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priacipfo of imprisoning a nan fur debt awl vow
ed to be more careful in future.
44 Why, Mr. Jenkins, how came you borer in
quired a gentleman who was wheeling a barrow
Ixid of stono.
Timothy looked and recognised die man with
the gallows phiz.
"And pray, my friend," catechised Mr. Tim
othy Jenkins, "do they make debtors wheel stone
here.1 ,
"Ob bo! . you're only, scotched for debt,1, repli
ed he of the gallows look, Mno, none but 'prigs'
work. '
"Prigs?" echoed Timothy inquiringly.
"Ay, them as is discovered lining.
"And you are a thief then," said Timothy stern
ly, lor hts soul revolted from such association,
"how came rou here.--
"1 made free with a gentleman's pocket book in
the theatre, and was sent here to work and do
the State some service."
"And that story of yours about my robbing you
"Gammon, answered the convict, as be re
sumed his occupation and left Timtby standing
with Cilded irms, until the turnkey came to show
him to the debtor's room.
"Well," soliloquized be as ho found himself
thrust into a room with sune forty squalid look
ing being, "this is justice to immure the poor
in prison that the shylocks miy hive their bond,
in the miseries they inflict -this is justice!" and
he f rgot his own sorrows in tho contemplation of
otters misery.
Fran tat &V Lwtte sbavbticaik, Aug. 19. .
We have again to record a most melancholv
accident upon one of our steam boats. About 3
o'clock en the morning of the 15th August, the
sicaiB tmm vuouuue. URDt. Smoker, on her man.
age from St. Louis to Galena, collapsed the flue of
her larboard boiler, by which accident twenty-two
persons were dreadfully scalded, 10 of whom are
since dead. The accident took place while under
way, alongside of Musquetin bar. eiffht miles be
low Bloomiagton, and under an ordinary head of
steam. v e understand that the boat left the
wood yard, below, about a quarter past 3 o'clock,
and bad run safely along until 2 o'clock, when the
explosion took place. The pilot immediately put
the boat ashore and effected a landing.
As soon as the noise of the explosion had sub
sidcd,"and it was possible to mike their way to the
after part of the boiler deck, an examination was
made, when it was found that the whole had been
iitcrally cleared of freight and every thing which
stood in tho way. The unfortunate deck passen
gers were all terribly scalded together with the
cooks, and several of the hands. Many of them
in their sgony, fled to the shore, stripped them
selves of their clothes, tearing off with them
much of the skin. It was several hours
any of them died, and not until a boat could be
.' We end the follow iag Mttaer particulars of the
late melancholy accident at St. John's (N B.) in
the Boston Morning Post of Monday. .
"About two years since, wealthy company
cemmene'd the construction of a suspension bridge
over the river St. John, two miles above the city.
The river at the site of the bridge is deep and
rapid, so that it was impossible to found piers be
tween the snore abutments. -The span was 500
feet, exceeding that of any other bridge in Amer
ica, and equal to that -of the -'celebrated Menai
bridge in Wales. The engineer employed was a
Mr. Warren of New-York. A. series of unto-
By ndvieea from Fort King to Aug. 8th, receiv
ed a t Savannah, we learn that the celebrated J no.
Hicks, (Tuek-ee-batchec-a-haio) reported dead, is
alive, and had come into fort King- He savs that
be has been hunting on his way from fort Mellon,
and that he left there ten days ago; expected to
find the chiefs here, and has no doubt but that
they will be here in a day er two, or he should not
have come in; thinks that Powell Oceoss) will
accompany them; that he is still at his camp near
tort Mellon, lie further states that the Indians
ward accidonta have been happening to the work, j arc amfhting very much from sickness, and that
ever since its commencement. Last winter he i they are destitute of provisions; that they are
nearly got bis main trusses over when tne wnoie oblured to scatter themselves over the country to
cave way. Two months ago he got his chains a
cross, and erected the scaffolds upon them, The
improper angle at which they were carried over
the towers, caused a lateral pressure on them and
threw tbem out of their original vertical position,
A fortnight since, the work was found to be in so
critical a state, and conducted so improperly, that
the directors wrote to Mr. Ellison, to get his opt li
on the state of the bridge, and as to what was
the most advisable course to pursue. Upon re
ceiving his report, they requested him to assume
cbarec of the work which he did, thoueh at the
get game; thinks that the delay is owing to I to
la toocbee's being so far off, near Charlotte liar
bor, and his family very sick ; that the warriors
have strict orders not to fire a hostile gun, and as
he cannot have provisions here, asked permission
to encamp at a pond 4 miles off, and at the old
A most important intention. A more valuable
invention for the saving of life, than Macintosh's
Life Matt rass, has never been brought before the
American ptiLlic; and wo congratulate the inge
nious inv enter, as well as all wh? go down In
ships into the great deep, upon the perfect suc
cess of the experiment which was mido in the
Delaware on Wednesday.
