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SZsVjr P U f J i I i II II fl
KglFmj WWW" W u '
"Til tp. H. SATIS
FlM Xftttl.
kaautifiii river stood gtgan-
venerable earn 004 f years,
Im aaiioatic branches rose
5 5 Ca trunk, sad with a jrarf j c irve
mts sgus till Cieir long slender ex
- iU water At its loot, causinc
I i -.i ffti-tfA and repose in the
K vits lee- Ben-nth its protecting
J -?m sp beautif jl unguolia, ho! ling up
- -JJ; leaves, and cooling a. delicious
-I,J"V.satli it was sprinkled with a
variegated anemone, the
ZgaA, sod Ihe queen like f ose. J hither.
aaV Of Mosson", w ' mru, aim
waters, camo lovers at the twilight
icCtJBfssths their vows and their sighs brj-
!3ios. to ctrv tne,r n139 lHX ,ls trunK,
fjv tksST SiriaaJS v' ii'wcu as wu mi
Hjjjl tsralifht darkened into evening the
MHftsdf SBa BO pinion wiuicre j. a
K7l oLi their nings an 1 h ishoJ their voices.
Moil" . . -Tt ti - 1 1 . .i
T1S"T" .t :l .i .1 ! -..II .
0 jiSlTO, w""a """'fvvireoi
an bin embrace and the crushing bones were
ncaru to cracK lor an instant, like the corn beneath
the mill-stone. How good is God, said the migh
ty serpent, as the bodies fell, stilt locked together,
from his relaxed folds: how bountiful is He, who
bath made such goodly trees for my dwelling; who
hath surrounded them with flowers and fragrance,
and who hath stocked this earth with inhabitants,
as food convenient for me. But man allows no
other tyrant than himself; and gorged with his
prey, the monster fell an easy victim to that arch
Swiftly sped the flying yers. When the breath
of spring was playing amid the leaves and the
blossoms, a humming-bird came poising hisiself
on glittering wing., as he reconnoitorcd the
peaceful tree. There he fixe J his - habitation,
and built his nut-iiko nt-xts. Its tiny inhabitants
were soon clothe! in their beautiful dress and
fluttering on fairy piiiom, wre conducted tri
umphantly away by their exulting parents, to
er.j y elsewhere their dreamy and independent
existence. And as they wheeled sparkling on
untired wings, how good is Good, siid the beau
tiful birds, who hath made this fair creation for
our use: who hath planted trtcs that we may
build in their branches, and fljwcrsthat we may
live in their odor, and suiistane that we may in
hale its spicy breath. Bjtm hawk spied from his
Might the gentle birds, and stooped, an 1 ended in
them the power, insignificant and mean as they J a TREASURY BANK,
were, to lay low the loftiest, and they too reas- We some time since expressed the'opinion that
oned from God's goodness to their own importance the Administration had determined upon atterapt
and upon their boast and their reasoning was also j lng a Treasury Bank, as a remedv for the e list-
written vanity !
Santa Anna versus the Government. The Ex
press Mail of yesterday brought interesting intel
ligence from Mexico. It is said that Bjstamente
the new President, has already had a difficulty
with the clergy, wbicb, unless speedily adj isted,
is likely to lead to another civil revolution. It
seems that Gen. Bistamente demanded a loan
from the clerirv of 5Si3.000.00O. This demand
From th CiaciAMti Gasans.
Tbe New York San pullisbes the subjoined
narrative as vouching for its authenticity. Our
tog condition of affairs. This opinion has since j readers will perceive that it is a counterpart of
been strengthened bv various facts that have
reached our ears, and scarce a doubt can now be
entertained on the subject. All the leading Ad
ministration papers, or nearly all of them, seein
favorably disposed towards such an undertaking,
and it is highly probable that Mr. Van Bureu
produced the greatest dissatisfaction, and Smta ia". P'au air lr,al? n,ay seem reesonarie
Anna was forthwith consulted hv thi nrita. i,r practicable. The conravjuitv have suf?ered
; 1 he government, aware of this, orderad 'S:int:
j Anna to appear before a court martial to naswer ;HI l attempted in the way of rslief.
i to the (diamcs ar-a'mst him on iimmnt r.f .U lnt ! cuatinnati-Hi ot the views above expressed
I o - . i , - - .
Texas ranmirtn. Stnta Ann rprdind lathoe.ili ! S,vc tae toiir.ving extract oi &u arUcie
himself will say something upon the subject, in ! remarkable exemplification of the vicissitudes of
his Messuage to the extra Sessi jn of Congress. j human life.
We are not yet prepared to give an opinion in re- j 'Though black as night, there is something in
lation to this scheme, disposed as we aro to give I her &rci and manner that sets her at infinite dis-
tmce from the ordinary negro here, and seems to
suLs.tar.tiUc, if proufe were necessary, her claims
TUB .xechaxic m
Historians have been bwsty fur several thousand
of jr ears, but they have not dascribed any eoe
class of men which is exempt frosa trouble. The
! most sturdy beirars. in the trnim m r Aimm rf
. i .. . t: : ; ; e U A'.A i n . g. - ... .
after reaching Africa, but before he got to bis
native home.
