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' ,:"J
C HMO NW: P A L L A Biftiii
f if-
HOLLO V7AY ft DAVIS, Publisher.
Fellow citheni 'of the Senate
uh'I t f tJ,e Ilutint of Jiejreseiitutii eit:
The past has been an eventful voar. and will be
announced their purpose to obf re it for
I'l'-x-ni; nor, however
. i-.i.i-'u.ij n15.11, wit a.i a
1 trn- being. Th.
lieryaiW reWd to as a marked epoch in the J1 Iwrful
as a reco:r:i;zed inter-
more eonceion for the
''o-operation. however, of iL'-:e
iiiarat;rne ria'ioiis in the interest of!
history of the world.- - While w Uvh becu han- ".'atrai tag.,!, aj.p.-an-.J to me to aJTur 1 an oeoa-1
pily pit erve i A.yjii ihc calamities of war, our t''V i'VV'D'' j"sti0 'n' on the .art of the j
dome .tie prosperity !i as not been nt:roly tininer-s ,n,f"d a re tie we I effort to make the doc-'!
ruphd. cyp-s in poiim of the country lf''!n'M" 'lnesfion a principle of international law, !
haie been nearly cut off. Disease 'na prevailed j ' Tn"n,lS f -"d-ee'tal conventions between the'
to a grea'cr extent than usual, an J the .sacrifice ;'seVf','.'n' l,jW,:" ot Europe and America. Ac-!
of hmnan life through casualties by mm and land, ' c"i :: 'U:'4h' proposition, embracing not cnly tho '
ii without a parallel. Hut the pestilence has ' ' fre ships make free goods, c-xecptc6n-
swept by, and restored salubrity invite the ab- ; 'Aand articles, bat also the k.s.s contested one,
sen;, to tlieir horne.-and the rcluru of business j n f';T,-r?t! property, oilier than contraband, '
to itolThnary channels. 'If the earth hw.i re- !'hoi,S" 0,1 '.rd enemy's ships, shall be exempt
warded labor of the husbandman less bouu- j J.0"1 c"nVvition, has b-.-n submit' -1 by this 1
tifuliy tfran in preceding seasons, it has left him (?0i'r''m'u ' tho.? of Kur..;." and Am-riea.
with abundance for domestic wants, and a lare 'ia'' a-'d prompdv in this ma'o-r, and a'
surplus tor expoi-Liuon, in the present, tliere-! 1 . '-netu-j.-i between that eountrv
ibe ends ihoir4't a( fce Ihjr Cvontrf's thf UodV and TriiihV
IYNE COUM TRDM DEC. 8, 1854 " " 7 "
1 . T
in oalr.ivcTr. C-rt un fra mf
i r.f : full J
-Be Just and Tear not: Let nil
1 - . ti .U f' "
1 - L 'II--' 11 11
'Ntoifter SL
estabILJ)inf the lirej
fiir.uiarioas of the third smd fnnrtU i-fT,-l
the treaty concluded by the United sites aad'co
'-""''"a m lo4f., regard m "possessory rights this
that river, I had occasion to presen J
form message; and, considering the?
ticnghich have Ion? existed between
nnr3f8E Brazil, it may be expected that
IV- I '.. ..r.j,... 1 . i-
' uau - nun 1 1 1 11 1. j j ni 1 1. -11 r iviiIM , -. ... ii . i
the I s teoand A-ncukural Company, have lavorlki -
f T'- to s'-',,1""i' dl'P'1-. and it is important; Cont of -transit between the sev-
tLJ: CO,."T ,t'ia,t.si,m?litr-v in?a,,s tlin-.eral pff aSfcntrv are no: only desirable for
tlm amieably sL.uH be devi,ed. I have r - ,so the oblof mm3rcial and pvr'sonal comma-
w ocn-re tna: an arrant
ju-'t terms, for the ejctiu,'utslitaeut of the nl
ment can be ma U, on nicatiofct eential UiU existence under one
in ii
- - -
ii.ij-.ii s iiv Com nan v u thi-
r Cohimbi.i; and I th.
corisi.jration the expeuten-y ofra-ikin a
i 1 ""I" ''-iou iut mat nurri we.
on ,
: to
- are the Atlantic and
tsr-fce United Sates by tn-3 whole
ore, as in tlte past, we find atupk grounds for ;"nJ tli,! u'iteii States, j-rovidiii.tr fr the observ-:
reverent thauktuliiess to the God of Grace and ' 1 n principles ar.noaa-.-.jd, not on v as b-'
I'royi.lcnc i for His protecting care and mercltul I ,e"r t,lf'ni?''vcs' h'lt a!-o as be'. ween them and
dealings to us as n jieop. ; "'l"-r nadons, which -L.tli cnti-r into like io-
'. Although our attention has been, arrested by ' ll''t',:ns- of the othr powers hnv as yet,
painful interest in pasfiu j; events, yet our conn-1 fin:l1 nation the subj.'ct. 1 am not aw tre
try feels no more than the slight vibrations of the n"w,'f'v'r 'hat any objeedon to the proposed stip
conmlsions which have bhaken Europe. As in- "'a,1,",s "in br n made: bu on the confrtrr,
dividual i, we cannot repress ttympatiiy with hu- ,!l"y aro acknowledged to b. essentia! to the sl--inan
Mid'eriiiy, nor rcivt for the causes which rnri'.v "f nntial commerce; and the on'y appa-'
produce it. Att a nation wo ar... reminded 'tl.at , rfTt obstacle to their general adoption is in the
whatever interrupln th p-H or checks the pros- J'"lh''y hat it may be encumbered br intd
perify of any part of Christendom, tends more or1 ,ni;rJl'!'; 'jndiliou "
less to involve our own. Tli e-mdliion of .State f Km "f the Two Si.-ili.-; hm expressed I
is not unlike that of individuals. They me mu. j 'u ."' miuister at Naples his icadine.-s to con-!
tually dejMmdent upon each other. Amicable re- ' car m our P'Vp"-iUo:i relative to neu ral ii dns, '
lation.i Ujfvveen them, and reciprocal good will, Lo e'rlU;i' 1,110 ;l invention on that subj- cc. ' :
re esseriti,il for the niomofion of whar.-ver is tt'. ! K'";? of rru.s.sia entirely aoor ,v.-s of iJ..
irablo ju their moral, social and poliiical c'ondi- I'r"J".ot "f treaty to the same" effect, submitted
non. .11. nee, il nas l.een my earnest endeavor ,.
u maintain peace and friendly intercourse wiih uiM
all iia'ion.. ;au Hrtiole, lor the mo.,t ohvi,.ns i-..., ; .i.
