ana wc
murderers were detected. Two traders, one of
whom was named Ridgclt, with a sum of money,
came to Patty's no evening to purchase negroes;
ho artfully detained him by tho kindest treat
ment, entertained them with apple toddy, and
other gentle mixtures, while she sent out Bruin
ton, and two men of the name of Grilfm, to fell a
tree across tha Laurel road, to which town thc
travellers were destined. When they wc redone,
Patty dressed in men clothes, and armed with a
musket, started by a short cut through the forest,
to jin the murderers. When the traders came
to the tree their horse stopped, and all four of the
murderers who were lying in ambush, fired at once.
Rtdgcll was shot through the body but ho h il
energy enough, for the nroect, to defend hie li e.
and beiey armed with pistsl?, h? and his rvm-
panion fired into tho cover where the murderers
were lying, and drove them from the field. Mr.
Rtdgcll was carried by his friend to Laurel where
be died that night. Governor Haslett offered a
reward for the murderers, and they were all ar
rested. One of the Griffins turned state's evi
dence, and convicted his brother and Bruintoo,
who were hung. Patty, the fiend in human shape,
escaped on account of her sex, a nolle prosequi
having been entered.
After the execution of Bruinton and Griffin, the
brother Griffin, the state's evidence, went into
Maryland, where he mirJcred two men, the last
ot whom was Mr. Horsey, the postmaster at fcnow
Hiil.ia Worcester count v. Maryland became foo
t ! ,!.! him nnl f.T. rotirrvl intn this state. I
ries of most atrocious mur!frs and robberies, cora-
luiiiiK iij ii. 111 ana uiu j; my. nnu
cjnnectcd in this state and Mirylan-.
muted bv him an ! thofrin-r. with which tie was i
After Bruinton or Urcreton'a death on the v!-
Jews, Joe Juh:;son married the widow, Patty Can- !
uonl da'irhtcr, Still a bcautitul worn in, tnd Cf- j
t il.Iishcilhlnwr IC at th c'f rnt in D rcLcstcr
oojnt V. Here he carried on the business cf kid- j
napping rjhhcry, and it is liclievcd ni'irder, for '
Hiverdryc-ar-,and made a ban Idomo frtune in the !
b;j5i.ac?. John ton was six feet high, a poweifal
m in, and remarkably well formed. At length j JP- i
ti ;e overtook hia. In the year the Sheriff i
midniiht in the h use of Patty Cannon, where he
p nc to see hia w ifc. They were taken com- 1
plctcly by surprise fifteen or twenty kidnapped
that year, Joe was tried at Georgetown. He had
plenty of money, and employed eminent counsel, J
Mcfsrs. Vandyke, Thomas Clavton, Wells, and i
Copper. The prosecution was conducted by the
present attorney pcneral, Mr. Rogers, Mr. James
lKth,nn J.Mr. John M. Clayton, then recently
admitted to the bar. Joe was convicted of kid-
ino'.io" and s-iflbred the neiialtv of tho law. at
liapj.m., ana SUIcrCi Hie penally oi nil. inw, ui j
mat tiiiio more severe man at present. "ua
indicted tor kidnanoiri'v a nfro named Thomas I
4rcn"cr. Patty Cannon the she-demon, still es- ;
caned un
:. i..it .1 i c. .i". ,i
... . . . , . '.i t
scnicuior Kianappin-r. rne naa om v 10 cross toe ,
linn and find a safe rcfttgO in Johnson's house in j tended much to unhinge the master-work of ourconstitution
Darc hcstcr county. Joe Johnson left the country al fathers, we need not here particularly speak. Euo igh for
and Went to the EOUth. our purpose to k,,ovv, that those abuses have served to out-
. .1.. JT ft ii- rage the feelings of the people, and to awaken a spirit of
.awMi,iuij iwi.i..
crimes Were passing away trom tnc recollection i till the high places are purgsd and cleansed of their aborai
of the ncighborhood,w hcna man who was plough- i nnble fouln-jsses.
iug a Held on Patty Cannon's furm.struek on a hard I LWo ''ave ,lha? lhe revolution is not ended On-,
V . ! i - t . . i whose claims to dignity and station we have thus far been
...... - !
a ,,;)X cantainliiir the body of a murdered man.
s imimcp. u'liirn nn in mvrmii r ion nnn i'!i K' iiir
jp sl
ijnt t
lartlicr inquiry, the horrible lact came to !
that Johnson had murdered two white men. !
ii i .i t- i -i i i f
: " - "
0. Ucm v.j,s p,)0l wmI, caU at his tatIC,
cannot be correctly ascertained. lv tho tcstimo-'
tcrminatcJ her atrocious career by swallowing ar
scni''. Such ia the tale of horrors connected
with Joe Johnson's house ia Dorchester county.
Johnson, lho hero of so many atrocities, it is
s-ii l is still living. After his conviction in 1822,
lis went, as we have saul, to the south.
A !
STl n ;
tlem in living in Sussex, was in New Oi lcans a
bout a year ago, where he saw Johnson on tle le
vee an J knew him. He now bears another name,
anJ h 'tls the office of jadgo of probate in a south-
Michael Millnnn now occupies Johnson's hoUFC ,
others who were there concealed in chains, the
: sary of the inuepenacnce, and he has accepted
the" invitation, provided his health shall permit
' him to pronounce it.
