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' ' , anmaarM"MW""MMMMTSSS--
r s - . ; - - v
Be ye M of one mkuL
. . ggf, is II chaotic confu
F rc,P,ce .-srtruetion behind us, all
JZrXPtoM brink, he
fr .kail ro not pause one mo-
i . ... ..
i i
? n T. ;f tkfl uncertain abyss that
it ere swr- . , ..
mt aational path?
wef . Where have we arrives in our
:L-i -ri'mrc? Through what regions lias
Zrfeth Ism, heretofore and through what un
171 peeaes is it yet to be continuous? Let
tag each ather, and of ourselves, these qucs
.. let us respond in sincerity. Thetcnip
ITnTwao git mand. and obscure the tenor of our
-the sotitical wolves in sheep's clothing w ho
"J rs3ye tklmk and no fkrker'." urast
2tiaiiJ from our councils and from our re
gmftm Let every American citizen tear in
fgffft M"h'ny livery of parffzan domination,
' jkjg go loaj disgraced his shoulders, and
waSk forth, disenthralled, Let him think, and,
lljy let him ad. It is full time he should
aerttkc prerogative of his birth the liberty of
tboegfct aad of speech . The man who thinks and
mils in obedience to the decrees of a party, is
sitae. That man, only, is free, who thinks and
Hytfww the suggestions of his reason.
There never was tune, since the adoption of
fee present American Constitution, that more per
emptorily denmnded the careful deliberation of
eur cicucas. In times of profound tranquility
when aH at home is prosperous, and all abroad is
peace it may do no harm to follow in the wake
of party, to sacrifice our private opinions upon
the altar of a political Juggernaut. But when a
crisis, like that of the present, arrives, it becomes
our paramount duty to think and act for ourselves.
For eight long years, our countrymen have been
led by the halter of party. Their eyes have been
but to the path over which they have been obli
ged to more. A fearful chasm now intercepts
their steps and they ahould, tbey must rxvsK.
Where are wef Echo does not answer "where f
but truth and common sense, in tones of thun
der responds In the antechamber of political de
struction! on the brow of that moral Tarpcan
that beetles above the gulf, that awful but unex
plored gulf, that must soon, unless we pause, en
shroud our national glories and our names forever."
f lure, then, let us hesitate.
The American People have. fr ciirht years
seen dazzled by a name! They have merged
their individuality in the overwhelming potency
of a party coenomon. They Itavo troitcl Mind
ly hchtn-l tho wheel of Uu JVMMlMtl mar, wvUl
2t giving nolo to its tortuous progress, or qucs
taiag the termination of its career. The name
thai chained the American mind within the cir
cle of its magic potency, is naw erased from the
samlets of political idolatry. Another name, of
miaor import, now dimly gleams w hore once the
other shown in full radiance. The mystic word
is lost. Van Boron is not tho mua taibunanic
charm that Jackson was. Brutus was as fair a
name as that of Cusar :
-"Conjure Ihfin,
"Brulut trill start a $tnrit a goon at Co-sur."
But the name of him who bestrides the Ameri
can Capitol lacks the omnin? influence of his im
perious and imperial predecessw. V W.ir ill
sot Mart a spirit an soon as Jackson: This gives
as hope. It gives us time to pause, to reflect, to
reason. J no moment is auspicious and let us
seize it.
MBc ye all of one mind? was an injunction de
livered by inspired wisdom. Never, in the annals
' of American Union, have the truly patriotic lcrn
so cogently admonished of the necessity of obey
ing this divine behest, as now. Iet us act in
concert, Let us throw aside the petty sectional
Jealousies that disunite and disgrace us, and, with
an eye, siuglo to our country's glory, approach,
in 'phalanx, our national altar and thcro render
the unreserved oblation of our energies, r tal
ents, our influence, and our undivided hearts.
The administration of Van Nircn must not be
permitted to exist beyond its first constitutional
term. It is essential to our national happiness,
that wiser an 1 better counsels should occupy
the scats uow profaned and dishonored by the
unions of too dominant party. Some man -1
care not who he is, so that he have the Jcffcrso
Man requisites, honesty and capacity must be
elected to chase from their prey tho cormorants
who are now battening on the carrion of Amer
ican liberty an I American pride. This is strong
language. B it is it too strong? Wh ere is the
spirit that conceived tho war of ouc, indepen
dence! The spirit that chose rather to sacrifice
hecatombs of gcucrous soul upon the huttlo
ground, than to submit to a trifling but anil igno
ble tribute: Whore is tho spirit, that, less than
thirty years ago, took by the thront the proudest
potentate of Europe, because he bad comprom
ised the liberty of a few unknown and naine
J MBKsnt Is that spirit dead within us?
we really become the slaves or a name?