. - y t . UlllVll
iuuus havni ' naval esfal.li Jiin,.r.t..
i ranee was Uic early and ciiicient allay
r r- m tn.
slitit mtcrrunfions.
.f ;
to the Ui.
Mir interdteel
.t-es in i.i, -n-;raru tor luuepeii.lenc. cial pro.JljpB
it time to the p.-cn:, with o-xvisional of the R-Ml
eordia" re aionsnff. !.n I.hm, e..ot!..
nave exisiea between the irove:'f)nr-nts and w - I'deauon hi
J. - res. ine Kin Jiy sent;r;i -nts. mus of Ce
cnerisuej alike by both nation have led u exrea- Governmtj
sive .sonal and e -uirnerc.'.i m.e. vour.se, whijh.'I
....... 1,1 ni j i.-j.i or cnecufij uv am
j .w. r-. 10 me same enect, submitted
him, but proposes an additional aiticle provi
ng or the renunciati.u of privateeiinir. fsuch
Tl... c .! : . ......
oi iius uovernnvni, t earlv
i de.siiM
by 11;
ri.r I in I u'iiidi T . ,1 1 - it l:i""T l m nr. it.r.fh.Ar, . . e
1 ... ' -J " 1 Ij? . O ' v -
wiiiiii ; alliances, has hu herto ..xempte.l it from 10 M,-'r! I 'p"1 a an international
many complications, in which it would other
wise have become involved. Notwithstanding'
this our clearly defined and well .sustained course
of action, and our geographical position so re
mote from Europe, increasing deposition has
been manifested, by homo of its overiimoiit. to
MUp!rvisrt, arid, in certain rep.-cts, to direct, our
foreign policy. In j.lans for adjusting the bal
ance of jx.wer ain.MiL; themselves, they have as
sumed to take us into account, and would con
strain us to conform our conduct to their views.
One or another of the powers of Europe has,
from time to time, undertaken to enforce arbitra
ry regulations, contrary in many respects U es- i
lauiieiKXi. principles, ot international law. That
Pacific its .jhfc
br.'HdJiltbWnVmeniL stiil the inh ibuaats ot
each are jKaund uether by oomamai v of
origin arlist'ilons, and by stonar a;achnient
G$ce the cjnstaat an! incrs-j
vast interchaaire of cfmmer-
tween these remoU'. divisionw
t the present time, th prae
modiottj ruteshr cXimnm-
tkeotare bvhe way of thtth-
ftinericar.- It is the -duty- of the
these avenues aorainst ail
casual event at n apparently unsatisfactory char- quesii exidween the .United ticatea and
actcr. Jno trench (Council as San Francisco (Ire it , fitain ii tit rim- of the cession of Cali-
sairiit into - the United f raia Tn.'-d ssrwcll as ques'don which sub
f tn u place, by Co.up il- v.jugiy aAtdfobacerniDX intr-ooeanic eom-
m;in'B?"-'n aerjss the Isthmus, were, as i: was
v- snpfejp d, adjiilte i by jthe trity of April 13,
our ISJJ&at, uupkuate.iy,thevli;ivebce'i re-oiwa-
There bein.' .! htfseriou -'inderstan iin-r ms to the imnort
il Willeu CoalU llflljiv ant' f s.iteo! ! diin.siMis. a rAa linmoit of urli!.?!
Consul, such exnlaua- i ni unJeH considiaiion. Omp ' mStiis'or nt
ma 'ic as J hone wd lb ?: saii -v !., in.il i,n.!Ji.i.,in,,AJii.,.;. i:..-.. .1 :..
Mitwerjn-n.ly, r.nin !erUndin.' arose on the JesittAjobit: but has not v.-t fo-ind it ivssihle
et 01 t.ie rr. ne!i ir vernm -nt h'tviii'. as o -io hi-i th n,!ia'i,ia 1..
appeareu, aorupuy exclu 1 -1 the American Minis- As indcuyt-crthese questions. I deem it pro
ter to fepim trom passm.,' through France, on his per to ktiee ia occurrence which liaooened in
D it that govern- Ceiitr dAmertca.: near lint close of the last session
rvd any design to of Confess.' j .So soon as the necessity w is per-
10 tf 1 minister ot th. cwiii I i.-fnT;jl1;r..', ;.,. u,.;. y..,...
E.110, a:i4-r expian tuons to t!n ef-
lect, lie has re-ume i
was. not Jorij
.Si-a.es Di-t; ic!
F"" '' s a w ui-'-vs in iavor or anoihe
loreiifn t:on-ul, in violation, as the French
., . , ni 11 : pnvi;eijrs inter o:ir
consular convention with ! ranee.
notliiiivr in the ti-.ias-i!--: ii.ii w!ii,.ii
disrespect to Franee or ir
tion has l-
Subj"Ct oi' t!i,
way iro.ii L eih.n to f i ! !,
ment lias un -iuivoe i'.Iv .lisav
ueny tic rent .? transit
lions aots tlie Isthmus, a company was orani-
... . . 1
line, ine
commerce 01 a nation l.virw t . i 1 .1 .. J auyiuutiitwniv 01 itw ou-. 01 i-;,ra-.i-
small naval fore X?u!J CbLX Z 7- " I'"" 'T4 Vj li"' 1 herewiJi gu. bufc-omsed, for'the mot pa,., of citizens
merey of its e n -m'y ,1 a wa, ' lUy; I:l! V'a.Ca:''''-- 'i '''"Tndcnce on this'of the liieiiiate, for the pur p.,e of opening
or of d.-ci hi, iv N r - WTlW H1,?"V"' f "'"r 'y'"'1 ";l'!'v'V f the min- such a trW; way, bv th , J Sau Julu and
ment of the li,; whhth.fe ' r'b'"m' f th' -! ke Ni4ra4". wl' became hu edible
would be placed, after haviufp surrend.-red'tlw : Th' -r -tw 1 audmuo!Vwd rouUi m the trausporiaUou of our
Wt to reioit to privateers. I'.i V..' - ! ... , X1 ' a " ' ?.Jf. W'tU "lH1 roma,s l" 4 Py b.tweea the Atlantic
with a h,. !!;-,.,.,.. ..( t .. . -,T , - ' y"11 'es-se.oa. internal a-- and I'aciticMeanwhile. and 111 anticipation of
,i , --o - fu) , wm show . uation, asumui' verv olrv the chapter .'.( th ......... !...- ....1 ,.r .1.;.