Thcre is now at the Bellevue almshouse a ve-
rv sired black woman, whose his tor v turnishes a
i kti eno jgh, and it is high time th.:t something I of hii'h ceseent.
In Her father w as one cf the most powerful native
u c i princes in Africa; his dominions lyinjf chiefly n
re- i ti?.c feenetra! and its tnoutancs. Aoout tuo yecr
Bclisarious, the champ bn of the wealthiest
pire yet recorded was reduced to beg hit futhis
and the European king; id the last century, died
penny less in England.
After this becoming preface, we may go fairly
to work on our subject. I heartily sympathise
with tbe man who is reduced to want, without
his own fault especially if he is n man wbo
earns his 1 read by the sweat of his brow; and
most of al!,if be'has to share his sorrow and loss
with a Cfufidinir wile and telulcss chudr
in the fallowing laconic manner:
. I a
JlM aaL De3r ,eI1 DCK ,0 loe cna "gun
J descend in dew. But the
.kllsW, scenery camo but as a
SJsnflrr. Tl breath of God's spirit
atteSaOj, bSI l 33 nun ui ntw:. umiivw vtiv
vrtli anliissl TOO nppic tnai ouring inc o iy
rf a alavist fcaliW m irmir, seemed in the
tltmigr iftifT, tbe voice of mmy waters.
Irtfrtfr tat erwn canto slowly wheeling her sil
ittyimk. las bariaon. Tnro-igh the silent
wlgaiiea luurs, the nightingale came wooing
dsagiagto bis beloved rose, as she b ing
mmt'mg araunl her onbeaded fragrance, beneath
tbaVvJow of tbe elm. The pliinive note of
ns wmii-yjr-will resounded from time to time
dm mud the lowers at its foot. Ten thousand
Henrtiaf haipeaf tha fire-fly, sparklo 1 anJ van
seal amd its branches. Tba chirp of the cricket
vat heafd awotdinir with voices of a thousand
d9rbat iataaauoa( that rose from every pirt of
tbe mar. Tn time to time, the dreamy air
$eemwd H lev ivs farm instant, to emit languidly
a BMata aatry with its load of fragrance and
i naff men, as if exhausted bv the cfTrt, to
5aas in a repose befitting ibis sabltath of
llow vood is Go-1. said the c ultinr Elm.
skltO created so many beautic fir my use and
a, list; and hnw n blc a being must 1 be to
kwCll varied and exhsustlvs creations for my
'Fer mo iho birds sing, and the flowers
tC3tk He clothes mo in my robes or beauty
-4is ama-bearns are sent tn lend with their sit-
Mtf brightness an unuticrable beauty to my ex
JtsdseTfectioos. Bansvolent as happy, I protect
Iho birU of hsaven and the lcasts of the fields,
ia and beneath my branches. To the lower spe
cies of vegetation 1 accord mv patronage, and
spread over them the giant arms of my protec
tee. , Mm bows before me in astonishment and
atSgat. In the sunshine ha seeks my refreshing
asttsr, aadia tbe shower he still finds my ever
katvoleat protection.
Yew after year passed away. There came
nsvaaiag a hnrv-hoaded old than, leaning
poet youth, and thoy seated themselves upon
tba am tawery bank beneath the elm. What a
creation, said the nappy bay, as bis
nek eye fl ishod proudly upon the noble
around him. Thank God. replied the old
ana; who his male it all rich in its exulting
Wauty aad glory, for man alone. He has placed
aim Wn in a vast store-house, replete with all
n-r?sswyaad useful and glorious things : and has
ijirea bini aWiaion over all. The rose tree puts
tarta its leaves, and the summer its foliage, and
autuma its fmits. out y for his eni yment and hap
piness, for him the birds sin?, and tbe fountains
law, the bee labon. and the silkworm toils. For
him the detail are painted in all the gorgeous
Wes af mmitt. and nature is over changing her
fvueata of beauty, her beauty being forever
mngasble. O'.isarvc, my child, tbe noble tree
Mmth whiv.h we sit. I am.n oilman: but couv
fawaw years with tbe years of this elm. and I
stan infant. For it, generation has f IloweJ
racation, as leaf, f !lowed loaf. Its owners,
Kiat, coma to sit beneath its shadow, and t
taf their venerable possession: vet hath it
them almost as often as it hath changed
Thank God, then, mv son, who hath
yon such a glorious being. S they knelt
ranon the fragrant turf- the hoary hairs
y aide with tbe curling cluster's of that fair
J lordis, an I b!onded their .gratitude
Jfwnawith the odor of flowers, and the song
anl the mingling burst that swelled from
"ad Sower, and tbantaiu and tarf- the roar
and the rustling leaf, and it rose to
" 'th tbeirs as acceptable, and as
. '"j t c r onward. The venerable elm
f. aract in its beauty; but an unusual ag
? toexwt in its branches. At times
violently shaken, and its Urge boughs
"dily pand down, as if swayed- b; the
' Zf f0L A huge black column was seen
late the air, high above its topmost boughs
Cagbt and lofty pillar then again, with
Ty n like neck, and head gently depres-
.lyna'f re'onnoitcring tbe far space around
ag uu, win a graceful unadulatory motion.