.Host we crouch beneath the hillings of a plan
try specimens of humanity, because he bid us in
e name of the warrior of Orleans? Arc we to
mv our substance torn from us the earnings
7 ?lcattcredti the winds because such
M the Measure of (imr ml J.trr.n r,t k..on
suca is the pleasure of his successor? If these
H9?0 ta answered in tho aflirmative,
ne American people will then liave but one
traitof predominances boast over the slaves
t Europe. They will excell tham in servilitv!
African imtion, under the auspicies "of
toe last adrnmu-tration, has been gradually led,
P' ono crroneou act of p!liti
l economy to another. In tho outset of Jcn.
Jacksons Presidency wc were to!d that the Uni
fi?,e Bink ,hon cbrtcrml, n:uj not an
ered the ends prop iscd in its origination. The
American people that part of them wh lclicv-
m ine political efficacy of General Jackson, fires w
'u"JH'f'v inscrbcJ on their banners -Recknr-K
MorJ'Ji't-'" I remember all a-
"out this tor I was then a Jadvson mm, dyed i
c roof. rhe Jackson newspapers were ob
epcrous f,w rechartcr of the United States
hllLl! n,Jttn and I was imool
XifilZ rf thc,n- CcneraL however,
S ib rttabo chartered on anv terms.
cver hl T devotion. What-
JeJwaarSS Wa? "od-whatcver he vo--1,
6mr,C?- Thc lk " annihilated
lrermnVn4'l5, " W.M with the
E-aKrft tWM ""Aihtei. To solace the
tixYi : JThlon humbu..
... . -uw v
W3ipp lt
seaboard cities every man was to have "a long
silken purse through thc interstices of which,
tho precious yellow metal was to glitter." The
days of humbuggery have come, but the days of
gold bavc not. The Bank of the United states
fell beneath the fiat of Jack sou and what have we
in its place ? A rag currency, unsound in its foun
dation, and irresponsible in its circulation. We
have distrust where we once bad confidence, and
villainous shin plasters where wc once had silver.
And this has come by permitting one man to rea
son for the whole nation.
A better state of things must be produced, or ere
long, America must cease to arrogate to herself
the moral and political pre-eminence which she
now claims. We must have a chief magistrate
willing to sacrifice his own private views, wheth
er of ambition or revenge, upon the altar of his
countrys good. In thc selection of thc candid
ate for these high magistrial honors, care should
be taken; but when the selection shall be once
made, let us all unite- Then let us adopt the
scriptural text at the head of this article: "Be
yk all of o.xe Mr d. It matters not whether
the selection shall fall upon Harrison, Web
ster, White, or any other person. It is indiffer
ent whether he come from thc north or the south,
from the cast or thc west ; let him only be an hon
est and capable man. I will vote for him, and so
will every other true lover of his country. But
let us be united : let us all be of one mind.
i nis is not saia to prejudice ine claims ot ucn.
Harrison. Far from it. A man with a better
heart than Harrison, never walked upon the sur
face of this earth. Let him be selected as the
candidate in opposition to the miserable epitome of
non-committalism that now dishonors the presi
dential chair, and he shall get my vote, though it
were the last act in my existence. But the dy
nasty of Van Burcn must come down. The
country demands his fall. Thc common welfare
requires it. 1 he enemies of misrule must take
a lesson from its friends. They must organize.
They must throw aside sclcctional distinctions,
and sectional nonsense. In the lunguage of ho
ly writ: "they must be as one manf if they wish
to prevail.
To the readers of the Gazette I would sav, and
as far as my voice could be heard, I would say :
"Foes of Van Burcn and political villainy, unite
yourselves together; "BE IE ALL. OF O.MS
From tho Haiti mora Patriot.
DI.SA8TROIS flood!
It becomes our painful duty to-day to record
tho occurrence of the most disastrous Hood that
Itafi taken nlnca in thi r'ttv for vcilts. Tim wa-
tmn rarrn to m frnmtcrBcigM, and the loss both of
human lite and property lias been tar more ex
tensive than on thc occasion of thc great fl xxl of
1N17. Wc have not time now for moro than a
rough draught of the principal incidents.
Last evening thc city was visited by a violent
storm of thunder and lightning, accompanied with
heavy rain, which, particularly between halfpast
nine awl two ocloolij fiourcd incessantly und in
torrents; thc clouds frequently seeming to open
5J j"0r down their contents m floods. Between
one and two o'clock, thc timo when thc citizens
generally are buried in thc deepest sleep, thc a
larm was given that the - stream which runs
through thc city, known by he namo of Jones'
mils, had overflowed, and that the water was
pouring into different streets and alleys, filling
the lower stones and cellars of tho nouses, and
sweeping every thing before it. Thc unseason
able hour and thc stormy character of thc night,
combined to make it difficult to rouse thc inhabit
ants even in those quarters which thc impetuous
clement had invaded and was threatening with
devastation. So suddenly and unexpectedly did
the water rise, that thc inmates of many hous
es in thc Meadows and vicinity had scarcely time
to leave their beds in safety; while others, of
whom wo shall speak hereafter, were hurried
from sleep to death, without any forewarning, and
probably without any consciousness of their fate.