I-. . , , J . - " v - uviiiwiuBui Oiltl tUi LV i lllll -.T. ti I lO 1,1 ilLlOl t.
nt coul I never hsii-n to ui.
the nave of the first m-irao,.
pmvcroi r.urop..,s at I-.-Mt ten times as lar.'e as
that of the Cnued Stales. The foreign Com
merce ot too two countries is nearly equal, and
about euiiallv i-xiy .s.. I 1.. I.. .-ill.. ,1 1 .
j . . ....jum uv:ueuaiions.
war between that eoimfri.- tl,.. rr..:. .1
--.j i.i.u hhj uuiieia
a proposal, ,.),
" -'ie,n, nts reccntiv convulsed that- wav. a numMr of adventm-ers had taken nosses-
country 1 he late mmi-lers were violently ex- siou of the olr-Spaulsh port at the mouth of the
peded trom power, and men of very different river San JuafTiu open defiance of tho State or
views in relation to it s im.rnal affairs have Hie- States of Cental America, which, upon their be
ceeded. .Since this change, there has been no coming independent, had rightfully succeeded to
propitious opporluuuy to resume and press on the local aoveigntV and jurisdiction of Spain,
negotiations for the adiustment of sen. .-is n....s. Tl, .. i.-,.,t-. ,i... . 1. . i ,1...
' ' 1 Sw - 1 ' . U m.. 1 T . I S UI1U.CIIOO& bllAil'J tl.C . i 1 . 1 -
1 . ir -. 1 . . . . . . s-,,.r , - - - ....v.-
w me umwii ntates Have, 111 their fore hm inter-: " "hoiil resort on our part to mercantile 1 tions of .limV,.!,,- h,t,.:, u . e r ... 1 " , , v..-Sv.
oourse. uniformly respected and observed, and n,;""'"' of our enemy to indict injury I merit and the United S-as d U .. 'T J ZT 'l. U!T.
ii 1 . - - - i-...ivia 1 1 lulu., .in j. nil itr n :i; j r.s , rH f. i 11 x 1.0 ZLf.L. i 1 1
t;nd Ine present ' subieets of . th ficticious soviTni-rn of ta os-
quito Indians,; tiiey subsequently repudiated the
Lliev Kituiuit r, u.... 1 . ; 1 UOoll our comm. rco ur,l.l 1. . r 11 , J i .
j ouW1 iiiwriiauous ' oc I'jinoia greater oeiieve that our minister
..v.... Uiwr;irjr inioresu 01 others may I cv ,cu" "i - o coma not extricate jrovernm-nt mVe fiv..
..?.: . 1 1 . . -
suggest. They do not admit that the sovoreigus j our cul,ntry from this unequal condition with ' Srecedin- to com ' v :i our s'dema i l .. I ? ? s,:Uey subsequently repudiated the
of one continent, or of a particular community such an unless we at once departed from ' to mZmnbhL U f .a"Ver whatever, assumed to adopt
of states, can legislate for all others., 7 our present peaceful policy, and became a reZ ! mon and r,r " ' rprn ''l-,r r,'')rinir 1'" J'-nct pojtdeal organization, and declared
1 Win th LtAd.A. ..iL. .......... naval power Nnr wLnVL'I.V a'l mony and pre,erving peace b ween the tf.. themselves aUna..d. tJ'-feM
Leaving the trans-Atlantio nations to tt,Uat naval power. Nor would this counf rir K L1
their pohttoal ytctn.m wiiv tJa jothliiv tlJM- r v-tth we dJuMMMMM
Sl Him cununnn wmU-lMilMBMPp-r" 1 I mmnt-oA wnn m v.. 1 UO not uuuun
j- , lion oi our wiiwnrou 0 , - f
... . r-... oil annovinf irvUsifeien-t .1 irt... nvw us theretrom. a. a mi-.tr oi
.. ....... .o,. nUjfinriee from in- I 1... ..1a andimonti Iim on a 1 hauls tha tills exao ion
ees on their part. Systematic abstinence from in
. .i;;..l connection with disUint toreigi
nations does not conflict with giving tW widest
ranjre to our foreign commerce.. Has distinc
tion. clearly marked in history, seems to have
boon overlooked or disregarded by some leading
foreign atates. 0 refusal to be brought within.
id imujecieu w. i j ' V .
cau - claim elcemplipu - lUUta Areanas, a position oa the opposite sida of
rh'ht. It is aimitjed ; the river San Juan, which was in pssession, un
cd.jti is sanctioned, Aot der a title wholly independent of them, of citi-
law of nations, zens ot the L uueu rtlates, interested in the iSica-
Ilia coiniucn;iai " . , ..- TM...-.,. Tl. ,t .:. . 1
article ot our treaty :oi ail"M ,-'.,iu"'( wnijuj ic-sisou.
r. . . . 1 .ul u i.(liH14
and induced, on their part, occasional act of d
turbing effect upon our foreign relations. Our
nresent attitude and past course give assurances,
which should not.bo questioned, that oor imrpo-
not a"irressive, nor threatening wu.c
VUl uiiuwi j
d to
iw are
1 ir ..r ..tl.p vitLt.lt .lis
and weuarw i'"v'"
h y wiu v ..... - . 1 . I iv - -v...- .
. ! 1 : . ,.f rt..iic.A. is adaneu to I "
establishmeni, in huk j...... r i proivrty oi
. t e ....1 4. tirotrVA .r- 1
maintam exterior uewnw. i. r " . enemies,
.i.M..tl,11 aborisrinal tribes within the limiis .
of tho Union. Our naval force is intended only -a carry-ms out that principle, which equally
for the protection ot our citizens iwfui u. nuu .g that such private property snouui not, uc
..P.,..mmerce. ditWd, as it is, over all the seas , . . mo!ested by national ships of war. ;
of the dobe. The Government of the ulteiM ould tho leading powers of Europe concur in ,
as aruleot international iaw.ioe.v-!
forego resort to privateers, m eas-5 this country ; uy ine ge nera. p - . which mostof ; ragua Transit Company, and which was indi.en
hold bo forced into war -with a great naval b ut 2'c iong hava mtered into with sably necessarythe prosperous operation of that
power, is notenuuea 10 more iavorauie wnsiucia-
I: .1 ....,1.1 iut .1 r. rot-tosh inn to a-rree not to; Denmark.