, . . , , . i-. c
Colonel .Morns, the enterprising pubhsher of
, , ,- . ' ', , ,,
: the New ork Mirror,has secured the valuable
t.. - . . .. . .
literary aid of Captain Marrvatt, who is now en-
i .J r r.r. .
j gaged upon a scries of original papers for that
I ,. , . ... p .,
I Pe"odaL Their publication will commence
j w,th thc ncw vo,um?-
A swcLcnaAL socnd. There
is a ncw paper
J started whirh bears the t
, Your from Holmes Hole.'
Potatoes. Useful Reeeij. We every day
tinppininliinU nlnit walrpv nntn trkr. Tnt ir-
o he a iecc of ,ime as , - &g a
and ho wn,crv FOCVcr thc Mocs hc
bccn wfarn tho" watCf is cJ o(r ,he ' taloca
mhc pcrft,v drv aJ niealv. Some persons
. . - .
use salt, which only hardens potatoes
ViRcnriA. This state has succeeded in loaning
$S50,(XK), of the amount authorized by the last le
gislature, at an interest of sis per cent.
uxa to Colcmbcs. The tolls for the months of
nt isrr. on this trrat nntiml thrm.r,r.
j are much greater than at any former period.
..jr...,-.., v V!r; ,
$3,070 &t
2,483 12
Increase, 597 82
The Baltimore Patriot of Saturday savs Green
Pe, strawberries and potatoes, of this season's
growth, were for sale in the Baltimore market
this morning, in considerable quantities, Peas 75
cents per Whcl, and strawberries 23 centsper
. u1"'
Watermelons have been broucbt to Providence.
R. I. from Havana, in great preservation, and of
good flavor.
By a census just completed we learn that tbc
population of Boston is 80,823 being an increase
since 1830 of 19,431, or about 33 percent.
Pexjit Royal. Fanners might asilr save
the flesh of horses and cows, and confer great
kindness on their animals, in preventing thc usual
annoyance of flies by simply washing the parts
with the extract of penny-royal. Flies will not
alight a moment on thc spot to which this has
been applied. Everv man who compassionate
' to his beast, onght to know this simple remedy,
! m - . . - ,.7
ana every livery siaiue ana country ma ovgni jo
hive a ? JFply on hand f?r traveller?. ?
BKeTOiae-xD rxsia-xa 331a aero j.
Priated mm PaMisaedl every Saturday T
d. p. i::llovmy & d. v. davis,
At Ike Boat west cormer of Maia aal froat at.
BICHMOXO, Wayae coo at y, Iadiaaa.
aanam, payable ia advance. Two Dollars and Firrr t
cents, if paid within the year ; and Three Dollars if pay- !
moat be delayed until tha year expires.
O.n dollar per square for three insertions ; and twenty-five
ceats for each a IdiUonal iatrtion. Ter square for three j
month, $3; for six months $6; or $10 per annum; two
sfpj&re $15 50 p:r annum ; thraa squares $23 per annum.
Merchants, Druggiits, and others, advertising by the year,
j will be charged for a colnmn of 4000 eim, $60 per annum ;
for thre-fou.-thi of a column, $M ; for half of acoiumn $3o;
for a qnart-sr of a column, $25. A deduction of 20 per cent,
will be made on advertisements longer than a quarter of a
ealura:!. when inserted by the half year or year, and not al-
tered. Chancery notices and petitions for divorces, must be j
paid invariably in advance. Advertisaments coming from
abroad, mum be accompanied with ths cash, unlea ordered
for publkat;on by a brother puoi:sher.
iirprit f
; tot rvawsMtxo lx thk citt ok colcmbcs,
DURIXG the few years last past, a mighty revolution in
political opinion, has bscn proeressi.u; among the free and
intelligent citizens of Ohio. Hundreds and thousands of
those most active in elevating the men who have so signally
manifested to what base ose powsr may be prostituted, have
been arrested in their course by earnest appeals to their rea
son, have been induced to ponder on the fearful results they
were producing, and have finally announced their allegiance
to the strange gods of jacobinism, abjured the idolatrous
faith of demagogs, and ranesd themselves with a band of
t8rn Palr,ow wbn coru'uue maniuiiy to uattie again me
M tion ofth. Unles. Although great and mostsalutary
have been its efface, this revolution is not yet ended. How
will it end. until the cause is removed
ITiat cause is to be
found in the profligate, unprecedented, and iron rule institu-
nd by the late Administration, and now being carried out
by the present Executive. Of the long series of abuses which
,...! h-Kr.H i 4ir,w j.i. whirh hv
e;iruinr and opposition, which must increase and advance
. . . . ......
unable to is-ovcr, ana wnose political integrity ana pain-
otism , foiriv nJastionahle. the destinies of this re-
public, and is pledged to a line of policy at war witii the
general and individual interest of the people, the purity ol
iwr iiivaiu iuio iii.iiubiuii nun iis true niiiruui rciinuiiraii
liberty. To rast.-ain the unchastsnsd ambition of Martin
Van Buren, to build up an
impasabl3 wall to confine him
within his legitimate sphere of action, and to resort to every
; honorable means to prevent his reflection, are duties, pres
I ent, absolute, and incumbent upon every lover of his coun
! try. Much has already been effected towards thess ends
j by the revolution of which w e have spoken. Of this, the
I triumphs of October r.-d N?"-!:V? T9 in evidence. We
j hava but to prisirve in a vigilant, firm, and faithful devo
I tion to genuine Democratic Whig principles, in order to rs-
establish and maintain tha supremacy of the Constitution
j and the Laws, in that part of united commonwealth com-
I prised within the broad bounds of this great Western Slats.