sd from its height, and
L?,2in? if ,,fe,!,. fr m its lowest
av The h-ltro trunk nf K. -I
I ... T " . '-J I III w H V
JwMe a sapling in the school-boy', hand. The
C?d beasts fled in dismay: tbe bird's, wi h
j "fsamings flew shrieking from their place,
jj' the rich communings of their own hearts,
jly were seen approaching. They were
Every sign of life and movement van
jLce from the graceful tree. Slowly and
; T tbe fated pair approached. Thev
poartag out tbe fulness of their heart's into
tf ears. They dreamed not of unbap
ysho.ild they f they were together.
,2i"r't be,utuul vicinage of the elm by
; r, "wuncuve wandering. Arm in arm,
j-- .. was an Eden, wherever they wan-
" m mma nui oniv in riian in JIT inn
Sked in bowers of hnnlr 'MR.p .r. I
rJ -I'pTOBcoea tne treacDerous soot.
.WBIv .L. .
wa a crasbing noic a augc
WTr WM 'uiwhed from the tree, and in an
, "j uivjtiiii iuius oi ine
nut nature's agony coukl endure but
at. With an inri.t. .1
a? LIaZu i?" ar?und the Jored object,
leW ifrom their foe: then nerishin
No oiiedo. nodf!bo. v n- miiorf.' (i ennnn!. I iew York, and attributed to tue pen of the
should not, and I will not.) s Hon. Silas Wright, one of the Senators from that
In consequence of which a strong detachment i State, and supposed to cuj y tbe confidence, bo;h
of cavalry was despatched for Mango del Clavo, ! personal and political of the President,
with orde'ra to take the hero and bring him a pris- i nat then can Congress do? We answer,
oner to the enpitot. On their arrival, however, j tr' tJlc vet untried expedient. Produce a perfect
hswas no where to be found. Some say be is jand entire separation between the finances of the
r .l - u . g "tr- ! nation and nil ttio T1;iiiU nf isciif. nr iiint
an instant their gratitude and their lives ; and he j an J B V 8aiJ bave al?0 turned Santa Anna however, or by what authority existing between
ta thanked G I fr his wise and merciful crea- j m(Jn ; the National Treasury and those artiticial crea
tions for his use. Yet as the proud bird rose again, ! A'lctter from the city of Mexico of a lata date, ; ls of legislation i.n which we have so unfor
there came a meseuger sw.fter than his own w, - . . n s,OWfU9 bv a f., stafe9 tha' tunately attempted to depend. We have tried the
w,ng,aninetofoteUuttenaganUIiteleSsto the Santa Anna is by , lomean prostrate; that he has of these soulless existences, in all their
still many active friends among the leading men i ,urV" "l eing, una uiai lanu uas ains ianeu
r came noaimgov- of Mexic0) an,j particularly among the clcrgv.who us ' tnc hoar ot utmost need. ."Sow let us try
tting laiily aon?T are constantly fomenting diatisfaction, and cag- the f natural persons of moral, accounta
e blossom, and the , er, watching for a maillent trt carry their plans bl agents of freemen. Let Congress trust the
eir odors with those , .. a, k:ii ; -tu. i safe-keeoin?of the public treasure with citizens.
of the rose tree that fl nirished under the protect- . . ". . ' , ' and not as bank corporators, with men responsible
cently appeared in the St. Lawrence RepubSic.ui i 1770, having tuken the field in person against the !
Moors, he sent his favorite daughter, under a strong
cs;ort,to be taken care of during his absence, by
a relative, residing rear laecoasi
Soid 11 .met, the .Moorish enemy,
ibid arrangement, immediately commissioned sev
eral spies to go and make her captive,or procure
her abduction by soma slaver or other vessel at
the mouth of tlio river. In the latter expedition
thc-v were successful. Tbe Captain of tui Eng-
! lish brig, knowing that lie could extort a heavy
ransom, tunl moans turouga iucir ageucj wku
There p.re cauy such, for we tucet tbem in al
most cwry walk, downcast and unemployed;
there arc more than wo at first suppose, lor the
erealeat sufferers sbun the glare of observa
tion. American mechanics aro said to love money.