LIOII til. Ill It "U.tA -rJ - O
accept the
on land.
country require
zens, not
r 1
lessK.ii. 10 aa"iin.u ..v ....... - , 1
make them fully adequate to the emergency t.ie 'X therefrom.-hip-f-wav a' i.V. time in the harbor of Saa Ju-
which cal
fessedly fonn
n. fii'.ii
1 H ' 1. .11 ni I i.i "C rd4l:tw 11- OOP.tlln .r. h..,. .-v ,t, .. . . I
' ,! r.,..vt.,-L.- nr,ivi. js that there s,iftiiiui.' u...uu. ..v.rtu-..,
service ot Volunteers tor ope ? " " , f diTvesscls oC the U. S. and t hoiked to destroy scne of us buildings, and attempt-
NVhen tuonor or u.e noiou j mssi thr0U:rll the Sound. higTicr ; ed ytolcntly to aispo.ss.5Ss t. .
it uiu- v , 7 - - .1 f.,iv,r.v r.!i'iMr.-i:.-i -Vi a i i ci- u i I'm uir y ui unzua b.run r lurce
.t . t nriiic man i i's ti khxj mr, ' " ...... -
rehes upon me painousm oi 'r"" . as ai inipn, 1 a-reement for the purp eot demoiishing tnc establishment
ordinarily devoreu wue muuary pro-; " ,,u ,iu the continuance of , at Puuta Arei.u, but tius mischievous deign
f f i... ftfnitr ami tivv. so as w oi"! o . u 1 r , . i i..-ti-.,. i . o . ... ,,r r
..r- ..rtt h-iMts it-.e ' was u. i Ul HIV. ui-u-t UWIUUl Ul OH ' I ' l out
Is them into -achon. the proposal to; tho tr0;ltv whieh kn. Sulne pi. t!y to this, in May last, a body of
tho r.?ht tt employ privateers ispro-, V r,mnin 'irl force I men at Greyed oros-ed over to Fun a An nas,
ded upon the princip etlurt ppiraM , ZZ 7 until, we vcar after either party arrogating au'.on'y to arrest, on a charge of
unottenaing nonmoauM, - - t tiw oth?r of intention . to purler, a raptin .,t one ot the ste nuboats ot
sliouit tx) exempt in.iu o. , . ' . T i ,,m ;. Tn . i;.,n ihaf tho con-iVt'" lransit i:oipa:iy. li eng wcti a; are that
the proposed surrender wes but little i terminate iu l a 'm'r V . ' ft-... claim to ea.-ie iurisdietion there wo-.i1 1 1.
i..mni i'd I n-.tiee s -.oui-i oe ''iK-ii 10 kj j-o.v.ti , -----. . . , .
State, being essentially pacifac in policy, stands
prepared to repel invasion oy mo o.u.lw-.7
Vice of a patriotic people, and provides no per
manent means of foreign ag-ression. ll.ese
considenitions houli. allay all apprehension t.iat
we aro disposed U euuroach on the rights or en
danger tho security of other Sutes. .
Som Huropean power have regarded, tvitn
disquieliii.-C eouceru. the territorial expansion of
th United States. flu rapiu groiu
suited from tho Viritimate exercise of sovereign
rights Mon?u' alike to all nations, an 1 by many
liberally exercised. Uiuler such circumstances,
it could hardly luivo been expected that those
amon them, which have, within a comparative
ly r eenl Period, subdued and absorbed anewut
i.r. ..i. J !-.nt...I their standards on every eo..-
tir.nl. and now possess or claim the control of
the idau Is of every ocean ai their appropriate
domain, would look -with unfriendly sciitimonts
imoti the acquisitions of this couutry. u every
iika-toe hon .i ably obUiued, or would led tuenis
elv.-s iu.titie 1 iu'iniiratiug our advaneeaient to
nspiri'of a'ross'uni o? to a pusion lor po.uical
d Great liritain, relative to oast nnenes, ana:
reciprocal trade with the Ilrilish North Amer- j
in provinces, havo b-e:i exchanged, and some:
its anticipated advantages are alrea ly enjoyed ;
r - r ji - .
vaf pronertv upon the ocean.
seizure by public armed cruizers. as well as by j
privateers, the United Slates will readily meet
them upon that broad ground. , ' (
Sine? the adjournment of Congress, the latifv !
cations of the trca'y between the United S'a'esi
and Great Uritairt, relative to oast iisnenes, ana
of ir tieinated
v. .... .- -r . . .
bv u, although lis fu't execution was to aome
cerlain acts of legislation not yet fully performed. I
St soon a? it was ratified. Great Britain opened j
to our commerce the free nav igVion of the river i
St. Lawrence, and to our fishermen unmolested
a-cess to the shores and bays from which they
had previously been t-xcluded, on tiie cmsuoi
her korth American provinces; iu return for
which, she ashed for the introduction, free of du
ty, into the pot Is othe Unted State., of Ue fish
tAu-ht on tie-J Mine coist hy British Cshermen.
Tt.is Vit in" the comnensati.w. stipulitcd in the
ti-Vv for privileges of the highest importance .
and valu-tj the 1, rated Sta'es, vrmea were mus
voluntarily vicJJed befrc it became elfcctive. the
ment of Denmark. ' ' IP' w -
i l-.,: ... .i;.rtT,.1,.. nhont. two Qiey wetr
ine nav u expeui-.o:i. . - ,f:
years since ior ine ! j."-. vt ....... ......