Jlow bas this resolution been effected? When we ra
Dounc ll claim of credit for our own exertions we believe
, ws should not ibie-t ourselves to a charge of editorial vani-
ty? ,houia we affirm, that much.rery mnc,
How shall the ball of reform be kept injnotion? The ne
cessity of the cas3 will do imi -h; and tha continued exer
tions of a well conducted press (which we refer to as the
grand conesntrator and reflector of public opinion) may
be relied on as an efficient aid. It is this last view of tha
subject that has induced us to present this Prospectus to the
people ot unio. i nera appears to do a demand lorngut;
. . . t i . i : . r . - . i c 1 -
an cajucM uenc iui iwiifciua.i i.w iin.i.iuii . wau.uiui u.i.xi
ely as to the conduct of thosa in power. This remark ap
ptfes tn a good degree to the whole union. The disastrous
effects of the miserable schemes which the r.aw a.-hool politi
cians, at tho head ol'affairs are cnd?avorin; to force into our
economy, have aroused all the people to relleclion. But the
remark aDolics mora forcibly to tha condition of things in
Onio. W ith the success of the dominant party in the coun-
abuse of www that has thus long held tnsiu together as a
tata party.' But the tsrm of their exi stence is dated. Fear
ful intimations of grass fraud and official delinquency, have
reached the eople of Ohio, and they are calling loudly and
seriously for in vestigation. They ask fox the truth, and the
truth must be told. The party cannot longar evade the
saarchiiig inquiries of a jaalous people. Those who have
maladministercd the alT.iirs of the Stata, feel that the eyes
of an offended community are upon them, and are sorely
troubled in tha preosnca of their judges. The truth, we re
peat, mun be told. And to an impartial investigation of
our domestic condition, and a faarles3 exposure to tho ab
surd schemingsan 1 guilty projects of the me rt politician par
ty having the ascendancy in the nation, we pledge all our
lime, all our aeal, and our energy, and the medocium of po
litical experience acquired during some years devotion to
editorial life.
1 7"K"? ""h
The Political Register wiil ba publishsd on a sheet of
larger dimensions than any newspaper in the State, and will
be executed in the best style of workmanship. It will be
published twice a week during the sitting? of the General
Assembly, and weekly the remainder of the year. It will
be fiimisiie;! to subscribers at FOUR DOLLARS a year,
which may be discharged by the paymsnt of Three HOL
LAR?' at the time of s jbscribing. The first number will be
issued on the 20lh day of June.
The Political Register, will contain the ordinary va
riety of Political, Literary and Mincellaneou3 matter; a reg
ular report of lhe proceedings of the General Assembly,
with the spirit of the Legislative debates.
JOHN D. NICHOLS will act as general airent. His
receipt will ba good for all monys paid on subscription.
Communications connoctad with subscriptions, must be di
rected (j"t paid) to bim.
An exchange is t?n iered to the editors in Ohio, generally.
Those who publish this Pro'pectu, will receive our warm
ait thanks. Exchanges will please forward immediately.
Our political frien ls will favor us by advancing the ob
ject of this circular. Names of subscribers ta be returned by
the 30th of June at laiesu
Colcmbcs, Mat 20th, 1337.
I PROPOSE lying out a town, to be called D AXE
MORA, on tne south side of the Mississinnewa river, in
larke county, Ohio, on Sectioa 27, in Township 14, of
Kings l, cast : ana to oner iae lots at public sale one the
This site is about twenty miles from the Miami Canal ; !
thirty-five miles from Piqua; fourteen from Greenvillle; ten
i irom r on recovery; eignteen irom tne seat of Justice in!
j Randolph county, Indiana: and fifteen from Portland, the '
seat of Justice in Jay county, Indiana. j
I am not apprised of any eitiioidimit advaatases'
this site possess? orrr others, I lay it off and offer the
lots for sale, chiefly at tbs suggestion, and for the accommo-',
dation of the neighbors. The following account made out '
from what I know myself, and from information I have oh-!
tained from them, may be relied on
i neiie is a oiun. entirely oot ot tne reacn 01 inundation
bv those who have lived ia it several vears. It is sosoosed
to be the only good site for a town, ( sui stock-water is '
mikisivt) for several miles around; and that the Missis -
uu3w nsrs lurmsaes a gooa mill-seat, .-vrrangeraents j
have been made for examining into this matter by a" skillful !
mill-wrighu Should this decision be favorable, a mill will '
be built as soon as possible. j
For the bjsineis of merchandising, and the ordinary ms-I
chanical pursuivs of the country, Dane-mora, I should thiitk. j
will be a good situation. j
The site will be shown to those desirous of easing it. br
any of thc neighbor", especially by Mr. Van Kirk, Mr. Wert, .
or .mr. Jofm Kipiosei. i erms ol sale win te iiheral.
Jone 3, 1937. (22 ts.) JAMES G. BIRNEY
OB PRINTING neatly a.
' ta Falladics Office.
i ex-i;tiou-ry ex-cuts J at ;
""""'S ' liBi.wui. uy a targe; both plain andfancr, toeetherwi
body of well timbered, rich land, capable of sustaining a! POST-OFFICE fTCRsTisol lin
. . . . Tv.. : v i i i : . i i , . i '
mnv ...Hu-riimr has iust received a large quantity of
I Spectacles of different and almost every qualitv, and 1
May 2T, 1S37.