The aspects presented by the inundated districts
this morning was deplorable, and awful indeed.
Cellars and first floors filled with water innu
merable small houses undermined and f lllen in
valuable furniture destroyed many of thc streets
blocked up with lumber, barrels, carts, drays, and
other things, carried otfand accumulated by thc
For 3 miles above the Falls the loss of proper
ty on both sides is immense, all thc mill-dams for
that district have been swept away, and in the
neighborhood of thc "toll gate'1 several houses
were carried down with the torrent, which in
creased with incalculable power as it proceeded
demolishing every impediment. Among thc
numerous disasters, we can specify at present but
a few. The extensive tannery of Mr. Appold,
opposite the jail was entirely deluged ; loss suppo
sed to be g-IJIOO. All that part of thc city desig
nated "thc ine at low" was covered with water from
Harrison and Frederick streets have not esca
ped; the contents of every store and dwelling in
Harrison street have been more or less injured
some poor families have lost their all. Freder
ick street being on higher ground fared better, and
the families living on the upper side of this street
escaped with little or no loss.
The Bazaar Bridge is carried off, and the do
structkm to the property in the Bazaar and vicini
ty, embracing Baltimore street and Bridge tollar
rison street, is alarming stores and warehouses
filled with water, and in many places tho pave
ments have fallen in, and the earth torn up to thc
foundations of the houses, so as to prevent any
safe communication to the interior of the stores.
Thc flood being partly converted from thc bed
of thc stream, set its course through Harrison
street and the Centre Market to Water street,
through which, and through Hawk street and thc
Fish market, much of it again discharged itself
into thc Falls. A considerable stream, however,
continued its course through the whole length of
the market, emptying itself into the head of the
dock which lies filled with all sorts of lumber
-Throughout Marsh Market Space, the stores
were filled with water to thc depth of four or five
feet above the pavement, and the injury to the ex
tensive stocks and various kinds of merchandize
in this street is immense.
Thc Fountain at the head of thc market is
covered with lumber, and the earth washed away
from around it to its very foundation Icaviug it
a monument of thc desolation which surrounds it.
The pavements throughout Market Space are
more or less torn up, and thc outside benches and
butcher's blocks arc entirely carried away. The
Fish Market is also totally deprived of its furni
tures nothing remaining but the roof and tho
brick columns which support it. This broad and
longavcnuo of Market Space bears throughout
marks of tho ravages of the flood torn up pave
ments dilapidated Market Houses piles of lum
ber and heaps ot mud and filth to which is now
addinir the wetted and damaircd merchandize of
thc numerous stores in this quarter, rendering the
whole appearance heart sickening.
The destructive clement spread its way despite
of thc high wall, to the cast side of the Falls, but
did not extend farther in that direction than Still-
hotise street. Thc iron foundry of Mr. William
Miller, on thc banks of thc Falls has suffered very
considerable damajrc the whole interior oi tins
extensive establishment has undergone a com
plete tlcrangCiiicnt. The bss sustained on thc
east side of the Falls is inconsiderable, however,
when coainarcd with that in thc other parts ol
tho city.
Tho upper side of tbo costly stone bridge at
IVatt street nearly to thc centre, is also wa-shed
away the course of the stream - -
totally obstructed, by tho accumulation of floating
timbers, which lav at tins briflcc, wedjred and
piled up to thc height of the bridge itself.
This is a bridge of three arches whichhas now for
the second or third time, proved of insufficient di
mensions to pass the floating timbers which de
scend during a freshet and .to their obstruction
of the bridge now, may bo ascribed much of the
extensive injury which has happened.
Bat however deplorable this destruction cf
valuable property, it is still more melancholy to
reflect on thc number of human beings who have
been brought to an untimely cnd. It is impossi
ble now tu ascertain the extent of the loss of life,
but there is great reason to apprehend that many
have been drowned, and carried down the stream.
This supposition derives great confirmation from
the fact that thc bodies of five unfortunate beings
were found lodged against the Draw-bridge. These
acquainted with the vicinity of White's Distillery
will remember a shanty which has been occupied
f jra long time by an humble but honest pair ot a
gcd persons, who made their living by thc sale
of refreshments to the passers-by. The poor old
woman was found drowned in her shed; and it is
bclivcd that her husband has met the same fate,
though his body has not yet been discovered. A
most distressing spectacle was presented at thc
residence of thc Sexton of thc church, corner of
Saratoga and llolliday streets.- Thc Sexton him
self, his wife, and three children were found
drowned in their beds! Thc water here had ris
en to a height of from eight to ten feet, and it is
highly pro! able that without a struggle, they pass
ed quietly into eternity. Tbey have the appear
ance of persons in profound and tranquil slum
ber. It w as a most affecting sight.