About four o'clock, a party of thirty gentlemen
repaired an board the Citizen Steamboat, where
they found their invitcr, Mackintosh, in readi
ness with his mattrase an invention, by the way,
of the simplest as well as of the most efficient
character. The Citizen then put ofT into tho mid
dle of tho stream. Mr. M. unfolded the Mattrass
which is exactly suited for the berths in a ship or
steam packet. It forms a double fold, between
which full a bag somewhat in the shape of a
small boat, having in its bottom, two cr.se s fur the
leg-, resembling trousers. Mr. M. having got in
to the bag and placed his legs in the cases or trou
sers the work of a few seconds boldly jumped
overboard, and floated down with tho tide, resting
in a half sitting and half recumbent position in
his excellent life-boat.
Ho loft the Citizen and mado a voyage of at
least half a milo before ho was taken up again;
sufficient to prove, beyond the possibility of doubt
the infalliblo utility of his invention. As the
mattrasscs aro principally stuffed with hair, and
UlO bag and leggings aro not water proof, no dan
ger can arise from their ucxng partially torn: and
we aro convinced, from tho action of the Lifo
M ittrass,or Bat, as sho passed over the swell
caused by the steamer, that sho woild live in a
heavy sea, as well as in calm water. In our opin
ion, none of the European or other packets should
be without theso mattrasscs; and unro particu
larly would they be serviceable on the waters of
tho Mississippi, where accidents from fire and
snags, aro of such constant occurrence.
Philad. Inq.
Here, you Philosophers and Professor?, it, men,
who aro wont to peer into all tho intricacies and
hidden secrets of creation who bother your
brains over tho w hys and tho wherefores of all
that 1 and almost all that is ot just take
hold of tho following query and solve it if you
From the N. Y. Evening Star.
. PiiiLOrtoruiCAL Problem. Why has Nature
not produced any square forms f
Nature has produced circular, curvilineal, and
polyangular forms, in endloss variety, but not ono
square, foot.
The public prints throughout the United States
and in Europe, are respectfully requested to pub
lish tho above question, a correct answer to which
will embrace discovery of a universal law of na
ture, which has been lost to Philosophy for seve
ral thousand years. Pbilosopbos.
Oe fOre m v A 1 1 mA a . rv m ac'mw. t. l a nhininn 4 It - t t lkAA Ursa w A
i t i:,i r ii ...l :.. t.- --..,.t
despatched to Bloomington, aiid rctuni that mc new towc to erectcd ot mer several i
m Snce couiu oe ootaineo. ai 1 1 o cioca, rwins to rclieTC ,he M There were now
mo sieam ooai; Adventure, tJapt. van ltouten,;
came up with the wreck and took her in tow as far :
as Bloomin'tob. A letter, from a passenscr in the ;
Dubuque, dated at that place, savs "It is due to '
Capt Smoker, the captain of tho Adventure, the i
citizens of Bloomington, and all others who had
sTk fcsYsns Jtmmml
. A friend has just called my attention to an ar
ticle in a late number of the Vinceas.es Sua, co
pied from a Crawfordsville paper, on the aubioet
of the Wabash and Erie Canal Grant, and the
right of the State to an extension of this dona
tion. As the attention of the nabiic has thus
been called to this subject, it may not be impro
per in order to correct any misapprehension that
might arise from that article, to give a little more
fully the grounds, upon which it is understood the
claims of the State are based.
. The Act of Congress of 3d March, 1827, forms
the basis of the claim. The first section of this
act grants to the State of Indiana, for the purpose
of aiding in the construction of the - Wabash and
Erie Canal, "a quantity of land equal to oue-half
of five sections in width on each side of said ca
nal, and reserving each alternate section to the
United States to be selected by the Commissioner
nf tk f.nrl OiTmv. nnrtop tho ititwlinn mf fltiA
agency, for the purpose of hunting, until the chiefs j Present of the U. States, from one end thereof
. . - v-r"."-- " """. to the ol.trr. The limits ol the donation in re-
inciineo tor peace, mat one time he tho t he would ; d to its ,e m are thu9 , cry cieariy made Co
rather die in the woods than shake hands with a ! tensive with the canal.
wniiemn. But Cot gress does not fix determinate points
auiui9 irinu nutcK vrecK w me
Mi.wwo or Ma. Sbscatob
miRf COQ kn fnnimeniAmnt as ftMrtiina t srkn stT tKs srra
, . , . aw a vvuiuivuvvii'vui w imw avm -w ttMw
r..u..,Hc.uWU3U, we iu, , . The reason of this is obvious. Tho coun-
prcss a conviction that they will embark as soon i at tho Umo the passage of tbe law, had
as the season will permit. There arc two rem- 1 u... ; . i 1 1 'c uj....
I menu ot mniinlml tnlnnlour hvinir mnalpml in-1 t - . .1 1 . r
..r.u .Y.r : -k-,: mmm i. AnM,. , : . . r "n . V .. ' ""ie 01 course was Known as 10 me cnamcicr 01
" a- e- 10 service, ine citizens come torward tor mis th rlv lh f)r -rtin-ial navigation
for alontMnf nr. u-rma th tnvers. simnntlml in . : tno rn crs or tnc Xtent OI arillKiai nalgaiion,
r --t - t 1 luiys wiiii ine rrenegi aucniv- ni"-t wri-
the centre, 80 feet above high water. Yesterday tcr sp0aks highly of the East Florida militia, but
one of the outside chains parted, and was soon . unfavorably of tbe Middle or Western portion.