HE sub9criber having entire J iato Co-partnership un- i
act me unn 01 iiis, v v., m xt'iU-
in tho community that tbev have erecic'i a coinmiKious
Machine Shop, near the Richmond Foundry, &. are now
readr to aive prompt attniion to all orders for Caxdina and
j Spinning Machines, Turning Laihes, or any kind of ma
i ctiiiiery ; as also for turning either in wood or iron of any
j description. Havin? employed first rate workmen, they
j with confidenca (in their ability and dispositions to afteasc
their-fjptomcrs in qualities and price? J ask pairoaaje irom
a esncrous public.
job v. swaix,
Richmond, Jan. 1, 1537. ltf
THESE Pills are lecomraeaded by thousands of per
sons whom they have cured of Consumption, Influenza,
Colds, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Head-ache, Pains, and a
sense of fullness in tlic back part of the head, usually the
symptoms of Apoplexy; Jaundice, Fever and Agu?, bil
ious, typhus, yellow and common Fevers, of all kinds; Asth
ma, Gout, Rheumatism, nervous diseases, Liver Com
plaint, Pleurisy, inward weakness, depression of the Spirits,
Ruptures, inflammation, sore Eyes, Fits, Palsy, Dropsy,
Small Pox, Meazlcs, Croup, Coughs, Whooping Cough,
Quinsey, Cbolic, Cholera Morbus, Gravel, Worms, Dysin
try, Deafness, ringing noisss in the Head, King's Evil,
Scrofula, Erysipelas, or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rhum,
White Swellings, Ulcers, some of thirty ytars standing;
Cancers, Tumours, swelled feet and lpgs, Piles, Costiveness,
ail eruptions of the rktn, frightful Dreams, Innate Com
plaints of every kind, especially Obst.-uctions, Relaxations,
The subscriber having received the appointment as Agent
for the above Medicine, for the Counties of Fayette, Union,
Delaware, Randolp, Hancock, Henry, Madison, Shelbv,
Rush, and Wayne, would inform the public, that he at all
times, will keep a supply on band, either at Wholesale or
Retail : He will, as soon as may be consistent, appoint
Sub-Agents in all the principal towns within his limits. All
communications for Agencies, (post paid,) will receive
prompt attention, and tsrms made known.
N.B. No A pothcary, Druggist, or Pedler, is authorized
to sell Dr. Brandreth'n Pills under anv circumstances.
Corner of Front and Walnut Streets, south of .Main.
ftfT-C. W. Appleton of Centreville, has bscn appointsd
agent at that place, and also at Dublin, IVayne County.
ichiiiond, April S, ItSJV. - 14tf
3 hM'lX i r LX.Uk informs the citizens of
.1Riciimond ad its ricixiTr, that he has
located himself in tnis place for the purp6se of
practicing .medicixb and l'ruev, and solicits
a portion ol their patronage.
ft7"Hi! may bs found at his office on Pearl Street, one
uoor souin ot the Warner isuilrimg.
Richmond, March ad, ld37. Ii2tf
A ceneral assortment of all articles in the above line
are now offsred, cheaper than ever, at the old stand of
Richmond, May 13, 1837. 1RVIN REED.
THE Subscribers having entoreJ into co-partnership nn-
(If-tjmfi"" ' to-, respectlully inform the
that they have established a Foundry on the north
ichinond, and are prepared to furnibb all kinds of
with dispatch, and in the ncatet manner. The
furnish patt?nis if wanted, on fair terms.
October 22d. 183G. 4.'tf
EX'S and Boy's Kip and Calf Monroes; Ladii-s
Kid, Calf and Seal Slippkks. Shoes. Boots and
Gaiters. For sale by COALE &. HAMILTON.
Richmond, April 1837. 17tf
ALL kinds of WXTTft tfMt rMOfc.7S made to order at the
horu notice. Home made Boots a.id Shoes, constantly on
hand and for sale by COALE &. HAMILTON
April and, 1837.
IXFIRMARV. - Sews to the Afflicted.
HE subscriber harinz made some arrangements for the
accommodation of the afflicted, with lingering diseas
es, informs the public that he is now prepared to receive
palienn for the cure of their maladies. Such as are afflict
ed with Palsy; Epilepsy; affection of the Eyes; Wens;
hard Swelling and Tumors; Stiff Joints, occasioned by the
use of mercury, or Rheumatic affections; Rheumatism;
White Swellings, Dropsy; affection of the Kidnsys; Sick
Head-ache ; Die Dolereux ; Tetter or Ring Worm ; pain
and weakness in the Breast; St. Anthony's Fire; Liver
Complaint; Palipus; Cancers, and all other Scrofulus dis
eas3S, all such may be cured in much less time and suffer
ing to the patients, by having them immediately nuder my
ft-r-Shop on Main, near Front street.
4th mo. Hi, 1837.
JUST received at their establishment opposite the Bank,
a general assortment of Leather, consisting of Sole, L'pper,
Calf, Lining, Bin-ling Skins. Also a large assortment of
Russet leather and covering hides. Persons dealing in this
line will please give u3 acall. COALE Sl. HAMILTON.
April 22nd, lc37.
THE subscriber respectfully informs the citizens of Rich
mond, that his Feather Perfector and Renovator
is now in operation at Mr. Hall's tavern, where he will be
happy to explain its advantages to all who may call on him.
This machine, (the invention of the Boston Medical Board of
Health) cleanses all dirt and impurities from feathers, ma
king old ones as lively as new and entirely removing all ex
traneous matter and offensive smell.
June 3rd, 1837. 22-3t
The subscriber feeling grateful for past favors, takes ibis
method of informing his friends an l the public in general.
that he has furnished himsslf with two kilns for burning of
lime; by which means he expects to keep a supply constantly
ou hands, wnich he offers for sale at the kiln at ten cents per
bushel, unslacked and delivered in Richmond at thirteen
cent?, good measure, and free from core.