Several others were found diowncd it different
part1 of the city. One poor wretch, who in a
state of intoxication, had begged and obtained
leave to lodge in the kitchen of a house in Water
street, lost his life in consequence most proba
bly, of thc powerless condition to which thc liquor
he swallowed had reduced him. An awful warn
ing to the intemperate! No doubt others met
their death from thc same cause.
We have heard of some narrow escapes tno of
thc most extraordinary of which are thc follow
ing: One of our German residents was started
5 to 10 feet, rising in some houses to the second ; from his slumbers by the alarm, and on descend
storv. Thc damage to individual property in this j ing to thc first floor found himself up to thc waist
section is incalculable; but the greatest is that of i in water. He immediately returned to the sleep-
a plank with which he endeavored fruitlessly to
force his way to the rescue of the drowning boy.
The above imperfect details, hastily put togeth
er, cad give to thc reader only a very inadequate
conception of thc nature add cxicdt of this awful
IN. B. More Destrcctiox. Wo have just
learned that twelve or thirteen persons have been
drowned intheshantecson the Susquehanna Riil
Rood ; and that the loss of property there has
been immense.
From the Pbughkerpiie Journal.
On Saturday, tjie 3d day of June, about G o'
clock, P. M. the town and village of Pine Plains
were wisited by one of the most destructive tem
pests this part of the country ever exjrienced.
The day was very sultry, and towards 3 o'clock
in thc afternoon, clouds began to darken thc hor
izon, bigblv charged with the electric fluid, as
F.-wn the Ohio Stmte Jmumm!.
first hewspapers IX OHIO.
Thc first newspaper ever printed Northwest of
thc Ohio river, was issued at Cincinnati on the
IHh of November, 1713, by William Maxwell. . It
was entitled "TueCetixbl or tuk Northw es
tkbx Teeritorv'" its irtottoi 'Ope to all par
tics, but influenced by none.1 This paper, after
champing its name and owner, in 17l, was con
tinued until lsW. On the 2Sth of May, 10.,
Joseph Carpenter issued tho first number of "The
Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette,? af Cincin
nati, which was continued ten years under sever
al different titles, bv several different owners.
commenced in tho same town in 1M10, and has i6-' tfcc' art nt worthless mofoUri
been continued under various names, we believe, 1 conimuaity, or vagabonds not fit tolive,bU
uWn to 1837. It is now edited bv Charles Ham- i uJ working nc, who are sober mtn
raoed Esq.
Tho ftJlow ing article, copied from the kt am
ber of tho Journal of Commerce, is cajcnlatc4 to
move the feelings even of Ukae whose keartskavo
been most obdurate to the suSeriags of tkeir fellow-creatures
under the present niranji nl of
all usual pursuits in fur great cities j v -From
ka Jouraat of CVnctarteS. j ,.
Messrs. Kuitoss : These arc times of fatten
f jr all cHsses of communities. Tbo rich suCer
thc loss of part of their possessions, tkough tacy
want not for thc necessaries of life; but many of
the poor fa this city are at this moment suterima.
and wasting aum the sands of life for the want of
"To trace tlie rise of each newspaper cstab-
Itshaient in every town of any importance in thc
and have sober families; they cannot go about our .
streets from iooe to door to bog, although they
a.-o willing ju JUffand 41 j - sevlc (but ta va
tor somctuiug to dawheroby they CitcmnvVc
King-anu coaunuai wax ot munuer; inc cwwus i7-T I. . '.. , j
mixed amrrilv together, which rendered thc as- ! " ot government, mk ii. unrated, puuun-
..ki; a i .:r..i -i it ....! i, i ed the "Western Intelligencer, commencing in
ircvi Buiwin; ouu uuauiuui, 1111 wui i .... - .
wnen thc watery elements became reconciled
and veered to thc north of us, with little or no
rain. At this juncture, our attention was arrest
ed by the peculiar mancauvering of dark and heavy
clouds a little south of west, appearing above the
Stissing Mountains about one mile distant. As
the black cloud arose, (it had the appearance and
commotion of dense volumes of smoke bursting
from a burning building,) light and windy clouds
from all parts ot thc heavens, Veered towards it
with unspeakable confusion and velocity, appar
ently making it their common centre and were
lost in its power.