If this is true in any discreditable sense, it is so
in a sense different fioni that of the olden time.
learning of I The money lover of our day is bad enough, but
Again tho brcatb of summer came floating ov
er the bco of the violets, wat
the spicy breath of the orange
magnolia flowers to mingle their odors with those
jog shadow of the elm. There it put forth its , y manient noti6e9 of rallying to bis stand- i to jf. not to a monicd institution.'
fl - . s i J i t ard a tormidablc arm v. it these statements be
lay of the nignt.nrale, protected by tho over- tru we fear that yet- another b, (mAy mce ia to
snaoowing orancnes irom ine scorcning sun ana be added tQ of this filtnl colintrv.
tho Ivn triialonl ! nui i wi m Ka nnda tnA I
the two violent showers; and in the pride of the
exclusive providence of God for the necessities
of its nature, wbo had provided man to cultivate
it, and trees to protect it, and showers and sun
shine to cherish it, end birds to sing to it. But
tbe voice of its pride was yet silent, tho destroyer
came hanging in clusters upon its damask leaves,
and revelling unrcbuksd in its beauties ; and wben
tbese fair things had resigned their frail existence,
BickneWs Reporter.
Correspondence of Baltimore Patriot.
StKAM BOAT-CoLrMBIS, Aug. 12, 1S37.I
The most serious accident that has occurred in
Eastern Virginia since my recollection, happened
hsw good is God, said the destroying insects, who j on the Portsmouth and Roanoke Rail Rfwtd, one
for us hath planted tho rose, and given it its plea
sant perfume, and what important beings must we
be to bave so much food, and so much beauty
provided for us.
Time flies not in vain over anv. The beart-
and a half miles from Suffolk, yesterday, betwoen
9 and 10 o'clock. A company , consisting of about
130 ladies and irentlemen, from the counties of
tho Isle of Wight, Nanscmond and Southampton,
caraa down m tbe Rail Road on Thursday, the
JmJ influence! J?th inst.-wfc Uwvies of visiting Portsmouth,
m a a . - . V T Aaf.T1i BaitaK.. a. M .. .
la vpiI nn Innvnrn.irnad it nutriineni .' II Slinv- !-, 11 iia.anaa
he is not the m:ser of old stories. lie graspa
hut does not hoard. The excitement which drive
him en to rapid gain is only ono branch of a wi
der excitemont having many branches charac
teristic of oar lime, and susceptible of a direc-
tion to good as well as evil. The old time money
i ranker was a tortoise, and w hen a starm camo he
lice her on board, and shortly after sai.ed tor I closed bis fchdl. The modern money maker is a
England. On his arrival she was introduced to , j-j cf tnc air. tj,c tempest drenches, and pwrad
inany persons of distinction as a specimen of Af- venture stuns him. but at Uio first laughing san
rican royalty; and finally on the embarking of j shine ho is again on lm wing. Let tho inechan
Sir J. Purr (under whose protection she then was) J ic jn straits hope strongly for deliverance. Many
for Halif ix, she was presented to his Majesty, tli i are now reduced to great difficulties by clianges
King of Lnglaad, then Prince William lienry, t in ine commercial world, which they bad no nana
We also annex bv way of inforn , tion, the fol
lowing protest of the National Intelligencer
against such a scheme as seems to bo in embryo;
reserving to ourselves, however, the right to speak
upon the subject at length, the moment we arc in
possession of the proper information.
1. It is au untried scheme, in favor of which
hardly any thing can be alleged but that it is un
tried ; which, (far from being a reason for prefer
ring it to tbe resort to a National B ink, which has
been tried and found, to be every thing desired for
the convenience, economy, and even emolument
of the Treasury,) is itself a decisive objection
to it.
2. It proposes a retrogrcseion in the march of
improvement; an entire renunciation of all the
commandant of the Hussar frigate.
Up to this time the report that she was a vol
untary exile from her home had not been contra
dicted, and was relied upon as such; but the gen
erous sailor Prince, during the passage out, dis
covered the irue state of the case, and determin
ed to take her into his own immediate charge,
in producing. In such circumstances, when th
father of a family sees the dearest object of hie
affections brought into want and distress, there
is a great temptation, to discontent and repining.
This tendency must lie resisted it never did a
uy good, and it never can. No man ever gained
by grumbling. Complaints, recrimmaiions, ana
that she might be returned to her father without ; even cuies, serve neither ta ni ke tho hunger
"As the most ready method of settling all diffi
culties, he made a bandsonio present to tbe villain
ous captain who brought her away, and who pre
tended to be under heavy responsibilities for her
safe return. This negociation was effected in
Halifax; but nosoonarwas the arrangement con
summated and tbe bmiis pail, than he secretly
conveyed her to the Wet Indies; but learningnt
Providence that the prince, g.eatly irritated at his
day on their return, at the time and place above
mcntiiHied, they met a locomotive and a train of
burden cars, and horrible to relate, the two ran
together while going at the rate of ten or twelve
miles an hour.