RictfaovD, 6ih month, 3d, 1S37.
Town liots in Richmond Tor sale.
THE subscriber ofTers al private sale, a few ai'lLDiG
LOTS. A part of them are situated on Main, near
the crossing of Front street, and are well situated for business
stands j they inelj'le the offices of Esq. Cos and Perkivs,
and some fronts adjoining the property of Atticcs Siddall,
formerly owned by Simu W.arrn; the balance of the
lots lie oa the south side of Main street within a reasonable
distance, and are suitable for residences one has a small
dwelling house on "it. 1" or farther particulars and
terms of
sale, apply to the undersigned.
Richmond, 6th mo. 3d, 1837. (22 tf.)
3kew Post Oder.
4 T SAMUEL TEST'S Factorr.oa Whitew ater, one
s mile below Richmond; where any number of ready
i ,- l KAnrf nf th I.
timber and latest fashions, :
th all other articles ia the j
ill be furnished to or- f
cneapest and best terms, for cash or approved '
paper. The subscriber will pay the highest price, in cash, j
for good Citerrt Scavtlisc, cut four i.iches square and
' twelve fret or more long.
Aithers is a prospect of lots of fruit this season, he will e-
reel CIDER MILLS and Screw Pressf.;, of an excellent
quality, for tho9 who may give bun a call in that lin.
ilar 27, l!7.
HAVE jajt received a new aad splendid assortment of
British and French staple and fancy DRY GOODS;
taeether with a r-ne-al assortment of SHOES, IIARIV
WARE, GROCERIES, &. Jtc which they are detar-
iniied lo Sill low for cash, or ir? evch'artire for cuntrv pro-
Slay 2 IS37.
Maia street, twa doors east f UaaaH Hate I.
RESPECTFULLY Vrfbw,. the pob-
4c vwi mo ua Irani .cw
York., in addition to his mcr stock,
sack a Cold and Silver Pates Le,
Lepine Sc. Plain Watches, and H'aeea
Materials; FM Penknives and lta.
vors : a fine assortment of Breast Pita.
Finger Sc. Ear Rings; Brittania Ware,
in setts; Castors, if. &.C.
hkh he of- j
An assortment ofCit:i-iRE;''sTova: All of
far for sale on reasonable t-mis.
! N. B. Clocks and watches of every description carefully
! repaired and warranted for one year (except wooden clocks.
. ' . 1 ... in-.vi i iiitniftnM venaired. Snee-
- ' . m . , , - d
seals, door and truok p&iss engraved, oa tho shortest
Richmond, April 2, 1S3T.
THOSE indebted to the subriber by note or book ac
count will please call soox and se:tle the same.
May th, 1837. II. S. HAMILTON.
Xew Boot and Shoe JXanulactory.
JUST receiving a lar-e and rensral assortment of Boots,
Shoes and Urogans, which we orl'er at wholesale or retail, on
the most accommodating terms tountry merchants are
particularly invited to call, as our stock consists of almost
every article in the shoe txade. and w.H selected for their
accomniod ation. t A LEA.1IAM1 LTOX.
April 22nd, lt?37.
13AIXTS, &.C. NVhite Lead in Oil,
Red Iead,
Lamp Black,
?panih Brown,
.Oil, &c. &.c.
1.1th a n-c,
JM received and for
sale low by
Richmond, May 13, 1837.
partnership heretofore existint; beween Ednund
I lirover. Achilles t lliiams, c James U. .Menriennau in
tha Rkmmo.no Foumdrv, under the firm of E.GROVEK,&
Co., is dissolved by mutual consent. The bu3tnessof the
old firm will be settled by the new one.
The business will in future be conducted by Edmund, Ira
and Joseph tirover, under the style of E. (iaovER &. Broth
ers. 1 hose indebted to the firm of K. Caovea & 1 o., are
earnestly, but respectfully requostsd to settle their accounts
without delay.
May 4 th, 1837. IStf
irxciiAToNiT f o iTn1h y.
WE have a good assortment of CASTINGS on hand
which we will warrant; and are now making STOVES of
the very LATEST and host Arrtovcn rATTERNs, warranted
to stand and give satisfaction. As stock last season was
not to be had constantly, we were unable to keep np a good
assortment ot r-toves and 1 astinzs; but our arrangements are
such t!ii3 season as to avoid that difhcultv. we therefore in
vite our old friends and ci'stomers to call and see for
themselves. E. Grover will give his personal attention at
all times to our cntomsrs our arrangements will enable
him to be constantly at the office.
May 1th, 1837. lstf
OOL!! WOOL!! The subscriber will pay, the
roinins s?ason, from 33 to 5'J cents pet nound for
an k nts oi nooi, that has been well washed, either on
the sheep's back or in the tub; no other kind will be pur
chnse l. WM. BANCROFT.
Glen Hope, 4th ino. 1st, 1837. 13tf
Pairs thick BOOTS, b;-t quality :
For sale by CO ALE &. HAMILTON.
Richmond, April 2!), 1837. 13tf
STOVE, COPPER fc TIX WARE Manufactory.
JOHN MOFFITT &. Co., have established themselves
in the Town of Richmond. Wavne Coantv. Indiana, at
the old stand of John Moffitt, a few doors east of the Bank,
ori Main r, . rr .ju-... vs,J;J
Copjicr, Sheet Iron, and Ti It are, in all its various branch- T
es. I hey intend to keep on band a central asso.-tmeat of
Coos ino, Tkn A-r Seven Plate STOVES; also, a pe iit
al assortment of TIN WARE, which they will dispose of on
as reasonable terms as can be bought elsewhere.