-. .i.. .... ,o'.i iisn hasb-n ab v a.vl be pieut ..
lions u.i me ciiij(.. --i"- - .-. - .t , ,i
a tjuccessiui laruimauou . v.q...-. -
.1. A Ire.i- wi'-Ts-e l u;
skillfully conducted to
Kv- tl... oflie.er to whom i was mtrus.e
..t ,.r.,.r.;Tt r l';M-f-'lill of the P l'tS of tUH
it iia i been on Mevu-a
Ted toa-sert it by tor,
io Central Am.-iiea 1
on tit occasion. D'..-!ievi:i
aiiih .at was innocen.
na"':in on which trie
was lo in
vi n
. antrv, has been negotiated: and in order to give, m ' P.no i'- -t.on
full etiU-t ther- o.itoulv remains to exchange rat-: where t:- pr . to ma,e ,h.
itieations. and adopt requir e ommercial reula- encounter dera e rpistanc- it
tions. .
The treafv l.ve'v concluded bnween the tnt-
s and Mexico settled -nv) ot our most
j;is,...iii.,a vi'1- tV.-if. civn'rr. but
unif .- . - ..i . ..: i-...: e . i
itiri.t called puo.ic luwouanc, ui ,uj piace. s;i.-;o i;; i
j - . . . . j .
iat:u-ir purp-'i-iie in erpo-ri
prtvent vi...; 'u a i l b;Js.i.:-a.
Minister af.erwl visiicd Go--.-
he-was mere, aot. in e.ulin
iSioll -
f aim--.
en...l to
that the
for i;e
e : .ar -e
tha. ihe i::tiu l-uv--:-
a.-i---w.ul 1
they p-.rd!..l
i.iy. to
'town, an I v.-h',!e
C l UiiU of "l'e o-
i..e !.;
was. avowi:
ted State
nmStrrassm r dithculties wt
.......,...,.c ..l t'o.w nnon if for wron'sand ini
! liiCc l. and mar.v ed ine
T.V Our li.lv.eLli irm.t.ijv. ....... t ... a I i i c
new cases have b,, recently added to the former had com to aj n m ?v order oisom j-r-n
t of mvw-s. O ir legion has ben earn-vsfexism,' the n-non.y. hi.e p o.ey.u-
. ., i., ,-,v.t..;f. l-iM t:i- Mexican 'ov- iv ' ' t.-'-o .u.;
' O. S I..' .- - ' 1 k V.
lorn tiie
leh le
tl its t';ll-..lo.s t'i -J(..t.i', .v... . . . , . . ,
. .- u . ,,;,t..r,.;,-1r, .r(h..s(.lqims. crowd. . no e.u.-.iwi i;om the Am Mi-aa
. V - . : t,,..,. This tViure is. : steaiier A orttL'jd to release him
DM. ui'-r.eroj - . .." , ' ., ' . -i ... ..-;!,. wh
probably, iu some measure, to be aenoe i to me t j.yy -, - - -SisturbJd
oadiliotiof that country. It hasben be was hi.- l iK to a guard, and c,m
V?4xios dodre to maintain friendly relations IpclM to return? he mcide,. u,gv.her with
"irh the Mexican republic, and t cause its rights . the nowu ch Jen of the p .pUiatiou o. Wrey
rni 'iVritoris to b respecfetl, not only by our towa, al tketJueJ ,-a e. m lueed p,, appro
ana xi.i i to henjions tr.at dues and property ot oar cri-
the United States
hostile expeditions against
for the
-.,r.,.s of .,r:ramz'i,i.r zeasRt 1'u ata a.as would be in imminent d n-
i some of the States of; gerater the tf-.rtuie of the steamer, wiJ: her
urn, umeiss a guard was
ine. loiniii.ti"-..
1 . . I ... ..K.t -I wt-a rm
Our loree'ii eomr.ieree iu. -
tule ir.il ex eit nearly eqai t. u... v.. . - j w enable one; but it, , .t- i k,h-i left has stimulated left for tlittr Jection. for this purpo-e. and
marvim powcr of .accoded to from want of authority! of raLigers and
of any other. Over t.s to suspend onrltiws imposing dir. upon aU f.r-, vly "ncrcased the difncul'y of en frciu PIv. over the route a temporary foree
not oulv our merchai's but ad c..iv- ot C1'1- 1 - ish. In tho mantim,. the Treasury tie- a"1J - ' f n(.u,rni;.v K-'adin' it as ! was o.ttt at considerable expense to the
atK,iu lirccdy Vont a regiot ,fr ascertaining the 1 rtk LV,;44 Stfr vvhich provision fas male at
ih- execmn-ea-i-1 '- '.: V Utlei paid or secured by bonds on hs h ugh'. "onlytoward Mexico, but other forofn the last 4 of Congress.
cnint.Mit ta exercise a carefu h oa thc cWts of the British provinces, and brought have exerted aU the power wiUi wlifch ! ThWpifed commuatty, a hetrogenoous a,-
al,pt prop-r measur H f' to oar ark,ts by Brith subjects, afler the hsh- Jdo defeat such Criminal proceed- Umbered from various countries, and
p,hey which I h.v; o l,:?.;rVwed afpl-v ing grounds had been fully accessible to citizens ZdbAn-to punishment those who. bv ta- ; compedithe most part, of blacks and p t-
this at,ns-, embrace, i.- fa.uru as wed a I - StaWs. I commend to your fa- IV ' rtZwinNiolated our laws. The en- Son5 ni blood, had previously giyen indi-
f Ki.-t r tv. - iv. ris.Mfa-vn n mivrii 1 1 1 1 1 n wiiirii w li dl1 t
vr K .diown that. In senoral i voran.e c .n. ;; -i V "-,,.,.