A messenger was sent into Suffolk for some
advantages of experience, and a wilfol disregard ! d.iplicity, had pubii.-had a description of his per-
ot the lessons she has taught, concerning the cos- son, and orders for hia arrss fco imdo a prccipi
todv of nubiic treasures, from the rciffn f JU- tii rr tr t from that reirion. and broucht her to
i I Tt'-i dr.riiR rUwwUifliri-f AsaaaavaiwaAaaac, -. .ast retnbvttoa of :
upon a mere pretence of expediency, to sw;Il
the Executive patronnge, by creating from one to
two hundred offices, with liberal salaries, where
with the President of the United States will be
cllcd and rotted, and at last crumbled into dust,
and tho trunk was only a vast hollow cylinder.
In its hollow a swarnvof be 4tuk up their resi
dence, and made in it their rich cells. How good
is God, said the industrious insects, as their ssm
mer lask was ended, who hath created all for our
i.ou rn.nn.KiKiMtinnc nn l 1.1. .r,rrw ' ohvsician in tho olace to come out immediately, i enabled to reward unsatisfied expectants, and
Doiv aamv aa j iv vise Miit""wj "--. ..-. I- i '
to yield us their honey. Tho rain descends and j and 1 being accidentally in that town, repairea to hold out temptations 10 luturc political Knaves
summer opens, and man is sent us only to nurture . the place of accident, with the hope of being able t and mercenary demagogues.
our nccessarv flowers and destroy our enemies, S to render some assistance to tho wounded. i 4. There is no security that this legion of office-
tho birds; winter comes to give us rest trom our i nc most ncari renamg scene prcseniea liseu noiocrs in ue i uu more irusiwomiy mm inu
toils, and'timo to cniay tbe fruits which we bave ', that 1 have ever witnessed ; every spot on both i Deposit Bonks which have stopped payment w ith
so industriously collected. Can man, with all his ; sides of the road, which ofturcd the least protcc- J the public money in their vaults. 1 here is eve-mn-hinirv.
rival, or cvrn in anv dewree imitate ! tion from the s-in, was covered with the dead, dv- ; rv reason, in fact, to presume the contrarv.
our skill? What important beings then must we j ing and wounded. Three young ladies sitting to- j 5. Suppose, however, that under the frame of
be, on whom such knowledge and art is bestow- j gether on the front seat of the second car were ; so clumsy a machine the money affiirs of the
cj, j killed, neither living longer than fifteen minutes: ' Government could be managed for a time, it yet
But another season camo with its chansres. . A another lady, an infant and a negro girl were so , presents no possible hope oi reliet to lie People
larve.unsiirbtlv erubworm was seen slowly drag- i much injured, that tbey died before 3 o'clock, and i Irom the paralysis under which the country now
I overtk him, ani he was reiaced to bcggry.
It proj.jses, without any sort of necessity, and "Being now cut eff from all prospect of ever
ffinir its slimv tail alonsr the trunk and bouehs of i ten or fifteen ladies and gentlemen beside;
ry. . . . . . . - . - - . i - . i . -1 i
the elm. There it selected a spot in atork ot tne j laineo inj iry oi one Kino or anomer, very iiKeiy
tree, and f.istrninr itself to it. resigned itself to to prove fatal to four or five of tbem. The con-
the common law of its nature; and the re this low
reptile slept quietly in its leafy asylum, amid tbe
high creations of God. Yet was its sleep not eter
nal. Again it came forth in its new style of be
ing, the ancients' beautiful image of the soul, a
bright and glorious thing, emerged from the sleep
of death; and as it is sailed proudly away on its
beautiful wings, how good is God, exclaimed the
delighted insect, who hath made for me this beau
tiful world; who for ma hath painted the hare-
fusion attending an accident where so many were
present, the mangled corpses laid out on tbe side
of the road, the moans of the wounded, and the
weeping and wailing of relations, presented a
spectacle which defies description. Every possi
ble attention was paid the sufferers by the Physi
cians and hospitable citizens of Suffolk, but the
situation where it happened and the excessive
heat of the day, added greatly to the intensity ot
their sufferings. I shall not attempt to assign any
labors, from the great inequality of exchanges,
taking her back, to re-.eivo tha reward of his j so,; eV(.t
treachery, in the way of a ransom, he made a sale
of her privately to a Southern P.anter, who was to
send aad take her from her lodgings. As her
good fortune ordered, however, she received au
intimatioii of the plot, in time to make her tscapo
to the house of the Mayor, who immediately ap
prehended and severely punished her cruel proa-
1 ccutor.
Her character and adventures excited much in
terest in this city at the time, and many wealthy
families miJe her welcome among them; several
inlluentiai gentlemen even t iking pains to write
to England on her behalf. Smc years ago a box
of gold dust and a large quantity of ivory were
sent to Liverpool by her reLtivcs in tho vain
hope of purchasing her restoration ; but the pre
cious remittance soon tell inta piratical lianas,
smaller n r the loaf larger. Stick a pin there,
and consider. Hero is a starting noint.