lAsimw cj uy iuc vmcrsy unu r iiivn were uripr i j0
first ruIi0L'D in ihniA invinkvm siwtftnr
tatsl n mr rr tho Croaf o.fT ar fflfl nW infA tlasa SVa. . a
?k of reri ?y "8istanco nwamiz trunw;:. i Xct su recnnuiiai,m9 nave a
Ihflf that fs1 AAeS' TkMv ik m z ... : tllvvl
, head have been picked up, besides several woun- rbb t.j, ii;,.l. .u. ...i;f. T,tshan...
ded men, who are not expected to survive. It is J kce and Chictoahcar have since como into Fort
Tlic Dubuque is about two vear.old. and no ac- ! " LIZ-'ZZV: .J k c ' . K,n? men that are 8ent 00 U occasion, oy K,o-
cirl. ntnr th V.nA l. v, 1.; i I e-haio and others, when they have business to
ki I "L. .1 Z. '7.I1-I t P,ay J "r wncn examinea the work, ne dis-: transact. a3 we are informed bv Paddy Carr.
a... " IflUtlVlll IU ftllia Will VfTSLCKUdV. V V ! - - . - t . : i - - .
... - '
and mitigate tho pains of the unfortunate suffer
the Smelsor, and uow lies at the dock, a perfect
We have been furnished with a list of the suf
ferers, which is here given.
covered several pieces of rope yarn tied around , tIipv v tho-.ttlHrivn -ms iLe St. Johns
, ho links of thcschiins, which hid been saturated j wcre tWcuty in number; that the Chiefs as soon
with acid. The ferrymen wero bitterly opposed j as tney knew it lhera witb oraers to drive
to the erect ion of the bridge, as were also the wood i KorU-vrrv InHin n.l tr. R tliat no Jeorcdations
t u i . i ; boatmen, who frequently lost the heads of their i omin:tf(,.j. tt,at thov have been enired
John Littleton, 2d engineer, badly wounded in the masta :' .n,!.,; th -r .floMincr Th ' L committed . that they na c ocen engagea
ih kl u . ;. masts in passing under the scaltoirimg. ine; m hunting up and sending back Indians for 10 or
work will probably bo suspended lor the prcs 1o dayS- That the cattle were driven ofT by In-cnt-
j dians who had left the camp without the knowl
edge of the Chiefs.
Tuskamuckee proceeds as far as Micanopy to-
tho head bv an iron.
Isaac Deal, fireman of Pittsburg,
fclixl'ope, " ' Kaskaskia.
Charles Kelly, deck hand, Ohio,
Noah 9Wim. Omnrv.
Jesse Johnson, cook, colored man, thrown over-!
to-irt and drowned. i
Bonj. Messcr, 2d cook, colored mm, Cincinnati. '
still alive.
! which the interests of commerce, or tho purposes
! of the General Government would require on this
route. This could c nly be determined bv a tho
, rouirli examination of the streams, and after furth
er developements in regard to the importauce of
this thoroughfare as a channel of commerce. The
duty of making this examination and the discre
tion to determine the necessary extent of the ca
nal, was, by the act of Congress, confided to the
State, w ithout reserving, to the authorities of the
General Government any concurrent control over
this sul ject. Tbe language of tbe law on this
point, is that "so soon as the route of the canal
shall be located, and agreed upon bv aaid State,
It appears very evident therefore, from the
j provisions of the act of Congress, that since the
' State, after a careful survey of the route, and a
! full investigation of the whole subject, has found
it necessary for the purposes of commerce, to ex
Our readers are aware that the
bersof the Van Burea party entertained vry
-t uyti.iuw wiib regain io ine pot icy wfska
usa administration ought to pursue in the aresna
mcrencv. We lmtlv iMtJ.ak4 M
tightV Manifesto against the Banks, fewtil
that eminently consistent Senator had ihsssaha
" " r--ea-yet untried Kxpcruneat s
Tooroof tantPet Bank Expenmeat for lhafS
aitf complete aaeeem of which he stands alafi
to the nation. 1 u mmm -Uui - ' I .
point that the Beeeative will propose toCoajZ
at the opening of ra September session, the sZ
ject thus disclosed by Ur. Wright. Our rasiZ
wumwa wnn nis enssacter. from the ia.
mation already laid before them. It proposes tau
i1"" j uaiuiuis; instiimioas be dim
with, and the public revenue of lk VmuZl
be colic rted, kept, and disbursed k r
Treasury. That meddler wi(h ail work, taeZ
fractory Postmaster General, is anxious to add sT
other feature to the scheme to ronstitate en
various post others throughout tbe Union, sub.
dinateofBccs of exebhnge! Agtinst this mo
strous scheme, of which we hive merelv tm
shadowing in the exposition of Mr. Wright, asi
in me letters oi ,en. Jackson to the editor sf
me viiouc, we are giaa to see that some of the
mfrw rciociauie ana sooer-tunded men of the
party are openly protesting in tbe strongest terms.
Among these is Mr. Senator Rives of Vwgwoa.