Mkrcii ants and others from the country, wanting any of
the above articles, are solicited to give them a call.
John Mofmtt, J ami s E. Lakf,
GcsTAVrs E. Hat nf.s.
QCrS. B. COUNTRY PRODUCE taken in exchange.
Richmond, April 1st, ld37. 13tf
Flf Pairs thick BROGANS, at wholesale or retail,
Miy 7, 1837.
Worthing ton X ICannry,
V lMle-Ml
qixors, Shoes, 4tc. Xo. lO Maia street, between i
Fifth and Sixth treet Cincinnati, Ohio.
AUK now receiving their spring supplies; co.i:iiting of i
675 bags Rio Coffee, 7 j bags Hav'a Green, !., 2'j j
cnests toungiiyson lea, 34 nail do. do. do. 2M half Impe
rial, do., 30 131b. boxes, do., 10 half che-ls Gun P., do., 59
I31i. boxe, do. do., 40 hhds. N. O. Sugar, 5 J boxes brown
Ha. do., 60 boxes white do. do, 5a bbls. Loaf do., 75 bbls
No. 3, Mackerel, 120 kegs No. 1, Ky., and 28 kegs Va. To
bacco, 87 boxes do. Cavendish, 110,01)!) Spanish Cigars.
Winks. 7 pipes Port Madeira, Lisbon, 30 half pipes
Tsneriffe, Champaign, Claret, 12.1 qr. casks Sherry, Samos,
Sicily, Madeira, 20 boxes muscat, and Milmtey.
2j half pipes Coguiac Brandy, 6 pipes Hol
land ti n, 2 pipes Jamaica Rum, 1 pipe St.
Croix do.. 3G bbls Peach ltr,.i-K- 1(1 1.1,1. A.
.-wert IV ine, 20 bales AlmsiuK 2.i barrels
72 bags Madeira Nuts, 300 boxes Rabins. 100
doz. painted Bucket', 90 cass Boots and Shoes,
Together with every other article, usually kept in a Grocery
Stora ; which will be sold as low as at any other house west
of the mountains for Cash or approved paper.
Cincinnati, April 22, 1S37.
J. W. BORDEN, Notary Public,
and Coaveyaacer, Richmond, Wayne co. Iiid.
Having received lbs appointment of Notary Public, is now
ready to take the acknowledgements of deeds of conveyance,
mortgages, ie. He will also draft written instruments in
an accurate and neat manner. Office on Main street, op
posite the Branch Bank.
August 6th 1835. 3!-tf
BURR M I LI-STONES. Persons wishing ta purchase
will do well to call soon and get choice.
Hargains in Cheap Ciooda.
FIEMINfi &. ADDLEMAN, announce to their aus
tomers and the public generally, that they have added to
their former a3sortment of GOODS, the entire new stock of
Aaron Grejrg, who lately opened store in this Jace. -Tbeir
united stocks form an assortment not surpassed by any in
this part of Indiana, and baring lately been selected at the
lowc?t eastsrn price, can be offered on the best tirms. The
variety is so extensive and general, that it would be useless
lo name articles. Purchasers are renuasted to call and ex
amine for themse res at ths (jj-ttire room in the eastern
part oftfte new three story brick tualdinp, nearly opposite
to B. Brighiwairs, Main street; where all the usual articles
in the goods lim can be obtained of the best qaality.
All kind of Country produce taken in exchange at tlie
market prices.
Richmond, Feb. 10 1837. 16tf
rtr Cabinet Establishment.
"""HE unders'gned having entered into partrt3rbip, with
J the intention of carrying on theCABINET-MAKING
Bl SI NESS in all its branches, are n"w prepared to fur
nish their friends and the public with all articles of Furni
ture, maJ" of good material; and in a good manner. They
1 design keeping on nana an orraieB t oi panor ana com
mon furniture ; Delsteads, of ojrterent pattirns ; taolc, sjdo
tables, and stands of various styles; side-boards, sicieiaries,
Jcc. They are confident in assuring those who wish artijlti
in their line of bn?ins?s, that th;y ean and will ae;otnmo
dats as w.-U as any shop in the place.
fj7ANV quantity of seasoned lumber suited for tbeir
use, will be purchased, for whi'h thev will giv c-h or fur
Ricnaosp, Feb. 25, 1S37.
AVING be;n appointed Agent of the "HarJbrd Firs
grar.l policies of insurance to all persons who wish thtir
! P? ias'd agaia?t losa or damage by fire.
THE company for which be is acting is one of t'ie weal- i
thien and most extensive in the country, and they pledge .
tbemsdrcs that taose woo transact busiacsa with the coot- j
pany shall bs treated ia the most liberal manner, aai alj j
lo5s &ba!l be adjust! with faimes and piomptitude. j
Persons wishia; t- provide againrt the contingency of a fore j
of their property by this destructive element are requested
wct.i at ru iuco ia f.ui . -
where the trrms of insurance will be made known aal the
policies granted. Communications by letter (pest paid)
wiil be pioraptlv and c&eerfaily attenried to.
Richa.-if', Indiana, Jar.tmry l?t, 137.