Not many hours go Iheaicd Uncle Ben jeroia
discoursing this m.tt.cr to bis Ron, wbo was eow
pltiuing of tho pressure. "Rely upon it, Sam
mv," taid tho old man, fs he leaned en his staff,
j with his grey lot ks flowing in the breeze of a
M y morning, "ut'iriTianng pays no bills, luave
been an observer these fifty years, and I nev
er saw a man helped out of a hole by cursing bis
horses. Be as quiet as you can, for nothing will
grow, under a moving barrow, and discontent
harrows the miu.J. Matters aro bad, I acknowl
edge, but avo ulcer is any thing better for finger'
ing. Tho more j-ou groin, tho poorer yol grow.
Kepming at losses is only putting pepper into a
Crop will ful in an rot aaa wo
' may be thankfi.'! t'.mt wu have not a famine Be-
I ..i . i . .i. i - c t
siuc?, isiwata unucc, inn wneiicTer nun
and from the confusion and variety of rag-money j aod the rightful owner was left to take berchance
in the every day market. ! of getting back to Africa, without its aid
BickneWs Reporta:
bell and the violet, and scented the lilly and the cause for this painful occurrence, as the matter
fle who hath made mv bed in the tulip's bell, ' w-ill probably undergo a thorough
andhath s.nt tbsre ihe sweet breathof his zephyrs j before a Court of Justice,
to rock me to my repose. j An Eye Witness.
But the quiet repose of nature could net last ! he names ot those killed immediately were
forever. Clouds began to gather and darken a- j Miss M'Cluny, Miss Ely, and Miss Robert. The
bove tho stately tree. The windows of heaven three that died afterwards were, Miss Holland, an
wero opened. The voice of the bellowing thun- j infant, name not known, and a female negro slave
lnr rnirod t branch tha skies. The loftv head of : 6 years old. Those ini ired seriously are Mr.
The York (Pa.) Republican of Wednesday last
Warned by the failure of their winter grain
last season, and discouraged by its unpromising
appearance early last spring, the farmers in mi-
! nv places resorted to the cultivation of Spring
v beat, and now after harvest we understand both
bv nriVAtp inr-krmif if n and th rviK!ir i vrm!c
: . : . . i . . " -- r . .... - -. -
! that the experiment has been highly successful.
! We learn from the "Herald" of Friday last that
For a half century she has resided in and
about New York, always an object of kind regard,
by the descendants of thos wbo first gave her a
home; and, what is very remark ible, during so
long a period, she lias never made one acquain
tance among the black population; considering
them beings entirely inferior to herself in caste.
"Since the accession of Prince William to the
throne of Great Britain, several letters have been
written by benevolent individuals here, to mem
bers of Parliament, endeavoring to bring bcr case
before the King. But such matters are attended
with so m ich difficulty and delav, that in all hu-
a bunch of this wheat grown in the garden of! "an probability, the poor old woman, doubtless
the elm was reared high above all the neighbor
ing objects. The deep black cloud lay heavy
above it. Suddenly a sheet of fire burst from its
opening bosom, and descended full upon the ma
jestic tree. In a moment, tho air was darkened
with sticks and splinters from its venerable
branches, flying far and wide in every direction.
Its verdant foliage shrivelled and withered in an
instant, as beneath the torch of an enchanter.
Yet ibe noble tree fell not
tv tree
all its
spider wove its web in its branches the smail
animals burrowed beneath its root the butterfly
slept out his mysterious change upon its boughs,
and came tnence Mooting on gorgeous wings, an
Wiley Watkins, two Messrs. Hollands, Mrs. Ely,
Miss M'Cluny, Mrs. Holland, Mr. Phelts and oth
ers, names not known.
Mr. Christian Roth, of Sarins Gardeti township
tie product of a single grain contained eijrh-ty-one
well filled ears, ill of which became ripe
in due season. Spring Wheat will be an excel
lent alternative for the farmers, when a severe
winter or other unfavorable circumstances may
injure their crops sown in the fall.
UrrraECEOENTED Generosity. On Tuesday
last Mr. G. W. Pierson. of this town, found a
pocket-book containing n.ites to the amount of a
thousand dollars. After giv ing publicity to the
fact, &, having taken the trouble to insert it in one S
of the newspapers of the day, the owner called
me that destroys all, heals all; and tnemigh- "H"" "'" ""'"g F' " p.. , j
aeain reared its head in the quiet sky, in i "' "V - v.. . s
natural verdure and mjiestv. ino busy . . " i9
Tbe admission
pears to be very generally discouraged by the
public journals of Pennsylvania.
There is no better antidote for hard times and
other and a higher creature the industrious bees disappointment in business than a cheerful face
. . . . . - . i - i . . . .