In a communication to tbe Richmond Inquirer
under the signature of "Camillua he goes war
ths whole question. We have room at present
only for a summary of his objections to the nee
Fmm ttn Sniiih-irn I.itumrv Mev.srrrpr
. , usKamucaee proceeds as tar as .u.canopy io-, tcnd hc cana, tQ Terre.laute a corresponding
THE CLOCKS. ; day, the 8th, fur the purpose of going out with extensioo of tho grant follows as a matter of
During the short interval between tho peace soma Creeks from that post to hunt up some In- j coarge The ri hls of lhc Stae under lho jaw
of Amiens und the resumption of hostilities, an j dans reported as doing mischief to that vicinity : arc . m 14
officer ot the Frenc-h arm v. calld to Kn" land bv . says he left before the message to the Chiefs was ;:.,i- j-kl rwmi miit inn f kf la.'
w - 7 O fL , A - 1 Z 1 . UU Wl lllVll'ln wi vwiioiii-ivii aw ww v
James C. Carr, St. Clair co., III. dock passenger, ' omc family affairs, tried to turn his journey to known; that ho had no doubt but that they will g contends, have already been recognized
George McMurtry, " dead
Francis Ple.isinf, col'd man, "
Henry A. Carr, "
John C. I Iitnilton, Dubuque, "
Joseph Bradv, "
John Boland,' " "
Joseph L. Sain?, Clay co. III. "
L. B.Sams, " "
Martin Shoughnohoy, St. Louis, alive
George Clix, Galena, dead
Mi(hiel Shoughnessy and wife, with an infant,
the httcrdead.
David Francour France.
ms a
inreo oeca ps senders, younir men, names un
account and thus diminish tho expenso to which
it subjected him. Ho was advised, and he accep-
led the advice, to carry over a quantity of French
: gloves, which were then, as at tho present time,
1 much sought after on the other side of the chan
j ncl,and sold at a very high price.
He purchased about 12,000 franc ea worth of
gloves, had them carefully packed, and set oil" on
j bis j Mirney.
! On arriving at Dover, the officers of the customs
asked him if he had any thing to declare; be ac
knowledged that he had amonir his basrsaire a
supply of doves and offered to pav the duties
When questioned as to the value of his mcrchan- ! with two other, between
dize, wishing to make the best bargain possible,
baggage, and per-
Moves was at
doclnrcl Vorm ur
known, are supposed to have been thrown over- be replied 0,000 francs, and signed his declare
board and drowned; ain r is expected that some "on.
others, whoso names are not known have shared I The officers examined the
thn unmn late. Tho cabin nuaonnn ncincd emvinjr
nr'.th Kti! f w.n. '.niurv. ! toast double that which he
. J J . . . . . r .t - : 1 .1 r.. I . I
Tho cabin passengers ot the Dubuque signed wr " " pnvntge given iuiii -m-j
the following statement ! seized the goods, paying tho proprietor 0,000
Tho undersigned cabin passengers onboard tho i frances, and ten per cent, premium for the privi
stcam boat Dubuque, when tho above unfortun-j lege.
ate accident happened, feel it their duty to say, The poor officer thus found himself almost ru
that they do notattachany blame to the Captain, ! ed ; he was in despair; however, after mature
or tho officers or hands of tho boat, but view the reflection and a profound study of tho English
accident as one that could not have been prevent- custom-house laws and usages, he flattered hini-
! od by any furesight or care on their part. We sell that he had discovered tho means ot re-
cannot conclude without bearing testimony to the ' " w rungs on iu ri.i u.mui
gentlemanly conduct of tho captain towards us, j house officer?, and of securing his money with in-
bo in. but the rains and distance thev are from
each other must have delayed them: talks as if
they were going off in the fall; that Powell says
he will not say a woid, but will agree to whatever
may bo determined upon. Paddy Carr was sent
to their camp on the opposite side of tho Ockla
whaha, accompanied by Lieut. R , two days
since, to see who and what was there. Lie-U.R.
reports the crossing as very intricate and difficult,
and easily defended and a camp of seven or
eight families about three miles from the bank.
Eight hostilcs are encamped by permission four
miles S. of fort King, near a pond, and Hicks,
this and the gency;
and acted uoon in resoect to that portion of the
grant lying within the State of Ohio. It is pro
bably known to most of your readers, that the
Board of Public works of that State, with a view
to a more perfect channel of commerce, have re
cently extended the canal 12 or 15 miles farther
down the Maumee river, than the point selected
for the termination in the original survey made
by Mr. Stansbury U. S. Engineer. And by ref
erence to the last annual mcssige of the Govern
or of Ohio, it will be seen that the state has se
lected lands for this portion of the route, under
the law of 127.- This precedent may be view-
.A ma AAl.ia!u a m aunnnvl 4lr imfl sr44i.ia 1
these are all the 1 camps and all the Indians known iy if wc consider that the Maumee river along
to be north of tho line. which this extension was made, is always naviga-
"Since writing the above, a party of six Mdo- Ue for 6tcam m roadium 8nie, having no
suckysfrom Powell's camp, have arrivcdthey whcrc jC59 ,h and a half fieat tho lowest
started in company with the hiat .e """ ' sUiijc-, wbilq the W.ti, in the summer season,
Tr-twjr., rtho brother-in-law of Powell,) and Ho- has not mon tnan onc.foilrtn 0f t,is dcpth) m ma.