L u ; exp-ricn :e his diown that, hi general i for i-irfty to refund the du-
wh-n the powers of Edropj are engn -el in yr, , the b.nd ufas received. The
the -rights of .ncuiral naioas are endangered. ns of Cvnal, n,xi XeW Brunswick have
This J.si deration led. in Uvi progress of he g lhe faH operation of the treaty by
wir or o ir independence, to the formation of the i ?4;e a.m.vasats: respectively, to admit,
Csll;br4tel cnfo L.racy of armod neat ra.t.y a J t uct. of the. United Suites
prinury occtof whicli was to assert the the &ell$l cf tb, traty : and au ar-
trt.Mtl.at fro- ships mike fre.Js except in ; ;im;1,r to tbs? regirii: British fi!,
th . easo of art!c!e contmband of war; a doctrine ; rans ra'j - . . , r, tbe
t is.i r,r in '4ii" 1 1 f i ii li t ij v v o.. -
crrry and activity of our civil and military author- cations ofi hievous and dangerous propen
ities have frustrated the designs of -those who ' cities. En the same month, property was
meditated expeditions ot this character, excep . in cisnaesuiifiDstraeiea irom the depot o! the
two instances. One of these, composed of for- j Transit Clny, and taken to Greytown. Th;
einers, was at first countenanced and aided by i pluadefermined shelter there, and their pur
tlw Mexican fforernnient itself, it having been de-; suers'' werTen back by i s pe. pTe, who not
ceived as to their real object. The other, small only p Sot
number, eluded the vifllance of the magis-j plunder, rbated with rudeness and vioL-occ
i tratesat San Francisco, rtad -succeeded iu reacb- j those wbojtt fe recover their property.
ing the Mexican territories: out the eneetive meas-1 Such, litaace, are tho facts submitted tc
ures taken by this gortrnmer.t compelled the jy cvJiSTdhn, and proved by trust worihv
abandonment of the undertaking. evi Jeuci. not doubt thai the case doinaa-
The commission to establish "the new line be- j ded the wiiitfcri oi thi
tweer. the Um-.eu oua.es aua .ieJtico, accoraiug j iicc rtn;jainmLr-pill-i,J-
the wrong-doers and shared
Himmmt; o:,:ni-M; provin-es enumerated in the
i chishl rhM of the : pnvam s o x L.w Vthfrom into ta
;a:-i? iretr ias i-.
whhdu from the verv commencement ot on
; .-. ! Tvdn r ' has been
sti.smenof this country. At on ? p-riod o
oth-r. every mara ime Pow u.i, r -. , ,, . judgment, beiuld
.. 'emu trea'y st;?u!a':ttn. recognized UihJ rr,neT e; ( V.. ,P favoiablo coa.Ueraticn
4n 1 1 "ht nave v,?ea nopea tna.i. w.vn i com . -' j . . . . , T.
tw r,We Ml tc a ml . I There is difference of op.nioa be.wceu the L
too-- ....- " .. r r
' . . 1 O . . . . .n.ei'i.-.-. f.1T raftl.-??" Which
Lutt. 1 p.ojv-' -- a -- --- -
be in use manner cmne j
. . . , r I r .
01 i i 1 f -a . . . .. . ... . ,-tf Washington adiotninif the
1 crevented 'thi?, and in the next great w ir which of the
ensued, thatol the French rvoludou, is failed to-Bridsh
and Great Britain, as to the boundary ime
T.trri'o-r of Washington adjoining the
' d "ish possession? oa the Pacific, which has al
eilv lei to difficulties oa thepa'ttof the citizens
m a . .r.i 1 im.-ia'T ine D"iu 'ereu. i..t x. . n
h ' Notwiths'aniin' tVw. the prinipT is 5 an 1 local authorities of tnc two government i
l fcSiy aiSdto bo asoun i alii salutary ; r,m mend that previous be ma tcr a commis-lhE-
riuih so. that at the commencement of jdon, to be joml by, one oa the k-x ot Iter
fl-fcvSnttw i Europe. Great Britain dt,:e Mly. for the Purr-s. ot running atid
is Government. Jus-
oa idioull be made for
to the provisions of the treaty of tlie30th of De- i so many tfc gross wrongs, and that a
-tmb-r last, has been organized, and the work is j course of jfcae and plunder, tending direc
tly to thlwity ot the Lves ot numerous
Our trca'ics with tlte Argeuiae Confederation
and with the republic of Truguayand Paraguay,
... . , ,.o -mi invT-fi'i,.!i of th.fi rit-fr La
?Hrt-tilt; iv. - - -- -- , i vs. . , .
Pla'a, and some of its larger tributaries; but. the , ugtt respect, ir e community u
,ww success hr.s not attended our endeavors to quesuoiiljnjftlo . ao mischiet, was not d-s
open the Amja. The reason m lavor
it the rich treasure bclon dn '
10 our csi-zfassing over mis transit way.
should k jfteorily arrested. Whatever it
i . v . -. ;..
small arms, and ammunition, and might, easily j thereof, amounting to twraty-oi toiillionino
i seize on the unarmed boats, freighted with mil- hundred and forty-two thousand ght bobdrtd
! lions of property, which passed almostdaily with-1 and ninety-two dolkw; mad at tho ekfc ot lh&
! in its reach, ft did not profess to belong to any ! same year, a correspaadar faalaaoa am-wtntirfg'tot
i regular government, anu nati, iu itei, no muj' i ihcihi tnu.ivu vuu hbuu.v mm- iuhjf-wu-!
nized dependence on. or connection with, any one : thousand nioe hundred aad sixty seven -dollars?
to which the United Slates or their injured citi-j of receipU above expenditure, also remained in"
! zens might apply for redress, or which could be the Treasury. Ah hough, ia tha opinion of the
held responsiblej in anv way, for tho outrages ! Secretary of the Treasary, tao Wtts of tha
commuted. Not standing before the world in ; current fiscal year are not hkaly tpu1 in nm-t
the at'itude of an organized political society, be- ount those of the last, yat they will undoubtedly'
inf neidier competent to exercise the right nor t exceed the amount of expeadi tores by at least'
to discharge ? he obligations of a government, it ! fifteen million of dollars. I shall, ' there. fow,
was. in fact, a marauding establishment, too dan- continue to direct .that the snrpls revenue be
gerous to be disregarded, and too guilty to pass i applied, so far aa it caa be judiciously aad ecsoa
! unpunished.- and yet incapable of being treated ' oniically done, to the reductioa p the pubiio
i any other way than as a piratical resort of . debt, the amount of which, at tha, . oarnojice
; outlaws, op . eaaap of savages, depretfcuing on Smentof. the last fiscal year, was sixiy -seven md
; emigrant trains or caravans and the frontier set- j lion three hundred and fortr Ut4tsaad tx huot
j tlenieuaof eiriliasdatate. , -.t-.A. u.v-ivd drad aad tweaty-aijht doUaras t wuieb. iherav..