At our place of observation, in thc village, a
dead calm preVadcd, which rendered this exhi
bition of Almighty Power, together with its
dcafning roar, an appalling spectacle to the be
holder. After it crossed the Stissing our view
was fairer; the dark cloud with its attendants,
kept close to thc earth, extending upwards about
half way to thc zenith, and as if unable to sus
tain its power, was seen to burst some several
times, producing new rains; where these dissen
ting gusts struck, such were their fury, that no
thing could resist; even the earth itself trembled
at their terrific explosion, trees, limbs, rails,
boards, hogsheads, &.c, mingled in thc be xvens,
as feathers before an ordinary storm ; ns it ap
proached, our emotions were somewhat relieved,
by hoping its course might be alittle toournorth,
which proved so, from 80 to 100 rods; neverthe
less our village is materially injured.
A barn of II. C. Myres was destroyed and his
fine orchard of fruit tom.m. - bry'
1 -rm hmkb ura and sncda of J Booth wero felled
and his dwelling much injured The dwelling of
John Decker was blown in atoms, sonic of tho
rafters and clap-boards were carried nearly 100
rods himself and family much injured.
A large new Baptist church, almost comple
ted was literally piled into a heap of promiscu
ous rubbish; even the walls of its foundation
was torn up some several feet fortunately, Mr.
Northrop, master builder, and four or five of his
workmen, and three or four masons, left a few
minutes before. Many of thc buildings were un
roofed. Thc premises of- Captain Jacob Best, a
mile and a half west of us, consisting of a large
new barn, 40 by 50 feet square, and a shed, 20
by 40 feet, attached to it, and other, small buil
dings were entirely prostrated ; even the founda
tion timbers were thrown several rods, split and
broken in every possible manner; his house ex
hibited a melancholly wreck, unroofed, siding
torn off and buried amid timbers, trees and other
promiscuous lumber; his waggons, carts and
sleighs were found wrecks from 30 "to 10 rods
whence they were taken, and one cart wheel was
carried nearly one fourth of a mile up a hill ; large
apple trees were hurled 30 and 40 rods, and one
was carried more than one half a mile by meas
urement. He ban some cattle killed.
A Air. Anthony Simmons, near Best's was in
thc road with his team, loaded with a hogshead of
Sugar, ( 1250 lbs.) horses, waggon and sugar were
hurled over a stone wall into a perfect wreck, him
self blown in an opposite direction about 15 rods,
against a gate post and stones, where he clung
fast. Isaac Crandall, Samuel Cripman and Dan
iel Sherwood had their barns destroyed and hous
es injured. Jcptha Wiilbur had three large barns,
cider mill, sheds, carriage houses, &c. torn away,
so that one stick lay not upon another; his dwell
ing, three stories high, was stripped, except the
floors; on the floor of thc third story was found a
cart w heel and axlctree; his w agons and all his
farming utensils w ere strewed about his fields in
pieces : even hams that were in his smoke house
were found in divers places, some carried more
than GO rods distant ; had horses, cattle, sheep and
hogs killed. -Much other destruction of buildings
has come to our knowledge:
This tornado took its origin near the river, so
March, 1813. Without changing its owner, it
became the "Columbus Gazette7' in 1H1N. and is
now the "Ohia State Journal,1 published by
Scott & Wright. Thrc bad been before this
time two newspapers established in Chilli :othe,
where the ancestor of thc poet Wilis, and Joseph
S. Collins, n)w of W'ashington city, published a
newspaper, under thc o!d Territorial Govern
ment. "All thc first papers priated in Ohio were all
small ones', and badly printed. The most of tho
presses and types first used in Ohio, were old cast
off ones, in thc cast, with a few new j b types
to each establishment, lho change within the
last twenty years, in all respects, as it regards
thc art of Printing iu this Sute, is highly gratify
ing to our State pride. We have now, at least,
ono hundred newspapers, published weekly, in
thc State. Many of them are as large as any in
the cast five of them arc daily ones several
twice a week ; and we hive twenty establish
ments for printing books, in which they arc print
ed handsomely, as well as bound well. Our print
ing presses are made in Otio, and thc types arc
cast here. Our papers arc not only handsomely
printed on good paper, which is also made in thc
State, but they arc edited very ably, especially
when thc interests of Ohio, are endangered from
anv ouartcr. On all such occasions, thoso who
stand on thc watch-Towers of liberty will ably do
their duty td their fellow -citicrta of Ohio.'