Extraordinary surgical operation by Dr. S emp
tier. There was performed in our village, last
week, a very curious and novel operation on the
Eye, being nothing more nor less than the instan
taneous cure of Squinting or "Strabismus," as it
is properlv called. The patient, a young lady
from South Carolina, came from Saratoga to this
ace to meet Dr. Scudder, and so perfect we3 tne
operation, and so little the inconvenience, that
he returned with her narents to Saratoga in the
the Union, ap- i evening train of cars. Tbe operation was per-
tho rightful heiress of great wealth and power,
will die with us, iu a house of alms, in a land of
were asrain busy iu its trunk, and beautiful birds
in its branches. But another charm was now ad
ded to its bcautv it had seen centuries and it
was venerable but it had been riven by the
lightning, and it was sacred. Am I not strong,
said the proud tree, when the bolt of heaven hath
but shivered mv topmast boughs, while 1 was still
able to protect the myriads who had sought the
shelter of my powerr fowertul indeed must that
be which can lay me- in the dust ; me, whom years
have sapped, and storms rocked, and lightning
hath shivered in vain.
But even in that moment came the destroyer.
Myriads on myriads of worms, almost too minute
for the unassisted sight to discover, had taken
possession of its gigantic trunk. Despising tbe
tender bark, they sought their nourishment from
and a heartv welcome at home. As without them
all the wealth of Peru cannot confer happiness so
with them the deepest poverty cannot take it a
way. A man may be fretted and we tried, cross
ed in business, nay ruined, if you please, and a
. single glance of kindness from a woman that he
loves and tbe children that he dotes on, wdl drive
away care and make him as happy at heart as if
mdlions were to his command and worldly friends
as plenty as blackberries. Poulson.
A poor man once went to a pious minister and
said, "Mr. Carter, what will become of me? I
work hard, and fare hard, and yet I cannot thrive."
Mr. Carter answered "still you want one thing, 1
will tell you what you shall do; work bard, and
fare hard and pray hard, and I will warrant you
shall thrive."
formed by cutting some of the fibres of the mus
cle which held the eye obliquely, tbe consequence
was, that the opposite muscle immediately brought
the eye in its proper line of vision, and the un
pleasant deformity of squinting was instantane
ously removed. BaZirfon Spa Gazette.
Meteoric Srose A correspondent of theN.
H. Patriot states that pa-t of the motcoric stone,
weighing moro than one hundred pounds, a short
time sinc-.e fell near tbe house of Mr. Moses
Trussellin that state, and exploded on the ground
jarrin? it for a considerable distance. The out
side of tha stone was a shell nearly an inch thick,
composed of the finest sand cemented and caked
tbe rod pi-cttyeuiirtlv.it was as much as to say.
"Here is something which you have got to l3aTn.,,
Sammy, do not forget that your schooling is not
over yet, tbcugh you have a wife and two chil
dren." "Ay," cried Sammy, "you may say that, and
a mother-in-law and two apprentices into the bar
gain. And I bhould like to know what a poor
man can learn here, when the greatest scholars
and lawyers are at loggerhead?, and cant fir their
lives tell what has become of tho hard money."
"Softly, Sammy ! I am older than you. I nave
not got these grey hairs and this crooked back
without some burdens. I could tell you stories
of tho days of continental money, when my grand
father used to stuff a sulky box with bills to pay
for a yearling, or a wheat fan, rnd when Jersey
women used thorns for pins, and laid their tea
pots away in the garret. You wish to know what
you may learn. You may learn these seven
things. First, that you have saved too little and
spent too much. 1 never taught you to be a mi
ser, but I bave seen you give your dollar 'for a
"notion," when you might have laid one half a
side for charity and one half for a rainy day.
Secondly, thit you bave gone too much upon
credit. I always told you that credit was but a
shadow: it shows that there is substance behind
which casts the shadow; but a small body may
c&ct a great show, and no wise man will follow
the shadow, any further than he can see the sub
stance You may now learn that you have fol
lowed the opinion and fafdiion of others till yon
have been decoyed into a bop. Thirdly, that you
have been iu too much hie to to become neb.
Slow and easy wins the race. Fourthly, that o
course of life can be depended upon as always
prosperous. lam afraid the younger race of
working men in America have had a notion that
nobody could go to ruin on this side of tha wa
ter. "Providence has greatly blessed us, but wa
bave become presumatuous FiAbly, that you
j have nt been thankful enough to God tor his ben-
into a stone, with a covering of the same sub-jet3 jn times past. Sixthly that you may be
thanklul thit our lot is no warse. e mtgm nave
famine, or pestilence, or war, or tyranny, or all
together. And bstly, to end my sermon, yao
miy learn to offer with more understanding Jb
praverof your infancy, "give us this day oar a
Ir bread."" .
The old man ceased, and Sammy put on Us
apron and told Dick to blow away at the forge
bellows. .
stance, of one sixteenth part of an inch in thick
ness, bard like pot-meil, and blistered so that the
sarface was somewhat uneven. The inside was
the same substance, but loose like sand, and there
was nearly a bushel of it. Mr. Trusscll put some
on his fire and a sulphurous dame arose from it.