! I Seasonable notice was given vto4to peo
' Greytowa tbtt thjs .aovernmentTaqiahi.tjM t&fr the sunt ot tWwtty-tWO-a.iaa threa bgtar;
to Tepair.the injuries they had done to our citi-! dred;au J sixty-five thousand ote hundred and'
zens," and to m ike suitable apology for their iasult scvenyr-two dollars; learinga balanoe of outetau
of our ruinisler, and that a ship-of:war would ing public debt of only forty-four roHiion nine
be dispatchel thither to enforee compliance with hundred and seventy-fira thousand four hundred
thesse demands. But the notice passed unheeded. : and fifty-six dollars, redeemable at , dirtereiit
Theieupon, a commander in the navy, in charge ; periods within fourteen years. There are also
of the sloop-of war, Cyans, was ordered to ra-; remnants of other government stocks, most of
peat the demands, and to insist upon a eompli- which are already due, and on which the iter
ance therewith. Findin g that neither the popu- j est has ceased, but which Lava not yet, heeu piu
lace nor those' assuming "to hare authority over sented for payment, amounting to two hundred
them manifested any disposition to make the re- and thirty-three thousand one hundred nnd seven
quired reparation, or even to od'er excuse for i ty -nine dollars. This statement exhibits the
their conduft. he warned them by a public pro- ; fact, that the annual income of the government
clamation, tliat if they did not give satisfaction ; greatly exceeds the amount of its public, debt,
within a lime specified, he would bombard the which latter remains unpaid, only beeuuic tlw
town. By this procedure he atioidcl them op- time of payment has not yet matured, and is
portuniiy to provide for their personal safety. To j cannot be discharged at once, except a. the op
thoe alo wiio desired to avoid loss of property, j tion of public creditors, who prefer to retain tho
iu the punishment about to be indicted upon the ) securities of the United States; and the- o-.u r fact,
ofF-'udiii-r town, he furnished the means of re- not less striking, that the annual revenue fiviu
... .. .. .... ....
moving their etlects, by the b.a"s of hisown ship. ; all sources exceeds by many millions ot ttolLirs,
and a teamer wnich he procured and tendered
to them for that purpose. At length, perceiving
no di.-positio.i on the part of the town to comply
with Lis rcjuisitious, he appealed to the com
intnd.r of iier Britauuio Majesty's schooner
Bermuda, who was a.iento have intercourse, and
Apparently mr.eli iutluence with the leaders
among iheia to interpos- and pei-snade them to
take some course calculated to save the neeesMLy
f rcsortiny: to the cx'.rein i measures iudic.itd in
his, proohiinfion, but that olli'-er, instead of ac
ceding to the re. pieal, did nothing more than to
protest against the contemplated bombardment.
Xo fcteps of any sort were taken by the people to
give the satisfaction required. 2i individuals,
if any there wr, who regarded themselves as
not responsible for the misconduct ot Uie com
munity, adopted any means to s.-pni.at.' iiiemelvcs
from the fate of the guilty. The several charges
on wdiieh tlie demands for re.dics were founded,
had bejn publicly ku.iwu to all for some liineaud
were again auuouu'.'cd to tb-na. They did not
deny any of these charges: they odered no x'
tTai:.' aSisfttJCi!& -'.ilSti rt35tii-fitai5' jj
sirous U provoke chastisement than to eseapo it.
TJiere is .-,n;,I roasoii to believe thai this conduct
of wanton defiance, on their part, is i:n nuf.-thh.
chiefly to the thdusivc idea thai u. a ,..,.:..'
r it.. ir 1
trovernmcnt would he deterred from punishing
them, through fear of displeasing a formidable
foreign power, which, they presumed to think,
looked with complacency upon their aggressive
and insulting deportment toward the United
Tne Cyarte. at lengih fired upon the town.
the amount needed for a prudent and coiiuuiicil
administration of the Government.
The estimates presented to Cougrc-s from
the different Executive Departments, at t!;e U.st
session, amounted to thiity-eigal million t'.iur
hundred and six thousand five hundred and
eighty -one dollars; and the appropriations ma io
to the sum of fifty-eight million one JumliLd
and sixteen thousand nine hundred -.ml .io'iv
vight dollars.
, Of this excess of appropriations ov r catl
males, however, more than twenty m.lii on was
applicable to extraordinary objects, haviog no
reference to the usual annual expeu itui
Among these objects was embraced ten millions
to meet the third article of the treaty between
the United States and Mexico; so llmt, in fct,
for objects of ordinary expenditure, tie.- appro
priations were limited to considerable less ihaii
forty millions of dollars. I therefore icr.evv my
recommendation for a reduction of iho duties
on imports. The report of the Secretary of the
Ireasury presents a series of tables, thouiuji
trnoTiroteciTOh may now be reearded as th
settled policy of lhe counlry. I trust ihyt Ji tle
dithculty will be encountered in seitJir, j the de
tails of a measure to that t fleet.
In connection with this subject, I ret o.i.niend
hahorvinili,ZJWS- wh,ich 'tceut "f 'ience
the Government. 'Tnei?U t Jbl T''0'1 .cf
ion of law requiring the records and p "tpccVoi
a public character of the several officers of tlie
Government, to be left in their offices for
use of their successors, nor anv nrovlni
Before much injury had been done, the fire wa? ! daring it felony on their part to make .Jo
u-peuaei, in ouier 10 auoia opjioriunny tr.es iu the books, or return false necou:
r arrang.:ment; but this was declined. Most of the absence of such express provision i
the buildings of the place, of li- tie value gene-1 the outgoing officers, in many inatan , .
rally, Wei .-. iu the -.ptel, d-jtroye 1; bill owing claimed and exercised the right to take h;
f n-io
r. I i.i i- i-u;- ,ir-i i tircnrtii'K hv.-tl ir niir in.-, ' . .. . t t .
. . , ... . .. . t"t- ' on possession important dooks ana pu
c.mm.iuder, there was no destruction of life. the cround that these were their private'
When the Cyme was ordered lo Cen ra! Am-ri- ' ty an 1 have placed them beyond the re
ca, i: was coiih-Jeady nope l an 1 exp..-i.ed that
iiooc-ia.-io.u w-eild arise for "a resort to violence
and d 's'ru'.ioti of property and loss of life."
Instruc.i -is to that etl'ect were giv..'ii to her c jm-mtn.l'-r.
Aad n-j ex'ietne ac. would have been
re jaid'e i:al li A the p pie themselves, by their
extraordinary Coiuel in the atl'air, frustrated ail
the possible mil 1 measures for obtaining sati-fae-vio.i.