nese, Tustenajjee. They will be at the camp a- j ny paccs
cross the Ocklawaha, probably this evening, anJ j - By tho ' nopsis of tho proceedings of the Board
come uito tomorrow, or, as the streams on the j of iBternal l,nuroVemcnt published some weeks
trail are very high, their arrival may be delayed . u wiU seen tat lmj aluhorUic9
21 hours beyond this calculation. They are a arenow in correspondence with the Cirnimissi.ui
deputation, and after seeing them I shall send a , ef of the nec Land Office, with a view to the
special express. i selecting and setting apart the particular lands
'Black Creek. E. F. Aug. 10, 1837. j due that portion of the r;utc extending from tho
"Above vou have authentic information from i mouth of Tippecanoe to Terre-IIaute. As most
the interior, and 1 assure you, from information of the lands along tho line of tho canal have been
The fact that Rankin? ia so deenlv mi.
cd into our system that it will be difficult to get
rid of it for many years.
2d Such a system will be hostile to the Slats
3d. The public money will be unsafe.
rience has proved that the public deposites arc
ter in banks than in tbe hinds of individuals.
4th. It virtually surrenders the Prasa-tsva
Executive. All these Treasury agents will hs
their places at tbe discretion of tbe Execatisx
5th. It will enlarge the patronage of the Fsi
eral Government.
Gth. The difficulty, danger, and expensta
transportation. .
7th. The great inconvenience to which it u
subject the public debtors. It is an anomaly a
the history of Government to see it demand ns
ahull m tiflTirnt urrniv ia nmviiled furnJ
" " - J 1 1 1
people at large.
8th. It will result in an incrrmatd eVaisal V 1
a Natioxai. Baxk, and $eemrt tu rwasfiMsust 1
Bait. Patriot.
and tho kind interest manifested in relieving tho
unfortunato sufferers.
When we read the statement which we insert
Dcfcrcng bis business to a subsequent period,
he immediately repassed the channel and returned
to Calais. Without loosing a moment, he wrote
to Grenoble, to a lady with whom he had former
ly been on very affectionate terms, confiding to
Examination in Lw aso Pnvsic Our men
folks if they can't get through a question, how
beautifully thev can iro round it. can't thev t No
thing ever stops them. I had two brothers Jo
seph and Eldad, ono was a lawyer, the other a
doctor. Thsy were talking about their examina
tion one night at a hnskiu frolic, up to tho gover
nor Bill's big stone barn at Slickville. Says
Jessy, when 1 was examined, the j idge asked me
about real estate: and savs he, Josiah, says he
what's a fee? Why,siys I, Judge, it depends on
the matter of the case. " In a connwn one, says I,
I call six dollars a pretty fair one: but lawyer
Webster has got afore now, I have heard tell 1000
. dollars, that I do call a fee. Well, the Judge he
larfod ready to split his sides (thinks I old
chap,youd burst like a steam bylcr if you hadn't
got a safety valve somewhere or another) and
says he, I vow that's superfine: I'll endorse your
certificates fur you young man ; there's no fear
of you you'll pass the inspection brand any
Well, says Eldad, 1 hope I may be skinned if
the same thing didn t e en almost happen to me at
my examinatiun. They axed me a nation sight
questions ; some on em I could answer, and some
on em nosoul could, right off tbe reel at word,
without a little cypherin. At last they axed me
IIow would you calculate to put a patient into a
sweat, when common modes wouldn't do no how !
Why" says L "I'd do a Doctor Comfort Payne
served fathcr.'J And how was that said thev.
Why, says I, henut him in such a sweat as I
never seed him in a faro in all my days, since I was
raised, by sending hirn his bill and if that didn't
sweat him it's a pity; it was en active dose you
may depend. I guess that ere chap has cut
bia eye teeth, said the President, let him pass
as approbated. Sam Slick.
Tnc Fmrt Loam. Have you seen Captin
Pete r. asked a black fellow on the wharf at Perth
Amboy . Captin Pete, who the duce is be r
"Why, he's the gemma that sleeps in Miss
. If idds barn, and goes with his ye out, and bis
nose in sling, and his elbow all mor mod, and
. n loaf of bread sticking out of his pocTssx
LrrsaAsr "Smovaxn.'" Tbe office imp f the
Ameibury Courier absconded a day or two since,
leaving ue lot lowing cans in ue Conors sanc
tum: I am not going to serve as your devil lon
ger, I have found employment more eongemri to my
. ttrrnry pnrtmiU; namely Wood Caepra.,
below, tho hot blood mounted to our cheeks, and s ber his nowjv conceived project. This ladv, who
we felt ready to cry out shame. I o think ot halt j was the head Qf a iargC glOVo manufactory, fiad
of what was spent on a corporation dinner, would ing the project which ho had submitted verv
h ive decently interred the body of Clinton, and j practicable, hastened to despatch to him a quanti
then to know tbit tho coffin has mouldered, and j t of w .j as30rtcd gloves, to the amount of 40,-
tne mortal remains 01 one 01 amenca 9 greaiesr j qqq francs.