OSi SMUfl'l mmmm..m m '
This medic iae has been preparsxi vita special
to the wants of families, ia whch ism mm LT-ZT.
l&rit hat Kjma I 2. - 1 t
- ' 7 ta mm- vmi saotntf si.J
ua roost perreet aafttr, and wita iL r?
dent assuraaca that it will afford relief when ftrtiZ!?
the sndard rsmsdjes fail. Tha p.-opritor, UforTV
it to the public, has taken occasion to roavena srir!25
dst.nsuibed physicians oA'irgiaia, and wiUi Baciajll
apeak of all the tarious parts and praportiona
en; and thosa that know ia component pans, aW
ovIT compo!KU for tha aBowi.
saST U""t cn PP", and may beased wnh asa2
with tna new bora babe, as tha aaa . V"
. lL.n? It" V" boul back th.
nuawraiM "
that it i almost f if not trait-) iafauibla at
fiaiTiHra in mi
'."-c ', Asiatic Cholera : Also, ft.r riZJ 1 1
ease, of children that hassLl IT """w,
tossed. It is 5 ., ,.r ' L " ccn,mw " hda-
i. al anequalai T ZT " . 71 .w
el0sePrlod. Lad.rs ... tM JJi ".r" . ',U', ?
m nk ii nn).. ... .r..
, - V uo-Wiichhum-m :.. .
r i anaer anv nt i in..- :
- . ir
T and Mml km. lit Tk.
'fv ' "lJm equal bentfiu The tiKi,, k. rr
that the
AnupasmodU: Tiacture. o..k.. ,r
has besa subjectsd to tha mnu a ...i !
tion by,, of the ost exten-v. (phvsjJr
m kjii fill, Vv-7r .. V i. , m 01 lrom to two taM.
spoonluls every half hour, for a rrowa pwsoa. k.i
Wsensss of th, bowelV or voout.n, SZ) fl
from six months la loo , .i.,. - . , V "?
..,f,.i i . . i: r t ," air
It may be gnen to the youngest iafaats toe coliT
in the same i
(with as much waur ta ,H. ZMrrZL7.'? 7" I;
' f'1ui uihb inn nirarii' i r .
old la every case, if ,b. first dos. is rejecud. rensaiT?
very snort t.me. It is not unpleasant u. take.l
It is best for families to keep it by them, and riv.lt a.
soooas anrofth .K,.- a....... . . Ilrl as
How many babe, may be kept plamp during JSSaaTS
giving a litUe in time, th.t .K. ;JL umm "T
er. Persons travelling whm they ar l.k.W bao-JS
a bottle, as one spoonful will at once rectify any dianJ.T
prcdjced. Price, 1 Dollar per bottle. For ..i-vIIN''
wood and Robertson, or the proprietor at the AinericaaLsl
bo.-atory, Petsnburg, and in aU the principal towas iam
United States.
To Uie President of tha United Slates, tore'ar ith tat
People at large, and to Mothers particalarly.
our attention i invited to on of the most valuable Me,
ical Discov eries that has ever been mada ia this, or perhaps
any other country. To save tha necessity of coming btkwl
you with a list of certificates to prove tha alue ofthisaaaAW
cine, so fortunately discovered, tlie singta names ol Dr. F.J.- H
Mettaucrof Petersburg, a. and his letter, toolbar witM .-'
I homas Shore's, P. M. of tha saina place, (to Alfred Hue I I
Esq. P. M. Charleston, 8.C.) are presented. TM faiga ll
-s io mr in , irgiaia, as a meaiesvi mn, ana a
gentleman and the notoriety of Mr. Shora aatxing one s f
: . . i . ... 1- , . ... . .
nuiig, ii not mi oest puuiic oflicers m uaya-nitea estates, laaa
whom no one as a gentleman can stand higher, will beast
ficient to induce any, and all, to embace tha first opparasai
ty to secure a portion of the Anti-Spasmrodic Tint tios, at
Mother's comfort. A'oname that the proprietor could afar
lo the public would give more confidence than tha laaia.
The proprietor regards himself as having dona all that duty ta
hi fellow men, and a strong desire (that should be la laa
breast oi all ) to relieve tha su tin rings in the land, that
to be expected of liim, except to proceed, as fast as b caa.at S
supply the many large orders that are already be for bira, aai
to Do ready lor all that may come. All aucb diractwl tj
the American laboratory, "Petersburg, "a. poet paid, wig
be attended to in due time.
If Congress shall buy tha right, with a view of inakiaf
public to the people of the United States, and the aerii,
the proprietor will ba most happy in know ing that the paopfc
never received a greater bench t at the hands of their re pi.
s-ntauves. Kespcctiully submitted by the proprietor of Ikt '
American Laboratory. .
Petersburg. Dkc-. 1st. IS3S. t J
1'RTEasBoaa. Sent. 23th. V
Dr. F. J. Mattauer,
Dear Sir: I send yon a letur from Charleston, from a
hig'ily respectable bouse, in which you will see, tl:y make
a special and anxious inquiry about the Anu--paunodii
1 nurture, or Mothers Couifoit. As an act of bumaniry at
the inhabitants of Charleston, as well as others in the rotate
arolma that &re Uuly aasftes wil Cha'ra. 1 ash
IntliisanJ other roinmun. tie'. i(i khuM U
need of doing more Uian timply olio: i.ig it lor sale. leaf
apprised t:iat phyician generally are opposed U teeoiruBcaM
mug oi iiiiuici tes not prparej by theiuselves. Hut as yea
uai uoo.i iinus .tuauiijd sun an tue parts, nna piopur
lions of which tnc Tm:-ljre is composed, and at yoaaare
usa i it with such delightful surcess, and a you know tsa
physician that have done tha same, and that rprak of it ia
the very highen terms 1 ask you in the name of owf telle
sufferers ul r-outh t arolma, and particularly of 1 narlestea.
tostats how, and for what diseases this iueJ.ci.ie should be
ttken. Should you not fact disponed to comply with this ra
quesi lot my fealings for the sufferings of my fellow citizens,
plead my excuse for th;a application. I am ttnxro.it lo seat
t'le.n a larg.-; box, by the morning boat. With great rejsrd,
I am your obedient servant,
Plteksscru, Sept. tt)th lc3ti.