I v consisting of a widow and tour eatklrch (resp.ee-
tabla too) who lived four days on a sixpenny Mat
of bicad. They have now, however, a tempora
ry relief from kind ucighbors. I this morning
saw a mechanic seeking for work, who had been
out of employ four months, his family tick, had
spent thc last sixpence, and said he was willing
to sufljr, himself, for the want of broad, but, as a
father, he could not Lear to sec his children starv
ing before his eyes. He is an honest, faithful
mtn. These arc uot iusulatod instances even
that have fallen under my own observation. And
uow what is to be done?' Shall it be said of New
York that her citizens and their families shall
star wc ? Would not their blood cry from thc grotUMt
of vengeance? And, if under present circum
stances, it would be impossible to supply the hun
gry witii bread, would it not he honorable, would
it not be policy, to stay some of our public im
provements that means might be obtained to se
cure such a benevolent object I
1 hope you will call tho attention of the public
to this matter, and make such suggestions as the
merits ol thc case require, lours, ate.
disgorging of the work house, penitentiaries, an J
poor houses of England upon our shores, has be
come so barefaced an act of contumacy to the A
merican people, that thc persons engaged in this
dishonorable traffic feel themselves some remorse,
and resort therefore to illicit and secret modes of in
troducing the ragged anddissolute contents of their
emigrant ships into the bosom of our population.
They are determined to poison and infect if possible
the social and moral relations of this country, and
thus gradually undermine and uproot our free in
stitutions. Wc can give no other interpretation
to thc incessant transportation of thc offscouring
of Europe into our country than this base motive,
which seems to bo winked at by foreign govern
ments, to whose privilcdgc orders, no doubt, it
would be very agreeable to get rid of the elements
of insurrection and rebellion by trauforiiig them
to us. It is positively stated that thc ships John
Dunlapand Robin Hood landed thus a large iium!cr
of steerage passengers at Perth Amboy, on Satur
day, from whence they took waggons'and thc rail
road to Jersey city, and by 10 A. M. yesterday j
were snugly ensconced in Fulton street, in this
Kissino goks nv favor. A curious trial was re
cently held at Middlesex Sessions, in England.
Thomas Savcrland, the prosecutor, stated tnaion
tho day after Christmas ho was in a tap room
where thc defehdattt, Caroliuc New ton and her
sister, who had come from Birmingham were
present. Thc latter jokingly observed that sho
promised her sweetheart that ho man should kiss
her while absent. It being holiday time, Saver
land considered this a challenge, and caught hold
f her and kissed her. The young woman took it
us a joke, but her sister, the defendant, saiu she
w odd like an little pf that kind of fun as be pleas-'
e l. Savcrland toU her if she was angry, be
would kiss her alsdhe then tried to doitj and
they full to thc grautdi On rising, tho woman
struck him; he again tried to kiss her, and in the
s.-ufflc she bit. off his nose, which she spit out of
her mouth. The action was brought to r-cover
d unages for the loss of the nose. The defendant
said he had ho business to kiss her; if she wanted
kissing -h3.had a husband to kiss her, abetter
locking man than ever the prosecutor was. The
jury, without hesitation acquitted her; and the
chairman said, if any man attempted to kiss a wo
man against her willf siic had a right to bite off
his nose if she had a fancy for so doing.
Nai-dLEOVs jcSTicit, i"Iri ftapoleon's disposi
tion, severity and gentleness were singularly and
bcautifjlly blended t gcthcr. M. dcL agett
tlcman of about thirty, married a young lady of sis
teen. It was a mercenary marriage arranged
by the lady's friends, w ho dragged her to the al
tar without consulting hor feelings. She cher
ished no affection for her hdsband: he becarao
city. 1 he remainder were put in a small cralt
called the Ploughboy, Captain Clinch, also to be ! jealous of herj and though unable to ftc upon her
iiuiutu iii uui viiji iiu vwwicr Malta urai me inc sugmcisi prooi oi criminality, no inurocreu
British ship Dorchester is likewise at Amboy with j her. lie was brought to trial, found guilty, and
10U steerage passengers. She has four feet wa-: condemned; lie petitioned for pardon, and his
tcr in thc hold, and is in a nnst filthy condition, friends appealed to thc empress Josephine and to
Her passengers were to be landed yesterday, and
arc all bound for this city. They arc absolutely
Tho officers and passengers in these vessels say
that twenty-two more arccoming out4 laden with
human beings, 7 of which have already sailed.
Ir W rrr lln
He land f iv " ,r",.T..M ,rt,,k nJ hnnrv in
was ta "sld thi . r
the Messrs. White, who have lost their extensive
distillery. A great part of their improvements
were carried oir, with a large quantity of Whisk
ey, carts. &c. Thc most serious part of their
loss is that of their horses, mules and cows, which
as near as can be computed now, amount to about
ISO horses and mules, and 100 cows. The whole
damage they have sustained, cannot be estimated.
As the destructive clement passed through the
meadow, it brought thc greatest ruin upon Mes
srs. Hide and Curlctt, thc soap and candle manu
facturers, and who possessed in all, four extensive
establishments. Thc loss of these individuals
must be very great Thc bridges over the Falls
on Centre, Bath and Hillen streets wero entirely
swept away. Thc vicinity of Saratoga, llolli
day and North streets presents one continued
scene of ruin.