men are scattered on the floor of the vault, ex-1 Qur traveller knew that the custom house rcg
poscd to any passer-by, and denied the privacy of , uiation, ciused all goods seized in the different
tho grave! What are the citizens of Albany p3rt3 of Great Britain,to be sold at auction on the
about, that they permit such a desecration of gc- j 9iirne daVj an j on the samc ho,jr throughout the
nius? Every boat that floats to their wharffrom - kigdom; this was the important paint in his spec
the fur end of their Empire State, should bid them j ula,ion
remember Clinton; and if New York owes to any 1 Dividing his gloves into two parcels perfect-
man present greatness, mat roan is mo one wnose jy eqaal in sizCj he COnfided one to a friend who
burial place is a private vault, whoso coffin is . was to entor thein at Brighton, and kept tbe other
in dilapidation, and whose bones are scattered. J himself, which be proposed to introduce through
Verily, republics ask ungrateful, &, assuredly does f Dver.
Albany deserve the palm for her zealous atten j n,,,' two friends embarked. Each arrived at
tbn to tho remains of her best citizen. A dead ; tho custom-hjuse, and declared himself the
dog nas otten loontt a monument, out a aeau bearerof gloves; their value was asked; thev re-
derived from every part of the Territory, it is
certain that there are no depredations commit
ted by the Iudiaus. They will emigrate in the
Great complaints are made against the absence
from duty of nearly all the field and company offi
ces of Artillery. A writer in the Savannah Geor
gian un Jer date of Black Creek, August lOih, on
this subject, says:
Some time ago application was made for a few
officers for Ordnance duty in Florida, and the re
quest rejected. Yet we see noticed in the paper,
of officers conducting rcsjattas on the Potomac;
sold by the General Government, it is expected
that authority will be given to select other lands
in lieu thereof, as has been the case in regard to
similar crania in other States.
j There is no reason to believe that the officers
I of tbe General Government will withhold any fa
) cilities which the laws will warrant, fur the ad
justment of this matter, in a manner satisfactory
j to the State. It will doubtless accord well with
, their views and feelings, that the Government
'. should thus be able to aid by a method free from
i all constitutional objection.-5, in tho accomplish
ment of this great national work.
superintending fireworks in the President's square, j
&.c. Jk-c. Something must be done, as there are ; Poor old Burgoyne, from his experience in A
scarcely officers enough in health, to look after j merica, had occasion, we believe, to encounter
the men.' j frequently such rebuffs as the following:
, j During the American war, whilst Col. Burgovne
i commanded at Cork, he saw a corpulent soldier
statesman- anJ such a one too is denied the de
cencies of burial! Philad. Herald.
Revolting Spectacle! Ingratitude of Repub
lics. If any one is disposed to question the truth
of this oft repeated charge, let him turn aside
with us, for a moment, from the strife of politics
and the turmoil of the world, and contemplate a
striking and melancholy testimonial to tbe justice
of the accusation.
In a private vault in tbe suburbs of the city,
there was some years ago, deposited the body of
one, who, had be lived, would in all probability
have stood rixsT in the nation, as be had been in
his own State. Many can remember how the
shock of his sudden death made every heart thrill!
and every tongue, whethar of friend or foe, elo
quent in bis praise
Years have
plied 10,000 francs. As on the first occasion, sf
ter examining them, they seized the two par
cels paying 10,000 francs and ten per cent, pre
mium. The day arrived when this merchandize which
had been seized was to be sold at auction. Our
two friends repaired to tbe bureaux of the custom?,
tbe one to that at Dover, the other to the bureaux
at Brighton. Presenting themselves, they ex
amined with an air of indifference, the objects
exposed for sale; the gloves appeared handsome
and in good condition. Suddenly, they mani
fested great surprise : at Dover, all the gloves were
for the right hand; at Brighton, all belonged to
the left.
The two custom-house officers acted separately
at thirty leagues from each other; nat having ex
since passed away. Decay has 1 amined the nackaires before hand with sufficient
done its work alike upon its noble form and the : attention they were taken by surprise. The
frail fabric in which it was laid. The wood of, auction is begun; the gloves must be sold, and
the coffin has crumbled away the bones of the i sold immediately. At an extremely low price,
dead have fallen out, and lie scattered upon the and in tbe midst of the jokes of tbe assistants,
floor of the vault! There, forgotten negiected our two Frenchmen are declared the highest bid-
irreverently exposeo ues an uiai remains 01 , aers.
frZM Patriotism. It is stated in the Lon
don Tim, that during tbe last seven years Mr.
OXTennefl has "agitated the coppers from tbe
pockets of his starving countrymen into his own,
tne tunc eT 104.493 pounds or nearly half n
million of dollars.
Asoftm Deal The body of Richard F. Han-
, of Mobile, arrived at that eitr on Sunday
ISth. He went to Pri irnls with bis friends
I Lieut. Muun.of the Navv and fell at the 1
Crst fire. . Toe Mobile Times withheld particulars
"by request.
Is it creditable for tho "Empire State," that he
to whom she is so much indebted for that proud
title who so well merits from her every honor
that can be paid to departed excellence should
be left to moulder in obscurity, without a stone to !
mark the spot nay, without the decencies of or
dinary sepulchre? Far better and more honora
ble for our country, could tne adulation which of
late has been so lavishly and so unworthily dis
played towards the living be changed into fitting
respect for the memory of the Uhutriems dead.