Lase Fleece. The
i Gazette says, Mr. John Orcut of Curamington,
sheared v pounds and 4 ounces of wool trom one
sheep, this season, after being well washed.
UxDEuinorsG. A Frenchman assured one of
our friends that his countrymen never buy an ar
ticle at the seller's first price. "For instance,"
said he, "one of them came into my store the oth
er day and priced a pair of silver buckles. I ask
ed seven dollars. "Eleven! I give you niac.'
Seven is the price, sir, not eleven. 'Seven! I
give you five.' "
A csercx hat. "Ta'nt a werry good 'an to
look at, said Sam, "bat HT3 an astonishing 'an
the more solid wood. Day by day, and hour bv
hour, the boasted strength of the stately tree ! "Dick," enquired the maid, bave yeu been ai-1 to wear, and afore the brim went, it was a very
withered awav. Thluut flaahoH nntnnt rtpn i ter that salaeratus!" "No. I bant." "IT you don't I handsome stile. Hows'ever it's lighter without
the rustling summer breeze lifted a leaf in its i go quick, I'll tell your mistress." "Well, tell it, that's one thing, and every hole lets in some
branch the moon looked placidly on tbe long ad-! Mistress as soon as you please! I dont know j air, that's another weatdation gossamer I calls
- A HaAMAaH- natiiA .1Ma 1 .a. .a K J ! O , I ! .s a n 4 rAfit tm sa kas i-Ait lrnAW ' tt
ILIlkVU TvCUVlJ uokuic 91-pi 111 tier 8WCC1651 ef 1U I sJ'A-IJ lU3a uaat vaa jfr " us asm
softest repose, when the graceful elm fell in the ! well enough I am ecguged to Deb.
silence of evening il 'Jr1 utiful ruiua t gHJimsFEAEB Ihproted.A belligerent wight
mahA1 and jAlmt.'A Ball that Kttrl lAaik.1 a.WAlAa t ...... ?
" . j T -, Y , 1 threatened to suck a dry character who had off.
from its existence and its destroyers in their i
turn tnanaca uoa, woo iut u.e.u formea ere- 1, Vou will find yourself
ded him. Mf you undertake it.
than shinning
answered the
a man more
The Coshocton Spy of tbe 9th, says, that a gang
of counterfeiters, with their plates, and about one
hundred mud fifty thousand dollars ia notes ready
for market, were arrested last week aear Akron,
j in this state. Their counterfeits were cfeieSy oa
the Merchant's Bank, at Toronto, U. C .
Respect to the Ladies. I have often found
that the men who are really most fond of tbe so
ciety of ladies, who cherish ror them a high res
pect, nay reverence, are seldom the most popu-
I lar with the sex. Men of more assurance, whose
j tongues are lightly hung, who make words sup-
rvorthampton (Mass.) . r J- .0,im.nt ,k- favorites. A true
respect for women leads to respectful actions to
wards them, and respectful is usually distant ac
tion, fcjd this great distance is mistaken by them
for neglect and want of interest."
Quick Witted An Irishman, says tb Hn
burgh Courant, having accidentally broken a pane
of glass in a window of a bouse in Q?en
..r.it .. r.. .. h. aU. to Kt oat of the
wayTwhcn be was follow! and seixed by the
proprietor, who eHhr, "y 'a"
dow, fellow, did too -otr "To be sure I did,"
said Pat, "and dTa ?nKi running home
for money to pay for tf
A Dahttt Boy. An apprentice to the eafci-net-nk0J?
business Ktely presented himself at
the police bar, New York,' and prayed fe hare kts
indentures canceled, because his master made
bun eat from a table not wcred with a table
cloth! Justice Bloodgond told the dainty lad that
it w nnfortuaatelv be rood his power to cancel
his indentures on such ground, ample as it might
be; but he would write a respectful note to his
master, and desire that his table should sJwayaae
' - m . a a a . a WOT 'W m
furnished wth a aaaaasK tawe cwrn. t. m.
To prevent Horses g teased unA FtieM
Take two or three small handfuls of Walnut leaves,
upon which pour two or three quarts of soft cold
rater, let it infuse one night, and pour tha whole
tbe next morning into a kettle, and lot it bail for a
quarter of an hour; when cold it wi3 bo ready
for use. Jibing more is required than to saotst
ea aspoflge with tbe iKj Jor, sad before the horse
goes -out of tbe etabie let tboeo parts wbicb aro
sbst in i table be smeared over with the lqw,
via: between and upon tbe cars, the neck, tha
flank, Vc. Not only the lady or gentleman who
rises out for pleasure, will derive benefit frosa ska
walnut leaves thus preps red,but tha the
tbe waggoner, and all others who use
ring the hot manthslonoa Sportssaaa.
of the
SaLann or
try papers gives an account oT aiJuags m ra
xtitrai tZe. who hd beea m the aatst ot sit
ting so long, that when km died, his
bund fixed upon tbe wall! :
A persreelW one
every aaiDato amuU U ft stl,,
- -

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