The gas h jusc has suffered serious injury. Thc
ere put out, and the fear is that the retorts
arc burst if so, a considerable delay may take
place in tho generation of gas, as they have but
one day supply on hand the loss to the compa
ny otherwise w ill be very great. Tho flood ex
tended above lice's Coach Factory on llolliday
street, and wc are sorry to say that Mr. I.ce has
sullered very considerably in "this catastrophe.
Gay Street. The bridge here is partly de
molished, one of the upper bridges is lying against
it, and also a vast deal of drijl irootf, ficc The
loss in this vicinity is distressing the gable end
of Mr. Roach's house, at thc bridge, has fallen
out and presents a ruinous appearance. The okl
frame, grog-shop on the corner of Frederick and
(Jay streets has met with a similar fate, thc whole
side has fallen out and the glistening decanters
stand unharmed on the shelf; thc store house op
posite is completely inundated; and the streets arc
rendered quite impassable by carriages.
A Hot Coxdejixkd to nn Hino. An nc
cotmt was published on the 8th int. of the trial
at liowcll, Massachusetts, of two boys, Michael
Monohon 13 years old, and Michael Whaylan 10
years old, for thc crime of arson, in burning thc
Almshouse at Cambridge. The Jury did not agree !
on a verdict and were discharged. A new trial was
ordered which was closed on Friday night, and
resulted in a verdict of Guilty against Monohon.
Thc Lowell Advertiser or Monday evening says;
"After a patient and thorough investigation of the
cae, and a charge from the Chief Justice, the
most minute and comprehensive, thc Jury retired,
loarn.attHennrlmstorlvthrrHifTh 1 agreeing upon a verdict about half past ten. Thc
. j o i i - i . i.i . t .
niCj imploring us to intercede in his behalf. Wa
did so, arid the following was Napoleon's answer!
Why should I pardon this man? He availed
himself of fortune for thc vile purpose of bribing
thc effections of a girl. He did not succeed irt
winning them, nnd he became jealous. His jeal
ousy was not the result of love, but of vanity. He
has committed thc crime of murder. What urged
him to it? Not his honor for his wife had not
ing apartments, and having taken his sister suc
ceeded in forcing his way out and along thc street
to one of the bridges, with the view of crossing to
old town. The bridge gave way and carried both
thc individuals with it. They floated down the
stream for some distance ; and finally succeeded
in getting hold of a fence and extricating them
selves from the water. But the stream continued
to rise rapidly, and the German was compelled
to keep his sister above water by holding her up
by the hair. They then contrived to cling on to
the branches of a tree, and there remained till
A boy of twelve or fourteen, had fallen from
the drift, which clogged Baltimore street Bridge,
into the swollen and whirling current of the River,
and being unable to swim was passing rapidly and j
Redbrook. Milan. Pine Plains. North East and be- rumor having spread abroad that the Jury hod a
ramn nart ;.-i!lv othauste.l in Snlilitirv, (Vtmn. : ffced, a numerous concourse assembled at the
atiout 30 miles distance. Its width
CO to 80 rods, as appeared from its devastated
path, wherein trees, limbs, tops of sappliugs, rails,
boards, pieces of roofs, were promiscuously scat
tered, w ithout the least notion where they be
longed. Thc amount of damage is incalculable;
we learn no destruction of human life, yet ma
ny were seriously injured. These ruins arc rich
ly worth a visit; they cannot but inculcate a
striking proof of Auiigutv Pow er.
Pine Plains, June 5th. 1837.
A Western Hunter's idea of love. -I say,
Earthquake, were you ever in love f "Ah! Rolfe,
there, you arc too hard for me ; 1 hardly know what
to sav about that. I have sometimes Telt queer,
,' When I've seen some of your Kentucky gals, Pvc
helpless down the stream, onlv the top of his felt right funny felt as if somebody was drawing
head above water, and had once entirely disap
peared, when two young men bravely dashed in
to the stream, and just as thc drowning youth was
about to be drawn under thc drift of lumber &.c
which clogged in like manner the bridge below on
Pratt street, he was snatched exhausted and al
most lifeless from death. and restored to his fami
ly. Thc name of thc humane and hcoric person
who thus nobly at thc hazard of his own life saved
that of a fellow-creature, probably unknown to
him, is Lewis SpiEK.a young man of this city,
a mechanic, whose humanity and heroism would
in thc best days of Rome have entitled him to
thc laurel crown. I le has, however, what no doubt
he will esteem of" far more value, the delightful
conscience of having saved the life of a fellow be
ing, and the hearty applause of the numerous
spectators. We have not loasned the name of the
other no less meritoYious-hidividual, who threw
himself into the raging stream without recollect
ing that he could not himself swim;but trusted to
Now if you call that love, I have
a briar over me.
been in love.'