Albanw Hoe. Journal.
Suppose in 1837 U aVjuk! have been said oft
(be giant statesman "In ten years hence your
bones will find no resting place on this earth,
whirh now honors you so much, but will be scat
tered to the four winds of heaven, while your
bitter, puny-minded persecutor will he ridin tri
umphantly, at the helm of state, over the mine of
poMie liberty." ucn a prediction would have
consigned the author to an asykmt. But is it
not true f TA". Y. Star.
-Peter, my eon. what is the chief end of m
Tr 4a nothing and get money, Father.
Meeting the next morning, they re-sort their
gloves into pairs, and hasten to publish the adven
ture in the newspapers of the day. Forty-eight
hours alter they disposed of all their merchandize
at an immense profit.
EcoNOKT. A father of an interesting family
near Detroit, not long since stopped the onlv
newspaper which he ever allowed himself or fam
ily, and solely on the ground that he could not af
ford tbe expense ! This man chews up fourteen
dollars and sixty cenA worth of tobacco every
The following, from the Barnstable, Mass. Pat-
not, ccukuu more point in tnree lines, than ma
ny temperance speeches of three hours length, and
will have more influence :
"Temperance puts wood upon the fire, flour in
the barrel, meat in the tub, vigor in the body, in
telligence in the brain, and spirit in the whole
Captain White's company of Santa Fe traders,
have returned to Fayette county, Mo. bringing
about SIOOjOOO in gold and silver in bar?. The
company has been unfortunate with their mules,
' haying lst the most of them ccming ia.
Base treatment of Col. Wharton. It is stated among the spectators on parade, whom he audres
in the New Orleans Bulletin, that the Convoy, j sed' "Who are you, sir? You must be drilled
one of Mr. Bryan' steamers, navigated the Bras- r twice a day to bring down your corpulency. Who
sos river as high as Marion. The entrance of so j are you, sir? "Plase your honor,1 repIicd,Pat,
larce a boat over the bar and her passaee un was ; "I am tho skeleton ef the 5th regiment of foot,
' a novel and animating spectacle, and was greeted : who have just marched over from America, The
! bv the inhabitants on the banks with discharges jfact was so; for such was thecarnngn of the dis-
of artillery. astrous war that only this fat so. d ter and Captain
A correspondent of the Bulletin, under date of ; Webb returned to Europe out of an entire regi
July 21st, at Matamoras, states that the treat- incnt that went to America,
ment of the Hon. Mr. Wharton, contrary to the t
reports we have had. and notwithstanding the lib-, No Newspaper! The time is coming when
eral conduct of the Texians to Mexican prisoners ; the man ic.i has the means and does not take a
is still of the most annoying description; and it i newspaper, will be looked at by his neighbors as
would appear as if this government had particu- a fbh without a fin, a crow without a wing, a blind
larly singled him out to wreak their vengeance. ; horse, a mole, or what you please. Such an indi
Since his arrival in Matamoras, he has been con- j vidual might do well enough to live in the manner
fined in a very small room, bristling with the bay-j of Robindoa Crusoe, but he has no excuse for
onets of his guard, without the possibility of see- j thrusting himself among those w ho do take news
ing tbe light of heaven, except through iron grates ! papers and are better informed, to gather whatev
rlenied tho nriviletre of writinff or communica- ; er political or eeaeml fcateUirence they may
ting with any one except his guard, dependant ip-; choose to drop for hinT We know many such
on bis own resources for his daily food, not hav-' men, and might name them, but we refrain; but
ing even been offered this last by the government, ; you, gentle reader, can point them out yourself,
half devoured by the fleas, half suffocated by the American Union,
heat, continually plundered by the guard, denied f 1
even medical aid when sickhis regular rest en-j A Great Snake. A large striped snake was
tirely destroyed at night by the horrific screams j killed on Strawberry bill, in this town, on Satur
of the Sentinel within a few feet of his bed, ren- day last, which contained nenn-TBSEE snakes,
dering his situation miserable in the extreme. all alive. This goes ahead of any thing of the
The above is the unvarnished truth, and I cbal- i kind we have heard of in a long time,
lenge the old pusilanimous Gen. Filisola, who bas j Norwalk Chron.
the command here, to deny it. ; We have a story of a bvxblebeb that beats it
The same writer says that Cos, contrary to the all to dirt. He was shot, the other day by a young
accounts we have had, no sooner landed at Mata-1 gentleman who was out a gunning, a little north
moras than he commenced abusing tbe Texians in j of Hobokcn, and who had just before brought
the most vulgar manner. There were 1700 j down two mud-wasps at a single shot. On skin
troops at Matamoras, of which 200 are cavalry ning the bumblebee, there was discovered under-
the latter without horses. neath his jacket, eleven yards of French lace,
From tht New York Cotamvrcial Adraniwe.
Wo took the libcrtiy of asking the times yene-p
da v. for its ooinion touchinc the letters of Gents '
nl Jackson, its sumetiuxi Great AKIIo; ana p,
financial project therein advocating with set
bitter and ferocious unction, lhc 1 lines has at
answered directly, in the specific form of reply
our request, but it has givcu its opinion, and (hi
in very plain wholesome Tbngusn first by ansa
tonal paragraph, and again by inaerung lass
remarks of arrecpnnfcnr, without a wont 4
dissent or censure. Eree cignum.