A withdraw! fn m ihe pla-.-e, tne obj-jc '. of
tt i s ii: eu irely d"featcd, would, under the cir-cum-tanecs
in whicii the commander of the
C-ne fo'.m .1 hinwdf. have been absolute aban- tended, in consequence of the ab-trar. l-ci of
donm-'jt of all claim of our citi.-sns for in km- books and papers by the retireing offi'-ers. and
niii. -a ion. and snbmis-.ive .v pii 'Seence in nation- the facility wiih which similar frau Is i.i (lie
ai indignity. I; would have encouraged in these public service may be perpetrated, rerob r
lawless men a piritof insolence and rapine most necessity of new legal enactments in the res-
d.v:g -roits to tiie hves an 1 property of our cin-; pects above refered to, quite obvi-.-js. '.
. zns at Purita Arenas, and probably emboldened other material modifications of tho laws ,'.!,;..!
.1. . t . r .t
me iiuvernnini. ooriuuci OI tins t e i :
brought, in several instances, to the no 'c
the present Secretary of the Treasury, t : '
ly a.vakened his suspicion, and resulted in
'li-closure that at four ports, namely, 0,v.
Toledo, Sandusky and Milwaukee, the Tr
ur l a 1, hy false entries, been defraud - I, uii'n
in i u e four years ntxt preceding Marc !.. 1 -o3.
of ihe sum of one hundred and ninety-. I.d.t
thousand dollars. The iireat difliculty with
which the detection of these frauds has bii.n at-
them to grasp at the treasures and valuable mer- seem to me desirable, I refer jou to the report
chandie continually parsing over the Nicaragua of the Secretary of the Treasury. That r ; :rt,
route. It cerainly w u'i I have b.'en most satis-. and the tables which accompany it, furuVa a ol
factory if t'le objects of the Cuawi 3 mi- pie proofs of the solid foundation on whi-h ihn
.-ion could have been con -umma'ed without any financial security af the country rests, and the
at ..f public force; bat the arrogant contumacy ! salutary influence of the Independent Tr-;i ury
ot ;ne otteners renoeied u ir:ipo,.tIe to avoid system upon commerce and all monetary opcr
tiic alternative, either to break up their establish- ations
ine V, or to leave them impressed with the idea! The experience of the last year furii L ; a I
tLatthey ml nt pe-sevcre with impuni'y in a ca- diticnal reasons, I regret to say ,of a painfi,! cio.r
leerof ir.o'.eri and plunder. acler. for the recomeodationi hcretofo.- i. clc.
This trmsacdon has been the subject of com-; to provide for increasing the military fyrcc tiii
pla:!;'. oa tlie part of ome foreign powers, an d j ployed in the territory inhabited by t h : I n Han: .
has been charae'erix-1 with more of harshness i The settlers on the frontier have sufTcrc I .u;ii
than of justice. If c jmparisons were to bf. from the incursions of predatory bandc, and
ins'ituted. it woulJ not be difficult to present large parties of emigraots to our Pacific po
rej.a e 1 instances in ti e history of states, fatan- sessions have been massacred with imp .aj.
ding in th(j;ry front of molern civilization, j The recurence of such scenes can only L - pre
where communities, far less offeading and more j vented by teaching these wild tribes t'he power
deienceiess than (ivytown. have been chastised of. and their responsibility to the United .'-tat'.",
with much greaV-r severity, and where not cides j From the garrisons of the frontier posts, it is
only liave been Itii in ruins, but humar iife has only possible to detach troops in small bodies;
been leeklcssly sacrifice-1, and the blood of the 'and though these have on all occasions display
innocent, male profu-ely to mingle with that of! ed gallantry and a stern devotion to duty, which
the guilty. j on a larger field would have commanded uni-
i'assing from foreign to domestic affairs, your ! vcrsal admiration, they hare sutTercd feetr-rely
attet.tion i-; uatura'ly directed to the financial in these conQicts with superior numLtr, tad
condition of tlie country, always a subject of ( sometimes entirely sacrificed. All the uispjs
geneial interest. For complete and exact informa-. hie force of the army is already employed on
tun regarding the finances, aad the various bran- i this service, and is known to be wholy inadc
chesof the public service connected therewith, ! quate to lb e protection which shouldbc afforded.
I refer you to the report of ti e Secretary of the I The public mind of the country has been rcccnt
Treasury; from which it w ill appear, that the ! ly checked by savage atrocities commlttfed up
amount of reve-iue during the last fiscal year, i on defenceless emigrants and border seitlttxeiiis.
from all sour-:
. aat i.ve uo..ars; anu uiat ine puouc exriem
for the same period, txclu-ive of payment on ; needed aid. AVithout increase of the xii!itaiy
.-.. ..tr-.f y.f J.-i -r.it.i;,. ....... I r. t. r .1 , 11 I . tf I o C.
-. t tire ji-aiiL u';ui, aiuvanicu k iiuy one , lorce, loese bccijcb wm m ivreatcu,u inms,t4,
ifnon etguteen thousand two hundred and forty on a 3
.mount of revenue during the last fiscal year, i on defenceless emigrants and border seitlttxeiiis.
rom all sources, was seventy three millions five and hardly less by the unnecessary destruction
hundred and forty-nine thousand syen hundred ! of valuable lives, where inadequate dutach
ad Lve dollars; and tliat the public expenditures ments of troops have undertakea to furnith the
nine doiiars.
larirer scale, and with more disastrous con
sequences, ooagress, x am sure. w,n perceive
During ti.e same period, the payments made ' that the plainest duties and respons.ttlitles of
redemption of tne public debt including inter-; Goverament are involved
. J 1 . . . " . .-, . t lA .- . ... '. . l . .. I 3 I 1. . 1
of the I picablei IStwell provided witu ordnance, j remaiuiag in the Treasury at the commencement
in this question, and J
i t-si and premium, amounted to twenty-four million j doubt not that prompt action may be toc.dent
; three hundred and thirty-six thousand three hun- i ly anticipated when delay must bo atteat d by
V 1 T - 1 . 1 H m I ...
area ana eigoty aouars. io the sum total of j such fearful hazards. : - t
, The bill of the last session, providing hi aa
increase of pay of the rank and file of the ar-
s f - ,
.V A
It - - " ,
" --ST i

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