"Well, I think you have. Do youknow anybody
that you would marry P "I marry? what for?
To be always toating a wife through the woods,
or across the swamps, to keep some red skin from
taking her hair ofl! Fool, who? She'll be all
sorts of a gal who catches me," said Earthquake;
"a wife is a queer thing, and getting one is like
taking a varment out of a hollow ; you don't know
until you've got it in your band, what sort of a
thiug it i5.-
"Man was made to mourn." Among thc cases
for trial during the present term of the general
sessions in New York are several, where wives
have been guilty of beatmg their husbands.
Fatai Rashsess. We perceive that a Massa
chusetts editor has just got married! He is crazy
unless his wife has an appetite to live on ofd ex
change paper?. Frov. your,
rvj CConn. i ' rod, a numerous concourse as
varied from ' Court house to hear " the solemn sentence of thc
law, rhe Attorney Genera! havi ?g recapit
ulated some of the most prominent evidence con
cluded with thc request that thc Bench proceed
to pronounce the sentence w hich thc law adjudges
to the crime of arson. Monohon being calkd,
rose and heard with stoical indifference a brief
sketch of his past but vicious life.
Thc affecting language of thc Judge, his appeal
to Monohon's feelings for an afflicted mother, to
his sense of the awful situation to which. he had
subjected himself in breaking the laws, his request
that he would prepare for the early and igno
minious death which awaited him, and the final
sentence "that he should be bung by the neck
until dead1 were alt-igcther a scene of intense
interest which drew tears from many an eye.
Not a muscle of the prisoner trembled at ins sen
tence, and he withstood the gaze of hundreds with
as much apparent indifference as if unconcerned,
but whether this was owimr to ignorance or har
dihood is a question for a philosopher. Whaylan
was acquitted on account of his cxtrcmo youth.'"
Anv body can talk common sense, but few Can
talk nonsense well. This may strike a reader as
a singular remark, but let us examine it. Com
moosense conversation, on common-sense mat
ters, is the gift of everybody, with any intellect
at all of any man, not an idiot, or not insane.
Every body is ever talking common sense, and
so it becomes familiar, jus as every Jwdy irauf
talk of religion awl of politics, who cmn-Jk" of
nothing else. - But skilful, gracnfaWiontj.e, de
mands education, wit, wisdom.' How Tew can
trifle gracefully ! "
Some men would as-soon pass with their blood
as their monev. yeOitbef can be of any ser-
vice without ciretfamimg.
injured it. No, he was instigated by brutality,
vanity, and eclf-love. He has no claim to mdrcy.
Intemperance. The tremendous fact men
tioned ettbc meeting of Port Dublin Temperadd
Society, that 6.300,0001. wero host year expended
by the Irish nation1 on thc bare article of whiskey
paying duty to thc crown, is certainly enough to
account for the poverty and irregular conduct of
the lower grades of our population. . If the cost
of illicit spirits consumed here be added to this
fomudanle sum, it is not improbable that the aggre
gate would amount up to nearly 8,000JOO.
Mr. Editor. A sportsman of much experience
informs me, that there is not an instance on record
of a slut going mad from any cause, aad that he
has known of several instances of their being bit
ten by dogs, but never kucw, (even then the dis
ease to appear in the slut. If such is the fact, it
should be usually known.
Strange Leg.icv A murderer named Clarke,
lately hanged at Chelmsford, Eng., was excee
dingly urgent that three of bis fingers should be
cut off and given, one to each of his sons that
they might hare before them a perpetual remem
brance, that it was by misuse of his fingers that
their father was hanged and tbey impoverished.
Tho request was conp!ied with.
We learn from thc Vieksburg Sentinel, that the
Hon. Bailie Peyton, of Tena., was recently in
that place on his way to New Orleans. A bug
number of the citizens called on him, and invited
him to a public dinner, which he accepted, to
take place on his return. Cin. Whig.
"Tan ExrERLwarr." Many of the farmers hi
Warren county, New Jersey, are storing away
in their granaries hundreds of bushels of Hut rat
wheat, for which thev refused 2J50ner btL hwi
winter. Some are mourning the fhll of
others grinding up their gmm aim mug
flour at to 5 SO per lCaBaXT.' Cfc!,
We learn that the Miami Gsnal wO. fcs nf
dars, be uunit'ls irmVaM 1
wifl be let safin it ta. tame toetet
Davton to aatt uwtvm "to
July Celebration at the feasor place. t?e i
this event trh& much sntsArtiosi.
Tna SLu or Jcnaav-It is aJ that
the numerous femak
session, in N.T. there i
This argues well, for the lair, I
ters of Jorusalsm

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