'Among the numerous evidences of public s
ion as expressed in democratic j tirna!s thruufb
out the Union, ol tho danger which mast eve
assail our free institutions, when the nvtnied
interests of the country are placed directly w
tbe control of the officers of the general
iiwnt. ihn ftillowintr extract fram a. nmTVlnicabBt P
recently published in tnc Kicnmond uiqutrer,Ss'
serves a conspicious siaiion, irom 11s lorctmee
neat ions of the effects that wuM flow fist!
the adoption of a scheme to transform the Ties'
ury jM'puriuicni mtu imguiy inuniea cws
wielding at certain periods the whole roe Re
circulation of the country, and again scadiaf I
forth through all the '.-tunnels of business, tkv
unsetteling the value of property and cooferrc:
on the servants of tbe people the power tokA
come ineir masteio. 1 nai nrwy pure ana uup
minded republicans hvc unreflectingly e:
their approbation of this system will not be
nicd but that thev wi'l enntinuo their appi
when convinced of its dangerous tendency is
fiJently disbelieve..
"This plan reeks w ith despoiinm. The
ing of it is plainly a od simply this:-vTbe
r uco Eaual Rights Dartvjoffice boldeni. shall
rs I 7
all the gold and silver currency, while the bsat
and commercial community which in the bra
sense of this plan, includes every body but
Loco Foco Equal Right party, office holders, SS)
to be left to manage their exchanges and ma
between tbem in tbeir own wa , bv an 1
able paper currency, too gold being put in refa
shion by tbe government.
- To sustain and enforce the plan of tW dsv
right, "the democracy of numbers of the ttji
Union,' are to be called upon to unit? in adooVt
these measures, that tbey may never hase sinol
er contest with the aristocracy of tbe few, and Cj:
paper credit system on which they rely.4 i J
"What pollution! What insanity! What pj
cription of all men, and of tbe business and fcj
pincss of the whole earth, is here! They ksL,
call upon the "democracy of, number to tC
t aim hloar tbe credit system on which tbe
! pie rely for all their wealth, prosperity and tr
I - . e '
piness, ana 10 exunguwa ivrever cvpnai, en.
and industy, by launching the thundstBofta t
from the furnace ef their plan of destruction,!
which all men are to be levelled ia one undkT
guished ruin, to the end that credit,, canscr
business, mutual intercourse and accusal f
dence shall never rise again to d5 rt tic
and stiver currents that despotism w( bansw.
ly draw into the coffers of tbeir buand id
culate majesties, the Loco Foco, Equal -v
party, office holders." )
Tbe Times deserves much credit for this at
and explicit avowal of its secession from L
The Conunanches are mid to be on tbe oppo
site side of the river, burning and destroying eve
ry thing. They have come. down to within two
leagues of the mouth of tbe Rio Grande. About
three weeks previous to the date of the above
letter, thirteen Cherokee Indians, under tbe com
mand of a Mexican named Cortina, who resides
among them, and holds a commission under the
Mexican government, visited Matamoras. They
came, as they had done three times before in tbe
last nine months, to offer their services against
the Texians. A later account states that Cortina
end six of tbe Chiefs had just been killed by a
party of Commanche, three leagues from Mata
moras. Gen. Cos, with COO troops,
suit of the Conunanches .V. F. Star.
three bottles of eau de cologne, and a quantity
not specified of Dutch Herrings; all of which
are supposed to have been smuggled.
N. Y. Transcript.
Tbe Mansfield Coal Mines lateiy discovered in
Massachusetts, near tbe the Boston and Provi
dence Railroad, have been visiied by the worthy
editor of the Boston Mercantile, who pronounces
j the supply immense, and on the authority of Dr.
Jackson that the quality wiU compare with tbe
best anthracite in the United States.
! S Y. Star.
in pur-j a coosisieni memoer of tne
! publican family was asked which party schism he
hlnmwl L vt fir R mm tili ran ranks.
i - IB UJC A li "' I
A cc4ored woman has been arrested in Naatack- Answer: I intended to be on Van Daren's issde
tt for flogging a clergyman. ; as soon as I can find out which side be is cn'IT-C.
doctrines of the late Presidents The
has pursued in this matter is honest, manly, C
becoming to a citizen who values more there
of his country than the success of bis party. ,-.
lit unseu
published that the officers of Gen. GaddenPsC
gade will parade in front of the court hsesei
Zaaesviile on Friday next, at 10 octasfe m l
namrdialAlv after mum omw sk
to tbeir tniainaiisst
West Zsassvine,
in s
until the nest evening. TC
with the new act regtabxtarj t
FirmiT Gfiu. The New Haven Gaaar1
are leavCJ
gister informs us that the girls are leavCJ
factories and are going back to help tbeir L
ers and aunts, and anelss, to ssake chases
raise poultry, watch geese and sort f. t
poultry, watch geese and sort tc ;
Aa l who'll say this wi'l net batter fit CT
ntaking food clever wire ihas the centre.
tWMj. -"; - y ,v, .... . -.t

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