.. .,M,
Sir: I received your fat-or of this rritrhtrif , and have "as
ny tUat the situation in which our tonthen fellow eilixeot
af3 plungel by tlie latal prevalence of Asiatic t holera ia
tiair mida,:., an 1 in sincere sympathy with them leaves ate
U3bs3itsiion in doing all my liuuibl3 exert, o.u can accoa.
plish in lessening the fatality of that terrible disease. 'I here
fore, I do most willingly comply wita your request, to add my
testimony lo the many others that might ba procured, were it
deemed ne-essary, as W the decidedly beneficial effects f
your Anti-Spasmodic Tincture, or Mothers Curali.it. Thie
medicine was us id in Virginia during the prevalence of the ,
cholsra, 2..I-1 in every eaae that came under my observation,
w.t'i the roost entirely successful result, whn restored to ana
used perseveringly, belu.-e the state of collapse had ensued.'
A fair trial ol the medicine, will, I rcallv Btntvt, be
its rest recommendation. It has Hi.stioi'orr, and will, I
tUink, accomplish all, it r-RoxisEa in mi iiilases rva
I " . " - "
"c ,,au ounce, or
aire table snoonful. to be
repeaud every litcen tninatss, or ba.1 an hour, till tcniiil.nt '
I or Irenes bare bean subdued. And if the doe aivea
! honW he rejected by the tiotnach, which is eometimei,
though rarely t.ie cass, it should i.i UaUy, and in every case ;
J be repeated, till it is reiairse-J. XI a, -.y caessUl require the"
j ue of pretty full dciej cf calomel, opium, and cauphor, a
j auxiliaries, and cannot be dispensed with. I have generally
- lound friction, and the esual hot applicat.o.ts disadaMtaf
1 ou.', and have besn ia tse habit ol kecpine; the patient auueV
etately covered, and the room ventilated. "These seeaasW
are the result of personal observation, during the prevaAsaw
of cbolsra here, and if they have the effect to encoaf na
use of your medicine, I feel sure the rssull will piavesaatw.
has no ordinary claim 6a the public alleethM. Very
?pectfallr, your friend, .
Post Orricr, PeTeRset Rc,Ort. 1st, 183. ,
Mr. ARrREttlfuGER, P. M. ChRrieston, S.C
Dear Sir : Doctrw F. J. Blcttauer, of this plaea, basteea
called upon by Mr. Sloatagce for a ktier, ia ua he recoat
inen'Js the Mother's Comfort, in all casts ofCholera. Eati
confidence may be placed ia any etatement the doctor aeey
give on any subject. He is a physician of much skill ana esr .
perience, and has practise d in this towa with great success.
My belief is, that the medicine will .recommend itself. 1
consider il a valuable medicine, and have no doabt of iu be
ing a certain remedy in affections of the beseeta. Vrrjr
specU-ully, yr obedient .j p
"I never yet did know philosopher
Woo could bear the Tooth-ache patientiy.
Much ado about nothing.
A sovereign and infallible rsmedy for the Toolb-arhe, A
an effectual preservation for the Teeth. Plica $lpcrbecv
la offering this invaluable Balm to the public. taT certif
icatesof its efficacy might be Riven, which tb imiu of a
newscaoer forbid nublishinr, and whkh may seen by eafl-
iag at ths agents, but we invite the public " ,nort r"T"v
ing proof of iu almost miraculous fx-m"5 1 rtiieve this soar
nf ll rh th TWrth arhe. vsitfive it a trial arbea a 1
other remedies have failad, (lM!er9ful to adhere etricdy
to the di.-ecti.te siren on ea bottle.) and let it rfse or fs
i upoa iu own maritsCJ -u', t to T at in
of cases it baa aot failen stop ioancr.
ad after all dental perai;oj', oleidir; and PW
sore teeth, ecwrry, Ac, and is decidedly the bet tnf"
eeer vet disrovai and should be vd with a brxsfc lasteaa
ofaaypowdra or subataacs confiiniag, or thai caa
.v.-a . . ,':-la if rri it it sookna cf with ana
r,. ; ,rfall who have . ! it bare laid assde all etaw
rem-di offered as rlcn'eTS of ths tnoeth cn J pan
breal- ,
for tale at the Drug Store of Irvi Keen,
' rrity-K.t Ac SWiin. ".T-r rii'.p elm eve rv towa aao vui
f in the United States by proper atrcn'.s. AH -
: : :r -Milan.
D&im win rcr i c . m - - - ...
wards, Ciaciajali, who is General agent for tha w
! June 3,1837. 2
solicits a share of pacocags frca the Vf
will be prepared to wait oa thect at ihefr wa m
bis in Franklin tre;l one door ahova ilaia txtm
east s:r!. .IIIT. CttiCf-
W R VTED. l&rre auaJStity
nin ia a wwi t Kill be tivea foe tra
B. SOL FTRA IN, at his Chair Manufactory, at tse
t cornr f of Frort and Mm .
Ja. 1,1837. ' , JfI
. j

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